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Revelation and the Readership and more
Michael of Nebadon
York, Pa 
November 02, 2020

“I am Michael of Nebadon.  Today is the Second of November, 2020, and for that reason we start the new month off with this idea:

Crystallization of the Readership over the 5 th epochal revelation:
“Ron has posted the Advisory 30 to three different Urantia Groups on Facebook, and has received not one single inquiry.  That should tell everyone the problem we are facing is monumental.  No only does the new revelation, known as the 1 st Epochal Revelation, have a problem, but so does Ron as he must fight every nook and cranny that comes from the  crystallization of the 5 th Epochal Revelation.  They are locked into no response because they hear nothing else.  That is true everywhere now.

“For that reason I state to you, without Ron delving into the fabric of life on Urantia, this would have never occurred to our people that the current batch of readers of the 5 th Epochal Revelation is worthless to inquire as to the actual means of meaning and production for a brand new revelation.  Yet Ron contends with Me that there must be a new start and we can safely ignore the present batch of readers by giving the 1 st Epochal Revelation to the world and not this kind of readership.


“I am now sure Ron is correct.  I am now sure he needs support from all of you which you are showing is lacking in your hearts too.  Is this the garden all over again when Van the Steadfast could not get volunteers to work on the first garden for Adam and Eve and had to do it himself with Amadon and four others that do not get mentioned but should.  

“For that reason I am shuttling between Urantia and Salvington in order to be sure we have a liaison on Urantia we can trust.  That liaison is not Ron but Amadon and Van the Steadfast and then Ron.  He is not only looking at the landscape of Urantia, but going into the lion’s den to sniff out reaction which there is none to date.

“For that reason we state the following:


The Current Readership is Useless To Use for the New Epochal Revelation – at least for the most part:

“Be assured that the trial to get this going is in Ron’s capable hands yet and he insists that he do it or no one and that is his delight to understand that only he sees the truth of the matter: THE CURRENT READERSHIP IS CRYSTALIZED to the point it is useless and carries nothing with it but the entertainment value of socializing the readership with endless meetings that accomplish no real work for Urantia.  That said, I must warn all of you that Ron is of the opinion that this list is failing the goal to make sure readers understand the big change that is coming, yet you sit still and wait for pronouncements you are never satisfied with.  He considered taking this list down twice already today and looks at it as a slow train to Nowhere with absolutely no resolve among any of you except those who are Hosts of LIGHTLINE.

“For that reason I must keep my powder dry too.  Most of you are fully available time wise yet you spend it facing obligations you fairly well could do without but have no time to work the range of options Ron always works without you to support them.  I am sending Ron some help today in his LIGHTLINE presentation called Van the Steadfast and Amadon and a few others you do not know the name of and maybe they are too shy to say them but let us call them the pick of the litter, and they are not only Midwayers of lore, but Midwayers who are now part of the entire lexicon of unusual activity Ron faces against him in every moment he is awake on Urantia.


“For some reason the Eternal Son sends buckets of beings to Urantia to ascertain why Ron is so successful over others who make repairs to the Urantia Book for its means to be seen and heard in a fair way.   For that reason Ron does not take issue with the book ever but makes it clear the rebellion has forced the facts it contains to be revised and no longer valid and therefore needs a replacement to have a viable Urantia Epochal Revelation available to the people of Urantia for a change.


“Most of you have the ability to transmit but you do not bother.  Why?  We know the reasons but they are not good or the best reasons to stay back.  We need voices now for Lightline and general transmitting as the emergencies on Urantia will multiply many times and we need voices to carry our voices to the general public to save lives and commit others to this service too.  I am Michael and wish all a good day now.  Here is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.”

MACHIVENTA   - “We stand in awe of all of you over  forays into the dens of the lions of Urantia Book readership groups who now understand ron is not kidding and that the real lesson to be learned is not the 5 th Epochal Revelation, but what the heck is the Magisterial Foundation?, and then what is Ron doing with all that power?  Be assured ron, or any of you,  see none and that is the truth, but they feel real power operating and beginning to think it should be listened too quickly otherwise they will miss the boat.  True!

“I am not able to get to Urantia soon, but I will get there and take charge when I am released from this cursed idea I am too big to work on a planet like Urantia.  I am not!  But the spirit overlords take Me seriously when I say that Urantia is worth saving if only to keep the name going for the next millennia of time and for Reasons of State we must keep it open and above board that people like Ron must work well without interference of groups of entities which have no real understanding why Ron detests some of them and makes no qualms in screaming at their interference at all.  They are some broken in heart they did something to harm him but they are totally incapable of understanding that a human is fully material and has parts that can be broken.  

“For that reason the Magisterial Foundation has to work.  The FATHER fully contends this is a viable way of doing things, and that the URANTIA Foundation should have taken its cue that it was itself  unusual in that it represented a divine enterprise, but instead they became corporate with all the bells and whistles of an IBM and that is not for the divine to work with ever!

“I Machiventa Melchizedek am arriving on Urantia sometime in mid 2022.   That is two years about away. And I will be there quickly even now if I am seeing that I am required to do so.  Good day.\


“We are now looking at all of you as the Melchizedek Corps do and they are wondering why the fight so hard against you?

“I am the ETERNAL SON and I wait for reason to take hold of the URANTIA Foundation, and for that reason I expect there will be a rush to judgement not over what is transpiring up here too, as the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation, is now working itself toward resolution up here too.

“I am the ETERNAL SON and for that reason I must make amends with those who arrive on Urantia and who get in your way Ron.  I had no idea they took issue with everything you do and fight to keep you at bay and fail to win a thing and have harmed you judiciously far too often.  That comes from spirit not understanding your are a mechanical being and can be broken easily.  I  now remove my minions from Urantia entirely, as they are not using themselves as they should do to the fact that Urantia is so non spiritual.  I am the Eternal Son.  Good day.”


As the DEITY ABSOLUTE, I demand excellence at all times and Ron so do you, as do may others on the discussion forum.  Keep these ideals in mind and we can be triumphant on Urantia with all of you and those who will join you in the future to fight the good fight.  I am the Deity Absolute and wish all well.”


“We are now ready to stand forward to you Ron.  Your work on Facebook is very difficult for you but you made your progress well enough for them to understand you are a power house and that is difficult to do in this day and age.  But Spirit has no such issue otherwise with you as Spirit does not fully ever understand how a human can do what you do and still survive to the next day and that is to eat and sleep and keep things together over issues they usually are aware of only.  How this is done is your Adjuster and you and the Deity Absolute and the FATHER and all involved have come together to keep you in place while we fight the dragon of rebellion entirely out of your way now.  MOTHER SPIRIT is ready to give in but forces above her are not and that is the travesty you must face all the time including Her over issues you dare not trust Her with these days.  We are the ASSIGNED SENTINEL of PARADISE and for that reason we carry an unusually strong voice to all on URANTIA, and we make it clear that nothing must be placed in your natural way to get this work done for all.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: 02 Novermber 2020 - Revelation and the Urantia Readership and more
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2020, 08:53:35 am »
 Thank you

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Re: 02 Novermber 2020 - Revelation and the Urantia Readership and more
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2020, 10:34:33 am »
On what humanity was brought up for the last 2 thousand years. On the Jewish Bible.
And what does she teach?
A statistical analysis of words was carried out, which were divided into two groups: with negative meaning and positive meaning.
The negative words were such words as death, murder, anger, fear, blood - (6954); slavery, slave, servant - (2288); sin - (1339); money, wealth - (1284); sacrifice - (1379).
Total 13144
The positive were such as love (560), life (564), good (361), honor (82), conscience (32), respect (26), happiness (9), hard work (2), development (0).
2257 total.
So we lived according to the Bible and lived to the point of absolute lack of spirituality.
Are we ourselves to blame for this? We are trying to turn on the true path with the help of The Urantia Book. But no one hears us and does not want to listen, they even show aggression.
And one more problem - often an automatic translation is inadequate to the original and can be perceived with distortions. And not everyone can learn the language. This is why we want our tuners to be more active.
Our Heavenly Father! May your Will be fulfilled!
На чем воспитывалось человечество последние 2 тыс. лет. На иудейской библии.
И чему она учит?
Был проведен статистический анализ слов, которые были разделены на две группы: с отрицательным смыслом и положительным смыслом.
К отрицательным относились такие слова как смерть, убийство, гнев, страх, кровь - (6954); рабство, раб, слуга – (2288); грех – (1339); деньги, богатство – (1284); жертва – (1379).
Всего 13144
К положительным относились такие как любовь (560), жизнь (564), добро (361), честь (82), совесть (32), уважение (26), счастье (9), трудолюбие (2), развитие (0).
Всего 2257.
Вот и жили по библии и дожили до абсолютной бездуховности.
Так ли мы сами в этом виноваты. Мы пытаемся свернуть на истинный путь с помощью Книги Урантии. Но нас никто не слышит и не желает слушать, даже проявляют агрессию.
И еще одна проблема – часто автоматический перевод неадекватен оригиналу и может восприниматься с искажениями. А выучить язык не все могут. Вот почему мы хотим большей активности наших настройщиков.
Отец наш Небесный! Да исполнится Воля твоя!


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Re: 02 Novermber 2020 - Revelation and the Urantia Readership and more
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2020, 04:18:04 pm »
The ETERNAL SON speaking to the fact that Urantia is non spiritual, goes to show how far urantia is almost dead spiritually. If the 1st Epochal revelation is needed to shore up some spiritual renaissance, then its timing couldn't be more appropriate.  I  do not know how our world is sustained spiritually given its plight, as to the urantia foundation, echoing  MACHIVENTA MELCIZEDEK  statement, the unspiritual man does not receive gifts from GOD, for they are a folly to him, and he is not able to understand for they are spiritually discerned.  
we can all hope that they be blessed to realize of its great import to them and to the world. thank you