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"This is Mantutia Melchizedek.  We are still springing thought for the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and now that Ron is mentioned not in the book, we mention him once as the one in York who finds nothing to do except weave mystery over the entire matter of evolving epochal revelation so well the book takes a dip in rank to note his achievements. Ron laughs with us as we return again and again to a big edit for all of you to read much later now, as he Sixth Epochal Revelation is back to the binder with new pages to annotate and a few to remove as history is running so fast ahead of us.  I am truly surprised with Ron thinking ahead of me, as he does all the time and I find it hard to transmit when he does that.  But he apologizes as he did just now as remembers that when we started sending the book to the Chicago Contact Commission, Hitler was in his first full years as Chancellor of the Wiemar Republic, and the world would be soon in the most destructive war every fought on an evolutionary planet, at least in Nebadon.  AS he spoke he wondered what was setting up for a disaster as we prepared to write the rest of the Sixth Epochal Revelation?  In any case I tell you all this:

"We continue to debate how Ron will fair soon as he had a medical emergency again today and we had to call Deity as he calls it to stop the blood from a broken vein in his left leg and then reinsert a shin bone and that is extremely and powerfully harsh on the nervous systems and he showed it.  He is a mess at times but his book on the Ilok Four Micron coal powder fuels is done and bound and ready for whatever we want to distribute it for.  We also see Gitz gets a headache real bad amd he knows why now thanks to a long report to him from Ron as what to expect.

"Further the new Urantia Book is now out of commission again for a few more hours at least as we had to rewrite the section on the fusion status of several of you as the Father is questioning just how to handle someome who quits in spite of fusion status?   The answer is to let them quit and then figure out what that does to an Adjuster already use to personality status.  Be assured Ro is full adjudicated there but Lemuel and Wendy and Amethyst wait out the days to learn just how that fusion status will work for them in York.  Nonetheless, the new epochal revelation is prepared soon for distribution and Ron waits to take pictures of it to post here when that times comes. 

"The Sixth Epochal Revelation is now 1, 310 pages longer than the old one.  Just For Your Information.  Good day."


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:41:17 PM »
I see Larry has pulled the plug.
There has been a total of seven warnings posted to and from Larry Gossett over the past four years.  He is without a choice he feels, and cruel Ron is going to suggest that we let this lay for a good month or so.  He nees his own comfort and desires to be let alone if I know this individual.

Those of you who have fused, or about to fuse, recall that you are not invited to determine the nature or scope about who will participate as a team or as a group assigned in different places around the world.  Larry has been invited and encouraged to be with all of what is proposed, but Gossett is a natural worrier and should be left to his natural selves to work things out better than we can suggest to him.

Let me assure all of you that I have no intention, ever, of settling scores among human relationships in the offices I may inhabit or order or fund or whatever I am asked to do as a human relations administrator in these things.  I hate soap operas and Larry sees nothimg wrong with them, but I also know that I dare not waste my energy, or the team's energy over dicorces or entrapments or lost souls in the night apartments being burgled by a trusted one night stand,  I hope you get this nice and clearly.  These things happen, but not on my watch if I can help it.  That is why Mr. Gossett must be put back to sleep and work through this disastrous decision to leave in the night.

We are on the cusp of great things.  I leave it to each of you to stay the course and to let this incident work itself back out as I am convinced Larry Gosset is among our best support we could possible have and I admire his pluck to get this far, but there is a practice on the mansion worlds we need to practice here too:  If the resurrected being is so faulty we will lose him permanently, let the Morontial Supervisor request of Deity to place such a resurrected being back to sleep for an extended period and provide the spiritual correction needed to make the resurrected one whole again.  I leave it at that for now.


"I first thought Ron harsh, but I see he follows my practice on the mansion worlds by putting a newly resurrected being back to sleep after only a few months or years after they were brought awake and start their ascension careers.  I also see Ron lose patiene with hand wringing as Larry does all the time as he is so insecure he cannot find a good word to say about his position at work or at home with friends.  He is truly a belated person and must be allowed to wrestle this all out as he must alone and without counsel.  Ron has no time or inclination to help weepy friends of the Court find their place as he fully expects everyone of the fused individuals to pick up and do as they need to and not refer to Ron for problems he cannot fuse out of you either. I am asking Larry Gossett to stop playing the ingenue and step firmly back up to the plate to get another chance to swat at the ball.  We all need him, but not as lost soul at this present time.  I am satisfied this will be straightened out soon enough.  Good day. Michael."

"We lament the action taken by Larry, but there needs to be a clearing of the air and the attitudes of many here that this is a second rate exercise on more important things to be done.  Much of how Urantia will be redone depends on many of you who have taken the lead to take on the worst of the worst on Urantia and that is to be seen shortly.  I wish all a good day in contemplating the necessity for Larry to bow out and seek compensation elsewhere and then decide what he wants when the opportunity presents itself again.  Mother Spirit."


MidiChlorian,  you bring up one of the great confusions regarding the history of Dr. -Ing S. Rohrbach, and not Dr. -Ing A Rohrbach.  Dr. -Ing S Rohrbach was a Deputy Fuehrer from 1937 to his death, not in 1939, but in 1940.  There is some indication he really died in 1944 when the British raided Dusseldorf twice with devastating success and killed a lot of the Nazi brass, of which this gentleman was one of and was sincerely disliked by Hitler.  Hitler wanted to eliminate the Deputy Fuehrer because he recommended to Hitler that all males between the age of 17 and 31 be conscripted immediately, and then proceeded to protect a nephew or two when they were drafted into the military in 1942.   That strange fact supports he died after 1939, but I do not argue it because it is not important to my story.  I also point out to you MidiChlorian, that the S. Rohrbach was not  the same kind of engineer as the Hans A. Rohrbach I reported and used an A in his name which he rarely used, as it stood for Aloiusse which he left alone because he thought it was effeminate.

Now, because Dr. Ilok felt he owed his life to the Dr. -Ing Hans A. Rohrbach, which is the correct full name as used in his business practice to make airplanes and later to fuse hydrogen atoms for the making of plastics which we today call polymers, Dr. Ilok provided me a document not in the public record which outlined how Hans A. Rohrbach saved the lives of little Jewish children in 1939, the same year that other Rohrbach reportedly died in a bombing raid by the British.  I also have documentation elsewhere that describes Dr. Hans Rohrbach, as a savior of the American forces in Berlin, as a detachment was rushed to Czech.  ran out of ammunition defending the capital of Prague, Czechoslovakia, as a Communist Coup threatened the entire Polish nation at that time, as the Russians felt entitled to holding Poland as their own back yard playground and viciously killed any attempt to bring Democracy to that war torn nation.  Sounds almost like the Crimea crisis today I muse.

It may also interest you to know that the problem you cite me confused the heck out of me for months and I made a few blunders trying to the description right as to what happened and why and who did it.  The book is small which I completed, but it took me until the past few weeks to clear the history as genuine and that the real player in the design of the communition grinder that supplied four and other sized micron coal for industrial use was Dr. -Ing Hans A Rohrbach.  On his death bed in Poland Hans A Rohrbach declared Ilok as the heir to his promise to free man from petroleum and signed off on all rights for the inventions I speak of here.   


"Ron wracked his brain to come up with that refutation above to all I write this.  He has no memory cells in his brain and so it is painful to recall much.  I saw and watched Ron get tothe bottom of all of this by very clever use of the Internet and an intuition that is as sharp as a razor blade.  He is also silly enough to have gotten snagged ont he same problem you bring to his attention because there no less than six Rohrbachs working in the synfuel industry at that time and all carried the engineering title in their name.  I saw Ron take a dive in the first book be he corrected in this final draft of the history and a dscription we supplied in part to help him get it all right.  I am Michael and wish you a good day."


Andre_P, you ask the most wonderful question for me to brag about its answer.  Here is the answer and solution that Rohrbach figured out with the help of mother nature.

He preferred to use bituminous coal.  Anthracite was hardly available in Germany anywhere and only in Pennsylvania, the State i live in in the United States. and in China in only one Province, does anthracite exist in any great quantities.

Put a chunk of high grade bituminous coal under the microscope.  It will appear as a mass with what lookls like a bunch of worm trails in it.  These are the capillaries of the living plant that became fossilized under heat and pressure after millions of years with an earth covering.  When coal is ground very small, the grinding destroys that capillary organization, and the dirt the plant ingested falls out by centripetal force.  The grinder of that coal chunk removes those impurities by picking them off at various stages by their atomic weights,  and those are the elements including non-organic sulfur, various elemental char, trace minerals such as magnesium, gold, silver, and a host of other elements I do not know the names of really.  To do this we have to grind the coal to four microns (that is 0.00016 of an inch speck of almost pure carbon, and it no longer exists as carbon 12 or any other type of carbon).

In four micron coal we still leave some organic sulfur, and to explain that, the plant ingested in its lifetime nutrients and used those nutrients to build its own cell structures.  What it "ate" during its life in minerals became part of the cell matrix, and therefore was an inherent part of the protplasm that produced the cells in the first place.  Four micron coal partially distrups the cell matrix and all the junk I mention above falls out by a clever arrangement of the disks inside the grinder that assigns the bits of the grind to float around inside the grinding chamber while it is spinning at 10,000 RPM.   There are little holes in the metal disks that fit inside the grinder that these trace elements adhere to and can be taken out after the grinding is finished.  They are valuable and can be sold for themselves for a nice profit if manufacturers are paying attention at all.

Four micron coal emits, when injected into an electric engine, for the Germans used the idea of fuel to run a small generator in their four micron fired vehicles such as the tank you see pictured, and the elecric motor emits no pollution.  What pollution did exist with four micron coals was extruded into a tank of water you see on the tank I pictured.  That canister at the back of the tank held two components you have to know to see how this works:

1 - Four micron coal was packed into what looked like a pill capsule; much loner than wide, and it was made of extruded aluminum (foil is close to what that means) and a high powered riffle nickle alloy that was so hard a bullet could not penetrate it easily.  The Allies learned to deal with that packet by shooting it with water canon if they had one and that disurpted the fuel supply, but not the canister, as the generator was placed in the front of the tank and quite vulnerable to being shot up or burned if the tank caught fire which they frquently did due to poor insulation of the driver and one other worker in that tank.

2 - And the water placed in that mounting on the back of the tank, ran very hot, as it cooled the barrel of the high powered canon you see.  That was one lethal armament and it blew a hole in the side of allied tanks about six inches by ten inches wide and destroyed all life anywhere near it by shrapnel embedding the heart and soul of the living driver and his helper.  The helper was often an expendable corporal who did the dirty work of running the armament devices at the back of the tank, and all the dirver had to do was aim the gun or the tank or both at the same time.  Many stories still abound on the German internet about the exploits of these T2 tank drivers.

What I do not explain at all because it becomes technical beyond the interest of most here, is that four micron coal powders are a liquid.  The grind is so small and flowing it looks like and runs like a liquid and that is how designers treat it.  BUT:

Dr. Rohrbach with Dr. Heisenberg worked together on this in the early 1930's.  Heisenberg was the genius that added the concept by asking Rohrbach, why do you not grind smaller?  Rohrbach replied, "we can, but why?"  Heisenberg (who, by the way, almost single handedly invented the German atom bomb), demonstrated that if you grind to one more micron stage (to three micron) you utterly destroy what is left of the carbon atom, completely remove all the capillary network and cell wall structures, and the resulting powder is without a single scrap of pollution of any kind whatsoever.  The Germans did not need a tank that was performing so well in engine output so they went with the slightly cheaper-to-make four micron coal powder fuel.

Does this help you see what is going on to get pollution free exhausts.  What four micron coal does as exhaust is one quart of one water per one ton of burning, but if you place a water source to filte the exhaust through, the water filter removes 99 percent of what is pollution from the capillary matrix still in the four micron powders.  You can remove even that 1 percent if you use kerosene as the filter instead of water.


For those who look forward to things to happen in the Michael Mission, this thread of a postl shows the way very well.

You all wonder what can you do?  What is my part to play?  How do I get involved so I live with the idea that very practical changes are on the way.  What I have done is pull together some detail about what the Salvington goverfnment is going to do on Urantia that touches every life on the planet, not just spiritually, but materially and realistically.

We all have been through the news papers announcing the shocking news of  the appearance of UFO's and a lot of other things that most people take the time to read about, but have no very real way to say the news makes any difference to them,   Well now you have a real connection with dirty old coal they want!!!

The spiritual Michael Mission will establish Lanaforge as a visible Planetary Prince.

Lanafore will have around a team of scientists around him that work under the direction of a new Commander working around him not announced yet because there is no science academy visible yet, but you already know that the Magisterial Son, Rayson holds the position as the Director and that I an several of you who have fused will be taking orders from it.  Well what are you going to help do once we are gathered together in the next few years.  Let me outline it somewhat for you by remembering with you the following events to soon appear.

Schedule for events leading up to Scientific Work by some of you very soon:

1 - Urantia loses the need to run everything on petroleum products;
2 - Urantia loses the stability of producing electric batteries that Tesla loves and the public hates for their restrictions on availability and recharging easily;
3 = An immense financial crisis intervenes and people stop using a lot of gasoline or diesel because business travel almost stops and banks do not even have petty cash to lend out;
4 - You who have mowers and snow plows and trips to the grocery store SUV;s and motorbikes and public transportation, using all of this in combination, hardly have the cash to buy a taxi ride much less your own automobile to do all the clean up around your home and for the family;

5 - The US Government will have to raid the Strategic Oil Reserve**  now consisting of 660 million barrels stored under ground in Louisiana and Texas.  At the consumption rate in 2013, we have thirty-six days (36) days of use before we deplete that.  It is not that we get cut off from imports of oil to use when that runs out, it is that the oceans are too dangerous to send huge oil tankers from producers to New Jersey and the Gulf States and western Refiners to provide the American glut of cars and trucks with twenty four hours a day refills at the gas and Diesel stations.
[**Note: Read all about the SOR at:]

6 - The Germans hit that problem for years before the world war that followed, and now the world will learn what it is to do without and doing without will cost lives and the inability to travel to meetings and curtail reasearch and development in all of our labs with motors to run and experts to confer.  The Third Reich last four years at war borrowing coal from the Ruhr Valley at prodigious rates, and now we must consider falling back on our own reserves of coal to heat homes and generate electricity for decades while we try to work ourselves out of work catastrophes that darken ourt skies and close our ports for the lack of business.

7 - At the request of the Michael Government on Salvington, I have launched a study into how the Germans managed to do this and because I worked with the inventors of some of that discovery way back when, I probably know more than anybody else how to save our precious homes and factories turning cold and have lost all productivity for lack of fuels and the lack of markets killing all incentives to move forward.  That is the reason I made public to all of you how to use our plentiful coal to stop us from declining to the point we were in the United States  in 1914!!!!  Do you really understand this is likely to happen unless we do something like this:

     a. - The Michael Mission open all doors to building factories to produce ground coal ground so small the pollutants fall out of it before it is burned;
     b. - Build and run seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, big tall tubes of metal containing communition chambers that dump out about seventy four thousand tons a day of coal ground to the consistency of talcum powder, and at that size, it can be injected into an old gasoline engine to burn like naphtha which burns up 100 percent complete and no catalytic converter is needed to detoxify the exhaust on cars using the talcum powder.
     c. - Drive home the fact that we have enough coal reserves in West Virginia and Pennsylvania to last our need for fuels that burn like the old gasoline engines did and to last for sixty five more years from these two states alone.  I get that number from the Salvington Government and with the help of Rayson, the Magisterial Son who is desperately trying to convince Americans to stop using cars and start using mopeds.  Moped production will skyrocket in about six or seven years we think and we need to use them instead of the combustion engine to stop grinding down our coal reserves too.

I show you a vehicle that used the talcum like powder of coal grindings that worked very well, not so much as proof of how good that stuff was, but that it remains part of the scientific discoveries  on Urantia that still reverberates on the Spirit Capital, and thet they will make every effort to reestablish those plants everwhere to produce it safely and securely.  Some of you may begin to earn your worth by understanding what this invention does and explain to people they have an alternative now, and they can at least do something to keep their investments secure and food on the table by earning their keep to make sure all can benefit from these inventions.

I will not place the research book I have completed on this subject into the public so millions can read all about it, as I disclose enough in the chapters inside to show how it can be done rather easily, and frankly, those who think they can use the Ilok patents one can still find on line to read, are to be disappointed.  But that is anothe digression not to discuss for now.

The bottom line is we have something to use when the present markets and finances preclude using oil and gas for all of our fuel needs.  I am willing to discuss this technology as long as I keep secret that major points concerning how to get the grind at the bottom of the communition chamber of our best grinders available to day, and that is up to the Science Officer of the Planetary Prince;s office to distribute and teach when he arrives here in another five to six years or less.

Ron Besser for the Michael Government of Salvington, capital of our Local Universe of space.

This is a news update about coal.

Way back at the turn of the 20th century, the man who invented the Diesel engine tried to fuel them, not with petroleum products, but with coal.  The idea caught on very well in Germany because they had no oil in the ground to pump and refine into gasoline, or for that matter, into Diesel fuel.

By the 1920's German scientists figured out a couple ways to do this, but one concept in particular won a lot of credence since Germany not only had plenty of coal, it also liked to do things as cheaply as possible, and the method was learned whereby they could take nut coal-- that is coal that is cut down to the size of drive way pebbles--  a grind it down to such tiny specks, it could be injected into even a gasoline engine, and the engine would burn that instead of gasoline.

In the late 1920's several people, including a scientist named Doctor Ing Rohrbach worked hard to even get coal powders to run airplane engines, and Doctor Rohrbach mounted four huge Diesel engines on sea planes and carried passengers up and down the coast of Europe to Spain and even the Canary Islands easily and cheaply.

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he wanted to rebuild the military, but he had no oil to run tanks and airplanes and the material transports and weaponry of war.  He allowed the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, to investigate the use of synthetic fuels such as four micron coal and Goring himself liked the idea so much, he set Dr. Rohrbaugh and many others up in a laboratory, and they quickly learned to convert great quantities of coal into a pollution free fuel for the military in particular.

Now I will skip ahead in the story to tell you that when the Allies won the war, no one bothered to pick up the idea that this kind of technology was even there!  They saw the factories and they knew they were causing coal to be finely ground, but gasoline was so cheap in the United States (about 8 cents to 10 cents a gallon for what was about 60 octane gasoline to run cars built in the 30's and early 40's).  But a serious outbreak of Communism at this time scared so many Europeans, some prepared to leave, and the included thousands in what was the French and German and Polish and Greek underground.  One such individual was Dr. Rohrbach, who owned the patents for much of what was the technology that ground coal to four microns.

In the mid 1970's a chemical engineer I worked with knew one of the underground individuals from Switzerland and France and invited me along to visit him in his office in Washington DC.   That man was Dr. Ilok. who Dr. Rohrbach gave the plans for the ability to construct a 4 micron plant in the United States.  Thanks to Dr. Rohrbach and many other good scientists, the entire ability and plans to do the syn fuel through the grinding of coal was Ilok's to fully own.  I liked the idea so much, I devoted twenty five years to working with DR. Ilok.  We had to figure out how to get somebody interested enough to provide us money and resources to build a prototype, but Dr, Ilok died before that could happen.

Fast forward again to now.  Because the universe knows the problems coming to Urantia, they were looking around to figure out that if the word powers suddenly had no gasoline, what would happen to them?  They figured that one pretty fast.  They know of the German successful operations of providing sysn fuels to run on coal, and I have an actual picture i post below, of one of the T2 Tanks, monsters of civil pride to the Germans, and could outmatch anything we had at the time to knock them out-- which ran on 4 microrn coal.  If you would look at the picture I post at the bottom of this post, I have drawn a blue arrow down to a canister on the back of the tank that held the coal powders.  The Germans figured out a way to induce a relatively small electric motor which they hooked up to inject the 40 pounds of 4 micron coal into it.  

Since I worked with Ilok for 25 years, I got lots of talk and speculation with him.  He knew and even invented improvements to the chamber that ground the coal so it would not explode when it got too hot and oxidized at the bottom of the grinder to blow up the place sky high.  I just completed my own research from discussions I had that never made the print and am ready to discuss this all with the Michael Mission when it is ready to appear, and they will take it from there.


Below a Panzer Division German tank circa late 1944 a modified version of the T2 introduced about 1943-early 1944.

General Discussion / Re: Flooding/Prayers for Ron/Seemingly Under Seige
« on: August 14, 2018, 08:46:48 AM »
Thank you Larry.  The bad weather has stopped and the usual Auguster weather continues and things are dried and the hay field that became my yard with puddles in it has been mowed and I write daily for conditional love from the Gods.   I appreciate the help you and a few others provide me with your prayers and I accept they work to their best way for me and with me.

I see you are back to brilliant worrying and are also noting a lot of negative energies that seem to know just you.  I have my own characters of negative energy to fight back as nothing works, you know that.  Believe it or not, the caveat of the moment is for all of us to avoid more trouble and to stay out of trouble.  Missions are afoot but not in our conscious awareness.  That said you need to enjoy your outdoor pleasures and I have to find a way to kick this awful siege they found for me like a kid with a tiny plastic back yard swimming pools to get wet with.

There is my mind working on something I do not clearly see just yet, and it comes to me with an Adjuster contact in deep sleep that actually became conscious to me this time.  In effect he says to me: "Besser, what are you searching for?  We find the path so narrow and close to the chasm of truthful skulduggery, we warn you to stay back from the edge!"

WHAAA does that mean at all?


"I am the Adjuster that opened the door to a conscious deep mind contact this morning while he slept.  It is troubled sleep over a hundred one issues that do not resolve because they are so tough to finish.  Ron carries two huge views of God: omnipresence and omnipotence.  Besides that he has two grand views of destiny:  it will happen and it is happening now.  The problem is that all four views are too grand for what Michael is about to do on Urantia, and that is failing not to cause him profound and unusual perturbations in his brain stem.  Larry Gossett and a few of the rest of you, see the Besser struggle with transitonal changes as a flux on a man who holds them as enemies of the faith knocking that individual out of the stream of changes that must be assimilated by all regardless of health or intellect status. 

"I seek only to clarify to my ward what all of you also need clarified:  the Missions are not dead!  They await clarification by the Paradise Father, as to how to treat someone like Ron in the far future if he is to be treated at all.  When that is fully clarified to Michael, both how the Mission is to go and how to run all of you as helpers, will be settled.  Ron has already been informed that Machiventa Melchizedek has formed a Melchizedek Commission, that is to run all of you under itself, rather than me appearing nightly or noonly with Ron to decide the issue de jour.

"Why this matters is that the Science Officer and I took it upon ourselves to finish a diatribe of scientific evidence into book form,  To our astonisment, Ron finished the project in seventy-two hours for which I had scheduled a full month to write and have bound.  He is to take it today to get the work bound, and you STEVE GITZ, are going to be asked to burn the volume you now have to contemplate and receive a fully revised, and rewritten text book completed last evening to our immense satisfaction ov how to hand carbon atoms ground from bituminous coal.

"I am a Thought Adjuster that has seen to the fusion of this child's mind with the eternal verities I contain and I must keep him alive, and alive long enough to finish this entry into a scientific pool of great and important knowledge to be released to the public.  To do that I have to strain every muscle in him to get done what the Science Office for our Missions deems so essential it must be retrained on someone like all of you to help make it work.

"His Adjuster, me, is out of words to help him as he is in constant painful condition and hates the pills he tries to find somewhere to reduce the circulatory system;s problem with blood supply motions, but to no avail as one vein or the other just refuses to open properly and work well at all.  A simple operation would end all of that but the problem of medical evacuation of anyone who does not have a personal doctor has deflected treatment at least until September.  For us that is too late and Ron is rightfully angry we have to save people who send millions to their early deaths by ignroing vital signs and cashing their checks before they die.

"As an Adjuster I must warn my ward-- and you all have Adjusters champing at the bit to get moving we realize--  there is great danger today and tomorrow to thrown the baby out with the bath water.  Do not find anything written here as useful for the time being, but this individual I call my ward, is out of trouble only because he is in too much pain and exercise to be harming the approach of God on to Urantia, and in VISIBLE FORM.    

"You who read these passages have become jaded over things miraculous.  You are so full of your own charm and understanding you think you know before you read what the text really means.  It bother my ward tremendously how lazy your thinking becomes over issues you just have no real understanding over.  This morning before he was awake I asked permission to make my deep mind impressions known to his brain cortex, just what I had to say and to let it sink in with this personality I call my own now. 

"You who have fused with your Adjusters better start thinking again.  Amethyst you and Ron are about the only fused humans who are taking it so seriously, you work day and night to get us into the position of fulfilling your dreams of service without being hampered by your own ignorance all the time.  Ron wrote a fifty page book plus an addendum of an excellent engineering study over how hot produce four micron coal powders that will literally end each of you your dependence  on Middle East oil and the awful politics that surround its distribution.  Russia will cry foul until it is allowed to savor the technology as our free figt to Putin if he will just stop play Tsar and let things settle down in one of the worst financial crises ever to be seen on any planet except one in another Local Universe I dare not mention. 

"Finally, I said to the deep mind a question this morning, what are you searching for Ron?

"Ron's soul piped up and I let him hear it, 'Ron you are finding the search exhausting but useful to design your own death certificate soon enough unless you pull out of the nose dive from these spiritual heights and smell the coffee.  That is not an easy message to speak inter-voluntarily, as Ron seldom bothers useless or wishful thinking in order to get done what has to be done.  Warren Smith is on his case by unwanted emails  to Ron that he is a failed piece of flotsam and jetsam by insisting on viewing reality through an outmoded and outdated belief system as some of you hold.  In Warren's view Ron is completely deranged because Warren has no clue what has been changed in universe administration and cause and effect of the attunement with a Thought Adjuster on Urantia that results in fusion as Ron has done well and fully.  

"Steve Gitz is still playing with fire and could get burned if he does not settle the question Ron has:  WHERE ARE WE?

"Gitz is likely to burn through a whole pound of doubt shortly, but flails because he will not discuss the entire matter of fusion with Ron or himself but waits for the Thought Adjuster to decide the issue and announce it to him.  Ron let it pass but not without concerns and questions and we answered all according to his capacity to understand the unthinkable in 2014.  Gitz is running like an ostrich with his head perched high but with a blind fold around his eyes so he does not have to worry it and to let it happen as an accomplished event.  Ron just said to me spontaneously, 'Adjuster, he is a vital part of things yet he leaves me cold by being silent on things he should learn to share since if he is a Team player, those on the Team have to be personally known over issues bothering them.'  I am the GITZ ADJUSTER, and Ron sees it clearly and fully yet Gitz plays outside of the arean most of the time and that creates tension for the proposed idea of a Team that must be put into place shortly.  I am that Adjuster who is to fuse him, but I stop my work frequently over issues Gitz brings up to family and nowhere else.  Ron is one excellent counselor but has no part to play so long as their is not real contact between these two individuals.

"AS Ron's Adjuster I respond to the Gitz Adjuster by pointing out what Ron pointed out to me.  It is this: Ron sees Gitz as reacting perfectly normally to an unknown event approaching.  Ron knew no Adjuster fusion was possible on Urantia unless it killed him and sent him out into the universe willy nilly.  So Ron let it settle and to be advised by Adjuster and Michael where his attunement had gone and what status it reached.  It was dumbfounded to learn he had fused on Christmas Day at his brother's houe ad the Christmas dinner table.  Gitz wants that to happen to him either at the music store or talking to friends over breakfast.  BUT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY.

"Ron truly adores how Gitz is made and drawn up, but has no real way to his views and his thinking.  That creates a turbulence with Ron who is anxious to include him among the Adjuster-fused elect.  That just will not happen unles Gitz fires up his wish list to end his penury with taxes now and to become available to his Adjuster and learn the do's and dont's of more or less complete attunement with a spark of the Father indwelling him.  Ron also sees Gitz as potentially a real and true leader once that man forgets himself and just serves instead of telling everyone he is destined to be in a Mission he yet finds so vague as to wonder who lead it?  I leave all this now to hear from the Planetary Prince."

LANAFORGE, The Planetary Prince speaks up:
"Larry you wish Ron well, and in turn he wishes you only the best, but he has been so disorganized by circumstances he hardly knows what day it is.  He has no time to warn you that you can lose your status as a fused individual if you break the law of conviviality, and run around wringing your hands instead of doing some genuine thinking!  You refuse to do it lately and it is costing you a pretty penny soon as it affects relationships everywhere.  You Larry are an excellent partner in the Team as Ron sees it but he must let you fall back to what you call a comfortable position, not lay down on the job!  I am Lanaforge and I have been away for enturies according to Ron, but he knows I have been working on Uversa for the sake of Urantia's well being.

"Nonetheless, Gitz is on the ascension, and Gossett is on the skids until he corrects the misinformation about himself and just finds solace in standing by and not keep nattering with worry all the time over everyting possible to worry about. 

"Gitz, according to me, Lanaforge, is ready to take off like a Roman candle.  He is also wading through the rubbish of friends and neighbors who take him for granted but neer give him a break otherwise.  Gitz is not unlike Ron who now faces old age without a brace of heart or goodness to find his way to fusion without condemnation,  I leave it at that."

"Ron sees the fusion of Steve Gitz essential.  If Steve refuses to take lessons better, he will wait a long time at the station for a street car known as Adjuster fusion.  I see Ron wish to talk with Steve but gets set back so hard in his own demands to finishe the work of Ilok resignation as chiefo the Ilok Powder Company, and to form a new corporation to head off more problems with the IRS.  They look at Ron as the model professor but not as the business man they must help him with.  I seek better attention to him myself but find it so hard to get time free we just let it drift.  Eat well Ron but also learn that binding must be done to day or I leave the entire matter for tomorrow.  You are finding this unusually distracting Ron over issues of harm to your self and we quite the entire matter to remind Gossett he is fused but being a lazy wazzy butcher of thought we wonder about the next step in the evolution of fused souls on Urantia.  I am Michael of Nebadon.  Good day."

Steve, may I remind you and the rest that Christianity is a cult.

You run quickly through the third definition you present here but it is the precise one you must remind your audience about.  The principle of adoration of a divine being such as the son of man,  or a Billy Graham,  constitutes the definition of a cult most whole heartedly.  The lady must be reminded she is the kettle calling pot black regarding who is in a cult.

To all, the site is in Pennsylvania.  I said that you must take the west side of the river six miles at least from the C  dam, and that dam is right on the border between the little town of Havre de Grace, Maryland and the border with Pennsylvania.  The State of Delaware is also nearby and when you take I-95past the dam heading south you pass directly into Delaware.

But do not let that confuse you.  Start at the dam on your map, and proceed north up the river which does not flow in Maryland at all  and stay on the west bank which I think you have missed in the description.  The river divides two counties.  To the east of the river is Amish territory Lancaster County, and to the west of the river is York County.  York is the County seat and that is where the court houses are.  Proceed on the west side of the line about six or seven miles and you have the site.  That is an approximation for now.

Amethyst, the Susquehanna is in the Urantia Book.  Did you know that?  The Susquehanna as three branches.  The north branch flows through New York; the West Branch flows down from the Alleghenies as a rather large trout stream in places; the central branch is the main river once it flows past Wilkesbarrow.

Since this is a blog type post I can let my hair down a little more than I can do with a hairy dictation with lots of bells and whistles.  I am about to indulge something with you that has no time frame and the numbers could be off, but bear with me as I speak to the following contexts of thought for you.

York PA is the proposed site for the Morontial Temple, which has successfully been identified to be placed on the crags overlooking the mile wide Susquehanna River in York County Pennsylvania.

If you would look at a geological map of this part of the world,  Look where the Susquehanna drains into the Chesapeake Bay.  In that area is a little town called Have de Grace.  If you would trace your finger up the west bank of the Susquehanna River six miles about the Conewingo Dam, there are located one hundred foot high cliffs that are deeply forested as well.  At the top of those elevations is a land mass of about 100 acres that we will claim from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvaia to built the five story Father's Temple, also called the Morontial Temple.

I am also assured that the Urantia Sixth Epochal Revelation as disbursed and maintained by the Foundation we have acquired, that forming the Brotherhood within it assures that those who volunteer to serve in it will do so before the Altar displaying the magnificence courtesy of the Father of the Orb of Glory which is indescribable as it glows with the divine glory of light and is purchased not but sent by Paradise to empower the Temple to represent the entire presence of the Paradise Trinity and with the glory of the Infinite Father to His material children.


« on: August 10, 2018, 12:22:14 AM »
Sharon, here is the original file below in Word


If this is a problem too let me know.  R


Thank you Sue for your observations.  I have to reconstruct my post response and it will be short and sweet compared to the post your Adjuser prepared with me including Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek.  Here is a summary of the five pages that were produced and then blacked out by a keyboard that executes the wrong stuff sometimes.  

1 - Sue, according to your Adjuster, he states flatly and unequivocally he produced the dream you posted about.  This is this true you.  However, I add that true you and going back to the past will not work with York.  Please pause and look at it realistically and I refuse to have another Coronation Street play out in this office.  You do not have to do this and you know it but you want your cake and eat it to.  I have nothing against your loves and life habits, but the repair to the past is not going to work with what has to be done without it being cleared out of you as a must do again.   YOUR ADJUSTER: “Sue I had four paragraphs which were stolen by the keyboard executing a command not shown on the keyboard keys but in essence Ron is telling you like it is.  I have no cause for alarm but you can lose the Foundation of Hope by doing this and you are warned accordingly.”

2 - Machiventa Melchizedek spoke at length.  Bottom line: Those of us who are fused which right now excluded Sue and Gossett, will be named to a Melchizedek Commission, headed by Machiventa Melchizedek, and immediately supervised by Mantutia Melchizedek, that will be the vehicle to pay us salaries and all that is required to maintain us on earth in a healthy and viable condition.  THE COMMISSION IS already assigned to and Mantutia Melchizedek will act accordingly.

3 - THE SIX -
The Six who visited Ron this past Wednesday, the 7th of August, New York time zone all day, are indded materialized entities that are the Six Absolutes as the Father is represented in all of them by function.  They have reffered to me as an unusual something or other and do not know what to classify me except the Father does know but says nothing in the report to Michael.  

The SIX as I call them are the Absolutes of Infinity including Deity Absolute who speaks for them in the materialized worlds of time.  They have changed the mind of Michael of Nebadon to make sure there are no good reasons to exclude me by removing me to the mansion worlds at this time.  Michael responded as follows: “I did not know this would or could happen.  I never saw this happen before and Ron says he drops his jaw in awe, but I drop my jaw in salute to our gracious Father on high to see to a conundrum that befuddles our planning on Urantia considerably.  Ron is permanently fused.  So is Lemuel.  So is Amethyst.  Wendy is too new to know the precise degree of fusion as far as her brain cortex is observed.  However because Sue is once again playing with the fires of the past, we are going to remove her from the care of the Melchizedek Commission that supplies the welfare of those who remain on Urantia to help with the Missions as they appear already.  Good day.”  In any case, I am (Ron) forced to exclaim this better happen soon as my life force is in jeopardy and I do not think they fully realize by how much.

Evesa [sic]** Gould White speaks: "Ron is properly amazed as I am to see THE SIX surround him while he worked with me and Michael yesterday.  Ron at the time was instructed to write a letter to the Urantia Foundation and it concluded after 15 type written pages just what had to be said regarding history and events and causes.  Michael rescinded sending the letter this morning and will keep it handy to send in a little while so they fully understand what is to happen.  Now I, known also as Ellen Gould White, am deeply involved with Ron, as he is the premier spokesman for the Sixth Epochal Revelation to speak before the public.  I conclude this by stating that Ron also just had a conversation with Dr. Sadler as he works on the sixth mansion world to prepare Urantia for the Sixty Epochal Revelation, with Ron and others he does not know.  Now this: Ron holds the one he calls Gary as so greatly disturbed by a brutal Urantia accident, he will not tolerate harm except as the Father wishes to adjudicate Gary.  He has been adjudicated now and stands in the arms of the Lord for purposes Ron knows not.  Gary blead to death on Urantia and he lost all memory of his past except, for all things, Ron and his mother, Ellen.  He sees Ellen but he cannot see Ron and that carries him to the idea that he has no Ron to see anymore and it made him so ill, nothing could be done to stop him from serious hallucinations in the morontial world number two.  Michael strode into the capital of Jerusem and was immediately taken to Mansion World Two and opening the door of the room Gary was in, saw Gary in deep turmoil because he could not hear Ron at all.  

[** Ellen Gould White is really a first name pseudonym she kept to her self.  She was not Baptized Ellen but Evesa after her Great Aunt in Mormon country died, who went west and was slaughtered by the Plains Indians and was memorialized by the Hamon family in this twin daughter (Elizabeth and Evesa), of theirs when she was Baptized.]

"We now know that Ron saved this fellow not, but that Michael took him in hand immediately, and placed him in suspended sleep for up to six months of Urantia time.  I trust Ron feels better but he weeps for his Gary as he calls the harm that befell Gary and that he prayed mightily that Gary have a chance to serve in his best talent with fellows he enjoys and that he, Ron, probably had nothing further to do with Gary’s life now.  But Michael saw it differently and made Ron a keeper of t he soul for Gary and he corrects himself now and then from feeling deeply harmed by Gary’s near passing from the morontial worlds all together.  He has been remiss no more and the trial is concluded.  Amen.  I concluded this with this statement for Ron: He sees life dreary and unhappy and painful but never gives up to see to it that what he prepared for the Missions is ready or to dissolve them after all that work.  Michael wishes them not to be dissolved but to be used when the time comes.  The Magisterial Foundation is being left not to drift, nor is the Rayson Corporation, nor will the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation be left to drift, as Ron is to prepare bank accounts for all of them and will make amends with what to do in a direct meeting with Mantutia Melchizedek and maybe with the appearance of Machiventa Melchizedek shortly.  The book with the Sixth Epochal Revelation will shortly appear on Ron’s dining room table with a written note from Mantutia on how to proceed.  I am complete and I am Ellen Gould White entrusted with this divine message to all:

“We on high have little to do with the Sixth Epochal Revelation, per se.  We have no direct connection to Ron or Dr. Sadler or to others this group does not know but Ron does.  Accordingly, we make the following statement to Ron and his listening capacity fully intact:

“Be assured the pain and swelling in your body now will abate.  THE SIX as Ron as labeled them for presentation know of his willingness and generous heart to get these things under way.  The one Ron knows as Steven Gitz is not in trouble as he thinks he is but Steven Gitz is his own trouble maker and forces issues he must not force with himself or his family even though arguments erupt.  Ron is sure Steven has a battle to win and also thinks nothing will hold him back from service when all parties involved know the fuss statement of what that entails when the details are fully released.

“I am asked if I want a new paragraph and I did but I see this is being cut short so I do not spill the beans as Dr. Sadler often said to questions and inquiries about his work in Chicago for the Fifth Epochal Revelation at the time.  In any case here is Michel to conclude this summary.

“Ron gets weary of hyperbole.  He sees to Sue Whiley and her miscreant past as something to be shorn of to set her free with new people and loves, yet she relents not and he feels good riddance if he has to deal with soap opera with her.  She does not fully understand her charge and we are getting tire of reasoning not with her she must stay the course and be rid of the negative atmosphere they have her living in.

“I also see Ron in a new Light.  I capitalize Light because the Father shone one on him yesterday, and in a manner I have never seen done before.  I am truly surprised by it and you Ron think not okay?  I am truly out of my elements with Father on all of this and must take a break to understand how much I appreciate the Father, THE SIX, and all that transferred during these events yesterday the 7th of August, 2018 on Urantia.  I also feel Ron is still befuddled over issues that tear at him and no wonder as he has been pulled by necessity to stand down, to stand up, and to stand over, every single thing we decided with gratitude and a helping hand if he could do that.  He is still a Commissioner to receive the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and a Commissioner of one, and that is because we need to tighten up security and keep the process under out control for publication and statements concerning the book’s process.

“I now have authorized a Melchizedek Commission, that will clothe and feed the five or six functional humans who have fused with their Adjusters.  Ron is adamant that Sue Whiley must toe the line or be excluded from the start of the Michael Mission.  I fully agree with him and there are reasons of State, Sue, that insist you stay as you are directed now to do.  Break that and you are past history by necessity.

“Second, Ellen Gould White was brought to Nebadon to see what Ron was about at my request.  Dr. Sadler had no idea what had become of her, but she is now a Melchizedek and that delights Ron and she knows it does for Ron may join her after his physical death to train as Melchizedek who once was human.  Machiventa Melchizedek is positive Ron already is one but we just do not see it because of the nature of his birth in 1942.  He now resides in York almost as a paraplegic due to hip and leg and heart problems he cannot fathom well enough to raise the alarm to a medical profession which cannot get its act together for him and he leaves them alone in just a little while.  I call attention to his Gary too, as he calls his high school friend, as neither of them could have guessed the future as it played out for each of them.   In any case, we are sure that destiny has intervened and I am insisting that Gary finish his schooling on the Mansion Worlds as a mathematician and then graduate to Edentia, and that is a change to his ascension plan, and work the ideals of government with Ron, as both are marvelous humans and love government unusually in Ron’s case as he has so much experience with local government too.

“Finally, this Summary is as long as the one it replaced before it was erased by a glitch in the keyboard.  We stand by with the fact it was accidental but the fact that THE SIX were revealed more than they are here, may preclude not the hand of God but the hand of the Supreme.  All in all we stand ready to begin these missions and to have Ron become healthy and happy again in spite of the drain on his life vitality at the present time.  Michael.”

“I had a big speech in the last post that got wiped out but this time simply put: Ron is not normal and he will never be normal.  He is a little Melchizedek for sure, and better yet, he prefers being human simply because he loves the love of a human so very much and feels it deeply.  I am never quite sure how to treat this small kind of human who is so big in the britches, but he surmounts the problems as best he can and as long as the money holds out, he does well.  However there is new bridge work to consider and an operation to stem the flow of blood out of his legs once there and he will do fine.  We will do the legs and the dental surgeon with accomplish the rest.  He has no real idea how to pay for all of this, but he will and it will not be hard. I am authorizing that he does nothing to harm these doctors when he is done with them but he must realize they need not know the Secrets of Supremacy, which Sue confused with THE SIX, but Ron sees the reason why and laments the comparison which caused the confusion.  I am also ready to spend some time inside Ron to figure out my use of him if at all as the Melchizedeks obey the will of the Trinity, but Ron is so young he finds the will of the Father as totally satisfactory and abides therein.  

“I wish all of you a good day.  God the Supreme.”


Hello Prozonov,
I must confess I feel very fortunate to received this schedule, but I dare not ask for any explanation beyond them giving me what I think is a big brush paint stroke over so vast of changes they will not answer me or anyone about the details they sent me to show you too.  I am just being honest to tell you that even our relationships to Michael and the Creative Spirit are strained between us and I am in the dark mostly too where they at least made it bearable to understand more than they give now.  But let me tell you this from my sense of some of this and take it as unofficial and just a human read and not a divine help to understand.

What I think this means is that the Mediterranean Sea will be closed off.  How I do not know.  But it is a giant body of water that serves to create nothing but mischief where it touches all that land from Spain and northern Africa to Turkey and Libya.  Greece is doomed I fear, not because it is bad, but because it is a land mass that sits astride huge and broken underground stone plates that are ancient and cracked already after millennia and millennia of life as support to land that must be refreshed as God would look at it.
My impression is that the Sea we call Mediterranean is too over worked as sailing means between people north and south and east and west that it cannot sustain being called good for everyone anymore.  We are looking at a moral question of life and death and I fear that the Father has decided to rearrange the face of earth in order to reset the relationships to some good but not until the future arrives in the time of the appearance of our beloved Jesus.  Jesus has nothing to do with these vast,  and for human life, horrible changes that rips the sea bed of the Mediterranean out of place and forces places like Libya and Romania into abject fear of existing at all.  I cannot give you details more than that but I do have a vision over it but I must be circumspect as to how it plays out.

It is not fair to say more because I am so imprecise over the views I have been given over the plot of centuries to come as just how earth looks from space.  I am not sure it looks much like it does now but the God of heaven says very little more and I drop it due to my insufficiency of capacity to know more, at least at this moment.   I have not and do not dare write this out except as an answer to genuine questions about that schedule of epochal changes.  I doubt I really helped you but probably scare you.  We have been warned that earth changes are ready to happen, and they are not small changes but apocalyptic changes in the main.  Thank you for your post.  Ron.

Amethyst you wrote:
"I wrote this before reading Ron's last post. Michael says the Magisterial Mission is scrapped under the heading "The Schedule for Divine Events.." Mother Nebadonia told Lemuel today that the MM is on now----so Yes I am confused."

Ron: Amethyst you do not have to be confused, but read it differently.

What it says is that the formal, all departments to be assigned as a Magisterial Mission is now reduced to about five instead of over a dozen.  You did not know that, but you did know the Missions were revised months ago to follow the Michael Mission, and that brought about the scrapping of departments in the Magisterial Missions because Michael would do some of them in his own Mission.  You have to read between the lines as it sometimes is never directly spoken to because they thought you already understood the circumstances.

Now the Magisterial Mission as Serara runs it is mostly financial.  You know that but you do not recognize it as that important.  You likely feel it is so esoteric it flies  out of your attention span.  But Serara is already on Urantia directing the Melchizedek Corp to understand the Federal Reserve policy as Serara is a genius at financial terminology and how the United States operates to fund its own government through fluidized beds of cash without principal.   What that is that when someone says to Uncle Sam, you own me a billion dollars, Uncle Sam goes to the Federal Reserve and gives them a chit for a billion dollars and they can walkout of the bank with a billion in their pocket in cash.  The problem with that is that the cash in Sam's pocket is broken down into petty cash everywhere and nobody understands what it is worth unless they have gold to compare it, and that is the value of the gold market.  Gold will become king again and this time the Federal Reserve will be broke as Fort Knox has very little gold reserve stored in it for the time being.  Serara feels he must restore the gold reserve and bring back precious metal coinage which I love to support because I am a coin collector and what we have now is junk change for money and I find it embarrassing.  In any case that work to figure out how to restore the US mint to use gold and silver again is actual work being done today with the Melchizedeks and the Magisterial Son Serara running the show as we speak.  Yes, that part of the Magisterial Mission is running now, but Serara insists he will return to Urantia as a sub measure to  the Michael Missions if only to help Michael and Jesus come to grips with the outrageous use of stocks and bonds as collateral which is guaranteeing a financial collapse shortly without naming a date for now.  

Ron and Serara speaking back and forth on this explanation.



Followup Post 3
Thread New Revelation Beyond the 6th epochal revelation
No Understanding Yet and Why a Third Followup Post.
August 7, 2018 at York

Ron here.  I am still looking at this thing as uselessly abstract.  What is to come is the sounding roar of a freight train not even in sight yet, and I stand at the end of the curve that when it rounds the curve ahead of me, I can see it and see what sort of machine that is so big it harms my sense of comfort.

I retrace something here for you now.  What did I experience in the prophetic view of a former Church lady that inspirit Dr. Sadler who wrote with his family the work to bring the Urantia Book to us finally in 1955?  Ellen Gould White was experience totally unlike I was ever thinking she was to be experienced as.  She did not like being called Ellen either as she preferred her given name– which no one remembers including her biographers– which was Elvira Elise Harmon.  She had a twin sister Elizabeth, and the Gould name was her Mother’s maiden name too.  I include that information so you have a sense for her and why she suddenly looms very important to me too. Let me start with this.

Ellen Gould White spoke with me for hours on August 6th.  She spent a few hourse with me today for a couple of hours attempting to help me understand what was happening to me.  I admit I still do not know what is happening to me as I still see no point to a transition phase that is nothing but a painful experience for years now.  Not until the past three months has it been so intense and I know the reasons for the pain, but those reasons do not tell me why.  But Dr. White, as she asked me to call her, (I started calling her Miss White and that made her laugh but in all honesty she is Miss White more to me than being the theocratic author of so many books on religion which she thinks entitles her to being called Doctor.  I am happy to call her Doctor and I think she deserves the title more than shed does.

I stayed up for 24 hours since August 6th and then another 12 hours more today, and I relate to you what you should hear about but I do not know anything about it and I am assured I will never in billions of years of coming service, I doubt I will know anymore than what I know today.


While I was transforming a transmission for Michael of Nebadon today, about 930am, Dr. White spoke to me and told me Michael wished to communicate with more or less urgently.  I stopped taking her transmission, placed my fingers loosely upon the keyboard and just waited as Michael knows with an open page in the word processor being typed on, Michael can just come in and I make the transition to his dictation easily.

I waited only a few moments, and Michael sain in a stern voice, go to your bed an lie down now.  I got up quickly and went to my bedroom, and lay down on my back facing a wall with a large glass window with a lot of bright light comingf in that really hurt my eyes.  Michael told me to cross my hands across my chest and to close my eyes to avoid eye straing, or at least I thought so.  Within seconds of closing my eyes, a beautiful sphere opened up in my mind’s eye.  It was the planet Saturn, and as it rotated on its axis, it started to move around in space almost in widening circles.  Its color was a deep sand red and it started spewing off its rings and then threw off shards of lightining and convoluted arcs of white light.  I had a terrible time guessing what I was seeing but I finally got it as I was viewing the prophecy of the disappearance by implosuion of the planetary giant called Saturn.

But that was not the real show.

I felt a voice directly overhead.  I mean, I felt it!  Clearly spoken, not loud or soft, and easy to really understand.  AT the same time directly over my head I knew there was a conveyance of some unusual nature.  I now tell you a reconstruction of what it ws but it took me hours to learn about it and it was this:

For those who are fused, they met them and did not know it.  They are one of the Orders the Father holds entirely sacred and totally his and never seen unless you fuse on a planet.  To meeth them you have to fuse on an earth on a planet like we are born on here.

There are only six of them created.  The name of the Order was given to me but was then immediately taken out of my memory.  I doubt I would know it even if someone said out loud to me again.  They spoke to me in friendly terms and said they wanted to speak to me before they disappeared forever.  I would never hear them or see them again.  They existed beyond eternity.  They were six in number and all that the Father created.

The six secrets of Supremacy as I call them here are actually another creation, but I call them that because they interact with God the Supreme and when they do, they act as though they own the world they land on.  They are not ours ever to know but I was allowed to speak with their leader.

“I interject here for reasons of State.  Ron is telling the truth but he is not fully informed other than they are brough forth, a total of six in number, to go to a planet that is beginning to have their humans start the fusion process.  These Six are never discussed elsewhere and only I, Tiahuan Melchizedek, am allowed to work with them in order to make sure they do not run into problems landing on a planet and getting into a dust up over credentials.  They have many battles but they always win.  Michael of Nebadon knows them so well he lets them do whatever they want to do.  Today they visited Ron, as Ron is preliminarily choosing to stay on Urantia for service to the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and a lot more on that.  These six beings are never heard of in entire Superuniverses mostly and the Superuniverse of Orvonton is truly the last place we ever expected to see them.  Yet Ron engendered them to the point they made a specail trip to Urantia to meet him.  Folks you have no idea what this human can do and they are here to ascertain he has these capabilities.  When they reentered their craft, what you might call a UFO if you saw one of them, they moved single file around Ron, this morning as he was first talking with Elizabeth Hamon, the twin sister to Ellen Gould White, and Elizabeth said to Ron, you need to go lay down at once.  She saw the entities enter the room from Ron’s left to his right and circles around him. 

“Ron was getting very tires having been up for over 24 hours and did not hear Elizabeth’s urgency so Michael called upon him to get to lay down and have this work done. He did so and in ten minutes it was over.  He felt no pain and no useless mental aberration, and then fell solidly asleep for about one hour.  He awoke with fiercely burning pain in his legs and got up to drom by gravity blood circulation that helps to amend the pain.  That is when the hovering craft of the house that was fully cloaked and invisible to the neighborhood, started to rise up and the telepathic conversation began.  They told him the following:

“You Ron have not enough energy to remain on the planet Urantia.  It is a high energy planet and you deserve no better than to repair to your death immediately.  I saw Ron take it calmly and wait for more to be said.  It was concluded that he did not have all that Michael wanted him to have, but was likely the most spiritual advanced on Urantia for decades and decades of millennia, and still acquiring great skills to teach and speak to those who wanted to know more about God and Infinity.  We believe Ron will have the power to teach Infinity very soon and the Father is most grateful to have at least someone capable of doing that well enough to be credible to logical exposition of the subject. 

These six entities then moved to tell Ron, that because he was in such weak condition that the Prophetess known as Ellen Gould White, was empowered to help him out of his present dilemma of which there are three main factors no one should ever be caught it and avoid happening.

Life Extension fully granted now:

1 - He was to be granted life extension to serve on Urantia as long as Michael saw the need to use Ron.  We surmise that is at least two hundred years, and likely at least double that.  Further more he had to relieve his heart with his friend with is medically impaired friend on the Mansion Worlds, and to give Michael the power to end the anguish he feels over Gary and how tragically he died so young.  He is bereft of any way to help him yet he prays for Gary and his work to come for us.

Get Some Discipline Ron to Save Yourself Trouble 

2 = These six entities also said that Ron lacked a lot of self control, but that he was making great strides in doing very well, and they would not hold it against him.  They also said that Ron lacked discipline in certain issues and that they had to remind him he may not do just anything and they demonstrated a shocking event to Ron who got the idea so well he quite immediately Internet past times that caused problems to him anyhow.   They were satisfied they had a superhuman for presentation to the Father later on today and they made it sound so good Ron was blessed with a long afternoon visit of Dr. William S. Sadler and the entire Contact Commission for the first Urantia Book. 

Michael Will Help Ron Help Gary to Help Ron end his deep concern & Gary’s happiness

3 - Michael interjected, that Ron must find solace for his friend Gary and that He, Michael, would help all he could to get Gary well in heart again as the death so young harmed him greatly and Ron will not rest until he finds solace with a new life on high and a career in mathematics as God promised him years earlier. 

4 - The life of Gary Rorhbaugh was gently suspended today to help him rest at ease as his Morontial Supervisor felt he was so excited in meeting Ron he fell ill again and Ron quickly saw the problem and prayed to me Michael, to save this man he cared for deeply so he could resume his ascension career in at least modest happiness.  He also prayed that Gary find someone he needed and could use as a confidant and meeting of minds to bring happiness to a man that had his life snuffed out under a farm tractor that crushed his skull so cruely Ron weeps yet.   I agree with Ron, and will help Gary regain a life too.

5 - The mind of Gary is brilliant as Ron surmises.  If it is possible Ron sees Gary being a ward of the universe no longer than necessary and with such intelligence and heart he always had for Ron, to serve the Father generously for eons of service to come.

Ron here again - I always look out for those who are greatly harmed by something they could not help and I refuse to let stay harmed if I can do anything to prevent that.  I feel that in friendship for all.  And now you need to know more that this follow up pretends to help you with in what is to come.

My Gary is your Gary too.  He is everyone and every man and every thing worthy of preservation in Nebadon or any other Local Universe.  He was a good man and a beautiful man of kindness and refreshing social ability.  In that search for Gary over the past few days, I learned great humility over the things I must preserve for others too and am deeply indebted to his parents who spoke with me this evening.  They are truly lover people and I know Gary needs their help too and I pray with them to have God intervene with him to preserve him for the future and the service I know he can achieve all by himself.  I recnounced bifurcation until Gary is matured enough to be himself again and leave the pain of a too early death that saps his sense of belonging.

Now, one more thing.

I trust that the Father has found all of you!  We have a real problem Houston!  I see something of what is coming because I have been taken into confidence and I warn you I dare not explain anything about I am to say next.

A - Our solar system is up for grabs.  Reasons abound but let me report what Michael said to me today as I contemplated the visions given as noted above.  Michael told me Saturn is a real nuisance and has to be watched every minute as it wobbles on its axis and is so large, it can implode and become nuclear quickly and Monmatia cannot stand that strain at all and it woul be destroyed along with its sun.  Saturn is not an ejection planet contrary to scientific explanations.  It is a left over half-sun from the Angona System that formed this part of the universe anyway stealing two planets from the Monmatia Sun, and leaving Saturn and Jupiter in their place in almost the identical spot the other two planets used to orbit in.

B - No one needs to tell you we have an inhabited planet out side of earth orbit now as the moon Titan is inhabited with a non breather species of humanity.  They are in grave danger already too and must be removed before Saturn implodes which we will induce without damage to Titan or Urantia and Mars is in grave danger to break up and form an asteroid belt even larger than the Kuiper Belt may be seen to be.


C - Monmatia is also inhabited by two early stage inhabited planets beyond Pluto, and science better soon wake up or they will panic and send man to Mars which is a death sentence for all the reasons given here.  Ron has the amazing ability to know it is a most dangerous decision NASA ever made and it will bet tragic if they go.

D - Monmatia will also lose Jupiter much later as it will call the space Saturn now holds for its own.  This is because the gravity dissolution of Saturn is terrible to behold and the Saturn moons will crash into Mars causing the break up of the earth like planet.

We have now provided the spectacle, now let us work out why it affects the Sixth Epochal Revelation.


“I am Michael of Nebadon, and we better be sure we understand each other now.

“Ron started all this about fifteen years ago when he started to rail against the awful people who read the Urantia Book and became so rigid they could not be nice and discuss what was about to happen at that date, but became rarely livid to destroy Ron for daring to expound a coming Mission to Urantia, then called the Magisterial Mission.  Ron made the name Monjoronson famous and it still sweeps the globe unmercifully.  He never meant to do that but that is public media for you.  In any case the Missions were pulled back three times, and Ron suffered with a lot of egg on his face as he calls it today.  It cannot be helped but some people never forgive changes in schedules which there were.


“Now we are faced with another change I never anticipated and the schedule looks like this today:

i - - Michael Mission to Urantia, 2018 - 2025;
ii – Magisterial Missions scraped entirely again;
iii - Serara, the Magisterial Son, arrives in March, 2019 or before over financial crisis;
iv – Jesus prepared entry as the Second Bestowal Son Urantia will historically have probably in the year 2025 or slightly earlier;
v - - The desturction of the American West Coast circa 2023;
vi – The vast loss of life in Eastern Europe circa 2024-25;
vii - The end of destructive force on Urantia 2035;
viii- The Planetary Broadcasts begin 2093 or later although they are being used to some extent with this Transmitter, Ron Besser, for reasons of State;
ix – The end of the Michael Mission circa 2042 or later;
x - - The process begins to review the Sixth Epochal Revelation for book distribution 2024 or later;
xi – The last of the Magisterial Son’s work for financial reclamation on Urantia 2057 or later;
xii - The Beginning of a special revelation to extend the Sixth Epochal Revelation into the thirty-first century beginning in 2710 or there about.

“I am the Creator Son of Nebadon, and I have provided this tentative schedule and beliee me it mises a huge amount of smaller step details which Ron reminded me to state so the reader does not over simplify this schedule list.

“To conclude this long missive, Followup Post 3 is not the end of what Ron feels you should know if decides there is sufficient interest ot post the rest, but for now we conclude this post for your reading edification.  Good day. Michael.”


“I too have a schedule for Urantia to begin Light and Life now.  It is as follows:

I - - Light and life is tentatively scheduled to begin on Urantia sometime in the thirty-first century AD on Urantia.  The proposed calendar introduction to correct centuries of timing entry is not scrapped and will be added to Urantia civilization by Serara, the Magisterial Son, about 3105 AD and that will preclude any numerical year change by insisting that Jesus restart the calendar the year 1 at his Second Bestowal inauguration. 

ii – Light and Life will be declared by the Paradise Trinity, and will become associated with the appearance of God the Supreme, the Secrets of Supremacy, Ron did not meet this morning, but they are so closely amalgamated, we call them almost identical.  Ron knows their voice but not their appearance, but the Chief of the expedition showed a quick facial feature and Ron found it not unpleasant.  Ron just flashed me a picture of what he saw and he is dead accurate. 

iii - Light and Light, Phase I, begins we think the year 1075, and that is the new calendar starting year 1 when Jesus is seens as Bestowed on Urantia again.

iv – Light and Life will extend sixteen centuries beyond its beginning estimated to be in the new calendar year 1035 to end 17115 or there about.  Then begins the Deification of the planet of Urantia to become a new star in Nebadon, as the planet may well be abandoned and a star system itsel with architectural spheres placed around as university spheres of light for the memorial centennial of the appearance of the Supreme in time and space.”

I AM MICHAEL -"We have concluded this Followup 3 without a full explanation as to why Ron was visited by the Agents of God the Supreme and the Paradise Father.  Ron does not have a clue and I do not really know either.  Followup 4 will address it when we can get to it.  Meanwhile, we write that his friend Gary is vastly improved and waiting to hear if Ron can visit again and I said no, not until he was feeling better and new the value of the visit from Ron.  And Ron referenced how the Apostle Andrew visited Judas in the prison mansion world to cheery him up and to see to his eventual rehabilitation, but Ron knows from bitter experience never to try to do that without me at his side.  Judas dies by his own hand one day when he suddenly collapsed on the third prison world and was not more.  I do not relent one iota over that monster and Ron recalls Andrew as the kind one he feels to be like him for the friends who are harmed by death and live on the mansion world without much hope of joy again.  I pause to thank Ron for this and his love for his friend and that Gary must not perish without him by his side to give him last rites.  Ron smiles at that for Gary his is ward now and we give them both all that can be given for what needs to be done for this lonely child of God on mansion world two.  Good day."


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