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(MP3) Audio Tape: 22April 2017 from Rayson and Jesus on Red Ultimatons and more

Dear List,
Two statements about this tape:
1) It is loaded with a new revelation about your bodies concerning what your mind can understand; and,

2) I am a little slow compared what I used to be for the simple reason I had to submit this tape to the Deity Absolute, the Paradise Trinity, to Rayson, to Sentenact, and to Califax, and won approval to do it.  You will hear some of this contact work on the tape itself as I received their permission to stand up and do it finally after years of wondering what happened to Rayson (well almost).

I also wish to express my thanks to Rayson for pushing for me and getting me hear well enough to be able to ask permission with Rayson to do this.  You are all most fortunate because it now opens some new tapes from me I have had to hold back on for Reasons of States as they call it up there.

Michael of Nebadon - "I also take some blame in getting this to you.  Dorian showed Ron yesterday that he had done a tape near Christmas of 2014 that was very helpful to understand the Ultimaton.

(Ron.  The link to that 2014 tape is as follows: )

"As Michael, I want it understood that what Rayson and Ron report are theirs to defend as I may not state anything further because I am not part of the deal between Rayson, Ron, and the Deity Absolute concerning materials that originate outside of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Up until now I am supportive of all they have done in and outside of Nebadon, but the Father has reminded me that the Ultimaton source is the Paradise Trinity and they alone now control that issue with all of you and not with me a Creator Son.  As Ron says to me in aside as he writes this, 'at least Michael you are CC'd and your objections or approvals are solicited anyhow.'  I greet that statement well and he finds himself under the gun today for another tape to follow this one from Jesus and Rayson again shortly.  Our work in the Magisterial Mission is too shoddy to tell you anything right now, but Jesus came to Ron as Ron describes it, as 'a halo,' and we like Ron's description so well we will use it for forthcoming transmissions to some of you shortly, as Jesus is anxious to get out from under being pressured to incarnate and present himself as the Second Return now.  For now, this is all I have to say on the matter and we leave it all to you to react- or not to react - and see where  these communications will take us.  good day."

"As Rayson, I welcome you all back to this idea of audio tapes for those who have trouble reading anything and not being able to enfold the material in your minds.  Ron is famous for long transmissions and he sees how poorly most of you do reading them.  He has asked permission to provide audio  tapes from me and Jesus and Mother Spirit in particular to get to the nitty gritty of material that just stagnates as written posts especially from Ron who gets quite worked up at how poor most of you read. I also reproach all of you for being far too satisfied with what you have as it is not enough to find out what we are doing so very soon on Urantia and how that will affect your ability to relate to the Magisterial Mission and the reappearance of Jesus only for the 'eye of spirit,' which he prophesier to his Apostles several times including the Last Supper.  In this matter alone, Jesus has a great deal to say to you and Ron on various matters pending before the Council of Equilibrium, none of which is more important than Ron's own status before spirit if he is to continue as a worker with Serara and Monjoronson and Jesus too.  As a Magisterial son whom I all myself Rayson, I intend to incarnate and teach science, as I love to do that, and I have been approved to do so.  I also wish to convey to Ron that he IS an important part of all this in that his voice alone seems to travel well with information others would not easily hear if other voices were used.  Steven Murphy is also included if he ever comes back too as Ron regards him highly and wishes him to travel well with issues he has decided for himself lately.  Boston Ron beckons you for ever soon as you know the reason I say that.  I also wait for Ron to assign me to his Trust department as that is how I get paid too.  Nonetheless, we must consider all of you and that is in the next tape about, not Ultimatons, but the Magisterial Mission itself.  good day."

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Re: Audio Tape: Rayson Science Officer on Red Ultimatons/Jesus on Mission
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2017, 06:39:45 PM »
TRANSCRIPTION OF (MP3) Audio Tape: 22April 2017 from Rayson and Jesus on Red Ultimatons and more

Rayson and Jesus - Red Rod Ultimatons - 22-Apr-17 – Ron Besser, York, PA
Teacher:   Rayson and Jesus
Subject:  Red Rod Ultimatons
22-Apr-17 12:30 PM  EST  
T/R:    Ron Besser, York, PA

I am your transmitter Ron Besser, we invite Rayson to talk about Ultimatons for your listening pleasure.  One moment.

This is Rayson, I am very happy to speak to you today because we have a new introduction to ultimatons that we haven’t bothered with ever since I spoke to them in lessons in many years past.  Ron knows full well that ultimatons carry huge power of energy and uses for Urantia and the rest of the Universe.  We now conclude that this tape will go about 25 minutes and that in this consideration we are going to use a transmission ability that is not usually used with a human and that is I will speak technical terms that Ron does not know.  We are going to try it out in this tape and see what happens.

“Today is the 22nd of April and Ron knows full well that that is about one week before the end of April of 2017.  I put it this way mainly because he is totally able to understand most of what I tell him, yet he understands almost nothing considering how much the ultimaton is worth to Urantia.

“Step 1

“Remember that the ultimaton is ‘Gods Will’ in material form, it is a builder of matter and not matter itself, it also carries blue plasma rods inside its carrying case.  These blue plasma rods are everywhere in Nebadon and the rest of the time-space regions but the curious fact is that the ultimatons on Urantia have red plasma rods and they are totally unknown to me, Rayson, who is a Magisterial Son, in case you forgot, and who is willing to take this on further so long as I have permission from the Deity Absolute…one moment…”

This is the Deity Absolute, you do have permission Rayson, conclude it as you wish we will support you.”

This is Rayson, thank you Deity Absolute.

“I am now going to commune to you what it is that Urantia has that the red rods are prevalent and not entirely 100% on Urantia but about 85% on Urantia.  What does a red rod in an ultimaton mean?  It is not simply put, but a red rod always indicates a change of status for a planet, a system, a universe or some other organization that is stellar or, as you might call it, gravitational and sometimes entirely space.

“I am Rayson and we now conclude that this transmitter is truly ready to go and he is quite happy to do so for you.  We asked the Deity Absolute if it was possible for Ron to carry on with work that I want to do on Urantia but currently cannot due to restrictions from Michael, Mother Spirit, Califax, Sentenact and a few others that have not been named yet.  These are potent Deities, Sentenact is a Censor from Uversa, and assigned to the Magisterial Mission insofar as Ron is concerned.  Califax is the Father, He arrived from a Stellum on Uversa that is totally unknown in the rest of the Universe for it deals with utmost secrets of the Paradise Trinity and other organizations you are not aware of.”

I appear now, this is Califax, Ron is preparing to portray ultimatons as Rayson would like to teach them but to do that he needs my permission as well and I do not grant that fully, only because the trial to tell you about ultimatons is so secret that even I am not fully apprised of how to use them once they become available on Urantia to use.  

“Now…the trial we must face as always is Ron’s throat which always wants to give out before it is ever used and that is because it is too small to swallow and breathe at the same time.  We wish Rayson to continue, go ahead Rayson.”

This is Rayson, I now tell you this red rod ultimatons are so rare they never really are of use to the eye, even to deity like me.  I carry about two different variety of teachings on ultimatons one is to the average audience and one is to the unusual audience, you are for the most part the average audience, but there are a few of you who know more than you should and that is because Ron has been insisting on providing information on ultimatons that I previously supplied, that supply has been cut off and Ron has obliged me by not using it.  He also uses a group of drawings that I wish I had not encouraged to be done and that’s because they are almost useless now as I prepare to provide you a different picture of what an ultimaton looks like and does.

“First, I had mentioned that the ultimaton has a case that looks like a squashed change purse  that is mottled and brown and that when you cut it open and remove the top of the case you expose the two rods perched inside the case in a way that keeps them parallel and separate from each other.  Now let’s cut open a red ultimaton, a red rod ultimaton, inside that when we cut the case open are two red rods, red plasma, the plasma contains the Father’s Will in material form, but additionally inside the red rod ultimaton are two strings one each to each rod and in this respect these two strings are able to obtain, to a certain amount of free floating, anti-gravity if you will.  Anti-gravity ultimatons are red rod ultimatons, they contain at least 20% plasma, 20% of unusual materials not ever named to time-space and about 60% or a little less of other materials that belong to The Father alone and are never disclosed to time-space.  The 20% we may talk about, the red rods with the one string each, contain anti-gravity and anti-gravity is the same as dark matter.  Now we have alluded to dark matter as off-limits for investigation to mankind on Urantia and the sciences that insist it has a value, it does not have a value, but it does contain the secret to anti-gravity.  Anti-gravity is not just an opposing force, it is a real force-field that negates all linear-gravity but will not negate absolute-gravity.

“We now turn to another subject, the red rod ultimatons are truly a blessing to the Universe.  Ron goes silent for he senses something divine and that divinity is not the Father, the Son or the Spirit it is the Paradise Trinity as a unity of entirety of all Universe expressions of matter and spirit.  The mind is not mentioned in this mainly because the mind is used only to understand it not to invent it.  Therefore, I tell you this about anti-gravity, you can use it if you can find it.  Your science boasts that it has found anti-matter or black-matter, which are not quite the same but they are related, in a constellation not far from you we think they call Antares, correct me if I’m wrong.   This constellation is full of anti-gravity materials, it is full of anti-gravity materials because it contains not only the constellation planetary systems but also it contains the direct route to Salvington and Salvington is protected by a cloud of anti-gravity that keeps it from being landed on by humans or other beings who have the spaceships to do it.  Salvington is a huge complex it contains 490 planets plus Salvington plus a group of planets not revealed to you because they have to do with The Father and all of His doings in Nebadon.  

“Lately Ron has been experimenting with specious understandings of how the Father deals with humanity.  He watches Califax, he watches Sentenact, he watches a couple of others who do not name themselves to him but are constantly chattering away in his mind.  These provisions to Ron are to teach him how The Father behaves when humanity is involved.  He can’t make much sense of it but we accept the fact that the red rod ultimatons, of which Ron is constructed for the most part, as many of you are.  Those of you who have blue rod ultimatons in your body as molecular materials do not understand spirit at all and are not truly approachable by the Magisterial Mission that we have in mind.

“I am delighted to hear Ron say “Wow!” in his mind, you should too.  The truth of the matter is, is that we are not preparing much on ultimatons per se, but on how ultimatons begin to use humankind to reconstruct the molecular materials that go into the body and the mind on Urantia.  Babies born after April 5th of 2014 (we had to find the calendar reference) are now built with red ultimatons completely, those who are born prior to 2007 are strictly blue ultimatons, blue rod ultimatons.  This is to tell you that many of those you meet around you have no conceptual purpose of spirit or of a Magisterial Mission we have had to drain down to its basics.  Ron has experienced days of depression over this, and so have many of you.  But be of good cheer we hold that everything that you are, and especially if you have red rod ultimatons in your molecular system, all will be understood and be kept well with you for however long you are to live to work with the Magisterial Mission when it appears very soon.

“Now that we have established enough of this information is important we now know that blue rod ultimatons are normal ultimatons they build most molecular material in bodies on Urantia, a few of you, you oldsters, now have red ultimatons in their molecular system.  Ron’s ultimatons are not only red, he has a few yellow ones and that is because he is entirely enjoined in revelation to all of you.  He carries immense powers of thought and preparation for this Mission but he also carries the humanity we need to explain it to those on Urantia who will understand what is happening.  

“I adore using this device and I will use it often to explain to all of you listening exactly what is going on with regard to the material universe and how it interacts with you, your mind, your body and many other ways you do not know at this time.

“I conclude with this, I am Rayson, I am a Magisterial Son who also will contain red and yellow ultimatons in his body when I incarnate very soon for I am still the Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission and all other Missions included under the Michael of Salvington regime that comes to you very soon on Urantia.  I wish you all a good day.”

This is Ron, I am out from under Rayson and I hear no-one else at the moment to speak to the tape, but I do hear an echo of Jesus, when I say that he isn’t directly here but there is a ‘halo-effect’ I am getting….one moment.

This is the halo Jesus, I am really here Ron you just can’t see me like you used to.  As Jesus I tell you I am to remain on Urantia for at least a decade.  In that statement is an unusual proscription in that I may not appear incarnated but that I may appear only to the ‘spirit eye’.  Ron feels the spirit eye as a halo of light, he carries me well and I will carry all of you well.  Listen, for about a month already we have discovered that Ron hates the change but accepts.  He accepts because he believes that without us he will die quickly and we don’t disagree with this.    But with us funding a Magisterial Mission and whatever else comes with it he feels that he has at least a small place to play.  That is given and he has not a small place but a huge place in that we will use his voicing, as you hear it today, to explain to humanity over radio, television and print what we are about and what we intend to do.  

“I am Jesus, and I am showing Ron a coal shovel with the pole into the shovel bent into like a pair of tongs, that is for him to understand he must desist in building all things he has been building and to wait for us to instruct what is to be used and what is not to be used.  The coal shovel with the pole bent in two with the top of the pole bent to the shovel itself is a good explanation to him that he can’t use it to dig anymore for what, he feels, we needed as the original Magisterial Mission.  I fully comprehend why he did what he did and I fully comprehend why Salvington has to decide what to use and what not to use.  I fully explain more, but for another tape.  This tape is now concluded and we thank you for listening.

“I am Jesus, be in my peace.”

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Re: Audio Tape: Rayson Science Officer on Red Ultimatons/Jesus on Mission
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2017, 07:29:51 PM »
Thank You Newstar, for this appreciated work, it helps very much! D
Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.


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Re: Audio Tape: Rayson Science Officer on Red Ultimatons/Jesus on Mission
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2017, 01:33:38 PM »
Dear Newstarsphire, Ron Besser and everyone

Thank you Newstarsphire for the audio transcript with the transmission of Rayson's message and Jesus transmitted to Ron Besser. I'm overworked and that's why I'm getting a little access to the Serara Forum in the last few days.

I am trying to move to another "sector" within my work and do not have so much overwork, but my attempts, for the time being, are not successful.

In this way, my participation in the Serara Forum is very limited by the excess of work and the respective stress due to the excess of work.

Changing the subject, it is very good to listen to the audio transmissions in the English language, with the written transcription.

I feel that I am currently unable to do the service as transmitter and receiver mainly because of overwork (overwork), but I will continue to access and participate in the Serara Forum, but without the service as Transmitter and receiver, mainly because of the excess work that hinders and greatly hinders the transmission and reception service.

Most of all I know that I am nothing in the universe of universes. And, I love God intensely. And I accept the fate that God, the Universal Father of All, defines for my life and for our planet.

I accept the destiny that God, Universal Father of All for my life, even with a simple life as a worker on a humble planet in the universe of universes and living in a country (Brazil) almost unimportant in the international scenario of our planet Earth.

My prayers are for the Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus and other Missions of God on our planet, just as God, the Universal Father of All, finds it best through the decision of his heavenly representatives that they are certainly acting in the light of God , Father.

Thank you for everything, my God, Universal Father of all for all the wonderful things you have done in my life.

As I've been missing the Serara Forum for many days, I'm starting to read, starting with the latest news.

With much love to all,



Estimada Newstarsphire, Ron Besser e a todos

Muito Obrigado Newstarsphire pela transcrição do Áudio com a transmissão da mensagem de Rayson e Jesus transmitida para Ron Besser. Eu estou com excesso de trabalho e por isto eu estou acessando pouco o Fórum Serara, nos últimos dias. 

Eu estou tentando mudar para outro "setor' dentro de meu trabalho e que não tenha tanto excesso de serviço, mas minhas tentativas, por enquanto, não tiverem êxito. 

Desta forma, minha participação no Fórum Serara está muito limitada pelo excesso de trabalho e o respectivo estresse por causa do excesso de trabalho. 

Mudando de assunto, é muito bom ouvir as transmissões em áudio no idioma inglês, com a transcrição escrita.

Eu sinto que eu estou, no momento, impossibilitado de fazer o serviço como transmissor e receptor, principalmente, por causa da sobrecarga de trabalho (excesso de serviço), mas eu vou continuar a acessar e participar no Fórum Serara, mas sem o serviço como transmissor e receptor, por causa, principalmente, do excesso de trabalho que atrapalha e dificulta muito o serviço de transmissão e recepção. 

Acima de tudo eu sei que eu nada sou no universo dos universos. E, eu amo intensamente Deus. E eu aceito o destino que Deus, Pai Universal de Todos definir para minha vida e para nosso planeta. 

Eu aceito o destino que Deus, Pai Universal de Todos para minha vida, mesmo com uma vida simples como trabalhador em um planeta humilde no universo dos universos e morando em um país (Brasil) quase sem importância no cenário internacional deste nosso planeta Terra. 

Minhas orações são para a Missão Magisterial, o retorno de Jesus e demais Missões de Deus em nosso planeta, assim como Deus, Pai Universal de Todos achar melhor através da decisão de seus representantes celestiais que estão agindo, com toda certeza, na luz de Deus, Pai.

Obrigado por tudo, meu Deus, Pai Universal de Todos por tudo de maravilhoso que fez em minha vida. 

Como fiquei muitos dias sem ler as notícias do Fórum Serara, eu estou começando a ler começando das últimas notícias.

Com muito amor a todos,


Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)


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Re: Audio Tape: Rayson Science Officer on Red Ultimatons/Jesus on Mission
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2017, 03:42:40 PM »
Thank you dear Newstar of mine for this wonderful work. Thank you Ron for the transmission. I've also listened to the one hour audio tape, amazing!!! With some questions posed to Ron in private.

Thank you Father Califax and Rayson, as well as Father, Michael, Ocilliaya, God the Absolute as well as wonderful Trinity Teacher Son Margul for this extraordinary teaching.

It was really a treat listening.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.

Ron Hammar

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Re: Audio Tape: Rayson Science Officer on Red Ultimatons/Jesus on Mission
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2017, 02:49:56 PM »
HI Ron,

In listening to the tape about Ultimaton and that they have Two Rods in them that are plasma rods that are the builder of all things is very interesting.

A friend, Rod Johnson, that died about 5 years ago had developed a sequential physics in the 70s that answered all the questions that Quantum physics cannot. In his book that he was writing he wrote that the building block of all things is A Magnetic Flux Field and two fields (two plasma rods) can be used to create a Tetrahedrons (like a three-sided pyramid), which can become a wave or a particle. This is what Rayson is saying an Ultimaton is. (It has Two rods in it that binds with itself or others making Flux Fields)

He also showed how the universe is like musical scale in sequences

He was working on a time derivative for the Gold market and he would see sequential waves in the market and when they meet together at the same point he was seeing that the market would have a movement of up or down.

Evolution works as he called it is by being a template Evolution. Life would come about when all the parts that are needed are being used and then the template can be filled and you have the new life form to come into being. There is no missing link.  By the way this is how the Star Trek Replicators works. ;D

Rod wanted to teach his Physics to home schooled and set up a research center like Menlo Park for the students that learned the Physics to apply it for inventions to help mankind but that did not happen.

I only know of one person that he was teaching his Physics to.  

Ron I have cut a CD of the tapes that you have given us this last month and now I can play them in my car. They are great.

Thank you
Ron Hammar
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