Author Topic: Remarks: 21 Bulletin 21 Issued 24 Dec 2020 Epochal Revelation Age of Repletion  (Read 211 times)

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Due to a battle with the devil itself, I have finally gotten a workable link to the revised Bulletin 20.  I had to change the title on the old Bulletin and now call it Bulletin 21.


I was asked by the Deity Absolute to do over again the old Bulletin.  I asked that since no one would know it got revised by calling it by its old title, to revise the title to Bulletin 21.  They agreed.  But you as readers would never understand or know the revision has taken place if I do not point it out to you and this is the method I have chosen to have you notice the change.

Bulletin 21 revises the old one.  What has been added are about ten (10) new pages on top of what you may already have been familiar with in the old one.  Further I deleted a few obscure paragraphs in 20 and replaced with the clarity of language I hope makes a difference in your comprehension.  IT is not an easy narrative at times and do not feel bad about missing a point once in awhile, since I have the advantage of direct connection it is much easier for me  to take it in.  Hence the need to make sure my narrative is really clear too.

Fully explained you will have to see what has been added. but in general, we take no issue with anyone who finds this too hard to comprehend.  For you take heart as a new revelation is promised shortly, not by my hand, but that expert revelator MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK.  HE is making it a priority to explain this in more Urantia-Bookese than I can and for that reason you might wait for the book to appear to read it that way.

In any case, here is MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK TO speak:

"I am MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, and Ron has gone the extra, extra mile to see to it that there is a calrity of text this time missing in so many others due to time constraints.  Today is Christmas Eve and he has no one to cater to at home so he devoted his time today to revising the slower speaking Bulletin 20 and now calls these revisions Bulletin 21.  It is the same text with small revisions at the top but really big revisions at the bottom you need to read, as all of this ends as Ron calls it, THE AGE OF REPLETION to come some day and not to worry about it for eons yet.

"As a Melchizedek who knows how to write better than Ron does, it still is amazing he got it down so well and so fully and wi thout upsetting the Deity Absolute in the process.  HE, the Deity Absolute, is fully aware of Ron and his illness and heartless versions of late, and is glad to report that the cabal that tried to prevent  the uploading of this revelation once again has been soundly defeated by the Sovereign of Nebadon, MICHAEL OF NEBADON and for good we trust.  Ron had to upload the revelation Bulletin 21 seven times and the cabal so confused the uploading  that the Box net people saw the confusion and wondered what he was doing.  They finally saw the network call box net had refused nothing and was  tampered wi th as he tried to uplaod and they stopped it good by allowing Ron to log in until he got the right file showing. 

"Further, now the PDF is showing properly and that is because PDF files on Ron's list got truncated into a corporati on list style that is not favorable to PDF documents.  Now it should be obvious that all t he work Ron has done is back to normal display-- we hope.  Consider this a warning to all of you too:

"The cabal is viscous and determined to wreck human planning and that will not be tolerated by MICHAEL OF NEBADON any further and has been removed from around Ron for the time being.  Whether that lasts we do not know but it is much better for this Host of Lightlines for now.  We also congratulate MICHAEL OF NEBADON making  the immediate decision to remove yet another Vorondadek Son for interfering in this work entirely and who now is so chastised he cannot move near any human for  now or in the future as his credentials have been revoked.   Mother Spirit is also slightly burned over this issue so watch out for some nasty reprisals going forward.

"I am MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK and I thank all of you for staying the course.  Ron has completed his day's work now and all are happy and for g ood reason as he is ready for no sleep for a change but an improvement in his workload shortly to continue revelation for MICHAEL temporarily suspended through to today but now reopened as he has fulfilled his duty fully and we see the Midwayer responsible for much horror to and he is removed judiciously now too.  Will they ever learn, says Michael.   In any case this is a free port thank you and we leave it alone for a Michael message now:"

"I am quite sure Ron is miserable today over issues he cannot control or help.  Some end today, some end  tomorrow, and some end when we have Jesus appear this Christmas Season.  Be assured He does and that Ron will enjoy it very much.  Be assured it comes at a most propitious moment as Great Britain finally got what it wanted and that was an independent Brexit deal that allows the fisheries in control of Great Britain but can sell the product tp Europe without tariffs.  Otherwise GB is free of the EU permanently.  For some reason Ron does not lament this as I do and his reason is  that GB must not be submerged with a socialist leaning EU which prefers member cooperation over protecting themselves from the emission of African immigration full of Moslem distaste of their host countries.  Until there is a better religion the EU will have to battle, not diversity, but schism, and that is far worse than a world war on the values of western civilization.  Now I understand Ron perfectly.

"Further more we must make amends to all of you as Bulletin 21 is the proper revelation as he slaved over this one for six weeks not two as you might think.  It is difficult in its adversity to easily understand, but it is also the best we have ever seen him do and for that reason Box net let it ride on my behalf.  They have a group of people watching the problem at Box net and see you have finally used another system  they prefer you do and that is that now.  However, it must be reported that your constant logging in has created a backlog of concerns not for you but for box net over the holiday as it is now mostlh corporate and corporate concerns and that is pusihing out faithful users Ron represents and they do not want that to happen and will ameliorate usage for you Ron by allowijg PDF documents to predominate as you have to use them to prefer formattig problems you create with graphical interfaces hard to hold except in PDF documents.

"Bulletin 21 is now up and running and here is the link to see the revised thread:

If it does not work blame me as I must be sure there are no glitches to get to this document now.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and Ron do not bother sending it to the email list for now.  It will leak out on its own I am sure.  Thank you all for listening and Happy Christmas to all of you!  I leave for other work now.  K"

Ron - and I close this message for now too. 

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