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A byside note to this transmission, if you want to listen to the audio version, just add the "https" at the beginning of the link and you are done. Thanks
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
The Magisterial Mission

Ocilliaya : Yes Lemuel, good morning, this is Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Number Four, Voice of Father and Son. I come this morning to say a few things about the Magisterial Mission. We are now at the stage where we are ready, to use your expression, to hit the road running. There has been tremendous amount of planning and re-planning and re-organizing things behind the scene, of course, you are not aware of.

But I can tell you that the amount of organizing this needs is remarkable. You have all been informed recently about buildings that we are to take over as soon as possible in York for the use of the Magisterial Mission. This will be done and there will be the Ministry of Interior in the building and also in the same building there will be rooms and appartments for the Melchizedeks and others who will be working directly with Serara and Mojoronson for the Mission.

So, obviously it is a very busy time for all concerned and those of you who are fortunate enough to be eventually be brought to York to work alongside Celestials will be the most rewarding and advantages work you could possibly imagine. When the announcement comes and the world takes note there will be choc and denial in many places. We expect that of course and we are prepared for that and we know how to deal with that.

It is the more remarkable time in the history of this planet that has suffered so much from the Lucifer rebellion to finally, at last, begin to recover, little by little, her dignity, her beauty, the standing in the rest of the Universe of Nebadon. This planet of Urantia that has been brought down to the very depth shall be raised to the very height. This is Father’s Will and Father’s Will will be done.

I am Ocilliaya and I have come with these few words this morning to remind all that the Mission is about to go public and you will all be involved in one way or another. In the meantime, I ask you to be patient, to trust, listen to your Thought Adjusters and above all be joyful and be thankful, be very grateful to Father for what is about to happen here on Urantia.

I thank you all for listening, I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
Speaker Margul, Audio transmission.

(As you'll see when you listen to this it inexplicably starts over at the beginning about 2/3 of the way through, if anyone knows why this is happening please call or send a P M, thanks, Daniel)
Transcription of Audio.

Speaker: Margul
Subject; Realism in all things.
Category: New transmissions
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA.
21 January 2018, 4:00 Z

This is  Daniel Alderfer speaking on the 21st of January 2018 from las Vegas, Nevada at 7 PM. Thank You, Father again for the happy opportunity to work like this receiving messages. If there is someone or a message at this time, I am here to receive. 

"Yes Daniel, begin speaking. This is Margul and I am going to address once more the timing issue having to do with some official administrative action. It might be Jesus Christ or perhaps Serara and or some of the Apostles, in whatever scenario is considered wisest and best at the moment. And Im speaking to the latest that we have estimated to be perhaps at the end of February, first part of March, for us to do something obvious and highly effective.

" I am referring to an administrative, real time event affecting the affairs of the earth as never before. I am saying this, this evening because every other opportunity we have had that was at that time on the horizon, We have had to delay. We are very confident and things look good for Our prognostication to take place as we are thinking it will and then I hasten to add to be careful in your own mind to couch the certainty of this taking place with the caveat of The Fathers stepping in at the last minute to choose an opportunity in the future. With all the positive and highly believeable forecasting we have done, still let's be realistic about counting how many chickens are going to be hatched. I know I might hear a few groans with this, but I am just letting you know of the reality of the way things are and those that have been around for at least a year or 2 or 3 know this very well.

"This message this evening is mainly for those guests and members that may be fairly new. If someone doesn't take an opportunity to address this possibility, it's like we are neglecting a responsibility we have and that is to be highly, highly, realistic. But you will not find anyone here in this most illustrious team of the Majesterial Mission and all of those working with Serara, Mother Spirit and Christ Michael and all of the help we have from Paradise, no one is anything but highly optimistic that what we are telling you about in the last couple weeks will come about.

"Those that have been here a while are not fazed in the least by whatever happens. Their faith, their trust, their confidence, their understanding now of how things work is so advanced and strong that even though you might enjoy hearing this, you really don't need it because you've gotten to that place of the kind of confidence that we have ourselves. Everything as outlined concerning the Majesterial Mission is going to take place one way or another and in the scope of time in the immediate future.

"When you look at the history of Urantia from Our perspective, it is going to take place almost immediately, even though there may be some delay again.I think in the approx.2- 1/2 years that have just passed, this is the 16th attempt. As a true comrade and coworker, I'm just speaking this way plainly, with nothing but kindness and a deep desire to bring you along and keep you informed.

"Practice that most valuable of skills and that is intercession whenever you can, on your knees or wherever you happen to be. Trimming trees, upside down in your safety harness, you can pray very well also. One little tip about praying, if you run dry after some continuous effort to cover all the areas you can think of, perhaps start at the tip of South America and work your way up, or start at the easternmost boundary of the former Soviet union and work your way southwest covering all those circumstances that you know that are truly of deep concern and need intelligent petitions before the court of The Father so to speak, and to come to the ears of Father and Mother of Nebadon or of anyone else that you feel has a part and would be interested in what you have to say.

"That covers the items I wanted to remind you of this evening. Thank you, Daniel for being here. On this evening I'll end this with a familiar expression: 'happy trails to you'. With warm affection for all. This is Margul, Domtia."

End ( Thank you, Margul ! D)
Subject: The Magisterial Mission
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona ,Catalunya, Spain
Date/Time:  22nd Jan. 2018  07:00 Local  06:00 Z

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: The Father's Will
« Last post by Ron Hammar on January 21, 2018, 11:05:43 PM »
Transcription of Audio.

Father Michael. I sense that you're here. Yes son I am, I'm always here available to you, as well as Mother and this evening you have thought a lot about what has been posted today and its good that you taken time to respond. The will of God is different for everyone for everyone is in a different position.

"The Father's will is the highest choice that you can conceive of now in the choices that you have, for what is the Father's will for you or your siblings? Is it not to make progress spiritually and reflecting the Father in your life, like doing his will? Well what could that be likened to. To want you to think truth, speak beauty and do good. Would that be categorized as Gods will for you and your siblings. Fathers will is a lifestyle doing the highest ideal desirous to be like him like.

"So, what did Jesus say? Why do you call me good? Only one is good The Father, yes, but should we not pursue to be good, doing The Father's will is not one specific thing, or accomplishing one specific goal. People could be doing The Fathers will and yet in their actions, they might be totally different in the same setting and that's because they're at different stages of spiritual growth, but both may choose to do the highest conception that they can conceive of.

"So with the mission coming on, what would you think is going to be involved in that? We're going to be working with humanity. Were going to be inspiring them to do the highest will. There Is going to be an administration, there is going to be a business structure and so what needs to be done now is growing spiritually, and how do we grow spiritually?  Sit back and pray about it, or do we get out and be active, interacting with people helping them to see someone living a higher ideal having control of their emotions.

"Not being a fanatic but doing good as they pass by they encourage people by the way they live their life. It might be something very simple with a smile, or just a greeting to a stranger, that we make a change in them, that we help them to feel that their loved by God or by someone else. So doing the Fathers will is not a fixed set of parameters but is a dynamic action that allows the fathers Spirit to flow through his children and pass on to their siblings.

"So don't get hung up on the father's will being is a particular ability or a particular act. They're all little behaviors. You've used the expressions then about a garment about clothing yourself in a garment of love and that garment is made up of not big stitches, but little things on the day to day activities that you do that are of spiritual nature, spiritual, value,  and of course by those little things it gives you a strong fabric because its tight knitted, not easy to tear out but by doing great things and that is happening now and then, you don't have those little things, you don't have a very nice garment, you don't. have a very strong garment, to weather the disappointments life has. No, disappointments causes you to develop character which makes you then stronger for greater things, that The Father will have in store in eternity. Yes, The Father's will, the dynamic action, a dynamic desire. So share these thoughts, have a good evening and good night, Domtia. Thank you Michael,  Thank You."
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / The Father's Will
« Last post by Ron Hammar on January 21, 2018, 10:56:48 PM »
Teacher Michael
Topic: The Father's Will
T/R:Ron Hammar, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
Date: January 20th, 2018  3:29am PST
General Discussion / Re: ~ Unintended Encounters with Malice ~
« Last post by evan on January 21, 2018, 09:57:01 PM »
Hello andi,
Thanks for the questions I'll try to answer:
How is it that so many humans are easily influenced by malice on this planet?
I think it's because we had been isolated for so long and that was the main predicament that we faced as mortals. Our minds were not given the proper 'nutrients', if you will, which stunted our evolution. Having said that, we should also look at our own inner capacities and not entirely blame that part of our history.  Maybe most of all our problems remain with our own self-mindedness, biases and misaligned thinking.  Acc. to a transmission by Teacher Daniel ( our electro-mechanical make-up triggers automatic reactions of 'fight or flight' overriding higher reason.    
How can a human recognize and handle malice?  

- Does recognizing malice and trying to rectify it contribute towards our Creator Parents overall goal of lifting this planet and their universe into Light and Life?

On a personal level, mistakes (maybe not the malicious or spiteful ones) a normal person makes were made because we didn't know better. But then malice presupposes ill-will as you say.  So we should listen to our inner warnings because like in the movies, the music becomes strange and creepy when there is a dreadful thing about to implode and that's usually when the bad guy appears.  The question is: would one naturally recognize this sense of dread?  

Recognition of intentions they say needs a good mind-heart workout so one is alerted immediately to take preventive action or come to a higher ground for making decisions. On an individual level, I think we need spirit help especially as know we have the Spirit of Truth, Mother Spirit's mind circuits, and our TA.  Not asking for this help or not being aware that we have help if we simply ask for it is a big problem. On a collective level, we will need a whole lot of workers in the fields.

Does an individual manifesting "Fruits of Spirit" contribute towards our Father's will and Creator Parents universe missions?  How or how not?

I would think so because that would mean we have taken the road of goodness, truth and beauty, and that 'response-ability' proves that we have gone through a serious self-evaluation, learning from our mistakes, striving to do better and arrive at a decision to sign up with Father, to do his will.

I hope we can hear other responses from our members.  Btw, I've been well, andi, learning and listening to everything that will bring us to 'Light & Life'!
General Discussion / The Magisterial Mission Plans Spoken To Further 21Jan2018
« Last post by Ron Besser on January 21, 2018, 10:26:26 AM »
Dear List:
Ron: I was writing a reply to a private post and what came out of that was really information that should be generally posted to the discussion forum, which they mention below and asked me to post this separately from the narrative in that private post.

In general it reaffirms some things, very important things, and Father makes it clear we are to proceed as Margul announced about three days ago.  Here are their comments and please note the post was to Larry about how to schedule vacation dates with this mission brewing.  You will see Mantutia first address that as we open this excerpt to all of you.  Thanks for your patience on all of this and maybe someday things will return to normal - that is a quick insight by Margul the Trinity Teacher Son. who by the way, is not longer stationed on Paradise but on Urantia until these Missions are done and he has to take on giving Urantia its first taste of Light and Life.

I am with Ron the whole way with this as Ron is entirely secure with Michael's view and that should secure you in your choices for now.  In any case, Ron is terrible wronged on several issues and we will makes amends when possible.  In any case we must assign you to the thought this is on the way but we have no direct decision to make about those buildings until the Father decides how to handle the situation being so material and direct in its approach.  Ron has set an agenda that has never been attempted before.  I also regret you cannot see the pictures that Ron receives from Serara on this where his closet is full of mink coats to deal with finite temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit.  We must secure those buildings quickly as they are necessary for our plans and that is something Ron cannot do without our help as we will move all them in a twinkle of an eye if we get permission to move on here.

"You Mantutia are to get busy at once.  Those buildings are secured in our mind already and need your flair for negotiation immediately, and Ron you fear the worst but get the best as you are MY choice for Minister of the Interior.  I spoke to Margul on this for months and we looked at your ways and they are entirely compatible with what has to be done as a negotiator and planner with Serara and Mantutia to provide the Magisterial Mission the money and the means to provide a second chance for Urantia I as we now call this Mission on my table of thought.  Urantia II is no longer viable; Urantia III is coming with the help of these Missions.  You are most welcome Ron and thank you for doing it that way this time as soul and you are both concerned that nothing you do will work without me and I am too distant at times to know the need for permission and my will regarding these subjects.  Serara will speak now:"

"You need to post this to the discussion forum.  I am sure that keyboard will do better shortly but in the meantime your eyesight is missing and we understand the mess you have with it.  In any case let me stall you just a tad and let you know that Mantutia will not see you shortly but sooner as he must clear up the problem with the tape recorders and the problems you have with your heart bouncing all over the place.  It happens you are ready to go and are happy to stand down but you must understand I am not ready to go so quickly to those offices as they represent a change in plans I did not hear well when it was first produced for me by Paradise and ths so-called Minister of Interior concerns as I though I would have full control of those decisions.  But we see the Minister of the Interior has no intention working independently of my choices and that is as it should be.  I am happy therefore to say that the House that Jack built does not have the Minister of Interior working for it instead of me.  Good.  Now this: I am now Michael speaking Larry and Ron and others:"

"The trial Mantutia speaks to on those recorders is fixed Ron and you can try them out today.  You are not wrong to be outraged at what happened and we will not speak to it here, but suffice to say it was not meant ot be permanent but we got lost in other planning and the trial on those recorders has been lifted.  In future do not work yourself up into depression again as we have no reason to harass your work anymore.  You have proven yourself to be right on the spot for us in place of my misgivings at times you were a stray bullet and not helping me design what will be a spectacular Mission now.  Serara wish to have an additions note:"

"This is directed to the future Minister of the Interior as we should call it.  It is a full office with its own floor of interests in that L shaped building Ron pictured for all of you.  However, that castle across the street will just be torn down Ron and we will commandeer that block for our own uses later.  It is not ours to take castles and remit them on another block as was stated by Margul although maybe Margul has some other version in mind I do not know about.  I have little time today Ron so keep this going.   By our standards nothing we do today is worth the trouble it takes to do it , but I have to go to Uversa for a fact check that all as stated is true and that we are now proceeding according to what Mantutia is told to do and that Margul is fully on board with all of this.  MANTUTIA here:  "Be aware I can tell you Serara that the choices suggested by Margul are exactly as we requested of him last week.  However, Ron got so upset over the recorder issue we postponed saying anything more and let the entire matter stand until he is back in his normal mind.

"Serara here again:   We are satisfied then with your assurances this matter has finally been settled.  I am of the opinion that you Ron have never been fully involved with a Mission before and you need to understand that it is grueling and hapless in its performance until it is running smoothly.  Be kind enough to back off sometimes when there are serious glitches in your operation that will refuse to work when you approach them without telling me what is going on that makes the situation untenable.  In any case you are not the only one who ran into the recorder problem as Lemuel had it happen once and you have had it happen permanently as the glitches are Uversa commands not ours to do.  Your four new recorders are fixed now.  Be at mic. "

"I now stand adjourned until after Margul speaks now to Ron and Larry and all on this board."

"I see Ron was so upset with what happened with those recorders he just repacked them away until something could be addressed by them.  For those wondering what happened, we jimmied all of his recorders so they did not recognized recording chips placed in them (SDC) and they are now all available again and you Ron must not apologize for becoming apoplectic over the break down for you got out of your sick bed to try to find a power supply for them expecting you had a power supply problem and finding none, you broke into the pack of new recorders and recovered a power supply there.  All power supplies are working again too.  Now this:

"Ron does not understand what happened and we hardly do.   But you all must remember the incident back in October of 2017. Ron playfully made a recording for the discussion forum and dropped the jaws of Michael as he understood that Ron would not make recordings without his expressed permission.  Thinking that Ron broke the agreement he asked Uvers to disable all of his recorders which number four in anticipation of giving them to staff associates to do audio transmissions if they were required to do so.  Michael pursued the issue to the point that Uversa cracked down on those recorders and when Ocilliaya asked Ron to make an audio recording three days ago, Ron found all the recorders to not record or even recognize there was an SDC chip in them.  That brought the house down and we now have the full permission to operate them again on the proviso that Ron not make recordings unless we ask for them at all.   MICHAEL here: "Ron never heard my proscription and that was not my fault or his fault in that he never works more than he has too on recordings as he deletes almost he does because they go sour or he gets to laughing at blunders and we shut it off.  Ron just told Paul that it is like a room full of kittens dealing with Michael sometimes.  Paul is off on a tout because of it and says he knows the cat is in play all the time up here.  Ron countered with do you realize Paul all the other Superuniverses will have to feed the cat for a week if he gets lose?"

"I also admonish Ron to let our humor between us but it goes out of range when others join and Paul is helpless with our transmitter as funny things just happen in transmissions of this length.  In any case the recorder issue is over and peace should surround the issue again and Ron now knows not to record for the discussion forum unless we say so.  Be also aware that Rayson has a nuance too. and that is he will have a recording made by Lemuel and Ron on the subject of Ultimatons shortly and Ron I know looks forward to such quickly but I mean in about a month or so as Ron is desperate to get out of the sick bed and work a regular day again.  I am admonish no one over this aspect of life as it is truly harsh and difficult for Ron to even breathe right such is the irregular heart beat in this individual.  He will be right as rain shortly.  finally, all be aware those office buildings are for real and they will take us a few months to get them ready once we move the new mayor out of his plush offices there and we will redecorate accordingly.  Be also assured Ron you have work to do to get out of the house as soon as you can walk again.  Thank you all for helping Michael become more human this morning as he has had a difficult period with a Michael of Nebadon who hates pleasure craft of the nature Ron can represent but it is a pleasure to hear him this morning as he is.

"I am always ready to speak but I get cut short by the humor Ron produces when he is squeezed to take something he did not know was coming, and we make no amends today.  The truth of the matter is that this message will be truncated and Larry will get his own answer and the rest posted to this forum.  Good day."

All this posting activity about concepts new to us is so powerful and wonderful to read. Getting the basic understanding, and that is all I could claim, is a look at some questions I have had in the past but in my mind, I shut them off because I couldn't find an answer. All I know now that makes me joyful is the fact that at some time, maybe soon, we all might find the many answers we have been looking for. That makes it more pleasurable to serve in the MM.

Through this expose of truth I found that inside my heart and soul I cannot stand to think about much less read about the Crucifixion. It is beyond horrible that such a spirit was harmed in the most heinous way possible on this planet. I tell my wife and partner Len that the most incredible thing was the fact that Jesus could have come down off that cross anytime HE wanted to and it was HIS courage and desire to do the will of the Father that HE allowed these insects to torture Him in that way. It truly is something amazing to think of while at the same time it is sad to think of how the Sanhedrin tortured and murdered such a Divine Spirit such as that inside Jesus.

That is one big thing to me to anticipate---the knowledge of what is truly happening on our little blue ball. I must learn to read the posts more carefully so as not to miss such important differences in what I have learned in the past, and what is the actual truth. As Jesus Himself said, "the truth shall set you free." I see why now!
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