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I am going to place one single word to make you think a whole lot more:


Think about it, carefully, take as long as you can and recall all of what that means in the context of your life so far. (Remember, it is a verb, an action both you and the environment you co-exist in).

Hello HelderPoeta,

I am looking at your statement and am hoping that you may elaborate on these feelings you are experiencing. Are these feelings changing in mood and energy? If so, I am of the opinion to wonder if it has a lot in line with the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

For an example see link:

If you are feeling somewhat akin to some of these symptoms described in the website, you may need to go to a health professional to get some help if it is chronic. Otherwise, what you are feeling is fairly mild and normal as most humans do get their ups and downs, we all seem to have coping mechanisms that keeps us from harm. Life certainly has its challenges and each of us have more than others, and how we manage to keep our head above water is certainly a story in itself. I find the great solace in knowing the Father is with us and our prayers are ever in his ears, for he cares so much for our wellbeing. Confiding in with loving family members and friends are also a tremendous help too. Do keep the faith and trust Him our Father, in all things, my friend. I hope you may be able to share a little more of what you are experiencing, so we can better understand it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

To illustrate a little more about faith and trust, of which Clency made a good example with his story, I want to bring a personal one with which I could teach these two essential aspects with respect to our relationship with God, to my minor son when he was in his 4th grade of primary school. I told him that faith and trust are like the battery and gasoline in a car, if one is missing the vehicle does not turn on. And I made it even more practical by giving as an example the commitment I had every day to go to look for him at school at end of class time. That he had faith in my commitment with him and the trust that although I did not arrive on time as it was my habit to look for him, he would not doubt for a moment that I was going to be left without looking for him. Because it happens that the majority does not live up to the faith that they have because they fail in their absolute trust in God; so it is necessary to perfect that faith. Thanks
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Welcome aboard, cara!
The USA is Cancer, and it has the tropic of Cancer on it, and might be the first nation to cure cancer. Hahah, so much for a Crab like nation!
Sometimes I feel deeply sad for no reason. And other times so light and lovely that I feel that even my skin is soft and pleasant. I wonder why... 
Thanks so much Ron & MONJORONSON I can't post much must return to work.
In my own view, Faith and Trust are both on the same level of heartfelt expressions, they go hand in hand, they are tied up together by Love. Where there is no Love, there can’t be Faith or Trust. Before Faith and Trust can be activated, Love must be the primary motivation ; it is all about LOVE. Let me illustrate what I want to convey by telling you a little tale.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl having her first biking lesson with her dear father she loved so much. She was excited for having received a bike for her anniversary, but at the same time she was uncertain about her ability to make it through, without deceiving her father who has noticed some hesitation in her attitude.

___ Don’t be afraid, said the father, I will be at your side all along the way. I will pick you up if you ever fell down, just go ahead.

She knew that her father will never let her down, she felt so secured that at the very first push she was riding the bike on her own, without knowing that her father was watching her at a distance far behind. When she realized that she had made it alone, her faith and trust in her father became more evident. So, faith and trust come together when love is predominant. Domtia
Thank you Ron and Rayson for that. I had to go and do a search on Oxygen and found that Oh three is termed Ozone. It is all very interesting to search this and understand the chemical composition of Oxygen and it is an oxidative agent. Oh three would make this more so and if in the body, would this be acting like chlorine does to cleanse out or flush out some of the neutrons and so on in the legs. I am not sure why Oxygen is being said to be reduced to a 1. Does that make it more unstable? Oh 2 is when it is a neutron with two atoms to balance it.

Quotes from Wikipedia on allotropes:

"Oxygen's most common allotrope is diatomic oxygen, or O2, a reactive paramagnetic molecule that is ubiquitous to aerobic organisms and has a blue color in its liquid state. Another allotrope is O3, or ozone, which is three oxygen atoms bonded together in a bent formation...."

Very interesting when it is applied to the body.

I am also intrigued by the pure water in the article of the Super Kamiokande experiment. They said they accidentally dropped a hammer in the water and it corroded as to how oxidating the water was when in its purest form. This would also indicate how much a neutron can react to the water or come in contact with it. If so, would not that also oxidise as Rayson indicates to slow its spin down?
Sue, I already replied to your question what to do about it very well. You need to recapitalize your own bank account and either place in it your investment proceeds as raw cash or make another account and place all investment securities as cash into the account.  You want to be all cash to make it through this one.  Investments will tumble and banks with money markets will lose investors galore thanks to the unbridled way a bank deals with fund accounts that lose all their money and mow will lose all their money.  

When banks open their doors again, there will be plenty of reason to do investing again as you are now on the ground floor of reputable companies to buy stocks and bonds again.  But until the crisis is over, keep everything in case for the duration.  Once the crisis hits bottom then risk a little to see how the markets react and wait until stock markets to be running again to reinvest fully.

I am fully sure this is to happen, but there is no way to predict the duration.  it may takes as long as six months or up to fourteen months to clear the worst of it.  Then one must understand that the difference between normal and what is left is huge, but each person has to decide when it is safe and the degree of risk it will take to feel invested again.  I dislike having everything I have in cash which I have done for the past fourteen years anticipating this any moment.  But these things are so unpredictable I made an error staying in all cash for so long, but I am still in all cash and consider myself safer than most at this time.  Be assured the trouble does not originate in the USA, it may start with a run on the British Pound, or the Italian Lira,  or the Somalia shilling (1 Somaliland shilling = 100 Somali shillings = 1/50 United States dollar)

The Australian dollar is secure as is the New Zealand dollar various paeggerd around 1/65 or higher.  But the problem is not their stability, the problem is that investors buy huge amounts of the dollars ont he open market and then play them like monopoly money to bid up gold or US dollars.  When gold is worth more than the Australian Peg of roughly 1/70 to the $, the Australian dollar dips accordingly and the same is true of all currencies to the USD.  The USD is a reserve currency meaning it is not pegged to other values but it has a value indicator based on the worth of the dollar in 1993 as the dollar index.

However the first time the United States measure inflation was in 1913 and here is a table showing what you would have to spend to get what 100 dollars could by in 1913.


No country currently backs its currency with gold, but many have in the past, including the U.S.; for half a century beginning in 1879, Americans could trade in $20.67 for an ounce of gold. The country effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933, and completely severed the link between the dollar and gold in 1971.Oct 5, 2012

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