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General Discussion / Re: What You Can Do now
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Thank you, Father, for this message, thank you Carol for taking it 

Message well received, for we are not in the holding pan for doing good when we see the need. Only have to put away indifference as the need may show in a very different shape or form from the expected. We are free in you Father to do just that without religious tunes that hinder. Be you exulted in and through us, touching other lives. 
Hi Everyone,

Here is the link to the audio tape for LLUSA SUNDAY - 28 MAY:
05.24.23 Wednesday Lightline, Host: Lemuel
Speakers: Amadon,  Arthura, Machiventa Melchizedek, Thought Adjuster of Lemuel, Jesus, Universal Father
Hello everyone, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are. Welcome again to this Wednesday  Lightline on the 24th of May, 2023. We are 7 including myself. This is Lemuel, your host, and oh, now we are up to 8. So, let me just welcome somebody who's come in. (tel #). I do not know your name of course, but welcome for joining us, thank you. So yes, that's 8 of us. Well, let's see if there is anyone who would speak to us on this Wednesday's Lightline. Well, it's very quiet at the moment. … I think … Yes.  
This is AMadon …
Oh, welcome Amadon! It’s been some time since we heard from you. Welcome, thank you for coming. 
Yes, This is Amadon, as you all know me as being a friend with Van the Steadfast for thousands upon thousands of years. And I have come simply because at the moment there is no one else to come. But I have been informed of the situation and so I am here, and I am pleased to be able to come and to assist in some way, some small way of this Wednesday Lightline with Lemuel. 
The reason why it is so quiet as you all know that the Sunday Lifeline with Ron Besser is the most important. It is through Ron, because of his extremely high ability to transmit perfectly clearly and correctly that it remains necessary for the Sunday Lightline to carry on, and to produce the latest information and sometimes revelation of what is taking place not just here on Urantia, but throughout the Universe of Nebadon. I want to mention something that you've been informed about very recently, and I and others were pleased as well as very surprised to see that Machiventa Melchizedekt has been promoted to represent the Eternal Son on Earth. A Viceroy that has been explained to you before. But those perhaps who didn't hear it on Sunday a Viceroy is someone who represents a person who cannot be present. For obviously the Eternal Son cannot be present on Urantia, but Machiventa Melchizedek can as Viceroy of Eternal Son. A Viceroy has all the authority and the power not just to represent the Eternal Son, but to carry out and to execute those things that are deemed necessary. And in some cases extremely necessary. Yes.  
Lemuel is thinking that the Regency is also such an important thing. Well, yes. Let me mention a couple of things about the Regency. We, that is to say, the celestials or spirit in general, do not go about enforcing things unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, you have all been informed for what?, a few years now, that without establishing a Regency there is very little opportunity or very little chance of saving what needs to be saved of Father, the planet Urantia, because of the abhorring state of government throughout the world with corruption and everything else you know about, no point in talking about it. Well, Machiventa Melchizedek now with his new hat as a Viceroy, he has the power to force a Regency on the Joe Biden government if it is necessary. You were also informed on Sunday that Joe Biden had been spoken to or informed during his sleep and he went off to the Southeast of the G7 meeting and was about to say what he was supposed to say. Well that's fine and bye now. But the point is that with Machiventa Melchizedek as the Viceroy then the implementation of the Regency in the American administration of Joe Biden must take place and shall take place. And it must be very soon. As far as I am aware it is the first time that the Eternal Son has been represented on a planet in the form of a Viceroy. He has been represented on other planets in other universes but in a totally different way. And so, here in Urantia, the Viceroy representing the Eternal Son is something unprecedented. And I am the one who is very pleased and quite excited about the prospect now, what is going to happen when he begins to wheel his authority and his power. Well, this is the most important thing that you have recently been informed of, and I just want to reiterate it in case someone here who missed the information about it on the Sunday Lightline. This is Amadon and as I explained well, you all know me, and at one time I was an assigned teacher to Lemuel. And then after a while he was assigned another teacher, Columnia. And those two phases had come to a halt because of the ability, of improved ability, of Lamuel to transmit. And that's fine in such a situation, and yes, there are others here on the … there is only one present at the moment and is so few here at the moment that in fact he's … how to teach them. And he is doing all he can to get you to try to transmit. Well this is an ongoing problem or ongoing situation isn't it? Because so many more transmitters are needed but the problem now is that the opportunity to transmit I think now is  truncated. The opportunity was there for some time and I think from what I understand from Sunday's Lightline with Ron Besser, it is no longer available. Or perhaps that’s not the best word but it is a closed case, I think for transmitters, but we should see. Well, yes, this is Amadon and this is all I have to say to you at the moment, so, I step back and I say A Good Day to all of you and thank you to Lemuel.  
Thank you Amadon so much for coming. Thank you. Well, it was good to hear from AMadon. I haven’t heard from him for ages. Well, let me refresh my dashboard because I think I heard two dings. Oh! Rene Duran, good afternoon Rene, and welcome. And Roger Raz, good afternoon Roger to you, you are so welcome. Thank you for joining us. That brings us up to ten, so, let me see now if there is someone else here. Yes, Arthura. 
I am Arthura and I am pleased to be able to join Lemuel on this Wednesday Lightline, when its being some time that I was able to do that. What I am interested in telling you is the situation as we cause the Missions, that all the Missions you are fully aware of and you have been updated continually. But perhaps what you are not so very well aware of is the fact that we have, when I say we mean Spirit, has a tremendous force of security, intelligence, protection, you just cannot imagine. Now the reason I am mentioning this is because when the Missions begin to go public especially with the appearance of Jesus, these forces, the security forces, will need to go into action swiftly. And yes, I can tell you that there will be a high loss of life, because the opportunity will be taken to remove those who simply will not survive through their normal death. That is to say there is nothing to say they do not have a developed soul. There are millions of people that I'm sure you are aware of who are in a similar state. So, there will be a sorting out to take advantage of the beginning of the Missions, to give the Missions the fullest opportunity and chance to be successful and so it is. Yes, Machiventa Melchizedek is now the Viceroy to the Eternal Son on Urantia. And the importance you have just been informed of the Regency you are fully aware of. Well, these things not only need to be put into place but they need to be protected from those elements who do not want to know anything about a Divine Mission.  Who will negate everything they see and they hear. Well that cannot be allowed to take place of course. And so, you will see, well yes. Lemuel is asking me that certain things we shouldn't see,  we don't want to see on television, and it is correct. You will not see. We have our own ways of .. how shall I say, suddenly certain people no longer are here. So yes, it is a good point of consideration, and certain things that we don't want to see. These things we understand must take place, all right, but we do not want to see these things, I mean, it is not necessary.. But of course, we are very grateful that this can be done and it needs to be done. All right.
The other thing I want to remind all of you is the fact that you are aware now fully what it means to phase. I come from Hyper Infinity. That is beyond the Master Universe. Now I know there are still some of you who simply cannot get your head around this. But you all ….I'm going to give you a picture. You can imagine a big circle to represent the Central Universe. Then you have seven tentacles like those of an octopus spreading out, and each one is a Super Universe. And they all have their different orbits. Now, surrounding all of that is the Master Universe. The whole thing combined, the Central Universe, all the Super Universes combined and beyond that, there is a space that you may call, or we call, Hyper Infinity. This is where I am from. I hope you can at least now look at this concept just for the moment and there is also something beyond Hyper Infinity. Those of you here, then are some of you on the discussion forum, who in the far far distant future, in fact you have been informed that there are those of you who will be trained to work on the outer space levels 1 2 3 4, and 5 now, yes. Well, these spaces occupy such a large space that you cannot put a number on them. That is to say, that's just one of them. I cannot say which one. That is to say outer space level 1 2 3 4 I cannot say.  Just one of those is even greater than the Master Universe. So yes, Lemuel, you are right. The mind boggles. Yes. 
But it is understandable when those of you think, what is the point? Why are you telling me these things? I am not going to be here. Well, I can say that’s what you think. You do not know what your future is but your Thought Adjuster does. And it is your Thought Adjuster that has planned the course of your ascension plan. Not only to be a finaliter but beyond being a finaliter. There are some of you who may become Ones Without Name or Number, or Mighty Messenger, or High in Authority. So do not think to yourself that what is the point, why am I hearing all these things? You are hearing all these things because in fact they are all important, and this information does enter. It doesn't stay in your conscience, but it can go deep into your subconscious and much later on when you're way way ahead on your morantial journey, this information will come more to the fore and you will understand more especially when you are able to incorporate mota. Mota as you know is the way of understanding holistically I can say, which is a vast vast Improvement on what you were able to understand now on your level. So, yes, in the far distant future you may very well be employed to use that word on vast projects so important that you cannot now imagine. Of course But just to finish off, I want to say please, change your attitude. Accept what you are being told, because there are no one else on the planet that is receiving this information that you are receiving right now. Now that should tell you something. I am Arthure. and I step back now also. I bid you all a very good day. Good day and thank you Lemuel. 
I thank you, Arthura. Thank you so much, thank you. Just let me refresh the page, someone else joined us? No, we are still … What is it? We are still 10. Oh! 
Machiventa Melchizedek:
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. ..
You are so welcome, Machiventa. Go ahead, please, when you're ready.  
Machiventa Melchizedek:
Thank you Lemuel. Yes I have been listening to all that's taking place so far on this Lightline and it really wasn't my intention to join, but you've been told so much in the past few minutes about my promotion as Viceroy for the Eternal Son that I just thought I would just pop in, as Lemuel likes to put it, just to say a few words. On my part personally it's … well, I kind of use the word accumulation, not of the whole of my career or the whole of my life, because I do not know what is in the future, but what I can tell you up until now this latest movement or promotion to use that word, or a new job, is for me I think it's the most wonderful thing, and humbling to be able to represent the Eternal Son. I think most of you know that way-way-way back I was known as the Sage of Salem. In those days I was sent to the Earth to try and recuperate some light, because the Earth was in great danger of losing the light that it had. Well, you all know the story. I entered the tent, I think it was called then, and told them who I was and whom I represented. And very soon after I met someone called Abraham, and Abraham became my student and through a course of time what you all know, he was able to receive what I was then able to give him. And to form the beginning of a new religion, I mean a new renaissance if you like, of light on planet Urantia at that time. Well throughout all these thousands of years and I have had different hats to wear from time to time, not just myself but there are others in my order of Melchizedeks that are so experienced, for so many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years, and so it is that when we are called upon to perform a particular service on a particular planet for a particular reason, well of course, we respond. We have been referred to as God's emergency service, or soldiers if you prefer. Yes, an elite pool of Melchizedeks, iIt’s true. Now of course we are involved with the Missions. There are already a certain number of my order Melchizedeks have been on the planet incarnated, taking notes with what's taking place, etc. And this is what we do in preparation for when the time for the Mission becomes public. And yes, along with the intelligence forces that we have. They do their work invisibly, and what they are able to discover that the Melchizedeks cannot discover, the information is exchanged and that's how it works. And of course the security forces and the police, they are always present. And they are here invisible of course, but they are here, they are here, and they are not incarnated, and they do not incarnate. They are here, and they are able to work while it is necessary. And what they are able to do is really something, when it is necessary. So, all in all . Although the planet Urantia is in such a state, such a (bad) state, nevertheless spirit has the wherewithal, believe me, to sort it all out where and when it is necessary. All of course is according to Father’s will. Now, you know that, it doesn't really need to be said. Everything that should take place is according to Father’s will. Well, as you know, the planet of Urantia has been on the brink of disaster on more than one occasion. But for some reasons that you are fully aware of, Father does not want that to take place if it is at all possible to save Urantia. And of course Michael of Nebadon thinks the same. It was his seventh Bestowal here on this planet, and this planet is ‘baby’ so to speak, and he does not want to lose it. There have been situations when other Creator Sons, other Michaels have in fact lost parts of their creation, their planets for all sorts of reasons. I am not going to mention why, but it does happen, it has happened. But we are determined that it will not happen here on Urantia. And as long as Father has the same opinion, then I think it can be safely said that the Missions, the Second Return of Jesus, will be successful. And that Urantia in the not too distant future will go into Light and Life. Of course it will be so different then, but this is the plan, and if you are not here, you will be somewhere. If you are not on the mansion worlds you may receive training somewhere else. So, you will know what's going on in Urantia, and you will be happy when you are able to see also, from wherever you are in the future, to see that Urantia has entered fully into Light and Life. Well, with these few words of encouragement I step back and also now. This is all I have to say and I also bid you all a very good day this Wednesday afternoon. Thank you. 
Thank you Machiventa Melchizedek, thank you so much.
Machiventa Melchizedek:
Thank you, Lemuel, thank you. 
Well, wasn’t that wonderful? Let me refresh, I don't think I heard anything, no, OK. Let me see again, see if there is anyone else. Well, yes. 
Thought Adjuster of Lemuel:
This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster and the reason I want to speak to you is to remind all of you, not just those of you who are present at the moment on this Lightline, but those who will eventually listen to the tape, and I read the postings on the discussion forum, to remind you all that your Thought Adjusters as you have just been told have planned the whole of your Ascension Journey, that goes far far beyond what you are able to to understand at the moment. You have been told many times that the fact that you are here, again I say not just those of you who are present on the Lightline, but all of you on the discussion forum. The fact that you are  interested and are taken on the discussion forum. You all came up in different ways like all roads lead to Rome, and all the roads that you have come along for your lives have brought you to where you are now. Yes. But it goes far far far beyond anything that you can possibly imagine. And so, I want to repeat what you just have been told. Don't become glib when someone tries to tell you something that's due to happen in the far far distant future. You will be there if you continue to desire a conscious relationship with your Adjusters. You will, as you know one day, you will be fused. You all know also that we Thought Adjuster are pre-personal. We would like very much to see the day come when we can receive your personality, but of course this is what takes place in a fusion. I receive your personality and you receive what I am. Total fusion means that. On the mension worlds generally speaking it is just a part fusion, until eventually you are able to fully fuse with your Adjusters. So, when you think about it, it is important that this information goes into your system. Even if you forget about it, it is still in your subconscious mind. It is there. And throughout the whole of your morantial career these things will come more and more to the fore, and you will become so pleased, so joyful, so excited when you have this greatly amplified awareness through mota. Of your journey, a future journey with your Beloved Indwelling Father fragment. This is what Father wants more than anything else, this is what your Adjusters want more than anything else. Yes, you have a mutual destiny. They want your personality, and you want us, your Thought Adjusters. So, this is just a reminder really, how privileged you all are. And yes, you are to be congratulated for being here. Because of your cooperation, and your love, and determination, and your patience, etc. etc. All these wonderful things had brought you to where you are now. But you still have a tremendously long way to go. But it will be the most wonderful journey that you cannot possibly imagine at the moment. All right. And I really would like that. This is all I want to say. I am Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster, and I step back and I bid you all a very good afternoon or a very good evening. Bye-bye for now. Thank you Lemuel. 
Thank you Beloved. Someone else joined us. No, we are still 10. Well, we’ve just been joined by someone, 661-(#). That's obviously your phone number. Good afternoon or good evening to you whoever you are, welcome to joining us, welcome. Now, let me see if someone else would come to give us a few words.  
This is Jesus. 
Thank you, Jesus, thank you. Please go ahead when you are ready.  
Thank you, Lemuiel. I am Jesus. I am not aware of what is taking place up until this moment here on this Lightline because I have been involved in other things. But I just want to say a few words to all of you. Be careful! Be careful what you say to others. Be careful of what you think, and say what you think to others. There are those who do not wish to hear what you have to say. Simply because they are not ready to hear it. Now I'm sure you understand what I mean, be circumspect, be careful. The preparations that had been so necessary are finalized. I cannot, I am not going to tell you when, but I am ready. Christ Michael is ready because we are one. You may be interested to learn that although what you see in your world today through the media, television, radio, and newspaper is a black-black picture indeed, I guess it is. But what you don't see, of course, is the light that is beaming through the universes down to this little orb over here. You do not see that light. But it is there, it is there and obviously it is having its effect on those, and in those places who are ready and so willing to accept it. They are becoming more and more aware of a change within themselves. A change of attitude towards something or towards someone. A change in their appetites, I changed in their intentions, or the relationships in general. There is this turning from darkness to light, because when it is light, there is no darkness. Darkness does not exist in our result, it simply does not exist, it is only like a shadow. That shadow is only visible because of the light. But it has no life. But as light and love, as you all know, are one, and that is God. So, although what you see and make you think, ‘Oh please, hurry up! Please get over here, please Jesus come!, yes. but also be aware there is something else going on that is in this world that is turning people's minds, people's attitudes, people’s feelings. And that of course will help tremendously. My Mission and the Magisterial Son’s Missions and the Science Officer Rayson’s Mission,everything is improved lightly every day, because of this influence. I am happy to say that because it is so desperately needed. And this light comes from where all light comes from. Father. There is no doubt and in fact there has never been any doubt in my mind that Father is doing and will continue to do all that he wishes to do, to bring success to the Magisterial Mission and to all the Missions here that are about to go public here on Urantia. There is a long way to go and there are a lot of things to do, but they shall all be done. I am Jesus. And I am so excited and looking forward to being amongst you publicly. Yes, Lemuel is thinking, may it be soon. Yes, Lemuel, yes, very well. May it be soon and it is. I step back now also and I say, please, be careful what you say and to whom you say it. But rest in my peace. My peace is upon you always. Try to be ever mindful of that. And why is that? Because you are mine. You are my flock. I do not intend to lose one of you. But be prudent. Be careful. Good Day! 
Thank you Jesus. Thank you so much for those words.All right, let me see who else. 
Universal Father: 
Yes, Lemuel, this is the Universal Father. I am the Universal Father.
Thank you so much, Universal Father, please go ahead.
Well, unlike my Beloved Son Jesus, I know exactly what is taking place on this Lightline tonight. I know what everyone said and mentioned and I'd like to say, well, thank you today, because what they have said, everything is true. That makes me happy. But what makes me the happiest of all is to know that those of you here on Lightline tonight and the others who for whatever reason could not attend, but for those who will read with enthusiasm, and with an open mind, and with the humble heart when they listen to the tape, this pleases me no end. And I want to say to all of you, thank you. I received my blessing. Blessing and thanks from your Universal Father. I am looking forward as much as anyone else, and of course as much as any one of you, to see these Missions public and to see them successful no matter how long it takes. But as long as I have any influence and I can assure you I will always have influence. I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER. It will give me tremendous pleasure to see Urantia as the jewel in the crown of Nebadon. And this shall happen. I bid you all Good Day, and thank you. 
Thank you, Universal Father, for those few words but  very inspiring words. Thank you so much.
Universal Father:
You’re welcome, Lemuel. Thank you. 
Well, I don't think there can be anyone else after our Beloved Universal Father. Well, we're almost up to the hour and … yes, it's just about a minute to go. Well, I would just like to thank obviously those who have come to speak to us on this Lightiine and that is Universal Father, Jesus, my Beloved Thought Adjuster, Atrhura,Machiventa Melchizedek, and Amadon. I don't think I've missed anyone else.So a big thank you today for helping me out on my Wednesday Lightline and for giving us your words. So, thank you again. And thank you to all of you who have joined me on this Lightline again this Wednesday. And I hope to be able to welcome you again next Wednesday, same time, same place, as they say, and that would be the… Well, that will be the last day in May. It will eb the 31st. So, next Wednesday the 31st of May I hope to see you again then. So, I will now stop the recording and thank you all again once more. Good afternoon and good night wherever you are. God bless 
transmission begins:

There is a reason the revelation is assimilated quite well by technically minded people in the modern era on the planet. Those minds are used to the proclivity of advanced, technical information, for example. And the revelation by most standards is advanced teaching, in so much, as it requires a lot of explanation. Just look at things on your planet, where most typical human behavior tends to not even want to read the instruction manual before they truly need to. Likewise, new technology is often slow to be adopted, let alone, ever fully utilized. And such a comparison can be made in simple developmental psychology, so to speak.

You are born of animal with spirit potentials, and latent spirit endowments. And then, you grow up to a certain point with the capability and injunction to be born again of the Spirit. And when this happens, you are truly born of the Spirit and a dual-purpose being of both Animal and Spirit. With the development of eventually becoming saved, literally, in Spirit-promise. There are various names and religious dogmas, almost, to codify this. But, in your own individual experience, you have the Spirit-promise, emblazoned in your personal faith and relationship with the Deities personally known to you.
From that moment forward, you seek relationship with your fellow man, and service to an emerging planetary purpose, administered in Spiritual Government. Often this can only be known or expressed in simple and short - in terms of time - simple and short service opportunities and desires to facilitate this development in your fellow man. And this can be expressed in the whole myriad and spectrum of culture and civilization, society, work, family. Anything bigger and greater than the unit of just yourself. In other words, you are not in a tendency to become a hermit because of your birth as a spirit being.
That is all for this moment in time. We hope this short “lesson” is taken well and assimilated fully.  Good day.

Audio version link
TRANSLATIONS / 28.5.2023 – Wyzwanie Ziemi
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Podał : Rene A Duran, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / WYZWANIE ZIEMI
« 27 maja 2023 r., godz. 19:38:16 »

Ten przekaz został odebrany przez Evelio Rivasa.
San Miguel, Salwador, 26 maja 2023 r.

"Tu MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI. Zajmę się ziemskim wyzwaniem. Jest logiczne, że wiele szczegółów tego, co zostało zaplanowane i zaobserwowane wokół rozpoczęcia misji, nie zostało ujawnione ludziom, ponieważ ich ujawnienie dałoby przewagę przeciwnej stronie. Będziemy nadal czekać na dokładniejszy moment i dostosowywać nasze plany do przypadku Urantii. Potężne wydarzenie nie odnotowane w annałach historii, prowadzenie rzeczy tego świata, jego sposób życia, są ustalane z urzędu przez naszych niechętnych przeciwników Woli OJCA WSZECHŚWIATA. Oni zbudowali teorie, które karmią tę kulturę pozbawioną podstawowych elementów chrześcijańskiego współistnienia. Są one nakreślone jako system, który nie dopuszcza zmian, lecz twardo usuwa możliwość zmian.

W tej koncepcji ludzkość ma swoją rolę i nie jest pomyślana jako Wolna i Stwórca zmian, lecz jako organ, który musi pozostać w ramach parametrów oczekiwanych przez dominującą elitę. Ten obecny system honoruje ogólną zasadę materializmu : "tyle masz, ile masz kwitków". Ten paradygmat potajemnie stanowią dźwignię do dominowania nad ludnością i stwarza teren do wyścigu w celu zdobywania pieniędzy i dóbr zewnętrznych. Nie ma znaczenia, że przyjmowane są zachowania kwestionujące zasady duchowe, na przykład "cel uświęca środki". Te paradygmaty są przyjmowane przez dominującą elitę i wszystkie integrują niewielki segment populacji, który kieruje przeznaczeniem większości.

Jednak Urantia jest oświecana nowymi energiami, które niewątpliwie obudzą MIŁOŚĆ jako coś cennego w sercach wielu. To, wraz z naszymi działaniami, delikatnie wywoła zmiany i nadejdzie moment, w którym wątpliwości dotyczące pochodzenia życia zostaną wyjaśnione na zawsze, a nasz UNIWERSALNY OJCIEC zostanie uznany przez wszystkich, kiedy wszyscy uznamy się za Braci i Synów tego samego STWÓRCY. Łańcuchy, które obecnie skazują ogromną większość na ubóstwo i niepewność, opadną. Pozwoli to na zmianę osobistej relacji z BOGIEM, a sposób dostępu do słowa i rady STWÓRCY nie będzie już w rękach pośredników.

Tu JEZUS CHRYSTUS MICHAŁ. Kończę tę lekcję w ten przyjemny poranek. Bądźcie pełni mojego POKOJU I MIŁOŚCI."

Dziękuję JEZUSOWI CHRYSTUSOWI MICHAŁOWI za jego głęboką wypowiedź, która wyjaśnia naszą obecną kulturę i prowadzi nas z pewnością w kierunku ŚWIATŁA. Witamy w tej skromnej siedzibie.


TRANSLATIONS / 28.5.2023 – Jestem ten Jam Jest
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Rene A Duran, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / JESTEM TEN JAM JEST
« 28 maja 2023 r., godz. 00:22:55 »


Przekazujący : René Durán
26 maja 2023 r., Phoenix, Arizona

Mój Dostrajaczu,
proszę o pomoc w tej cudownej praktyce.

"W istocie René, JESTEM ORYGINALNYM PIERWOTNYM JAM JEST. Wystarczy powiedzieć, że testy przeprowadzone przez cały zespół twoich zwolenników dają wyniki. Dzięki zastosowanej dydaktyce, żaden z nich nie sprzeciwia się żadnej lekcji. Ponadto musimy zastosować wszystkie aspekty dyscyplinarne niezbędne do przedstawienia. Ten, z którym mamy do czynienia, jest wyjątkowym przypadkiem, ponieważ wyniki będą wyjątkowe.

"JA JESTEM RÓWNOWAGĄ, JA JESTEM MASĄ I ENERGIĄ, JA JESTEM DUCHEM RÓWNOWAŻĄCYM. W światach odległych od twojego istnieją różne sposoby obserwowania ducha, energii i materii. Ponieważ edukacja opiera się na analizie faktów, albo nie, więc istnieją teorie, którym brakuje niezbędnych podstaw. W innych kwestiach edukacja zamienia uczniów w prawdziwych naukowców i ekspertów oraz zmienia ich w krytycznych analityków o bardzo wysokim stopniu odpowiedzialności i miłości do natury i wszystkich żywych istot.

"Jest dobrze znane wszystkim, że oni uzyskują stopniowy dostęp do różnych poziomów nauki i ich zrozumienie rozwija się w równowadze między Bytem a Wiedzą jako wzorem matematycznym. Jest oczywiste, że ich postęp jest zrównoważony z duchowym ze względu na sukces tej formuły.

"Tutaj, na Urantii, proces ten rozpocznie się, gdy nowe pokolenia, które dorastają, rozpoczną ten proces z pomocą Szkół Adamowych, które zostaną zainstalowane na Urantii w odpowiednim czasie. JA JESTEM TEN JAM JEST i przychodzę z lekcją na najniższych poziomach zrozumienia dla tego skryby jako dokładną próbką tego, co ma nadejść. Nie należy się spieszyć z uzyskaniem zmian, które nie pasują do obecnego czasu.

"Wy, przekazujący z Urantii, zrobiliście gigantyczny skok. Nie dajemy wam zgody, dopóki nie osiągniecie wymaganych poziomów zrozumienia i zmian. Siły energetyczne, które same docierają do planety, powodują sprzyjające środowiska. Te zmiany o charakterze naukowym mają swój doskonały wykładnik w bezprzewodowym systemie przekazywania elektryczności, który znajduje swoją ujawnienie i który jest prawnie opatentowany. Z drugiej strony, pomimo trudności, ma swoją równowagę ekonomiczną. Wspomniane postępy naukowe przyniosą wiele przejawów zaawansowanych i skomplikowanych form inwestycji. Nawet Ojciec Wszechświata jako arbiter przyznanych postępów naukowych ustanawia, że nie będzie żadnych niepowodzeń po żadnej stronie rozwoju ".

"JESTEM TEN JAM JEST i ponownie przejmuje linię przekazywania pozostawioną wczoraj. Postęp naukowy jest darem boskości dla planet, które zmierzają ku erze ŚWIATŁA i ŻYCIA. Pomimo faktu, że Urantia walczy z trudnościami, ta bitwa zostanie wygrana i ostatecznie zostanie ukoronowana Chwałą.

Kończę to dyktando"

Dziękuję za uwagę i przesłanie.

Threads for New Transmissions / "I AM THE I AM"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on Today at 00:22:55 »

 By the I AM
 René Durán Transmitter
 May 26 2023 Phoenix AZ.

 Adjuster mine
 I ask your assistance with this wonderful practice.

 "In effect, René I AM THE ORIGINAL PRIMIGENIOUS I AM, it is enough to say that the tests carried out by the entire band of your followers are giving results due to the applied didactics, none of them object to any lesson; moreover, we must apply all the disciplinary aspects necessary for production.
 The one we are dealing with is an exceptional case because the results will be exceptional.

 "I AM THE BALANCE, I AM THE MASS AND THE ENERGY, I AM THE BALANCING SPIRIT, in worlds distant from yours there are different ways of observing the spirit, energy and matter because education is based on analyzing the facts and not There are theories that lack the necessary foundations.
 In other matters, education turns students into true scientists and experts and turns them into critical analysts with very high degrees of responsibility and love towards nature and all living beings.

 "It is well known to all that they acquire gradual access to the different levels of science and their understanding develops balanced between Being and Knowledge as a mathematical formula, it is evident that their progress is balanced with the spiritual due to the success of said formula.

 "Here on Urantia, that process will begin as the new generations that grow up begin that process with the help of the Adamic Schools that will be installed on Urantia in due time.
 "I AM THE I AM with a lesson in the lowest levels of understanding for the scribe as an exact sample of what is to come, it is not to rush to achieve changes that are not compatible with the moment.

 "You, the Urantian transmitters have taken a giant leap, we do not give you the ok until the required levels of understanding and changes are reached.
 The energetic forces that are reaching the planet by themselves cause favorable environments, these changes of a scientific nature have their perfect exponent in the wireless electrical transmission system, which finds its manifestation and which is legally patented, on the other hand, despite the difficulties have their economic balance;  Said scientific advances will bring multiple expressions of advanced and complicated forms of investment, even the Universal Father as arbitrator of the granted scientific advances establishes that there will be no setback on any of the flanks of development".

 "I AM THE I AM retaking the transmission line left yesterday, scientific advances are a gift from divinity to the planets that are heading towards the era of LIGHT and LIFE, despite the fact that Urantia battles against difficulties, that battle will be won and finally he will be crowned with Glory.
 I finish that dictation"
 Thank you for your attention and your message.

Threads for New Transmissions / "THE TERRESTRIAL CHALLENGE"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on May 27, 2023, 19:38:16 pm »
    This transmission was received by Evelio Rivas.San Miguel El Salvador May 26, 2023.

 "I AM MICHAEL OF  NEBADON addressing the terrestrial challenge, it is logical that many details of what was planned and observed around the start-up of the missions are not disclosed to the human field, since their disclosure would give the opposing side an advantage, we will continue to wait for the moment more accurate and adjusting our plans is the Urantian case, a formidable event not recorded in the annals of history, the conduct of the things of this world, their way of life are established ex officio by our reluctant opponents of the Will of the UNIVERSAL FATHER, they have built theories that feed this culture lacking basic elements in Christian coexistence, are outlined as a system that does not admit changes but hardens to remove the possibility of changes in that conception humanity has its role and is not conceived as Free and Creator of changes but as an organ that has to stay within the parameters expected by the dominant elite this current system honors the general rule of materialism of 'so much you have so much vouchers' the paradigms secretly constitute a beam to dominate the populations and in the terrain of the race to obtain money and obtain external possessions, it has not mattered to adopt behaviors that challenge spiritual principles, for example 'the end justifies the means', these paradigms are embraced by the dominant elite and all integrate a small segment of the population that leads the destiny of the majority, however, Urantia is being enlightened with new energies that will undoubtedly awaken LOVE as something valuable in the hearts of many. This, together with our actions, will gently induce changes and the moment will come when doubts about the origin of life will settle clarify forever and our UNIVERSAL FATHER is recognized by all, when we all consider ourselves Brothers and Sons of the same CREATOR, the chains that currently relegate the vast majority to poverty and uncertainty will fall, this will allow a change in the personal relationship with GOD to happen and the way to access the word and advice of the CREATOR will no longer be in the hands of intermediaries.
 I AM JESUS CHRIST MICHAEL ending this lesson on this pleasant morning be full in my PEACE AND LOVE".

 -Thank you JESUS CHRIST MICHAEL for his profound address that unravels our current culture and guides us with certainty towards the LIGHT. Welcome to this humble abode.


General Discussion / The next pandemic
« Last post by Clency on May 27, 2023, 12:25:54 pm »
Experts are saying that the next pandemic can be more infectious than the covid-19 and that it is already knocking at the door. According to WHO, the next pandemic could be deadlier if the world is not prepared to stop it right away in the bud. It seems that USA has not learned the “key lessons” from the covid-19 pandemic, even though “the scientists are racing to keep the next one from happening.” A deadly pandemic, doubled by a shortage of food in America as announced, the MISSIONS will be jeopardized, which I hope not.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Dedicate more time to Father
« Last post by occerpa on May 27, 2023, 11:33:27 am »
Greetings and thank you very much Evelio for these important transmissions. Congratulations for your extraordinary ability to receive and transmit the voice of the Father and thank you René for your liaison service. I think that this gift of transmitting is due to merits earned in previous lives and contributions from the present. Practice is necessary however it could be the least, I think.
We are now in the time when the time is now, as it was said, as Evelio transmitted in his publication, it is the time to dedicate more time to the Father; there should be no doubt about this.
And the portrait that Gaia makes in the last transmission of Evelio, is the great cancer that we suffer because of Savage Capitalism where there is no other hope for the suffering Humanity of this planet in disgrace, that the Divine Intervention that thank God , It is just around the corner. Thanks
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