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Hi Clency if The population of chinese guest increases, or if I have been requested to translate it then its very possible that i can translate the ones they want me to.  While google is useful for the easier sentences its completely hopeless to translate the Urantia book or words from the spiritual beings. I will need to then rely on my own knowledge and some spiritual input at times to get it right but even then its quite difficult at times because some of the words are new and i have to keep reinventing new words.

It's interesting that New Zealand is completely above water and we somehow gained a bunch of new lands as well! However it looks like it's affected with severe volcanic activities that it's probably going to be uninhabitable.

Already bought this book Ron, It's going to be a great read for sure.

Hi Dorian I would just like to discuss Some of my views on your dissatisfaction over Ron's reply to you.  For me personally I dont believe he or Michael regard you as lazy in terms of comparing you to someone who is completely useless at wanting to do anything at all.  I believe the laziness they refered to is strictly about leaving your comfort zone and think in a different way.  I for one dont believe you are a lazy person and stupid by any means, you probably does score higher than me in any Iq test nor anyone else will consider you to be inferior.  Let me just say this, you said Michael will never say these things to a person or jesus but is that really true? I remember Michael has different modes he enters into to fit for different purposes, for you Dorian or for anyone else he merely want to challenge you to get you to move out of your comfort zone.  For me personally I am also stuck in this comfort zone, while i did experience intense suffering and trial it has been awhile since i experienced real challenge.  I also understand environmental ease is not suitable for character and spiritual growth and that eventually we have to say to ourselves that we had enough holiday and its time to get some real work done.  Trust me Dorian I know how it feels to be openly criticized, it hurts deeply and especially when you believe its untrue.  Remember when Jesus openly criticized Judas and his pride was so hurt he want to seek vengeance, im sure you have moved beyond that already.  when he spoke to people who are more intelligent he gave advice and criticized their ways, and for the general public he just gave encouragements and words of comfort because he knew they simply dont have the character strength to take anything harsh.  i dont want to sound like im better than you or believe what everything Ron says is correct, i have my own problems and while i dont enjoy being openly criticized im happy to take a few hits from Michael or Ron if that makes you feel any better. All im trying to say is while you may have lost faith in magisterial mission but dont completely disregard all other transmissions done by Ron.  Dorian i hate conflict and i dont want to try to change your decision or anything but try to think things through and understand why we are here? I think this is all im going to say, i could be completely wrong with what i just said but its just how i view this whole matter.  Thank you

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: some info on future service
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:12:01 AM »
Hi 7inocean, I have come to congratulate you also for your success in fusion!  When Ron announced the fifth candidate from Australia I knew it was you straight away,  but somehow if i didn't remember it wrong it was written that this person was not on this list? Anyways you must be the youngest to fuse here if not throughout history at 55 years of age? I also asked about my own fusion as well and I was told I'm far too young to fuse as I have just completed my first psychic circle.  I was told that young men are considered for fusion at age 45 and that's "if" I stop drinking beer  (and boy that's a hard one to give up!).  

Hi 7inOcean, I totally agree with what you say about church in general.  I was brought to the church when I was about 13-14 years old by my grandma and at that time I was clueless like any other kid at that age.  Over the years I continued to attend church on Sundays and also bible study groups.  As I became older and more knowledgeable I began to question a lot of things.  The more I understood about the bible the more I question why a lot scriptures just doesn't make sense, I tried to ask the pastor and peers about my questions, but every time I happen get an unsatisfactory answer.  When I was about 20 years old my thirst for truth and knowledge just grew exponentially, no longer can I be satisfied with church preachers that just repeat the sermons over and over again without answering my inner conflicts.  It is so true how Machiventa Melchizedek said that every time you question them these bible thumpers just bombard you with scriptures without really answering the question.  I eventually got tired of it and had to search for my own truth.  Over the years I have read countless books on spirituality but never really found that one book that answers all my questions.  To this day I'm still glad I found TUB and believe this is the best book I've ever read.   
I got to say this to you and wendy, you girls are the most spiritually mature and awesome people I've ever met(sorry to call you girls, I know you two are old enough to even be my mom lol!).  I'm definitely keen to be working with you guys in Australia or wherever(getting some goosebumps just thinking about it).  
When I read these things I felt like I had to respond to it and I believe it's my Adjuster urging me to reply.  But yea what do I know i'm just a kid who is sometimes a bit lost.

Victory4Father I get where you are coming from, you are probably frustrated because The Magisterial mission didn't appear like Ron said, and now you are insisting he lied and is a very very bad man? To tell you the truth Ron is a transmitter, he transmits what's given to him, he doesn't promise the events being revealed is going to come true, he does WHAT HE IS TOLD.  Now the timing of the Magisterial Mission is a very difficult subject I doubt I could explain it to you all the reason why things have not appeared to be, nor could you understand why it is so.  I have not met Ron in real life nor do I work for him yet, but I know him well enough to say that he is a sincere and devoted individual. 

 I take it you you were actually a sincere person looking for truth and is hurt by disappointments time after time? we ALL get disappointed here and that is how you grow.  People come and go on this forum and you are definitely not the last of them.   You have to understand that Ron doesn't have to prove a thing to you or God,  this is something you need to work on with your thought adjuster and spend more time on reading how God's universe works.  If you are looking for God to physically appear in front of you then i'm sorry you are dreaming, or if God did appear would you believe it's God or make up an excuse saying its hallucination? If you truly want to understand more information I'm sure Ron or anyone else here is more than happy to enlighten you, but please don't charge in here like a mad dog biting the first person you see.  

Hi Victory4Father, everytime I read your comments I try hard not to laugh,but it is difficult not to laugh because of your improper English. Now I am not making a fun of your english or you as a person, but you make it difficult with the way you speak here.  I take that you havnt read TUB in depth nor understood it very much, and you are commenting on things you really don't understand. I don't claim I understand everything but I do however try to take the approach of at least trying my best to understand things before I comment.  I fail to see why you stay on the forum if all you do is rant at Ron. I understand that English is not your first language and you are trying very hard to explain your reasons. You have already condemned Ron to be sick and untruthful and I doubt you could be reasoned with therefore I suggest you take it or leave it before you make yourself look like a fool and making life very difficult for your self and others. I normally don't make such comment but I regard Ron very high. Thank you

Hi 7inOcean, the papers which discuss these fusion is paper 40. 
(See for an example, 109:5.4"The great problem of life is the adjustment of the ancestral tendencies of living to the demands of the spiritual urges initiated by the divine presence of the Mystery Monitor. While in the universe and superuniverse careers no man can serve two masters, in the life you now live on Urantia every man must perforce serve two masters. He must become adept in the art of a continuous human temporal compromise while he yields spiritual allegiance to but one master; and this is why so many falter and fail, grow weary and succumb to the stress of the evolutionary struggle.")

btw I fully agree with you on this one. sometimes I fully understand the animalistic natures of the human body, it is so lazy and stubborn most of the time and it's truly a struggle to fight through this body.  Come to think of it it makes me even more amazed how Jesus became so balanced and mastered the flesh so fully.  While I'm fully aware of the problems sometime I just gotta say the body wins most of the time..... 

I have read these papers long time ago, since all these events just happened to Ron I had to revise what I previously read to refresh my mind on some of the things I couldn't quiet understand before.  I then found out so many things that I missed and also discovered some few dictations which is a bit confusing and contradicts to what has happened to Ron if paper 40 applies to Ron that is.  
Now we all know these events that happened with Ron are unprecedented, I'm still trying to grasp what these all means and what new opportunity this bring to Ron and the fact that he is now also planetary supreme fused? this is a lot of information to take in.  is it possible to receive some revelation on what this does to a person? 

Below is a quote from the TUB.
40:9.1 (450.3)Those who are Adjuster or Father fused are never Spirit or Son fused.
From my understanding this either means that this has never happened before and it's unprecedented, therefore it is concluded that this will always be the case? But since this has happened to Ron I guess the new TUB is updated with new information? 

40:9.4 (450.6) There is, however, one particular in which Spirit-fused mortals differ from their ascendant brethren: Mortal memory of human experience on the material worlds of origin survives death in the flesh because the indwelling Adjuster has acquired a spirit counterpart, or transcript, of those events of human life which were of spiritual significance. But with Spirit-fused mortals there exists no such mechanism whereby human memory may persist. The Adjuster transcripts of memory are full and intact, but these acquisitions are experiential possessions of the departed Adjusters and are not available to the creatures of their former indwelling, who therefore awaken in the resurrection halls of the morontia spheres of Nebadon as if they were newly created beings, creatures without consciousness of former existence.

Since Ron is also spirit fused and this states that no memory may persist, does the thought adjuster provide Ron with his previous memories?

Everytime more anwsers are received, there just automaticly ensues more and more questions.  Since a mortal is normally adjuster fused and they acsend to paradise does it mean that a person who is son and spirit fused is able to perform more duties and recieve more clearance than a adjustered fused mortal? does it transform thier minds in different ways? 
Once again I like to congratulate Ron on these achievements and what a person can achieve with his wholehearted and unselfish service,  The spirit is truly fair in it's ways, how much you put in is how much you get out of it.  everyone has thier own levels of dedication they can bring to the table and i wonder when that day will be when i am at this level.

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