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Thank you to you SongatSunrise for this great job that you are doing to keep us informed.
I thank the members of our great heavenly family who spoke through their children, to whom I say thank you. 
Hi Everyone,

Here is the tape link for today's Lightline USA - Tuesday - 19 October 2021:

Special thanks to Tarkas for being our MC today, as well as to Michael of Nebadon, Jelinar for letting us know he is 
Chief for those of his order of tertiaphim that are now acting as guardians for some of us, our beloved Jesus for being with us today, as well as our Planetary Manager, Machiventa Melchizedek.

Apologies to those affected by the interference on streaming early in todays call and appreciation to all who joined us via internet and direct call in as well.

Check out our sites "Home" page for the daily upcoming Lightline calls in French, Spanish and Dutch as well as English.  

Ronald Besser will be your host on the Lightline USA schedule for SUNDAY, October 24th.

May your day be peaceful and productive!


Transmitter: René Durán.
October 19 2021, Phoenix AZ.

The scribe:
Good morning SYAMPIA!

-Good morning René.


"It is my wish that the lessons that the scribe is receiving are well stylized, understood and taken to the last levels of execution, it is unparalleled this type of training that we are providing the scribe to shine, as soon as possible, in these moments when all eyes are on this mortal, for the conditions in which he has voluntarily submitted to continue receiving.
It is unprecedented, except for Ron Besser who does it continually given his health situations and for representing the guini pig;  It is well known that performance tests are carried out in every project and this company has not been the exception, since there has been no one who had previously carried out all the tests and experiments.

"This is the CONSUMMATOR OF THE DESTINY OF THE UNIVERSES NUMBER SIX, indicating to the scribe that his best steps are yet to come, however, obstacles have been put in the way of its realization, today, in the CIRCLE OF INFINITY it is foreseen that the existence of the mortal humans that we are illustrating will be a true example for future generations in service to the Father.

"I am the CONSUMMATOR OF THE DESTINY OF THE UNIVERSES, very pleased this morning by the positive reaction that we are observing in this scribe to continue investigating and without wanting to waste a minute of your time, we contacted you, and now we return to SYAMPIA.

"I am SYAMPIA the personal guide of the scribe, it is my pleasure to continue with these interventions that will be presented in writing in the forum so that they can be carefully observed by those interested in spiritual advances.

"I am SYAMPIA, considering that for today it is enough, have a very good morning"

The end.




Transmisor:René Durán.
Octubre 19 2021, Phoenix AZ.

El escriba:
Buenos días SYAMPIA!

-Buenos días René.


"Es mi deseo que las lecciones  que está recibiendo el escriba sean bien estilizadas, comprendidas y sean llevadas a los últimos niveles de ejecución, es sin paralelo este tipo de entrenamiento que le estamos brindando al escriba para que brille, tan pronto como sea posible, en estos momentos en que todas las miradas están puestas sobre este mortal, por las condiciones  en las que se ha sometido voluntariamente a seguir recibiendo.
Es sin precedente, excepto por Ron Besser que lo hace continuamente dadas sus situaciones de salud y por representar el guini pig; es bien sabido que en todo proyecto se hacen ensayos de rendimiento y en esta empresa  no ha sido la excepción, puesto que no ha habido nadie que hubiera realizado todos los ensayos  y experimentos previamente.

"Este es el CONSUMADOR DEL DESTINO DE LOS UNIVERSOS NÚMERO SEIS, indicando al escriba que sus mejores pasos están por venir, sin embargo,  obstáculos se han puesto en el camino de su realización,  hoy por hoy, en el CÍRCULO DE LA INFINITUD se prevee que la existencia de los humanos mortales que estamos ilustrando serán un verdadero ejemplo para las futuras generaciones en el servicio al Padre.

"Yo soy el CONSUMADOR DEL  DESTINO DE LOS UNIVERSOS , muy complacido en esta mañana por la reacción positiva que estamos observando en este escriba para continuar indagando y sin ánimo de perder un minuto de su tiempo, le contactamos, y ahora volvemos con SYAMPIA.

"Yo soy SYAMPIA la guía personal del escriba, es mi gusto continuar  con estas intervenciones que se presentarán por escrito en el foro para que puedan ser observadas detenidamente por aquellos interesados en los avances  de orden espiritual.

"Yo soy SYAMPIA,  considerando que por hoy es suficiente,  pasen muy buenos días"



Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: The Aryan race
« Last post by Clency on October 19, 2021, 01:55:39 pm »
Thank you occerpa for this correction, I should have been more precise in what I am putting forward as an argument, but it does not change the whole conspirational theory of establishing a superior race, be it more spiritual. My fear is that the way of proceeding may lead to a nazi-style behaviour.
General Discussion / General Alert to Father Guides of the Order of SOMNIAPHIMS
« Last post by Ron Besser on October 19, 2021, 01:55:28 pm »
I wish to mention this just in case any of you take a message from the Somniaphim.  These are Father Guides and are being issued to Urantia in aspects of Urantia becoming a FATHER planet.  I do not entirely know what that means or just what effects that may signal to the inhabitants to Urantia, but it is significant.

None of you are used to the term.  None of you are aware of these entities coming to Urantia.  What triggered this information to be revealed here is that Elise of the Netherlands, and a host of the Monday Lightline events, has been assigned to a Father Guide to help her cope with all she is going to be facing where she lives and the type of persons she must deal with in her native lands.  Father Guides were not known to anyone until recently, and I admit they are new to me entirely.  The name of the Father Guide provided to Elise is Durasomnia.  I cannot say if this is a typical name for a Father Guide or not, but please note the suffix to Dura is  "-somnia," and for that reason that is what caught my eye in particular.

This is the first name available to me to see and I do not know if it is typical and if one of you transmits anyone whose name ends in "somnia," my guess is you have a Father Guide instructing you.  Further:  the Somniaphim as a classification are angelic related but do not have the kickback at all that the seraphim have to me.  I have conversed with Durasomnia with no choking our coughing the seraphim still cause me.  For that reason I do wonder just where and how the Father Guides relate to the angelic order and are these Sonaphims a modification of the older Seraphim not destined to lead lives outside of Nebadon? 

The reason I question it that way is that on several Lightlines by now we have mention that the Deities are modifying the seraphim in Nebadon in particular because of the supreme disaster and its death back on September 26, 2019.  It was that date on Urantia that all of the seraphim in Nebadon and the rest of the universe, lost their parent-to-be. That is what really threw the Nebadon seraphim into open insurrection, as they felt they were on their own now and had to claim a home planet to be associated with.  The problem that followed was that the Creative Spirit, we used to call Her Nebadonia, rebelled with her daughters and Urantia since then has been in a terrible situation.  Urantia is now torn between the seraphic insurrectionists, Mother Spirit, the Chief of Seraphic rebels being the former Chief of Seraphim, Solonia, and it is Solonia and me who take great issue with each other on the use of free-willed humans as impossible to survive for ascension with her style of rule.  So then, have the Deities started to convert the old seraphic order to Somniaphim?  I asked Durasomnia if he had any insight into the matter.  Here then is Durasomnia:

DURASOMNIA:   "I was once a Seraphim named Solonia.  I volunteered to convert to a new style order to be called Father Guides.  There are now fifteen thousand (15,000) Somniaphim on Urantia.  Ron has none of them as he is pissed at me and others for all of the terrible swats we gave him while we were Seraphim, and now we harvest the dislike of many but we are harmless now.  FATHER WISH TO SPEAK NOW:

FATHER:  "I AM DELIGHTED anyhow that Ron took it on for a change.  It took him a few moments since it was Elise who received Durasomnia.  That is unusual naming Ron and most will not carry the "somnia: suffix but the former Solonia does mainly she was the first to carry the new designation and we all agreed it was becoming for her to display it in her name to be spoken to if she contacts humans.  We think she will prefer high administrative work .  Like her followers before her, there are now OVER 15,000 Somniaphim on Urantia as we are supplying them as quickly as we can to reorder the angelic population for the Urantia Missions.  For that reason Ron you are well supplied with Duraphim style angels again, only their abode is not Salvington, but Paradise now as they have been so shot at by people like you they are much safer up here.  The real name I wish the order to be called is DURAPHIM.

"[FATHER] DURAPHIM and somniaphim is our preferred name of converted Nebadon seraphim who have a home no longer in Nebadon.  The Dominion nomenclature will change too Ron, as Dominion is the name of the Federation of Nebadon as well and you made a great speech about it.  Now we see the calling of the Federations, dominions, is open to grand confusion all the time.  We are just going to call them Federations, and Alvoring II is no longer called that, but is now called Sandalblue

"WE now have two FEDERATIONS (no longer called Dominions) one with the capital called Nebadon which is called Dominion.  We have a new one I have recognized and that Federation is called Sandalblue.  Remember that as the Duraphim are going to be stationed not in Dominion but in Sandalblue, and Alvoring has not withdrawn from Dominion but will to face the wrath of Ron but Alvoring is so well designed for human habitation it is now famous for Ron helping it realize it. Sandalblue is also the home of the graphic illustrator The FAR SIDE (Gary Larson) which Ron loves to look at.  He is fully decapitated on Urantia as you are Ron and you may join them in your somnambulism at times and he is yet unaware of your stuff too and just as silly. 

"Fully understood, we now allow Elise to speak to Durasomnia as she is aware you set the standard and now must allow her some time to get used to all the changes.  DURAPHIM are the converted Seraphim on Urantia and Nebadon and most in the Dominion Federation seraphim will also convert to DURAPHIM as soon as we have the room to accommodate them in the hallowed halls of the Receiving Circles.  There are no other circles Ron, okay?   FATHER."


Hello Everyone, Here are notes for the Q and A session for the Sunday Oct. 17 Light Line:

I step back an provide it back to Tarkas.

TARKAS. Thank you Ron. Now this:

In order to say something to Michael in gratitude, he had to reintroduce me to my self.
Phyllis; Our guardian seraphim, are they going to remain among those who remained faithful?
Tarkas: Ron threw it back to me because he doesn't know.
Phyllis: Do your guardians become a different order and still be guardians?

2. Does a guardian ever appear beside you again?

3. Where do those former guardians transfer your information for your ascension file?
Tarkas: The entire matter of seraphim and the creative spirit are removed. A third of those on streaming and direct call do not have guardians. That is because the Creator Son says we are so short of seraphim, I am calling them back to other duties. Most guardians stay with you until you are safe on the mansion worlds.

Your guardian, Phyllis, is one we have a name for but will not repeat. She is quite sure you retain your guardian without getting into the psychology. Ron appreciates a guardian and welcomes her, and you will be attended to by yours.

Tertiaphim for Phyllis. The Urantia Book tells you the differences. Read it.

There are no seraphim left. They have become hostile, and irregular in their duties. Urantia has 400,000,000 seraphim guardians, all removed as of yesterday.
Many regret losing their wards. The destruction of the seraphic order came with the death of the supreme.
Ron's is a Supernaphim. Some of you here have Tertiaphim. Very few have supernaphim.
Ron: Information from Dominick's guardian: it is a Tertiaphim. Read your Urantia book. Ron knows them strictly as universe aids to Deity. Neither Phyllis or Dominick are Deity, but it may indicate a very high destiny for both of them;

As long as you are an agondonter, those universe aids will follow you.

Lemuel has a phased seraphim. We do not know what the phase is, or its source.
Someone like Amethyst has a guardian, it is a phased seraphim. Elise you are retaining your seraphic guide from Havona. That is a secret. They do not explain it further. You are greatly honored young lady. For that reason, you must not quit. If you do, you lose your perks.

We don't have the time to go into examination for the other transmitters.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Your question, Phyllis, opens a whole new area of discussion.

The entire matter of guardianship has long been discarded everywhere except on Urantia. The exceptions have been told to you now.

Jose: Can people from other planets participate in these Light Lines?

Michael: questions that arise from different revelations, have to do with variations in revelations, and don't allow for side discussion.

Michael is giving preferential attention to Dominion. He doesn't want to drop the liaison with the other 6 universes that are participating in the second return, at the planetary government level. Michael prefers to be involved in that rather than being on the ground with Jesus.

Robert: ?
Ron: Listen to your English. I wish I could speak French. It is not because of the insurrection of the cabal. He wants to put his attention on Dominion.

Robert: Do the 7 absolutes form the circle of the infinity?
Deity absolute: Ron you answer.

Ron: When we speak from the circle of Infinity, we speak as ourselves, as to our function. We do not blend our response.

Robert: Thank you all.

Rene: The secret angel. That was with us for a while, and is is allowable to call back our secret angel?

Phyllis: Was the question, Why were all the Seraphim called back to Salvington?
Rene: He is asking about the most recent assignments we received, Calumnia, Daren, etc.. have they all been called back?
CIRCLE OF INFINITY: They are not seraphim, or guardians. They are entities originated by Father. They are the highest being that can contact a human, and can guard them as well. They are not angels.
Rene: I knew we could get in contact with them.

UNIVERSAL FATHER: Rene, I would caution you not to always assume that Lemuel has heard correctly either Calumnia is still with Lemuel. But we haven't been transmitting recently

For you Rene, he is advising you to begin your day with a transmission, immediately. When you are awake enough to do it. Are you there Rene? It is important training. Rene, you still have the Father-Guardian. He is requesting that as soon as you are up, start your transmitting. It is important training for you.


Weydevu: Circle of Infinity. You said they weren't of one mind. When they speak, there is only one concept that they give. Do they speak individually, but they all agree on one thing?


Ron: Look at Dominion. There are 7 Creator Sons. But we hear one voice when we hear from them. If it is important to unify to speak as one, they will do it. There are 7 entities, they are individual and they have their own thought.

Weydevu: To find new beings to supply the ranks of the seraphic hosts, how is Father creating them ?

Ron : Correct your language. They are universe Aids, not Universe Hosts. A Host is like an archangel.
As far as origins of the new order, certainly it is of existential interest, However, because it is serving in local universes in time, I don't know.

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. The truth of the matter, no one recreates angels, they simply are unaware of their new relationship to the master universe. When they are aware of i t, they are converted to the new order.

Ron: Think girls, -- think!
I am speaking to those at my side, and trying to choke me.


Weydevu : You mentioned Urantia becoming part of Dominion. Urantia is already part of Nebadon, so it is already part of Dominion.

Ron: that is not bad reasoning. Go with it.
If we become part of Dominion it is because the emphasis is changed a little. But you have it right.

Weydevu: Will the new beings in the Outer Space Regions be newly created?

Ron: Boy is that full of hair! Wait just a minute! I will call in the troops if I can.
What you are trying to say is is there a relationship to the time space levels as to what the new entities will be in the Outer space levels?

The entities that will appear in the OSL are not human, but in ultimacy, will be the equivalency as human start ups. They are not procreated, they are personalized.

It doesn't go through the biology. The biology on Outer Space Level planets is fauna of their own. They appear not as an alien life form but they appear as a white stripe to our eyes.

Michael: Ron is alluding to the fact that I promised agondonters of a certain nature will be able to see them wholly as agondonters. Those who are agondonters of a different level will only see a white stripe.

MICHAEL It is hard for an entity like you all to envision entities in the Outer Space Level.
The point to you Weydevu, those who are spiritualized on a spiritual planet, are done so through the work of the Melchizedek Creator Sons and the Ancients of Days.

That is true for the entire creation of Father Melchizedek, He has to appear personally on a planet that is personalizing a new Melchizedek. They will be personalized whenever it is done.

Only 5000 Melchizedeks on Urantia.
There are 35,000 Melchizedeks now that we have Dominion.
MACHIVENTA: Life availability to solve problems.
Ron: In time and space, we refer from the beginning to now as "Life availability" rather than the term "time".
We call our life style to the end of our life, we call it life time. When we go to the OSL, from the time we are on Urantia till the time we are on an Outer Space Level, it is not time, it is presence.
Ron: I dare not use our vocabulary that has to do with beginnings and endings. It is not time. It is presence. Life availability.

Lemuel: Life style?
Ron: That is the context in which you live. When we talk about presence, we could be talking about 1000 styles. It is life availability when they are present on that planet.

Interruption. . .

Phyllis: the beings. . . ?
Ron: The term eternity applies to the paradise citizens. and a whole group of transcendentals who are like those on OSL. They do what they need to do,

When you are done you are reabsorbed in to the existential presences.

Lemuel: I don't know who it is.
Ron: Doesn't matter

THE ETERNAL SON: Good evening to everyone. I have been o serving and listening to the Light Line from the beginning, and I want to say the first part, the broadcast, I thought was exceptional and outstanding, and Michael, Gabriel, and Tarkas.

What I am here to say this obviously been the first of a Federated universe broadcast. It is an excellent thing. I am being instructed to say that those who have listened have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to others.

The speech and the language of Ron stated at the beginning is a problem, yes, but it is one thing they will be used to. As one gets used to everything with practice and constant listening. I just wanted to mention that.

Thank you all very much indeed. It is a great thing, it is a great ideal .
Everyone is looking forward to the next broadcast. Good night to you all.

Ron: You just spoke for the Eternal Son and his auspices.

Savannah. Re-motion: assigning life solutions . . . versus eventuation being more compartmentalization. What percentage do they use here on Urantia as opposed to Restate?

Ron: When it comes to OSL they re-motion in the sense, that they pull down the file to find out how to solve a problem in time. They they put it it back in operation, re-motion it, so they can apply the right thinking to solve that problem.
Here on Urantia, we can't pull anything down except Havona.
Eventually we can come close to it. if we track it a long to time.
Re solve the problem as a gift of god the ultimate. We are still going to carry the idea of transcendental which is ultimacy. God the Ultimate has resigned his duties.

DEITY ABSOLUTE: I will not elaborate

Weydevu: Back in August there was a note that the axis would tilt in October.

Ron: Power director?

Ron had an interesting vision. Listen for the last 15 minutes of the Light Line for details.
Basically, the core issue has been resolved.

Phyllis Thank you to all on the call today, and the celestial family. and for caring that we care about what is going on.
Next Light Line is scheduled for Tues Oct. 19. Also the other Light Lines are available.
Phyllis is the host for the Tuesday Light Line.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: The Aryan race
« Last post by occerpa on October 19, 2021, 11:44:10 am »
Greetings Clency and thanks for your always interesting posts. Just for you to make a correction in your post to a small mistake, sure at the time of writing. What is related as Scripture of Hinduism, with the other scriptures is not Ayurveda but simply the Vedas. Ayurveda born from the Vedas as a science of health, as you explained.
On the other hand, genetics accepts a branch called Epigenetics that shows that genetics can be influenced through mental energy, I would say spiritualized.
Sai Baba tells the story of a girl who had a very ugly nose, and when she was old enough to find a mate, no one noticed her because of her horrible nose. She was so disappointed that she decided of going as a missionary to the jungle and she arrived in a small town and there no one noticed her ugly nose but she received a lot of attention for the work of a teacher that she did. After a while, a young and good-looking forum player showed up there, who fell in love with the teacher but she could not believe it and thought that the young man was making fun of her, so she told him her story of why she had decided to walk away in the jungle, to which the loving heartthrob told her but it can't be if you have a beautiful nose: because since she was there she had never seen herself in a mirror.There definitely there operated something so intangible and subtle with the power to manipulate form, matter. From Sai Baba, it is also the following statement, which shows that the subtle moves the dense: "Just as the cold of the atmosphere freezes the ice, the anguish that moves the heart of the devotee, confers shape and form on the formless." This to explain how they work, those pure and sincere prayers that are born from the heart, not from the head. Thanks
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "New round of talks"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on October 19, 2021, 11:15:44 am »
Moses: You got that right,  its the main idea udea in all of these trainings for all of Us the who listen to them, thank you and talk to you later
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / The Aryan race
« Last post by Clency on October 19, 2021, 08:54:06 am »
Ayurveda is to hinduism what the Bible is to christianism or the Koran is to Islamism and it is the most ancient scripture about spirituality ever known. The hindus consider ayurveda as the science of life, because it deals not only with spiritual matters but also with the well-being of the human body. A group of ayurvedic devotees, made up of some doctors, claims to have recently discovered some guidelines in the ayurveda about how to give birth, through pregnancy, to a baby of aryan origin. The group is aiming to have an aryan-born generation in the next few years and many pregnant women are subscribing to their methods, from conception to giving birth to an aryan baby. The idea of the group is to have, in India, a population of aryan origin who is intellingent and beautiful, by eliminating gradually the other races. Does that remind you of a similar scenario in the human history ? It is scary, is not it ?
My apologies for the delay in posting the Lightline recording from Monday, October 18. 

There were some issues that have been solved. 
At the beginning and the end of the tape there is a small interruption as the tape had to be started twice.

We got a visit from Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek who talked about the Agondonters and the 4th Epochal Revelation.

Here is the link to the recording:
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