Author Topic: A Conversation with SEPHORIS  (Read 182 times)

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A Conversation with SEPHORIS
« on: October 24, 2020, 01:14:26 am »
L.  Am I right in thinking we started to chat earlier on this morning whilst I was
     still half asleep?
S.  Yes, Lemuel but I want you to know that it was your Thought Adjuster
     that allowed me to enter your mind.
L.  So, can we continue this conversation by me asking questions?
S.  Of course, with pleasure, fire away!
L.  The main reason for your desire to learn what it means to be a Planetary
     Prince is to be able to connect with all of us, your human subjects?
S.  Not the main reason Lemuel but a most important reason, yes.
L.  I remembered earlier that you mentioned the new circuits being in place 
     and that we are all encouraged to use this new and much-improved facility.
S.  Yes. Also, be aware that your Thought Adjusters are now, not only adjusting
     your thoughts but are also adjusting your Ascension Careers in line with
     personality tags. In the recently ended Universal Age this was in the hands
    of the Supreme, which is no more.

L. I also received thoughts about other beings that we will eventually meet
    face to face and that we will become very close friends.
S. Indeed and you will come to love and admire them for what they are and do,
    although at first, as you may well imagine, it will take some time for you
    to accustom yourselves to the differences in their physical appearances.
   You will come to understand from your own experience that what you learn
   here on Urantia is only a preparation for the most wonderful experiences
   that await you throughout the whole of your Ascension Career.

L. I must say that I am enjoying this immensely and I hope that we can have
    more conversations like this.
S. I am also enjoying it Lemuel and I want you and all of you to know
    that I and many others are ready and are so willing to get to know you.
    You humans here on Urantia are indeed a very special breed and given
    the tremendous problems and disadvantages that you have faced and overcome
    it is small wonder that you have drawn the attention of so many beings
    in and outside of Nebadon who admire you so much.
    For now, let us stop here as I see you are beginning to tire and you are concerned
    not to make any mistakes in your typing, which you are not quite used to yet
    but you will be.  Thank you, Lemuel I bid you a good day.

L. Thank you so much Sephoris, until next time.