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Speaker: Gaia
Subject: Faith in the face of sadness
Category: The Planetary Supreme, in Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
9 Oct 17  1652 hrs Zulu

Would anyone like to speak through me this morning?

Lady Gaia, Your name fills my head. I accept this as You, and I am honored.

"Yes, you have been thinking of Me lately, as you always do when out amongst the butterflies and vegetables, and as you harvest before the frosts. You see Me in the transitioning fall grasses and leaves, in the squawk of a blue jay, in the snow that falls gently in Greeley this morning."

All very true, My Lady.

"Sadness has infused you lately. You learn more about the suffering of your brothers and sisters around the planet. Tibetans struggling for independence from the brutal oppression of China, North Korean citizens living under impossible conditions of cold and starvation, children disappearing to unknown fates--the list seems endless. Trust Me, it often seems endless to Me too. And you succumb to despair at times because there appears to be no remedy.

"As you know, even the most civilized societies have great suffering through the natural processes of disease and aging and accidents. Couple that with the pervasive tentacles of corruption and exploitation that choke every member of society. None are untouched.

"Where, then, do we (by we I mean all of us, human and Celestial), where do we find the faith to struggle on? It may seem that the little efforts you all make each day to show your love for your human families and others; the love and prayers you ceaselessly send Our way, to Me, to the Father, to Michael and Nebadonia, et Al., are merely words, merely feelings that carry little weight in the vastness of space and the vastness of the troubles that plague Urantia.

"Again, this is just another example of the fact that faith and love are self-generating. At times, something you hear or see or read throws you off and you think "What is the point?" But for you and your fellow agondonters, those who see without seeing, who know without knowing, whose faith has wavered many times and come back stronger than ever: you know that your prayers and love are not pointless, that they add your light to the sum of light, and that ultimately peace will reign upon Urantia, through the efforts of all of us, Celestial and human.

"Our planet will re-stabilize after natural adjustments. Schools will begin to really teach, after the way of Adam and Eve and the Melchizadeks. Governments will serve the people rather than stymieing and exploiting them. Those who follow the Caligastian way will change heart or will be exposed and thwarted. This will occur! Your prayers and daily love are indeed an integral part of this grand project.

"I conclude for now. You know where to find Me. Be at peace. I am Gaia."

Thank You so much, My Lady. I needed to hear this. I suspect many of us do. My love and support forever.

Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Nuclear Matters
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
23 Sep 17 1605 hrs. Zulu

Does anyone wish to speak through me this morning? I welcome You.


Greetings, My Lord.

"Start typing now. Your concerns over nuclear waste, weapons, and nuclear power itself are well-founded. Given purely human methods, as exist today, the problems are intractable. Nuclear waste and radiation, as well as the potential for nuclear terrorism, is a matter of dire consequence for the people of Urantia.

"Rest assured that We on High are excruciatingly aware of these dangers. It is not the Father's plan to have your planet damaged even further by this horrific form of pollution which goes beyond the already serious forms of pollution from chemical misuse.

"There are ways of dealing with nuclear pollution that are not yet available to man. At present, the only known methods are so costly and difficult that it borders on the impossible, considering the amount of waste existent in the world. Soon, much cheaper and safer energy alternatives will become known, and in fact some of your large solar facilities are already profitable and viable, particularly in the vast dry areas that are of little use otherwise.

"You have also read here about ultimatonic small decentralized power sources. These will become widely available at some future time. Many of the nuclear facilities are in areas that will be affected by tectonic shifts, but be advised that We are capable of ameliorating the ill effects of damaged nuclear plants, as well as preventing the further use of nuclear weaponry. This is enough for now, but thank you for being here for a message this morning."

Thank you, My Lord. I am honored beyond words.

Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Background Activities
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R; Jim Livengood   Greeley, CO
5 Sep 17   1543 hrs. Zulu

Lanaforge comes to mind.

"We meet again. It's been some time. Vast enterprises require vast amounts of groundwork. We note that you and your wife are closely monitoring the situation in Korea. You have many loved ones in that country. Of course, what you can see is only that which is filtered through the media, Korean or otherwise, so as you well know, there are background activities which are not visible to the normal news-watcher. They are not visible to you or your forum-mates either, but you know that they are going on.

"It is good to stay informed and take an interest in the world and its goings-on, but do not succumb to despair. Each day that you live is a separate entity, and is lived in your local area. The big picture is made up of millions of smaller pictures, like pixels, but they all contribute to the outworking of the Supreme. And, consequently, to the Planetary Supreme, and thus to the Father's will in all creation.

"As your group is continually informed, there are myriad volunteers and expert Beings involved in the refurbishment of our planet so that it will fulfill its ultimate destiny of being a University world of renown. All will be well, despite how it looks on the surface. This is Lanaforge. Good day."

Thank you, Lord Lanaforge. My prayers are with You.

Speaker: Nebadonia
Subject: Gratitude
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
28 Aug 17  1547 Zulu

Good morning. Would anyone like to speak?

"Good morning to you, too. Nebadonia this end. It's good to see you back at the keyboard. Yesterday you attempted a transmission and nothing came, as sometimes happens. You are not nonplussed by this, it's like getting a busy signal and trying again later."

That's true. I know I'm erratic in my timing, but You all have my prayers and gratitude.

"We're noticing lately, speaking of gratitude, that you have been working on consciously enumerating the things you are grateful for, rather than whinging on about aging and the times you don't feel well. That's something you share with everyone, except of course those who die young. It's all part of experiencing the full spectrum of life. It may seem at times onerous and pointless, but the aging process is a generator of compassion, or it should be.

"You give thanks for the companionship of your wife of many years, even thanking her TA whom you call Merrilee, and her Guardians, whom she has named Ruth and Naomi because she likes that Bible story. It is perfectly permissible to address and thank the Spirit Guides of others, whether consciously or unconsciously. In a sense, that's what you are doing when you feel a happy spirit light from someone you meet, even briefly. It may be a customer who comes into the store you work at, or someone in a store you shop at. When you feel that jolt of light and love, you are acknowledging the Spirit influences within them. Your light and theirs commingle like the notes of a complex chord of rich harmony. These moments will continue to increase as the Spirits of Truth, my Holy Spirit, the TAs of individuals, and all the myriad spirit influences wash over the people of our beautiful but troubled Urantia.

"Be faithful, be happy, continue to be thankful for everything that represents truth, beauty and goodness. It is not so much that We need to be continually thanked for Our own gratification; it is more that the attitude of gratitude is a powerful soul-growing process. The more things you are grateful for, the more Light enters your soul you call Hamish. For example, you were resting and listening to Erik Satie the other day, and you took the time to be grateful that there was (and is) such a man and that he wrote the music you were enjoying. Such simple moments of appreciation are a balm to the soul. Hold fast to those moments regardless of what is going on in the outside world.
"This is Nebadonia, and I wish you a peaceful happy day."

Thank you. I appreciate Your words and the time you spent with me this morning. My eternal love to You. Jim

Transcription One:
This is a transcript of an audio recording I did this morning. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it into e-mail or whatever in order to get it to Box despite repeated tries. Just haven’t got the knack, I guess. I’ll keep trying to post the audio.

Speaker: Machiventa
Subject: Be With Us
Category: New Audio
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
20 Aug 17  approx. 1500 hrs. Zulu

I’m sitting in the shade of a mulberry tree. There’s some ambient noise from traffic on the street behind me, but I thought I would give this a try. So if anybody would like to speak through me now, I’m going to pause this thing and take it from there. Thank you.

I’m seeing the name Machiventa, repeatedly, in my mind. I haven’t talked to You before . . . well, I have, but not as a transmission.  So I’m going to wait and see if there’s a message.
“Yes, this is Machiventa. I see that it’s a busy Sunday morning where you are, in Colorado. You’ve been told that there is a new version—or iteration—of  the Spirit of Truth that’s going to be poured out upon Urantia today. I can see that you are not altogether understanding it or buying it, but that’s all right. You will. These little doubts or quandaries are a natural function of the human condition. And you have all been conditioned to doubt and that’s not been an accident.

“It has served the apostate leaders well as well as the politicians and the corporations, the major ones, to have you doubt and disbelieve . . . and have . . . puzzlements? . . . about spiritual issues. Fortunately, you have been a spiritual seeker your entire life which is why you have been led to this forum with your brothers and sisters here, whom you have grown to so highly esteem. We commend your efforts and appreciate them, and We will continue to contact you, all of you, and help you in every way that We can. You need only take the step to accept Us and ask for Us and take the time to approach Us in stillness, and all will ultimately be well.

“We are your friends. We are all embarking on an unprecedented project. Something that may never have been seen in Our Universe. We appreciate your readings of the Urantia book and all of you that have sought spiritual meaning in life, all of you who love—all of you who hunger—who appreciate goodness, truth, and beauty.

“Truth is not always pleasant, but at least goodness and beauty are. But truth is the underpinning of your philosophy, the underpinning of your psychology. If you always seek the truth, you will find it. ‘Ask and it shall be given’ you have been told and you have always believed that.

“I just want you all to hold fast to your beliefs, continue to study, continue to approach Us. Know in your hearts that We are here. You know that the reality of Us is more vibrant and more vivid than the reality you see in your external world—the carping, the violence, the division that you see—these are all shadows. They are empty shadows. The true glory of Spirit shall ultimately illuminate everyone who accepts it. You need only be here; be with Us; be part of Us. We care about you, We love you. We know that you love Us.

“So this has been Machiventa;  I appreciate your coming to Me this morning. I know it’s a busy day for you. But this is important to you and it bothers you when you are out of contact. Remember that you are never out of contact. Your Guardians and your TA are always with you, and We are always with you. So I will sign off for now, and we will talk again. Thank you.”

Thank You too, Machiventa. You’ve always been a hero of mine. It’s most agreeable to speak with You and listen to You.  
This is Jim out. Bye bye.


Teacher: Nebadonia
Subject: The Phases of Life
T/R: Jim Livengood   Greeley, CO
8 Aug 17  1447 hrs Zulu

 I lost this while I was typing. It just went away. I don't know why, but that seems to happen now and then when I type on this tablet. It was a lovely message from Nebadonia (I think) so I will try to recreate it.

Following my usual salutations to the Trinity, and to Michael and Nebadonia, and to Casper and Abigail and Gabriela and their associates:
Nebadonia, I don't know what happened, but if You would still like to address the folks through me, I will try again. If it disappears again, I will take it as a sign to drop it for now. I just don't want to give up based on one anomaly.

"This is Nebadonia. We were likening the passage through human life with the Asian story you've heard of how a rice stalk is a symbol for the mortal life. In youth, the stalk stands strong and proud and stretches toward the sun. As it ages, it bends toward the earth. It humbly bows in the fullness of its maturity and awaits the harvest of its grain.

"So, too, do your human lives go through these phases. When you are young, you rejoice in the strength of your bodies. You love, you work, you rest and are refreshed. When you age, you become more compassionate and understanding of those who are afflicted in some way: physically, psychologically, mentally. Your souls are the grain that is ready for harvest.

"Remember that whatever is happening around you, the individual soul is paramount. It is Our harvest. None will be lost who choose the path to God. Do not fear for the lives of the youths who may be lost in the changes to come. All will have a chance to make a clear, informed choice to continue in the Paradise path. This is the essence of what we wrote earlier. A shorter version, perhaps. But it will do for now. Be happy, be grateful for the many joys that surround you. Continue to pray each morning and throughout the day for the Spirits to shine through you onto whomever you encounter. A small beam of Light can illuminate many dark corners. You may not know the good you do with small acts of kindness and friendliness, but they spread like ripples on a pond. This is my message to all of you."

Thanks a lot for going through this again with me, Nebadonia. I am perhaps an unworthy son, but my love for You grows each day. You illuminate my dark corners, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

Speaker: Casper
Subject: Avoiding distractions
T/R: Jim Livengood Greeley, CO
31 Jul 17   1455 Zulu
By whatever means You choose, if anyone would like to transmit through me, please go ahead:

"You have chosen to attempt a transmission before reading any of the new posts. This is probably a good idea. Oftentimes, reading beforehand is distracting and derails the process. Responding to others' postings is valuable and is truly co-creative, as your spirit is tapping into the thoughts and transmissions of other members and their spirit teachers. Sort of a circular effect, if you will.

"But for approaching the stillness or receptivity needed to essentially take dictation, always as colored by your own language proclivities and mental processes, it is undoubtedly better for you to transmit first. Everyone is unique and is approached uniquely as befits the wildly individual natures of you all.

If you would like to show me a name, I would be most appreciative:

"I think you already know. If you don't see another name come strongly into your mind, it's just me, your old compatriot Casper. I like to communicate with you through typing once in a while. Beyond that, my message today is simply this: For your kind of mind, if you intend to attempt transmissions, do it before reading anything else. If you are working and just checking in to what your friends have come up with, then this doesn't apply. I know you respond when I prompt you, and rarely otherwise. That's all for now. Try to be happy regardless of what you see or hear or read. Remember what Pogo said, "Don't take life so serious, son; it ain't nohow permanent."

Thanks, old friend. I will heed your advice. Try to, anyway.

Teacher: Melody
Subject: Recent Ascenders
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
21 Jul 17  1819 Zulu

Would anyone like a word?

I don't know, the name I keep seeing may be my own projection, but I suppose that's always a possibility. It's been bugging me for a while. Just going to type a bit. I will use the name of your fictional counterpart.

"I am Melody, then, if you prefer. Recently ascended Earthling. Sorry for the shock back then, but you know it is better here. I'll be there to greet you when the time comes. So, this is quite a project for our poor old home planet, isn't it? Pretty hard to keep up with changing dramatis personae and plans. Naturally I take a keen interest. All of us ascended Urantians are agog to see what our part will be. You already know many luminaries that have reported on your forum. There are thousands of us who more recently passed and are familiar with current languages and customs. Rumors and speculation run wild, and are fun, but we don't really know what we will doing. We were born under a wandering star, remember?

"Nothing much revelatory from me, I'm afraid. I'm still a relative newbie. Just that what is valuable back home continues here. But you already know that. Stay cool, James. Thanks for your friendship. "Melody" out."

Well, I have to speculate a little myself about this one. But here it is. Jim

Speaker: Elspeth, an ascended mortal
Subject: Letting go of Confusion
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
11 Jul 17  1359 Zulu
Good morning. Would anyone like to send a message through me? It's early, I'm not altogether awake, but sometimes you get creative ideas in this state, so maybe it will also be conducive to receiving. Just typing, not thinking,

"This is Elspeth, a former mortal, I'm part of the crew who volunteered to come to help in the Missions. I am tuning in to help you let go of confusion. The world around you seems to be in chaos, and this is a true assessment. It is no wonder that the disorder and manipulation of news makes everything appear senseless. But you have seen this for many years.

"Now, a new Celestial Administration is working tirelessly behind the scenes to promote right thinking among the world's leaders. The glow you see in everyday people around you is a function of increased sensitivity to the spirit leadings of their adjusters and their angels. This is also manifested in the leaders of countries in small and large ways. You have heard that the thugs of ISIS are on the wane and on the run. This is one example of benefits accruing to the people of Urantia.

"Many political leaders are beginning to reject the all-consuming desire to win at any cost by destroying their opposition. They are following their leadings to begin listening to those in opposition, to seek a middle ground. They, and all of you, are being coached to see the real enemies who have been pulling the strings and feeding off the confusion and fear that suits their purposes so well. They must promote fear and hatred and division; otherwise, they have no power to fuel their machinations and exploitations. Increasingly, everyone is seeing, as one of your writers put it, what is really on the end of the fork."

Your name is a new one to me, Elspeth. Am I getting that right?

"It is close enough, and a name that resonates with you. I am merely a former mortal like you from a world you haven't heard of. This project fascinates me. As you progress through the universe, you will also hear of many intriguing missions that will pique your interest. For now, do the best you can. We see your hearts. We all serve the Father in the best way we can. Don't be confused or clouded in your minds. Thank you."

Thank you too, Elspeth. I hope to hear from you again. As we say to our military or veterans, "Thank you for your service."

This is an experiment; I'm attempting this where there is other activity in the house--news in the Korean language on telly, wife puttering about, etc. My reasoning is that if it must be absolutely quiet to receive then it's not much use, because rarely is it quiet anywhere these days.

So I'll type for a bit and see if anything comes. The last couple of attempts did not connect with anybody. Sometimes it comes easily and other times not at all. No worries. Communion with Spirit is always possible irrespective of whether anything results that you would call a "transmission." Heck, I might just post this anyway; maybe it will help someone new who is chary about attempting these transmissions.

I am by no means as good or diligent as the Celestials might wish, but I do what I can. By the way, I didn't invite any of You to jump in here, but consider it a standing invitation. I know Casper (TA) is always on duty. I only write when He prompts me. As much as possible, I try to leave everything in His hands, where communication is involved.

This is particularly challenging this morning as it has suddenly got very noisy. I think it is Casper now, maybe I should give Him the byline. I keep seeing the name. I rarely consider Him apart, but I used to, so what do you think, Old Fellow, can I call this a transmission? I'm honored if it is: I'll stick the heading in afterwards.

Speaker: Casper
Subject: Adam and Eve
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
4 Jul 17  1443 hrs Zulu

"Just keep writing, Jim, or should I say Hamish? Reading about the Adam and Eve schools intrigued you this morning as it always does. You've always had a peculiar affection and sympathy for the Material Pair, even though They kind of stuck it in the neck of you Urantians when they slid away from their mission plans. You read (or listen to) the chronicle as set forth in Big Blue and see it as a tragic romance on a par with Romeo and Juliet or Wuthering Heights. You wonder at the strength and faith that would even allow someone to want such a mission. Yet you can see the adventure allure, coupled with the fact that coming to Urantia was a job that needed doing.

"It has, for over 40 years, always been comforting and fascinating that the M. Son and Daughter have been part of the Council of 24 and have been patiently awaiting their chance to manifest themselves to us again. It is also comforting to know that you can make mistakes and still have the opportunity to redeem yourself by simply [Jim: I don't know about "simply"] picking yourself up and approaching the problem again.

"I saw that. You are remembering back to the ranch, when it was muddy, that sometimes you had to back down that first hill leading out of the barnyard several times to get a run at it with the pickup to make it up the hill. Life is like that. Witness we Adjusters: we often have to inhabit a number of mortals before we find one that will take us back to Paradise with a personality, as a new collaborative being, a Holy melding of man and God. You see fusion with Me as a foregone conclusion, and leave the timing to Me.

"Thank you for transmitting me. Or at least giving Me credit. [Jim: I always give You credit, You mad bloke, what are You talking about? But thanks so much. You are loved and needed.]

"Go on with what you need to do today before it gets hot. I'm always with you."

Happy trails, everybody. Jim.

Speaker: Nebadonia
Subject: Thinking of the Supreme
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
25 Jun 17  1747 hrs Zulu

The town stirs around me. Birds chirp and coo and the cars flow westward. Cool breeze. Ok Sun's tending the chive patch. Beautiful Sunday morning. Thank You, Lord. Thanks to Abby and Gabby, Lily and Destiny. Thanks to Casper and Merrilee. We need You all.

Would anyone like a word? I'm ready when you are.

"This is Nebadonia. I heard you thinking lately that you'd like to hear from me again. You see how I am tied into the thoughts of all of you. Mind circuits come from the Infinite Spirit, and I come from the Infinite Spirit. So it is only proper that our minds connect; these connections are as powerful as a torrent and as light as the path of cottonwood fluff."

I'm so happy to hear from You. Thank you for giving me a home with You and Michael. Please continue.

"Early this morning, even before opening your eyes, you were thinking of the Supreme. The news We have sent lately is that He will oversee the missions to rebuild Urantia. But this is not what you were thinking about. You pondered the reality of a Being, a God, embedded in Whom are all the experiences and thoughts of all the beings of the Grand Universe.

"I was amused as I saw you pairing P. G. Wodehouse and Pee Wee Herman, Elvis and Einstein, the baker and the kimpop maker, all contributing to the vast experience of the Supreme. And that's just from one planet. Our beloved, wayward Urantia.

"It's true that you have all suffered, to a greater or lesser extent, owing to the miscarriages of your history. You've not been well-served. Nor were your ancestors going back thousands of generations. Many cruel and exploitative humans have willingly followed the evil plans laid down by the rebels.

"But many have not, though being caught up in their machinations. All this shall be rectified. You here are the vanguard. Together all will be made whole, co-creatively, and you will all discover who you really are, which you now only vaguely perceive. All of these matchless experiences, like nothing which has ever occurred, will be part of the Supreme. You humans of the Urantian missions will be forever intimately bonded to the Supreme in new and unique ways.

"Be patient, be faithful, live in the moment. Know that your highest impulses are seen and acknowledged. Pray and believe. That's enough for today."

Thank You, Nebadonia.  

Threads for New Transmissions / Lanaforge, Not Giving Up, Greeley, CO
« on: June 22, 2017, 10:17:52 AM »
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Not Giving Up
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
22 Jun 17  1411 hrs Zulu

I'm back in Colorado now, exhausted from shifting things about, but that will pass. Going into the silence, I welcome anyone who would like to send a message through me. In the words of an old Frank Zappa song, "Show me a sign, if you don't mind."

"You may begin."

I'm seeing the name Lanaforge, but I haven't done this for a while, with a keyboard. Is this You?

"Trust it. Don't analyse. Just type what comes. You've been reading the messages from your hero Machiventa as you have been wavering between joy at the possibility of meeting Him or His brothers, and mild depression mostly brought on by fatigue. You don't see how you could ever have to energy to fulfill much in the way of useful work. But look at how hard you've been working lately and you are still standing, albeit with pain from arthritic joints and overstressed muscles.

Your day is not over. It's just beginning. You are in the same position as many of your mates who are creaking up in years. Yet you and they keep chugging along. Believe Us when we say that you will be able to do what you need to do. Is that not true with the work you do in your daily lives? You groan, you stretch, you grimace but you smile every morning and thank God for another day. This we witness.

The years have worn you down, but they have also seasoned you and given you wisdom, though you don't feel very wise. But that is the beginning of wisdom: knowing that you know nothing. You empty yourself and ask Spirit to fill you. You are unmoved by the lashing of the dinosaur's tail as it fights for one more mouthful of ill-gotten gain; the Caligastian Empire falters without knowing what is happening to it.

A new and better way will become known to the Earth's inhabitants. You and your mates are part of all that. Continue to follow Michael's advice to live  in the moment, to love the beauty you see around you. Your time is now, and you shall forever be in our peace. Thank you. Rest and live the day. This is your friend and brother Lanaforge."

Thank you, Lord Lanaforge. My prayers for You and for all of us. Jim

Speaker: Abigail, a Guardian Seraphim
Subject: Random Words of Kindness
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
28 May 17  1619 hrs. Zulu

(Silencing, no thought, following the principle of wu wei, in the sparkling morning, I offer anyone the chance to speak through me if you would like to . . . I wait for a name to appear in my mind . . .)

"You're right, it's me. You don't need to keep trying names to make sure. I am Abigail, your other Guardian Seraphim, the one you call 'the quiet one.'"

Terrific. I'm honored. I've been talking to you guys a lot lately. Go ahead, if you wish, Abby.

"You read today of the passing of a forum-mate who sent a kind message to you. Think what that little note meant, as well as the others you've received. Small kindnesses, brief words of encouragement or simple friendliness, as you exhibit in your daily dealings with people, have lasting ramifications.

"Here's an analogy: when you, as you put it, 'garden with Gaia,' you let the plants blossom and spread seeds, and then the next spring you have salad greens and clover and so on coming up everywhere, like weeds. A one-time planting continues on through natural processes to bear fruit for years afterward. You don't know where they will appear. They follow the principle of uncontrived living, as you try to do in your life. So do little acts or words of kindness spread, flow as the Tao, throughout the world. A smile and a funny observation brightens the day of a customer or a store clerk, and suddenly you see boredom replaced by laughter.

"Do you remember your human father George telling you that he tried to make someone laugh everyday? You, even at a young age, thought that was a brilliant idea, and easy for you, as you have always had a quirky sense of humor. It's as well you do, because you also have a tendency towards melancholy and depression. Part of that is hereditary. But you have done fairly well at overcoming it. The flow of the Spirits, your closer and closer association with us, and your calling upon your Casper to the point you see Him as so much a part of you that He is indistinguishable from you and Hamish, as you have named your joint creation, your soul; all these things lead you away from darkness. Your 'Dark Ness Monster.'

"This was what I wanted to impart this morning. Be in our love. We are ever-vigilant, we are ever-present; and you are right--we are your best friends. Thank you. This is your Abby. Enjoy the day."

Thank you, dear.

[Well, this was a very personal message. However, I think it contains some universal principles. And I just enjoyed it and wanted to send it out to you all. Jim]

Speaker: Gaia
Subject: Restoration
Category: The Planetary Supreme
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
26 May 17 1710 hrs. Zulu

Hello, everyone in the Spirit Realm, thank You all for your being here around us and within. Would anyone like to say something? I'm going still now if I can:

"In the liquid light of morning you toiled in your garden, damp earth from frequent rains, and you know there will come times of drought. The inevitable cycles played out year-to-year, even on a damaged planet such as ours, still so much remains of nature. The birds and the bugs. Seismic shifting on one part of the planet results in pressure build-up in another part; all this is the breath of an evolutionary world, and I am the breath of the world, as you are, and I am Gaia.

"On a morning like this you might catch a glimpse of a world restored to balance, perhaps water and land in different places, but stabilized into fecundity with man as nature, not man fighting nature. Many humans think this way, but so many have lost any concept of their place in nature. It has become a tug-of-war between those who pillage the land and sea for the last bit of exploitable resource, with no thought of those who live there; opposing these are the stewards who see their gardens and pastures with distant eyes. Who leave the rocks to nourish the soil for a thousand years. For longer.

"This is the vision of the future. However long it takes, balance will be restored: It is God's will. Watch the bees and blossoms--they tell you all you need to know. I am Gaia. Be happy in Our Light."

Thank you so much, M'Lady.

Speaker: Nebadonia
Subject: Shared Journey
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
18 May 17  1708 hrs. Zulu

I sit still for several minutes. Nebadonia. Repeatedly. Okay, let's see where it goes.

"Yes, this is Nebadonia. You didn't think I'd forgotten you, did you?"

Not at all, Your Majesty. Anything You'd like to impart to us today?

"Just type. Take your time. The rain keeps falling gently and steadily in your area today and all night. This is a good analogy for Our ministry to all of you. We are steady; We are gentle. Unlike the droughts you experience with weather, any droughts in which you feel bereft of the gentle rain of spiritual ministry are not caused by wind patterns, overheating, or other physical phenomena. There is no drought except of your own making. When you allow the struggles of physical, emotional, economic, political life to distract you and block you from feeling the cooling rain of love, of Spirit, from all the many Beings dedicated to your progress.

"We are not saying you should not monitor or study the elements of your daily worlds. That is not possible unless you become so isolated as to be disengaged from life. Rather, look beyond to see the overarching spiritual meanings. This is mota, or the beginnings of it.

"All of your manifold spiritual influences, human and divine, coalesce into a unified whole, flavored by your distinct personalities. This is the co-creation of a happy, humble, yet powerful, soul, your contribution to the Universe. A never-ending story. You have heard it said that a warrior conducts his life as a "controlled folly." That is to say, living as if it were important, but knowing that it is not important. This is not a bad philosophy: It gives one the necessary detachment to see life in its entirety.

"The word you are searching for is detachment." [I didn't like the word 'distance' in the last sentence of the above paragraph, so I asked for help.]
Thank you. Going back into stillness . . .

"Many paths lead up the mountain. You are all on very different journeys, yet you are all on the same journey. This is no paradox. We, your Celestial friends, are on the journey with you. It is not Us and you. We are One in God, Our Father. Be at peace."

Thank you, Nebadonia. You came so clearly and swiftly today. I pray for all of our brothers and sisters who come to our aid, and hope one day to do the same for other worlds that may need help.

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