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Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« on: October 23, 2016, 04:03:16 PM »
Teacher: JarEl
T/R: Douglas
Date: Sept.19,1993

JarEl:Greetings dear ones,
The presence of God surrounds us.
The love of God enfolds us.
The power of God protects us from all harm.

Believe in this Mission that He has ordained. This Mission has power over all things, and all circumstance. Dear ones, do not allow fear and uncertainty to increase your doubt beyond that which is desirous for your spiritual growth. Fear of the Truth and the results of the Truth will always make others retract from you. It is true that you know that you know. Search your hearts. Reassure yourselves through the Teachings of the textbook, and these transmissions. They will reaffirm to your belief, and give you strength to withstand the pressures that come against you.
It is our lesson this day to be prepared. Preparedness is a watchword, also, in this mission . You must be prepared in all things in this Teaching Mission. You were prepared physically for your life in this flesh. You were prepared mentally to come to the knowledge of the textbook, and this Teaching Mission. You were prepared spiritually to accept the Urantia Book when it was presented in your experience. Preparation means, the steps and activities that are necessary in anticipation for a particular event or circumstance to be manifest in your experience. Domestically, before one can partake of the meal it must be prepared. A place must be designated to prepare the meal.

A place must be set aside to partake of the meal once it is prepared. You are in preparation of great events in the future. The coming together of all humanity in Light and Life; in knowledge of the Father; and participation in the Teaching Mission. The preparation began long ago, but it continues in each of you. It continues in your daily growth. It continues in the knowledge that you are acquiring through the textbook, and this Mission's transcripts, and the interaction that you have with one another. This is all preparatory to the coming of Michael. To the eventuality of Urantia in Light and Life. It is our purpose as your guides and teachers that we prepare you for all those eventualities.

We have mentioned dragons in the way of your spiritual development. Why do we say "dragons"? Why not name those characteristics as things that are holding you back from your growth? Why do we picture these things as dragons? It is because dragons are myths. They are not a part of your reality. They loom large and fierce, and they strike fear in the beings that perceive them. But they are myths. These things that hold you individually back from your growth are like dragons. They are not a part of your reality. They are myths that you must slay.

You must individually overcome and dispel these myths that are a hinderance to your development, and spiritual growth. These dragons loom large in your perception. They look fiercely down upon you, and you feel their hot breath as fire upon your face, and you tremble in the wake of these dragons. It is through your preparation in this Teaching that you will find the sword that lies in Truth to slay these dragons once and for all.

It is through your preparation by daily seeking the Stillness; by daily reading the textbook; by daily prayer; by daily sharing; by daily loving that you will find that which is necessary to dispel these myths and vanish them from your experience forever. You will rejoice like those of old who stood with their foot upon the dragon at their feet and raise their hands in victory. You, too, will stand upon those dragons that have hindered. You will raise your hand in victory. But most importantly you will go on and receive the benefits of your growth.

This time that we share of Correcting is in preparation for the eternal adventure. It is in preparation of your Teaching Mission. How can you teach that which we desire to impart if you have not taken it within yourselves? How can you give out to others that you do not possess? Prepare yourselves daily for the mission yet ahead. Read the book; study the concepts; familiarize yourselves with the text. These transcripts of this group have much of value. Not because we initiated them, but because of the overall context of the Mission. You do well to study them; to reread and examine. To question and find the answers.

You have been given the benefit of other transcripts. Likewise avail yourselves of the opportunity to read and disseminate this knowledge. Preparedness is important, and should be to you. Prepare yourselves for that glorious adventure of service that awaits you.
I will listen for your questions at this time. I remind you to keep your requests in the areas that we are permitted by mandate to enlighten. You may proceed.

Hal: Hi, JarEl. Welcome.
JarEl: Greetings. Thank you.

Hal: You mentioned the dragons that we shall overcome and hold up our arms in success. You mentioned this with Betty and hers. Is there guidelines or criteria that we may know what our dragons are that we need to conquer other than learning to do the Father's will?

JarEl: These dragons are different for each of you. They represent the roadblock; the things that you find difficult in your lives and experience. The things that hold back from attaining the higher level of spiritual development. You may not have a dragon to slay. It may be a small one. It may be a large one, but it's perception lies with you. Examine yourselves; self introspections is good.
As you seek the Father through the Stillness you are made aware of any shortcoming that you have, and this is the dragon that you must slay to move forward in your progress.

Hal: We each have our own. I assume that is a question of total commitment.
JarEl: If you mean by commitment, you are reaffirming your belief in the Teaching Mission, this will help. Often times we forget our purposes; our guidelines; our directions. This is why you were impressed to read the statement from Christ Michael of the Mission. You felt the need. A dragon was slain.
Hal: Thank you, that helps.

Lucille: JarEl, I think my dragon is being judgmental. And I am trying to overcome it. I gather that just spending more time with the Father and reading the book. And trying to assume more love. But I find that I am judgmental of Kendra, and maybe Hal, too. Are there any suggestions?
Hal: There is a reason to be a judgmental.
JarEl: Yes, dear one. I would suggest that you read how the Master dealt with the apostles in the textbook. There are numerous lessons there that should shed light and clarity upon your particular predicament. With the child it is not a matter of being judgmental as much as it is your desire to guide aright. The generations today versus your time, there is much in distance and understanding that is not the same. Your desire to guide this one must be from the higher perspective. When you address her, it is not casting judgement as much as correcting. You see where she is going, and if this is not a good direction then you must exercise your judgement and knowledge.
Lucille: Thank you.

Dora: Greetings, JarEl. This is Dora.
JarEl: Greetings Dora.
Dora: Betty and Joe spoke sometime ago on their dragons. When I was doing the transcripts, I thought often times about what my dragons were. It seems that when I would be come up with what a dragon would be, I would be able to find an answer on how to slay that particular dragon. Is there perhaps a dragon that you have a perception of that I have not solved?

JarEl: This I could answer, but I will not. I perceive many things in each of you. But as I have spoken before I cannot. It is not my place as Teacher to necessarily point out any lack. There are lessons to be learned. It is better for you to perceive those areas that you need development in personally, and bring them out and share so that all may learn. If I as your Teacher point out certain things to you individually, it becomes a sore point and not a lesson for all. Is this understandable.

Dora: I understand. Hal mentioned commitment, and I was concerned about sincerity--my sincerity. When I bring those issues to the forefront of my mind, I become aware of them and take care of them without making it a sore point in me. I become so busy with too many things like everybody does, but I like to keep the balance with my families and my commitment to the Teaching Mission
JarEl: Here is your family. All are committed to this Mission. All present desire growth; desire to be in service to His will. His will encompasses all. When you share this great experience of loving yourselves with others, your commitments are being fulfilled. How can we help you more is our daily quest. How can we bring you those experiences that will uplift you and increase your knowledge to prepare you for your Missions? We have stated that your Mission begin here in this setting of this group, and go on into eternity. So it is our responsibility to prepare you, but it is your responsibility to prepare yourselves in receptiveness and obedience. Is this clear?
Dora: Yes.

Hal: JarEl, we have--I believe all of us have a commitment. I believe that is an intellectual commitment. Is it a total intellectual commitment?
JarEl: It is intellectual in the beginning, but it is spiritual at this point. Your prayers have been of a spiritual nature. You have not sought to understand the Mission, but to be a part of it. You have said the Father's will be done. This is spiritual. This is not intellectual.
Hal: Then we grow into the spiritual commitment. Thank you.

Stella: JarEl, this is Stella.
JarEl: Greetings to you, Stella.
Stella: There are times when I have to be led by the hand, because I don't know what to do next. I have tried to talk about the spiritual things.
But I am always held out by hesitancy because the reception isn't there especially with my children. So you're going to have to lead me by the hand, and tell me what to do next!
JarEl: It would appear that fear of rejection would be a small dragon for you.

Marlies: JarEl, this is Marlies.

JarEl: Please hold a moment.
JarEl: Stella, your hesitancy to discuss the spiritual aspects of the Teachings may be in the fact that you have not prepared yourself to do so. Perhaps before you come in contact with these persons that you desire to share with, you might sit down with the text and the transcripts and plot your course. This may help you. Perhaps you might seek the Stillness, and the guidance of your teacher in preparation of these events. Does this help you?
Stella: Yes. I shall endeavor to do that.

JarEl: Thank you. Marlies.
Marlies: Yes.
JarEl: Greetings to you.
Marlies: Greetings to you, JarEl. It's a bit of continuation of what Stella said. I think I find it also most difficult to talk about the Urantia book or the spiritual growth with my family than with those who are not family members. And that may be partially due to the fact that we were all brought up in a normal type of church setting, and their belief have gone according to that teaching. Now, like with my son who is living with me. When I bring up the subject of the Urantia book, or that I am going to my Sunday meeting or whatever, he is totally resistant to anything like that.
JarEl: Have you made this one prepared in that the text is available to him?
Marlies: The text is available to him, because it's on my table in my home, and I read it. And I have the transcripts always out on my coffee table. But he is not real open to it at this time.

Stella: Same with my son.
JarEl: Continue in living this gospel. Plant the seed where you can. Contend not with them, but lovingly suggest, and lovingly embrace them. Their time is coming. We live in this correcting time, and all things will be manifest in our experience. Be patient; be loving; be kind; seek beauty, truth, and goodness for them. Their reward will come about, and they shall seek the Father as you.
Marlies: Thank you, JarEl
Dora: I had an experience with talking with my family about the Urantia book; my sister and her husband. It was the first time that he has openly spoke to me about the book. I feel that the Teachings you and the other Teachers have given me through the transcripts, and the textbook that I did plant a seed and that is all that is needed.
JarEl: Share dear ones at your opportunities. Share these Teachings. Be ready for them.

Hal: My apologies JarEl for our noisy equipment.
JarEl: This is understandable. Speak here.

Joe: In my life as you were speaking about dragons. I see a tremendously huge one that we had previously spoke about, and behind him there are several others. Yet, there was a light lit in my mind when you indicated that to silence these dragons is determined by our perception of them. And is this so? And is part of the slaying of the dragon, of course, to change our perception of it? Is that a sword that we can utilize?

JarEl: Yes, and confrontation. In order to slay the dragon you must go where the dragon is. You must stand before it boldly, and proclaim your intentions. You must say to this dragon: I will overcome thee, depart from me. Wave your sword, and if the dragon attacks, slay it. Feel not it's fire upon you ever again.

Hal: Are not these dragons unreal? If we do the Father's will, they disappear.

JarEl: They are myths in your experience, but you make them real in your perception only. Growth is the key. Spiritual development; moral achievement slays these dragons. Can you not see that you come to this understanding? You have left many dragons behind you. Are you not better equipped this day to slay those larger?

Hal: Yes. As our spiritual values increase we become more spiritual the dragons then become less real. Is there helps in how we can have our spiritual; personal spiritual values grow?

JarEl: The Stillness is the key. We have not given this exercise full following. It will help you in all regards. In closing let me say the Stillness helps you in your preparation.
Take this quiet time, and in sincerity open yourselves to the Father. Seek the comfort of His presence; acknowledge Him there with you. He will destroy the myth of the dragons from your perception. They will no longer be a part of your experience. From that point go forward, do not go back and give life to these slain beasts. Go forward in faith and trust and belief. Go forward in certainty and knowledge of His love that He is with you, and you are cared for more than you know.
My love; my peace I leave with you. Farewell.
Group Farewell
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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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Hi everyone,
I just posted a wonderful teaching from Jar'El below that touches on preparation, slaying our personal dragons and more.

I have been blessed to have received some transmissions from Jar'El recently and apologize to him and my family here for unsuccessfully overcoming some personal physical challenges this past week and not receiving transmissions. 

I find studying his previous transcripts daily from the tmarchives personally enriching and look forward to more.

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.


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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2016, 04:30:57 PM »
this is like 20+ years old, how do we feel on the yearly "its happening soon" ideology?

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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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To all of you.

This JarEl transcript is exceptionally good and you all should absorb what he tells you.

But I add this caveat for all of you wanna-bee's and beginners.

When the first Teaching Mission began the rule to become a transmitter was: You must be in your third psychic circle, and you have to be nominated to be a transmitter and be approved to Michael of Nebadon.  Michael would make a list of those names of people who requested to be Transmitter/Receivers (T/R's) and pass it to Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham, and they would assign angels and other personnel to go to the candidates and fine tune their brains so they could practice, or start to practice, T/R'ing.

Today, all of that has gone by the board.  When JarEl made the 1999 transcript above the Teaching Mission had reached the point it was badly damaged and they began to learn that it could not be repaired with all that happened.  As a result they took down most barriers against being assigned to T/R, but they kept the idea you had to be in your third circle anyhow and all else was waived.

In 2016, all you need to be a good T/R is to want to be one, and if you are physically capable of being a Transmitter, then your adjustments are made and you can do a lesson transmit in about a week to ten days from being accepted and doing your assignment.  Now there is a new wrinkle to be instituted this coming week:

The new wrinkle is this:  If you can figure out how to write your name, and you want to transmit, you are kissed on the feet and become a transmitter a T/R.  Now I editorialized some in saying that (your feet may not be kissed), but there is a desperate need for Transmitters everywhere and that is not just in the United States.  Psychic Circle placement is immensely important, but emergency messages must get through to where the emergency takes place, and in this emergency the present Dispensation allows for anyone to transmit if they can really transmit.

I only add the following that when you find older transcriptions on how to transmit, remember they were under more strict rules than you are today, and that should make it even easier if you follow those stories about how the old timers made it even with the rules in place no longer used.  Thank you.


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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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If one of us won't be around for the TM, would one of you like to explain to me what happnens when I die?  If I die in 15 minutes, where do I go?  Did I lose?  Am I saved?  I really appreciate it.  I may have cancer, and I would really be at ease if i knew a bit more of what to expect.  This is a very serious inquiry as there is a big chance I have cancer.
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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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47. The Seven Mansion Worlds

3. The First Mansion World

47.3.1 On the mansion worlds the resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death. When you go from Urantia to the first mansion world, you will notice considerable change, but if you had come from a more normal and progressive sphere of time, you would hardly notice the difference except for the fact that you were in possession of a different body; the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on the world of nativity.

47.3.2 The very center of all activities on the first mansion world is the resurrection hall, the enormous temple of personality assembly. This gigantic structure consists of the central rendezvous of the seraphic destiny guardians, the Thought Adjusters, and the archangels of the resurrection. The Life Carriers also function with these celestial beings in the resurrection of the dead.

47.3.3 The mortal-mind transcripts and the active creature-memory patterns as transformed from the material levels to the spiritual are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters; these spiritized factors of mind, memory, and creature personality are forever a part of such Adjusters. The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity are present in the morontia soul intrusted to the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardians. And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the Adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor.

47.3.4 If a transitory personality of mortal origin should never be thus reassembled, the spirit elements of the nonsurviving mortal creature would forever continue as an integral part of the individual experiential endowment of the onetime indwelling Adjuster.

47.3.5 From the Temple of New Life there extend seven radial wings, the resurrection halls of the mortal races. Each of these structures is devoted to the assembly of one of the seven races of time. There are one hundred thousand personal resurrection chambers in each of these seven wings terminating in the circular class assembly halls, which serve as the awakening chambers for as many as one million individuals. These halls are surrounded by the personality assembly chambers of the blended races of the normal post-Adamic worlds. Regardless of the technique which may be employed on the individual worlds of time in connection with special or dispensational resurrections, the real and conscious reassembly of actual and complete personality takes place in the resurrection halls of mansonia number one. Throughout all eternity you will recall the profound memory impressions of your first witnessing of these resurrection mornings.

47.3.6 From the resurrection halls you proceed to the Melchizedek sector, where you are assigned permanent residence. Then you enter upon ten days of personal liberty. You are free to explore the immediate vicinity of your new home and to familiarize yourself with the program which lies immediately ahead. You also have time to gratify your desire to consult the registry and call upon your loved ones and other earth friends who may have preceded you to these worlds. At the end of your ten-day period of leisure you begin the second step in the Paradise journey, for the mansion worlds are actual training spheres, not merely detention planets.

47.3.7 On mansion world number one (or another in case of advanced status) you will resume your intellectual training and spiritual development at the exact level whereon they were interrupted by death. Between the time of planetary death or translation and resurrection on the mansion world, mortal man gains absolutely nothing aside from experiencing the fact of survival. You begin over there right where you leave off down here.

47.3.8 Almost the entire experience of mansion world number one pertains to deficiency ministry. Survivors arriving on this first of the detention spheres present so many and such varied defects of creature character and deficiencies of mortal experience that the major activities of the realm are occupied with the correction and cure of these manifold legacies of the life in the flesh on the material evolutionary worlds of time and space.

47.3.9 The sojourn on mansion world number one is designed to develop mortal survivors at least up to the status of the post-Adamic dispensation on the normal evolutionary worlds. Spiritually, of course, the mansion world students are far in advance of such a state of mere human development.

47.3.10 If you are not to be detained on mansion world number one, at the end of ten days you will enter the translation sleep and proceed to world number two, and every ten days thereafter you will thus advance until you arrive on the world of your assignment.

47.3.11 The center of the seven major circles of the first mansion world administration is occupied by the temple of the Morontia Companions, the personal guides assigned to ascending mortals. These companions are the offspring of the local universe Mother Spirit, and there are several million of them on the morontia worlds of Satania. Aside from those assigned as group companions, you will have much to do with the interpreters and translators, the building custodians, and the excursion supervisors. And all of these companions are most co-operative with those who have to do with developing your personality factors of mind and spirit within the morontia body.

47.3.12 As you start out on the first mansion world, one Morontia Companion is assigned to each company of one thousand ascending mortals, but you will encounter larger numbers as you progress through the seven mansion spheres. These beautiful and versatile beings are companionable associates and charming guides. They are free to accompany individuals or selected groups to any of the transition-culture spheres, including their satellite worlds. They are the excursion guides and leisure associates of all ascending mortals. They often accompany survivor groups on periodic visits to Jerusem, and on any day you are there, you can go to the registry sector of the system capital and meet ascending mortals from all seven of the mansion worlds since they freely journey back and forth between their residential abodes and the system headquarters.


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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« Reply #6 on: October 23, 2016, 05:46:01 PM »
This is nice and I thank you.  I feel like ending my life however, whats the point if I will end up here regardless?  I dont want to live through a cancer death?  I'd rather bite a bullet?  


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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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I wonder if in the human soul, the desire is so strong that it can dispell all disease to complete a certain task, such as fusion or the like.  I feel that if one is fully committed to a task that it will be allowed.  


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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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 I feel like ending my life however, whats the point if I will end up here regardless?  I dont want to live through a cancer death?  I'd rather bite a bullet? 
The issue is that that general mindset is escapism. Instead of facing problems head on, you find a way to ignore them or make them disappear in the easiest way possible. You can't become a better person from that, and suicide is a murky territory on this side because we don't know the full spiritual significance of it. I don't know how much pain I would be able to handle from cancer before I would have the desire to shoot myself or shut off all feeling with heavy medication in a hospital bed. Yet I do know that it would be wrong of me to kill myself because I got bad news from the doctor. Taking my own life would be psychologically scarring, and I would be denying myself an experience that might be useful sometime after death. Of course, I can think calmly about this now because I'm not in that situation. It's your own choice and I can't guarantee you that it is right or wrong, but I know that I wouldn't want to go through with it for the reasons I mentioned. Actually, I would try to spend more of my time becoming closer to God while doing some things on a bucket list. If you know your time is short, then time can become even more meaningful because you are conscious of how precious it is. It changes how you act and what you do. So don't focus on possible suffering. Focus on what is out there to enjoy while you still have time left. Just my perspective.
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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2016, 08:49:46 PM »
Dear JJpick11:
I understand the way you feel,but I would not anticipate results until doctors had given their results on your studies, I agree with overmind statements, but let me tell you  my short experience, I lived 11 years with it, then it desapeared with some medications, but my attitud was a factor of victory, I never gave up, as in my life or other goals I put my self in.  No, loosing a battle does not exist for me.
Recently, I had a review of certains organs, and in  the transmision  that was going on in the precise moment the Universal Father told me they had removed the last cells they found in my linfatic nerves. My point is: give all to service, and your commitment to God is a factor with lot of weigh.
Have faith.

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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« Reply #10 on: October 23, 2016, 11:51:19 PM »
Dear JJpick11,

I had cancer back in 2006. It was in the colon and I had it cut out. The AMA wanted me to do all the after programs with Kem-Mo I did not do them and just took the attitude that I did not have it any more. Also I knew that I got get it again. I learned of way after 2006 how to prevent cancer and there are a lot of ways to do this. It has been found out back in the 1930 how to cause it in the body and how to cause it to go away. This was by Dr. Otis Warburg.  He got the Noble prize for medicine.

You need to make the body to be in the hi PH values.  Cancer can only live in an acid value and the America diet is all about making the body to be on the acid side of the PH.  

There is a clinic in the state of AZ that treats cancer and they are using a program to change the body's PH from acid to alkaline. The healthy body will be an alkaline body.

I wanted to share this with you.

Take Care
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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
« Reply #11 on: October 24, 2016, 04:09:02 AM »
After Reading Jar'El transmission I want to let Christ Michael know I am ready starting T/R. I realize now that I didnt have any reason to doubt of my endowed capacity to serve Christ.
I Think T/R is needed in Sweden where I am right now. Please to Christ Michael to use me. Am here and am ready
With love and  Gratitude



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Re: Jar'El - Be Prepared for TM
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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.