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A Visit
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My dearest friends,
I received a message from one of my friends from this forum regarding my book of poems that I had sent her.  As she was reading the book she came across this one I have inserted below and told me that whether I knew it or not, this poem shows that I was actually working with my Adjuster and I didn't realize it.  After reading it with a different frame of mind, I can see where she was coming from.
I had told Ron Hammer about this particular poem of mine and mentioned that I would post it if I felt right about it.  So, as I do feel right about it, I wanted to let the rest of you read it as well.
I hope you like it.

A Visit
Within my meditation, I became humble
And asked my lord for guidance.
Some sign as to where I,
Should apply my hereto scattered thoughts.

Quietly I sat,

Delving deeper into the center of the universe.
Watching with my minds eye,
The glory of the creator unfolded before me,
As I absorbed the thoughts of his will.

Feeling liken unto a babe,
Lost, trying to take his first steps
Into a world he has been delivered to,
I became afraid.

Stumbling, I falter forward.
Gasping in my terror of pain,
I say unto the Lord:

“Help me, for I am overwhelmed
By the perplexities that surround me,
And I, am just a man.”
And the Lord answered unto me.

“Nay, you are not JUST a man.
You are a child of the almighty God.
And as such, you have within your grasp,
The power of the Lord.

You have at your disposal
The ability to go forth,
And in my name,
Find all that your heart has led you to dream of.

But these things,
These hopes and aspirations that you wish for,
Can only come to you, through the way of the Lord.”

Then I became aroused from my meditations,
and put forth upon paper all that I had experienced
During my sojourn thru the realm of my Lord.

When I am, at a later time,
Plunged within the mire of despair,
I will then look upon these words,
And once again reassure myself,

Of Gods divine Love and guidance.

July 30, 1974
Dorian C. Doyon

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