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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio recording

Where are they now ?

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. I have been wondering what we can talk about this morning. It is in fact my Beloved or my Teacher, AMADON, has something to say and it has been several minutes before a title came into my mind and it clicks because it is connected to what we talked the other day - “Do you know You”, remember there are two parts. The topic this morning is entitled “Where are they now”. I am thinking about my youth and also my adulthood, looking back over eight decades now, but through the world of entertainment we have come to know many personalities, so many actors and actresses, we have seen so many times in the movies. 

In a sense, we grow-up and they become a kind of extended family, most especially those that appear on television everyday, those who give us the latest news and the weather forecast and we tend to look at them everyday, so you will understand what I say and what I mean; They become a member of the family because they rule our lives almost everyday and after a while when one does not see them, one is missing them and ask question - where are they now ? There are too many, I am not going to try to list all the actors and actresses we have all seen over the years. So, where are they now, all those people that have given us so much pleasure over so many years.

Thinking about the question that I pose to all of you the other day - do you know You ? I come back again this morning - do they know themselves now, where are they now, what are they doing, what have they learned, have they come to understand who they really are and what they are. But hopefully, they all are on the mansion worlds, somewhere on number one, two, three, four or wherever they are, I send them light, love and blesses to all of them of course and very thankful and grateful for the joy and pleasure they gave, not only me of course, but countless, millions around the world for so many years. 

I remember going to the cinema, the pictures as we called them then, in my hometown in Wales, it was just called saturday morning pictures. Just for sixpence, we would go and see Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller and Jane, Morina Sullivan, Roy Rogers, Johnny McBrown, Gabby Hayes and all those people, prepared for the cinema with his wife or girlfriend. I am sure there is a lot here who remember these people and of course, perhaps most of you will not know what I am talking about because you are not of eighty years of age, but I am sure you can identify what I am saying. You will have your own personalities you have grown up with, have become your extended families. Where are they now, what are they doing ?

I would just like to repeat, wherever they are, I send them light and love and my thanks. I just hope that they know who they are and have learned so many things about their lives and also that they can rejoice of the fact that they did give so much pleasure to so many people and for that there are so many millions people around the world who are so very grateful to all of them, I am sure. Looking back on our youth, we remember so many times, so many wonderful movies that we have seen, that have moved us sometimes to tears and sometimes tears of joy and so much laughter that these actors and actresses have been able to portray through the roles that they are playing. I think it is wonderful and I am so grateful to all of them. So, where are they now ? I would like to think that they are all well on the path of their ascension.

So, with these few words this morning I would like to wish you all a very good weekend. Yes, here we are another friday, another week flown by. Well, wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for listening and I hope to talk to you again soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Where are they now?_
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Speaker: Lemuel 
Subject: Where are they now?
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 5th June 2020  12:17 Local  10:17 Z
General Discussion / Re: Crisis Management
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Subject: Crisis Management - Part III - Continued interpretation of the dream of giant colored water droplets.

Last week, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable about doing nothing about the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, Monday, and the protests that were starting to happen in the USA.

That was when I had the strong symbolic dream, as if it were an answer.

PART I - First interpretation and disclosure of part of the symbolic dream

In the first message posted here on the Serara Forum I told the part of the dream that I remembered, that is, I was in a place. And in this place, it started to rain a different rain of water. A rain with giant colored drops of water.

PART II - Second interpretation and disclosure of yet another part of the symbolic dream

In the second message posted here at the Serara Forum, the next day, I talked about the same dream, adding a little more, as I remembered that in the dream there was an important phrase that was "Crisis Management".
The interpretation was in relation to the moment of crisis with the covid-19 pandemic across the planet as well as the peaceful protests resulting from the cowardly homicide of George Floyd.

In this first part and second part, I also commented on slogans, which are currently true related to the time and space in which we live in the current context of humanity.


And I commented that the slogan BLACK LIVES MATTER is also true. I added that this peaceful movement is for all races, black, yellow (Asians), red (American Indian), white (Caucasian), white (Europe and Latin America). I can add, also, just as an example, the Arabs and Hebrews, as peoples with different characteristics and specific to their places and religious and genetic heritage. Now I have added some subtypes of white races, depending on the location, just to exemplify, as there are more subtypes of race. What I said that this truth is for all people, of all races, so, humbly, I said my vision that a slogan can reach all races with the slogan HUMAN LIVES MATTER.

PART III - Third interpretation and a little more of the symbolic dream.

So, now it's 3:48 am here in Brasilia, Brazil. I woke up suddenly and felt that I needed to add a few more important words from the symbolic dream of the giant colored raindrops associated with the slogan Crisis Management of the dream.

Initially, the dream was much broader and deeper than what I told here at the Serara Forum, but I can remember only part of the dream.

I have also seen in peaceful protests the slogans WITHOUT JUSTICE WITHOUT PEACE (NO JUSTICE NO PEACE).

Another slogan in the peaceful HANDS UP protests (HANDS UP), DO NOT SHOOT (DON'T SHOOT).

It seems to me that they are different or similar phrases than the one translated by google translator from Portuguese to English but that has the same meaning.

But let's go to the third interpretation of the dream.

I previously commented on the gigantic peaceful demonstrations that took place in Brazil in the years 2013 and 2014.

I said that the protests were peaceful and to avoid the action of people or small groups of malicious people who were in place to stimulate violence, with looting, robbery, fires people would sit on the floor when someone or a small group started to act with violence.

This act of sitting on the floor, or another equivalent act such as kneeling or even lying down in a symbolic way, makes people or small groups malicious and untroubled in peaceful protest in sight for other people and even for the police and this fact discourages the violence.

I emphasized the words of George Floyd's brother who called for peaceful protests.

I told you that the cowardly homicide in George Floyd hurt my soul like it was someone in my family. I informed that part of my family, in the case of my mother, has many ancestors of the black race among other races, being also, descendant of Germans, probably German Jews, because the surname "Steinmetz" is very common in many Jews all over the world. world, inclusive, and especially in Israel. I told you that I have very white skin and blue eyes.

I add that I am 1.80 tall. That is, in Nazi Germany, even though my ancestors were German Jews, if they didn't speak anything they would look like any other German (Caucasian) from Prussia (Region of Germany, which I think is the origin of my ancestor Jacob Steinmetz who came from Germany, around 1850 to Brazil to serve as military to the then Empire of Brazil - at the time a monarchy, forming what were called "Brummers" or grumbling (because they complained about the welds received).

I always remember that, unless I'm mistaken, Elvis Presley was a white man with a black soul, because he had a swing of black dance.

Continuing, the third part of the interpretation,
what I mean is that there are often countries that try to listen, somehow, to their peoples in a democratic way
as it happens in Brazil and also the USA and many of the countries of America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

In these democratic countries peaceful protests are possible.

In order to be remembered in history as peaceful protests, each peaceful participant must act this way, sitting, kneeling or lying down, and speaking to others in a symbolic and expressive way through words to relieve acts of violence.


And this is true for everyone, including for other people, other people's lives and physical integrity and in relation to other people's assets, such as vehicles and houses, for example, which were often acquired with a lifetime of hard work, and often, this patrimony does not even have insurance.

Yes, without justice, without peace (NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE).

I'm a lawyer. Each country has its own characteristics in relation to Justice.

But often, it is necessary to modify and improve the Laws, the Constitution and the interpretation of Justice in judicial processes.

Each people, with its jurists, must reflect this periodically, in search of Justice. If necessary, then modify and improve your FEDERAL LAWS, to cover the entire country, the CONSTITUTION, and the highest Courts of Justice in the country, review your judicial interpretations in search of JUSTICE, when changes in legal interpretation are required in favor of a whole race of human beings that are all of us, because regardless of race, we are all HUMANS.

Society has delegated to the Judiciary the power to resolve conflicts, using, if necessary, police force to do this. Judicial decisions must be, literally and spiritually, fair, valuing the sense of the word JUSTICE and at least try this in the best possible way.

If the cowardly homicide of George Floyd was because his skin was white, just for reflection, what would be the sentence?

This is Justice, making the conviction, in case of a crime, as if it were committed by the class considered higher by the dominant power in the country affected by the crime that deserves some kind of punishment.

I will mention an example of Justice and Criminal Laws in Brazil. Yes, there is the Jury Tribunal, with citizens to judge in case of homicide in Brazil. But in Brazil, there are seven jurors, but the decision does not have to be unanimous, the majority is enough, that is, the decision of four of the seven jurors. Is this a possible change to be made in search of JUSTICE in the USA? Is this a possible change to be made to LOCAL LAWS, FEDERAL LAWS or to the CONSTITUTION?

Another example, which occurs in Brazil, differentiate the type of homicide. In simple words, if the homicide is due to or associated with a robbery committed by the defendant, technically called "robbery" in Brazil (LATROCÍNIO) it is not the Jury Court, that is, the jurors who judge, but who will judge is a judge. A technical judge who will usually deal with facts more accurately than can often happen to jurors who are often of a certain race or gender or other personal and social characteristics and this factor may eventually lead to a decision unfair due to the defendant who may have the same characteristics.

In cases such as that of George Floyd's cowardly murder, could there be changes in LOCAL LAWS, in FEDERAL LAWS, in the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, in the interpretation of Judges and the highest Courts of Justice, with modification and improvement of judicial precedents in favor of JUSTICE?

I heard the words of former ex-President Barack Obama.
I emphasize the part of the speech that talks about a new time in the USA, with young people making peaceful protests. He commented on the timing of the events with Dr. King (Martir Luther King) and Malcom. This is a synthesis of Obama's recent speech, but the meaning was similar to this interpretation.

I add, and reiterate, that peaceful protests must encompass all races, yes, all races, because we are all human. Cowardly crimes, like George Floyd's cowardly homicide must be reflected by all races, by all human beings, because HUMAN LIVES MATTER.

Finally, in the dream I had, it did not form normal drops of rain, but giant drops of colored colored rainwater.

So it was not peaceful protests by dozens of people, but thousands and even millions. Yes, millions.

In the years 2013 and 2014 there were not thousands, there were millions of people on the streets of Brazil, mainly in the two largest Brazilian cities, the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Peaceful protects.

This is part of the history of Brazil and the world in relation to peaceful democratic protests.

So, as a Brazilian I can talk about what I saw.

I do, my humble and personal vision, in relation to the GIANT DROPS OF COLORED RAINWATER of my symbolic dream.

Dream Symbol of giant peaceful and democratic protests.

But, in my view, the truth is alive and must be sought with connection to God, Father as it is written in the Urantia Book, in Jesus' teachings, in a phase of farewell, before the events that led to his death.

I remember the also Administrator of the Serara Forum, Phyllis (Newstarafhire) of document 180


180.5.2 Divine truth is a spirit-discerned and living reality. Truth exists only on high spiritual levels of the realization of divinity and the consciousness of communion with God. You can know the truth, and you can live the truth; you can experience the growth of truth in the soul and enjoy the liberty of its enlightenment in the mind, but you cannot imprison truth in formulas, codes, creeds, or intellectual patterns of human conduct. When you undertake the human formulation of divine truth, it speedily dies. The post-mortem salvage of imprisoned truth, even at best, can eventuate only in the realization of a peculiar form of intellectualized glorified wisdom. Static truth is dead truth, and only dead truth can be held as a theory. Living truth is dynamic and can enjoy only an experiential existence in the human mind.


The living truth must be lived and felt spiritually by each person in communion with God the Father and cannot be imprisoned through formulas, codes, or intellectual models.

What I mean?

That each person must seek the connection with God the Father and seek his answers to the living truth according to the reality of time and space that he lives.

I see the news of the peaceful US protests.

In Brazil, peaceful protests were scheduled to take place in a single location for peaceful protests in the city and, perhaps, for this reason, were gigantic.

Why are peaceful protests taking place at different points within the same American city? Wouldn't it be better to do it in one place, showing a greater union?

Yesterday, June 4, 2020, in Los Angeles, there was a call for the various peaceful protests in various parts of the city to be concentrated in one place, it seems to me that in the Los Angeles City Hall or elsewhere. This form, this union, seems to me to make a difference to the extent of the peaceful protest and thus a greater repercussion at the level of city, state, country and even the world.

Another reflection, if the protests are peaceful, why the curfew? Democracy with peaceful protests must be stimulated by true democracies, so why make life difficult and even arrest protesters who are peacefully claiming JUSTICE?

Why remove buses and the metro when the protests are peaceful? To make it difficult for peaceful protesters to return to their homes?

Recently, fortunately, large American cities have removed the curfew in the face of peaceful protests.

Geoge Floyd a human being was cowardly killed.

So, in conclusion, this message that is for now and forever when there is a crisis management in the face of peaceful protests: - seek the connection with God, Father, seeking the living truth and act in a peaceful way, and who knows the world will improve . Who knows this historical moment will always be remembered in the history of the USA and the world as the simple words of the daughter who is seeing peaceful protests and this is serving as a comfort, daughter of George Floyd, cowardly dead, a daughter, a naive child who said : - my father changed the world.

Post Scriptum:
A change from the previous sentence to make it clearer:

1) This is Justice, making the conviction, in case of a crime, as if it were committed AGAINST THE VICTIM AS IF SHE - THE VICTIM - WAS OF the class considered highest by the dominant power in the country affected by the crime that deserves some kind of punishment.

2) To Reflect: If George Floyd, the victim, who was cowardly killed, had white skin, what would be the condemnation of Justice?

3) Yes, the symbolic dream I had of the giant drops of colored water can symbolically signify the GREATEST DEMOCRATIC PEACEFUL PROTESTS in the world. Yes, as I remember only part of the dream, but I know it was important, I try to remember other parts of the same dream and that came the remembrance of the phrases ADMINISTRATION OR CRISIS MANAGEMENT. Yes, it seems to me that the dream I had serves as a reflection on communion with God, Father in the search for living truth and, possibly, on JUSTICE, since I am a lawyer, a legal advisor, and law is part of my professional life.


Post Scriptum 2:

I usually follow the great peaceful and democratic protests in Brazil and in the world watching news on television.

But sometimes I participate in democratic and peaceful protests, as far as I can due to compromises.

I am going to count one of my participations, not counting the time (year) and the event itself, because the issue I want to emphasize is the form of participation, that is, in a peaceful way.

I went to a gigantic peaceful democratic protest, with thousands of protesters, and I was right in front of the National Congress in Brasília (Brazil), right in the middle between the water pools and the street, that is, a green lawn with a slight slope .

The site was fully occupied by protesters. As usual, there were slogans so common in peaceful democratic protests around the world.

There came a time, however, that the situation became tense, as I believe that the local authorities had ordered the police to remove the demonstrators on the spot using police force. However, the protests were peaceful, and no violence was being done by the participants.

I saw, a part of the police, using horses trying to advance in the crowd and the military police helicopter started to fly low, and there was a sniper on the helicopter aiming at the protesters who were at the scene peacefully.

Except that an unexpected event happened in which I had a silent participation, but that made the police give up the action. I'll tell you what happened.

As I am a lawyer, I was wearing a suit and tie, my normal dress at that time, as I worked in a prominent body (federal government agency), as a legal advisor.

As a matter of fact, I am still a legal advisor but in another location, now related to the Public Ministry of Labor.

Continuing, I was wearing a suit and tie right in the center of the peaceful and democratic protest on the lawn in front of the National Congress.

Only I was the only one with a suit and tie among the peaceful protesters.

Maybe that's why the police helicopter started flying low with a sniper aiming at me. That's right. The intention was to scare me so that I would run away.

Why did the helicopter start flying low right where I was? Why was a sniper aiming at me when the protest was peaceful?

People started looking at me to see what I would do. They wanted to run, run, but they saw me steady. And so they stood firm. And the police, seeing that the protesters did not flee, backed down and the peaceful protest continued and ended peacefully.

Yesterday, reporters were threatened by police in New York City. Reporters who saw that the police arrested peaceful protesters only because they were after the curfew. I saw this news today here in Brazil.

Why this?

Why the curfew if there is no violence? Why arrest people who protest peacefully? True democracy exists, but protesters must be allowed to participate in peaceful protests!

Is a curfew, purely, unnecessary, in the absence of violence a typical act of dictatorships, be it left or right?

Yes, the police can and must be on standby every night and day when there are peaceful protests, as there may be infiltrated malicious people who want violence. So, if the number of police officers is enough to prevent violence, why is a curfew necessary?

I say this, because it hurts my soul when I see a person arrested just for making peaceful democratic protest due to the cowardly murder of George Floyd and in the face of a curfew, in my humble vision an unnecessary curfew in front of the large number of police of New York City like the images I saw that took place in New York City last night, June 4, 2020.


Post Scriptum 3:

A little while ago I saw a report on Brazilian television, that a city in the American state of New Jersey in one of the most violent cities in the USA, closed its police station years ago and opened with totally different people in a new philosophy, the police community. The result was a decrease in violence. Former American President Barack Obama, still as President, visited the place.

Yes, I am thrilled when I see that there is a possibility of change for the better.

I usually relate my emotional side to my genetic heritage of the black race by the maternal family. Yes, the black race is very emotional, I know that personally. I even believe that this is one of the greatest virtues of the black race.

However, I remembered that my father, who is of German origin, to whom I inherited my very white skin and blue eyes was also very emotional, but in the final phase of his life.

When I was going to take my son, that is, my father's grandson for him to see, tears of joy and emotion came out of my father's eyes.

My father, who passed away, was a Gremista, that is, he supported the Gremio football team from Porto Alegre (RS). I started rooting for Gremio at the beginning of my adolescence, after dreaming about my father with the Grêmio shirt. One day I brought a Grêmio shirt to my father, and the next day he, my father was dressed in the Grêmio shirt that I gave her as a gift.

What do I mean by that?

Emotion exists in the black race, in the white race (Caucasian), in all races, because we are all human.

These historic moments that we are going through, for example, due to the cowardly homicide of George Floyd, make us see each scene on television, in the news, with personal meanings that move us and make tears come out of our eyes.


Assunto: Administração de Crise - parte III - continuação da interpretação do sonho das gotas gigantes de águas coloridas.

Na semana passada, de repente, eu me senti muito incomodado por nada fazer em relação à morte de George Floyd, em 25 de maio de 2020, segunda-feira, e os protestos que estavam começando a acontecer nos EUA.

Foi quando eu tive o forte sonho simbólico, como se fosse uma resposta.

PARTE I - Primeira interpretação e revelação de parte do sonho simbólico

Na primeira mensagem postada aqui no Fórum Serara eu contei a parte do sonho que eu lembrava ou seja eu estava em um lugar. E neste lugar começou a chover uma chuva diferente de água. Uma chuva com gotas gigantes de água coloridas.

PARTE II - Segunda interpretação e revelação de mais uma parte do sonho simbólico

Na segunda mensagem postada aqui no Fórum Serara, no dia seguinte, eu falei sobre o mesmo sonho, acrescentando um pouco mais, pois eu relembrei que no sonho existia uma frase importante que era "Administração de Crise".
A interpretação foi em relação ao momento de crise com a pandemia do covid-19 em todo o planeta bem como os protestos pacíficos decorrentes do homicídio covarde de George Floyd.

Nesta primeira parte e segunda parte, comentei também sobre frases de ordem, que são, atualmente, verdadeiras relacionadas ao tempo e espaço em que vivemos no atual contexto da humanidade.


E comentei que também é verdadeira a frase de ordem VIDAS NEGRAS IMPORTAM. Acrescentei que este movimento pacífico é para todas as raças, a raça negra, amarela (asiáticos), vermelha (indígena americana), branca (caucasiana), branca (Europa e América latina). Posso acrescentar, também, apenas como exemplo, os árabes e hebreus, como povos com características diferentes e específicas a seus locais e herança religiosa e genética. Agora eu acrescentei alguns subtipos de raças branca , conforme o local, apenas para exemplificar, pois existem mais subtipos de raça. O que eu disse que esta verdade é para todos os povos, de todas as raças, então, humildemente, disse minha visão que uma frase de ordem pode alcançar a todas as raças com o slogam VIDAS HUMANAS IMPORTAM.

PARTE III - Terceira interpretação e mais um pouco do sonho simbólico.

Então, agora são 3:48 da madrugada aqui em Brasília, Brasil. Eu acordei de repente e senti que precisava acrescentar mais algumas palavras importantes do sonho simbólico das gotas de chuva coloridas gigantes associadas com a frase de ordem Administração de Crise do sonho.

Inicialmente, o sonho foi muito mais amplo e profundo do que eu contei aqui no Fórum Serara,  mas eu consigo lembrar apenas parte do sonho.

Eu tenho visto, também, nos protestos pacíficos as frases de ordem SEM JUSTIÇA SEM PAZ (NO JUSTICE NO PEACE).

Outra frase de ordem nos protestos pacíficos MÃOS AOS ALTOS (HANDS UP), NÃO ATIREM (DON'T SHOOT).

Me parece que são outras frases diferentes ou parecidas do que a traduzida pelo google tradutor do idioma português para o idioma inglês mas que tem o mesmo sentido.

Mas vamos a terceira interpretação do sonho.

Eu comentei anteriormente sobre as gigantescas manifestações pacíficas ocorridas no Brasil nos anos de 2013 e 2014.

Eu falei que os protestos foram pacíficos e para evitar a ação de pessoas ou grupos pequenos de mal-intencionados que estavam no local para estimular a violência, com saques, roubos, incêndios as pessoas sentavam no chão quando começavam alguém ou um grupo pequeno a agir com violência.

Esta ação de sentar no chão, ou outro ato equivalente como se ajoelhar ou até deitar de forma simbólica deixa as pessoas ou grupos pequenos mal-intencionados e infiltrados no protesto pacífico à vista para as demais pessoas e até para a polícia e este fato desestimula a violência.

Eu ressaltei as palavras do irmão de George Floyd que pedia protestos pacíficos.

Eu contei que o homicídio covarde em George Floyd doeu em minha alma como se fosse alguém de minha família. Eu informei que parte da minha família, no caso da minha mãe, tem muitos ancestrais da raça negra entre outras raças, sendo também, descendente de alemães, provavelmente alemães judeus, pois o sobrenome "Steinmetz" é muito comum em muitos judeus em todo o mundo, inclusive, e principalmente em Israel. Eu contei que tenho pele muito branca e olhos azuis.

Acrescento que tenho 1,80 de altura. Ou seja, na Alemanha nazista, mesmo sendo meus ancestrais de judeus alemães, se não falassem nada pareceriam como qualquer outro alemão (caucasiano) da Prússia (Região da Alemanha, que me parece é a origem de meu ancestral Jacob Steinmetz que veio da Alemanha, por volta do ano de 1850 para o Brasil para servir como militares ao então Império do Brasil - na época uma monarquia, formando o que se chamavam de "Brummers" ou resmungões (pois reclamavam dos soldos recebidos).

Eu sempre relembro que, salvo engano, Elvis Presley era um branco com alma negra, pois tinha um gingado de dança negro.


Continuando, a terceira parte da interpretação,
o que eu quero dizer é que muitas vezes existem países que procuram ouvir, de alguma forma, seus povos de forma democrática
como acontece no Brasil e também os EUA e muitos dos países da América, da Europa, da Africa, da Asia e da Oceania.

Nestes países democráticos é possível protestos pacíficos.

Para serem lembrados na história como protestos pacíficos, cada participante pacífico deve agir desta forma, sentando, ajoelhando ou deitando, e falando com os outros de forma simbólica e expressa através das palavras para desestimular atos de violência.


E isto é válido para todos, inclusive, para as outras pessoas, a vida e a integridade física das outras pessoas  e em relação ao patrimônio de outras pessoas, como veículos e casas, por exemplo, que muitas vezes foram adquiridas com uma vida toda de trabalho árduo, e muitas vezes, este patrimônio inclusive não tem seguro.

Sim, sem justiça, sem paz (NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE).

Sou advogado. Cada país tem suas características própria em relação à Justiça.

Mas muitas vezes, é necessária a modificação e o aperfeiçoamento das Leis, da Constituição e da interpretação da Justiça nos processos judiciais.

Cada povo, com seus juristas, devem refletir isto periodicamente, em busca de Justiça. Se for necessário, então, modifique e aperfeiçoem suas LEIS FEDERAIS, para abranger todo o país, a CONSTITUIÇÃO, e as mais altas Cortes de Justiça do país, revisem suas interpretações judiciais em busca de JUSTIÇA, quando for necessário modificações de interpretação jurídica em favor de toda uma raça de seres humanos que somos nós todos, pois independente de raça, somos todos HUMANOS.

A sociedade delegou ao Poder Judiciário o poder de resolver os conflitos, usando, se necessário a força policial para que isto seja feito. As decisões judiciais, devem ser, literalmente, e espiritualmente, justas, valorizando, o sentido da palavra JUSTIÇA e pelo menos tentar isto da melhor forma possível.

Se o covarde homicídio a George Floyd fosse por que a pele dele fosse branca, apenas a título de reflexão, qual seria a condenação?

Isto é Justiça, fazer a condenação, em caso de crime, como se fosse cometido pela classe considerada mais alta pelo poder dominante no país atingido pelo crime que merece algum tipo de punição.

Vou mencionar um exemplo da Justiça e das Leis Criminais no Brasil. Sim, existe o Tribunal de Juri, com cidadãos para julgam em caso de homicídio no Brasil. Mas no Brasil, são sete jurados, mas a decisão não precisa ser unânime, basta a maioria ou seja a decisão de quatro dos sete jurados. Esta é uma alteração possível de ser feita em busca de JUSTIÇA nos EUA? Esta é uma alteração possível de ser feita nas LEIS LOCAIS, LEIS FEDERAIS ou na CONSTITUIÇÃO?

Outro exemplo, que ocorre no Brasil, diferenciar o tipo de homicídio. Em palavras simples, se o homicídio for decorrente ou associado a um roubo cometido pelo réu, tecnicamente chamado no Brasil de "latrocínio" (LATROCÍNIO) não é o Tribunal do Júri, ou seja os jurados que julgam, e sim, que irá julgar é um Juiz. Um juiz técnico que irá se deter, com mais precisão, normalmente, aos fatos, do que muitas vezes pode acontecer com jurados que muitas vezes são de determinada raça ou gênero ou outro característica pessoal e social e este fator poderá ocasionar, eventualmente, uma decisão injusta decorrente do réu que poderá ter as mesmas características.

Em casos como o do homicídio covarde de George Floyd poderá existir modificações nas LEIS LOCAIS, nas LEIS FEDERAIS, na CONSTITUIÇÃO AMERICANA, na interpretação dos Juízes e das mais altas Cortes de Justiça com modificação e aperfeiçoamento dos precedentes judiciais em favor da JUSTIÇA?

Ouvi as palavras do ex-presidente Barack Obama.
Ressalto a parte do discurso que fala sobre um novo tempo nos EUA, com jovens fazendo protestos pacíficos. Comentou sobre a época dos fatos ocorridos com Dr. King (Martir Luther King) e Malcom.  Esta é uma síntese minha do discurso recente de Obama, mas o sentido foi parecido com esta interpretação.

Eu acrescento, e reitero, que os protestos pacíficos devem englobar todas as raças, sim, todas as raças, pois todos somos humanos. Crimes covardes, como o homicídio covarde de George Floyd devem ser refletidos por todas as raças, por todos seres humanos, pois VIDAS HUMANAS IMPORTAM.

Por fim, no sonho que eu tive não forma gotas normais de chuva e sim gigantescas gotas de água de chuva com cor coloridas.

Então, não foram protestos pacíficos de dezenas de pessoas, mas milhares e até milhões. Sim, milhões.

Nos anos de 2013 e 2014 não foram milhares, foram milhões de pessoas nas ruas do Brasil, principalmente, nas duas maiores cidades brasileiras, as cidades de São Paulo e do Rio de Janeiro. Protestos pacíficos.

Isto faz parte da história do Brasil e do mundo em relação aos protestos democráticos pacíficos.


Então, como brasileiro posso falar sobre o que eu vi.

Faço, minha visão humilde e pessoal, em relação as GIGANTESCAS GOTAS DE ÁGUAS DA CHUVA COLORIDA de meu sonho simbólico.

Sonho Símbolo de protestos pacíficos e democráticos gigantes.

Mas, em minha visão a verdade é viva e deve ser buscada com conexão a Deus, Pai como está escrito no Livro de Urantia, nos ensinamentos de Jesus, em uma fase da despedida, antes dos acontecimentos que levaram a sua morte.

Faço uma lembrança da também Administradora do Fórum Serara, Phyllis (Newstarafhire) do documento 180

(tradução do Google Tradutor):

180.5.2 A verdade divina é uma realidade viva e discernida pelo espírito. A verdade existe apenas nos altos níveis espirituais da realização da divindade e da consciência da comunhão com Deus. Você pode conhecer a verdade e pode viver a verdade; você pode experimentar o crescimento da verdade na alma e gozar da liberdade de sua iluminação na mente, mas não pode aprisionar a verdade em fórmulas, códigos, credos ou padrões intelectuais da conduta humana. Quando você empreende a formulação humana da verdade divina, ela morre rapidamente. O resgate post mortem da verdade aprisionada, mesmo na melhor das hipóteses, pode ocorrer apenas na realização de uma forma peculiar de sabedoria glorificada intelectualizada. A verdade estática é verdade morta, e somente a verdade morta pode ser considerada uma teoria. A verdade viva é dinâmica e pode desfrutar apenas de uma existência experiencial na mente humana.


A verdade viva deve ser vivida e sentida espiritualmente por cada pessoa em comunhão com Deus, Pai e não pode ser aprisionada através de fórmulas, códigos, ou modelos intelectuais.

O que eu quero dizer?

Que cada pessoa deve buscar a conexão com Deus, Pai e buscar suas respostas da verdade viva de acordo com a realidade de tempo e espaço que vive.

Vejo as notícias dos protestos pacíficos dos EUA.

No Brasil, os protestos pacíficos eram programados para ocorrer em um único determinado local para os protestos pacíficos na cidade e, talvez, por isto, foram gigantescos.

Por que estão ocorrendo protestos pacíficos em pontos diferentes dentro de uma mesma cidade americana? Não seria melhor fazer em um local só, mostrando uma maior união?

Ontem, 04 de junho de 2020, em Los Angeles, houve uma convocação para que os diversos protestos pacíficos em várias partes da cidade fossem concentradas em um local só, me parece que na Prefeitura de Los Angeles ou outro local. Esta forma, esta união, me parece que faz a diferença para a amplitude do protesto pacífico e assim uma maior repercussão a nível de cidade, de Estado, do País e até do mundo.

Outra reflexão, se os protestos são pacíficos, por que o toque de recolher? A democracia com protestos pacíficos devem ser estimuladas pelas verdadeiras democracias, então, por que dificultar a vida e até prender manifestantes que estão pacificamente reivindicando JUSTIÇA?

Por que retirar os ônibus e o metro se os protestos são pacíficos? Para dificultar o retorno para a casa dos manifestantes pacíficos?

Recentemente, felizmente, grandes cidades americanas retiraram o toque de recolher diante dos protestos pacíficos.

George Floyd um ser humano foi morto covardemente.

Então, concluindo, esta mensagem que é para agora e para sempre quando houver uma administração de crise diante de protestos pacíficos: -  buscar a conexão com Deus, Pai, buscando a verdade viva e agir de forma pacífica, e quem sabe o mundo irá melhorar. Quem sabe este momento histórico será sempre lembrado na história dos EUA e do mundo como as singelas palavras da filha que está vendo os protestos pacíficos e isto esta servindo de conforto, filha de George Floyd, morto covardemente, uma filha, uma criança ingênua que disse: - meu pai modificou o mundo.

Post Scriptum:
Uma alteração da frase anterior para ficar mais claro:

1) Isto é Justiça, fazer a condenação, em caso de crime, como se fosse  cometido CONTRA A VÍTIMA COMO SE ELA - A VÍTIMA -  FOSSE DA classe considerada mais alta pelo poder dominante no país atingido pelo crime que merece algum tipo de punição.

2) Para Refletir: Se George Floyd, a vítima, que foi morto covardemente, tivesse a pele branca, qual seria a condenação da Justiça?

3) Sim, o sonho simbólico que eu tive das gotas gigantes de águas coloridas podem significar simbolicamente os GRANDES PROTESTOS PACÍFICOS DEMOCRÁTICOS do mundo. Sim, como eu lembro apenas parte do sonho, mas sei que era importante, busco relembrar outras partes do mesmo sonho e que veio a relembrança das frase ADMINISTRAÇÃO OU GERENCIAMENTO DE CRISE. Sim, me parece que o sonho que tive serve de reflexão sobre a comunhão com Deus, Pai na busca da verdade viva e, possivelmente, sobre JUSTIÇA, pois sou advogado, assessor de direito, e o Direito faz parte de minha vida profissional.


Post Scriptum 2:

Normalmente eu acompanho os grandes protestos pacíficos e democráticos no Brasil e no mundo vendo notícias na televisão.

Mas as vezes eu participo dos protestos democráticos e pacíficos, na medida das minhas possibilidades em razão dos compromissos.

Vou contar uma de minhas participações, sem contar o tempo (ano) e o evento em si, pois a questão que quero ressaltar é a forma de participação, ou seja de forma pacífica.

Eu fui em um protesto democrático pacífico gigantesco, com milhares de manifestantes, e fiquei bem em frente do Congresso Nacional em Brasília (Brasil), bem no meio entre as piscinas de água e a rua, ou seja, um gramado verde com um leve declive.

O local estava totalmente ocupado por manifestantes. Como de costume, havia frases de ordens tão comuns em protestos democráticos pacíficos pelo mundo.

Chegou um momento, no entanto, que a situação ficou tensa, pois eu acredito que as autoridades locais haviam ordenado que  a polícia retirasse os manifestantes no local usando a força policial. No entanto, os protestos eram pacíficos, e nenhuma violência estava sendo feito pelos participantes.

Eu vi, uma parte da policia, usando cavalos tentando avançar na multidão e helicóptero da policia militar começou a voar baixo, e tinha um atirador de elite no helicóptero apontando para os manifestantes que estavam no local de forma pacífica.

Só que aconteceu um evento inesperado em que eu tive participação silenciosa, mas que fez com a policia desistisse da ação. Vou contar o que aconteceu.

Como sou advogado, eu estava de terno e gravata, o meu vestimento normal naquela época, pois trabalhava em um órgão (agencia de governo federal )  proeminente, como assessor jurídico.

Aliás, continuo como assessor jurídico mas em outro local, agora relacionado ao Ministério Público do Trabalho.

Continuando, eu estava de terno e gravata bem no centro do protesto pacífico e democrático no gramado em frente ao Congresso Nacional.

Só que eu era o único com terno e gravata entre os manifestantes pacíficos.

Talvez, por isso, o helicóptero da policia começou a voar baixo com atirador mirando justamente em mim. Isto mesmo. A intenção era me amedrontar para que eu fugisse.

Por que o helicóptero começou a voar baixo justamente aonde eu estava? Por que um atirador mirando em mim, se o protesto era pacífico?

As pessoas começaram a me olhar para ver o que eu faria. Queriam correr, fugir, mas me viram firme. E assim ficaram firmes. E a policia vendo que os manifestantes não fugiram recuou e o protesto pacífico continuou e terminou de forma pacífica.

Ontem, repórteres foram ameaçados pela polícia na cidade de Nova Iorque. Repórteres que viram que a policia prendeu manifestantes pacíficos somente porque estavam após o toque de recolher. Eu vi estas notícias hoje aqui no Brasil.

Por que isto?

Por que o toque de recolher se não há violência? Por que prender pessoas que protestam pacificamente? A democracia verdadeira existe, mas deve se dar direito aos manifestantes de participar de protestos pacíficos!

Toque de recolher, puramente, sem necessidade, diante da ausência de violência é um ato típico de ditaduras seja de esquerda ou de direita?

Sim, a polícia pode e deve ficar de forma de prontidão em toda noite e de dia quando há protestos pacíficos, pois podem existir pessoas mal-intencionadas infiltradas que querem a violência. Então, se o efetivo ou seja o número de policiais é suficiente para impedir violência, por que é necessário toque de recolher?

Digo isto, porque me doí a alma quando vejo uma pessoa presa somente por fazer protesto democrático pacífico em virtude do assassinato covarde de George Floyd e diante de um toque de recolher, em minha humilde visão um toque de recolher desnecessário diante do grande número de policiais da cidade de Nova Iorque como as imagens que eu vi que aconteceram na cidade de Nova Iorque na noite de ontem, 04 de junho de 2020.


Post Scriptum 3:

Agora a pouco eu vi uma reportagem na televisão brasileira, que uma cidade no Estado americano de Nova Jersey em uma das cidades mais violentas dos EUA, fechou sua delegacia, há anos atrás, e abriu com pessoas totalmente diferentes em uma filosofia nova, a policia comunitária. O resultado foi a diminuição da violência. O ex-presidente americano Barack Obama, ainda como presidente visitou o local.

Sim, eu fico emocionado quando vejo que existe possibilidade de mudança para melhor.

Eu, normalmente, relaciono o meu lado emotivo a minha herança genética da raça negra por parte da família materna. Sim, a raça negra é muito emotiva, eu sei disso pessoalmente. Eu acredito, inclusive, que esta é uma das virtudes maiores da raça negra.

No entanto, eu lembrei que meu pai, que é de origem alemã, a qual eu herdei minha pele muito branca e olhos azuis também foi muito emotivo, mas na fase final da vida dele.

Quando eu ia levar o meu filho, ou seja o neto de meu pai para ele ver, muitas vezes saiam lágrimas de alegria e emoção dos olhos de meu pai.

Meu pai que já faleceu era gremista, ou seja, torcia pelo time de futebol do Grêmio de Porto Alegre (RS). Eu comecei a torcer pelo Grêmio no início de minha adolescência, após sonhar com meu pai com a camisa do Grêmio. Um dia eu levei de presente para o meu pai uma camisa do Grêmio, e no dia seguinte ele, meu pai estava vestido com a camisa do Grêmio que eu dei de presente para ela.

O que eu quero dizer com isto?

Emoção existe na raça negra, na raça branca (Caucasiana), em todos as raças, pois todos somos humanos.

Estes momentos históricos que estamos passando, por exemplo, decorrente do homicídio covarde de George Floyd, faz com que vemos cada cena na televisão, nas notícias, com significados pessoais que nos emocionam e faz com que lagrimas saiam de nossos olhos.

...[...]... Next is a word from the spirit  teacher to these tapes:  Amadon:

Amadon is your celestial MC for these occasions.  Amadon was a former human who worked with Van the Steadfast on Lake Van, now part of Turkey, as they defended the work of God until the appearance of Adam and Even, with whom he still works.  Lemuel uses both Van the Steadfast and Amadon, to explain the trials of the world today and we beseech all who can listen if they are bilingual, to support Lemuel who does not have a clue on how to tell anybody he is doing this work for all to hear and enjoy.   I am AMADON and here is VAN THE STEAFAST TO SPEAK TO:

"I am Van the Steadfast, and I compliment Ron for knowing how to make people listen over and over again what to to say and do when cooperating with celestial helpers tothe GREAT GOD OF ALL.   Be assured we are here to announce that LEMUEL is now working on a new transmission soon for all to hear as he will start bilingual broadcasts soon enough and all, English speakers, and Spanish speakers, will soon hear it in their native language from Lemuel when the time comes.  Good day and we wish all the best of this day.  VAN THE STEADFAST.


I pray that the previous plans for Urantia continue, logically with improvements and adjustments in the face of new facts in the universe of universes, such as the Local Federation.

I continue to pray, and persist in praying that it is possible, at the moment due to the various Missions of God. And I hope that humanity will wait patiently for the right moment for each phase, according to the destiny set by God, Father:

1) The Magisterial Mission now according to the guidelines of the Federation of local universes in the city of York, Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the USA, according to the will of God, Father;

2) The Teaching Schools of the Melchizedeks;

3) Technological advances with the Director of Science, Rayson, Magisterial Son.

4) The return of Adam and Eve and many of their sons and daughters;

5) The return of Jesus;

6) Spiritual advancement with the Age of Light and Life, with Margul, the Instructor of the Trinity Son .

7) The temple of God, Universal Father in the USA.

Everything, of course, at the right time.

In any case, I leave my destiny, whatever my destiny, completely so that the will of God, Universal Father of all, may be done.


Eu rezo para que os planos anteriores para Urantia continuem, logicamente com aperfeiçoamentos e ajustes diante dos novos fatos no universo dos universos, como a Federação Local.

Eu continuo rezando, e persistindo em oração que seja possível, no momento devido as diversas Missões de Deus. E eu espero que a humanidade aguarde com paciência o momento certo para cada fase, de acordo com o destino traçado por Deus, Pai:

1) A Missão Magisterial agora de acordo com as orientações da Federação dos universos locais na cidade de York, Pensilvânia ou em outro local nos EUA, de acordo com a vontade de Deus, Pai;

2) As Escolas de Ensino dos Melquisedeques;

3) O avanço tecnológico com o Diretor da Ciência, Rayson,  Filho Magisterial.

4) O retorno de Adão e Eva e de muitos de seus filhos e filhas;

5) O retorno de Jesus;

6) O avanço  espiritual com a Era de Luz e Vida, com Margul, o Filho Instrutor da Trindade.

7) O templo de Deus, Pai Universal nos EUA.

Tudo, logicamente, no momento certo.

Seja como for, eu deixo o meu destino, independentemente de qual for o meu destino, completamente para que se faça a vontade de Deus, Pai Universal de todos.

« Last post by JuliodaLuz on June 04, 2020, 04:55:05 pm »
Lemuel, rest assured, I believe that readers and speakers of the Spanish language understand the message you transmit on Lightline in the Spanish language. I, for example, understand perfectly. Continue your efforts, even if there is no one at the time of transmission, as the recorded message can be heard later. A big brotherly hug from your friend from Brazil. Julio.


Lemuel fique tranquilo, eu acredito que os leitores e falantes do idioma espanhol entendem a mensagem que você transmite na Lightline no idioma espanhol. Eu, por exemplo, entendo perfeitamente. Continue com seus esforços, mesmo se não tiver ninguém no momento da transmissão, pois a mensagem gravada pode ser ouvida depois. Um grande abraço fraternal de seu amigo do Brasil. Julio.
Thank you Lemuel, for your Spanish Lightline. My language is Portuguese, but as it is similar to the Spanish language I can understand practically the whole message. Julio.


Obrigado Lemuel, por sua Lightline Espanhol. Meu idioma é português, mas como é semelhante ao idioma espanhol eu consigo entender praticamente toda a mensagem. Julio.
Spanish Language Broadcasts from Celestial Teachers in Spanish for Your Information and PLEASURE/   Dates transmission schedules appear in the title of these notices.  Please see the Category further down showing call in numbers and other instructions for you to use.  You will also find a link post there with a tape recording of the messages from the celestial teachers through Lemuel.  Next is a word from the spirit  teacher to these tapes:  Amadon:

Amadon is your celestial MC for these occasions.  Amadon was a former human who worked with Van the Steadfast on Lake Van, now part of Turkey, as they defended the work of God until the appearance of Adam and Even, with whom he still works.  Lemuel uses both Van the Steadfast and Amadon, to explain the trials of the world today and we beseech all who can listen if they are bilingual, to support Lemuel who does not have a clue on how to tell anybody he is doing this work for all to hear and enjoy.   I am AMADON and here is VAN THE STEAFAST TO SPEAK TO:

"I am Van the Steadfast, and I compliment Ron for knowing how to make people listen over and over again what to to say and do when cooperating with celestial helpers tothe GREAT GOD OF ALL.   Be assured we are here to announce that LEMUEL is now working on a new transmission soon for all to hear as he will start bilingual broadcasts soon enough and all, English speakers, and Spanish speakers, will soon hear it in their native language from Lemuel when the time comes.  Good day and we wish all the best of this day.  VAN THE STEADFAST.
« Last post by Lemuel on June 04, 2020, 02:46:37 pm »
This evening´s LIGHTLINE was attended by AMADON, Lemuel´s teacher who acted as
Maestro de Ceremonies. Emphasizing a change in the way you think can change your reality
and that of the world.
The next LIGHTLINE ESPAÑOL will be on Thursday, 11th June, 2020  8:00pm Local

Dear Manitraniaina 01
WE observe how active you are for your work in Madagascar and thank you greatly to take the time to tell us about it.  We know you and Albert spend much of your time to help the people, and that is really the world too, with these meetings.

Know that we support you from a distance but we are very close to your wishes to be heard better not only in Madagascar, but for the rest of the world too.  That is very hard more and more to do with a virus disease so bad, and people not caring very much at all about very important matters that matter to you and us.

I wish it to be known to Albert and those of you who can understand these matters that heaven is working very hard to help you learn the revelation, and to learn it well enough you become teachers to all who will want to know it too.  You and Albert and at lest five others are loyal and we know about you as spirit tells us how you are doing once in a while, and we hear from spirit they are very happy to work with you and provide your people and Madagascar the LIGHTLINE  work so far. 

LIGHTLINE is very important for Albert to continue in spite of not enough food or money sometimes but the Lord always provides when He must and he must to keep you active and happy to do this work for a long time to come.  We support you fully and are always wishing you to follow up with questions and answer you do well with.

I am Ron Besser, and look forward to the day I might meet you and hear you do a Lightline with me too.  I consider that possible some day and it might be fun too to hear each other work through our different languages to see if God can speak that we all understand at once.  That happened to the Apostles of Jesus once, as Jesus was peaking Greek to a Greek audience, and they had no interpreter, and suddenly the Apostles heard him speak Greek they understood.  It can happen.  We should try together someday to try it asI only speak English and sometimes I wonder if I speak it well at all.

Thank you for the trouble to place this report to us.  It works well to do that all the time. Best wishes to you and best wishes to Albert and all who work with you!

Ron Besser/USA 
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