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Thank you so much for the many revelations contained in these writings. There is much to chew on. It is always a pleasure to receive more than one ask for to please the soul. Thank you.

@Ron, would you be so kind to share your table chart of nearly twenty types of beings that live exclusively in Hyperinfinity? Christmas has come early for me as I open this treasure chest of thought on the residence of Hyperinfinity and these 2 questions that Hyperinifinity present (I think 🤔) 
1. Now that perfection reigns supreme, what do we do now? 
2. What do we work with in perfection? 
Much love and happy greetings from an Infinity resident, 

 Weydevu, YHWH is the original spelling per the scholars on this particular subject.  IT is meant to be pronounceable, and that is to indicate to the early Hebrews, the face of God is too sacred to use a word for it.  The hyperinfinity subject is rife with insecure writing on my part just because it is so far beyond my ability to describe the controlling Deification of the source of Hyperinfinity.  I also see you are not able to grasp this and for that reason I am very careful to tell you this:

"YHWH is what I adopted to show my respect for this conversion of thought of the might and power of what lies beyond even an INFINITE Master Universe.  Hyperinfinity Weydevu exceeds spirit.  It exceeds materialization,  IT is the ordered Creation of the Infinitude itself.  YHWH is unpronounceable, and that idea of not being able to speak it is resident even in the CONSUMMATORS OF UNIVERSE DESTINY.  Our FATHER, as you correctly related, is a CONSUMMATOR, but that is only to label the FATHER INFINITE as it is written and discussed in the Urantia Book.  The writer of that Paper concerning the Infinitude, actually makes the statement that the Father exceeds infinity, and it is to the idea of Hyperinfinity we assign what it means to be more than Infinity itself. 

You are not asked to try to understand even a cursory explanation as I offer it here.  I admit my inadequacy to talk about, but I do for one important reason to me:  the philosophical problem of what to do with perfection of everything?  What do you use if for?  Think about that Weydevu.  If everyone is perfect there are no courts, there are no broken relationships ever, and no one can tell you what is wrong with you because there is nothing wrong ever with a perfect being.  But Hyperinfinity explains something to us:  The existence of Hyperinfinity actually tells us what to do with perfection.  Since we do not know what Master Universe Infinity means to us in the future, how then does understanding the appearance of the FATHER INFINITE tells us what to do about perfection as participating in a universe with a Hyper-infinite core?  That is why the FATHER did not like me to introduce the concept and why I am careful to place the subject as actually relating to the work of THE I AM.  Only the I AM knows what lies beyond the Master Universe, and that is because the I AM had to be an inventor and ask YHWH to be able to select the EXISTENTIAL values available to construct MASTER UNIVERSE VALUES.

Weydevu, no one including me is asking you or anyone to become history PhD's to understand the use of YHWH of the Hebrews which historically appeared around the 17th century BCE.  Early man could not conceive of YHWH, as in those times it was Ghost Fear that appealed to the chattlemen magicians who were not only curing doctors through fear medicine, but who also had actual connections to the then Planetary Prince, Caligastia.  Man had to learn God through ghost fear first and then when the Hebrews finally broke through with soul understanding, the FATHER considered and used that genetic group to propound the idea of monotheism.

Monotheism is still well on Urantia, but its practice has deteriorated to the point it is quickly beginning to assume the idea of cultish practices or in some cases back to the idea of a Greek Pantheon of gods and goddesses.    It is a too heavy subject for me as it has so many interesting side visits to the early history of mankind, I am woefully unprepared to say much about it.  But then let us now hear our UNIVERSAL FATHER  comment on what I have said here for your edification DOMINICK and you WEYDEVU.

FATHER - "I am fully enjoying your discomfort Ron.  You introduce this wild and wooly concept of Hyperinfinity and suddenly I find myself freed of a certain self-cause restraint, and that is not to battle Me but one of My Censors, who must keep you in mind when deserving a better assignment that working with Ron to keep him in chattels until we can assure the creation you Ron have it right but are fully worrying that people like Weydevu have misconstrued your reasons for bringing the subject entirely done in order to answer the philosophical question, "WHAT DO WE WORK WITH IN PERFECTION?"

"You are the only one in this sector of the universe to have discovered the concept in your own amazing 5th epochal revelatory text which no one seems to wish to reference to read for themselves.  IF you quoted that Paper entirely Ron, no one would catch it, but you did and with much credit to Mantutia for putting that quote in it.  I saw the text and marveled at its complexity as you do, but I never thought that statement would trigger you being able to penetrate its larger meaning.  You are still the great one to understand I dislike the subject and pull you back from it all the time.

"However, let it stand now as the car is out of the bag for you and a few others on this site who actually comprehend what you do, and that I, YOUR FATHER, have addressed a super creation which lies beneath another super creation that is not a universe but a condition excluded from my creation or invention to promote the idea of life everlasting.

"We now turn this to the side slightly Ron, and promote the idea of sanity for Weydevu.  He is capable of understanding it but incapable of the research you yourself show so well above about the use of YHWH, or the pronoun cable spelling Yahweh.  I love the idea of the Hebrews not spelling it out in the papyrus scrolls because for the first time in universe history, it was this planet, Urantia, which actually entered into a contract with God the FATHER to behave under his direct will and care.  For awhile Israel could live and flourish to grow the idea of monotheism.  The idea of a conceptual contraband unity between God and man originates with the early Hebrews, but it actual fact, Caligastia introduced the idea of a contraband concept of a COVENANT.   This book chapter might help you to understand this better if you would look at this reproduction of that Chapter here:

"AS your FATHER, Ron, you add great flavors to our work, but keep in mind I must decide who hears what and when and you are making it clear you wish much more and yet you accede to Me your heart understands my reticence and you do not pass it hard on to others what more you have learned even to my surprise.  You have in your possessions a table chart of near twenty types of beings that live exclusively in Hyperinfinity, yet you decided after reworking it a couple times, to let it stand back and not show this forum what you learned.  I greet you well in this decision and let it lie as you do; however, ARTHURA is from Hyperinfinity, and I thank you for caring enough to go into this exposition which is a much better education about ME than even the Synagogues produce for the most part.  Russia today is closest to the idea of a covenant but fails to understand that I, FATHER OF ALL, produces fairness first,  and it is not fair to do what Russia always likes to do and then for that matter suffers terrible reversals of fortune in the matter of a nation state.  And it is for that reason that you Ron care not to mention to anyone listening from Russia they are to be dismissed.  You actually care they contribute their special relationship to God.  When you hear the Russian language spoken you hear it well and the tenderness of the sound  "Ruu See Ah"  and it speaks gently to your heart and speaks oof their love for the Mother of their existence.  I leave you alone in so much of your cares Ron as we answer them up here in the future for you.  I AM FATHER,  Good day.  [Goo day Father, and thank you,]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron, as usual you bring cheer to Me over issues of State I keep forgetting about, and most people read these lessons you bring too quickly and miss the car you put into them.  I especially like the chapter you show them and for reasons of State you make no comment.  I realize that it is an internet policy to place these things available but that particular chapter is hotly debated yet for those who do read it.

"Second, you are fully aware of the disaster you live with and that is no educable now, but the future holds better than you know if you canget through it and you are seriously questioning if that is possible at all.  I am fully aware they are too much present Ron but let them lie low soon as they are being removed one by one around you and you heard one say goodbye this morning and you never mention these things to the discussion forum here.

"Finally, this lesson on Israel, and Covenant is worthy of a treatise from the Lord too, for it illustrates the renewal of man in spite of what he did to get into so much trouble to being with.  It is entirely possible that the Second Return will re-estabish the family of God back to all of man in the near future of existence.  Clear the way for today Ron as it has it surprise in mighty ways toward evening when your love affair with the WTP takes a mighty step forward with RAYSON and His announcement 'all is well,; again and we proceed as we can with our without the DoE.  We congratulate RAYSON for clearing the final hurdles to work with you directly as you are not Abraham and Machiventa, but Ron and Rayson, and you carry it well as you insist this is really His and it is but you must admire yourself for bringing to earth so well we are truly grateful for the Missions too.  Good day."

ARTHURA - "Now that the end has been achieved, it is important for all of you to know that the DoE looks seriously at the question and the sense of an offer but not made because you do not know where they stand.  They stand big time with this and are ready to make amends to the late patent and set it not aside but ready for regional development if you allow them a touch of clarity they fund it but own it not and you owe them some explanation about the secrecy of fission.  You actually have it and for that reason you are among the most valuable of persons Urantia has ever produced except for the inventor of the wheel.  For reasons of my own I am totally incapable of saying more than we have here.  I am  COUNSELOR FROM HYPER INFINITY and you have made so much more possible than we ever thought could be done that you are getting something from Me someday.   Good day to all. "  ARTHURA

TRANSLATIONS / 7.12.2022 - Melchizedek Arthura mówi o naszych obowiązkach
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : amethyst, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / Melchizedek Arthura mówi o naszych obowiązkach
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Melchizedek Arthura :

"Mówię dziś do Ametysty, ale także do innych z was, którzy z różnych powodów nie byli w stanie odbierać przekazów, których potrzebujemy. To był trudny miesiąc dla wielu z was i dla nas i wydaje się, że bawiliśmy się w berka, bo kiedy ja jestem gotowy, wy nie jesteście, a kiedy wy jesteście gotowi, my nie jesteśmy. Niektórzy z was żonglują wieloma piłkami, aby utrzymać swoje życie w stanie stabilności. Rozumiemy to i dajemy wam trochę luzu, ale przypominamy wam, że waszym pierwszym obowiązkiem jest Ojciec.

"Ametyst, od tygodni próbuję zwrócić twoją uwagę, ale masz zbyt wiele kółek kręcących się w twojej głowie, ponieważ wiele spraw zajmuje cię w tym samym czasie. Teraz, gdy mam twoją uwagę, proszę posłuchaj.

"Jest wiele grup nauczycieli, którzy pracowali pilnie w Starej Erze Wszechświata, a teraz muszą na nowo poukładać swoje obowiązki, żeby się dostosować do Nowej Ery Wszechświata. Grupy te są przydzielane od nowa do różnych przekazujących, a ty Amethyst otrzymałeś zadanie przyjmowania przekazów od tych, których kiedyś nazywano Wielkim Białym Bractwem, ale nie wykonałeś tego. Nadszedł czas, aby to zrobić. Wróć na pokład. Wzywamy twoje umiejętności i uwagę do gotowości. Nie daj się zaskoczyć. Twoja uwaga była ostatnio zbyt rozproszona. Możesz chodzić i żuć gumę równocześnie, więc od tej pory zajmij się swoimi błogosławieństwami jak i obowiązkami.

"Nieszczęśliwie się składa, że ci z was, którzy są w podeszłym wieku, padają ofiarą swoich dolegliwości w tym samym czasie, kiedy najbardziej was potrzebujemy, ale bądźcie teraz mocno zdecydowani, ponieważ nie możemy was łapać z zaskoczenia, kiedy czas jest tak bardzo krótki, kiedy jesteście wzywani do zwrócenia uwagi. Świat wkrótce będzie postrzegał rzeczywistość przez zupełnie inną soczewkę i będzie potrzebował wszelkiej pomocy, jaką może przyjąć. Niektórzy oklapną i umrą, ponieważ stracili wszelką kontrolę i nie tolerują rzeczywistości Nowej Ery Wszechświata wprowadzanej przez kochającego Ojca. Niektórzy będą silni i staną na wysokości zadania ku zaskoczeniu wielu. Większość jednak zagubi się w zamieszaniu, nie wiedząc jak zareagować i wielu z was zostanie wezwanych do służby. Szukajcie wskazówek i nie dajcie się zaskoczyć. Pozostańcie przytomni.

"Ja, Arthura, jestem tu teraz dla was. Chwała Lemuelowi i Elise za to, że nigdy nie pozwolili sobie na luz jako przekazujący. Ukłony również dla nowych członków, którzy aktywnie się interesują. Lightlines będa znów solidne później, ale na razie przygotowujemy się do drastycznych zmian, zarówno dobrych, jak i złych, o których od dawna wam mówiliśmy.

"Słyszymy od byłych ludzi, którzy teraz się wznoszą, jak łatwo ludzki umysł może być rozproszony. Wiemy również ze studiowania ludzkiego życia JEZUSA, jak trudno jest być człowiekiem na świecie tak pełnym buntowniczego skażenia, ale to nie jest czas na gnuśność, lecz na pełną czujność.

"Dziękuję ci Amethyst, że w końcu poświęciłaś mi trochę swojej uwagi. Tak, bedąc gotowi na stanowiskach, czujni i gotowi do działania, jestescie rzeczywiście jak stado kotów, ale teraz wycofuję się z tego przekazu czując, że przyciągnąłem waszą uwagę."

Amethyst : Bardzo dziękuję Arthuro.
Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids - YouTube

Mentioned are Malcolm Bendall and plasmoid, geometric generators (frequency-based); another Tesla-based re-discovering claim.  Nov, 10th, 2022 Joe Rogan Podcast episode
The Magisterial Foundation,
York, Pennsylvania
December 07, 2022

“PEARL HARBOR DAY, 1941 is remembered today, as Japan attacked the American fleet in its home location on this date. I remind all of you that started World War II for the United States as Franklin Roosevelt addressed  Congress a mere day later asking for a declaration of war against Japan in the Pacific.  And as happened, Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States slightly later and the declaration of war in the Atlantic and the Pacific happened simultaneously for America in those days.

“My choice to use this memory and salute to American prowess, is to avoid one more World War this time.  Russia is embarrassing the entire world with its patent leather shoes in the middle of a boot strap declaration it has been harmed by its neighbor, the Ukraine, and for that matter it has to be addressed by a conflict.

“The truth now is we too must address the war in the Ukraine with the probability Russia itself will suffer the slings and arrows of probity once more and now must move to carry itself off and address its war wounds by itself and alone.  The people of Russia should ot have to suffer this and I will address this sad affair when I announce my presence shortly.  

“I am truly JESUS.  Ron smiled briefly with the above statement but feels entirely out of concourse as so many of you do.  That is not my fault, but the fault of a nasty insurrection which refuses to lie down and stop this awful harassment Ron gets all the time and I am exempt because they dare not attack Paradise and survive.  Ron requested a complete extermination of the affair to let us have peace to prevail upon the needs of Urantia, and that we may have to do much to the fear of Lucifer he has only a few yards left to annihilate Ron and Me and the rest of you who support all of this for the reclamation of your sphere on high and in orbit around your sun we call Monmatia.

"My choice today is to lean into the situation a little more and to tell you the entire matter Ron has discovered is not longer fully valid for Urantia without a price tag on it, but we are quite sure the plant that must be built for free electricity via an FM radio broadcast is now fully being apprised by the Department of Energy within the United States government.   I am satisfied Ron did the right thing by merely asking the DoE, what do you want me to do with this thing?

“I am JESUS, Ron and you know me well enough to say that is funny.  But you also know you have very poor communication means and you have to start digging to be heard and you are heard grand style today in particular, as your email is the subject of a hurried meeting under the ‘Secretary of the Department of Energy, Jennifer M. Granholm.

“That Secretary is holding forth on the need to do better in communicating with the DoE, than this!  However, she laments he has not choice but to do it this way because there is no mechanism at hand to take on these quirks of history where a miracle comes to us through unrecognized channels.   For that reason I congratulate Ron who said to himself, we sit here in the mud of irregular use of energy and incidence and I have to break the log jam somehow and why not write the Energy people directly?  He did and made a masterful job of it.  Now they are fully aware of it in a way that nothing else could have done it.

“The promise they will make to you Ron, is unknown, and you are not expecting much.   Your health is horrid and so is the prospect of a patent still hung up in the Patent Office trying to determine just why it must be issued when there is no collateral instances of how this works.  That is until MIT reminds them this is truly fission and Ron says so himself but quietly because it hits too many interests in the greedy world of commercial success.  For that reason I step forward.

“As JESUS once said over two millennia ago, to fish is one thing, but to earn your living by fishing is quite another, and in our case, Ron has proven time and again he will not be dissuaded by money, but is actually crushed by independent views this cannot work because a small and little known man like Ron could figure it out and make it work.

“For that reason, let us place our hands together in prayer, and ask our FATHER for the sinew to press this out of discussion and into actual construction.  The entire matter is scientific prowess but quite doable and relatively cheaply.  Ron quoted 20 million dollars to them and that is a ball park figure only.  As a consequence the DoE is looking at it for its cheapness not but its affordability alone.  They feel they can do this even if it fails because it is inexpensive to start and may pay huge dividends.  The DoE Secretary just finished Ron and declared you valid and ready to work and must be confirmed as to useful ways in your life as well.  They are now aware of you having a Top Secret Codeword clearance and that is the highest ever given to people who work SIGINT as you did.

“I am here this morning to address the rest of you too.

“We are running slightly above normal in reader interest and Ron believes it is the appearance of notifications by the universe concerning Me, JESUS, and we tend to agree.  For that reason let Me address the following:

“The entire matter of WTP, free electricity, is not on my table so much as yours.  However, the real problem Ron faces is not his useless pains and pills, but his lack of acknowledgment of true support and the lack of funds so typical of this kind of situation.  No one can undo the paralysis in Rons arms and legs right now but later when I am present it will be looked at seriously and addressed properly.  Be assured Ron you have suffered the exaltation of joy over WTP but the dregs of defeat in pain in all of this and it must stop soon or close the entire episode of a Magisterial Mission to your planet we call Urantia (You Ran’ Sha) and for that reason it must be fully addressed on your mass media when I do announce my presence.

“I want all of you who read this fully sanely and logically: DO NOT MISTAKE ME for the Shepherd this time as we must set the record straight on Urantia, who is boss, and why God matters again.  I am an instrument of TRUST and I am an instrument of CARE, but I am not foolish enough to play fairy tales the Baptists and cults make of Me, and you must all understand the idea of a PEROUSIA is yours!  Not mine!

“To clarify this, the idea of a Perousia is a 19th century scarb belief in the supernatural.  Spirit is NOT occult supernatural.  Spirit is a frequency modulation of trust and care settled on the highest vibrational means the FATHER could afford to use in the presentation of good news of the distribution of LIFE and the care and joy of the meaning of ‘THE CHRIST.  I am truly now ready to do this easily, but I made the promise long ago to return, but there was no way to tell myself I would RETURN with this kind of mess to undo on your lovely sphere.

“I am quite sure this presentation is excellent, but your churches are failing so badly, even presenting this to a congregation is totally insufficient to make the point ot the common man whether in Indonesia, China, Netherlands or America, enough to charge those souls with its importance.  Yes, in case you have not noticed, GOD iw without a fan club or is He available to speak as HE should be to all of you from the pulpit.  This transmitter is what the clergy should be and then your congregations could hear directly the SERMONS we could bring to you directly and originally.   

“Lastly, I am RETURNING shortly.  Ron know the exact date according to my speech to him last week.  That triggered a horrible insurrectionist’s attack on him he still has not recovered from, and for which I will make amends Myself over it.  Clear your minds, and clear your idiotic views that I have to appear is misty magic as I have no elect to bring home and no elect to assign their places, as all of you are being transferred to heaven in the usual ways through the usual means of resurrection.   

“You will see me shortly and via a short wave television signal so the entire world can receive us for what we have to say at that time.  Do not expect signs but do expect that I come with the trumpets and you Ron love me for serious side effects too, and there will be a few for some of you be assured.

“I close now with this prayer:

‘FATHER, We stand before you in congratulations to your little son Ron, and for your big Son, JESUS, and for that reason We ask your continued support for ME, and for the People of this world.  Urantia is yours Father, and so is your little son and Myself, but the world itself has long ago disabused the idea of JESUS RETURNED.  

“Amen.  But also relearn it is the humble soul who makes it best, and the clergy and the constellation of believers cannot harm God, but only yourselves for fearing Me or your fellow man who comes in peace as we do.  Clear the entire matter from your minds I am daft for doing this, for it is the only way to let you know there is charity yet if there is charitable work to be done.  I leave you in my Peace and Goodwill.  Good day.”  JESUS OF NAZARETH.

For me personally, this subject has clarified the meaning of Controller. The FATHER as Infinite Controller.  Controller of what, Hyper-Infinity?

0.2.12 1. God the Father - Creator, Controller, and Upholder. The Universal Father, the First Person of Deity.

0.2.13 2. God the Son - Co-ordinate Creator, Spirit Controller, and Spiritual Administrator. The Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity.

0.4.13 Paradise is not a creator; it is a unique controller of many universe activities, far more of a controller than a reactor. Throughout the material universes Paradise influences the reactions and conduct of all beings having to do with force, energy, and power, but Paradise itself is unique, exclusive, and isolated in the universes. Paradise represents nothing and nothing represents Paradise. It is neither a force nor a presence; it is just Paradise.

Thanks Ron , that was enlighten. It appears to be more life in the Infinitude and Hyperinfinity than we realized. To know that there are a number of eternal files to pick from just for the Master Universe and only the Father knows what's after that.

In this statement you or Arthura uses the term Yahweh:       
   but Consummator Six (FATHER) had access to an Infinitude at the behest of the YHWH (Yahweh) at the pinnacle of  hyperinfinity, and that is not an operator or an inconcussable attribute of Master Universe infinity.

I know Yahweh was a biblical Deity for the Jews and still is I suppose, Can you explain His position as the pinnacle of hyperinfinity and how Moses came about His Name?  Thank you.

TRANSLATIONS / 7.12.2022 – Nowe rodzaje ludzi
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Napis: Raz, pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Tu są linki do nagrań, uwagi i plany / Link do nagrania NIEDZIELNEJ LIGHTLINE z 4-go grudnia 2022
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(Jeden urywek z transkrypcji)

Tak, to jest Michał. Inny ulubiony temat was wszystkich, ale nigdy o nim nie mówicie otwarcie. Co się stanie, gdy skończymy z Ronem ? Cóż, faktem jest, że nie skończymy, ku przygnębieniu kliki. Zadecydowaliśmy o tym, że Ron reprezentuje zupełnie nowy gatunek, który chcemy, żeby Urantia miała w całości. Niektórzy z was są już homo Spiritus, ale istnieje gatunek poza homo Spiritus, który może robić to, co robi Ron bez przechodzenia przez wszystko, co musicie zrobić, żeby to uzyskać. Ron wszedł w to przypadkowo przy stawie Chińskim. Nie spodziewał się tego wielkiego objawienia, ale jednak je otrzymał. Na początku śmiał się z tego, a później płakał, ponieważ było to tak bolesne. Bolesne w tym, że Dostrajacz przerobił układ komórek w jego mózgu tak, że mógł słyszeć wszystko, co chcieliśmy, żeby słyszał. Z tego powodu Dostrajacz musiał być w pełni szczery i pojawić się praktycznie obok niego. Ron miał sny na jawie. Nie wiem, czy doświadczyłeś ich wcześniej. Śnił mu się zupełnie inny scenariusz z otwartymi oczami i świadomością otaczającego go świata. To jest niezwykłe. Nie wiedzieliśmy, że można to zrobić. Nawet Paweł z Tarsu tego nie doświadczył, ale wtedy mózg Rona zawsze był przedmiotem kontrowersji, nawet z jego rodzicami. Prawda jest taka, że może być zupełnie głupi, a innym razem zupełnie genialny. Ron porównuje to do określenia uczonego-idioty. Cóż, pod innymi względami nie jest idiotą, ale jeśli chodzi o planowanie i dopilnowanie jego układu, oraz środków działania, nikt nie mógłby tego złożyć do kupy oprócz Rona i dla nas jest idealny. Chcę, żebyście to wiedzieli. Fundacja Magisterska ma działać jako administracja.
Threads for New Transmissions / Arthura Melchizedek Speaks to our Duties
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Arthura Melchizedek.

“I speak today to Amethyst, but also to others of you who for various reasons have not been able to get the transmissions we need you to take. It has been a difficult month for many of you and for us and it seems that we have been playing tag as when I am ready, you are not, and when you are ready, we are not. Some of you are juggling many balls just to keep your lives in some state of stability.  We understand and cut you some slack, but remind you that your first obligation is to the Father.

“Amethyst, I have been trying to get your attention for weeks now, but you have too many wheels turning around in you head as several issues preoccupy you at one time. Now that I have your attention please listen.

“There are many groups of teachers who worked diligently in the OUA, and now have to rearrange their duties to accommodate the NUA.  These groups are being reassigned to various transmitters, and Amethyst you received an assignment to take a transmission from what used to be call The Great White Brotherhood, but have not followed through. It is past time to do so. Get back on the bandwagon. Your skills and attention are being called forth to be ready. Do not get caught off guard. Your attention has been too scattered as of late. You can walk and chew gum at the same time, so attend to your blessings as well as your obligations henceforth.

“It is most unfortunate that those of you who are aged, are all falling victim to your maladies at the same time, and at a time when we need you most. But, be of strong resolve at this time because we can not catch you off guard when the time is so very short when you are called to attention. The world will soon be seeing reality through a very different lens and will need all the help they can accept. Some will fall into a ball and die because they have lost all control and cannot tolerate the reality of a NUA led by a loving Father. Some will be strong and rise to the occasion much to the surprise of many. Most however will be lost in confusion, not knowing how to respond and many of you will be called forth for service. Look for the cues and do not be caught unaware. Stay awake.

“I, Arthura, am here right now for you. Kudos to Lemuel and Elise for never letting the ball drop as transmitters.  Also kudos to the new members who are taking an active interest. The Lightlines will be robust again later, but for now we prepare for the drastic changes, both good and bad that we have been for so long telling you.

“We hear from former humans who are now ascenders, how easily the human mind can be distracted.  We know from studying the human life of JESUS also how difficult it is to be a human on a world so full of rebellious contamination. But this is no time for slumber, but for complete watchfulness.

“I thank you Amethyst for finally giving me some of your attention. Yes getting you ready to be at your stations alert and ready to go is indeed like herding cats, but I step back now from this transmission feeling like I have you attention.”

Amethyst: Thant you very much Arthura.

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