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Misc. questions
« on: November 19, 2020, 09:15:26 pm »
Thanks for the history of your fusion it really helps me make sense of the whole history of it! I have been reviewing my notes and have some other unrelated questions as follows:
1. Mention has been made of Thought Adjusters who had dozens or even hundreds of previous life experiences. Does this mean each of those human subjects has not chosen life or am I missing something?

RON:  Your Adjuster Roger has 335 previous life experiences, and that is direct from your Adjuster to tell me that.  He says you are the last if you play your cards right.  I laugh as that is typical Adjuster speech Roger you have a good one who is radically happy about your progress.  Most life experiences of Adjusters on Urantia today are with humans just evolved on new planets and they do not survive as usual.  Andon and Fonta versions on new human planets are very slow to recognize the status of a supreme being outside of their own immediate needs.  Your Adjuster served in with 0ne hundred five brand new humans and learned the basics of what it was to teach humans about the recognition of God is fundamental terms.  The other lives are typical of what are living on Urantia today and that is not good to speak to, but you know the situation and condition.   Your Adjuster has spoken to Ron before and he laughs with me often and we thank you too Ron.  K

2. Can you explain what a vector is?

RON:  A Vector is the name of an action promise let loose from the Deities.  Intention to do something for you or for the planet or for the universe, is designed to be a will action that moves in a linear way to the target of such an action.

3. What happened to the other 31 apostate planets that were part of the Lucifer rebellion? I get the impression many of them no longer exist.

RON:  Actually there were 37 apostate planets Roger as your Urantia Book states, and Urantia was one of  those planets suborned by Lucifer into joining with him as a planetary thief that ruined almost all of them.  Today Urantia, the 37th and last planet to join that apostate group, is getting a Magisterial Mission.  Tomorrow, thirty-five of  those apostate planets will received their version of a Magisterial Mission too, and that is in concert, not with Urantia, but the mandates of Michael to clear the entire Planetary System of Satania of the last remnants of the Lucifer Rebellion. Only one of the 37 planets has disappeared, and that disappeared because it blew up out of too much haste to cool its central core and we lost about 700 million human souls, all reclaimed that could be reclaimed now living fully and well on the mansion worlds in Satania's eastern province of Orion.

4. Have you run across Martin Gardner on the mansion worlds? (he wrote a book critical of The Urantia Book) I was just wondering what he might have to say about it now.
Thanks, Ron.

RON -  "Yes, I have it and read it and was highly disappointed at the cheap treatment he gave a book he had no clue about as to its origins or its import.  He is a hack as far as I am concerned and his science fiction stories are full of cheap thrills without a lot of science prospects in them either in my opinion.  Yes, Roger, I know all about it.  HE even repeats my avatar in his list of avatars being used by the then nascent teaching mission, now history too, at that time of writing.  K

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Re: Misc. questions
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2020, 09:52:07 am »
Good morning Ron,

I thank you for your answer to my question on Existential Deity, very interesting reading and I love very
much this kind of subject.

My question now is concerning the answer you give to Roger Raz that he has a good Adjuster with previous
life experiences and happy with his progress.

Does my Adjuster has also previous life experiences and is He happy with my progress?
Sincerely I would like to know where I stand.

RON:  Robert, is your Adjuster a different type from all of our Adjusters on Urantia now?  No, He is not different, as you do not send an inexperienced Adjuster to a world like Urantia, I assure you.  Your Adjuster has frequently spoken to me and today He is very shy as I hear Him not at all t his morning.  (Morning without birds I must admit . . . )  But here is the Advisory Angel on this subject to t ell me this:  Robert your Adjuster is a very old Being.  He has had, like my Adjuster, over 425 lives to live through over the huge time span your Adjuster has been doing this to bring humanity to perfection.  Well, okay, 425 trials and no one took Him up on Life Eternal, so to speak, but he is with your now Robert, and he has this one last request:  "For God's sake transmit!"  'Ron says you can do it so do it I am just a pawn in his hands.'  Now Robert I hear from your Adjuster, and He is right  I am just a fawn in perpetuity of the sillies at time.   What do you wait for Robert?  He says.   Ron says the same but he knows what you wait for and that is seeming inability to get going.   You have to  arbitrate the stand off Robert yourself.  Hope this answers your own question too.


Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Re: Misc
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2020, 07:21:23 am »
November 21, 2020, Samara, Russia, local time 16.00. Message.
Greetings, Prozonov.
We need to inform you that Moronjonson will soon appear before the eyes of humanity. He has already incarnated and is preparing for his mission on Urantia. It is closely related to the second coming, the timing of which will be adjusted.
We hope that you can be our assistant and guide of information for mortals who care about what is happening and will happen on the planet.
It is necessary to be constantly in touch and, if possible, not to miss our calls and messages.
People should know the truth, even if it is bitter and unpleasant.
The question is, do they believe in this information or laugh it off and twist a finger to their temples, is this transmitter normal?
We ask you not to pay attention to such people. This is their choice. Keep informing mortals despite negative reactions. They will understand a lot, but not immediately, until, as they say in Russia, "cancer will not hang on a mountain."
Time is running out. Brace yourself, be vigilant and careful. Do not put yourself at risk, do not take rash actions.
God is with us. Until next time.
Thank you dear teacher for the guidance.
21 ноября 2020, Самара, Россия, местное время 16.00. Сообщение.
Приветствую тебя, Прозонов.
Нам необходимо тебе сообщить, что Моронжонсон вскоре предстанет перед очами человечества. Он уже воплотился и готовится к своей миссии на Урантии. Она тесно связана со вторым пришествием, сроки которой будут скорректированы.
Мы надеемся, что ты сможешь быть нашим помощником и проводником информации для смертных, которым не все равно, что происходит и будет происходить на планете.
Необходимо постоянно находиться на связи и по возможности не пропускать наши вызовы и сообщения.
Люди должны знать правду даже если она горькая и неприятная.
Вопрос в том, верят ли они в эту информацию или отшучиваются и крутят пальцем у виска, нормальный ли этот передатчик?
Мы просим не обращать внимания на таких людей. Это их выбор. Продолжайте информировать смертных не смотря на негативную реакцию. Многое поймут, но не сразу, пока как говорят в России «рак на горе не свиснет».
Времени остается мало. Готовьтесь, будьте бдительны и осторожны. Не подвергайте себя риску, не совершайте необдуманных действий.
С нами Бог. До связи.
Спасибо дорогой учитель за наставления.

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Re: Misc. questions
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2021, 10:11:28 am »
Good morning Ron,

How are you today? 

On October 12, 2012 : Ron's Reply to my Blog - Father John-Robert Thwaytes and I quote:

When the Father decides that Urantia must be cleansed, he has in his quiver of arrows the decision of past 
examples of when cleansing has to be applied.  In this he infinitely reviews the repercussions of all previous 
cleansing acts and decides in the case of Urantia that it can be cleared of evil and sin in accordance with all 
sessions of thought he held before the judges of the Trinity.  Exceptions are noted and understood about precise 
approaches to cleansing, but the totality of cleansing in the Urantia sense of its need exists not in the time 
approach, but in the transcendental mode of expression of thought without time.

Can you through some light on the last three sentences starting from Exceptions are noted...

I thank you very much for your help.


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Re: Misc. questions
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2021, 03:56:11 pm »
Hello Robert, I can only give you my interpretation of what Father John Thwaytes may be saying.  And it is this.  He understands  that cleansing the planet is first a question of judicial action.  That is, judgement, Robert .  The universe agency that exclusively makes those judgements is the Paradise Trinity.  Father is  the first among the existential Deity that forms the Paradise Trinity and John I think is saying his opinion such as that might be stated to his Coordinates as to how to apply judgement and  to perceive Urantia on the road to recovery b supplying those judgements.
 Thwaytes was a man of the cloth who sincerely believed in God the Father as the true instrument of all cleansing and as such he provides the narrative with the idea that the means of tribulation on Urantia is the cleansing process.  For that reason he states that not all judgement needs to be spiritual but that the transcendental areas of tribulation be present as well.  For that reason he thinks the Father must invoke the presence of the Ultimate to reverse time trends that lead to sin, and as such let it stand at that.
 You know by now that the new universe age (NUA) has made it impossible to invoke the experiential Ultimate, but today  that Trinity remains the same and can be invoked as before.  Thwaytes must now conclude that the tribulations on Urantia must condone a supreme issue not evident to him before and that is because  the heart and soul of God is never free of having to work the details out without making sure that the entire matter of ministry is fully present.   This has become more complicated than Thwaytes originally thought mostly because Thwaytes thought that the intercession of the Church was enough, but now understands that  the real ministry is not ultimate or supreme, but consequentially now entirely up to the ministry of the FATHER, and that Robert refers directly to the human Thought Adjuster-- your Adjuster, my Adjuster, and all who are indwelt.

I provided you a private response to this as well and stated that since his death I think in 2012 (?) he has had tome to think about these  questions of ministry on the mansion worlds.  He tells me from there that the consequences of a life in the aristocracy of the Catholic Church, deformed his thinking slightly but not so badly he sees difficulties getting used to a full revelation about God the Father on the mansion worlds destroys his earth teachings to him by the Church.  He knows you as a faithful son to the Church and as such you need to pray more f or those around you who never seem to hear the word of God until you speak it to them.  That is all Thwaytes ever wanted for himself too.  You should feel free to ask more questions if you have more, Robert .
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