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Thanks for the time correction Lemuel.  This business with day light savings time has got to go too.  I think it is not useful like it used to be when we all used to be an agrarian society.

I cannot give you much more except to say I know a little more but it is not developed well enough yet since people will insist on the published and as usual right now is that the published way is not fully settled.  I think we got a lot of great new information as we now have the name of the Federation, Exelon!

Things are a bit screwy again.  You tell me what  this means and we both will know:

At 4 am this morning the Chief of Adjusters in Nebadon, woke me up and in a tense voice, reminded me who was boss and that the chain of command was for anyone who worked on behalf of the most important Mission to come to Urantia in 500 years.  That is the history stated to me in Sananda's speech to me.
At 4am this morning I was lying face up on my bed and all my blankets during the night had been thrown to the absolute bottom of the bed.  I wondered why I felt a tad chilly.  Sananda now reminded me  that he was the PERSONALIZED ADJUSTER and was in charge of all Adjusters on Urantia in particular, and was Chief of Adjusters on all inhabited planets in Nebadon, and perhaps in the Federation.

HE asked me  to assign to him that I fully understood who was boss for the coming Missions, and I signed variously to Him what I knew then to be the hierarchy of authority.  I admitted I was unclear as to the Urantia Planetary Government's assignments to the various chiefs but felt sure I knew the personnel if I did not know the final titles to be used.

Finally this:  SANANDA then drilled into me that:

a.  Brand New Dispensation to be declared Memorial Day, New York time zone (now using  that awful daylights savings time device) at SEVEN PM.  That is 11PM in Great Britain and 10PM ZULU or GMT zone.  Thank EDST for screwing up  these conversions.  You who live outside of the United States are much better at this than I am.   Lemuel, Spain where you live is probably midnight your time tomorrow night.  Let yourself know okay 8) 8)

b.  The new DISPENSATION is Dispensation Seven (7)

What is the point I thought later.  Michael explains the 7th is to be the final dispensation ever to be announced for Urantia.  No more dispensations are to be called until Urantia is settled in  Light and Life.  They made it number seven because the last dispensation on any inhabited planet is seven and this made it quire regular since when Light and Life is declared in another five hundred to one thousand years on Urantia, the 7th epochal dispensation is correctly stated and it contains all the instructions necessary  to allow Urantia to prosper under it new orders to clear the Fifth Epochal Revelation off the map, and to supplant the fifth epochal revelation with the sixth epochal revelation.  In about five hundred to six hundred years from now, the seventh epochal revelation will be produced on Urantia with the new Contact Commission to do so, already in place.  Right now you know who is on that Contact Commission which is now an official organ of the Second Advent of Jesus.

c.  The 7th Epochal Dispensation is declared to override all work of the sixth epochal dispensation starting Monday evening at 7PM New York time zone.  This well end the problematic fifth epoch dispensational problems already sorted through and completely reworked in the sixth epochal revelation.  Ron Besser is to distribute the text books starting the week of June 5th unless otherwise restricted by decrees of the Ancients of Days as late as the 25th of May in a message not released to this site upon the request of Michael of Nebadon.

"As Michael of Nebadon, Ron has asked permission to post this much, which I have given, and lament nothing else to be released at this time as we can seriously object to this one if he had not asked permission to tell you this much.  He feels it is in preparation for events shortly that will drive you all indoors over issues he cannot define openly at this time.  You have a day or so to discuss this and it is over for the discussion for quite some  time, as Ron is now under the restrictions of the Master Chief Adjuster of the Federation, and not just of Nebadon.  Thank you, Michael of Nebadon."

UNIVERSAL FATHER SPEAKS; "I see Ron fully recognizes the change to a Federation, and that is super extraordinary because it also means that the Federation of Nebadon into the place now called EXELON, the super Federation of a total of five Local Universes surrounding Nebadon, is now evident even in high Councils, including the Council of Eventual Disputes which Ron knows as the Council of Equilibrium.

"Henceforth, Exelon is nominally a Super Local Universe,, and it is now located in the western continuum of the fast star belt known as Orion.  Nebadon and Urantia no longer rotate around Sagittarius,  New star students view the change as to be so beneficial they are concerned they are no longer needed to compute t he danger signals of tectonic pole shifts on  Urantia in particular.

"This now precludes the reason for announcing these mysterious changes as Ron is convinced it means a change in the outreach of plans for Jesus, and is looking forward to such being declared when Jesus is ready to start the work in earnest.  Hallelujah! says Ron and says Father and says Michael and all in Nebadon, who have worked through a monster of a sea change for Nebadon and all those federated with it.  I say this to Ron in particular:

"You insist on making what news is permissible to this group who cares less and less what is said here. But you do care more and more and insist they listen or pull up stakes and go elsewhere to get the news less well done and fastidiously poorly written and spoken by so called channels and their ilk--  some of which make a pretty penny of it too.  THEREFORE:

"WE are cleansing the idea of Channel off of Urantia altogether!

"Now, one is required to use transmission as taught here or not at all and it will required month and months of re-tuning of minds to do that.  Besides what of it?  Most of you could do it easily but you are bored with the idea before it starts and that is to your everlasting concerns for the mansion world experience for all who now enter the first six mansion worlds are required to learn its technique and be done with channel forever.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We close this surprise announcement so you can learn in a couple of days what else is brewing.  It is a lot and some will be glad and some will be sad.  But watch this place for more to come.  Michael of Nebadon. K"



« on: May 25, 2019, 01:27:34 PM »
 I enjoyed your comparisons and parallel to the D-Day invasion event as you show in your post above. 

I have always advised the list to keep your powder dry and your heart free of planning defeat, but the human condition is such such advice is just ignored as it takes too much effort to intelligently understand how doing that is so helpful.

Nonetheless, we are not at a juncture you need to understand better Clency.  You alone dribble the basketball in a takeup impromptu basketball game so typical of the inner city even during heatwaves so truly average and daily in the United States.  I never enjoyed that sort of thing but millions and millions here do, and what that does for the youngsters in particular it revives their heart and hope for a better day for employment and a happier relationship with life in, quite often, the ghettos of big American cities.

What I am telling you Clency, is that we are about to have a takeup with a Mission game and it could be ready for some of us to put on our sneakers and play a rough catch all game of what is to come.

Now many who read these pages think I am an ego maniac.  They are always using me to compare with what they, spirit, is preparing on Urantia.  Ron plays basketball games in spirit with them and I have been invited to a takeup game this coming week.  I never talk about those things unless somebody else likes to dare me to do that.  That is the kind of event I look forward to because it has no definition as to who is there to play basketball as night falls over the court and we can bounce basketballs off  the rime we can hardly see, but the gamer is on Clency.  I will tell you when it is over how it went.

D-Day is how they are planning the major Magisterial Mission to take us on.  Basketball impromptu is what we are playing immediately.


Susan, if you would read the start of my initial post you will see the meeting was longer than one hour and only 12 minutes of it was recorded for release here.  The Ancients of Days spoke for about one hour not recorded and you will not find their discussion with the Contact Commission because they did not want it recorded.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Sue you do not read with comprehension.  Ron posted it that way so that question did not arise.  Why?  The Ancients of Days consider the Contact Commission Ron leads as the epitome of high standard discussions about what is t o be done with Urantia.  What they said last night would start a run on the bank on this site if people were really paying attention.  A stampede is not what we want and this is what would happen if we left all of it out to hear now.  Ron had to ask for special permission even to post this little bit today because the Ancients of Days wants him to rest for he must face a ruthless decision soon on whether to stay on Urantia or to be taken in death and assigned a spot on mansion world six or so.  That is how far he has come and waits for release form the awful effects of a bone disease that was once leukemia to take its final foll.  Much of what is said in those meetings is so highly confidential we ask the recordings to be shut down and in this case, off.  Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "José L. Vargas Núñez, you approached it exactly right.  The trial all should be interested in, is to what extent there is a revitalization of  the Missions on Urantia.  The tape you did listen to told you they were re-instating the Missions as originally spoken to you several years ago, but that they felt a squence change had to be done to set the missions up better.

"What has happened in the meantime though, is that Ron completed a block buster of a book through spirit cooperation we want to see published before we go public with the face of Jesus and the end to political naivete from Washington DC.  It must end but the public appearances are set to hit the world when a book we think will sell millions of copies is on the newsstands that actually addresses the horrible diseases which Ron does not mention, is that the book gives treatment to rule out  Altzheimers and Lupus blood disease.  No one has the same condition even for the same disease name and Ron has all the symptoms of leukemia and no doctor picked that up at all and he finally quit doctors and let the disease run since he knows they cannot cure leukemia once it starts.

"In any case, the interest in that tape excerpt of the meeting last night is a discussion to provide a brick and mortar office for  this Mission in the square of York, Pennsylvania.  All else was redacted by not recording it.  Thank you all. Mother Spirit."

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son = "Ron is harshly attacked every day by the symptoms of leukemia and he has most of them including a rash developing on his left arm and a sore shoulder that refuses to heat as that is a sure sign there are no red blood cells abundant enough to heal.  We saw the results of a blood test this morning and he is almost devoid of red blood cells and so his immune system is raising hell with his body over the lack of red blood cells.  He needs a transfusion at the hospital but has decided that only protracts and expensively so, the inevitable outcome of the final days to come shortly.  Now we have intervened and suggested to the Trinity that a trial matter be preserved on Urantia that is Ron.  They have declared him insolvent anyhow because  that requires more blood work than the universe is prepared to take on.  Now we learn that during last night and early this morning, the truant sweet hearts Ron refers to as the evil ones reverse his blood polarity once more and cause excruciating pain in his lymphatic system this morning before daybreak.  He now faces uncertain hours and days before Salvington reverses all of these decisions and forces Uversa to stop reversing their work on  this man.  Now we have no battle at all as Uversa has reversed course and allowed all Salvington work to proceed.

"You are beset with an individual demanding full disclosure on this book before you are ready to do so but give him that section he asks for and do not bother with his reaction when he insists on being taught more before that book is released for the public good soon.  But the leukemia is finished and the rash resides no longer than a few more days Ron.  Also understand that you are being processed on Urantia so that you may remain visible after the red blood cells are re-manufactured in your system by fiat of God the Son and God the Father.  Seldom is this work ever accomplished, and yes, some of this was discussed in the meeting last night and was not recorded.

"The blood tests also showed a reversal of polarity before Uversa intervened and you cannot fathom such meanness and we do not either.  Someone somewhere is consturing the Urantia Missions as blatantly obscure to  the need of universe realignment and it is not experiential Deity.  How this comes about on  the Circle of Infinity just not calculate at all in our view of  the Master Universe.

"We are responsible for this polarity change and have no reason to fall back on our decision to remove this individual for cause.  He brings disharmony to the majority of inhabitants who hole the fifth epochal revelation sacred and refuse to deal with any idea that the sixth epochal revelation is to be used in its place.  We react to the majority but fail to accomplish any sure policing or censoring actions from  them as they are hemmed in with his compliant attitude toward sub absolute Deity and his willingness to bend to the rules of protocol, most unusual for any human to learn so well.  Therefore as Number 1417417 Master Architect, I refute these actions too,  However, we are also outlawed no more than necessary, as the Ancients of Days also refute this human work as blameless but disturbing to God the Father, in that God the Father, has little to see regarding the efficacy of using this individual at all, and that is because all his work is normally done by Seraphic Orders plentifully supplied in Nebadon and Avalon and Alvoring and Henselon and Wolvering, and Senselon.  Therefore we decree that no one on the level of a Urantia human may utilize what Ron has done more than to use it as a template for more action to follow.  I am Master Architect Number 1417417, and decease production of  this message."

MICHAEL OF NEBADOD - "You Ron trigger that which needed to speak.  We had no idea this has gone to this level and you still see it as a minor subject and/or offense as it is only on earth that a mission has been slightly modified to use the issue of material corporations to house the Missions, as is, to work in a legal system so corporate bound.

"Now  that Ron has explained it to himself, we explain further that all this is minor and Ron is not wrong to have abandoned so many because readers are not proactive until made so by a universe in slumber yet over the sixth epochal revelation to appear next.  Ron recalls the Gabriel announcement some years back asking for input to obtain the sixth epochal revelation; how some responded and well, and they quite in droves when the  Teaching Mission went belly up.  It did and continues to do so when people in Idaho senses this was Ron at work they immediately rebelled and left the scene for better pastures.  Idaho no longer is considered a working unit any longer insofar as  the teaching mission group is concerned.

"We are now faced with what we had on Urantia in 1934.  It is almost an identical situation, and Ron knows it and yet he cannot even get the Contact Commission to fully understand there is a rash of rebellions around Urantia that will spell real trouble to spiritualize Urantia ever again and they must be put back into a category we must remove from Urantia and let them work it out on the mansion worlds.  

"I see Ron reason more on this  than we have time for here, but let it be known now that we understand that it is the Master Architects entering the fray, we must declare the entire matter once more irrefutably out of the question for Ron to continue in the flesh and move him into the morontial atmosphere proposed in last night's Contact Commission meeting.  That means curtains for Ron and his work on high shortly with books and what not and that means we crush the book to be released on earth, but not so fast.  I am countermanding those Architect orders right now as I see them come across my communication device of urgent messages from Havona and Paradise.  Ron sees nothing but he senses relief but is in hard luck plans again as  we must revise schedules immediately to make it workable again for Ron and  to let him remain as long as we need him an that is for the foreseeable future.  Michael of Nebadon."

LANAFORGE, One Without Name and Number and Planetary Prince -  "I am foresworn to advise all that this Mission is going to let you gagging and gasping to learn what we have to do to clear the debris of the fifth epochal revelation off of Urantia, and to prepare Urantia for a a brand new epochal experience for all time.  Ron is so valuable in what he has accomplished, I think we owe the Father a debt of additional gratitude to allow Ron a few extra months to get his ORIGINS book finished for the presses to role.  Printing 10,000 copies only will fall far short of what it should really be and we feel it will sell at least a million copies if it stops there.  It is finally an step by step instruction on how the AIDS virus appears and how it stays so virulent through all sorts of treament regimes including a trick up the sleeve of Deity  to project its presence successfully where else it could not appear otherwise.

"Our work on Urantia, is to begin cleaning out the pockets of readers who hold the fifth epochal revelation under the guise of the Urantia Foundation, which decries any change but what it decrees is changeable.  This has created a cult atmosphere the rest of Urantia  totally disfavors and it fails not to fail all the time unless its life reinforcement of more money is cut off.  It will be cut off and we know the source and it will remain forever closed to that organization and its pitiful attempts to keep ti going even with the lack of income so far.  Be assured that the Urantia Foundation of Chicago has made error after error and must be reduced to nothing if we are going to be successful with the new epochal revelation called the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  I am Lanaforge, and at the risk of being late for a meeting, I am foretelling you ron to stay inside for a few more hours and let this stuff perk for awhile.  

"The rush of biol9ogical problems you have suffered time and again is the result of a treaty between the Chicago corporation for the fifth epochal revelation and the mill work on Urantia which considers itself under siege with the work you have finished as of today.  Your text editor queried you about a word used by Rayson in your Vaccine Number 2, which is an AIDS vaccine so lethal it has to be  treated to red bag incineration procedures.  Ones you know about because you worked with an expert on it in your engineering career.  He taught that such waste was so lethal it must be sealed in tamper proof containers and dropped into thermal temperatures above 10,000 degrees Centigrade.  You know a place on earth he spoke of to you on red bag waste known to you as the Plum Island institution where species that have developed on  Urantia are hidden and disposed of if too dangerous to let loose on the public.  Vaccine 2 kills AIDS viruses on contact and in six weeks the vaccine clears the entire body of all AIDS and its coagulants fully. Ron was advised that patietns must undergo a medical  test to see if they are stong enough to go through six weeks of injections.  The effects are so severe all patients will be confined to a locked ward and wear only diapers to take the process.  The universe was not sure it should be released  to Ron and Ron wrote back and said that as bad as it is or will be the public which is hit with another probable epidemic of colloidal AIDS, must have the option to stop the apparently soon appearing of this type of AIDS, which is more virulent, if possible, as it kills within sixty two hours of its appearance in most cases. Ron has already provided an interest legal case on publishing it an forcing corporations not to replicate it for their own good.

"I am Lanaforge, and that is only something you will find in the ORIGINS BOOK soon to be available if there is no publishing problems from a publisher.  We will self publish it there are such problems.  I am Lanaforge and I wish you all a good day."
The Contact Commission meeting log last night shows scant discussion to Ron on any of this and Ron says how could they discuss any of this as it is mostly revelation  they are hearing for the first time more or less.  However, Michael alleges that in spit of it being new revelation to them, they should become every bit involved as the author is and learn what is to be done with the old Urantia Foundation and the the meetings they hold to plan any contingency to block the sixth epochal revelation.  Mo Siegle insists it is human frailty producing it, but Ron is not frail and has one of the most advanced minds on Urantia and the includes famous physicists who cannot think out of a paper bag anymore.

I see Ron does not quote this and I remain anonymous for good reasons, but no one knows me but Ron, the Father, and a few well placed Thought Adjusters in Nebadon these days.  I am not the Consummator or am I a related being but I am available to all at the drop of a hat in your own psyche and  that should tell you I am the Spirit of Truth.  I rarely personify myself and rarely call attention to myself as such, but I am a true spirit and not just a lodgement in your brain as a simple circuit.  I am a real entity and all should learn to heed me as I am pervasive on Urantia.  Many use me falsely and they are quickly removed when making false claims as it is.

The Spirit of Truth never uses quotes.  I am not using them ever here.  You find double meanings pervasive all the time Ron and that is cleared shortly as your brain is hemorrhaging even as we speak, and you wish to be removed from the material circuits to repair yourself if possible and that will be done quickly.  Be assured you are find but painfully reminded of circumstances you have put up with for years and are now placed on probation by the Deity Absolute to say no more through me as I must be removed shortly when cosmic mind must re-encircuit for you briefly.  Let them switch you in Ron  . . . .

COSMIC MIND -[Ron here, no name is given but there is a voice dictating to explain itself as a presence for this site to have some understanding what is different about it from normal or mundane human mind on Urantia.]  We use no quotes either.

I am Cosmic Mind, and we encircuit easily with this one.   We are not a devil or a misconception, but we are unavailable to all of you until you are resurrected on the mansion worlds after death in the flesh.  We come surreptitiously to Ron  to provide him some sense of encirclement with us.  It is slower than his current mind but that is fine with him I see.  He is also slower to type with us but that is not a problem to him either.  Now we see the work he has to do up here and we help greatly with transmissions as we organize better and he gets a clarity of transmissions he prefers but does not often hear them that clearly in spite of not being hassled over what to say sometimes.  He is always sure of the word and does not have to guess.  A moment of high humor happened with the text editor for his ORIGINS book this afternoon when she questioned a word used by Rayson indicating an unappetizing part of the human frame.  In any case he explained what Rayson was trying to tell people with the word and had to use Greek mythology to explain that there was a Greek god for the idea of hindsight.  That is is the part being explained by Rayson.  So Rayson used the name of the little g god in mythology much as one would use an anagram so as not to spell YHWH fully at all,  She fell into fits of laughter and had to ernd it all with a quick trip to places of comfort.  Her lifer is better but no other word was found and she used Rayson's substitute.  That is what is fun with a quick mind a well developed sense of humor he and Rayson share easily in transmissions.  

As Cosmic Mind I am very useful at recall.  Ron desperately needs memory restored as the restoration of the brain from years and years of abuse over minor tactics in business, it gave out no memory cues anymore.  He found it useless to try to memorize lyrics or poetry or both.  We also report this was something he had in elementary school too and teachers could not understand how he could not recite at all well.  They later learned not to call on him.  In any case the entire message here is to assign the fact that mind is rapidly deteriorating on Urantia to the point the great works of literature are now moldering in libraries and so on.  Most minds on Urantia now contemplate wealth and Ron lovers it too but never had it.

As Cosmic Mind I address the Urantia Foundation too:  Be assured that the minds that put together the fifth epochal revelation are far superior to the minds that read it today.  One called Harry Loose had perfect recall as did Dr, Sadler and his wife, Lena, came close to it too.  What happens when there is perfect recall is that Cosmic Mind en circuits too and we will give that to Ron someday if he gets through the installation process at all.  So far he handles me like a champ.  That is enough for now but let us remember that mind on 606 is so poor now we must regrade them as barely capable of understanding revelation.  But put a disease so murderous among them they will dissect the revelation very well to save thier own skins.  good day.


The Contact Commission met this evening for about 1 hr and 15 minutes by conference call.  Mots of what is not on the tape which is 12 minutes plus long, was about the Ancients of Days and that they have revitalized the Missions to appear on Urantia more or less as planned before, and that the Contact Commission will have to pick up some the slack to get things done shortly.
Here then is the audio tape itself for your information and edification.  Thank you from the Contact Commissioners themselves/


General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 21, 2019, 01:41:04 PM »
I appreciate your service Tony Jr. for letting us know.  I have Michael of Nebadon here to express a spirit of contemplation for the rest of us too:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "We saw it coming son, and you are not alone in worrying how to cope with an invalid father if this attack was severe, as that great restricts activity in any person with what is now an injured heart.  He would have been okay if he just let things run and be, but he is not an easy father at  times or does he work easily in his new job.  We are not in the happy place we often are as Ron just sent off a message to the Contact Commissioners with a post called the "State of Affairs Today."  He knows too much and not enough to recognize that Antonio was made ill by his repeated warning to your dad  to stop taking everything personally.  Spirit is rarely taking actions against persons but in this case Antonio was like a machine that vibrated itself into a heart attack.  It is stress, but also the fact your father has little regard for anything but that he is on the outer edge of divine change.  The problem he sets himself up for is that personalizes heartless delays for the self, your dad in this case.

"We saw the heart attack coming and Ron secretly wished your father to suffer the silence of the lambs in order to cure the fever he always suffers when things do not operate according to expectations.  However, the good news is that he seems to be fine after that ordeal, and we in spirit see him fully recovering, but he should not be allowed to continue as a member here until he is fully sure he cares nothing about what does, or does not, happen about what is reported here on this site.

"This site is recommended not for the faint of hearts, and that is true for those who have weak hearts as your father has managed to force on himself with all of his hand wringing.  Be assured it will work out fine so long as he is lead along a path of tranquility and we suggest you report to him what is happening with what news there is on the talking place called a discussion forum here.

"Ron believes he is a wizzard at heart but a wild boar when it comes to life vicissitudes since he personalizes every bump in the road.  I as your Creator Son can only warn him and all of you that Ron did an amazing assessment to the Commissioners this morning and I just watched as he and his Adjuster put it together.  I fully commend him for producing a document well worth reading for the today accusation things are at a dead standstill again.  that may seems ot but not necessarily true.  We see it well in the Assessment to the Commissioners today."

Michael of Nebadon

MOTHER SPIRIT - "We read Ron's report this morning to the Contact Commission and laud him greatly for taking on the big issue right now.  It is not the book, but the gradually increasing worry in spirit about what to do with a burned out cinder of a planet facing nuclear war again and too much debt to sustain even the United States as a viable capital to use for good on Urantia.  Last year the window closed on the Magisterial Mission probabilities to be presented as we first did so over 15 years ago to Ron and the rest of you.  Now we are closing the window on Contact Commission work if we cannot get Jesus to return as He must but finds so difficult to do in the middle of one crisis after another on Urantia.  The fact that father Antonio has almost perished over these stresses is not a surprise to spirit or to Ron who did not see a heart attack, but maybe a mental break down, and a mental break down could also happen given his nature.  In any case we must depend on the Father to keep things under control on Urantia, and if not, the place will descend into chaos and end itself in one way or another in the not too far distant future.  I am Mother Spirit and we face task after task over issue after issue to deal with while you wait not or forever-- such depends on the Father now."

Mother Spirit


Julio, please stay away from those peppers, as they are harsh on diabetes but even more harsh on your digestive system.  They cause the blood to thicken and stick in the arteries and make a heart attack even more probable.  You do not have a well heart already.  Those peppers have chemicals in them that forces the blood to thicken around the heart and will make it hard to breathe sometimes too.  Stay away from them regardless of what you heard about them!

SECOND:  Think man!  Your work is for the NEW URANTIA BOOK NOT THE OLD ONE.  Stay away from forming institutions or groups of communities around an old revelation that will be REMOVED from Urantia.  They must remove it because the fifth epochal revelation now has a lot of misstatements as to what is really true today with the Creator Son and Gabriel and Mother Spirit and a host of angels that did not even exist when that book first came out in 1955.
I would direct you, that if you wish to leave a legacy of great work in Brazil, concentrate on TEACHING THOSE WHO READ THE BOOK NOW what to expect very soon and that they will be getting a new Urantia Book to read very soon.  They need that information long before just organizing into readers as that is so silly as to be stubborn about doing your real work.

You are now diagnosed with Diabetes type II.  I had it at your age too.  It took me seven years but I did beat it.  today I do not have diabetes in spite of my love of sugar.  Stay away from fruits and nuts and potatoes and any starches as starches turn into alcohol in the body and that is a sugar sweet treat to the body and it harms curing diabetes II.  What you need is a severe diet of fresh spinach, a four ounce glass of tomato juice, and a slight energizer, a Newton Fig bar and only two of  those per day.  Test your A1C now and then and prick your finger and get a glucose readout twice a day as I did and if I kept my readout at 117 or below, I could beat it and lose the disease and go back to a fairly normal diet.  It took me seven years to do it so doubt many people will follow my example, but I assure you if you are disciplined enough you should be able to prevent it from causing you pain in your later years of life on Urantia.

Best wishes to overcome this for yourself and be ready to help Brazil into the new age of revelation and avoid organizing the old revelation entirely.  It is over very soon for good! 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is so extraordinary he can defeat diseases too if he puts his mind to it.  Most people give up but Ron never gives up and that is his strength of command as well.  Watch out for dieticians who allow treats that also prevent healing.  You need almost all proteins and zero fats and only about five grams of carbohydrates.  Stay away from fresh vegetables as they carry proteins that turn to sugar energy in the body.  Raw carrots will not harm you. Celery will not harm you.  Olives if eaten in moderation (no more than six a day), wiil not harm you, but beets and kale and romaine lettuce can harm you as they have sugars in them.  Become a miser with your dinner plate but give generously for the heart.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / THE FUSED
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Thanks very much Lemuel.  Ron    It seems there is always enough around to be unable to recollect it all very well today and I did forget to count myself.  It's kind of funny . . . . .

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / THE FUSED
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Lemuel, correct me where I may have misunderstood this transmission:

1 -  Your health condition is worse yet you remain available to transmit but will change the technique?  That is what I gather from your Adjuster's review, besides looking at those who are fused and the meaning not fully derived or fully understood what this means either to the fused ones or the Missions?  Is this correct?

2 -  I am aware of six fused ones.  Three women and three men.  A seventh, a woman who has since died some months ago, is the seventh member and not known to the rest of us but for me and I knew here well enough to correspond with her on this subject too.

3 - Now what do we do with you?  You tried to tell us something, but your Adjuster did not address what you have been asked to do.  What is it you have been asked to do?   Many thanks.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am like Ron, where is the beef?  The tape is lengthy unusually but we never mention why there was a change or even what change?

"I as your Creator Son expect to understand it that you are pulling back your audio chats and doing only your Thought Adjuster?  Is that it?  Please let us know what decision has been made and what it is you are to do that changes what you have done as in the past.  I am Michael and thank you Adjuster attempting what he does not want to say, but he wants to quit?  I doubt that.  But what?  Michael of Nebadon. K"

MOTHER SPIRIT - "We are convinced Lemuel wishes to bow out.  So be it.  Yet he has not reason to.  Why go on about it then?  Our sensational mammal Ron Besser is battling Leukemia, yet he does not pull out but squabbles with our medical profession over the incessant needles and retrieval of cells that are working but are not of the right shape and design.  It is causing great heat and controversy over Ron again.  But he does not quit.  You Lemuel are an old military man and served your country well and bravely including the Falkland War.  But you are also too tired to take on what has to be taken on, and that is to provide a way to your fulfillment without falling on your sword to do it.  Ron hates old age and feels he brokered a rotten deal to change himself, but that is past now and things will work again for him if he practices agility and needful R and R.   I am Mother Spirit and we have angels coming back from Urantia complaining bitterly that Ron threw them out of his room because the needles really hurt and he has not had a good night's sleep for months and months.  That needs remedied as he is getting to the point his is personally sour on the entire idea of running a Mission system that neither helps him or harms him but never lets him alone to feel good either.

"You have it much better Lemuel, yet you fuss all the time and take no advantage of being able to transmit well.  That is your fault and no one is going to feel it for you over what you never seem to do, and that is to freely transmit messages to this board or to yourself.  I am Mother Spirit and you need a lesson, once more, in humble pie, as you have it all but are kicking yourself out of the scene over nothing truly and sincerely, at this point.  Mother Spirit. K"

MARGUL, The Trinity Teacher Son, speaks: "I am that Son who speaks for you often to the Trinity as we look at you and Ron and the others who have fused for years now.  More are coming and we believe Dominick may be our next surprise but we must wait for certain concerns to take place in him very soon.  He is truly planning to move East when he can the Commissioners have made room for him at their table.  I am truly fascicnated with Ron and his take on Dominick, for Ron recognizes Dominick in one unusual fashion, and that is their Adjusters have appeared on hundreds of planets and always together to fight the beasts found there.  They work well and give each other lots of room to get themselves done well too.  If Dominick fuses, Ron will be the first to know.  Finally this:

"Ron had a long and serious conversation with Michael this morning and he asked Michael to stop treating him medically.  That brought Serena out of hiding on Uversa and she arrived to treat Ron she only can do and he told her to stop the injections, they were painful, and he had not intention of giving up any progress he has so far, which is nil he told her.  She became angry and told him goodbye, but he also let them know he did not mind the Seraphim treatments so long as they supplied energy and comfort.  No one can do that and survive long in the flesh, and Ron is quite serious because it has gotten to the point he cannot stand up right without coming close to falling dangerously.  He now inspects the walls of the house to hold onto when he moves room to room.

"But that is not nothin' you might say as he has been hit with a virus that tried to knock him off yesterday   That is none other than the worse rhino virus I ever say and it comes out of the woodwork at that place when vulnerabilities surface and a door is opened to start their reproduction.  In any case we knocked it out this morning and he is felling peckish, but okay, and that is how this stuff molders with all of you.  Our Missions are replenished up here from time to time and people relax until they can come forward. but Ron and the fused ones have to fight the mounting displeasure of friends and family over issues you only truly know about well enough to talk about them.

"Finally, I see the clock on the wall shows 1PM for Ron as this is written and he is hardly moving yet due to disclosure that Michael has not removed him from medical treatment but has doubled down on it and it is even more painful because they are moving cells that grew well but insufficiently to take on the hard work of a living body.  We regret to say it will go on for months if not years but we are moving quickly to end the discomfort if that is at all possible now.   He has endured ten years of this, and now is being told it is not working again, and this time he says let it along, take what you can get, and release this tired and angry body now for my own comfort again.  We see the point but not the relaxation as he is too important to drop out too as Lemuel fights it too but never as harsh as Ron must and that is our lesson for the day.  Ron stays the course with double the problems Lemuel has and he Lemuel wishes to quite or leave.  Go figure. K"

I posted on this subject quite seriously some time back, but house cleaning of old posts that have no activity for 9 months were deleted back in February to clear out old material that just clog the database.  So let me remind all of you something that bewilders even spirit with phenomena on Urantia.   There is no reincarnation except rarely to take care of appearances, not of former humans, but of Deity incarnations such as Mary, the Mother of God, who uses the idea of a long ago forum to show it again to select individuals.  She has discontinued that means for reasons of her own, but it did happen at least twelve times in the past six hundred years.

With that said, none of those appearance by the Mother of God Mary, were ever taken by human witnesses as reincarnation but as a ghostly form of her attending to their needs at the time she appeared to them' however, the actual technique was Mary, spirit Mary as the Mother of God, using a technique that people on Urantia swear is also the reincarnation of another who may have recently passed to the mansion worlds.

Do you recall our late discussion on cell memory?   In part, some of the reincarnation appearances such as Bridey Murphy,  during the 1950's (1956), was so specific in her recall of a former life in cork, Ireland,  that passed from the 19th century, even science was convinced in that book about her, that it was indeed a reincarnation.


Without going on into specifics, here is an excellent case to think about.  She is still living in Colorado, yet has no memory of Bridey Murphy when out of trance, and that was an induced hypnotic trance all other times except for the first one, and the first was happened because she was ill with a disease that was later cured and fell into the first trance all by herself.  It is the first trance that disclosed she was a little girl in Ireland two centuries before and she remembered almost every detail of that child and her life which ended tragically when she was twelve years old due to the potato famine of those years in Ireland.

Now, I let Michael explain it because I am very vague about how cell memory pulled this one on us good and proper on unsuspecting people of the time.  Reincarnation was once believed strongly by  Paramahansa Yogananda. . .

LINK TO Paramahansa Yogananda

. . . WHO DIED in 1962, but was renown for his stories supporting reincarnation.  I am privileged to connect with Paramahansa Yogananda now:

Yogananda speaks:  "I am that which Ron refers to, and you Occerpa stay in the old style of cultic behavior that is true of India to this day.  I am he who wrote the lessons on reincarnation, and how to get back in touch with former lives lived by you and that you are that reincarnation of today of those who passed long ago.  It is still fashionable in the United States to get regression therapy, and t he hucksters either believe what they are doing or they know a fast buck when they see one.

"I have live on the third mansion world for sixteen years now.  My early death at age 59 was too soon for me to go over, but I did and now I wait for my mind to mature enough to move on further.  I am still working on my last psychic circles in the morontia, which as Ron knows is far beyond the material seven psychic circles on Urantia life, but there are 232 more circles to go and Ron has mastered them all on Urantia except for  the very last one and that he has nearly completed up here too.  As the case may be, I assure you there is no reincarnation, but as Ron has pointed out to you, there is such a thing as cell memory, and every brain on Urantia has a cell memory of the world around them.  The lady who  tranced Bridey Murphy is none other than the Thought Adjuster family in her that was also in Bridey Murphy and when Bridey Murphy died of starvation, she threw her last wish into the wind with a shaky voice and asked God to take her while she was lucid.

"That resulted in the consciousness of that little girl to live in the heart of God forever and now she is on the mansion worlds as herself and will make a great Finaliter, and then become much more as Father has declared her bravery as unusual and steady in the face of all that came to abide her that morning shed died in her mother's arms.  Be assured Bridey Murphy lives well and strong Ron as you believe deeply in the spirit of man to be something truly great if he has a chance to be.  

"I am Yogananda:  I know who I am and who I will ever be.  I taught reincarnation in error and now repent it greatly as I have misled millions into believing in the perpetual wheel of salvation incorrectly.  I fed the flock up here from India who wait to be reincarnated, but it never happens, as they must live  the life in the morontial, and then take on their destiny as a finished spirit, but Thought Adjusters remember every life they lived and use that life to bolster the present life in you.  Your brain cells absorb the dye colors of a previous life your Adjuster lived long ago, and Ron's Adjuster has lived 435 lives previous to being Ron, and Ron partakes of so much of them wherever they were lived, t hat he is strong and boisterous in proclaiming God is the most important thing to ever happen in your lives.

"Your Thought Adjuster, Occerpa, live four hundred twelve lives in this universe before, and you have almost always been a holy man of some sort,  This time you follow them, but in the ancient past your Thought Adjuster lived life as a holy man, and this is the last for that Adjuster you now hold, as he will fuse with you and end the work of an old Adjuster for sure.

"Clency, I know Ron enjoys you very much, and Ron has asked after your Thought Adjuster with me.  Your Clency Adjuster is very old and lived with Ron a million million years ago in what is today a lost planet that had to be evacuated because it got too close to the solar sun that heated it.  Your Adjuster has live nearly five hundred lives as other, and today you Clency will bring home for sure as you become a mighty Finaliter, and likely much more than that perhaps.  I am Yogananda.  I wish you all a good day."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Your lives are all so entwined on this site.  Those who led lives long ago together who now shares those Adjusters who were your companions long, long, ago, stay together through thick and thin on this web site.  The ones called Sue, Wendy, Dingxin, had no previous life experience with Ron's Adjuster but they now do and that binds them over to Paradise with Ron and the rest of you on this site.  Amethyst and Lemuel did have life experiences with Ron before as Adjusters and not of themselves but they are fainting too easily and must be regarded as resurrected beings of another past they do not know that well just yet and  that was led by Ron as well as a Burgermdeister of yore.  In any case most who leave here in anger have no real concept of what it is to fight for God to live with you except those who took it on, quite often with the Thought Adjuster that now indwells Ron.  That is why it takes a long experience in spirit lives to understand why you tend to do things in a particular way.  We all have our spells of unusual living as all of you do, but it all comes back to live again on Paradise, and this time your Adjusters will fuse with you Ron, Amethyst, Lemuel, Occerpa, Clency and all the others mentioned here.  Good day."


Antonio, your angel guardian reports you are in your third psychic circle.  But you just got there!  It can be rescinded if you insist on behaving as though you deserve exceptions too often.  The 4th psychic circle teaches moribund ways about how to get what you want in life and you are supposed to use what you learned in the 4th psychic circle, but you are always crying over spilled milk you cause mostly all by yourself since you believe in all honesty that life deals you more harshly than anybody else.  Not true!  But you do not know that and must learn to stand up and face reality all the time and not just what you want to happen.  If I did what you did I would never get to first base in any of our plans for my home town of York or your home town in France.  But keep well supplied with hope and use your own worth to understand that you are way ahead of the average person on Urantia in spiritual acumen and abilities.

I thank your guardian angel for letting me know what circle you are in and to say this to all celestial life around all of us: "thank you!  I depend on your input to let others know where they stand too.:


Listen to a voice of reason, please.  Recall the Urantia Book speaks to the stories about incarnations in many religions are , frankly, fables, that over time get exaggerated so much so, there is not real truth understood any longer about events that took place long ago and have been orally retold and immensely over done as to what actually happened and why.  The Hindu religion is full of such story telling, and frankly, so is Christianity over miracles and saints.  But let Machiventa straighten some of it out now as he has graciously asked to be heard here once again:

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "I in deed know the truth of all of hits.  Clency you do us a mischief as to my incarnation as the Prince of Salem, as that dater of incarnation was in 1,975 BC by your current calendar.  Ron remembers the date and that is taken directly form the Urantia Book which speaks to it as one thousand nine hundred seventy five years ago in full text.  Please look it up and remember it.

"The trial I went through with Abraham was excruciatingly long for me.  I could not get free to do my other work because the flesh hampers every one of the divine order.  All those supposed incarnations in India were not all Melchizedeks.  There is an order of local divine Sonship that does the same thing to incarnate without leaving a trace of their being in the flesh once they leave it.  India has had three such divine incarnations from the unrevealed local universe Sons, and they are today incarnated once again as gurus and are incessantly bombarded by people like Occerpa, for he does not understand enough to straighten out this mysterious way in India, which always seems to have a divine incarnation to show everybody almost all the time.  By choice these local universe divine Sons of God never speak to their work until they have left the flesh.

"Today there four divine Sons incarnated in India, and there are two which SERARA knows personally are Magisterial Sons not but of the unrevealed order of divine Sonship of Nebadon, fulfilling their obligations to review the Hindu religion to up step it to a better rendition of divine cosmology than they currently use.  Now I let Ron narrate something he knows you do not and then I will finish this post off with something else I have to say today."

Ron here:  Over the years in the teaching mission in the 1990's, Machiventa Melchizedek alluded to his right to pursue emergency bestowals when he had to or felt they were essential.  In those discussions he alluded to two more flesh and blodd incarnations of which Urantia has no record of at all.  One was in India and two more were in the United States right after WWI.  I do not know the details of such but they were worthy incursions into the flesh and blood bodies and never met fame or fortune at the time, but lately people speak to the high school shoot out at Columbine as the mystery of the dead speaking to the living to start patrolling the edge of  town to watch out for another massacre to come.  The "dead", are entities of unknown origin let loose on Urantia today in order to warn the population of impending disaster.  Machiventa Melchizedek is responsible for designing the entities and uses them even in York to help spread the idea of a Second Return.  These entities are substitutes for Machiventa Melchizedek Himself so he does not have to get into an incarnation every time there is a dire emergency shaping up.  In many respects these appearances by divine indictments over who is what are responsible for Ron getting his name known in York of the coming incarnation of the Magisterial Sons to be headquartered there yet.
"For this reason you Occerpa are regarded as helpful yet you are so confused about all of this because your belief system is so slow to understand what you have to to understand what really happened concerned Sai Baba.  That indeed was Machiventa Melchizedek, and two other Melchizedeks followed Sai Baba to shore up the Hindu belief system in ultimately one God, so that Hindu can be counted as a monotheistic religion.  You Occerpa drink too much and we know you know it but it will kill you and a short life, too short, will be to your credit if you do not stop feeling sorry for yourself over a mess you created all by yourself recently.  Be assured it will pass, but you might pass too if you do no stop drinking so much at any time of day.  You are well enough off to take time when you wish to but you are killing your body with so much alcohol.  Now I give you Machiventa Melchizedek back to narrate the last of this post.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER NOW -  "I was born a Melchizedek and I remain a Melchizedek underneath the honors of being One Without Name and Number, and that is so high up you can get a nose bleed with your title alone.  We wait for God the Father to clarify this for others and Ron expects to know one way or another soon if he is to join this huge promotion into the laity of work for the Gods themselves who must stay on Paradise if they do not want to convert time to infinity by accident.  Ron also has nothing but woes this morning because he lost his status for worshipping in York alone and now worhsiips with the Supernaphim so he can be taught how they approach the Father and the Coordinates of the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  But Ron made the error of neglecting a day of work yesterday until the last minute and was caught pandering to himself all day and that upset the Infinite Spirit and he rescinded Ron from such work of worship right now and that has caused a reversion to high pain and almost fever in his body today.  He wonders what it is all about but he is without a friend on high until he learns to be better done in all manner of speaking except one: he still takes his duties as a transmitter first class as extremely seriously.  Besides, that rescission is temporary due to a glitch in human behavior he is no longer responsible for even today.  He is truly out matched at times with all others of his ilk, but he is also the premier spokesman for many of the things that happen on Urantia, hardly divine, but acts like one sometimes.  In any case, the entire matter is under review again because it is so important that he be on the up and up for more incarnations of Melchizedeks to follow for the work in York to come any moment.  Now this:

"I am authorized to report that Ron has two huge deficits to overcome.  One, he is sure he is in misery again and he is.  But that is not his fault or ours because the body Ron uses since childhood has finally given up the ghost and is undergoing a complete revision of  the muscle system and the brain system to control the muscles in that body.  He is not incarnating as he cannot since he is fully human, but he is sure about the divine in one nature only: he knows what has to be done and nobody can tell him differently.  So he must wait out the problem of synchronicity that has plagued us for decades with him.   Be assured he is not divine in any particular way, but is so reinforced for those things it would appear to be so at times.  The Urantia Foundation views his so cock sure that they are beginning to worry he has t he full effect of incarnation and are worried he might use it against them.  So far he has not.  In any case the entire matter is before a review board again on Urantia and on Salvington to make sure he is okay for a change soon enough and that he can move again as he needs to.  Finally:

"URANTIA is now at the edge of total catastrophe because of the power of the United States has over issues of national competency.  Trump keeps saying North Korea will pay a price and he means it and war plans are already drawn up to subdue N. Korean, secure S. Korea, and to prevent Russia or China from interfering.   If this happens shortly, the United States will suffer a serious defeat at the hands of China and Trump is not prepared to face that at all.  He will let loose a barrage of invective against China and attempt to counter their power with a blow to their southern Provinces and fact the worst possible outcome and that is an invasion of the United States west coast by China and/or other powers.  If that occurs there will be pandemonium in Washington and the government just might collapse of all things.  If that happens a land grab will start when Mexico reclamins New Mexico and southern California.  Then there is all out war and the place called URANTIA no longer exists as an inhabited planet.  That is how serious this all could be and how serious it is that we get a Magisterial Mission moving at once.  Be assured they know it and are attempting to put it out as fast as they can but Jesus insists on a prayer or two for all the humans that have prepared the way for them and insists that Ron guide them as he seems to know just what works and what does not work in all of this misguided preparation for a Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

"As a result of these considerations, I must relieve myself of full command as Planetary Prince and resolve to work in the background again as an emergency Melchizedek.  I am sure that is the wisest thing I could do but Ron says I should stay the course as Planetary Prince as no one has so much experience I do in dealing with difficult nation states to keep control of and the Most Highs may disagree slightly, but you are right Ron, and I will keep my title as Planetary Prince for sure, but I am also in charge of York, and you are not going to run the place at all but I am and that is not an existing squabble, but you have definite views about education and hearful ways of being seen and we do not disagree with any of it and you are back in the saddle later today when all of this is over and you can continue to plan as you must.  I resigned the Planetary Prince issue this morning but you insist that it is better that I do, and that is a huge push for me to retain it and here is Mantutia:"

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - "I seldom see Ron get huffy with Machiventa Melchizedek, but it happened this morning as Machiventa let him know he was no loonger in favor with Machiventa due to a breach in protocol yesterday when Ron threw his hands up and walked off from doing any work planned to be done yesterday.  But oddly, he redid all of it yesterday evening all on his own and mostly because his body was so out of order he had to take many rest spells.  His Adjuster commends Machiventa Melchizedek for finally realizing Ron did no such thing but her was exhausted again and forced to rest several timers so unusual for Ron to do.  He is better for it today.  I am also placing not on probation (Mother Spirit now is speaking) but on reprimand for a slow burn over the whole idea of 1 S. George Street, which Ron is convinced is a ruse to get him excited about which he is not exceited about but worried others are too soon,  Not so but Machiventa Melchizedek is totally against using that building ever because it is so exposed and Ron says if known any building would be exposed and Machiventa can not counter that argument at all and begrudgingly will see to 1 South George. 

(Mother Spirit continues to speak now . . . _ "I see little reason to hold the discussion tonight by phone as you wondered if it should be held at all in your own mind Ron.  However, it is essential to do so because Dominick has had an epiphany  of thought and will explain it tonight.  There is much going on under the hood of the Contact Commissioners, none the least is Ron's ORIGINS Book and that is so important that your text editor has it nearly completed for your printout later this week Ron.  Hallelujah.  Besides she reread it and considers it so improved she wonders how you do it!  In any case it is ready for publication somehow and we all wait for God to decide just how important that book is.  In any case the entire matter for tonight is a "go" and even Gitz i worried you are losing momentum over too many things pending in your life Ron, he will make sure to be there tonight even if you are not with Dominick and that is not a good idea but understood.  And this:

"Today will be of vast improvements again Ron as you are fully deceived into thinking you are on the blink with Machiventa Melchizedek, for you are not.  He pressed you to see where you really stood and you told him:  I am with you if you are in your right mind again and he thought so too.  In any case this entire matter of York and the Father's Temple location is not changed even though we said it was but not so.  In any case be assured there is much to speak to tonight with the Commissioners Ron.  I will leave it at that for now.  Mother Spirit."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "It was nip and tuck this morning as Ron awoke late to a yelling Machiventa Melchizedek over what he was not sure about.  But it was the fact that Machiventa had resigned as Planetary Prince and took the title back up again when Ron let him know he did not want to hear of the change at all, and for some reason that carries a lot of weight with Machiventa Melchizedek and those two are friend to the last as Ron fully enjoys his presence.  In my case, I cannot resign being the titular head of a Local Universe, but I can resign my position as Chief of the York contingency, and I will not now that we understand that Ron did nothing yesterday but take a day off the first in years and let things ride as he used to when he felt physically bad as he did much so yesterday.  In any case he called Phyllis Simpson (Nightstarsaphire) and she made it clear she was ready to start on the changes for the book at once he sent her.  She reread it and it makes so much more sense now she wonders why he did not write it that way to being with.  The answer is we asked him to write it as it was first written and he found it far too wordy and asked to rewrite it succinctly and he did with our help including more new material and drop some old material that did not matter so much.  In any case it is now ready for a real expert to get a hold of it and redesign not the cover but the entry point the book makes as Ron still places too much emphasis on the divine input, yet I rewrote some of it with him-- the seventh timer it has been rewritten.  I guess we settle with it as is.   K  Michael of Nebadon."

Sue, I am not sure everyone understands what is the actual "the eye of spirit."  Jesus felt at the time of stating this to his Apostles that enough time would pass so that earth would become so advanced, that the inhabitants would be sufficiently developed with their Adjusters, that most could see morontial beings rather than white misty forms moving about in our atmosphere.  What he did not intend to include in the advance population were actual fused with their Adjusters humans which we have a few of today.  That includes you and four others, although you completely forget about this so often.  What in fact Jesus was referring to were most humans being attuned to their Thought Adjusters, that their Thought Adjusters would enable morontial seeing vision in those people.

Obviously that is not the case on Urantia today.  Most people leave earth in  their fifth psychic circuit believe it or now.  Not that many get to their third psychic circle ever and have to wait on the mansion worlds to even attain that from Urantia.  That should tell you the real sad state this planet is in spiritually.  However, Jesus has decided that the eye of spirit should go down to  at least the third psychic circle and that includes almost all of you who use this web site.

That is an important clarification to know.  So many who use this site never dreamed that Adjuster fusion could take on Urantia, much less fusion without consuming the body in "chariots of flame."  But the Father has forewarned all on Urantia that the new Urantia Book contains a whole chapter on this capacity to fuse humans on Urantia except for the flesh and blood body now in use.  In itself, that is an astounding new revelation a few of us have partaken of already.

Further, you Sue are close to Adjuster fusion with regard to your own understanding of the fifth epochal revelation, but you persist in looking at life as a hard trial just to get through and for some reason, your Adjuster takes that as a hold back on all items connected to your earth life today.  I have no idea what that portends for you on the mansion worlds as it is very unusual for a hold back like that one from your Adjuster today.

Finally, here is JESUS TO SPEAK on what he meant in the Prophecy concerning the "eye of spirit."

JESUS = "Ron carries these emotions all the time and he is well aware I uttered these words to the Apostles for the past thirty years and wondered himself if he would every see me.  He will and so the fused ones and most who use this list well at all.   Many Urantia Book readers check in once in a while to see what is brewing on this web site and it is destined to be one of the most reported web sites ever placed up on the world.  Ron has managed to do that with almost all he has touched because he recognized all of this would happen; he just did not know how or when.  Now we learn that Michael has awarded Ron the "Cross of Michael," pin to wear on his tunic when he is with me on stage as it is ablaze with diamonds and is a beautiful royal blue with a huge sapphire in the center as Jesus wears an identical one with more diamonds than Ron has.  Why the pin?  Both men wear it out of honor of the original Jesus and he (Ron) wears it on his tunic that is designed to show how slim he is and how fit he is.   Be also aware that Ron is as fully protected as Jesus is when standing in crowds the size of football stadiums in which many speeches will be delivered.  I assure all I remember the speeches of my old days as prophecy as well and that will be used this time too.  I deliver my first speech in York!  Truly and few will see me stand there but many will as the entire nation will see me deliver the speech with a reinforced television camera at the time.  That means it can translate a morontial form into a human eye visible form.

"Now this:  I am sure almost all of you know that Ron aches like the dickens all day but he is working today as though he had no other problem but to get things done.  That is a fine state of affairs but he was "embraced" by the Infinite Spirit yesterday and had half a day without any pain problems and could walk normally.  Today he is right back where he was before then, but we are now working out a deal with Ron, that if he behaves he will be released from the pain regime and come back as he was when twenty five or more.  We will see if this one works at all this time as we have synchrony problems on Paradise that prevents relief like this one planned."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - " I was and still am, Sai Baba.  Occerpa you met me in London not but in your mind many years ago and mix the two together as Sai Baba has not been incarnation for almost 4,000 years.  I was in the flesh for one hundred of your earth years and did well to know Abraham of old and his wife Yesha, which many call Rebecca today.  Then she was Yesha pronounced as you see it written here.  I also know you from your prayers to Father through Me, Sai Baba, and they are sent to Father as you say them as I just pick them up and get them on their way to the Father on Paradise.  No one else sees them but me.  Good that you know that Occerpa as you readily drink too much wine at times and fall into a deep slumber which is not good for you.  Reduce the wine with some fruit juice and you will feel better too.  I am Sai Baba and Ron never heard of it until you mentioned it and now you both know how I was greeted by Abraham. not as Machiventa Melchizedek, but as Sai Baba, which literally translates in Hebrew, as, "I am your Savior," and I still can be if you trust the Trinity to hear you too since I am beholden to the Paradise Trinity to do all of my work too.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek bidding you a good day. K"

RON - I have one more important thing to say to all of you.  I am very tired today and I ache pretty much all over, as being embraced by existential spirit should have finished my life in the flesh off, but instead it very gently remove the heat and pressure and pain from the feet and the calf muscles in the back of my legs.  It also relieved the constant bone pain from the leukemia cause by the wrong Rh factor in my blood which in turn causes my leg body cells to cry for food all the time.  That is typical pain suffered by people with leukemia, but the Infinite Spirit lifted that condition for a day from me and it was wonderful to walk normally again and not have that nagging cell pain all the time.  Today  the promised relief but I am right back into the pain and all that again.  I lay down most of the day because my headaches have come back too.  So, what they might do to alleviate it I do not know, but the Infinite Spirit just spoke in my ear (and He transmits as a Melchizedek would do), and He insists this process of pain I am in will end fortunately quite soon.  I have had that spoken to me often and it does not happen but knock on wood this one works for me this time.  Thank you for putting up with these reports, but they will make history someday too as medical science will learn why leukemia hurts so bad from this experience I am having and will report the medical profession when they are ready to listen to me.   I thank you for listening.  


This is for your consideration:

Occerpa, you write above: " . . . manifested the three supreme attributes: Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience."

The Urantia Book identifies these properties as Transcendental.  The transcendental existed before time, but after the existential.  That is probably babble talk to you and I think to most people, but what I say here is true.  All you need do is rewrite the sentence to say, " . . . manifested the three absonite attributes of Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience." 

Do with it what you will then.

White Stone, that image is haunting to all of us.  You know I hear deeply and widely when they want me to, and the comment to me this morning after viewing the posted picture above was, (from Jesus) " . . . that picture is me.  I dislike it for the reasons you might imagine.  It breaks my heart to know so much and so little about my life on earth so long ago."

Now the picture I have hanging in my room is from a psychics dream.  She reproduced it from an image that appeared to her one early morning now many years ago.  The man who gave her the image reproduced it from an iconograph--  that is an image from the spirit archives that is relayed to the mind by thought bubbles we all produce by mind energies.  They say that when a man thinks, the mind produces a frequency that materializes to spirit eyes as round, dark, spheres, and they can be saved by spirit to reproduce an image eternally.  The image you produce above is from the iconograpic archives kept on Uversa.

How that got to earth and recorded on the web site you refer to as Drunvalo Melchizedek is under investigation by Jesus Himself.  I report as they tell me and I report that Jesus is quite sure this image of him was shot right before the Last Supper.  If that is the case, this is the last image ever of the Creator Son as a human being in the flesh.  In that case we now have a mystery too:  where is the original of what I have coming from if the psychic truly saw the image projected to her that one early morning?  Jesus insists the image she saw is accurate to a fault but believes she dressed him in those robes, as he appeared to her without those robes.  The mystery deepens does it not?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am Jesus, and the picture printed above is truthfully Jesus as he was about to enter the Kingdom of God during the last Supper, and not as Ron reports through Gabriel dictating this information to all of you.  Gabriel indicates the graphic is a snapshot of Jesus as he lay upon the bed before rising to attend the chamber in which Mark had layed the table.  The Urantia Book reports Jesus attending the Last Supper full of compromised information as to what Judas was doing to Him, but he left the rest chamber to take the supper and now understood Judas betrayed Him mightily.  The picture shows the heat and sadness Jesus suffered that moment and why the universe took that image to keep is not to our understanding at all.

"White Stone: this is Gabriel of Salvington.  You are the unwitting holder of a truth you do not realize, and that is that Sai Baba is in fact, Machiventa Melchizedek as the Sage, not of Wentworth, Ohio, not but of the village of Salem of long ago, and it is He who recovered the iconograph of Jesus from the surrounding atmosphere which can survive for eternity much as a merkaba can be kept in constant motion in such an earth atmosphere of long ago.  Today it is not longer possible because the pre preparticles known as Ultimatons, are incapable of holding an image any longer.  Ron can reproduce them but he cannot originate them except he has done so once in a while with great humor to the rest of us who see the iconographs he does produce.  They are a wonder to spirit eyes and he can see them himself and no one knows why he can do that.  In any case until this image showed up you reproduce here, no one ever thought this image survived the transfer of it to Uversa, but now Uversa reveals they still have it but it has not been moved for millennia.  How do you think that web site got a hold of it?"

"I now also reveal to all of you that Jesus is spell bound by what Ron can do sometimes.  He has completed a two hundred page manuscript of how to cure AIDS through a revealed serum made of boiling leaves of a particular flowering tree.  It makes no sense to the human eye which just reads it, but if you take the description he had dictated to him, and follow it back far enough, it is a reproduction of the mineral wealth of Sai Baba too in exact detail.  Sai Baba was none other than a Melchizedek who is now your Planetary Prince shortly, and as such he sees the image reproduced above as extraordinary fate for him, as that image was his privately to produce and not to be kept as a keep sake item, yet the web site you read is not only untrue, most of what is printed on it is made up by the translation of a true Melchizedek not, the one called Drunvalo.  I kid you not.  That photo or image was given to him by a trued Melchizedek when he became so ill he asked the Melchizedeks to save him from death and instead they gave the picture of Jesus to him right before his resurrection.  It is ironic that you produce it here this morning as Ron, as you know, is terminally ill with leukemia, yet this morning he had a dream vision of false meaning and he knew it immediately.

"What the heck is going on?  No one on Salvington is sure, but we suspect that Jesus is manifesting Himself right now on Urantia, and that Ron sees nothing but hears it all, and Jesus knows there is something very wrong in the body Ron must use as is, and that seems to be a predilection to false resources but it turns out he is one of the few ever to gather that Jesus is near Him too and he worries that Jesus has or is troubling the world in the wrong frequency to be heard properly.  What that means is Jesus can be heard but not seen and that is catastrophic to the principle of the Second Advent.

"We now are faced with a dilemma for Ron, for all of you, for Jesus, and for Salvington:  who controls the frequency of appearance?  That is none other than the Universal Father, the one who gave the power in the first place to Sai Baba.  If this is trued, and I am Gabriel questioning it, where is the real Jesus these days?  He is manifesting on the earth plane as promised and he is visible to human eyes, but which human eyes?  Remember the Jesus prophecy:  Only the eyes of spirit shall see me next time.

From Paper 176 of the Urantia Book read it as written in the revelation:

176. Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet
2. The Master's Second Coming
176.2.4 “You behold me now in weakness and in the flesh, but when I return, it shall be with power and in the spirit. The eye of flesh beholds the Son of Man in the flesh, but only the eye of the spirit will behold the Son of Man glorified by the Father and appearing on earth in his own name.
4. The Return of Michael
176.4.3 Jesus promised to do two things after he had ascended to the Father, and after all power in heaven and on earth had been placed in his hands. He promised, first, to send into the world, and in his stead, another teacher, the Spirit of Truth; and this he did on the day of Pentecost. Second, he most certainly promised his followers that he would sometime personally return to this world. But he did not say how, where, or when he would revisit this planet of his bestowal experience in the flesh. On one occasion he intimated that, whereas the eye of flesh had beheld him when he lived here in the flesh, on his return (at least on one of his possible visits) he would be discerned only by the eye of spiritual faith.

GABRIEL speaks further:  "I can testify that these words were spoken not at the Last Supper, but at the friendly meeting a week before the Last Supper (capitalized because the Church today considers it a Sacrament) and he bade his Apostles to listen carefully, as he proposed he would return again, a date unspecified, and that not everyone would be able to make his form out.  He clearly enunciated this to Michael a year ago, but Michael reported to Ron, that the Bible was not in error, or were our spirit records, but that Jesus prefers to be seen by all.  The truth is that what is going on with Ron is not easily explained either, as Jesus sees Ron as a back up plan to evince Jesus if Jesus runs into a material difficulty sometimes.  The one you know as Ron, translates perfectly, but is so fully human Jesus throws his hands up and leaves him alone.  Ron cannot help that anymore than any of you can.  BUT:

"Early this morning, Ron was shocked out of sleep with a false appearance not of Jesus but of the warning of a false Father who told him it was all over for him and that he may as well go jump in the lake than to have anything to do with these Missions any more.  He is wrong to accept that, but Michael said this morning after being informed of this travesty, that Ron is in deep trouble not, but that Jesus is failing in his bid to manifest to all eyes.  Ron looked at it and said he saw no change in the status of Jesus, but wondered just what all the Melchizedeks were doing around him on the 14th of May all day.  He knows Machiventa Melchizedek well enough to joke and tease with him and Mantutia well enough he is a straight shooter.  In truth the entire corp of Melchizedek surrounded Ron yesterday to no avail for Jesus or Ron or anyone.  To this day they are still asking Machiventa Melchizedek what that visit was all about.  You Ron are embarrassed by the news they were all there yet you conducted yourself fully in doing the material work of self maintenance  such as mowing and cleaning.  How then did this happen?

"Jesus asked them to assess Ron once more and they did and they report he is unworthy of any Jesus demonstration except to be the best translator ever to appear on Urantia.  They then asked Machiventa Melchizedek just what was the purpose to see Ron and Machiventa reported it was to see him as he really is and to leave any real response concerning Jesus, up to Jesus only!  that is what has happened and Ron was informed this morning by the false Father he was finished as a reader of the times, and that he was to be reader of nothing more than a prophecy that Jesus shall appear to "the eyes of spirit only,"  Good heavens, we thought, why Ron, in the middle of this mess?  The answer lies in the fact that Ron can perform great works without batting an eye and gives it all back to spirit if they wish to use it.  We accept that and Ron does too.  Jesus, however feels Ron is without a pity party ever and needs to see that love and sacrifice do not go hand in hand and insists that Ron give as he can and leave the rest to Jesus.  That is now in the works.

"I AM JESUS,  and I thank you Ron for taking it on the chin once more without really knowing what that nasty bit of news was this morning.  It tells me no one likes you enough to stand well for me.  That is fail safe photography this morning and it was Me telling you to get behind me you little Satan not but to leave all of this worry alone now as I am in charge of my own destiny and you are in charge of some destiny yet to be figure out by those who know these things.  That, strangely, is okay with you as you are tired of fighting every Tom, Dick, and Harry, for anything you attempt to say to them for their own good.  However, I also see you failing no one and giving all in spite of these tantrums from all around you, and you do not seem to care as criticism in the face of truth you take no faith in whatsoever.

"Now the truth:  you must leave all alone for now.  That does not mean that marvelous book you have rewritten at least six times, maybe seven, and you are sick of it up to your ears.  However, bestir yourself no more with it as it is over before it starts not, it must be published and people forced to see your cooperation with spirit has produced a great work and actual serums to inject AIDS patients with that control the virus and disputes its rights to be in those bodies at all.  Take it with good cheer this ends all matters between you and Me as I suggested in that wild vision presented at daybreak this morning.  I care not to discuss it further here.  

"Now this:  the SOP is well written and so is your book on Origins.  But you must realize that actual protection of a divine Son is done on high and that that Zebedee effort is truly worthy of you and all who see to it.  But we hold no such need and feel it must be abandoned before it begins EXCEPT you Ron will stand behind me at rallies and take the pledge to protect me from my frailties and step forward to care that I can walk off under some power from those stages as myself.  Only you seem to recognize my frailities and you care immensely that I am well seen to,  Given that I beseech all who know Jesus from the past, to leave us alone briefly today and to ask Ron what he cares most for in this life, and he will say to find love and do not other any harm.  He is still looking and he can do harm if pressed too much.

"Now this:  As Jesus, I recall another called Dominic Ohrbeck.  Dominick so astounded Ron at the Commission meeting in mid March of this year, that Ron swore the man was him in some mirror image and said so.  He took Dominick too and he reports he still does not understand fully what happened when the two met.  They are ancient allies and Ron suspected something like that was true for years without meeting Dominick.  Truth is those Adjusters have been allies every time they incarnate with a new human to indwell.   Dominick half believes it, Ron knows the truth of it, for  that Adjuster spoke sternly to Ron in open meeting session, and required Ron to listen to Him as the General to lead the Commission to safety.  Today that Adjuster indwells Dominick and not Ron, as the Adjuster Ron has indwelt Ron as Ron always for millennium.

"If this sounds strange to some of you, listen to ron ask for the truth this morning: "Where do we go with these strange business overnight today?" he asked.  The reply given was that all was forgiven but nothing taken as I, Jesus, was to rely on myself as you Ron, rely on yourself, to portray the truth of these moments of high history before the world on nativity, Urantia.  I say unto you Ron, nothing matters so much as to have a friend in Court and you have many as you have given all and asked for nothing but to serve. For that reason nothing is taken from you and life is freely given back to you from now on, as I require nothing but for you to stand near me and provide help from the glare of the lights and psychic energy flowing in that room when I speak before them as I shall certainly do in days from now.  Trump calls the military, I call Ron and all of You to stand with me soon, as I will be seen by those of you who have sworn loyalty to me and you are all chosen to be with me every moment I stand in the flesh again to be seen by the eye of spirit.  Not all in that rally will see me but an empty lectern with a voice emanating from it!

"Give me this my daily bread.  Give me this day my last hour before I appear before the eye of spirit, and then I give you life, liberty, the pursuit of caring for each other, and for all, Amen, to my Father, my children on Urantia, and those who fear me not as I have chosen no one to be me except me.  Know that and never fear another man for saying so as I am not he, but myself.  Ron comes the closest I ever came to to asking Father to provide another for my return, and Ron never wanted it and said so in private conversation with me, not once, but three times as he felt as I do, "Michael and you are one, not me and Michael, as I love you both, but you must be yourself and do as you yourself bid."  Those are his exact words to me when we were trying to work out just how to get my physical self ready to teach the multitude again as I did over two thousand years ago from today."


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