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Teacher: Sentenact
Subject: Overarching Magnificence
Category: The Universal Father and Paradise Dieties
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
12 September 2017, 17:08 Z

“Yes, I am ready to roll Daniel [at my third polite request if I was hearing right] this is Sentenact, with some more lessons and teachings for all of you being trained to be truly capable as Mortal servants of The Father in the Missions. Probably the most often noted aspect of your training we repeatedly have said things about is: we are asking for the undiluted dedication of your life and time. A whole slew of you are more or less approaching this like an interesting hobby. I could rattle off a whole bunch of names of you, that are very fine in so many aspects of your character yet you will not, cast off the distractions and occupations and relationships that are nothing but a huge umbrella being dragged behind your boat.

“You absolutely will not come down in living standard to cause you to have boo-coo (unlimited) time for this work. You have relationships with loved ones that are able to have you at their beck and call, just like we are longing to have you at our beck and call. O my oh my, years, you have faithfully read all we have brought before you here in your training, but for you to disrupt your life in a major way, throwing caution to the winds because you have found your true love and soul mate: (working for The Father). Once you see this and understand the nature of this opportunity, you couldn’t care less about the car, the boy or girl friend, the boss who is demanding workaholic devotion or the house.

“What's lacking is the faith and belief you are in the hands of The Father.  What you don’t realize is that your taking precipitous action to step up for full time service instantly puts you in a bracket of much more intensive over care where The Father will see your courage is rewarded by smoothing over, all the things your friends and next door neighbors are so worried about and busting their butts over. Ah, but there is a catch, once you respond with this kind of trust and confident stepping out, it will invariably start a time of testing, to see if your action to take this kind of dedicated capitulation wasn’t a flash in the pan, un-considered, immature giving that is not true service and has not rock solid resolve. That will mean, many, many, troubles to work through that will show your Father and everyone else your commitment, that it is a do or die commitment.

“I know what some of you are thinking. “This can’t be, I assumed that I would just be drafted in the Missions and more or less compelled to come step up to strenuous service for God. Not so my friend, this is based on the deep seated passion in your heart, you must bring that to the table. It boils down to whether you understand the opportunity. If this is hard and worrisome and difficult for you, you do not grasp the gravity and utmost rarity of your opportunity. If you really want this….. A little or a lot, of prayer to The Father will rectify the situation. He will then give you the enthusiasm, the vision, the gumption, the courage, the foresight, the burning desire you lack and that you might now be seeing is the problem.

“The story of the man agreeing to sell his part of the family inheritance to his brother fits perfectly here. Just because he had been out hunting and become so exhausted and famished the food in question was sufficient for his whole inheritance, not having the vision at that moment how huge his part of the inheritance was going to be, similar to the value of half of the kingdom, a sum incalculable. We have grown hoarse telling you of this group’s destiny, of this groups honor, of this groups outrageously enhanced service offices, of this groups boost of career training opportunities the like, never seen before. We have become cotton mouthed over our repeatedly rehearsing the chance to do more for Urantia and its far flung history any mortal has ever had a chance at.

“We have worn our vocal cords thin, telling you of the franchise of working closely with Mother Spirit Nebadonia and Christ Michael the Sovereigns of Nebadon, so renowned that the Universal Father keeps calling them home, because of their outstanding leadership, to give them Kudo’s and awards and promotions never seen for Creator sons before and you are being asked to be in close association with them, FOREVER. I rest my case; I will be silent for now. This is Sentenact, good day!

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