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LightLine Wisconsin Feb,20 of 2021
« on: February 20, 2021, 03:32:44 pm »
Our master of ceremonies was TARKAS ONE WITHOUT NAME OR NUMBER and our numerous guests were UNIVERSAL FATHER, CHRIST MICHAEL, MARGUL TRINITY TEACHER SON, NAMBIA CHIEF OF THE LIFE CARRIERS, UETIA MAGISTERIAL SON COUNCIL MEMBER and Dr. Edgar Casey just to name a few. As well as a interview with Ron Besser author of a new book The Origins of Aids and Autism. Enjoy

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Re: LightLine Wisconsin Feb,20 of 2021
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2021, 04:38:22 pm »
Hello Everyone, here are notes for the Light Line of February 20, 2021.

Light Line 02-20-2021
Welcome from Wisconsin, host is Wenebogo

Thank you for all the listeners, human, or celestial or morontial.
We will open up a new page of a new revelation page called Light Line.
It is a voice representing God, and we repeat the answer.

I hoped that this would be the first light line announcing the arrival of Jesus. I fantasized about interviewing Jesus through the whole show.
But we have not received any word of incarnation.

I ordered the book Origins,. It arrived ! 168 pages long.

I read the first chapter on Autism.

Poet Robert Burns: the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.

I too have had to learn some hard lessons because of doing the wrong things, and questioning the predicament that brought me to a dead end.
Asking for guidance: a prayer:
Father, I have searched for your love everywhere, from people, places, and things material. Help me to hear your voice within me, so that I may never be without.
Do we have a MC? Clear channel?

Yes, this is Tarkas, Your MC. A few comments about the subject of revelation: it has a two-fold meaning:
1. surprising or previously unknown fact,
2. a disclosure of the celestials.

This revelation is a shared experience. Disclosure relates to human existence in this world. We do know more than you, but we don't know what you will choose to do next as a point of action. Visualize a chessboard. The rules of chess cover the array of moves available. Every time it is your turn, you try to protect your king. Every move is a difference of perspective. Make your move and choose wisely.


Your next guest: the Universal Father himself.

Universal Father: Thank you Tarkas, I am the Universal Father, this is the first time I have spoken on the Wisconsin Light Line.

I can hear your thoughts. It is like riding a roller coaster, one minute you are riding high, then going into the deep abyss of lower thoughts, lYou are each my rooks, bishops, knights, pawns, all playing your parts.

In walking in each other's shoes, you gain wisdom.

On Urantia, the chess game has not moved, even though we have a New Universe Age. But we can enlighten you to your options, and choices. You can go right, left, forward or go backward in the drama being played.
Do you know the way to go? Ask the way. The loving Father can find the way for you. Take each action as it arises, according to the knowledge gained. Now let's play the game again, my son. My daughter. Rook to D5, your move.

We have another guest: Christ Michael:

Good afternoon, and thank you Tarkas.

Wenebogo, you spoke of wanting to see Jesus in the flesh. But I will grant you a brief interview in his place.

Wenebogo: Question: how long is Jesus planning to stay this time? We were told in a previous transmission, that he would have stayed another 4 years, the first time he came.

Michael: Jesus will stay until a full harvest of souls is met. Clean water, fresh air, good food.
Wenebogo: there must be a certain uprooting of our old ways to make way for the new.

Christ Michael: There will be a clearing of many weeds. Any further detail could get morbid.
Wenebogo: When Jesus comes, how will we recognize him? how can we be sure he is not the anti Christ himself?

Christ Michael: How many of you can remember the first meeting of the love of your life? And the same expression in the eyes for you? Or as the baby recognizing the mother or father.
Love is attracted to love. The bond already established, your very heart will flutter, and you will run to be with the love that is part of your awakening. You will recognize.

Wenebogo: Are all of us here listening to this call, are we all good enough to be a part of the harvest of the family of God?
Christ Michael: Yes. you are those that believe without seeing. You will get your just rewards on earth, as in heaven. There is so much work to be done and the workers are few, but the farmer on the top of the hill knows whose basket is full or empty. If there was fruit on the tree of life, there would be no temptation.

Thank you for your time and wisdom.

We can open the forum to questions or comments. 5*

Ron: Are there other transmitters on the line today?
Wenebogo: Elise. No others.
Ron: I am getting the prompt that another transmitter has a subject that can be introduced.

Wenebogo: I will ask Elise.
Elise: I wasn't thinking of anything special. The book by Anyas Spencer. She speaks on behalf of a Trinity Teacher Son. Are any other Trinity Teacher Sons willing to teach here on Urantia?

Ron: Reference a higher authority. Ask for a response from whoever would like to take that answer.


Elise: And are they working for special groups on Urantia: do they have Trinity Teacher Sons working for them?

Ron: Margul, Are you available for an answer for Elise?
Yes this is Margul. I was listening. I catch these shows too, The language gap is not as expansive as ours. But yes, there are other Trinity Teacher Sons, and they are working with other transmitters who have heard the clarion call. Be assured that all is going well here on this side of the veil.

Ron: Thank you Margul. I hope that will suffice Elise.
Elise: I remember that a Trinity Teacher Son would come to the world at the time of Light and Life?

This is Margul: Of course we are prepared for questions like this since you are time beings. But we don't live in a time zone. When you get here, you w ill be glad to get rid of your watches! Yes they are staying around, and are making sure that this forlorn and forgotten Urantia will be tended to. You are loved and cherished and we intend on hanging in there until this place has achieved Light and Life.

Ron: Wenebogo: Would you throw the question about the length of service to Uteah, who is standing by? The Magisterial mission has an introduction for you. I have Utea, here. To Elise: you are forgetting that the age of Light and Life is to succeed the Magisterial Missions. The Magisterial Missions are designed to last between 200 and 400 years. That is to preface the age of Light and Life, introduced by the Trinity. Margul is the chief officer to decide these things. I am passing this to Uteah, to see if he has further comments about that.

This is Uteah:
The woman whom you are reading has no idea who Uteah is. Now I understand, why you, Ron, listen to these Light Lines yourself. The persons who often attend are vague about what they have learned. You have passed the question to me to understand why Elise holds back. She can do this inside. I remind you Elise, you are a transmitter. Transmit your questions to your self. Lemuel, Gossett, and Ron do it all the time.

I am a Trinity Teacher Son. Uteah belongs to a group of Magisterial Sons. I am a liaison between the Trinity counsel and I know the plans fairly well on both sides.


Why does Uteah appear before another transmitter who is not working with him? Many of you would be asking the same questions. Why is this going on? This group has established a routine that is essential. What do we mean by that? If we create a habit to listen, you tune in.

If you do this any old time, don't expect consistent results.
Plan and speak on schedule. Do not vary. She is a cabal. She is an independent fiefdom. Ron does care that it comes under one direction, and that the schedule is kept. To Elise: send an email to this person.

Wenebogo transmits Uteah:
Yes, this is Uteah. Ron did bring up some good points. In your talk before this, you rely on a saying, ask and you will receive. Other transmitters are not asking for further clarifications. We cannot give you more than you ask for. We cannot interfere with that freewill choice. You can choose to live in the clouds, or live beyond the clouds.

Wenebogo: Thank you, I understand what you are saying.

Uteah: She make references to helpers that are on the other side of the veil who are no longer part of the program. She mentions the Supreme, and the Spirit of truth. and the Adjutant spirits. Ron mentioned the Adjutant spirits in the Origins book.

Ron: The book was written at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. At the time the adjutant spirits were operating. The new reader should know that to oil the human mind, it has to be done with spirit to advance intelligence. We are old enough as a species, and we need that badly.
There are no Adjutant spirits, but they will be reinstalled with the reappearance of Jesus.

Wenebogo: Are the Life Carriers part of the upgrade?
Ron: I have Life Carriers here. Nambia, and one other.
Life Carrier: We are the two who are observers on Urantia. We speak easily through Ron, though we could speak through you Wenebogo, but both you and Elise will freeze up. You are weaned of the Adjutant spirits except for worship and wisdom. But in Urantia, not very often did the 6th and 7th actually get installed. 6 and 7 were not in more than 30% of the Urantia population. Humans who have Adjutant Spirits 1 through 5 are no smarter in native intelligence than the horse. Adjutant Spirits 1 through 5 have been amalgamated.

At the age of 35 you can wean people off the first 5 and start working with the morontial.

The adjutant spirits Ron used were only 6 and 7 . He completed the lower levels years ago. He has adjutant spirits in his mind that facilitate his ability to understand the intensity and the amount of changes in the NUA. Most of you are so vague, you don't know what you are talking about.
As Life Carriers, we are deeply concerned. But you need to intensify your study, and that is to transmit. When you transmit, it opens new capacities in the mind, and with that capacity, there is new understanding. It makes a vast difference in what you can transmit, and how comfortable you are.

Elise and Wenebogo do not have the adjutants.
You will have a brand new curtain rise when you have them.

The Adjutant spirits are not engulfing any one on this list. People like Amethyst and Clency have entered the lower levels of the Adjutants. Wenebogo, you have a few months to go. Elise, you can do this immediately. You need to transmit your own questions and answers.

We appreciate it when you ask us. Don't stop at one individual celestial. Please understand you must make the effort for your own education. It is easy, ask. just ask.

The first five are for the sub humans. They are being handled by special placement of the Father himself.

Wenebogo: Ron hinted in Origins that autistic children are encircuited with the first 5 adjutants, because they're not fully human yet. The Brain Stem has 5 OR 7 prebiotic nerve cells. In the fetus, there is a too crowded an environment, and the brain says to the cells I've got to abort you. The brain orders the destruction of those prebiotic cells. The child can hear and learn, but is not able to speak until about 8 or 10, at which time the brain says to the Brain Stem, now establish the prebiotic cells.

There is another autism that science doesn't recognize. One of them comes out of sports. Believe it or not, you have a bunch of stupid players because the brain has been damaged. When those cells are damaged they cannot speak.

Wenebogo: Another person, mentioned that in Alzheimer's, metals in cans and soda cans can be remedied by greens.
Ron: What you really need is a new prebiotic stem cell introduced into the brain stem. Heavy metals, particularly aluminum hydroxide, as in deodorant, poison you. Eating greens might leach it a little, but the man is far too generous in saying that antioxidants in the greens would take care of it. It is only a partial remedy.

On the subject of metals, people drink exotic metals thinking they electrically recharges the cells. The type called tincture of gold and silver can be somewhat helpful. Mercury fillings are replaced with gold. Mercury is so toxic, that picking it up in our fingers is destructive to the reproductive system.

Ron: Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, has a huge foundation in Virginia, His movies, diagnoses, trials, are known around the world, He was mentioned in the book.
Edgar Cayce: I need not explain myself. Ron had had a very serious battle last night from 11:00 to 3:00 this morning. A group of insurgents slashed an artery in his forehead. He squirted blood out of his nose and mouth,and plugged it by putting paper in his nose, ans leaning back in a chair. He had to do a lot of cleanup, floor, cabinets, clothing.
This morning I looked at him and asked Michael why is it our foremost proponent allowed to bleed to death? He did not panic, and figured out how to staunch the bleeding at the back of the nose.
Today that cabal is back in prison. He lost about 16 oz of blood.
I am mentioning this to everyone, if anything like this happens, uncontrolled bleeding, from anywhere, get to a hospital. Don't do what Ron did.

My foundation in Virginia is world renowned. I have products all over the place, books, for keeping yourself well outside and inside. I have looked at Origins, It is exceedingly brilliant. I wish I could have done it. Wenebogo, don't rush through it. Find out what the story really is. You will be the center of attention at an AIDS cocktail party!

More and more I will be part of the Light Lines.
Ron: we are most grateful, Dr. Cayce.

Wenebogo: I know Edgar Cayce. I know of his book on Dreams.

No further questions for now. Tune in Sunday for his Light Line.
I can't attend the Tuesday LL. I will ask Phyllis to take over for me.
Our next program is Feb. 27. I hope you enjoy these conversations with the family of God. Be safe, and take care.


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Re: LightLine Wisconsin Feb,20 of 2021
« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2021, 09:05:22 pm »
Thank you SongatSunrise, for doing all that extra work. You do myself and others a great service so they can translate these messages into their native languages. I am grateful to you.