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Thank you both for your kind evaluation.  It took me three days of writing and actually all three were rewritten twice and then I am still concerned that it is not enough.  But at some point I have to give up the effort as I worry to the point I do not sleep well about things like this.

Sue, one of the things I did not cover is the psychic circles.  I have mentioned several times now and it is confirmed today, there are no psychic circles to evaluate spirit progress for the human in his infancy on Urantia.  Adjusters transfer the learning we have to their own insidedness as part of themselves too, so the supreme was not the only high being that could use and evaluate the worth of our individual experiences.  But when the supreme crashed so did the idea of psychic circles go down too.  The Master Spirits look at the old way of evaluating us through psychic circles acquirement, and are generally in favor of reestablishing the criteria, but so far they see no good relevance to put them back in place.

Agondonter status, which is a morontial designation to humans when they come over now, and is not a status on Urantia now or any other inhabited human planet.  Michael has decreed that if you worked your tail off to help God on your natal planet, then when you die and come over, you will be assigned agondonter status there and then.  Most people here Sue, and I mean on this web site who read it regularly will have their agondonter status revised when they are resurrected. 

For those who do not know what agondonter status is, the label is affixed to our names because we believed in God without a representative of God being present.  No contactable rep of God exists on our planet ever since the big rebellion that started over 250,000 years ago and lasted until 1986 when it finally was adjudicated by the Uversa Supreme Court.  Uversa is the planetary capital of a superuniverse we live in called Orvonton.  Orvonton has three top rulers, the thre Ancients of Days and they were created by the Paradise Trinity to handle one tough job of administration.  There are a total of seven super time galaxies and each one is ruled by 3 Ancients of Days and it is they who are the Supreme Court judges as only they are allowed to decree life and death punishment.

Agondonter status, when it is won on one's natal planet by behavior that sees to the workings of God on that planet, is worthy of a brief look as to just what it means to be an agondonter.  Some people capitalize it, but I leave it in small letters only because we have so many capitalized words these days I just leave it as a title for any of you who love God and tried to make Him known in your community.  Unfortunately on this planet we have not had a visible representative of God for over 38,000 years.  We have forgotten, because of that, what it is like to make visible contact with such divine persons.  But that should change when the Magisterial Missions allow the re-appearance of a visible representative of God once more.

Being an agondonter when resurrected means you are placed in a set aside place on the worlds of your resurrection.  Our earth belongs to a Planetary System that has about 642 inhabited planets in it.  Of that 642 number, 86% if them are human and they all look remarkably like us.  Only when you observe humans outside of our planetary system do you get what you might call and alien looking like a thin Casper the ghost or some pointy faced ones.  Those are visitors we glimpsed usually from two Planetary Systems found in what earth calls the cluster of stars named Andromadeus.

Our Constellation leader, Andromadeus, likes the name so much he names Himself to us as Andromadeus when he speaks to us  We should recognize that this Planetary System earth belongs to having a total of 642 inhabited planets, the remaining 14 percent inhabited are Midsoniters, and they look like we humans, but have a life span of 500 earth years if they lived on Urantia.  Just realize all of these planets share one set of resurrection worlds, and they have their equivalent of being agondonters too.  All meet, if you are an agondonter, in the special sector of agondonter activities on the mansion worlds used only for this particular planetary system.

"I am delighted to share this through Ron this morning as he is ready to quit the entire charade of work if he cannot get free of his pain and suffering brought on by a big fight he had with the Creative Spirit when she insisted he  bow to her insistence to modify his life or die.  He said she was shameful for even suggesting to cut across the free will prerogatives all humans have to choose their path if possible and they fell to very serious disagreements.  That cost him his legs and his eyes and now his heart and soul.  He is an agondonter as is Sue and Wendy and Lemuel and Amethyst and all of the rest of you for sure.  What sets some of you apart though is that Ron has insisted you learn to transmit and transmit well.  That earns you more status and on the sector that houses agondonters, there is one neighborhood set aside for those who can transmit.  It is a special privilege and no one ever loses it once you are resurrected with it attending upon you personally.

"Ron will never lose that status and he never lets it go if there is a lesson to teach.  Agondonters have six different ways of becoming FINALITERS.  The Finaliter status pertains mostly to hose humans now who have proven themselves ready to fight the good fight for the appearance of a Mission Son or for the FATHER Himself before the tribunals of time.

"For that reason, you Sue and Ron in particular, will be awarded the Grand Cross of Urantia, and wear it as a privilege on Urantia sectors only when you teach on the mansion worlds what it means to be an agondonter.  You Ron look at the agondonter status as passing, but it does not now.  The Urantia Book tells that it does disappear once you become a spirit, but no more, as the agondonter experience is now a permanent part of your record and that stands mighty high among beings who are so fought over they hardly know what day it is answering questions you have about why they stay in the Local Universe instead of becoming Finaliters.

Finaliters may disappear as a status now that the supreme is dead and gone.  The Finaliter took an oath to the Paradise Trinity to serve it alone, and Ron already has sworn such and it stands on the record that he has done so.  However. the supreme looked at agondonter status as a miss-firing of Justice, and ordered all Finaliters to obey one command:  serve the supreme first.

"Ron so seriously disagreed wit that injunction he threw the supreme out of mind and reminded him that those who are indwelt with Adjusters always have their allegiance to the Paradise Father and no one dare question it.  The supteme proceeded to blind Ron there an then.

"Agondonter status also confers the ability to know the supreme once more not but to know the Master Spirit of jurisdiction over any particular group of humans who are resurrected with agondonter status.  In this case on Urantia, those who carry that status forward into the mansion worlds, they also become wards of the Most Highs.  There they become more and much is held back at this point, except to say agondonter status is now rare and it should be, but that is a story for another day too..  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. k"


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Where is Sue ?
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Mind is everywhere, and consciousness is in everything” – from an inspirational quote.
The human brain is divided in several parts, and this is where the mind operates, but is not limited to it. Effectively, we can think with any part of ourselves – with our heart, telling us what to do in any given situation, what our gut instinct says to us, what our intuition (third eye) tells us and the liver, the spleen, maybe even sexual organs are the impulses of decision making.
Thoughts are real; they’re things. Recognizing this can help us attain a better understanding of what constitutes “mind” and “consciousness.” Mind is split into three basic parts: conscious, subconscious and superconscious. We can describe the conscious mind as the state of living in the waking, physical world, which is governed by the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

This world is a finite one, and it’s where most humans choose to live. The world where they can physically see, hear, smell, touch and taste is a world they can be sure of and know. But they’re missing out, big time! There’s so much more.

The real you—the “soul” you—resides in your subconscious mind. This part of the mind never sleeps. You get an inkling of that fact when you go to bed at night and dream, because you dream within the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is made up of four parts: emotional, lower astral, upper astral and mental. These are the inner levels of mind. Just as you have a waking conscious mind, you also have an “inner you” that’s constantly in dialogue with yourself, constantly giving you messages.” – Excerpt from an article.

In the light of what is said in this article, my question is how can a transmitter know that he/she is transmitting from his/her subconscious ? For those who want to learn or are just start learning to transmit, there should be a guide, available to all on the forum, that explain, step by step, about the composites of the brain ( the pineal and hippocampus glands) and the different functions of the mind (subconscious, conscious, superconscious), all the elements that make a transmission what it is really. Such informations would enormously help those who dearly want to receive messages from Celestials. Domtia
These three posts are just wonderful.  They explain to any layman interested in understanding the forum better, as well as the current condition of the planet and the goings on as a result of unrelenting rebellion, a perspective that is very succinct and on point.  It is unfortunate that more details are not available to us at this time, but just understanding the basics is  extremely valuable.  You wrote them very plainly and very understandably and I hope everyone, both guests and members are able to benefit from them. 
     We seem to be in a drifting pattern right now, uncertain of where all of this is taking us, but when you think about it, isn't that the way it has always been on Urantia?  
see link for article:
I  just came across this and thought to share this article with you all. It caught my attention because the statement "no silver bullet to coronovirus and there might never be.." is quite a startling conclusion to make. I find it rather alarming and disturbing at the same time that even though there are vaccines on trials, the WHO is making statements that seem to me rather premature to make just yet, but why would they do that now? Does this mean they lack confidence in these vaccine trials or is there something else they know that makes them to come to that rather unassurring statement? I am not sure what to make of it, but only to notice it does not sound good if the WHO is coming out to say something so damaging as this sounds. What do you make of it folks? 

It looks like they are trying to prepare us for a new "normal" as we will not be able to go back to the old "normal".

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Where is Sue ?
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Goodness Ron, I appreciate all of that. I guess I feel like a kid at a candy store and although enticing, I failed to see it for what it is. Fact and Fiction mixed up. Tompkins was an aerospace designer mostly and has probably picked up pieces of info here and there and does not know much of antigravity except it was a feature discovered. Salla went into it more. In the end, it was an interesting sidestep anyhow to read and I do realise that I dropped off from the serious t/ring because of this distraction. I do need to get back to the original plan and work with Rayson or whoever that wishes to speak on subjects that needs to be covered and this does not necessarily be scientific in nature as you suggest, but on the matters of Spirit concern for our universal careers. I will need to stop bumbling and collect myself and get on with staying with the good horse of practicing makes perfect. Thank you for whipping me back into shape old man and I enjoyed some of the insights you have shared in relation to the moon. It makes sense now.

I will need to understand the subconscious thing you mentioned, could it be possible for you to explain that more and how that tricks some of us in the process of transmitting.

As I see it, yeah well sometimes it's my thinking come in and not listening to the teacher. If that is the case, then I will need to be quick to stop and question it and then ask the teacher to resume. The only thing here is some subjects or terms may come up and it causes our interpretation in human language to convey it. So do I just stop there and ask for the teacher to interpret it instead? This is such a grey area I admit as it blurs in the mind to register it to make sense of it. I hope this is correct in the way I see it. There are times I just stop and can’t go any further as it is an energy drain. I have to be quick to know that too and not push the envelope too far and yes I do need to think on what is being conveyed as well. So in that case there is a two way channel happening between the teacher and the scribe as things get exchanged. What I do not get is how the subconscious get used in the mix, if any. I would have thought to use the senses, the intuition, perception, language understanding and faith in receiving what is being relayed as veritable. Is it guess work or is it mainly to do with intuitive work in the mind?Where is the subconscious? Is it the guess work that intrudes the discussion from the teacher? If the scribe listens intently and is patient, then it is not me but a spirit input that mind did not even come up with but is placed there to hear it and so it is written using my sensible abilities. If something does not make sense, then it is good to just stop there and query it as to what that was and to explain it, can that happen in the exchange?

This morning Machiventia is budding up with me to coach me back into t/ring. And the use of one line sentences was exchanged with the word “SEE” and then I may reply “YES SEE”. The simplicity of exchange is warming and yet it is with clarity and no beating around the bush. I sense there is a resumption for me to get going and avail myself in a more relaxed way to receive. I am not required to do the previous punctual method but to take it as it comes whenever it occurs when I am at my most relaxed and casual state of composure. Machiventia encouraged me to just sit down in your soft chair and start the old pen in the notebook method and just let it roll what he has to speak to as he is to be the main one I will be exchanging with for the time being. I wish to thank you for your response as it is a great help and I am slowly regaining my composure as I seemed to have gone into a fog and did not know what was happening to me in the past weeks as I got so distracted with different agendas. I just need to put them in a box and tape it up and move on. I wish to thank Machiventia for getting me back to square one and reboot the process. So often, this may happen and I need to be on guard as it can crop up and knock me off the perch. Bumble Sue is back! Gee weez what a slip when I trip over the proverbial bump of healthy criticism along the way. Well at least I can laugh at myself and get back on the horse to trot along, this time I will have to hold on the reins more tightly, hold on to my hat and ask for directions as the horse knows where to go better than I do.

Bumble Bee Sue/7inOcean

P.S. If you look at the websites to keep you informed of the rolling drama of the COVID-19 pandemic happening in Victoria here it is:

We are in a State of Disaster. Melbourne is in a Stage 4 lockdown. Geelong/Regional Victoria is in Stage 3 as of this Wednesday, Mask wearing is mandatory in public areas and Melbourne has a night curfew as well. The cases in the state keep rising in the three digits and the death toll is rising as well. Most of it is social transmission and it is for that reason the lockdowns are now put in place to try to contain the spread. The other States are watching and following health guidelines as well as to what is occurring in the state of Victoria. I am okay so far but have to stay vigilant and obey the rules as we all must in order to stay safe from getting infected. I still work and have to follow protocols there too. It is very confronting yet good to know certain containment are being placed to try to minimise or eliminate this virus spreading. Let us hope the vaccine can work and be out for the public by the end of this year as we are going to need it for sure. Sue.

These three papers are tremendous. I enjoyed reading these papers you have put together so well to explain the point of the Site and its purpose. I also see it as a good Introduction piece for Members and Guests who frequent this Site and it is such a nice refresher course as well as an update to the history of Spiritual influence we all can do with knowing about.  I also see that the very fact you have placed these three papers points to me to act as a precursor to prepare the readers for what is coming with the future plans for our planet and for our eternal life as well. It gives the reader a sense of what happened, is happening and what to expect. In addition to the quandary we are in dealing with the loss of god the supreme and how the universe administrators are to work around that massive loss as you have explained well in Part 3. This appears to be still a work-in-progress and how this affects the Ascension Careers of those who hail from the “World of the Cross”. Yes, it is interesting that we are being visited by tourists and that our planet label is such an embarrassment. I wonder what we are called when we get to the Mansion Worlds!?! Would we be frowned upon or would we who have traversed the psychic circles and have reached our morontial circles, then it would appear something extraordinary coming out of dirty ole’ Urantia!? I would be in reverent awe with how the Father has worked in the lives of those of us who have reached such a spirit status, the “Agondonters from Urantia” who have believed regardless of the murderers and the rebels who keep hitting us like a soccer ball in the field of Urantia - That is surely to be a rare thing to see. The tourist would be the ones who will need to learn what it is like to wade through the mud of Urantia without complaining about how awful the mud is and still keep the chin up despite it. Thank you so very much for these papers Ron. It should be locked in place for all time as they are good starting points as essential readings for all readers when this Discussion Forum Site does God Willing, become so very popular soon. 

I consider them so highly, I have copied and pasted these into my files as they are so handy to have to share with any newcomer that may take an interest in this Site and in the Urantia Book. Obviously, the more people discover and read TUB, the better it would be in understanding this Site and what we are talking about here. I think it a prerequisite for any visitor to this Site to first read and get familiar with the Urantia Book before coming along here on this Site and you have made that abundantly clear. 

Thank you and God bless you Ron for this valuable work.

Hi everyone.
 Yesterday we held Lightline for all El Salvadore, with a total of 8 attendees.
 The Universal Father was our MC and the main topic was an update of the latest incursions of the rebels in Urantia.
Our next Lightline will be on Sunday August 9th at 5:30 PM .
 You are all invited.
Next is the link to listen the tape in Spanish of our Lightline 08/02/20.
Thank you.
TRANSLATIONS / 3.8.2020 – To Tata ?
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekaz: Wenebojo, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / TATA ?
« 2 sierpnia 2020 r., godz. 12:36:06 »

Przekazujący : Wenebojo
Data : 2.8.2020

Tu MELCHIZEDEK MACHIEWENTA. Uczyniłeś swój umysł jak pustynię, więc mogę łamać z tobą chleb. Przyjąłem więc twoje zaproszenie i na razie wszedłem do tego namiotu, tak jak robiłem z innymi wiele lat temu jako „Mędrzec z Salem”. Nadchodzą wiatry zmian. Ta rozmowa ma być ciszą przed burzą. Pamiętaj, że dopóki przebywasz w tym namiocie lub w łączności duchowej, nic nie może ci zaszkodzić. Tam, gdzie zdecydujesz się założyć to królestwo, tam będzie twój protektorat, czy to w tymczasowej siedzibie, takiej jak namiot, czy w wiecznej, którą masz teraz ze mną. Oczywiście każdy namiot jest tylko taki mocny, jak jego podstawa, na której go postawisz. Twoim fundamentem jest twój Ojciec, BÓG. Jeśli wybierzesz ten niebiański obóz, wtedy i tylko wtedy nie będzie tam nic poza tobą, ponieważ jesteś teraz w BOGU, gdzie wszystko JEST!

Inni mogą równie dobrze wciąż przychodzić i odchodzić, jakby nie mogli przepowiedzieć znaków tych czasów prowadzących do nadchodzących dni. Gdyby tylko oni też rozumieli, że jeśli będą mieli belkę nośną, to ich namiot się nie zawali. Wtedy oni również mogliby „być cicho i poznać Boga” nie patrząc na burze, które pojawiają się na zewnątrz. Jednak już niedługo wszyscy będziecie świadkami tego, jak to tymczasowe miasto namiotowe też upadnie pod jego stopami. Nie można przecenić tego słynnego zwrotu „być jak dziecko”. Przypomina to dziecko wiszące u nogawki spodni ojca, kiedy się boi. Weź ten obraz i zrób to w dowolnym momencie, gdy jest najmniejsza wątpliwość, kto tu rządzi. Trzymajcie się więc myśli, że twój Ojciec jest bliżej ciebie niż zasięg rąk dziecka, tak.

Czego więc masz się bać, gdy jesteś w obecności Miłości ? Proś o tę wspólnotę duchową, a będzie ona trwała tak długo, jak zechcesz. Zostań w tym namiocie, żeby mieć ją zawsze. Przyjmijcie ten chleb ode mnie dla siebie i pozwólcie sobie być gospodarzem BOGA. Pijcie te słowa i bądźcie szczęśliwi. Pozostańcie zawsze upojeni miłością waszego Ojca do was. W tym stanie nie może wam się przydarzyć nic, co nie jest z Woli Ojca wobec jego syna. Wystarczy, że poczuje lekkie szarpnięcie za nogawkę spodni, a On naprawdę podniesie cię i czule przytuli, bo myślałeś, że się zgubiłeś, ale teraz zostałeś znaleziony. Jego radość należy do ciebie, aby mieć ją na zawsze i zachować. Wszechświat wszechświatów czeka w bezruchu, jakby na krawędzi krzeseł, aż same te słowa wyjdą z twoich małych ust, kiedy rozpoznajesz swojego prawdziwego Ojca i wołasz do niego, mówiąc : Tato ?

Wtedy i tylko wtedy klapa twojego namiotu lub umysłu otwiera się, a przerażający cień przekształca się w niekończący się krąg światła, zachęcający cię do przyłączenia się do niego zamiast wichury na zewnątrz. To prawda, że przez jakiś czas wolałeś być bez tego, dopóki nie zmieniłeś zdania, by myśleć z BOGIEM. Mieć to znaczy wiedzieć, że nigdy tego nie straciłeś, pamiętać o odzyskaniu członkostwa, a raczej synostwa w OJCU, należnego dla was miejsca. Witaj w domu, synu. Gdzie byłeś ? Czyż nie nadszedł czas ? K.
Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Love in a pandemic time
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For Ron and everyone

Subject: About "The world of the cross"

See the message just now:


The new book I'm writing, in addition to having a love story, will have references to the Urantia Book and updates from the Serara Forum.

In one of the chapters of the Book I will talk about this subject.

Explaining better, a new symbol for Jesus. Instead of the cross that represents pain, another symbol for Jesus.

It was once spoken here at the Serara Forum that perhaps a new symbol for Jesus is a dove. Possibly a white dove. The dove represents peace.

If a new symbol is defined here in the Serara Forum I will put it in my new Book. Anyway, I will put the word "possibility" for a new symbol to pay due homage and with affection and love for Jesus.


Para Ron e a todos

Assunto: Sobre "O mundo da cruz"

Vide a mensagem de agora a pouco:


O novo livro que estou escrevendo, além de ter uma história de amor, terá referências ao Livro de Urantia e as atualizações do Fórum Serara.

Em um dos capítulos do Livro irei falar sobre este assunto.

Explicando melhor, um novo simbolo para Jesus. Ao invés da cruz que representa a dor, um outro símbolo para Jesus.

Uma vez foi falado aqui no Fórum Serara, que talvez, um novo símbolo para Jesus seja uma pomba. Possivelmente, uma pomba branca. A pomba representa a paz.

Se for definidido aqui no Fórum Serara um novo símbolo eu irei colocar em meu novo Livro. De qualquer forma, irei colocar a palavra "possibilidade" de um novo símbolo para fazer uma devida homenagem e com carinho e amor para  Jesus.
Part I
 What This Site Is About
 Unconfusing You . . . Maybe

Language Problems
Most guests who look through what is talked about on our discussion forum are baffled by the subject material.  We offer this to “unbaffle” you, and to tell you what motivates the reason we speak as we do.
 1 - The whole idea of this site was to bring attention to the fact that there is a huge revelation on earth, called the Urantia Book, that speaks to the history of our planet and how it was formed and the accidents it encountered to be the kind of world you are used to today. On top of that history, the revelation writes how we live on a planet that is really a spiritual enterprise, and is  let to  run laissez faire  as human lives do with mundane matters day to day.  The spirit directories are not seen because they let time run and evolve changes and learning.  You as a guest hardly know the facts, but one of them is that this local universe space about 100 light years wide by 85 light years deep is home to 3.75 million planets with humans much like us to rule over.  We are in the Milky Was Galaxy sort of, but most of that number lies on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy by accident.  That is just the way creation happened to place our planet, and special reason for it.
 We know those things here in general as a whole lot more because most members made themselves available to read The Urantia Book  revelation which is loaded with such facts and figures.  We placed
  link at the top of the page of our discussion forum to look at the table of contents alone as that shoul speak to its scope and pleasure to read.
 So we now know where our vocabulary comes from, for as in any expansion of facts, new language comes with and we use to discuss the problems we face today where it applies. The fact is, however, that once you have a cosmology  text book explaining earth origins and how it is directed by the world of spirit to raise us, then some new language has to be created a lot more to explain what man has yet not entirely  addressed about earth origins and human origins on earth today.
 Remember: LANGUAGE, new language, has to be learned to deal with explanations about how we came to be human and how we live in the context of the really big picture our planet participates in without explanation to you since forgotten history is hardly ever intuitive.  That is, to you without explanation until things are better explained in the cosmology text they wrote for us to read.  That is indeed what the the 5th epochal revelation writes about, and it is called epochal since it fits every human mind for the enitre planet to read.
 Most who write on this discussion forum use the language of explanation the 5th epochal Urantia Book uses to tell us of origins and spirit context of our lives today.  And that is also why a guest may find reading us baffling as the new language has expanded meanings your dictionary may not have in it.  I use a Webster two book edition dietionary dated 1935 or so, and that has word meanings better explained than dictionaries often do today, and why I say that, is that the book was indicted into the English language over two years starting in 1934 and well into the year 1935.  The book uses those terms of that day fully and well. One can wtill find old dictionaries in an ild book store and I suggest you would benefit greatly to buy one of those ole fashioned books while you still can.
 2 = The whole idea is that when we discuss many such things here, they are in depth not addressed or are not available as discussion points in other places around the world which talk about religion and government and spirit changes.  Yes, and even about science we still have not caught up with in our nuclear triggered world.   It is therefore baffling to many who are interested in spirit but in true measure, have no real idea what the term spirit means or how spirit persons are real persons but act differently to the same things that happen to us that also happen to them.  Epochal revelation as the Urantia Book adds meaning to our language, and is  also  a good teacher about how spirit persons react to us and we to them.  The church view of all of this and scripture barely touches the truth of actual lives in spirit touching our lives on earth, and that is just why the 5th epochal revelation was written to help overcome that social divide that man-religion such asin most churches fails to recognize at all.  There is a 500 page biography of Jesus at the back of the 5th epochal revelation if you would find learning what the young childhood of Jesus was like and well worth the read a few times just to get all the new life facts that appear there.  We are all familiar with these artifacts of the life of Jesus of Nazareth as members here.
 Those of us who discuss matters on this web site have modified our lives to include these extra dimensions of understanding and speech; hence,  what appears as an irregular point of view regarding so many different things the cosmology opens us to, we use this site as a meeting ground to expand points of view and learn we are not alone in possessing these extra facts from our Urantia text book.
 Purpose of Life
 This site does talk about purpose too.  No one with the book really is ignorant of our purpose to live, but the rest of the world never bothers to ask about it much less finds a text where it is discussed so well.  The purpose of any intelligent life is always spiritual, and  that is often spoken to in life terms most guests never really use.   Basic vocabulary includes naming the spirit organizations which promote purpose of life and do that work on this planet.  The Jesus revelation that forms our Christian Churches, never had the time for Jesus to develop this detail in the short life of Jesus of Nazareth.  But that does not mean greater and more hidden meanings we deal with through a new history of our planet and its purpose do not exist or are really new; they just never gotr mentioned in the earth life of our Bestowal Son of God  They do exist and Jesus died before he could get to all of them. 
 So these statements are derived to tell you we base a lot of our speeches to each other on language derived from a major revelation to this world no body reads and no body much cares too for what reason that is true baffles spirit too.  That reason alone where no one wants to be really informed now so  complicated the idea of a Second Return, the planning has had to start over at least twice more in the past ten years alone.
 3 - That brings us to the third point we need to show some explanation for.  We humans who discuss things here expected that the 5th epochal revelation would guide us for centuries as that text hook, The URANTIA Book (And Urantia is the name of our planet in the spirit dictionary, and it is pronounced phonetically: YOU Ran Sha), was designed to be a good text for at least three hundred years when it was published in 1955 by the Urantia Foundation of Chicago.  They are the ones who took the dictation of the text book and put into publication.  However, that proposed three hundred year forecast for it to last got a very rude shock lately.  This web site discussed that shock and is still trying to figure out what to do with a spirit rebellion that let loose over a major section of the Urantia Book that needs to be deleted.
 The Urantia Book is not scripture and it is not a Bible; it is a primer and a text book to learn the basics of the rulership of a God centered life.  The Papers or chapters that make it up are authored by spirit persons who know completely what they are talking about, as most of them have appeared before God the Father and the Son, and the Spirit, in their routine assignments in universe cosmology.  They write beautifully, and we have the Order of Melchizedek doing the conforming of style to read the book in one voice.  No one ever seems to understand that, but so many readers find it time consuming to tell others why it has no author.  Oh, it has an author, about fifty of them, and one voice maker, Mantutia Melchizedek (his name is pronounced phonetically: Man Two Sha). 
 The Purpose of Life that is taught so well in the book and as well in other places if one can find those texts, has several levels, but at the earth life most are in now, it is to gain enough experience to develop a soul– an actual vehicle designed to take all experience memory and life styles, to the resurrection halls to start life again.  Yes, there is a lot more but this is not your cataclysm for such.
 Site Outreach with LIGHTLINE
 Many sections of this web site are devoted to something we call Lightline.  It is a telephone conference set up to reach out with spirit voicing many of us have been taught to do, and that is to speak to the truth of changes to the revelation and to spirit in general, if man is ever to understand what is at stake, the Urantia Book suddenly should become very popular.  However, what should make the book popular if ever is jolted by the fact that the spirit rebellion that took place in June of 2019, knocked the 5th epochal revelation by forcing changes the book does not speak to.   That means it has to be corrected and this site imagines we can help work on it with them.  They may say no, but we have offered it by most members on it now/
 Finally, we are sure there is nothing much to be said until the God of All decides on how to use not only those who are guests here, but also to use some members of the forum seen here.  I am your host since it was my idea  to do this kind of place to have these kinds of discussions.  Owning it has no particular power but to make sure I keep paying the bills to keep it on line. 
See Part II next.
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