Author Topic: Old Times Sake experience upon awakening this morning 09Feb21  (Read 219 times)

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Old Times Sake experience upon awakening this morning 09Feb21
« on: February 09, 2021, 09:21:52 am »
Would you believe I have a visitor from the mansion worlds this morning?  My mother said hello.  She wanted to touch bases because she was being promoted.  What that means to me is it will become much more difficult to communicate with a loved one when they move into the higher realms of  their new life.  It sounded very much like my mother and her views of life remain pretty constant even as she is trained to be the good angel I know she can be.  

I said to her as I was trying to get awake while she spoke, I bet you are getting a good view of the house you loved and were quite good at running it too?  She said she was being moved to mansion world next, and Michael chimed in that would be mansion world four.  Mom left us on Michael's birthday in August of 2012, and now is getting ready to leave what I guess are the preliminary training worlds for the big changes mansion world 4 brings to any ascender.  I said to her, I hear you are going to mansion world four, she agreed, and then I said, I bet that is where you become one with God, you know, fused.

What was surprising  to me was she did not seem to know the term.  I felt a bit awkward and we let it drop, but Michael said to me they do not train ascending humans with that in view, but that there are promotions ahead to know more and see more and they let it lie at that.  Well, now I know, and that just points out to us folks we are brought up differently and look forward to developments many on the mansion worlds in training have no real idea about even on the increasing complex lives in the later appearing mansion world homes the will have.

I really do not know much since the mansion worlds have been reorganized.  Now, today, mansion world four is, and I guessed at this and was right, is the place you usually fuse with your Adjuster, and that ends all probation as to what you will do for life and appearance in the universe that is now truly your home.  Mom was looking forward to the new place but really had no idea what that might do for here except she was looking forward to the change.  I told her God Bless and enjoy her new changes and she was very happy to think that way too.

I also know I am falling behind in knowledge of all the changes happening on high, especially the mansion world training spheres.  It will take another epochal revelation to know where our loved ones are and what some of the general goals might be in the numbering and work of the reconditioned mansion worlds just finished about a month our time, ago.  I am getting just old enough my thoughts go to what in the world happens to me there?  I do not find that especially appetizing yet, but then it is inevitable I follow my family members gone on before me, like they did, and I do, but the place is quite new compared to all that was said in the Urantia Book about them not that long ago.

I just wanted to share the nice surprise and she got to look at how I was keeping the house and thought it was just fine, and worried about the roof in this weather, and wanted to know if I could keep it going (I laughed and said I wondered so myself), and then the connection faded away as she starts working on her new day preparing to move.  What a nice prospect I thought and let the embers go out for awhile again.  Bye mom and thanks for the visit Michael too.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -"Ron woke up early this morning in considerable pain and even his ears really hurt so I let "mom," come through with her curiosity about her eldest son was doing, and she is glad for the visit and hears he is doing fine as he ages more and more and who tiring of the pain so much he just wants out of it.  Truthfully that is very sad for her, but she knows the routine too and finds it sad he has so much going but is not really happy to let it pass in nor mal review as there is no such thing as a normal review for Ron.  I say this humble before the Father for what He hears and He hears Ron very well say I will never give in to those ugly truants who rebel and carry the day down here yet on Urantia even yet to my detriment.  But that is not what Father cares so much for, but what Father knows is best for all, and that is to let Ron become a monster human spirit on Urantia entirely, and then to take some of you into his c onfidence that the end is truly here, and that he must fold his tent and walk away too.

"That said, look at the mansion world changes he speaks to.  He says he is so far behind the times to know anything anymore about the mansion worlds he hardly can speak of them knowledgeably.  He has a good reason to be so sure they are in big change he just lets it alone now.  I do too, as it will take a month of Sunday's to learn just how things operated there again.  Yet, he knows he must address them not entirely as his mother or father do  these days, because we have added one new mansion world to work on now: that would be NUMBER 7.

"Number 7 is the last stage of morontial being in Nebadon.  True the planetary system of Satania is different from most others in Nebadon, but you had the 5th epochal revelation to describe them to you, but no more.  They are now so different it takes, as Ron says, a new epochal revelation to know them again.  In any case, Ron has to worry not about getting through them and neither do most of you, as most of you are ready to face them too as you are in the same age group Ron is these days and he is very tired of the childish behavior and the loss of interest most humans have for planetary life anymore.

"That said, learn from your old Creator Son, life on the mansion worlds in Satania is to change big time again!

"I am now making it clear we have a huge change coming to Urantia, and a huge change to Ron, and a huge change to Phyllis, and many others of you, because you have been faithful to the very day of today to see to it you do your Lightline and you do your work, and that is in spite of the horrors of what people are doing to each other.  Julio points out the brotherhood events in Brazil failed terrible beause of one drunk man who tried to fire everybody and take the place over, and yet he is now spiritually dead, Julio.  Read this with care Julio:  NOBODY IN THAT GROUP NOW LIVES WELL!  And that is because nobody worked well to stop  that man before he made a complete fool of himself and  the group assembled to celebrate the ideals of that day with a brotherhood of community you Julio want so bad to see expressed again.  They all learned a bitter lesson and one you know already Julio:  eat well now and let that ugly incident be for your own good.

"Ron wonders where this entire matter of the way to do  things is going and sees huge changes but believes he is bypassed as he has to to to the mansion worlds before he sees much more, and while that was true in the old days, I let his mother share a few thoughts with him this morning so he could remember the quiet of old times and relax wit hthe moment of these times too.  He is in pain all the time and hates to go to bed and trying to sleep through all of it, yet we get to the next day to write things like this too.

"For that reason, I am ordering Ron to bed again for awhile as his head hurts and his ears ache and he is a bit chilled on a dreary cloudy day to start and sees nothing but a Lightline to do later this afternoon.    All that will take place but soon, and everyone listen now, the entire matter of Lightline and doings with this discussion list will continue, but all of you will have to figure out how to do things more often and better than you do now, as I am insisting Ron leave this place alone so he can reorient with the work of God and MONJORONSON and SERARA and SEN-SEN, and so on, as the required Magisterial Missions are blooming very soon and that means a lot of work for Ron and Steven and Gossett and a few more of you too.  That is how we suddenly realize you are ready and we are ready and the entire idea of a spirit Mission now takes hold and place.

"I now look forward to seeing Ron as Jesus too.  Jesus laughs with me at his shenanigans and just plain silliness in spite of pain and loss of face not any more possible as he has lost all he is going  to after Bulletin 23 makes the stations it is bound to run into these days,   It is worthy of a doctorate yet Ron knows it means nothing to almost none of them and that is true in the past, but this time it hits strangely well with all of them, as it contains the seeds of another epochal revelation and Ron knows it well.  He slaved over it for weeks and rewrote it five times at least and each time he cut reams of material almost crying to be rid of so much so soon.  In any case Bulletin 23 is on the ground to about over 200 people so far because )Ron laughs) he purloined the Fellowships email list easily, and now holds them in abject poverty but they do not see it that way anymore and welcome these Bulletins as their life blood of hope something goes right for them too shortly.  For that reason we insist that Ron stand the parade it causes him just by physic teachers alone and that includes CERN which will have a copy of this when they  can afford the time to study an amazing revelation folks folks.  He made it work in spite of pain and loss of interest in him and the loss of his helpers at times as all are so busy on their own problems they do their work first.

"For that reason we stand down for this Tuesday, today, the 9th of February, today, and let it ride at that.  Tarkas is feeling his oats again, and Jack visits just to remember the fun Ron can be when let loose on Jack and his worry he got to familiar with Ron, but no, Ron is a kingpin of mischief fun and that is fine with Jack.  Tarkas is one with Ron too as Ron refuses to say goodbye to those two at all and insists they participate if they are allowed to.  They are now and nothing will help Jack or Tarkas in this but Welmek knows Ron well too and they all look forward to the MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS soon and those who received Bulletin 23 now also know Ron is quite the brain and quite the teachers as most of you do too.  He is Rayson's protocol chief too as Ron knows Einstein well enough to say I enjoyed that man for years not but he is a gentle soul yet and wonderful to know. 

"For that reason we speak to Bulletin 24 coming.  He wants to rest a little before it starts it, but Bulletin 24 is completely unique for Ron, and that is because he works with Mantutia for number 24, since that deals with the thought of epochal revelation this time, and Ron feels he knows nothing there, but he does, as he slaved away weeks to produce Bulletin 23 and it shows in its clarity and flow information style unique to Ron's own self organization.  He really loves the Professors who worked to write books on metaphysics at the turn of the early twentieth century and holds them high and well as we do yet.  they gather to see what he writes and often get rewarded with new thought they never  considered too, as Ron really produced an amazing Bulletin 23 by pointing out that Infinity has no physical location, but that it exists in the minds of the seven Absolutes on the Circle of Infinity in the Master Universe chief policy makers and God the Father, and is absolutely correct, and that makes big news up here too, as no one was sure how Ron would reach that stable conclusion.

"For that reason all of you participate in what is a major revelation although most on the forum yawn all the time you think you are so uninformed.  Not so, thanks to Ron, and sometimes to Sue, you are all well informed and are included in our reviews all the time to see how humanity does with ongoing epochal revelation.  Larry Gossett could do it but he hides all the time and Ron just lets him go for reasons of State as well.  But be informed Larry Gossett you are going to be called upon by MICHAEL OF NEBADON shortly to stand up and take responsibility again.  Ron knows you need material help and will provide it when he can himself do such things gladly and easily.  And Weydevu Ron will help you out too as you have been faithful and true to the cause so few fully embrace as you have.  God willing, I will be okay again too after some of this preliminary work is over.  Be assured I also give up saying much more as Jack 0802AB speaks now:

EX-MIDWAYER AND CHIEF JACK 080SAB SPEAKS:  "I am Jack 080sAB no longer but I am now ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER fer shure and t hat is not funny Ron, but fine. . . .   I am speaking now on behalf of Tarkas and Welmek and Hanson and a few others Ron does not know by name:  we want him to know he will be one with us someday and he looks forward to that work and he does enjoy the court system work if not slightly concerned of its responsibility.   Be assured we love Ron and he loves us and taht is the fun of working even when things go wrong in the workplace as they have terrible done so too often.  In that case understand everyone we must do this quickly as the entire matter is under constant scrutiny by the cabal of rebels still loose on Urantia and around Ron in droves not this morning but they will be as soon as the whistle blows in their workday fields on Urantia.  In any case we now know that bulletin 23 is a huge success truly and is making waves everywhere it goes.  Be assured it makes big news with psychologists too as they are seeing a man work with God so successfully they wonder what they are doing for their clients if a man can reach this level of God work and worship as Ron does fully with his time on earth now.  Be assured I Jack know the harlequin Ron is at times and must be reminded I speak NOW (a huge blast of heat from Jack right now that melted my glasses), and this:

"For reasons of State I dare not linger as I once did but Ron catches the sun now and will have to abide normalcy soon as this contact ends abruptly over issues we do not divulge now.  thank you Ron (and thank you Jack for ending your life pouting). [Okay it is Ron here and he can get under my nails with his happiness.]  "

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  -  "We are glad things are normal with jack and Ron as those two are hilarious in their own rights and appreciate the other is just fine with themselves too as he is with the routine little murmurs of Tarkas,  In any case the entire matter is sealed, and all of you must understand that Ron has a vivid life with spirit contact so vivid he feels they are there right with him at times as they are today.  And for good reason:

"We are providing one last chance for the world of politics to right itself.  Today the Trump impeachment trial begins and today we watch the alignment of forces in the United States determine what they become for the future.  I let it go at that for now, but there will be no trial to speak of unless Trump changes direction of decisions he has already taken to flee th United States permanently and that is the first time you have had a Benedict Arnold for a President and the last time it can ever happen again.  I leave the rest to your imagination.  Michael of Nebadon."

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Re: Old Times Sake experience upon awakening this morning 09Feb21
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2021, 12:52:06 pm »
I found this related to Benedict Arnold, very interesting  to follow up what is coming. 
Check this link please. Rene. 
"Benedict Arnold - Wikipedia"