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Things are a bit screwy again.  You tell me what  this means and we both will know:

At 4 am this morning the Chief of Adjusters in Nebadon, woke me up and in a tense voice, reminded me who was boss and that the chain of command was for anyone who worked on behalf of the most important Mission to come to Urantia in 500 years.  That is the history stated to me in Sananda's speech to me.
At 4am this morning I was lying face up on my bed and all my blankets during the night had been thrown to the absolute bottom of the bed.  I wondered why I felt a tad chilly.  Sananda now reminded me  that he was the PERSONALIZED ADJUSTER and was in charge of all Adjusters on Urantia in particular, and was Chief of Adjusters on all inhabited planets in Nebadon, and perhaps in the Federation.

HE asked me  to assign to him that I fully understood who was boss for the coming Missions, and I signed variously to Him what I knew then to be the hierarchy of authority.  I admitted I was unclear as to the Urantia Planetary Government's assignments to the various chiefs but felt sure I knew the personnel if I did not know the final titles to be used.

Finally this:  SANANDA then drilled into me that:

a.  Brand New Dispensation to be declared Memorial Day, New York time zone (now using  that awful daylights savings time device) at SEVEN PM.  That is 11PM in Great Britain and 10PM ZULU or GMT zone.  Thank EDST for screwing up  these conversions.  You who live outside of the United States are much better at this than I am.   Lemuel, Spain where you live is probably midnight your time tomorrow night.  Let yourself know okay 8) 8)

b.  The new DISPENSATION is Dispensation Seven (7)

What is the point I thought later.  Michael explains the 7th is to be the final dispensation ever to be announced for Urantia.  No more dispensations are to be called until Urantia is settled in  Light and Life.  They made it number seven because the last dispensation on any inhabited planet is seven and this made it quire regular since when Light and Life is declared in another five hundred to one thousand years on Urantia, the 7th epochal dispensation is correctly stated and it contains all the instructions necessary  to allow Urantia to prosper under it new orders to clear the Fifth Epochal Revelation off the map, and to supplant the fifth epochal revelation with the sixth epochal revelation.  In about five hundred to six hundred years from now, the seventh epochal revelation will be produced on Urantia with the new Contact Commission to do so, already in place.  Right now you know who is on that Contact Commission which is now an official organ of the Second Advent of Jesus.

c.  The 7th Epochal Dispensation is declared to override all work of the sixth epochal dispensation starting Monday evening at 7PM New York time zone.  This well end the problematic fifth epoch dispensational problems already sorted through and completely reworked in the sixth epochal revelation.  Ron Besser is to distribute the text books starting the week of June 5th unless otherwise restricted by decrees of the Ancients of Days as late as the 25th of May in a message not released to this site upon the request of Michael of Nebadon.

"As Michael of Nebadon, Ron has asked permission to post this much, which I have given, and lament nothing else to be released at this time as we can seriously object to this one if he had not asked permission to tell you this much.  He feels it is in preparation for events shortly that will drive you all indoors over issues he cannot define openly at this time.  You have a day or so to discuss this and it is over for the discussion for quite some  time, as Ron is now under the restrictions of the Master Chief Adjuster of the Federation, and not just of Nebadon.  Thank you, Michael of Nebadon."

UNIVERSAL FATHER SPEAKS; "I see Ron fully recognizes the change to a Federation, and that is super extraordinary because it also means that the Federation of Nebadon into the place now called EXELON, the super Federation of a total of five Local Universes surrounding Nebadon, is now evident even in high Councils, including the Council of Eventual Disputes which Ron knows as the Council of Equilibrium.

"Henceforth, Exelon is nominally a Super Local Universe,, and it is now located in the western continuum of the fast star belt known as Orion.  Nebadon and Urantia no longer rotate around Sagittarius,  New star students view the change as to be so beneficial they are concerned they are no longer needed to compute t he danger signals of tectonic pole shifts on  Urantia in particular.

"This now precludes the reason for announcing these mysterious changes as Ron is convinced it means a change in the outreach of plans for Jesus, and is looking forward to such being declared when Jesus is ready to start the work in earnest.  Hallelujah! says Ron and says Father and says Michael and all in Nebadon, who have worked through a monster of a sea change for Nebadon and all those federated with it.  I say this to Ron in particular:

"You insist on making what news is permissible to this group who cares less and less what is said here. But you do care more and more and insist they listen or pull up stakes and go elsewhere to get the news less well done and fastidiously poorly written and spoken by so called channels and their ilk--  some of which make a pretty penny of it too.  THEREFORE:

"WE are cleansing the idea of Channel off of Urantia altogether!

"Now, one is required to use transmission as taught here or not at all and it will required month and months of re-tuning of minds to do that.  Besides what of it?  Most of you could do it easily but you are bored with the idea before it starts and that is to your everlasting concerns for the mansion world experience for all who now enter the first six mansion worlds are required to learn its technique and be done with channel forever.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We close this surprise announcement so you can learn in a couple of days what else is brewing.  It is a lot and some will be glad and some will be sad.  But watch this place for more to come.  Michael of Nebadon. K"



The Contact Commission met this evening for about 1 hr and 15 minutes by conference call.  Mots of what is not on the tape which is 12 minutes plus long, was about the Ancients of Days and that they have revitalized the Missions to appear on Urantia more or less as planned before, and that the Contact Commission will have to pick up some the slack to get things done shortly.
Here then is the audio tape itself for your information and edification.  Thank you from the Contact Commissioners themselves/




Meeting Contact Commission decisions
Trinity Actions to Curtail Urantia Contact Commission shortly for a small period
The End to Ultimacy Plans to Use Urantia as a Staging Area to Outer Space Areas
York, Pa 2330 Local Time
May 09, 2019

“I am Michael and my announcement this day is to allow a few elements of surprise come your way.

1 - The trial Ron must go through now is to allow us to reverse his blood polarity and to stop the burning and soreness of muscles which consider it an insult to try to obtain to a blood stream full of nutrients but they cannot feed from it.  That is the pain he suffers mostly.  He also has a little arthritis but that is taken too as he is fairly clean on his surfaces in the ball and groove sockets. 

2 = This evening the Contact Commission met a little late due to Ron forgetting it was Thursday.  It went off half and hour later and several actions were delivered to the Contact Commission by Gabriel of Salvington and Myself, Jesus, and Michael of Nebadon.  We summarize them next as an itemized number here.

3 - A Contact Commission meeting is to be held in York on June 5th and last through June 9th.  That date is Ron;s birthday and he is to get a treat from the Contact Commission by just being there.  He is to be entrusted with enough money to buy one of the Continental Square buildings in York and to furnish the headquarters for the Magisterial Mission there through the Magisterial Foundation at 1 South George Street at our time of arrival in York.

4 - We attended a conference on Uversa about Ron and they decided to relent and obtain a liaison between Ron on Urantia and the rest of the headquarter personnel.  Ron will be advised on how to handle this as soon as possible.

5 - Larry Gossett will be our ambassador and worker to make sure all are welcomed to York for housing and means of getting around until they can do this on their own..  We welcome Larry now as personnel ambassador and he is permanently now removed from the Contact Commission so he can attend to these new duties.

6 - We need two more people for the Contact Commission and we are going to assign those people ourselves.  Most of you live too far away to obtain your services if you are qualified as well.

7 - We are sure there is other news but it remains confidential for now due to the fact that the three existing Commissioners have their work cut out for them as we move into this area of confirming our issues for York and getting ourselves ready to spring physically into that location with a huge apparatus on our own.  Thank you.

“This is Michael.  Good day.”

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son and Son of the Trinity of Record on Urantia to Obtain Light and Life for this Planet ASAP.  

“I am Margul and thank you Ron for this easy to work with set up.  You seem to take my cues without a voice and how do you do that? [I have not a clue but I am aware of a wordless back channel at times.] You are correct and that is when we speak to the brain stem itself.  Yes, we direct our energy to that spot and you know.  Besides you have been writing  10 and 12 hours a day about the brain stem for this book you are trying to get re=edited for the 8th time now.  It drives you crazy and us too as it eats up huge amounts of time. 

“We are assuming Ron you are rock tired and you are ready for a rest soon.  That will be given to all of you sooner than you know, as the Trinity will lock down Urantia in a few days or so and ask that all who have a place to stay, that you stay there, as we are unleashing a broadcast over all circuitry to stop this madness on Urantia and end the Constitutional crisis Trump is formulating so he can do as he pleases.  This a word of warning: do not get involved in political debates with anyone, and Ron did a no no by posting that things about Jesus, but we agreed he needed to to warn all that Trump is a viscous advocate of dictatorship and must be stopped before he learns the hard way not to fool with a Constitutional process he seems hell bent upon using to shame the House of Representatives into submission.  Now he has dragged the Attorney General into the fray and they both go down into defeat if things fail to materialize for them as they expect.

“The Paradise Trinity is also going to curtail the actions of the Contact Commission for a few days too, and that is in order to prepare them to act more forthrightly on our behalf.  They are to receive the physical supply of new Urantia Book shortly and mail them out to the list prepare now nearly two years ago for those of you who signed up.  It will be sent out by US Priority mail to your addresses.  Good day.  I am Margul and thank all of you for staying the course so far. K”

“Ron is ready for a deep reset and needs it badly and will get something like it in the coming two weeks.  His health is precarious and so is his temper which swings into action when the God the Ultimate sends representatives to tease him into reaction.  The problem is they tease him by removing files and programs from his computer and even objects from the household.  It drives him into utter distraction.  That has ended this evening and he is most grateful I am sure.  However this to all of you who cannot fathom what this all about:

“Ron has been selected to work with God the Ultimate in the future with Michael of Nebadon.  In fact, the entire Contact Commission intends to do that and we are glad you asked the question Ron but unanswerable now.  Be assured that others you speak of are not available yet and may never be, Meanwhile understand that the Ultimate has banned those Seraphim from being near you now that he understands their techniques are counter to production for Michael and that they are remiss only in that they are assigned to Lucifer no longer but to us on Salvington and that ends that forever.  They had no idea the Lucifer Rebellion had been adjudicated and they no longer had a place with that one at all.  Besides you all know that but they were sequestered on a prison world and had no news until now.   In any case Ron, God the Ultimate has shelved plans to use Urantia as a base for the outer space areas as of today and that should make you happy as the pain will not subside.  Nobody will ever understand it including you.  Thank you all.  Mother Spirit. K”


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We have a couple of new web site developments from outside of the United States to post their URL's (the web address) here.  We announce this in order to prepare readers for these new and helpful developments.  If you are putting up a web site.  Announce it here and the URL you are using and let us all know your work for the benefit of the Magisterial Son and their Missions.

Thank you
Ron Besser

Larry Gossett moved from Commissioner to our Security apparatus as an affiliate of Department Z and good will ambassador to help settle new people to York and other concerns in the future.  The Contact Commissioners voted today for that change at Larry;s request and we are happy to accommodate him in a very helpful position for the work.  Thank you.    Ron Besser.Chmn Contact Commission


The Sanctification of Donald Trump and Its Political Trauma for The Second Return
York, Pa
May 2, 2019


Larry Gossett brought to my attention this story from Politico today. It is propaganda that is exceedingly dangerous to any nation to hear that their President was sent by God to straighten us out. That is what Trump’s campaign manager is telling the congregation of voters today. Trump also happens to believe that if he does hot win the 2020 election that the electorate is voting against God’s will to have him around for a second term.

Here is an excerpt of the articel in Politico today to get the sense of duty Trump instills in his supporters, and, as though he means it, stands back and lets the applause roar over his head as vindication he stands against the evil of Clinton and that the American people sureyly will come to their senses when Pelosi has to step down as Speaker of the House– his only true ad powerful detractor in the present government of the Untied States.

Read a litt of this excerpt and then I have something to say to you about the Politics of Jesus on Urantia. There is one hell of a dilemma shaping up and you ought to hear it at least from the perspective of a Contact Commissioner with the Second Retrun Bestowal Commission already conformed to dealing with a rebellious America.

ARTICLE excerpt
 The sanctification of Donald Trump
Only God could deliver such a savior to our nation,’ campaign manager Brad Parscale says, echoing recent comments from other top aides.
From Politico.Com
For his closest advisers, President Donald Trump is a godsend — literally.
Trump’s campaign manager says the president was sent by God to save the country. The White House press secretary thinks God wanted Trump to be president. And the secretary of State believes it’s possible that Trump is on a holy mission to protect the Jewish people from the threat of Iran.
Forget the allegations of extramarital affairs, the nonstop Twitter insults and the efforts to close the southern border to migrants. Trump’s allies insist that his presidency is divinely inspired.
“There has never been and probably never will be a movement like this again,” Brad Parscale, the president’s campaign manager, wrote Tuesday morning on Twitter. “Only God could deliver such a savior to our nation, and only God could allow me to help. God bless America!”
Parscale’s tweet, the latest example of a Trump adviser casting the president as a savior, comes as the White House is preparing to host religious leaders on Wednesday and Thursday for the National Day of Prayer, an annual event in which people of all faiths are encouraged to pray for the nation.
The president, who doesn’t regularly attend church services, has emerged as an unlikely ally of the evangelical right, building close relationships with influential conservative religious figures. The White House screened an anti-abortion movie earlier this month, part of a broader strategy to energize evangelical voters ahead of the 2020 elections by amplifying false claims about late-term abortions.
POLITICO Playbook newsletter


I am a Contact Commissioner. My work is assigned by the Bestowal Commission as a port wherein spirit may make contact with humans who khow how to handle the difficulties of assigning the second return of Jesus to a peaceful endeavor without civil unrest occurring. I take my job seriously and have helped Larry Gossett and others write a Security Manual we call an SOP, to lay out what we have to do and how to do it to surround the incarnated Joshua ben Joseph with the safety shield of human bodies to deflect an assassins bullet or bomb.

A Contact Commissioner is the closes thing anybody will get to if the divine has any choice with whom to speak or tell planning matters to at all. Donald Trump is first a politician and second a messianic crap shooter who wishes to associate himself with the divine issue of planning for the American hegemony around the world as supported by God, so he thinks and so do his supporters. It is typical propaganda one will find in the power keeping of Dictators and rebels who want to win at all costs.

It is my understanding that Trump will consider a defeat at the polls in 2020 as an intrusion of evil against the divine support he has for a Presidency he asserts is bitter medicine to swallow and that is because we have become too sissified to understand that the military is to be used as the essential Department of State. This President feels he is one chosen by God to go about the national interests of the United States as he should insist they be done. I find that dangerous and the idea of a messianic Trump disgusting. However, if this ever gets into the mainstream of the politics in the election of 2020, watch out!

Let us look at the divine plans for the prophetic Second Return of Joshua ben Joseph, or as the Greek translation translates that name entirely as Jesus. I am told he prefers Joshua ben Joseph in loving memory of his father in the human life led in Nazareth. Israel. Joshua has now the problem of avoiding becoming a rational for a continued Trump Presidency by people this propaganda goes to as a right Return to show inadvertent support for him becoming President again.  Trump and his supporters have no problem facing God with the idea they are righteous and all who voted against them are the treachery of the antichrist, who Jesus is is hear to support Trump and slew the antichrist.  Watch out for that stuff!  Drink its poison and no right mind lives on.

The Jesus cause is simple: “I made a pledge to return when the time is ripe!” So he says I am sure. But the real danger now is that if the millennium of planning since he left our world dying on the cross, he runs smack into an American development that plays into the hands of his Re-election Manger that Jesus voted for Trump.  How oddly strange that Christianity is being digitized into the messiah complex Trump holds of his own worthiness, and warps the Second Return into his advantage as Herod of the Republican Trinity of the Senate, Trump, and Jesus Himself.

Folks on this list have made it miserable to use this list because we cannot seem to meet promised schedules. But look at what Joshua is facing as he is damned by anti Trump rebels and falsely accused of Jesus supporting Trump and his virtueless policies of American power wrongly applied these days, because he appears just as Trump is ready for re-election.

As a Contact Commissioner I see numerous reports come in that another delay is forecast for planning of the Second Return with the associated divine missions that goes with it. The Second Return is to establish a divine non-theocratic government structure over the likes of a world full of nation states that have no clue how to cooperate, nor are they truly absolved of the debt they keep accumulating to stay in power with one’s neighbors. I put aside these reports and wonder how we tell followers here who read the politics of a divine Mission developing, and not tell them what is interfering so badly with any plan to do anything here, is to be for the disunity of an administration that will stop at nothing to have Trump remain beyond 2020.

As however the case may be, we are now staring at a 2020 muddle of an election in the United States where the Democrats are running about 20 candidates for President already, and the Trump White House declaring them infidels against their man who is divinely cuddled for his excellent meanness to nations and people.

The Democrats are mistaking volume for success when in fact the Democrats appear as bad at figuring out that the means to stop Trump getting a self proclaimed halo is to stall for time and wait for Trump to impale himself on scandal he cannot avoid. Meanwhile the front runner for Democrats. Joe Bidden, is losing his battle to stay on with all of us because like Victoria of old of England, he cannot stop mourning, in his case, the death of his son. If President he will have to mourn the death of many sons, and daughters too, but it must be as a Statesman, and not as a President’s folly of misfortune he embraces now.

However the case may be decided, I pray with Larry Gossett and millions of others too, that this thing with so many hydra headed mules and elephants in the politics of our government about to be  overrun with with the amorphus mass of campaigns  from wannabe Presidents.  How can anyone think in this din?  But think we must  We sincerely believe this is a plea to call for the education of the American electorate to disabuse ruinous ambition for the qualities of statesman ship however humble it comes to them to elect.  Thank you.

General Discussion / The Coming of God on Urantia Soil
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The Coming of God on Urantia Soil
•        Michael of Nebadon
•        Jesus
•        John Zebedee

•        Jesus and Security and Department Z
•        Jesus’s Intentions on Coming Speeches to Inform

York PA
April 27, 2019 3PM local time

“The truth of the matter is we are now facing the last year of decision we have to make regarding just how Urantia will be treated for the next millennium at least. How the world receives the Second Bestowal of Jesus and the Eighth Bestowal of Michael, will determine out attitude as to what has to be done to you and your civilization(s) to come.

“In this regard Ron has been through hell and back and so have some of you over the issue of Jesus. Jesus carries nothing much but a dime or two of thought for what happens in his introduction to Urantia shortly. But he cares mightily that he has support and he looks to A Contact Commission, one that was originally scheduled for the production of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, is now re-established as a second Contact Commission for the production of the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) and the further work of the protection of Jesus should he emerge as an incarnated entity for the second time on Urantia.

“I am now making a further statement concerning the work Ron has initiated on Urantia which surpasses all others in the ability to get us excited for what he proposes. He has single handedly insisted that when a Mission of this variability is offered to the planet of his nativity, that when humans are offered to participate, that they be allowed to be part of the ways we do the Mission on the planet. That is now fully accepted high and low and it is an experiment all of the Grand Universe will watch. What a shame petty minds on Urantia find it so unworthy to join in with and for its initiation.

“This plan suggest by Ron twelve years ago, met flak from Paradise and from Uversa and from the Constellation Fathers in Nebadon. It also was questioned inside the Federation that Nebadon now belongs to. Those who read these announcements and excerpts for or from the Urantia Foundation, must understand that you read with a willow-eye to events by ducking out of responsible revisions to the thinking in the Urantia Foundation, which is so woefully behind the times, it is as though it is operating once again in the 1970's, the heyday of its existence as unquestioned authority on issues of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

“For that reason I include a passage dictated to Ron this morning and please listen carefully as he is not prone to repeating this for the Urantia Foundation in Chicago at all. It reads:


     “I am John Zebedee, and I recommend you establish a Department Z in your Security SOP developed by Larry Gossett and others for the protection of Jesus when he finally is visible and holds rallies and other meetings before the public soon enough. Be assured this takes coordination and trials that are unforeseen by the United States governments or world governments at all. Ron ordered members of the Contact Commission to prepare a syllabus to write out how security will be afforded to Jesus, and then Larry Gossett and his friend Mark G., put one together in mighty fine style which Ron reviewed yesterday as Draft 6 of the work. That SOP runs about forty pages now and must be prepared for internal publication of the Contact Commission, and Larry, is ready to do that when Ron says to put it together and have it bound and published to the Commissioners. However:

    “I as John Zebedee see that you Ron insist that Gossett establish a Department Z on my behalf and to arrange security arrangements in house to make sure you have Jesus covered against surprise and personal attacks in his ministry. To do that Department Z, must have our approval and the approval of the Court of the Ancients of Days, and they have looked at your warning to Larry Gossett as both prudent and essential to be done for Jesus before he ever sets foot on American soul to preach the Kingdom Works again.

    “Therefore, we remind you Ron, and all who will be asked to join Department Z for as long as it must last and must be extended to the incarnated Magisterial Sons as wel for travel in the United States, and Canada. Department Z must wait for approvals from the Most Highs and you readily agree they are probably the most immediate spirit agency to take a hand in security? [Yes, as they are the local universe security concerns vested in them and I would expect they have much to say from their perspective as we do for our Department Z perspective.]

   “ In any case, the truth is that Department Z is in honor of John Zebedee and you give him full credit for helping with this when he wishes to do so. [Ron here- it is my view that John Zebedee is a great unsung hero to protect the life of Jesus on his time in the first century AD over murderous political conditions and planning by the enemies of Jesus to either kill him or maim him so he could not teach and minister to the world a that time. To me he represents the highest ideal of service and he must and should be honored by all who continue to serve in this way of providing security to our Bestowal Son. The Gospels do not mention John Zebedee as the Apostles and those who followed the Apostles, never really knew what was happening behind the scenes and that an intelligence service of thirty to fifty human beings directed by John Zebedee, was standing behind the back of Jesus with full protection for Him in best possible way as they ever could in those days of blackmail and murder over very little things at that. It is our pride of service to include his name and his ideal of service in our service to God as Jesus this time too. Ron]


    “I am Jesus and thank you for this Ron. I never expect you to rise to these occasions as you do but you are mighty fortress and I plainly speak as you desire not attention when working as John did too as John desired absolute secrecy when he worked, and I received envoy after envoy from John telling me of ambushes and harems of women waiting to take me on sexually if they could get their hands on my robes. I kid you not about the entire matter of the Sanhedrin and the ways of Jesus was almost a skit done on the Roadrunner and Wily the Coyote. I laugh with Ron on this and he spoke to the air around him that the harem idea was a wicked way to use reflectivity in place of a blackmailing camera to watch them devour the Creator Son in the flesh.

    “And this for you Ron: your detractor is well known to you and hates your guts for asking impertinent questions she thinks but is against ever asking anyone about inner thoughts which you do all the time to save the day for all. People think there is nothing in this world anyone needs to know about except sexual drives and I intend to block that forever with preachment's you already know Ron and favor for release but people are so shocked when you deliver it they fail to do anything about it. In any case I Jesus warn others to be on your best behavior, for any sound that suggest collision with the truth will be harried out of existence on the spot and it will be most unpleasant. We expect sedition in our name. They will be dismissed and prominently so. We expect suicides and collisions among the hearts of some churches to throw caution to the wind and they will be reprimanded on the spot for doing so. I warn all others this is not a fund return but one in which I demand all to behave and get their shoulder to the wheel of the Father’s business on Urantia.

    “Further more, Ron is being asked to sign a pledge with his life on the line and he has agreed to do so that he will not spare his life to save Jesus from an assassin and he knows very well what that could be. The Moslem faith will be educated with more revelation concerning Allah, which is but another name for the western philosophy of God and for God we all stand regardless of his name. Good day.”

“I am now prepared to speak this to all of you who favor everything for themselves but are over-particular about the messenger. We hear nothing in the choir loft to tell any of you that the House of God is ready to spring forth in government and in the churches too, but you are already warned for years it is to appear. Now we are to deal with Department Z, and we must move on it at once. The Contact Commission is one of the movers and shakers of history on Urantia more than you will ever believe for it is commanded by one called Ron who does not miss a trick anyone pulls on him thinking they are free of identification. For this reason, one little man can see these things when supported by the Father himself on Matters of State before the Father Himself. We close with this:

“We see the time has come for you Ron to be about your business today and that is under the usual problems you constantly face. That proof set you ordered from the Treasury is the last year the American eagle shows on coins. We will ask the Treasury of the United States to replace the war eagle with our eagle as it tenderly hugs Urantia under its wings. It is likely the first time we ever did something like this to reestablish One Nation under God to be backed by God in a Covenant of trust once more through its political institutions, once and again as it was done for Israel one day in the far past. Be aware Ron you did most of this with General Eisenhower’s in counsel years ago as you also covet for his return as President if he could, but sadly that is never allowed for Reasons of State. He has someone in mind for that position you know about and so on. Thank you Ron, for providing an outlet for these kinds of talks and announcements. I am Michael of Nebadon. Good day.”


General Discussion / CONTACT MISSION MTG ON 25APRIL2019 TAPE 1
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I have placed two tape recordings up of the Teleconference meeting held this evening, Thursday, 25 April 2019. at 830PM New York Time zone.
Tape 1 deals with a Michael transmission at the opening of the meeting where Michael discusses work of the Missions shortly to come to Urantia and actually operating out of view or secret for now.  I will post tape 2 in the window below this as well.

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All of this is from my joy as Admin.

North Idaho Teaching Mission
Group Topics:
Your Resurrection,
March 31, 2002
* Michael (Mark TR): Greetings, fellow ambassadors. I am honored that on this day you reflect on the events of the past and you recognize the significance of my resurrection. The implications of rising above the material plane of existence and continuing onto the spiritual plane is the material message that all who witnessed this event took away with them. To a creature of mortal stature such as yourselves this in itself is an awe inspiring feat. But I relate to you now, as I attempted to relate to those in that time, that this is merely the outworking of divine pattern, that this plan of resurrection is a part of the natural progression of the developing mortal of the realm. Today I call to witness your attitudes and your participation with me in this mission for our world symbolize another form of rising up through the limitations of the material into the unlimited realm of spirit.

In each one of you here I have witnessed this resurrection of yours, this rising up to meet the challenge and to cross over into the spirit realm as an act of love and devotion on your parts. In some ways your rising up, your resurrection, is profoundly impressive in that you have sought this accomplishment and have gained this position as a direct result of your willingness and your allocation of your resources to that end. My resurrection was, in a sense, a normal course of activity, while your achievements in this realm are spectacular in their grandeur because they bloom from the very dust of this world and show all the universe that magnificent flowers may root in dirty and incomplete surroundings. Still, the flower as it blooms shows the magnificence of the ultimate outworking of the Father's plan. Each one of you in this circle is a flower to me and to the universe at large to be witnessed in its grandeur and its glory. While your feet, your roots, are mired in the muck of your existence, each one of you has made the very most of your environment and is bound and determined to shine brightly out, as the glorious petals of the flower spread themselves to the Father's rays.

In this way I honor you on this day, as I know you honor and respect my example to your world and even to you. I honor your examples to your brothers and sisters on your world, a world often clouded and murky. That the brilliance and beauty still manifest in this environment is truly a tribute to the Father. I recognize each one of you for this gift, and I thank you each individually for all that you have done to bring me to this place at this time that I may sniff the fragrance and behold the sweetness that you are. Truly this is beautiful. This pleases the Father; this pleases me. The universe registers when great beauty is to behold anywhere; it is a matter of record, and you each are a matter of record, not simply and only this day but each day that you struggle to be an ambassador for me, an ambassador for the Father. Each day that you make this attempt you register in the records of this universe beauty and truth and goodness.

I welcome you to enjoy all the beauty in your world, the flowers that bloom, the fragrances to behold, the pleasing melodies to hear, the soothing tones of babbling water. These are all our gifts along the way. Though our destinies are indeed grand, we must behold the beauty as we walk through even these valleys. We are in no hurry to rendezvous on Paradise, rather we should enjoy the many fruits, smells, tastes, and sounds along the way. With your awareness of the Father's plan in store for you these become even sweeter. My beautiful ones, I hold you each one in my hands and I surround you with my peace and my grace. My love is always with you. Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. Happy Easter. I am inspired to address your discussion of absolute truth and relative truth, for I am always inclined to compose statements that clarify my thinking and am ever desirous of sharing these thoughts, for it is my goal to guide my brothers and sisters in a deeper understanding of the way the universe is run and the great personality that is God who operates this universe.

Truth is expressive of the absolute; it is the revelation of the absolute as it is reflected upon the relative realms you are becoming familiar with in this life of yours. It is difficult to draw up a philosophy regarding the absolute, for every description itself causes relativity. The terms are contrasted by other terms. Truth simply is, and your understanding and descriptions create its relativity. The absolute cannot be spoken of. Therefore, it would be best to redefine truth not as absolute or as relative but rather as relevant. Are you this day capable of comprehending the truth revelation of the absolute at your stage of spiritual development? What truth have you discovered? What more truth lies in store for you to awaken to?

To reach what you would call Absolute Truth you would need to experience all of reality and more so. You would need to transcend what is described as reality in this time/space realm. Upon that attainment "truth" as a word becomes meaningless. Truth is then a direct experience. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful network of revelation woven throughout space by the Creator, each thread attempting to reveal principles, elements, dimensions, of the First Source and Center. You are climbing this network as you grow in your comprehension of the divine. Truth is everywhere present at any time where you are now climbing this network. Truth that is nearby is the cord you need to grab to make your climb to Paradise, the relative truth. It can be said that, "Oh, that was true for me before, but it is no longer true." May I say, this is not true. It is still true for the level of maturity of a spiritual being, whoever they are, at that point of ascension. You cannot climb a ladder and take out every rung below you and expect to reach your heights. They must remain in place. Truth is true even as you pass by and move on. That is the absolute quality of truth.

Our beloved sovereign Michael said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Truth is sandwiched between two very dynamic words: "life" and "the way", both implying direction, motion, something that takes place as action. Truth seems static. Not so. It is in living; it is in pursuing your path that you discover truth every step of the way, ever renewing itself, ever making new relevancy.

You have a creature on your world, the abalone. Its shell is regarded as beautiful, for it seems to shift in its coloration as it is turned, as it is gazed upon at different angles. This is the revelation of truth, ever shifting to become perceptible to the seeker. It is folly to assess correctness or incorrectness of an assertion of truth by any other. The correctness is dependent upon the relevancy to the seeker at the time they hold it as true until they establish a higher perspective. That does not negate the truth but incorporates it into a broader comprehension. God is absolute. Not one of us can comprehend that fact. Michael, our son of mercy, comes to us as the truth, a revelation to personality of the presence of God. For many truth is a pursuit of philosophy. For Michael truth is a demonstration of being. You can develop a philosophy wherein you weed out error and you plant truth, and this in the realm of mind is a noble task. But to discover spiritual truth you must become that very truth. It should add deeper meaning to Jesus' words, "follow me".

My friends, I give you my love. I am overjoyed at your enthusiasm in belonging to this group within the larger mission of Michael, for your acceptance of my teaching, for your willingness to apply your understanding to your life. You may miscomprehend, get things wrong, but your application is truth in revelation. It is impossible for truth to just be sitting on a shelf in a book; that is not truth. That may be meaning; it may have value, but truth is the incorporation of meaning and value into a living, outworking dynamic. That is the way; that is the life; that is how truth is come to be known.

Mark: You may not be seen but you are felt. You are appreciated by all of us. Thank you, one and all.

* Elyon: Your comments are received, and I am passing them around.

Harold: I have a question that may be divisive, but if there were a method to test the clarity of a teacher communication, would that be an inappropriate request?

* Elyon: Your request is acknowledged. There is difficulty in providing clarification, substantiation, due to the imperfection of the medium through which we make contact. I must caution that the methods can abort conveying accuracy to you. But we are always willing to help, to make an effort to bring to you as clearly as possible confirmation. It is my hope that your inquiry and your search for validation, for verification, are sincere and honest and, as you have alluded, not intended to be divisive or trickery, for the soul that is spoken to that benefits the most is the one who is honest and seeks with a trust, though not a trust that is foolish. That being said, do you have a comment?

Harold: There are those who I know who doubt the Teaching Mission transmissions because they see nothing they consider beyond the realm of possible subconscious thought. I think there could be a question put forth whose answer is readily available to a teacher that could validate all the Teaching Mission transmitters. One that comes to mind is when Jesus, confronted with the woman caught in adultery, wrote in the sand a message to the three different groups. What he wrote was conspicuously left out. Perhaps that could be used as a verification technique, [that a number of TR's could transmit what that message was without having conferred amongst each other beforehand.]

* Elyon: Do you mean the revelation of what that content of the writing was?

(Yes) I must indicate that even the midwayers themselves did not reveal that information. This communication by Jesus to those on hand was for them. It serves no purpose to provide the content. Besides, I doubt you could understand Aramaic.

I would speak though that Jesus in another episode asked his followers, "Who do you think I am?". Each one gave his response. They even gave responses of others who were not present as to who they thought he was. Did Michael ever in his incarnation up to that point spend time proving who he was and then requiring their belief, their salute to his being the Son of God? No. He allowed them to discover it in their own faith experience. Then when they declared it to be so he said, "This is true. I am who you speak of." We in this mission come to you with this same principle. Signs and wonders, miracles, displays of power do not win the hearts. When you experience in yourself validity, then we can tell you it is true.

We come as teachers trained to be of spiritual upliftment. Our mission is not to prove; our mission is to improve. Therefore many who do not relish that form of trust may not seek our services. They are not condemned or faulted for such. Our approach to you is only if you are willing to receive. The Father has made provision in many ways to reach His children, and I, Elyon, may not be one of those provisions.

It is the divine decree that we do not meddle in the affairs of this world. Though there are many conferences where we gather in which we wish to fix this world, that would be disastrous. You who have studied the revelation have seen what has happened when such efforts were made and failed.

I hope I have not been disappointing. It is a precarious line to walk. I have received over the years from every one of you expressions of your love, and I am quite relieved that no one of you has ever elevated me to a level that I would call of divine dignity, for that I am not.

Harold: I understand, you're right. It would serve no purpose.

* Elyon: I will retreat from this company, fine people that you are. Be back with you again.


NOVEMBER 4, 1997

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. I am always with great enthusiasm to meet with you each week. I am made to constantly rejoice at the thought of our friendship, and our lessons that will help to uphold our spiritual mission. I have made my best effort to meet you each during the week. I have endeavored to aid you in your understanding on allowing your total self to be without fear of the consequences. We have much to learn about being free from the walls of self-protection.

In our lessons on self-mastery I mean to help you become closer with your own internal living God. To hold back of your true self does keep Father at a distance. To move about freely without concern for rejection or ridicule has you relying more on the Father, and His watch-care. To loose sight of our Father is to create a cycle that would create negative occurrences. Do you see to hold back for fear of rejection or ridicule makes you more prone to receive these unpleasantries? To cover over your true self for protection would block Father's guidance, and keep the wheel of fear turning. I mean to remove barriers that would keep you in this spinning wheel of fear.

By now you are grasping my meaning that 'he who saves himself loses sight of his Father,' yes. In the Master's self-forgetfulness there was a strong unbreakable connection between Him and His Father. As Jesus grew, and attained self-mastery, His bond with Father had strengthened to the point that His fellows rejection and ridicule did not have serious effects on Him. In the Master's self-forgetfulness, His bond with Father was strengthened to the point that everything not extending from Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, was a non-reality. These non-realities had no effect on the Master's performance to spread the good news.

Do you see how the Master was made to feel when He held within His very being the source of all love, how all else appeared to be merely circumstantial? The Master's human side did, yes, at times release emotion over the souls that would not give ear. Yes, I can say that in the Master's experience on this world there were some thing's that did effect His human side, but as you know, when the times were the most difficult He relied totally on His Father in Heaven. Through Jesus' experience was there lessons that brought Him to the spiritual fruit of self-forgetfulness.

This self-forgetfulness is now perhaps re-defined as a close and direct contact with the Indwelling Father. Can you see how your experience brings you to direct contact with your Father, how you can become constantly rejected by man only to turn Heavenward for the source of all that is True, Good and Beautiful? Can you see your direct contact can in itself shield you from these so-called rejections? In holding back the Father is somewhat blocked, and your level of care for what others think of you rises. I do not say to not feel compassion for your fellows, no. I say your fellows rejection and ridicule cannot shake your foundation of closeness with Father.

In days past you may have possibly felt that to do an honorable thing was more difficult, perhaps too much trouble. As your soul knowledge has expanded you find doing good things seems to be your only choice. It is much more simple to go upon the path of righteousness because of your growth. Just as self-forgetfulness seems to be out of reach now, I can assure you that just as the Master had attained it, so shall you. Self-forgetfulness is direct contact with your internal Father, total reliance upon His ability to care for you, trust that He is there in every moment--this, not as something extraordinary, no, but as something as a matter of fact, natural.

This week I would ask that you love more, live more, laugh more, and share more. Work on your closeness with Father, and understand how 'he who saves his life shall loose it, but he who loses his life for Father, shall be saved.' Have you questions?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have two questions. One briefly--would it be okay with you if I had a private meeting with you, and Rebecca did it in Nashville next week, cause I am going to Nashville? Would that be possible? I checked with her and Nina, and they both said it was okay with them. (Certainly. That is acceptable. Yes.) Okay, thank you. As always your lessons are just incredible. This one was a real hard one this week. Here is my question--in the following the guidance to share, and the not wanting to hold back, I can see how it would be real scary in fear of rejection to do a good, sweet, acceptable, pleasant thing--even still you know to say, hey, I love you to a stranger, to someone that you know. It is also really hard and scary to do one that is hard and scary that is just about your truth, and walking through that, and honoring that, and honoring the truth of another person. I had an experience of that this week. I just want to say that it has taken me to a place that I didn't think it would go there. I am very pleased. Do you have some guidance. It is not comfortable while you are doing it. Its really not comfortable! In the journaling and the dwelling with you and Father I felt like I was on the right track, but it didn't seem calm. It didn't feel peaceful, but it still felt like the right thing to do. Could you just help me on that? Why does it feel so hard?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Soul growth is at times painful and difficult. There are many times you must travel beyond the boundaries of comfort, just as the Master did. Jesus did go about doing what He believed to be Father's will, and attempted to retract from His own. When dealing with your fellows there must be time to make close contact with your internal Father to prepare for those things that do bring discomfort. You see, that close connection is a shield of protection from rejection and ridicule. With the source of all love that dwells within, why would any negative shots fired wound you? Do you see that a connection made with Father is to be self-forgetful? yet I say not to be passive, no. I mean to say, as you become set upon an unshakable foundation with Father, does the world not have its hurtful effects on you. This unshakable foundation enables you to act from a place of strength and action, not from a closed off or holding back position. Do you see how the stillness, and our journal time, is nutrition for the soul? Worry not on those circumstantial things, for they have made you to be small and teachable, yes. Worry not, Miriam, my daughter, you are hearing your internal Father's directions. Another question?

LaREEN: Abraham, I wanted to thank you for being with me all week, (?) carrying me. Thank you very, very much. I would like to introduce a good friend, Lucy.

ABRAHAM: You're welcome, my daughter. It is my supreme pleasure to aid you in these times. I would ask that you keep in communications with me throughout this week, Inara, my daughter. Greetings to you, Lucy. We would welcome any questions you might have this evening. Are there more questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, in what I have experience of fighting for survival--it has probably been my hardest struggle so far as to realize I can sit back and relax and not worry of 'making it' so much, and yet I realize with that, the Master having to stop and His apostles go fishing to 'make it' too. So how do we balance that, relieve our stress, and yet go fishing and get the bills paid? It has been a struggle for me. I think I am doing better, but its been a struggle.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am understanding that to work and provide is a natural part of your spiritual experience. Yes, it is on a small scale now, but I can assure you as you ascend your need to provide will continue, albeit not with material things. I can say that in working to provide for a family there is volumes of small spiritual lessons. There is in that also the experience with the brotherhood, there is personal ministry and counseling, there is problem solving, learning tolerance, and forgiveness, reaping the harvest of the seeds you have sown, and learning to find joy in all of this. I can say to you that in years to come this will not be so much a burden, and will be more for spiritual connections and personal ministry, yes. The day is coming where the mind-set towards work will change towards the side of joy. We each believe that to do what you are gifted at does bring a lightening of the burden, and more joy to the purpose of working. Is this at all helping?

CALVIN: Very, very much. It gives me tons of insight. Thanks for your good friendship. Its great to feel that personal bond between someone we can't see here.

ABRAHAM: I also thank you. You each do well, and it is my privilege to have this friendship with you. I will take one more question.

ROLAND: Abraham, thanks for taking one more. Some of my readings of this last week were a critique of the Teaching Mission. One of the things that seems to be consistent in the critiques--I think they are done fairly lovingly--is if we have this Indwelling Spirit within us, and that is our main purpose is to get into communication with the Indwelling Spirit\Thought Adjuster\God-Fragment, the necessity of the teacher in that process, I feel very aware of its value, but is there a way that we could explain that, that would perhaps have some maybe even logical process that others might be able to see more clearly? If you could help me with that? (ABRAHAM: In my understanding your question to be about sharing this teacher concept with others?) Yes, there may be questioning the teachers role. What they say is, "well look, if you have an Indwelling Spirit, what do you need a teacher for?" I can say that Amster is my spiritual guide, and I can tell them dozens of things that she has done to get me to paying more attention to the Father Fragment. I don't really have any kind of a logical explanation of what it is, or how God has organized this experience with mortals on evolving worlds. These teachers have come now to help us get to the Indwelling Spirit. I see that, and I understand it as an experiential truth, but I don't know that I have a very good way of explaining it.

ABRAHAM: It is plain to see in our Mission Statement that this is the Correcting Time. We are here for individuals and yet, our purpose is much larger. We have practically a whole new map of circuitry to learn and teach to the individual. We endeavor to unite individuals in helping Urantia to move further into Light and Life. Yes, we would never take the place of your Indwelling Father, and yet we are commissioned by Him to help the world. In your ministries you can confront the individual whom you are trying to explain this to. Do you not agree this world is spiritually bankrupt, and indeed in a great deal of distress? Can you not view the evening news and not feel a collective fear? Can you send your child out the door each day without concern for their safety. Yes, we are here to help on a collective level, to aid in the healing of all prejudices, to upgrade the regard for children, to assist in evolution, yes. We are at the command of Father. Yes, we are subject to personal orders from Father and Michael. You are understanding my meaning?

ROLAND: Yes I am. That is very helpful to think of it in those terms. Thank you. In the Urantia Book, the paper on the Creative Mother Spirit, it describes the influence of the Father Fragment, and the Son, and the Divine Minister, or Creative Mother Spirit, as it is in the local universe. Then it says that once a world in its evolutionary path gets to a certain place individuals are ready, other spiritual influences will arrive on the planet. I use that as a pre-mentioning of the teachers and the Teaching Mission. I think you are other spirit influences. Am I correct in that or should I discontinue teaching that as the gospel according to Roland? Laughter.

ABRAHAM: You are correct to a point, and what I would say also this Correcting Time is a special emergency ruling from Michael that was to aid the planet in upgrading spirituality to promote salvation, yes. I am slipping.

ROLAND: Well, were you all just sitting around the coffee shop up in Jerusem somewhere, and somebody put up a bulletin on the bulletin board that says that anybody that would like to volunteer for the Teaching Mission, Machiventa would like to talk to you, or was it the universe broadcast system?

ABRAHAM: Somewhat like that. It was as you were called, yes. My love for you is growing continually, and I am already in anticipation of our meeting next week. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.


  • I selected this from Tmarchive,org for a timely lesson given on 10April 1998.  It resonates now as it did then for many who join the work to promote the end to rebellion on Urantia, feel the same - where do they find the time and heart to follow the work we promote here when the material realm lived on Urantia, demands endless calculations to stand the test of time for food and shelter and relationships that demand so much.
I also bring you the teacher A'cilla, who was a new participant to the Teaching Mission when he arrived on Saturday, the 12th of November, 1997 on Salvington headquarters, and had just finished his training in one of  the many schools on Uversa to learn transmission  to human students and to take up a career on Urantia to do that.  "I was so happy I could have spit!"  That was A'cilla's comment to me when I selected this transcript to repeat over again a scan 21 years after it was made. "You Ron, says A'Cilla, are the last of the Mohicans on Urantia and we prize your life as long as you can maintain it for the memory it reserves as to what happened before and we lost our careers and our hopes for Urantia when the Teaching Mission closed in 2012.  Never since have we held much hope but you perpetuate the idea it was really good and necessary and it still is!  I am A'cilla, a former mortal of another long lost story of pageantry over little things we cared much for a long time ago.  I will seek refuse with you shortly Ron and I promise to say hello."

Ron here- Now a word about the transmitter JoiLin.  She translated to the mansion world not that long ago.  I had written here about six months ago and she was alive and perky then, but decided it was a useless fight and left early for her own recognition that she was the one other to be fused by the Father and left without recognition and I agreed to let it stand without naming her as she did not want the precedence or the honors you all would have given her in those days.  She fused right after Sue did and let it go at that.  She is sorely missed by all who used her talents and she wrote work after work of heart and soul and never got recognized because she never publicized she was doing this work.  Those manuscripts sit in a dusty corner of her old bedroom and will likely be thrown out as the Sadler Diaries were too by the overhasty brooms of clean up after death.  We leave it at that for now.    Ron

Here is a marvelous transcript by A'Cilla and a newbie who died a thousand deaths trying to get his work right for one session only before removed to do other work elsewhere.  R

A'Cilla - Feeling Divided - Apr 10, 1998 - Lafayette, CO
DATE: 04-10-98
T/R: JoiLin
STUDENT: Mary (Livingston)
1.          Availability of Teacher Marleena
2.          Feeling Divided Between Material Obligations and Father’s Work
3.          Network of the Heart
4.          The Importance of the Circuits We Build
5.          A’cilla Comments on “Marleena Group” or Our New Work Group
6.          Tingling (Energy) Felt in Hands
7.          What this Student Brings to the Work Group / Marleena Group
8.          How Opening the Heart Chakra Works
9.          How to Better Visualize During Meditation
10.        Advise on Finding Balance
11.        The Gift of Adversity
12.        When the Teachers Do Not Provide Answers
13.        New Patterns

1. Availability of Teacher Marleena
2. Feeling divided between material obligations and Father’s work
A'Cilla: Greetings Beloved it is I, A'Cilla. How may I help?
Mary: Well, Joi and I have questions that are all over the map but a number of the questions have to do with Marleena's group and I'm wondering if she is available at some point.
A'Cilla: She is still on reversion.
Mary: Okay. Joi feels very divided. She feels material obligations and a call to do the Father's work. She is having a hard time wondering if she is suppose to be dividing her time and what she should be focusing on.
A'Cilla: For those who live in the material world, time must be given to material pursuits. For those who are of the Father's kingdom, time must be given to his pursuits. In as much as you and JoiLin both live with one foot in the material world and one foot in the Father's world, well of course your time must be divided.
Mary: Is there something that you can suggest that would help JoiLin because she is finding that she is not doing the material things that she needs to do.
A'Cilla: JoiLin needs to learn to be more organized. The suggestion that we made recently was a good one, that of sitting down with pen and paper making a list, putting them in order of priority, and then making a schedule. This is not to say a schedule ever has to be carved in stone but it provides a framework, a tool if you will, to help you move from point A to point B. It's somewhat like deciding you want to go to Alaska in your car and you refuse to take a road map. How much longer do you think it would take you to get to Alaska without a road map? How much quicker with a road map? You see the difference. (Of course) A schedule is simply a road map. One can always take side trips when necessary. This would be helpful were she to do.

3. Network of the heart
Mary: I am looking forward to the Tennessee conference. Are there any other activities that I should pursue? Any other conferences?
A'Cilla: There is the upcoming Spiritfest.
Mary: Spiritfest, I should consider?
A'Cilla: Yes. Let me give you some background information that could help you. You understand that one of the layers of circuitry that is now in existence on your planet is a circuit that you as individuals built. The circuit flows from your heart center and connects with the heart center in another individual. The groups, the Teaching Mission groups, that are spread out across the land are part of a very complex network. We coined the term “Network of the Heart” and indeed that is precisely what one level of the Teaching Mission is. We have attempted in many ways to help promote connections between groups and individual [members?]. We work to build the foundation of support and [tape unclear] team mates within each group and we attempt to encourage the members of all of the individual groups to reach out to other members in other groups. You're building, literally, a network of love across the world. This cannot be done without your conscious effort to do it, to build it.

4. The importance of the circuits we build
Mary: I wasn't conscious of bonding with [name omitted] and [name omitted] but that was a wonderful experience, and in fact was probably the highlight of the Florida conference for me.
A'Cilla: Indeed.
Mary: And, also my bonding with [name omitted] on a deeper level.
A'Cilla: Yes. Anytime you open your heart to another individual you are evolving on some level. When they also open their heart to you, you evolve on a deeper level. Each time you have the opportunity to plug back into the circuit that you've built, do these circuits become strong, more deeply entrenched, if you will, more viable. And, there will indeed come a time on your world when these circuits will be of the utmost importance in maintaining your lives, your livelihoods. It will become the main realm of communication, if you will, in some instances.

5. A’Cilla comments on “Marleena Group” or our new work group
Mary: Speaking of retreats and conferences, JoiLin and I were thinking of a retreat or gathering, trying to get together the eight members of, I don't know what to call ourselves, I guess we are a little team.
A'Cilla: You are a work group.
Mary: A work group. Is this something that we should try to pursue now? We are interested in bonding and being together. Two of the members I don't know hardly at all and one member I don't know very well but I bonded with on one level.
A'Cilla: Since Marleena is not available at the moment to ask these questions of, I will refrain from answering your question directly, however, I will give you my opinion. And, my opinion is that were it the proper time for you to set up that sort of a mini conference, if you will, or retreat, I should think it would be Marleena that would give you that directive. Has she?
Mary: Well, Marleena works very subtly. Steve suggested that JoiLin and I and he meditate at the same time and then during meditation JoiLin received the names of the rest of the team or work group. But each one of us seems to be coming up with different things.
A'Cilla: That is as it should be.
Mary: Right. So I don't know if this is just an idea that...
A'Cilla: I would let it rest for now.
Mary: Okay. I said this is all over the map. I guess you don't know if others are going to join this group?
A'Cilla: No, I don't.
Mary: When does her [Marleena’s] reversion end?
A'Cilla: She will be finished at the end of the weekend, your weekend. It is my opinion, and this may be based on intuition as much as anything else, that the number of your group will rise to 12 and remain there.

6. Tingling (energy) felt in hands
Mary: Can you tell me anything about the tingling in my hands and other areas?
A'Cilla: Not specifically although I am inclined to think it has to do with your tentative move to be connected with those of us beyond the physical realm. It also has to do with your own physical biochemical structure undergoing cellular and molecular changes. And, in all likelihood it has something to do with your ability to hone in on the energy streams within your close ____. [This is how the session was transcribed. Underscored item is unknown. Meaning is unknown.]
Mary: My close what?
A'Cilla: Your close ____, close proximity to you. I would not be overly concerned nor would I put too much focus on these anomalies. I would simply recognize there is something going on and allow it to manifest in whatever way it will.
Mary: Um
A'Cilla: You do tend to pick things to death you know.
Mary: Nooo not me!
A'Cilla: Yes, you. And, that's one of the reasons I love you so, Little One.

7. What this student brings to the work group / Marleena Group
Mary: I was joking back with you! Although JoiLin has said that has been most helpful to her. One of the things that I will be asking Marleena... Oh, I can't imagine what it is that I'm bringing to this work group. That's amusing or tickling you?
A’Cilla: Yes.
Mary: And, I said to Joi that I was also going to ask what each of us is bringing and she said I should not be asking for other people. So, I said, correction, the question will be can you tell each of us, except JoiLin, what we are bringing. I know that at least two other people are equally as surprised as I am. We can't imagine what we have to offer.
A'Cilla: Would you like me to tell you what I think you offer?
Mary: Sure.
A'Cilla: As your teacher I know you quite well, you know.
Mary: Yes, and that does cloud your answer, you're so fond of me.
A'Cilla: No. It does not. Rather it does the opposite. It gives me the ability to have a clearer picture.
Mary: Okay, sorry, I was joking.
A'Cilla: You have a very questioning mind and as JoiLin has pointed out to you, this acts as part of the check and balance within any group. A devil's advocate, for want of a better term, and you play the part well. You have a wide open heart, Little One. You meet people right where they are and give them unconditional love. This is a gift that every member of your team will benefit from. You have the innate ability to look yourself in the eye and recognize when you need to make a change and then you very precisely go about making the changes you need to make. The ability to see oneself objectively is something that not many on your world are able to do. This unfortunately is skewed somewhat in your case due to the self esteem problem that we attempt to help you work on. But, all in all, the gift you bring is a positive one, a necessary one. Your sense of humor is a delight to all who know you. You will bring balance to this group. You also will begin working with energies that heretofore have been unknown to you and you have the ability to do this. You are only now beginning to sense this. You have to do nothing but follow Marleena's work orders. The development will come with the experience and practice.

8. How opening the heart chakra works
Mary: I don't know what I'm suppose to be practicing.
A'Cilla: Are you not meditating each day? Are you not opening the heart?
Mary: That's another question. You say I have an open heart and we're suppose to open the heart chakra and I don't know how to do that.
A'Cilla: Let me try to give you an emotional picture, if that term applies. Can you remember a time when you were so moved by love toward someone or something that you literally felt it in your heart? You felt your heart open, you felt it enlarge, you felt this wash of pure energy, love, that felt actually as if it were moving beyond your person? Have you ever had that?
Mary: That elevator feeling!
A'Cilla: Yes, indeed, that is what I speak of.
Mary: Yes but very rarely.
A'Cilla: Of course. Opening the heart chakra will eventually evolve into that feeling of knowing it's open. In the beginning, you simply focus by intent on a given person, intending for your heart to be open and the love from within to flow out toward them on the circuits you are building. Each time you do this along with the layers of individual input you'll be receiving from all of those in your group, will facilitate the bonding that will engender more love from you toward these people, so that each time you sit to open, there will be one more layer of input from them that will allow this spilling over of love that you'll have for them that will continue to build with time. Does that help?

9. How to better visualize during meditation
Mary: Yes. How can I get better at visualizing during meditation? Visualizing the light coming in, going out through my heart, encompassing each of the group members one at a time? I want to tell you that I have a very difficult time visualizing anyone's face. This has to do, I'm sure, with my childhood.
A'Cilla: JoiLin has the same difficulty. As a matter of fact I would venture to say that there are more people on your planet than not, who have difficulty visualizing, and there are those who don't. It comes with practice. There are some exercises that would help you with that. One would be to meditate with a candle. Stare at the flame, close your eyes and attempt to see the flame without benefit of your physical eyes. Try with other things, a flower, an apple, anything which you might wish to try. Something simple, not real complex.
Mary: But I keep the silhouette, I just cannot get the details like a persons features.
A'Cilla: I understand these things. Over time your ability to do that will increase. It would be helpful, I'm sure, were you to gather up photographs of each of your team members and use them until you can close your eyes and see them.

10. Advise on finding balance
[Personal question omitted. Partial response omitted.]
A'Cilla: Yes, but you've made a commitment, if I'm understanding you correctly, to be where you are and serve the Father. The Father would have you serve, not only in his realm but in the realm where your feet are attached as well. He would have you give your best to your family, your material family, as well as to him and you can find balance in this, you will find balance in this when you give yourself permission to do this. Let go of the guilt. Guilt does not belong here. Find peace.
Mary: I will. And, I also have to let go of my sense of happiness, my sense of what I wanted.
A'Cilla: But, they will be replaced, Little One, with other levels of happiness and joy that you, as yet, are not aware of.

11. The gift of adversity
[Personal details have been omitted. “Problem” is substituted for reading purposes.]
Mary: Okay. I have a question for Steve. A lot of the teacher's are very reluctant to help him and I don't know why. He has been trying to [resolve a problem] for two years. Another teacher talked about attachments and detaching and that sort of thing. I started wondering. Well, let me put it this way. I've had this sense for a year that [my problem] was where I was suppose to be. It felt like this was the only door open.
A'Cilla: Yes.
Mary: That's not to say I couldn't go yanking on closed doors and trying to force my way through a different door. But, my guidance, my everything, was pointing towards remaining in this [problem].
A'Cilla: Yes.
Mary: For reasons that I'm sure I'm totally unaware of.
A’Cilla: Perhaps somewhat.
Mary: And, I can't help but wonder if Steve has been trying to [resolve a problem] for two years, why the door hasn't opened for him to get out of [his problem].
A'Cilla: Life has a way of reducing ego to the lowest common denominator...
Joi: I don't know how that fits...
A’Cilla: Let me change direction. Within the framework of each person’s free will, there lies a pattern guided by the divine Spark within. For mortals like young Steve, their needs must be shaping. An analogy would be to put the rough lump of coal into the furnace at a very high temperature that would burn off the impurities, turn the ore into liquid, thereby allow the sculptor, the potter, to form into a new shape, a more refined clay if you will. That is part of the process that young Steve moves through now. He is being reworked, reshaped, and this takes time. The adversity that each of you walks through will be seen in time to have given you many gifts. The pain is not the gift, the result of having walked through the pain, the end result, is the gift.
Mary: He doesn't seem to shy away from pain.
A'Cilla: No. No he doesn't. He is a very stalwart soldier.

12. When the Teachers do not provide answers
Mary: He's getting very frustrated. I transcribed a session for him that he had with Ham and he's had many sessions. He is repeatedly teased – celestial teasing. They are alluding to, he has something important that he's bringing to the Teaching Mission, he has a missing piece, they've been waiting for him. He doesn't know what to make of these types of comments and he gets very little in the way of answers. So, he doesn't know if there is any validity to it after a while, when you are just given that type of response.
A'Cilla: Steve has the ability to find his own answers within himself. Were he not able to make the connection with his Teachers, then his answers might be more forthcoming through another transmitter. However, he does have the ability and he would best serve himself as well as his greater family were he to trust in that and seek his own answers.
Mary: He's been told that. It's my understanding that he meditates regularly, that he is in contact with teachers that he doesn't know names of but he recognizes their presence, their energy. So I'm under the impression that he's very much involved with his Teachers and for whatever reason he's just not getting answers to certain things, no matter how much he's going within.
A'Cilla: He may have an emotional block that he needs to work through that's impeding the process.
Mary: So, perhaps he should ask if there is an emotional block or blockage.
A'Cilla: He's aware that he has emotional issues that he has not yet resolved. He will come to that in his own time. Working with Marleena's group may help to facilitate some of that [tape unclear].

13. New patterns
Mary: Yes. It's very, I don't know the word, satisfying, pleasing, I'm not sure, to be so connected to JoiLin and to Steve and I don't know what I'd do if they weren't part of my life. I just thank you again because I know that was well orchestrated.
A'Cilla: Your Father appreciates your appreciation. But were they not given, rest assure, others would have been.
Mary: Something tells me that the eight or twelve team members will all feel that way, I'll feel that way about everyone of them.
A'Cilla: Indeed that is the intent.
Mary: But it's overwhelming.
A'Cilla: Perhaps. You are experiencing, or beginning to experience, new patterns. You in fact helped to put these new patterns in place. The old patterns must be done away with because they no longer serve mankind. The new patterns, the higher vibrations, are what are needed to help mankind move into this new time and place. It is the system.
The Teaching Mission is in place to upstep this move into higher consciousness. Some exist both in the morontial and material worlds. Some are existing in a new time. The planet consciousness is moving up.
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Dear List, this is a transcript that resulted from a teleconference call on the date shown.  It is Michael at his best and not worrying about Ron's health or the Magisterial Mission, but just being the Creator Son, and who holds lessons about questions the phone participants, or Jerry, would like to talk about.  There is a regular schedule for these calls when Jerry is not hounded with family or other problems and has to reschedule things.  all in all this Conference Call is typical of what gets done in those moments of celestial rapture with a transmitter that does one thing and lets it go at  that.   RON - 20April2019

Here is Jerry's call to hear him on 28 March:
Dear Friends, this Thursday, the 28th, I'll be transmitting Mother Spirit via Free Conference Call @ 712-775-7031, then 480-123-484#, at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific and corresponding times "in the middle." Please join us with your good questions for and/or comments to our Local Universe's Mother Spirit. I think she and Michael can go on indefinitely with their general lessons, but they do enjoy and appreciate being personal and specific both through these contacts as well as in your own mind, so give them the chance.

Michael on March 28, 2019.

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, welcome. I can’t wait to say that word every month: welcome--welcome to our happy group here. We do enjoy having such wonderful spiritual parents right as part of us. Michael, your Spirit of Truth is an unerring compass of orientation, a way to orient ourselves moment by moment, sometimes in spite of all the conflicting things about us and within us: what is the truth here?

Mother Spirit, you’re actually part of our mentality, part of our thinking and reasoning. You are in our perceptions and all the ways we can store these as knowledge, then associate them as understanding everything.

Michael, tonight I have a request. Last time Mother Spirit gave us a wonderful lesson that, if I could summarize, was about our own freedom. It was not only our sense of freedom, but our actual freedom being so dependent upon our creativity. We are literally responsible for ourselves. It is up to us maintain a creative ability-to-respond. This applies not only to those about us and our physical situation, but even to the spiritual promptings right within us--hopefully from our presence of God, our Thought Adjuster. Everything depends on our ability to create an alternative in order to have something to choose, besides what reality itself is giving us moment by moment.

This is our ability and our responsibility to be free, to be a creature with free-will dignity that is our possibility.  So, Michael, if you would, could you help us on a critical point? I know you spoke to us on this before, but if you would again: How do we turn things around if we feel we are going in a wrong direction, or are simply becoming overburdened with our own self-destructive ways? How do we turn things around? That is my request this evening. Thank you, and amen.

Michael: Good evening, everybody gathered here. What a happy group. Mother Spirit and I are always happy and delighted ourselves to attend such a meeting. As you’ve been notified, and we have mentioned so many times, we are part of you. We delight in conversing with you right within your own being. So send us your prayers, ask us to visit you and be with you consciously within your meditations.

Referring to your meditations, we would like to suggest that they be a time where you are just open-minded. Your requests and all your ways of contacting us--asking us things and suggesting things for the two of us: these are also ways of suggesting things to yourself. All this is enjoyable--actually fun--cotton candy for your soul--memorable moments of things truly worth recalling.

We encourage you to be in touch with us. Make us part of your conscious life. Especially thank Mother Spirit from time to time for augmenting all your abilities to enjoy your life. So consider this kind of meditation of just being still. Take part out of your activities for this one very special one. Just sit down and be still for a while and let come up whatever wants to in your everyday life. These are those things you might have to think about a bit.

It is always good to think: “Dear Father--dear God: What do you have for me this morning?” And then listen, for it could be the very next idea coming from his supreme ability to give you concrete thoughts. That is why we call his presence a Thought Adjuster. He can give you that bigger context in which you are living and have your meaning.

This is a good kind of meditation, just being open-minded. It’s a good practice. When you get up from your meditation, keep the feeling for a while as you look around and take your steps out into your new day. Greet and welcome those with whom you share your life. Keep this open-minded wonder to them, to your whole situation. Look around and marvel that this whole universe is being created not only for everyone else, but for you too.

Now: your request this evening for how to turn things around pre-supposes a desire to do that very thing, a desire that arrives--part and parcel--as contrast. Even this desire, my dear ones, comes from your own creative spirit, and the spiritual influences within you. Your own creative spirit has introduced some contrast between how things are--how things are going--and yet too some other way that is—hopefully--a better way, a happier way, a more fulfilling creative way to live. And yet, how do you do this?

Let me introduce an analogy we have used before, because a good life is not necessarily easy. Even your own Guardian Spirits are not concerned with soothing all your ruffled feathers, or even making life easy for you, but rather, throwing up a lot of choices to be made, to exercise your freedom. So even the best kind of life still has you with one foot on the solid ground of the real--as best you can feel it moment to moment: simply what is--yet your other foot is in a rather untethered boat called the ideal. One foot is on the real solid ground of what has already happened, and is happening--while the other is hopefully kind-of free-ranging that really stretches you. Let’s call it the ideally possible. It isn’t yet tethered to the real because it isn’t yet happening. It’s an idealistic possibility your own creative imagination and spirit can come up with.

Yes, this stretch can be very uncomfortable when your day to day life is constantly throwing up to you: “This isn’t right,” or--more profoundly sometimes: “Is this all there is? This isn’t enough. Where do I go from here? I’ve got this terrible thing happening not only in my whole situation and the folks around me, but right within me--some weakness, some indecision. How do I turn this around? How do I head off in another direction?”

This awareness is partly Mother Spirit’s Adjutant of Courage, just to entertain these ideas and feelings. Let them express themselves. Let the very presence of God within you give you ideas. Then entertain those ideas however uncomfortable they might be at first, however much you might feel a painful stretching and disquiet with your present situation.

The alternative course is what you psychologically call denial. It is to expend an enormous amount of energy and your own creative imagination to create what we call a “bubble of familiarity” around you, and do your best to deny the need for change.

Denial can be so detrimental and deadening in your relationships to other folks around you. You’re sending them all kinds of unconscious or semi-conscious notions that you don’t want to be disturbed with this or another thing. Yet those who are closest to you, with whom you share the most amount of love, can be the agents for good change and growth.

We encourage a good assessment of what is real moment to moment physically; how is your body right now? How is your mental state? How creative do you feel your spirit to be? What is your touch with your own soul, my dear ones--this God co-authored story of your life and who you have been all these years? Ideally these are all open to you.

You are your own best company with this attitude within yourself of being open-minded, even welcoming, to challenges. These include your social and political notions. How much you are open to their counter-parts and all these loved ones around you? How welcome are you to being right-up-front with them when they let you know your slip is showing, or your fly is open—figuratively? Think of all the wonderful loving feedback your dearest ones can give you. This is partly--and a good part--what friends can do for each other to help turn things around. They give give you that more objective outside viewpoint on who you are and what you are doing.

Let me suggest that by turning things around you are literally creating a new you. Isn’t this what this implies? You are going to be a different person. You are going to be heading off into a new direction. You are going to be taking care of things that have been put on hold for a while. How do you do this?

Who is this “you” that you have to help create to have the power to change? This again comes back to what Mother Spirit and I have offered so often: a kind of meditation of not continuing in the same-old—same-old routine, but literally taking time out of that just to be open-minded. We offer this knowing it is the most difficult thing for folks who are being driven along by what they feel is just circumstances, some terrible fate of theirs. How to convince them to exercise their freedom?

You have to be somebody there. Your personality has to have some continuity so that what you decide today is going to be at least somewhat you tomorrow. This is where you need to set aside part of your life and meditate--just to be with yourself again, and again, and again. You are literally using your creative power to recreate yourself, a self who can make this decision day after day after day to turn things around. It’s how to change things in your daily life where it all counts.

So all this, my dears, is a way of encouraging you to take part out of your morning no matter how busy you are, or especially if you are super-busy and don’t seem to have a minute for yourself. Find those ten minutes to begin with, for you. This is your time. This is your time with us and with our Father.

If you will: this is what we ask of you. This is what the whole spiritual community asks of you. This is what your Father, your Creator asks of you. Give us yourself. In doing so you are giving you to yourself. You are creating a new “yourself” that has the power and ability to choose every morning for that day.

Abandon the idea of some enormous choice that is then going to carry you along all by itself; that you are going to make some big decision and that is going to do it. No! That is not freedom, my dear. Freedom is to choose, and to choose again, and to choose again; to exercise each moment’s choice.

And so: enough. Think about it. Meditate on this. Take those ten minutes out. Hopefully they grow into twenty minutes, or maybe a whole half-hour every morning just being with yourself, and with us--recommitting yourself to that new, better way.

Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s do those.

Student: Jesus--Christ Michael, here is my question. When you return, how will the whole world see you? Will it be on TV or from the sky?

Michael: Oh yes, my dear. That is something that is going to occur in everybody’s heart first. Just as before when I was challenged--as a human being--to perform miracles for the doubters, I replied: That is not the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is by your power, not mine. That is why I say the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Tonight I gave you a way, a means of tuning in to our mutual Father, literally into God’s presence, to help you find that better way, to help you find that Kingdom of Freedom for yourself. This is how I come to everyone who every day welcomes me and Mother Spirit. We really appreciate it so much when you say, “Thank you. Thank you, Michael. Thank you Nebadonia--Mother Spirit--for being a part of me in my life.” This is one way of recognizing we are with you always, already, my daughter.

Student: I do understand that. I do understand that part of it. It is just that I have been hearing about a “magisterial mission” coming to this planet, and I have been hearing about Jesus’ return, along with Melchizedek’s, along with someone called Monjoronson: things of that nature. This is what I am talking about, like there are going to be some big changes supposedly on our planet with the intervention of celestials--divine beings. That is what I was asking about. Of course, I welcome Jesus in my heart all the time. Anyway, that was the direction I was asking about.

Michael: Yes, my dear, but this is something once again Mother Spirit and I will both take the responsibility to--in a sense--refuse to put a date on what you are talking about. There are already celestial beings who are in control of the planet on the spiritual level.

Student: Yes

Michael: But even your Counsel of Melchizedek refuses to interfere with your own individual freedom of choice. This is why you have some truly, truly obscene things still happening on earth. It’s where human imagination is being put to its greatest extent to come up with the most terrifying things to do to other human beings. Everything within human imagination is still being used to do unto other people, to control them--right on the personal level of torture, to mass movements of a semi-religious nature to control whole peoples.

There is not going to be any celestial stepping-in to just wipe all this out. That is not what this whole spiritual realm is about. I had the power myself, and I was requested. There were so many disappointed followers of mine because I didn’t use the powers I had when I was here among you as a human being.

Student: I understand.

Michael: So too, I cannot put a date on this.

Student: No, no I never even asked for a date. I did not ask for a date.

Michael: Excuse me. I thought you meant “when” exactly am I…

Student: No-no-no. I did not ask for a date. I simply said when --when you return, how will the whole world see you? Will it be in the sky, or on TV?--just an example of some ways the whole world could see this happening. When? I didn’t ask for a date.

Michael: Excuse me. I thought I answered you by saying this is going to be an individual thing, in each individual’s heart, not some huge manifestation in the sky, or going on television.

My dear, I mentioned this one time before. It has often been asked: Why, in our whole Local Universe of planets that are so enormously advanced beyond where Urantia is now--or the other planets that went into rebellion: why didn’t I wait, since things were so chaotic then? Why didn’t I wait and come to earth when there was television. I could go on television and suddenly walk out on the air—like I refused to do in front of the temple in Jerusalem--but show up at the United Nations and walk out on the air? This is why I answered you that this is in people’s hearts.

Student: OK

Michael: This is the when. That is the how--you might say.

Student: All right, thank you for your answer.

Michael: It will not be on television or some huge physical manifestation. In one way so many folks already--and not just in Christianity, but in all the truly loving, spiritual religions of the world--people know me in my essence. This love is what exists in all truly religious people. Mother Spirit and I have said so many times, that the goodness of person-to-person love in people’s lives is a thousand times greater than any deliberate pain that is being caused.

Part of realizing me and Mother Spirit is to realize and see for yourself the enormous amount of loving cooperation that exists all throughout the world today. In fact, it is growing in what you call democracy--republic governments--people controlling their own lives. This is why Mother Spirit and I have pointed you towards a de-centralization of authority where individuality--this God-given quality of human life--is more and more blossoming. It’s where people are able to--and choosing!--this is the important part--choosing to take more and more control over their own lives.

Obviously those whom you call the tyrannical folks among you are not voluntarily giving up any power whatsoever. They are doing the most obscene things to claim and hold it. So it is up to each individual to claim this authority for themselves, and take responsibility as broadly as they can for all aspects of their life.

Student: OK, I believe that is true. Yes, I know… I just going to say, I know there are many good things going on in the world, and there are many good people. There are many great organizations and charities. I also know that the world is in a lot of trouble. Yet I understand that you process it the same way. Yeah, yeah--of course, OK. Thank you.

Michael: Yes, I’m talking about all the individuals-relating-to-individuals all over the world. Mother Spirit and I point you not so much to races, but to cultures and how they are just necessarily slowly evolving…

Student: Which is so good to see.

Michael: Right, evolving, even though this world is without spiritual authorities—a Planetary Prince and Material Adam and Eve--as exist on 99.9999% of all the other planets in our Local Universe. Here on Urantia it is a person-to-person kind of evolution, but that evolution is inexorable because everybody does have the presence of God within them. Everybody does have a Thought Adjuster. And so we give our lessons on how to tune in, and hear, and follow those promptings which often require you to turn things around. So thank you, my daughter.

Student: OK, thank you.

Michael: Be in my Peace. If there are no more questions or comments, I hope I have made it clear that a good life is in each of your hearts, your feelings, your ideas, even your assumptions and your attitudes--your relationship to all that you are, all that you have been, all that you can be--all those around you.--all this overwhelming, enormous drama, this true drama you find yourselves in--even the terrible melodramas you get caught up in.

The price you pay is: you have to pay attention! Welcome that, even as overwhelming as your life can be from time to time. Stay open to it. Keep reaching for what is real and what is true, especially in the social and political things you get caught up in concerning the different ideas and programs that are presented to you. Your first concern is: What is true?

Then, and only then, can you start to get some notion of what might be better. Where do you want things to go? How do you assert your own individuality right from God? How much are you dependent upon others? And is that good? It can be. Think of the thousand and one little formal and informal contracts between peoples, just in getting out on a busy highway to go to work each morning. All these understandings and agreements constitute culture.

How do you evolve that? It is all up to you, each one of you individually, my dears. That is why it is so scary at times. Everything is dependent upon you, and yet this is the greatest gift that Mother Spirit, and I, and God can give you. This is your freedom, your ability-to-respond. 

The growth of freedom is the true evolution. This is where your whole world has to go. It is how to recognize and encourage everybody to be themselves. How do you transform societies and cultures to encourage this and find some way for letting this all happen? Everybody has to find greater and greater freedom without impinging on others.

This is what is set before you, is it not? Yes, it is truly scary, but you have it within yourselves to work out all the little details day to day. So welcome the challenge within yourself, and welcome it within everyone you meet. Be open to their feedback you are getting, my dear ones. You know you have a strong, welcome, warm and embracing smile on your face when this is what you encounter coming at you, even from complete strangers. Be willing to embrace what reality--especially from all these others--is offering you, and be thankful for them. 

And be in my peace. Mother Spirit sends her love, and I bid you a good evening.


2019-4-8, NET #61, Machiventa
New Era Transition #61 – Solutions Coming; Revelation; Psychic Circles; Resistant Germs – Apr. 8, 2019
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Solutions for our world coming from different sources
Values that underlie democracy
Using parameters on submitting to doing God’s Will
Advancements are quick in minds of God believers
Revelation is experiential on Urantia
Will this revelation become public at some point?
Clarification of “light is on the horizon”
Is leaving an estate to one’s offspring a DNA trait?
Can the desire to collect wealth be controlled epigenetically by society?
Evolution of a new form of capitalism
What does it mean that “Man is created in God’s image?”
Have many people have mastered their Psychic Circles?
How would we recognize these masters?
Might Adjuster fusion be visible on media?
Are healings a part of higher circle holders?
Are drug resistant germs a serious danger to world health?
Healing properties of nano silver
Can revelatory means compensate us for lack of Adam & Eve’s knowledge?
Are some regions globally more susceptible to drug resistant germs?
How can we protect ourselves from these germs?
What is your opinion on vaccinations?
Use of fungicides on crops
Suggested size for cities and smaller communities
Question on presentation to community leaders
Question on Planetary Management
Is the data base like “Google Nebadon?”
What other types of beings are on your staff?
Closing statements by Machiventa
TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonteé and Sherille Raphael.
Invocation:  Liz
April 8, 2019
Solutions for our world coming from different sources
MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I thank you for your presence here today.  If you are one of those people who subscribes to a newspaper or article clipping service, or you do that by yourself through reviewing the major headlines of different organizations and publications and articles that come through various newspapers or other news sources, you must obviously be coming to the recognition and appreciation of the upliftment in consciousness on your world.  There is great concern among mortals about the unconscionable behavior of misogynist individuals and those who perpetuate and use their wealth to create havoc for those who are less wealthy or less able to support and sustain their own livelihoods.  You are beginning to appreciate and see that there are solutions, that there are solutions coming from many different sources. 
Values that underlie democracy
Finally, we see that there are open discussions about the values that underlie democracy and how that plays out in the politics of your nation.  This One has read in an article today in the New York Times regarding the values of United States Democracy and the word “democracy,” compared to the word “republic” and “republican.”  This is a good discussion; this is part of our work to raise the consciousness of your world.  As these are contentious and much appreciated values in themselves, or topics in themselves, this will get much attention across your nation and internationally.  This is evidence of the work of the Most Highs and of Personal Guardians and Thought Adjusters offering options to those individuals who can write articles as this.  This is an important ingredient in the discussion between what works and what does not work.  It is not about right and wrong; it is not about who is right and who is wrong; it is not about political positions; it is about what works.  The discussion of values begins to open up the topic of what works and what does not work.  What must come next now is a discussion of these values—the 7 values of Homo sapiens and the subsequent ethics and morality that emanate from those values—as being the most important to underlie democracy, the family and all social institutions of democracies.  Of all the nations of this world, we do the most work to influence the rest of the world, and that is one nation which includes Canada, United States and Japan.  Japan, as you know has not been a topic that we have been involved in; they are deeply immersed in their own decision-making processes of their democracy and in their economy.  The God relationship is essential in the nations I have mentioned to support the work of the Most Highs and the 7 Mind Adjutants.
MACHIVENTA:  You will see this influence continue to grow.  It is from the realm of dialog discussion and argumentation that what works and what does not work will come forward.  It is essential in this scheme of Christ Michael’s work of the Correcting Time that the concepts and philosophies and ideologies that do not work are firmly trounced, that they are firmly shown and illustrated not to work, that they do not contribute to the sustainability of your world or of nations and of families and of organizations.  What works are those 7 values, and of course a personal and intimate relationship with God, whether that is through a church that you go to once a week, or whether you have daily conferencing with your Thought Adjuster through the day, the week and the month and the rest of your life.  God is as near as you want to be to It, for It is already intimate to your mind and is fully aware of what you are doing, what you are thinking, and the decisions you make.
Using parameters on submitting to doing God’s Will
It is most essential to those people who do believe in God, who do believe in a Thought Adjuster, who do believe in personal guidance from Spirit, from God, for the Angelic Corps and others, to be willing to submit the course of their life to doing God’s Will.  For most of you, this may seem to be very risky business, because it could lead you in a direction away from your lifestyle, and so on.  Yet, this need not be so; you can put parameters—not conditions, but parameters—on your willingness to do God’s Will in the pursuit of your life’s course.  You may put a parameter on it that you are willing to accept all that you can without having your life disrupted immensely, or that it affect your family negatively.  And as you know, such parameters are most acceptable because it is in the highest interest of all of us, and your Thought Adjuster that your children receive the best upbringing they can and that you be there for them to do that.
Advancements are quick in minds of God believers
As we see your world, this nation and other nations, where the influence of religion and discussion of God, liberty and democracy are on the forefront of most people’s minds then we have an opportunity to make great advancements quickly.  You are—and we have told you, and we acknowledge you—are the ones who maintain consciousness of this upliftment of your civilization across the world.  You are the ones who maintain this consciousness and move that consciousness forward around the world.  When you blow a bubble out of a bubble pipe that children have, imagine that bubble encompassing you and your house, and that the outside of this bubble perimeter goes down through the world, across the nation so that the outside of this bubble is formed complete and surrounding the earth.  When you see your consciousness as this, the energy, remarkably, is not dissipated; it is as though you are speaking to an individual whom you love very much, and whom you embrace in your mind’s eye and in your heart and in your consciousness.  You can do this same powerful effect upon the whole earth; it is with you that we co-creatively embrace the earth and all people in it with the spiritual enlightenment of Christ Michael and Nebadonia.  We are here for you; we are here for you in every possible way and it is our intention to make your world more livable, more peaceful and the relationships you have with others, and particularly with yourself are loving, kind, generous and benevolent.  Only in this way will the Days of Light and Life and the spirituality of the whole civilization be uplifted.
Stéphane:  Good morning and how are you today?
MACHIVENTA:  I am very well, thank you.  I have parted my hair and combed it back and I look very nice today!  (Much laughter.)
Revelation is experiential on Urantia
Stéphane:  Very good.  As you were giving us the introductory statement, I kept being reminded about the pace of change that we are going through.  The Urantia Book is going through at length of stating the difference between evolutionary religion and revelations of a religious perspective, and I think we are living that today.  We are the agent of change from those revelations to implement the revelations into social sustainability.  I think this is very unusual in the universe, if you could comment on that.  I think we are one of the few planets where revelation is being instated at such a high pace.  Can you comment on this?
MACHIVENTA:  Most willingly and gladly.  You are exactly right that Urantia is an experimental planet, and the fact that revelation being experiential at this time on your planet is an immense undertaking.  It is essential that this living revelation also come to bear upon the discussion between active living revelation and the formed state and crystallized religions of the world that are based on the relationship with God the Creator.  The speed of this revelation is as you acknowledged very, very rapid—it is not just quick, it is very rapid—and it is essentially so because of the conjoined efforts of Christ Michael and Nebadonia to uplift this planet rapidly.  Christ Michael is deeply involved in the social, political, economic balancing of those equations that support functional societies through the Correcting Time; and, Nebadonia is intensely involved in the upliftment of consciousness across the world and in groups of individuals, as are the Most Highs.  These two efforts are, as I said, “conjoined,” they are personal efforts on the part of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and they are joined and linked without separation.  It is essential that this consciousness pervade all minds on your planet and particularly those of influence for making decisions in organizations.  As I have said in past sessions, Urantia is a hotbed, a laboratory of infusing more elevated spiritual influences to upstage it quickly on social, political, economic and all social institutional levels so that your world is able to recover after the forthcoming cataclysms, one of which has already begun in the weather.  It is essential to them and to myself that there be large remnants of population who understand this undertaking.
This subtle revelation to you should signify that there is a direct effort to work with many people to understand this current revelation of the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and all that encompasses under the umbrella of the Correcting Time.  It will not be odd that this becomes known publicly.  It is a fact to us that it is essential that the spiritual influence on this world becomes known to many people, not as some esoteric, fluffy-aired thinking, but something that is directly connected to the life and living of individuals, families and nations and the civilization of your world.  It is important that this revelation be conducted in a way that is meaningful, honest, forthright and authentic.  The charlatans will soon come out and want to emulate what we are doing; their trickery will become known very soon.  It is essential that the very core of that revelation process, reveal that the management of this world, is a conscious effort on the part on the management of the universe, particularly the Local Universe.  It is sufficient to have the civilization of earth know that there is a Planetary Manager and there is an intention for this world, and that the happenstance of difficulties and tragedies that exist are also evolutionary in the development of this world and were not caused directly by spirit, but are the consequence of the creation of this world and all that evolved in its forthcoming development.  In other words, “God is not at fault!”  God created the world and then came to watch and see how it evolved.
Did I answer all facets of your question?  And if I have not, please remind me.
Stéphane:  Yes, it’s a good start, thank you very much.  If you put this in perspective and the corporation analyzes the markets or whatever, or makes plans and then executes their plans—I think I want to put it in context here—knowing that the Lucifer rebellion was going to be adjudicated, there were plans put in place and these plans started happening in the mid ‘80’s and now we are living through this.  But clearly the decisions from upwards, is that revelation is the way of the future and as many people are willing to accept this and take part in this, then no one is excluded.  Correct?
MACHIVENTA:  That is correct.  As concerns the corporation, it would be very foresightful for a corporation to have worst case scenarios already made up for the survival of their corporation as a viable participant in the global market.  That would mean that there would be a tremendous loss of personnel, hard infrastructure of the corporation, etc., etc., whether that is making cars or producing petroleum products, fabrics or whatever it may involve.  That would also include agriculture and many of the basic skills that sustain a viable community and population.  Do you understand what I am saying and its intention?
Will this revelation become public at some point?
Stéphane:  Yes, I do.  What I’m wondering though is you mentioned earlier that this will become public at some point, and it’s okay, it’s part of the plan, and it’s all about gaining momentum to a certain point and that once enough people believe in the process, then it will exponentially grow.  Is that correct?
MACHIVENTA:  That’s correct.  In the meantime, you would probably not want to discuss in public your association with this esoteric source of information or of revelation as there is great skepticism in many markets.
Stéphane:  Thank you.
Clarification of “light is on the horizon”
Jeff:  Machiventa, I have two questions.  One is about a conversation you had with   Michel Levasseur on Jan. 30th of this year, and Michel sent this to me a while back.  In your conversation you said, “My friends, the light is on the horizon and truth, beauty and kindness will invade this beautiful planet in a flash of light that will affect the hearts of all living beings.”  Is this a figurative or a literal statement?
MACHIVENTA:  It is figurative.
Jeff:  Figurative; okay.  Is there anything about that that you wish to elaborate for us?
MACHIVENTA:  It is a good plan, do you not think?  (Laughter from group.)
Is leaving an estate to one’s offspring a DNA trait?
Jeff:  Yeah.  Okay, I have a question on epigenetics.  There is a human desire to leave a legacy of wealth, property or real estate to one’s offspring or family.  Is this a DNA trait?
MACHIVENTA:  At the outside, the answer is yes.  It is a means by which parents want to leave their children in better stead, or better situation, than when they were born and they came into their adulthood.  How it is developed and how it is shared with the offspring is another matter.  It does not require that more than an acre be shared with the children; it does not require that 5,000 acres be given to the children; neither does it require that $200 billion be left to the children, but simply that the children have the means by which they can improve the quality of their life and unlock the potential that is inherent in who they are and what they brought into their life.  The extent of keeping such vast wealth from being shared to the world for altruistic purposes is selfish, unethical, and immoral.  It is in many ways a personal decision that is not based on personal ownership, but on the personal ego of who they are and what they have done to leave a legacy from their own egos, as example.  You must surely have a following question to that?
Can the desire to collect wealth be controlled epigenetically by society?
Jeff:  Yes, Sir, I do.  Can this trait, or the trait of certain people who seem to want to collect wealth for the sake of collecting wealth, can this trait be controlled epigenetically by society at the macro level?  By what means do you think we will be able to change people’s hearts about the pursuit of wealth for the joy of personal wealth?
MACHIVENTA:  This is a matter of exercising the 3 secondary values of empathy, compassion and love for humanity.  It is an extension when one can see themselves as the guardian of great wealth and in compassion share this with the world in a way that is constructive and it truly aids the individuals who receive this in one form or another to develop their lives to produce, to sustain their own life and living in a more comfortable way, and their standard of living and their quality of life.  There are many mechanisms that can be done to fulfill that, and these have been shared with you most recently.
Evolution of a new form of capitalism
Jeff:  I have a last question, if I may.  You alluded to the evolution of a new form, or a modified form of capitalism in a recent past session.  My question as a follow-up to that is that the “friendly society model of Great Britain and the friendly societies that were built in the United States in the 18th Century,” are they worth revisiting as a partial solution to the aftermath of calamities?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, they are as we have always suggested in all our recommendations is that do not throw out the model in total, but rather select the parts of a working model that are most beneficial and then modify them for use in the current era.  The discussion of doing away with a model and totally replacing it is not worthy of much consideration.  This does not lead to social progress and social evolution in the many social institutions that are affected by these models.  Do you understand?
Jeff:  I think so.  I would like to spend some time contemplating this and come back to you with a more poignant question, if I may.
MACHIVENTA:  You are most welcome to.
What does it mean that “Man is created in God’s image?”
Stéphane:  I have another question.  Machiventa, the greatest revelation to me in the UB and what has been coming through this group is the fact that “Man is created in God’s image,” but what does that really mean?  It means that man can make decisions and if these decisions are aligned with universe or realities and God centeredness then these decisions can be created and can eventually end up into commands to have help from the universe to execute these decisions.  Am I correct in aligning “Man being created in God’s image” to these concepts?
MACHIVENTA:  Most definitely, but do not forget that God carries with It the values that support and sustain the universe, and God has also embedded these same values in the hearts and minds and the DNA of your species.  When one wills to do God’s Will and express that in their life in whatever medium that they are living in, then that means to fulfill those 7 values in their lives and for their lives and others.  God not only gave you a life with an eternal potential, but gave you the means to make independent decisions with the values that underlie those decisions.  The choice then is to recognize those values, your decision-making and the potential for the ascendant career.  One of the aspects of the Teaching Mission is to share this wisdom and knowledge with all other people.
Have many people have mastered their Psychic Circles?
Stéphane:  Okay then, so in doing this, then one advances through the Psychic Circles and through soul growth, etc.  And if I was to look at a cross-section of the population today, I would not notice many people who have mastered this?  Would you agree?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, I would definitely agree.  The percentage of population that is in conformance with this is far less than 10%.
How would we recognize these masters?
Stéphane:  So, if we had somebody that had truly mastered this, such as Jesus when he was living here 2,000 years ago, how would we recognize this, such an advanced person living on this earth today?
MACHIVENTA:  I chuckle because it is the same process that Jesus used to become acquainted with the friends and people around him.  He spent time getting to know them.  He talked with them and they talked with him.  He was a master at this because he could understand the mind and working of the individual before him, and he always engaged individuals who had an openness to them and be willing to discuss their lives and the manner that would benefit them, whether that is practically on how to farm, or build a boat, or how to have a good relationship in the family.  He is the prime example for this process.  Once you begin to practice this consciously and intentionally you will become more acquainted with how Jesus did this.  When you come into a room and you see an individual that you would like to have a discussion with, there is already within you the recognition of this person as being open.  It is only rare that you would approach that individual and they would shun you or disregard you or show indifference to what you are saying. 
You have this innate antenna that homes in on individuals who are open and ready to do this.  And it is that individual that you would go to to discuss.  Knowing that you have this “antenna,” the first thing when walking into a room is to have awareness.  You come into a room, or to a meeting that you have with someone, and you have the awareness that you are conscious of their presence and that you and the alter ego of your will-self/observer-self are present there too.  It becomes an almost out of body experience as the observer-self observes you interacting with that individual and you in contact with your observer-self in its wisdom will engage that person with a purpose, meaning and intention that unlocks the secrets that you seek.
Stéphane:  This is a very personal situation, face-to-face.  I’m thinking with the advent of media and the way that we interact over devices these days, that process is much less effective through a device than on a one-to-one basis.
MACHIVENTA:  Before the arrival of cell phones and personal video screens in front of the individual, there was old fashioned television, and people would be glued to their television watching what was going on, and this is how many television evangelists have gathered their followers; they were convincing, they were persuasive, and so on.  The God conscious individual can also do this in front of the camera to project their presence through that visual means to each individual of that audience.  It is something that we have practiced with others and that other mortals have done this on their own with great results.  The difficulty in such a situation of mass media is that it is often highly detrimental to the speakers, personality and ego structure.  It rather overwhelms them.  What is required is a tremendous sense of humility as one of the audience as they sit or stand before the camera and speak to the audience.  This is most—I would not say “rare,” but it is not a frequent factor in many people who are in front of television cameras, and so on.
Might Adjuster fusion be visible on media?
Stéphane:  So, would you say there are people living on Urantia today that have achieved the higher circles and are close to Adjuster fusion, or is there a possibility within their lifetime that could express and influence in some aspects that might become visible on media?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there are a number of people who are approaching fusion and who have ascended through the circles and who have a oneness with their God presence within them that is immediate and personal, intimate, and that it is simply a matter of joint decision of the Planetary Thought Adjuster and the personal Thought Adjuster to have this fusion come into existence as an experiential happening.  These people are oftentimes reticent to be public; they are oftentimes very what you might call holy and reserved, and who are not seeking fame or fortune or ego embellishment.  These individuals are very quiet about who they are and what they are doing.  They are the quiet mystics in the closets of their religions who know God as one and they are one with that God, and that almost all of them are not even conscious of the possibility of fusion with the God presence within them.  I wish to hear an agreement from Stéphane that I answered his question.
Stéphane:  Yes you have, but my follow-up would be:  If one person were to fuse and it would become a public event, would that be considered as favorable for the movement we are in?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it would be very highly favorable, and of course it must be recorded by several different types of cameras and the sensitive mediums that they would record on, whether it is from gamma-ray radiation, light radiation, infra-red, ultra-violet and so on, as to help those scientists understand what occurred in the recordings.  And yes, it would be very helpful for this to occur.
Are healings a part of higher circle holders?
Stéphane:  So I’m thinking of this as an event such as Jesus was trying to do in his lifetime, such as his public baptism with the apparition above his head at the time and with the public miracles or healings that he was doing throughout his lifetime.  About the healings, as one ascends the circles, does the healings become part of an expression for the higher circle holders?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it does, but it is a latent capability that would need to be awakened by the individual and in discussion with their Thought Adjuster and Celestial Helpers to develop this skill into an active practice.  That is the most arduous path to accomplish that; it can be accomplished by the simple will-decision of the individual to extend their hand to another and say, “You are healed.”  This is in the keeping of Christ Michael as Jesus, and it is a capability that evolved individuals can express.
Stéphane:  So, following up, it’s not necessary to be a high circle achiever to start having healing capabilities?
MACHIVENTA:  That is correct.
Are drug resistant germs a serious danger to world health?
Roxie:  I have some questions submitted from Rick.  “How serious to world health is the rise of drug resistant germs?”
MACHIVENTA:  It is very high.  This is the realm in which the medical services of your world Health Organization and all the volunteer and helpful supportive medical teams will be confronted with the possibility that they do not have the medical weaponry to thwart or stop the onslaught of these pathogens.
Healing properties of nano silver
Craig:  We’ve heard from a few Celestials about the healing or antibacterial properties of nano silver and I was wondering, compared to antibiotics, it seems to me it must be a fairly subdued effect for healing and elimination of harmful bacteria.  Would you care to comment on that?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  When you begin dealing with nano structures, those structures have the capability of becoming embedded in cells, and if they are nano-small enough they can actually embed in the nuclei of the cell and have an effect upon the health of the individual.  There must be great care taken in the size of the nano structures that they do not enter into the chromosomal genetic structures themselves and become disruptive to the organization and sequencing of the development of the organism.  Silver has a latent potential for great harm, as well a great good.  You might take the opposite structure of copper, which is highly abrasive to the human structure, but it is necessary yet for human metabolism and the development of the individual.  A little bit is good, but too much is dangerous.  Do you understand?
Craig:  Yes, thank you, and so the silver nano structures, there are apparently some that would be more healthful and others that might be harmful?
MACHIVENTA:  That is correct.
Craig:  So it is up to us to find out, probably by experience which things help more and which don’t.
MACHIVENTA:  I am advised that this can be done in an experimental situation in the laboratory at the cellular level, without having to subject a living organism as a mouse or bird or human to that examination and that trial by error and trial by success process.
Craig:  Ah!  So we need to study this on a more formal level in scientific laboratories than is being done at the moment.
Can revelatory means compensate us for lack of Adam & Eve’s knowledge?
Stephane:  Machiventa, we know that Adam and Eve when they came here had lots of knowledge about healing from the major nature or otherwise, and of course all that knowledge is perhaps all gone now, but can all of that be compensated through revelatory means that are now available to us?
MACHIVENTA:  The answer is a yes and a no.  It is more readily accessible by those individuals who have been infused with the blue race, that they are remnants of those genetic structures that have this capability that is latent within them.  The “no” is that it is not available to all people because it is not part of their gene structure.
Are some regions globally more susceptible to drug resistant germs?
Roxie:  I’ll ask Rick’s second question:   “Are there certain areas or regions globally that are especially susceptible to drug resistant germs related to diseases?”
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, most definitely there are.  Those are the areas where there has been promiscuous use of antibiotics and that there are now areas in tropical areas which have many indigenous diseases and viruses, pathogens that can be very highly detrimental to human life.  The overuse of antibiotics is a prime example of that and most recently you can find areas where the use of antibiotics have been dispensed as non-prescription drugs, meaning that if you have the money, you can buy the drugs and dispense it yourself.  When this happens in areas and geographic regions where this is possible it becomes a highly effective developmental area for the production of pathogens that are resistant to all antibiotics.  And yes, there are pathogens that do exist which will not succumb to existing antibiotics.
How can we protect ourselves from these germs?
Roxie:  Rick’s third question is:  “Are there specific measures we can take individually to protect ourselves and loved ones?”
MACHIVENTA:  The question is ambiguous as it seems to be assumed that the topic remains on antibiotics and resistant pathogens, and I will answer it in that way.  Yes, there is; there are definite measures for doing so.  One, to raise children who are used to being acquainted with local indigenous pathogens through the soil, and that they are not exposed to pathogens in hospitals and in regions where there are many people gathered.  The human body can gain tremendous resistance to all types of pathogens through mother’s milk in nursing and from playing on the floor, and so on.  It has been proven even by your own scientists that over-care and over-cleanliness of children has led to the development of allergies to substances which have not raised allergenic problems in the past.
The ideal situation is to raise children naturally and authentically where they live to accept and to be resistant to the local pathogens.  This in itself helps to boost the immune system within the person.  When they become adults, they will be traveling, they will be in many areas, and they will be among large groups and so on, seeing many people in passing.  The necessity of remaining apart from those who are carrying those pathogens is important.  You have already had discussions and directions and instructions how to care for yourself when you are traveling via public mass transportation for protecting yourself from the transmission of diseases, etc.  It is not that we are trying to develop a bunch of “clean freaks” or those who are bio-phobic in any way, but the natural good sense of washing your hands when you have been in public will serve you in good stead.  Is this too fundamental to your question?
What is your opinion on vaccinations?
Roxie:  That was Rick’s question, but I do have some follow-ups.  I know that there are quite a few people who are very resistant to or negative towards vaccinations.  What is your opinion on that?
MACHIVENTA:  It is a morally obligatory action to take.  It is moral because it is far better to vaccinate and lose one person who is intolerant to vaccinations than to not vaccinate and have hundreds or tens of thousands of people who will die because of transmission from a person who did not vaccinate.  It is a moral issue to us.  It is a fundamental aspect of Planetary Management and the social evolution of your societies and the maintenance and sustainability of your societies.
Use of fungicides on crops
Roxie:  You addressed the overuse of antibiotics.  What about the use or overuse of fungicides on crops?  Do you see that as a problem?
MACHIVENTA:  It is one of those borderline situations where overuse, similar as overuse of antibiotics can lead to greater and greater problems.  Minimal use is advantageous to the industry and to the preservation of grains and stocks and so on.  I provide this minimal answer rather than not answering at all.
Suggested size for cities and smaller communities
Roxie:  Some of your answers today seem to point toward the reason why it has been suggested that we not have cities over 50,000 I think.  Is that related to your answers?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it is advantageous to have cities of less than half a million, which would be a collection of clusters of smaller communities of 50,000, and within those would be clusters of 500.  Such a design offers the possibility that communities that are developed that are highly useful to families and to common values of personal life, family life and to societal life.
Roxie:  Thank you.
Question on presentation to community leaders
Liz:  I’m speaking to a small group of community leaders next week about the 7 core values and the design team process.  And then Jeff sent me a lovely and inspired vision of the 7 core value community, he has a kind of expansive vision— and this made me wonder. My understanding of the design team process is that it starts with the tiniest most basic small decisions that interlock, this process interlocks with this process, and interlocks with the next process, which eventually becomes a system upon which other things build.  So, would an over-arching vision be prejudicial to the design team process as it starts out with these very basic building blocks?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it would be prejudicial.  Our emphasis is on the individual who sits in front of you, and they are concerned or are thinking about “How can I make this relevant to me?”  If your audience is overwhelmed by the over-arching concept and design and such and such, then you will lose them.  They want to know how they can resolve a difference or find agreement with a neighbor over a simple problem.  It is incredible that people can argue about building fences between houses, and whether to resolve that difference because the open space behind the houses is highly useful to everyone.  That simple question could be resolved and that problem could be resolved through the design team process involving several people on a team, and perhaps if there was greater concern, there could develop several teams, and then conferring with all the teams present about their findings.  Does this make sense?
Liz:  Yes it does; I understand completely what you are saying.  “We” have an understanding that the eventual goal is Light and Life, and that is an over-arching idea that we can work toward with our little tiny building blocks that is headed in that direction.  But I’m thinking when we are starting out with introducing the design team process.  I think you and I are in agreement about the vision for the future with regards to community.
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you are correct.  It is important that you advise or promote common values that are common to everyone as a means of finding common understanding about the values for making decisions.  If there is a difference of values, then there will be a difference in interpretation of the values that people will have.  Remember, in the schematic that there are the 7 ultimate values, and then there are a number of interpreted values.  Oftentimes people will rely upon their interpreted values as “the” values that they rely upon to make their decisions, and when you would ask them about those interpreted values, what underlies the decision to act out those decisions, based on the interpreted values.  It is not complex; semantically it may be confusing, but it is a simple process of getting down to the values that guide all human beings to survive. 
Liz:  Thank you for that answer; yes, I am sure there will always be people who disagree with these values, and have to through trial and error have to learn that in fact, these are the appropriate values that need to be used when working in a design team.  But I am sure there will be trial and error.
MACHIVENTA:  I am advised to ask you whether you have a handout that they can take with them to go home and use.
Liz:  I do.  (Machiventa:  Wonderful.)  So, then I have a couple of personal questions if you would entertain those?
MACHIVENTA:  I would be glad to.
Question on Planetary Management
Liz:  As Planetary Manager, you surely have people who report directly to you and others who report directly to them?  Could you tell us a little bit about the hierarchy of your staff and what their areas of responsibility are?  I ask because I think this could be a model of hierarchies of responsibility here on the planet.
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we do have hierarchies of duties and responsibilities.  The missing factor between my staffing process and their responsibilities and duties and that of humans is that we have common access to the data base that is common to all of us, meaning that we are aware of what the other person has been working on and what is relevant to their tasks and responsibilities and how they have been accomplished.  And yes, we have individuals who have very firm opinions and options that they think must be exercised to fulfill their duties.  It is part of my responsibilities to assist them in resolving these differences of opinions or options for problem resolution working with mortals.  This is an area of facilitation, much as a team leader facilitates the growth of team members.  It is a means by which I assist both individuals, or more than one, to come to an understanding of the higher meaning and interpretation of these options, and then offering them the positive, constructive side and the detrimental side, or questionable side, or the down-slope of those options.  This is a very intimate part of my work as a Planetary Manager, so that everyone has a common knowledge of that data base and the options that have been presented. 
It is very similar to a design team process in which you come to findings that are workable and constructive and findings that are detrimental and not working.  You are looking for results that are positive and meet the criteria of those values and the ethics and morality.  We are looking for the commonality of solutions that contribute to our work to uplift your world socially, so that the vast majority of people can grow spiritually in the positive ways.  It is a means by which we can use the capacities for option development that are available to us on a much grander scale than your scientists use with your supercomputers.  It may be analogous to using algorithms and variables in a supercomputer considering maybe a basic 100 variables.  We, however have the option through our own—this would be a faculty of the Most Highs that we have access to—is to run option developments through their—not a computer, but a “living being”—that has capacity to run several algorithms simultaneously involving 10,000 variables, and so if need be we can run through these differences of options through this process.  It is rare that this occurs, but it is a faculty of this living entity that we have access to and which is highly effective.  It, too, is a means for “proofing” the options that are available and individuals have come to.  The forward thinking of Christ Michael and who has access to reflectivity on all these matters, but his proposal in the Correcting Time is that we learn by doing, so that all the celestial realm learns as well as the mortals learn so that we can be most effective in the social and spiritual evolution of individuals and whole societies.  Your question is very insightful; it is intuitive and we appreciate it.  There is much more to be said about this, but this will keep you scratching your heads for a while.  (Laughter.)
Is the data base like “Google Nebadon?”
Liz:  Yes, indeed! So, this data base you speak of that you all have access to, what is the nature of this?  Is this like “Google Nebadon?”  (Laughter from all.)
MACHIVENTA:  That too, is a very intuitive question, which we respect very highly.  The answer is that in the living and past living memory banks of individuals who are on Urantia now and those who have passed have relevant information to the subject matter that is of the subject of inquiry.  The nature of this being is such that it has access to the archives of all human past living individuals, and particularly to the living memories of and current thinking of individuals on any planet.  On a normal planet, this would not even be a question that need be asked, but for a planet such as Urantia, which is a decimal planet and in the conditions it now lives in, and living with the past legacy, horrific legacy of the rebellion, that the need for this being’s computational skills comes into effect fairly frequently.  It is not that we are opting out of making decisions ourselves, but it is a matter of opting to the best possible solutions for current problems that are very transient on your world as cultural and social change is very rapid.  And thank you for your questions.
Liz:  Thank you for that.  So, when we ask you a question and you say, “One moment,” you are accessing this data base to inform your answer?
MACHIVENTA:  No, I do not access that grand facility.  I am accessing my own team to begin with.  They are present here in my advisements to this team and other teams around the world, as I have access to the immediate information that they have available.  This too is the positive side of selective thinking, that when I access the “Grand Google,” as you say of Nebadon, that it immediately has access to all relevant information, and with my advisory staff, they provide this information through me immediately.
Liz:  It’s very interesting and I think beneficial for us to have a window behind the curtain, so to speak, so thank you very much for your willingness to entertain these questions.
What other types of beings are on your staff?
Stéphane:  Machiventa, besides the Midwayers, the Angelic Corps and the Melchizedeks, what other types of beings on your staff are helping you in Planetary Management?
MACHIVENTA:  Also a very good question.  There are those who are present with us who are volunteers.  They have voluntarily come here to observe and advise.  They are those who are without Name or Number; there are those individuals who travel the universe and who have a nascent or immediate awareness of situations in the Grand Universe that they are attracted to, and so they go there and they are of assistance.  We are aware of their presence and knowing that, we ask them for any advisements that they have concerning the contemporary situation we are dealing with, whereupon they will either give us their advisements or not.  They are individuals who volunteer to come here, who have been attracted here, come here because they know they can be of assistance.  And as you know, service is the highest reward for one who has already learned the lessons of life.
Closing statements by Machiventa
Hearing no further questions, let us go to our closing then.  We thank you for your presence here today; we thank you for drawing closer and closer to who we are, and what we are about.  You are in many ways taking on the mind of Christ; you are taking on the mind of Christ Michael himself; with his presence you have the presence of Nebadonia as well.  When you open yourself even to this what you might call frivolous speculation and light hearted questions, you are in a way opening yourself to the Mind of Christ Michael.  He, as Jesus, was also very playful and as a teacher would ask questions as you are asking of others, and he in turn by doing so, was also open to receiving those questions to answer.  So, you are in turn beginning the ascent of asking meaningful questions which is the way of learning great wisdom.  You too, have great wisdom and as you do so, you have the capacity and are gaining the ability to enter deeper into the Psychic Circles and your inner potential for fusion.  This is not an enticement; this is not a means of drawing you closer; it is a means to tell you of your own self-awareness to think about your thinking, about what you are doing and how you are doing it, how you are living your life and of course this leads you into being a person who is engaging more meaningful service to yourself, your future eternal life, and that of others in your world.  For this we give great thanks and we salute you.  Good day.
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GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / What Happened Before the Big Bang NOT
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What Happened Before the Big Bang?

I am not going into gales of refutations on this, but our Science Officer, Rayson has spoken to this scenario and said the following.  "No Big Bang, but yes Great Searing Heat"

“Years did not exist before the Deities placed time to start working in the time-space areas of the Grand Universe.  Before there was even space, there was Havona, the surrounding space area that is the core of the universe.  That core of the universe we know as Paradise, and Havona existed immediately after the appearance of the mass materialization of Paradise itself.  When it was time to prepare the first experiential area of time and space, the Deities had to fill it with space first, and space is generated like I described to Ron long ago and he remembers it factually as little rubber=like dots of membranes that could turn themselves inside out and prepare the area they did this into an area that now has space in it.  That is a very crude example of being sure of nothing , but it does expalin how the Deities extend the idea of space into mirrors of the central universe itself.

“What scientists do is to postulate the Big Bang as they would postulate any explosion and then fail to recognize that no explosion regardless of its source of generation, can it create matter, but that explosions are really the result of having to release pressure building up too much to contain itself for any length of time. But please note, it takes time to reduce pressure as it is a sequence of events from 1 - no pressure 2 some pressure 3 too much pressure release of too much pressure 5 return to stasis.

The theorists forget that time is a sequence of events and not a rubber ball that is discrete and can be blown out into the universe like a ball in an explosion.  All forgive themselves for doing this by noting a heat echo they can measure with their instruments that surrounds earths for a reason they do not fathom.   That heat or thermal residue is actually the remnants of the collapse of the galaxy your sun Monmatia was derived from.  It has nothing to do with an explosion they theorize started the universe of matter and galaxies and so on.  I think Ron only wishes to show that the generation of the universe you can see with your own eyes, was actually generated from zero time to time by the fact that the Deities always precede a new space area with intense heat, and that is how they get the space devices we described above to cohere to each other, and when they, in unison, flush themselves inside out to form space, the heat is required to dissipate over eons of time before any matter is introduced into the new space areas.

“It took over five million trillion space devices just to start Superuniverse Number One to materialize/ It took more than that to materialize Superuniverses Two through Seven thereafter.  In all, the entire idea of a big bang is ludicrous as it fails to explain how God ever got involved as an idea of being in space at all, as God is not linear or time conditioned on Paradise, or the central gravity and creative control of time and space at all.”  RAYSON OF THE CENTRAL UNIVERSE.


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