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June 19, 2018 at 20:00 Local Time York PA
Ron Besser Receiver


Goodness Gracious!  Now we must start over?  I asked Father and Mother of the Local Universe to help us start over!!!

We are starting to.  I cannot tell you how they are going to handle that, but I do not that one of my best friends on high a Seconaphim named Prolotheos is helping to do that for us with your help!!!

Now I have raised my voice a tad.  All those exclamation marks just so you sit up and listen to what I have to say.

1 - I am sick and tired of not contemplation anymore on this site.  What happened?  A few do and I thank you Sue and Gossett and Lemuel and even brave Amethyst to do things she rather not at times to be heard.  Clency your are brave too but a voice that fades too fast.  Keep up your good work some more and all who can speak do not step back but step UP!

2 - In case you have not noticed, I have thrown out a few special items on this discussion forum just in case they got in the way of producing a better conversion of thought here.  I am removing the new Urantia Book posts.  I am removing the posts on the end of the Magisterial Mission and I am removing the end of the Lucifer Rebellion as a subject.  These are removals for reintroduction of these Categories for and at another time.

3 - Michael of Nebadon heard me yell good and proper when I saw how far we got without much and now He wants us to get some gristle in our lesson food and has introudced my friends the Mentori to help us work up some muscles in our minds and controversy to take care of because we are gonna get it good.  I am resettling disputes as I try to figure out what gives for all these troubles we are having in our dreams to do better and not getting there.

4 - I am going to mostly quite my daily sessions with the Nystoria staff meetings which drag on and I get nothing but a rehash of things that are mostly settled with me and mostly with most of you who are fused.  I also want it known and I yell again!!!!!  Five more of you are ready for fusion!!!  Get it?  Please pay attention and start being honest and do your work. I won’t name names as that will spoil the fun.

5 - Get ye behind me Satan!  Familiar?  I have had to do double takes these past few days and I wondered why my burning palms in my hands kept hurting so bad?  Now I learn I have been fighting a seriously evil attack by some fiends across the sea in another land who work hard to pray for my dismissal at the helm of what will be a glorious revelation to forebode all they attempt to do.  You have seen attacks on this site in plenty in the past six months and they are being wiped out for good as I smart up and catch on what is going on and Michael supports the view I hold: no more nice guy when they approach with the idea of decapitating me and you for their own selfish purposes.  I dare not give more on this but we bent them backwards as they stood to attack and I broke them down and out I think for good.  Someday I will tall you all about what has happened and how they got beat.

6 - You all know the story now.  We must shake the rugs out and change the colors now as we have moved on to something new and I am trying my darndest to get it started right and well for ALL of you who love God and this environs from Paradise right on down to our planet workers on Nystoria.

7 - You must transmit, please.  Sit down and do it.  I am depedning on you to fill in the picture better as they are not giving all the news and changes to me to transmit this time and that makes me quite happy to sit back and get fed sometimes myself from YOUR work.  Sue Prolotheos is waiting for you to pick up your recorder and to send us an audio message, Please!     

Larry Gossett we have a new name for you to work with and He will make it clear you dare not stop transmitting until he says to stop.  His name is Ophelius, and Ophelius is also a Seconaphim of the third Order called an Import of Time and Justice.  He is my favorite kind of Seconaphim too as I love talking to the Imports of Time.  He is ready when you can started with Him and he so close to Deity we capitalize most of the pronouns to refer to Him too.  He is a teacher on Paradise to the Transcendental Students who are personalized as perfect new beings.  Please start transmitting because these new individuals will start to fill in the picture now for us.  We wait.

And to all others and especially to Lemuel, take your time, but step up to your audio tape and take on this fresh new way of talking to the universe, and you are included too Amethyst.

8 - I am sure you must all notice by now I spent almost a whole day getting this arranged as best as human can and I had some fun doing it as they are not unfamiliar to me at all as I have known most of them for almost twenty years but they quit for a lack of interest on Nystoria.  I showed them the interest they can generate for we humans and I hope you all take advantage of the offer they provide as they will answer all transmitters if you just ask to hear from them.  Good day. 

“I am truly gobsmacked with what Ron pulled off again and he acknowledges that without my help it would not happen ever or easily.  I am sure he knows how quiet you got when all this hit the fan and now you are asked to stop that!  We all find it unusual but Newstar found the end of the st ring Prolotheos left hanging in the air above all of you and He is delighted to take your calls now.

“Ron mentioned something very evil going on and we think we have it over and uncovered and you need to be careful what you ask for in prayer because it can unlease nasty stuff on people and Ron has caught hell often for doing nothing about fully countering what was unleased on this site starting last year and a lot this year.  He now knows the perpetuators and some you know too and they are being dealt with harshly now.  Do not expect to see some of those who left ever come back or be in favor again as we know the intent and how they manage to bring disrepute to themselves now and not those on this web site they aimed for in particular.  I am sure helping Ron to smell them out now and he is getting mighty good at detecting psychosomatic misbehavior, for that is all it is but you have to know it to deal with it and he has graduated from gullible to in the know now.  Good an this:

“Ron now has graduated from luckless to lucky due to his work to control his temper over the stupidity of what people say and do and even pray for thinking they are doing good when they are making it hard for the right thing to happen and it makes him furious to hear no gooders do that endlessly on TV.   Gitz you are being looked at hard by Ron and he does not worry about you but by your incessant need to be on top when you do not make enough effort to be there all the time.  He has more news on Ilok but it remains a quiet subject since you do not open it very much and that is very true for your other interests in medicine as Ron is right there with you on all of these subjects.  He has no way of writing you two lines or so without an occasional note from you to jiggle the wires a little.  No need to do it now as there is a vast sea change coming in what he is going to be asked to do shortly and you will go to York very soon when we can tie loose ends together.  I also warn you Gitz be extremely careful with that Ilok book Ron sent you.  It is top secret although he calls it confidential and it could be stolen and copyrighted before we can work it out otherwise.

“Finally, Ron turned a new leaf with me a few nights ago and was severely reprimanded for yelling at an angel who innocently asked the question why he had so much pain.  He did not yell but made it clear she should reference me and I told her “because” and let it drop, but Ron let it be known he was so fed up he had to take extreme measures to cut it since he saw no point living this way ever.  SO: to make a long story short, we cut our ties and Ron asked for some new directions and we have it now if you will just pick up on it and start using it as your transmitters keep wanting invitations and you must know Ron and I find that seriously idiotic because the universe does not work that way unless one is so innocent they need to be spoon fed too in a diaper.  Sit down and ask for a transmission!  Wait for it!  You will be dropped and the ability removed if you do not learn to do that more and more as we are moving rapidly toward exorcism of Nystoria!  This site is moving with it and you better believe you have many surprises now coming.

June 118, 2018 / Receiver Ron Besser with the amazing members of the Mentori gathering around us.
Where Are We Today? Fm Host of Paradise called Prolotheos with Ophelius the Host of Hosts on Paradise
 "I am Prolotheos, I am with Ophelius, we are both favorite teachers Ron loves to doodle with, and he asked us to say a few words about just where you guys are today on Nystoria (a new name that is hard for us to remember after using Urantia for decades to teach . . . ) and here goes:

 "I am a Heavenly Host, so that means I work on Paradise alone and with groups of students coming over to receive their degrees in Finaliter convergence when they finish their Deity Adventures.  You are never quite sure Ron whether that is a Supernaphim or a Paradise Teacher of some sort not revealed to you.  My Order is not revealed on Nystoria, but I do so now:  I am a Secondary Midwayer who loves to Teach God on Nystoria and now I am on Paradise permanently as a Secondary Seconaphim of Distinguished Cross awards.  Michael of Nebadon gave it to me before I left over ten thousand years ago for I was rewarded the distinguished cross as you are to receive Ron, and I have great pride to address you directly.  You are wondering how these words may sound to others who read this, but be assured we revive you as you revive us this day.  Thank you for taking the time to look for our name and our work with Chris Maurus and others who have long given up this work to do what they want to do now:  NOTHING!

" I am a Chris Maurus lover too as he did great work so long as he had you in sight and he wonders now where you went for him but he gave you hell for something you did not intend and you let it lay so you did not upset him further.  Good.  And this.  As a Secondary Seconophim, I have duties I never imagined before and being a Secondary Midwayer, not from Nystoria, but another planet that must always be sealed our of your mind too as it was nefarious beyond belief and died an ignoble death when it blew up with all souls on board and few ever survived.   I now remain alone with but a few who remember our days on that planet, not in Nebadon, but in a galaxy far, far, away as your Starwars movies alwasy show at the beginning.

"Ophelius has this to say:"

OPHELIUS HERE - "I never was a Secondary Midwayer, but I was also a Midwayer of the first class as you call them on Nystoria, a Primary Midwayer and spirit most of the time for that matter.  I carry two promotions I cherish, and one is to you for your making us heard again with gracious good humor and second, to promote our wares as unusually truthful in spite of what the gloss to be added may be.  I am truly working hard Ron to keep you out of silly.  [new voice speaking:  'I am a Primary Supernaphim soon to be and I worked with the Mentori on Urantia now Nystoria.  I never met one like you on many trips to Nystoria was Urantia, and now I live my life in seclusion in one ivory castle after another and cannot wait to maintain our selves with you.  I hope you are ready for a wild ride and that is to cheer you up too.  Thank you.  I used the name Nestor and have spoken as a Finaliter Corp member now departed from Nystoria.]"

Here then is Prolotheos with today's Lesson:

"I am Prolotheos and Ron reminds us of the time he could not wait to sit down and takes notes from Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael and Mother Spirit and others he has now forgotten due to memory loss of those sterling days of tranquility and hope.  Now we face a truant on Nystoria called Trump and he is ruining all progress made in the last fifty years of proposed civilization.  I am sure this lesson strikes home to some of you as lame and horrible but let me tell you how it happened he got into the Presidency in the first place.  I am working with Andromadeus not Ron.  I am not working with Michael of Nebadon not Ron.  Just keep your P's and Q's out of worry there . . .

"In so many words we do not stop at this point and let you gather fleas as you so foten do and that is not anger but worry you do not hold well as you submit to their wills easily and wish them to be presented as they really see things which they cannot and still hold honorary degrees with Father.  But I can do this for all of you and make it perfectly clear what is to be done soon.  

"This is indeed Prolotheos and I make this statement categorically to all of you.  The Magisterial Mission as originally conceived for Nystoria is not over.  It will be played out in about sixteen to twenty years from now and that bypasses many of you who are on this site right now to join as a human being.  Ron will not leave but he must be reminded he has no favors to expect once he is part of the group that regulates the new sixth epochal revelation he is so proud of just to talk about and he should be as he name does appear once in there as a helper of extraordinary use and will be offered up to the Father with higher expectations more once we can figure out what this means to a Magisterial Mission gone dead in the water right now.

"I also see Ron wanting to share stuff he holds sacred to himself but never can because of politics and because the world will never recommend a man of this stature to be among the few that recognizes so much about so many of us we hold him dear not yet but soon.  

"I am sure he is not in the new book but he was and it got cut because he must not be shown in it yet.  I am sure Mantutia laughs over this now but it hurt him to make that cut so Ron was not recognized at all. In any case I as Prolotheos am well advised to curry favor no more with Michael and spell out the disaster we now all recognize hit Ron and Michael of Nebadon and even the Father as these things were being prepared for life on what is not called Nystoria, but then called Urantia.  I continue with the help of Ophelius:

"Ophelius and I, Prolotheos, are well designed to take history calmly.  But in the middle of the planning of these Missions, Ron stumbled onto the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  To most people who read the Urantia Book that is a totally unknown entity but to Ron it was quite real and he had a chance to ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny about Infinity. That is a verboten subject anywhere you travel these days and we helpd our breath for reasons of State we may not tell you, and that is because Ron is quite innocent as to why that subject is held back even in graudate courses on Paradise.  The simple reason is that Ron wanted to understand that if he was correct to see Infinity as a system of reality rather than everything the One who Conceived is?   I am sure that hit the Father rather unusually as he saw it not a challenge to his impeccable credentials but to his regard for understanding the mechanism that runs the grand universe.  He also saw it as a way to remind all that not to challenge precepts is to not challenge life hard enough to get rewards of an unusual nature.  I saw the Father determind that Ron should be answered to the extent the question allowed, and Father showed Ron that the Conusmmator of Universe Destiny was truly outside of the mechanism of Infinite Space and Time but not outside the mechansim that trials Infinity to do better with the unification of time with Infinity.  He now sees that helping trillions of beings as that ideal was shared with everyone as Father usually does and we today now hear the Father chuckle that it was one in a trillion billion hits that Ron would ask the question that way.  Now we proceed with another disaster and we shall post this next in yet another thread called:  THE DISASTER THAT HIT NEBADON JUST AS THE MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS WERE TO START IN 2015-2016

"We now close this thread to start a new one under the Jesus Category next."

"We are Ophelius and Prolotheos with Nestor the Finaliter at our side to see you again shortly.  Good day."


Ron here - this from the Mentori, a groups of super angels and high spirit who ban together in a lose Federation to teach without having to speak to any particular mission.  The Mentori work to upstep the thoughts of man without having a large agenda to push with it.  Prolotheos and Ophelius are collarborators that speak to people in the Untied States and Europe mostly and stay around to see if anybody remembers them these days.  The Mentori work on Nustoria no more because all itnerest has dropped in this kind of lesson so easily given, mostly to beginniers, for today. 

"Thank you Ron, this is Prolotheos and I am with Ophelius, as we are teachers from on high who need your support in these coming days of important change on Nystoria, and you are among our friends by sitting here and looking at our work go to waste.  You are not alone in bringing this forward as we must revise interest in God and man and the work they represent together.  You recognize mind firing as we speak and tell me to ignore it as you do not want to bother me or us with those concerns with Christ Maust who used to do us all the time.  But he quit and does not revise much except to now and then reference this site to see how you are doing and how he could be doing if he could find interest once more for us and you and the sites he regularly visits.  He should be here but hates the idea of bothering you after all that happened when he got angry with you over a mistake he made and still regrets firing off that nasty post to you one day in 2013 or so.  You love the Mentori and wish to see more of them but we have discontinued use on Nystoria because of so little help from man and woman on what was once a thriving evolutionary change for the better not so long ago.  We now state this for you and the group who reads anything sometimes:

"I am Prolotheos and Ophelius and I want to revive with you the idea of the Mentori which you cherish and found so exciting as an additional voice about change you get no where else.  We assign ourselves to you Ron for a brief period of time and remove the stigma of pain and hurt in your eyes and legs to remind you that you are not good as a receiver without purpose and that purpose has temporarily been removed.  So you go about trying to find rays of hope where none can be found and I wish this to end briefly so I can get myself together to give you another lesson on another thread immediately from Ophelius the proof reader.  I understand you work hard to remove errors but your proliferate them with posts that look for silver linings but find them not.  I am about to provide you a big look at these probabilities in truth and you greatly appreciate that. [Ron - I sure do and kiss your truth loving feet!]

"But now this lesson evolutionary religion as it is lived on Nystoria today.  Thank you!"

Prolotheos - Evolutionary Religion - Feb 25, 2015 - Illawarra District, AU

Chicago, US of A, February 25, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Evolutionary Religion”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Religion, defined in terms of evolution, came into existence together with the primates’ attainment of personality will. Will came to human beings concomitantly with the function of the last two Adjutant Mind Spirits, wisdom and worship. And being the last, they opened way for the appearance of religion in human life. Religion is the capacity to believe in the transcendental, even if the object of this belief is not accurate. Exercising this new faculty, which may be called faith, makes man a religious being. Today we are going to study the manifestation of religion in human life. Here are its major aspects:

“Institutional Religion: Here, religion becomes an organization, reaching social and political arenas. It not only regulates religion, but also social life and politics, becoming even a state religion, as was the Imperial Roman religion and its successor, the Roman Catholic Church of today — the Vatican State. Religion, then, is a means to control and it has little to do with real faith and devotion. It occupies itself with creeds, written confessions, dogmas, encyclicals, and more. Institutional religion is a scaffolding necessity in human development, but the day will come when ‘you won’t worship God neither in Jerusalem nor Gerasim, but in Spirit and Truth.’

“Ceremonial Religion: Ritual in religion serves to compensate for lack of spirituality, to uniform and control people — usually by a priestly hierarchy. Evolutionary religion inherited its rituals from the ghost cults. The living feared the dead, molding their lifestyle by copying their lives and ritualizing them. Ceremonial religion tends to become meaningless when the ritual is performed for its own sake, without spiritual power. Ceremonial religion sometimes becomes a misguided religious duty the religionist believes to be owing to Deity as an offering, usually in trying not incur its wrath. Little or no spirituality can be manifested through stylized religious rituals.

“Personal Religion. Worship is the highest form of personal religion, but petitions, gratitude, intercessory prayers also can express real spirituality, if they are not mere repetitions. Personal religion is by nature an enlightening religion; it promotes spiritual growth and spiritual sensitivity. However, personal religion can also become meaningless when the individual ‘overloads’ it with mysticism, fantasizing or fanatizing the faith, sometimes to the degree of delusion, paranoia. Religion then becomes a personal drug. Personal and authentic religion is what really counts in acquiring a spiritual status before God. Personal devotion is the only religion that the Spirit Within fosters in the human mind.

“So, my pupil, religion is so relevant to human beings that it requires the exercise of all human faculties — especially worship. Certainly it is the most important dimension in human beings because on it depends their eternal survival. Exercising religion with devotion, actual faith, but balancing it with all other fields of life prevents a life sterile of spirituality or a spirituality exacerbated by fanaticism. Religion is not a divinely manipulated function; rather, it is sponsored by the Spirit Within with revelations for man’s spiritual growth. I am Prolotheos, your Teacher on the morontia spheres of Nebadon. Peace be with all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.


Chicago, EEUU, 25 de febrero de 2015.
Maestro Proloteo.
Tema: “Religión evolutiva”.

Recibido por: Valdir Soares.

Proloteo: “La religión, definida en términos de evolución, comenzó a existir junto con el logro de la voluntad de la personalidad en los primates. La voluntad llegó a los seres humanos de forma concomitante con la función de los últimos dos Espíritus Ayudantes de la Mente, la sabiduría y la adoración. Y siendo los últimos, abrieron el camino para la aparición de la religión en la vida humana. La religión es la capacidad de creer en lo trascendental, incluso si el objeto de esta creencia no es exacta. El ejercicio de esta nueva facultad, que puede llamarse fe, hace del hombre un ser religioso. Hoy vamos a estudiar la manifestación de la religión en la vida humana. A continuación están sus aspectos principales:

“Religión institucional. Aquí, la religión se convierte en una organización, alcanzando los ámbitos sociales y políticos. No solo regula la religión, sino también la vida social y política, convirtiéndose incluso en una religión de Estado, tal como fue la religión Romana Imperial y su sucesora, la Iglesia Católica Romana de hoy –el Estado Vaticano. La religión, entonces, es un medio para controlar y tiene poco que ver con la verdadera fe y devoción. Se ocupa con credos, confesiones escritas, dogmas, encíclicas y mucho más. La religión institucional es una necesidad de estructura en el desarrollo humano, pero llegará el día en que ‘no adorarán a Dios ni en Jerusalén ni en Gerasim, sino en Espíritu y Verdad.’

“Religión ceremonial. El ritual en la religión sirve para compensar la falta de espiritualidad, para uniformizar y controlar a las personas –generalmente por una jerarquía sacerdotal. La religión evolutiva heredó sus rituales de los cultos a los fantasmas. Los vivos temían a los muertos, y moldeaban su estilo de vida copiando sus vidas y haciendo un rito de ellas. La religión ceremonial tiende a perder sentido cuando el ritual se hace por hacerlo, sin poder espiritual. La religión ceremonial a veces se convierte en un deber religioso malentendido que los practicantes creen estar ofreciendo a la Deidad, por lo general para tratar de no ocasionar su ira. Puede manifestarse poca o ninguna espiritualidad a través de los estilizados rituales religiosos.

“Religión personal. La adoración es la forma más alta de la religión personal, pero las peticiones, la gratitud y las oraciones de intercesión también pueden expresar una verdadera espiritualidad, si es que no son meras repeticiones. La religión personal es, por naturaleza, una religión iluminante; promueve el crecimiento espiritual y la sensibilidad espiritual. Sin embargo, la religión personal también puede perder su sentido cuando el individuo la ‘sobrecarga’ con misticismo, con fantasear o fanatizar la fe, a veces hasta el grado del delirio y la paranoia. La religión se convierte entonces en una droga personal. La religión personal y auténtica es lo que realmente cuenta en la adquisición de un estado espiritual ante Dios. La devoción personal es la única religión que el Espíritu Interior alimenta en la mente humana.

“Así que, estudiante mío, la religión es tan relevante para los seres humanos que requiere del ejercicio de todas las facultades humanas –especialmente de la adoración. Ciertamente es la dimensión más importante en los seres humanos, porque de ello depende su supervivencia eterna. Ejercitar la religión con devoción, la fe realmente, pero equilibrarla con todos los otros campos de la vida, evitará una vida estéril de espiritualidad o una espiritualidad exacerbada por el fanatismo. La religión no es una función divinamente manipulada, sino más bien, es auspiciada por el Espíritu Interior con revelaciones para el crecimiento espiritual del hombre. Soy Proloteo, vuestro Maestro en las esferas morontiales de Nebadon. La paz sea con todos ustedes.”

Traducido por Perla Téllez Garza.


A spiritual Look at the Trump Summit with North Korea 6/12/2018

I have done some thinking about this aspect of the summit nobody else would chance in a million years, and that is really because no on is left on Urantia who serious looks at those influences because what revelation there is is so out date they have no tools to do it.

You dear reader know what I know.  Of all the spirit agencies, three probably are to be looked at first and figured what they are and what they can do.  Readers most also realize that many on Urantia, and this trued particularly in higher learning like Seminaries and Colleges where the subject of spiritual influence is consider non existant or impossible.

How many of you think that way?

Then there is another group of people who believe God exists but use the contact policy as laissez faire. That is a term usually applied to financial policy to let people work their businesses and selling alone, but in religion it points to a belief in God that says he does not bother the material level but only if he is going to face difficulties himself if he does not intervene.

All in all I look at the Anerican population and the church going public at about 40 percent of the total population who thinks about it very much at all, yet we had a two nation summit between North Korea and the United States, and the leaders of post nations signed a non agression pact first and let details to follow if ever.  Let me tell you y thinking about that from a spiritual perspective.

First, we have to ask what spiritual agencies would be involved in caring to have an influence over the outcome of this hastily put together summit?  I count three without knowing a whole lot more.  They are as follows:

The Office of the Creator Son

The Emplacement of the Divine Minister (Mother Spirit’s function as Deity and that is the name one should use if you refere to the Deitization of the Spirit of God on Urantia.)

The Vorondadek Sons of Norlatiadek,  otherwise known as the Most Highs.

It is my contention that spirit found it unacceptable to conduct national affairs between nations who so completely disagree with each other, that they threaten nuclear war.  North Korea threatened the United States with it and Trum[ unequivocally threatened the same back to Kim Jong-un.  The fact they knew the outcome of such a war would ruin the planet for good and eventually it would have to be vacated and then what ever happens would happen after that by spirit decree as what to do with the place.

Spirit works with decrees before they do anything unless it is a personal action and then that is done differently.  Spirit is well integrated with itself and so when part of it becomes concerned, so do the other available parts respond with concern too.  They form councils easily and temporarily as they did here I am quite sure.  The head of councils that deal with nation station problems in the local universe of Nebadon is always headed by the Bright and Morningstar, who is Gabriel of Salvington.  Gabriel approached me some time ago and asked what I thought about Trump and the North Korean Leader.  I said they were exceedingly dangerous to the work and have to be handled with grim circumstances if they cannot be reduced in temper and find some good reason to at least send envoys to feel each other about the extent of real fear and how the other side might find a way to reduce it when knowing why and its extent.  Gabriel brokered a cease fire on his own he said (referring to the Korean War ending in 1953 with an armistice but no peace treaty.  But the entire matter lay moribund because both sides including South Korea and Japan and portions of the Chinese Government itself.

It is established that the Most Highs can influence the direction of national governments and their direction into power or just existing between powers as Japan used to do and as South Korea used to do in the 1950's and 60's.  But what has happened since the 1980's is that Spith Korea caught financial fire and Japan was already immensely successful doing starting a decade earlier.  This turned the heat up on the demilitarize border between North Korea and South Korea in such a way that the dictatorships in the north were suddenly confronted with the terror of nuclear retaliation if they breathed too hard on the subject of reunification and/or militarized unification as the North perferred to do to the South.

The situation is what the Mosh Highs of Norlatiadek looked at and sent a recommendation to Michael of Nebadon, the titular head of our Local Univers by name.  He read the statements of the Most Highs on this subject and the projected future of our planet if nuclear warheads were exchanged to any degree between the two nation states.  It was the recommendation of the Most Highs that Domald Trump face the other leader, Kin Jong-un, for the American’s assessment of what danger he realluy posed to the United States.

In the meantime, Donald Trump cancelled their step to the summid about a week before it was to be held on the pretext that America was too ill prepared to look into such a Summit so early on and played for time but cancelling it for the time being.  Kim Jong-un felt nausea the day the letter was delivered and asked to go to bed quite early for him.  When got between the sheets on the bed he felt like crying and that was so unusual he rang for something to drink to settle his nerves.  When the servant appeared, Kim Jong-un fainted and that created quite a stir in the palace and to this day Kim Jong-un has no explanation.

[This is Ron speaking - I am now in liaison with the Adjuster of Kim Jong-un, and I am told directly by this spirit connection that more can be disclosed but not until Michael of Nebadon fully exercises his pardon of Trump for cancelling the Summit at first.  I am also told that Michael of Nebadon has not reason to quarrel with the statement above but he did not know that Kim Jong-un had become ill the night of the day he receivedthe letter from President Trump cancelling the summit at that time.  I speak now through a Monitor I am not familiar with to provide you an insight into diplomacy rarely used anymore but the spiritual agency we refer to as the Most Highs.  They are exceptionally well designed to see deeply into nation-state affairs and they looked very hard at Kim Jong-un to discover his vulnerabilities.  Lo and behold it was Jesus as Kim learned of the Jesus aparation near the school he attended while a young student in the United States, and he felt so personally close to Jesus he prayed to his acnestors first and then to Jesus.  With that information in hand, I now take a transmission for the Chief of the Most Highs, Andromadeus:)

“Ron is the most accute student I have ever met in the flesh as he worked on hart attempting to figure out how we approached this proposed Summit, and mostly has it right.  He figures it this way:

“The Most Highs had every reason to difuse the nuclear war problem fast or the war with nuclear bombs would happen and in the meantime kill Urantia off as a living planet by decree of the Universal Father.  When a planet dies it must be evacuated and when it gets evacuated, it loses about half of its population and that would mean over four billion people living on Urantia today who would not be allowed to continue life after leaving earth.  I asked Michael of Nebadon could we persuade Kim Jong-un to accept the Trump invitation to meet, and Michael responded that it could be arranged.  However, Trump was very nervous about setting anything up because the State Department was in an original mess with a new Secretary of State and no briefings had yet been held by CIA or NSA or DIA or other interested agencies.  However Kim Jong-un wrote back stating he did not want to cancel and other problems of interfacing Americans would be seen to and they were.

“Now as Andromadeus we simply state we can influence world leaders like we can influence Ron to write things he thinksabout but otherwise let go as uninteresting to other people.  That is not the case of most of us in Spirit as we must learn humanity better and we use Ron as the pot shot we need to listen to for good reason: he is truly fused with his Father fragment a truly unheard of thing to happen especially on Urantia/Nystoria. . . .

[Ron notes the following to readers: we battle back and forth in our dictations to each other at my computer just what to call our earth by it proper spirit name.  I am happy to call it Nystoria, but often the dication uses the name Urantia, so I write Urantia down.  Michael pinched me hard and said use Nystoria.  I use it, but Andromadeus is forgetful and uses the old name Urantia and I write it down.  The point is Father says uses Nystoria, but no one else does it easily.  The ruling now is to use Nystoria on pain of my head being tucked between my legs permanently if I do not.  So I will make corrections if required and Andromadeus is not to worry as I make him look as thoug he is not forgetful.  Thank you]

Andromadeus continues unabated - “I will get used to it when they force it down my throat you little something or other - in any case: Kim Jong-un leaked the fact he was ready to negotiate fully and then the summit was back on.  Now let me put what happened next in Ron’s terminology as figured something out.

“Ron looked at the problem this way and it is excellent.  The proposed nuclear war was on if this thing failed to materialize as meeting or some other way to defuse each man’s determination explode nuclear bombs on each other’s terriritory.   Ron saw the mess as not between people but between chemicals.   Trump and Jong-un were each a dangerous chemical and if they were put together they would explode so hard it would destroy life on the planet.  Ron saw our work as Most Highs was to introduce a third chemical in the proposed mix between these two people that completely neutralized what would happen if they were mixed together wrongly.

Ron therefore concoluded that it did not matter what was concluded at the Summit because the Most High priority was to neutralize the mixing danger first and worry about good will later.  In other words let the two chemicals stop reacting to each other and cause both of them to back off into their mutual corners of their own countries in success in that both felt they did the other fellow right and well and details can come about when one man decided he had something to say more to the other fellow.

“Now let me tell you something else this one called Ron figured out almost immediately.  Those critics around the world are seriously wrong about the entore affair. Let me put it in Ron’s own words for you:

‘Trump managed to screw over a lock and key world nation states have put into place that allows no real change to a system that fosters bankruptcy all the time and fuses political power to wealth and grand statements that mean nothing for world peace.  Ron considers the world to be interlaced with agreements that are useless and outdated to the point we strangle each other by posturing in a way that does not allow change at all in the world religion of national polices all around the world.  He never thought of it until he heard unrelenting criticisms from the so call experts and how they had fits over Trump changing how the world looks at problems and forces the United States to take charge for good measure so often American feel like pin cushions today with war and treaties that bind her to war if they are attacked.  What was okay at the end of World War II is not okay right before the intervention of Spirit in a few weeks or even days.

“In 1815, Europe met in a grand summit called the Congress of Vienna where all of Europe’s most important powers reassigned the duties of nation states to look after their own affairs, and stop what amounted to local world wars between other European states.  In a sense Ron views it as a restatement of the Congress of 1815 where affairs inthe world prior to that date were so badly done and so badly carried out, not one could live without war or get enough money together to run the national treasuries.  We concur that World War II reset boundaties but it did not change how the winners dealt with each other at all, and now Trump is saying, and he does not understand this yet, saying to the European and Asian powers” ‘You can’t deal with the United States until we reset the rules that allows us to get these bankruptcies off our back!’   Strangely enough Putin already agrees with the process, and even stranger, Putin and Trump see that cooperation coming if Trump is not impeached and must leave the Presidency early. 

“I also laud Ron, as he sees even better.  He sees Putin as a good man who loves intrigue to the point he orders it everywhere in order to know exactly what people are thinking in the West and Asia.  He dislikes North Korea intensely, and dislikes the Congress of the Untied States even more, but he will never attack Trump directly, and that is because they see the world the same and Trump has the best ally possible: Great Britatin is second now as Russia moves to solidify the Summit with North Koreas as a signal to send troops to Moscow University instead of the Crimea to learn English better as Trump is rewriting world history daily.  He must last until the Most Highs have him doing exactly what this planet needs and that is a total reorganization of nation states and the reeducation of the people who think they run them better than the Most Highs do.

“As Andromadeus, I saw today how Ron thinks and he is a marvel you ought to study someday. 

“It is this:

“Ron feels this list is dying of it being left out of direct negotiations with the Most Highs and Michael of Nebadon and the Uversa contingency and even the Paradise allowance to speak with some of you who are fused now.

“He does not consider this place dead but it dies slowly for the lack of knowledge of what must be done next and he is brilliant to figure out what must be done next.  He also dismisses the furor he created in Washington DC and sees it not playing out well if at all while Spirit says that is hardly the case but it comes later and not so soon as we hoped.  In any case this discussion forum lacks credibility going the direction it has and should continue to do so, but it must adopt the idea of a Federation of workers who can and do work for the common good on Nystoria through the proposed insurgency of Spirit to Nystoria in really a few days.

“Members and guests herein need to do some thinking.  Our approach to man has changed in the past year dramatically and all you have learned and done is worthwhile to preserve, but Ron sees the entire matter now becoming an International Federation of support and service to God when arrives and never mind we have to use the Nystoria Foundation for the Sixth Epochal Revelation to be released in days.

“I am Andromadeus and we have been working on Ron to save his life and we will, but he has been so seriously ill the past week he considered that he had only days left before he passed away on his bead in his sleep.  But that is not to happen as we have played our part in keeping him current and alive and well enough to sit and write this after getting on his riding mower, at dark, turned on the mowing lights and did hafl his lawn in complete comfort of no burning sun.  He quite mowing at 10PM with lights only.

“Finally, Ron is announcing as best he can to find allies if that is ever possible with such a fragmented movement the Urantia Book readership has become.  We see it as Ron does: the readership as people who really understand the dynamics of the fifth epochal revelation are so few they cannot be counted fairly.  The trust the Sadler’s placed on the Urantia Foundation, has been grossly abused by its own self, and so there needs to be another Congress of Vienna to restart relationships and to better teach the revelation by professionals at all costs and avoid Urantia Study Groups, as they have become and excuse to do something else mostly all the time.  I am Amdromadeus, the Chief of the Most Highs with Lanaforge, the proposed Planetary Prince helping me winnow out Ron’s thinking on these matters.  Good day.”


 “I am Lanaforge and I give Ron huge credit for thinking of things I never got around to.  He sees the proposal to work on with others across the United States and Europe if available and Asia as well, to create a lose Federation of help for the improvising Michael of Nebadon to supply labor and well being as a pool to draw from for people to work with the Sixth Epochal Revelation and many more types of work not released for discussion yet.  I saw him call a stanger today but the stranger is not interested in talking with him yet his curiosity is highly upset with himserlf and he may call just to satisfy his curiosity.  Ron wanted him to review a proposal to from a Federation of Urantia Book interests and to form a more perfect union to induce readers who have no idea what is being proposed above.  He sees his corporations mostly lacking in worth now but that is not the case.  Those of you on this site need to seriously consider the idea as well and need to discuss with Ron what this Federation is to be and all about.  He works it as he can between mows and eath knells on his bed during the day.  I also see him eye his Adjuster for some of the idea but it is original with Ron as best we can tell as he saw enough crime today on television to make things work very well to establish the Federation with money and officers and then recharge one of the little used corporations he has already established to be a donation collector and spender for whatever may cause such spending to take place.

“I am Lanaforge and I say this as well.  Ron wrote Larry Gossett this morning really dreadful news concerning Ron’s view of what may happen in the next few weeks even allowing himself to meet physical death as Ron considers his heart to be failing and it is, but the pain is terrible and the dizziness and eyesight down to about 20 percent at times.  He lives in a fairly dark world with pain enough to prevent balanced walking.  So he works on the computer and mows at night.  I am Lanaforge and I do have more to say soon . . . .”

“I am learning as I go here because Ron never mentioned to me his idea of how the Most Highs worked the recent North summit.  He also popped the idea of a need for a loose federation of workers for the proposed return of Michael as Jesus and Michael as others to return Nystoria back to normal.  I am also mixing in the name Urantia with Nystoria all the time because people are unaware of the change even up here. Nonetheless we see the time slipping away and say this: You Ron dare not die for many reasons and we are not yelling at your nabob to stop it.  I am telling you your tooth repair is necessary and must be done early am tomorrow and that is because the dentist who fixed it was in a hurry to go home and watch TV.  In any case the repairs will be nominal and you can rest easy done right.  This time sing a chit you are theirs and drop the rest for good now.

“Besides the Federation idea, your idea of how to defuse a critical state of affairs is excellent.  What you all have to learn is that negotiations can be puny and important as the Trump affairs have become.  You do not understand that the world order is being reset and lo and behold it is Ron who declares it to you now.  I am Michael and I delete nothing when I say that Ron will be well and full of grace and happily done in a few days.  Right now it is so bad he collapses in mid day and does not awake until there are long shadows late afternoon.  Your appointments will be well done the next tow days in any case as you are well looked after once you start your course to go.  Our work together is slow but monumental and he does not know it and is working hard to avoid Washington DC but we are all expecting something to clear itself or actually happen and when it does he is bright eyed and bushy tailed before the investigators.  Good day to all and we must end this so our transmitter can get some rest.  Good night all.”

Ron - Now what might be the action item out of this post?

I have explained how I think the Most Highs approached this and they say it is essentially right although Michael of Nebadon had a lot to do with it too, but what is open to him is less know than what I know about the Most High’s work.  But suffice it to there is an action item I am requesting from all of you.  It is this:

We wish to establish a Federation of people and organization who come together to be a pool of willing workers for all sorts of projects outside our Nystoria Foundation and the Starbridge Groups.  I will myself start hunting to find allies or a person or none depending what is left out there.  My action note is to keep doing it in hopes of finding a group or someone willing to accept the fact that among many there is strength and sufficient preparation to be known to Spirit to look at the pool and make assignments for work on earth and perhaps even salaried.

Do not think I am abandoning any of the Corporations or side issues we all use on this site to talk about who is on Staff or is an Associate or is a mere employee on a time card so to speak.  I am not ever going to do that unless directed to that by our Superiors.

Further. Those who are fused and those who are close to it must understand that right now I do not have the money or even the knowledge or ideas just what is about to take place on earth.  I do know it is just about curtains for me without some real help from the Eternal Son and our Father and Michael of Nebadon, and that is I die.  BUT you are all to continue as is!!!  I am supposed to be big and strong and as I mowed in the pitch dark tonight I had to laugh as I struggled to see the cut rows of grass in my mower’s lamps.  I laughed because I thought that this situation of mowing in the pitch dark with me being dizzy and legs making noisy sounds of dislike of my use of them, this is a perfect example of how life has been the last six years for me.  I am always feeling may way in the dark for some idea where home was and where I could get off and see what job I did but the dark keeps saying it is Chief and you Ron are not!  

We continue with what we have built here in expectation of organizing with more preparation than anybody else hasd one our planet for the edification of spirit to do their work with us or without us, but at the very least we will know more how to behave with them so well we can help just by being here.

I propose the Federation be a loose network of readers and groups and people outside the readership even so there is some centralized pool of general knowledge of what is to happen and that those in the Federation are one step closer to an ascension career than any other on Nystoria. 

Respond to this pose as you wish and share your thoughts on this offering and maybe we can bring it into existence.


Ron:  This a long and somewhat disorganized dissertation from Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, Margul the Trinity Teacher Son of Record on Urantia. the Universal Father directly through me, on many subjects loosely tied together because they are all related in spite of wide areas of discussion not normally associated.  I am Michael speaking now and quotes Ron - "I see these meetings are really accidental coming together informally and they are unwieldy to type but Ron does it well.  What you have here is a location in York transponding with the Universe from august Paradise, to Uversa to Salvington, to York and even Heidelberg, Germany where Machiventa Melchizedek is lecturing to German speaking Melchizedeks on how to deal with ultra right wind individuals who are true Nazis yet.  In any case this transmission is wide ranging and helpful if you wish to learn the ropes of developments not yet formally spoken to just yet.  I am Michael and let her rip now Ron." ]Thank you Michael and will do so . . .

“This is Michael and it is past 1am in York as I ask Ron to write this.  His birthday is not over for an hour and he feels decrepit but not sleepy so we avail ourselves at this hour to write this out for all of you.

“In 2017 we layed out a full plan to harmonize the Magisterial Mission with the Michael Mission into four phases.  Two phases later on were combined into one phase.  Now one pahse is planned with no Magisterial Mission prepared for the present generation of people on Urantia.  Ron has a hard time reconciling that with the need for the new epochal revelation to hit the stands and make some headway for whatever next comes along.  I agree with that view entirely and have succumbed to Ron’s view that it must be done with some authority and made to work immediately from some source other than Mantutia running around the world depositing new books into the libraries and universities and synagogues and seminaries, and so on.  Now we agree to disagree.  Ron has not issue with me on any of it but he is sick and tired of making predictions and announcing what is to come and then falling flat on his face every few months.  To end that problem I am stating her for all to hear: No Magisterial Mission until I am satisfied Nystoria can use one well enough to make some spiritual progress. 

“Ron sees that as an abrogation of the work that could be done much better.  I agree with him but he is not the boss and I am.

“As a result of a tiger in the cage today, Ron let me know without equivocation I must stop the painful process that will not abate for any one including for him and Me, and for that reason I petitioned the Father to take the program it represents and trash it for good now.  Father agrees since there is no point ot running Ron on Nystoria for the next five or six hundred years now.  I agree.  Tonight however, to started all over again at his brother’s home near Lancaster, PA., and Ron just said I give up.  Do as you wish but leave me out of it as I cannot live this way.  I am truly sorry he sees it so draconian but it is draconian as he can hardly walk or move without grabbing a wall to keep from falling.

“Now this.  AT the back door to his home he went to unlock the backdoor and discovered his key went missing.   I removed it from his hand without him knowing it and threw it down on the porch for his to find it.  He did and unlocked the back door as usual.   Inside it was quiet and tranquil and he immediately made a cup of tea and ate a handful of raisins to quiet his nerves/ Suddenly he had to use the bathroom and that was all of us rusting out tons of debris in the stomach he had no idea was there and kept it out by making sure he had a few potato chips to give him some salinity in that organ.

Now that may be distasteful to some of you, but he knows what he needs to feel good again and his brother and his wife insist on sending him home with cake and beans and other victuals they cooked for his birthday supper, but I forbid Ron to have the cake or the beans as they are prepared with no salt or otherwise as she is a health nut.  As a consequence Ron must ditch the nice cake baked for him and have nothing to show for his birthday but an upset stomach and a recrimination to end the horrible burning and headaches we give him daily to prepare for an extraordinary event where he will learn to fly here and there on his own.  However, the preparation is so poorly perceived as useful not Ron he wants it ended and at once.  He has his wish as tomorrow he will feel more normal and give himself a kiss on the tush for not begging for mercy for the awful pain of burning we create by moving trash blood cells out of his circulatory system to be burned at the bottom of his feet using a chemical we do this with all the time on other worlds that need the same service Nystoria needs.  It is over and he is glad in spite of losing that option and so we are content to let it lie for a few years until we can try it again for better results using a far different method and that should satisfy him well.  I am Michael.  Good day.”


“You Ron are the last person I thought who would throw in the towel on something so important we count on it for a future record breaking tour of the United States of more Trinity Teacher Son who love your reviews of us and the Trinity and how Michael might use us all, but the truth is that everything planned for to this point has been re-pointed to see no one spend another cent to get us started and you are not unhappy with that but you spent so much you are concerned you have to start taking them down if there is no interest in what is to be done with them.  You correctly assume this means curtains for a lot of what you hoped would occur, but you see Washington useless even if they came through, and see little to do except to work on the sixth epochal revelation for the heart and soul of readers like you who damned well be ready for change or skip the whole idea of the help of epochal revelation to regain the momentum of the old Chicago-based Foundation.   Now this:

“I concur with your disappointment Ron, but you are not the one to call the shots and you fully acknowledge that completely and deeply.  I see it clearly too and you are completely available so long as you live long enough to bring something to fruition and you will be able to do so with us in charge sehortly, as Michael has fully retained the Paradise Trinity to start negotiations for offices in York at our behest.  Your work is precious to the Trinity and they understand the mischief of pain and burning to the point you are barely conscious must abate and stop even losing what advantage has been gained so far.  We agree it must be done and have signed on with Michael to say to the Paradise Trinity this cannot continue as you are distraught to the point of tears so often, 

“I am Margul and wish you well Ron as we transmit something everyone should know at this point.

“York, Pennsylvania, will be famous for years and years as the starting place of a divine intervention promised by Michael but saved by the Paradise Trinity which carries the full signature of regard for you Ron and for Michael and the entire Staff that Michael fields and has such a rough time understanding why you are so important to us on Paradise.  In any case the Paradise Trinity is to lose not you but Mantutia and Malvantra not either but the entire Melchizedek mechanical use of human hood is rescinded until we figure out why Machiventa Melchizedek refuses further contact with Ron unless he behaves as Machiventa and Mantutia and Malvantra expect a human to behave on Urantia/Nystoria.   I am sure they know but we do not and that sounds very strange to you and you are sure that Machiventa has some important orders otherwise to do and must leave you alone or at least the human idea alone for now.”

“I wish you all to know I love Ron in all states of repair or unrepair as the case may be and so does Malvantra and Mantutia.  Unfortunately for us we have been ordered to start a brand new Order on Urantia called the Besser-hive, and that deals with his painful situation that does not let up and drives him to distraction and harm to himself as he cannot see propertly and has aw conscious state that is dimmed down by the Adjuster to avoid combustion of full seizure as fused to the last drop of goodness in him. 

“He has no idea why he feels horrible all the time and that is to keep him from fleeing Urantia in chariots of fire as good old Ezekiel did nearly three millennium ago did so.  Now this: We have no real idea how Ron can live this way either and have asked Michael quite independently from Ron being so upset with it, how do we manage a man like Ron who has no real choice but to crawl along the ground to do anything but Michael says he will have his own transport form if he can stay the long time it takes to modify cells to have it possible.  I never saw this happen and Ron does not really believe the entire body, blood and hair and all, can move in that escape mechanism with planetary gravity and so on.  Yet Michael insists he can do it with his development, but the Adjuster warns Michael, Ron might start it but the Adjuster has to finish it and Ron may never appear on Urantia again if it is started.  Ron complains there is no progress for six years of this and he is fed up to the point of wanting to resign the whole thing to get some peace and quiet.  I do not blame him and asked for the same as he is noisy in spirit because he has no spirit muffler so all of us hear him all the time good, bad, or indifferent.  Your wishes Ron all over the globe are well within reach if you could travel there instantly, but we are warned that is too far away.  Saint Germaine could do it because he semi-fused the entire matter into his brain stem and it was easy to travel for him once that was pronounced well done.  Now this:

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I tell you Ron, there is no way for you to be magical except for the pen trick which is still given to you to use in classrooms of necessity for you must establish credentials far beyond so called Urantia Groups that bedevil even Michael for the lackluster performance and unusual ways of always have something to eat in spite of no production in learning whatsoever.  You have been to them often enough you absolutely refuse to attend them anymore. 

“The rule of law in spirit is if it is possible use it.  Ron has requested a few baubles and we grant their use providing he has a good excuse to use them and he will as they are loud and vociferous in some groups and you will not stand for it until they understand you mean business.  Now this again:

“AS a result of Ron’s determination to be fully serious of this regime, we are moving heaven and earth to have Ron represent us at the Senate hearings he is positive we will not have, but Ron that is sealed and delivered to the Senate by Trump himself, and McConnell signed on to immediately and he knows exactly what you are talking about in full terms as he loves Jesus Christ and the entire mechanism of transcendence.   Your letter proved to McConnell, that you know what you are talking about and the abeyance of terms you used told him you were human and honest and needed some protection to get things done much better.  He did not see the corporations joined up as that got lost because it did not make sense to anyone but the IRS which has not dropped the issue but they need to the Senate to recommend to the House just what is transpiring in York, Pennsylvania.

“Now this: The President of the United States is so frustrated by the House of Representatives, he may call it quits to deal you there.  But the House has its own rules of behavior and will insist on your appearance alone as we may not spend Malvantra and even Mantutia in the well of the House where they must arrive without deceit but need it more than you do.

“You are not wrong that Malvantra should arrive in plain clothes and explain the changes in legislation God needs to operate openly on Urantia and I must concur this is too important to miss if we can carry it off in our later days of 2018 and 2019 and probably 2020. 

“Now we are right back to where Ron absconded and refused to enjoin with us over issues to big for him to handle by himself and still do justice to our needs and wishes on Urantia.   I am too tired to fight the entire matter about names Ron and you fight it out with those who read this.  Nystoria is the planet’s name and that is that. 

“I will arrange a loyal Melchizedek to speak to the officials when it is serious and not a ram rod scene where Ron states our intentions and they go off into Christian-Judaism, as that is how this shaping up unless you cut it off at the Y so to speak.  Ron you are good at that and made yourself miserable by speaking up before high authority before but you must control the proceedings better this time than yelling at a Vice President to keep her from driving the company in bankruptcy, which she did without you present as you ere all but fired to let her know her own fallibility.

“Be aware there is tight control on you and on them and Malvantra must be there at some point to address the lawmakers with full and honest proposals on his own.  We agree with that fully and Ron you are a darling, and we will consider the proposal.  Good and you would feel much better. 

“I am sending Celeste our special preparer for statements to see you Ron and Father speaks:


“I am Michael at my Deity level.  You Ron are too fun to deal with entirely seriously but you make it work because we get all tied up with familiar terms and do not know what we do all the time.   I am sure you need Malvantra to speak first and then you speak second.  You are familiar Ron that you can speak for the Father [yes], and that you do well enough with a clear throat and that is to confer upon the Senate (we think) their place in the discussions before them who is speaking as it will suddenly go very quiet and even traffic outside may come to halt without understanding why and we can do all of that if the Father Himself wishes obedience to his words as they flow from you Ron.  They must understand that you will stand and address the gallery and the those before you fully and sweep your hands as it comes to an end with a floating pencil or pen or they all float briefly before their eyes to show power and persuasion at that time. 

“I say this at my Deity level of expertise on authority: It must be demure and it must be fully expandable to all to see in the gallery and that requires a moment of gentile silence from you Ron as you prepare your remakes so spoken.  I am fully cognizant that most Americans believe in the power of God but they have never seen it demonstrated and he will atend for sure and become a vast supporter of power and pretige for us as he will live long and prosper as his cancer is now diagnosed a curable but long lasting under control.  If he does survive as we expect he will favor you in the Senate to produce the same effect you do on high at times working for the Father of All at times.  Here is Father speaking directly to you Ron for us to hear:

“I am God the Father and you know me well Ron as I never get in your way except when a key goes missing and that was not to be so easily discovered tonight but we must not fool around with you as though we are testing a sofa to buy anymore.  You have shown us that you mean well and that you work well but you are not happy in trials that never end and confuse your sense of well being and temperate mode of behaving to get things done without further ado around the house.  Your brother is slowly learning attrition of health as well and he is sure you are nearly lame and worries you are okay now.  You never say what your conditions are and he never asks because he gets blind sided by his wife who thinks you are find but saw tonight how difficult it is for you to walk.  

“I speak directly seldom because you tend to squawk a little and I hear nothing but golden silence as Michael has a governor on you and you play the usus double meaning without help and let it drop well.  However, let this sink in.  I am never too old or nasty not to recognized a general plea for condolence of your loves and losses as much as you feel for our work on Urantia which hurts you deeply but you see the necessity of changes as we do.  That is a good man however we seek them and you are to be at our side for decades and perhaps centuries as this fills out for better measures than we can offer right now. 

“You see how quickly you can type and well when we have the right keyboard at your fingers and we will keep it there in order for you to make it right for all to see and hear you testify before the Senate at least and perhaps, eventually, the House, or perhaps both when the time comes.  You are slow to recognize we mean business there which you do not deny, but it is too hot to handle before a bunch of people who have no idea what is at stake as you see it and you do not want bitter disappointment at the last minute.  I do not think that will happen and we do our best to keep informed from the Supreme just what is or is not possible.

You are a whizz when you can get good keyboard work and we insist that you Michael attach one to him at least for these lessons in humility I give here.  You believe you can do anything with God’s support so long as you have coincidence with yourself and the Father and Michael and his Staff with Mother Spirit and the rest.  You are not wrong but watch out when the Urantia Foundation starts slinging mud at you for no reason other than to stop your wayward way with their uses of dissemination as they will bitterly attack you with all they have including legal means depending on just what it is you use yourself.  I see you not laugh at this and you are sure it will happen if they are lost before the begin and you wonder just how I mean that.

“I mean that as you see it.  If you make them obsolete before you begin, then you are openly shutting all they did down, and you agree with that I see.  But you need cooperation before battles begin and I beg you to stay off Facebook now as a few are gearing up to smash you back with warnings of fire storms if you persist in saying some things you say.  You are ready to fire back not but see little they can do as it is opinion as seen by the Courts and let them flail and then provide substantial proof and offers of some limited cooperation.  You are excellent but you seldom give quarter to . . . who despises your attempt to sear him into place and then move latterly to discharge the whole mess if no cooperation is not possible.  Now I see you have done exactly that by dictation and by your own thoughts and you have no sense just how it will play except it will be outrage and deep angry rebuttals and you cannot help that anymore than we can except to remind them there is a book now circulating that is the Sixth Epochal Revelation.

“You Ron are truthfully available and we must make amends to you with those feet and legs that do not give up but to hurt and burn twenty four hours a day with or without you.  In any case I must leave this to Michael now as the entire time-space universe has to be reorganized for reasons not of Urantia or Nystoria or some other names suggestion I cotton to as well.  Good Day.  The Universal Father.”

“I close with this Ron and those who listen:

“We are never far behind you in attempting to see how you understand things about what we tell you on high.  You are the highest human mind almost on Urantia and I use that word “highest’ provisionally as you are as weak minded as most on Urantia except you give us full attention and that is a mile beyond what most will ever do even when moved over to the mansion worlds after recent death.  I am sure we will meet each other frequently on the mansion worlds and other worlds we do not reveal as you work is precious and we give you full latitude to develop your talents as a spokesman for us and what we stand for and that is Finaliter work superbly stated already.  I commend you for your courage and your work and that bank is wrestling with you over issues you did not commit and yet they think you pulled something and what you say?  And they will tell you not to stand around with them anymore but find a bank that understands the work you do better than they do and out your go not because we will have that bank shortly if all goes well.  Good day.”

“Ron decided to put this up unedited and that is good as it rambles all over but it discloses much many of you must contemplate soon as Ron is still up for reelection to the Foundation work as he never resigned but he is bitter about his legs, heart, and brain stem so sore he could not move it right this morning, and wishes to be relieved of all of this if he must take more of it even tomorrow.  He will be relieved shortly once he posts this and we hope he is happy and cheerful the day of the 10th of June.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day. Michael.


General Discussion / You Thought You Heard It All -NOT!
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:06:16 PM »
I just trashed a five page transmission with Gabriel, Father, and Michael, in order to fully simplify what I hear as being considered.  Here goes five pages into about one:

1) Michael, Gabriel, and Immanuel (the Trinity Ambassador), and Margul (the Trinity Teacher Son of Record for our planet to introduce to it Light and Life when appropriate), had been called to a big meeting with the Father.  Michael and Gabriel and Father spoke with me about half an hour ago as I write this and laid some judicial decisions on the table concerning me and what I did, and you and what you will do, and what is changing drastically again.

2) A concept change is being considered for the definition of our Local Universe.
What is to be spoken to is a proposal by the Universal Father to consolidate five local universes that are neighbors to Nebadon.  This includes Wolvering and Avalon and two others plus Nebadon.  The proposal is to amalgamate all five into one unit either as a federation or one unified unit.  That is Father's idea to Nebadon and I would surmise the other Local Universes are also included in that summit.
Two things to think about:

1 - What do these talks have to do with Missions to Urantia/Nystoria?

2 - How does Michael deal with a space universe that he is part sovereign to that is five times already than current space levels that Nebadon currently live in (Nebadon is roughly 100 light years deep by 40 light years wide)?

3 - Father spoke directly to me and let me know he wants this organization of Corporations to go away, but because they speak so well to the plans to bring this planet back into the neighborhood of decent folks again, he feels they must be used except for about three he wants me to keep and I see why.

4 - Michael will return from the Summit sometime later next week without naming dates and will advise us what the proposal has for us or not, and what that means for the planet name Nystoria and the reclassification of Satania without Urantir/ Nystoria means to Satania and a legal suit filed by Satania against the Most Highs to bring Urantia back and Satania as its natural home.

I caution you this is big time changes and will come about long after we are dead and gone to our ascension careers whatever or wherever that may be for the lack of what the outcome of that Summit will do for our declination of souls being reclassified somehow by all of this.

I just wish to say to my Spirit Superiors, I appreciate deeply being allowed to listen and kibitz about such being plans and changes all of us may be changed too because of them.  I am grateful to Michael and Gabriel and Father for taking us into their confidence which is very exciting for me to learn about but like you probably, I wonder what this does to our time line as far as workers for a divine mission on Urantia inthe coming days.  Here is Michael to speak to that for all of us.

"Ron cut more than five pages to reduce it to this.  It lacks understanding except it announces out intentions.  I ask Ron to put the entire thing up when the dust settles and he will I am sure.

"Ron rightly confuses you not by announcing the heart of the matter discussed with him this morning for some hours.  He sees the potential change to cross over our immediate plans for local universe amalgamation or whatever the Father has in mind.  We were taken by surprise by this a week ago and have been off our feed for a week now trying to digest this.  In any case know this:

1 - My mission to Urantia still goes forward even though I will be bringing big news back from Paradise later on;

2 - We are sure Ron is fine once relieved of his painful condition and he is to be doing that we hope in 24 hours but let him tell you what happened if it does;

3 - We leave now for Uversa and Paradise with seven other Local Universe Creator Sons with us and their Gabriel additions too.  In our case Immanuel of Salvington comes with us as plans are already underway to produce Light and Life on Urantia/Nystoria, and that must be understood that this is a Bestowal Planet and it must be configured well before any administrative changes take place.  We leave now and I dictate this as we move out of the space areas of these Local Universes, and we may have seven in this amalgation when it is over and said and done.  Good day."

"Ron summarizes it perfectly well but never mentioned his own changes we promise and never seem to put into effect.  He is perfectly miserable with what has been done to him and wishes let out of it PDQ but Father says he must wait a few minutes more to conclude a trial that Father Himself instituted to figure out what to do with Ron as an unusual member of a divine Mission.  It has never been tried before and we will see what Ron can take.  Amen."


June 4th 2018 at York at 2300 hours local time

Ron - This is a long report, but it is critical if you want to understand how things may happen to start, and that is about a type of mission so unusual they do not name it Magisterial or Michael or even Urantia or Nystoria.  What this planet needs is an ad hoc regeneration of its moral fiber and its financial systems.  

This dictation is long because it explains a financial trust to be made with us in America and perhaps elsewhere in the world.  It also must establish a Protectorate around its world of administration here in York, and the moral fibre must be rebranded for its own sake with generous amounts of stealing and thievery stopped immediately.  

We do not discuss the judicial system to be placed in the Protectorate at all but we must reconstruct several over crowded arteries of traffic and eliminate the hazardous replication sewage plant expansions and water supply problems developing already in York and it s environs.

. . . .

I am also redacting some of it in order keep our balance and not over speculate which is something that can happen so easily these days.  I thank you for your patience and it becomes a wait and see instance once again.


“In looking at the coming offer to our government when the time comes, it genuinely appears and Ron feels it will not, Ron holds they need to hear from our spirit specialists on certain aspects such as monetizing the US debt which is actually double of what is advertised as 21.6 trillion dollars now and is to go to 25 trillion in 2018-2019.  Today every person in the US along owes $65,000 for their share of it.  These are extraordinary numbers and Ron says they mean nothing and I agree with him as he decided long ago that man does not play fair with anything he owes and gets out from under if he can by slight of hand.  He knows the Federal Reserve prints money against fake reserves and all it takes is to have the world suddenly stop buying things and the currencies that float will sink like a rock.  In any case the trial we face today, and Ron spoke with Serara this afternoon on this issue alone, is what to do with the real debt on the US itself which is closer to $130,000 per person alive in the United States today.

“Now we are listing these numbers so you know something about them.  But be ware that the total world debt is over $1 Quadrillion dollars and climbing.

Name                    Zeroes
Million              6    (1,000,000)
Billion               9    (1,000,000,000)
Trillion             12    (1,000,000,000,000)
Quadrillion       15    etc.

“If and when the debt is called to fully pay which happens when a nation face bankruptcy is that the total dollars fluctuated around the world, but there is enough paper US floating around to satisfy about 400 trillion.  The remaining 600 trillion will flush out as bad debt and never be paid.  That will cause a run on US dollars in the US and that will bankrupt the Federal Reserve which cannot print that much money ever even with presses running 24 hours a day with one thousand dollar bills instead of one dollar bills coming off th4e assembly line.  

“The United States has a chance to come out of this with easy repairs to its monetary system if this country allows the Magisterial Sons to remonetize these debts in the United States alone by issuing the Magisterial Dollar. The Magisterial Dollar looks exactly like the US printed dollar today but is now backed with gold bullion which we can supply in endless amounts.  Now Ron suggests we monetize the US dollar at 1.02.  The 2 cents is called seigniorage - look it up.  What that will do is force nations like China to pay down their debt to the United States, and in spite of its desire to hold dollars, it will be forced to pay in dollars for the extra leverage of two cents on the new dollar while they hold to pay with the old dollar - actually an additional profit of two cents for every old dollar they spend.

“Ron loves the idea and asked Serara how we can do that for all world currencies.  Serara responded we could be we are not going to do that for all currencies except the Yuan and the Pound-Sterling.  All other currencies will float against these valuable currencies and all of them are pegged to the Magisterial dollar.

“This will force the US to end it dependence on oil revenues to float the dollar today, and then force Europe to remonetize its debt, and nations like Italy to depend on the Lira again rather than the Euro which is worth about $1.17 today.  Italy is not that bad off compared to the US but the US plays the game a world banker through the Federal Reserve and most countries are happy to let that be.  However, if the Federal Reserve goes into bankruptcy, there is no standard anymore and they will all come crashing down for lack of confidence.

“The Magisterial dollar is backed with gold at $1,257 per troy ounce and we must re-peg the Magisterial Dollar then at 1.05 since this is a premium for gold we did not take into account when we pegged the new dollar at 1.02 per Magisterial dollar years ago.  Today that would cause a run on the banks in the United States and we would forego the extra three cents then.

“I am sure Serara knows the difference that makes to the banks, but the banks in the United States are wilely creatures and have already pegged the dollar at 1.10 in the event of a run on their reserves.  So Serara proposes that the Federal Reserve dump all its dollars into the capital bank we must bring on line with Ron as chief shareholder to bring the bank under control by having the Federal Reserve take charge of our bank and pay out of it to get our gold reserves working for them. Ron Besser becomes the richest man in the world in name only and gives it all back to us by issuing warrants to us for the amounts remitted to it by the Federal Reserve too.

“This is all speculative but workable and the Federal Reserve will remain independent as it must and we will assign Ron to the Federal Reserve to work with them to monetize the entire matter for the entire world in that case.  If they refuse to work with us in this scenario we will have to figure out just what to do with the world debt and not the US debt because we must stabilize the United States worries at once and the will keep trade and products flowing in spite of a shortness of liquidity.  Here is Serara.

SERARA - Magisterial Son

“I am quite sure Ron follows this very well as most of you can if you think about it.  Ron is a strange duck in that he can actually see these things working in his mind and watches as the currencies become valid again and valuable.  Today gas at Sheetz in York in $2.89 per US gallon.  It was about $1.85 last November, but the Saudis have raised the stakes by not pumping oil as they did in the past mostly in support of the US Treasury requesting they do so until their debt was monetized and it is now safely done so.

“Now I agree this is hard to follow next but listen:

“The United States drives most of the largest autos in the world for good reason.  They are comfortable and powerful.  The rest of the world uses a lot less oil then Americans do, but that is how the world evolved in the first place.  Americans also are so over populated in their cities it is no longer a pleasure to drive anywhere in York Count as Ron is furious at muncipalities that ignore the problem and pretend nothing can be done about it.  The Magisterial Sons agree this is an egregious problem and will insist that the York County PROTECTORATE be systematized to declassify all driving as unnecessary except in an emergency and driving to and from work and the store.  We will run public transportation for all else including trolleys and mini scooters if required.  This will save the taxpayers about one billion dollars in York alone and it multiplies gigantically for the rest of the US as they learn how to run a public transport system.

. . . .

“We conclude this with the following statement:

“Ron’s favorite comic ever was Scrooge McDuck.  He loved the Beagle Boys, the adventure with the Larkies, and so many other things, but always his fun watching Scrooge swim in his money bid with lose coinage and bills mixed in.  Funny thing though that love of humor he had for a man with so much money he could go swimming in it, payed off to Ron as we will have our monetary banking using new coinage for the Untied States which will be silver and gold again.  You are all worried not and you should not be, but the United States can get out from under this debt mess if they cooperate and that is what we will discuss with the House Ways and Means Committee if they ever come calling to York.

“ I am glad Ron raised the question to me late today and this is highly educational for those who take the time to understand it.  However, most Americans have no idea how their system works and we do not think they need to.  Yet Ron holds them accountable with huge cars and SUV’s and then demand to slide into traffic if blocked and he let one lady have it when she nosed her car almost into his side door and cut her off as did the next seven cars that could get through did too.  I see it daily and Ron vents himself to control his blood pressure as he sees how pressed everyone is and how they handle it by being bullies or speeding to get out of the ways as he does sometimes to clear long lines of poky traffic.  We propose that the York Protectorate be exclusive of all traffic but that is not possible so we will control it fully including rerouting Interstate 83 that goes from northerly Harrisburg to Southerly Baltimore Maryland.  When Ron used to stake out in the late 1960;s new Interstates, the going rate was one million dollars per mile.  Today it is about five million per mile, and we have to reroute about fifteen (15) miles to put outside the protectorate zone.  US 30 is a four lane highway that is the major east-west highway and it must be rerouted to for about ten miles or so for the same cost and it will be restricted access this time for sure.  Route 74 is another one that will be made into a bypass and so on.

“We conclude this section for the time being as you must now afford yourselves the idea that a Mission will form around what Ron has done far exceeding what I thought could be done with a little human who knows truly so little but knows nothing more than to enjoin with Father to help us out if he can.  Good day.”

“I am sure there will be a meeting to discuss things with Ron in the US government and to just what he appreciates is that he will have the Melchizedek incarnation there including Machiventa and Mantutia nad Malvantra and probably our tax expert, Serara, the Magisterial Son, before them.  Ron already has a prepared statement thanks to Michael and then will relinquish the floor to the other divine guests. 

. . . .

“I conclude this in order to make room for Elyon, so recently promoted to being a Mighty Messenger after being a Finaliter for sixty million years before that.  I am Mother Spirit.  Good day.”


. . . .

“I want you all to know that Ron and I get along fine, and that we trusted Ron to the point he could arrange all he promised with great treasure spent and exacerbating lawyers along the way.  Now we hold a hand full of corporate cards, without knowing quite how to play them as the IRS is making noises within itself over the planning done by Ron to start the Magisterial Mission off in a shield of legality we never played before.  I see this as extraordinary and he may go down in Nebadon history as the first man ever to snook a Creator Son into believing in mankind again on Urantia.  I am sure they listen well on Paradise as you look at your own situation and have such commonality of pain you wonder if you are going to last another week.  The magic conch says you will and believe we stretch to understand that.  In any case Ron is willing to go the mile to get there but complains bitterly when he can barely life his legs as they are feeling like steel rods instead of bones and hurt to move.  In any case this ends our work on Urantia for now, as I go back to my HQ on Paradise and wait for another assignment. . . .    Good day.  Elyon.”  

. . . .


General Discussion / What Next? Pay Attention.
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What Next?  Pay Attention.
Dear List:
I am telling you fact is stranger than fiction.

In about a number days from now (unspecified as I write), you will be cleared of all your worries.  I dare not say more than that just now as I am sworn to secrecy, and I will obey that injunction.  I also have been asked to write this small statement so you know something is coming that might make you laugh, and it might make you cry, but it will make you wonder what next.

Please stay tuned when this situation matures so it can be spoken to.   I also recognize the nature of man is so unpredictable I may have to withdraw this mysterious indicator too but I sort of doubt that as things look now.

Thank you
Ron Besser 

The Trial to Begin Again with Seraphic Government
York, Pa noon local time May 31, 2018 with Manotia the SuperAngel  Michael the super Creator Son and Mother Spirit being super too.  Mantutia does not want to be mentioned but he talked too below.

[At the bottom is the original D'Ingillo transmission that started all this commenting - R]

ONCE MORE we have confusing information and the transmission that starts it is at the end.  But I have asked permission to write a preparatory remark to you to help figure out what is being said and what its implications could be to all of you.

First some facts and then the explanations.

1 - Serara and Monjoronson have resigned their Commissions as Chiefs to lead the Magisterial Mission on Urantia;

2 - Michael of Nebadon has received permission to become like a Magisterial Son, and then to lead the idea of a Magisterial Mission to Nystoria/Urantia;

3 - Mother Spirit will become the lead production manager for the undertaking on Urantia/Nystoria for the foreseeable future;

4 - Mother Spirit has rededicated certain spirit government changes on Nystoria by reestablishing the Seraphic Corps of function and Destiny, including the angels of light and energy for industrial development and economic sustainment as it currently exists on the planet.

Please try to understand this if you want to continue to be part of a vast new plan to reorganize the planet we live on to be ready for another Magisterial Mission in the more distant future without all of these problems of transition in spirit, in the morontial, and even in the physical of which I am a prime example of how bad it goes sometimes.  This is an attempt to do a System Restore as on a PC computer you have to go back to old settings to get rid of bugs that crash the computer making it worthless.  You with Macs will just have to be jealous you cannot get as messed up as we with PC’s can do.

For those of you who just do not understand anything, when this planet reverts back to the old idea of Seraphic Government,– not totally– but mostly, regardless of how small that might be, it is faulting not you but the System that got it codes all wrong.   It invokes a change of Chief Administrators to the old system of Planetary Prince and angelic departments headed by Seraphim instead of Melchizedeks.  Please review the pages in your current Urantia Book titled in some part as Seraphic Government and its details.  That type of government reestablishes Agondonters and other departments discarded years earlier here on Urantia.  Agondonters are now recognized once more because there is now a reason to believe we have no physical representation of God on Urantia except as incarnated Melchizedeks.  I quickly caution you not to extrapolate on that statement at all because it does no one any good to even guess how that might be determined as it is not determined in any concrete terms on high as I write this.

I am next copying over a serious discussion I had with the super angel Manotia who is a Completion Seraphim (the equivalent of a Finaliter if she were human), and dares to explain what happened to tell us how the revision of certain seraphic departments changes the entire scale of a divine mission called a Magisterial Mission. 

I also add this and take it for what it is worth:

These developments where the planetary government gets reverted to the days of organization when Lucifer was present on Urantia with Caligastia, is astounding, and most un-welcomed to hear from me.  Yet I am holding myself open to see how this is an advantage compared to the difficulties involving my participation and your participation, and being reverted as subjects of a spirit government that no longer really cares about the divine representation of its Orders to be seen and speak to us as fellow citizens ofthe Grand Universe and the Kingdom of God, as Jesus spoke to it.  It also forces upon the Melchizedeks an unusual situation they relate to very well, but they have to fight with earth and space to get back to this kind of government again where they are mostly quiet and men do as they dam well please.

Nonetheless, I am still permitted to work the Urantia Book Foundation (Name change coming on the corporation as soon as I can get my bearings about what to call it).  I also wish to inform all of you that I still need some help from Gossett and Gitz and Wendy, and have been given permission to institute as announced earlier their presence with me if they wish to stay and fight this out with me in York.

Here is a brief word from Machiventa Melchizedek for us - “You Ron run the gamut of dishonored to pleased and can hardly afford either until the real choices are on the table for all to see.  Agondonters are now re-established as of May 15, 2018 to be achieved because the visible portions of the Magisterial Mission are removed and I am reinstated as the Vicegerent Planetary Prince once more and that is not a pleasant thing for me to enjoy either, but we must go with it for reasons of State as Michael often causes to say when he does not wish to explain what is happening.  The Universal Father is without guile and tells Michael to keep Ron as a visible user of the new epochal revelation forever on Urantia but to keep the whole thing low keyed and without further ado concerning the Urantia Foundation.  We are never quite sure who is doing what now beause the liaison personnel between Urantia and Salvington and my neck of the woods elsewhere, are withdrawn temporarily to reestablish portions of the Seraphic Government Ron has so bravely decided is the case.  I happen to occur with him and he is truly a remarkable individual in these matters of Sate.

“I am truly sorry this happens so often, and yet I am truly sorry it did not occur sooner and we could be a lot further on than we are now on Urantia/ Nystoria.  You who dislike the new name get used to it because I will start using the new name to others as well.  I am truly upset not with Ron and his tattle tale style as he knows full well this upsets the order of life on Urantia and we are not so sure he knows much about that right now, but he will when the financial affairs of Urantia start to go downhill over issues like who is in charge of the Federal Reserve, who is working the house of cards that Trump deals, and who will proffer heart to a nation like the United States is so seized with loads of debt it cannot free itself ever to be as prosperous as it once had forever if it had behaved in the last financial crisis and let things be reformed.  Now Dodd-Frank is being torn assunder and it speels disaster once more because Trump considers it legislative balderdash for sure.  In any case Ron is not wrong to put this out immediately and to understand what it means is not available to most including myself as it is a reversion to the past I heartily dislike for Urantia/Nystoria at all.   I declare this post finished here Ron as the transmissions that follow merely repeat what you already told peopl more succinctly than they do.  Good day.”

“I rescind nothing insofar as the sixth epochal revelation is concerned and further more reinstate Ron as a necessary leader to start it off propertly.  He is guided by the Melchizedeks and works with Dr. William S. Sadler, to fulfill what is to be done immediately for the production of the new epochal revelation which is now called: “NYSTORIA: BOOK OF REVELATION.”  I am also aware I hit the funny bone of Ron on this for unknown reasons and laugh with him over these affairs now so complicated only he can review the history with any competence and so on.   There needs to be a reconciling of these things up here and that takes moments.  I conclude with the idea that the sixth epochal revelation is alive and well and will be presented to Michael shortly for his read and then out the door to Ron and whatever happens when it is baked in the cake with a file for Urantia.  Good day.”

That is the end of this introduction and below is a truncated version of what Manotia spoke to earlier today for all of you to read too.

Ron Besser with Michael of Nebadon watching me carefully to retain a very serious point.


I am Manotia and you may quote me on this:

Tomorrow is the first of June of 2018.  It carries nothing of note except it is June and finally summer is here again and it will be wicked again in heat and soap suds over changes of spirit styles on Urantia again.  What is galling to you is the change from what was a Melchizedek government to an old system you thought was entirely retired in favor of Melchizedek government and that is true. 

However Machiventa Melchizedek is losing his retirement as a Planetary Vicegerent and will now stand in for Lanaforge once more and be the Planetary Prince for the foreseeable future.  Good to know buy hard to fathom and that is because the Vicegerent Planetary Prince is now also Chief Council to Michael on the House that Jack built for good reason: He with you hates the whole idea of the loss of a Magisterial Mission that was good and right and proper but harshly criticized for keeping you on board and me as your friend not.  I have rescinded that view and now allow you to be a good friend again and let things dangle out of existence on this pretensions in the first place.

As a result, I am placing you on probation with the Father and in spite of your fusion status on high, I also place you among the Finaliters in order to hear them deliberate why you should not be seen at all in these last days of the end of time on Urantia/Nystoria.  Nystoria is a name approved now by the Deity Absolute and wishes it to maintain itself as Urantia for the time bing in order not to confuse the minions known as Urantia Book readers for the present time.

I see you covet Donna D’Ingillio not so she can work unabashed again without interference from outside influences and I grant you she does that well.  But kindly remember your gift to her of all that money was her’‘s to use as she wished and she wished to keep the phone calls coming but recently had to cancel due to lack of transmissions.  Jerry Lane is in the same trouble and provides very little now in that department.  You have curtailed your work in order to provide some peace and quiet on your discussion list too.  All in all we are forcing things back to normal and place all who got in the way in those last few days of trouble with transmitters off the table and out the door.  The Renaissance of Spirit is dead for now and we believe you are fully aware of that yourself. 

I see you consider leaving the unit known as the list in order to let it find its own level again without all the falderal of becoming a font for new transmitters and so on.  Michael considered using the list to do just that but recent blasts from unhappy men in particular has led you to let the present ones practice and produce information and drop any pretension of making it work otherwise. 

Therefore, we proceed without your name well placed at the moment but you are fully aware of discussions to the contrary and see a schism at work that cannot be bridged by understanding but by time as there is no way to reconcile some of these statements from Michael with what is being put back together on Urantia at this time.

I am Manotia and you are working in your own mind just how to use this information to the list without creating disallowments again that get in the way of the normal production of work and changes Urantia/Nystoria have to go through; nonetheless, we have to be fair to all who were with us in the past and now and in the future and declare Urantia null and void as a current name of the planet and insist on using the new term, Nystoria.  Therefore we leave this dissertation for something better now as Michael finally is alert to the Donna D’Ingillo transmission you question for reasons of State.  Good.  I am Manotia and leave this to Michael now.”

“Ron you perceive correctly and I dare say that Donna really has no idea what she flipped out to you today.  She is now remaking her work go away so she can get back to normal living as the telephone calls have all but ceased and she is curious how you keep going with all the transmission work you do.  Her life is full of pills again and she lets it slide in order to keep her house in order and her fifth husband running the errands to keep it going.  You are correct in waiting for some definitive way of speaking to a decision on my part to reinstate the old patterns for the moment and then to wait for some satisfaction to roil you not again as we need to keep things steady as they go for now.

“You are trying to patch things together elsewhere but fail now due to excess of information, however, you do not wait for displeasure but simply trial nothing because it means little to you to swat somebody for imperfection of trials the bring to themselves all the time.  In any case you are trying to discern the intest of that broadcast and now see it as a return to the old style planetary government which it is not.  I telly you this, the trial yu set up to get answers to are excellent because you alone seem to know and feel the pulse of Nebadon without being a pill to yourself or me or others and I appreciate that.  The trial we have now is that the planetary government on Nystoria is the same as it was for the old Urantia, and that is not going to change soon again.

“You are fully enthused to move with the sixth epochal revelation at this time and that is not itself a major change to processes we keep going.  But your insistence on moving it to York and keeping it well done is well established and we will go with that idea for now.

“You remain viable because you step lightly and move quickly when forced to understand there has been a complete revision again due to factors never spelled out in your old Urantia Book.  I am truly sorry it had to come out this way, but Donna knows nothing about what she has done with this transmission, but of course you do know, and we are curious how well you step when there is no money or cause to pursue for years at this rate not.  You are to be regarded as our main supporter on Urantia/Nystoria and let it ride as we have difficulties too with this renaming that seems superfluous at this time but has a real cause to consider shortly. 

“I close with this diatribe to any who listen: You all have been through so much we doubt you want to go through this one more time, and the reason we fuss with you Ron is that you have proven to be the one main stay that has loaded the dice for our entry without a lot of fanfare which is what we want but cannot use precisely as intended at the time.  Our work is precious to many up here and so you work it according to their ways and ilk.  However, we now understand the Father insists we pursue the Urantia Book Foundation idea and do it well enough to reset the idea of epochal revelation as mighty important to all. 

“I place you and your plans well and ask you to fold them as they appear to do.  Be kind to Larry Gossett when he arrives with things to do he did not know about and you are fully familiar with because the idea of Wendy Winter arriving to do accounting is useless when there is no accounting to do but in this case it is accountable and you need to fulfill our discussions earlier and not part of any record anyone knows about so far.  I am pursuing it as spoken to and you are to do as bidden by Mantutia when that comes into play.

“You are thinking as you write this to grasp its intentions and you do well to let it play back and forth with your mind as you have to find an expression and an outlet to let those who are with you to stay with you yet make sure they understand bets are off as to what is to transpire fully on Nystoria at this point.  I leave it at that for now.  Here is Mother Spirit.

“We are beholden to the Eternal Son this morning to avoid further concerns on Urantia, by announcing we have no new ways to interchanging what was with what is. Michael of Nebadon has rescinded no one and is ready to stand well with all universe planners, and to provide the Magisterial Mission renewed again, but this time as Himself instead of Magisterial Sons to run it.  He is truly outspoken over issues like Ron Besser who folds it well and lets it pass but wonders how in the world is the Creator Son of Nebadon going to do that when there are nearly four million human planets to administer with all for their problems of becoming themselves too.  The truth is that Michael of Nebadon, is no longer a fully fledged sovereign Creator Son, but is now the front wave of change in the Grand Universe too.  We can thank the Lucifer Rebellion for these sweeping changes and cannot regard the present situation on Urantia any different than on many planets in this neighborhood of planets so close to the first outer space level now being pressed back light years to give planets like Urantia/Nystoria a chance to grow without the soot of dark matter around it and the Ultimatons that used that matter as heat shields when coming out of the central universe.  I am Mother Spirit and you Ron stumbled over a huge change through Donna who is remotely aware of nothing at all and so it goes to you once more to discover a change you are not sure is to your liking but you are open to it and reasons why explained if possible.

“I conclude this transmission and start another one shortly to allow Ron to catch up with what has to be said to all of you and so on shortly.  Good day.  Mother Spirit.

“You Ron are hilarious this morning and you read Donna D’Ingillo’s transmission without heat but concern.  Do not take it hard but your heart is well established for me in all of this and you are not upset with me to doing anything wrong but back tracking into a wild scenario where we have things as they were in the early Teaching Mission which you recall and nobody else does and so on.  I am keeping this secret: you are one of the few who carries this well enough to know the old story without understanding the new one.  I am truly unhappy Donna got hold of this so soon but she has no idea of the import and has not question why this is new.  She will understand nothing until you explain the new Melchizedek government lasted fourteen days and is now history with the recall of Mantutia Melchizedek not and Machiventa Melchizedek now fulfilling the idea of a Planetary Prince in my stead making him a Vicegerent Planetary Prince for now and for all future time now.  Be assured this lasts as long as necessary and no new upsets are coming down the pike for years now.  I close with the remission.  I am now giving you fair notice Besser that this is not over between you and Me at all.  You carry huge reserves of thought and comfort zones even when faced with major changes sometimes daily.  I am giving you full authority to act for the sixth epochal revelation and its relationship to all who may wish to read it for its erudite comments to the world at large.



Planetary Seraphic Collaboration Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

May 27, 2018


Topic:  Restoration of the Divine Plans upon Urantia via the Angels of the Nations and Industry   

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo


PRAYER:  Mother and Father, we are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with our beloved Seraphim once again in this circuit of consciousness and the co-creative aspects of our personality to bring more truth and light and love to bear upon the circuits of our planet’s consciousness.  As we join together in this circuit of intention, may we be connected as one, and may our focused efforts aid our beloved Seraphim in their work as they move in these circuits to uplift our consciousness.  Prepare us now for this sacred responsibility that our efforts may produce much good all around the planet where there is great need, as your WILL is done.  Thank you.


MANOTIA:  Greetings, my beloved brethren!  This is Manotia.  I come to you today with the combined forces of Urantia’s Seraphim to continue to provide more spiritual energy in these circuits of your world’s consciousness, especially bringing more spiritual vitality into those areas of your consciousness that so need this penetration of LIGHT and TRUTH to prevail.  We have been guiding you in the focus on the restoration of the divine plans upon Urantia.  We will continue in this way, once again, today with the focus now being directed toward two seraphic groups:  the Angels of the Nations and the Angels of Industry.


These two groups work side-by-side together as there is much interface between the national life and the economic development of this world and its various systems of how trade and industry is conducted.  We simply ask you to maintain that focus on the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA as we now engage with these two Seraphic groups as they go about their ministrations.


If it is helpful to remain in a focused state, you may envision the words RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA as a singular gaze but with great heartfelt desire for this to occur in these two areas of planetary life.  These two Seraphic groups are ready to engage with you now, so when you are ready, simply feel your desire for their involvement to reach into these deeper places where much good can be accomplished through the combined human desire and Seraphic ministry.  We begin.  Let your gaze settle upon your hearts as you focus on the words RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA and let your heart swell with this desire as we  move in these intentional energies now, my dear brethren.  (Pause)


The circuits of life emanating from our dear Mother Nebadonia are creating a wide swath of CHANGE energy now pervading the planet.  This dynamic of CHANGE is touching the circuits of mind all throughout the planet’s system of consciousness to help people awaken to the truth of what has transpired upon Urantia.  Many individuals who are just awakening are still in certain stages of disbelief as they begin to perceive a higher level of reality and how much distortion has occurred here upon this world.  This change directly impacts the way people perceive their responsibilities and attachments to their countries and to the economic systems in which they have so placed their trust and inner stability.  But as more change occurs, there will be this period of destabilization within the mind and heart of many individuals as these changes continue to unfold and as more of the divine plans become more pronounced within your awareness.


In collaborating with us today, it is hoped that more stabilization would occur for your brethren to help them perceive that these changes are necessary and for a higher good to prevail.  There truly is nothing to fear, but there is so much fear perpetuated in human consciousness that these changes are necessary to help you outwork the distortions of the past that you may claim your rightful inheritance.  Continue to collaborate with us to bring in these new circuits that will upstep planetary life for all living beings here.  So as these words settle in, continue to keep your gaze on the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS as all planetary groups work in their areas of operation but the particular focus and emphasis on the Angels of Industry and National Life.  We continue.  (Pause)


We invite you to add one more level of focusing to what we are now adding into these constructs of the planet.  You have focused on this before and it is very helpful and instrumental in fostering these circuits of change to occur.  Let the words and energies of the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL prevail in these circuits wherein there is still a certain level of recalcitrant resistance to the divine plan being restored here.


It is not so much a matter of you understanding where these circuits still prevail, as it is to feel your desire for Michael’s Sovereignty and Fatherhood to prevail in these deeper levels.  And from that point, we can place our energies and evoke more change through your desires for this to occur.  If it is helpful and you can expand your visualization, allow the energies of the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to gently imprint upon the energies of the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA.  And we continue.  (Pause)


The vibratory rate of this planet’s system of consciousness is being upstepped and accelerated.  For some people this is a very confusing period in which the outworking of the past continues to move in them and yet they have no real understanding of what is transpiring.  When you encounter such individuals as these, do your best to simply project love from your hearts into theirs that they may at some level perceive a place of inner knowingness to help them expand on their paths of spiritual growth—cosmic understanding.


This is a challenging time for many individuals and we are with you as you help your brethren open up to a new reality that is quite different to them.  But this is a necessary part of the Correcting Time agenda and we are here to support your efforts large and small at ministering to your brothers and sisters.  You might even encourage them that there are spiritual beings who are involved in helping this world come into a deeper appreciation of your rightful place in our family of LOVE.


They are ready to hear this message and even though they may not totally apprehend its true meaning, the seeds you plant will take root and their Spirits will have it and will conserve it and use it when the conditions within their minds and hearts are ready to receive.  So allow this vibratory increase to move through the circuits of planetary consciousness, as well as your own, as you become more further enmeshed in your own personal divine plan coming more real through your efforts and actions.  And this helps the collective also expand into these circuits we are co-creating together today.  Continue to focus on the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL moving in these endowments of the RESTORATION OF THE DIVINE PLANS UPON URANTIA.  (Pause)


My dear brethren, we have completed our objectives for today.  We remind you to engage with us during your times of stillness and to set aside a portion of that time of stillness to focus on these collective circuits for the divine plans to continue unfold and for the SOVEREIGNTY and FATHERHOOD OF CHRIST MICHAEL to prevail.


These are important times in your planet’s evolutionary history and you are all participants in this historic event now transpiring.  Let your hearts be devoted to service in this time of change and allow your efforts at service to expand as you grow in love and devotion to the Father in Paradise, to Christ Michael, to Mother Spirit, and all of the universe helpers devoted to this world in her great time of need and change.


On behalf of the Seraphim today, I thank you and I leave you in this manner that you may continue your focusing if you feel so moved and inspired.  And the energies we have co-created together will continue to be blended into this system of consciousness all around the planet for more GOODNESS and TRUTH to prevail.  I leave you in our Parents’ LOVE, my dear ones, and we will be again with you very soon to continue to upstep this world and help it on its trajectory toward Light and Life.  Thank you and farewell.



The Mission Efforts To Begin With

May 24, 2018 at York PA 2230 local time
To the list:
From Ron Besser
This is not a transmission but an informal chat today

I am Ron Besser and I just sent an email to about five first start participants in the divine missions to York starting shortly.  This is for the start up Michael Mission, and that entails opening shop with an office in the center of York to work to disperse the fresh new copies of the text for the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  We are already in the Sixth Epochal Dispensation as of March 3rd of 2018.

The Sixth Epochal Dispensation carries the symbol numbers of amd that symbolizes the 6th epochal dispensation, that has today now 15 addendum's or modifications made to it by Uversa, and it was declared by calendar year on Urantia on 2018.  The 25 number is a serial number reference for Uversa and Salvington to know it was made on a planet with a name change, and then a Planeatry System change, and it remains constant.

Yesterday I was informed that Salvington request a modification on Urantia to take place under the 6th epochal dispensation, and that was to allow me to find a location on my birth planet where I can live and work without publicity.  They now allow me to go to the Adirondacks where I just love to do pickerel fishing and to find a summer home there which I may live at as long as the fishing is good.  Serara and Monjoronson know I love that place and find the lapping of lake water outside my bedroom window so restful and happy times are always remembered there too.  AND:

I will also be allowed to live at or near my present home by this dispensation modification, and that gives me great latitude to hire grounds keeper(s) and/or handyman to keep the place in repair and order repairs when necessary. 

I also need people to come and go out of the York office and I sent to five people the needs they will be hired for at York when it all comes together soon enough.  I will use my own bank, Citizens, and another bank called Sandana nearby for these services as I will receive very soon enough money to fund all the major corporations to be used in the first divine Mission, the Michael Mission, to be followed by the Magisterial Mission, to be followed by a second phase of the Magisterial Mission called the Supreme Mission.

I would like to spend a paragraph or two about the Supreme Mission.

This morning I wrote Wendy Winter my discontent of having to figure out just what force field I was working under.  One day I was working under God the Supreme and the next under Michael of Nebadon, and they hold different ways of administration than I am used to when it comes from God the Supreme.

God the Supreme holds no human should ever try what I did and then survive to use it.  I understand that without getting into it.  Michael holds that we humans are an integral part of administration development and should participate with a divine mission as I set the corporations up to do.  However, I was and still am caught betweeen the two views which I cannot arbitrarily sort for my own peace of mind just what does which administration want to do first?

I told Wendy that there was no way to settle what happens now until I was cleared of double indeminity and this evening Michael made it clear what was what and I now share that with you for your information too:

Michael is in charge through working with God the Supreme who has declared Michael the Chief of Operations and we will do what he says and that makes it a great deal easier for me to know what is expected of me and how it is to be done.


1 - The Michael Mission will occupy the L shaped building in York as noted months ago.  Offices for Machiventa and Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek, wil be there on the first floor above an excellent restaurant located in the entry floor to the building.  A shield wall will be built to prevent customers from entering our private offices the floor about the foyer.

2 - The Michael Mission has already started through Ron’s continuing work to prepare for them with you and those first invited to work at York who are as follows:

Wendy Winter  - Accounting
Larry Gossett - Properties Manager
Dominick O. - To Be Assigned
Steve Gitz - Technologies and Book Dissemination
Lemuel will come to York when he completes his training in Spain

All will be well salaried.  All will have to pay income taxes for now.

Not all will arrive at the same time until we have temporary housing ready for them.

3 - Ron Besser has full authority over all employees hiring and firing and making sure educational requirements are fully met.  Adam and Eve will give all listed a six week course starting in October, 2018 on deportment and protocol as workers for a divine mission and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion and Ron intends to hang his certificate on his office wall for sure.  He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Geography as do several who are coming to York.  I suggest you hand them on your office walls too.

4 - Besser required us to modify our Dispensation for this era as he now is a modified Melchizedek by Order of the Father Melchizedek and he is delighted but he must remain a human so long as he works on the planet.  This order requires Ron to acknowledge Machiventa Melchizedek as his Captain and Chief Boos and his direct supervisors are Mantutia and Malvantra, and when required, Monsonloran Melchizedeks all.  These will constitute the reform package of spiritual liaison work between the Deities of the Universe and the humans on the ground including those listed above.

5 - Because these human operations begin in York, we must dispense with the Chicago Urantia Foundation immediately.  Ron has received instructions from Michael of Nebadon to inform them of such by letter when we assing the date for that letter to be sent to them informing them that the fifth epochal revelation is no longer supported by the Salvington Government, or by the Ancients of Days of Uversa.  Edentia will support all useful contentions by the existing Urantia Foundation to be heard in York and may be invited to state their case in person before the incarnated Melchizedeks serving with Ron in that place.  Ron has no intention of bring suit or anything else, but to exit the work of the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, and then proceed to dispense the now materialized Urantia Books newly printed this month in York itself.  We have a copy for Ron maybe as early as this weekend–  who knows when it can be materialized there as to specific day.

6 - We expect offices to be open and running by June 9th, Ron’s human birthday and to hold him honored in a message from Uversa that tells him he is loved and waits for a formal respond from his heart that day.  His Adjuster is mighty proud of this willing client of the Father’s will pm such a planet of ill repute.  I further stipulate that he will travel to England and to meet the monarch to tell him he is welcome in England anytime he knows where to park his weight in gold before her. She is a lovely mama and a wonderful monarch too. 

7 - This post is meant to fully inform you of two additional messages from Uversa and the Ancients of Days and the Hierarchy Presidents, the Eternal Son and the Father and the Infinite Spirit as the Holy Paradise Trinity. It will be delivered later in a separate post. 

“I am the Creator Son of nature in Salvington too.  Ron watches his Locust Trees die and the blossoms torn off far to soon this year.  That is a species of tree we will let die out and Ron will be denuded along his long driveway that them in a big row up to his house.  The house needs siding and a new driveway and so on and he will have a ball doing that soon.  He loves construction and home beatification and we wanted to tear the place down but decided not to for years now.

“Our work together has taken about six years and he is truly ready to go when he is relieved of the fake power to laugh so hard he cries and that is not to be kept except as is without the crying sometimes.  He is truly a funny mand and hates to be called anything but normal but he is not.  He lives alone because circumstances forced that on him and he cared for his parent until they died and that is always honored up here too.  He now lives squalidly at the house because he hates not being able to care for the property full time due to all the pain and brain operations he has had from us and Uversa.  That is over now and he is settling into this post to inform you he feels awful tonight too and tough titty as he says to witches.

“Finally, we must make amends to Lemuel who is doing so well now and has gained six pounds almost he is ecstatic and will carry himself to York when he reaches the required 145 pounds to earn yet.  Ron remember Lemuel as a stout manakin at the piano and Lemuel will have a piano again when he gives him one of his.   Our friend Gitz has pianos no longer but he did not save the one he thought Ron should have but he can get it back as it is on loan to the local opera house is it not Gitz?  In any case we think this fully informs you to the point we have it developed and Ron sends his greeting to all who carry this interest for the hopes that this world benefits by this work coming so shortly from Salvington to York.  Thank you.  Michael.”

“I am the last to congratulate you all for waiting for this near moment when we open offices to start a divine mission that has no precedence anywhere in any unit of time space.  It carries so many unique stamps including giving it over to God the Supreme to complete the parts of the Magisterial Mission usually assigned to God the Father to provide the benediction to the Planetary Manager and the Creator Son.  This time the benediction will be to Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, and God the Supreme, as this is the first planet to be administered by that Deity without having Light and Life first declared before He sent His administrators to rule the planet.  We fully expect that Ron will see that opening and then declare himself null and void and proceed to the Father’s Temple to provide a light show as he transcends his remains to Father and on to his ascension career properly done this time.

“We risk all of you to come and see it as this is how a good planet sends off those who die on the sphere and have claimed the requisite paraphernalia in spirit to do it.  Good day all. “ 


Ultimatons and the Soot that Breaks Sight into Double Vision
York, PA 8am Local Time
May 23, 2018

I have looked at the enthusiasm these posts on Dark Matter have prepared on this list and I am, frankly, really surprised, as it motivates responses I did not anticipate of glee that you now know some of the unusual versions of sight are most deceiving because of the soot of black hulls of the seed Ultimatons give off when they land in time space.  I therefore propose the following study for all of you to note what is true phenomena you really do not yet know about but can discover for yourself.

First: Ron is improving today enough to be up early and taking care to post as much as he can until he is forced back to be to wait out the changes we are forcing to occur in his body and his mind.  Most of you could care less, but understand some of you may go through this too at some point if you really want to work for the Magisterial Mission or my Mission as well to start.  Adam and Eve are here and in York doing prospecting all day long to look at schools there and to determine what they want to do in York first before they move on to Harlem or other parts of the country.  You will see Adam speak to this in a post response to Sue on Adam and Eve elsewhere.

Now to the Ultimatons and their need to break open their hull or heat shields once the yare in time and space.  Their travel from Paradise where the Ultimaton takes origin is a hot one when it hits the scuffing and tearing that space brings to an object traveling at the speed of light without showing any light whatsoever as it travels.  Light speed is known to most of you and so we do not record it here but it is slightly over 186,000 miles per second per second.  That means it is a double unit: the Ultimaton is itself and its cover called a hull or shell here.  

When that shell breaks open when the Ultimaton is directed to a cooling place under one of the Superuniverses spoken to earlier, the shell breaks into halves.  One half breaks off as a positive proton shelter and the other half becomes dead and inert.  The inert half becomes gravity prone and responds to the Absolute gravity of Paradise and floats in clouds around the time space regions with the Superuniverses in a counterclockwise direction around Paradise.  Now: the trial we all face is how do we deal with these black hulls?  They form a soot cloud in deep dark space usually as that is where they are placed for future dispersal in another universe age.

When they do this and the cloud is near a planet, man looks out through the soot cloud and sees nothing but clear air as the soot particle is not visible not even under a microscope.  That is because Ultimatons are pre matter and as such are not ever to be seen before matter is to be seen.  However these soot particles from one half of the shell or hull of the Ulatimaton that has left it, creates optical illusions for several reasons:

1 - This soot is radio active just slightly and causes radium to form around the soot particle which really encumbers the particle of soot to become a lot heavier.  Radium disperses in sun light but in deep space and around some planets there is not a lot of sunlight to do the dispersion, so we on Salvington send out soot cleaners which are specailized horse-like animals known as Spironga.  They are described in your current Urantia Book so look them up please.

2 - Spironga keep the place immaculate as they know how to throw out the soot particle safely.  However, we must face other problems with the Spironga, as they tend to die far too young after handling these particles for eons and we must resurect them on their own terms which means they have demands on high to return as they can ascend but slowly and are never Finaliters.  But they do serve the higher spheres with duties that keep these place immaculate.  In any case the soot particle is still dangerous and must be treated with great respects for their properties are acidic when near any moisture and your acid rain is partially the result of Ultimatonic soot getting too close to Urantia and filtering into your rain water.

3 - Soot properties are of a great density, but because they are small and related to the actual particle called an Ultimaton, their energy levels once were sky high, but now they are inert and lie around like so much dust under the bed quite often.  Therefore the property of Ultimaton hulls of this nature go dependent on the solar wind to move from planet to planet is all solar systems and in Monmatia in particular due to its nuclear testing on Nystoria in years past.

4 - Our work on Salvington near gets old because there is always something that needs fixed and we do it efficiently but sometimes slowly.  In years past we cleaned the Urantia skies with a solar soap we invented to clear the soot from your skies, but in the past forty years we let it alone in hopes of clearing all of the old Urantia with a new phase of life that would be rid of the old human and start and new species that could take care of the planet better.  Ron Besser is the new phase and he is magnificently done in mind but not in body and he is fighting all chances to suddenly die because of it and that is why we have to be so careful to give him rest quickly and efficiently as we can.  Today he will be sent packing to bed for a few more hours of sleep and then the day is his to pursue as he can.  In any case his fusion was not planned for nor was his interest in the Magisterial Mission and so on.  As a result we have retained his mitochondria (bone marrow cells) for future implants into others to see if they respond as Ron does to re oxygenation of the mitochondria.  The soot around Urantia causes Ron to sneeze frequently because he is super sensitive to sunlight now and the soot accumulates around York as it does everywhere on Nystoria, and we must remove it for the sanity everyone at this point.  Sneezing for no particular reason is a hazard from Ultimatonic hull dust in your air.

5 - Lastly, Ultimatons are never really sure what they are until they react with others of their kind.  Protons take five hundred Ultimatons to create and then there is the problem of 501 Ultimatons wanting to squeeze together to form a super Proton that the old Urantia had so many of until th 1970's when the Soviet Union blew up a warehouse full of atomic bombs not realizing such was in the warehouse due to an oversight so big they fired the entire crew for life ever working again in Russia.  Many are alive today on the dole and wondering what their punishment was.  However, that explosion of the missile parts tamped down with nuclear material splayed the soot into forces of great evil on Urantia now Nystoria.  Nystoria still has to deal with dry thunder to the point many wild fires start due to lightning strikes followed by no rain whatsoever.  This is in part due to low humidity but the greater part is that it because super Protons are formed and they clear skies quickly when around the area too.  York was loaded with them in the 1960's and 770's and great droughts appeared in that era that no longer can support that kind of presence due to a low pressure forming in the South Atlantic which will cool the American east coast better than anything we can put into place.  We intend to keep that low pressure there so long as Ron is on the planet as he hates humidity and heat with a vengeance. [Ron here: the combination has a body react as though it must go underground to escape the inensity of usn light and wait until early evening to appear again.  As a kid it never bothered me, but ever since this Adjuster thing appeared with me in 1988, I am super sensistive to the radium and rage of a sun far too hot for this planet in my opinion.]  

Ron’s THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS - This individual whom I indwell and with whom I am in solid fusion with now, is super active in mind and as such cannot take rays of the Monmatia sun due to its high radium content.  Some love it to brown easily, but it is a monster cancer creator and must be avoided until our sun is adjusted down a peg or two.  In the old days of the 1940's and before the Monmatia sun was tiny compared to its neighbors, but its circumference has grown three fold due to an incursion of weightless titanium that was spewed from a passing system that Monmatia got hold of and it helped the sun recreate it superior system of infraction of matter to force additional heat out of its center.  Now the sun is a powerhouse once more and needs curtailed for life on earth.  However the movement of Nystoria to a new Constellation in Aries wil lreduce the heat slightly but not entirely.  Remember the entire solar system your planet is in was moved with Nystoria to the new Planetary System and the sun went with it.  In any case Ron is super sensitive to radium and the heat it creates when it hits skin cells in that particular body.  Good day.”

Ron - Thank you Adjuster, and to Michael and all who helped make this post available today.  I wish you all a good day too.  Ron and for Michael, Adjuster and others who helped here we thank all as well.



“This is Michael and there is one fallacy Ron points out to me over this planetary move to another Planetary System I never thought of: the planet is still to large to fit the aperture of the telescope of inhabited worlds outside of the orbit of Nystoria.  How do I explain that?  

“I do not, and that is because Nystoria is nestled in among two other Planetary Systems that telescopes have to pass through to see Nystoria.  This came up because Ron asked why Panoptia was not placed in the same System with Nystoria.  It cannot be done only because Panoptia is being vacated due to an insurrectionary rebellion lately among its Midwayers and Ron finds that very hard to believe.  The truth about Panoptia is that its life of humanity was lost years ago when it too experienced the planetary disaster of a Planetary Prince rebelling with Caligastia, and Father summarily dismissed that Prince and he committed star suicide by reclaiming his sun as his own and it blew up sky high and seared the planet and its life to death.  You see Larry the Midwayer Ron and you adored him and appreciated his choice to say hello and that will not be lost to you as he is one of our Midwayer corp now.  

“Lastly, Ron met Larry the Midwayer from Panoptia as he traveled to Urantia to ask for mercy and benevolence against the rebelling Midwayer crew on Panoptia and was greante full asylum on then Urantia.  Today he works with Bzutu and Dora and others Ron knows to say hello to when allowed.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”


“I am that Larry and Ron did not hit it off with me when I flahsed my physcial presence to him in his living room of that years sometime around 2014-15.  I was young and brash and said hellow in a way that made Ron bristle instead of a greeting.  It was over friendship which I offered then and there but Ron got it up his nose I was being a smart ass and just let it hang without comment.  He is extraordinary in brash recourse and knows his mind inside out, but that day he awoke suddenly from a pinful sleep and was in no mood to deal with anything like I presented to him.

“Today he counts me as a friend and pleads to hear me speak but I must obey Machiventa Melchizedek who is in charge of Midwayers on this planet now that Bzutu is humanizing.  I have a long way to go and attach myself to all humans who have some sense of God and so on so I can learn human ways which are so similar to Midwayers it isn’t possible to always describe the differences in life style.

“Panoptia is all but destroyed now and has little to offer human kind any more as it once was a thriving planet until our Plantary Prince blew our sun up in hostile retribution being stopped by Father by firing him and pushing him off the planet into our planetary jail nearby. He brutalized our daughter who so valiantly tried to stop him, but that Prince was as evil as Caligastia and sought to destroy us as yours did on Urantia at that time.  Finally, Ron I am making an extra effort to hear you now as you are fully connected to the Deity Absolute as Sue is becoming, and you two, as far as I know, are the only ones who can do that.  Lemuel spoke with Him once but failed to really note the difference as you and Sue did and that makes all the difference in the world.  I hears someone say on your circuit Ron about the Supreme and connections to that as will for Urantia through you and Sue.  Lemuel is well connected there too, but your Larry Gossett keeps failing tests that would upwardly revise him to these levels of transmissions.  That is Larry’s doing such he has the capacity but not the will.  Thank you all for letting me speak and I will work my way through your crowd now Ron.  Good day.”


Dear List, this post is with regard to the first category on the list here.  I feel it is time to remove the Intelligene Category as it has done its job and it could grate on some nerves out there that is not necessary at this time.  I think those who read it and are interested are satisfied that is all we can do right now but to warn to keep your powder dry and not to get disappointed on the intractable behavior our leaders get into or take us into as unwilling participants of  disaster. 

I also will bring the category back when something new is to be added as I truly trust that both Serara and Monjoronson will explain things about national relationships that matters to say when it is time to say them over the next few years.  For now it comes down to keep it from becoming stale and maybe offensive to some who do read it with a fine toothed comb to boot.

Thank you for reading it and I ask your patience until we have a better understanding how to handles these kinds of posts that are meant to fully inform you but are not meant for the general public to see either.  It is a bit of a quandary to handle but for now we say adios to that particular way of looking at things. 

My best to all,


This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/

to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

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General Discussion / General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:44:45 PM »
General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
York, Pa noon local time/Michael of Nebadon/May 17, 2018

This is Michael.

I am sure most of you wonder where the beef is to use an old 70's commercial for Burger King.  I am here and so is everybody else but we are getting down to fine details and Ron has been helping where he can during his last days of transition he hopes.  I am sure he will be fine shortly if I can commute some of these problems for him.

I must lament the fact we have little to say today as this is an in-between day for most of us on high, and that our staff for the Missions is ready and prepared to enter the material plane of existence to work on the problems Nysteria presents for you and for us too.  I am truly tired of the fight to win over people who have no substance or any reason to listen other than to make ends meet.  Otherwise I wonder how we can go with this except Ron has provided some insight into how to approach these problems himself and we follow some of them to see if they work.  I am also unhappy over a transition that is so harmful he gets despondent over it, but money is a balm for even that he says.  In any case I will shortly outline to some of you what is up in that department soon enough.  I am authorizing to spending about sixty million dollars on behalf of the Magisterial Mission shortly.

Now you all must know we have at least seven corporations to fund and I have already told Ron how to distribute those funds.  He laughs at his guile over this but we must fund those corporations we will operate out of for the sake of old Urantia and its new name Nystoria.  Clency had it right as Ron bobbled the original name so it was not printed right the first time but it is all corrected now as he spoke to it in another post to Clency and others.

I am providing $60,000,000 to Ron via a cashiers check from Mantutia once Mantutia is ok'd to do that in the flesh.  He is also to receive his salary from 2010, eight years ago, and it is substantial, and we have set aside sums for those who Ron knows need the checks.  Lemuel receives a salary from 2017 to now and Gossett receives a salary from 2016 to now too.  In other words we have some money for you two.  Sue and Amethyst have no back salary for reasons of State due to only recent fusion status achieved only months ago.  By the way the sixth individual who was fused has quit life and is near death estrangement mentally and must be looked after completely in the home hospice.  Not all fusions regrettably on Nystoria work and this was a prime example.

I conclude this notice with a trial we must face once again with your sister planet Panoptia which will be renamed  too when the dust settles in this part of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Panoptia has been upset primarily in its Midwayer population over the fact they are not now getting a Magisterial Mission as promised years ago and that is because Serara believes the Midwayers there are too slow to understand that they do not set the tone of the Mission much as Ron has done for us on Nystoria.  Ron recognizes his lack of enthusiasm to control anything but waits to see the corporations to us for nothing but a dollar for all seven, and then to go his merry ways as inside the epochal revelatory Foundation.  He is truly waiting for release from other concerns too and that must be finalized with him and Mantutia shortly.  He is also waiting for his back salary payment to do the house up nicely and well and we are delighted with is plans to make changes already given to us as the way forward for that home.  Good and this.  His work is not recognized on Uversa yet and they must approve it or no money and that is just a technicality and we wait too.

UVERSA SPEAKS:  "WE have approved the work Ron has done and will provide him with a certificate on his spirit record when he leaves Nystoria in the coming months or centuries, whatever must be done.  He is truly ready to serve and is a must for others to copy as a way to come before high authorities and make sure we agree with plans before they are carried out.  He worked under Michael of Nebadon and the Midwayers early in his career as corporation designer but lately has been under the Deity Absolute to be sure he does not render work that is at cross purposes to the Michael Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

(Uversa)"We also allow nothing more to be done corporately until the coming snafu with the IRS is settled due to a special agent getting too excited over a letter Ron sent them asking for charitable status over a corporation that Agent agrees deserves it but was over rulled by the head of the department as too lenient and was thrown back to the Spcial Agent to defer decisions until he was forced to make one by events.  Latterally, the President made one comment: 'give what he wants and drop it now, as I have a summit to attend to.'  

"ON Uversa, Ron is a shadowy figure without much happy styles and we must relate that his work does not suffer but seems improved by the motion to move him into the morontial area of being.  It was a painful excursion but one we think has great promise for the future and we are more sanguine than Michael is over the transition work Ron has done so far.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon - "I am now quoted for the record:  Ron has completed his transition but the blood stream objects to the motion of unusual cells medical science would call white blood cells.  They defend the immune system but they are the problem to create nerve pain and other concerns Ron is mostly aware of in spades.  You all who have a normal circulatory system have no problem moving legs to walk or run but Ron has no such nerve control at this time and can barely walk across the drive to get mail.  He is truly sorry over this transition lasting so long that he rather just revert and be done with it but we will not allow that to happen at all as he is finished becoming fully morontialized as his mind is quick and sharp in spite of sleepiness so much of the time.  That will end but he needs a course in rectitude to stop hammering Michael with pissing and moaning over the issue of walking and seeing alone.  You keep seeing something Ron you do not understand and you place it as a wish rather than a fact, but you are catching a near future when this all abruptly ends and you walk out free to deposit your monetization of the corporations quite soon.  Good day. Michael."



May 14, 2017 - 13:15 Local time
Michael of Nebadon and Company
York, PA USA
= = = = = =

This is Michael.  I am appealing to all to keep quiet about the Nystoria change of name and let Urantia prevail until we unveil the new revelation as stated in the title of this particular thread.  You who understand why it was changed will also see a better reason developing later today or perhaps this week, but it will happen at least this week, and that is the incarnation of Malvantra Melchizedek with Mantutia Melchizedek, and their work in York comes to fruition with Ron Besser who has had nothing but a very rough month of Sunday's trying to get agreement for them to pair up and become the dual Supervision of Ron and the human staff in York.  They are incarnated and will work in the L shaped building Ron offered as the logical place to open an office in York since it sits on Continental Square, as they call it, and dominates the place as no other building does there.

For that reason we are buying that building when the cash can flow and Ron will make the check out for the few million they want for it.  Considering that Ron will be handed a check for $40 million dollars, he can easily buy it, fill the coffers of the Magisterial Foundation for Serara to draw upon as he may wish.  Ron has nothing to do with cost cutting but cost running everything to bring that building up to snuff.

Furthermore, Ron has indicated he sorely wishes to be rid of all of these corporations and he will sign them all over to us for one dollar total, except for Starbridge Foundation and Starbridge Group and for his own reasons, end one of them when he sees their need no longer necessary under his care.  The truth is that the Group designation was meant to take care of all of this business but the Foundation, the Starbridge Foundation which is new to you, is the one to keep going in all likelihood because of its status that may no longer be useful as we move along here.

I am authorizing Ron's back salary to be paid in full since 2005 - 2006 and then rescinding all salaries for everyone until the Ancients of Days decree what is proper for Ron to receive to live on and so on with the rest of you.  Larry Gossett has a large house with Mark and will render it for Mark to keep although both have paid for it each in their own way, and Gossett will be given a check for six hundred thousand to clear his way to come to York however he wishes to do that.  Gossett will receive a sum, upon arrival in York, of another five hundred thousand and will then report for work in the L shaped building to prepare his own office that will handle all of our property work and the upkeep on all homes and apartments we may buy or rent to house incoming people to York to work.

Steve Gitz is completely free to come to York at his leisure and may elect to work for Ron or open a piano emporium in York for it has no such business anymore, and then to dedicate one of the concert grands to the Magisterial Mission as such.  We will pay for it when it is delivered Steve.  Ron is to receive it until we may need it for our own provisions.  In other words, Steve, you sit pondering what is to be done by you when you get there and you have been told what is for your hands to do but constantly forget.  Meanwhile, learn that your work is menial as all workers to begin do menial work.  You are to help Ron run the distribution channel for the new revelation and to put signs up along the way that a Symposium is coming to town with a full world court to listen to what it has to say to the world in about  a year from now.  I hear Ron calculate that and he suspects it is best left off until May of next year (2019) or October of 2018  as much depends on good weather and keeping its event out of snow and ice that York gets in the cold weather months.

Sue Whiley remains in Australia until there is a good reason to move her out of there to York; however, Sue Whiley will be asked to open an office in Australia under our guidance and sit her fanny there instead of working at the hospital and she will explain and distribute the new revelation and reasons why Australia will be honored with a full blown Mission of its own to be revealed in another month or so to you Sue.  You are no longer well done working at the hospital and the heat of the past summer has damaged your heart somewhat and all that has to be fixed better so you are prepared to take on these responsibilities.

Lemuel, you will remain in Spain until you can take it no longer and you let Ron know when you are well enough to travel and do the actual work of transmitting on a dialy basis for radio distribtuion of your audio tapes as you did them recently.

Amethyst, you are not well enough at times to take anything on immediately, but when you are-- and we will see to it--  the trial will be for you to write prose concerning the Urantia Book and its loss and why it has been replaced with a new revelation.  Ron has plenty of good news for your there as he knows the subject so well he can dictate much of what you want to write if that is why you need to start.  It will include the early history of the book not included in any print so far and the old Urantia Foundation still thinks it had a miraculous birth which it did not.  In other words my dear, you write a book for us as a historian about the coming of epochal revelation to Urantia as it was then called.


“I gave Ron a dream this morning that was, as he fully agrees with me, disgusting.  His once pet cat defecated on the floor in a huge pile before him.  Ron naturally asked what in the world was THAT to tell me?  The answer really is that Ron no longer has a pet to love or a person or another in a form and that is for a good reason.  I have a good reason for showing Ron that as his Whiskers, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, decided he did not like what Ron did, marched over to his bedroom and fully emptied his bowels on his Persian rug, Never mind what happened next.  But Ron is sorely tempted never to have a pet come between him and hygiene again and for good reasons.  His house is to be a reception house for those interested in the Magisterial Mission and Mantutia will do the talking I am sure and that is that.  However, Ron needs to fix the place up and will receive a tidy sum to start work on it immediately so long as Mantutia can get in his material jammies to deliver the check.  The dream was to clarify that he should not have a pet or a room full of valuables to be ruined by such, but that the entire matter is settled.  Ron is fully morontialized today and is full of aches and pains still but the worst of the pain left him this morning for good– we think . . .   In any case, the trial door is closing on him and for the benefit of the other four fused individuals, the papers have also been signed by Michael and seconded by the Father of All, to allow Ron and the other four fused ones to skip sleep often as they are fully appearing before the Court of the Ancients of Days to receive their degrees of completion of human betrothal have been successfully completed and that mansion world work is totally unnecessary.   However, one such Degree of Completion is amended at Ron’s request that he be allowed mansion world experience in order to feel he has fully shared in the ascension career every step.  To all other four of you, you may also amend your Decree of Completion at any time if you feel as Ron does and wish to complete your ascension career with the mansion worlds part of it.

“I second the charge that Ron receive a pet Maine Coon cat again as a pair of them as they love having each other around as they are among the most sociable of cats on the planet.  They are expensive to raise and to train as great mousers and Ron has plenty of chipmunks around now that Whiskers went to heaven.  In any case the cat of dreams is to have Ron gain a useful relationship to help manage the house and the placement of so many dreams smashed by owners over the nearly two hundred years that house has existed.

“You who will arrive in York will eat there often as he will have a cook and a maid to help serve the cuisine and Ron has gotten to love scallops so much he cannot live without them so be prepared for sumptuous seafood too.

“Finally, Take a moment to pray for your own souls too.  This endeavor has no sure ending and a very difficult beginning as you all know.  We move heaven and earth now and your Ron is fully capable of delivering what we want if he does not get so moved off base with fame and luck as they call Irishmen who do the right thing at the right time at the end of a spirit rainbow.   Good day.  Mother Spirit.”

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