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Three Words Spoken Like A Bell
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:43:54 AM »
A mystery and lots of thoughts ensue. The following voice is received direct and clear as a bell rang, so left field it left me reeling to go figure, I share this because as I ponder on the source, it felt direct from the Infinite Spirit, hence the Master Spirit Aya and my Thought Adjuster, Pre'Mtor.

Received, 09/09/2017 8.50pm (AEST) the following words came out of the blue, whilst watching television, and I capitalise it for emphasis as is received:


T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
and I'm not sure where to place this so I have to improvise here! It remains to be seen what this means. It has to be the shortest transmission I ever have received and three words pull a punch. Thank you. Sue.
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Re: Three Words Spoken Like A Bell
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2017, 10:05:34 AM »
Sue, I cannot figure out the meaning of the three whords you heard, however, no matter how strong and how many the hurricanes may be (Arvey, Irma, Jose...), the following is by Father, so personally, no matter what may happen to me (alive or dead) all the world chaos is nothing compared to what Father has still in store for us.

Father: "On one level, the world is indeed not a place to look for perfection. Seeking perfection will get you going around circles as on a merry-go-round, and the happiness you so deeply seek will elude you.

However, when you look for perfection from another angle, the world is nothing but perfection! Man oh man, listen to what I say: The world is perfection in all its shining colors.

To see one sunrise and one sunset could be enough to last you a Lifetime. The same for mountains and mountain streams. The same for all the myriads of waters deep and mist and all the bounties of nature. You can only be dazzled by the wonder of the seasons, of temperatures and all the echoes from one cave to another, from one face to another, from one Ocean to another, from one freckle to another. And what about music! How can music be composed and played in so many endless ways! Oh My Goodness, so many notes made into Infinite varieties of music and sold, well -- sold for a song!

And there is dance! And there is art that is beyond your ken! What is there that I have not thought of? There is nothing for you to miss out on. Even when you take the long way around, you will not be denied. You have a Cornucopia of Life before you. You have Life coming out of the yin/yang. You have Life bursting its seams!

The world you live in is a masterpiece, and you, My dears, are the Greatest masterpiece of Mine ever created. Of course, every miracle is a miracle. There is no taking away from any miracle. A miracle is a miracle. Some miracles may astound you and some miracles you may take for granted. You are certainly granted miracles right and left. There is so much you take for granted. Confess. Now, will you lean toward appreciation and even gratitude.

For every gift, kiss the Earth and say:

“Thank You. Thank You, God, for the blessings You bestow so generously at the tip of a hat. God, You gave me the world, and You gave me You. Among the Whole Treasury of Gifts, You are the Greatest Gift of All. You have given me gifts – too many to count, gifts uncountable, gifts immeasurable. You have gifted me even with talents, God! Think of this! Think of the dimensions of even this one person I am.

“I am beginning to see that I am worth something, God, receive some joy. I begin to see that I am integral to You. What a gift this is, that You relish me and that there is more to me than meets the eye. What I am, You also reap. Think of this. You created me as a Love of Yours. You love me. You like me. I am better than okay!

“To think that You are the Foundation of me. You are the Founder of me, and You are the Fountain of me.

“You tossed me the Stars. You paired a Perfect White Moon and the Perfect Rays of a Yellow Sun. By God, You created all the Colors of the World. You still create, true? Are You creating me every day? Certainly, You sustain me.

“My God, what can I imagine I want for? Everything is perfect just as it is right now. How can it be more perfect?

“If there is a blight in the world, it is how I see. God, give me Your eyes to see through. What more could I possibly want then?” 
Assaley to Father: Thank You Father, hmmm... thank You.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.

Daniel Alderfer

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Re: Three Words Spoken Like A Bell
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2017, 12:39:28 PM »
Dear Sue, I think this is prophetic because everyone reads what you say with great interest and to me it's talking to me personally saying : everything that has gone before all the baggage, let this go. I sigh and thrash about in the baggage of the my three wives and business fiasco's and simply waste time doing it. On to much better fresh things.

Assale, where do you get these things you write? don't answer, I know! It's so fresh and often so different and opens Vistas never thought about before, keep it up, fine teacher, one with stuff that is never stale. Daniel
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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.

Ron Besser

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Re: Three Words Spoken Like A Bell
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2017, 01:26:52 PM »
Sue, you are listening to a world broadcast you caught just the very tail end of it and it was an exhortation from Michael to the morontial beings helping with the Magisterial Mission, not on Urantia, but on Panoptia.  Since the message was for them and you somehow managed to catch it there is no explanation offered except it has no bearing on you, your life, or your religion or beliefs.  Here is Michael of Nebadon for you to hear on this issue:

"I seldom apologize for our mix ups Sue, but you accidentally listened to the very last words of a spokesman to the planet Panoptia and to their Midwayer population.  The full sentence reads:
"' I am the Father, and I beg your resistance to change on the scale needed is soon put to rest.  Your lives on Panoptia are grand compared to Urantia and its people and Midwayer population as originally intended for Urantia; however, we must stand firm to tell you that Panoptia is without friends if you continue to put down the idea that Urantia can be a godsend to you.  I am the Father, and I beseech you to end stubborn refusal to be about the business of my Will for you and your beloved planet of Panoptia.  Please assume your lives as usual and let this go.'"

Ron here - Mother Spirit spoke that for Michael,for Michael came in to transmit but suddenly he was taken what I call "off line" and Mother Spirit said she wished to trial no one but speak what that last part of the communication was to Panoptia.

I read in this that there is a serious disagreement. perhaps only among the Midwayer population on Panoptia, over Magisterial Mission policies that may affect both Urantia and Panoptia as a joint Magisterial Mission through their own Planetary Prince and through Michael of Nebadon attempting to keep the peace.  Since I could be wrong as I am reading the last bit only and do not see the full context for the speech to be give at all, I could also be hearing an exhortation the Father provides Midwayers on Panoptia to get up to speed even though they are uncomfortable for all they are asked to do.  And so forth as I am lead to believe there is more to this than meets the eye so far.  Thank you.

Michael of Nebadon now continues . . . .    "I am back after a frightening message from a planet settled in Light and Life had one heck of an explosion in its field operations and all is well again.  Panoptia is unsettled over many issues concerning the Magisterial Mission, and Ron is being circumspect over what is occurring and he should be.  He sees something that unnerves him, and it should, and we will not tolerate a rebellion in any way shape or for, but this unhappiness must be nipped in the bud before it has any chance to bloom over our magnificent plans for mutual Magisterial plans for both planets at the same time.  Ron knows so much more in these issues than we grant to the rest of you, but understand he smells the flavor of serious dissatisfaction, so much so, the Father Himself must speak to it.  I leave Ron's and my dissatisfaction with what is occurring on Panoptia go for the moment.  Now this:

"Because the time is short before we start I am asking Ron to propose something to all of you he has worked on in all seriousness for days and is finding it so outrageous in appearance he would like some feed back.

"It is this:  Ron decided that the York area and its surrounding and tributary political subdivisions of Townships and Boroughs adjacent to the City of York, were in serious disruption already due to expanding populations due to many companies finding the York area a great place to be and to raise the worker numbers to meet their production schedules.  Harley Davidson has its world HQ (headquarters) in York; so does some defense contractors and so on.  It has created traffic snarls on the major arteries around York and in York proper.  Because of that Ron brought to us a proposal that we take the City of York and its immediate environs and place a Protectorate Zone around it.  Briefly a Protectorate area or zone declares itself off limits from the normal way of doing things in order to protect utilities and civilian behavioral control so it does not overwhelm what is, in this case. a divine Mission even bigger than the coming of Jesus to Palestine over two thousand years ago.  Ron began writing out the rules for such a York Protectorate Zone and is daunted by what he sees will be a fight for political control of surrounding areas by God vs people in this area.  If you included Harrisburg in the Protectorate it would be one million people; York alone with its immediate surrounding municipalities has a population of roughly one half million people.  That is what we are dealing with folks.  Ron should write you an independent post on this subject alone but I ask him to stand down and to post the graphic he made to show the Protectorate Zone itself.

"What I wish you to see does not require any action on your part, but Sue got the tail end of a transmission to Panoptia and was almost frightened by it, and I helped Ron and Sue and the rest of you to understand it was from an admonition by the Father to stop resisting and put the will of God into effect for Panoptia.  In a true sense we must do the same thing for York and surrounding communities and Ron rightly speaks to issues far above his pay grade, but we listen carefully, and that is because Ron was a representative to about five of these municipalities in his days as rep for the Consulting Engineering firms for waste water treatment plants, roads, bridges, and zoning and planning and so forth.  He is a font of knowledge of the political difficulties these municipalities represent and therefore went about writing down what the Magisterial Mission should protect to save itself problems of civilian unrest when people come to the York area due to disasters and so forth elsewhere.  I say this:

"Serara has already written out a plan for a Protectorate.  It requires getting the State of Pennsylvania (it is really a Commonwealth like Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky,  who are the rest of the States calling themselves Commonwealths), to allow the Magisterial Sons to protect the areas in York County that hold our headquarters for world operations.  sue heard the Father admonish the Midwayers on Panoptia and he may have to admonish the political subdivisions around York too, for Ron knows of their relentless competition for money and favors from the Commonwealth and they are so independent , they need to be brought under Magisterial control immediately so good government and cooperation have a chance to control the dire consequences of tectonic and political changes in the United States.  On Panoptia there is no such problem but their independence is fierce for the same reasons it exists on Urantia: the Lucifer rebellion itself caused this to happen in spades everywhere on both planets.

"As a result I am allowing Ron to say something about this.  He is admonished to keep secret what he has written so far because it voids some police action and organization and many other sensitive areas of administration on Urantia and in York, Pennsylvania.  Be assured we have little time to set this up properly and Ron is an integral part in doing it.  Be assured the Governor of Pennsylvania must be brought into this immediately as soon as we get resolution from Serara and Monjoronson on these issues and one other I wish not to discuss much, but it is this:

"The URANTIA Foundation has taken onto itself the ability to disclose its dislike for Ron Besser in no uncertain terms and they will release that information shortly.  In it, they charge Ron with sedition against the will of God by insisting that the Urantia Foundation is in default and needs to be removed from Urantia.  I do not fully concur with this thinking, but I am sure they must be removed permanently from the history of their existence on Urantia.  Ron Besser is confident they are paper tigers and have no legal recourse whatsoever, but that they can be mischief makers and therefore holds his fire when the gross materials of dissolution hit their fan shortly.  Nonetheless, the ceremonial duty of the Magisterial Son(s) requires their presence on Urantia without distraction as they lay down the law as to what their presence means and how to go about being in compliance with the Magisterial Mission.  The URANTIA Foundation has spoken to their attorney who feels Ron is untouchable and he has recommended they remain silent over the issue.  But a trustee has seen to it to mobilize his dislike for Ron to blossom into a chant of mental illness and sedition against the Father.  Ron has no intention coming to blows with this man and is relying on Jesus and Michael of Nebadon to see through the ruse of legal action from this individual and to further remove the Declaration of Trust from their operations.  We fully agree with Ron's attitude.  However:

"Ron has inadvertently up ended this trustee on several issues that has him steaming over his prerogatives to run the Foundation as a corporation.  The individual involved knows his rights legally, but he does not take into account that the Salvington Government has no issued with the Foundation per se except to note Ron's complaint they are in default of the constitution more or less as they are without leadership and guidance to truly promote the Urantia Book revelation. Now that goes to my work and the work of Mantutia Melchizedek.  I have appointed Ron to speak to the Foundation over issues we wrote out to them in a memorandum during the world meeting in New York State several years ago.  George Z. knows the details of this and he can be asked for them if anyone wishes to.

"In any case, the trustee is ready to lob this entire matter into the public arena by declaring to the readership that Ron Besser is the devil incarnate and needs to be isolated for their own good.  Ron holds this as improbable except he already seeks no favor from a readership that has no idea what it stands for, and cannot be trusted to serve in any position with the Magisterial Mission as proposed for Urantia right now.

"I have therefore said to Ron, keep your powder dry, and wait until you see the Foundation make any move in this direction.  Ron is not to answer them nor does he have any obligation to answer them; however, the Magisterial Sons see it differently and action against the Trustee will be swift and final.

"Ron is taking on aspects of participation in a divine mission we have never seen done before.  I am truly surprised by his powers of observation and his ability to think things out so well we have little to prepare him with as he and his Adjuster are one in all aspects except for final fusion that results in his immediate removal from Urantia into the morontial spheres of Nebadon.  His dislike for fame is fully understood and he has no problem being a leader in spite of being in the background which we allow him to do except that Jesus will have him on stage with him to handle the props as necessary.

"Because we must make ends meet too for Ron he is being applied to as a staff member who has to be paid in order to do that and he will receive his stipend shortly.  In this case he must make restitution for several expenditures we see coming and that the Justice Dept of the Commonwealth of PA will hold him accountable for doing what we asked him to do that was so expensive.  Only the legislature can settle the issue and we doubt we can prepare them for true understanding of why the costs had to be incurred through Starbridge.  But Ron will exonerated otherwise and has to be sure the change in status in Starbridge is fully understood by the Justice department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the good of the nation and of the Magisterial Mission.

"Now: I am preparing an edict  that covers Ron's leadership position with the Magisterial Mission that he is free to do as he pleases in personal affairs, but that Ron and his staff will be subject to our constant reviews to be sure they are in full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania so long as they hold jurisdiction over us.  When the Governor of Pennsylvania and the Governor of New York, agree to allowing the Magisterial Mission to operate freely inside their borders, we will remove the requirement for these endless reviews of Ron and his staff operating as Starbridge Group or perhaps another name will be necessary at some point to meet our needs for financing and so forth.

"The Governor of Pennsylvania needs an immediate tap on the shoulder to know what we are doing and Ron has prepared a letter to him that will be handed to him by Mantutia Melchizedek and then allow the Governor to read it and then they will speak to the issues it brings up.  Ron wrote this letter nearly a year ago, but was forced to place it in his desk drawer for that time and only now do I see the point to such a letter.  Meanwhile the URANTIA Foundation must be put to rest for good and we will ask one of the trustees to join us in York for help in preparing the new foundation to operate efficiently. Ron declares it insane to place the fox in charge of the new Foundation but I insist that he and Jesus make it clear who the boss is and why.  Good.

"We suggest we nullify showing that Protectorate to you now as more work has to be done on it today and tomorrow for it to be fully ready to display to the municipalities involved. Otherwise we say this:

"The deal to get this mission going involves two other planets and the worst of them is Urantia followed by Panoptia and a third not mentioned at all for now as it is truly unknown to all of you.  It is a little non-breather planet for the good of its own sake has asked for the Urantia Magisterial Mission to include it too and it will be so included.  Ron has not contacted them truly yet due to political differences between Urantia and the unnamed planet I have in mind.  But he knows of its name better than you do and he will not say much until we get this Protectorate Zone figured out and something down on paper to make people listen to us.

"Finally:  Ron is a college grad of York College and spent three years of college at Gettysburg College with much misgiving on top of that he feels smudged to death by his performance at Gettysburg College and ignores their pleas to know him better.  Yet York College knows him well enough to take him on at my behest to establish a spiritual education to all who would wish it.  These students are essentially children yet and they need not be the main student body at York College which a truly a wonderful college and expanding quickly to obtain the status of a University and they will become a University within a few years too.  We propose to build a separate building for this study and fit it out appropriately.  This will contain our displays of Salvington and Uversa and Paradise and other heavenly bodies to observe for the edification of the public who will be immensely surprised to learn that Jesus and Ron will head the Department for the College without pay and gratuitously supply the college or university with the wherewithal to maintain it in grand style .

"I close with this speech:  Ron is your leader and he will behave as a humble old man he is, and he will afford to all of you his counsel and his beliefs and you need not believe them too, but we ask you to believe the Father is real and that this is his project for all of you to participate in it if you are truly capable of doing so.  I leave the group here and speak directly to Ron privately and with malice over issues he knows damn well are not for the public view on financing.  I wish you a good day for now."

"I see there is little left of Ron and his determination to be serious about all this as he has a great deal to do and no place to put it until we arrive and make our presence known. He is truly unhappy not with a day we relieved him of leg pain and a lot of awful humming in his head for reasons of State.  He has no idea how he will be appreciated for all he is involved in and now the political high wire act of forming a Protectorate Zone around York and its environs and getting York College up to speed as the education center for the Magisterial Mission for most of the world to begin with.  Besides being ready to roll with all this on himself, Ron is funny to the extent the circuits will carry him.  Aside from all this we wish you a good day to all. Mother Spirit."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Ron Besser

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Re: Three Words Spoken Like A Bell
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2017, 02:32:37 PM »

Assale you are being incorrectly condescending to me and members in this post and my temper is already frayed by you.  I am seriously considering removing you for awhile for you to provide yourself a self centering position that allows you not to get into political views of members or Ron or anyone else.  If you find you cannot log in for  awhile that is what has happened.  I state my case very well to you on that Supreme post you made which is flagrant in misunderstanding mostly from the point of view of God the Supreme and His views of the Ancients of Days of Orvonton.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania