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NOTICE OF CHANGES 26 DEC 2020 of Interest to All of you
« on: December 26, 2020, 09:52:28 pm »
December 26, 2020
2130 Local Time York, PA
T/R  Ron Besser
Subject:  Results of the Lightline Wisconsin  and on Tape in part


“The trial today is to avoid more controversy.  Ron Besser blew the roof off Mother Spirit tonight by disallowing her to imitate Jesus, and that showed me how silly she was and how larger t han life Ron was.  He blew her out the door with such an invective the tape hums with fury and is up to listen to if you wish to listen to the Wisconsin LIGHTLINE today.   That is our hope for peace and quiet too as there was an explosion on Uversa again and this time it was the Vorondadek Son whom you heard was destroyed by capture last Sunday on LIGHTLINE USA and today on Wisconsin LIGHTLINE, Wenebojo managed to get a word in edgewise when Ron flew into a fury over the impertinence of Mother Spirit imitating Jesus.  For that reason the stops were pulled out and the entire matter thrown into the bushes as the Ancients of Days fusion status for Ron blew apart and hit the wall so hard they had to adjudicate the Adjuster at once for being loyal but suffering disparity over the reaction of Ron to the hoax Mother Spirit pulled at that moment on the Wisconsin LIGHTLINE.  In so many words, Ron ended his fusion status not but blew a hole in the side of Mother Spirit’s defense of the coaxial cable cobalt-style explosion on Uversa for good and proper relaxation of the entire affair against her and made it stick on Ron briefly.  How could a human do that asked the Ancients of Days, and the answer Mother Spirit gave was so ludicrous as to make them smile in their cuffs, and that is not funny except that is a cartoon-style joke down here on Urantia.  

“Finally, almost, the Ancients of Days made sure Ron was exonerated and praised for his defense of Jesus and for that he gets kudos from Michael who has been battered with other fake Jesus'es  for two hundred years after Jesus died on the cross.  Now we have them coming out of the woodwork once more and this time Ron caught our own Mother Spirit doing a re-enactment of that Jesus we all know and love.  For that reason Ron now has to his credit sixteen new friends of the Court of the Ancients of Days as guards to make sure there is no silly new attack on him as he must learn to control his temper if he is affronted by these choice bits of tomfoolery again.  They must restrain him from burning down helpers of the realm who question without thinking and that must not get in the way of our work for all of humanity soon too as it has been proven over and over again that Ron is the one to lead the horse parade that comes to Urantia very soon.

“Elise called Ron this evening and they talked about the tape and Ron recounted he could feel the presence of the fake Jesus so strongly he could feel that entity staring a hole into his body and mind.  He reacted furiously to its stand let them have it good.  We see yet the anger permeate his body and shake him uncontrollably at such an affront as that.  For that reason his heart rate roared to over three beats per minute and then collapse to fifty heart beats per minute.  That would kill most humans but not Ron, as he is ready to fight for us entirely and fully and the hell with protocol when the temerity of such royal loss of Jesus was being presented to him.

“For that reason Elise hung up and was satisfied Ron was okay but Ron is not okay and holds the en tire matter as sacrilege and we do too and Mother Spirit has been demoted to an Archangel for now and must make amends as before before, not Me, but before the FATHER, for pulling such a stunt before Ron of all things.  Ron now has the honor of being the first human ever to exist to flail an Archangel into the depths of depravity and then suddenly have them recover and leave as this Creative Spirit once was a mighty sovereign of a Local Universe of extenuating circumstances all the time.  For that reason we flinch with you Ron and you hold not charm at the moment but you will when you explain to the judges the affront she created in you so high you could not control your bile from shooting straight into her eye.  That was a mighty hard thing to witness and MONJORONSON AND SERARA both did as they both were attending to you when you blew what was supposed to be a minor test that turned into the heat of a final battle over who played who for a fool.   We no longer doubt Ron and his ways.

“For that reason we must amend out constitutional clause which permits humans only certain access to our Courts.  In this case Ron has full access to those who are willing to speak with him and that only enhances his ability to know us better.  But for reasons of State, I must decline further contact but I rescind that clause in my operating procedure which permits no contact with humans who flail my Staff.   They are all glad for you Ron and that is not the end of it.  Gabriel Himself closes this chapter on your human history as a mighty warrior with Bzhutu at your side lately to receive the Knight’s Cross awarded only to those who stand for all eternity in the name of God once a human and forever more a Mighty Messenger and One Without Name and Number.  Both signs are accorded to you not Ron as only one at a time.  But in this case both are awarded at the same time for the future Deity Adventure on Paradise with FATHER AT YOUR SIDE for a change and not scowling from the branches of oblivion to be found by other Finaliters in the Receiving Circle of Infinite Cohesion with the Paradise Trinity.  Here is Margul:”

“You are shaking almost uncontrollably Ron over what know one knows, for that is ours to find out too.  You are losing not your heart and soul tonight but your loss of pain and suffering over issues of State you took on willingly and gladly years ago in actual celebration with MONJORONSON AND SERARA, and that is not funny Ron, but you are the clown , and we laugh briefly.   Now this: You win the Knight’s Cross easily and only one thousand ever wear it, and you are not only awarded the Knight’s Cross, but also the relief reward of better health shortly as the shaking you have now is the result of a heart attack abated by Michael over the loss of your friend Sophie Andrewsheski as she died this morning of cerebral hemorrhage brought on by excessive drink she was warned never to imbibe in.  You and she were suppose to marry but you never kept the promise and we never forced the issue.  

“As a result the entire matter of rebellion is not settled, but the Knight’s Cross is recognized everywhere it is seen as an extraordinary achievement for a human and you are glad to receive it I am sure and that is not all.  I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, hereby declare this truancy over for good reason, as the 1st Epochal Revelation is now yours to complete with MANTUTIA at your side.  You a re worried over it and over everything else.  Be assured you end these trials well done and full of spirit for the end of a rainbow prevention plan for you as you are now part of the Staff of my honorable friends MONJORONSON AND SERARA, and that is more than an honor it is with gratitude I make you a Staff member of Gabriel’s Brigade of Bandy-coots. 

“Staff positions are rare these days, but you are on mine too when you are mature enough to handle the obligations it takes to be one of us and that is not for now or ever but immediately upon attaining First Stage Spirit within moments of arriving on the mansion worlds as the morontial regime is over before it starts before you enter it as it close to being closed to all if this goes as planned.  Man is no longer viable on Urantia over issues you cannot fathom either Ron, but Jesus will Return to judge the Age, and then disappear within years from now to reinstate Urantia no further than to remove it from an experimental sphere to a University Sphere, and it will retain its wild nature forever more.  You can visit the wildest parts of it as spirit and watch the cavorting of insects and wild cats and boars go about their business and finally, watch TV soon as you will see a huge star appear on t he horizon to your west, and that is the sign that Jesus has appeared in the flesh and the rest is history.  

“For reasons of State Ron, you must stay the course for eyes and heart and mouth pieces to be repaired, but the choice of a good frame to work on and from is yours again and it will be your morontial training too and that is not easy to do in the flesh as you must stay the course with all of us until we release you when the time comes for your first year as a First Stage Spirit well done by My signing over these credentials to you at the correct time of receivership.  Be assured you take it well.   You are the first human to achieve synchrony wit h your Thought Adjuster in 2010, and again in 2014, and again in 2020.  How?  By sheer pluck and failing not to accord FATHER a good night every night since 2005 at least.  For that reason the FATHER asks you to remember Him that way always and He is ready to make amends to those legs both you and Elise have identically, and that is a transition into morontial health.  Good day.”

“WE are the ANCIENTS OF DAYS surely prepared to chastise you for that out break of fury over the ill presentation of a fake Jesus to you earlier today and it is on tape of all things.  Wenebojo sees how Phyllis corrected the tape reference and can do it well as you did it for him but he failed to notice because it was you who did it.  Now this:

“Phyllis is not too ill to be revived, but she is sick and tired of secondary positions and will insist on being executive secretary to your work when it is released for people to see it and that is just fine with you.  However, she must not leave Ottawa, but will stand trial not with you in York, but an office will be opened in Ottawa to stand as your work office too as the United States has offended the British Government by refusing to accept a peace treaty over the Revolutionary War of 17750-1779 as we reckon it.   But the trust we must how send to you is that the United States is revealing its faults of pubic disgrace and unless Biden can correct it, the United States is second choice for our offices for world publication of the 1st Epochal Revelation and you may perforce become a Canadian citizen much to your, not, chagrin.  For that reason the public announcement of the publication of ORIGINS will be released first in Canada not, but in the USA entirely, and the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION will be folded not but be run by you both  in Canada and the United States so long as Ottawa remains the capital of Canada.  Floods may force it to be moved elsewhere and there you go too.  For that reasons, Phyllis can stay home and be herself with health aplenty and decide her fate thereafter.

“We beseech all who read this to be sure you understand what has happened:

“The entire matter of rebellion on Urantia was decided this afternoon when Ron asked the Ancients of Days to recall that on the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion on March 16, 1986 our announcement to Salvington stated that hereafter, should there be another rebellion in Nebadon, the Ancients of Days may intervene at once and clear it unanimously according  to their view as to its seriousness and loss of life to that point.

“For that reason at 7PM, New York Eastern Standard Time Zone, we cleared Urantia of any misleading or vicious rebel without good cause and now clear the remaining patents that allow them to cause mischief to Hosts of LIGHTLINE, and those are figuratively the remaining last remnants of a happier time on Urantia and will be permitted to remain through out the coming era of transmissions to humanity everywhere.   The DEITY ABSOLUTE now wishes to speak:

“I am bearing down hard on you Ron for this must be precise.  You are lost briefly tonight at bed time over the issue of the Archangel issue and your fury at the transportation of the idea that anyone dare to act as Jesus and not be Jesus Himself.  I concur with you Ron and for that reason when the Ancients of Days resume their work shortly for Justice on Urantia, we stand for you and that is required not but instant an that is a saving grace to all who hear you speak this language called English, for it now stands as our official language for all of URANTIA.    In any case English is your native tongue Ron and you lament incapacity to know other languages and that shall remain, You have five years of French lessons and cannot speak a word of it anymore.  So be it!   However, you are being granted the unusual ability to speak in their ear as their language at times an this is not one of them.  They need to translate it themselves.

“For Reasons of State Ron you are being told to shiver and you are and this time because your heart rate is normalized shortly.  Eat well and listen to the Whippoorwill, the Grouse which is the Pennsylvania State Bird, and we tell you no more for now as the time has come for your last hurrah as mostly human."

“I close this for one last statement from the Heart of God.  Everyone wishes Jesus well, but ron hit the fence so hard for Jesus today they relented and removed the fake Jesus to keep the true Jesus honored and in place.  Ron made it clear no one would stand up for Jesus unless he did and he did and made sure everyone knew it.  For Reasons of State that motion has to be adjudicated and we stand before the Ancients of Days with Ron in the docket and the ones we call ONE’S WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER, as Jurors, they will be there too including Tarkas and Welmek and others Ron knew at one time as they have asked to be on that Jury when Ron’s soul must stand before them and a friend will be there too as under the name he knew him last, and that was his friend Gary.  Both of them laud God and are ready to stand before HIM without self pity as one some day.  Gary never understood that Ron took his oath for ever one high school day when Gary looked him in the eye and declared him a friend forever and they went on their individual way after that.  Gary never understood it until he died tragically and Ron never forgave him for giving up without a chance to be great again.  He is a brilliant mathematician and Ron is a brilliant organizer, and together they just might trinitize a Son of their own together to serve the universe as their joint contribution to God for His work with them these Ages.

“Few of you recognize the contributions these last few years have made to you because there is now an organized place to work these changes that cannot be worked in other places at all today.  Ron has seen to it and insists they be maintained even if he dies and he will eventually, as he must resign these places someday and return home to work with those who maintain his love of God with him and so on.  Be assured someday Ron you might carry a capital M for Mammal after all.  Be assured it might happen sooner than you intended.  Be also assured we close this for reasons of Length and that is not funny Ron, and we wish all a good day.  K” MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

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Re: NOTICE OF CHANGES 26 DEC 2020 of Interest to All of you
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 08:05:04 am »
Greetings to all my brothers in this miraculous forum, which offers us a new life through these news and privileged information, thanks to the emergence of that great figure that Ronald Besser means and represents, our beloved administrator, director and absolute head of this portal wonderful, gift from our father Michael of Nebadon. Through this simple post, I want to pay my tribute of recognition, admiration and gratitude to this exalted human being, unique, original and never repeated, who is dedicating his entire time and actual life to this saved and liberating work, in this hour of being honored as the first human being to be awarded the Knight's Cross and to become part of the reception circle of infinite coherence (of which I understand nothing), but it must be an honor so high that only 1000 have been reached this high pedestal . I hope that the most outstanding members, can express in much more eloquent terms, their words of recognition of this enlightened being deserves. Thank you Ron and Gloria to God.
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