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TRANSLATIONS / 21.12022 – Umysł ponad materią
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 03:04:06 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Lemuel, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / UMYSŁ PONAD MATERIĄ
« 21 stycznia 2022 r., godz. 02:08:49 »

Nauczyciel : CALUMNIA
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania,
Data/Godzina : 21 stycznia 2022 r., 07:00 czasu miejscowego, 06:00 UTC

Wszyscy jesteście świadomi faktu, że myśl poprzedza działanie i wszyscy mieliście doświadczenia z żałowaniem tego, co zrobiliście, ponieważ nie przemyśleliście tego. Rozmawialiśmy o sposobie myślenia i pamiętaniu o tym, kim jesteście i nie mogę bardziej podkreślić, jak ważne to jest. Wszystkie rzeczy wynikają z myśli, słów i czynów, nigdy nie jest odwrotnie. Spróbujcie umieścić wóz przed koniem i zobaczyć, jak daleko zajdziecie. Możecie się uśmiechnąć i pomyśleć, że nikt nigdy by tego nie zrobił, ale wielu to robi.

Duch jest pierwszy, zawsze i dominuje nad umysłem. Umysł dominuje nad tym, co fizyczne i jest to widoczne w całym Stworzeniu, ale człowiek musi się nauczyć robić to samo. Gdyby Bóg nie pomyślał jasno, zanim stworzył, nikogo z nas by tu nie było i wszystko byłoby w chaosie. Wy również stwarzacie za pomocą swoich myśli. Jesteście bogami w trakcie stwarzania, więc bądźcie bardzo pewni tego, co chcecie stworzyć.

W ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy poruszyliśmy wiele tematów i wszystkie one posłużą do wzmocnienia waszych ogólnych zdolności w służbie waszym braciom i siostrom. Lekcje te muszą być od czasu do czasu powtarzane, dopóki faktycznie nie będziecie żyć nimi i wyrażać je, a umysł ponad materią jest najważniejszą lekcją ze wszystkich.

Do następnego razu.

Miłego dnia.
Threads for New Transmissions / MIND OVER MATTER
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 02:08:49 am »
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 21st Jan 2022  07:00 Local  06:00 Z

You are all aware of the fact that thought precedes action and you have all had
experiences of regretting what you did because you did not think them through.
We have talked about mindset, and remembering who you are, and I cannot
overemphasize how important this is. All things proceed from thought, words,
and deeds, it is never the reverse. Try putting the cart before the horse and see
how far you get. You may smile and think that no one would ever do that, but
many do.

Spirit is first, always, and dominates the mind. Mind dominates the physical,
and is plain to see throughout Creation but man must learn to do the same.
If God didn´t think clearly before He created none of us would be here and all
would be in chaos. You also create with your thoughts, you are gods in the making,
so be very sure of what you wish to create.

Over the past few months, we have covered many subjects, and they will all serve
to strengthen your overall capacity, in service to your brothers and sisters. These
lessons need to be revised from time to time until you actually live and express
them, and mind over matter, being the most important of all.

Until next time.

Good Day.

Threads for New Transmissions / "The Fifth Seal of Nebadon"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on January 20, 2022, 06:30:33 pm »
"The Fifth Seal of Nebadon"

By: Michael of Nebadon.

Transmitter: René Durán.

January 20, 2022, Phoenix AZ.

Making an inventory of some things that were pending to do, I decided to find out immediately about a transmission that I received some time ago, and it is this:

"What are the implications of being presented with the opportunity to discover The Fifth Seal of Nebadon, if I could receive an update from someone in the know, this was some time ago, but comes to mind. Universal Father, or a Magisterial Son , or The Creator Son The Super Master Michael of Nebadon.

-Who would have the floor?

Michael of Nebadon:
"Indeed. This is Michael of Nebadon, your Creator Son of Nebadon, the silence kept is unfortunate.

"Today we are giving credit to the scribe for a transcendental fact, which, like the previous ones, deserves attention, since the destinies of Nebadon are marked by the opening of those seals.

-The fifth seal, in particular, is essentially futuristic, in that it reveals future eras of Light and Life that are waiting to be realized, and this greatly involves the future of Urantia in those future processes.

This is Miguel de Nebadón suggesting his publication in the forum.


"This is Michael of Nebadon. The present news is invaluable for the records of the discoveries made by the present generations of celebrated men in the service of the Father.

"It is without fear of being mistaken that as you were thinking 'progress cannot be altered' by the present conditions created by groups antagonistic to the will of the Father.

"These events will be the precursors of broad changes that are coming, being generated in this convulsed planet, it is necessary that everyone have the correct visualization of a future that is coming and is predicted promising for future generations.

"This is his Father Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of his local Universe.

Thanks a lot.



In this Theme that I titled: "Freedom", there is the information that I received directly from the Father.



Transmitter: René Durán.
 Phoenix AZ.

The Universal Father:

"This is a reminder that 'freedom' is a blessed gift that belongs to the Father to give and you are a prisoner forever.

Wait a minute, is this a clear channel?

The father:
"Yes indeed, I am your Universal Father, and you belong to me, you remain within me, even though you have the freedom to do what you want.

-Speak to me Father, explain to me deeply -why I am not free?

The father:
"Freedom is a gift bestowed by the Father. You are free from the ego, but your heart is with the Father.
did you understand?

-I think so.

The father:
"You are an instrument of the Father just like SYAMPIA, but the origin is evolutionary yours, and SYAMPIA is original of the Father; she has never been a human nor will she be.
Your heart contains the experience of man, of a rational mammal, but SYAMPIA loves you.

-And I love SYAMPIA.
Instruct me SYAMPIA, I need your education.

"One of my brothers, the one who works with Lemuel is as wise as I am, He shares everything with Lemuel.

"And I start to do it.

A voice:
-Diagnosis: with love for humans.

The father:
"I am your Universal Father reviewing those who serve me.

A vision:
-Of a dark march above something that is below, I have not wanted to boast of anything.  but this vision resembles Ron's.

(The vision moved from left to right, and from below slowly ascending to the right.
There was a golden circle that shimmered on the sides of a dark spot of irregular shape that covered it, I could also see the color through two small holes in the spot through which you could see what was underneath)

The father:
Indeed.  This is seal number 5, which you have discovered on your own, without anyone's help.

Living like a human being,....

"The Master Universe is a repository of innumerable servants who have left The Island of Paradise in specialized contingents, but you are alone because you are in the flesh.

《This is how your business goes》

-What does that phrase mean?

The father:
"It has a deep meaning regarding the work you are going to do under the shadow of the Father.

"With those two cheers you seem to have been given, you're in for a surprise in a few days that will raise your self-esteem to its proper level.
Be patient, everything will normalize according to the will of the Father ".



"El  Quinto Sello de Nebadón"

Por: Miguel de Nebadón.

Transmisor:René Durán.

Enero 20, 2022, Phoenix AZ.

Haciendo un inventario de algunas cosas que estaban pendientes de hacer decidí averiguar inmediatamente sobre una transmisión que recibí hace algun tiempo,  y es esto:

"Qué  implicaciones tiene el  que se me haya presentado la oportunidad de descubrir El Quinto Sello de Nebadón,  si pudiera recibir una actualización de alguien con conocimiento, esto pasó hace ya algún tiempo, pero viene a mi mente. Padre Universal,  o un Hijo Magisterial, o El Hijo Creador El Super Master Miguel de Nebadón.

-Quién tendría la palabra?

Miguel de Nebadón:
"En efecto. Este es Miguel de Nebadón, tu Hijo Creador de Nebadón,  es infortunado el silencio guardado.

"Hoy estamos dando  crédito al escriba por un hecho trascendental, que al igual que los anteriores merece atención, por cuanto los destinos de Nebadón están marcados por la  apertura de esos sellos.

-El quinto sello, en particular, es esencialmente futurista, por cuanto, descubre eras futuras de Luz y de Vida que están esperando realizarse y esto involucra grandemente el futuro  de Urantia en esos procesos futuros.

Este es Miguel de Nebadón sugiriendo su publicación en el foro.


"Este es Michael de Nebadón. La presente  noticia es invaluable para los records de los descubrimientos  realizados por las presentes generaciones de hombres célebres  al servicio del Padre.

"Es sin temor  a equivocarnos que como estuviste pensando 'el progreso no puede ser alterado' por las presentes condiciones creadas por los grupos antagónicos a la voluntad del Padre.

"Serán estos acontecimientos los precursores de amplios cambios que se avecinan, generándose  en este convulsionado planeta,  es necesario que tengan todos la correcta visualización de un futuro que se avecina y se vaticina  prometedor para las futuras generaciones.

"Este es su Padre Miguel de Nebadón, el Hijo Creador de su Universo local.

Muchas gracias.



En este Tema que titulé: "La Libertad", está la información que recibí del Padre directamente.



Transmisor: René Durán.
Phoenix AZ.

El Padre Universal:

"Este es un recordatorio  que 'la libertad', es un bendito regalo que le pertenece al Padre entregarlo y tú  estás prisionero eternamente.

Un momento,  es éste un clear channel?

El Padre:
"En efecto que sí, Yo soy tu Padre Universal,  y me perteneces,  permaneces dentro de mí,  aunque tengas la libertad de hacer lo que tú quieras.

-Hábleme Padre, explícame profundamente -por qué no soy libre?

El Padre:
"La libertad es un regalo otorgado por el Padre. Eres libre del ego, pero tu corazón está con el Padre.

-Creo que sí.

El Padre:
"Eres un instrumento del Padre  igual que SYAMPIA,  pero el origen es evolucionario el tuyo, y SYAMPIA es originaria del Padre; nunca ha sido un humano ni lo será.
Tu corazón encierra la experiencia del hombre,  de un mamífero racional, pero SYAMPIA te ama.

-Y yo amo a SYAMPIA.
Instrúyeme SYAMPIA,  yo necesito de tu educación.

"Uno de mis hermanos, el que trabaja con Lemuel es tan sabio como yo, He shares everything (El comparte todo) con Lemuel.

"Y yo empiezo a hacerlo.

Una voz:
-Diagnóstica: con amor por los humanos.

El Padre:
"Yo soy tu Padre Universal haciendo una revisión de los que me sirven.

Una visión:
-De una marcha oscura por encima de algo que está abajo,  no he querido presumir  de nada. pero esta visión se parece a la de Ron.

(La visión se movía  de izquierda a derecha, y de abajo ascendiendo despacio hacia la derecha.
Había  un Círculo dorado que resplancedia por los costados de una mancha oscura de forma irregular que lo cubría, podía  ver el color también por dos agujeritos en la mancha por los que se veía  lo que estaba debajo)

El Padre:
En efecto.  Este es el sello número 5, que haz descubierto tú solo, sin la ayuda de nadie.

Viviendo como un ser humano,....

"El Master Universo es un depositorio de innumerables servidores que han salido de La Isla de Paraíso en contingentes especializados, pero tú,  estás  solo porque estás en la carne.

《Así van tus negocios》

-Qué significa esa frase?

El Padre:
"Tiene un significado profundo referente a los trabajos  que vas a realizar bajo la sombra del Padre.

"Con esos dos ánimos que parece que te han dado, recibirás una sorpresa en unos cuantos  días  que te elevará  la auto estima a su nivel apropiado.
Se paciente, que todo normalizará de acuerdo a la voluntad del Padre".



Amethyst: Hello everyone, this is Amethyst, and this is our weekly Light Line call for Wednesday, January 19, 2022. We have 9 callers with us today and it does not look like the streaming is on right now. It was on for a while and it looked like it’s turned itself off, so hopefully, it will turn itself back on. If you were on streaming you can not hear me. It’s much more reliable if you use the internet streaming, that stays pretty solid and doesn’t give out on us. I’m going to look and see if we have a master of ceremonies for today and it looks like we have Tarkas with us today.  

Tarkas: Yes, I will be your emcee today and I enjoy your conversation about the oddities that happen in your weather system. Studying the weather can be real interesting. I’m going to start with my own transmission to the group and then after that, I will see if anyone else is here. This is Tarkas. I think it might be a good idea to discuss why things seem to be such a heavy lift for us and for you. It seems like it is one step forward then two steps back. Sometimes, on a good day it is two steps forward and only one step back. Your world no longer seems to work for you as goods and services always seem to be out of stock. Orders are filled incorrectly. Billing statements and invoices are done inaccurately. You can’t even get a typed page correctly without several misspellings and dyslexic transposing of letters. It just seems like every task comes with a negative weight added to it. It is the same for us. We are having a great deal of trouble getting anyone on your planet to take us seriously. If we try to approach someone to let them know divine intervention is on the way; there are those who run to the telephone to call their psychiatrist because they believe they are losing their mind. Our presence does not fit with their accepted reality. How we had hoped we would be able to begin our work with the least amount of disruption as possible. But we now question if that is a possibility. Yet we still hold out our hope. I know you have all been informed about the difficulty Jesus has been having trying to reach out to certain humans. Let me share this with you. Your planet has some of the most beautiful people that exist living on it. They may not understand much about God, but they do believe there is one, and they strive to do the right thing. They are all over your planet in every religion and creed. They are helpful, optimistic even in bad times, and just know somehow that they truly do have life after this earthly one. They will one day make wonderful and successful ascenders. But then sprinkled within this group are the ones who could not care less about their fellow man and have no hesitation about hurting or even killing others. These are the ones that were raised with the Luciferian mindset and have no survival qualities at all. It is this stark contrast that gives us so many challenges. It is literally true, the wheat and the tares are so deeply commingled that separating one from the other is almost impossible without doing damage to both. I see your very keen and talented Melchizedeks ponder on this puzzle over and over. There are a few family units that contain both kinds. It is not like we can target one location in favor of another. The Father never wants to see a situation like this ever again. It is one reason, along with the loss of the supreme, that He has declared a new universe age. In the future, His celestial children in the local Universes will be given extra communication lines in which to voice any concerns and new orders of beings created to handle the responsibility of acting on these situations quickly so that things of this nature are not allowed to fester for millennia ever and ever again. Be cheered by the fact that your grandchildren and those who follow them will not have the deep misery you and your ancestors have had to endure. Of course, they will have challenges and problems but they will all be in the context of nourishing their spiritual growth. This new universe age is just what the Doctor ordered, to use a phrase you are familiar with. The fruition of this age will bring with it much joy. This is all I have to say at the moment and I, Tarkas stand back. 

Amethyst: I thank you Tarkas for your words, thank you very very much. While I was giving this transmission Ron has joined us on the call and so welcome Ron. I’m glad you are here. Now let’s see here. I have someone else. I think I have Machiventa Melchizedek here.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Yes, Amethyst, that is who you have. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I want to discuss with you today, free will. You all know you have it and I think it is safe to say you are all glad you have it. It has been pointed out to you that free will on Urantia is very generous compared with many other planets. And it is the misuse of free will that has caused so many problems there both individuals and society. You have to ask yourself why does the Father of us all provide such a long leash for you and your free will. Well, first and foremost; it is a beautiful gift to the Father when you choose to do the Father’s will, not because you have to but because you want to. The greater the degree of free will you have the greater the gift to the Father and when you choose the Father you are choosing life itself. But there is another reason for you to consider. The more you fine-tune and master the ability to make good choices, the more responsibility you can be given. It is true that the wider the leeway in the range of choices you are given the more mistakes you are going to make. That is just how it is. But fast forward in your minds to when you are deep into your ascension career. You have proven yourself loyal to the Father and have fused with your Adjuster. This puts you in a very unique position to handle more responsibility than humans who come from planets that have less free will than you do. You have proven yourself to be able to handle more responsibility faithfully. This is to be a major bonus not only for you but for creation itself, especially in the new universe age. We will need to give you assignments in which we know you will be trusted to make the right decision, you have had so much experience. Also, those of you who have the Sons of Ascension status will be given even more responsibilities as well as perks. Each of you are being uniquely groomed to partake in this high level of duties, especially in the outer space levels. All finaliters are given many opportunities to serve. They are able to choose from a wide variety of service options. Those who have additional challenges such as you have on your planet will have not only those to choose from but will also have very unique opportunities that are not available to many other finaliters. Those all stem from the fact that you mastered the most difficult situations you had because of your free will choices made through your ascension. Unlike many celestial beings you have learned about, your options will seem unlimited. I think by now you are all beginning to understand and realize just how unique Urantia is, her citizens are, and just how wide a range that exists on the planet. It is a fascinating planet yet a difficult planet. We cherish and relish the opportunity to work with you but we also have more heartburn because of the problems. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager and I step back and give this back to Amethyst. 

Amethyst: Well, thank you Machiventa, thank you very much for your words. 

Van: This is Van the Steadfast. I do not have a transmission per se. But I do want to say to you that in the coming weeks, perhaps months we are anticipating that you will get some more revelation regarding the midsoniters. They were mentioned a little bit in The Urantia Book but their function was withheld from your knowledge. Initially, their ultimate destiny was to be with God the Ultimate but with the loss of the supreme their destiny is now being altered. This is a fascinating group of creatures and I look forward to you learning more about them. I don’t have 
any information for you today that will give you more information about them but I think there will be some coming to you and you will be delighted to learn about them. That is all I have to say, this is Van and I step back. 

Amethyst: Thank you, Van, it is something I’ve always been curious about and I would love to learn more about them. Now I look to Tarkas to see if there is anyone else here. Tarkas is telling me that he thinks Ron has a transmission that he is waiting to be called upon to give us, is that true, Ron? Do you have something that you wanted to share with the group today?

Ron: Amethyst, no, I had no idea. I have to get into the queue. Apparently, I do Amethyst.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. I have this to say to you. The cabal is thick around you today and you
need to understand that the entire matter of the streaming issue is a result of them destroying what audio you have whatsoever on the computer. You have to reinstall the audio section. 

Ron: Well, I don’t know how to install a complete radio position into the computer. Other than that which controls the programming of volume.

Universal Father: That is not so, This is Father. The opposition as we would call it, we do not call it the cabal. Is now about to be reminded who they are and they will allow the streaming to take place. Just log out. 

Ron: I’m not going to trouble with that. I am at least connected by phone. 

Tarkas: The truth of the matter is this now begins a whole new session with Light Line because Ron we have something you must present. 

Ron: All right, what would like me to do Tarkas?  

Tarkas: I want you to understand that I am not Tarkas.

Ron: I am beginning to expect that. 

Deity Absolute: I also want you to understand I am not cabal, but I am the Deity Absolute. 

Ron: I didn’t have a clue. 

Deity Absolute: For that reason, we are going to return this to Amethyst so she understands that she has a severe problem herself. In that, the entire matter of a Light Line today is under serious contemplation. 

Ron: This is Ron, Amethyst. I don’t trust the whole situation. Let me turn this back to you and let me see if you can put us back on two feet again. If you would go ahead, Amethyst.

Amethyst: Ok, let me see here.

Van: Well, this is Van again and I do see Tarkas is still here. I don’t know. He has nothing more to say apparently and I, Van have nothing more to say. 

Amethyst: just give me a moment here

Jesus: This is Jesus. I have been listening to this Light Line. I do want to add just a few words to it. It’s not all that bad right now. But, I am still having extreme difficulties trying to connect with humans. I have tried in some direct ways. I have tried in some indirect ways. That is by sending out scouts, so to speak, to begin the dialogue with some people regarding my return. But, the results of this have not been what I had hoped. I will of course continue to work at it. I do know that there are many in the world who know me, know of me, and look forward to my return. I feel very confident that my return is going to be soon. I know you have heard this so many times, but it must come soon. It simply must. I am going to step back for the moment and give this back to Amethyst. I do not know if there are others who want to speak. I sense that there is no one else here. But I step back now and give this to Amethyst. 

Amethyst: Jesus I thank you so much for your words, this is Amethyst. 

Ron: Amethyst can you hear me. 

Amethyst: Yes I can. 

Ron: I don’t know if I am unmuted or not. is Lemuel on the call? Check to see if he can make a connection. 

Amethyst: Lemuel, you heard that right? 

Lemuel: Good evening.

Ron: Lemuel, maybe you are out of whatever problem Amethyst and I are experiencing. It’s quite severe and I don’t understand it yet. Let’s see what you can make out of it. Let's see if you can make a connection. 

Lemuel: Ok, Just give me a moment please. (silence) I’m getting a blank, Ron absolutely nothing. 

Ron: What other transmitters do we have. 

Amethyst: we have Dominick and we have Elise.

Ron: try Elise

Amethyst: Ok, Elise, do you have something that you could transmit?

Elise: Let me see. Just a minute, please. 

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. We are not sure what is the problem here. It is a problem affecting all of us. All of you. We are trying to make different connections. We are trying to see where the interference comes from and at this moment there is no solution. 

Elise: wait a minute, I think I have to give this back to you Ron, I think this is Father who wants to come to you. I’m not sure, is it?

Ron: all right Elise, thank you. Before I transmit Father, if I may Father? Let me say this to the group who is tuned in. Whatever the problem is we can always go to the group itself and open Q&A, Amethyst, when we get back to anything like normal here. Keep that in mind when I turn it back to you please. 

Universal Father: This is the Universal Father Ron, we are using the adjuster. Let me use an analogy, someone has turned the lights off on Urantia. We are no longer using any kind of transmission circuitry. We are no longer using anything that appears to be of a normal status to anyone on Urantia particularly if you are a host on Light Line. Right now we are using the Adjuster that indwells Ron to try to at least explain why there is no speech, no voicing. There is no circuits. I am using the Adjuster circuit. 

Ron: Amethyst, I could transmit; but why do it under the circumstances. Let me go back to you Amethyst and then come back to me if you need to. Open a Q&A session. I don’t have my dashboard I can’t even get in. I can’t tell what is going on.

Amethyst: Ok, ladies and gentlemen I guess I will open it up to Q&A if anybody has anything they want to discuss. Dominick were you able to get any kind of transmission or were you drawing a blank as well. 

Dominick: No, you can bypass me for now.

Amethyst: Ok, I will. Given the situation, It’s hard to know if anyone has any questions. 5 star to ask questions or 4 star to unmute. Ron, you are unmuted. 

Ron: Oh good, because I can’t tell.

Amethyst: Does anyone have anything they want to discuss. I’ll give it a couple of minutes. I thought what Van said about a future revelation about the midsoniters was quite interesting. I hope that turns out to be the case. That’s something I’ve always wondered about. Ron, it doesn’t look like anyone has any questions or comments or anything. 

Ron: Well then proceed, you don’t have any choice other than either to call on somebody at random in the group to see if they have any concept, is Phyllis there by any chance?

Amethyst: No, she seldom comes on the Wednesday Light Lines.

Ron: Larry Gossett? 

Amethyst: No. We have Steven, Dominick, Jose, Roger, Elise, Roger Raz, Lemuel, yourself, one from the computer stream and another from the computer stream. 

Ron: Are you receiving any streaming at all? 

Amethyst: No, it turned on and as I was getting started at 2:00 it just went off and stayed off.

Ron: I can’t raise it either. As a matter of fact, I am getting a bad number it’s pulling the wrong light line number. I suspect that we got a problem other than just turning off the circuitry. We seem to be entering into a phase where there is a stand-down over the entire process of the 2nd return and of the probable Magisterial Son’s Missions. I am asking do we have either or any one of the Magisterial Sons that can breakthrough to me. 

Monjoronson: Yes, Ron. This is Monjoronson. Thank you for thinking of our separate circuits. I am here to tell you that the entire matter of a Light Line today is attempted to be squelched and broken out of possible listeners. You have finally found a way for us to illustrate that the Magisterial Mission can operate regardless of the cabal, the insurrectionists, or the Lucifer rebellion that still insists on getting heard. But Ron you are suggesting it is something else. 

Ron: I am beginning to think so Monjoronson, I haven’t a clue of course. 
Monjoronson: Thank you, it is this. I am the Magisterial Sons Serara, and Rayson, plus Sen-Sen. We are all here together to complement you, Ron for thinking your way through this. I am now going to open up the circuits, Amethyst. Try it again now that Ron has broken through. You try it again, Amethyst. Broadcast probably me. 

Ron: Go ahead Amethyst, take it away. 

Serara: This is Serara, Magisterial Mission. I seldom am on the Light Line. I have never been on Amethyst’s Light Line before. But I am glad to be here now and I am glad that she is able to pick some of this up. I want to let you know that in spite of all the problems that are happening on this particular Light Line today, there has been a good deal of progress made between Monjoronson, Sen-Sen, and myself. We have been working together and the three of us have discovered some issues that the cabal has been using and we are going to be able to pop that bubble, so to speak. We have been curious as to how and why they have been able to come in and get through as often as they have. We have been discovering a lot. There is not much more on that that I can give you today. Future Light Lines should have less of this type of problem. When you do your Light Lines, hosts. Ask for Monjoronson, ask for Sen-sen, ask for Serara. Ask for us. We want to be there on a more regular and consistent basis. This is all I can tell you in this particular moment. So I stand back and give this back to Amethyst. 

Amethyst: Well thank you Serara, that is something good. This is Amethyst. I felt something like a movement or an obstacle being shoved out of the way. I don’t know exactly what it is they have found but it seems like they have found something meaningful as far as the cabal and insurrectionists are concerned. I do not have any other speakers and this has been a bit of a strange and awkward Light Line. However, I would like someone to ask a  couple of questions or make a comment or even start a discussion and maybe we can get something out of this today. Does anyone have anything they would like to say? 

Lemuel: Yes, even before you announced that Ron had joined us. I had a total blank. I thought to myself this Light Line is going nowhere. My feelings are confirmed by what has happened. Since Monjoronson said there is no way that the cabal can interfere with the mission, that is wonderful to hear that. Ron asked you to pick up Monjoronson but you picked up Serara. Now, just a moment.

Ron: You should have something. 

Lemuel: Yes, I’m picking it up. Hang on a sec. Well, I don’t know who it is, but it is someone of a high office.   

?: Good Evening. I will not say who I am. But what I am is more important. What I am and what I am capable of doing is beyond your comprehension at the moment. I have observed what is going on here and there is a good reason for it. Yes. A good reason for it. Yes, you have this expression give a man enough rope and he will hang himself. Well, give the opposition enough rope to well to hang themselves in a sense, they have overstepped the mark … I want to hand this to the Universal Father. The Universal Father is here and wants to speak.

Universal Father: This is your Universal Father. I must say that I am disgusted to have witnessed what has just taken place on this Light Line. And so it will never happen again. But also you must understand that it was a similar circumstance in a sense that the Lucifer rebellion was allowed to go on for so long so that I, the Universal Father, could see exactly how far Lucifer intended to go in his fight against me, as his Creator. You all know the result of that. There are also circumstances in your everyday life. Sometimes even in your family, problems do occur. But in order for you to make the right decision, you need to know all the facts. There is no point in you making a quick judgment. That never works. I’m sure you are aware of that. It is the same on all levels. I never make a quick decision. Of course not. So, I will take my time to find out exactly what is going on, until the end and then I will act. Ok. Well, you have been plagued with problems from what is termed now, the opposition, that’s all of the opposition, I’m not listing 3 or 4 groups, the opposition since the end of the supreme. Yes, it is true this is a new universe age that brings its own problems for obvious reasons. Many new orders have been created and all so sorts of other things so many. And, at the same time to have this tremendous opposition trying to hang on for what they consider to be their true cause. I understand that, I understood what they were thinking and how they were thinking. They have lost their parents. They have lost direction. Now what do they do, where do they go? Who is going to look out for them? So they have done what they thought they had to do in order for them to survive. Now, if you were in my position as a Father, what would you do? Many things have to be considered. But now coming right up to date. A tremendous amount of work has been done with RA and his forces to look for and find and yes in most cases to kill those who would not turn around, that is to say, they would not repent and had no intention of repenting and so they are gone. But those who have fought today and come today and interrupted this Light Line, they also will cease to exist. I am your Universal Father and with these words, I say Good evening to you all, and I step back, Lemuel. Thank You. 

Lemuel: This is Lemuel again. Thank you for that, Universal Father, thank you. Is Serara still here. No, he has left me. I am going to hand this back to you now, Amethyst. 

Amethyst: Ok, 

Ron: This is Monjoronson. One moment, please.

Monjoronoson: We will transmit this to Ron since he’s on the frequency. We are quite sure, that the attempted coup, and that is what you are under right now, has been satisfactorily stopped. What we never foresaw is what happened to you today. For that reason, Amethyst, as the hour is approaching in a few moments anyway. I am going to ask once more to the group that is assembled here if you have got any comment now is the time to 5 star and make it apparent to your host or to others here you are alive and willing to comment. 

Ron: Can you just wait a moment Amethyst and I will signal when to come back. If you see a hand raised go ahead. 

Amethyst: Ok.

Gary: Hello. This is Gary, I am in the U.K. … I am on the internet

Ron: he’s a 4 digit number.

Amethyst: oh, ok, I got it now.

Gary: I unmuted, yes, There used to be I could raise my hand. But I unmuted and I … the Light Line calls. Most of the time I want to ask a question someone has already asked the question. That’s it really.

Amethyst: Do you have a comment or a question.

Gary: I am concerned about the core. It was in a bad way and was repaired and wondering about the core. … Father did repairs etc. etc. …

Ron: you are asking for the status. 

Gary: Yes, sir. 

Ron: Just a minute. See if we have got anything left on the circuitry to address it. 

Power Director 3: This is a Power Director 3. We are quite sure that the individual in the United Kingdom is correct to ask this question because the core in the center of the earth has now returned not only to normal but is producing a magnetosphere that will work quite well for your attempt to transmit electricity. 

Gary: oh good. 

Ron: That’s news to me Gary, too, thank you for asking it.

Power Director 3: We can not tell you much about it, we are using auxiliary circuits to speak at all. We have told you all that we can tell you right now, Ron. 

Power Director 2: I am after one additional thought for you Ron. You are doing all of a sudden immensely better. 

Ron: I’ve doubled my energy while sitting here. I’m awake for the first time today, really. 

Power Director 2: It is vital that someone asks some questions. Because you can help establish the circuitry when someone begins to use their mind to ask questions. Gary, you’ve helped tremendously. Was there anything else?

Gary: No, I’m pleased. … (unclear)

Ron: Thank you, Gary, we are most grateful. 

Gary: Thank you, thank you, Ron.

Ron: Just a minute Amethyst There is some shuffling going on here.  

Monjoronson: The group that you have assembled with you is just staring blankly. You’ve got to do better than that, please. 

Ron: Steven Gist you are very audible, could you unmute please. 4 star 

Steven Gist: I am here Ron.

Ron: What are your comments. Fly with it. 

Steven Gist: I am glad we have a Power Director, so I can ask a question. I am very curious if the carbon tetrachloride that was supposed to be addressed or does it have to wait until the patent is in hand or missions or perhaps return of Jesus as well. Some blue light whites in the sky would indicate some work is being done. 

Ron: This is Power Director 4. You picked the wrong bingo numbers.

Power Director 4: Thank you, Ron. We are not going to address anything in your atmosphere until we have the assurances that the Magisterial Sons support clearing the atmosphere. Monjoronson or anyone on the Mission staff; what is your view about clearing the problem with carbon tetrachloride. 

Monjoronson: Thank you, this is how it works now. We will allow it to be cleared when we are visible. That is entirely up to your patent Ron being issued and you now understanding what you must do next. We will validate not only the patent as the process of WTP but we will also provide the means and the methods if no one else steps up to the plate. You have done superlative work, Ron. Now we are going to allow Steven Gist to understand this. Ron has properly assigned you, Steven Gist, to be the overall operation manager of Rayson Electric and the plant itself. Ron needs a couple of steps before you ever get there so you are going to have to be patient and sit where you are until we can get any progress. Meanwhile, the Magisterial Sons fully support the Power Directors and all associated personnel to get to Urantia and begin work where you can work already. Please do so. Do not wait for us to approve because we are in a difficult position, as is The Salvington Government and as is Machiventa Melchizedek at the time we are speaking. I now back off to you Ron. This is Monjoronson, and let Steven continue.

Ron: Steven does that answer your question?

Steven Gist: It certainly does. I didn’t see any tie into the return of Jesus. But I think that the patent is the next … to be completed. You answered it. I don’t have any immediate questions. 

Ron: We will add this, the appearance of the Magisterial Sons into visibility has been announced that it depends on the starting gun being fired by the issuance of the Rayson Electric technology. That is separate from the return of Jesus. The return of Jesus is a separate program that is independently controlled, probably by Jesus himself.  

Jesus:  I am speaking through Ron because the circuits are being reinstated around Ron for some reason. I want it to be understood that unless you learn to participate better in an audible program like the Light Line you fail to understand that your voice with an interesting insight or question is very important to reestablish circuits to mind. I am withdrawing momentarily as Jesus and hoping that someone else Amethyst on the call will open discussion and make a comment. Thank you Steven for doing so. 

Ron: please remute if you would Steven, 4 star. If you see a hand Amethyst, answer it.

Amethyst: I am looking at my dashboard and I see no hands. I am going to unmute Dominick and then I will unmute Jose because Jose always has very good questions. See if either one of these gentlemen has any comments or questions at all, Dominick, I have unmuted you. 

Dominick: I was trying to raise my hand again. I can add, that we were talking about frequency before the call started. The frequency of a voice transcends time and space or basically, it travels and is not dependent on space. The frequency of anyone’s voice does allows the establishment of the circuit so to speak, no matter where you are on the planet. It’s very important to have frequencies established so that circuits can be established. It’s factual, not magic. That’s all I can add to that. Thank you. 

Amethyst: Thank you, Dominick. I am learning a lot today, I never really thought about the energy coming from the callers in the way Ron explained it. Jose …. do you have any comments or a question that you would like to give us. 

Jose: Yes, this is something I’ve been pondering upon for some time now. I’d kinda like to see, that we, the forum members can be falling into a fatigue syndrome, with the one step forward and two steps back It goes on and on for years now. It gets to the point where I personally feel that what is the use of persevering in the Forum, if we are not getting anywhere, we could be falling into a fatigue syndrome.

Van: Jose, you do bring up a good point. Fatigue, like you, have described it. It happens, it happened to me, but it does come to an end. For every moment you feel the fatigue and stick to it there is a reward, there will be great rewards for all of you that stick through it. I know that my saying that doesn’t help you with the fatigue. Please understand your celestial brothers and sisters are going through the same fatigue that you are and I do hope this helps. 

Amethyst: Does that help you, Jose?

Jose: Yes, it did, thank you very much. Thank you. 

Amethyst: I want to thank Ron for attending this Light Line today and Lemuel for his contribution as well.  This has been one of the most peculiar Light Line I have been through. Thanks to all of you, and to all of the celestials. Unless anyone has a final comment, I am going to shut it down now. Are we finished Ron? 

Ron: Yes we are ma'am, you did very well!

Amethyst: Ok, thanks again and I’m going to stop the recording.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re:
« Last post by Dominick O on January 20, 2022, 01:36:04 pm »
Hi Amethyst and thanks for bringing attention to the site itself.  Heading into the new year we've been able to make some adjustments improving some the following.
  • The site now showcases the internet call-in option (right by the schedules)
  • The site renders well for mobile devices better.  The homepage was de-cluttered and pictures for the transcripts were reduced in size.
  • a special thanks to member, PJammer, who recently contributed ways to communicate about the Holy Spirit and also about communion in a recent post.  I incorporated some of that in the sites, FAQ, and it helps us relate these more commonly understood terms to what is, otherwise, new terminology to others.
Meaning, people new to LLs can easily join a call using their mobile devices from their internet connection, whether it's to find the call-in info or join via internet.

To answer your question, though, yes, there is discernible traffic; it's internationally spread around with US, China, Russia and EU countries the majority of the traffic.  It's not major traffic but you can tell by the bandwidth usage people are listening and downloading the audio.  Just like was mentioned on your LL yesterday, the audio component is the primary component compared to the transcription outputs.  However, that being said, the web crawler activity for the site is robust and that is in no small measure because of the original content and word-count that transcripts provide in terms of web traffic.
The unique visitors measure in the hundreds and about 10% of that seems to be utilizing the site as their ways and means to digest the content, meaning, 10% of the traffic stays on the site for any length of time.  Those numbers aren't that bad for the few months it's been running and feel confident Lightlines could handle audience growth without having to navigate the forum here and its somewhat outdated interface.  I think we're an attention span away from taking on the action item of placing the web link in the header of the forum, for example.

Also keep in mind, Amethyst, if and when you're ready to own your own listing there, you would be free to respond to and publish your own materials.  Right now, I publish all the outputs myself and without complaint.  But any future growth in terms of LL hosts, for example, they would own their own registration process, listing creation and management.  For example, you would be able to share within your lightline, how to reach you with questions-comments through your web listing at
« Last post by Lemuel on January 20, 2022, 12:20:40 pm »
There were no direct callers on today´s Lightline but Tarkas advised that the news
from Tuesday´s Lightline be reported for our Spanish listeners.
Thursday the 27th Jan next Lightline España at 17:00 Local and 11:00 in York.

These past two days have been eventful and almost impossible to interpret very well at all.  Let me list the most recent days events for you.

Yesterday the 19th of January 2022, we had a total failure of the Amethyst Lightline circuits that left all of us in the dark.  No transmissions to any transmitter on the call and we sat there silent for too long.  Finally we raised MONJORONSON who helped us back to a regular contact means but all of us being warned that all communication circuits were either turned off or were unusable.  Believe me we learned how unusable but managed to squeeze out a Lightline anyhow thanks to Amethyst, Lemuel, Elise and some discussions from the listeners too.  Just place the event as abnormal, and the Lightline almost destroyed until MONJORONSON and SERARA got most of it back on course.

Second, there was an event you did not see but resonates quite strongly here there morning.  My friend Dominick stopped by late yesterday afternoon, and later Dominick transmitted a MICHAEL OF NEBADON issues he wished to be known.  About twenty minutes into that transmission, I was asked to take on a voicing for clarification.  AT that moment the cabal entered the room and we exchanged intense unpleasant views.  The Vorondadek Son let me know how much he disliked me and I dumped on him in exchange pretty good.  The tension in the room could be cut with a knife it was so thick.  We resumed the transmission through Dominick preinstructing us on issues for tomorrow to unfold.

Halfway through this second transmission, we were placed under what you might call "house arrest."  It was a legal ploy necessary for spirit to enter and make a resounding statement to both of us and to the assembled spirit in the room at that point.  The announcement that followed a legal interpretation of what was brewing is this:

"You two [i.e. Dominick and myself], breached protocol this evening by transmitting the Vorondadek Son who swore vengeance to remove all human participation in the coming missions and work on Urantia.  You Ron blew a circuit by publicly inserting that a divine Son was in deep error was totally unwelcome in your presence.  That started a chain reaction within the Paradise Trinity, and the Court immediately assisted MICHAEL OF NEBADON to relive an issue one before when this same Vorondadek Son hit Ron with disgraceful attempts to ruin the computer and other things Ron depends on to operated day to day with the spirit liaison personnel.  For that reason the Court rulled the Vorondadek Son out of character and issued a warning to all such Sons this individual was off limits.

"By the time the Court ruled, Dominick had resolved to retransmit MICHAEL OF NEBADON and instructions, but Ron was accosted by that Son again and they fell into a serious discharge of invective.  finally the Vorondadek Son gave Ron his number code 5313 for future reference if needed.  5313 asked MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK present in the chamber, to adjudicate the incident now happening with MICHAEL and Ron.  The long and short of it was that 90% of the Vorondadek insurrectionists  assembled there and then, and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK asked them to swear an oath of FIDELITY to MICHAEL OF NEBADON and to the Paradise Trinity.  All raised their hands and took the oat, and that folks, there and then, ended the cabal and the seraphic rebellion at once.

We now have two incidents:
1 - A nearly destroyed Amethyst Lightline on Wednesday;
2 - The end of organized insurrection last night folding itself disastrously on Urantia.  The cabal was dissolved.

Today, the 20th of January 2022, I am informed early this morning that the entire measures taken yesterday have fallen by the wayside and that the cabal is no longer reinstated, but that the Lucifer rebellion has restated its opposition to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and to me as operating with the Salvington government ideals, and intends to smother me and you again in disastrous call downs.  I write this under extreme pressure and errors to be corrected constantly to be error free as I can type this, but they are moving in and making it very hard for me to communicate.  However, MICHAEL OF NEBADON has sworn they get nothing as I have in trust to Michael, and for that reason I am allowed to get this out to you.

As of 730PM NY time zone today, I am delivering a final ultimatum to those who cannot find it in their ways to open a good view of why we must go through this as reports, and not open the Missions as a visible activity immediately in spite of the dragons known as the Lucifer rebellion determined to kill all of us off, or at least stop the Missions on Urantia operating at all.  If you are bored with this, you are not going to work well with what comes next:

I have been asked to stand down briefly this morning and allow certain procedures to be placed at our disposal in order to make sure that Lemuel has a good Espana Lightline at 11am NY time today.  Second that I am holding another meeting about the work of the Magisterial Foundation which I have some help with this time over issues the Planning Commission is to address each today.  And third to remove any pretense that WTP is to be working soon, and that I am remanded not into custody but into the offices of the RAYSON ELECTRIC COMPANY for sure and immediate dispensation of work to be done for now at all.  That means, I think, for me to sit still for the moment over funding for crowd donations which I am pressing fairly hard at the moment.  The reasons is that is RAYSON is sure there is a fire afoot to dismember the whole idea by people who dislike the idea of WTP so well done they are cut form working on it with the inventor.  I fail to see that but so it is said.

RAYSON HERE - "You Ron are not subject to the rule of the Court yesterday, but the Court agreed to suspend this project until further notice up here and not down there and you are wondering whator why that is in mind and there is no explanation except to say it boils up here too and is not available to Me to center its requirements on anything up here right now.  That is not cabal or Lucifer but MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK working it off his path and into a good rapport  for Urantia.  Now this:

"As RAYSON THE MAGISTERIAL SON, I understand the Court Order, but I do not see its application properly supplied to Urantia or Ron, and for that reason I did and will countermand any such order for we are now in the position of receiving the PATENT FOR WTP we think within days of this report given here.  If that is the case, then we must send Ron to the hoosegow not but to receive it in the splendor it should be received in.  The ARPA agency in the Energy Department Ron is already aware of its issue to be and they are making amends to you in their own way and will be in contact when they can be.  Right now you have scattered their intentions by asking if they are interested in discussing it with you.  They are, but not as a funding agency but as a questioning agency as to how you do it so easily when it has taken a century of work and conjecture to do it in the first place?  For that reason Ron you sit with egg on your face not but will send no one to Washington until we figure out what they are taking about at all?

"For that reason Ron, receive the patent with ignoble distaste as the patent is conditional not but you are as the inventor are question on how you managed to put it together so well without huge technical resources at hand to do it.  They are confused not by the technology but by your ability to see how it is done so clearly.  For that reason the US Patent Office regulates the patent slightly by forcing in you to disclose the basis of your understanding that electrons are full of little prematter sparks called Ultimatons and you manipulate the electron by kicking one of them out and forcing a muon to appear.  How do you do that? You are not required to answer them but I will through you and this will resolve your ability to say these things in the future and that will tart them back into oblivion briefly.  Let this ride for now.  

"You Ron are fully discharged not but are battling a travail in spirit which elucidates that all matters of spirit be dealt by spirit yet MONJORONSON issued the invitation without understanding you would take it to such levels he is scalping resoltions to get it done properly.  FATHER SPEAKS:

"You Ron break the bank not, but you break the house rule no one speaks before I do, yet you do all the time with regard about how to fund when we sit still and you need engineering accomplished at once.  I fully agree that to do it is the very first business at hand.  However, the cost is enormous without you realizing you are asking Buchart Horn to resolve issues without glancing at a huge production industry called coal and gas.  I am in error I see as you have looked at it at once and are despairing you have no set solution to give them a break in this.  That is my choice words for your work stated already and you restate it to the Dept of Energy yesterday and they are totally in agreement with you in all matters.  However, the President has put a lid on energy research in order to budget mover for Covid 19 and that has cut across the Dept of Energy and you hardly care and I must agree it is to big to be beholden to the Dept of Energy alone.

"For that reason, you are willing to bypass the Dept of Energy to fund through outright pubic appeal and you will probably be able to do that.  However, the Court up here says to stand down a few moments which means nothing to you, and restrict all activity until MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK can ascertain its worth independently, and RAYSON is livid we are going through another review.  You are holding your horses genuinely but are slightly amused at the whole idea being a bean bag to toss around as though time did not matter.  Time matters hugely and importantly and it must be subscribed to at once!  I am ordering that it be freed up at once to provide some sustenance to Urantia before they mess this one up too and will not allow you to fail.  For that reason RAYSON, please attend to Ron when that patent shows up later this week we think and REAM folds you well and asks for more work when the time comes.  He is sure you have it well destroyed not in your mind, but he also feels you are facing a huge challenge to it thanks to the opposition of the oil companies, and you have asked for representatives of the oil, the natural gas, and coal companies to attend some meetings with you so they know you are not forcing them into opposition.

"We end this post with the following:
- There is no opposition to establishing the proof of concept build out for WTP on Urantia through your plans Ron;
- The Insurrection has been cooled down and Oaths of Service retaken by its members and resolution is underway;
- The idea of clean coal must be resplendent again through your knowledge of preparticles Ron, and you know the way already;
- Five to ten times the money will be available for the entire production of materials which either combust cleanly or form other substances most useful to the American way in particular.
-  Loss of LIGHTLINES will not happen although we came close yesterday to doing so.  More on this issue much later but keep in there all Hosts as it is vitally important you press your way through this.  


MONJORONSON - "i AM QUITE SURE we have a cabal loose again and this is no easy to say but keep out of the way for the moment as a trial of great importance is taking place reight now and we must be circumspect over it for now.  THANK YOU. MONJORONSON."

TRANSLATIONS / 20.1.2022 – Nigdy się nie poddawajcie
« Last post by Andre_P on January 20, 2022, 07:36:56 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Lemuel, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / NIGDY SIĘ NIE PODDAWAJCIE
« 20 stycznia 2022 r., godz. 02:26:57 »

Nauczyciel : CALUMNIA
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania,
Data/Godzina : 20 stycznia 2022 r., 07:00 czasu miejscowego, 06:00 UTC

Życie jest największym ze wszystkich nauczycieli, a waszm powodem, żeby tu być, jest uczenie się tego, czego uczy życie. Zanim osiągniecie dorosłość, być może odkrywacie, że są w życiu rzeczy, o które warto walczyć, a nawet za nie umrzeć. Wasz kraj pochodzenia, wasza religia, kultura, edukacja i wychowanie w rodzinie odgrywają ważną rolę w formułowaniu waszych idei i opinii. Wy tutaj macie szczęście, że możecie swobodnie wyrażać swoje opinie. Jest wielu na świecie, którzy nie mogą i nie odważają się.

Zmierzyliście się już z wieloma przeszkodami w swoim życiu i pokonaliście je, inaczej nie byłoby was tutaj, żeby to czytać. Nauczyliście się, że największą przeszkodą do pokonania jesteście wy sami. Walczyliście z lękiem i strachem przed rzeczami, które być może prześladowały was przez lata. Uwolniliście się od tych rzeczy, z którymi wielu wciąż jest związanych. Macie wolność myślenia i robienia cokolwiek was do tego motywuje i odkrywacie, że to wasze wnętrze was motywuje i nigdy nie pozwolicie sobie tego odebrać.

Jest wiele rozczarowań wzdłuż autostrady życia i byliście już parę razy na dnie, ale nie na zewnątrz. Uparte kontynuowanie pomimo wszystkich przeciwności losu wskazuje, że macie prawdziwy hart i że nigdy się nie poddajecie. Istnieje wielka potrzeba takich jak wy do roboty, że tak powiem, gdy Misje stają się widoczne i jest wiele przeszkód do pokonania. Długa podróż do Światła i Życia jest zdecydowanie czymś, o co warto walczyć, a nawet za to umrzeć i ci z was, którzy zdecydowali się na tę podróż wiedzą, że cokolwiek będzie trzeba zrobić po drodze, nigdy się nie poddacie.

Do następnego razu.

Dobrego dnia.
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on January 20, 2022, 05:27:43 am »
Onderwerp: GEEF NOOIT OP
T/R: Lemuel
Plaats: Girona, Catalunya, Spanje,
Datum/Tijd: 20 Januari 2022 07:00 Lokaal 06:00 Z

Het leven is de grootste leraar van allemaal en de reden om hier te zijn is om te leren 
wat het leven je leert. Tegen de tijd dat je volwassen bent, heb je misschien ontdekt dat er
dingen in het leven zijn die het waard zijn om voor te vechten, zelfs om voor te sterven. 
Je land van herkomst, je religie, cultuur, opvoeding en familie, spelen allemaal een 
belangrijke rol bij het formuleren van je ideeën en meningen. Je hebt hier het geluk 
dat je in staat bent dat te doen, er zijn velen in de wereld die dat niet kunnen of durven.

Jullie hebben al veel obstakels in je leven overwonnen, anders zouden je niet hier zijn 
om dit te lezen. Jullie hebben geleerd dat het grootste obstakel om te overwinnen
jezelf is.  Je hebt gestreden tegen de angst en vrees voor dingen die je misschien al 
jaren achtervolgen. Je hebt je losgemaakt van die dingen waar velen nog aan gebonden 
zijn. Je bent vrij om te denken en te doen wat je motiveert en je hebt ontdekt dat het je
innerlijk is dat je motiveert en dat je dat nooit zult opgeven.

Er zijn veel teleurstellingen langs de levensweg en je bent een paar keer gestruikeld, 
maar, weer opgestaan. Om door te blijven gaan, ondanks alle tegenslag, toont aan dat 
je echt doorzettingsvermogen hebt en dat je nooit opgeeft. Er is een grote behoefte aan
mensen zoals jullie om de pompen te bemannen, bij wijze van spreken, wanneer de
missies zichtbaar worden en met vele obstakels te kampen hebben. De lange reis
naar Licht en Leven is zeker waard om voor te vechten, zelfs voor te sterven, en
degenen die deze reis hebben ondernomen weten, dat wat er ook voor nodig is 
onderweg, je nooit zult opgeven.

Tot de volgende keer.

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I was just on this website again tonight, and I want to thank Dominick for such a professional and beautiful site. I would be curious to know how much traffic it gets. It is a wonderful window into our forum world
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