Author Topic: Monjoronson Speaks on Keeping Watch on the Lighthouse Hill and more  (Read 138 times)

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Speaker/Teacher:Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son of Urantia
Subject: Keeping Watch on the Lighthouse Hill
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/12/2020 1.11pm(AEDT)

Dear folks, while I was on the line with Monjoronson, I got a nudge that Monjo still had a few more things to say and I asked if he would speak on more.

I got that nudge from my TA and one other TA to press on with Monjo. I called Monjoronson as “Monjo” for short and in an endearing way if Monjoronson can handle my way of names. He says he does not mind as long as I am aware that the term Monjoronson entails an umbrella term for one or more Magisterial Sons in that same title. Fine, I note that, and so I respect that as it is, thanks Monjo!

“Now that we are on a more jovial tone and a lighter sentiment. I can now speak in a more liberal way to gain your ability to be positive in the midst of so much turmoil on your planet. Let us now rise above the mirky grounds you are on and take another perspective so as you can now see better the path ahead. I let you take the view as if you are perched high on a hill at the lighthouse that serves as a beacon for travellers at sea to avoid wrecking themselves on the rocks below. As such you are viewing how the light beams out in the darkness and how it serves to keep others from getting into trouble. For many times in the past these lighthouses have saved many ships at sea from crashing into the rocky coastline by which they traverse. So it goes that as you can tell, I speak as one that shows how the light behaves in order to cast the safe passage for those of you to travel. That is how a Son of God behaves. If you by chance ever fall in the cracks, it is because you may have missed the light that sheds your way and have encountered the troubles you may find yourself in. 

“Now that you see how it goes one way or the other, it depends on you to keep watch at all times as your life may require it in order to avoid those slips and falls along the way.

“Now listen to this. You see what I am getting at and with that picture in mind, you also know and are well aware that my voice lingers in you mainly because your TA is adamant that you are not over with the good fight that is in you. That is because there is purpose built in you to see to the end of this and then go on in your destiny with the Father in you. You know this well. It is a built in mechanism to thrive and survive no matter what comes your way and you are stubborn to give up even though the rebels get a hold to snag you in sorts that you still manage to get out from under it. Good. Now that you know the path is straight and narrow and not one to take lightly. Jesus’ words are true in that respect alone as he knew it well as well. It now becomes a mental discipline to maintain one’s focus on ahead rather than on what is going on on the sidelines. Do not let your left arm know what your right arm is doing! Does that make sense to you!”

Yes Sir…

“Good, it is one that keeps you from stumbling. That happens a lot to most of us that we have to keep a stick to hold ourselves upright mostly because there are always some large rocks in the way that make us unsteady. So it goes in your travels with what Father allows for most of us to encounter. It never ceases to amaze us how it can serve us well to just keep the faith and never give up. Here you are in the middle of the tracks and there are many obstacles and challenges to encounter, no matter how much changes, there is always one path ahead and leads to the Life Father has for each of us to walk it. It is surely a great adventure, that I can assure you. As it is, I come from Paradise and I know the great passage that is placed for the children of time to travel. And so it is required to have among you a great lighthouse to guide the way. Father is that light within you. As your TA, He is your pilot light, the great force of awakening that brings you to know and understand him in ways the world does not know, well not yet anyhow. It will soon become a world that will know this great light and many will be on the path of wonder before them. So as a Son from Paradise I am also on the hill with you with the lighthouse to guide you and clear some rocks that come upon us. So many times we may encounter some resistance and we understand those times, yet we also are able to look beyond these and see a greater picture emerge as it holds the greater dimensional reality and meaning to your existence.

“So as deep as that may sound it is with all things great and small, you will value many things and come to a greater wisdom in oneself when you see that in all its clarity of form and function. Pretty much as you see all the threads in a work of tapestry that slowly takes shape and form in the pattern that it illustrates. So it forms in life as you live it. On it goes as you travel in the great seas of God’s creation. You will find some surprises and some great lessons of worth far greater in depth that makes for a good insight that can only be had when one goes through the motions of it.

“You are all on the cusp of a great way forward as soon as it becomes clear that these Missions are visible and present among you and you take the call from your Adjuster to be ready to participate with the areas you are capable of being good with for your brethren to appreciate as well. You can all participate, you have gifts and skills that can be useful in areas where you are at and that all comes into play when that time comes. I think you will surprise yourself how good you can be when the ‘s… hits the fan’ as they say. So brace yourself as well as pace yourself in your lives going forward. No need to fret over things, just take one day at a time as I do too with you. Patience is all that is needed and it takes just that at times to bide the time of healing among our brethren we have to deal with. Such inner strength is a great balm as you keep calm and peaceful as you go about your tasks. These are the many areas of inner abilities you can draw upon in the times ahead when it enables you to just be you. I leave it there for you to contemplate and allow for you to see you are much more than you are now. God bless you all and my peace be with you as you continue in your faith journey with your Father/Son Adjuster. Shalom!” End.

Thank you Monjo for a deep and meaningful insight for us to draw upon and be calm with our wonderful Adjuster! God bless you Monjoronson and thank you! Amen. Sue.