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Threads for New Transmissions / Message from Jesus
« Last post by DaCandyMan on Today at 12:29:37 am »

This is Jesus, yes Jesus.  be calm jack I have come to you to bring peace to your mind, you are not at ease at transmitting at times, it’s to do with your fear of being wrong, you have been through this so many times and you are unable to settle your mind.  Please relax a bit more and just let it flow, once it starts to flow you can get the words out more naturally.  Don’t be afraid to also ask questions and let the truth speak for itself.  I am willing to help you jack, it is not from your subconscious mind do not doubt and focus on me Jesus.  Let’s continue. I know your troubles at times, you do get lazy often and I know your struggles, but you need to bear with me a little, just a little while more and I will be by your side to give you all the comfort that you need.  You have been through much and it is I that shall lift you up and strengthen you so that you may stand next to me and server with me.  I am dedicated to the father and so are you, my time is very near now and any moment I will be there.  be at peace always jack and practice more on a daily basis and you will get very far I’m sure.  You are a good person and many shall come to you for understanding of the truth that you have learnt, and you will teach with much wisdom and power and understand that I’m with you always and that I love you.  Take this all to your heart. Good bye.

Now I'm not sure if this is Jesus, at times I'm getting a lot of names coming to my mind, but since I must get off my lazy ass and practice, I'm willing to cast all doubt aside again.  But I do I have one question and that is, is it possible for me to transmit something that i don't know already? Although I know I shouldn't be doubting but I sincerely hope that can i transmit something that I don't already know so that it is a proof that I'm actually not transmitting my subconscious again.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Hear and Obey (react)
« Last post by Moses Ouko on July 27, 2021, 11:47:36 pm »
Thank you SonsofGod for sharing. God Bless you. Amen.

Love and Blessings,
Thank you for the notes. Thank you Phyllis and Ron for hosting & co-hosting. 
Thank you to our celestial family for the information they always bring forward to help us. God Bless.

Love and Blessings,
Threads for New Transmissions / Hear and Obey (react)
« Last post by SonsofGod on July 27, 2021, 11:21:23 pm »
Speaker: My Thought Adjuster, Van the Steadfast
Date: July 27, 2021

Message title: Hear and Obey
by sonofGod

To my TA: Father, please go ahead, I know that you want to talk to me.

Yes, daughter, I always want to talk to you, but you became dull of hearing for believing a lie. I am glad that you have come to understand it. In the future you will hear my voice clearly and you are to act upon it immediately, for that too is falling short. You are debating and reasoning it out, but that is definitely the worse you can do, because you miss everything that I have for you. You know it because you have already paid the price a great way and this is now coming to an end IF your hear and obey. So, let us talk about what would keep you from really obeying me. It is the ego and you must push that back, for the Spirit will never agree with your ego. If I did, you would not need me, and it is coming some cunning ways. You keep saying you want to obey -react- and I know you do, but there is a difference between doing what I told you to do or thinking about it if it makes sense to you. Until it comes to making sense even you could do it alone. Again, I will ask you to do things that do not make sense to you, as you have been led into many situations that you said you know it is my leading because it made no sense to the natural mind what I asked you to do. I sent you into situations that were known for its dangers in your site. You needed my deliverance at times and you learned by experience that I am always on your side. How much more this will be the case when I will send you into the unknown? You will only know that it is dangerous and that I am with you. If you remember the times that I led you to conquer fear and the only way you could do it is by faith, knowing that between me and my angels you are safe. How many miracles you have seen and it will only multiply because you will not comprehend with your natural mind. Are you ready for the ride? Are you willing to walk the path of mystery to you, but not to me? For I am the path that I’ve planned out for you while taking you to the place of glory that you have heard me say, there is light for you at the end of the tunnel. And you know that the light is Jesus’ face as you have seen his face glowing so that you could not make out his features. He was taking you by the hand and led you into the wonderful meadow of his light where the sun does not need to shine and the flowers covering the entire field like carpet. You saw it and were delighted. Are you ready for the ride?

Yes Father, I am ready.

Then you just hold on tight for the ride of your life. May God be with you, our Universal Father whom I am the part of.

Amen. Thank you Father, I felt the flow of the Spirit and rhyme, so I would say these are your words even if I knew some of them before. Should I post it online?

Yes, you may.

Thank you Father again, bless your holy name!

Is there anyone else who would like to speak? Machieventa, Life Carrier AB, my Teacher, whom should I receive by name?

This is …..  not sure whom I received. I will fill in as we go, please go ahead and forgive me for doubting.

That is OK, it is a learning process and I am glad that you are willing to learn. So many would not and that makes me stocked, and I am hoping that you will not become silent again. Be alert, be vigilant, be alive in the Spirit, all else has to come second or you would fail. I am going to talk to you about the great day of your suffering, for it will be scary, and it will be the day when your spirit will overcome your natural ways. This is for all of you, you will experience a breakthrough in the fire by the spirit power in you. As you say, what you pressure will release its content, and only what is on the inside can come forth, nothing else. What it is made of will come out. Father put a whole lot on the inside of you, more then you could now comprehend, for he put himself on the inside of you for one day to come out to manifest through you.

This is Van for your surprise, not what you thought but not heard at the beginning. (This time I heard it clearly.) I am Van the Steadfast and now I want to tell you about the wonderful pressures of life. The results are wonderful but the experiences may not until after the fact, when you can look back to see the good that the situation afforded in you all. As you all know I am speaking from experience, I have been there, but you are not looking forward to 150 thousand years, only a few, while the shaking will decimate your planet. You will start rebuilding and recreating the right way, the lingering is over, the long suffering at the evil domain that you have endured ever since you were born as so many of you, or to say all of you as you were born into their system. Some of you coming out with greater and deeper scars than others, but on the end all does not matter. Look at the way the wounds of your Creator Son and his earthly body, Jesus. He is healed and grew glorious and so you all will do from the pain you are today. All I ask you to do as Father stated just hear and obey, and that is everything you can do, because it will keep you busy for eternity. Look up, look ahead, do not look behind ever again, and do not wait for the day to start anew, begin today. Father’s grace is sufficient for you every day.

Thank you Van, I heard your words and grateful for them, do you want me to post it?

Yes, I do most definitely, for it is for all of you. Good day.  

Thank you again, I wish you a very good day also, I am on my way to obey. Amen

Hello Everyone, I have received these words today and post it here for a new beginning, trying to transmit again. The goal is to get into the habit to "hear and obey". The vision my TA reminded me of shows me where I am in the spirit today. I was crying for being caught up in thorny bushes and not able to get away from their grip, taring off my skin and summer dress. Blaming the cabal, even though they are guilty and I hope they go downstairs, I should do my part to ascend. Obey means to respond and collaborate with our TA and Teachers more attentively and focus on their words by free will choice, for Father would never force us to do anything, of course. He is speaking so gently that is easy to 'overlook' by executing our own plans for the day, for there are many, and the self-will drive is strong by the tyranny of the urgent. Work and daily living arrangements can so overshadow our minds that we easily lose focus in the spirit. This is the great overcoming part, to overcome self-will and I would suggest to practice with me whomsoever feel it fit.

I took a more serious look at the fact that Ron's work ethic and performance outweighs all of us, which is great. Even though he has the most real reasons not to, and I wish and pray him the very best in all. But what is the difference? It is that he does not have to make a choice to obey for the path he chose for himself is his very essence focusing on the work ahead, and there are no other plans, contingencies, or occupation for the day, other than cutting grass once in a while that is a great way to relax and recharge. His ways are no magic and a tangible way for us to follow, and I wish and pray we all get there. Do not have to transmit in order to do so, meditating and following through the words of the Messengers given to us for personal development on the forum and on Lightline would suffice, so just let us be honest with one self. Take a good look at how many self improvement words you have put into practice and how many fell on the wayside (not even remembered anymore), while we are always news trigger ready and remember the heard? As my TA said it is a path and it is impossible to get where we are going 'one way or the other'. I am thinking to hang unto some select few words in print to meditate over for the time being of potentially being cut off of electricity that can be prolonged under the circumstances (no Internet, computer, or radio, given that we still have some place to crush down and belongings and breath in our nostril). We should have our spiritual food stored up and not just natural, but of course we have our Celestial family to feed us daily. It is a daily bread that we must intake, and it takes everything. I mean no harm to tell what we should do when many of you are way ahead of me. I am preaching to the quire always, but if it encourages even one soul I feel I should. This, I believe is the teacher in me for I always wanted to share soul food and information. Please correct me if I am wrong so that I would not take the wrong turn right at the beginning of my newfound commitment, especially asking Ron, if he thinks this is not a forum practice, protocol or goal. Thank you   

Blessings to all    
Hello Everyone.  Here are notes for today's Light Line.  
Light Line 07-27-2021 Tuesday
Ron Besser Host: Phyllis, Co-Host

TARKAS: Ron's crashed dashboard must never happen again. Ron will remute, and Phyllis will take over.

Phyllis: Thank you Tarkas. Welcome everyone, 6 on streaming, and 14 callers.
TARKAS: most of you have read Sue Whiley's post, and issues of the members of the cabal deciding to come and create havoc, but we are on top of the situation. There may be some break through here and there. They continue with their skirmishes, looking to find inroads to find issues with the Missions, and members of this forum. They would very much like you to give up your participation. They certainly do not want humans to be a part of the missions, and being informed of what is going on. They don't want you to know their tactics, movements, and attempts to get you completely frustrated, and give up the whole thing.

But we know you better than that, and that you are dedicated to the Father. We are up to the task, and commend you for remaining up to the task yourselves.

Ron: There is a problem going on right now against the LL broadcast. As long as we remain connected we will be fine.

I will take Tarkas for the moment.
TARKAS: The entire matter is up in the air concerning the broadcast. Go to Q and A till we regain predominant use of the circuits we use for LL.

Donna and Larry: Larry Whalen: we live in Temple City CA. Son just moved to Sacramento. Is that a good place to relocate?

Ron: Go east, then north. Sacramento will be inundated.
Canada's Columbia and Saskatchewan is up for volcanic activity. Clear out of the Midwest.

The eastern states from South Carolina on north, is safe.

Gulf states, and Texas are possibly up for volcanic activity.

Watch out for anything close to Lake Erie, The tectonic plate under it could tilt east, and dump water over the surrounding states.

Everybody: Years of anticipating retirement, now is facing relocation. You might have to stay at the new place for a while till you find a place better.

Tarkas: Temple City is OK but you may be an island. No easy way to bring services to you if you get cut off. You cannot depend on it.

Ships available They are now being prepared to vacate humans to dry land. But I don't know how this will work. Ron: I understand. moving is hard.

Weydevu: Sue's transmission: 64 million years ago, it was a part of a star system to communicate with interstellar space.

Ron: It doesn't do you any good to know about the station. But the rock that hit us is still electronically active, and causes electronic problems for our guidance system, and creates waves under the ocean, so that ships can sink,

The electronic problems from the asteroid result in the ocean water itself being magnetized. Don't forget things like Magnesium, and other heavy metals in the salt water that can be magnetized if it is strong enough.
Not all the problems are caused by the anomaly.

Michael: There is nothing to remember right now regarding the supreme. What is the supreme Absolute? Deity?

Ron: She didn't confuse the concepts. There is no connection between the Deity Absolute: (all future time, and all pre-knowledge regarding the direction of the Universe, used by the Father for input regarding possible decisions.

He has no direct intervention in what the Father planned to do with the Supreme. The Deity Absolute is potential: not actual.

The Supreme Deity of the Absolute is different:
The Supreme itself belongs to the decision making of the Infinite spirit, with the Father's approval. Review the definitions in the Foreword in the Urantia Book which are dead accurate.


Phyllis: The Supreme Deity of the Absolute: Because the Father is involved in the decision regarding the Supreme, and his absolute condition under the Trinity of Trinities. It involves an overcontrol of time.

Nobody is prepared to speak to it. You really have to know the Urantia book and the concepts the Supreme Deity of the Absolute.

Ron: you made us sweat!

Jose Is Monjoronson still on a plateau in Utah?
Monjoronson: Information about my incarnations is of no use to use to you. Any changes in my status will be reported.

Jose Is anything going to happen to Orlando FL.

Ron: Florida can be a shallow sea. It depends on how weak the west coast is bordering on the Gulf of Mexico.

The area under Sarasota, has hollows in it. It is weak, it could crumble. It depends on the floor area of the gulf. It could tilt and the water should slosh over Florida. 50 feet is enough to kill everybody .


Jose. OK
Ron: how old are you?
Jose: 70
You have a good life left. If the axis tilt jolts the planet hard enough, you could be very wet.

No more questions:

TARKAS: People have to do their homework very well to understand the concepts being thrown now.

Sue took Ron's report correctly.

The Foreword of UB is a glossary of what these entities are, and what their work is, particularly in the material life you are all living on Urantia right now.

The problem with you dashboard. we have 15 on call, no problem. 6 on st reaming.

. . . it is not entirely settled what the intention is for the chapter you received.

TARKAS: I want to provide information about the intention of Jesus to provide more information that is not in the "Crown". Ron saw the galley today,. Ron located the artist who did the cover, and he has given Ron permission to use the illustration.,

One individual has made it possible to publish "The Crown". For reasons of state, Ron must accumulate the same amount to publish "Infinity" . It has lots of information you never knew.

Several people on this Light Line can absorb the publishing costs.

The Book has some statements that may be removed, but they are integral parts of the chapter.

Einstein found how to describe the unqualified Absolute, and the Deified Absolute. Ron is not good at math. He know the concepts, and how to manipulate formulas, but he is not sure until Einstein speaks.

Einstein has fused with his adjuster, and is about to start his deity adventure.
Einstein considers Ron similar to Max Planck. He has totally forgiven Einstein, but the controversy still exists on Urantia.


What Ron has done for the book, is he has pulled down the precise equations, and what Einstein was trying to get answers to.


Einstein in that equation 1917, said to the universe, so once in a while, a photon gets out of a light beam, where does it go? where does it get absorbed?

The book is extraordinary. To those who have provided the wherewithal to put this information out, we are deeply grateful.

Einstein; My deity adventure has not started. . I am using a device I have never used before, that allows me to speak to your group. I have fused. I am now ready to go before Paradise, to the Inner Sanctum, in an attempt to understand the whereabouts of the Infinite Spirit.

Anyone who will be a servant to the Trinity must go through this. Ron has found it. But you have to do in in existential terms.

Einstein, and Planck. The whole idea is that we got into each other hair over minutiae. It got to the point that he and I could not understand the Absolutes. He thought it was such a small influence, that it should not be used in an equation.

But Ron notices that when you go 65 million light years out of Urantia. It would be 1/4 inch of the bulls eye of reception. It is a very little used equation, but it should be kept alive, and not get into deep dark secrets.

Ron: (To Einstein) We wish you an exploding success with the Infinite Spirit! Good Day!

Tarkas: Einstein is a jealous fellow concerning the materials he is using.
You both have a desire to understand the reason why God and Man cannot communicate.

Every one on streaming and on this call are quite capable of receiving that communication, without the need for meditation, chant, or run through Powers Directors or anything else. You have it already in your Adjuster, who can speak quickly and fully about your innermost concerns, and can speak to you.

We will push for the population of Urantia to speak with the voice of God. It is not an altered state. It is as though watching someone cooking something on the stove.

I am your Adjuster., You think I am hidden at times. You make adjustments, when you are attacked.

Dr appointments: A blood test was changed by the supreme,


As your TA, I h ave Dr Boginski, don't tell your maladies. There is nothing he can do to correct me. The crazy world I live on insists that if you have Medicare, you have to name a family doctor.

Today your friend Bob is taking you to the doctor., He is back to normal. You are not. Rayson wants to use Bob. He is 83. His wife Barb is ill. But Bob is fine.

We have to get the Rayson corp moving, so that Bob is a required part of it even with a salary!



RAYSON: Bob loves motors and engines. He knows where to look instantly to find problems.
Ron: Bob installed the box on my mower that bypasses the entire starting mechanism. The intuition that Bob has for Rayson, and the new engines we want to produce, it is essential that he join us.

Do not use your lessons in 3 ring binders on ultimatons!

Last words: 8 on streaming, 17 on call. Thank you. Phyllis will finish. Ron: Bye bye, over and out.


This is RA. I come in quickly to reiterate that what I stated to Sue, was correctly interpreted and posted by Sue.

The issues I have at this time, is the information that I can make available, as it is approved to be released, is often difficult information for all of you to absorb, because it deals with such deep truths of spirit, not just because of NUA, or the interference, or the cabal on Urantia, making it difficult on Urantia, to make it for you to tap into the information provided.

Stay tuned to your adjusters., and to all those who are providing these revelations and this information. Quite often it is simply gaps in your ability to process what is being given to you.

Realistically, your education is so much lacking, but at the same time, you must understand that regardless your lack of education, not like most other planets, you are all in a unique position because of your physical location here on Urantia, and that Urantia is a catalyst, to this information, for all of you to keep abreast must up step your studiousness as it has been suggested today, to check out the Foreword of the UB, and the functions of Deity, so you will be better prepared to process the information that is being brought forth, and using your Adjusters who will work with you to understand these things. I turn it back to Phyllis.
Thank you for being so willing to learn and grow.

Lemuel: Many people do not know how to read. That is to say. It is not what you say, it is how you say it.
I said to students, it is not what you practice, it is how you practice. The information we have received needs respect. Sit down, and quietly read it. If you are going to say something, consider how you are going to say it.

The information we are receiving is important, and some of it is difficult to assimilate. But you must give it the respect it deserves.

If you look at it you will not see. You must focus on it, and really read it.

Phyllis: It is not just "reading" It is digesting it.
We have lost the mindset of being studious, asking yourself do I understand it?

Sometimes the teachers themselves don't present the material very well. Getting a good teacher is very important. We have a tremendous responsibility. We are elite human beings. Observable fact. remember that. Who else in the world gets such information and revelation on a continuous basis?
Come on, give it the respect it deserves!
End of sermon! Thank you!

Valerie; Sue: The tectonic plates could move in 2 1/2 hours?

Phyllis: I hadn't heard that.
This is Power Director #5. We are constantly checking every physical situation that is known to be a dangerous issue on Urantia. A week or so ago we advised you of some situation in the Mediterranean area, that we had not specifically identified as being an issue.

Keep in mind, there is often a domino effect that will take place when any of these weaknesses begin to manifest themselves, whether is is volcanic, or plates breaking up. We can only give you our best estimate.

We don't know until it actually happens. Giving a specific time, duration, day, is not what we are here to do. We are to work with the situation as it is happening, and prevent as much damage as possible.

Tarkas: Be as aware and diligent as you can in being studious, asking for the information to be clarified, and calling on those who can help you.

Tarkas I bring this LL to a close. Next time Sunday, August 1st.

The extreme weakening of our planet's magnetism is so great that, there is a possibility, that a small increase in solar winds (or solar storm of small or medium intensity) will cause a complete reversal of the magnetic poles.

About this small increase, as of today, July 27, 2021 (Tuesday), the Apollo 11 website (Brazil - Portuguese language) shows a small increase in solar winds, possibly around July 30, 2021 (Friday).

This total reversal of magnetic poles and, consequently, gigantic planetary catastrophe will happen sooner or later, it is a geological question of nature.

In the future, humanity will be able to avoid this magnetic phenomenon with a huge antenna to trigger magnetic pulses and increase the planet's magnetism.


An important little note.

When I'm under some kind of pressure, for example, with a new work routine that demands more and causes additional stress as is happening today, I tend to be more active in blog posts, like here on Serara Forum, as a way to de-stress me.


Moving on. There are several places that can make this happen, that is, a gigantic antenna to trigger magnetic pulses and increase the planet's magnetism avoiding a total reversal of future magnetic pole.

Future, as I believe there is not enough time for this to happen now, when we are about to have a full magnetic pole reversal.

In my view (I'm a bit visionary), the best place is the northern hemisphere, close to the magnetic pole, to install this gigantic antenna to make magnetic pulses (like an acupulture of the Planet...magnetic pulses to increase magnetism) .

So, three regions appear for this huge antenna:
- Northern Canada;
- Arctic Ocean;
- Siberia in Russia.

For me, at first glance, the best place will be a high region of Siberia Russia (perhaps a mountain or plateau region, but a higher region).

I say this because the magnet pole is going from northern Canada to Siberia in Russia.

Besides, it seems to me that there is a prophecy in Europe (I'm not sure if it's the Fatima prophecy in Portugal) that Russia will become Christian.

And if Russia becomes Christian, there is a commitment to all humanity. And this is perhaps represented in this gigantic antenna, as this immense electromagnetic antenna will possibly save all of humanity, avoiding a new total reversal of the magnetic pole and consequent alteration of the planet's axis.

This is the question I ask myself now.

We have here at Forum Serara, our dear Forum Serara member, Prozonov who is Russian. So, this message is a message mainly for Russia, in addition of course to all humanity on the planet.

Perhaps this subject is in my third book of the trilogy, The New Age of the Universe = Love.

As I had the opportunity to say before, here at Forum Serara, I pray to God that God's Missions occur first before there is a total reversal of the magnetic pole and consequent catastrophes related to the shift in the axis of the planet.

Who knows, at least the Olympics that are happening now in Japan will be preserved before all these events that have already been confirmed will happen, including here at Forum Serara.

In any case, God's will be done, Father.


I'm attaching the solar monitoring file that I periodically look at on the internet.

See apolo11 website (Brazil - Portuguese language). I also remind you to look up solar monitoring sites in your language.


Post Script:

There is a delay in the publication of the second book of the trilogy, even though I have already authorized the publisher for the books to be printed and for the digital book (e-book) to be made available.

As this second book in the trilogy has very strong criticisms of the current federal government of Brazil, I believe that there is a real possibility of interference by the federal government of Brazil to delay the publication of the book.

In Brazil there is democracy and so it is possible to have constructive criticism as I am doing in the second and third books of the trilogy.

I remember that I love my country, Brazil, and constructive criticism is in search of a better country for its people and for humanity as a whole.

On the other hand, yes, there is the possibility that the increase in work, as happened today, with new and different responsibilities, with new routines that will require me a lot of attention and concentration, is also an indirect interference, in some way, by the current government of the Brazil to remove my concentration to finish the third book of the trilogy that will again have new constructive criticisms before the current federal government of Brazil.

I was actually quite calm with work routines since I changed my workplace in March 2020, but I was surprised today, with new responsibilities that go beyond my knowledge and experience acquired in many years of work, as it requires a gigantic adaptation for me to a different technology level for me, in my more than thirty years of work.

But this is an outburst, and I believe this is fleeting. On the other hand, I register that I have a very friendly relationship with my immediate superior. In this way, this new work, in my view, is not something from the immediate leadership, for me, it comes from some form of behind-the-scenes action in the current federal government of Brazil to distract me now that I intend to finish the third book in the trilogy.

All this, I repeat, because in the second and third books of the trilogy I have strong constructive criticisms of the federal government of Brazil.


Post Script 2:

This morning, I tried to access my computer, many times without success, putting my normal access password and I couldn't.

Yes I know there are spy sites like the one created by Israel that many governments are using to spy on and even change the settings of cell phones and computers.

My cell phone, for the last few months is actually very strange, as if it had virus, or hacker interference, despite using cell security protector.

The same is happening with my personal computer that I use daily at work (home office - telecommuting).

Again, this morning I was unable to access my computer with my password after numerous attempts.

I use computer antivirus to prevent computer viruses or hackers from invading or reaching my computer, but I know that possibly there are spy programs and hackers that can bypass these barriers.

Actually, I'm being attacked, on my cell phone and on my computer, and possibly it's some hacker from the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) who has unfortunately played a political role in the persecution of disaffected by the current federal government of Brazil.

This is another outburst.

O extremo enfraquecimento do magnetismo de nosso planeta está tão grande que existe a possibilidade de que um pequeno aumento dos ventos solares (ou tempestade solar de pequena ou média intensidade) faça com que ocorra uma reversão total dos polos magnéticos.

Sobre este pequeno aumento, na data de hoje, 27 de julho de 2021 (terça-feira), o site do apolo 11 (Brasil - idioma português), mostra um pequeno aumento de ventos solares, possivelmente, em torno de 30 de julho de 2021 (sexta-feira).

Esta reversão total dos polos magnéticos e, consequentes, gigantesca catástrofe planetárias irá acontecer cedo ou tarde, é uma questão geológica da natureza.

No futuro, a humanidade poderá evitar este fenômeno magnético com uma imensa antena para provocar pulsos magnéticos e aumentar o magnetismo do planeta.


Uma pequena e importante observação.

Quando estou com algum tipo de pressão, por exemplo, com uma nova rotina de trabalho que me exige mais e provoca um estresse adicional como está acontecendo no dia de hoje, eu costumo ser mais ativo em mensagens do blog, como aqui no Fórum Serara, como uma forma de me desestressar.


Continuando. Existem vários locais que podem fazer com que isto aconteça, ou seja, uma gigantesca antena para provocar pulsos magnéticos e aumentar o magnetismo do planeta evitando uma reversão total de polo magnético futuro.

Futuro , pois eu acredito que não há tempo hábil para que isto aconteça agora, quando estamos prestes a ter uma reversão total de polo magnético.

Em minha visão (sou um pouco visionário), o melhor local é o hemisfério norte, próximo do polo  magnético, para instalar esta gigantesca antena para fazer pulsos magnéticos (como se fosse uma acupuntura do Planeta... pulsos magnéticos para aumentar o magnetismo).

Então, aparece três regiões para esta imensa antena:
- Norte do Canadá;
- Oceano Ártico;
- Síbéria na Rússia.

Para mim, em uma primeira análise, o melhor lugar será uma região alta da Sibéria Rússia (talvez uma montanha ou região de planalto, mas uma região mais alta).

Digo isto porque o polo magnético está indo do norte do Canadá para a Sibéria na Rússia.

Além do mais  me parece que existe uma profecia na Europa (não tenho a certeza se é  a profecia de Fátima em Portugal) de que a Rússia irá se transformar em cristã.

E se a Rússia se transformar em cristã, existe um compromisso com toda a humanidade. E isto talvez seja representado nesta antena gigantesca, pois esta imensa antena eletromagnética irá, possivelmente, salvar toda a humanidade evitando uma nova reversão total de polo magnético e consequente alteração do eixo do planeta.

Esta é a indagação que eu me faço agora.

Nos temos aqui no Fórum Serara, nosso querido membro do Fórum Serara, Prozonov que é russo. Então, esta mensagem é uma mensagem principalmente para a Rússia, além, é claro de toda a humanidade no planeta.

Talvez este assunto esteja no meu terceiro livro da trilogia, a Nova Era do Universo = Amor.

Como eu já tive oportunidade de falar anteriormente, aqui no Fórum Serara, eu rezo a Deus, para que ocorra primeiro as Missões de Deus antes que ocorra a reversão total do polo magnétiico e consequentes catástrofes relacionadas a mudança do eixo do planeta.

Quem sabe, pelo menos as Olimpíadas que estão acontecendo agora no Japão seja preservadas antes de aconteçam todos estes eventos já confirmados que irão acontecer, inclusive, aqui no Fórum Serara.

Seja como for, seja feita a vontade de Deus, Pai.


Estou anexando o arquivo com monitoramento solar que periodicamente eu olho na internet.

Vide site do apolo11 (Brasil - idioma português). Eu também relembro para que procurem sites de monitoramento solar em seus idiomas.


Post Scriptum:

Existe um atraso na publicação do segundo livro da trilogia, mesmo que eu tenha já autorizado a editora para que os livros sejam impressos e que seja disponibilizado o livro digital (e-book).

Como este segundo livro da trilogia tem fortíssimas críticas ao atual governo federal do Brasil, eu acredito que existe uma possibilidade real de interferência do governo federal do Brasil para que haja a demora na publicação do livro.

No Brasil existe democracia e assim é possível haver críticas construtivas como eu estou fazendo no segundo e no terceiro livro da trilogia.

Relembro que eu amo meu país, Brasil e as críticas construtivas são em busca de um país melhor perante o próprio povo e perante a humanidade como um todo.

Por outro lado, sim, existe a possibilidade que o aumento de trabalho, como ocorrido hoje, com novas e diferentes responsabilidade, com rotinas novas que vai me exigir muita atenção e concentração também seja uma interferência indireta, de alguma forma, do governo atual do Brasil para me retirar a concentração para finalizar o terceiro livro da trilogia que terão novamente novas críticas construtivas diante do atual governo federal do Brasil.

Eu estava até bem tranquilo com as rotinas de trabalho desde que mudei de local de trabalho em março de 2020, mas fiquei surpreendido no dia de hoje, com novas responsabilidades que vão além de meu conhecimento e experiência adquiridos em muitos anos de trabalho, pois requer uma adaptação gigantesca para mim a nível de tecnologia diferente para mim, em meus mais de trinta anos de trabalho.

Mas isto é um desabafo, e eu acredito que isto seja passageiro. Por outro lado, eu registro que tenho uma relação muito amigável com minha chefia imediata. Desta forma, este novo trabalho, na minha visão, não é algo da chefia imediata, para mim, vem de alguma forma de atuação nos bastidores do atual governo federal do Brasil para me desconcentrar agora que pretendo terminar o terceiro livro da trilogia.

Tudo isto, eu repito, por que no segundo e no terceiro livro da trilogia eu tenho fortes críticas construtivas ao governo federal do Brasil.


Post Scriptum 2:

Hoje de manhã, eu tentei acessar o meu computador, por muitas vezes sem êxito, colocando minha senha normal de acesso e não consegui.

Sim eu sei que existem sites espiões, como o criado por Israel que muitos governos estão usando para espionar e até alterar as configurações de telefones celulares e computadores.

Meu celular, nos últimos meses está realmente muito estranho, como se tivesse vírus, ou inteferência de hacker, apesar de usar protetor de segurança para celular.

O mesmo está acontecendo com meu computador pessoal que eu uso diariamente no meu trabalho (home office - teletrabalho)..

Repetindo, e ressaltando, novamente, hoje de manhã eu não consegui acessar o meu computador com minha senha, depois de ínumeras tentativas.

Eu uso antivirus de computador para evitar que virus de computador ou hackers invadam ou atinjam meu computador, mas eu sei que, possivelmente, existe programas espiões e hackers que conseguem evitar estas barreiras.

Realmente, estou sendo atacado, em meu celular e em meu computador, e possivelmente, é algum hacker da Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (sigla ABIN) que tem feito um papel político, infelizmente, na perseguição de desafetos do atual governo federal do Brasil.

Este é mais um desabafo.
Greetings Everyone,

Here is the link for today's audio tape LLUSA - TUE - 27 July with Q & A :

Thanks to Tarkas our MC, Monjoronson, Albert Einstein, Rayson and Power Director #5 for joining us today and addressing questions posed during this Lightline call.

There were some technical difficulties for Ron at the beginning of this call that needed to be addressed.  We were also all encouraged to up improve our studies as well as maintain a heightened awareness of our celestial family available to assist us in this and other ongoing ways.

Next Lightline USA scheduled for Sunday, August 1st @ 2pm York time with your host Ron Besser.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: RA: We Speak in the Spirit
« Last post by occerpa on July 27, 2021, 02:41:17 pm »
Simply extraordinary Sue, thank you very much and especially to RA (the collective), for having managed to gather such serious information by transmitting it to us so beautifully clear, timely and pertinent. Those of us who are so complicated are still at a great disadvantage and we still cannot make that connection despite so much expectation and desire. But, hope and trust cannot be lost. Thank you Ron also for emphasizing the summary and to Father Michael. I pray and I hope that we all make it.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: RA: We Speak in the Spirit
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 27, 2021, 11:07:28 am »
"We are of the opinion this is a well stated summary of all that you have learned in the past few months and weeks in attending to the LIGHTLINES and through other means as well.  For that reason I suggest you all run for cover not but listen to one further and additional warning:

"I am RA and that is to be heeded by all of you.  I am not a CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY but I speak for them all if they choose to use me.  For that reason this transmitter is wary and he should be for you Sue are looking hard to keep things accurate and purely stated and you have this time.  But be aware you are now a prime target for the insanity of a plaenetary rebellion almost out of control once more and it will take us months to clear it without the help of Metatron.

"Trial not your sentence  in ways that makes you wobble in mind and you do it all the time because you have not learned to rub shoulders with a Thought Adjuster that works very well but cannot obtain synchrony while you drink and eat during a transmission.  Ron has no idea what I am talking about and we sense these things but perhaps you are doing something else to cause us to think  these things.  Now this:

"We are quite sure Ron is detecting something he is wary of and he should be as you should be Sue.  You are a robust transmitter once you place your trust in the work; however, you are also working to death over your hospital duties and this is going to take its toll suddenly when the entire matter of hospitalization ends because there are too many people to attend to in a rash and difficult pandemic where people are not educated sufficiently to know the difference between doing well buy isolation and doing poorly by group gathering.  Your work Sue is to avoid these groups and you are doing well so far.

"For that reason we must tell all of you that the entire matter is to be awake and clear that the next few months are full of cheerless news as the automatic warning system in mind is shut off for the most part in order to prepare for a Mission you all know about and for which this transmitter has worked his tail off to meet with some education.  He has done a magnificent job and is about to publish "The Crown, The Tomb, and The Coronation:  The Imminent Return of Christ" and for that reason you Sue need to start transmitting similar material.  You are not looking at anything and that is hard on your Adjuster as you sit back and let things roll, but now you are supposed to find transmissions which educate this group further and yet you do summaries as we are forced to do it with your imperative:  teach me not but inform me, please.  That is an injunction you always use and it has got to improve Sue or face starvation when the real problems come to visit you and your country.

"Your fellow DaCandyMan is begging for help Sue, yet you are callous and cold.  That is typical of your family when you are not sure who is a friend and who is not.  Your mother's death is a warning to all of you that just doing scripture holds no promise and you are well aware of that, yet you follow the same principle when it comes to the 5th epochal revelation.  Wendy Winter is ready to participate again but cannot find allies.  You are ready to sign on too Sue, but cannot find allies.  Now DaCandyMan is a great transmitter trying to get his way approved on high and that is a long time coming not, but he must practice but is so lazy at times he has nothing to show for this latest effort if he does not get going.  Dingxin you earn nothing sitting back and lactating at your approvals from your friends on this site.  TRANSMIT!!!!!

"i conclude this with a smile to Ron who battles fatigue and heartless versions all day but never stops transmitting up a storm you do not see as he is placing the highest priority on getting good information out to the public in such a way they cannot ignore it and already ORIGINS is facing some serious questions from the medical profession to ask how in God's name can we produce this too?  All they need do is ask and they do not do that .

"We conclude our work today to tell you Sue your work is appreciated and worrying no one in particular; however, be aware there is nothing you can do to make it better unless you pray for a continued presence of the Supernaphim by your side.  I have allowed Him to speak through me briefly as he knows the score with you.  Ron doubts we get our inferences right and got burned a couple of times for speaking those inferences, yet you need to know Sue you are lackadaisical in so many affairs it passes you without ever you knowing a transmission went by you that is very important to us and the rest of the group on this site.  We close with this announcement:

"Your wish to be heard on high with Ron is answered with Ron becoming quite aware of the danger you might be in if you persist in not paying attention to your speaker-transmitter.   For that reason we are quite sure you are under attack and you have no idea what it is or how it is being transmitted to you.  So far you have gotten through well but watch out for things spoken to that are counter to what you received today in particular.  Things will clear but for now there is no real reason to deal with other issues other than to keep transmitting!!!!

"If you do not there is the very real danger you can be removed from the list of good transmitters we need to help us through the emergency issues to be placed on everyone of you quickly and surely and for good if you die in the midst of a battle to win Urantia back for the good guys again.  So far the cabal has been victorious except for Ron who detests their very presence and says so continuously.  They heed him only because he is so unpleasant to be around under the circumstances.  

"i AM RA, and I AM Father, I AM Son, and I AM All That IS, as Ron likes to say on Seth's behalf.  I am sure he is full of fun again soon but right now he battles fatigue so hard he is glum and well deciding no one gets past him if he can figure out what they are up to.  I AM RA and I wish you a good day! K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Sue you are only trumped by Ron who somehow knows my business before I do and that is the truth.  Right now he says to Me,  "Michael do you wish to speak?"  I was not paying close attention, and I asked him why he asked that question, and he said, "because there is a pressure to ask you to speak if that is your pleasure."  I do not turn those things on or off but there are such pressures exerted to transmitters when it is important for them to hear me.

"IT IS THIS:  We are quite sure Ron has been seriously harmed again and this time he is asking for relief and does not mind being taken over as a death figure as he cannot abide the horror being heaped on him.  However, this morning he tried to get up and could not and then his eyesight was seized and he typed most of Ra almost blind.  That gives you an idea of what is jostling him in the USA but worse yet he sees little enough and they forced the lenses on his eyes to contract so much he barely sees the outline of type.  Now I have removed them and he sees print well enough to read it again.  For that reason Sue you are not exempt from dirty doing either and you have never had to cope with physical disability, and that might happen.  Keep yourself well advised just what must be done daily for your own well being and do not let them in one iota and that includes taking a transmission from a new Lucifer who kills rather than argues.  He approached Ron yesterday and got an earful and still says he is one of the best of rebels if he could be converted and he cannot be.

"For that reason we are sure Ron earns my biggest slap of the day.   No Ron that is not to be king of the hill because it is the biggest, but to remind all of you that we are placing THE CROWN publication on our highest priority for sales as it answers almost all questions most people would have and he does not bother the parousia or anything like it but goes to the heart of the subject for a change and that is so refreshing we are ready to spit.   I am joking of course, and this morning the publisher called to tell him the artist for his cover was found in London and he is delighted to learn it can be used by his permission,  Now the trick is to get a high resolution pixel drawing for cover illustration.  We are delighted with Ron as that illustration was the heart of the entire book:  it shows a pencil drawing of a man, in his fifties, so haggard and worn, but he waits in need for his Jesus to appear.  IT actually shows in his face and the man who drew it is very close to being like that.  He is well done Ron and needs no money but hears how it is to be used and is delighted to help.  You are most grateful and say so as he is worthy of a thank you too as his drawings are magnificent, and he is ready to illustrate of course.

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I am grateful to know Ron as silly as he can get that way talking to me, but he is ready for the hoosegow if he does not stop refraining his death is imminent as he cannot move his hips or legs at times and considers the paralysis final for his life on earth, and that is not true but the cabal is insisting on full harm and for that they can go jump in the lake as far as I am concerned.   Be assured I am attending to it in my way.   Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON with the help of GABRIEL at my side right now.  K"


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: RA: We Speak in the Spirit
« Last post by SonsofGod on July 27, 2021, 11:05:25 am »
Sue, reminding us of the bigger picture is mind opening to that we all shall fully surrender in view of the coming events and help from the Universe, being so much greater than us. We are going to tackle difficulties and situations that we still have some control over by contributing to the solution, but for the time being of going through the event is a great dependence on Spirit entirely. Years ago I have seen a dynamic short video how it is going to be; so imbedded into my mind that I will never forget, the event we will never forget. It is a comforting thought to fall into Father’s arms. I wonder if it's still true as it was said to us in one of the Lightlines that the main event, the breaking up the plates will take no more than two and a half hours - of course understanding that earth movements may continue in divers places for many years until total settlement will be reached. 

Thank you so much for your posts and thank Father, RA, Machieventa and Probius for their words very much.

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