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Threads for New Transmissions / Transmitting Through Reflectivity
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:05:10 AM »
Teacher: ?
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: September 4th, 2017

“Let’s get started. This is a Melchizedek.”

Long pause. I feel a pulsing energy in my head. Kind of strange.

“You are merely feeling the effects of the reflectivity system being tuned in your body. This can be amplified by the Spirit of Truth to help you receive a clearer message by helping the brain better translate the energy into words. We sometimes find it hard to communicate in this way because continued energy pulses or bursts used to communicate the same exact thing might be wrongly misinterpreted over and over if the signal is bad. Repetition does not fix this. Moreover, because you do not hear it physically, you will never make it out. Instead, it is like an incomplete thought, or a made up word in your head. The meaning or the concept is not fully formulated or translated, which means you can never reach a state of understanding.

“Other methods of transmitting were tethered to the individual. A circuit was individually maintained in the body and could be adjusted on the fly to aid a message. This means that a pause or a failed word or meaning could easily be communicated in a different way. We could play with how the brain received the information. We could change where it was physically received. This is different, however.

“To the individual, this reflectivity circuit takes some getting used to. The energy adjustments and tuning don’t always produce a good result because the overall state of the brain or a bulk of the tissue is involved in receiving the message. Altering the frequency that is heard may aid in the delivery in one thing and not another, which means constant fine tuning will continuously propagate new kinds of errors. It is not always as bad as we make it sound, though. We are simply providing an example of how this works as we tune you in. (I can hear ringing in my ears/head right now.)

“I want to say that this system overall is better in many cases. It is easier for more people to transmit because they need less (or no) individual attention. The system is already there for them to connect to. How does such a brain do this when it has not been physically adjusted by us? The Adjuster helps make the connection. Though the brain cells might not be altered immediately, the Adjuster can change how the energy patterns are received and where so that it becomes noticeable to the TR. In other words, noise becomes organized sound, like words or music. No, this does not mean we will be playing you music!

“The point is that the Adjuster plays a big role in this when previously Michael of Nebadon might alter or install a circuit, or perhaps Nebadonia. You would also have technicians that did this as well. Essentially, we would adjust the kind of port used in your head or add an adapter (if using computer hardware terms). Instead of using a cable to connect to another device, you are doing so wirelessly with the Adjuster acting as a Wi-Fi router. You zero in on the system, receiving a steady stream of information that remains as muted static until we come online. We use the system by narrowing the channel to just one individual, or perhaps I should say we separate out the channel/circuit so that only you can hear.

“Theoretically, with this system we can transmit the same thing to all people, provided their brains can turn the exact same frequency into the same information. This doesn’t happen though. Not only would all of the Adjusters need to work in unison, but the structure of each brain would need to be in similar composition physically. Sometimes, the cells themselves have to be altered in order to be fully hooked up to the reflectivity system. Other people are still in the brain development stage or are in a state of great disrepair and not hooked up at all.

“Overall, adding the reflectivity system to our arsenal of communication was greatly beneficial, though it will take time for you to see that for yourself. Because it requires fewer personnel, more people can become TR’s and can do so at a faster rate. Quality might still be an issue during the practice stages, but starting messages will always be simple. After all, we wish to use this system as a warning aid, like an alarm for those who are in danger or are needed to immediately perform some kind of service. It should become easier than ever to reach the average person, especially once people become more accepting of this process when it is explained to them through news sources and the like.

“That will be all for today. We merely wished to better explain to the forum how this version of reflectivity works, especially when the group of transmitters is expected to grow.”

Thank you.

Threads for New Transmissions / Increasing Flexibility
« on: August 08, 2017, 06:00:30 PM »
Teacher: Presoerba
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: August 7th, 2017

“This is Presoerba. Continue. I want to discuss the current situation with the (transmitting) stand down. We want TR’s to get used to silence and then picking up messages as soon as they are notified to do so. Clearing the airwaves should make it easier for us to reach out to a human in more obvious ways. Eventually, there will be so many transmitters where this may not even be a necessity, and at that point we will have enough personnel to handle them anyway.

“It’s not so much that we cannot reach out to those on the list. It’s that we want to streamline the process of TRing so that it becomes more obvious when someone is sustaining a connection. This will make it easier for the process to be trusted by those practicing, which means it will be simpler to explain how to pick up the habit after we start hosting seminars with some of you demonstrating the process. That way, in about a year or so, people who practice this sort of thing will know when the “switch” has been triggered in their head and a connection or a circuit is established to their mind.

“To sum it up, it should become easier to pick up the energy signature of a spiritual being that is being received through the transmitting process, like Michael or Mother Spirit. Such has already been possible with the larger or greater personalities such as Paradise Sons or the Father Himself, but we hope to help you recognize the rank, position, or even names of contacts before you pick up the line and start transcribing what you hear. Then, you will know who said what without even a need for introductions, which may be necessary in dire circumstances. In many situations, it might not be necessary, but the more information we are able to communicate in a shorter time, the easier this process will be for all of us. That will be all for now.”

Thank you.

(Just so you guys know, I believe this is the first time I've heard from another person's Adjuster, but it seems this has become more likely to happen during the 6th dispensation.)

Discuss This Web Site / Transmissions and Formatting
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:25:45 AM »
I'm wondering what the most efficient way to organize transmissions is. The website is being filled with threads containing only one transmission at a time, and some of these end up being very short, and can even just be links to audio sessions. The benefit of this is that there is less straying from the topic, but if there is little discussion outside a group of compliments, I don't see why things shouldn't be grouped together for the sake of those browsing. When looking at the list of threads with unread posts, I am now greeted by 15-25 items each day. Now, perhaps the current format is actually better for archiving, but it seems there could be a better way to go about it in terms of presentation, which might come in handy later. For instance, newer transmitters could keep most of their practice work in one thread, which might showcase personal improvement. Meanwhile, more seasoned transmitters can organize their threads based on the topic or speaker. Such would make it easier to spot trends or relevant information. Just a thought.

Threads for New Transmissions / Social Communication and Adjustments
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:43:44 PM »
I never got around to posting this. I didn't think the transmission was as good as it could have been, and it seemed like there would be supplemental lessons that would summarize or discuss the subject better. I think this was around the time my wrist got injured, which halted my TRing, so that is probably to blame. I'll leave it to the reader to decide how valuable it is.

Teacher: Califax
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: December 6th, 2016

Is Califax there?


I suppose this is through the heart chakra system?

“Sort of. I am using two things at once [the gist of what was said].”

Whatever you say. What’s the message?

“We wanted to start you off on some things the Magisterial Mission would be engaged with in the individual lives of common folk. How does this mission adjust the world you know by approaching the average person? Most still will not have run-ins with celestials the way you might. They will see a few things on TV, and certainly hear of a few natural disasters or perhaps political adjustments abroad, but for the most part, this mission only enters the home when it is allowed to do so. God requires that all humans either find their way toward Paradise, or choose not go by their best interests and just let others do what is required of them.

“The Magisterial Mission is primarily concerned with removing obstacles to ascension, and this requires quite a few adjustments to everyday life, but these societal impacts (seeming large and sweeping) may be trivial to one or two individuals. If the effects were only felt on the household level in the private lives of individuals, there would be little mention of it. Let’s say everyone received a message from God in their sleep tonight. How many would realize what happened, and then how many would talk about it? How many would take the time to listen and actually find meaning in what is being shared? The answer is few and far between, and the answer would likely be similar even with a public Magisterial Mission.

“People need to be directed toward a state of God-centeredness, which follows God-consciousness, and that can only be reached by the inner choice to allow such a state. What we mean is conscious will and choice has to be devoted to the activity and it cannot be forced. How do we reach these people? Well, our first objective in this case is to make it known far and wide that an adjustment such as this is possible. People must know that their union with God can be greater than they ever felt possible. In the public domain, we will have already addressed some issues with ethics and judgement, so this is not a problem. An objective (or more objective) version of right and wrong will be enacted in law and policy, and it will also be identified through improved education. But such changes are not fast, and they are not quick to sway opinions. What sways opinions?”

Are you asking me?


A response to what captures either their emotion or their mind. In a sense, it relates to what they are impacted by and uses it so the person will listen. But that alone isn’t exactly positive because it might play on a person’s fear or hate as well as their positive characteristics. Moreover, a person might have a negative response to something that is good socially and publicly.

“How does the Magisterial Mission create personal adjustments that are positive in the privacy of a person’s home?”

I suppose by utilizing the Adjuster or the Seraphim that look after the person.

“That is a possibility, but we are thinking on a broader scale than that. What can we do publicly that affects people privately?”

It’s not a money issue because that wouldn’t automatically adjust what people do or how they think. It has to change their morals. They have to find a need to change or adjust. A change in free time doesn’t do it in a lot of cases either since that will just get wasted. I’m guessing other people have to somehow get involved in the home to create social pressures that normally would not exist. Public life would need to seep into private life in a positive way. Now there are situations like an evacuation where this type of thing would be forced, but I’m sure you’re talking about something else.

“Imagine a land where there are no private spaces. No homes or spots where you can be separated from another person. Social changes are at the heart of this dynamic. If everyone is part of some sort of group, then the actions of the group are what really matter. Groups have a greater impact on the life of the individual, and this is not just about social acceptance. In this scenario, people are constantly impacted by public opinion just as public opinion is constantly being shifted by those involved. There can be never-ending changes to the consensus. However, this is only the case when the group is not fragmented into those who are labeled a certain way or believe certain things. We speak of a society where all action is publicly known and no action really segments people. There is always something greater to connect everyone as one single community.

“What we speak of here is not exactly what will occur in the real world. What you actually have is a world where such information about private life can be shared, though not equally and certainly not truthfully. Groups are also segmented from each other, so people commonly live in bubbles of influence even when online or on the phone. Meeting those who are close has become strange as you come to know those whom you are like no matter where they happen to be. Genuine communication with a person in front of you has become rarer, and synthetic communication has become the norm. When you combine this with an aspect of communication that makes it look more open, it appears like all that is occurring is happening in the best way possible.

“The issue is people talk not with those they meet, but those they want to meet. Also, they talk with words that get sent digitally. There is no face to face. The bodies do not come into contact. This divides people, because instead of relating more to people, you relate more with ideas. You pursue those who follow the right ideas because your ideas and thoughts are more important than the person living next door. They become more important than even those who agree with you. You identify yourself with the cause you are pursuing, but a cause cannot ascend. You cannot form a personal relationship with God as a thing or an idea. You have to be a person, and you have to interact with other persons in the flesh and not behind a computer screen.

“You wanted to know how to change a person’s private life? Force them to change how they behave socially. Cut them off from the rest of the world until they are ready to knock on someone’s door and ask to have a conversation. They will have thought long and hard to reach a conclusion in their mind, but it is meaningless if they cannot play the idea off of others. It has to be validated.

“You see the destruction of social media to be a bad thing, but we don’t actually need change to happen because of social interaction. Not on the public side. That will happen regardless by our hand. Human communication to get something done on that end is fruitless. It simply won’t be needed. Moreover, humans must go within to find their answers instead of the computer. Otherwise, people will come up with and share shallow ideas, eventually finding a group that will praise them for their thoughts.

“You won’t always find a safe haven like that where you are comfortable in the real world. It challenges the senses and keeps you on your toes, but that is a good thing. It prepares you for what is really out there, either in the rest of the world or beyond it. You can find God within those you meet, but God will not be personally present through others if you do not meet them face to face. The connection has to be personal, not electronic and mimicked by a machine. We hope this lesson was beneficial to you. Take care.”

Thank you.

Threads for New Transmissions / New Transmitting Method
« on: December 04, 2016, 06:21:45 PM »
Teacher: Apknoide
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: November 25th, 2016

Father, I need to try this transmitting business again (was told to wait two days prior). Is this new method ready?

“Yes, sort of. We can do it for about ten minutes.”

Okay, let’s do it then.

“Someone is coming in.”

“This is Apknoide. Long time no speak. This is a test. Feel the response in your chest. We will describe this process to you and others in a demonstration so that future use of this technique will become easy. Here, the heart is receiving a slight increase in energy through the heart chakra. The surface of the organ feels the intensity in pressure and heat. The light energy released occurs in a way that the brain can interpret as language through the synaptic response in the nervous system. This sounds silly until you realize that we adjusted things in your brain so that this kind of energetic output could be read specifically by the neurons that interpret language.

“What is the point of this? Well, for one thing, it is easier to establish a working chain of circuitry to the heart instead of the head because the inner brain is a delicate organ. If we establish the route this energy takes beforehand, your ability to take in messages increases because you are less physically drained by the activity. We are also not operating as many circuits at once, so it is easier on our end. What is the side effect? A higher heart rate (pulse). If this does not cause issue for the individual, meaning they are not experiencing hypertension, then it is ever more useful for both parties. What is the downside? A meditation that utilizes the heart chakra might make it seem you are being sent a message when you are not. Your brain will interpret words we are not sending. This means that you cannot focus on both the heart and the mind. Inner dialogue with the Adjuster will not function as expected if simultaneously receiving a stimulus to the heart through outside energy.

“We are not discouraging this sort of meditative technique, but transmitting should not be attempted right afterward if this method of transmitting is being utilized. Is this safe to use for all transmitters? No, but switching to this format means there are more people out there we can reach out to without having to go through lengthy brain procedures you are too used to feeling. It takes months, if not years, to get this set up properly, but the current technique can take one month or less, especially if the individual knows what is occurring and begins practicing immediately. We believe the heart will encounter some changes as human emotion and love changes on the planet, and increasing our usage of this organ is bound to make people more conscious of one of the most important organs in their body. It has been roughly ten minutes, so we are ceasing the experiment. Please practice tomorrow as well. Thank you.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Apknoide Speaks
« on: November 20, 2016, 12:46:54 AM »
This thread will probably hold everything I get from this new contact. I am posting it later than I should have, but I was hoping to get a few more transmissions from this being first so that I would understand a bit more. Anyway, my text will be in black and Ron's will be in blue.  

Teacher: Apknoide
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: November 14th, 2016

Father, I am here to transmit. I am feeling something in my head like a frequency, so I take it someone wants me to practice or receive something important.

Okay, my intention is to serve God. What does God want me to do?



“Receive this. I am Aknoid.”

Can you spell it?

“Apknoide.“ (?)

“I am a Creator Son in form only. I do not have the potential to be a Creator Son, nor do I have my own worlds or universe. I am a Creator Son in form only. I possess none of the creative prerogatives. I do have to ability to commune with the Infinite Spirit similar to how Michael does, but nothing comes out of this partnership – at least no beings. I do not create, but I am a Creator Son. How does that work?”

Are you asking me?


Ummm. You have the ability to reach some of the same conclusions as Michael, and can also bestow yourself as different forms of creation?

“Correct. Although the conclusions one being will make will often differ a little from another within his same order, our thought processes are very similar, though I am more like the Eternal Son than the Father, at least compared to Michael of Nebadon. I can bestow myself as other beings, but not through the process Michael used. Our way of doing this is secret, but not necessarily a universe secret. My order name is Sunjongcinator (spelling?) Seunjunkinator?

“We have the specialty of experiencing things as any other being would experience. We are godlike in our ability to comprehend individual troubles that are unique to an order or any particular service. In a sense, we are like the ultimate councilors, because we can understand the perspectives of most things in terms of human experience and beyond. Any new perspective out there can be reached by projecting ourselves into a mock simulation of a situation in our minds which take in the previous conscious choices of all similar beings, combine that with the universal mind circuit, and formulate the conclusions of the simulation into a spiritual reality that we can taste.

“We do also have bestowal missions, though the conclusions of those missions only better our own understanding, and sometimes our status. Our bestowal missions are nothing like those of the Magisterial Son or the Creator Son. Remember that. This means our bestowals do not impact dispensations. We are separate from that system. Another thing to remember. This means that if one of us incarnates periodically to experience a particularly new experience from the mortal perspective, then we will do that ourselves under our own jurisdiction. Our actions hardly ever impact societies or individuals. In fact, we make sure they do not in most cases.

“So our work mainly is done to reach an understanding that maybe Michael of Nebadon cannot because there might be some aspect of human life that was missed, either in his current thinking or in the Jesus experience. Sex and romantic love are examples, but so are all of the actions possible under the wrong motives. Jesus did not do terrible things to people, especially with negative motivation. He was always God-oriented because he wholly worshiped the Father. However, this means Michael rarely experienced moments of wavering faith like you do or the apostles did. Wavering faith is not usually an important experience, and for a mortal, it is best to avoid the situation altogether, but to face that challenge and still make it out alive as a spiritually-minded individual can reap certain rewards. It might be one requirement for your agondontorship.

“Jesus was not technically an agondontor, even though he would have been rewarded the position if he was a normal human. Possession of Michael’s divine mind meant he could never truly be alone as a human. He instinctively knew that God was real and that the Father existed as some part of him as well. It was impossible for him to not reach that conclusion, and when intellectual discourse or free thinking cannot possibly steer you the wrong way, away from an essential faith, then there isn’t much of a fight to find God. There may have been some moments where the specifics of God’s will were not known to Jesus, but he instinctively knew God the Father was there. It is almost an existential part of Michael’s existence that lies within his mind, and so long as it was attached to Jesus, then he could not stray at all the way most humans often do.

“So my point is this one. If I enter the state of being a human, and if I make a projection of all possible realities that humans can face, and make such possible experiences real to myself in spirit with help from the Supreme, then I can understand the decision-making of other people under similar circumstances. I will have actually lived it myself, but for other beings that is impossible. The technique for how this is done is secret, and to your mind, it doesn’t really make sense. To put it simply, the experience added to the Supreme is part of how you function and why you function in time and space. Our methods of experience do not utilize time and space. You liken this to how the Ultimate deals with experience, but our methods differ slightly.

“We cannot form anything new, meaning we cannot experience that which has not happened in some manner in the local universe or even in the superuniverse. We cannot project new experience onto ourselves that has yet to actually happen to anyone in the universe. The Ultimate can project very new things into the lives of the inhabitants He will look after, but that is a story for another time. What you simply need to know is that we take all known possibilities seen somewhere else and add them to the list of possibilities in a given environment for a given person. This method is further tested by us incarnating briefly to actually experience one such projection of an experience. This is primarily for the sake of understanding, and such understanding is used to teach others and provide guidance for anyone looking for the help of a specific specialist. Yes, some of us have specialties and desired work. That is inevitable for anyone with personality. We also have beings that we prefer experiencing things as.

“Just remember: in reality, we cannot do everything a Creator Son or even an angel can do. We are not truly them and we are not trained the way they are. We do not have the same capabilities. No matter what perspective we experience things as/from, our base abilities/traits remain the same. We exist in the image of others only. This also means that we cannot truly experience the act of creating things or beings the way a Creator Son does, as stated before. We can incorporate in ourselves the experiences of others that have done this, and we can borrow from the interrelations between a Creator Son and its progeny, but we cannot actually create progeny. We cannot divest ourselves of something or give a trait to another. We can only absorb the experience of traits from other individuals, and we do this to learn and teach. I believe this will be all for today. Thank you for listening.”

Thank you for providing this information.

Overmind, while it is fresh in my mind, let me write a few lines of my experience with your transmission.  It may not be entirely coherent in all things.

“Apknoide.“ (?)

Ron - Apknoide indicates you have spelled it correctly.  To pronounce it,  keep the "k" silent.  Apt- Noide is the correct pronunciation.

What is this entity:
You are speaking with a pre-personalized Creator Son.  He exists prior to the Creation of the Eternal Son as such.  He pre-configures the Eternal son and the Infinite Spirit, yet he is aware of them as the Eternal Son and the Conjoint Actor as the Infinite Spirit.

How can he behave to learn what we know in the time universes?
The answer lies in the pre-configuration of the I AM as the Unpersonalized Creator Sons, and there are millions of them they tell me.  He is not like and Adjuster as pre-personal, but he does have the attributes of the Father with the self-contained infinity of what the Spirit Son would become, and the infinite mind of the pre-Infinite Spirit.  These are attributes of the First Source and Center and references the I AM as a foundation for the infinity bestowed on such an entity.

He learns by inserting himself into the time river (continuum), as that is relatively easy for such a giant intellect and spirit.  When he gets into the time river, he can split his intentions to look at all humanity on one planet, so he must be caring not to select planets that do not teach him anything.  Apknoide has chosen you Overmind to study from outside of time and to learn how you are driven by your own desires to outsize most other people by your intellectual abilities.

What happens when he is done studying you and what does he do with it?

The answer is very hard to discern from Apknoide, as he is not well transferring his work to be seen by me, but you will become more knowledgeable about his work than I can be, just because that is what he has willed to happen.

When he has learned you and your capabilities, he will transfer that to God the Ultimate, God the Supreme, and to God the Absolute, providing God the Absolute needs to learn something from your limited perspective.  I, Ron, am a bystander in this experiment although I learned a lot just by sitting down and writing this to you.  If you would take my suggestion and sit down and write out what you think you know about Apknoide, he will fill your mind with facts he has not given me, and you should post this transmission with my remarks to the forum, and see what they may fathom from this unusual and to me miraculous experiement from an entity that exists far beyond our ability to understand them.

Then take it from here and keep supplied with transmissions from Apknoide, and we will all learn how something like this exists and why.


Threads for New Transmissions / Mission Work and Relationships
« on: October 12, 2016, 02:48:14 AM »
Teacher: Welmek, Mark
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: October 10th, 2016

So, anyone out there?




How are you doing?

“Fine. Fine. How are you?“

Well, it could be better I feel. Not looking forward to tomorrow, but it is what it is.

“Yes, it most certainly is. I wanted to talk to you about the coming missions as of late. It is well known that many of you will be participating in York, but there are a few other places of interest as well. Militarily, we will be doing some work with authorities in Washington, D.C. This is in combination with the US government and policy initiative, but we also need to organize the military to assist many throughout the world with the upcoming earth changes. I’m not going to be specific, but with changes in the climate, severe storms, and earthquakes, it would be lucrative to get the ball rolling and be ready to help those in need. This will be in combination of our other efforts to rescue those who need to be evacuated. Of course, when coupled with the judgement of the Father, it is not clear as of yet how many people will be there for us to save. However, such only adds value to the effort, because we would know that all are worth it. All on the planet would have some kind of potential spiritual future that we should nurture. It is in fact our very duties to do that.

You look very glum, why is that?“

I think that is just how my face is when I’m not smiling.

“Then smile!”

Maybe if I listened to more music. [I was in an early Christmas spirit and listed to Jingle Bell Rock]

“Not going to happen yet.”

Well, I figured. You were mentioning other places the mission would be working from?

“There could be workers in every state. Most certainly, there would be helpers of the celestial nature wherever the Melchizedeks are operating through their own government systems you’ve heard about. The world will be divided up into sections, and new governments will form eventually to represent such larger sections under authority of the Melchizedeks. So their place of interest is likely going to be one of the more populated cities in the given region. Some of these areas are flexible, but there is a good chance just about any populated area is going to have one person working indirectly for the mission, whether that be transmitting or some other smaller element to local change. We all can’t be the large gears of change, but we can help those gears in the machine function better.”

Anything else? [I’m not hearing anything, so I’m playing the music I mentioned to Welmek.]

See? Wasn’t so bad.

“It’s a good tune. Back to business. When working on the public affairs of the mission, I will mainly be referring to your relationship with Michael. I mean to say, the dynamic between Jesus and his followers will this time be rooted in your father-son relationship with Michael. It basically means your love for Jesus will be two-fold. You will have the same kind of relationship the apostles of old did, along with the relationship you already have with Michael. What does this mean? The apostles technically had this relationship as well, but it wasn’t conscious, so it didn’t impact their behavior. And I have Mark here to say more."

“Our apostolic affairs with Jesus or Joshua had mainly to do with our task of teaching, but this was primarily a future task we would do. It was imparted on us that we would eventually tend to Joshua’s flock, but it was hard to accept because none of us wanted to see him go. This caused us to ignore the admonishments and proclamations because we did not believe or want to believe he would leave us. Yet we founded churches when he left because we had no other choice. In part, it was to preserve our memory and pass it onto others. It was also because we learned much through his generous personality and continual giving. He granted us passage into the heavens despite our meek or sinful nature.

“It was believed that God played favorites, and that the strong and powerful were truly blessed (though how they used that to their advantage was a different matter). God was not quite like a father, or how the Father is to you. It was more like a tribal leader than anything, and you never disobeyed or faced death in some manner, whether that be through some kind of hell, nonexistence, or death through the violence of a Roman’s blade. We were often worried about retribution from God, and also worried about the retribution that others weren’t receiving. Naturally, Jesus corrected most of this in us through his teachings, and we directly learned from him how to do the same to others, though we could not always admit it.

“Our demands from Jesus in that time would be crazy/ridiculous by your standards, but those were the times, and the Master knew this. We were much like ordinary men, the same kind of men Jesus preached to, so it is not surprising that we changed over time as well as his other disciples. Many rejected his works, and many more have centuries later. It never did stifle the truth, nor did it alter our now blossoming relationship with Michael. When you see Jesus, it will be as if you stared God in the face, and you will recognize this immediately because you know Michael to be the Father in time-space. Michael controls the local universe with Nebadonia. No surprises there. But to witness Michael through Jesus will offer plenty of surprises, and many in the public will not be able to comprehend your various reactions because they simply did not receive the right kind of education before the fact.

“It is one thing to piece together Jesus’s identity after you see him. It is another to do it beforehand. In both cases, respective anticipation is thrown out the window – you can’t know what to expect, but you will have more to gain because you begin being conscious of a lot more possibilities. Those will manifest in the relationship, and it will answer a lot of questions. Meeting Jesus will no doubt stir your muscles to action in direct service to your fellow man. It did for us and it will for you and many more. There is just something about his personality that does that to people, because it shows in broad daylight what faith can accomplished when left up to the Son. Good day."

Thank you Mark, that was really nice. Was there anything else to receive?


Thanks again.

Threads for New Transmissions / Identity and Service
« on: October 10, 2016, 02:13:37 PM »
Teacher: Welmek
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: October 6th, 2016

Is there a message, or does someone wish to speak?

“Yes. This is Welmek again. Right now, I am sort of the spokesperson that TR’s can reach out to for policy changes and the like. If you have personal PR questions, I’m the man to talk to, you could say.”

Well, I don’t think I have such questions.

“Well I have such statements. Are you fine with that?”


“Okay then. We would like to take this opportunity to suggest to you that your focus should be taking down notes like this, for when the time comes to do this full time, you need to be on the ball. These sorts of memos or messages are going to come short and fast. You won’t expect them. Daily practice right now is fine, and we can squeeze things like this into one message, but in the future you may be taking a long list of shorter messages from a diverse group of beings. It’s not exactly secretary work, but it’s close. You are like a communicator for us, as you will come to figure out the best way to share what we give you.

Moving on. Welmek is my name initially, but it is not my Paradise name. It is Internik.”

[Ron received the following: Internik is the Creator Son's name stripped of the special symbols in a name given on Paradise. Welmek is an English name that comes close to the frequency the real name of Internik signifies.]

I honestly don’t remember your identity.

“I am a Paradise Son.”

Of what kind?

“A Creator Son without a local universe to call his own. There are very few of us, and our work in the universe is considerably different than the others who have local universes to maintain. Will I have my own local universe? I cannot say. My destiny is a little different than that of Christ Michael.”

What do you have to gain through teaching in your position? Surely there are lesser beings that can fulfill that role?

“Are you saying I do not deserve the experience of reaching down to form relationships with and teaching human students? Becoming close with Michael’s creation can teach other Creator Sons a great many things, many of which you simply cannot hope to understand because you do not live in our shoes.”

I’m not really insinuating anything. The information just seems problematic. It’s not the first time a being has revealed himself to be different than what was previously believed, and this causes issues with mistaken identity or just brings to question the qualities of the transmitter.

“I beg to differ. Why else would I be so successful in teaching so many people. Why not leave this up to another being like Michael, who can reach out to so many minds at once? I do not teach Urantian humans alone, but many people on all of the apostate worlds. One of the things I do is measure the differences between those afflicted in my outreach to adjust the upbringing of man. Each planet has different challenges which must be addressed when teaching, and one of these is the difference in revelatory content each world has access to.

“You are not the only ones with a book like the Urantia Book, but your book is unique, and holds quite a number of details unique to your world. You might say it is superior, and in some cases it is. Your world is the only one that housed the Creator Son, and you have a history that surrounds his experience. You (your race) alone can best identify with what happened. A story about Jesus is a story about your own history on your own planet, so in its telling are certain nuances that only your world can understand. This is a marvelous thing. However, there are some restrictions your planet must sit through as well. There are topics we are not allowed to cover, at least not much. Every world is different in how it is taught and improved.

“One of those things, as mentioned, was the material covered. The other might be the brain type of the humans. Another could be the spiritual history and current state of the planet. Another could be the adjudication efforts involving the rebellion. Another could be the respective states of each given Magisterial Mission slated to appear on another world. Another could be the type of dispensation each planet is under. There are a lot of factors, and managing those factors while reaching out as a personable form of Deity has unique points of interest. Anyway, you are free to share this or not. It is just that I will still be deeply involved with the Teaching Mission, so it may improve matters if people have a better idea of who I am, and my identity may be touched upon even more in the future. For now, I am your personal guide into Magisterial Mission policy as it relates to your individual life. That is my temporary assignment, and feel free to confirm that with Ron, as we often speak.”

[I removed some personal comments.]

Okay, thank you for the message.

Threads for New Transmissions / Pieces of News
« on: October 06, 2016, 09:47:28 PM »
(Just a disclaimer, I am mainly posting this because I was told to do so.)

Teacher: Welmek
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: October 5th, 2016

“Let’s begin. That feeling at the top of your head is a signal/signaler that a contact is being made with another. It is not always a message or transmission, but it means you are in some form of contact with another being. These are like little wisps of energy. You feel them go in. Maybe you’ll notice them go to a specific area in the brain, which will tell you what they mean further. Anyway, we move on.

“The trial right now is sort of the calm before the storm, at least for you. The storm that might pass over you could be the trigger in your area of the celestials appearing. We are saying the possible announcements could happen that soon. If you are prepared for possible outages or shortages, you will be prepared for this.

“Other news. Ron is not doing so well mentally. He has to jump hoops to discover what is going on in the real world, and it is doing him a disservice. He has to take a step back for this process to make sense. He will know what we are talking about and not you.  Just send this to him. [Ron mentioned to me some personal experiences in the past few days, so I guess that is what is being referred to.] Ron has to realize that our timing has nothing to do with his pain and suffering right now. We mean to say that his physical conditions are no longer important factors in what Jesus is doing. His vitals are maintained, and when Jesus flips the switch, as has been discussed, Ron will feel fine or at least better. The same will be for you, but to a lesser degree. This is inevitable, as we are working to connect all working transmitters to this Michael circuit as well as all those showing interest in the Magisterial Mission.

“Think of it as the Spirit of Truth 2.0. It not only improves upon what the Spirit of Truth does for the mind, but it shares a form of energy unheard of by your science. It will be hard to describe to you. It is a spiritual circuit that allows the flow of other celestial forces you are not used to experiencing. These influences will flow through you or will enter your environment, and you will come to know a new reality because of it. It will also do a few other things like helping you to communicate by creating a psychic web around you and anyone you talk to. It broadens the mental landscape through a portable medium that will literally surround you.

“It is not a morontial phenomenon, but more like a spiritual reality that is imprisoned or utilized through a medium of energy called enesmota [this might be a made-up word]. Enesmata was described as an upgraded spirit version of morontia mota, but this (enesmota) is like a portable moving (almost viscous) energy that influences the mind supplied by Mother Spirit. This means it can amplify the adjutant mind spirits, just as it can amplify your reception of thoughts from other people. Does it improve transmissions? Not so much, because you have to be physically close to whomever you receive from. This is a physical phenomenon, or it at least relies on physical circumstance because it is space-restricted in its usage. If it wasn’t, then it could be used by almost anyone who became capable of tapping into it, and this is something that is earned and is utilized as a tool in special circumstances.

“We can go more into detail about this later, but we want to make it clear that several new tools or abilities will be given to God’s workers in the wake of the storm so it can be weathered. We are essentially guaranteeing your success in the future so you can make it safely to York within a year. We do not and cannot prepare for everything you may experience in your area, so this is one of those things you are given to cope with any situation. It will greatly aid social interaction. It will not remove physical threat. You will have to rely on your angels for that, or maybe the midwayers.

“Moving along. There are certain dietary restrictions in the future, but they are done so for the sake of health. This is news to you. You do not have many rules to follow right now, but in the future, there will be restrictions on things like sugar, gluten, proteins, and more. You will also be given a list of foods to avoid, but this is after you have left survival mode and must cope with whatever ends up on the dinner table. This is mainly to aid the transition your body will be making for its extended stay on the planet. The cells will desire a different assortment of nutrients, so it is only fitting that your diet will need to change. We believe this is the last piece of news. Farewell.”

Okay, thank you. Can I get the name of who I am talking to?


Threads for New Transmissions / Necessary Preparation
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:52:10 PM »
Teacher: Margul
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: September 16th, 2016

Is there a message today?

“We want to translate to you some issues or conditions that go along with the Jesus bestowal that you call the second coming. You must understand that a disruption in the news media alone creates conditions of havoc in the marketplace and domestic life. It comes with political hardships and hard questions that few will know how to answer. This alone makes it so an announcement cannot happen unless the effects of it are as positive as can be within that time frame. If we judge that this will not be the case, we delay for a few hours, if not a few days, and then everything may need to get reset a few weeks down the line. Those are all physical considerations from one event alone, and while this does rank rather low on our radar, it is still something to consider.

“Next are the mental trials and thoughts that occur with any of our actions. Are the actions seen going to have an overall positive or negative impact on the human psyche? Will this be healthy? Overall, the answer is yes, but some of this hinges on the physical aspects of our actions, and our actions are not just about announcing things, but physically creating a world where the Magisterial Mission can work, and this includes creating buildings out of the blue, transporting a vast amount of resources around the globe, asking people to leave their homes in the event of disaster, and inviting a vast array of foreign ships into the atmosphere while also reducing human air traffic.

“The disasters alone cause much damage to the human lifestyle as well as mental fortitude, and there is the ongoing question of whether our actions will propel these problems into your life faster, or if we will instead commence everything safely with the capability of warning everyone of these problems in the affected areas. Many people will not leave their homes or their countries. That is the simple fact. Even if all the force in the world is applied to convince them, there are some things a human cannot seem to give up. But our actions must include warning people of what could happen, and delaying on our part might keep us from triggering early problems, but it does not delay the inevitable. You can see the struggle between the two sides to a degree.

“Lastly, we must consider the spiritual aspects of all things as a priority. Our job is not primarily to enhance the physical aspect of everyone’s lives. We look at how physical, mental, and spiritual episodes have an impact on spiritual life or soul content. We are in the business of guaranteeing that as many people can choose eternal life when given the choice. Naturally, a bulk of this happens through education, and proper education will not happen until our boots are visibly on the ground, and that comes with the physical constraints or side-effects as mentioned.

“To reiterate these points, the mental landscape of the planet impacts both physical events and spiritual well being. Physical events have psychological effects as well. Spiritual outcomes are loosely dictated by how people live and for how long. Our primary concern is the spiritual outcome of a planet. While just taking on an overall view of the situation, there are intricate details about every subject that impact each other, and while we care primarily how humans are prepared to go to the mansion worlds now and in the future, that caring requires us to understand the physical and mental aspect of our overall approach and every one of our decisions that can be seen or impacts human life. It is a lot to consider, and naturally it is time sensitive.

“A world event can propel the plan forward or it can halt it. In most cases, a lot of such events happen together. So our careful approach becomes a delayed approach, and all of you who are more or less kept in the loop to a degree suffer for it because you cannot know every detail, but focus on the overall intent that is not apparently leading anywhere. We know for a fact that Jesus will be present among the public, but we cannot say when and we cannot say why it will happen during such and such day. We just know the overall approach will be successful through the help of the Father, who declared the planet His. So again, we carefully analyze our approach, continually work to make it work, and look to God to fill in the rest. That will be all. Margul.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Discussing Depression
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:02:45 AM »
Teacher: Unknown Melchizedek
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: September 4th, 2016

Is there a message for me today?

“Yes, today’s message is about suicide. [It’s actually about depression, and indirectly relates to suicide.] We thought it would be relevant to the music you listen to and how it is positioned to give hope to those who experience depression among other things. Depression can be summed up into one thing: misalignment. Either something in your life is misaligned, or something in your body is misaligned, and it creates conflicting or problematic emotions.

“Most depression on the clinical side is created from chemicals within the body that are either unbalanced or receive too much attention. Depression in this case can be an indicator that something is wrong chemically and the brain is trying to alert you to this by telling you something is wrong despite the environment you are in. All chemicals or endorphins or hormones in the body can have negative effects that ultimately impact mood or behavior. Our job here is not so much to discuss the chemical attributes of hormones when they are released into the bloodstream, but to describe depression that comes from other means, mainly spiritual problems that the mind is not used to dealing with yet.

“These spiritual problems can be summed up in a few ways. Either there is discord in the family life, there is a rupture in friendship, there is a death in the family or social group, there is a period of alienation, or there comes a moment where you doubt your own value due to some circumstantial reason. Most of these are a result of a lack of love (for the self or others), or the lack in ability to show said love. Both of these also cause issue when you are the one not receiving the said love, or no one is able to show it. These things manifest in various forms, and those forms you get used to handling as you advance through different social and physical situations.

“From love springs the values of truth, beauty, and goodness that are made manifest in the Father and all those who serve Him, and this is a roundabout way to say that some level of truth, beauty, or goodness is missing from one’s life when they are depressed. At the very least, there is a perception that such is not present even though it might be. The relative values and ideals of humans in the material world can still climb the heights of spiritual nutrition (?). We mean to say that although society and the world are not perfect, you can still experience spiritual values. In fact, some are displayed even better and more can be learned if you have the eyes to see. If you don’t, you may become depressed by the state of things.

“The mansion worlds are set up in a way where introduction to celestial life is easy. It is also true that it is therapeutic, and if [you are] healthy, there is nothing to stop you from experiencing joy every day. This is in sharp contrast to your world where depression and angst are a norm, and joy is a sweet dream that hides behind a sunset. Your capability to experience joy is not hidden from you. Anyone with the right mindset and holding an abundancy in spirit (?) will reach the stage where joy is an everyday occurrence.

“In a sense, people can be freed from the incessant attitudes that keep one from the Father, and these are commonly greed, jealousy, and hatred. Fear is a different beast altogether that can cause all of these maladies and more when maladjusted to spiritual life. Fear is natural in the physical world, and occasionally it is beneficial, but it still binds you to problems that need not be so problematic, and through this you create for yourself issues of controversy that are yours and yours alone. Your mind will beset itself with problems and complications that ordinarily wouldn’t exist. This can cause depression too, but that depression is commonly the outcropping of unchecked anxiety.

“It was made clear to you that love is the general answer to all of these problems, and through the words of the Master, you could essentially combat every fear, along with every malady of human nature. These things are not just of the heart per se, but of faith as well as the understanding that no matter the difficulty or the lesson to be learned, it will all come to an end, followed by a positive transition. However, this is not known if the celestial family is not known. One cannot reach for the higher values or mind of God if one does not know God through love. And life without that love is not worth living.

“Not only will you be depressed at times, but you will be trapped within a system of human creation that offers no quarter to your pleas. To be trapped in that system is not just to be physically stuck in a godless society that does not know true love, but to accept that such is actually the best result or the only result. Acceptance of evil is the result, and you may find that the delusions this creates does not lead one to the Kingdom. At the very least, the reality of it might depress you. I am Metatolin (or maybe Metentalo, I can’t spell it) Melchizedek, and it was nice speaking with you. Good night. “

GOD The SUPREME / A New Connection
« on: August 07, 2016, 02:25:43 AM »

Teacher: Urantia, Michael, Nebadonia
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: August 6th, 2016

“Your connection is great, my dear. This is the first you have heard from me, and I ask that you go into meditation tonight to receive my blessing. I am the culmination of everything, my dear. I am you and the world. I am the plants and animals. I am even the fungi. I am the very crystal that makes up a fragment of your timepiece. I am the earth, Gaia, and Urantia. I am the world, and everything on it. I am you and you are me. All that you experience is a part of my being, and all that you experience in the future becomes a part of me as well. You look to the earth and see dead soil, but it is alive with my spirit reality that has long cared for the earth. I am the Mother of all you deem real, and I exist among others who are far more real and powerful than myself. I speak of the Great Supreme Being, but the Trinity exists as the greatest example.

“Because you begin here, I am the first contact and the relationship you form with the Supreme. We are like Adjusters to this being on Havona, though we are systemized differently. My connection with you deepens our relationship by making my presence known and felt. It also means your experiences are better known and more likely to be of use to me. If we work together, we can surely improve this planet I have so long cared for. Your place in the mission is assured if you so care for it the way you have cared for this earth. I have seen you clean up after others for the sake of the common good, and I appreciate it. Your footprint (carbon?) on this world is still too great, but the blame goes toward the systems of resource usage created by man. In the future, all shall be sustainable as old ways fade away, but until that time, keep in mind that this world is a gift for you to borrow. Please keep it in good shape when you return it before you leave. Keep me in your heart, and I shall do the same for you my child. Take care.”

Anyone else wish to speak?

“This is Michael. What you have now is a great gift, along with Larry and a few on the forum you don’t know about yet. I wish to share this gift with all transmitters helping the Magisterial Mission, but it may be confined to all receiving a prolonged life enhancement. Your contributions here will be aided by the Spirit of Truth as your means of deduction and knowledge gathering will be heightened. You will be able to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of the Trinity through both the Adjuster and the Planetary Supreme. You ponder that relationship, but it makes sense to us when we consider the Supreme’s role in involving the Trinity with time-space affairs, with the Supreme presenting experiential values to Paradise.

“Think about it. You access the Supreme and the Father on a local level. Both exist in smaller forms in time compared to their much larger counterparts. They act as a channel to the real thing – the original I AM and the collective experience of the I AM. Consider how that can help your life during a divine mission when we must reap the benefits of the Father’s will, and spread the good seed of his kindness and generosity. The fruits of that labor are collected by the Supreme, and the Father is the originator. What you possess is access to a microcosm of that larger system, but for your level, that is good enough access. It is still useful, and will remain useful for the days and years to come. Remain in my love always. Michael.”

Thank you Michael. Anyone else wish to talk?

“Yes child. This is Mother Spirit, but you sensed my presence right as I spoke. I simply wish to place before you the idea that you possess twin mothers here in spirit. One of origin and one of collective experience. In a sense, I am the senior, but Urantia uses what you know and see to greater effect. She can be much closer to you than I in relationship because what you do immediately affects her. Her perturbations and movements may affect mankind on a larger scale, but her input can be personal, just as mine can. Work at this new partnership and see how it can aid you in spirit. I bid you a good night.”

Thanks again.

Threads for New Transmissions / Suffering and Spirituality
« on: August 01, 2016, 10:04:35 PM »
Teacher: Unknown
T/R: Overmind/Arthur
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: August 1, 2016

"Today’s lesson is about struggle and human suffering. This is indeed a long one, so pace yourself.

"Human suffering is at the cornerstone of advancing your consciousness. It can be as simple as figuring out what you are doing in the world and how your current position came to be. To truly understand suffering – your own personal challenges – requires self-reflection to the highest degree. It requires you to know yourself, both in your eyes and others. It is a beginning, but with the right level of thinking, it can become the spiritual root of a human being. Understanding how suffering shapes the individual changes how you look at the world and yourself. It is how you approach God in humbleness while seeking out a solution. It is also where the ideal for greater things commonly originates from.

"This combination of factors makes suffering a great teacher, and truly those who suffer most are those who do not suffer at all. This is simply because becoming used to a happy life makes it difficult to appreciate it. You need variety and you need comparisons. You also cannot be spoiled. Man does not commonly treasure hard work, but suffering brings man to the understanding that it is necessary in life. Without that, one does not know how to make sacrifices, experience pain for the sake of others, or take on necessary burdens for the self. The spiritual illumination that is born out of these challenges for the human heart is nonexistent for those who have it easy. We want you to possess the necessary mentality to strive for greater things and experiences, so you as humans are put in worlds where life is not a given, nor happiness, nor love. You must work up toward the realms of spirit by finding the lowest the material realm has to offer. We mean to say that you must experience the lack of value material life provides if it is in perpetuation.

"If you lived life everlasting in the human form, what could you really accomplish in terms of self-perfection? How would you reach Paradise? For one thing, humans do not possess mota in the common form, no matter how intelligent they are, so their view of cosmology is blocked to some degree by the lack of understanding one possesses when mota is absent from the intellectual experience. It is in essence a directed philosophy made real and experiential in the mind. Quite a lot in this world and the universe one will not comprehend without mota to help them, as it provides purpose and direction in how one sees life and the universe. Of course, you have to be spiritually inclined to use it as well, and that does not come without a heavy course in material living, or living as a temporal creature.

"Life in your world is unnecessarily harsh, but it brings with it some of the greatest Agondonters that could possibly exist, simply because these humans are faced with insurmountable evil and error, at least insurmountable on the personal and human level. These prevailing issues commonly cause one to doubt God or the efficacy of spiritual living because the only way to live is to get ahead in life, and unfortunately that ideal is what displays some of the most benefits, at least if you want to live in material luxury, but that only goes so far. It cannot deliver lasting happiness, especially if such money or worth was obtained through immoral means.

"Your spirit will never feel lighter after cheating another or using people for your own advantage. Instead, you will rely heavily (even more so) on the material gains that offer nothing for your soul, and it appears this is necessary because the hole in your heart keeps growing. The mind must feel satiated, and logic will bring you to the conclusion that you made the right choice because man must feel self-validated in personal decisions or face unending depression, especially if that validation deals with the direction of your entire life. One must continue on that path toward nonexistence in spirit because it is the one source of stimuli that they have learned to adapt to and recognize, and society itself is creating a plague for itself when it creates an order of beings that see no worth in life except for that with a price tag.

"Humans are commonly burdened by selfishness or greed, whether this is the ideal nature of the self or one’s fellows. Ideals are not truth if they are not rooted in the will of the Father. Instead, we speak of ideals rooted in the 'House that Jack Built'. Your world has depended too much on commerce to create a healthy living environment, and now it is trying to substitute love and sharing with money and heartless versions of human activity. More so, you are driven to consume that which you do not need, so you are in desperate straits to obtain more in order to spend whatever you have saved up on something that only wastes your time. You know the feeling well, and even well-meant distractions are still a burden overall for the human heart and mind.

"We will not go into details, because even distraction can have its place in the form of fun, play, and relaxation. If this helps remove the unnecessary stress from your life, then who are we to judge? But do not devote your time to a pastime that simply causes more stress for yourself, because this ultimately becomes a second job. You become an indentured servant to what you used to enjoy, and you are now a slave to your past interests. This is not the way of spirit, for spirit is free and ever-expansive in its touch. You may tap into that as well through your own day dreams and imagination. Take a moment and ask for Mother Spirit to aid you in your fanciful thoughts, and let them take on a life of their own in dreamland, for that is where some of your greatest ideas will spring forth, but do not take this for granted.

"Your freedom that is granted by the Father, and your means to use it that is granted by the Spirit – these are things that are to be used in tandem with self-control. Those who do not use self-control ultimately lose control of things in their life, either by force or through personal mistakes. One should not take these things for granted, for they are gifts of the highest order, and as you ascend to the higher realms where you shall bask in the Father’s eminence and grace, you will be rewarded with greater forms of freedom, power, pleasure, artistic pursuits, and fulfilling service. That is the way for all who serve under the name and banner of God – those who recognize they are but children of the omnipotent. Unity with the Father in action brings to life the reality of their being. It is true for you as well.

"When you are inclined to finally work with the Father in a task, you recognize the worth of that task deep down as it becomes a brand new example of something of survival value safeguarded within your soul by your Thought Adjuster. More and more of these examples build up until you have the makings of a real spiritual life, and you are deemed able to venture out to the morontia worlds to learn even more, and possess even more responsibility for yourself. So in essence, suffering indirectly brings joy, because it can help you appreciate the value of selfless service, and through that, you can gain happiness by serving God in a partnership. Therefore, do not let yourself say that you are poor or that you are weak, for it is the opposite in spirit.

"After death, you will become greater than you have ever been, because what was once an immaterial possession is now a material and energetic reality in your new environment. It becomes ever more real in your life, and those very real accomplishments are also recognized by others. Beyond this life, all hard work is rewarded because all work in alignment with the Father reaches a positive conclusion, and that conclusion furthers both your career and your appreciation for all that has been given to you. To you start to see how amazing it all is? The vibrance one achieves through selfless acts in the here and now? The entire world is a gift to you, and you then become a gift to the world by recognizing that. This is how one achieves immortality, and it is how mortals transcend their own being by being a virtue in other people’s lives. It is very simple really.

"Goodness is always rewarding, though you know not the time. The rewards of sin are shadows in comparison, and are only detectable by those staring hard enough to make something out of them. But those shadows only exist because the light exists, and turning one’s back against it makes it so the shadows are all one sees. Think back and see how this applies to our earlier example. Humans who are corrupted by their own money and power can only see that money and power in their life. Their backs are turned to Deity, which is something that is no longer recognizable. So what must be done for the sake of their souls is to completely remove the shadows from their life. Then one has no choice but to either focus on the light that is left, or to shut the eyes entirely, leaving one to complete darkness and nonexistence of spirit. Embracing the shadows nonstop leads one ever closer to that darkness because the light can no longer enter one’s heart or direct one’s soul, and that is all because free will chose to stare intently on that which was never real. Thank you."

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Threads for New Transmissions / Love in Life
« on: July 17, 2016, 11:23:11 PM »
Teacher: Unknown
T/R: Overmind
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: July 15, 2016

"Loneliness on your world is propelled by fear and greed. What solves this problem? It is not just love, but the recognition that love is the cure and the courage to find it. Courage is what leads to love, and faith is what orchestrates it. It tells you where to have courage and why. Your faith in the Father is what determines how you serve, and your courage pushes you to that level of service. All is in pursuit of love, but can you face love? Do you know where it exists and how? In what new ways are you seeking? We see love as a statement of existence: here lies I, myself, and I choose unity in the cosmos. Do you sense the power in such words, or those like it? They are like that of God’s will, as He divested Himself of all He could to spread his compassion and good will among others.

You are part of that evolving game plan to witness love’s effect on a universe that continuously needs it. You are part of a desperate world that needs it more than most, but because of this, you are ever more fearful of the costs that may accrue in your pursuit of what is deemed too precious for you to obtain. True love and trust in one’s fellows comes with a cost in the mortal realm, and on your planet it can be too hard to bear, at least physically. The rewards in the end are worth the struggle, but the task of being completely selfless appears all too destructive. You have your own life you must live, and if your life is defined solely by what you do for others, you will not know what you can do for yourself. That is why balance is so important in your little escapades in spirit. It is why you should approach both love and life cautiously, else you will become either blind or fanatical.

Dream on about a world where love is free with a light burden, but do not make that the reality for yourself only, for only you will seem to benefit until the illusion is lifted. See the world for what it is, and see your work and contributions for what they are. They accumulate and they are of import, but on a bigger scale, there is only so much a single person can do. That is why we are here, and plan on changing things in our way and nature. Do not fear the light, neither from the heavens nor from the hearts of your brethren. Clearly you live amongst the common man, and you understand the struggle of life. So pick up the fruit of your labors and sow more seeds of faith and service while you still have a chance to farm the field."

I think I accidentally cut the message short this time. There was what appeared to be a goodbye from the speaker (who I thought was Jesus) which did not actually make sense, so I stopped the message thinking I was imagining things. It occurred to me later that what I heard actually would have made sense if it was the beginning of the next sentence. Better luck next time I guess.

Threads for New Transmissions / In Service and Love
« on: June 26, 2016, 10:10:14 PM »
Teacher: Christ Michael
T/R: Overmind
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Date: June 23, 2016

“Okay Father, it seems I got some time here, so let’s try this again. I will leave the reception and message up to you. No input from me this time about what I get. “
“A wise choice, as you couldn’t possibly know what was best to receive at a given time. You want experience in the HUB, but the connection doesn’t differ too much from what you are used to. The reception of information may be different, as well as the content, but unless you want to receive something from a certain soul of an individual, you shouldn’t really be using this. Don’t worry about which circuit is used for now. That only becomes a problem if you are asked specifically what you are using, and at that point, I will tell you. Now let’s begin today’s session. “
“This is Michael, hailing from Salvington, but coming to you from earth, or terra firma as you would call it. In my mission to present myself as Jesus, or Christ Michael in the flesh, I find myself wanting of a partner to help me in my various tasks. I speak of Nebadonia of course, as we work together often, but our partnership must be put on hold in some ways as I work in the flesh. We see mere moments before we greet you on television, yet you do not even have television and do not care. [I don’t have cable or an antennae right now.] You want only to be verified in your beliefs, like all humans do. Nothing wrong with that. The question is whether you will be able to take up the great needs for service when they are delivered to you. Will it be too much? Will the pressure make you cave in? Or will you try your best because you see yourself as the right fit?
The conclusion doesn’t matter too much so long as you stay true to yourself and find yourself aligning with the Father’s will to whatever extent you are capable of. I would never wish the burden of service to be too great. That sentiment often causes rebellions we have so long worked to remove. The question is really how you wish to serve, how your Adjuster wishes you to serve, and if you are really up to either task. If not, we can always find another to fill your place. There will be plenty willing to work for the Magisterial Mission since it will be a big and important enterprise. The question is again yours: what do you wish to do, and will you be happy with that decision? I want you to post this because this process of thought must be undertaken by all.
It is easy to get caught up in rivalries, festivities, and depression. Group moods often affect you deeply because they reflect your position. To socialize and be accepted, you have to take on both positive and negative qualities, and you may not be happy with either. In this case, you don’t want to let me down, and want to be accepted into the family of God. I say you were accepted a long time ago. People are born accepted. The question is if they realize it or not, because all receive an invitation now to go to the light. This is why understanding your sonship with God brings you to the realization that you are loved and in the right place. You know you are accepted purely because you became conscious of the divine relationship. It works that way in all peoples if fear does not block your sight.
Now more than ever, people will be tested in what they can believe, both about the outer world and the inner. I devoted my time to teach that God existed in both places, so no matter what you were engaged in, that relationship with the Father was unending. You need only accept it and reach out. This is essentially what I wish to teach again to all people – that the Father is accepting of temporary imperfections and loves you dearly. To be accepted by the Kingdom is to accept that as fact and act accordingly. It truly is that simple. All of the values or principles associated with godliness can be learned to a degree in a good upbringing. All that we do is use that to further direct a person in spirit, and feed the soul enough so that it has the strength to get up and search for the source of all love and light in the universe.
Bits and pieces of that desire and value are found indirectly through life experience, and yes, establishing a life plan for yourself can help you reach out to the beginning steps of the ascension career, helping you learn what you need to learn now rather than later. All of these things will come true for you and others who work with me to continue this relationship with the Father. Whether you are establishing contact for the first time or the 50th, you will be engaged by the highest intelligence in the universe, and you will realize that you were right to reach out on a limb and test your faith. That will be all for today. Michael. "

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