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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / T/Ring
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 05:43:32 am »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: T/Ring
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 30th May 2020  11.43 Local  09:43 Z
« Last post by Clency on Today at 02:36:43 am »
Here is the audio recording link of the Lightline France conference call of the 29/05/2020 :

We were honored by the presence of Machiventa Melchizedek as the MC and all along the session, the latest news and developments about the actual situations were shared to the attendees.
Our next meeting is scheduled on Friday 05/06/2020 at 8 pm (20h) local time.

Call number : 07 56 75 00 04
Access code : 119146#

You are welcome
You Valerie, and another I spoke to today, are doing what should never be done and that is to cross examine spirit in your mental attitude to expect a transmission.  You are so head strong your selfhood blasts through obstacles well but that is not how spirit reacts to a profligate before the alter.
For this reason, and for your own understanding, the best way for yourself to allow a natural transfer to hearing transmissions is to stop what you are doing to get a transmission.  What you are doing never gets a transmission except beeps and squeals now and then.  I recommend the same to another today as strong wills like yours in particular take getting used to on the level of a transmitter attempting to settle your approach and then find their work with you blocked for what is almost anger and not getting what you feel you deserve.  You can keep on doing this practice but it is not the way to get what you want in perpetuity.
I also point out to you SonsofGod, and for your own comfort level, you need to stop seeking approval of people as much as you do.  They are useless to help and their approval is not worth much in most cases, but they will always find your weak spit to push back out of their face when you get to lecturing.  IT is so easy to do wrong I catch myself to be sure to not even enter that phase of speaking and let a lot go by simply because you can never correct mistakes from minds that never hear the higher values you do.  With that said, please avoid that damn church group if you ever want to have your own self worth restored.  It appears to be typical of the layperson in churches today who know self righteousness and never understand they could learn much more from a better approach to the subject of spirit by just shutting up most of the time. 

Public discussion groups with chairs in a cricle of so can be mobs if large enough and fiver or more can turn into a mob so easily it best to watch your criticism of the temporary insanity they accuse you of.  You do well as you are being done to develop yourself as you go and let things accrue to you and you will have what you want to acquire for sure in the gentle passage of time and not in the presence of the quagmire of Christian faithers.  I am a little harsh but you are pressing buttons and do not know it for yourself.  Never is it an easy road to acquire wisdom without being dumped on the boards a dozen times before you catch on no one has much to offer a budding soul like yours but lots of misunderstanding about what you are trying to learn.  Best wishes for a better performance of your self before the transmitters, but give it up for a little while and go back to it wonder what will happen.  That will get you a transmission I am fairly sure. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Valerie, Rong gets put out over slips like you who insist on performance but never fully understand your approach makes success unlikely.  He is right to stop pontificating before church people who do not have your insight or education and that is always a dangerous thing to your self worth.  No one is going to give you anything and as Ron says, develop these things quietly in your own way and stop pontificating in groups that have no real measure of what God is except through painfully short scripture.  Eat well and stop trying for awhile as Ron stipuylates as it burns a hold in your brain so to speak and that is all you notice. I am with you in these things but cannot help you transmit when you have no light to transmit to.  Understand you are to slow to realize just wanting something gives it to you and you know that from all sorts of scrapes you have gotten into for many reasons known only to you.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and wish you all a good day. K"


Speaking to Sue first, for it happened to me too, I lost the whole thing by clicking on the next tab for one moment to see something, and when I clicked back to the mail all was gone, perhaps due to momentary Wi-Fi outage, so annoying. Although I have the original, I made many changes here that are gone, good luck to me to get it right again. Also, I needed to do other things so it is getting late to post this, but here it goes,

Early this morning I asked for a transmission, while last night fell to sleep over reading a paper in the Urantia book. Perhaps I was somewhat inspired by the sentence quoted below and other personal experiences to get the message that came to me.

Inspiration: 97:10.1 (1075.6) Their leaders had taught the Israelites that they were a chosen people, not for special indulgence and monopoly of divine favor, but for the special service of carrying the truth of the one God over all to every nation.

Now about the influential personal experience. Yesterday evening I partook in a meeting that our ministry held to align projects with volunteers and address some problems. Yet the theme of the meeting from the head was not to address wrongdoings on a personal level, only state what needs to change, but that was not even done. Then those who are guilty of wrongdoing (arrogance, cursing, forceful language and assertion of power by threatening body language) were reassured of their positions without any repercussion. What the devil? I spoke up about the need for repentance, coming judgment and shaking, and people either smiled, laughed at me, or rebuked me, one even called me a false prophet. Then the same person spoke up that nobody should tell her anything, she knows what she is doing and how to do it. This infect is obviously not true, but self-righteousness would never allow one to see her wrong. Thus, this obstruction of truth and righteous indignation might have opened me to receive a message in this area as follows:  

Date: 5/29/20 4:44 am

I have invited my Thought Adjuster and Spirit of Truth (for they work together within) to give me a transmission.


Dishonesty is the butchery of the truth. You may not like it when we tell you the truth because it may be hurting you to make it yours, but only the truth can set you free. Many people would not tell the truth because they think they exercise mercy. And so, they will be nice into your face for thinking that is the way of love, the way of kindness, mercy, patience and self-control. All of these are the fruit of the Spirit and it is maturity that you will not tear down the house of truth to get your point across, the temple of God’s dwelling and place of worship that you should love and respect in each person. Yet that does not excuse you to let that person, your sister and brother, keep going the hard way and you would not shed light to their feet to make their way visible and easier, and help their steps be steady.

So then, you may want to shed the light gently, not like a police officer that scares the life out of you, but like one who walks alongside a person and holds a flashlight to walk in the light one step at the time together. There are times like this when you need each other, and there are times when heaven’s light, your indwelling Thought Adjuster and Spirit of Truth so illuminate your being that you become a bacon of light, a lighthouse that leads others to the truth, but Truth cannot be hidden or covered with your caution to prevent it to come out.

Then there is the receiver of the revealed truth and there always be one who cannot accept it, and you should love them anyway. That will soften their heart and lighten their burden to receive it another time. They may have more to carry then they would even know about, weight down by the ways of the world and the deceitfulness of life, and it is hard for them to break the truth down.

Now is the time to become one and not many, that you all are one, one family of one Father, one Truth and you need one another.  Pray that we remove the boundaries, the false concepts that makes you cocooned into a hard shell to keep you separated for life. The coming fire in the Spirit will soften, melt and make no effect that outer shell, and that will allow for you to have a breakthrough into the reality of who you really are, who you were created to be. Just be ready to receive the TRUTH.                


My sisters and brothers. It has been 12 days that I have opened my heart every morning at 4:44 am and after a short prayer waited in expectation to receive a transmission. Ron encouraged me to share my experience, so here it is. I wrote something almost daily, mostly about my service to God and my situations, thus my feeling was that I already know these things, while also recognized that it is from the Spirit and not from the flesh. Same applies for the message above. There is a message in it for me too that I know but not always do, namely to love the unlovable (love them anyway). I agree with that, but not so good at doing it yet as Jesus was, for it takes all humility and selflessness.  This therefore was a reminder for me from the Spirit that serves for proof that the message is from Him. Since we are continually being filled with the world of God over the years, especially if that is all we want to take in, words like the above message are pouring out effortlessly in volumes unto paper, in fact never stops coming when I set aside time to receive. The question is not if it is Spirit or flesh, rather if it is Spirit or information stored up already in the subconscious? And if our subconscious speaking, can it be trained and subdued in the Spirit? Is that when fusion takes place? Could anyone help please? Could this be called a transmission?

Wenebojo once wrote that when he reads what he penned down he knows he could not possibly write it by himself. Yet when he is put on the spot during Lightline live events to receive a transmission, he may feel he does not hear anything and I do experience the same when I sit and wait. Interestingly, over the years I have heard God speaking to me many different ways (loud from space, small still voice, in the heart, out of my belly, in my head, next to my ear (angels?), dreams, visions, signs and wonders, miracles, visitations, banner in my head, and book volumes of writings about the coming days, redemption, life in, structure, and principles of the Kingdom of God. I have received many prophecies from and gave prophecies to others, and the Lord once showed me how it feels when prayers are bouncing back from the grid (or brass as scripture says) and not received by God. After all these effortless experiences transmitting seems to be on a whole different level! What is a transmission? What is the difference between hearing God by the leading of the Spirit or receiving a transmission verbatim? That reminds me that I have received a dictation from the Lord before, which was verbatim. There are Christian prophets who are actually taking transmissions daily, in my opinion, as opposed to just prophecies (future telling). They build up, edify, warn and equip us, and speaking of God’s doings on their respective territories. What is the difference?    

We have read celestials lamenting on this forum that some of us would not even be interested to hear a transmission. That was me for a while, thinking that transmitting is a calling, a service to God that I am not called to do, since I have already received my calling (then was advised to let it go until we receive our assignments or reassignments).

I kept meditating over these sayings to realize what an ignorant position I was taking, for what would be more important or more valuable than hearing the Voice of God, no matter what I am called to do, beside that hearing the Voice of God is a must in order to walk out any calling. After my Thought Adjuster weeded out my erroneous thinking, I decided to practice receiving transmissions and gained sincere interest. Note that during this time I continued hearing answers to my questions from my indwelling Spirit and even Celestials, but they were short and right to the point. That I do not consider a transmission either. This I shared preliminary as I believe was needed, in order to understand my experiences.

Now I will summarize the advises I have gathered about transmitting that may help others also. Do it in the same time without missing a day, pray and be expectant, wait patiently at the beginning starting with 5-10 minutes at a time. Michael of Nebadon also said to ask for a transmission and immediately start writing what we hear. His advice was very helpful to me because before he said that I asked for transmission and waited, but did not step out on faith to grab the pan and start writing, thus celestials said nothing more after they have introduced themselves. Father Michael’s advice reminds me of the scripture “open your mouth and I will fill it”. So, I obeyed all this and now about the various daily experiences.  

During these practice days there were different experiences of various energy fields on this receiving end. The worst was that the second day my alarm clock failed me as I failed to save the setting I have entered, the second worse was drifting into Alpha(?) brainwaves and struggle to stay awake, which is a lost case. Other times (two times distinctly) I felt pressure on my head and even felt that my crown charka opened with alertness. Impressions (as if words without audible voice) began to enter my head at or through the crown charka ever so softly, as if a butterfly would land on the top of my head, until my mind put a stop to it all with judging what I just heard. In most cases disquieting the chatter in my head takes the greatest effort, but not when the message flows like above, only in-between.  

One other time I heard, “this is your Thought Adjuster, my name is Paramagua. The next day I tried to guesswork His name as tried to remember it, which proves to me that this was either my imagination (influenced by what others heard) or that doubt and unbelief messes up everything. Other times I asked for my teacher and I heard TWICE that my teacher is Welmek. My mind immediately protested that is not possible! He is too high in authority that he would become my teacher. So now I no longer hear it and even ashamed for having such thought. I feel I stocked with these problems and unable to move forward. I am not even sure if I can disquiet my mind for it is so quick to judge, correct and know it better that I am in a warzone with it. The mind gets lauder with the wait, and ruins all potential transmissions. Apostle Paul said, and he was one of the most dedicated servants ever lived, ‘the mind is ALWAYS enmity to God. He had his struggles with his mind and although wrote many chapters in the Bible (letters to the churches that was selected to be part of the sacred writings), I never heard that they would be considered transmissions. What are they then?

I also say to myself; it cannot be that I do not hear God! I know I hear Him. What is the answer? Amethyst once suggested practice calls and that is a great idea, but in the meantime it would be very helpful if someone could confirm those names for me please, true or false, or would take a short transmission please from my Thought Adjuster or Whomsoever willing and in the Light, for sake of correction. I hope someone would help me through this mind-filled-mud-puddle and put me back on the right track. Thanks a million
TRANSLATIONS / 29.5.2020 – Dezaktualizacja piątego epokowego objawienia
« Last post by Andre_P on May 29, 2020, 11:09:46 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Napisał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Fala energii wibracyjnej
« Odpowiedź nr 3, 29 maja 2020 r., godz. 06:44:36 »

(Jeden urywek z tej wiadomości)

. . . Oto najpoważniejsza rzecz do rozważenia w tej chwili :

Piąte epokowe objawienie jest obecnie błędne. Czy to rozumiecie ? Uczą tego, jakby to była ewangelia, a znaczna część tego obecnie nie jest wcale uczona prawidłowo nic a nic, a jednak poświęca się na to ogromną ilość czasu i miejsca, żeby uczyć zasadniczo tego, co wydarzyło się rok świetlny temu. Nikt mi nie przyzna, że jest to nagłe pojawienie się najcięższych konsekwencji dla Urantii, jeśli sobie nie uświadomimy, że to, o czym się teraz mówi na Międzynarodowym Uniwersytecie Urantii (Urantia University International), jest czystą bzdurą, gdy to dotyczy Raju lub Salvingtonu. Piąte epokowe objawienie jest teraz obalone i zatrzymane jako jasny punkt na Urantii i obecnie zawali każdą prawdziwą reformę religii na Urantii, dopóki nie będzie można doprowadzić tego do zgody z tym, co się stało i zupełnie zaburzyło Raj, Salvington i Federację Nebadonu.

Biuletyn 16 kończy się propozycją wniesienia tego, czego organizacje edukacyjne piątego epokowego objawienia tak naprawdę nie rozumieją, dlaczego w ogóle muszą się o tym dowiedzieć. Czy możecie w to uwierzyć ? Duch informuje mnie dzisiaj, że Uniwersytet Urantii przyjmuje wysłane im rady jako brednie i odmawia dalszego omawiania Biuletynu z powodu trudności w czytaniu przez jednego z uczestników planu nauczania, który w ten sposób idzie w diabły albo w wielką wodę. Trzeba by teraz spychacza, żeby ich ruszyć, a ja nie jestem w nastroju, aby dalej bawić się w karmienie niemowląt . . .
General Discussion / Re: Vibrational Energy Surge Event
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 29, 2020, 06:44:36 am »
Sue, thank you.  I am glad you got some sense out of the explanations offered to you in the post I made back to you on your questions concerning what happened to you.

What happened to you is a small miracle.  Know that.  For your information I had a similar experience back in March when they cleaned me up, and examined me for the health problems and removed viruses and distemper caused by fury over the inability of any man or woman being able to understand that epochal revelation changes.  It does and those idiots have been warned and warned and warned and they do nothing but grasp irritation over those of us who have been informed just what has changed.  You have a tough road to hoe very soon.  I do too but in what form I take I am not informed at all in spite what has been said now and then.

Here is the most serious thing to contemplate right now:

The 5th epochal revelation is in error now.  Do you understand that?  It is being tuaght as though it is the gospel and much of it now fails to teach properly much of anyhting at all, and yet there is a huge investment in time and place to teach essentially what happened a light year ago.  No one will admit to me that this is an emergency of t he gravest consequences to Urantia unless it is realized that what is spoken to now in the Urantia University International, is pure bunk insofar as Paradise is concerned or Salvington can know.  The 5th epochal revelation is now standing as refuted and stopped as a bright spot on Urantia, and now will collapse any real reform to Urantia religions until it can be brought back into alignment with what has happened to fully distemper Paradise and Salvington and the Nebadon Federation.

Bulletin 16 ends with a proposal to bring educational organizations about the 5th epochal r4velation actually do not understand why they have to be advised of this at all.  Can you believe that?  Spirit informs me today that the Urantia University takes the Advisory sent to them as poppycock and refuses to discuss the Bulletin further due to a difficulty in reading by one of the adherents to the teaching schedule come hell or high water/  IT now takes a bulldozer to move them again and I am not in the mood to play feed the babies much more.  In any case Sue, recognize you are fortunate to have received the divine unction to clear problems you always face in attempting to align yourself with required changes to your existence and to your needs as a human being, mother, and ex-wife, and all.  That is hard stuff to drink and you get a little drunk over the headaches it brings, but essentially you have been cleared mentally to deal with it properly now.  Go to it! 

General Discussion / Re: Vibrational Energy Surge Event
« Last post by 7inOcean on May 29, 2020, 06:00:19 am »
To Ron, Michael of Nebadon, the Magisterial Sons and the Universal Father, I would like to say thank you to the explanations given to my post on the energy surge. It helps to know that surge is to help me in clearing out the lumps and bumps that may be there, if any. I appreciate the work in this area and that it may improve things as it goes. I understand how it can be for some of us going through these health checks and remediations and how we humans can at times yelp if it is painful. For that reason I understand Ron’s take on his body treatments so far. In my case, it is true, I tend to keep it to myself and not yell as much. Ron, on the other hand, has shown and spoken up in distaste to the pain he suffers daily. It is a human thing to do in all fairness. I do it too if it gets me going in great dislike.

I also am aware of the statements being made of our readiness any moment now as the Magisterial Mission stands ready to start their work. I stand ready with the Father’s help and remain calm and steady as it goes. My prayers be with you all and that there are clearances for all who love the FATHER, and may the Magisterial Sons succeed in what they are to be tasked with soon. It is a funny thing that I typed this up early this morning to post it before I went to work, but it somehow got deleted as I may have bumped some keys to cause it to disappear to my annoyance. So, I am making sure I type it in my edited version tonight to copy and paste, instead of typing in the Reply post window of the forum as it was there that I lost my initial typing this morning. Anyhow, it stands to be said, I am grateful for the sharing of the words above through Ron and I see that Father Michael  and the Magisterial Sons are very understanding of the situation we are in. I look forward to the surprises coming in a few short days. Godspeed!

« Last post by occerpa on May 29, 2020, 05:50:43 am »
I also want to express my appreciation to Lemuel for this important effort to provide Spanish-speaking people with a conference call in our language. Thank you very much Lemuel and very sure that each week both the content and the domain of the translation will improve.
Many thanks to Machiventa Melchizedek, Father Michael and Tarkas for their messages.
« Last post by Andre_P on May 29, 2020, 05:00:00 am »
Hi felibon
Maybe you could, or someone else speaking Spanish, do a summary or transcribe
LIGHTLINE ESPAÑOL, it would interest me very much for my translations into Polish. I don't know much Spanish, but I think I would be able to improve the translation of Google from Spanish into Polish.
« Last post by felibon on May 28, 2020, 08:36:29 pm »
Thanks Lemuel  for your big effort.. I’ve listen the record
Late at night..
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