Author Topic: 22 November 2020 = Not an Update but A Statement of Where We Are  (Read 123 times)

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22 November 2020 = Not an Update but A Statement of Where We Are
« on: November 22, 2020, 10:52:05 am »
22 November 2020
A Message from Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son
of Record for the Urantia Magisterial Missions
Still Running Invisibly

"Today is the last day for any of you to understand what and why we do what we do.  Please read Paper 20 of the Urantia Book again, and make sure you understand that Paper 20 is still the by word as to how we run a Magisterial Mission, those entities we run it with, and how we decide what to be:  visible or invisible.  Right now we are invisible to all including Myself over issues of State that just refuse to budge into a satisfactory resolution.

"For that reason people like Ron Besser are fit to be tied over our intransigence over how to proceed in spite of all of it being ready below us and prepared to speak as nearly as truthful as possible, but he and they cannot do so without serious repercussions from humans laying in wait to kill Ron Besser off or kill some of you back for standing strongly and affirmatively on behalf of the truth:  WE ARE COMING!  And for that reason we need support from the modicum of people who know it and are ready to put their shoulders behind the entire enterprise.

"I am MONJORONSON, and we are now prepared to state the following:

"As of today, the 22nd of November, by your calendar, we now have two different versions of a State held problem.  Ron sees it clearly and holds them hostage as we do.  But he also is forced into a deep state of despair over the lack of comprehensive measures to actually run the work given to him by MICHAEL OF NEBADON two days ago and it sits in a bunker with everything else he wishes to do and cannot.  He even got his day mixed up and put the junk bag out for collection a day early!

"The State of Affairs is so badly squelched on Urantia, I have had to make do for the use of the Spirit Polarity of the planet which is weak and ineffectual to the point I dare not use it well or it burps back insane remarks that have nothing to do with Urantia or Me or my co-parental operative, the Universe Father and Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.   Be assured they are all aware of the mess transferring to all of you on Urantia, and Ron in particular is fully discharging anything to do with the cabal that thinks it is in charge and he fully disagrees with them on that subject alone.

"For that reason we must make amends shortly.  That is not easily done since no one will give way on Urantia to make room for us and that is you trying to simply picture it and finding it impossible to be polite or sane, and we see why as you are surrounded by the cabal again and  that is never to your liking.   We have asked for liaison support but get none due to the fact that nothing is available to stay the course as the course is out of view to most on high.  That is reasonably stated by me but the truth of the matter is there is nothing new to report except to stay the course as best we can until we break through and can proceed again.   I AM MONJORONSON and I will greet you all on LIGHTLINE  t his afternoon at 2PM as Ron is already ready to go as I am.  Thank you.  K."

"I am not able to say more than this:  Be assured there is nothin on Urantia worth saving this morning and that includes a cabal surrounding Ron while he attempts to update all of you for the momentary use of what we have achieved on Salvington.   Well, that is nothing.  We are sure there is nothing for anyone today but LIGHTLINE will be on and continue and this:  Be assured we make it available in spades today as we do have a few things to be spoken to you do not yet know about.  I AM GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, and I wish you all a good day.  K"

Ron -  As all of you can see, we are fighting yet all that should be removed from Urantia once again.  I am personally so out of kilter I can hardly move for the body has no nutrients to fight off a cold trying to take root, and a headache that refuses to abate, and a deep seated angst over the situation I see developing elsewhere over Lightline's and operations I dislike very much to see continue.   For that reason I am staying back and will be your host on Lightline later this afternoon.  I look forward to seeing all of you there and God Bless to those who stay the course in spite of this miserable state of affairs over Missions that should have been running in the open right now.   Cheers if you can take it!

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