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Folks:  I am getting an output new bulletin that is not fully reported yet, about a huge shift in weather patterns:  Heads up:

Texas is a place that has gotten the first taste of a huge weather shift taking place and it will really upset places you are used to be comfortable in for a very long time and now maybe not so.  Here is a summary of what I am hearing:

The polar vortex is migrating. Latest evidence of temperature swings and humidity changes suggests there is a swift change in the polar vortex in the northern hemisphere of Urantia.

Where:  The normal polar  vortex is approximately stationed for eons over northwest Siberia as it would be defined today.  It is breaking lose and becoming disorganized,  It is likely to pour south for years and take residence just west of the Canadian West Cost just south of Purdue Bay.

When: Unpredictable.  Timing will be determined by these factors:  The United States is losing land mass shortly with tectonic plate shifts on the West Coast.  The extra ocean coverage from about Northwestern US inland about 300 miles, southward various inward distance of up to five hundred (500) into the Great Basin and southward into Mexico City, will create negative pressure on the polar vortex and draw it south over what is now southern Alaska, western Canada.

Timing: The last report said to go easy on attempting to figure the exact timing for the vortex cannot easily move south until there is more open ocean.  If the topographical map of the USA changes as we expect, the vortex may break loose immediately and cover the rest of the winter 2021 with extreme cold from norther Canada south to the midlands of England with ice and snow, but if the vortex is grounded further in Siberia, then the green zone over the USA may shrink to about one half it size compared to today.

WHO: The effect will be like Texas is this past month: extreme cold and bad weather coupled with ice and snow nil April.  This affects all of western USA, Mexico.  In Europe the motion of  the vortex moving south will press pressure vortexes over the North Sea and seriously effect the Low Countries, Spain, France.  A small ice age could erupt over inter southern Europe such as the Baltic States, the Balkans, and northern Greece.  China may have to liquidate its gold reserves just to import oil and carbon fuels for a considerable duration.  I am not instructed just how this affects the East Coast of the United States yet, as it is the East Coast of the United States that will be dependent on Divine Missions, and we believe the Second Return will be centered there for all sorts of reasons.  This section could be a book but I am limited by what they are sending right now.

SCIENCE:   There are two overriding principals.  I quote the Power Directors:

    "WE are quite sure the polar vortex is already in motion.  There are edge breaking off and one of those pieces broke off and sank into the southern part of the United States, with Texas taking the brunt of the damage although Florida and Louisiana had damage in many places too.

    "Expect pieces to break off and sink south again until later spring.

    The tectonic plates under the California Valley, under Mexico City, and under western Canada, are in serious need of repair.  They sit like piles of rubble stone on hard granite not.  They are fractured pumas left over the Mesozoic Age (about 35 million years ago), and are badly fractured by the last ice age.  Those tectonic plates were not covered with ice, but were pressed very tightly southward by the ice, and then began to relax back north about sixteen thousand years ago.  For that reason, when they spread or filled back out, they started to fracture.  Ten thousand years ago a huge earthquake pressed the west  coast of the United States out into the sea another one hundred fifty miles outward to its present position.  This will break off and take the large cities with them.  Loss of life will be in the tens of millions, and the USA will lose at least 10% to 25% of its Gross National Produce (GDP) immediately, and may lose another ten percent for lack of trained workers to fill the data breach this will create.  New York is not well enough advanced to handle what it is asked to handle and it itself may go bankrupt trying to take the loss on itself.

The trials will not start until there is some evidence these tectonic plates continue to hold indefinitely.  We keep worrying all of you with this, but the exercise for this to happen has advanced precipitously in the last six weeks until February 21, 2021 today/.  For that reason we wish no harm to anyone, but if and when it happens the devastation cannot be reversed.  

You now have been warned.  That is all we can do.  Risk wise we place this happening at about 72%.   It will not happen because of divine intervention, be assured of that.  But I remind you that when Jesus died on the cross at Golgotha, a sever earthquake occurred immediately at that point.  Pure spirit presence can upset the ecosphere of a material planet.  As Ron has often explained to you, count the second return of Jesus like a thunderstorm.  They are unpredictable, they can suddenly go away; they can suddenly veer into a new direction, and they can become upsetting and causing costly changes to pay for.  Wather may be one of them for you on earth if all of this comes together at once.

RON HAS ASKED:  The state of our earth core is precarious as I understand it.  Do you think that the magnetic drawing power of high spirit directly on the surface of the planet will cause an axis tilt and more core polarity shifts?

That is a beautiful questions Ron.  It is not supposed to but already your corp has shifted polarity right before Christmas and no one ever noticed it.  Now the core is so hot again it may shift back!   If that happens earth could experience an axis shift and a polar vortex shift together.  That would be catastrophic.  

Australia and Greenland share the same consequences if any of this happens.  Part of Greenland, never inhabitable, would guarantee that it mostly becomes uninhabited entirely.  Iceland may disappear altogether.  Newfoundlan Canada may become submerged and the North Sea would inundate all western European cities, capitals, and the major river would form large lakes inland and causing much evacuation.

Australia is already barren for so much of  itself for lack of moisture laden trade winds.  They will suffer more and the western third of Australia may disappear under the ocean.

Ron also asks: THE PLASTIC POLLUTION so bad in those sea areas:  what happens with that mess?  I am not at liberty to say how much deposit each bottle is worth, because each bottle will delete itself easily, as the Indian Ocean and the Coral Sea may erupt in flames due to debris choking them and the turmoil on the sea floors will take care of the rest.  Your divine missions will forbid the use of plastic for drinking purposes forever.  

"We are the Power Directors Number 5, Solonia, and Power Director Number 3, Techtonia, reporting."

Ron:  We are indebted to you Power Directors and Michal of Nebadon to point this critical information to us at this time.  Thank you very much from all of us.  

"We are never short of time but time is running short.  Watch out for razor thin margins to get help from your government as the opposition party is ready to raise hell again and this time they will learn what it means to stay off the idea of sedition and learn to cooperate once more for many, many, reasons.  We also take this moment to speak to others who know Ron has had one of the most frightening attacks ever taken out on Urantia by forcing his blood transport behind his nose almost severed in half splattering blood every where  for hours last night. He finally got it under control by stuffing reams of toilet paper up his nose place pressure on the artery and it finally was cauterized by angels of our work force by 3am the morning of 20 Feb.  He was about to call the ambulance but got side tracked on holding the blood back and just stopped and thought it out.  "I can stop this with pressure if I can get something to put pressure on the leak.  The paper worked and lying down head back eventually did the trick.  

"I saw it.  He asked for Me and I could not come as I was transfixed in my other work you know about.  Finally Gabriel saw the vicious persons who did this and called for liaison forces who worked hard to rout them as they are not of this universe and Ron fell into a deep sleep about 5am and was okay at 830 am when I got moving again.

"You are told about this episode because you ought to know about it.  He is not one to speak to these things unless we do as he feels you are extremely bored by it and it creates an unsavory environment to keep reporting them.  He is not anemic badly having lost about one pint of blood and probably more.  He gathered all the blood and paper today and put them ready for junk collection Monday morning commenting on how bitter cold it felt.  It was 25 degrees but a north wind over ten miles an hour.  Normally that would not especially bother him but he is without cold protection at all now due to so much blood being lost.  He is shivering as he writes this, but please understand all of you, he has played his hand beautifully in all of this and sometimes he is scared by the harshness of cruel spirit but never leaves the room alone without a prayer for ME and FATHER.  And for that I am grateful beyound words.  

"Finally this:  I made this report to him earlier today and he asked if he could make ti available to all of you and I said "No."  Instead the Power Directors stepped in and he is most grateful a I am as they filled in details I did not know and Ron's questions are better than most would ever ask for the simple reason he knows Urantia's problems airily well and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, said that Ron must be available for the initial introduction for His arrival too, as He must make amends with  cash for the Magisterial Foundation and the Michael Foundation International, and Ron well enough to drive to the bank to open its account with enough money in it to take care of pending debts everywhere.  He is asking for whatever donations you can manage, not because he wants build a big cash reserve, but because the bills will be big soon and he must prepare for them.

"All told we are ready soon to do this.

"You must be ready to work.  Stop biting your nails and just sit down like adults instead of children at Christmas time.  Ron has warned you to take the appearance of Jesus like a hard to predict Thunderstorm and I thought the comparison was most accurate and so does everyone else up here to.  Some of you wait and wait and wait and never understand you are operable to do more things than you ever think of because you do not bother to think much at all.  These are exceedingly frightful times appearing and none of you are really prepared to stand as tall as you think you can.  Jesus will approach many and for that reason Ron must keep the temperature cool on this site for it will be kept up hell or high water so long as Ron is around to force issues with Charles and all of you as you just do not help sometimes without being asked.  Donations from the Hispanic community has been wonderful and they keep giving.  Where pray tell is your interest to show?  Please be aware costs are skyrocketing for all services and Ron keeps after them with donations and his own pocket when he has too and that does not last forever either.

"Ron is seriously anemic now.  He must build up blood reserves taken from him last night and now must sleep a little longer for his Adjuster to examine the trial his brain has been going through because of it.  Half the blood lost was to his brain and it cost him plenty.  He does not ask you to remember this, but to remember the insurrectionists are killers and force people to do the wrong thing.  So are with Ron's warnings to you and MY work against them has kept you whole.  Do not be foolish and bolt away just as you need this protection from ME, GABRIEL, and MARGUL and HENSON and UTIAH, and dozens more.  Laugh with Ron as he can get us going over these awful issues and it helps to cope.  Be aware his blood stream is nearly back to normal thanks to Adjuster now we are being informed and he has no further cauterization to worry about.  

"We close with this:

"Tomorrow it marks 30 days before spring starts in the northern hemisphere.  Ron really looks forward to spring and getting his own groceries again and to travel to get supplies.  It is over a year that the cauterization of his nervous system took place and six months of intense swelling took place and blood pressure spokes like 210/140 at an eye operation he did not cause.  The doctor was so alarmed he placed him under total sedation and that is most unusual for cataract surgery.  However Dr. Thode now thinks Ron was hallucinating briefly and had a medical check made with another surgeon he sees and DR. P gave him a clean bill of health and Thode now thinks there was divine intervention.  Well folks, there was.  Ron could have died that morning over issues he did not cause and some of those personnel made it worse.  He is ready to have another surgery and he should straighten out better than new in a few years or months or days-  I cannot predict that Adjuster or Ron that well.  Boy does he have a story to tell the morontia world when hegets loose up here.

"I cannot shut up:  this -  the ring on each of your fingers, including Ron, will have my signet ring on the middle or ring finger to be worn only on the right hand.  It will disappear at your death.  It will eave no sign of its existence except the one that Ron wears will become part of the museum-library Ron wishes to establish to document the Missions and Documents and worn artifacts of those who aided our cause.

"Ron will wear a white linen sash all the time he attends Jesus.  All of you will wear a light blue one when you attend with Ron at the altar.  Be assured it is all planned but you must wake up! Wake up!  You are doing nothing.  You are almost asleep here.  Each of you who work for Ron will become emblazoned in history too.  Ron could care less except he would like to earn enough money to feel secure but that is not easily done when he must spend millions for the Magisterial Sons alone.  Donations are not required for that at all.  Finally again, the clothing you wear now is too old fashioned for us on the mansion worlds, so you will wear the tunic (Ron calls them togas), and those who so serve when they are on the mansion worlds there is a special brigade you belong to in order to keep your names sacred to the cows that tread the mansion worlds to obtain new souls for their work on high.  Ron and all of you are not bothered with that as you already have chosen your worth and needs. but no one figures out how Grandfonda does the choosing, but Ron will meet Grandfonda, high spirit and all, and then comes a recognition for Ron emblazoned somewhere for all trhe foresight he had over a Mission I hardly understood myself.  Somehow Ron knew hot to make it fit with a material world.  

"I conclude this post with this:

"Trail not ME anymore about timing about JESUS.  Let HIM tell you!!  ZOK?  K"


MARGUL: TRINITY TEACHER SON OF RECORD TO START LIGHT AN LIFE ON URANTIA in about 300 years as our guess:  I have asked Ron to put this note down and to let you ponder it.  The PARADISE TRINITY is sacred and hardly ever spoken to in the vernacular, but that is what you do on Urantia.  I do not mind but they are green around the gills except when Ron speaks to it and he is fun even but never crosses it with swearing or anything else.  He swears black blood at the cabal and the insurrectionists and hates the spirit for her horrible ways, but he never initiates troubles.  He even went to Facebook and asked others to listen reasonably and was immediately repulsed by one who knows nothing but tears into him for no reason at all.    Now it turns out he has seen ORIGINS and that is enough to tell him Ron is a real scholar.  Now he will never read it but he sees the cover text. and Ron's first statements are he is not a doctor nor does he want people to think he is a priest. but what what follows is a divine intervention and he lets it at that.  You need to follow that course all of you when you start working with Ron as he loves your names and places but will never brook character assassination.  For reasons of State neither will I now and for those of you preparing to step out on your own you think, think again, it will not work without Besser looking at the game plan and showing you how little you have prepared for.  Do not think I do not know the source of his understanding, because I do, and you do not fool with that ever once it is engaged.  I trust Ron lets it lie and so do I but eventually Grandfonda will have his say on this one for sure.  Be of good cheer all and thank you Ron.  MARGUL. "

RON -  "I bow to you Margul you presence is excellent and you cheer me and I am sure the others, pleas be present more often as your duties may allow.  Your counsel is sought.  Thank you from our hearts.  Ron and this List."

Another END

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Re: EARTH POLAR SHIFT news coming in to report from Power Directors 21Feb2021
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Good morning all...I woke up this morning  just before 4 and after making my coffee, I  dressed for the morning cold and headed out, as I always do, to the gazebo to check for the latest postings on our site.  When I opened the site naturally I noticed Ron's latest critical update for us.

I also just happened to notice that his posting was on 2/20/21 at 11:11..  and in his heading as 2/21/2021..a coincidence no doubt .  That entire 11:11 anomaly and the numbers game while it represents a different time period than now, yet, I find it interesting how often it still surfaces.   but no matter.....

Waking up to such a critical and serious update from the  Power Directors, Michael and Margul was a stark eyeopener and a hellova way to start the day.

As this information is being given, they estimate" Risk wise we place this happening at about 72%." ... those are very high risk  predictions!  and the information shared that the earth's core is once again heating up "... Now the core is so hot again it may shift back!   If that happens earth could experience an axis shift and a polar vortex shift together.  That would be catastrophic."

I extend my gratitude to you Ron, and Michael, to the Power Directors and Margul for  this critical update.

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