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To Our China Audience - The Following Information For You 15Oct2918 | ChinaNetCenter

Dear China Message Takers for China

I am the Magisterial Son that has been promised to come to this planet for the past fifteen years.  I remain in spirit, but the entire uiverse watches the primary players in the financial markets on a planet we call Urantia.  You call it earth.

As that Magisterial Son I am planning to arrive on Urantia (earth) in a few short hours or days.  Time is very difficult for spirit to assess and we have no direct way to “time,” or as to duration of our travels.  It takes me, the Deity known as the Magisterial Son, ten minutes of your sixty minute hour to travel one parsec.  That is the equvialent of moving at the speed of light over sixty of your light year measurements every hours of your time living on Urantia.

Let it be known that Spirit has no friends and it has no enemies.  We simply are.  Now this: I am the financial worker in spirit for the work to be done on your planet in the coming one thousand years.  That is one millennium in Western vocabulary and it is known well in China as well.  Your masters, the leaders of your country, know me already.  They have spoken to me frequently through mass media and through this particular web site.  We will use this web site and will provide answers to questions you pose, but please ask them in English and direct them to the email as follows: 

That arrives in the mail box of this transmitter and he has our permission to respond to your questions in a direct reply to your email at your computer as you may wish it to be directed.

Finally, the trial for the entire planet is to be sure you, China, understand we will not permit belligerency on any front so long as it is not justified.  War is soon forbidden on Uranta.  We must prepare an invasion of spirit to the planet withing a few short weeks from now, and all will be included and that includes all of China and the people of Urantia as well. 

We complete this message as follows: This web site may go down when the confusion becomes apparent that we are here and controlling media and transmissions to prevent confusion.  Those channels of news who misrepresent the news will be turned off.  It is not to panic but to control outrageous acts of sacrifice or killing or other misdeeds due to panic.  Let this message suffice for now.  I am SERARA, that is my name, and I am a Son of God, and unlike Western religions, we are not one but millions, and we come strictly in peace to all mankind.  Good day.



Inconsistent Edition of “A Course in Miracles” Appears
Michael of Nebadon
October 12, 2018
York, Pa

Michael of Nebadon - The “A Course in Miracles” is now operating a syndicate in which we declare invalid and sacrosanct no more to the original purpose of the “A Course in Miracles” as originally issued in 1976-1977.  The new edition purports to add the edited notes made by Dr. Schuchman in her hand written effort to take down the spirit dictation for the book that would become  “A Course in Miracles”.   We are supporting the original Foundation issue of that text, but warn that is now offering a new edition that adds all the superfluous notes that Schuchman used to write the notes and now considered apocrypha.   This is what happens when a text is over venerated and it has become a fetish for those who crave more than they at this time.  I have asked Ron to copy out the new copyright owner and information you may find helpful to avoid a book that adds nothing and desperately attempts to be more than it really is.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon and Helen Cohn Schuchman jointly so stated,

The new text “A Course in Miracles” (2017)
Copyright by the Circle of Atonement, Inc.
Box 4238
A 501 c 3 religious/educational non profit
West Sedona, AZ 86336 USA

Dr. Helen Schucman speaks:
“[As far as the original text] I am loathe to report I had no idea who was teaching me to transmit, or as I called it in those days, channel, the Course in Miracles, and as such, I had no idea that it was not Jesus, but my own interior indwelling spirit called a Thought Adjuster.  I did not know this until I arrived on the mansion worlds– really a repair for all the trauma we suffer while living our human lives on this awful planet– and I provided the text to my colleagues as we learned that it was an instruction book for all of us to learn how to teach and to learn.  In 1977 I gave it over to an administration I trusted, but later learned they were money hungry and taught from this classroom position to disabuse the trust and move it to a more equitable publishing company.  They betrayed my trust as well and from my position in my new university position on the Mansion Worlds, I now declare the new edition of the Course in Miracles, saleable but disabused of its original intention to cure homeless feelings and a loss of appetites for living a good life.  I am aware of the new larger edition but care little for its presentations at the moment as the heart of it is gone along with my deep care that it be let alone and read as originally issued in three volumes.  I am in distress not and care that someday the book is over as the new revelation to this world is ready to be read anew and it is available before the end of this year, 2018. 

“I am Dr. Helen Schucman, and I praise this transmitter for his honesty and willingness to pass my messages as he does for many others who know how to listen to the changes in spirit being produced this very moment on the Mansion worlds and on earth, as you know, I now call Urantia.  Thank you.  Dr. Schucman.”


This is Michael.  Good evening to you Ron.  This is Creator Son 711121, and you are funny my man.  I am from Avalon and I love the font and let us use it.  
·      0 The Award of Citizenship to Ron Besser
·       0 The Alignment of Five Local Universes to be called Gallium
·       0 Return of Serara and Monjoronson to York to establish offices
·       0 The Imperator of the Sea of Five Eternal Flames Burning in the York offices signifying the Five Local Universes of the Federation

·       0  The Creator Son of Avalon 611122
·       0  The Creator Son of Wolvering 711,122
·       0  Michael of Nebadon 611,121
·       0  Serara and Monjoronson, the Magisterial Sons
·       0  Father of Paradise

York, PA USA 2100 -2300  Local Time
October 11, 2018

Creator Son 711121

"I am easier to remember as the Creator Son of the Local Universe of Avalon.  My work in Nebadon is to see to it that I have a good understanding of who your Ron Besser is.  He is creating waves in the Local Universe of Avalon and Wolvering, and that is because he is an evolutionary marvel never seen before in any of our Local Universes.  

"I am that Creator Son, who said to the Universal Father, what is that human being doing in Nebadon who makes us think twice before we say no to humans because they do not behave well enough to include in our divine Missions when we have them in our Local Areas.  I see we are hurrying and that is much better and we are now looking to see what God hath wrought on Urantia in the little town of York, PA. USA as they call it here.

"Now. we must aver that Ron considers himself totally average except for his love the Urantia Book revelation.  He is considered hyper normal on our planet of Sidepyterioptia, and Sidepyterioptia is the name of our capital much as Salvington, is your main planet as the headquarters for the Creator Son.  In so many words, we came to visit Michael of Nebadon, to ask him what went into this creation and He does not know anymore than I do or does the Creator Son of Wolvering, and that Creator Son will speak shortly too.

"We asked Ron to sit down at the piano tonight to show how his mind works for music and he did as we asked and played what he wanted, and he played the Anthem.  It is gorgeous not because of the keying but because of the expression of soft and softer and loud and soft.  It is truly dedicated to Father and He hears it beautifully as well.  It is not set in Ron as he has no memory cells to set it, but it is wrote in his personality and he can approximate it every time but every time it is new and fresh.  It is a gift of God for sure.  Nonetheless we have those who can write music as it is played, and tonight Ron outdid himself with it and played it in harmonies only he knows how to produce.  I am sending this copy to Nebadon for replication too as they have about sixteen versions of it and each one is a revelation on chording and syntax.  Be assured it is that good and it needs full orchestration to be heard and it will tear the heart up to listen to its wonder ways with the key and frequency of C major.  

"I am the Creator Son of Wolvering.  I am number 611121 as Michael and Wolvering has Creator Son number 611122, and the idea was to bring Wolvering and Avalon together to settle our issues as to who owns what planet and who planted that life there in the first place.  

"I am here to tell you Ron has won something of a Nobel Prize in Wolvering, as our star students now see his work with Rayson is extraordinary, so extraordinary that we must censor it in Wolvering and Avalon must do so as well.  Nebadon is asking the Father directly to be able to publish it on Urantia, and the Father said 'yes.' at once. The book when redone with the help of the Magisterial Son Rayson of Nevarra and that is a far distant planet from Uversa and a secret rendezvous of the Magisterial Sons after a Bestowal or a Mission as they must do on Urantia coming up.  Nevarra is a secret sphere just as Ascendington is a secret sphere for you.  

"As a Creator Son, I make those announcements, and as a friend of Ron, We make this one for him.  He is to be supplied with a fresh pair of legs and heart,  but he will receive a new pair of lungs and legs from Father and we will supply the underwear to go with it. In any case we joke but the new legs and the new head band called a skull cap, must be placed on him before he goes to his test tomorrow morning at the local hospital for a connectivity test which point to all the nerves in the legs and maps them for how they distribute the electrical contact to the brain and to actually move a person to walk along the way.

"The skull cap is from Wolvering.  The new heart is from Avalon.  The new abilities to hear and see are from Nebadon.  You have no idea how much we enjoyed putting this together and it all can be sewn up tonight for he must arise early for his test tomorrow morning."

"I am the Creator Son of Wolvering 611,122 and with the Avalon Son 711,121, and we prepare the new Local Universe Federation or what we call the Universe of Gallium.  Gallium has three Creator Sons, and three Gabriels and three Mother Spirits.  Each is necessary for the purpose of each Local Universe in the Federation must be preserved.  We name it Gallium after the Time Lords Home in Dr. Who which Ron loves to dress up as a time lord with a very big collar on his dressing gown.

"I am now almost like the Most Highs feel when conferring residence onto an out of Local Universe person.  It happens often enough they eventually get used to it, but we never had a human be so assigned and that is our Ron Besser.  He already holds the pile of papers needed to be in our Mission, and now he has a pile of papers for being licensed as soon as he is morontialized up here on our mansion worlds, to travel to Avalon and Wolvering and Alvoring for sure.  Sensalon and the one called Alvoring II, a secret local universe nearby for Melchizedek procreation only and that is not for anyone else to know.  You will know them all Ron.  Sansbornites and they arrive by fairy lights like you see in the Dr. Who episode with the Sprites, a gorgeous script and wonderful to watch if ever anyone should find time to watch the two hour episode from the BBC.  These warrior brethren are warriors and they fight anything that gets loose in space and fight it to death although Ron you came close a year ago when you cursed them so hard they actually had to flee because the heat of that anger they never felt before and let us hope you never flash it again.  You are not compulsive in any of that, but when you feel badly threatened you unleash it directly and fully before them and as you did to one other, watch out because your spirit power is huge when it feels outright threatened by death of misdeed.  

"At the least Ron thank them all and find that picture to post with this transmission.

Ron Besser - To all the Creator Sons who spoke with me today, and to my own Creator, Michael of Nebadon, my deepest thanks for telling me anything regarding your plans for Gallium and the Federation idea which I adore and look forward to placing a flame for each Local Universe in our humble offices in York for each Local Universe in our Mission to Urantia.  I am made, I think, a Liaison Director for the Magisterial Foundation, which I adore as an assignment and give to all who may join the Team with me for the Michael Mission and the following Magisterial Mission if there is such a continuity.  However it may be supported, I thrill at the idea of having the flame of each creation represented before us as a constant reminder of the unity of God, and the bravery of our local Creator Sons to do what no Creator Son or other Deity or divinity has ever done in time.  I thank you profusely and bow before you all.  Thank you!"

SERARA and MONJORONSON, the Magisterial Sons - "Ron I congratulate you for bringing together one of the most interesting crowds of Creator Sons we ever had at one time without it being the Millennium Celebration.  We are proud of you all Creator Sons, and that calls for a celebration for Ron, as he just said he never saw my interaction with other Creator Sons before. and now I understand the tearing that takes place in him.  Glory be to God!

"Now this:  Ron you spend your day between bed and the computer to get things done.  You are relieved of the computer shortly for Reasons of State.  That is not disabuse you of it but for us to put together a new suite of software that will make your life much easier than you have to deal it now.  Steve Gitz will receive and identical computer system too from all of us and Gossett will have to deal with what he has for the time being.  Besides, the Wolvering contingency is so far advanced over Urantia computer science we dare not mention how well they designed your new system.  

"Further, I report to all of you that the ideal coverage Ron would like to have for messaging is to be made available by our own means of dissemination worldwide to every news capital for reception.

"We must open the offices in York and provide the eternal flames of the Local Universe of Avalon, Wolvering, Alvoring, and Sensalon. and Nebadon.  The eternal flames we refer to will be presented on a dais of marble and flame. Good and this:

"I am Serara, and those who read this:  IT IS NOT a fairy tale, as all of this is coming together with the help of my Consortium of Magisterial Sons on Nevarra. Nevarra is a super-secret sphere for Magisterial Sons alone and has representations of the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son, our parents, for Reasons of State are not further described as Ron points out the ten secret spheres of the Father around Paradise have the same prohibitions as to their relationship(s) to the Paradise Deities.  Once I arrive on Urantia, which I forecast for next Tuesday, the offices on Urantia will be opened with great fanfare on Uversa and Salvington, and Ron can watch from his computer not.  Be assured the on-the-ground appearance of those offices will appear in a matter of thirty days or sooner.  

"Ron just spoke to me and the Father and the Creator Sons and all who are included in this master piece of work Ron put together for us and for ourselves we thank Michael of Nebadon, Michael of Wolvering, Michael of Alvoring, Michael of Sensalon, and the Universal Father, together with Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, the Imminence of the Supreme, and the work of the First Michael ever to be born now harbored in the Uversa special section for retired Creator Sons getting ready for new assignments in the first and second outer space zones.  

"Lastly, my work on Urantia is at first invisible and latterly visible to Ron and Steven Murphy and Steve Gitz and to a few more who have earned the right to have eyesight into the morontia. You are welcome Ron as you were afraid you would remain almost blind after that horrible accident December 23 (2016) at midnight, when your left eye imploded and the excruciating pain delivered to you then.  You prayed for deliverance and it was promised but it is so hard to reestablish the optic nerve we have arranged with Uversa to provide you the clarity of the resolution of the best eyes available anywhere, and those are the morontial eyes of the way fair State of Pennsylvania in the alp like conditions of its highest peaks. Be assured Ron, that the most hale man on Urantia cannot beat you to the punch.   Now this: (Serara and Monjoronson have spoken jointly)

"I am Michael of Nebadon, and we close this off in celebration of Michael of Nebadon's trip to Urantia tonight to hear one more time the Anthem loves to play when he is goaded to since he thinks we are sick of it, and we are, but it is always breath taking to see the Angels spell its name in song as best they can follow it for version after version is available but they do very well and they often wait to orchestrate it at home and then sing the new version there.  It is gorgeous with strings and timpani, and you shall hear it too Ron as it will be presented at the Symposium after the invocation of the Lord’s Prayer as you told us one night it should follow closely and wordlessly.   The full chorus version is being prepared by Bach in his honor at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  It is our pleasure to assign you Ron to the balcony as he conducts the choir from heaven to break through the choir loft and touch your new cranium top and so one.  Be assured this will be one splendid ovation for Father and the Anthem could only come from Ron.  Good today.  Michael."


10/12/18 Error Correction.  The picture below is of six Time Lords from the Dr. Who Series of the later 1970's and on until the death of Tom Baker in the early 80's ending the most original Who series ever.  There were a total of Seven Time Lords and the picture is labeled incorrectly but they did bow before the higher purposes of the Universe, here, the Father.  Ron


October 11, 2018
9am Local Time, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless

“his is SERARA.

“We are now at the point in this unhappy economic period to not ever say to anyone this is wrong ir this is right.  We now all must deal with the idea that the entire matter of economic co-dependence is useless. 

“There is no world trade balance today,  and we are truly amazed you can hear at all that this is a tirade that must be concluded before it starts.  Julio (Brazil) is genuinely happy to see a message that at least supports the idea of normal trade relations but hates the idea of governments doing what China is doing these days. 

“We all do dislike it as Brazil dislikes it, but poor countries, becoming poorer have no choice.  Their economies will not suffer briefly, but their economies will then turn down without any relief in sight when most of the good will in the trading nations disappears.  That is our view as of the moment, but let me add this to the following insult we bring to the United States as well.  

“United States: you have made the worst deal in the history of the world to erect trade barriers to force a re-evaluation of the monetary system.  Trump makes no amends but forces a trial where there should be nothing but gratuities today.  In this we make the following evaluation:

“United States: you are using a world leverage against a rich country that once was a poor China.  Now it is a rich country, but too late to help you, and too late to help anyone, as they have driven a wedge into their own economic relations with the East and laterally, to the West.  I am sure the United States will hear the name of “lame excuses,” from its Chinese counterparts, but they are as poor in thinking as is the United States and the Trump administration is using.  The United States can no longer afford a pair of tongs to lift anyone or anything out of the mire of a Great Depression that shifts its way into use over and over again as the United States flails over China and other trade pacts it finds ludicrous today. There is a Great Depression soon to hold the world in its fangs once more. 

“Trump, you have unwisely concluded that China is an enemy State, but it is only the frail caricature of an enemy State, and seeks self distribution in its own area of influence.

“In so many words, the trial to redo the American free enterprise system is over.  The US Government cannot undo the disaster Trump has perpetuated, but it can undo the administration in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately the United States cam no longer pretend it is sits on the high ground of economic development any more. And we must make amends not to China, but to Singapore the British have finally given up on in order to restrain the Chinese beast for money and goods it really no longer needs or wants in final attribution to the old idea of Empire.

“Finally, the appearance of an economic military mission to the world of Urantia, is being drowned by the incompetence of the military in China to sustain its power over its own internal interests.  The regime that holds China together right now is rich and unhappy over the entire world view held by the United States, and it will throw the United States curve after curve providing the American Senate to someday endlessly review; however, it is not our intention to ever intervene in the to and fro of political bickering that takes place between these two, once friends, countries at the moment.

“Now I make a policy statement for those who read these pages with a fine toothed comb:

“The Magisterial Mission to bring sanity and health back to a world desperately alone in the universe and in our own view, even alone in the ways of high Spirit these days, and it is a world without a chance for any kind of romantic clearance of all its problems by Deity fiat, we say the following:

“In the United States, there is no real love for countries like China who bargain hard and leave nothing on the table but economic grants to purloin other countries to its own advantage.  This is especially true for those in Africa, and strangely enough, Brazil, but also to leave nothing to develop once they leave a country.  Be assured  this view we hold will make sense once there is an understanding in the United States, that nothing matters except to revive domestic production again, to protect a stand alone economy while a Great Depression is fought off once again.

“I am Serara, and I decry the need to lecture the little ones who read these pages, as they should be fully aware that all of us in spirit use these pages as a way to speak to all the world which hardly knows we exist yet.  But they will!   In this case I use a transmitter to put down words, not of glory, but of fear mongering to those who dismiss these statements as coming from fools and tirades of luckless men and women around the world. 

“The motivations we hold today is to advise all who do read these pages with or without rancor, you will learn we mean what we say and very soon.

“I am Serara, and that is a line we must respond to ourselves from our position of strength in the higher levels of universe policy toward developing planets which have spun themselves into a loss and not a wind situation.  I am truly sorry we must approach Urantia with these bee hives of unjust economic attitudes, but places and countries that deem themselves out of the world order only because they can afford to be out of the world order if bashed by a country like the United States, or even China itself, there must be a return to equitable trade with one world currency, and that is the entire aim of this Magisterial Administration, soon to be totally encouraging all who can serve, to serve.

“Finally, I am the Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia.  And I demand that all work stop at once on the ridiculous idea of a fence with Mexico, and the fire storms of Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen.  However, let it be known the United States has been prudent in its application of power by insisting that the Russian idea of hegemony over Syria is wise enough,  given the forces unleashed by the Saudis and the Americans over Yemen and other place in the Middle East.  There are desperate times coming and they are badly insulting to the idea of spiritual reconditioning, but we must make amends to the fact that it matters not in the future history of Urantia, that this world, right now, is useless in all things except that it exists and then must be returned to normal, if at all possible.

“I conclude we need better liaison work to the world than this lone Transmitter who is duly licensed to bring the words out of our mouths, so to speak, but he is entirely too frail to end up being our lone spokesman, and others will supplant what I have to say, but for now, these pages are the only outlet we have to be heard fully, and we will utilize them fully.  I am SERARA. Good day.”





SERARA - "I wish to state the following: We are in no way considered pirates, but we must have the understanding that China and the YUAN is to remain pegged at 6.975 per USD, or preferably, 6.735 YUAN per United States Dollar.

"If the exchange rate dips to 7.5315 Yuan then we will take unilateral action to destroy the extra profits this brings industrial sectors known to you, the Chinese Government, and we will take measures for you to release ONE TRILLION USD,  back into the world capitalistic systems.  What is being done by the Chinese Government is to charge over twenty cents for every Yuan at that rate,  and as such, it is seriously overvalued to us and to the rest of the world.

"Let it be known we have reserves in the amount of seventeen (17) trillion dollars at hand and can easily obtain more.  Your currency reserves are nearly double that, but you must understand that world conditions will see to it that is quickly depleted if you make a run on the USD and we wish that not to occur.

"Finally, the USD is now pegged at the close of our trading day October 11, 2018 at 6.921384 Yuan per dollar.   This is excessive and you are warned it will not be tolerated by the end of the day on October 25, 2018 midnight New York time zone.

"I further stipulate this outlet of news to you will be activated briefly to bring you news as to your ties to Hong Kong and other places along your Pacific Coast line, and the South China Sea,  and that we have no intention of allowing a wide spread invasion of Korean goods or Chinese goods to display in place of Vietnamese goods or Hong Kong goods to name a few.  Your policies are made to protect your interests, but they are becoming excessive to the degree we cannot tolerate them for the good of this world we name Urantia, and we ask you to remember that as a matter of course.  Good day.  I am a Magisterial Son and you the country of China are very important to us, and what we have to do here in order to recharge the people of Urantia back to a normal routine of life and observation of decent living standards once more.  I am Serara.  Good day.”


General Discussion / Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns
« on: October 10, 2018, 12:53:09 AM »
Medical Alert For You with Anxiety Concerns

Anxiety levels can eventually kill you when the body can no longer cope with fear and other problems that force your heart to beat faster and blood pressure either to rise too far or go down too far.

I spoke with Michael of Nebadon this evening about how to learn when a stress and anxiety level is dangerous.  He referred me to the Deity Absolute, and between Michael and the Deity Absolute, we worked out a formula about how to calculate your stress level at any time you want to.  You need an arm band blood pressure machine from Walmart or other place that proves you a calibrated read out of what your blood pressure is stated as x/y or normal for age 60 is 135/79

You then have to count your pulse rate.  Normal pulse is 110 beats per minute (110 bpm)

The scale for anxiety levels is a universal calculation in the time space universes.  The scale runs from 100 to 300 for the human species on Urantia.  The scale varies for other species in other universes.

Normal scale readings showing very little anxiety on Urantia is 95 ti 105.

A reading over 212 begins to require medication to calm a person down to prevent blood pressure illness.
A reading from 250 and upward is exceedingly dangerous and requires hospitalization.

Calculate as follows:

Your scale level is determined by taking your blood pressure times your heart beat rate.

Blood pressure 135/75 (is 135 divided by 75 = 1.80)

Heart beat 104 bpm x 1.80 = 187.20  Any result must also have a correction applied to it  which I show below for you.

This 187 number has two corrections applied that brings it down to 155 and this person needs a little sit down that's all. I show you corrections below.

Another example.  Yesterday let's say your blood pressure was 159/64 ( = 2.48) and you counted a heart beat of 120 bpm
2.48 x 120 = 297
The anxiety in this person is not good at all,  and some medical attention at once is required; however, the number needs two correction applied:  Here is how to do the correction.

This diagnosis is off by a factor of 25 points (276 is still bad enough and that is the correct answer) because the blood pressure division has a small correction to multiply the answer with.  There are two corrections. One is 0.0321531527 for condition red and the Urantia human species correction is 0.041572157.

297 x .0321531527 = 9.157   and 9.157 must be subtracted from 297 which  is about 288 and that is extremely high as well.
297 x .041572158 = 12.35 and 12.35 must be subtracted from  288 = 276 and this person now has the corrected actual scale level of anxiety stated of 276.  Immediate reduction in blood pressure is called for and some sort of histamine has to be injected to normalize them from having a stroke.

Normal blood pressure runs for a person age sixty (60) at 135/79 and normal heart bpm is 108.65
A heart beat over 110 is excited and a heart beat at less than 60 bpm is very ill for any length of time as well at 60 years of age.


Anxiety Level is calculated as follows:
blood pressure numbers x/y = z times heart beats per minute x .032153111527  x .041572158=  K (the anxiety level)


Now for the religionist, the number 0.032153111527 is a logorhythm.  It corrects for the presence of the Deity Absolute in our life force system/

The number 0.041572158 is a logorhythm that correction for our own Urantia species of a human and indicates that homo sapiens are anxiety driven to the point the universe must correct for their presence on Urantia for planetary evolution expectations downward by the results of this log.

Both log corrections are available in my new book which I am still working on due to lots of volatile ideas concerning molecular matter and I release these log numbers at great risk to those who do it for me from our Science Engineer to our Michael of Nebadon, because the Deity Absolute is not quite sure what releasing these corrections will do to evolution on Urantia. 

Good day from Michael and the Deity Absolute and a host of angels who watch me with horror when I get into this stuff.  I thank them ALL.



General Discussion / UB for Dummies Video
« on: October 08, 2018, 04:39:22 PM »
Greetings! :-)
The Urantia Book for Dummies project team has posted a new video, Cosmic Briefing #10 & Chapter 3 Section 1, on Youtube:


A New Trinity Book Project for Epochal Revelation
•        Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record on Urantia
•        Michael of Nebadon
•        Mantutia Melchizedek and Two Mighty Messengers with Him to work with Serara and Monjoronson on the epochal revelation project of the Paradise Trinity and with the Deity Absolute in Support/

York Pa at Noon local time
October 04, 2018

Margul speaks:

“Today is October 4, 2018. Yesterday you placed a transmission on line no one can find although it is there on your screen and on no one elses. Why?

“You have seriously looked at the situation this past week and wonder why do anything more. As Lemuel laments and you agree, it is dead out there and you dislike deception so much you growl at the slightest clue to it being used. I am Margul, and I am the Trinity on Urantia, and you appreciate that is the case and give me my due every moment. However, to the rest I am just a name and a classification and we are not that unhappy about that either. But it makes a huge difference as to who we choose to do our companion work, and you Ron stand head and shoulders above all others for understanding the time and the rot left on Urantia is unsustainable. Now to that post that does not show but on your own screen. You checked it this morning and there it stands. But no one else can see it.

This transmitter is ready, but not for us or anyone until Michael decides the shape of the sixth epochal revelation either through the corporations or through other measures.

“I contacted the Paradise Trinity on the matter of resources for this Trinity Project, and they agree that seizing a new book off his computer half way done was an error on our part. Ron has been able to reconstruct a second Ilok book fully and is adding to it but it needs a huge draft edit and he is willing to take that on and trim it up. However, we now see the Father tells me, Margul, to please take Ron by the hand remove nothing ever again from his work like we did for the first publication on Kindle. In fact, we are to publish this second book in the regular press and that is because it is loaded with how molecules and atoms materialize into visible matter and that has never been explained before. Father decries the effects of evolution on Urantia, but there are elements left on Urantia that need replenished, and it is books like this that can do it, if only to prepare Urantia for greater scientific discoveri8es in a few years from now once the basics are established. The whole idea of Ron publishing was a salute to his friend Ilok, and to say to the world, “why did you forget or forsake this marvel?”

Now, this. BOOKS


“We suggested to Rayson, the Magisterial Mission Science Provider, that he finish the second Ilok book with how things get materialized and you can use them to walk on or use other ways, but to make it a primer on reality, and Ron has done a splendid job doing that as he has managed to hobble together some astounding graphics which will be talking about for years. We have graphics too but they are not allowed to him at this point but we are negotiating for some to appear if possible. Now this:

“I am Margul, and Ron is worried this will get too long to be read again, and shame on you for doing that to him. But he is right and I will disclaim much I wanted to say and to tell you all that a new revelation is to appear on Urantia, other than the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION.

“When we allow that post Ron made yesterday to be visible you can read all about it. Right now I say no more than it will be called:


“The Book of Revelation”


It will be authored by Jesus of Nazareth and by John the Baptist and the Voice of God of John the Revelator, for sure. It will consist of the history of God on Urantia and speak to the scrolls not found yet but will be found in about forty-five years. We also are going to speak about God the Father fully and that is how it started with the trolling lives of the tribes of Israel. Be assured it will fascinated scholars for years to come as it is revelation itself. Meanwhile:

“Michael has petitioned the Ancients of Days to hear Ron speak fully on certain issues concerning the Urantia Book as issued by the first Urantia Foundation in Chicago. He makes it clear it changed the course of his life and made possible the full recognition of his Thought Adjster entirely. For without it he would be ignorant of any cosmology whatsoever that made such a vast difference in his own life.


MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - “Two Mighty Messengers accompanied me from Paradise this morning. We are to travel to York and establish a placement for Ron and with his selected individuals to work in a new offices for the Magisterial Foundation.

“I am authorized with the two Mighty Messengers to see to your resources for the office and for the trials of the Magisterial Mission. They are already placing those resources at your disposal and we wait for Mantutia to save the day with a parting gift of the Mighty Messengers for Uversa to be liaisons with Monjoronson and Serara as the occie opens using their names.


“For Serara and Monjoronson, they can get back to work on Urantia through the Trinity Project with Ron and others he selects to with him on this. Be assured you got full confirmation from your Thought Adjuster, Ron, and you have seriously complained that you have no such confirmations for all other such things and be glad you listen for those plans are gone as much as we are sorry they had to be taken away. The books are yours as is Rayson and the rest. Gitz must be appraised of this situation but he does transit and is working on one now to understand just what is transpiring in York today.

“You Ron will have your orders in a few days if not today. We expect some today. You are not alone in celebrating this as soul is stirred once more to stand tall after weeks of configuring dissolution of selfhood to become morontial but not so and you must stand tall for Jesus as he is spiritually active around you today. Be aware all who will work with you are being tuned up too. Enjoy what is left of this day already. Margul and I wish you the best of today for good.”



Supreme Announcements for All Today 03 Oct 2018
•        Michael of Nebadon
•        Father on High
•          All Human Souls Detained until Uversa Concludes Safety Assured for Nebadon
•            A New Book of Revelation Is Coming thorugh Jeus to Earth with John the Revelator
•            Medical Attention for Aging Transmitters Amethyst, Lemuel, Gossett, Besser on Us
•            Channel Abilities to Be Cut Off. Transmitters Allowed Only to Continue to Earth Messaging
York, PA, PA 16:00 hours local time
October 03, 2018

Michael of Nebadon
I have several important announcements concerning Urantia here:
One: No one leaves Urantia for the mansion world until further study of what is happening on Urantia, that it makes the planet a bath of acid for most of you and the rest of the population with no axe to grind except to leave when the door is opened to move on. We now hold all departing souls to the grace period in the bonding energies called the Grid by all of you. We call it the Aphrodisiac Frequency. It holds all alive until we can pass all before the Judges on high.
Two: We resign all medical attention for some of you soon and for Ron in particular, as the decision has been taken to end the travail of human misery of the old-age syndromes Lemuel and Ron and Larry G. complain about. This decision will affect Amethyst and Larry and Lemuel only, and that includes Ron first over his constant misry of pain and blindness approaching quickly. We speak no more to this for now.
Third now:
I am letting it be known to Rayson that his work with Ron MUST continue unabated now. Ron has the idea that we have books to do and he is not wrong. However:
3 - Let it be know that a new revelation will concur Urantia. We are going to write a new two or three hndred page book called the Book of Revelation for Urantia and let the chips fall where they may reserve nothing and all for John the Revelator after all is furnished inthis tomb (sic, spelled correctly) to be written just for the Jesus freaks that abound on Urantia who are heartless and pitiless above all and have caused us so much damage we can hardly recover anything we meant to do.
I have used the arabic number three to make sure you noticed this. We are out of ways of sectioning off information so let us do the unusual and write so you notice what we want you to notice.
Ron does not used quotes now because his memory gland has been dispatched and he has no memory of the right side of the keyboard and knows not where the punctuation keys lie now. He will regain it but not for now. The new Book of Revelation will start this ways:
Source: Heaven’s Gate Channeled from Paradise Alone
“LO’ be this world to ever rise again~
“We speak as the Lord God Most High, and We channel this through the heathen known as the Voice of God Transmitter, exclusive to Jesus of Nazareth when He bled His life out before the Cross of Golgotha.
“Stand still Oh God! We stand still before you too. Let us learn our fate on earth and never purge me more than my sins prevail upon me yet.
“Be still the hearts of the people of this poor place we dignified with a name with Jesus, and Jesus spoke it gladly before the Judges and before the Father, with whok He resides yet in perpetual calumny of the trials of retrinbution spared your earth, when He died the innoncent lamb of God before you, the Sanhedrin of Fate now, and no one shall ever be held so hard as Jesus has, for that is His Order to you these Days of Infamy.
“I stand before you in Majesty. Today we must begin a new Book of Revelation, so that all become injured together with our views of how this must be done and how it must be told.
“I am John the Revelator, and I stand tall before God and with Jesus, as his best friend and his confidant. I gave up my mortal life on the Greek Isle of Patmos, not an unhappy man, but delivered from the flesh at last in order to train myself in the Act of Reveatlion, a sacred name of history given to all High Revelation such as this becomes to all for all time. . . . .”
Now speaks -
“My voice will speak John the Revelator, and it is my voice that will write this history of a new book of revelation. Ron is the only one suited to do this and I forbid the silence of the lambs among you either! Be assured I write in red because now you must understand that Ron was and is terminally ill no more. He is revived today and so on until he is himself again and we have no furthertalk of death for a character out of the soul of Claribell.
“We close my views about this new revelation in normal black script without a lot of fanfare, as you must all now recognize that your friend who speaks the Voice of God here becomes quite a historical character all by himself. We have carefully looked at this Transmitter, and declare him wicked and clever and ready for a good fight, but this time, there will be a wicked and a better fighter than he is, and I will do the work of God as I was intened to by being the Voice of John the Revelator, and not appear among you as was intended all of these Millennia past.
“Concomitantly, I speak to Ron alone at this point. He has now been advised as he should. Be assured it works up here as well too. The new Book of Revelation will be dictated through God the Father, the Adjuster, and I will send that Adjuster the full text of the daily briefing Ron must ascend to and be advised he must do this alone in spite of him asking for a little help to put it together in great dispatch. He also know that the Voice of God never varies but human minds vary it and the text must be of one Voice. Good day.”
This is Michael: I am continuing to have reservations not over Ron and his ilk as he is proving over and over again he loves me and will not harm me even when I push my chin out to have a poke on it from him. He leaves it saturated with bitterness but not dislike of a very fair Deity as he calls me yet. I am not funny most of the time but he can get up my sleeve so easily with his easy view that everything is a position taken and not a brawl from God. That is so unusual I relieve him of the worst transition pains in history in any universe to date. He has to be made whole and it is at work today for good. We looked at him sideways and over the top as he sat at the computer and we found it really good when he was unaware of the frighten failur of his blood pump, the heart. HE had heart failur prominent for forty eight hours straight and all he did was finish installing a complex new furnace installation he still wonders why it got so complicated!
I am, therefore, closing all other so-called channels off. As Ron has explained over and over again, the Voice of God transmitters do NOT DO CHANNEL. It is an exclusive pattern of contact Ron delivered fully to Urantia through the Most High, Andromadeus first, and then had spell bound consequences for Me, the Creator Son, when Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Father-Son Deity Union, also solidified it on Paradise through the direct request of the Deity Absolute, and the Father already in place with that decision. You all should know the history that preceded such an undertaking, but we will not emboss this message with that history now.
You who read this may wonder what in the world we must do to get people to notice that God is the preponderant example of a “MUST DO” apparition pm Urantia– on any sphere for that matter. And that we must bring it sharply into focus for any publisher that attempts to put his out in great quantity as it will be snapped up quickly by the majority of Christians and maybe the Moslems too. The rest of the world is so complacent we doubt they can hear very well for eons and that is wht we are prepared to prevent too. The catastrophes on Urantia will decimate most populations who hear little and pay no attention to the Christian precept, “all are loved greatly.”
We now come to a sacred moment: Ron feels it in prayer already.
“Be assured that God loves all.
“Be assured that love is fully commencing for all of you whatever your calling.
“Be advised that your friend Ron is accorded a value of everlasting duty to Me the Father and to you my children through the offices of Revelation, forthwith all the accustomed challenges to the human mind. We accord this Transmitter all he can hold and to leave himself open to further discussion on how to handle the Sixth Epochal Revelation, he is being accorded to as well. He alone seems to know the path it must take, and he alone with Father will see to it well.
“Be advised this is one of the most important messages any of you will receive from our heavenly Father, and with that here is His pronouncemnt:
“You who read this now understand the final spike has been put into the destiny of Urantia:
“I am speaking now to the general audience.
“URANTIA is no longer a habitable world for human souls alone.
“URANTIA is to be placed in excrow until the geodetic designs it is meant to perform to are completed during the next ten thousand years.
“URANTIA will be outside the normal planetary circuits until it achieves Light and Life, and then it will be reassigned to the home of the brave, Salvington only. Here we will speak not further.
“URANTIA is beholden to Me and as such, I the Father, hold it shrill and despondent over and over as its cause is nasty and lofty not, but harsh and caring more than it knows, to be part of a normal transition planet for human souls to gather and become one with Me, the Father on High.
“URANTIA is to be favored one day, but today there is nothing left of your past to help you gain everlasting life by merely being a Bestowal Planet. You all are most reserved in all of this anyhow, and Ron sees no reason why anyone should be given a pass to anything unless they are awake and ready to serve in whatever capacity suits them.”
“I as the Father have two large compartments on Paradise:
“One is to load that which cannot be dissolved easily into our system of Justice; and TWO, that which cannot be reserved any longer but must be used now or lose too much in time or even success by holding back. We are assigning Ron to rewrite the Book of Revelation as John the Revelator attempted to do before he died long afterwards, wondering if he did any good by writing that huge revelation down and then behaving as though he was done for good. Not so. Not Ron either as we must explore all this talented man beyond redemption, as he knows what must be done even before the activity of God in time is sure what has to be done. He did not forecast a new Book of Revelation, but he did foresee that the ihtroduction to the divine and our Deityship must be harshly and fully stated to those who refuse to give any time to their own salvation. I am Father and close with this sure warning:
“Be glad you know what is to happen. Be glad you go to your reward in some cases because you are not useful here but up there– ooo la la– are you helpful there. I care that this place is cleaned up and so do most of you, but no one knows that better than Michael of Nebadon and his Consort, Mother Spirit of the Infinite Spirit too. Father”
Inventions for Urantia to be Pursued by the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation:
We now present what must be done immediately for our beginning science work on Urantia which must come at once in order to be timely for the Urantia world to recombine itself into a natural planet however long that may take. We progress the world immediately with:
1 - Discoveries of Pre-Particle Energy Transformations;
2 - Pre-Particle soundings for physics departments around the world to experiment with and portray the end to dependence on fossil fuels. All monies to be paid got to Ron and Steve who load it into a joint account for themselves to travel when necessary to speak to groups on how energy is held so well in space it need not be burned as stored in coarl or petroleum;
3 - Ron alone will develop the history of the ∑ (Sigma Entron particle) and reveal it as the new loan shark around the world that gets physicists wondering how a lame duck author like Ron Besser could ever come up with such a remarkable find.
“I am leaving nothing alone from now on.
“We conclude this extraordinary post with this last statement from Paradise, when we gave Michael permission to move heaven and earth with the tools at hand. Michael spoke to my Judges by saying that all now is prepared and that the everlasting word of God reigns soon again on Urantia. I am FATHER.”
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - You will finish the book on helium four micron coal and start the new Book of Revelation shortly there after. We will do this by the book and you will be held incommunicado until we have the first rough drafts completed we think in about forty to fort-five days. Good luck and Good Day. Michael.”

We Are Still Here
Michael of Nebadon
York, Pa. USA 1300 Local Time
October 03, 2018

“I am still here in spite of all the palaver concerning that Jesus is where or there and I hold you all well in spite of a temper tantrum I throw over conditions on Urantia.

“I am very unhappy over several personal circumstances that have evolved among some of you, and that evolution is caused by your decision to forsake any more predictive analysis that comes from this site.  And there is more to it than that.  Be assured you transmitters do not predict, but merely operate as a conduit for what we have to transmit.  Ron has said over and over again, stop hitting him for that which spirit changes the next moment there is something to say via a Voice of God transmission.  Those transmissions are up to the moment,  and why you have to pay attention to them!  They reflect the current movement we have to start these Missions on Urantia.  Stay tuned later today to hear what I am going to start quite soon with your  USA and Russian governments for sure.

And on another note of harassment from the peanut gallery:
Now we understand Ron has been receiving emails from a character called Warren Smith that never cease to lambast and mock the current mode we use to speak with to Urantia.  It is ceaseless in that Smith holds Ron contemptible not, but too slow to communicate with the lad of some age. and to forgive his person for lambasting Ron without meaning.  BUT: Warren finds a good reason now as mental insolubility, but  Ron sees little use to speak to Smith because he has no sense of anything for many bad habits he engenders to keep alert.  In any case let us tell Smith what he ought to hear: Be aware you are not rescinded on high,  but you are making it difficult to be included.  I have given Ron lots of leeway on how to choose personnel and his patience is tasked over you and your wish to be a gad fly.  The mind you possess is retaining the key to Lucifer more than the Universal Father in all of this.

In my years as the Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, I never saw a planet turn from a probable good planet into an exclusively bad one as this one has gone.  I am sure we can correct it but at what cost?   I state that now we have little choice but to upend some governments and be done with their views that what they say is ever important again.  Let this be a lesson to all of you as well, as Ron sees the point endlessly over issues he must face daily due to a wreck of a medical system that allows no mercy and only compliance with regulation by States and Federal Government alike. 

I say this too:

Nobody expects to be saved on Urantia, and that is because they all think alike.  No one will ever hear the call to salvation so long as we stand together and let the entire matter be heard through Ron or Sue or Larry or Lemuel and the other transmitters too, alone to be said on pages that are hardly ever read anymore.  We have been around too long and speak to harshly at times.  Learn that we are done speaking exclusively here, and will open up new channels of information for the future including this place.  Now this:

Today is the third of October in 2018, I am ready to let lose the Hounds of the Baskerville, which are beasts of the imagination of Arthur Conan Doyle.  He died in 1930, and left a mass of letters too which are all about spirit and the world of spirit.  Doyle's two-volume book The History of Spiritualism was published in 1926, and I must say it was the best catalog of spiritually active people on Urantia ever produced.  Unfortunately it led Doyle to become so angry over the empiricists, he fired them all and went into semi retirement at that time.  His last book was a rewrite of a few of his earlier works and he died a happy and slightly wealthy man.  (In stead of repeating some of the material I was going to supply here, Ron has suggested that I wait and give a separate discussion today on the work for new synthetic fuels he is fully immersed in and I will do that.)

Recall that I am Jesus too, and that I worked with Conan Doyle so his books got noticed and I will do the same for Ron as he has a huge repertoire of history few ever knew about concerning synthetic fuel and the German conquest of Europe in the middle fo the 20th century.  He is truly a history bug and digs deep to find what few would every notice and show its significance at the time.  This next book is quite a story to tell and if interested in the mystery of the Absolutes, a must read on how they actually work in real time life.  I persuaded Ron to let me quote this:

“Be assured,”  he writes, “I know not the Absolutes, but I know the source and the center from which they contrive to arrive on this little planet called earth.”  We have written this book several times and every time he does, I steal it off the computer, and he must rewrite it over. This one currently is the fifth one to restart an I am letting it ride as he has the real grit to finish these things in spite of awful health.   This time he caught the big chew of flavor and writes as a man who can defend all he says by pointing to circumstances where the Absolutes make a difference even in human life and especially in the sciences.  This is only one way I have to make sure that God becomes noticed in the heathen lives of people on Urantia who have no soul for goodness but only for process and this is how we must attack the system: knock down the rules that fuel hate and greed.  That is my talk for you today and I wish you all a good day forever.  Michael of Nebadon.


Dear List,
As some of you have received lately, spirit definitions of the come era are more and more leading off with what they see as a very near tilt of our planet from its normal axis established for tens of millennium in our past.  I keep getting warnings to myself over this issue, and I wish to communicate what I am gathering for your own understanding of this subject and the issues it will bring to you to cope with.  I am not so sure we all can, and that is why I am bring this up again now.

Firth some details of what is expected.  Then some editorializing about it later.

AXIS SHIFT:  TILT Extreme to Start, BEWARE!
How many of you know what the tilt of our planet is now?  The answer should be viewed with a picture in your head of a toy top spinning on the table.  Please notice, that as the toy top slows down a little it start to tip one way, and the other way.  That top has an axis to, which is a straight line up the middle of that toy top from tbe bottom is spins to the top that tips a little as its spin is affected by a slow down in rotation speed and force.

It is not the axis itself that cause problems if it changes how straight it stands on the table, but it is the ope of the toy top that if you lived on the top of the toy, you are great affected with what it does.

Normal day and night on Urantia depends on the speed of the toy top we can be seen as sometimes.  Earth today is slowing slightly and as natural result our day and night have changes a little faster or a little slower than they did even a thousand years ago.  But now we are facing a serious dilemma:

The planet is far too hot an gloabal warming alrerady kills thousand of children and even adults as it is unremitting in its problems to cooling the human body well enough not to cause internal heat stroke for many.  When the heart of the heat in our planet, which is its molten metal core in the center of the planet and buried by the mantle by tens of thousands of miles of dirt and rock, it causes heat pressure to build up in that core.  That core has no pretensions to do anything but to begin the work of changing how it works because the atoms in the core have gotten so hot they are becoming explosive.  The Power Directors from on high see the core temperature exceeding the temperature of our own sun, and they now expect the core to explode shortly because of it.

I seldom make a case for anything because predictions are hard to get done well at all, but some of you must realize that if we do get an explosion in our earth core, all bets are off as to what it will do to the toy top!

This is why I write this today:

1 )  Our top tilt will go from about 23 and one half degrees east and west that cause our seasons in the northern hemisphere now, to a predicated extreme of about 46 degrees West and 45 or less degrees South. 

2 ) Temperature swings on our planet will go from about 50 degrees different in Fahrenheit degrees in the north.  Temperatures in the southern hemisphere will doubt that and plunge to about 80 F. degrees lower or more from what is normally experienced today.

3) No one will operate normally for about one month once the axis of the earth gets pushed over to these degree of top swings.  York, Pa is expected to start the pole shift in the dark.  We expect York to experience at least a thirty degree change almost over night and the proceed to freezing temperatures every twenty-four hours (24) the dark period continues.

4) We expect Sydney Australia to be caught out in the direct rays of the sun in your very warm spring starts these days. It is predicted that Sydney, Australia will be beaten with direct sunshine for at least forty hours a day while York remains in constant shadow.  Sydney will have a temperature swing of from thirty to fifty degrees about normal for the period compared to normal for the normal day and night cycle it experiences.  The city will reach a maximum of forty degrees Centigrade in its cool period and hit an astounding one hundred six (106 degrees C) in the Centigrade scale there after.  No human can live under thos conditions and air conditioning will not take care of it mostly because the energy consumption is so excessive the electrical grind cannot stand it either.

5) The Philippines will do nicely and be caught in a month long twilight we believe.  Bejing, china will be in broad daylight too and suffer as Australia does noted above.

6)  Burma and India are in question as the shadow that York, Pa gets shut into for this period extends laterally from new England southeastwardly to India and Burma, while the Middle East benefits, most of Europe must also take the heat of a degrading month in the open sun without night fall.

7)  Moscow, Russia is gravely made ill because it is in the shadow York, Pa is predicted to be under, and all services will freeze inluding wastewater treatment plants and food shortage develope for lack of dependable transportation.

8  -  The high seas and especially the North Atlantic, will get ice caps in that short of a period of time and sea navigation in the Atlantic is precarious and doubly dangerous to liners who tour Europe thinking this is a lark to get more customers.  Not so.

9) The Pacific Ocean will swell with bitter winds fromt he north as the axis tilt disturbs the Westerlies and the jet stream will dip south over Atlanta, Georgia an Tokyo will shive under a partial blend of sun and black night almost unpredictably as the earth wobble will be felt there most keenly of all places on this earth.

"Good day.  We are the Power Directors, Number 4, 5, and 7.  good day to all for we must stop predicting and prepare for the changes we must comply with as Urantia is ready to abort its land masses as you are all aware of for generations and we must take cover too in the sense not to use our services too little or too harsh but to keep Urantia from becoming all ocean for awhile.  The Power Directors/"

Ron _ I thank you all Power Directors for stopping in with a good review of the anticipated axis change effects and to warn all of us for becoming to used to the idea of transmissions when an emergency unfolds like this one will.  Thank you from my heart.  Ron

General Discussion / Storms and All are Not Our Choices for Urantia
« on: September 29, 2018, 12:33:49 PM »
Storms and All are Not Our Choices for Urantia
Michael of Nebadon
Mother Spirit
Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
York, PA noon local time
September 29, 2018


“Be assured there is no real reason to fear the dark period that is to come and accept you can get through it .  Ron questions whether he should have a generator installed and I say yes, but he needs it not soon anyhow as we are releasing his world of change to him quickly so he has little to worry about during the need for light and heat in the coming earth tilt that darkens his patch of life.

"Mother Spirit will speak shortly, but I must remind all of you that these dark days of silence are nearly done and that the practices sessions for transmitters will continue and to be well taken in our faith you are all working as you should.  AND  You will all join in this work whether ar home or at York to get things done well enough for the Michael Mission on Urantia."

“You feel what we do Ron: desolation and useless tricks to keep your mind from seeing the loss of any support whatsoever as Sue Whiley feels that too.  The entire matter of the moment is to suspend the work of God on Urantia and to let them suffer the consequences of what is brewing early enough they know something is about to happen but what they do not know.

“It is imperative that the world come back to normal.  And normal it must become for us to work there in the flesh for a new morning of thought and living well again.  Mother Spirit.”


“Ron you must cleverly assign yourself to the dust heap of experience for a few more hours.  You are in misery with a headache, a nausea you feel now and then, and endless burning of foot and leg tissue that comes from heart failure as you never suspected that ever.  Get used to the idea that you have to take it easy for a few weeks while the medical profession finishes its use to repair you in places and we lament that Barr is without a clue to any of this.  He sees nothing bu York College as his place of business and considers you and others a mere happenstance to an end for means of existing normally financially.  He hates the practice and wants nothing to do with you as you represent the old fashioned patient that sees it clearly: do not harm.  Yet he persists in doing it to avoid responsibility.  He is frightened by your speeck to his office manager when she tried to throwy ou off the bus but got entrapped in your logic and she quit right away after delivering the speech to him.  He feeds well off of it but hates the idea you know so much.  In any case let it ride and he will be removed with the rest of them shortly as they are a cabal on Urantia that needs broken up.  And this:

“You need to understand with the rest on this list, that we are ready to move, and that means we have to take on the rest of you if we want some things done in a practical way; however, Father accedes to the fact you set it up beautifully and to use it where we can.  Otherwise it is useless for many reasons and you do not mind that being pronounced at all as you see it as our companies and our uses and we can end them or start them as we please.  You are correct to note a change in the keying Ron but let it go.  Now this: We are running behind by a couple of days for Urantia over problems you are not aware of on Urantia including people drowning in the Mediterranean who are valuable assets to the world but are in the worng place at the wrong time.  The advisory council of the Melchizedeks sees you properly angry at authorities who cannot handle anyhting well, and you see the EU complicit in damaging all human control of workers who need better placement.  They are incabale of doing it I see and no one holds them accountable except Great Britain and you see Great Britian as absolutely essential to help the United States regain its prestige through better governance.  Prime Minister May is beside herself over Trumps reluctance ot trade with Great Britain because Great Britain still retains some ties to the EU both want to continue.  Trump is of the opinion Great Britain should make a clean break as some of the Labour Leaders insist upon too.  In any case we must ride this one out until Great Britain can be brought into the American governments as a close advisor to the legislative branches including the US Senate.  I state these things fully aware none on this discussion forum know your views wheich we fully agree with at this time.

“I close this by saying to all of you: Sue and her disasters are not wrong but she mistakes the storms as to the culprits when indeed it is man who is the culprit and it must be removed as a way for man to work his will on a planet so battered it may never fully recover its gorgeous architecture and is among the most beautiful anaywhere in the Neabdon universe of over 3.75 million inhabited planets of humans that pretty much look like all of you do.  A few are little more ghostly but still the same.  Pictures of aliens with white pointy faces are fables.  They are all human sized and appear as you do with a few difference of anatomical appearances. Good day. Michael.”

MARGUL, THE TRINITY TEACHER SON YOU KNOW RON speaks to all at this time:

“You Ron sees t hings darkly too at times when full advice and counsel is withdrawn from your way of living.  That is a life full of hard work and readiness to do the right thing, but hopelessly mired in routines that have no real truth to you or us at times.  That is awful to report and you do not decry it as incorrect.  However, you have recently changed routines just enough to see the lack if input harms you and you must make amends to allow a lot more people into your life.  You are well aware of that and say so silently to yourself quite often.  However, this morning you had a vivid dream and cannot make much sense out of it.  It was me showing you that thousands will flock to your door but none will ask the right question, and then you are left to working with a room full of people who just stand and party around you without contributing one iota of sense to what has to be done.  You saw you walk through your house rooms and see all was in place and worried there was enough soft drinks available for them, but were left with a deficit as to what to write or be or say.  That is typical of great men in the place of thought who have nothing to do with fame but with hard work to maintain a stream of lfow that is important to speak to.  Your second book on four micron coal is a doozy and it was taken from you in order to keep it out of mischief even with your editor Steve Gitz, as you show show brilliantly how matter becomes matter and we never saw it done so well before anywhere else.  Now you see this as over stating your work, but not so.  Micahel wishes it to be shorn of a few diagrams which are so brilliantly presented it makes complete sense how matter becomes viewable and useable.  But it must not be so clear to man as he will co-create another verison of your work for destructive purposes and that is the danger we all face as you actually show the metaphysical reason matter exists.  We leave that for another time for all to see soon enough.

“I am a Trinity Teacher Son, and you know the power behind the concept, but you fail to recognize I have the power to cut you in two or give you double your strength if I preferred to do so.  You are not into forcing issues either and let the disappearance of a lot of your book bother you to the point you have nothing left, and you actually started a pick up of the book as though you had the first part back again.  Be assured you will have the first back again and pretty much a you presented it; however, Michael will remove your graphic of an electron showing the Sigma particles fit to make it viewable.  I am truly gobsmacked with your temerity by using a graphic of an xray of a doughnut with sprinkles on it to make your point but it does make the point beautifully and you will keep it and your Sigma pictures no one knows about except you and a couple of others you showed before.  In any case the entire matter is moot soon as Rayson wishes to take that book and chuck it for his ow purposes and that will happen because He is a Magisterial Son and you are not.

“Now this: that book must be printed and distributed through a normal book store book and then allwoed to become a Kindle.  Many do that in order to keep interest going and you see it taking years to do that.  Not so.  The book is being reassembled on high with your name on it and it will make a splash when it reappears before the public early next year.  It will be published by the Urantia Publishing International corporation, a corporation you sold to us already and we agree it is worthy as our first imprint of all.  I am of the opinion the word Urantia will be a good word again once we remind those who follow the fifth epochal revelation there is more to life than Urantia Groups.  In any case we will make the book sing by adding colors to your work you do not know how to use.  Good and this: Good day. Margul of Paradise Trinity Origin.”


General Discussion / Reminder II 27Sep2018
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:11:51 AM »
Michael of Nebadon
Reminder II
York, PA midnight local time
September 27, 2018

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I promised Ron I would write a chapter in his book tonight and we did and we had a good time doing it.  It is a nerve blocker for sure in that it reveals how mater becomes visible and while you have a lot of the pieces you do not have the means of material production we supply him with in a very good and natural narrative.  He will be enjoyed as long as the book lasts to view.  The Kindle book is nearly done and he expected that but there are a few die hards that search it out and load it onto their computers.

Today we nearly had a melt down with Ron over a failing heart.  We finally recognize that he is experiencing heart failure and he needs to be placed in a solid medical heart program to prevent what keeps happening to him now.  He was diagnosed with venous insufficiency that is accompanied by very painful limbs, but this morning the doctor ducked responsibilities and he went ballistic.  A law change in Pennsylvania now disallows his doctor to prescribe pain medication at all and he must be referred to a third party institution he feels is ridiculous and just adds expense and waster to the system.  However, I dared look at that third party and found they know nothing more than his doctor and I am quite sure his DO can do a better job than they can.  However, now he has to wait another day with all this pain until they get caught up after a week of explosive news from society that pain medications are lose again in huge batches.  These are opioids and Ron is sitting without help at all with a legitimate need for pain remediation.

Now, I bring this up for one very good reason.  What is coming to Urantia shortly is a loss of pain medications and heart producing pheromones that allows love to breathe some rest for people like our Ron.  He is exhausted for lots of reasons, one os which is the lack of sleep due to lack of pain medication.  Our heart bleeds for many who are dying of cancer and the awful pain that produces in every part of the body until they are gone.  Morphine takes care of a lot of it, but it is not sufficient to close life out with aggravated cancers of the colon or of the brain and the tumors it starts there as a side effect of out-of-control cell Melastoma. 

Be assured we are not making things worse by insisting we have good medication for really ill people.  Amethyst had to move her husband to intensive care for reasons they know not, but the pain will remit only with a good dose of blastoma peroxides which is similar to your Novocaine but much more powerful to cure the kind of tumor he has in his body.   In many cases the tumor’s removal will stop the pain, but in this case it may not because it is cancerous to some degree and chemotherapy may be required.  Ron always worries about printed diagnosis but I assure you this is quite correct. 

I wish to also hold some feet to the fire so some of you do not make the mistake Prozonov is making recently.  Ron reads them carefully and has decided he is revolutionizing process by repeating what has already been known into transmissions from others he uses to report here.  He is doing that, but he is using Margul and others to repeat the necessary warnings for Russia, as the entire staff of the Kremlin follows his reports as truth and Gospel.  He must learn to refrain from heavy use of the word Russia in order to make sure he is inclusive of all the world and not just Russia, He is a nationalist, and a good man for our team, but we are hoping Margul trends Prozonov toward inclusiveness and not just for Russian concerns.

Bu this time tomorrow evening Ron should have a new furnace installed.  Be assured it will take one day instead of the proposed two as it is a new unit with much improved draft design.  It will light without a noise and heat without a lot of pipe gurgling as the hot water baseboard heat Ron uses at home is so warm and comfortable it hardly needs a fire place to complement it for really cold nights.

However, we assure all of you that the planetary tilt and the dark period are still coming.  We forcast it to happen at the end of July 2018, but it was not possible at that time for lots of technical reasons, and we must now renounce this prediction slightly from what Margul told Prozonov.   It will become a matter of fact likely in the coldest part of winter in York and he needs fire wood galore to keep it going.  Be assured he has plenty but is chucking some away due to no use and the wood pile beginning to rot in the open weather.  I am now posturing that the dark period may hit York and the light period Japan.  They are almost exactly twelve hours apart to the minute at Tokyo.

I presume we must abide and make sure we do not go on for pages here, but let me state the following for you.  Ron needs surgery for a jaw problem, and then he needs to have either heart surgery or changes of diet to prevent osteoporosis from occurring as it wants to rear its head.  I am not sure we should keep a battered body like that around but we may have to and we may have to depend on Steve Gitz to bring some order to the York household and keep it going while Ron languishes in the hospital from whatever surgery is determined to be the best for a heart that is just worn out.  Believe me it should be better than this but he feels this was almost a plan by God to get rid of him just as the going got started.  But not so.  He will be up and at em soon enough and as Calvin Coolidge once said, “ The birch trees are skinny this year, but we will make of them a good fire anyhow.”

I am not funny tonight but Ron catches the silliness out of Calvin, and so do I.  He is one of the most dour people we ever observed on Urantia, but as President of the United States, he did well enough to observe the tea pot dome scandal of a few years back with President Harding, was a dandy.

I am Michael, and you are not Ron.  By that I mean Ron has so morontial attributes he cannot help himself but laugh at Calvin Coolidge with me.  In any case the trial we have for now is to get back to normal once our abnormal period of silence is done.  I am opening the flood gates to all of you very soon and that must be water in the ear to most.  He Coolidge had a chicken in every pot to run on but it was not too squishy to win the presidency for a second term.  We close with this soliloquy to say that our Ron is losing a lot of hair not but his scalp is very itchy with a sport or two of mystery.  He is to grown new dark hair as soon as his work is done with all of you soon enough as he must be taken to be operated on and then let out into a world of new bother.  It is both sudsy and silly for some of you but with ron you never know what next/ Good day to all!  Michael.

Mother Spirit - The last time we had to speak it was so serious I had to cope on my own as the world of prayer and solitude on Urantia was seriously disrupted by Trump running amok with others in the White House over issues Ron brought to his attention back last April.  He is now convinced there is no such thing, but he keeps reading Ron’s letter to the IRS and sees no wish for compensation, money, or honors, and wonders what is keeping this thing under cover?

What is keeping it undercover is Trump!  He never stops bragging and insulting everyone and he must learn to be quiet soon as we have an announcement over the media that Ron is leaving Urantia not and staying in York and that we are beginning what Ron started and will help run for us.  You are all wondering why the deliberate ways of our doings in a way that makes us sound as though we had a horse to trade for all of your help.  But that is not so.  What we must do is prepare the yard we have with Ron with festoons of bullets not but brightly colored balloons and that is not his cup of tea, ever.  But we like it for the usual crowd of curiosity seekers and that is his to take care of when he starts sending news grams out of Washington for our established clientele the Trump administration and the dignitaries of Britain and Canada and perhaps France and certainly Germany.   This is not news to some of you who see how hard Ron works to write a book that sets the four micron business up for fuel futures as gold will be plentiful and so will his pronouncements.  He must give Adam and Eve a chance to speak.  So will Dr. Ilok in a special broadcast from his favorite perch on high, and by all means, the distribution of Ron’s book on materialization of matter.  You feed this one to anyone and you have a lot of explaining to do as it cannot be publaished yet but it is accurate and full of antidotes of his times in Washington working with Ilok for four micron coal establishment.

Now, before your Mother Spirit closes, be aware the dark period is likely to fall over York in the dead of night.  Michael did not explain to Ron that his new furnace will have plenty of natural gas, but many others will not due to the fact it gets cut off when no money is paid to the corporations that supply it.  Ron has enough to keep himself warm, but he may have to keep neighbors in the house too as Gitz will not toelerate a lot of horseplay while he works with Rayson and Ron to get the water machines ready and the four micron coal plant built near York.  We are all sure that the trials he must go through will end before January begins and that he may have a sore throat to keep him quiet about who arrives in York to help.  None other than Jesus intends to cohabit with Ron on a few occasions and that is his to deny if he wishes.  We wish all a good night.  Mother Spirit.


The Reclamation of Urantia / Reminder
« on: September 25, 2018, 12:00:52 PM »
Michael speaking:
York noon local time
September 25, 2018

I am Michael of Nebadon and wish all of you well and happiness today.  I am making this available briefly to all of you to be sure you understand that by this time next week, Jesus will be on Urantia, and then planning with all of you what to do next.  Take it as it comes.  Leave all else unattended and give Jesus and myself the full priority we deserve under the circumstances. 

We are also forcing issues with this transmitter who has very unpleasnat things to say and gave a pint of blood this morning to a lab for his doctor to figure out what the pain is.  Doctor will never figure it out from this lab work.  Now this: Be assured that the last time we had a statement about Jesus, recall I told you all not to take it hard when he appeared and said nothing to any of this support team.  Ron has been getting that treatment for a week and feels okay with it but it is strange ot be considered a stranger as he is to me as Michael of Nebadon.  AS Jesus he is well known to me.  Now this:

You are all being subject to an unusual silence.  New transmitters get their transmission practice, but that is all we have for now.  Next week at this time, there may well be pandemonium due to the changes in land architecture on Urantia and so on, and the Gulf of Mexico is not, repeat: NOT involved.  However it will be soon enough and all are reminded the bottom of that gulf is ready to collapse deep into the earth interior.  In any case we must learn how to deal with calamity easily ad that is to be sure you have enough gasoline and hardware to use it for a few months as the time is coming that all fuels will be so expensive no one can afford them to drive to work routinely.  I now close this statement with the following advice to all of you:

Be aware we are counting down to be seen both as to Jesus and the Melchizedeks involved in all of this.  You all will see some Melchizedeks near you as you are under their guidance now.  Machiventa Melchizedek is running a placement service for all of you including that which we have discussed about York and what has to be done there to establish a center of operations for our concerns.  York is and will be out center until we expand outwardly and until then we work with Ron exclusively for the reestablishment of a placement to work from until our new offices are fully furnished and ready to go.

Finally, clear the decks for the first week of October and let fail, fail.  We need a change of venue for some of you and you will be given marching orders at the time.  I wish all a good day and will speak later to some of this in detail perhpas today again or tomorrow for sure.  Thank you all!  Michael.


General Discussion / UB Groups with Pictures for your edification Sept 2018
« on: September 25, 2018, 01:25:43 AM »
Yes, there are Urantia Book readers in groups we do not know yet and I converted an email from the Urantia Book Fellowship of their newsletter with several groups pictured some celebrating the birthday of Jesus too.

This is a word document  and I could not get the html to take because it overloaded out data base, so the link will open your Word and display the pictures and text for you if things do not go wrong for us.  I do not know them myself as I am so out of date it is not funny, but let us see what the Michael Mission does to reunite readers and Mission workers!  Enjoy.   Ron

Link to Word doc with pictures:


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