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Good evening to you all from Girona.
I would like to express my sincere and immense  pleasure in  hearing the 
appointments of Steven Gitz and Elise Sophia Veronica as Department Heads
of Industry and Education respectively.

I am sure we can all be proud of the fact that our little family here on the Forum
have produced such members as to be worthy of such appointments.

Many congratulations to Stephen and Elise.

Good day Everyone,

Here is the link for today's Tuesday Lightline USA, 13 April 2021

We received lots of interesting information today from Tarkas, our MC and also Chief of the Bestowal Commission;  The Universal Father; Rantarison Melchizedek; LinEl; Jesus; Adam & Eve and Meechem.  

Three of the Bestowal Commission department heads were announced with:
Ron Besser, Department of Revelation (and leader of the other department heads)
Steven Gitz, Department of Industry ( includes Rayson corporations)
Elise Van  Ruth, Department of Education
Congratulations to you all and may we prove loyal supporters to yourselves, Jesus and all his and Our Fathers endeavors on Urantia!

Saturday, 17 April at 2 pm York time Ron Besser will be your host with myself as co-host.  Please use the USA Lightline call in numbers and streaming service as you did for todays call.  

Until then...
General Discussion / Re: Resurrection Hall,
« Last post by Raz on Today at 01:42:03 pm »
I too just read that book and found it very interesting. The problem is that it is fiction and I'm wondering how much it messes with my understanding of what is really true since the Mansion World experience is reported to be changing from what even The Urantia Book reported. I do think it might be a good first book for those not really interested in diving into the Urantia Book.
Thank you Ron and the celestial Doctors.

Wow, your post is the exact case of the flood of high celestial information.

When I searched the location of the brain stem and the vertebrae of C5, they seems to be somewhat offset away each other for a needle of syringe to be injected directly..

The location of Cervical vertebrae of C5 in red.
(C5 is located at the fifth (5th) bone from the top)

The location of bran stem in green.

[Images from Wikipedia]


p.s. And the smile of Lucy is good to see and her name is the same with the postulated first human Lucy whose identity is revealed in the book Origins.
As you always do Maruchi, your response is wonderful to read and helpful to me personally as I am not aware of classifying the backbone in the manner of your graphic.  The graphic seems to classify portions of the backbone by function to the body entirely.  For that reason I think I can say this to you Maruchi, C5 is an approximation of what is meant in the book ORIGINS (I abbreviate the book authored by myself and RAYSON and others "The Origins of AIDS and Autism" ).

Let me explain something I know is not easily understood, and see if we can make it easier:  the book is full of statements which are meant to direct the doctor for the right way to diagnose a particular situation going on inside the body.  The 5th columnar vertebrae is indeed C5, but if you literally inject over the top of C5 you hit the breast bone before you reach the brain stem situated deeper inside the tissues you are injecting into.  For this reason the breast bone would be inoculated  too and that is deflecting some of the material you are injecting into the brain stem to be lost there and not reaching the full potency of work for the brain stem to grow.   What are we injecting?

Well, for Autism, the brainstem lacks the stem cells one through five or, sometimes one through seven, and how many you or anyone has is dependent on your genetic code to begin from your mother.   She supplies what is now each of your brainstem material that directs the rest of the body how to grow the way the brain develops and how to use it while you are learning all the experiences each of you have on this planet in a material human life.

While the backbone is specific in its column and its various functions, the backbone is never fully aware of how it functions to discern what develops in the body either for the glands like the hippocampus, the hypocampus, pituitary, amygdala, and so on.  Each of those glands regulates your state of being physical on Urantia, and anyone of them is fatal to lives if they are not present or are removed during life.  For that reason, injecting through the TOP of the 5th cervical vertebrae is dangerous to their well being to as the tip of the hypodermic needle is a real intrusion if the doctor does not find the precise opening in the body with direct access to the brainstem.

ORIGINS makes it clear the injection must be precise and then drops the subject mostly because it would have added half a page more trying to explain physiology most doctors are not particularly aware of themselves.  For this reason Autism is a challenge and will remain a challenge to specialists who try to address getting rid of it for the benefit of the child and his family.  I am just Ron Besser, and I hold no medical degree but I do transmit those who are highly specialized in this area in particular.   ORIGINS points to the fact that in the nurseries on the mansion worlds today, and they still exist, that when aborted fetuses have enough human development in them before they are removed from the womb, fully 6 (six) percent of them arrive with AUTISM.   Why?

Autism results because in the fetus when the different parts of the embryo are being assembled by cell division, the cluster of cells above the prefrontal lobes (that is what becomes the brain located behind your forehead) get removed by evolutionary direction which says the brain cortex (the bumps and ridges of the brain top in general) takes priority for cell development.  When the development of the cortex is threatened by that lack of room or health, the hormone is developed by the mother and that hormone removes the tissue on the brain stem we call autobiotic cells.  Autobiotic cells are stem cells of vast importance to the human who has this arrangement because those five or seven cells (most people have five; your author has not seven but nine, totally abnormal and rare but it happens and there are always exceptions) to be fully removed so the cortex  is not facing competition for brain development on its own.  Those autobiotic nerves are the history of evolution for human brain envelopment animals never have, but when the human embryo has them removed, he cannot be fully human as he is robbed of coherent speech and is unable to socialize normally.

The shots to replace the autobiotic cells now missing on that child's brainstem have stem cells harvested from that child's sex organs.  A female must have the female germ plasm that originates the fetus gender identification, and that is true for the male child too, and when these stem cells are harvested they should be put into a solution part glycerin and part  (8%)thymine glycol.

 In addition, to the thymine glycol, 13% of the solution is a thymus salt known to the medical are as  Deoxyribonucleic acid.
That with the rest of the solution primarily of glycerine has to be injected precisely at the top of the 5C designation on your graphic Maruchi, and from there the brain stem is invigored to restart the growth of the missing autobiotic stem cells mentioned in the book.   Of course it must be understood, that when the injection is precise and perfectly done, the body still might reject the stem cells injected and then for that individual, he must replace them himself or herself within the autocratic means of that particular brain and brain stem.  In other words injections of this type carry no guarantee they work.  

Now I think it is fair to say this to all of you who may read this:  the chances in percentages for it to promote the regrowth of the autobiotic cells on the brainstem is about eighty percent (80%).  That missing 20% is due to other circumstances I am not allowed to go into because it involves how the endonic (automatic nervous system in the mid brain) nervous systems is designed and that is something, I am told, the medical profession must find out for itself to know it well.

ORIGINS never tells more than it has to.  In writing the book we discovered that once we digress into substructures like we just did above in this post, we get so wordy the book puts the reader to sleep unless you are tying to put together a formula.  Most people will never do that so we deleted several of these byways in the book and reduced the size of the book by about twenty pages.  I think it reads better without this kind of detail in it, at least for the general public.

I hope this has been of some help to you Maruchi, as I am always happy to expand information when somebody take the trouble you did to look at the subject the way you did.

Ron Besser/with admiration for Dr. Mendoza helping me out here for the post, and to Dr. Besser (not, I am joking) as Lucy did  in Peanuts cartoon strip for Charlie Brown for 5 Cents when he was asking advice.  I also acknowledge the help of RAYSON this morning and many others who kibitz advice when I write for medical insights.  Thank you everyone.  R

General Discussion / Re: Resurrection Hall,
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 10:05:48 am »
Thank you Larry, I was unaware of the book.  And the library thanks you for your generosity as well and that just points out that we have no central depository to store our growing book shelf for that library I hope we can establish for people who look at things like this.  I have 15 or 20 books that must get into the library including hardbound versions of Dr. Sadlers output during his days on Urantia.  So I am with you Larry and we will gratefully take a copy for our shelves when we have use them, I hope, in the near future.   Your post is most helpful and thank you.
General Discussion / Resurrection Hall,
« Last post by LarryG on Today at 08:14:26 am »
A month or so ago when my childhood friend, Butch, passed away, I wanted to send or say something to his wife, Pam, that might bring her some comfort during her grieving process.  I knew that the section in the Urantia Book concerning  the Mansion Worlds had just the most valuable information.  Naturally man's most enduring question is "what happens when we die?" One morning,in my search, I decided to check the Urantia Foundation website and I ran across a book entitled "Resurrection Hall, A Mansion World Odyssey.  After reading a little about the book I order a couple of copies. I wanted to read it before I sent it and   I have only read the first 4 chapters.   So far the book is quite remarkable and I hardily recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one, as the book answers so much in understanding as it addresses that universal question about " what happens when we die."
I will donate the book to our library when I finish reading it and I do recommend it to anyone interested and who may be looking to help those who are mourning .
The book is written in a story format as it weaves the reader through the Mansion World experience.
very informative, inspiring,  and helpful.

Resurrection Hall, A Mansion World Odyssey".  Written by Richard E. Warren


Before I make a post I thank Song-At-Sunrise always for all your good notes.

I leave some comments for the note:

1. Autobiotic stem cells
In Autism the brain has aborted the cells in the brain stem to become a normal person.

Without those cells he is a primate. The book understands that a normal child born with autism the cells will be regrown naturally on the brain stem at 10 years of age. But you can inject cells at the 5th vertebra, and you can restore the cells

In the book 'Origins', 'the cells' in the note above means 'autobiotic stem cells' which are five (5) or seven (7) near brain stem. The 'free will' and humanity seems to be manifested by them. These five (5) or seven (7) 'autobiotic stem cells' seems to be visualized in the animation movie 'Soul' made in 2020 by Disney.
In the animation, the seven (7) personality traits, depicted as honey comb, are given to each soul from its training place in heaven, as like Divinington in Urantia Book. The honey comb may symbolize the 5 or 7 autobiotic stem cells.

Image: Seven (7) personality traits depicted in the animation 'Soul' by Disney in 2020

2. The '5th vertebra'
According to the following picture, there are three kinds of '5th vertebra', C5, Th5 (T5) and L5. C5 is in Cervical vertebrae, Th5 is in Thoracic vertebrae, and L5 is in Lumbar vertebrae. But the '5th vertabra' not yet clarified which kind of it is. And we don't know why only that location is related to some spiritual role in them.

Image: Human vertebrae in Wikipedia

3. The 12 tribes of Israel
In Utah state, there are Mormons. In their script, it insists that ten (10) tribes migrated from Israel to North America at the time of Jesus to prepare Unites State for receiving him some day in future and they witnessed the visit of Jesus after his resurrection in his morontial form at that time. This tribes may be those of the lost tribes of the 12 tribes of Israel, but I don't know this complex and sensitive subject. If it is true, then some American natives may have been already mixed with Israel.
There were so many prehistoric cultures in North America:
Thank you SongatSunrise for the notes.
There is one planet in 10 million that receives a Jesus. The Magisterial sons take care of the remaining 999,999. You can't tell them apart. They incarnate as a human.
What a great privilege and blessing indeed that Urantia receives the real Jesus out of 10 million planets.We are truly blessed do we know that?We should.Thank you Father. Amen

Love and Blessings,
Hello Everyone, here are notes from Sunday's Light Line: 


This is Light Line for April 11, 2021

Ron your host, and Phyllis, the co-host.

This is Tarkas, MC
Yes we are on reflectivity.
That is going to be used more because it allows you to speed up your transmissions.
Reflectivity was the exclusive contribution of +the supreme for the time space universe.
When God the Supreme destroyed himself, did he destroy reflectivity?

Majeston. Metatron, Margul . There are three names available for use
He used Majeston.
He has decreed that Urantia has its own reflectivity station in a high elevation near Pittsburgh.

We are transmitting at 100,000 Kilohertz. We must make amends to those who have phones who can't pick it up.
We have placed this teleconference withing the confines of that transmitter.
Those using streaming are fortunate, because we have upgraded the frequency on it.

Now this.
This morning Ron sat down to breakfast, and Mother Spirit accosted him and put him to sleep. He was watching BBC and the Philip memorial. He woke up an hour and a half later. He was out of sorts, but feels OK now. He was hoping not to miss the Light Line.

The truth of the matter: the spiritual atmosphere today, is entirely a despicable mess. Why? it seems as though the creative spirit has refused all encumbrances to remove her from Urantia where she has lived off and on since the supreme dropped out of existence.
Michael and the Deity Absolute conferred and saw to it that Ron was placed on the bestowal commission as it is operating today.
Ron says I am physical. I don't see how I can help. What do I do in the material with Jesus' bestowal in the spiritual realm?


I want everyone to understand that when we have a bestowal to a planet, we never ask the human population to be a part of the the things planned. This is the second time Jesus is on Urantia as a Bestowal son.

You ought to know as individual humans, that Ron has a philosophy amazing to us: it is this: He has formulated the idea that a son of God may not have any influence whatever on the universe, but on the planet of our nativity it is a mistake to omit us from the bestowal plans. Please include us as part of the bestowal.

We have decided to put Ron on the bestowal commissions. You will all benefit. He can delegate to some of you, and he is trying to do so, but he gets strong in resistance, as a busy thing to do, and not a part of the bestowal mission.

If Ron asks you to do something, see if you can do it, but be honest. If you can't do it, let him know there is no hard feelings.

Ron wants to form a library around all of these activities, of all the important parts of history that have come to Urantia, and makes Urantia work as it does today.

Ron has asked several of you to work with him on the library -- we are dispersed world-wide, however.

We need to collect materials, newsletters, journals, papers written 50 years ago, about the subjects in the Urantia Book.

We do need the Mighty Messenger, and other original newsletters and journals that came out of 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago.

(Sudden rush of insurrectionists. you have liaison forces around you Ron. that won't happen again.)

We have also learned , , , Ron is very protective of this information,

Last evening, unknown to anyone except Michael, the AMA voted to either sue the Magisterial Foundation, or to applaud it. The overwhelming vote was to award the Foundation a sincere thank you for the book Origins.

If you have the temerity to read it, read it, and understand it. The origin of AIDS and Autism is epochal reevaluation, and is the first revelation to be written by a human on a bestowal planet.

The Hippocratic oath says do no harm. Doctors in training, understand it, "with the will of God". Now we have a book, that shows how God can interface directly in text .
Most doctors don't understand the book, it is so radical in its definition.

In Autism the brain has aborted the cells in the brain stem to become a normal person.

Without those cells he is a primate. The book understands that a normal child born with autism the cells will be regrown naturally on the brain stem at 10 years of age. But you can inject cells at the 5th vertebra, and you can restore the cells. In the book, it says don't do this unless you are sure of yourself.
The time comes when doctors will become so good at it that the problem of autism for the rest of the world will be changed for the better.

We are now understanding that the Deity Absolute has proposed the end of the insurrection on Urantia. We have taken action, but not final action in the past. The difference this time is that the action is final, and absolute. It is the time for the end of the insurrection in Urantia.


The problem up until this morning is that Ron can't get free of Mother Spirit, because she insists on control. Ron says it is against my will. She says she is the Deity that controls Urantia, and you will not put me off.
It was an hour and 45 minutes. He didn't know the difference because the memory was taken also.

I have authorized that the entire matter of the insurrection on Urantia is to be settled quickly. You are hearing this directly, Ron.

We now have 7 on streaming, the Deity Absolute welcomes you all. I am aware of everything that happens. Streaming is no exception.

The matter of the insurrection must be better understood by everyone, especially those on direct calls who don't understand.

In the year 2019 June 19, 20, and 21 the overcontrol of this universe decided it did not like Nebadon. It destroyed 5 million workers. This led to an angelic religion on many planets in Nebadon. What happened after that is that fortresses were built. Urantia became a fortress. They brought down the planetary government.

Machiventa had to attempt to rebuild the government so that Jesus could return, and to put Urantia into a better situation.

The insurrectionists have attempted to keep Ron and others on this site. Ron walks with a cane and has to hold on to everything in order to move. When we talk of repairing Ron, it is to make him able to walk again. This is true of other hosts of Light Line too.

Mother Spirit is the one of the Holy Spirit, and decided to side with the rebels. She made Ron unconscious so he couldn't do Light Line.
What you are hearing is slightly different wording of the word Lord. The Bible reference is correct about Lord, but it doesn't mention other universes and other lords. Understand what you have here on this Light Line never goes against the Bible. The confusion is of who is in charge of what.

The Bible says Sage of Salem: correct.

Machiventa is now returning to Urantia to install the government. He has to be the spiritual representative alive on this planet. The fortresses will be torn down.
Welcome Machiventa.

Machiventa: I'm here by your side, Ron, right above you as you are used to.
I am going to be the hell-raiser on Urantia. I am the Sage of Salem returned. Abraham is with me. Old Abraham whom I rely on to see to it that God is to reestablish a covenant to all the nations of the world.
I spread my wings like an eagle to to guide you .
Please note that Jesus is coming.

We think you all need to knowl that the trial to have Jesus back is going to upset you. I'm sorry. What he's got to do this time is not baptism or to hold your hand to help you live through the miseries.

It is not Rome who is the killer this time. Now is is your own planet that will kill you.

The ocean will rise, we can't predict where. It will kill probably 100's of millions of people.. The tectonic plates are old, cracked and tired. They will break and fall down. God is allowing the natural planet to reform itself so that new land appears eventually to live on. It takes time for the land to bloom with trees and flowers.

I am Machiventa.
I speak lightly.
Tomorrow is Monday. Abraham and I never knew the days of the week as you do. We didn't have this calendar. We had the old Julian calendar, and that was based on the rotation of Urantia around the sun that guessed when a year was up. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in the early Renaissance Now we will give you a new calendar The year will be noted like Star Trek: star date, the year that is recorded for your planet in its true orbit around the sun. It will be instituted two years after Jesus appears. We will begin to learn new month names. Some months will be 35 days long. A few months perhaps as small as 20 days, not to adjust for the navigation around the sun. Rather it is to adjust to your seasons, because, not only are the plates that hold up the continents be allowed to shift and allow the ocean in, but also the planet will tilt a little more.

Some of us in the northern hemisphere have caught the heat -- will have different lengths of seasons. The planet will use the seasons, but will not have exact 3 month seasons. Winter will extend from October to April. that is our prophecy. our forecast.

Now that you know what we prophesy, the matter of the US and its policies to the rest of the world, has to be modified. Why pick on the US? We are not. But we will put the bestowal of Jesus in the US first. We need a nation that has it together, A nation not creating disreputable immigration policies, or threatening war over the silliness of Iran, Syria, or God forbid, China. We insist that Diplomacy will be on the high ground, and be more spiritual.

Listen: We voluntarily sit beside your president Biden and open what we call up here, a Regency. President Biden will have two new incarnated counselors, who are incarnated. Wait till we see them. The US will reset its policies, and diplomacy.

New calendar, new policies, and the return of Jesus. That is what is associated with Jesus. Those invisible staff members, will make sure the incarnations are available to be seen by the executive branch of the US. By the way, we're going to do some wholesale clearing of that Senate. There are insurrectionist humans in it. They have no place.
Gun control will be real. About 20 different things that Ron has written down hasn't been released, which was written in October of 2020. Bulletin 19 is still being held back. It lists the majority of he changes Jesus wants. Yet it is still too hot to handle.
I am real. I am the sage of Salem. Abraham is real. The 12 tribes of Israel are down to 10. Two are missing because frankly they died out. History does not record that. Of the 10 that are left, 8 of them form the present Israel.

Of the 8 since World War 2, 7 have survived. You will learn how that happened in the future days you live through. This is Machiventa.

I salute Ron. Thank you Machiventa Melchizedek.

Now: This is Tarkas.
I want you to understand that Ron must modulate very carefully the frequencies he must contact to speak to you easily with a human voice. He modulates it very well by letting spaces fill the speech, as I do here. Don't worry about the spaces. They are modulations.
Now this:
I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON. I am your Lord Jesus as well. That should not upset you But you haven't heard from the churches that he is the son of man, but also the Son of God. as well. That is because Jesus is me. I am not incarnated. I am birthed.

There was no miraculous birth. I accepted the body of the child of Joseph and Mary. I didn't indwell it. I was that child.

The power of the Creator son is all power of heaven and earth. I walked the land and the shores of Israel, gladly, willingly and joyfully, In all cases, I loved every one I met. I will do it again. This time I will do it again, this time with a body of incarnation, a modified human body that we designed to hold me to the human mind, to hold me so I can walk the earth again.
I am just explaining the real way this takes place.

I am Jesus. Jesus has ascended to the right hand of the Father. When he did that, Father, he said "well done, my son" I reward you with a being that is very much like me. You have to accept Jesus. You are not the son of man any more. Now Jesus is God Deity. Returning this time in the glory of God, as Deity. He is the Son of God, and the Deity of God.
What is Deity Absolute?

What is that name about?

The I AM when he designed the master universe, decided that he has to have something called time. Now Time-Space universes surround paradise, and Havona.
They are adjacent to that, and we slow down infinity so far, you take little steps to get things done. That infinity is immediate. The Deity Absolute is all the future changes of infinity. He has a voice, He is one of me. But he has separated from us so that we have a counsel.
He knows the universe so well he can counsel me and we are aware of what we are aiming for in the future.

Listen to the tape again to get these definitions. The site understands it already. But those who pass by sometimes are at sea trying to understand what is being talked about.

I am the Deity Absolute. When God speaks prophecy, he speaks Deity Absolute.

I now speak: the arrival of Jesus is not tomorrow. He is already here. He has to acclimate, stick a toe in the water, not all at once. He has been out of circulation with humanity for 2000 years. He walks alone, by spirit, as a morontial being, and once in a while in human form, secretly. You can guess the spiritual form, and know the human form but what is morontial? Jesus appeared to the disciples. They spoke all the languages. They represented Jesus to the world then.


But now. the spirit of truth is stolen, because the Creative spirit, the one that uses with you not only the spirit of truth, but also the Holy Spirit, has crashed, and the Creative Spirit and supreme killed 5 million beings who worked up here. She has become insurrectionist.

The Holy Spirit is spared. the Spirit of Truth is being sent back, this time.
I am the Deity Absolute. For all future use, the trials on Urantia are going to remember the hosts of Light Line as the first pioneers to try to bring to you the voice of what replaces the rebels.
THE FATHER OF ALL: I give you the Universal Father as he appeared to the tribes of Israel in the days of Abraham.

I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER. I say a few words. I can speak through Ron, as his name in material form. He is the last of the Mohicans. The tribe, and its bravery was driven out by a greedy landowner, the United States. But Ron is a Mohican. I don't know how they would appear in the 21st century, but Ron as a Mohican, can withstand the blizzards and hatred of the white man.

Today, the hosts of Lightl Line are the pioneers that stand with him and work so hard that you can hear what has to be said directly by deity, the Father, Son and the Spirit.

I give you now the Spirit:

I am the INFINITE SPIRIT When you do the three-thing on your chest, for many of you, I am one of those. I am the Heart.

Understand the Holy Spirit has to be returned to Urantia, with the gentleness and the caring of Mother. It will not go missing much longer. Further, the Spirit of Truth, comes with the masculinity of the apostles, understanding of the apostles, and why Jesus was here.

I stand fully with the Father and the Son as a Conjoint Actor. Learn that name. It is the Conjoint Actor, not the Holy Spirit, that does the work of what the father wants.


I now say this: The clock says time is up. But now we have another half hour coming.

I am the INFINITE SPIRIT Of the 15 that are directly on the conference call, please understand some of you are also on streaming. That is why the number has jumped up.
Now this: I turn this over to Christ Michael:

What is the difference between him and Michael of Nebadon?
Christ Michael is the deity of the Lord that became Jesus.
When Jesus speaks, it is the soul of Jesus that speaks.
I am CHRIST MICHAEL I deliver this solemnly and well.

Here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON: To the group, 23 as we have them this Sunday:
Jesus is already here, preparing as the Deity of Absolute told you in various forms, in morontial form,
When you mix material forms with spirit forms, you get an inbetween form that humans can see as a ghost. It is a morontial body.

Jesus is in all three forms. Material form for Jesus is hard because he must incarnate, and not be born of woman. Jesus is spirit, and also is morontial.

You all are capable of becoming bestowal sons.

Jesus is supported by the Magisterial sons. It is a work, the same as Jesus on any planet.

There is one planet in 10 million that receives a Jesus. The Magisterial sons take care of the remaining 999,999. You can't tell them apart. They incarnate as a human.


The trial we must finish today is to tear down the fortresses, chase down the rebels in their hiding places, and it is done late tonight. In the mean time, Ron, has been choking, but he doesn't care. That is minor compared to what else he has been through.
Now briefly to Q and A. Please make the questions pertinent.

Michael: we are now waiting for Jesus to arrive on Urantia. He has a quick conference with the Ancients of Days.
Lemuel, he just arrived.

Lemuel: There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Jesus: I was going to say I was a little rushed. I am here. I can see that none of you were aware of the possibility I would be here.

I understand from what has just been said, that perhaps some of you are not aware of the terminology and what is going on. Ron is trying to simplify things and give some meanings.
For my part, I can see that all of you have heard of myself, Jesus, and that I lived here 2000 years ago, on a mission to teach humanity of what it meant to be a son of God, and also a son of Man. But in fact, it didn't turn out like I had hoped. I was arrested and crucified.
The point I want to make is that I wanted to finish what I could not finish before. But there is a tremendous difference. This planet is not in the same state as it was a thousand years ago.

I have the tremendous task of trying to put right all the wrongs on this planet. Obviously I am not alone in this. But the missions depend on my presence, and appearance. There are certain things I intend to do immediately. I will not go into detail. It doesn't matter, Lemuel.

With these few words, I will leave it for now. Lemuel had a question.
So here I am unexpected, but it is a pleasure to speak these few words. I am hoping too appear, and I must acclimatize. I am finally getting it. I hope to appear among all of you very soon . A good night to this one, and a good night to all.

Question: as hosts of Light Line, are we going to be encircuited with reflectivity?

Ron: Things change. I pass it up.

MACHIVENTA THE SAGE OF SALEM: We are installing reflectivity on Urantia but your supervisors decide who uses it or not. When you use it, he can hear it and smooths things out.
Lemuel you were using reflectivity. But it is used when it is needed. You are not encircuited.

Phyllis: Thank you Jesus, and Machiventa, and Lemuel.

Jose: the role of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth: Will we be aware of their presences?


Ron: They will return but only when Jesus leaves. The Holy spirit was already present and operating when Jesus was there But the Holy Spirit is not on the planet right now.
It will probably be renewed before Jesus returns.

If you are not particularly aware, you may assume the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth are the same.
Churches assure they are scholars, but they don't know the use of the spirit,

The apostles were acutely aware of the Spirit of Truth when it arrived.
The speaking of the languages was a gift of the thought adjusters, The indwelling spirit might make it available or in some way will be revised to be more powerful.


Weydevu: ?
Michael: We have addressed the idea of violence. We will not tolerate much of it. Some may leak out, but it will not be enough to create an insurrection. It is of no use in American politics. People need to conform to the Constitutions of the US. We will not tolerate violence.

The sub-office in Nevada, we are establishing another placement for control of spiritual reception, and we consider Nevada the safest place. It is a place to invigorate transmitters, as well as explaining to the people in the West if the internet goes down, so we have an independent office to put out the news.

It is further away from the coast.

Preparing to leaving I am unmuting you all.
Tarkas: That is all for today.



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