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Threads for New Transmissions / THE SEARCH FOR SELF
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 03:42:27 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 28th Sept 2021  07:55 Local  05:55 Z

As a follow-on from the two previous lessons, let us now consider a reason
for THE SEARCH FOR SELF.  I capitalize SELF as it refers to the real you
that is SPIRIT.

We will consider those who live in the so-called developed countries of the
western hemisphere, where education is the norm for every child. It matters
little if you were an intelligent student who went to university or you dropped
out of your studies at an early age. By the time all of you reached the age of
 twenty-one, your basic education should have been such as to prepare you
for adult life.

Sadly, we know that this is not the case. We have already mentioned the lack
of Spiritual education and this is the main reason why people never find
within themselves the need to search. Those that do have this need may spend
the rest of their lives looking for something they cannot identify.
As a general rule of thumb, as you say, the search begins from about the age
of twenty-one.

You have learned that having made your first moral decision, your
Thought Adjuster is immediately despatched from DIVININGTON and you
become his ward for the rest of your life. There are periods of influence that
your T/A exercises through your mind and later, when your soul develops,
through your heart. These periods are generally, but not always, for seven
years and they are predominately spiritual, mental, and physical.
For example, these seven-yearly periods really get going, so to speak,
when you are in your twenties, and the search begins.

It starts with your longing for something. You have become aware that there
is something missing in your life but you cannot put your finger on it.
You have a good life, in a happy relationship with children, a good job,
friendly neighbours etc, it seems you have everything but you are aware
that you do not.

These moments are critical because they can be short-lived due to the constant
pressure of your material lives but if they become a constant, it is because
your T/A  and your heart are combining their efforts to lead you along.
Your search will lead you to read anything that you can get your hands on
that may satisfy your need. It can take years, but one day you will discover
that what begins to satisfy you is the information that gleans from spiritual
or philosophical literature.

The search continues until that glorious moment when you have found
your SELF.
Isn´t this the irony of ironies?  Spending all that time looking for YOU.

But isn´t it also Wonderful?

Good Day.

I had seen an Al Jazeera news report about something they are doing in Norway to provide clean fuel.  They use power from a windmill to electrolyze water separating the hydrogen, released from the negative pole from the oxygen, released from the positive pole.  They then compress the hydrogen into a tank at high pressure for use as fuel.  The beautiful part of this is when you burn hydrogen the only exhaust you get is water.  Basically, what they are doing is converting wind  and water into useable fuel.  Energy is energy.

As for WTP, I love the idea but I am quite certain that the Commerce Commission will require an environmental impact study.  Flooding the atmosphere with muons may alarm some people.
Thank you very much Ron for making this as simple as it possibly can be for all of us to understand. 
This is will truly change the world. Wishing you success and victory in getting through the legal frame 
work to lay the ground work for its implementation. We pray for you and all those working with you. 
I am sure you have FATHER'S full support. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,
Hi Ron, 

This is really great stuff to explain and allow us to understand what WTP stands for and how it is going to work. After reading this I agree with the last paragraph stating that it does need to be trialled, and that is to determine how it operates, if it is safe to use, how and what maintenance it needs and the cost and benefits to be assessed. Like all scientific ideas needs to be tested, proven and assessed to its viability and practicality and so on. The details as to the actual transformation of electrons and particles to change is somewhat a complex issue as to how it can be performed and that needs to be tested too. It looks like a fantastic idea and an amazing feat to accomplish as this becomes a free energy thing that Tesla tried to pull off years ago, only this time with the improvements in design, technology and understanding and sheer collective human will power, it may well be a success.

I have a few articles I have come across regarding improved energy production that may well be in the making as it poses some possibility in the way energy can be sourced. It is nowhere as good as the WTP is, but there are other types of energy research now being looked at seriously by certain interest groups. It is important to get the WTP patented as that protects the very originality of the design and operation of how it is supposed to work against any shoddy ones that may prop up instead and become a potential disaster.  Again, your patented work must be tested and proven before it is approved by the standards of authorised government use on a mass scale in a safe way for human consumption. I am certain most governments have safety protocols in place that must be adhered to when these types of energy designs are introduced. So that means WTP will have to go through the rigours of many protocols before it is an accepted means of energy production and dissemination. In this case, it means another round of time consuming red tapes before any one gets to see if and when this WTP is truly a genuine viable alternative.

As we have seen in the case of Covid-19 vaccination research, the necessity of discovery got a global shove to advance its research in finding a workable vaccination, the same may be the case for energy innovation and production if the world finds itself in a crisis in energy shortage and will speed up such works as your WTP presents and that may get a huge spotlight of attention just as the Covid vaccination got in the last couple of years. If this happens, then WTP may get a massive boost of investment from major players (e.g. nation states/energy corporations etc) that will take a keen interest in its development. 

Here are the following articles and their link for those of you who are interested in seeing what other work is going on to improve on ways of energy production and so on, I found the Earth 300 project quite innovative in its approach and how it can assist in its goals of research, development and improvements in energy production, transportation and scientific endeavours to improve things due to climate change issues. I think it is a long shot, but the WTP stands for a real initiative to spearhead the change we drastically need even now and not in some future time as that may be too late, when the earth may even change, the core may change and the magnetosphere may be compromised as well. The one vulnerable thing the WTP depends on is the integrity of the magnetosphere. What happens if that is changed as a result of the change in the earth’s core as it is said to be solidifying at a rapid rate and is causing havoc on the wall you speak of in the above post and thereby has flow on effects to the electrical charge in the magnetosphere?

If the core is stabilized and the magnetosphere is working as it does, then the WTP stands as an achievable and viable energy transmission and that makes the process of this type of energy attractive. But if the earth’s core changes, does that change the matter of the WTP as well?


Thank you so much Ron for your post as that enables us to understand WTP and its proposed use and function.  I wish all the best for its success and hope it gets a green light to allow citizens free energy as this is so promising and good for all to have. 

Also I am wondering ahead of time, if this is an approved project, then would it be possible for other nations to take it up as well? I am thinking that Australia can and will most certainly take an interest in this if it stands up to the rigours of the trials and makes for approval in the USA. Australia is looking seriously at how to capture carbon emissions in its coal fired power stations. So far scientists have found ways to do that and are working on it. If WTP works well, then it could most certainly change the way we do electricity production entirely and make it even more efficient and cost effective and therefore do away with coal fired power stations all together.

At the moment I noticed in today's news in the UK,  there is a crisis building in shortages of fuel, food and transportation in the UK and also that the price of gas has increased so much that it will make the winter in the UK and EU rather difficult to maintain heating as gas becomes a problem to supply. The link below will explain this as well. 


All this just adds more necessity for your work with RAYSON to become a reality as things get so harsh as the above articles point out to us all as to the problems inherent and how important it is to find solutions as soon as it is practical.  Best of luck Ron and may all of our prayers be with you and RAYSON in this vital work.

         Tarkas was our Master of Ceremonies and first speaker on the Lightline tonight,

               we also heard from Miriam and Machiventa Melchizedek.

                    Below is the link to the tape: 
Thank you for this edification! Very good description and I look forward to the working model. Ingenious!
Thank you Mr Ron . It's so well detailed that i now understand 
The following post is an educational document I earlier provided  a commission operating within the Magisterial Foundation in order to explain how the Magisterial Foundation will likely own the patent rights as soon as I can get them, to a brand new invention that should change our world in part.

What I have done is to show the board how the invention works based on how we use electricity.  Electricity in case you did not know it, is a flow of atomic particles called Electrons.  Get Electrons to flow in your home or car, you turn things on using them as your electricity flow to keep them on and working.

In the post that follows about how our invention works and how we take Electrons from the air circulating over our heads, we tell you about how all those free electrons in the air are a free and really cheap source to gather them and use them to make electricity, and when we change an electron in our system we make it very light and it floats.  The regular electron is too heavy to float off a radio tower to broadcast it, but when we change the free electrons into floaters, they do transmit like a radio almost.  The following post tells you how this works in very easy terms and accurate terms without all the technology mumbo jumbo.

Let us give it a try now.

Free Radio Electricity Broadcasts that uses no wires

This is for your education if you need one.

The Heart of the Magisterial Foundation WTP Technology

First, WTP stands for "WIRELESS"
Wireless means electricity comes to your fuse box without an outside wire connection.  Today electricity is distributed by a wire to your house wires.  Tomorrow with this installed in a power house somewhere near you, no more wires, or electric poles on the street, no more substations, no more wires coming down in a storm and so on.  That is what is meant by wireless in the acronym WTP.

Second, in WTP, the T stands for TRANSMISSION
 That word transmission is the same as you use the word to hear a radio or television broadcast.  Electricity is a radio frequency now and we treat it like a radio frequency using a tower over 200 feet tall to send it to your home or car if it is an electric car.

Third, in the letters of WTP, the P stands for POWER.
That is the same word meaning you use when you say the power is back on or power up the TV or whatever ever device you are using that needs electricity to turn it on and use it.  Power has resistance (watts in a light bulb), voltage (shock power, and self distribution ability (electricity flows) and like water you cannot stop it unless you take the stream bed away and that stream bed is a wire you use to plug to flow it to your lamp and so on.

You correctly say, all very simple terms to explain the abbreviation handle we use to name our invention you own with the Magisterial Foundation and as an explanation to people who may ask you what is it you do for us using electricity?

The man who is most famous for telling the world you can electrify the world with lights to see at night and energy to run an electric toaster was Nikola Tesla.  He was a Romanian who came to the United States in the late 19th century and was a brilliant mind inventor who loved the idea of electricity.  He was the first person to understand that electricity flows if you can give it a place to flow.  He also said that you can do like the telegraph inventor did, and that was to transmit electricity through a wire or broadcast it like a radio station using the atmosphere as the wire.  He built a huge antenna on Long Island in 1902, and with his idea of using electricity like a radio signal, transmitted electricity over a tower to some farm houses to prove they could, through a device installed on the house, turn the lights on without wires to do it.  His idea did not work for several reasons, but yes, he got the lights to work dimly and variably, but that proved to the world you did not need wires to do it, but there had to be a better way to do it than the way Tesla designed it.

Thanks to the Universe and a kind spirit guru called RAYSON, the Magisterial Son who loves electricity and atomic particles too, the Magisterial Foundation became the proud synthesizer on how to improve Tesla's firm belief that  electricity could be moved through the air using the magnetosphere to requisition free electrons for  electricity out of it without having to pay for any of it.

The Magnetosphere is the electrical charge around earth that comes from the friction of a spinning blob of white hot metal goo called a planetary or earth core.  Earth turns on its axis to complete ever one earth revolution we call one day and one night.   The core keeps the axis from twisting and turning the earth into a wobble and the axis spin keeps our spin smooth and steady as she goes.  Static electricity also forms from the metal core in super white heat inside the earth in a chamber called the vault.
The heat, and the static electricity is caused by the blob of metal rubbing the vault sides/  That friction from rubbing the vault sides produces a vibration in the earth that is always the same frequency on the earth  radio dial.  That frequency when it comes up the axis pole of the earth produces a broadcast fog of particles and radio around the top of our planet.  That fog is really to form an electric charge over us on the ground as it also  protects the earth from cosmic rays. That charge over us also forms the basis of a magnet and the earth itself is affected much as an iron filing is affected by a magnet.  The earth is an iron filing so to speak and the earth aligns itself like an iron filing by having the north pole appear to be a negative charge and the south pole become a positive charge, and that is true of all magnets hence the name, magnetosphere.  The magnetosphere is a magnet like electric device appearing around us at the top of the planet and the rays out of the magnet form the magnetosphere.

For our purposes in explaining the WTP, the Magnetosphere has two properties we can use to transmit electricity.
1 - The magnetosphere forms magnets out of anything on earth that is iron-type metals both as pure or as alloys.  An alloy of iron is steel or various kinds of iron some mixtures you may be familiar with.  My bike pedals in my day as a youth were made of white metal, and that is iron with mercury in it, and that is an example of an alloy.  Iron with carbon in it is steel.  Iron with copper in it is tungsten alloy.  And on and on for many others.

2 - The magnetosphere forms atomic particles to float around and it  uses atomic particles too to form things like static electricity.  It produces them in such great quantities we can attract them for our own use which is what WTP does on a cable we bury underground underneath electric generators to boost their power up an antenna. 

WTP as an invention takes static electricity out of the Magnetosphere and opens a stream bed for its static electricity electrons to flow in and forces our tower to become an electromagnet.  How we do that I do not advertise to the pubic right now as it is a secret, but frankly to you, we make our tower into an electromagnet by anchoring the tower on a moving concrete pad that allows us to mover the tower legs so they directly face the true magnetic north pole.  The tower pad acts like a lazy susan and every fifty-nine minutes it rotates to move the tower legs directly into the transmission of electrons out of the magnetosphere.  We use an electrochemical device strapped to the tower legs and feed its readings to the lazy susan motor to make it move  to a precise north magnetic pole.   That guarantees us we have a flow of all those free electrons onto our buried cable and generators.

A Little Trick we Pull for WTP To Work
We now have gathered the electrons from the Magnetosphere into the legs of the tower, but they are useless to use because, frankly, they are too fat and therefore too heavy to use.  Electrons are heavy folks, and that means in preparticles a heavy or large electrical charge called a valence.  They carry too harsh of a charge to form a transmissible radio frequency.  They just fall out of the beam of transmission like sand in a stream after a flood.  That means we have to put the electron on a diet and we do that by forcing the electron to pass through a wire doorway that slims it down.
When it comes to electricity you slim its particles down by having the electron throw away a charge and thereby reduce the size of the electron.  As it turns out when you throw a charge out of an electron it is no longer an electron.  We throw a God particle out and that is enough to make the electron into a muon.  They are almost identical to electron but much lighter and they form radio waves that can be sent off a tower.  Modern science does not know the electron, and all preparticles we use in elements like iron and copper and borax and soap powder, are made up of the God Particle called the name you already know, an ULTIMATON!  The electron uses 100 of them to form itself.  The muon has ninety-nine God Particles, called Ultimatons, and they are so light they fly up the legs of our broadcast tower and jump off the top without much pushing to do that.

Tesla did not know the fine art of an electron diet.  He put a contraption on his 1902 Tower that forced the tower to use electrons only and they would not flow off his tower.

Tesla though he had to install what he called an induction coil-- a metal gadget that had copper wire wrapping around a magnet that he spun rotary style inside the copper wrapping to get electricity to flow off the tower.  As it turns out that gadget kept the flow of electrons to just a flow of electrons and he got a very poor showing with light bulbs in the farm houses near by as they flickered and were very dim glow that went off and on  like an eye blinking. That is history now and our invention has no such oscillator  and our modified electrons made into Muons fly up the leg light enough to form an electrical stream to homes and others.
Now you have the basics of the invention and enough to explain how we get it to work.  But how do we get a real punch of electricity to flow off the tower since the Magnetosphere only transmits one megawatt of electricity at most.  We first turns electrons into muons and then boost the amperage of the muons flying up the tower legs with generators called dynamos because they use magnets inside them to form an additional electrical charge. 

inside the building away from the tower, we place three (3) GE dynamo generators on top of a buried cable.  That cable beneath them feeds the three generators the free electricity out of the Magnetosphere.  The important thing to know is we get a free flow of electricity from the Magnetosphere which always supplies one megawatt of true electricity for every moment and it never stop and never varies.
The generators sitting on top take up one megawatt of electricity and reprocess it with higher amperage so that they pass it out to the tower boosting one megawatt into 18  to  20 megawatts of power all the time without variation so long as our cable is supplying the generators the basic one megawatt of current at the same time freely from the Magnetosphere.  The generators are like a booster on a TV or radio antenna, and they take the one megawatt off the buried cable and amplify it to 20 megawatts for broadcasting.

There are several additions I have not addressed.  One important one you should know about.  We have to hang a large sphere down the middle of the tower legs which stops 30 feet from the concrete pad lazy susan the tower sits on.  It is called the INDUCTION SPHERE, and its job is to gather as many electrons it can out of the magnetosphere.  It works fine when installed down the middle of the tower and stops thirty feet above the lazy susan pad.  The INDUCTION SPHERE acts like a vacuum cleaner to dirt taken up into all the iron filings we put in it.   It then spills the collected electrons it has gathered into the pad and down to the cable we have buried inside and thereby making sure we have a good connection of supply of electrons to slim down into muons.

This is what makes WTP work, and what we say here should give you a good basis of how it all works to provide cars and homes an unending supply of electricity that comes into your home with a home antenna and a car antenna which never fails.  No wires to go down in a storm, and lots of energy to drive your electric car without batteries.  Now let us see if I can get this thing built and demonstrated for picky science to actually see how it does work. 

Thank you for your time and attention.
Ron Besser

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Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thanks you all. 
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