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I can barely comprehend your language and my phone does not seem to translate but if you please, send me a friend request on Facebook and I will accept.  Maybe Facebook can translate and we can talk.
THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION is cleaning we humans up of disease in our bodies.  That is the bodies of those who work for the Magisterial Foundation.  I received a list of the viruses they cleaned out of me this morning.

At about 4am this morning, beings I never heard of arrived around me.  I was awake for some reason and they told me they were here to observe and were from the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, doing his bidding.
What they did was to inject me with a miracle antigen vaccine.  That vaccine does two things:

1 - It removes all viruses and other bad news from the body the immune system cannot knock out quickly.  I have been completely cleansed and have no viruses left in my system now.

2 - It vaccinates the user for sixty years against new immune system attacks on viruses and stops all new viruses before they get into our blood stream. 

This is a true miracle vaccine applied and I am deeply grateful for the treatment.

3 - I list one other item.  The treatment is super painful and I never felt so bad burning the entire length of my body including screaming cells in my arms and chest and all of my feet and legs.  I just succumbed.  I could not do anything else but pleaded for some relief but none ever came.  At noon today I managed to throw my legs to the side of the bed as I had precious little sleep,  When I did, the voice of MONJORONSON CAME OVER ME.  This is what he reported.  Read it with horror folks as the miracle vaccine reports back to God what it found and what it destroyed.  Here is what was reported to me what was in me they killed: Spelling of medical terms below need help.

“You Ron received the final decision as to what we are going to do with you.  You are being cleansed of all viruses and heart stomping remedies to cleanse your system of any antigen that has gotten lose on you in the past ten years.  The immune system is so happy and duty free it is making a huge comeback for you now and taht is our gift to you in spite of the terrible burning and heat it generated for hours over night.  I am sure this will help us understand just what ails you too as the antigen we introduced into you speaks to us as it cleanses you and this is what it told us so far:

1 polio virus found and defeated entirely;
1 viral pneumonia virus found and fully defeated;
1 polio myelitis found in the upper respiroty system and defeated
1 propolnitrate virus found and that is against your liver for some reason;
1 polio melitis super cell found and broken down and defeated
1 nitrosystemic palp virus found and unknown to science but it defeats the pancreas
1 thorugholy difficult polio syncreatic virus found and defeated;
2 propolynitrate viruses found in the upper respitory found and defeated;
6 polio militis systemic viruses found in lower respitory tract and defeated;
5 tritanic viruses found from using propyl nitrates found in atmosphere in some places you breathed and caught the associated virus;
2 titranic viruses inside your inner wall over the stomach and defeated;
9 simplex viruses found of uninown origin probably from fishing late at night and breathing the firs smoke’
12 different unassociated viruses without denomination and unknown to us mostly since they pertain to Lee and others you close associated with easily done and harsh to kill as they are pneumatic in nature but carry no real pathogen to the body;
16 neuro transmitters without pedigree and inhabiting your breathing mechanism and probably caught during thunder storms in New York and the heavy wooded place you lived under;
37 trial balloons of various synchronistic viruses unnamed to us as likely polio militis in some form;
19 style rhino virus circuits not used but ready to make you ill the momeht a rhino virus could invade you as these circuits are layed down by old rhino viruses since childhood;
13 different styles of polio militis we never saw before and you are lucky you did not succumb to them years before this as they are natural to stems and woods you lived in in New York State;
22 various forms of liver worms that are never hatching due to the immune system fully aware they were ready to swarm into you but they kept them at bay for good with antigens they formulated.  These are types of parasitic worms that come form imbibing raw hamburger you like so much and never do it again until we are sure there is a good reason to eat raw beef now as you used it to get B vitamins no one else needed but you did due to our virus programs before this was injected;
42 polio mylitis virus cells in your legs only, They replicate rapidly and this was caught just in time as they were ready to spread through your entire system to kill you immediately if Adjuster decided to stop this from happening;
6,300 Leukemia cells that replicate like rabbits if they can get the upper hand.  They did not get the upper hand, but we did and that will kill the leukemia cells dead shortly. 

:Now, realize you burned badly for hours and hours and that is the reason for the burn.  When you speak to ths on line and you should, remind people each of them have the same conditions in their bodies, but with, of course, variations.  For instance Valerie contains polio militis cells in great quantity but does not succumb to them because she is well vaccinated as you were once but lost immunity when you left New York for York and fell ill briefly in Kimes Road.  You wre attacked by a series of viruses left in the house you rented and never figured out that the people who left were migrant workers and you fixed it up like a regular home but they left tons of transh in which the polio virus was present and so on.

“Let this be a lesson to you Ron that eating raw hamburger which you enjoy for those B vitamins you cannot get elsewhere is over.  Do not do it and let the hamburger you use be completely cooked so no pink shows as you dislike fully cooked beef but that is best for you now.  K.”

“You are now cleansed of all these types of viruses but you can succumb to more if you invite them by becoming chilled or lost in thought and never paying attention to your need to lightenthe load of deep concerns for you and others you carry all the time.  You need a bro and a mo and much more but let that pass for now as your health is pristine at the moment and let them know this if you can feel safe in divulging all this to the general public.

“I will say this, as MONJORONSON, I never thought you were in such bad shape.  As a Minister of Health to Urantia, I see that not only you but billions of others are so strapped down by viral pneumonia it is frightening to a spirit being to see so much at work to kill so many of you.  Your viral pneumonia was contracte Easter six years ago and yet the body persists in maintaining it in spite of the cures that are available through drug stores as antimicin drugs by prescription only.  They need to declassify these drugs and that pneumonia will go away easily.  And this: Your heart rate is already back to normal once these viruses are removed.  The Leukemia is not a virus but related to the antigen polio militis and that is close enough spelling for them to get it.  You need to stay indoors today and not mow as you feel you must as tomorrow will be sunny here.  Good day, MONJORONSON.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Now you know why a Magisterial Mission is frought with personal danger Ron.  All who read this are in for the same treatment and believe me many of you have it much worse than this chap does.  Be assured that the diseases on Urantia kill people much faster than their normal life spans would indicate otherwise.  Be also assured I am now sure that the antigens you ahve used to keep yourself clear of many diseases Ron, are a root factor in producing the polio disaster you were heading for.  Wear a mask now to mulch and never wear high top boots without ventilating the top part as your feet are often subject to viral attacks inside those hip boots you wore to fish in.  They are totally innocent but you are one fo the few who perspires not in the feet and the viruses love to attack where there is no perspiration to kill such viruses.  Be assured you were saved great misery because you sweat so when mulching as you used to do it. K”

I apologize for the spelling and spacing even but I had to take this down fast and on the fly so to speak.  Just FYI for what is approaching for some of us.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron sees some things funny too.  He told Monjoronson he was fine now and did not need any more treatments.  But Monjoronson pointed out he was going to have three more treatments not unlike he just went through.  For instance, he has a flu vaccine ready to come to him that will burn those rhino channels out of him.  There also other viral channels in the brain we must burn out and two channels in his heart chakra that need burned out too.  All of this indicates a level of medical care never revealed before but you all are subject to them in the future so take this as you see it as an indicator of universe care for important personnel on Urantia who might work for the Magisterial Foundation.  I also warn all of you not to speak to this to others including the medical profession as they will never believe what Ron has been through and how he got cured.  It is truly miraculous stuff.  MICHAEL."


Je vous remercie encore SonofGod pour vos transcriptions, car cela aide beaucoup les personnes que nous sommes qui ne comprennons pas l'anglais. Je sais que c'est un travail très difficile, car je fais aussi la transcription de certains messages du Forum Serara, ainsi que les messages de notre groupe de travail sur Facebook pour informer. Je préfère la transcription avec les détails sans les horodatages. Car les détails permettent de comprendre certaines parties du message un peu compliquer. Merci encore pour le grand service que vous nous rendez. 
Lightline USA, 29 March, 2020, Part 1

This is Tarkas, I am your MC today Ron. (greetings exchanged) Ron has been complaining bitterly that there are no real voices for the Voice of God partaking in the use of information. The reason for that is that the Father decreed that Urantia must be set back to square one. Now, Ron does not know any of this, he has not been informed and you are being informed at the same time. What has happened it that the Universal Father has decided that God the Supreme to be used in part on Urantia, and He does not explain why. (1 min) Ron can’t work with the Supreme. Its not that he does not like the Supreme or balks at the Supreme, its that his physical design does not carry the polarity that works with the Supreme. It is alien to it. You will find that most of you on this discussion forum and those of you listening today are of the same built. You do not have the polarity to work with the Supreme on Urantia. That results in contrary behavior. The supreme tries to come in, do its work, the first thing that happens is, it cannot get into the mind system, or the other biological functions in your bodies. (2 min) All of you, who are listening today, every one of you, have an adjuster that is Father Son oriented. It changes the polarity of your thinking, and doing, and wondering where in the world you fit, because you do not seem to fit well anymore, you seem to almost be at odds with the rest of the world. (2:33)

This is the Father. I am the Universal Falter Ron.( Ron: thank you Father). The truth of the matter is, I am now speaking from the polar axis of Urantia, which is located near you Ron. Believe it or not (3 min) the pole, the spirit pole is correctly spoken Ron, is near Shoes-berry. (Ron: That’s about twenty miles south of us.) Yes. Just to orient them, that is right. For that reason I am speaking very clearly to you because your mind is within the range of that spirit polarity. I am arranging that you Ron and all those on this Lightline today, as well as those who attend the forum, the discussion forum, that you are able to assimilate some of the Supreme. For that reason I am telling you Ron, be careful for the next few days. You were hit severally last Thursday and even yesterday, over the issue of (4 min) not being able to pacify God the Supreme when he tries to raise the issue of contentment. You are far from it.

Now this: In your case Ron, the legs, the heart, the brain has been so harmed by the issuance of the rebellion of the Supreme that we have decided that you must be refurbished completely. There is an other one among you Amethyst, who isn’t on today, she has the same problem you do that is developing, and it must not go any further with her. Lemuel, you got similar problems, but you do not have the nervous system (5 min) Ron does, so it does not hit you as hard. For those reasons we are going to refurbish the three of you over the next few days, yes, days Ron. And you Ron are in such a misery with the blindness and the pain you wonder why you even speak or work in the material world, because you can hardly walk, and you can hardly see. As a result you have asked, can’t you take me over and refurbish and put me back. The answer is yes. That’s what we are going to do. We are going to do the same for you Lemuel, and going to do the same for you Amethyst, and for one or two others. Sue Whiley possibly, Wendy certainly. Wendy Winter, Australia. (6 min)

Now, Ron was wondering if he would have voice of God today. No wonder Ron, for what you been through the last three days. The last three days you have a report that the Planetary Manager Machiventa Melchizedek was not going to stay on Urantia. I’ve insisted that that report be made and that you’ve say it, and you had. Now Machiventa Melchizedek has come to Paradise and asked why the Father had Ron say what he had to say. It’s this: Your Planetary Manager, other than the Seraphic Government and once in a while a different Planetary Prince, (7 min) now called Manager, is now succinctly defaulting not on Urantia but on Paradise as One Without Name and Number. He prefers to spend time on Urantia. Machiventa Melchizedek is no longer Planetary Manager, he is now the Planetary One Without Name and Number. (Ron: fascinating Father!) I kid you not! You said to Tarkas: If there is one more One Without Name and Number on Urantia there can’t be anything left on Paradise of that order. Tarkas said, oh, there is plenty, but there are over one hundred and thirty five entities (8 min) on Urantia that are One Without Name and Number. Unheard of truly.

Ron: I can’t imagine such a rare order Father being in that number on one planet.
Father: We fully agree, that is all I am saying. Thank you.

This is Tarkas. I had spoken for Father Ron, and you did well. Now this. I am Tarkas, and you are Ron Besser, we got Wenebojo, we got Weydevu, we have Alice, we have Valerie, and we have many others on this Lightline today, 24 right now, and that (9 min) is sufficient number to let all of you know that the new order that the Lanonandek Son here to be called is Lanonandek. We are not changing the name. They have vociferously disagree with the name that we have proposed to them. Ron sought of remembers what it was but cannot quite can pull it together and that is fine. We are now receding the decree to change of the name of the Lanonandek Sons, the Varondadek Sons will remain Varondadek Sons, and for reasons of state you Ron will remain human. Now this: Wendy Winter, Sue Whiley, (10 min) Alice, Amethyst, all the female gender, every one of you is preparing to become Morontial, but you will stay in fleshed. Of the boys, Lemuel, Ron, Wenebojo, Clency, and two others are scheduled to become Morontial with flesh covering. You will firmly feel exhausted. It might last two weeks. (11 min) Do not worry about it! You get a headache, you got dizzy, you are exhausted. Lay down and sleep it off. You ar4 OK. You are not getting sick, you are not getting the corona virus. You are going through the process to become Morontial. We are going to talk about this in future Lightlines. This is Tarkas, I heard Machiventa ask for insertion there and please go ahead, Machiventa. 11:38 min

I am Machiventa Melchizedek Ron (exchange of welcomes). You were worried I was leaving (Ron: bet you I was), you are so strong, you are a pillar here. It would be terrible to loose you in the midst of this confusion we are having. (12 min) This is Machiventa, I thank you for your support, and I am wondering why we all are Ones Without Name and Number. (Ron: I think Urantia makes you forgetful.) NO! That is an old joke Ron, stop it! I remember my name and I remember my number but that is my order’s name.
Ron: All right, thank you.

Now this: Ones Without Name and Number are all Father - Son oriented. No other being can be One Without Name and Number unless they have an orientation tag on their personality - remember we have discussed that! - There is a tag on your personality that determines your destiny. (13 min) We do not have to guess anymore where you are headed. You get trained immediately for what your destiny is to be. All of you on this call today are Father - Son oriented, and that includes the people who do not have a name here. You are most welcome, it does not matter to us, or to Ron. The problem that we with the rest of the world Urantia is that they are all Mother - Son and that is always supremacy. Ron says to me today, I was born an alien on this place, I still feel out of place, but I thoroughly enjoy working (14 min) with my neighbors, and the readers of the Urantia book, and anyone else who would like to have a talk with me. That is true, and that is true of all of you. Lemuel in particular has a farinaceous voice, I am going to use it for the radio broadcast. Of all things Lemuel, You are going to do the Voice of God on radio daily. Be prepared for it. Otherwise, the truth of the matter is that you Ron are well enough done to be re in-fleshed as a Morontial being shortly. We are not getting into time, you are better the way it is going.
Ron: Yes, I fully agree with that.
In any case, your refrigerator went out, (15 min) the same day your washer went out, the same day that your TV and Internet and telephone went out for 24 hours, so, it was a terrible day.
Ron: The silence was deafening, Machiventa.  

Machiventa: Yes. The truth of the matter is some was your doing and you did not know it, but some of it was mostly the supreme pulling rank. (Ron: yes, I fully felt it, yes.)  
Now this: Where do you think the supreme is today?
Ron: I suppose he is evident on Urantia if that’s Father’s decree.

Machiventa: No. The supreme has voluntarily left Urantia for 48 hours. (16 min) That means that those who are supreme oriented are feeling particularity out of lock in so far as what do they do when they have to be in that house. Either by themselves or with just a wife or husband. They are not used to being segregated like this. You are Ron, most of you on this call are used to being segregated because you do not deal well with the noise of the average type human on Urantia.
Now this. The truth of the matter is that Ron now has a full story about the orientation of the Master Universe, (17 min) and has about six drawings a m..(?) soft roll. You have never seen the Universe as he has drawn it. Wait till the paper appears, its still is under work.
Fully, otherwise Ron has prepared a paper on the rebellion of the supreme, and has not issue it because he is not clear how just the Father sees it. And is loads to put anything out that is not accurate. Ron, the program you provided in (bulletin) 13 is fully dependent upon you, and no one else. We suggest you issue it.
Ron: Well, it’s quite a shock to read it.
Machiventa: I realize that and you may not get support from us. (18 min)
Ron: Well, I rather not issue it if I am at odds.

Machiventa: I fully agree, and we will talk. (Ron: Thank you) Now this. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am staying Ron. (R: Good! Hallelujah! Thank you.) The truth of the matter is you were not estranged by it.
Ron: Well, there is another word for it.
Machiventa: And what is that Ron?
Ron: Abandoned.
Machiventa: Oh how nice! Yes. Most people would feel that if I left. (Ron: Yes.) Why Ron?
Ron: Well, one reason is that your bestowal four thousand years ago or so, indicated that you were comfortable enough with the (rather being ?) human to make friends with them, (19 min) to reason with them, to teach them and prepare the way for Jesus. That is pretty good credential for somebody that needs a big Papa.
Machiventa: Thank you Ron, you do have it.
Ron: And there is more Machiventa, but that is essentially the record.
Machiventa Thank you.
Ron: Thank you

Machiventa: The truth of the matter is Ron, you have a vocabulary that quite capable of assigning those names and numbers to those of us who do not have them at right now. Tarkas, Jack, Hanson, Valvek(?), and about four others you do not know, are going to become Midwayers.
Ron: Has Tarkas ever been a Midwayer? (20 min)
Machiventa: No. Can you handle it?
Ron: Yes. As I told Pozutu, they are remarkably sophisticated and Tarkas will just has to learn that.
Machiventa: Yes. Well, Tarkas is a Finalitor, and so as Jack.
Ron: Well, good for them. If they are going to be Midwayers here, you know what that means? They are under you Machiventa. (laugh)
Machiventa: That’s right. No longer under the Universal Father, and that is correct. Now this. You are something else, but …
Ron: The truth of the matter is that I can get so silly when talking with you.
Machiventa: The truth of the matter is, you seem to know before we say it, what we want to say.   (21 min)
Ron: Well, I would never depend on it Machiventa.  (Laugh, cough)  … That is Mother Supreme coming into my hearth chakra. When she does that she hits my vega nerve and its forces me to cough. That’s what that is.

Mother Supreme: You are correct Ron, I am the Creative Spirit, I am coming through the heart chakra and that always jiggles the vega nerve, which you dislike, because its gags you. That’s right. Now this.  Alice, they are in the Netherlands. You have been working hard to learn to speak the voice of God, you make a breakthrough this week. Would you unmute and speak with me please, this is Ron. Are you there Alice? (22 min)

Alice: Yes, I am here.
Ron: OK, we are speaking together now. I have a message from you to me that you would like to do a transmission. Are you relaxed enough to try a small one?
Alice: Yah, I feel myself I am, because I think, you know, it is necessary sometimes and I would like to try.  
Ron: Well, you go ahead. We will wait.

Alice: I think this is Machiventa Melchizedek, because I have been talking to him before, this afternoon.
Machiventa: Yes. You are right. It is Machiventa Melchizedek wanting to speak through you, and to here all on the forum and to listeners here on the call that you can do it. (23 min) We are proud of you that you have done all this work, every day, and it is going better every time, and from now on you will receive longer and more extended messages. So you can be one of the transmitters that will be growing gradually under the Netherlands Europe Lightline especially. And this is what I really wanted to tell you in person. So, go on girl, and we support you. (24 min) Thank you.
Ron: Thank you Alice. That was wonderful, I am real proud of you. I know what hard work you did. (Thank you, Ron.) Do you have anything more to say Alice?
Alice: I think that what I hear is that Mother Spirit is encouraging me, and supporting me because She is so close to me. And I am always saying hello on the morning and good night before I go to sleep and She appreciates that.
Ron: OK Alice, thank you. If you done, would you mute please. (A: Yes, I will.) R: Thank you. (25 min) Now, this is Ron Besser again, I speak without the Voice of God, Is there anyone else that wishes to speak?

This is the Universal Father. Thank you Ron. Yes, the Voice of God was temporarily pulled from you so He could work. You often hear what they are going to say and that they on or off, or pass it back to you.
Ron: Yes, I get instructions. Thank You.
Father: You want them?
Ron: Yes I do, so I can anticipate and make the transition easier.
Universal Father: Thank you, it will continue then. Now this. I am the Universal Father Ron, (26 min) and you are in a… what you call? .. almost fainting. Very dim vision, headache, legs are hardily move at all, and you just feel that you are being dimmed out of the material world. (Ron agrees.) That is to change immediately. You will have better conditions immediately. Now this. The truth of the matter is, immediately is oftentimes hours. The vectors that are required to make the change emanates from Paradise. Nowhere else. They gotto make their ways through the entire Master Universe, (27 min) or I should say Grad Universe, to find you. And they know exactly who you are as I know who you are. Seldom do I know a human, but its been a real pleasure Ron.
Ron: Thank you Father. May your will be done.

Universal Father: Thank you Ron, and with all good things, with ALL good things, that is right. Now this:
The truth of ht matter is that you have been hit so hard on Thursday by the supreme, we wondered if you are going to live. But you’ve persisted and made it work and you made Friday work. We weren’t sure what they were up to, but they were up to no good. You’ve took a neighbour and tried to go fridge shopping, refrigerator shopping to replace the refrigerator and the corona virus undid you, because the store refused to install the refrigerator even if you bought it. (28 min) So, you walked out. (R: That’s correct.) They will amend that policy shortly, but do not go back to Lowe’s until you know that they are ready to do business. They were shot down yesterday, the store was closed. (R: Good Heavens!) So are some smaller businesses. (Yes. ) Now this:

The truth of the matter is that the corona virus had made its way all around the world. And now its so plentiful that there are exhilarating viruses beginning to take shape out of it. This is not a change to the virus itself, but a mandatory requirement that the Universe requires on Urantia only. (29 min) Only Urantia as a human planet has disease. Would you believe in Nebadon over 3 million planets, over 3.65 million planets that are human and midsonitor only two have disease. Urantia and one other we do not name. They all defaulted in the Lucifer rebellion and those of their Planetary Princes installed virus machines to see to it that men would be decimated now and then. Your population, 9.4 billion people, Yes, that is the correct number, if will not have sufficient cause (30 min) to die off, the population will be reduced by fiat. By fiat we mean by direct order of the Universal Father. There will be no replacement of tens, and hundreds, and billions of people on Urantia over the next six years. Watch out. All of a sudden, people will be dying left and right without any apparent medical cause. Just be aware of it.

Number two. The entire matter if Alice being able to speak the Voice of God is your doing Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron fully gives you (31 min) the award for being able to help a woman that had to really struggle to get it but now she has it. And we can congratulate you Alice, and you Machiventa Melchizedek for caring enough to do it for her.  

Truly Ron … (missing segment here, but I remember from listening to the call that the following refers to leukemia blood disease (blood cancer), whereas Universal Father explained the mechanism or the cause. He has pointed out that Ron’s red blood cells are loosing their shape and unable to attach to the cells as needed. Transcription from here) … and the blood platelet that feeds it have a key and a lock. The cell has the lock, the red blood cell has the key to fit it. The red blood cell must insert its key into the lock and transfer nutrients. Ron’s locks cannot accept the blood plate that has keys. As a result it is nothing but pain. We are going to change (32 min) your blood Ron, so that it has the key that fits the lock in the cells. That will end leukemia. But you have another problem. You picked up a poliomyelitis antigen and that has racked you around in the back, and your shoulder blades. That will be removed entirely. You do not know that. (Ron: No, I had no idea.) Now this.
Universal Father continues: Michael of Nebadon is absent. Do you want to have a little speech about that Ron?
Ron: all right if I may.
Father: Certainly.

Ron: Ladies and Gentleman! (33 min) If you are familiar with paper 119 of the Urantia book, and that is the paper that has immediately proceeds the life of Jesus, you will find a paper that has discusses all seven bestowals of Michael to His various creatures, and to finally earn the sovereignty of Nebadon, His local Universe. In that paper - I looked at it briefly this morning, this is a reminder - they remind us that every time Michael had a bestowal He had to disappear. He had to leave, I assume Nebadon, but I do not know where He goes. He just left the capital (34 min), Salvington. Now, Salvington is four planets. Longason(?) is His alone, His home. The other three are administrative and sapplicar(?) planets. What is a sapplicar(?) Well, the king of England carried one while she is on the throne in former portraits. Its had … stick, with the crown at the top, and a button at the bottom, and its usually of precious metals and jewels. It represents the sovereignty of a nation. It is the heart of the United States, it is the heart of Great Britain, it is the heat of France, and India and so on. (35 min)

The sapplicar that Michael carries in His Sovereignty is located on His home planet. He has three other planets near Him that are Salvington. But only the one planet, it’s even a different color, is His home where He can put His feet up, if He ever had feet. His sapplicar contains the bestowal of each of the creatures that He spent s much time being, so He could earn the Sovereignty of Nebadon. Urantia has a sapplicar on Salvington. It is in His home. (36 min) When He holds the sapplicar in His hands, as Sovereign, it becomes His alone to administer. In the case of Urantia it has defaulted at least five times, since the bestowal of Jesus over 2,000 years ago. Five times. The last time was in 1994 when Urantia was suddenly reminded that it had a bestowal Son, ready to become the second return. The second return was ready to go in 1995 and would have done quite well, (37 min) because the teaching mission was then available to announce it and to spread the word. There were over 200 people and 6 to 10 Lightlines operating then, and they all quit. They quit in 2012, and only Ron has seen to it that the Lightline has been revived.

The Lightline Ladies and Gentleman, every Host should pay attention is going to be the announcement of the second return. Jesus is coming back. Lightline will carry the voice of Jesus, of the Host, of your sayings, and questions, (38 min) and transmissions. Alice well off today as the first one to use the new Lightline out of York. I am to continue with the Lightline as longs as my voice holds out. If my voice ever goes, we going to have to find a replacement for York, and probably a replacement for every other Lightline, because you as Hosts and Hostesses are going to wear out too. SO we need to bring one more transmitters, end we have Alice as the first one of the new group. Thank you Alice, thank you Machiventa Melchizedek. Now this: The next tape we are going to discuss the second return, (39 min) but we aren’t going to the next tape yet. We have got to discuss where Michael of Nebadon is right now.

Universal Father: Michael has not left Salvington Ron, Michael is still there, you get a transmission once in a while.
Ron: So they say, I am not always sure it is (Michael).
Universal Father: Thank you, you get a transmission it is not always Michael. Sometimes its Gabriel, sometimes its Archangel Michael, one we call Ryan. The truth of the matter is, you are very sensitive to who is which. You cannot always name them but you know there is a difference. Somehow. (Yes). The truth of the matter is Ron that your eyesight is improving slightly.
Ron: Thank you. I haven’t been able to prove it yet, it’s a very foggy day. Don’t help, does it? (41 min)
Universal Father: The truth of the matter is Ron, it will flare to lighten up, the thunderstorms are not going to happen. (R: that is good. Thank you) Now this:

This is the Universal Father. I am decreeing that Ron open the next Lightline, not next Sunday, but Wednesday at 6 pm, and to host the Netherlands Lightline for Amethyst. She is not particularly well, and is afraid of the corona virus. Look in this Wednesday Ron, and work it out with them. (Ron: All right, I am glad to.) Now this: The second return is not scheduled until 2035. (41 min) The point of the mater is that if April is the time, its in 2035. Now what is going on? This is a historical tape. Mostly because it discusses the second return before Adam. Jesus will return in 2035. But in April of 2020 Michael of Nebadon will bestow Himself as Himself. The eye of Spirit will know Him, (42 min) but those who are not ascending will never know He is here. Do you remember sometime around the last supper the apostles pressed Jesus, when are you coming back? Are you coming back? What is your plan? And Jesus answered them succinctly: I will return. Count me not out. I am sure, you will see me dear apostles, dear disciples, but those who are dead in spirit shall not see me. (43 min) Only the eye of Spirit will prevail. And he left for 2 thousand and 36 years (2,036 years). This year He returns as Himself, in April 2020. You are succession-ing your homes for the most part, because of a pandemic. Well, that happens to suite Michael of Nebadon quite well. Now you are so darn busy, you don’t have time to look or to listen, or to pray, or to worship. You are forced to take the time. We are glad. (44 min) We are going to use this pandemic to greet you in your silence.
We now returning due to you your regular station Ron, you were speaking as Michael. And this: The truth of the matter is Ron, you are powerful enough to obtain a bestowal pledge on your own, if you took it seriously. Speak your problem.

Ron: Yes, I responded, I have a problem with that. No man may presume such an honor. I will never presume, ever, (45 min) the idea of me being worthy of anything like the bestowal Son. I am not. I am human to the core. Jesus was a Capital Son of God and a small ‘s’ son of man. He was both. I am only one, I am a son of man. And I am honored that you would even think it and I will be glad to work with the bestowal Michael in any way He wishes, but I dare not subsume any such honor.      
This is Machiventa: Thank you Ron! I said the same to Michael and Michael said, but he is jut a man, all I have to do is be friends. As Machiventa Melchizedek I know that does not work. (46 min) A Creator Son and a little son of God are like a Giant with a golden harp walking a puddle. It just does not work well. Ron has subsumed completely the idea of his place in this mission. Its actually several missions. Ron wants to enjoy it, to learn how o work with God, and to have the honor of working with Urantia. Probably the toughest planet in the entire Grand Universe to talk sense to. We are now going to transfer this tape to another person (47 min) online with us, Lemuel, would you unmute please and speak with me please?  

Lemuel: Good Evening!
Ron: thank you Lemuel, its Ron, Let me connect you. Hold on.
Machiventa Melchizedek: We are to ask you Lemuel, you have a transmission rather you now it or not, come on up and speak with us. Take it as you can.

This is Michael of Nebadon. - For this is what I am receiving Ron. (R: please go ahead!) (48 min) Michael of Nebadon I work with You and I thank You for coming to me. - So, Lemuel, this is what I want to say to you. Over the past seven years you have dealt with your ability, but you have always been humbled, always been faithful and steadfast in your faith in Me, and also in Jesus, and also in the Universal Father. You are very well known by all of us. You have silly, childish ways, which in fact we adore. Not many adults are able to become a child, but you can and you do many times. (49 min) And we appreciate that. Now just something more serious and that is we are aware of what your prayers have been pertaining to be a voice for Father. Several yeas ago, when you stayed on a very small Mediterranean island, called Gozo, I gave a message through Ron Besser to tell you that you were designed to reach a large audience. And you have already reached an audience with your audio transmissions. (50 min) But Lemuel I want to tell you, you will soon come to your own as a voice for the Father and you will indeed reach a tremendous audience. This is my message for you. I want you to take it to heart, and I know you appreciate it, and I know you are very grateful. Thank you Lemuel for receiving Me. Thank you.

Lemuel: Thank you Michael, thank You so much for that. Can I have this give it back to you, Ron? Thank you.
Ron: Well, thank you Lemuel. Yes, I take it back. Thanks for a transmission and a nice surprise for you. (Lemuel: Thank you) (51 min) If you would mute again please. Thank you. Now, I am waiting for a discussion from Michael of Nebadon to the rest of you, … First let me do this discussion and then I am going to unmute you, and for those who do not have any question or discussion, remute yourself with 4 star. But for right now, let me do the discussion for Michael.

This is Michael of Nebadon, Ron, thank you. I prefer it muted until we are dome. (Ron: Yes, we get a lot of feedback.) (52 min) The truth of the mater is, this service is fine as long as it is well secured with our energy. We have held all who came on. (Ron: Yes, I see you did. Excellent) The truth of the mater is there are five more wish to get on from Australia, and cannot get on because our network is jammed with people carrying about what has happened. It will not settle down for months. Its going to affect your Lightline in particular. As Michael of Nebadon there is nothing I can do about it. But the Power Directors are looking at it as so, you need to change. You looked at the change and saw no differences. They all operate about the same, you cannot vouch safe (53 min) for how they power them, and this one is one of the worst. They do not use any additional power other then what they take off the mains, no amplifier, nothing. The truth of the matter is, you run an amplifier in your house for the Internet and phone, and you did not know it.
Ron: No, I did not. Not until its came disconnected.  

Michael of Nebadon: Thank you. Now this: My capital of Salvington is four planets. You all know that now. The one in the middle - the other three kind of move around it, although they are on an orbit, they still move. The truth of the matter is that Ron drew them, (54 min) and then removed them because he thought he was in error and put the drawing off. I want him to restore it.
And this: You are to get that book, and that’s when its becomes on infinity, out to the public.
Ron. I must reorganize speaks them.
Michael of Nebadon: Yes, its in Urantia book terminology, they would never understand some of the glossary. Right. Now, for your information Ron, Archway has a fundamental choice, now facing them, to deal with you as an author of some astounding news. They saw what you wrote come in to them with that SO1 document. (55 min)  
Ron: Yes, I know what you speak of. Yes.
Michael o f Nebadon: The truth of the matter is, you are fundamentally right, but medically difficult.
Ron: Yes. I ask if I could speak, and my only statement to you Michael is , that’s on purpose.
Michael of Nebadon: Thank you Ron. I fully understand that. When he says that there are two vaccines on the book of Origins of Aids. Those vaccines kill the HIV virus but Ron put it into a recipe that has to be cooked. With the idea if there is a pandemic broke out, and people were isolated in their homes, and became ill with HIV, (56 min) they could do a remedy in the kitchen, if they were extremely careful about measuring. That’s how it appears in the Origin of Aids and Autism. He also has a shampoo that kills the Alzheimer problem. You will remove at least 90 % of the plague by using the shampoo treatment. You do not have to get operated on. Again, Ron made it difficult to do haphazardly. It has to be done preciously. Archway does not understand that until he read the small blurb. Now it understands that medically speaking you are not giving anything away, (57 min) expect to say, if the Pharmaceutical industry wants to kill the Aids virus, then they gotto come to you for translation. You even have the recipe for a little paste pill, for a little paste pill, you take two a day, and in six weeks, the HIV virus is dead. You have it in a lock-box.
Ron: Yes, I do not let that out anywhere. That’s right.

This is Rayson. Thank you Ron. I did not know it was in a lock-box.
Ron: Yes, in Louisiana.
Rayson (laughs): You make sure it gets it on the hot spot.
Ron: I sure did. Yes, its in his lock-bx.
Rayson: Now, why did you do that? (58 min)
Ron: Because I was warned that the paste pill, a size of a centigram(?) each, was not to get out until Rayson himself was on Urantia and could introduce the pill.  

Michael of Nebadon: And what did you do?
Ron: I took the formula to formulate the pill, placed it on a sheet of paper and put it in Steve Glitz’s lock-box.
Michael of Nebadon: it is not even around you.
Ron: Well, if you thore the place apart you might find it written in a document, but its not easily found.
Michael of Nebadon: thank you Ron. Now to know, you take us seriously. You all have to take us seriously ladies and gentleman if you seriously want to help out with this mission. (59 min) Ron has purposefully kept five corporations going that do different functions. He has a library and archive, and a place to keep all properties documented and anything that we much perverse as a museum. The Mission is to be fully and historically examined as it happens for one of ours corporation. Secondly, he now has a Michael Foundation International, that is dedicated to Me to use anyway I want to. I will. He has a Urantia Book Foundation, we might use it. (1 h) He also has the Magisterial Foundation, and I think …
Ron: If I have another one Michael I do not remember what it was. Its entirely possible.

Michael of Nebadon: Yes, we let it go with that. All these corporations are functional now. They are alive and waiting for personal to enter them and run them. The museum and library is to be set up immediately. We are going to run anybody as the host for that library and museum who has a history degree (1 h 1 min) or a library degree to start accumulating documents that Ron will assign to you as part of this history. He alone has documented everything from day one in a diary that has run for thirty five years. Its quite a historical document. Further, I am going to use the Michael Foundation International for My own bestowal as Jesus. We are going to call the Urantia Book Foundation Urantia Publishing International.  
Ron: I think we do have that one Michael, I forgot that one.
Michael of Nebadon: Yes. Will see, yes. When we can dig out the title.
Ron: Yes, (1 h 2 min) exactly.

Michael of Nebadon: And furthermore the Magisterial Foundation is to stay in York, and we will put a protectorate around it. I am just not quite sure how to do that. (Ron: May I speak Michael?) Yes.
Ron: Michael, you are free to use another state, another city, or another placement, other than Yourk id this proves to be too difficult.
Michael of Nebadon: Thank you Ron.
Monjoronson: Well taken, Thank you. This is Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, if I may Michael.
Michael of Nebadon: Yes.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson, I have been talking to Ron, we will use York. We informed Ron that the Governor of Pennsylvania is not easy to deal with, but that I over. He is now much easier to deal with and we will use York. (1 h 3 min)
Ron: All right, York solutes you.
Monjoronson: we just not quite sure how to do it yet Ron.
Ron: I do hope we have an office one way or the other. Now this. (M: yes) Thank you.
Monjoronson: Now this. You are the one Ron who has instigated with the idea in mind that such a Mission would take place, and that all this other things could happen, and you made rood for all of them if you could do it.
Ron: That is right.
Monjoronson: Why did you do it that way?
Ron: Well, the original idea occurred to me with the instigation of Michael saying, “Go ahead and try it! Go ahead and do some of it.” And things kind of grew as we put things together. (1 h 4 min) and new titles of corporations and functions became available to my mind, I incorporated them.  

Monjoronson: Thank you, that is quite honest Ron, and thank you. Now this: the truth of the matter is that Ron is so seriously ill today and probably a little bit longer, that we cannot deal all that we have to deal. Ron is to obtain office space in York. We will discuss it with you Ron. (Ron: Oh, please do.) And the other things is that you Ron must dress up the house.
Ron: Yes, its getting a little shabby. It is hundred and eighty years old and its need a little janitor. (Yes) .. (1 h 5 min) (coughing) … That’s spirit coming through the heart chakra.
Monjoronson: Now where do you think I am going to play-keep myself when I ran into problems, Ron?
Ron: Oh, I don’t know, Donald Trump has an ear. You have our military that will muscle (laughing hard)
Monjoronson: Yes, we do Ron! Now you can pack in your box. The truth of the matter is that you Ron, because you have an impeccable way of understanding the problems on Urantia, to the point we listen as an alternative to the very slow and conservative Gabriel. (1 h 6 min)
Ron: Ha-ha. Yes. I understand he is now. Yes.
This is Gabriel. Ron, I listen to you, because the truth of the matter is that you have an eyesight for almost anything that is going on on Urantia. You know about it. But, you are disgusted with the news broadcast of late, even the BBC. Its gotten prosy with the reporting.  
Ron: Right. It is not worthy of news.  

Monjoronson: Now this: the corona virus is going to transmit not to you Ron, but to the neighborhood to some extend. You are not going to have it around you. You are going to have it in here, if Bob and Barb come over.
Ron: Oh, you gara be kidding.
Monjoronson: No,, I am not kidding. (1h 7 min) He has contracted it through his brother who came to see him late yesterday, and transferred a bit of it to Barb. (Ron: Oh, bother!) Yah. Stay away from everyone until this contagion dies down in a few … well, we gonna say five or six days around you, and months before it goes away in the country. Now this: (yes, everything is fine Ron, thank you.) The truth if the natter is Ron is worried about you as listeners, you have been quiet so long. Let me finish my discussion here, and then unmute them for questions.
Ron: All right, yes, I am concerned if quiet this long you can get sleepy. (1 h 8 min)

Monjoronson: That’s right. Now this: the truth of the matter is that we are going to use 2709 Sunset Line, that is your home address, as a way to discuss situations we must understand before we do them. You and Steven Gitz are still Contact Commissioners, and as such, you are relegated to the fact that you will be putting our epochal and periodic revelation. Often enough that you need to be sequestered to write.  
Ron: Yes, I can’t do it with noise around me. That’s right. (I am waiting for the muting.) All right.  

Here at 1 h 9 min the questions and answer session started, that I will transcribe in part 2.

Lightline USA 29, March, 2020 (past Sunday) transcription will be posted right after this. Since I want to avoid adding any text to the transcript, I decided to share few thoughts with you first.  

I am greatful for all of you who indicated interest in the Lightline transcript that I have posted a week ago, and I thank you all for the impute. The transcription takes quite a long time for me, thus I would like to decide if the verbatim transcript would benefit anyone. I feel that the calls are most important for all the people of Urantia, as well as news from Paradise, Salvington, and the Urantia Planetary Government Authorities are certainly above any earthly news in importance, even those from the White House. Thus I find the time well spent if it would benefits others. '

Clency, you have made a comment that made all the sense to me to continue with accurate and detailed transcription, namely that people of other languages can use Google translate to partake in the call indirectly. I believe that transcriptions are important for historical records also.        

To make my final decision, if I may, I would like to ask for your opinions. Do you have any suggestion to do these transcripts differently, or show the way it may be shortened? Should I just point out important segments with accuracy along with time-stamps and shorten the rest to reduce document volume? The problem with that is foreign language participants would miss out on parts that would not be recorded in writing. Secondly, it would be up to my judgment what is important, which is not right in my sight.  

Thirdly, it would be tremendous help for me if you kindly let me know the correct spelling of words that needs correction. Where I am uncertain of spelling and unable to identify correct spelling online, I attach a question mark directly to the word as follows(?) and there might be other oversights. Spelling checkers can also make a big mess if not caught. If you notice a mistake, please send a short note with correct selling, so it would not go into the archive incorrectly. You can just state 'wrong way', 'right way' and add the word, which would take only a minute. I do not need quotation to easily find it in the text. Thank you in advance.  

Lastly, I am working on archiving all calls for the future securely, and to make them easily accessible and searchable. You are welcome to collaborate in this important work.

Now changing the subject I say, according to the past week’s Lightline news I do feel that time has expanded somewhat, or rather to say that it has been slowed down somewhat. Or is it? Do you agree? I hope I am wrong and it still can be extended some more, for there is not enough time under the sun to finish half of the work needed to be done still on this project and others. We know that much change is ahead and I trust that the good will out-way the bad. If you have not heard this week's tape yet, please listen to it or read the transcript! It is so full of Good News. Hallelujah!

Thank you again and blessings for all of you. May God keep you in His perfect peace away from harms’ way. I thank for Father, Michael, Melchizedeks, all Celestials and Ron for their marvellous works and for keeping us informed and directed through Lightline messages and the forum so powerfully.    

Sons of God
Late at night stuff got to me I guess Phyllis.  I did not mean to refer to you except I know I was thinking that I had to send what we got as this book to you for proper formatting and typing.   But I did not intend to write that to Amethyst as such work is not the book writing part she is to be involved in.  My apologies and you are right it was Amethyst I was really referring to I think.   Cheers!   Ron

You used my name in the quote below, I believe you intended to type "Amethyst", if not please confirm.  Thanks

"Amethyst, you must understand you are not confused.  You just do not have full information like you like.  That is going to be normal than you think as we now move forward into the ideals of the coming Magisterial Mission with Monjoronson  taking Ron to task for starting a new project like this book.  But, get this, Ron wrote Chapter 1 complete already consisting of 26 pages trype written and typos mostly removed already.  You are now being asked to write every day from dictation Phyllis as you are going to take dictation from Michael of Nebadon and from Jesus too.  Jesus is going to dictate a book length narrative of his view of religious development on Urantia since his death to present day.  Ron did explain that but you do not read carefully enough to gather full details.  Wenebojo is to do the same every day and you are to contribute your manuscripts to Ron, who will formulate them into a book form for publication quickly.  You are asked to write four pages, more or less per day until the dictation ends.  So is Wenebojo and so is Ron.  All three of you can assemble this book easily7 by the April deadline for the appearance of Monjoronson who is gratified Ron through of this quickly and implemented it at once.  K"...
This is the first tape.


I am Monjoronson and I thank you all for joining in to a somewhat confusing start to the AUS/NZ Lightline, the very problem that you are experiencing is certainly the website user dialed the right pin but unfortunately the wrong package deal of the website was selected in terms of the amount of users, it has been corrected and any toll free number that get dial now will certainly work and we are hoping that more will dial in shortly thank you.  Wendy I encourage you to continues researching other websites and toll free option that we can get this up running, it is not good to have such an interruption to a Lightline when we have a lot of people relying on this weekly call.

Ron speaking

Thank you Monjoronson and Wendy I am asking if we have an MC to take us through. Yes, this is Monjoronson, I am Monjoronson and I am here to instruct to all of you, that tonight’s conference call has one important announcement and Wendy we are going to let you do the announcement and we let Ron set it up for you and we are going to ask Sue Wiley to chime in with a broadcast that she has been preparing for the day.

Sue speaking

I have Monjoronson speaking. go ahead Monjoronson.  take a breathe and relief the pressure that you are feeling right now. what you are experiencing at this point in time is pressure, and its unsettling for most people. when you are feeling a lot of your life is changing and your government is doing what they have to do to save more lives if it’s all possible and they have measures that they are putting in place to do that. at this very moment this day, the state of Victoria have issued level 3 restriction, which means you have to stay home most of the time and only go out for essentials, like grocery and work, so you are restricted in a way and this pandemic is getting way from a lot of authorities and that they cannot find a way to control it.  it is a difficult one for them to contain, as you know there was a program at your T.V station that there have been studies previously years ago that this pandemic can spread quiet widely if it not checked, it is found that is the case and now they are putting in measures in place such as social distancing and broader control to curb that social spread that they found in their study years ago, and this will bring a dramatic change to the spread. And even saying that it’s going to be an awhile for it to be contained.  now apart from this subject I would like to share with you, the case of what we would like to do in the next few months for the magisterial mission. the magisterial mission comprises a team such as myself, Serara, Rayson, and many others coming on board to assist our work.  as you know the financial crisis that is under is very confining and unsettle in your very lives, you are not sure where this is going, so do we, but we understand your concerns and we are working on this trying to come up with a suitable plan and arrangement before we go ahead with it, but now we ask that you keep transmitting and do what you can support your government, stay home because it will save you from being contaminated as well, because we need you on board with us in the near future. and that is what I would like to share with you, and I call upon Wendy to pass on what she has received, thank you Monjoronson.

Wendy speaking

I am Monjoronson and thank you for that handover. I assure you that we will continue with this transmission quiet comfortably Wendy and no melancholy will be felt because all the doom and gloom out there seems to be weighing heavy upon everyone, and what we require with the transmitters is to be quiet centered and to restore balance rather than leaning over to those bad news and I thank you for turning the T.V off just for a short time and to go outside to smell the roses it was good to uplift your spirit and we encourage everyone of you to look to look at the positive in all that is happening now, I have a very strong reminder to those that are being called to work on the MM, this is a joyous work and it is the work that you are all well prepared for and each one of you standing ready and being our hands, ears and voice and that you are pleasant to work for an we are finding that your sense of balance is also a reliable way for us when we transmit, being overwhelming with the emotion has been very helpful so there is an announcement today and finally we are putting out a job description in place and we encourage everyone of you that your time is coming quiet soon that you would be working actively that know fully well your job description and your duties will be. it is a good test to each one of your as it was earlier in getting together to see how cohesion and how things fall in place quiet well when there is a willingness. stay with me Wendy lets no lose this connection. I am Monjoronson and Wendy is losing concentration.

Sue speaking

encouragement is always there just ask for it, your father-son adjuster is always ready to apply that for you there to apply when you ask in constant prayer and in tune with your adjuster and I your magisterial son is the same we are a tuned as one and that is why we called it a team we work in direct connection with the father-son adjusters mainly because we need to be serving on one page so to speak so we can be useful in services with one another and also with the people on this planet is very sensitive to how we go about the work that we do, and now we are finding the time at home and they are finding on their pate like never fore and this is the time for them to find out what does matter in their life, it is a wonderful time of peace in their heart, as Jesus always said seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall answer to you, so true how often we forget to do that, and that’s ok as we all understand that.

Ron speaking

This is Monjoronson Ron, you sitting here rattling the brain, you are telling it to shut up, it will not shut up it wants to go on a trip all by itself, it is in tune, you said it is in tune but you don’t know what it is, Ron said he doesn’t know what it is, it is not the supreme.

it is the deity absolute, yes deity absolute, thank you Ron, I am the deity absolute, and I tell you this every one of you, there is only four of you tonight, mainly because of Dingxin you accidently changed the packaged, I don’t know if you knew that or not, but it only allows 5 people, Ron tried to get in, and he was the 5th and it kept kicking him out, Elise tried 5 times and can’t get in, she will be loyal follower if you change things back to the way you have it, you need package 2, at least that’s what I think, you are trying to use package 1 as it is cheaper, but it doesn’t offer the service for more subscribers, I hope you understands that, Ron said do ahead and do what you need to do, just make sure that give him the data, once you sign on to a new service, that’s all, now this, I am the deity absolute, Ron is so sure of himself, he hardly worries whether the connection is real or not, Ron is connection genuinely good, it is strong, it is very strong deity absolute, the truth of the matter is, you speak distinctly and well and fully, Sue you need to raise your chin a little bit you will be just as good, dingxin you got to learn to transmit, you been slacking, Wendy you are doing beautifully, you almost fully recover where you were a year ago now this, I am the deity absolute and I control Urania whether the supreme wishes to slip in or Machiventa, or Michael, I am still in the top control, for the simple reason that Urania it itself is having trouble staying afloat as a living planet, the military complex has so contaminated the sea, the land and the air, they must be put to bed, we are going to distribute the US military , the most powerful on any planet in Nebadon, so that it serves man only, we are not going to allow it to go to war any longer, secondly AUS is going to be a magnificent place to live, we are going to move the trade winds back over to AUS , so you get plenty of rainfall not to the extent of flood, but that you might have luxurious forest again and plenty of animal life. dingxin, NZ is in desperate trouble in a little awhile, the tectonic plates about where you live exactly is about to slip into the sea, if it does it takes you with it, you have got to immigrate to AUS and do it without hesitation. Sue was told to go to NZ at one time, it would have been a terrible mistake Sue thank god you stayed in AUS.  We are finally getting the point that Ron is so ill, that he is almost fainting, that is not legal in the magisterial mission Ron, that we are not going to allow you to work with it, until they retrain the mind to accept that it has a new version of thought and a new version of sight, you will get use to it, you will see clearly, plainly, fully, and very sharp eye, and you requested the ultraviolet if you get it, we will see to it. yea this is Ron, if any of you have glimpse at the ultra violet light on Urania you are missing a pageantry, everything is so gorgeous in color I had it briefly when my thought adjuster came out in 1988, I had about 3 month of it, I would go out in the dark, and the sunfish would come up to feed from a little bread that I would thrower into the lake, their fins glowed with iridescent blue, red and gold, I have never seen such beautiful fins, but that was the ultra violet, flowers, people, rocks, sky, are gorgeous under the ultra violet, I hope when you are reconditioned that you have a chance to see it, before you leave Urania, deity absolute thank you for allowing the time.

This time I am going to say to you Ron, the ultra violet is also harsh when it comes to eye sight, you didn’t know this, no I didn’t know, it was pleasant to me, you have unusual eye sight then, I must have since I saw without strain, how wonderful we will provide it if we can, now this, I am the deity absolute, Dingxin we are going to run this tape until we are done with Ron, when Ron is done he will tell you so, but don’t close the Lightline, I want to talk to all of you without the tape running, with the tape running I’m telling you this, the truth of the matter is, Ron is well enough to do anything he decides he is strong enough to do, he is doing the Lightline, he did a wash he changed his bed, he went to the attic, we cleaned some things out of there, he made supper, and so on and so on, it is exhausting to him, but he did it anyway because he need to, now I reason I mention this is, Wendy you need to keep about your work, don’t let it slack, the coronavirus is not going to attack you, but be careful don’t invite it if you can help it, Dingxin your work as it is now is dangerously close to a hive of corona virus, it’s not in the building you are working, its right outside front, that is where people have thrown rubbish, and in the rubbish is the infection of the corona virus, don’t go near it, don’t even touch it, Sue, your hospital is a natural place for the coronavirus to get into so far your antiseptic and your work have prevented any coronavirus from getting near you, be careful always use antiseptic on your hand I suggest use it on your nose, your mouth, it will kill the corona virus, and this to you Ron, your neighbor bob is exposed to corona virus, he has no idea that he has an infection, if he is strong enough he will fight it off, but if he goes down with it, do not go near him, until the all clear s signed, I really depend on him, I know but leave it, I shall, thank you, this is the deity absolute, the truth of the matter is Ron, you are not going to do well for moment or two that is how bad it is for you right now, the fact of the matter is, you almost fainted twice today, for the a lack stamina to even climb the stairs, you were so angry, the truth of the matter is it will kill you be careful, now this, the truth of the matter is for all of you, for dingxin for Wendy, for sun Wiley for Ron Besser, each of you are going to be remade and improved, it’s going to cost you a few days in bed, sue be prepared to take sick leave when it hits, Wendy you are already home, don’t mind being in bed in couple of days and all you want to do is sleep, dingxin watch out for your boss, he doesn’t understand your wily ways, and is looking for ways to trim staff do as he ask, no sad remarks, and let us see what comes to you for your benefit, we think you got a surprise coming, keep your hope up dingxin, jack as Ron calls you, now this, I want you now jack to announce the end of the tape, turn it off, don’t close Lightline, we will wait.
Ron,  first of all, a big "Thank you", for such a magnificent posting that contained a veritable

library of information.    

The world is in such a turmoil now that it seems impossible to even think of such events coming

to take place.

Let us pray that when the world is free from the Coronavirus it will recognize that something

new is happening and that the old has gone forever.

So bring on the new and let us all praise and give thanks to HIM who dwells within each of us.


So many people throughout
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