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April 07 recording/Next call April 14
« on: April 07, 2021, 04:16:18 pm »
Hi everyone,
The call service is getting much better at making the recording available quickly.  Lately they have been ready to post almost immediately after the call is finished.
TARKUS was our MC.  We heard from MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, and Van the steadfast, and JESUS was able to come in to help answer a question.  Most of the focus on the call centered around the importance of intention, and the resistance people have to change strongly held beliefs.  These are both fairly straightforward things, but they wanted to make sure they were well understood as these two challenges will come into play as we serve and the missions going forward.  I thank all that attended and the celestial helpers that were there to help us. Here is the link:

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Re: April 07 recording/Next call April 14
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2021, 01:44:58 am »
Hello everyone, here are the notes for the LLUSA/EU on Wednesday, March 07th 2021.
Host: Amethyst  Co-host: Elise

Mantutia Mechizedek: I want to talk to you about the power of your intentions. Intention is the precursor of all that is, both good and evil. All of creation first starts with intention. Be it the intention of the Father to create a Master Universe. The intention of a Local Universe Son to design and create his own Universe or individual people who through intention create the direction and the realization of goals.

I am a Master Teacher and I am deeply involved in revelation. But it is the smaller concepts of revelation that often go overlooked like the simple idea that intention is the forerunner of the creation of reality.
Trials and error guide you to alter your route but it is the basic intention that ultimately leads to the reality you want to experience.

What is the fore runner of intention? It is desire. A need is felt inside and that leads one to think of how to fill it. Then the intention of how to do this takes route. You may think this information to be trivial but I tell you it is not.

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth , and the Earth was without form and void. God desired to surround Himself with His creation and set His intention to do so. Down through the Universe all that was created by the Sons and Daughters of God started with desire and was followed by intention. Each Local Universe is designed and created by the Creator Sons of God.

It is sad that I must include in this narrative that evil is created by desire and followed by intention as you are all so familiar with the story of Lucifer.

Good begets good and evil begets evil.

Intention is one of the most basic building blocks of all that will ever be and you do yourselves well to learn to read the intentions you see in others as well as yourselves.
Throughout your ascension career and especially coming from the epicenter of the Lucifer Rebellion and being witness to the loss of the supreme, if you can master the signs of intention of those around you, you will be not only able to use that antenna to take steps to keep you going about the Business of the Father but you will learn how to be a canary in the coal mine and relay information through the proper channels.

Rebellion often starts by keeping intentions a secret. The less beings that are aware, the more damage can be done. This is the biggest reason the Lucifer rebellion is to this day still causing problems. It was seen to that secret hideouts and procedures could be put in place even after the adjudication was complete. The cabal is still problematic because it still has very many secret hideouts throughout creation to see to it that they could still wreak havoc long after the demise of the supreme.

Learning the skill of detecting the intentions of others without invading their privacy or free-will is almost like developing a sixth sense in your material realm that will serve you well forever. It sharpens your discernment and along with attunement, discernment is a necessary part of your ascension tool box. Especially you who are pioneers into the realms of human spiritual growth you need to be ever mindful of the authentic intention of those who would lead you. Attune to you Adjusters always. Those attuned with their Adjusters have a much greater chance of great success.

In your current world you are surrounded by deception and you are almost able to detect it immediately. It is good and you serve as a beacon of how humanity should respond to it.

This is no time to let your guard down.

I leave you now to ponder what I have told you and know that intuitive attunement with your Adjuster will see you through all of the deception, propaganda and deceit that is smothering your planet at this time.
Jesus is there with you and He will aright this ship but there are trials too in the forecast as earth changes and stubborn forces try to resist the triumphant success of His glorious return.
I am Mantutia Melchizedek and I adjourn for now.

Amethyst: Thank you very much Mantutia for those words.

Van the Steadfast: I am going to talk on the topic of proactive inhibition sometimes referred to as proactive interference. There are various meanings that are used with these terms in psychology to show how previously learnt material can hinder subsequent learning.

This is a big problem on the planet and also on the Mansion Worlds when we are trying to teach those from Urantia.
The population is so deeply entrenched in erroneous ideas that they hold as sacred and will not give up easily. There are literally thousands of different and conflicting mindsets that are so deeply ingrained in the minds of millions if not billions of humans.

This proactive inhibition is a very strong energy deterrent for acceptance of even small changes in belief systems. On the Mansion Worlds we can divide ascenders into groups that have similar beliefs in religious backgrounds and work with them slowly. This cannot be done here on earth as it is currently organized.
When Jesus begins the public part of His mission the outrage will be palpable. This is why He is moving as carefully as possible. He must prepare them for the fact that many of the things they have been taught are not true. That includes you on this list as well because there is no such thing as a human who understands without some error.

As soon as the population understands that all of humanity has some error in their beliefs,
It will soften the resistance to His attempts to set this ship aright. All carry some proactive inhibition with them and all will need correction. The love of Jesus for them will touch the hearts of most of His followers and they will be willing to let go of their previously held ways of thinking. It is a process that will take time but little by little all who are dedicated to the Father’s Will, will follow His lead.

This is going to be a big hurdle for those in the spirit realm and also those on the planet. If both can understand this then they can meet and avoid a probable conflict.

When leaders in religion, government and business all over the globe start to acknowledge Jesus and express joy, the more people will let go of their fear until the entire population will have to face it and make their free-will choices as to how they will respond. They may not all agree to how to respond but they will all agree that He has returned.

Adam and Eve are now working closely with Jesus as projects are now being put into place to facilitate the acceptance of a new reality. There will be an easing of tensions as one problem after another is addressed and things will begin to smooth out.

These are prodigious and miraculous times. You will be amazed as you watch things unfold. You will look back on these days of waiting and working and marvel at how things unfolded. All of creation will for a long time remember those days when Jesus returned, the Missions began and the humans that participated. It will forever feel that these days were surreal which they are.

These messages that you have received from Mantutia and myself have been placed before you simply to strengthen your mindset and understanding of how we view things from this side and knowing these things will help you to determine how you can help when you are put in particular situations.
People will be clinging desperately to what they already believe and you may be able to say just a few things at a time or just plant one seed at a time. That is all for now and I step back.

Amethyst: Thank you Van. We need to be consciously aware of our desires and intentions. We have to be consciously aware of the resistance and why it is there. This helps to put us on a more solid foundation.

Tarkas: The importance of intention should strongly be in your mind because it is such a necessary part of your ascension and reaching your goals.

Q & A session (Comments as well)

Rene: I came to the USA with three intentions which took me ten years to fulfill. The fourth one of finding God took me more than twenty years. Intention creates an inner force which keeps pushing you to keep going.

Amethyst: Thank you Rene for sharing with us.

Pliktarious: Will there always be good and evil in the Master Universe? What is the Celestials’ opinion?

Amethyst: Why would they consciously choose to go against Father who gave them life?

Tarkas: I understand your confusion. It does baffle me too how anything that God creates would turn against Him and try to go against His Will. One thing you need to understand about Lucifer is that unlike you who have TAs- the Spark of Divinity right within you, Lucifer never had that. He was created at a lower level of sonship and he never had any exposure to the Father Himself because he did not have a Thought Adjuster. Lucifer came to actually believe that there was no such thing as the Father and that impacted his decision greatly because he truly believed that he could take over. That is one of the biggest things that influenced his intentions.

Jesus: One of the very first things I will do is that I have to help humanity regardless of their religious beliefs and backgrounds understand that we are all children of the same God. It is okay to have different beliefs about the same God BUT it is the same God that Loves you all and it the same God that wants you all to come back home to Him. I and the Father are going to be focusing on the aspect of the family of the children of God and ask that they realize that first, before their differences in how they approach God. I step back.

Amethyst: Thank you Jesus. I hope that sheds a bit of light Pliktarious.

Pliktarious: I agree 100%

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Re: April 07 recording/Next call April 14
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2021, 10:01:58 am »
Thank you Moses for this transcription. Thanks you to the hots and participants. Thanks you to the Teachers.