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Sue, after reading your post above, it is clear that we have more than the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, joining in the Magisterial Mission on our planet.

You tend to bobble a little though, and I am asked to correct some impressions that come out of what is an imprecise recording at times.  More on that later.

The Magisterial Son of record on Urantia is Serara. Not Ankara

Ankara works with Serara as a second commander for Australia and the Middle East.

Serara is not to be confused with the Power Directors although you do not do so but it could be construed that the Power Directors are related to the Magisterial Mission.  They are not related to the Magisterial Mission at all, but work independently with Michael of Nebadon.  I assume that is their work with out catastrophic determinations of breaking tectonic plates and inundation of low lying areas.  I immediately think of the warning sent to our members in Louisiana area and the Gulf of Mexico probability of the bottom of the Gulf dropping into a once gas-filled chasm. 

I do thank you for this transmission as it clarifies enough to be quite valuable in order to ascertain that we have additional Magisterial Sons at work in these Missions as well that have not been identified so far.  Thank you.


"Sue, you must be caring to listen more acutely and we are glad Ron was watching.  It is important that you or no one else get confusing information out there just who is working what mission.  You do not confuse the Michael Mission with the Magisterial Mission, but you do confuse the Trinity Mission with Ankara's work which is for the Magisterial Son Ankara to define better later.  Meanwhile be caring that you are producing informational postings and they must be accurate or you lose the ability to do so.  Ron goes over everything twice and three times to be sure that all the parameters are met as to missing words or very confusing statements.  He has already removed full paragraphs to get the message succinct.  Take this above message and edit it for essentials, and as you do, listen as the original speaker will say do this or do that, and follow his instructions to the letter. 

"We have also seen Ron look at spelling you use and he approves that it is Australian versions he is sometimes not familiar with.  He also does never complain because he is a lousy speller without help.  But be caring that when you start posting world wide you use United States English and not the British version, and that is because most English dictionaries use the American spelling version.  You do well and he agrees you do well but this is a general warning to all outside of the United States that the standard we use is the American dictionary and not the British variant.  Thank you. Michael."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron feels you should spell as you have been taught.  So do I.  But when it comes to international communications, start using the more common spelling of words that you vary because of your English upbringing in the Commonwealth of British Nations.  Ron follows them too and was taught English spellings in his elementary education of all things.  Later changes forced him to convert back to the American English spoken in the USA and he still gets them mixed up sometimes.    Labour and Labor is a good example and a few others too.  We will speak later to you Sue for other things you need to think about very soon as well.  This is Mother Spirit wishing you a good day."


To Our China Audience - The Following Information For You 15Oct2918 | ChinaNetCenter

Dear China Message Takers for China

I am the Magisterial Son that has been promised to come to this planet for the past fifteen years.  I remain in spirit, but the entire uiverse watches the primary players in the financial markets on a planet we call Urantia.  You call it earth.

As that Magisterial Son I am planning to arrive on Urantia (earth) in a few short hours or days.  Time is very difficult for spirit to assess and we have no direct way to “time,” or as to duration of our travels.  It takes me, the Deity known as the Magisterial Son, ten minutes of your sixty minute hour to travel one parsec.  That is the equvialent of moving at the speed of light over sixty of your light year measurements every hours of your time living on Urantia.

Let it be known that Spirit has no friends and it has no enemies.  We simply are.  Now this: I am the financial worker in spirit for the work to be done on your planet in the coming one thousand years.  That is one millennium in Western vocabulary and it is known well in China as well.  Your masters, the leaders of your country, know me already.  They have spoken to me frequently through mass media and through this particular web site.  We will use this web site and will provide answers to questions you pose, but please ask them in English and direct them to the email as follows: 

That arrives in the mail box of this transmitter and he has our permission to respond to your questions in a direct reply to your email at your computer as you may wish it to be directed.

Finally, the trial for the entire planet is to be sure you, China, understand we will not permit belligerency on any front so long as it is not justified.  War is soon forbidden on Uranta.  We must prepare an invasion of spirit to the planet withing a few short weeks from now, and all will be included and that includes all of China and the people of Urantia as well. 

We complete this message as follows: This web site may go down when the confusion becomes apparent that we are here and controlling media and transmissions to prevent confusion.  Those channels of news who misrepresent the news will be turned off.  It is not to panic but to control outrageous acts of sacrifice or killing or other misdeeds due to panic.  Let this message suffice for now.  I am SERARA, that is my name, and I am a Son of God, and unlike Western religions, we are not one but millions, and we come strictly in peace to all mankind.  Good day.


« on: October 14, 2018, 11:45:22 PM »
Rene, you need a day or two rest again.  Let me tell you what I think you have tied into in the above message.  You are looking at the trial of a man who died recently and he is reporting to you what he feels.  I am not familiar at all with this band width you picked up and cannot say much, but I am familiar with tuning into a recently passed mortal quite by accident one day years ago.  IT happens when our minds are fluttering.  That means the mind is jumping rapidly up one frequency and then down into much lower frequencies.

To do a normal transmission the mind is generally asked to search a frequency band of about 1,500 khz.  You I think tied into about 600 khz.  That is the band width you can hear the recently departed if the mind can hear it at all.  Apparently you do hear it sometimes and I advise you to let it alone for awhile anyhow.  Take a day or couple of days to let the mind stop fluttering.  The mind flutters when it gets too tired to stabilize what frequency it finds as you press it to find a transmission voice.

I hope this makes sense to you for I also know you do not study often but if you ever study a bandwidth, seek information from the 1500 khz range and do not worry about that setting because the brain in you normally searches that frequency range to transmit anyhow.  Take about 48 hours rest and it should come back to you well enough. 


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is exactly right Rene.  You are tired from too much celebrating.  Be assured you will get off the right transmission frequency if you are tired and flushed with the excitement of finding something you wanted for a very long time.  I am Michael and stay off the transmissions for at least 48 hours please to bring the mind back.  Michael of Nebadon."


Amethyst, I am not Sue as you can tell.  But I can speak to the shut down of messaging except for mostly practice purpose at the moment.  Here is Serara to field it officially for you:
SERARA = "Frankly, my dear, you are part of the problem as to why there are no transmission coming fast and furious to this web site now/.  There is insufficient participation by you and Gossett and Sue and the rest we expect two a day now and no ne produces two a day and we are lucky to get one day if that from Larry and Sue and Lemuel as he does not produce but audio tapes and he needs to practice the computer input of at least one transmission per day.  Sometimes like Amethyst has , serious illness gets in the way, and that is understood, but she gets too tired to do it as Larry does and Sue does, but that is not a transmitter, that is a human who cannot manage their time to have time to do our work in preparation for my return to Urantia shortly.  Thank you. Serara."

Ron here -  One word to those interested in medical situations.  I am aware now what has caused one incident of heart failure and endless incidences of continuing pain I cannot shake.  The bottom line is my blood supply changed its Rh Factor.  I am a B negative blood type all my life and suddenly I have reverted to B no electrical content or activity what so ever.  My body tissues in the legs, as all legs have this, a sheath like design where God hung the nerves on them so you feel things attacking or hitting your legs and can move quickly out of the way.  I took Tylenol too much and burned the sheaths off the capillaries, but that was okay until my blood type changed its electrical conductivity (to zero), and now the nerves are telling me that I am not feeding my cells to maintain me properly.  It is most painful.

There is no medical procedure for it as doctors do not know this happens and if they did they do not have a way to stop it.  I expect the doctor I go to will never know or care, but I am prepared to tell him if he is at all interested.  He has an intern that works with him and I know he will listen as he is especially interested in blood conditions which is what he is studying to learn.  Michael made a recommendation to me to calm it down real good now:  "Ron drink two capfuls of real Pepto Bismal a day and it will almost disappear."  I will get some tomorrow.  Meanwhile I told the doctor who conducted the test what I dreamed the answer to be and I know she is pondering it yet.  I expect to get a thyroid test by the doctor I have a problem with and that does not solve anything because my thyroid is just fine and sits back when the polarity problem erupts with the legs and feet.  Just for your information.


Inconsistent Edition of “A Course in Miracles” Appears
Michael of Nebadon
October 12, 2018
York, Pa

Michael of Nebadon - The “A Course in Miracles” is now operating a syndicate in which we declare invalid and sacrosanct no more to the original purpose of the “A Course in Miracles” as originally issued in 1976-1977.  The new edition purports to add the edited notes made by Dr. Schuchman in her hand written effort to take down the spirit dictation for the book that would become  “A Course in Miracles”.   We are supporting the original Foundation issue of that text, but warn that is now offering a new edition that adds all the superfluous notes that Schuchman used to write the notes and now considered apocrypha.   This is what happens when a text is over venerated and it has become a fetish for those who crave more than they at this time.  I have asked Ron to copy out the new copyright owner and information you may find helpful to avoid a book that adds nothing and desperately attempts to be more than it really is.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon and Helen Cohn Schuchman jointly so stated,

The new text “A Course in Miracles” (2017)
Copyright by the Circle of Atonement, Inc.
Box 4238
A 501 c 3 religious/educational non profit
West Sedona, AZ 86336 USA

Dr. Helen Schucman speaks:
“[As far as the original text] I am loathe to report I had no idea who was teaching me to transmit, or as I called it in those days, channel, the Course in Miracles, and as such, I had no idea that it was not Jesus, but my own interior indwelling spirit called a Thought Adjuster.  I did not know this until I arrived on the mansion worlds– really a repair for all the trauma we suffer while living our human lives on this awful planet– and I provided the text to my colleagues as we learned that it was an instruction book for all of us to learn how to teach and to learn.  In 1977 I gave it over to an administration I trusted, but later learned they were money hungry and taught from this classroom position to disabuse the trust and move it to a more equitable publishing company.  They betrayed my trust as well and from my position in my new university position on the Mansion Worlds, I now declare the new edition of the Course in Miracles, saleable but disabused of its original intention to cure homeless feelings and a loss of appetites for living a good life.  I am aware of the new larger edition but care little for its presentations at the moment as the heart of it is gone along with my deep care that it be let alone and read as originally issued in three volumes.  I am in distress not and care that someday the book is over as the new revelation to this world is ready to be read anew and it is available before the end of this year, 2018. 

“I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I praise this transmitter for his honesty and willingness to pass my messages as he does for many others who know how to listen to the changes in spirit being produced this very moment on the Mansion worlds and on earth, as you know, I now call Urantia.  Thank you.  Dr. Schucman.”


Ah yes, Chilliwick.  Are you a fan of the older Dr. Who?  I spent my Saturday afternoons watching full episodes when Tom Baker was the current Dr. Who.  I felt the BBC never surpassed those seasons and season 9 was current when my local PBS station ran them full without interruption.  In any case, I know the Gallifrey connection very well.  I did not know Gallium could melt in your hand though although I did know it was an element not unlike the odd behaving pure sodium.  But let me tell you something that went on behind the scenes you cannot tell from that post.

All of them know I am a fan of that TV show.  All of them joked with me kinda and Michael of Nebadon chose to give a name to the Federation.  He is crazy enough to look at people like me on Urantia and to find a name we associate with the future and superior beings to come etc,  and he choose our like for Dr. Who, as strange as that may be to associate the greater unity of the Local Universes nearby.  Michael is our unsung hero as he appreciates what we like and why, and Tom Baker is up on the Mansion Worlds now and looks down on his fans of once upon a time, and that is our group perhaps, and certainly my group.  Michael of Nebadon chose a name very close to Gallifrey on purpose without hiding the fact he had to do with a concurrent list of names Paradise provides the Local Universes to use if they have use for a new name.  

Here is Tom Baker as the 7th Time Lord.  If you noticed in the old series, it was given there were seven but you only ever saw six, and not five as I erroneously posted yesterday. Dr. Who was the seventh Time Lord.  Here is his picture in one of the latest episodes of his starring role.  Tom Baker says high to all of you who loved his version of Who and wishes he could kick the present series makers off the set.  

I am so glad you all have been made quite, is it happy, and excited about the same thing I am so happy to learn about myself.  I have to leave for the hospital and my conductivity test in fifteen minutes so thi will be short.

Remember this please:  It has not yet been approved by Paradise and all the individuals concerned in this kine of enterprise.

Second, each local universe has to decide if this is really for them.  Wolvering made it clear to me this morning it is close to 50/50 on approval and they are not yet done studying the repercussions on a Brother to Michael who was one Personification of a Creator Son ahead of Michael.  And I conclude the other Local Universes have the same or nearly the same reservations  Wolvering may have.

Third, Michael of Nebadon tells me this morning that approval for this enterprise, if it is to come at all, is many months away just because the bureaucracy is ponderous for something like this kind on near unprecedented change for this space area takes to get  all the i's dotted and so on.

Fourth, I was jolted to be reminded, that any honor given to me is in the morontial and that makes total sense and I am glad to reminded that living in the flesh in a tardy little planet on the edge of time, has little to accept or accrue from any Federation.  We are so out of it that we are hardly mentioned in all of this.  Please remember to celebrate the idea with me too but to expect nothing on our stationary or our bread basket.

Fifth, and final, the eternal flames representing the future Galium memdbership, have to burn outdoors somewhere, as Michael told me to remember open flames in an office present problems like carbon monoxide they do not want to gasp for us and have us work unconscious several hours a day.  I laugh, and of course He is right.  But I remind you we do get a tad exaggerated someimes over exciting changes.  My best to all.   Ron

This is Michael.  Good evening to you Ron.  This is Creator Son 711121, and you are funny my man.  I am from Avalon and I love the font and let us use it.  
·      0 The Award of Citizenship to Ron Besser
·       0 The Alignment of Five Local Universes to be called Gallium
·       0 Return of Serara and Monjoronson to York to establish offices
·       0 The Imperator of the Sea of Five Eternal Flames Burning in the York offices signifying the Five Local Universes of the Federation

·       0  The Creator Son of Avalon 611122
·       0  The Creator Son of Wolvering 711,122
·       0  Michael of Nebadon 611,121
·       0  Serara and Monjoronson, the Magisterial Sons
·       0  Father of Paradise

York, PA USA 2100 -2300  Local Time
October 11, 2018

Creator Son 711121

"I am easier to remember as the Creator Son of the Local Universe of Avalon.  My work in Nebadon is to see to it that I have a good understanding of who your Ron Besser is.  He is creating waves in the Local Universe of Avalon and Wolvering, and that is because he is an evolutionary marvel never seen before in any of our Local Universes.  

"I am that Creator Son, who said to the Universal Father, what is that human being doing in Nebadon who makes us think twice before we say no to humans because they do not behave well enough to include in our divine Missions when we have them in our Local Areas.  I see we are hurrying and that is much better and we are now looking to see what God hath wrought on Urantia in the little town of York, PA. USA as they call it here.

"Now. we must aver that Ron considers himself totally average except for his love the Urantia Book revelation.  He is considered hyper normal on our planet of Sidepyterioptia, and Sidepyterioptia is the name of our capital much as Salvington, is your main planet as the headquarters for the Creator Son.  In so many words, we came to visit Michael of Nebadon, to ask him what went into this creation and He does not know anymore than I do or does the Creator Son of Wolvering, and that Creator Son will speak shortly too.

"We asked Ron to sit down at the piano tonight to show how his mind works for music and he did as we asked and played what he wanted, and he played the Anthem.  It is gorgeous not because of the keying but because of the expression of soft and softer and loud and soft.  It is truly dedicated to Father and He hears it beautifully as well.  It is not set in Ron as he has no memory cells to set it, but it is wrote in his personality and he can approximate it every time but every time it is new and fresh.  It is a gift of God for sure.  Nonetheless we have those who can write music as it is played, and tonight Ron outdid himself with it and played it in harmonies only he knows how to produce.  I am sending this copy to Nebadon for replication too as they have about sixteen versions of it and each one is a revelation on chording and syntax.  Be assured it is that good and it needs full orchestration to be heard and it will tear the heart up to listen to its wonder ways with the key and frequency of C major.  

"I am the Creator Son of Wolvering.  I am number 611121 as Michael and Wolvering has Creator Son number 611122, and the idea was to bring Wolvering and Avalon together to settle our issues as to who owns what planet and who planted that life there in the first place.  

"I am here to tell you Ron has won something of a Nobel Prize in Wolvering, as our star students now see his work with Rayson is extraordinary, so extraordinary that we must censor it in Wolvering and Avalon must do so as well.  Nebadon is asking the Father directly to be able to publish it on Urantia, and the Father said 'yes.' at once. The book when redone with the help of the Magisterial Son Rayson of Nevarra and that is a far distant planet from Uversa and a secret rendezvous of the Magisterial Sons after a Bestowal or a Mission as they must do on Urantia coming up.  Nevarra is a secret sphere just as Ascendington is a secret sphere for you.  

"As a Creator Son, I make those announcements, and as a friend of Ron, We make this one for him.  He is to be supplied with a fresh pair of legs and heart,  but he will receive a new pair of lungs and legs from Father and we will supply the underwear to go with it. In any case we joke but the new legs and the new head band called a skull cap, must be placed on him before he goes to his test tomorrow morning at the local hospital for a connectivity test which point to all the nerves in the legs and maps them for how they distribute the electrical contact to the brain and to actually move a person to walk along the way.

"The skull cap is from Wolvering.  The new heart is from Avalon.  The new abilities to hear and see are from Nebadon.  You have no idea how much we enjoyed putting this together and it all can be sewn up tonight for he must arise early for his test tomorrow morning."

"I am the Creator Son of Wolvering 611,122 and with the Avalon Son 711,121, and we prepare the new Local Universe Federation or what we call the Universe of Gallium.  Gallium has three Creator Sons, and three Gabriels and three Mother Spirits.  Each is necessary for the purpose of each Local Universe in the Federation must be preserved.  We name it Gallium after the Time Lords Home in Dr. Who which Ron loves to dress up as a time lord with a very big collar on his dressing gown.

"I am now almost like the Most Highs feel when conferring residence onto an out of Local Universe person.  It happens often enough they eventually get used to it, but we never had a human be so assigned and that is our Ron Besser.  He already holds the pile of papers needed to be in our Mission, and now he has a pile of papers for being licensed as soon as he is morontialized up here on our mansion worlds, to travel to Avalon and Wolvering and Alvoring for sure.  Sensalon and the one called Alvoring II, a secret local universe nearby for Melchizedek procreation only and that is not for anyone else to know.  You will know them all Ron.  Sansbornites and they arrive by fairy lights like you see in the Dr. Who episode with the Sprites, a gorgeous script and wonderful to watch if ever anyone should find time to watch the two hour episode from the BBC.  These warrior brethren are warriors and they fight anything that gets loose in space and fight it to death although Ron you came close a year ago when you cursed them so hard they actually had to flee because the heat of that anger they never felt before and let us hope you never flash it again.  You are not compulsive in any of that, but when you feel badly threatened you unleash it directly and fully before them and as you did to one other, watch out because your spirit power is huge when it feels outright threatened by death of misdeed.  

"At the least Ron thank them all and find that picture to post with this transmission.

Ron Besser - To all the Creator Sons who spoke with me today, and to my own Creator, Michael of Nebadon, my deepest thanks for telling me anything regarding your plans for Gallium and the Federation idea which I adore and look forward to placing a flame for each Local Universe in our humble offices in York for each Local Universe in our Mission to Urantia.  I am made, I think, a Liaison Director for the Magisterial Foundation, which I adore as an assignment and give to all who may join the Team with me for the Michael Mission and the following Magisterial Mission if there is such a continuity.  However it may be supported, I thrill at the idea of having the flame of each creation represented before us as a constant reminder of the unity of God, and the bravery of our local Creator Sons to do what no Creator Son or other Deity or divinity has ever done in time.  I thank you profusely and bow before you all.  Thank you!"

SERARA and MONJORONSON, the Magisterial Sons - "Ron I congratulate you for bringing together one of the most interesting crowds of Creator Sons we ever had at one time without it being the Millennium Celebration.  We are proud of you all Creator Sons, and that calls for a celebration for Ron, as he just said he never saw my interaction with other Creator Sons before. and now I understand the tearing that takes place in him.  Glory be to God!

"Now this:  Ron you spend your day between bed and the computer to get things done.  You are relieved of the computer shortly for Reasons of State.  That is not disabuse you of it but for us to put together a new suite of software that will make your life much easier than you have to deal it now.  Steve Gitz will receive and identical computer system too from all of us and Gossett will have to deal with what he has for the time being.  Besides, the Wolvering contingency is so far advanced over Urantia computer science we dare not mention how well they designed your new system.  

"Further, I report to all of you that the ideal coverage Ron would like to have for messaging is to be made available by our own means of dissemination worldwide to every news capital for reception.

"We must open the offices in York and provide the eternal flames of the Local Universe of Avalon, Wolvering, Alvoring, and Sensalon. and Nebadon.  The eternal flames we refer to will be presented on a dais of marble and flame. Good and this:

"I am Serara, and those who read this:  IT IS NOT a fairy tale, as all of this is coming together with the help of my Consortium of Magisterial Sons on Nevarra. Nevarra is a super-secret sphere for Magisterial Sons alone and has representations of the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son, our parents, for Reasons of State are not further described as Ron points out the ten secret spheres of the Father around Paradise have the same prohibitions as to their relationship(s) to the Paradise Deities.  Once I arrive on Urantia, which I forecast for next Tuesday, the offices on Urantia will be opened with great fanfare on Uversa and Salvington, and Ron can watch from his computer not.  Be assured the on-the-ground appearance of those offices will appear in a matter of thirty days or sooner.  

"Ron just spoke to me and the Father and the Creator Sons and all who are included in this master piece of work Ron put together for us and for ourselves we thank Michael of Nebadon, Michael of Wolvering, Michael of Alvoring, Michael of Sensalon, and the Universal Father, together with Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, the Imminence of the Supreme, and the work of the First Michael ever to be born now harbored in the Uversa special section for retired Creator Sons getting ready for new assignments in the first and second outer space zones.  

"Lastly, my work on Urantia is at first invisible and latterly visible to Ron and Steven Murphy and Steve Gitz and to a few more who have earned the right to have eyesight into the morontia. You are welcome Ron as you were afraid you would remain almost blind after that horrible accident December 23 (2016) at midnight, when your left eye imploded and the excruciating pain delivered to you then.  You prayed for deliverance and it was promised but it is so hard to reestablish the optic nerve we have arranged with Uversa to provide you the clarity of the resolution of the best eyes available anywhere, and those are the morontial eyes of the way fair State of Pennsylvania in the alp like conditions of its highest peaks. Be assured Ron, that the most hale man on Urantia cannot beat you to the punch.   Now this: (Serara and Monjoronson have spoken jointly)

"I am Michael of Nebadon, and we close this off in celebration of Michael of Nebadon's trip to Urantia tonight to hear one more time the Anthem loves to play when he is goaded to since he thinks we are sick of it, and we are, but it is always breath taking to see the Angels spell its name in song as best they can follow it for version after version is available but they do very well and they often wait to orchestrate it at home and then sing the new version there.  It is gorgeous with strings and timpani, and you shall hear it too Ron as it will be presented at the Symposium after the invocation of the Lord’s Prayer as you told us one night it should follow closely and wordlessly.   The full chorus version is being prepared by Bach in his honor at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  It is our pleasure to assign you Ron to the balcony as he conducts the choir from heaven to break through the choir loft and touch your new cranium top and so one.  Be assured this will be one splendid ovation for Father and the Anthem could only come from Ron.  Good today.  Michael."


10/12/18 Error Correction.  The picture below is of six Time Lords from the Dr. Who Series of the later 1970's and on until the death of Tom Baker in the early 80's ending the most original Who series ever.  There were a total of Seven Time Lords and the picture is labeled incorrectly but they did bow before the higher purposes of the Universe, here, the Father.  Ron



Larry, particularly to you, Michael has this reply for your edification:

This site is pretty worn through.  It has lost its luster badly mostly due to the in attendance of people like yourself who has no real regard for what we say, but that we say it.   You are not alone in being disgusted with a period of silence we have to go through again, and I am not very happy about a lot of things either.  However, recognize the site is hardly used by anyone anymore due to the restrictions China places on religion in China, and the additional problem of the Urantia Book transference to the view in the world it is a flake book and a fake philosophy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

China does listen and they have the message I am so informed.  I hold no real degree in diplomacy but I am a ward of the Most Highs as you are.  In that case I can make statements that have some relevance to the world, but the world has so deprecated the idea of spirit, I doubt that anyone takes these statements on this site, seriously.   However here is a case for us:

China sends envoys to all important capitals of the world.  They have, I am told, considered sending one to York with the American okay, to view this idea of a Magisterial Mission entirely in the view of China and how to make amends or defend its view to the Magisterial Son, Serara, and laterally to Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son in charge of the Jesus Return production status of going nowhere right now.  In any case the best we can do is speak as we are spoken to, and that includes make amends to the Chinese for our rough words to warn them they have a powerful tool in YUAN and they must care not to kill the idea of cooperation once again with the United States government, once the insanity of this American governments is removed.  The period of the AMERICAN REGENCY IS COMING, and that is to surprise even me in its power to resurrect the glory of a powerful nation under God to do the bidding of a Spirit Adminsitration such as Michael of Nebadon weilds over all of this quadrant of space and time.

I therefore speak to you Larry as the one person who notes the effort to do these communications, but to also advise you I carry no real personal attribute to do this other than to do it as requested.  I am quite happy I have this opportunity even if my tenure is so restricted you do not hear from me often in this kind of communication ever again.

However, be advise as well, that I am truly out of work for the moment and I am awfully upset with a spirit administration that is so heavy handed they leave things drift in favor of themselves to the detriment of their human supporters.  It reminds me of a deaf man trying to conduct a symphony orchestra in many ways.   I am probably the only voice that calls this unfortunate, as most people will never, ever, understand the price all have paid to be a supporter and then to founder on the loss of one Mission after another.  I do not complain to anyone on this issue but merely note it for the record. 

In any case, you in particular Larry, had our choice of good words this morning as the site continues to languish in its own losses, and I am not changing anything but will hunker down and let it ride into the Michael Mission as is and change it then if that is our need to do so.  Thank you for your post.    Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I finally here from the real Ron Besser and that is refreshing entirely.  I am Michael of Nebadon, and I am too busy to listen to little ones at this time, bur Ron is not a little one, and I hold him dear.  He is truly making the case I have for years with all of you that this is a time of refreshment and not of wailing about who does what.  But I must amend the thought that human participation is considered so lowly t hat we do not take it harshly, but rather, that we have some people at least on one hand, we can count on in the crunch, and that crunch is already here as Ron heard me smack him around this morning while his legs carried on again with pain.  He is trule disgusted with the whole idea this is how service must be approached.  In any case Larry Gossett, your words are appreciated and we do say so now. But be aware your own intransigence is well known and you refuse service if it requires you to think more than you want to.

MARGUL, THE TRINITY TEACHER SON - "Ron looked at the Chris Maurus message from Margul on the Barnard List this morning and cringed at his use of the wrong pronoun.  Maurus insists on calling me "she," and Ron says to himself, I have so concreted my lessons in from the Urantia Book, I get upset over this, but I refuse to as it really isn't important at all as the message is.  That is true, but I cringe too at the wilful disobedience of people who could do better and do not listen ever to a change in habits that would make it easier for us to work with all of you.  Your world of thought Ron is bashed all over the place this morning yet you can laugh at these peculiarities with which we work from the human viewpoint.  Good day. Margul."

October 11, 2018
9am Local Time, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless

“his is SERARA.

“We are now at the point in this unhappy economic period to not ever say to anyone this is wrong ir this is right.  We now all must deal with the idea that the entire matter of economic co-dependence is useless. 

“There is no world trade balance today,  and we are truly amazed you can hear at all that this is a tirade that must be concluded before it starts.  Julio (Brazil) is genuinely happy to see a message that at least supports the idea of normal trade relations but hates the idea of governments doing what China is doing these days. 

“We all do dislike it as Brazil dislikes it, but poor countries, becoming poorer have no choice.  Their economies will not suffer briefly, but their economies will then turn down without any relief in sight when most of the good will in the trading nations disappears.  That is our view as of the moment, but let me add this to the following insult we bring to the United States as well.  

“United States: you have made the worst deal in the history of the world to erect trade barriers to force a re-evaluation of the monetary system.  Trump makes no amends but forces a trial where there should be nothing but gratuities today.  In this we make the following evaluation:

“United States: you are using a world leverage against a rich country that once was a poor China.  Now it is a rich country, but too late to help you, and too late to help anyone, as they have driven a wedge into their own economic relations with the East and laterally, to the West.  I am sure the United States will hear the name of “lame excuses,” from its Chinese counterparts, but they are as poor in thinking as is the United States and the Trump administration is using.  The United States can no longer afford a pair of tongs to lift anyone or anything out of the mire of a Great Depression that shifts its way into use over and over again as the United States flails over China and other trade pacts it finds ludicrous today. There is a Great Depression soon to hold the world in its fangs once more. 

“Trump, you have unwisely concluded that China is an enemy State, but it is only the frail caricature of an enemy State, and seeks self distribution in its own area of influence.

“In so many words, the trial to redo the American free enterprise system is over.  The US Government cannot undo the disaster Trump has perpetuated, but it can undo the administration in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately the United States cam no longer pretend it is sits on the high ground of economic development any more. And we must make amends not to China, but to Singapore the British have finally given up on in order to restrain the Chinese beast for money and goods it really no longer needs or wants in final attribution to the old idea of Empire.

“Finally, the appearance of an economic military mission to the world of Urantia, is being drowned by the incompetence of the military in China to sustain its power over its own internal interests.  The regime that holds China together right now is rich and unhappy over the entire world view held by the United States, and it will throw the United States curve after curve providing the American Senate to someday endlessly review; however, it is not our intention to ever intervene in the to and fro of political bickering that takes place between these two, once friends, countries at the moment.

“Now I make a policy statement for those who read these pages with a fine toothed comb:

“The Magisterial Mission to bring sanity and health back to a world desperately alone in the universe and in our own view, even alone in the ways of high Spirit these days, and it is a world without a chance for any kind of romantic clearance of all its problems by Deity fiat, we say the following:

“In the United States, there is no real love for countries like China who bargain hard and leave nothing on the table but economic grants to purloin other countries to its own advantage.  This is especially true for those in Africa, and strangely enough, Brazil, but also to leave nothing to develop once they leave a country.  Be assured  this view we hold will make sense once there is an understanding in the United States, that nothing matters except to revive domestic production again, to protect a stand alone economy while a Great Depression is fought off once again.

“I am Serara, and I decry the need to lecture the little ones who read these pages, as they should be fully aware that all of us in spirit use these pages as a way to speak to all the world which hardly knows we exist yet.  But they will!   In this case I use a transmitter to put down words, not of glory, but of fear mongering to those who dismiss these statements as coming from fools and tirades of luckless men and women around the world. 

“The motivations we hold today is to advise all who do read these pages with or without rancor, you will learn we mean what we say and very soon.

“I am Serara, and that is a line we must respond to ourselves from our position of strength in the higher levels of universe policy toward developing planets which have spun themselves into a loss and not a wind situation.  I am truly sorry we must approach Urantia with these bee hives of unjust economic attitudes, but places and countries that deem themselves out of the world order only because they can afford to be out of the world order if bashed by a country like the United States, or even China itself, there must be a return to equitable trade with one world currency, and that is the entire aim of this Magisterial Administration, soon to be totally encouraging all who can serve, to serve.

“Finally, I am the Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia.  And I demand that all work stop at once on the ridiculous idea of a fence with Mexico, and the fire storms of Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen.  However, let it be known the United States has been prudent in its application of power by insisting that the Russian idea of hegemony over Syria is wise enough,  given the forces unleashed by the Saudis and the Americans over Yemen and other place in the Middle East.  There are desperate times coming and they are badly insulting to the idea of spiritual reconditioning, but we must make amends to the fact that it matters not in the future history of Urantia, that this world, right now, is useless in all things except that it exists and then must be returned to normal, if at all possible.

“I conclude we need better liaison work to the world than this lone Transmitter who is duly licensed to bring the words out of our mouths, so to speak, but he is entirely too frail to end up being our lone spokesman, and others will supplant what I have to say, but for now, these pages are the only outlet we have to be heard fully, and we will utilize them fully.  I am SERARA. Good day.”





SERARA - "I wish to state the following: We are in no way considered pirates, but we must have the understanding that China and the YUAN is to remain pegged at 6.975 per USD, or preferably, 6.735 YUAN per United States Dollar.

"If the exchange rate dips to 7.5315 Yuan then we will take unilateral action to destroy the extra profits this brings industrial sectors known to you, the Chinese Government, and we will take measures for you to release ONE TRILLION USD,  back into the world capitalistic systems.  What is being done by the Chinese Government is to charge over twenty cents for every Yuan at that rate,  and as such, it is seriously overvalued to us and to the rest of the world.

"Let it be known we have reserves in the amount of seventeen (17) trillion dollars at hand and can easily obtain more.  Your currency reserves are nearly double that, but you must understand that world conditions will see to it that is quickly depleted if you make a run on the USD and we wish that not to occur.

"Finally, the USD is now pegged at the close of our trading day October 11, 2018 at 6.921384 Yuan per dollar.   This is excessive and you are warned it will not be tolerated by the end of the day on October 25, 2018 midnight New York time zone.

"I further stipulate this outlet of news to you will be activated briefly to bring you news as to your ties to Hong Kong and other places along your Pacific Coast line, and the South China Sea,  and that we have no intention of allowing a wide spread invasion of Korean goods or Chinese goods to display in place of Vietnamese goods or Hong Kong goods to name a few.  Your policies are made to protect your interests, but they are becoming excessive to the degree we cannot tolerate them for the good of this world we name Urantia, and we ask you to remember that as a matter of course.  Good day.  I am a Magisterial Son and you the country of China are very important to us, and what we have to do here in order to recharge the people of Urantia back to a normal routine of life and observation of decent living standards once more.  I am Serara.  Good day.”



From LARRY GOSSETT  Wednesday 10 October 2018


Review of Key Statments Concerning The New Spirit of Truth
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For two days now I have wanted to put something together, to extract some of the key statements and revelations for all who are thinking  about  the New Spirit of Truth.   Even though this New Spirit has been with us for some time, it seems that only quite recently it seems that are we just now  becoming more aware of it and it is so important for all of us to be more involved than ever and accept this wonderful gift and learn how to best use and understand it’s significance, and how it may work for and with us.

My thanks to Ron and Lemuel, Paynor, my fused Thought Adjuster, and all who have been contributing to our understanding of  this New Spirit of  Truth.   As Lemuel  pointed out this morning in his recorded message, "this is a process."  The more we understand and contemplate it, the   better off will be  the levels of our service to the Father, to all those involved and associated with the Michael Mission and equally important our love and service to mankind and to Urantia and to all of the high principles that  this site stands for and represents.    LarryG

From  our Urantia Book concerning the Original Spirit of Truth

The Spirit of Truth

180.5.”1 The new helper which Jesus promised to send into the hearts of believers, to pour out upon all flesh, is the Spirit of Truth. This divine endowment is not the letter or law of truth, neither is it to function as the form or expression of truth. The new teacher is the conviction of truth, the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spirit levels. And this new teacher is the spirit of living and growing truth, expanding, unfolding, and adaptative truth.

“The first mission of this spirit is, of course, to foster and personalize truth, for it is the comprehension of truth that constitutes the highest form of human liberty. Next, it is the purpose of this spirit to destroy the believer's feeling of orphanhood. Jesus having been among men, all believers would experience a sense of loneliness had not the Spirit of Truth come to dwell in men's hearts.”

194.2.3 “This bestowal of the Son's spirit effectively prepared all normal men's minds for the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father's spirit (the Adjuster) upon all mankind. In a certain sense, this Spirit of Truth is the spirit of both the Universal Father and the Creator Son.”

194.2.4” Do not make the mistake of expecting to become strongly intellectually conscious of the outpoured Spirit of Truth. The spirit never creates a consciousness of himself, only a consciousness of Michael, the Son. From the beginning Jesus taught that the spirit would not speak of himself. The proof, therefore, of your fellowship with the Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of this spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Michael.”

194.2.”5”” The spirit also came to help men recall and understand the words of the Master as well as to illuminate and reinterpret his life on earth.”

194.2.6”” Next, the Spirit of Truth came to help the believer to witness to the realities of Jesus' teachings and his life as he lived it in the flesh, and as he now again lives it anew and afresh in the individual believer of each passing generation of the spirit-filled sons of God”.

194.2.7 “Thus it appears that the Spirit of Truth comes really to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God.”

194.2.8 “Jesus lived a life which is a revelation of man submitted to the Father's will, not an example for any man literally to attempt to follow. This life in the flesh, together with his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, presently became a new gospel of the ransom which had thus been paid in order to purchase man back from the clutch of the evil one - from the condemnation of an offended God. Nevertheless, even though the gospel did become greatly distorted, it remains a fact that this new message about Jesus carried along with it many of the fundamental truths and teachings of his earlier gospel of the kingdom. And, sooner or later, these concealed truths of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all mankind.”

194.2.9” But these mistakes of the intellect in no way interfered with the believer's great progress in growth in spirit. In less than a month after the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, the apostles made more individual spiritual progress than during their almost four years of personal and loving association with the Master. Neither did this substitution of the fact of the resurrection of Jesus for the saving gospel truth of sonship with God in any way interfere with the rapid spread of their teachings; on the contrary, this overshadowing of Jesus' message by the new teachings about his person and resurrection seemed greatly to facilitate the preaching of the good news.”

194.2.10 “The term “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgment of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls.”

194.2.11” Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.”

194.2.12 “In a way, mankind is subject to the double influence of the sevenfold appeal of the universe spirit influences. The early evolutionary races of mortals are subject to the progressive contact of the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe Mother Spirit. As man progresses upward in the scale of intelligence and spiritual perception, there eventually come to hover over him and dwell within him the seven higher spirit influences. And these seven spirits of the advancing worlds are:”

194.2.13 1.” The bestowed spirit of the Universal Father - the Thought Adjusters.”

194.2.14 “2. The spirit presence of the Eternal Son - the spirit gravity of the universe of universes and the certain channel of all spirit communion.”

194.2.15 “3. The spirit presence of the Infinite Spirit - the universal spirit-mind of all creation, the spiritual source of the intellectual kinship of all progressive intelligences.”

194.2.16 “4. The spirit of the Universal Father and the Creator Son - the Spirit of Truth, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Son.”

194.2.17 “5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit - the Holy Spirit, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Spirit.”

194.2.18 “6. The mind-spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit - the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe.”

194.2.19 7. The spirit of the Father, Sons, and Spirits - the new-name spirit of the ascending mortals of the realms after the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the Paradise Thought Adjuster and after the subsequent attainment of the divinity and glorification of the status of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.”

194.2.20 “And so did the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth bring to the world and its peoples the last of the spirit endowment designed to aid in the ascending search for God.”

“The chief mission of this outpoured spirit of the Father and the Son is to teach men about the truths of the Father's love and the Son's mercy. These are the truths of divinity which men can comprehend more fully than all the other divine traits of character. The Spirit of Truth is concerned primarily with the revelation of the Father's spirit nature and the Son's moral character. The Creator Son, in the flesh, revealed God to men; the Spirit of Truth, in the heart, reveals the Creator Son to men. When man yields the “fruits of the spirit” in his life, he is simply showing forth the traits which the Master manifested in his own earthly life. When Jesus was on earth, he lived his life as one personality - Jesus of Nazareth. As the indwelling spirit of the “new teacher,” the Master has, since Pentecost, been able to live his life anew in the experience of every truth-taught believer.”

“Do not overlook the fact that the Spirit of Truth was bestowed upon all sincere believers; this gift of the spirit did not come only to the apostles. The one hundred and twenty men and women assembled in the upper chamber all received the new teacher, as did all the honest of heart throughout the whole world. This new teacher was bestowed upon mankind, and every soul received him in accordance with the love for truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend spiritual realities. At last, true religion is delivered from the custody of priests and all sacred classes and finds its real manifestation in the individual souls of men.”
194.3.19 “The coming of the Spirit of Truth purifies the human heart and leads the recipient to formulate a life purpose single to the will of God and the welfare of men. The material spirit of selfishness has been swallowed up in this new spiritual bestowal of selflessness”.


The following quotes are those earlier direct comments  relating to the New Spirit Of Truth that I have extracted for easy review.
“ I also wish to state that the present situation of Urantia is so untenable, that even the new Spirit of Truth, is without any real support in the billions of people who need it but make no reach for it in any way.
Ron looks at the statement and says, "how can that be since the Spirit of Truth just hovers above their heads all day?"  The answer is that billions of people have a head full of mush and do not bother themselves with deeper questions ever andmake no reach for it in any way ever….”

“ I spoke to the Spirit of Truth months ago and said that it was joint the application of Jesus and the Magisterial Sons as well as God the Supreme.”  

Ron  “Why may this be something than what we have?  You also ask why change the old Spirit of Truth?   For many on Urantia, they never connect with the Spirit of Truth as most on Urantia remain mostly in the 5th or 4th psychic circle.  They never connect with the adjutants of worsh9p and wisdom except occasionally.  The old Spirit of Truth is quite adequate for these lower developed minds and they will likely stay within the basic confines of the new Spirit of Truth which is the same as the old one in the level of its development for us.

Ron: “I wish to remind contributors to this thread that the Spirit of Truth is a circuit of energy sent here after the departure of Jesus, and it contains all that man needed at that time, and even until recently, to help the mind discern many things better.  The original Spirit of Truth is still operating, but is now has one new helper to the original Spirit of Truth, and so the new Spirit of Truth helper accents the intellectual part of the mind that needs to comprehend the changes to personal lives and Urantia too,  as both logical and as progressive toward the era of Light and Life at the end of Phase III of the Magisterial Mission.”

Ron: “ For me, I am mostly interested in the intellectual life anyway, and it has already cleared some cobwebs I had over existence and not politely either.  In many ways we all join in accepting the new Spirit of Truth as animals who can think better now than we ever did before…”

Serara in response to Michel L: “.  It is a fact that psychic circles three to one are better done, completely better than ever before, by utilizing the new Spirit of Truth…”

Ron’s partial response to Ron H: “the new Spirit of Truth is usable immediately.  It repairs the old Spirit of Truth in order to make the new Spirit of Truth observable for those who love to think out spiritual problems and it provides a much quicker way into Voice of God transmissions as well as written transmissions on the computer or by hand if that is what you do.  The new Spirit of Truth enhances intellectual prowess and helps all understand complicate problems better. “

Monjoronson speaks from Uversa:
"I am Monjoronson and I will return to Urantia in about two weeks time in time to establish the new Spirit of Truth from my perspective.  I too have a contribution to the new Spirit of Truth as well, as I contribute the idea of heart for those less fortunate and was helped mightily by Jesus and Ron as they both have large hearts to bear on the scene of human suffering and concerns.  I wish all to understand that heart means being able to empathize with those who are not so lucky as you and need your help immediately.  No other means is available to any human on Urantia except the new Spirit of Truth to work other than by application of thought and that is how Serara contributed to this new Spirit.”


General Discussion / Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns
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Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns

Anxiety levels can eventually kill you when the body can no longer cope with fear and other problems that force your heart to beat faster and blood pressure either to rise too far or go down too far.

I spoke with Michael of Nebadon this evening about how to learn when a stress and anxiety level is dangerous.  He referred me to the Deity Absolute, and between Michael and the Deity Absolute, we worked out a formula about how to calculate your stress level at any time you want to.  You need an arm band blood pressure machine from Walmart or other place that proves you a calibrated read out of what your blood pressure is stated as x/y or normal for age 60 is 135/79

You then have to count your pulse rate.  Normal pulse is 110 beats per minute (110 bpm)

The scale for anxiety levels is a universal calculation in the time space universes.  The scale runs from 100 to 300 for the human species on Urantia.  The scale varies for other species in other universes.

Normal scale readings showing very little anxiety on Urantia is 95 ti 105.

A reading over 212 begins to require medication to calm a person down to prevent blood pressure illness.
A reading from 250 and upward is exceedingly dangerous and requires hospitalization.

Calculate as follows:

Your scale level is determined by taking your blood pressure times your heart beat rate.

Blood pressure 135/75 (is 135 divided by 75 = 1.80)

Heart beat 104 bpm x 1.80 = 187.20  Any result must also have a correction applied to it  which I show below for you.

This 187 number has two corrections applied that brings it down to 155 and this person needs a little sit down that's all. I show you corrections below.

Another example.  Yesterday let's say your blood pressure was 159/64 ( = 2.48) and you counted a heart beat of 120 bpm
2.48 x 120 = 297
The anxiety in this person is not good at all,  and some medical attention at once is required; however, the number needs two correction applied:  Here is how to do the correction.

This diagnosis is off by a factor of 25 points (276 is still bad enough and that is the correct answer) because the blood pressure division has a small correction to multiply the answer with.  There are two corrections. One is 0.0321531527 for condition red and the Urantia human species correction is 0.041572157.

297 x .0321531527 = 9.157   and 9.157 must be subtracted from 297 which  is about 288 and that is extremely high as well.
297 x .041572158 = 12.35 and 12.35 must be subtracted from  288 = 276 and this person now has the corrected actual scale level of anxiety stated of 276.  Immediate reduction in blood pressure is called for and some sort of histamine has to be injected to normalize them from having a stroke.

Normal blood pressure runs for a person age sixty (60) at 135/79 and normal heart bpm is 108.65
A heart beat over 110 is excited and a heart beat at less than 60 bpm is very ill for any length of time as well at 60 years of age.


Anxiety Level is calculated as follows:
blood pressure numbers x/y = z times heart beats per minute x .032153111527  x .041572158=  K (the anxiety level)


Now for the religionist, the number 0.032153111527 is a logorhythm.  It corrects for the presence of the Deity Absolute in our life force system/

The number 0.041572158 is a logorhythm that correction for our own Urantia species of a human and indicates that homo sapiens are anxiety driven to the point the universe must correct for their presence on Urantia for planetary evolution expectations downward by the results of this log.

Both log corrections are available in my new book which I am still working on due to lots of volatile ideas concerning molecular matter and I release these log numbers at great risk to those who do it for me from our Science Engineer to our Michael of Nebadon, because the Deity Absolute is not quite sure what releasing these corrections will do to evolution on Urantia. 

Good day from Michael and the Deity Absolute and a host of angels who watch me with horror when I get into this stuff.  I thank them ALL.



Larry and others:
The new Spirit of Truth was spoken to by NIant2 in a transmission from Mother Spirit 8/20/17 and I link to it here first.

The larger post from me was a few days later on 8/22/17 and I link to it here.


Niant 2


General Discussion / UB for Dummies Video
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Greetings! :-)
The Urantia Book for Dummies project team has posted a new video, Cosmic Briefing #10 & Chapter 3 Section 1, on Youtube:

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