Author Topic: The Outer Life-Sphere of Human Beings  (Read 456 times)

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The Outer Life-Sphere of Human Beings
« on: October 22, 2020, 08:28:01 pm »
These are a few paragraphs from Jakob Lorber in his book The Great Gospel of John, I hope you find as interesting as I did.
"Notice, that every human being has a spirtual, an astral, and a natural, physical, living being, as well as an outer life-sphere, surrounding him. This also applies to every celestial body and every single stone, every tree, every plant in accordance with its species, and also every animal. Without an outer life-sphere, the earth, a stone, a mineral, a plant, or any animalistic, living creature could not exist.
"That these things are facts can be gathered from proven experiences. For instance, in an oak forest, you are overcome by a different feeling than a cedar forest. A human being is seized by an entirely different feeling when he is climbing a limestone mountain, and another feeling when he is on a granite mountain. The attentive human being has a different feeling when he is in a vineyard, and yet another feeling in a garden of fig trees. And a human being has the same changeable feelings when he is approached by different human beings. A human being , whose feelings are very sensitive, already often senses this from a considerable distance, and feels whether he will encounter a good or an evil human being.
"Also observe: Animals have the same sensitivity, some to a much greater degree than any material human being, who contemplates very little about goodness and truth.
When a human being is of a  perfected good nature, and is inspired in his soul by the divine spirit, his outer life-sphere becomes steadily stronger, reaching far distances." (End quote)
This reminds me about some of the stories in the Life of Jesus. In that people just liked being around him.