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Michael of Nebadon and Jesus Speak
Transmitter: Ron Besser
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
York, Pa

Hello everyone, this is Michael of Nebadon,  and we have some breaking news at the moment that should be aware of.

The last several posts by this individual are exiting posts not but Ron has lost a valuable friend in me due to the fact he is not working anything but wondering where all the good vibes went.  They are not here on Urantia at the moment, and I may never have them again for Urantia, mainly because the planet has been seized by a bunch of ruffians I do not care to discuss at all.  Ron fully is displeasured by them as well.  In any case this:

For the six (6) years we have played hard ball slightly to get these Missions up and going, only to be blown back by a discussion about the Supreme Being and his loss.  That occurred mostly in 2019 and today it is only a memory category to look at and maybe weep.  For the rest of you there is not much to tell you except we must either regale the idea of a Divine Mission to Urantia, or face the fact that nothing much is very good on Urantia at the moment to bother with.  It is this latter point I prefer to develop now:

“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and as such I am the political and textual person to related to about what is to happen with and about this planet you live on called URANTIA (You-Ran-Sha).  That is how we pronounce it up here at the headquarters of the spiritual local universe of Nebadon.  I am the Creator of Nebadon, hence the title.

“I want to review a moment some history that is now important to Ron here and to the idea of a widely spoken t o SPIRIT MISSION to this planet.  In 2012 I was ready to move forward with all of our might to show Urantia what should be done with a Mission that would bring Urantia back to the normal planet it once was not so long ago.  Now we are faced with a Presidential election I do not like, and Ron throws his hands up, and prays not extremists get into the national government again.  Nonetheless, read the following to brusque yourselves into a normal state of evaluation.

“In 2012, now twelve (12) years ago, this planet was set to receive a normal Magisterial Son Mission.  Urantia is not normal because it first received the bestowal of Jesus, and that is a Creator Son matching a full pair of life versions with a normal human being structures to talk and lecture about God to the planet.   That went well until the political institution called the TEMPLE got involved and Jesus was murdered by them for mostly political reasons.  Now we must still pay the consequence of that terror to the Jesus household and leave Urantia grasping at what it has done and finally to what causes the planet so much great harm in our opinion.

“No one can guess at the similitude of the death of Jesus.   Jesus was pilloried by the religious order of the day, the Jewish Temple Mount still overlooking Jerusalem using a large stone wall that refuses to crack or fall down yet.

“I personally dictate its destruction, but it keeps being rebuilt by the nuts in the Israeli government to portray its importance as both a tourist site and/or the commemoration of the event ofJesus appearing on earth now well over 2,000 years ago.  I am now remembering as the Bestowal Son then, Joshua ben Joseph– as I was then addressed by my Apostles and by my family.   This last sentence brings back so many memories I [bring] tear to the transmitter and I leave it alone to tell you this:

“It was my hope and Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus) that all things would eventually work out and for that reason I can still talk about it as though it was a reasonable event in spite of being murdered for political reasons on the cross.

“Now it comes to pass that there is very little left of Christianity, or is there much left of the Moslem world either today, but I digress just enough to tell you that if Israel does not make amends with the Gaza property, the entire religion will collapse, and I do not mean Christianity, but I mean the entire Jewish sect is open for revision until there is nothing left but a hollow memory still of a stone wall that was the home of thieves and mercenaries that murdered the Christ.

“To follow this discourse, you need not the Bible, and that is because it is a later edition to the history of the Middle East, and what was then my mortal home in Nazareth near Jerusalem in today’s Israel.  Let me tell you this:

The JESUS Family Name:
“In the first century AD, and specifically 07BCE to 13BCE, I was a happy child and did what my parents asked of me.  For that reason I was totally agreeable to the style of life, and the work my material Father did, Joseph ben Isacarius.  That was my fathers family name and it is so lost to history they will never recover it for modern fact.  Isacarius, that is spelled this way Ron: “ ISACARIOUS”  - THAT NAME is my true family name and no one today even suspects it could be true,  because they do not understand the traditions that I lived my life under in early First Century AD calendar on Urantia.  Now this:

“Ron considers this extremely important to know about.  

"We do not think much of it and we are the elders of the Temple then.

“Jesus was a roughneck, and we did not like him mucking around with the Jewish religion to the point that a new sect grew up around him.  When Jesus appeared there was tons of idolaters who attended the Temple with him, but no one made a curious religionist view more impossible to lay out then Jesus did, and we tried to evacuate his doings and his appearance. 

"We spoke this: "Jesus the blasphemer is about the Temple today.  Gird your loins and leave him be!  He is an idolater, and he must not shame the Temple with is idolatrous presence!

"Be gone, your blasphemy!  You stink our wells with your lips!  Keep this one out of the air we breathe, as there is nothing in heaven to save him.  And we let it be known that Jesus was never welcome in the Temple ever again!"


“I AM BARTHOLOMEW the Great.  I still detest what Jesus did!  He came to the Temple one day and bought all of the birds being sold on the lot we set aside for commerce.   The Temple taxed commercial sellers, and from this money we could maintain the Temple easily.   But NO!  JESUS entered and scattered them when a child, and then had the temerity to show us why such should not be part of the Temple ever, as he said, “Be aware you desecrate my FATHER!”  

“Then, Jesus turned away, and spat upon the floor, and said if the FATHER was listening he will harm us all, but since the FATHER was merciful, there was no harm to us for being heathen before the majesty of God the Father.

“Then that day in particular, I was working in my study in the Temple, I heard a loud bang on the apartments above me, for the temple was a two story building at that time, and we made many offerings to find a way to construct a third floor, but our materials were too weak to place a third floor on the Tempe in those days. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Ron, you should make this History well present, and I am sending you that protection now . . . .”

Ron Besser  speaking - (Transcriber and member of the Court to do this,  as it is  allowed by Jewish law as a transmitter of the heavenly words of high spirit.  This was alone practiced by the hirsute prayers of the Secondary Commander of the Temple.  The Secondary Commander of the Temple is a fact lost to history, but in the day of Jesus, as I am now speaking as Joshua ben Joseph to all of you, We had to accommodate this part of the temple all the time, and I considered it a great blasphemy tp hear the Temple speak this way!

‘I, as JESUS, never allowed anyone to know this but I am a Sectarian when it comes to goods being sold in a place where the Temple is relegated to Prayer to our FATHER in Heaven, and no one dare breech my identity by calling for the sale of birds while prayers are being spoken to our Father in Heaven.”

JESUS speaks further:
“I am the way!  Do not desecrate me ever with commercial goods nearby!  No one allows that in Heaven, and no one allows that in my presence!”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON now speaks:  
“I am fully discouraged by you Ron being unable to hear this better, but Jesus relates He never felt unleashed in the Temple, until one bird vendor insisted that the birds be blessed to by the Father.  He accidentally asked that the FATHER’S name  be posted on a wand to bless the birds too.  Today that is an innocent action, but in my  day in the flesh, it was war to address the FATHER in this way ever.  In any case those of you reading this, you must understand the temper of the times and not worry about your present allocation of the Spirit of  our Father.

“AS JESUS, I was fully enamored over the idea of a proscription to the Father being written at all, and early Christianity saw to it as well, that the FATHER’S name dare not appear in writing at all.  Of course today that is ridiculous with so much of Christianity being placed before all of you by huge institutions that have almost nothing to do with the life of Christ, but they do organize after commercial gain, and I am not happy about that ever!  K”

“I am the Sonship coming to Urantia now.    I am accompanied by Jesus ben Joseph for these Missions to your planet.

“I believe this dissertation is folding high crimes and misdemeanors, not over you Ron, but over JESUS, who is now fully patterned over you Ron in order to be fully honest about the Temple doings.  However, there is evil lurking everywhere and you are aware of the attempts to provide blaspheme over you and the report.  So far you have withstood the sophistries of. Not of Bartholomew, but of the seraphic cabal always nearby to you.  You are not feeling well now, and you are not doing well enough to continue, but I am insisting the JESUS make a statement for all to hear and then quite this text.  K”

JESUS speaks colloquially:
“I am sure Ron your day in court will appear shortly.  You have made it apparent that I am the forthright  heir to URANTIA and that I am the one to speak often to the population of Urantia shortly.

“However, you have taken me not far enough, for you depend on the written text as dictated, but you have no idea how to obtain a lecture from me that means something to the laity who read these interviews.  Let me give an example:


“I AM JESUS, and you better understand I am not the 1st Century anno dominus speaker but the 21st Century speaker to you now:


“That is my lesson for you today!  Why?

“The last time I spoke those words was while I was still in the flesh and I did not attend the Last Supper frugally, but with a full head of hair and a nasty temper concerning Judas.

“Judas sat thee perons to my right at the back of a long table of my last supper.  He never gave a sign of repentance, but instead nervously twitched over something he haled in his lap. That object in his lap was the price of silver he gathered from the Temple authorities, and it was to trap me in death before I would leave the Last Supper you know of.  For that reason I stayed away from Judas entirely and he knew I knew, and that threw him into a temper that made his shrill in his speech to the other Apostles at the table.

“Few of you remember anything well enough to sear your brains into holy matrimony with the presence of the FATHER.  I did.

“When cock crowed that morning, I was done for and I knew it, but Judas was simplifying his excuses to himself and never ever thought about the crime he was about to commit.  To this day, and JUDAS is now DEAD, and I have no remorse for that individual ever again, for he tried not only to kill Me, but also Peter, ny then My first Apostle.  

“I am favoring a much longer post Ron.  Are you up to it?

Ron to Jesus - I am most happy to transcribe your further, but I ask to post this preliminary post first and now an to follow with your remaining words immediately after this post is made.  Thank you.

JESUS - “Then do so.”

Arthura helps Dominick with some context to the early 21st century through present day

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This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.   It is 1030PM as Ron sits down to write this post at my request.

Ron has to repair more than his email but that is not apparent right now. There is a heavy kabal over Urantia at this time and we can get through, but a lot of the normal speakers cannot.  For that reason I am writing t his fairly late at night for Ron.

1ST of All there is a catch to all of this lately and Ron’s computer has the problem it needs repaired and he cannot tell what needs repaired.  He has lost his email but more than that and now the truth must be told:

Ron Besser has been forced out of the game at the moment but he keeps sending posts anyhow to keep his hand in.

The reason is this: Ron disrupts the flow of natural kabal news on the planet.  I do not know how that works but this post disrupts their messaging entirely.

2nd of all, there is no grounding for Ron and his legs have been severely hit with pain and the rest of him is not far behind.  He keeps it clear with MONJORONSON and SERARA, the MAGISTERIAL SONS who are coming to Urantia in days.

For that reason Ron must keep a vestige of himself up and busy and this evening he did a special service by opening the check book and paying all the bills at 1030 PM which is an unusual time to do that work but he did fine.  Nonetheless, Dominick is supposed to be aware of this work and does not think of it because he is suddenly busy with other things with his caring mother at his side.  

For that reason we say this: keep it going Dominick and this: tomorrow starts a brand new view of these MESSAGES.  Take note:

A) There is no further discussion about the proposed MISSIONS to Urantia;

B) There is no further wish list for care givers to provide this take with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, for we are closing off the ease with which you can contact the Creator Son.  Here is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK:

“WE are quite sure that an event on Urantia late this evening has occurred.  Ron Besser knew something happened but he had no idea what.  It is this:


1 - There is no further Mission to Urantia to develop;

2 - There is no further contemplation as what to do for the Missions;

3 - We, the MELCHIZEDEKS, have not quit, but we are drawing in over 30 (thirty) Melchizedeks from around the United States and other areas of the world, and that is to end the past years of contemplating new Missions to Urantia;

4 - We are the Melchizedeks written up in the URANTIA BOOK, but we are no longer the only Melchizedeks on the planet as noted in the Urantia Book.  

I Machiventa Melchizedek, am the last one standing due to my high office here on Urantia.  The Supreme Court of Spiritual Organization, is now available to charge the Kabal its dirty deeds providentially, and no one has further say on the matter until the court case is settled;

5 - No one is available on Urantia now except Ron Besser, Dominick Ohrbeck, and the present transmitters/speakers of the Voice of God now working.  For this reason they are to continue, but the rest of the world of transmitters are now called off.  For reasons of State certain transmitters on the west coast of the United States are permitted to hold sessions but there is no direct transmissions to them except by Machiventa Melchizedek;

6 - And finally, Ron has expected to be called home in death as he has been laid low by certain extreme causes, and that is now over and they kabal is leaving in spite of their endless protests’

7 - No one will take the place of Ron Besser if he has to leave.  Ohrbeck will be allowed transmissions.  Raphael has no idea why his transmissions have gotten so far apart, but it is this:

No one is allowed further teaching transmissions until I review the entire spectrum on Urantia for now.  Until today there has been free access but we are closing that off except for the transmissions to Elise, Ohrbeck, Besser, and several others until further notice.  The sad case of Australia is well known to Ron, but they caused it themselves and the matter is closed.

8 - The issue of MISSIONS is now done.

9 - The Missions are no longer considered viable to Urantia until there is some understanding that Urantia, while a Bestowal Planet, is under considerable hegemony by the FATHER and the urgency of the moment, as Urantia could be in another World War suddenly if Nother Korea plans fulfill.  

10  - World War II is small compared to this one if it erupts.  Ron is no9t predicting, far from it, but it is part of a scenario with North Korea and China seeing eye to eye over the use of the South China Sea, NOT, but the use of Air Bases in Japan and Okinawa.  These are inherited by the US by victory in WWII, and the US insists on them today, and China is furious they cannot get access to any other country for its air bases and fortunately that will remain the same;

11 - World War III is not being suggested, but the combatants are already lined up by sides and the appearance of Russia as an ally to China has seriously concerned the United States completely;

12 - No one is ready to declare an emergency, but the nation states involved are huge and there is a growing tendency for combatants to line up behind their respective leaders already.  We are a Creator Son, and not an Admiral, but the meeting tonight at the Republican Convention has convinced China, that if Trump wins, there can be war and this must stop at once!

As a result of this statement, I am warning Ron and the others who collude with him and his information, to stay alert for all kinds of sudden interests in the works he places up to peruse.  No one can break the codes he uses and he must repair his email which mysteriously went down and so far has not been able to reappear.  For that reason we are cautious too and keep this posts to a minimum now.  

And finally, those of you who insist on keeping score, Ron has no intention of disappearing, but his email has been seriously damages as parts of his computer and he did nothing to cause it.  We allow all of this alone for now.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K”

RON BESSER -  I am privileged to take these messages, but I never herd Michael of Nebadon so angry.
Nor am I sure we will continue messaging, although I have no indication yet of that occurring.
We should stand shoulder to shoulder with this:

Make sure we know what we are doing when reporting these incidences of change.  My only suggestion is to keep your ears pealed for any moderation about future plans.  I continue to hope that Magisterial Sons will take the Missions to Urantia.  Here is MONJORONSON for your edification:

MONJORONSON, the Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia, speaks _
"I am delighted that Ron is so available when something breaks like this. 
"As you know, we have no time, or we do not use time up here much, but when we do, it is to announce things mostly to those people who reside on a material planet that runs on time.  URANTIA is one of those planets.

"WE are about to change plans.  We have already supplied Ron with a timed schedule, but he was told to keep it quiet and he always does when requested.  Listen and learn:

"The MAGISTERIAL SONS, commissioned a joint Sonship event that Father placed in the Universe to inform the lower levels of what is happeing on the upper levels to Paradise, has seen to it that Ron and a few others got the messaging, and Ron is still wondering who else is in his head to report when he rather not.  That is to be found later.   But Ron is in a misery and cannot make changes just yet, but he is quite aware of the proposed Supreme Court to be initiated on high and that the expressed lady of the United States Supreme Court, is now with the organization and asks Ron to become a part of the Court when he dies and goes over.

"However, thanks to Ron questioning this entire gambit, Ron is no longer in the Supreme Court when he goes over but on the gambit of a Council of Foreign Affairs which is comprised of Midwayers and other beings he does not know but will adequately when it is time to sport this Council entirely.

"I conclude these remarks with this:

"No one is capable of much these days on Urantia; however, Ron has a solo mission to accomplish and that for now is to keep fully informed of what is brewing with celestial Missions we have to offer.  This you should know:

1 - No one is available yet to start the Missions;
2 - No rumors of war scare us, but it is a very real rumor on Urantia that war could suddenly break out with the United States as it lead component if the Asian countries do not pull back more than their rhetoric, and sue for peace.  For that reason WE are being super careful about what we say about plans for these Missions.  Further, we are cautioning Ronald Besser and Dominick Ohrbeck and those who associate with this information, to be broadly careful what you say and to whom.  There is a serious reproach to this by the Deity Absolute and he is caring that this information DOE NOT GET REPORTED OUT UNNECESSARILY.   Rather you read it and weep and stay safe please.
3 -  And finally:  Ron is feeling mighty rough.  HE thought he might die today but thankfully did not.  He will be seen briefly and then be removed without burial, and that is all we have to say.  He has petitioned the Courts to please consider this means of disposal and we concur.


Lightline Netherlands International 15 July - 2024

This is Lightline Netherlands International for Monday 15 July 2024 with your host Elise

We received messages from Mantutia Melchizedek; The Universal Father and Elise's Adjuster, 

plus some encouraging words from the united Adjusters of all listeners present at this Lightline.

Here is the link to the recording:

  • 071424 Audio Tape Light Line USA; host: Dominick Ohrbeck
  • Subjects: in eternity it will have been a gift to have lived and survived on Urantia and each of us must decide to accept that gift, determining your own value, and in a general way the missions are discussed; Q & A
  • Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Arthura, Monjoronson, and Machiventa;
  • Transcribed By: RAZ ( I welcome corrections - message me )
  • Link To Tape: 

Okay, I'm making sure I got my bearings. I'm a little, this is Dominick. I'm your host today it's July 14, 2024, Sunday Light Line, I'm transmitting or will transmit with a Light Line, here at Ron's house, it's the home of the foundation 2709 Sunset Lane, here in Pennsylvania, which is famous for current events, you could say, in the last 24 hours. That being said, I don't know if we're going to comment on that today and we'll wait for whoever comes through on the Light Line.

But we do give a quick prayer that the nation calms down and we could get on with the issues that affect us and learn to cooperate certainly rhetorically if not politically and that we improve our nation in a way that does include everybody and we realize what we have before it gets imperiled and we thank You Father, that regardless of the tempus and milestones in our personal lives, in our political lives that we appreciate why we're here with life and that we reach our spiritual potential to know You. Amen.

So we have 19 on the call, and I know from what we shared, we have more people than that actually listening, we have a few guests, welcome. And thank you for all your attendance, all of you. Is there anyone else on the Light Line from the spirit side that I can receive, today?

Michael of Nebadon  
There is, this is Michael of Nebadon. Welcome, all of you, and welcome anyone in the future listening in. Michael of Nebadon is a title that I wore and that I am as creator of this local space universe called Nebadon. I am a Michael Son, a Creator Son. I created you who listen to these tapes. My Father in heaven is your Father. He is our Universal Father. As I experienced in the light, as a mortal, on your planet, those listening on Urantia today, as Jesus. I have as a Creator Son the mortal experience of living the life of a human and not only revealing the Father, our Father, as your Creator Son but revealing the Father as the human Jesus. Regardless of what you think and what you know I am that creator who descended down to you.

It is you who expect Me and everyone in between to help you. You are certainly free to ask for help from wherever you can get it on the spiritual side of things. On that ledger is I and the Father, we work with spirit to reach your mind. When you put all of these things into action are you capable of becoming a trinitized mortal of a universe that Nebadon belongs to designed to express this combination of Trinity. First, Second, and Third Source personified as the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. You might come to different realizations in the course of your life of experiencing one or any one of a combination of singular or dual or even triune combinations. At that point it is your personal experience it becomes quite difficult for you to convey this experience to anyone else, who has not yet experienced it.

In cosmology, you can describe this but it is no replacement for personal experience, life experience of growing older, attaining difficulties, and overcoming difficulties by merely surviving them builds your soul so that you can continue on and learn to become a cosmic citizen beyond just your material citizenship on this planet. We owe you some representation of what good guidance is. We have been unable to fully implement that for 1000s of years now. You know, how effective administration and government can be when it is more than simply just competing self-interests. When you are dealing with entire philosophies and factions that dispute the very nature of what it is to be government. That is part of your eternal experience you will take with you to frankly a vast universe which will have none of such an experience.

Beings will be aghast and infatuated with your origin planet, which is so rebellion-stricken. You have a rich experience of wrestling with very significant universe questions that allow rebellion in the first place. There is error and there is evil that could result from error and evil can be corrected. It is evil when transmuted into sin that begins to tip the ledger of survival evermore towards a quality of lacking survival integrity. But even sin can be corrected. It is only when sin transmutes even further into inequity that survival is only an expiration date away of immortal death.

I am a creator but I am not a death bringer. I can only appeal to the highest courts in the universe. Even though I am sovereign I have always chosen to defer to the higher courts. It is within my power, it is within my jurisdiction that the trajectory of my rule has been inclusive with Paradise. It is only with the supreme that my authority as Michael Son to coordinate with other Michael Sons and create a novel universe conglomeration of united local universes. What this has done is in and of itself has created a situation where the Universe Age has been redirected to a new one. Such a decision is not mine. It is declared from the Paradise Trinity and instigated by Father himself. Such developments are so much larger and so much more

I got the wrong word, well

Michael of Nebadon  
significant then the tumultuous events even on Urantia today. But they are interlinked. Many times on these Light Lines we receive like a press corps a question about our attitude about a current event or the present times and near futures of the planet. You have a very general idea and promise from Myself as Jesus to return for example and when I do return it is not to fulfill a mission that was already fulfilled, when I refer to a bestowal mission of a bestowal son therefore will I not be alone.

We are preparing to be everywhere at once yet as unintrusive as possible within your institutions and organizations that there is no experience of a coup or a revelation or an invasion. The lights will be turned on and God will be revealed. Then you will know and then shall you have free will to react, to join, to reject, and all sorts of in between. Life will go on but not as usual. How could it? I am not your guest, nor are any of my representatives, nor are any such representatives guests who are of Uversa, The Ancients of Days, or from the Paradise Trinity. Those are the proper jurisdictions that you could and should learn in relation to a general geography of cosmology.

For example, the rebellion seeks to disbar the Ancients of Days, but the Ancients of Days are from a location far away from the creation of Nebadon. But they are the intervening deity of God between you, Me, and the Father spiritually and physically. Your pilgrimage as an ascending mortal leads you to that location. But the way is through Me. I will show you the way and Father will be with you the entire way. You will be a father-indwelled and fused creature. That is your origin. That is your destiny. That is more than just your soul. These things are what are so important and you do not get to vote on what you are. You only get to decide whether that is of any value and that you are valuable. Ultimately, you decide if you have universe value. If you decide that you have it, you are granted it because you are declaring in the first small ways that you are real and that you intend to figure that out.

At that point, you will experience one of those triune aspects of yourself. You may not experience your Divine Spirit residing in you as a founder. But as a controller, this Divine Spirit within you might know you intimately and give you an experience that you are more likely to resonate with the Infinite Spirit first or realize brotherhood of Sonship. Brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity that would be an example of Sonship. Or you could have a straight effect of Father communion, you may have an experience or some sort of combination of more than just one. And similarly many, since I did bestow myself on the planet seek Jesus.

Jesus always steered his flock to the Father and to the Father within. In this, he does show the way. And with this, I do have the mortal experience to continue on that mission always. Always is that mission in effect now throughout Nebadon regardless of the time that it happened, say 2000 years ago. It stays alive in every repeating generation since. For the new missions and new attainments occur for planets and systems of planets within the interlinked universes, which turn into large constellations, and which turn into interlinked local universes and on to Paradise. So, you have a gift of what is happening on the planet today. It is not my gift, it is a sour gift to watch such pitiless brotherhood and denial of spirit. We are almost out of cards to play but we are never fully out. Whatever can be salvaged will always be survived. Remember that! All you have to decide is that you have value and the universe will respond and you will see the fruits of that in your surroundings and your relationships begin to have increased value and appreciation. This is the way. If you want to be happy psychologically learn this way.

You cannot attain fame venting on an app that goes into a repository of ones and zeros. That is not the way the universe works. We have a vast spiritual system. It is not magical. When science outstrips its understanding, it is no longer magic, but spirit. Spirit is the language of that which you describe as magic and magic is man's and rebel's attempt to manipulate the human mind. But when you realize and you declare yourself valuable in the universe, the divine spark of God, your destiny of fusion and personality survival becomes the citadel of all confusion and the resilience against all sadness. Depression and struggle is in the human experience of description usually seen in hindsight as a great gift.

We do not intend for you to struggle as a planet at this scale at all. Wars, violence, and unethical predation of intelligent beings preying upon other sentient beings is not an ethical universe lesson to be learned. However, it will be your badge of honor to having survived that on your planet of origin for an eternity and to help the rest of the universe with such lessons. You will have a president and no matter who it is I, Michael of Nebadon am the biggest one. I am the King of Kings and I shall return and you should prepare yourself as if I am and I have. Strive not for violence. Strive not for vengeance. But do strive and when you need that direction of channeling your energy into something you know not which to do; seek Me and you will find. I love you all my children. Good day. This is Michael of Nebadon.

Thank you, Michael. I'll look at the dashboard. It's 2:33, 23 callers, so we got a few new ones. Welcome. For those tuning in, Ron's in the other room playing guest today. He asked me, Dominick, to take the Light Line today. Now welcome Valerie, Elise, weydevu, George H, and a couple of internet callers, Moses and someone else with a telephone number, welcome. I thank you, Valerie, and Moses, and Raz for your transcriptions.

This is Arthura. You're losing your voice, but that's me. Take a drink of water.

All right.

Now relax. And not too much. This is Arthura. Welcome one and all. We give a special performance today of extraordinary thespianic testitude. An iconic word salad. I am Arthura. And I enjoy word games for those who transmit. Dominick here has said quite an incoherent limerick from time to time in front of Ron at my behest. For those learning to transmit this is a test of scribing. That's scribing with an s: learning to transmit the words regardless of the filter of your mind to make sense of them or anticipate what will come through.

I assure you I can make sense at a later date, at a later time, or even a later rhyme. The time to receive spirit is always a freewill choice. Never are you compelled to suddenly think; well I should check in with spirit. No, that is a freewill decision and is mind recognition of a prompt that may be internal or it may be the seeking of meaning of synchronistic external events. The universe conspires either way, too. provoke the mortal, who is an animal endowed with this super spiritual endowment of the Father. We have a vast apparatus of Trinity beings. This is why you learn orders of beings derived from the Trinity.

You are a son of God, you are a mortal ascender. You have parallel to you the angels who are not Father indwelled but nonetheless are very attached to the ministry of the Father within. It is their destiny to serve not just you, but the Infinite Spirit from which they tend to derive and learn the Father through you. Suffice to say, they learn the Father through the mystery of mortal ministration and the director of expression of our Creator Son. When we say our meaning yours and theirs, Creator Son, who has attained the Father. Not only was He and is an aspect of the Father, journeyed to this part of space and creating you. But he has descended into ever-increasing incarnations and the bestowals of the very creations he has made as part of his ultimate Father attainment and sovereignty status. And still, he defers to include Paradise in his sovereign decisions.

I am Arthura and I am an advisor from regions outside of Nebadon. I have an extra sensory instigation into the mind, which allows me through permission of both Michael and your Thought Adjuster, a name for the spiritual control mechanism which is a permission and filtration system and control system of different pressures of spiritual energy and things that would otherwise impinge on your mind and make you lose it. Part of your finite consciousness filters out a lot of what would otherwise get in and furthermore, is so rigidly dense in its material form that even the Divine Spirit within you has to work an entire lifetime just to make small headways usually in this development of early-stage planets.

This is the case but the planet works to evolve these species of mortals who contain all the spiritual endowments, and certainly the Father endowment that they become more and more attuned to spiritual circuits and energies and things around them while they live. And then that becomes in-codified and enculturated and instituted in the planet and its cultures and its civilizations and its institutions. Boy, are you not there at this time. But, you have some amazing planetary experience that no planet outside of Nebadon or the vast regions of space have any idea what you're going through. You have a great gift and there's not much more I can say that Michael hasn't just said but he needs help and I intend to give it and I'm honored along with his legions to represent him. I'm Arthura and I work from the highest levels to the lowest levels of the mortal mind. Try me out. Hear me. You can consider me an extra tuner of the divine gift that you already have. That is all. Good day.

Thank you Arthura. All right at 2:44. Is there anyone else? Before I dive into the dashboard?

Yes, thank you for checking. This is Monjoronson. No Light Line should be replete or incomplete anymore without the instigation of the Magisterial Sons allowed to continue with their mission in lieu of all that has been said, and all that is ready to be said. We will show ourselves when the time is right. You unfortunately cannot determine it. Nor can we entirely share such details. Normally you entirely believe, if you thought however, Michael has intimated that the approach might be an all-at-once approach. I could tell you what that is, and it would probably matter not; you would all have different ideas of what that even means.

But let me tell you, the Magisterial Sons originate from the same Paradise location as your Creator Son, these wonderful brothers of ours, the Michael Sons. But we do not get to create entire universes in time and space. We work with these Michael Sons to elevate their creations so that they enter a phase that Arthura spoke to where the planet and not just individuals, but the apparatus of civilizations, society laws, and institutions get ironed out. And we have so much ironing out to do and so much flak in our face, yet to be cooperative in this endeavor, because, frankly, their entire reason of existence is to deny our effective missions. They cannot be barred but they can warp our plans and we do not entirely understand the consequences as they become warped.

But we are reaching a point of no return that will have to take a plan that we always strive to be 100% or in reality 99.999% successful and we have to go with something that is say 78% likely to succeed. These are horrible odds for me and my staff to accept and so, we have deferred. One thing that is certain is that we are unified with Michael of Nebadon and that entirely means we are unified with Father and when you see such high beings of deity know that there is no conflict between us. No, I have nothing further to say. This is Monjoronson and I sign off and you will hear from me at an increasing pace. Good day.

And thank you Monjoronson. I'm listening for anyone else we have a bit of time 10 minutes if anyone would like to start any Q&A now would be the appropriate time. And while we pause we can allow me to check in to see if there's anybody else.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa. I ironically stay quiet.

Thank you Machiventa. Well, with nothing further coming in and no questions on the dashboard and that usually prompts somebody, classic. Alright. Robert, I'm about to unmute you. Go ahead.

Thank you, Dominick. Any comment by the Celestials on the event that happened yesterday in Pennsylvania (attempted assassination of Donald Trump)?

Your question is?

Is there a statement by the Celestial Beings regarding the event that happened yesterday in Pennsylvania?

Dominick transmitting Spirit 
I only receive that it is an act, it is an expression of rebellion, and not condoned. Assassination is the way of the rebel and not of God. And that's all they want to say, Robert.

Okay, thank you very much.

You're welcome. Thanks for the question. Just from personal experience, I know that it's very difficult to get wrapped up in all that's going on. And it's probably better to keep your mouth shut and wait for things to pan out. We always regret speaking from the hot seat. So the irony is it fills us full of passion. And the regret is usually it ends up not being well received by at least someone out there who always has a countering or a different kind of view. So temper ourselves and anchor ourselves and speak wisely. But certainly, that doesn't mean censor ourselves. That's all I have to say about that. Thank you for listening. I'm at the end of my battery here. So I think it's just good that we end it on that. And I thank you for listening. Elise before we end this let me just check in with you and see about your status for tomorrow. You're unmuted Elise, if you're there, Elise.

Yeah, I'm here. Yes, I'm planning to do the Light Line. Of course, I will. I had a very difficult time connecting, but I bet tomorrow, maybe it's better. We'll just hope so.

Okay, fantastic. And this is Dominick. I'll be there on Tuesday. So we thank you Elise, and we thank everyone else and have a great afternoon and we'll see you later.

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15 LIPCA 2024 r.
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Tania energia elektryczna łatwa do pozyskania przez inwestorów ?

Ronald Besser
(Wynalazca i właściciel - Produkcja energii elektrycznej przy użyciu tego wynalazku opartego na przedcząsteczkach.)

Co nowego w temacie przedcząstek i produkcji energii elektrycznej ? Jak to robimy ? Jest to bardzo tanie i obfite. Czy jesteś zainteresowany inwestycją ?

Jestem wynalazcą patentu na przesyłanie energii elektrycznej z wieży w promieniu ponad 200 mil. Wynalazek nie wymaga przesyłania przez linie elektryczne do domu lub samochodu.

Nasze przesyłanie z wieży w promieniu 200 mil wymaga jedynie umieszczenia małej na dachu lub obok domu standardowej małej anteny ferrytowej o średnicy jednego cala, którą należy podłączyć do przewodu prowadzącego do skrzynki elektrycznej. W przypadku ciężarówki lub samochodu antena przetwarza 110 V/60 amperów do użytku w silniku.

Nazywam się Ronald Besser i wynalazłem elektrownię, która jest niezwykle łatwa w użyciu. Wystarczy odebrać sygnał do skrzynki elektrycznej i dom, biuro lub fabryka są w pełni zelektryfikowane. Zamienia się miony przedcząsteczkowe na elektrony, gdy miony uderzają w domową antenę.

Patent na ten projekt instalacji elektrycznej o numerze 11601013 przyznano trochę ponad roku temu. Elektrownia, która ma zostać zbudowana, ma pokazać, jak łatwe może być naturalne korzystanie z energii elektrycznej. Samochody, ciężarówki, domy i biura muszą tylko umieścić diodę o średnicy jednego cala na budynku, samochodzie lub ciężarówce, aby mieć ciągłe dostawy energii elektrycznej. Wynalazek ten nieustannie odnawia energię elektryczną w domu lub pojeździe bez przewodów, 24 godziny na dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu.

Wzgórza, doliny i zła pogoda nie są w stanie zatrzymać naszego przesyłania energii elektrycznej. Burze elektryczne nie mają na to wływu i nie ma możliwości awarii. Nie potrzeba żadnych przewodów ! Wysyłanie do was odbywa się jak ze stacji radiowej FM i zamiana odbywa się w waszej skrzynce elektrycznej tak łatwo, że nie wymaga żadnego innego wynalazku, aby z tego korzystać. Tak jak ze stacji radiowej FM można odbierać tę produkowaną energę elektryczną według potrzeby, na częstotliwości 86,4 MHz, tuż poniżej częstotliwości radiowych FM. Nie ma żadnych ukrytych opłat i działa to w każdych warunkach pogodowych, a jeśli przewody linii spadną na ziemię, nie może to nikomu zaszkodzić, ponieważ jest to ledwo odczuwalne.

Im szybciej zbudujemy tę elektrownię, tym szybciej przestaniemy być całkowicie zależni od importu ropy naftowej i drogich przewodów do przesyłania wytwarzanej energii elektrycznej. Nie potrzebujemy żadnych przewodów, kondensatorów, przekaźników ani podstacji. Prąd jest przesyłany bezpośrednio z naszej anteny do waszej po cenie około 0,005 centa za kilowatogodzinę.

Można pisać do wynalazcy i właściciela wynalazku na adres :

Ronald Besser
2709 Sunset Lane
York, Pa 17408, USA

Dziękujemy za zainteresowanie i udział w tym odkryciu.
We held our Lightline today and the Universal Father, the Consummators of the Universe Destiny, the Consummator #6 , #5, and  Michael of Nebadon spoke, but at one point the recording stop working, and the mute keys did not work for the reason there no tape available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank You 
Your host
JULY 15, 2024
(Address and Phone below)

Cheap Electricity  Easy to Secure  Investors?

Ronald Besser
 (Inventor and Owner - Electric Production Using This Preparticle Invention)

What’s New About Preparticles & Electric Production?  How we do it and it is super cheap and plentiful.  Interested in Investing?

I am the inventor of the patent that broadcasts electricity from a tower for a radius of 200 miles plus.  The invention does not require a line-of-site transmission to obtain electricity to the home or car.

Our broadcast from the tower over a 200 mile radius requires only that a small antenna be placed on the house roof or side, and it is a standard one inch diameter ferrite antenna to be connected to a wire that leads to your electric box.  For a truck or car an antenna the converts 110/60 amps for use in the engine.

I am Ronald Besser, and I  invented this electric plant for an extremely ease of use.  All one needs is to receive the signal to your electric box and the home or office or plant are fully electrified.  It convert preparticle muons to electrons when the muons hit you home antenna.

The Patent for this electric plant design is Patent #11601013, and it is now a little over 1 year old since its receipt.  The plant to be built is to show how easy natural electric use can be.  Cars and trucks and homes and offices need only place a one inch diameter diode on the building  or the car or truck to have an endless supply of electricity.  This invention constantly renews your home or vehicle without wires 24/7.

Hills and valleys and bad weather cannot stop our broadcast of electricity.  It ignores electrical storms and has no way to fail.   There are NO wires!  It is sent to you like an FM radio station and it converts itself into your electric box so easily it requires no other invention to use it.  Like an FM radio station you can receive  this electrial production  for all the electricity you ever want on 86.4 MHz, just barely under the FM radio dial.  There are no hidden fees and it works in all weather and if a wire fall down using it, it cannot harm anyone as it just barely tinges a feeling at all.

The quicker we can build this plant the faster we are no longer entirely dependent on oil imports and expensive wire produced of electricity.   We do not need any wires or capacitors, relays, or sub stations.  It is direct from our antenna to yours at about $0.005 cents/kilowatt hour.

You can write the inventor and owner of the process at:

Ronald Besser
2709 Sunset Lane
York, Pa 17408

We thank you for your interest and participation in this discovery.

Michael of Nebadon speech. Arthura and Monjoronson after.

Link to original recording:
Well, it is not the first time a president or ex president is shot in USA, but I wanna know why it happens, in spiritual vision as well if it has something to do with the same reasons they killed JFK
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