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A Medical Description Which Causes Autism and
HOW ABORTED CHILDREN IN RESURRECTION are treated for Autism upon Awakening.

//Reserved for post publication shortly//  Ron Besser

Permit me to explain something before I get into what is truly a break through in the view of what causes it and how it is naturally grown out of if we stop fooling around with expensive but useless treatments in some of the medical view which provide cures that are temporary but so often revert back almost to a state of idiocy in the patient.

Most people view spirit as an afterlife.  To humans that is what it is mostly.  However, understand that spirit has an active role in all designs of the mind and the brain stem in the human from infancy to the maturity and finally the passing of life to the next worlds of education and dependency of intellectual development from that point on from the ministry of the Spirit of God.  I am not going to get too far into any of this, but for you who are deeply concerned about the condition called AUTISM, it is vital for you to know that the problem that becomes autism begins in the fetus of the child to be.

I will return to that view in a few moments, but also let me explain to those who know nothing about spiritual contact, you have a lifetime of learning to know what that is and how it happens and how that impact can be actually heard in writing the dictation down of spirit so that one gets to see what spirit sees when it comes to the condition called AUTISM.

First one has to learn that actual communication of spirit can result in published books.  I am not referring to the Bible, as that is more a compilation of God seeking individuals or the Rabbinical writings known to some of you called Saints (such as Paul of Tarsus) or poets (such as the Second Isaiah), or what Israel established as the Prophets (Micah and Malachi just to name two).  The modern era has its clerics and its priests and its holy men and gurus, and all are more or less in some sort of contact with spiritual reality' however, there is a more organized department for direct spirit contact and that through the direct contact with spiritual agencies which are there to transfer vital information to a culture and society, which has finally reached the point of development that such a culture can work in the presence of actual spirit personalities and take down the information for publication.

I am one of those individuals through many circumstances I never planned for who can sit with spirit personalities and receive what spirit wants published, especially when it comes to diseases.  Autism is not a disease though for it is a brain stem condition that needs to be explained what that condition is and why it is important to know what it is and how to treat it.  Most autistic children are frightfully absolved of any social grace, and can be quite embarrassing in some cases to have them openly in the family presence.  This is not the child's fault, but it comes about due to a nasty biological condition that spirit has resolved to finally tell us about.

I feel I need to tell you the scene about how we learned this about AUTISM, so you understand it was not magical or spoken to our ears in a fashion that comes close to Moses on the Mount.  Far from it ladies and gentlemen, it came about this way"

I, and two other colleagues, were in the process of holding a meeting concerning the probability of a coming of intervention of spirit forces so powerful it would reshape the world.  We are scientists in most respect and do not view the rapture with any kind of reality, but those of the Baptist reality, and even the Rabbinical conservatives found exclusively in Israel, hold that Moses would return and prepare a new set of proscriptions for a new state of being on earth.   That is beside the idea of the Messiah still held by many around the world.  We do not ascribe to these views as the practical way to go about changing culture through spirit intervention. but we do not argue with them since perception is mostly the law of what you explain why something happens.   We agree from full evidence presented to us through direct spirit intervention that the civilizations on earth have reached their zenith of development for now and that spirit must intervene to prevent self destruction of a very complex ecosystem call ed a living planet.

On the 18th of January, (yesterday as I put this down to read), three of us were asked by spirit to sit around my dining room table and finish what turned out to be a four day meeting on the subject of just how we can help the spirit intervention we have been warned about, each so independently to us, and prepare the resources monetary and corporately, to make the probability of intervention to be so thoroughly astounding, even grade schoolers would notice how they have to go about certain routine habits of normal habitation in the community.

This group that sat around my table which I came to chair due to long experience contacting the input agencies of formal spirit to provide information to mankind, is formally called a Contact Commission.

A Contact Commission is a title to indicate to spirit that the persons so assigned to a Contact Commission are completely vetted in their life situation that they are acceptable to epochal revelation input from the highest spirit sources possible.  For myself I have had this experience in training for the past sixteen months specifically as a Contact Commissioner and my fellow Commissioners have had similar work experience in the same spirit training through seraphic  teachers and mind indwelling agencies as well.

The last day of these Contact Commission meetings was wrapping up, and since I receive much of this publication usages from spirit, I was approached by the Chief of Seraphim who runs and administers the entire angelic realm from a capital sphere from which all angels are dispatched for ministry to our planet and millions of inhabited planets beyond our earth's influence.   The name of this individual Chief of Seraphim is Luminaya, and they as all angels and high spirit beings are friendly to talk to and bursting with information if they are allowed to give it to us. 

Luminaya spoke candidly to me:  the wife who departed earth about three years ago now is being educated on one of the resurrection worlds called a mansion world.  Luminaya asked one of the Commissioners around sitting with me around my table, would he permit a contact with his wife Jane who is being taught to be a doctor on the spirit spheres.  Steven Gitz was delighted to hear his wife again and said so, and we then were connected to the university on mansion world two with Jane Gitz, as she used to be known.

Jane Gitz relayed the fact that her actual detailed work was to learn how she would work with the life giving spiritual agencies through her when she learned the technique, to resurrected from  the nursery those children who had been aborted on earth.

Jane Gitz in her earth life worked with Foundations and doctors to learn how to deal with children who had autism and spent her final days worrying about the fact she had accumulated so much information with her husband Steven Gitz, she feared all of her efforts to lean what she did would be lost.   Jane relates that upon her resurrection, the Father of all Spirit interviewed her and asked if she would be interested in working with an unfortunate group of fetus personalities who never had a chance to live an earth life since they were aborted.  An earth life is essential for people to receive normal resurrection (same personality but new body and a superb education to follow).  Jane agreed and our contact with her yesterday found her in her third year at a special university that worked exclusively to bring new life aborted back to life and give them the childhood they missed due to the miscontent of a parent who had no use for them on earth.

Our resurrected Jane, told her earth husband, that in bringing aborted children back to life, that about ten percent of them arrived with AUTISM.  The University elders teach that this condition is actually a natural condition due to the fact that the brain stem of homo sapiens is sometimes attacked by the pattern designs of intellect to be, to cause the result of what on earth we call autism.  For you who are reading this you note I sometimes capitalize the word autism and I do that to emphasize we are on subject and to notice it from the jumble of all these words and letters in small case letters.  That is all it is.  It is my habit to do that because people with short attention spans do not expect that to happen, but I do to get them awake and ready to assimilate the teaching.  Now this:

In our interview with the mansion world Jane Gitz, she relates how they are instructed to deal with autism so that it is a passing phase of child development and only a passing phase.  It is not a brain malformation but a brain malfunction, that if left alone would grow out of and the child becomes quite normal as itself.

On earth, the phase would normally, if left alone to correct itself, would do so in a span of years estimated for earth to be when the child was six and on half to eight and one half.  Thereafter the child is totally normal, speaks, and proceeds to develop what we call IQ at a normal developmental rate.

I am now going to do something a little unusual, and to break this narrative off at this point,  I am going to explain the science of the condition on the brain stem that is actual autism in scientific views as it was described to us in the same way, but readers needed this introduction to that science view to understand how we got it and will see it introduces a new concept that is part psychological and part medical.  Look for my next post below which is really Part II of this post.

Thank you

Ron Besser,
Contact Commission Chair

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: Today at 12:00:53 AM »
I have not a lot of information to share on this one as it was quite a surprise for us to learn that the Universe of Universes have now opted to approve us as the Contact Commission on Urantia to do a lot of work over the coming years.  While this work has been specified in what Michael of Nebadon spoke to in the Third Meeting day yesterday, little more was explained for scheduling purposes whose timing I dare release and there is a tentative nature to some of it.

We were rewarded with a visit from Trinity Teacher Son Uteah.  Yesterday we had the company of Jesus through most of the meeting, but today we had no sign of Jesus but the Chief of Seraphim on Uversa and on Salvington and on Urantia.  The Urantia Chief also happens to be the Salvington Chief of Seraphim and is, in fact, a Supernaphim you all know as Luminaya.

Luminaya spoke to make it clear that the Chief of Seraphim of long ago had defaulted to the Lucifer Rebellion and was replaced by first an Omniaphim, then by a Supernaphim, which still is a Primary Supernaphim from Uversa and stationed now on Paradise as reward for his services on Urantia too.

Luminaya is fostering a new Seraphim Manotia type which was along and beside Luminaya as he spoke to the Contact Commission.  I transmitted Luminaya and Manotia as did Larry Gossett and so did Steven Gitz to get used to the very high frequency Luminaya represents to a transmitter.  In that transmission we had Manotia contact the mansion worlds and found Steven Gitz's wife (Jane) there and she taught us her work to learn how she was to resurrect aborted  children and the problems associated with such a resurrection.  She advised Steven it was great work to do and when Steven Gitz is finished in the flesh on Urantia, he would come to his wife again and together they would become doctors to work with children and others who need special care to be resurrected into the ascendant life. 

Rayson, the Magisterial Son, also attended and spoke at length about several projects I am to finish with him and that his work for the Magisterial Mission also included working on the inventions of producing in the field water machines which manufacture water out of even a dry atmosphere.

We concluded this day with a benediction from the Father for the success for our work and to commence working on an SOP through Larry Gossett on Jesus security protocols for the appearance and engagements for the Jesus speaking tour.  I was given the okay to start work on a second book on the four micron coal technology and infinity as, believe it or not, they are related directly.  Steven Gitz has legal work to take care of once we get some funding.

The Contact Commission for several days now has been meeting with Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek and a few others mostly about money and how to deal with large sums.  We agree we have to get used to it and Machiventa Melchizedek spoke thus:

"You are recognize that nothing on Urantia can move at all without money in the bank.  It was made clear to me that there had to be some money placed in accounts Ron uses and that he must have access to some of that stuff immediately in order to pay travel expenses and legal fees.  In turn I made it clear to Michael of Nebadon, I had to have the signature of the Creator Son to obtain the money to fill those accounts Ron has established to get moving on various resource hungry projects the Contact Commission has been given permission to start on right away.   However, once again Michael demured and we are not waiting for his decision to fund all of this for now.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and the Deity Absolute weighed in on this subject next."


"Ron Besser keeps hitting snags not of his doing and permissions were given and then Ron laughed at the site of the account and Michael withdrew his signature to teach Ron he needs to be highly practical about account numbers.  Okay,. that was not true.  Ron had to laugh at the site of the account number and it will be placed there in a few hours or days from now.  He believes it when he sees it as he should approach this entire matter once again.  I am sure it will appear there Ron but you have to be prepared to hear Mantutia Melchizedek for proper dispersal.  You are doing well Ron as you are under heavy sedation for healing work all over and you hope to God that is true.  It is.

"Michael of Nebadon made it clear that Ron must speak, somehow, with the present Urantia Foundation, and he has no problem with that, but the Urantia Foundation, must place all opportunities in one basket and visit York.  Ron has been instructed to set up a hotel conference room to host them when they appear and if they appear.  He feels no obligation other than to respond to any entreaty they may have to meet in York and fill them in on just what the heck is going on to produce a new epochal revelation and if they want to help with its preparation.  We hold no allusions in this and will help Ron and the Contact Commission to bring some knowledge and education to all in this possible meeting in York.

"I am the Deity Absolute and I now have a direct circuit to the Contact Commission.  This Contact Commission is much more open than the Sadler Contact Commission, and that is mostly because Calugastia still roamed the earth when Dr. Sadler began preparing the fifth epochal revelation for inspiration and publication.  We also feel that Ron Besser must take hold of the meeting and make it plain just who and what the real reason for the SER is to be made available now or very soon.  The Urantia Foundation is truly unaware what has happened in the local Universe of Nebadon and its reaffiliation and amalgamation with seven other nearby Local Universes to form one administrative space unit but to have individual purposes maintained and all eight Creator Sons in charge of their respective Local Universe.   Ron was given permission to speak with five of the other Local Universe Chiefs and is well advised that this Contact Commission on Urantia will become a contact point for the Amalgamated Group of eight Local Universes to collectively to be known as GILLIUM (pronounced phonetically as GIL' Yeh Um).  The Deity Absolute."

This is Michael of Nebadon speaking now:

"I am truly sorry to report that the final patch of work we did at York this day was useless to extra planning for the Contact Commission work, but we had concluded most of that work in the three days prior to today.  What transpired today was a wide open new revelation on autism and other brain maladies given to the Contact Commission for their own edification.  I will not discuss that here and will wait for Ron to write it up for you all to understand how the revealtion came about and the extraordinary discussion which followed the revelation from Ron and Steven Gitz.  Steven worked with is wife Jane before she died to understand autism and now Jane is working on the mansion worlds where autism can happen in the nursery for young children and their development on morontial worlds.   Ron is also particularly interested in the medical profession too and that will be afforded in his life on Urantia in the flesh in the coming years.  He will become a well known doctor and present new discoveries to the world for better health care.  All of this was implied in this fourth meeting and we will say no more for now.

The next Contact Commission Meeting will not be held for over a month now and is scheduled tentatively for March 4th, 2019 at 2709 Sunset Lane York.  We are happy to entertain guests with approval to come first.  Not all can get into the dining room of the house.  We also point out that Luminaya examined Ro's health as the Primary Supernaphim stood on the right shoulder of Ron as he sat transmitting Luminaya to the Commission.  The discovery by Paradise as to just what the synchrony problem is is truly astounding and it is so secret yet we dare not bring it fully to you here.  We will say this, as Ron is truly a black swan among all your white swans on this list.  And when Paradise gives us permission to speak to it, we will tell you quite a social story then.  Good day."

"I just got barbed by Ron and he let me take a side swipe over how sour I sounded and he said thank you in a way id did not like.  Now this:  Your Besser is a character out of Damion Runyon and you who know what that is know how funny it can be.  I am sure if you ever attended one of these meeting s you would be changed for ever as all who do figure out it is a wonderful experience to see how Ron blends spirit with material people and vice versa and all leave wondering what happened sometimes as it is rare and useful to hear him speak truly.  I learned a great deal just watching Ron work this time in spite of a painful surgery that kept his mouth open all the time.   I also report that Ron is promised quite a bit of changes to himself in the next few days and says I will believe it when I see it.  I am guaranteeing it will happen.  Michael. K"


Probable Pole Shift everyone:

Here is a little of what Icon's reference to that web site says:

Rapid and erratic movements of Earth’s north magnetic pole have prompted an early update to a model that assists with navigation. The scheduled fix was supposed to happen on January 15, but the US government shutdown has forced an unwelcome delay.
The magnetic north pole is shifting at an unprecedented rate. Over the last 30 years, the rate of distance that the magnetic north pole moves per year has sped up, around 15km per year to around 55km per year, according to Nature.

Unlike the static geographic north pole, the north magnetic pole is in constant flux, influenced by the movements of iron-rich fluids deep below the Earth’s crust. Or at least that’s the theory — the whole thing is still somewhat of a scientific mystery.
The World Magnetic Model (WMM) provides a five-year forecast of the Earth’s magnetic field, which assists with navigation. But the rapid and irregular movements of the north magnetic pole over the past three years have made the 2015 WMM inaccurate.


Michael of Nebadon - Quickly stated, Urantia is undergoing a genuine pole shift now but no dark period is anticipated.  More of this info will come out in a few short weeks from the Power Directors and sites like this are so helpful I wish more people would pay attention to the.  The shift has started and will take about six weeks to complete maybe about by August 1st they will know it well enough.  Michael."


General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:35:36 AM »
I placed a summary up with Michael of Nebadon and the Melchizedeks speaking with and for us if you would go to this link"

Thank you

General Discussion / Re: message by Chris Maurus
« on: January 18, 2019, 04:33:06 AM »
Hi Clency,  the quarantine is total as it was in Lucifer rebellion in that it disallows visitors to the planet and more or less strands persons already here and now cannot get off until the ban is lifted.  Here is Michael to explain some more:

"I am sure Ron meant well putting that Uteah post up but it was not a clean transmission Maurus supplied all of you.  Ron felt that it had to be put up regardless of the condition of the transmission because as coincidence would have it, we spent hours with the Contact Commission yesterday morning on the very subject the Maurus transmission addressed.  The transmission was assigned to Chris Maurus to determine his ability to transmit important information. Unfortunately Chris drinks too much wine when he sits down to transmit and that is verboten and no one, and I mean, NO ONE, will drink any alcohol when the transmit important information for us in the coming days.

"Ron has refused to remotely consider Maurus as a good transmitter until he stops that wine habit or whatever he imbibes in during a transmission.  Ron also refused to do a summary last night due to exhaustion and he was instructed to go to be almost after the sun set last night.  Now it snowed a little over night and those southern boys as Ron calls them are looking at snow on their cars without a snow brush in sight and laughing at Ron yesterday for having a brush in the car.  Now they know why he does.  In any case let me set all of you straight about these Contact Commission meetings and save Ron doing what is really a hard summary to do:

"There was no collusion between me and the Ancients of Days yesterday.  I transmitted my information to the Contact Commission from Uversa and they took it well.  However, Veronica sent Ron the Maurus transmission and he asked her to post it on the forum so you saw the subject.  Another individual did the same so the list had two of the same transmission from Maurus.  Ron considered it super important so people on the discussion forum got the right impression, that things are truly awful on Urantia, and Uteah hit the nail on the head precisely and warned that Urantia could be exposed to a disposition where the entire planet might be evacuated and destroyed just to get rid of the name as well.

"Now I dispute it is that bad, except Ron now knows some decidedly dicey information from me yesterday he did not share with anyone because he did not know what to do with it.  I am returning to Uversa once again today to stand down with all Missions until I fully understand how Ron is to play his card(s) with the Urantia Foundation, so we have full approval to withstand the chicanery that might come from that quarter with no cooperation whatsoever.  I have asked Ron to write a letter, but as Ron lay in bed this morning he fully decided it was not the right thing to do at all if ever.  I now concur with him on the issue entirely.

"I am also returning to Urantia this morning to the last day of meetings at York to determine just how unwell Ron really is and see that no help was extended to him during the night as we promised yesterday.  That tells Ron the fix is in to dismiss him and he has written out his will and all is ready now.  But I am telling him and you that will not happen and he will be healed shortly in spite of appearances.  This morning the meeting deals with secret agreements between the Contact Commission and the Bestowal Son who is to return under their guidance for security purposes and maintenance purposes for Jesus when this all happens.  I swore the Contact Commission in last evening to become the first Bestowal Commission on Urantia ever, and they are fully apprised as to dates and time and needs.  It is a huge undertaking but it remains highly confidential other than to tell you they are now Bestowal Commissioners as well. 

"Ron did not dare tell you that at all without my saying so and I now I rescind it and delete it Ron except do not.  I also did something else yesterday with the help of the Ancients of Days, and that was to inform the Contact Commission, that they now were under the gun to remove all idea of epochal revelation being put off for five more years and that their immediate goal is not to produce the dissemination of the SER )Sixth Epochal Revelation) as fast as we dare under the circumstances.

"The reason for this is that Ron has been tapped by Jesus to be his Acolyte and that means Ron stands behind Jesus when he is at the lectern making speeches, wherever that may be around the world.  Ron will carry new Urantia Books as he travels with Jesus and we are to set up various kinds of changes in those books before w e release them in a few months from now.  Do not attempt to figure out when you get a book as that is not set yet.

"Furthermore, and Clency you must lighten up or you are going to dye of a heart attack.  Ron has no problem giving you a book the moment it is available to do that. but he cannot do it without our permission.  I am asking Mantutia Melchizedek to say a few words."

"I am Mantutia Melchizedek and I am also the Chief Supervisor to the Contact Commission now as Machiventa is waiting for a transfer to Uversa over this very subject and has too little time to devote to the Contact Commission.  You Ron are funny and stop that . . . .  Anyhow Ron knows the subject so well he is ready to do our bidding about book distribution at once when we give the okay.  Ron is also the Chief of the Contact Committee as the human representative for the SER.   I also commend Ron to stay loosed and stop his funeral preparations, and wait out the healing planned for him today.  We would prefer the men who attend as the other two Contact Commissioners would remain another day but it becomes so very expensive to change travel air fare as they charge 300 dollars just to make a schedule change once they receive a confirmation of a flight which they have already confirmed to go back south.  However, let us see how the land lies as Ron needs some care to understand he will surive the next few days in one piece as it has been very ugly for him the past two days in painful regression to a morontial cell type I still wonder if it is a sound decision.  In any case I stand by just in case Ron has an upset he cannot control and will assist in the morontial transition if necessary. 

"As Mantutia Melchizedek, and this is addressed to you Clency, you are the one who breathes hard over these summaries as to these Contact Commission meetings.  They are Supremely important, but yet when Ron invited people to them for their own purposes, they are backed down and refused to attend.  In effect that ended what Amethyst dreamed of and what Wendy dreamed of for their dedicated work.  These meetings set the tone for the Missions to come and without the secret knowledge that was shared at these meetings these two named are unable to fully comprehend what they are to do or be. 

"That said, Amethyst and Wendy are still to be on the payroll but not as Commissioners.  I also laud Ron for cutting a few more names from his list, but at the same time no one will ever understand what the Contact Commission is up against as these Missions with the Magisterial Sons and Daughters from Edentia, will be without the human contingency if the Contact Commission cannot find appropriately qualified individuals.  You must live in York and meetings are likely to be held daily at this level of competence and we need dedication, not prayers and hoose-ahs.   I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and I recommend you go back to bed Ron when you are done with this transmission and let me see what they have in mind for a serious leg problem this morning already."

"Ron, you are surprised we named names, but we are running out of patience with the entire cordry  of people everywhere who talk big and never deliver.  We are on Uversa to finalize a detail never addressed for Ron at all and that is does he get paid a salary or does he leave it all to us to inform him of new money available from time to time.  The answer is to provide Ron, not a salary, but a stipend, and that is true for Larry Gossett and also for Steven Gitz.  Both men have gone beyond the call of duty and must receive compensation for travel as costs are soaring and Ron does not have enough in donations to pay costs for these meetings as it is.   I will make all available at once shortly and I mean shortly, and Machiventa Melchizedek speaks now:"

"I am the one under the gun to deliver the money and I dare not without the Creator Son signature although I have been informed by the Deity Absolute and by Michael Himself and even the Father plus the Trinity we must make amends soon or bankrupt Gitz in particular.  His travel expenses to this point are $10,000 and climbing.  Ron made some restitution to Larry Gossett last time and that has to hold him until the checks are written for what has been spent already.  Ron spends nothing except to keep the home first burning and that is a lovely home to work in too.  In any case we must ease the burden of all as high costs are coming for the Contact Commission, and for the Bestowal Commission, we see about $4,000,000 easily to be put down to get that running properly.  I see Ron blanche as this number yesterday when we started figuring budgets for the Jesus lectures and appearance, 

"Ron just told me he needed a steel rod too, half kiddingly, to stand for an hour or two behind Jesus as the Acolyte to his services before the public.  He will have a comfort station nearby.  Besides Ron you will be well.  You are a diabolic revisers of statements by your silliness Ron and this must stop says the Ancients of Days and stop it Machiventa Melchizedek for feeding the fish to make it happen.

"In any case costs are soaring and these people are not millionaires and we must get the costs under control.  All must understand too that I have been promoted and must leave for Uversa shortly and take up a position there as a liaison between the Ancients of Days, and Urantia, and Michael on Salvington, and a whole lot more that makes little sense to a human at this point.  I also recommend that Ron return to bed for a couple of hours to settle his view he is not dying as bad as the thinks he is.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I would prefer to stay to help guide this one.  Good day."

"I am Mantutia and I say this to all of you.  Ron has been under the gun now for six years (SY) and is not issuing any proclamations but he will tell you when the ice breaks and there is real progress for the Contact Commission,  and the money is rolling in.   Good day."

General Discussion / Re: message by Chris Maurus
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:34:46 PM »
Warren, the message transmitted by Uteah by Chris is quite valid and there was another transmission today to the Contact Commission recently reestablished on Urantia to being reception of new epochal revelation.
The question in Nebadon is not Michael's sovereignty but how will Michael deal with individuals such as yourself who mislead by damning people like Christ who happens to have transmitted the Trinity Teacher Son eloquently and correctly.  The question of Sovereignty is over a mistake made by the Trinity Teacher Son referring to the sovereignty of Michael when in fact Michael is on Uversa straightening out mistakes made on Urantia in the past six years that have to be reexamined by Uteah who is the Holy Trinity's main operative for God the Ultimate and issues of rule for the coming space areas extending beyond the Grand Universe.  You are just a little behind the times to not realize that while Sovereignty is not the issue, mistakes not necessarily Michael's were made concerning the rehab of Urantia.  All of that is moot over the fact the Michael regime ordered the quarantine six to eight months ago.  No visitors in and no visitors out for an indefinite period.

I would also remind you that Nebadon is out catching the evil one's yet on Urantia and people like you are prime targets to be approached and lulled into a senseless view of other transmission activity on Urantia.  I do not particularly care for your hide to be saved, but I do care they can cause delusional posts like this one was to your limited audience.   Besser

On 1/17/2019 12:06 PM, Warren Smith wrote:

This is totally insane and erroneous, Chris.... yet many fools will support you. 

You need to address your priorities and come to learn to co-creatively heal yourself.... and then your boys that are going blind.

And to think you actually believe that Michael's Master Son status can be revoked.

I clearly saw through you and your milquetoast, wimpy manner and unconscious inferiority complex years ago when we first talked.

You're a delusional fool and a fraud, Chris.

You are rapidly going the way of Ron Besser and others.

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:48:47 PM »
I posted to another thread dealing with a transmission of Chris Maurus that I have a schedule problem this evening and will be unable to provide a summary of our third day of meetings, but I will do a summary for all of you after the fourth day of meetings tomorrow.

This third day of meetings was so full of new and unusual interviews for various changes to be made I just let you know we have a lot to speak to if not tomorrow, we will so so later on,  As always thank your for your degree of interest and sincerity of working it out with us as we go here.  Thank you!

General Discussion / Re: message by Chris Maurus
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:42:33 PM »
Thank you for posting this Sophia Veronica.

Our meeting to day was what you would call a giant, and I am not giving a summary this evening like I usually do since other things have come to pass and I must wait until tomorrow to speak to this third meeting.  However Sophia Veronica posted this timely message from Uteah,  a Trinity Teacher son who works for God the Ultimate and is concerned with the transport of children from the mansion worlds to the new worlds not reserved for humans just yet so they can grow up in a natural and material environment.

Uteah warns that Urantia is on the edge of calamity.  Do not takes this as an off hand post as part of our third day of meetings today was spent with Uteah, the Deity Absolute, and many other Deity leaders and this fact not mentioned in Uteah's post to Maurus, and that as of two weeks ago, Urantia was once more placed under probation.  Any and all visitors on Urantia were barred from leaving in they were already here.  This quarantine was issued by the Ancients of Days at the request of Michael of Nebadon, who explained that Urantia then as of now, is so close to nuclear war all must be warned away from it.  I was unaware of it until today.

Uteah makes this clear:  the only thing standing in the way of planetary disaster and the end of life on Urantia, is the requirement by Michael of Nebadon, to provide all warnings to all visitors and citizens of any particular planet, that when they are quarantined the universe is close of cutting all ties with that planet.  Michael pleaded with the Ancients of Days not to destroy the planet by cutting off their ministry to it.  It was unusually  timely for this to be posted here today as this was part of our morning session to listen to Uteah and the Deity Absolute to explain even more details than show in this transmission what dangers Urantia is now facing.

Now with regard to future meeting summaries, I must be addressed later on them as time has run out for me right now to address them.  So be prepared for a report on the third day and the fourth day either tomorrow evening or later still.  I thank all for their interest as well.

Ron Besser

Hi Occerpa.  You are correct all accounts have to be approved by me and I do the best I can without knowing either the credentials of the member applicant or what his or her intentions are.  Normally that is fine and we get some really nice new members through that process.  It is only when aberrant behavior develops do I begin to understand that the motivation of a new member is not for education or to have a discussion, but when they show they are here more to disrupt the membership on the forum in a way that would quickly dissolve the forum for any good use again, I generally remove them.  This time he removed himself by going to his own account and deleting it.  You can tell when that happens when suddenly the name in past posts shows them as a GUEST only.  That is what Silva did.

Now I had no idea what he really was complaining about other than he just spewed untruthful gibberish.  He then committed suicide and deleted his account.  My question was directed to you since you responded to him well and that made me think you saw reasons better than I did for his recent behavior.  I am at sea over this and have ended any concern by accepting he left on his on accord now and I am happy he did.  Thanks for your post. 
Ron -

"Occerpa you must be more caring when you respond to a new member as he took your response better than Ron responded, as both of you missed the point he was claiming to be Jesus, and that he resented Ron speaking as though he knew Jesus, which he does.  The truth of the matter is you are in your cups sometimes and it shows in your writing.  Ron just ignores that part of your response and knows you have a problem of clarity sometimes because of your enjoyment.  You are a respected member of this forum and I hope you understand Ron looks to you for thought he cannot get anywhere else.  This is Michael and you are soon to find yourself up a tree on some other issues around you and we  wish you well to handle them for yourself.  Good Day.  Michael of Nebadon."


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JANUARY 16, 2018

The purpose of a Contact Commission is to set itself up to receive revelation from the Local Universe of Nebadon.

Establishing A Salvington Contact Commission in Spirit to Direct York
It was confirmed today that our work is to do that exactly again, and that we represent three individuals who are concurrent with another Contact Commission that meets on Salvington when we do. 

Today Salvington’s Urantia Contact Commission on high met and adopted two measures that support our work as Contact Commissioners:

1 = No more Contact Commission members will be assigned for now to the present three member Commission ow meeting in York;

2 - That Ron Besser was unanimously selected to head the present Contact Commission and no further changes for a year will be made either to the number on this Contact Commission or is the status of this board to change at present.

Executive Committee idea Rescinded and Revived Differently
Fully deployed, the present Contact Commission is to destroy nothing of the present corporation set ups to run Missions on Urantia, and that the Contact Commission is being reviewed to organize an Executive Committee to act like the Sadler Forum in the 1930's and 1940's.  We now rescind the idea of forming an Executive Committee from list members due to the list members being so far distant for weekly meetings which is now mandated for us to do when the Executive Committee if formed and running.  More on this later these coming months as we wish the Committee to have these members on the forum due to the fact they are experienced and meet the qualifications well, but the airfare is too much to keep moving them around to York and back to Australia and so on.

Confidential or Secret Plans Examined
We were advised of timing schedules that approximate what the Magisterial Mission dates to being in full view of the people on Urantia would be.

Security issues were discussed.  Assignments to the Contact Commission were considered.

Ron made several statements to questions from Trinity Embraced entities over his views on morality and how he would handle certain problems if he suddenly had to deal with them.  The Trinity entities proposed several different scenarios and asked him what he would do and why.

AT one point the Universal Father intervened and spoke to all three Commissioners that they had to consider, once as they began taking revelation for publication the end of 2019 (Periodic Revelation), that family had to come second and the demands of time was to the Trinity and to the Staff of Michael of Nebadon. 

If I may speak for all three of we Commissioners, we all agreed that the time table to provide what the universe wanted in epochal revelation and periodic revelation, it was so tight, we would have volunteered that priority to the universe even without them stating it had to be done.

This second day of meetings was not difficult but quite busy with various entities coming in to question how we viewed our work and to what degree we felt we were fully partnered with the Second Revelatory Committee and the Salvington Creator Son and Creative Spirit to accomplish this once the Papers are underway.

Here is Michael of Nebadon to speak directly on his view of today’s meeting:

“You all would have been proud of them as they fully embraced the work we presented to the Commission.  We reminded the Commission that it had so much work to do that moving to York was absolutely essential to meet several times a week to begin plans for publication of revelation and other documents that remain secret to this moment.

“Further, Ron received benediction from the Paradise Father as to the importance of being well enough to see this entire project through.  Salvington promised to get on it again.  Further more, Steven Gitz was reminded he had to make a move soon to York in order to bring the organized center of an executive committee with him in some form.

“Ron was asked to dictate a one half hour tape to future executive committee members who never hear of the idea of transmitting and producing written text in this method.  Ron and Larry Gossett were deemed ready to go with dictation status and Steven needs some prepping to take long dictations at this time.

“We concluded the meeting around 6PM York local time and the third day of meetings is to being regular time at 10 am Thursday morning York time. Michael.”

“I am of the Paradise Trinity, and I did not speak this time since was on patrol duty in the Local Universe.  That is done to see to the suffering children on Urantia that we must take care of almost immediately.  Ron indicate he would adopt if it became necessary, and some of you may be asked to do so yourselves if it develops there are so many children in want we cannot take care of them all by ourselves.  Further we are reminded all that morality and justice must precede any adoption and we look to Ron to lead the way if this scenario develops as it looks as though it may because of the way these Missions are going to be handled by Uversa and Edentia and Salvington.  They are shaping up to be not hasty but harsh and you all need to remind yourselves that the trial that comes very soon is not all the fault of the universe.  I am Margul and I thank you all for listening. Margul.”


According to my software dashboard, Silva removed his account.

Occerpa if you understand this character please tell me about him as he had promise but blew a gasket and disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.   I hardly understand people like this as he was welcomed and invited to participate in a discussion.  Silva if you are lurking now, there is no chance coming back until your get a new gasket.

Thanks for your reply Occerpa and I question a little more than you do, but I see Silva is quite a thinker.  And to you Silva, first welcome aboard, and second:  you are quite familiar, I see,  with the fifth epochal revelation and that is by judging your vocabulary in your first post to this forum.

Silva, I ask you, why did you post this in the US Dollar category?  Yes, we have a financial and monetary system that is ruthless.  Seems to me all financial systems are or can be ruthless and teach only the difficulties of making a living on Urantia.  But I am interested in the connection in your ways of mind association as to how your message this morning points to the dollar category as somehow relevant to your view of the corruption of man and the loss of the Semite thought once again, that all things are one and that all things consist in God.  This is not a criticism but a thought in me that I will learn your reasons for taking this thought category to explain what you have in mind that is helpful to us and myself.  That is not an ironic statement but a curiosity of mine about what drives your heart here and how you see it.

As I write this I have less than an  hour before we start these difficult meetings on behalf of all of you and you Silva seem to be aware of the process we three are going through this morning at my home in York, Pennsylvania.  In less than one hour from now as it is approaching half past nine am in York right now, and that is to resume the second day of four days of meetings where we directly address many subjects with the divine over how to organize an answer to your (almost) prayer that the Semite Kingdom is profoundly disturbed and lost over the rest of mankind totally miscalling the Advent of Jesus once more.  The entire matter this morning is so obscure to me, yet I am in the middle of such a discussion with the divine with my two other colleague Commissioners with me this morning.

Because of imprecise timing this morning and the soon convening of a Contact Commission meeting, I do not have the time I usually would place on your post.  What I am seeking from you is to explain yourself a little more so I can get on the beam of your views as they potentially are a fresh breeze to listen to and work with you.  The problem with a discussion forum you cannot see my body language or can I see yours except by inference, and so I need to ask some more words from you on this question:

Question to Silva:  "Where do you stand and view Lucifer and his present role in our presentation in York that the Second Advent is soon to appear to wipe Lucifer off the map?"  Thoughts please.

Ron Besser
Co-Chair of the Commitment to destroying all that Lucifer stands for.

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Clency, the Group corporation is now a charity.  We have to report every donation by name and address to the tax people.  The divine government feels that is an invasion of the divine privileges and if we use it now as a for-profit company (a C corporation), we do not have to report God as a donor and that keep His work and money gift to us confidential.  We may have to pay a small tax on our income from the universe but we do not have to tell the tax people how we got it and where that all came from.  So long as we can show the divine income as legitimate and not stolen money we have no other obligation to disclose where this money came from and thereby retain confidentiality for God and his incarnated advisors and administrators.


General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 15, 2019, 10:55:38 PM »

Dear list, I have to breief since the first day of meetings went very well, and mostly over modifying the approach to the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Mission.  When I say “”modify,” I mean we had to consider that the time for Urantia to receive these Missions is now and that we were announced to that the Magisterial Son, Serara was on the planet conducting preliminary tests to find which parts of the society respond better than other parts do.  Say for instance, those who work in the manufacturing section and post production work of products for the home and office are found to be more ready than managers and CEO’s of those same production facilities, and if that is the case, release of information will be to target blue collar workers versus white collar workers.  Only the Magisterial Mission is testing hundreds of these situations out at the same time.  We who are on the sidelines will hardly notice how the tests can be seen or understood because the tests are personal to people withing those cultural sectors.

Second, we discussed how to handle money.  We, as all of you well know, cannot move at all without the lubricant of money to hire services, and offices, and secretaries, and supplies and salaries.   As many of you have seen getting hard cast out of the universe seems almost impossible, but the Father Himself, we are now told in these meetings, is ready to back the Local Universe of Nebadon to spend some of their precious gold and convert to USD’s.  That is how cash is raised to fund the Magisterial Foundation, now ready to go.

We were informed that the Magisterial Foundation is the flag ship of the Magisterial Mission and other Missions, and it must be funded shortly to start our Contact Committee to begin operations, which we were ordered to do the following things on behalf of the operating committees, boards, and an executive committee with names supplied to us to use as appointed members to that executive committee.  Here were our corporation orders received today:

1 = Change the name of Starbridge Group to Starbridge Coventry;

2 = Change the status of Starbridge Group from a public charity to a “C” corporation, which is a for profit designation with the Treasury Department and allows us to take funds without applying to the federal government for permission, since a corporation that takes donations also gives tax deductions and the tax people want to know how we use every penny.  Since it is almost impossible to tell the IRS we received donations from Salvington, we now opt to take money funding not as gifts but as income and pay some tax on it if we have to.

3 = Establish a mew Corporation called the Immediacy Corporation with application as C Corporation and EIN from the IRS through the State of Delaware.  Its purpose so far has not be revealed as to how we are to use it.

4 = To provide new ways of using an Executive Committee.  Tomorrow it is likely we vote on establishing the Executive Committee formation and start naming appoints to it from this forum.  You will receive an a private email from announcing your appointment at some point this month if we get confirmation we are do that later this week as there is a very fluid dynamic running through plans right now and we change plans sometimes after discussion of the ramifications of what is proposed. 

What does an Executive Committee do?   First the new Executive Committee is to advise the Contact Commission of the concerns and wishes of those who want to have some input into the planning process as the Contact Commission starts receiving epochal and periodic revelation.  When they do actually begin this work, the executive committee will act like the old Sadler Forum and criticize the output of the Contact Commission if there is something to complain about.  We expect little complaints as there is a direct input to transmitters with the Papers and other materials to come to the Contact Commission for them to pass before the executive committee.

Finally, the proposed Executive Committee with being with at least ten members and they will be required to meet now and then for discussion regarding the progress of the Missions, the work of the Contact Commission, and other Commissions and Committees and Boards not yet formed or spoken to in this report to you today.

All in all the day went smoothly and we got done what they hoped we would ahve done today.  The following spirit persons spoke to us through these meetings, and this is to give you an idea pf the scope and level we dealt with today as a group meeting spirit:

One High in Authority;
The Chief Evening Start, Gavalia;
The Universal Father and His Havona Representative;
The Deity Absolute briefly;
The Creator Sons of Nebadon and Avalon and the Creative Spirit of Nebadon and her Consort from Havona, Natalia as well as two others from Havona unnamed;
Three Souls as within ourselves were allowed to speak to us briefly.

We are addressing from today on, the idea that these Missions are getting very real for the humans on Urantia, and that we must set up a place to work and a conference room to hold ever increasing numbers to attend specialized meetings such as the Executive Committee under the Contact Commission and the Contact Commission works directly under the Magisterial Foundation, but gets funded with expenses and salaries through The Starbridge Foundation.

Thank you
Ron Besser, Chief of the Contact Commission

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