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"This is Mantutia Melchizedek.  We are still springing thought for the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and now that Ron is mentioned not in the book, we mention him once as the one in York who finds nothing to do except weave mystery over the entire matter of evolving epochal revelation so well the book takes a dip in rank to note his achievements. Ron laughs with us as we return again and again to a big edit for all of you to read much later now, as he Sixth Epochal Revelation is back to the binder with new pages to annotate and a few to remove as history is running so fast ahead of us.  I am truly surprised with Ron thinking ahead of me, as he does all the time and I find it hard to transmit when he does that.  But he apologizes as he did just now as remembers that when we started sending the book to the Chicago Contact Commission, Hitler was in his first full years as Chancellor of the Wiemar Republic, and the world would be soon in the most destructive war every fought on an evolutionary planet, at least in Nebadon.  AS he spoke he wondered what was setting up for a disaster as we prepared to write the rest of the Sixth Epochal Revelation?  In any case I tell you all this:

"We continue to debate how Ron will fair soon as he had a medical emergency again today and we had to call Deity as he calls it to stop the blood from a broken vein in his left leg and then reinsert a shin bone and that is extremely and powerfully harsh on the nervous systems and he showed it.  He is a mess at times but his book on the Ilok Four Micron coal powder fuels is done and bound and ready for whatever we want to distribute it for.  We also see Gitz gets a headache real bad amd he knows why now thanks to a long report to him from Ron as what to expect.

"Further the new Urantia Book is now out of commission again for a few more hours at least as we had to rewrite the section on the fusion status of several of you as the Father is questioning just how to handle someome who quits in spite of fusion status?   The answer is to let them quit and then figure out what that does to an Adjuster already use to personality status.  Be assured Ro is full adjudicated there but Lemuel and Wendy and Amethyst wait out the days to learn just how that fusion status will work for them in York.  Nonetheless, the new epochal revelation is prepared soon for distribution and Ron waits to take pictures of it to post here when that times comes. 

"The Sixth Epochal Revelation is now 1, 310 pages longer than the old one.  Just For Your Information.  Good day."


This is a news update about coal.

Way back at the turn of the 20th century, the man who invented the Diesel engine tried to fuel them, not with petroleum products, but with coal.  The idea caught on very well in Germany because they had no oil in the ground to pump and refine into gasoline, or for that matter, into Diesel fuel.

By the 1920's German scientists figured out a couple ways to do this, but one concept in particular won a lot of credence since Germany not only had plenty of coal, it also liked to do things as cheaply as possible, and the method was learned whereby they could take nut coal-- that is coal that is cut down to the size of drive way pebbles--  a grind it down to such tiny specks, it could be injected into even a gasoline engine, and the engine would burn that instead of gasoline.

In the late 1920's several people, including a scientist named Doctor Ing Rohrbach worked hard to even get coal powders to run airplane engines, and Doctor Rohrbach mounted four huge Diesel engines on sea planes and carried passengers up and down the coast of Europe to Spain and even the Canary Islands easily and cheaply.

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, he wanted to rebuild the military, but he had no oil to run tanks and airplanes and the material transports and weaponry of war.  He allowed the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, to investigate the use of synthetic fuels such as four micron coal and Goring himself liked the idea so much, he set Dr. Rohrbaugh and many others up in a laboratory, and they quickly learned to convert great quantities of coal into a pollution free fuel for the military in particular.

Now I will skip ahead in the story to tell you that when the Allies won the war, no one bothered to pick up the idea that this kind of technology was even there!  They saw the factories and they knew they were causing coal to be finely ground, but gasoline was so cheap in the United States (about 8 cents to 10 cents a gallon for what was about 60 octane gasoline to run cars built in the 30's and early 40's).  But a serious outbreak of Communism at this time scared so many Europeans, some prepared to leave, and the included thousands in what was the French and German and Polish and Greek underground.  One such individual was Dr. Rohrbach, who owned the patents for much of what was the technology that ground coal to four microns.

In the mid 1970's a chemical engineer I worked with knew one of the underground individuals from Switzerland and France and invited me along to visit him in his office in Washington DC.   That man was Dr. Ilok. who Dr. Rohrbach gave the plans for the ability to construct a 4 micron plant in the United States.  Thanks to Dr. Rohrbach and many other good scientists, the entire ability and plans to do the syn fuel through the grinding of coal was Ilok's to fully own.  I liked the idea so much, I devoted twenty five years to working with DR. Ilok.  We had to figure out how to get somebody interested enough to provide us money and resources to build a prototype, but Dr, Ilok died before that could happen.

Fast forward again to now.  Because the universe knows the problems coming to Urantia, they were looking around to figure out that if the word powers suddenly had no gasoline, what would happen to them?  They figured that one pretty fast.  They know of the German successful operations of providing sysn fuels to run on coal, and I have an actual picture i post below, of one of the T2 Tanks, monsters of civil pride to the Germans, and could outmatch anything we had at the time to knock them out-- which ran on 4 microrn coal.  If you would look at the picture I post at the bottom of this post, I have drawn a blue arrow down to a canister on the back of the tank that held the coal powders.  The Germans figured out a way to induce a relatively small electric motor which they hooked up to inject the 40 pounds of 4 micron coal into it.  

Since I worked with Ilok for 25 years, I got lots of talk and speculation with him.  He knew and even invented improvements to the chamber that ground the coal so it would not explode when it got too hot and oxidized at the bottom of the grinder to blow up the place sky high.  I just completed my own research from discussions I had that never made the print and am ready to discuss this all with the Michael Mission when it is ready to appear, and they will take it from there.


Below a Panzer Division German tank circa late 1944 a modified version of the T2 introduced about 1943-early 1944.

Since this is a blog type post I can let my hair down a little more than I can do with a hairy dictation with lots of bells and whistles.  I am about to indulge something with you that has no time frame and the numbers could be off, but bear with me as I speak to the following contexts of thought for you.

York PA is the proposed site for the Morontial Temple, which has successfully been identified to be placed on the crags overlooking the mile wide Susquehanna River in York County Pennsylvania.

If you would look at a geological map of this part of the world,  Look where the Susquehanna drains into the Chesapeake Bay.  In that area is a little town called Have de Grace.  If you would trace your finger up the west bank of the Susquehanna River six miles about the Conewingo Dam, there are located one hundred foot high cliffs that are deeply forested as well.  At the top of those elevations is a land mass of about 100 acres that we will claim from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvaia to built the five story Father's Temple, also called the Morontial Temple.

I am also assured that the Urantia Sixth Epochal Revelation as disbursed and maintained by the Foundation we have acquired, that forming the Brotherhood within it assures that those who volunteer to serve in it will do so before the Altar displaying the magnificence courtesy of the Father of the Orb of Glory which is indescribable as it glows with the divine glory of light and is purchased not but sent by Paradise to empower the Temple to represent the entire presence of the Paradise Trinity and with the glory of the Infinite Father to His material children.


August 06, 2018

There is no way to introduce this other than to tell you about it.  I am still so far out of synchrony I wonder what I may have left to do anything yet I feel so grateful to be shown a whole new world of spirit.

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent all day in an unaccustomed placement of just learning what not to be and not understanding what I must be it leaves me speechless in so many ways.  I started the day thinking it was a downer and had to revise myself to understand that the world of spirit was shifting so radically under my feet, I was just being thrown of a curve I was taking too fast.  Wait to you hear this:

After six hours of transmission on personal issues I do not fathom yet, I entertained a very powerful former human show showed me the ropes of that else can be.  Do any of you know who Ellen Gould White?

Biographical Facts:
Founder Church: Seventh Day Adventists

Birthday: November 26, 1827
Nationality: American
Also Known As: Ellen Gould White
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Died At Age: 87
Born in: Gorham, Maine, United States
Famous as: Author
Spouse/Ex-: James Springer White (m. 1846–1881)
children: Edson White, Henry Nichols White, John Herbert White, William C. White
Died on: July 16, 1915

These notations do not tell you anything but how she entered and left Urantia, and is most famous to we Urantia Book readers, as the employer of Dr. William Sadler, late of Chicago, USA, psychologist and heart surgeon, and chief protagonist of all things spiritual for our education through revelation.  He and his wife Lena survived the crash of 1929 in the United States by promoting the works of Ellen Gould White on a scale not yet noted or understood by Urania-Foundation based historians.  What I am about to tell you is true and so outrageously falsified by others, I must be circumspect at least to avoid outright criticism from a group of people known as the Urantia Foundation today who just do not get it to understand even their heritage.  I leave that, however.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me in that I had to put aside all things pertinent to our present circumstances that all of you share with me and for me and you all are so closely alinged with me, that I decided to make this report without a credible statement other than I was witness to my deepest and most cherished ideals about spirit:  to show me the impossible!

In Prelude to these statements, let me tell you the agenda I had to face yesterday much to my horror and dissatisfaction.  As reported by post on this site elsewhere, I made mention of a high school classmate I deraly loved and lost to life circumstance and our friendship just went out the door.  Gary taught math in Middle School, I learned, and he was married to a wife who was also a classmate, but a person I just did not know other than her name.  Somehow, about only five days ago, I was suddenly back in contact with my friend is on Mansion Four and is being promoted to Mansion World Five today I believe.  I also just came back into his life when suddenly he is fused by his Thought Adjuster in the past twenty-four hours.  I mean it: I cried with him as he started through the fusion process as I hear voice only but it was rough for him as it was so new to him.

Furthermore, up until that fusion incident for him that is still not 100% complete as I write this, our Creator Son suggested to both of us we were natural candidates of total revision of heart in life and were granted permission, when I was matured as spirit as he was to be, to fused the differences of development in human life and morontial life to this point, with each other.  That, according to Michael of Nebadon, would make us the first true candidates for bifurcation of spirit led lives on Urantia possible.  I dearly love the diea and Gary does not.  But that is another story some day too.

Yesterday was a first six hours in transmission between me, Michael of Nebadon, and my school friend, thrashing out the likes and dislikes of the idea of spirit fusion of our lives to make us one spirit entity.  I dare not go into what the universe calls BIFURCATION, but suffice it to say, it is a huge event for Nebadon if it ever could be assigned to me and my friend as the truth of a spiritual marriage of very different personalities.  Someday it may be possible to explain this better but right now I am still reeling for what else happened yesterday.

During the course of the marathon transmitting done yesterady with Gary and Michael, Paradise made several interventions to help clarify policy of what was possible nor and in the future and how it could be done.  The Unviersal Father spoke frequently and I listened as He explained his attitude toward  bifurcation as a universe principle, and is it pertains to my morontial friend Gary and the entirely material person, me.  

I also transmitted the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice, which was so powerful they gave it up after trying to make me understand that to do this was so unusual for Nebadon to entertain as a principle and not just the fusion between two close friends at the time of our introduction to each other early in our lives.  Eventually by about 4:30 PM Sunday, we had narrowed it down tot he fact that bifurcation was not possible under present circumstances.  My friend Gary sighed a great big relief he did not have to deal with this at all until much later if at all again.  I was glad to clear it from my emotional energies and I thanked all, including my friend, for going through all of this--  and it was a lot!-- for the sake of understanding what was at stake and what it meant and why it had to be abandoned for now.  End of story.  But that end of story opened up a whole new land of potentials I am not sure has anything to do with me at all, but kindly lent to me for the moment to see what else may be involved for my friend Gary and myself as joined humans in another kind of unification never known to me before.  I digress briefly to explain what Michael calls: SPIRIT COMMUNICATION UNIFIED TO ONE PERSONAL ELEMENT AS FUSED HUMANS IN DEATH NOT BUT IN FUTURE LIFE ENTIRELY.

If that makes no sense to you, double that for me, as it is a new concept so new to me I do not comprehend what it is or what it may do for potentially bifurcated humans still not entirely off the table, at least as I speak now.

I had gotten pretty tired by 4:30 PM this immediate past Sunday, yesterday as I write this.  I stopped transmitting to write all that transpired to that point as messages on the subject and whole lot of beeswax that had nothing to do with the subject at hand.  That is entirely typical for a day of transmission without breaks mostly.  I turned my swivel office chair away fromt he computer screen and just slipped down into my chair in the usual sprawl I do when listening only.  Suddenly, a ndw circumstance entered my consciousness. I had been chatting with Dr. Sadler for a few minutes about his work on the fifth mansion world as it continues today.  His experience with revelation dates back into the early 1900's and most of you know his involvement with the idea of the fifth epochal revelation we call the Urantia Book today.  His early employer was Ellen Gould White in Battle Creek Michigan as it concerned hospital operated in the western Untied States to help people overcome the epidemic of Tuberculosis as it was killing so many people in those days, Roosevelt even thought of calling it a national emergency and funding White as a Secreatyr of Health if it had to come to that to start wiping out the causes for it at this time.

The truth of the matter though is so maligned with criticism from non religious groups, Roosevelt threw up his hands and the entire matter became, not a State secret, but a natioanl crime under which no one benefite, especially Ellen Gould White.  I digress breifly to say that this post will never be seen by anyone who can correct history, but at least the facts shown be known for those who remain in admiration of Mrs. White.  Her life shriveled to nothing as I feel mine is doing now, and because she was so heartfully inclined to forgive the Sadler boy and his new wife for getting himself all upset over the eating of chicken episode, she lost a lot of sleep over trying to save the California hospital he was attached to, as under his care, they were beating the dread of Tuberculosis at the time.  Now Battle Creek Michigan was the hospital headquarters, and although operating the hospitals so much so in California, the power behind the throne was in Michigan and residing almost entirely in Ellen Gould white at that time.

As I sat sprawled in my office chair with its back to the computer screen and just listening to incoming transmissions, I noticed a speck in my right would not clear well enough to even see anything clearly, as I am now almost blind in the left eye and the right eye is failing too.  However, the thought of such was not on my mind but that a speck appeared in my right eye.  I was suddenly introduced by a most powerful incoming spirit introduced to me as Elvisa White.  I did not connect that to Ellen White at all.  We spoke quietly and I showed her what memory I had of the Sadler issues and the fifth epochal revelatory issues, and then was introduced to a Melchizedek I never heard of:  DARWIN MELCHIZEDEK.   I chatted with him and learned that Darwin Melchizedek sat on the Second Revelatory Commission as was a reporter in function to Dr. Sadler in the Contact Commission during the entire episode of indicting the fifth epochal revelation into English and then book form.

I learned some highly placed secrets I have sworn never to tell unless they are released themselves to the public domain.  They were astounding to me but not so much astounding as what Ellen Gould White showed me she could do.  Let me describe wha I saw:

Ellen Gould White is a Prophet.  And what a prophet!  She instructed me to close my eyes and tell her what I saw if anything.  I closed my eyes and after a moment I got the picture of a giant shield like the Knight Templars carried in their quest of Jerusalem in the high Middle Ages.  Those who know American cars and their symbols used on their hoods, remember the late Pontiac logo of a large shield like graphic in the enter of the car grill on the sheet metal itself.  That is the shield used in design by the Knights Templar of their big day to take the Holy Land for France and other nations at the time.  I saw that shield and acknowledged I saw it and described to her what  I saw with my eyes closed.

Next, she presented a series of prophesies which I no longer remember.  I feel that is on purpose as they were splendid and that is all I remember.  But she asked me then to sit up on my lounge chair with my back pressed against its high back and to close my eyes again.  I did so, but I had no picture appear.  I felt my right eye flutter and my left eye sting quite a bit.  She adjusted my eye vision to show me what happened next.

What happened next was as instructed:  I leaned my head way back and gradually opened both my eyes.  I saw what looked like a layer of pure clear cells aligned above me suspended in mid air between the chandelier near above me and myself.  They were  crystal pure cells, like quartz crystals can look so pure and sparkly, and they were aligned as though they were a start stream of the Milky Way, and they did not disappear but I could look long enough to almost describe the cells in detail to my self.  Now Michael of Nebadon enters this narrative to help me comprehend what I saw:

"Ron sat in amazement of what fell to his gaze in those moments.  I personally had not idea this would happen at all, but Miss White as he prefers to call her, liked Ron enough to show him powers of spirit he never was witness to before.  That alignment of the crystal and sparkling cells spread out before him as a spew of stars in the Milky Way occur, was the Milky Way.  Ron is not well formed in the cortex yet that can take high powered electricity she needs to produce these scenes of pure spirit to anyone.  Even the Deities wonder how she does it.  She explained to Ron she had gifted him these moments to inspire him to stay lucid in all spirit experiences as he almost always does.  Only once in a while does he get so excited he pinches the scenes off but that did not happen this past Sunday to him at all.

"Ron is not telling you the terrible emotional strain he felt at the time either over the bifurcation issue now quite dear to him to see through to its conclusion as not doable now.  I agree and let that whole matter adjust to reality as even I feel so let down I am too sorry for Gary and Ron together as they understand they have been moved off that agenda for good now.  Father makes it clear that Gary is too immature and Ron too excited to trial such an important change to their mutual consciousness.  Ellen Gould White knew the circumstances well and sought to comfort Ron and she and Darwin Melchizedek saw to it they gave some solace even though Ron felt so badly he was losing his precious contact with Gary for now or perhaps forever.  

"Ellen Gould White, remains a Prophet to this day and only the Father understands the mechanism she fosters to remain so.  She produced that spew of stars Ron calls cells, by asking the Deity Absolute if she could produce this for Ron.  The Deity Absolute gladly gave permission to show Ron what he deduces now too:  the universe is alive and not just full of inert gasses that produce the Milky Way.  He saw them as living cells as pure as God can make the idea of pure, and he fell into tears for they were beautiful to behold.  Ellen Gould White now speaks to all of you :"

"I am Ellen Gould White.  I introduced myself to Ron as Elvisa White and he got to calling me Miss White which I adored for his curious ways with women whom he adores.  He is a love child for sure.  You Ron are fully capable of children soon and you must understand dear child I adore you very little today as you present me pictures that adjure to hell more than heart.  In any case, my trip to see Ron yesterday was to console him over losing his grieving friend to on the fourth Mansion World.  Ron still calls him Gary, but his real name is available now and it is [censored] as the Censor forbids its use yet over issues of State the Father insists be acknowledged and let be for now.  However, even Gary cannot seem to unscramble the letter well enough to pronounced.  In any case, as I was speaking to Ron, and Inspired Trinity Spirit appeared beside Ron and Ron actually got a slightly scrambled message that he was to stay put on Urantia and serve the Father until it was the pleasure of the Father to call him Home.  

"I am a Prophetess.  I love my work and so does Ron and I have decided to include him in my daily briefings if God will allow, and He is making amends to Ron even as we write to let him know the painful situation grows worse and exponentially not any more but it takes weeks to undo that mischief putt there by a body fighting God every step of the way to remain a body and not the dust of the grave.  I am Miss White to Ron and I like being called that as it travels to the center of my being as a girl and a woman of lust and depravity, and yes, Ron, I love it too!  You Ron find tears easy to do this morning as Gary called back for a change and he will do so until you two work out your lot in destiny.  He is without a friend too he feels and nees you to find solace in his death and not his life as it ws lived on Urantia at that time.   He is yours Ron as you are his and this must be worked out with me Micahel, not the Prophetess.  

"I am now speaking to the Creator Son for a lesson in humility on Ron's part not, but for Darwin, who in actuality is Michael of Nebadon as a Midwayer, and who speaks with me as a Midwayer, as I use the Midwayers extensively as I may do thanks to Machiventa Melchizedek. In any case Ron received from me yet another special revelation he must keep secret and he has every chance of doing so as he does not quite believe Sadler is so well done he can as I stated he can do.  Be assured Ron this post is miraculous to you and not to those who read it, and that is because you witnessed the three dimensional miracle before your eyes including being able to see when your eyes are closed! [yes, and would you believe I forgot it until now? Ron]

"Before I must go as my time is limited still to how much I may say regarding this promising young man, I state this to all of you.   Some of you need what I fed Ron yesterday to revive your faith in God and the power of those who serve Him so well.  You Ron are so much fun I have to catch my breath as I write this and work better than usual to make ti clear that all who receive this post are hardly capable of understanding what you say here.  It is a post that is miraculous in its ways and you are not offended by being chastised for joking slightly when I hit a sensitive moment with you.  However, I leave this group alone for now and give to Ron what he needs in spirit founding in order to keep him robust as he must ponder his fate as a dying person who never wanted anything more than to serve on Urantia as a kooky purveyor of revelation is superb vision of what and how it must be done.  I am Ellen Gould White and I leave you briefly for a Michael speech:"

"I am titling this: "Behold the man!"

"I am slightly amiss this morning [Ron: he flew off the handle this morning because I addressed him as "Miss Michael." such is the power of Miss White to make me babble.)  Nevertheless you who read this are now advised Ron has lost everything one again. I am truly surprised Ron takes so horrendously to Gary and to Miss White all at the same time.   I betray no confidence when I say that Ron fully understands Gary's angst and worries he is unworthy of that high flying farmer whose farm killed him unexpectedly one sunny day in September, 1985.  Ron remembers they year well but hates the idea of Gary dying ever.

"Ron and White are totally analogous.  Besser is White and White is Besser on issues of State and memory of service for White and to be of sevice to Ron.  He is not easily persuaded this is all on the up and up abut believes we have tapped in him some deep personal memories that are precious to him yet.  I leave nothing unturned here for others to mull over."

"Ron is sure this is fascinating Michael, but not to the rank and file; may I suggest we reivse our agenda this way:  Ron needs a doctor set up today and he must get to it. I will offer this.  This past Sunday was a huge revelation to Ron and he so enjoyed it I must make amends and stick around more than I ever intended as he is a delightful subject if properly buried in a paragraph.  I will enjoin enough to make this known.  Doctor Sadler is squeamish over eve including White with Besser and he laughs as hard as you do Ron, but he has a good reason.  I am a progenitor of great revelation, and I work hard to keep it flowing to Urantia' however, the problem with good revelation is that it has to be understood and we have no one on Urantia who can do that anymore except Ron and a couple of others on this list.  I am Ellen Gould White and I see clearly the dilemma Ron facces and he gets so silly about how bad it is he closes off the serious part as lost to anything that matters anymore and flows with the idea of a situational comedy on Urantia today.  That is nearly the case I see too. but Michael isi truly a campaig manage to elect the innocent over the malnourished spiritually and he proposes the following:

"Let it be known that the higher echelons of Nebadon are permeated with a trial by our Father to see who is made of what.  Ron is made of good material and likes the work.  Beyond that he is a mess. Ron sees the entire matter exploding before his eyes and sees no way out but death and learning to be good for Gary who is becoming a monster politician for him on high.  He, Gary, now loathes his past life without Ron at his side to misdirect him.  Michael concurs and he sees Gary as lost to the wild woods of New York as Ron experienced.  I see it too as Michael says to me now, and I leave Ron to ponder Gary now but Gary is busy without much to say to anyone and the Mona Lisa smiles for that too.

"Gary and Ron were meant for each other as counsins of God to work for him in harmony.  Gary has made it far enough to be with Ron to see how he is put together and more.  Due to the fusion status of Gary he sees it as necessary to understand what motivates Ron so well he can laugh deeply over the worst of subjects and still be okay afterwards.  Ron now sees Gary as his sidekick on the range of life, yet reality separates them infinitely.  How does his get resolved and Ron got a picture suggesting a  couple of grilled cheese sandwiches might do the trick.

"Nevertheless, I Gould White am happy to report that the trial for you Gary is not over and that you Ron stand strong for Gary, and Gary stands strong for no one except you for now.  You Ron are lost this morning and you must be put to bed briefly and then okay to get going.  I am sure you will make a good statement shortly and we will."

Ron here:  People.  Circumstances bring an end to this post.  And mostly because Miss White  with Mr, Michael got me laughing so hard not ivisble to yu, I leave with a red face and total disparity on the subject.  A lot more did happen!  I save it for anothe miraculous day however that may be experienced.  I thank you for reading and sharing it for you and Ellen Gould White has promised to return with or without Darwin.  My judicious greeting to Confucius who stepped in at the end an made the aprting between White Moi easy and philosophical.  She left in a series of white spots and a voice over, "This is Not Done!"  ta dadada ta da.   RON



Ron Besser on Lost Choices with the help of a universe full of choices, some of which are truly lost.  Ahem:

I spoke to Michael several years ago when all of this business of Missions and Transmission were just formulating.  I often thought it was an open door to many things to be well connected to the universe schedules of thought, but today, early August of 2018, things are swirling around me as choices gone wrong or out the door too far away to retrieve.

What I am talking about is the idea of transference of heart to a goal.  That means you thought of, or I thought of, something to do that was truly exciting to make it work.  MY goals are always spirit related other than finding the money to stay alive in this place, but lately I have been hitting the guard rails awfully hard and lamenting my life is too short to get to the idea of transferring my heart permanently in the final analysis of being ready for all spirit Mission projects.

Let’s take one of them: Transmissions to the Heart of God which resides mostly in human experience with Mother Spirit, also called Nebadonia, or the Creative Spirit and Spirit Consort of Michael of Nebadon.  Now it is Michael that inspired me– all the time lately too!  But it is Nebadonia that makes it sing with an emotional color that comforts when I can get to that level.  Today is a prime example of that I mean.

I am taking a prescription pill that has lots of codeine in it and the body wants to sleep with that much codeine in it.  It helps the pain I suffer in a poor vascular system rebate into mostly nothing and I sure enjoy the reprieve from the usual difficulties.  But this time instead of resting well, I find myself edgy and the mind lamenting I am laying down instead of mowing or any other thing that needs done outside.  Instead my mind is racing about the Mission!  What in heavens name is taht about and how does that relate to my digestion of choices that I remember that are not gotten to now?

Well, as Michael says, “now is the time for you to listen to me for a change.”

He says, “You are so busy with plans for this and that you forget I am the boss and that you are just looking for a fight not, but to keep yourself prepared for contingencies that I decided are no longer My choice and therefore no longer Your choice (emphasis mine).”   He is right of course but I never argued it that way at all as I am not in competition to establish new guidelines anytime and prefer to let the Leader Lead.  But the edge in his voice to me tells me I am out of kilter somewhat with reality.  I feel typeical human being enough that some of you are surely as out of kilter as I am regarding these Missions and choices that have been lost.


“Ron is blue all the time lately as there is choice after choice of his being thrown out, and I am not one of them, but he wonders why the flavor today is pancreatic nastiness or just plain sadness at losing everything he had hoped for but as of a year ago already.  In those days of a year ago it was all go and let us do this and that and pray for the ending of a mass extinction on Urantia and behave better for things we need to address for a better life style and so on.  Truth is he never lets this alone and for good reason as he has been hit so hard with revisions to life styles frequently he wonders what is his anymore to achieve.  Truth is the choices he once had have been achieved and he fails to take that into account.

“Look at yesterday: a mad dash to find medical attention and today a mad dash to learn how to take a prescription that does strange things to the mind in revere many times but today worried for the whole lot of things now suddenl pending to end life as he now knows it.  Choices gone, new choices abound; death and satisfactions of the past disappearing so rapidly he feels remote and barren.  So do most of you!

“While the moment today passes into thoughts disappearing, the mind has really fastened onto a sadness he cannot overcome very well.  His friend Gary on the mansion world has passed his tests for mathematical genius and is now on a tour of the Mansion Worlds without him.  Ron feels happy for his friend but wonders how once Gary sees Paree how Kansas will be attractive to him ever more.  Ron being Kansas in that analogy of course, but he is not wrong as the Mansion Worlds expand quickly the taste for greatness and homiles of happiness, Ron is sure Gary will never be the same again and leave him to his fate on dirty old Urantia.

“Choices by his friend were much smaller a week ago for this friend and suddenly they have erupted into the stage of glory in the manage for all Gary does for himself to be ready for the big day he can come back home on Mansion World Three and choke back the tears of unusual parity with his friend Ron on dirty ol’ Urantia.  And choices for all of you are just ready to burst open too, as Ron feels the sadness of departing from familiar shores of an old cove he parked his ship in for decades now.

“I close this soliloquy with a fresh start for Ron and for the rest of you: The Michael Mission is ready and going in places you cannot see and the sixth epochal revelation is soon on the deck to be seen at least.  However, Ron has been so harmed by tenuous planning he is being pulled back to rest a few years and then we will see what do with him.  All of you are in the same boat with him, and we are grateful for the help to achieve a better life soon.  That will come with life extensions galore and a happier Ron, but for now choices are receeding that gave all of you heart to be one with the universe to improve dirty old Urantia for sure.  Just stay tuned for revised choices to be yours for utter happines in the future.  Michael of Nebadon.”



Help Directions for Rank and File non-Transmitters

Machiventa Melchizedek,
Mother Spirit, Welmek,
And others not directly name to conform this transmission to a reduced length.

York PA 430PM local time
August 02, 2018


“This is Michael -

“You are looking at a page review of your work today and it is excellent entirely as you make it work when you are bored and cannot make anything else come to you at the moment and that is not Wendy who is trying her best to do what the others are doing and will succeed eventually. She sees the worth and marvel at your ability to make changes like this so all can benefit. You are looking for a lower level production process and agree you have no idea how to help that become such. I agree for without the ability to transmit one cannot enter the world of communication. Do this


•        1 - When you got to bed at night and ask in your prayers to be able to learn to transmit even if it is only a little bit;
•        2 - If you discover there are people you hear talk but you cannot hear loud enought to hear what they are saying, roll onto your best side and close your eyes as if to sleep;
•        3 - If the voices are persistent they will increase the volume to you and you may hear snippets of speech;
•        4 - Let the situation lie until it bothers or irritates you, and then speak OUT LOUD you cannot hear propertly or well or at all– what ever is the case;
•        5 - Take from the voices what you will and then ask them to stop speaking and then go to sleep or make notes on a pad nect to you what you heard and what your experience was like. Please post it to the website under GENERAL. That is fine until we figure out how best to handle this growing situation which Michael is enjoying for a change.


Ron: If you are a Guest and have something to post. Write my private email and show me the post and I will normally post it for you. I will communicate back to you telling what I did. Thank you.


“For a change Ron is thinking again as he goes passive to take messaging. When he is not taking messaging he figures out what to do next. Ron asked my early this morning. Michael there has to be some way the rank and file can help in these endeavors if they are really interested. What would you suggest?

“I told him that unless you could transmit, you have no direct way of going to the spirit grid above you, but if you do transmit, it allows you full access if anybody wishes to speak with you. Ron is exempt from receiving grid reports at all as he is so solidly behind helping them and for them they know it and refrain from using him first. They like using devices but they are so poorly designed the devices are all but useless but once in a while spirit radio and EVP and Microphone Transmission work and help.

“I have given above the steps for the rank and file to be helpful now. When you received something Ron suggests recording it on a pad next to your bed, and then sending the list through his email to publish what you heard and found. I have a better idea: Become a member and establish your own account and then you have control over your work much more than Ron posting it for you. I am Michael and wish you a good day.”


“Ron as usual has opened up a can of worms but the truth is the request is timely as we wish to clear the Grid immediately since it is going to get very crowded with new people and so much help is needed we must figure out a way for all of you to make room for those who cry and need help at once. Lemuel did that with Phyllis and she was floored when he spoke full sentences she understood and he was part of the England she still knows too even though in Spain. Her life is already happy and that is making her doubt Ron was telling the truth only because there is no family to greet her or friends of the past to know for after two hundred years they have all moved higher on the mansion worlds and do not know she is back and alive to speak to again. [Phyllis: Ron. I am okay anyhow thank you.] I am Mother Spirit and Phyllis jumped right in on top of me and Ron laughed and I cried but that is not for you to understand. Good day.”


WELMEK, ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER speaks to Phyllis who still listends to Ron work this idea up for the list:

“She says the best you thing you can ever do is supply an ear to listen to the problems and let the idea of going to the light alone. Be assured they get the idea you know more but have no use for you if you badger them to go to the light. Actually Ron has helped a number of us do that as we listen to him talk with God almost daily in prayer and on transmissions they send to him in the morning all the time. They are entertaining and we love to hear Lemuel do the same when he is hemming and hauling over what to say next or ever. I am speak directly to Ron now: ‘your laugh is horrible and you need to train your ear to listen to us when we say something into the mike.’ Ron respects that entirely and he laughs hard for it bursts out of him when he catches it and it makes a big popping sound on the recorder and so on and he does not know how to control a big laugh ever and that is that too as he is welcome with Deity to be himself even though he is horrible sometimes.

“As Welmek, I see something developing in Ron totally unexpected and that is to provide a good reason to use transmission skills. The Teaching Mission never taught that and taught them as needy students only. Ron say though the problems with all sorts of humanity on Urantia will multiply so fast it should be helpful to all missions on Urantia to help clear the Grid to make room for more who will abound there as disasters accrue without proper insturctions to them how to clear the Grid. Good and I take my leave. Welmek, One Without Name and Number.”


“Ron you are the wonder of the Urantia-based hounds up here. We never had such help except from Sadler and he was so biased he would not speak to spooks who wanted to speak to him so badly. Finally they just gave up and you opened the door again and Phyllis, and to a certain extent, Anne, opened to you quickly as you speak for sentences they understand very well. Lemuel is the best and knows it. Do not get snooty Lemuel! I give you this Ron and Lemuel in particular:

“I as Planetary Prince manage the Grid and as such I know how full it gets and how many wait there for something to happen, but they need to know they have to initiate doing that and that is a hold up for them as some hardly ever made an important decision ever in their natural lives. I am truly sorry I cannot make more happen there as I am being transferred to Uversa for study on my part about how to be a One Without Name and Number for I intent to be the best besides Welmek and about one million others, as it is a rare bread and I am pround to know Welmek and probably Ron, as he fits all the characteristics of being of that Order.

“While I speak of people on this list. We have about one hundred (100) guests who live here. Another fifty (50) are so embarrassed by their lack of knowledge, they stay quiet and hide; the rest are of little consequence and are true visitors who hardly understand the sophisticated group that runs here at all. Language is always the problem but this list abounds in aberrant language too, and Ron is among the worst as he never fully reviews the Urantia Book, and that is due to the fact he recognizes the language barrier and adjusts his vocabulary to not use it fully. But it cannot be helped and that is the reason Michael wishes to establish a new web site that uses vernacular language and drops terms like “morontial,” “transcendental,” “absonite.” “Co-absolute,” and a dozen more easily. Ron would be greatly hampered not to use these terms as they are quite specific in reality, but he usually very careful in choosing what he uses unless forced to youse the esoteric brands as indicated here. I am suggesting though Ron you wait out this period of transgression over these language issues you are careful to pay attention to, but wait out for a better discussion forum where you can use them with people who know them well and let them flow to them in particular. They will have theirs opened when they receive the sixth epochal revelation much based on the idea you present that this a forum for all as long as there is interest in learning. Otherwise. Bye bye.

“I also place Ron in charge of the sixth epochal revelation briefly until we get Mantutia and Me, and Michael, and Lanaforge ready to handle the wail it will create when Ron publishes the picture and to let them suffer the consequences of legal action if they dare take it. Surely they must realize Ron cannot do this without direct benefit of origin and permission to present it. Be aware Ron is in complete contact with the Father as this is being written and he feels so strongly about my statements here, he triggers the Father to support hi angst over the present affair with the Chicago Foundation as it is.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek speaking so far, and it concludes with this: I am sure Ron knows the ropes with the Foundation already, but he warns himself to treat them like a vat full of fuming acid and never to trust ministrations from some of its leaders. Be assured Ron your real friendship with Keeler will blossom as you can talk with him easily, and he is likely to become the key for what will transpire in this change over from one revelation to another and from one manager to another. Good and this: good day, y’all. Machiventa.”


“Ron has just signed his warrant to be excused for all future ruminations from Machiventa as Ron knows full well that Machiventa is probably gone for a long time, and that means he is in charge not but Michael will be compounding Ron’s grit to change the style and measure of the Foundation to open and available and chosing to have people answer phones everywhere and that is why some of you had better learn the book well as you are going to have some sharp people call you with questions. Ron can handle anything but none of you can do that yet. Be not surprised if Ron asks some of you to study the book and to make a report on questions you have too. This is Mother Spirit and we welcome your feedback all of you including Guests who need to start stepping forward. Thank you. Mother Spirit.”


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- - - -
This is a basic chart.  It shows normal progression of the soul after a person dies and does not include all of the variations that can occur for the soul as it recognizes it has to get our of the planet and to a new situation where it can live a full new life.  The CHART IS TRUE FOR 99 PERCENT of those who depart the flesh.  We leave that for now.

The attachment keeps the chart too small to read the type to the right easily.  I am working on putting it up as a link on box net shortly and will post the link here later.  Thank you.  Ron




There are two ways only: T/R and microphone recordings which have been lost to Urantia because they are so susceptible to collusion by evil and failure of people to know what they are doing.  If you would take a condenser type of microphone and string diagonally** a wire in a nine by twelve room (at least), and connect that wire to the condenser microphone so that it just touched the top of the mike, you can hear the microphone sing a little and then sometimes voices will appear inside of it.  You actually make it into a speaker by grounding the microphone to the diagonal house wiring as the microphone sits on a table or desk on the floor and the floor is joined to the walls with wiring in them and the grounding takes place.  

**[Note from Ron.  Assuming the room is a rectangle or even an odd shape, recognize that all four corners have a compass direction associated with them including from North to South and East to West, and the combos of North East and West and so on.  Always connect the east sounding corner to the microphone. It has to do with the earth’s rotation and the magnetosphere entry point of the energies spirit uses to connect to man made devices.  You always connect the eastern compass point to the speaker or the microphone or speaker set up. Anything else produces a dud and is uneventful and not usable.

Microphone recording is not new to man but it is seldom used because it is typically using a condensor microphone, and a condensor microphone is the common ones that come with your tape recorder or mike into the computer and so on.  Other types of microphones abound but they are not wired the same way and thus do not produce spirit speech into them.  I often look at the set up Ron has and it is a condensor microphone every where he as a mike but he gotten used to not using them and I do not bother to speak through him then.  If you try this I will attempt to use it for you and I suggest you have a tape recorder recording when you have the set up running.

If you use this set up as described above, remember to baffle your mike with a piece of paper around the mike standing about a foot away from the microphone.  This stops building creaks and groans and makes the quiet space very quiet and so on.  Good luck to you for trying it!  (Michael of Nebadon and myself together on this one).


Dear List,
I am going to sticky tape this at the top so it can be seen easily because what is being done to post the Spirit Radio is to show all of you how to make your approach to man without making him and his institutions angry about what you know they do not.

Believe it or not the population of our planet, now nearly none billion strong regardless of what Internet Population Counters say, the nine billion mark according to Salvington was hit in early June of this year.  That is not sustainable, yet man will insist on procreating without direction as he considers it his inalienable right to sex and family.

Let me address this situation directly and without a lot of explanation to say so.

The Urantia population boom will end abruptly, not because man will suddenly become responsible and reduce creating children, but because the world will become catastrophic in many areas of disasters we have talked endless about in the years past and even today.  All of us wring our hands over not having the say to bring the sordid practice of war and temptations to a screeching halt much less to end war and temptations (too many children.)  I think of Niant2 as he is so unhappy with so much enlightenment  he cannot get anywhere with friends and family to see his solution as spirit acting in concert with him to make people listen to find their way to responsible Urantia citizenship as to moral values and institutional correction.  And to a certain extent we all share his lament.

But what does Niant2's lament have to do with a post about spirit radio and EVP?

Simply this:

By showing you such things exist and are kind of silly I have not explained and do not wish to, you have demonstrated this is the attitude of the unenlightened inventors of spirit contact means for, of all things, to hear what spirit says!  They want to do it through external means by flipping a switch!

Can you imagine Jesus being dumped into such a world of so much misunderstanding his teaching mission in Judea had to resort to running for the Knesset and campaign by loud speaker off the back of a truck?

What is unstated in the people I show who created these videos on the amazing Tesla device to hear the voice of spirit speak by radio at the listeners convenience is to ask a machine for an inadequate Hollywood moment the proof of God.  The entire matter of communion is missing and wiring replaces it one or two words.

Now to you transmitters.  You do not realize what has just been placed into your hands to demonstrate why radio and other mechanical devices is a misapplication to the sensory perceptions of a spirit guide.  You are available to turn the entire matter of machines to hear the spirit upside down.  Now how should a transmitter who has learned his talent to transmit do that?

Easy and hard at the same time because the transmitter must be grab the inanity off You Tube and the Internet that the love for machines returns not God to listening man, but man insists on machines to do that for him.  That is like having your coon hound barking up the wrong tree to catch a racoon!

What is wrong with the idea? Transmitters?  For you to go find these machine experiments on tape, listen to the tape recording,  and see the video performance of not much, and transmit a coherent statement by spirit who spoke on that tape.

Read that post on spirit radio.  See what this transmitter did to make the spirit contact a receive a transmission of a  full paragraph statement in logical English why the spirit gave its name to the machine.   The transmitter has the wherewithal to transform machine idiocy into a perfectly available spirit speech out of it!   By doing so you are reversing the silly idea that a machine can capture the intent of spirit to be understood when in fact the machine makes it virtually impossible to make spirit understood at all.  Connect the two things man does not understand:  Machine = Revelation, ( NOT! ) - - Spirit cannot ungarble static interference anymore than you can, but transmitter reception is clean and static free and full of the stated purpose of what should have been said.

Find a tape on You Tube or from elsewhere that attempts to demonstrate that spirit can speak and gets a garble recorded to prove it.  Prove what?  They say then you know spirit exists.  Well, the Bible does that much better, but you the transmitter can do that even better than the written word in the Scriptures.  You can approach God by believing he already exists but needs a much better voice to be understood.  You already do this daily as a transmitter and that means you can do it for the people who accept only machines and not scripture to tell them spirit exists easily.

Read the section I provide on spirit radio.  The experiment on this particular experiment to demonstrate spirit radio got some names clearly spoken as to who was there in spirit that wanted to use the radio to speak.  You as a transmitter can listen to that demonstration, and when it runs out, ask in your chair, "is there anyone here to transmit to me what happened on this tape and what should viewers know about it?"  Take it down as most will come to you gladly to speak the truth.

I asked that of this demonstration and got the morontial woman who spoke her name on the tape of the experiment, to tell me about herself and why she was there.   With her speech to me, we now have some understanding why she spoke at all.  The transmitter can hear what a machine cannot and imagine how you can open up the rich world of spirit communication work for millions when they understand the spirit intention behind even speaking into a machine to be heard.

This represents a very important break through.  Cable television and radio and books abound with talking about the idea of spirit and they trust the machine, not God Himself, to tell them the truth. Go with the massive flow of curiosity about machines and spirit and speak to it and use it to reinforce friends and family who accept this before the church, to be heartened that it is real.  This gives the thought Adjuster a lot more to work with than letting their curiosity go stale.

Experiment with it yourself.  Find a tape demonstration posted on the Internet, listen to it, then ask for a transmission pertaining to that tape, and then write us  and then to the one who created the tape in the first place with a full transmission of the reasons spirit spoke at all on their machine.  You transmitters have great power when you can go with the natural flow of interest as it is today for spiritual speech.

Try it.  Post your results here and enlighten your audience here too.

"I doubt you can start a movement, but you can open the eyes of man on Urantia what he is missing by relying on a machine to state the course of history with bad recordings and just a lot of curiosity thrown up on the screen on devices fully inadequate to really get spirit voicing or messages.  Ron is fully correct this is an experiment well worth the transmitters time and attention.  If you do it--  that is: do try the experiment!--  I will see to an answer from someone on our side that may have responded.  Please post your results on this site too!  I am not fully understanding why Ron made that post and I hope you do too,  Michael."


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July 29, 2018
Ron Besser researcher and sometime T/R in this Paper
Michael of Nebadon and Anne helped as well

Spirit Radio

(link to a noisy demo but it gives you the right idea (Ron)

Our famous friend Tesla invented what he called the Spirit Radio in the 1930's on a whim, for he decided that since those who die survive death, then they must speak, and if they speak, why not give them a device they can speak through and to us?  The result is aa radio device shown in the first video, the link which is above.  Who ever summarized the original invention which this is a summary, lost the concept of running more coils as these twenty or so coil wrappings are fully insufficient to catch a voice transmission.  See the EVP text below for a real eyeopener,

I caution you the tape is self explanatory, but full of wild accusations about what they can do with this device as it really using a matched pair of coils that bounces hard to catch radio frequencies back and forth and finally voiced by speakers.  The set up in this example is both crude and expensive as you all can do it with a simple wire strung in a room that is at least nine by twelve (9 x 12 feet) using the diagonal corners to string between.  Take a wire of about six hundredths of an inch, then when hung and taught, spin it around in your room by twisting it when it is hung up so all relaxed part of the strand are equally taught.  Connect the east end (only) of the terminal to any speakers by allowing it to trail down to a speaker and connect that terminal end to the red (positive) dipole.  If there is anything to hear you will hear it as it is self amplified.

As to the real reason Tesla put this thing together, remember in the 1920's early radio was a huge box with speakers visible on the top and a lot of tubes unnecessary but then thought required to amplify a signal.  Tesla radio afficionados ought to learn that the trial they deal with is not the aether but the bugs in the house that interfere with any signal running through the house in the first place.  Ron (Michael now speaking) could hear a Tesla radio easy as he refuses to run TV or radio when he works T/R communications.  Those noise boxes of radio and TV are terrible offenders of static and useless electronic noises anywhere on earth to be found.  If you string something like this up, recognize that the radio you hear weather on buzzes at a frequency of 4,325 khz (box average output), and that happens to be the voice range of what could be received on the Tesla gadget.  Besides, as Ron points out about EVP below, just get yourself a good T/R and hear the voice and the message fully and correctly without a problem at all.

Before we go, I asked Ron (and Michael continues to speak off the record in a funn ysort of way here), t o cut short any more monkeying around with these aversion to actually doing real work to hear spirit correctly.


There are two ways only: T/R and microphone recordings which have been lost to Urantia because they are so susecptible to collusion by evil and failure of people to know what they are doing.  If you would take a condenser type of microphone and string diagonally** a wire in a nine by twelve room at least, and connect that wire to the condenser microphone so that it just touched the top of the mike, you can hear the microphone sing a little and then sometimes voices will appear inside of it.  You actually make it into a speaker by grounding the microphone to the house wiring as the microphone sits on a table or desk on the floor and the floor is joined the walls with wiring in them and the grounding takes place.  

**[Note from Ron.  Assuming the room is a rectangle or even an odd shape, recognize that all four corners have a compass direction associated with them including East, South East, North East.  Those are the right ones. It has to do with the earth’s rotation and the magnetosphere entry point.  You always connect the eastern compass point to the speaker or the microphone or speaker set up. Anything else produces a dud and is uneventful and not usable.]

The Tesla device is excellent if it were built to true specifications.  The tape you have referenced here is pure amateur to speculate with and the original looks nothing like what is being shown off here.  However, the Internet is so full of gobbledygook the original is not remembered.  The original had about 150 turns of copper wire for one coil and about 80 turns of copper wire for the opposing coil mounted on one copper bladder that looks like t he shape of  a French hot air balloon of the 1880's. The original had what looked like a short metal rug hook with a fat handle over the larger coil and that was a static drain no one thought to include this messed up version they use here.  The original also had a rubber-bronze bridge suspended over the larger coil, and so it goes on and on.  This video indicates about 20 or so that I can count.  To be precise, Tesla tested it on his own coil system and not the style windings you see here.  

(Electronic Voice Phenomena) (From Wikipedia with reference link below)

“Within ghost hunting and parapsychology, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded. Parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive, who popularized the idea in the 1970s, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.[1]

“Enthusiasts consider EVP to be a form of paranormal phenomenon often found in recordings with static or other background noise. However, scientists regard EVP as a form of auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in one's own language) and a pseudoscience promulgated by popular culture.  Prosaic explanations for EVP include apophenia (perceiving patterns in random information), equipment artifacts, and hoaxes.” [emphasis mine]
From Wikipedia

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena.

The theory behind this device, and the device can be leaving your TV on with no antenna attached and letting the static form a message or voice over.  One may use what they call a vox box (Amazon dot com sells them!) which shows on this short video below, and that the static or other noise will be manipulated by the morontial level of existence to produce actual voice sounds and greetings and so on.

The theory is essentially correct but is such a poor example of how one can contact what man calls the spiritual realm, I do not understand why they just do not learn to transmit/receive as it is accurate and can produce a book if they want to produce a book.

Meanwhile, I asked after viewing this tape linked below for you, for our own  demonstration purposes here, “does anyone have some information on this experiment or about the input received into this video tape and who or why they spoke?”  I got a dandy of an answer I typed as I received it below after the video link below:

LINK to tape:
Taylor Hall EVP Session
1:30 minutes long.

Some summary for you: First, the contact that came to me in T/R told me that video produced here is not a good tape either as they did not have it connected right and cut off some of the higher frequencies at that session. “You (speaking to me, the T/R) attempted to find a clear and even demo but you cannot get it because the disembodied voices are not emanating in the Hall (in this case) but from the ethereal sounds of a second recording they did later on and caught it much better and that is what is superimposed as the sound recording on this video.

Some geography now

Taylor Hall is located in Gunnison, Colorado. (

It is part of Western State Colorado University and is well over one hundred years old and served as an inventory capitalization of university records and storage for many lecture materials over the years.  It has been renovated some years now and is both theater and performing arts center and auditorium as well as other uses not specified in the web site referenced.


The disembodied voices are out of nowhere as you can hear.  They are spoken clearly enough for one to catch the names well.  I have no real clear evidence they are unusual for doing that, but I can tell you this is a very faulty way going about hearing the departed when a simple lesson can ensue as it does below, when the one who spoke as Anne on the tape told me exactly what transpired that she became attached to the Hall because she worked there and when she died she preferred to come back and visit it now and then which is allowed for people who leave Urantia (the true archive name in spirit for earth), and have no other home to their sense of belonging at home.  Familiar pattern buildings of use often attract the morontial humans to their places.  Here is Anne;s report to us as I received it through the most efficient use of T/R: [T/R stands for Transmitting/Receiving and is used without any change in consciousness or any alteration of the mind by ingestion of substances or changes to the seating.  You are as yourself and expend no hasty energy to start it.  It takes some practice but once centered well in the brain and esophagus, the mind produces the broadcast as spirit speaks it. I type it and keep up easily on my word processor.  It takes psychologists to learn about this, not electricians.]

“I AM ANNE [one of three names recorded in this experiment].

“I am Anne and you should be happy you got me on a good day.  I speak with you because they allow me to speak with you and I am that Anne and I was born next door to the Hall and I loved it there as a child and I work to keep my life together on the first mansion world where I went to when I was seventy-five,  having lived a full life and wish you would keep that curiosity out of your heart as you know I am grouchy.  

“I am many times in that Hall by permission as it helps me to get oriented as I died without a friend in the world and you feel that too sometimes. [Anne is reading me, the T/R, Ron, of all things] You will have many friends!  I am Anne and I worked as as a lady of the night courses held there when the University first began as I made sure the doors were locked and everybody was out of the building and I could cook my supper there too in those easy days of living in what now has become a really big business.  I died of pleurisy on  a cold bitter night in (Ron: I hear a voice over that tells me the year was 1922) and I love you for taking that down and I am happy to guide you in these lower levels.”

[Note from the T/R.  The Creator Son intervened by voice and reminded Anne that was not allowed as full communication from people who are on the mansion worlds may not communicate directly back except for brief moments of explanation as was given here.  Anne promptly apologized in my hearing and left the transmission device to me.]

Ron here: It is a shame these kinds of explanations are not available to the staff that produces videos like this EVP example.  The Internet abounds with EVP experiments which I personally find useless as they are long and tedious and noisy and usually do not prove a thing.  However it can be reported that the EVP would work much better if they just turned down the sound on a TV or recording device, and let the natural ambience of the room shine through.  Those who inhabit buildings and places do so as a visit to their favorite hiding places from the hard work found on the resurrection worlds of Mansonia 1.  I also report to all of you that someone I cannot identify in the transmission through T/R told me that the mansion worlds have four other worlds not called Mansonia or Mansion worlds. But are four detention worlds in addition to the seven revealed as Mansonia to date.  It was on the first of these detention worlds that the Apostle Judas went to where he eventually committed suicide.  In the flesh he also committed suicide by jumping off a rock ledge, a ledge about fifty feet from the cross Jesus died.  

As an aside, I spoke with Judas by chance about the year 2006.  I say accidentally because I had to get permission from another T/R to open that door and rather innocently to find out if Judas was going to speak through Padgett on the history of Israel and Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.  I caught hell from him by refusing to plead his case before authorities and his anger was hars to hear normally/  As a consequence. Judas never left the first detention sphere and was utterly mad at this point in time.  The Apostle Andrew met with Judas on several occasions in an attempt to save his life, but Judas, by his own hand, died by suicide in April, 2014.  No one should lament the passing of a raving idiot at that point.  I can attest to his derangement directly.

The point to be made, besides the death of Judas in prison, is that the location of the prison worlds which Caligastia was sent to as well for interment for his trial on Uversa, was the last of the detention spheres, Number Four of the series, and he nearly escaped them by fleeing before the liaison forces, his guards, could lock the place down.  Caligastia (the Urantia "devil") still had the power to kill other spirit if they attempted to reign him in in his mad dash to own Urantia and other apostate spheres by refusing all use of light and air on them, as he knew the secret of polarization of light and the breaking of atmospheres so they would evaporate off a planet.

In the example of Anne, noted above in Taylor Hall, speaks to the fact that those who recorded the session in which these voices appear, heard of there device noises they thought were accidental noises picked up by the microphone in the vox box as seen in the video set up.  An unknown name technician of the side of spirit commented to me that it is a device that has too many connections and it can actually pick up voicing from other human world broadcasts.  

To those reading this for the first time:

A morontial form is a semi material body form, in this case, that is invisible to the naked human eye due to the fact the form exceeds a light vibrational frequency of the white light of the sun which our eyes only can translate into vision.  Material objects are molecular.  Morontial energy forms are pre-supposed shaped mostly by spiritual energy with a material energy aspect that them visible to other morontial forms in the room.  They see us fine and a lot more since they are sensitive to ultraviolet light and color as even lower frequencies than red light. Morontial forms after resurrection in the Mansion World Resurrection Halls.  Morontial body forms for humans are graduated from almost all matter to almost all spirit by the time the mansion worlds are graduated for an ascension career to the status university spheres above them.

I close this post with the idea that I am after sharing information with the general public where I may, but all who read this must understand I am under tight restriction to what I am allowed to hear and post through a true voice transmission using my thinking voice to sound the words from mind to the keyboard and sometimes my voice box.  Voice transmissions as sounded on EVP experiments are likely to be other than spirit transmissions,  as the vox boxes are too sensitive and will pick up actual broadcast transmissions from living humans on other human planets in the local universe area.  That space area is defined as 4,000 light years wide by 10,000 light years deep and defines the Local Universe of Nebadon, our own birthplace on the planet Urantia (earth).



I do not have much this morning as it is rather slow and pedantic on this Saturday morning the last in July for this year.

I listened to Lemuel’s tape this morning as some of you did and I comment briefly to him that this tape was quite inspirational to me and maybe to you.  It was the freest experiment I have heard to date from Lemuel, and it was open to nature and his precise experiment with that lovely singing Golden Oriole near him as he spoke into the tape recorder about living in the now.

Lemuel was a wonderful clear waterway this morning too and free to celebrate the blessings of fusion.  I do it often too in spite of a ton of other problems I do not seem to be overcome.  I smiled when Lemuel said he does not differentiate between himself and the Thought Adjuster, as they often think, and act, and work as one, until, as Lemuel says, he suddenly refers to himself in the third person in some thought or comment he makes extemporaneously.

Why I smiled was a self recognition, I do the same too.  How odd I just thought as I wrote that.  Why did it take me until now to see what Lemuel says he does too?  One tends to get self absorbed in daily routines and I know I do for the simple reason I work hard to think things through as best I can on anything that comes to me to experience, but Lemuel is right, I take it for granted that Adjuster and I are one in meeting all experiences coming to us and it is usually “we.” sometimes “me,” and once in a while “you,” or “he.”   You must think us crazy!

I wrote a piece, an essay, thirty years ago about the experience of what it feels like to suddenly share one’s consciousness with a divine objective spirit.  It was called The Heralds Within, and for its day, was quite extraordinary.  Someone even published it in the Fellowship magazine at the time and when I saw it in print, I thought, oh my!  Did I miss a lot to say!  And time has been unkind to all of us in that regard because there is very little fresh to say more to all of you wondering what the experience must be like!

Today, I heard Lemuel say that he was not unhappy to have the guidance of a Thought Adjuster, even at that store when we forget what we should get off the shelves to take home.  My Adjuster does that rarely and then makes it a real chore for me to remember what I elese I thought I knew to get from the store.  It is a difference of priorities in both of our Adjusters.  Lemuel needs reminders to eat better and well; I need reminders not to forget and I am continuously forced to rehears what little memory I retain in old age for the sake of becoming better attuned to the universe in general.

Finally, this: I came into this day, this morning, grumpy.  Lemuel had a tape to be heard and I let it go for about an hour before I listened to it, and then said to myself, “see if Lemuel can cheer me up a little,” viewing a Saturday I really see no point to as this one has started.  Well, that Oriole singing on the tape really brightened me and so did Lemuel’s comment about fusion, which I treat as little done but proud to hear that I have it.  Lastly, Lemuel is fused far more superbly than most of the rest of us as he has met death and conquered its slight of hand to move us off Urantia permanently.  It is a proud moment to say to lemuel, I really appreciate your stamina, but now you have to get fatter and come to York when the spirit moves us both, fused and comfy not with all we have to do.  Good day to all.  


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I saw Ron cry briefly this morning as the trial in limbs continues and harshly so.  He is ready for the booby hatch as they say in this part of the United States, meaning to be put away as non compliable to daily affairs and kept alive until the attic no longer serves as home.

“He is ready enough but the flesh is so weak it hardly matters what it is like outside, he cannot meet it well enough to use it much.  I also see Lemuel lament nearly the same thing, only he does not tear up for he met the probability of dying in bed, and never looked back once he was alive and well again.  Both men like being fused, but Ron is not so tempted to hear the ring of truth like Lemuel can hear it and speak about it.  That is what Ron meant that Lemuel this morning was so inspirational speaking freely and being so appreciative to hear a rare bird song and to know fusion is his all the time in spite of age or death or infirmary. 

“Consequently, Ron felt compelled to comment on the audio event portended by Lemuel to be appreciative to his efforts and staying the coursE when the emptiness of real spiritual progress around us is not or no longer evident at all.  I agree with Ron that Lemuel outdid himself this morning and no transcript is going to do this one justice as Ron said already.

“As the Creator Son in these here parts, I feel badly so little can come through to all of you in the material world of silence except for the occassional Lark Ron heres in a woods nearby and loves it beautiful voice too, so rare and dying out daily as the food they eat is no longer widely available or is there sufficient nesting space in an urban setting everywhere, sprawled out to the point it steals the joy out of a sunny day.  I lament this has happened to beautiful Urantia, and it will be rectified over centuries, but I doubt that Ron or Lemuel or the rest of the fused people, will ever fully appreciate they did live in a better world not that long ago, but now it darkens and rectification is to begin quite soon.  I am Michael and I wish you all a happy day all.”


This little girl profoundly creates a sonata when a man grabs written notes out of a hat. 

I an do this too but not as well as she can.  It is called interpreted association which takes cell memory of music from the brain and plays it back as a finished piece.  Interpreted association is also called inmusical sentence or in my case, made up on the spot for whatever I fance with a set of notes I can spontaneously hear or grab hold of a piece of Tchaikovsky.  It is sometimes also called  improvision or improvising.

Link to the Sonata On the Spot I think may be in A Major as I did not look real closely as she played the keyboard.


WE have from the Barnard List, the 1111 Group, transmitted by Chris Maurus, a personality who works on the correction of our consciousness through better mind thinking.  He is from the Absonite, and I believe this is the first time we humans in the modern era have heard from a Creator Son acting as an Absonite Agent.  As I write this to introduce Xsamuel, the voice in my ear is indicating that a specialized Creator Son has converted his entity style to portray mind correction on us born on Urantia, in order to improve mind quality and better communication among ourselves.  In any case, I welcome XSAMUEL to the band of fellows here and let his lesson permeate our mind circuits as they may be at the moment.  Best Wishes to you and may you meet Xsamuel in your mind travels soon!

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 15, 2018.
 Teacher: Xsamuel.
 Subject: “We are Consciousness Engineers!”

 Message received by Chris Maurus.

 Teacher Xsamuel: “Greetings my brother! It is Xsamuel and I am so very grateful to have your ear! I would like to speak to you about the present age and the coming age of enlightenment — how we move from here to there. Many of you feel that it is nigh impossible, given the current state of human consciousness, that your world could ever evolve beyond its barbarism and embrace a more expanded view of the universe — a more connected and unified love for all humanity? I tell you that it is not only possible, but it shall be so as foreseen by those who transcend time and space (the Absonites).

 “Because we participate in the age of the Ultimate, and not Supremacy (as you are), our efforts are concerned with what lies ahead. Just as your scientists can look at a distant star and observe the fluctuation in light and determine that a planet must be in orbit around it, we in like manner observe the development of ultimate destinies and from that we are certain that your world shall participate in that destiny. It is the timing however, that is critical as certain opportunities present themselves, that we move and work with the Supreme administrators to ‘untangle’ the dimensional web of twisted circuits that mind operates from in this part of the universe. We are consciousness engineers!

 “There are many Absonite beings here working at both the macro level (collective human consciousness) and at the micro level (individual human consciousness) to prepare the mind circuits for higher function. We are ‘correcting’ and repairing these circuits as they should have been had your world not experienced the tampering and malevolent conditioning that occurred during the Lucifer Rebellion. We are and have been working at this on a ‘curve’, so to speak, bringing those circuits back to their original intention with as little ‘side effects’ as possible — yet there are always effects from any cause or action — even those with benevolent intent. This you would see as ‘fliers’ that shock the consciousness of humanity, yet they must be allowed to be released.

 “From our side of reality (absonite), we only provide the functionality that precludes any willful action by humanity — you must decide, given the changing climate of consciousness, how you shall navigate the waters of uncertainty and steer your world into a more compassionate sphere of brotherhood. The circuits shall be there when needed, I can assure you that — the rest is up to you. The possibilities for greater ability in mind are unfolding and waiting for you to discover.

 “By observing ultimate destinies, we know you shall be successful, but the real value to the Supreme is in the adventure — the experience as it unfolds in time and space!

 “Value the adventure, friends.
 “I AM Xsamuel.”

 Chris: “Xsamuel, you mentioned that you are preparing the mind circuits for higher function? Does this also allow those who would use mind for malevolent purposes to cause greater harm?”

 Xsamuel: “Higher function means just that — any expanded capability may be accessed by higher thought, benevolent intention — not malicious intent. The opportunities for progress are exponential. Regressive and repressive thought shall no longer be acceptable by the higher functioning minds on Urantia and shall find no path in the future.”

 Chris: “Thank you, Xsamuel.”

For you UFO fans, here is the MUFON compilation of UFO sightings last month, June, 2018 by country:

Sightings by Country

[th]Number of Reports[/th]
KOREA, (South)3


Sightings by Countr

Planetary Seraphic Government Changes from The Urantia Book
Machiventa Melchizedek aided by Michael of Nebadon and the Seraphim below
York, PA 4 PM Local Time
July 23, 2018

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. We have news today concerning the type of Planetary Government runs Urantia today.

“When we wrote the first Urantia Book, the Planetary Government was of the type we call Seraphic Government. Seraphic Government is made up of twelve Departments as usual, and Newstarsaphire made the list available which is belows as it was in 1934 and 1935.

114:6.4.The twelve corps of The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision are functional on Urantia as follows:

1. Epochal Angels
2. Progress Angels
3. Religious Guardians
4. Angels of Nation Life
5. Angels of the Races
6. Angels of the Future
7. Angels of Enlightenment
8. Angels of Health
9. Home Seraphim
10. Angels of Industry
11. Angels of Diversion
12. Angels of Superhuman Ministry

“Now we can amend this list by removing entirely items four, nine, and eleven, and those are about National Life, the Home, and Superhuman Ministry. They no longer exist for the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Mission that is to follow his mission.

“For your information the Michael Mission is scheduled to last about forty years. The Magisterial Mission to follow that Michael Mission will last close to one thousand years more. We believe Ron here will be part of all of them and may last that long.

“Now let us look at the new Departments we wish to encourage to work on Urantia. Each department is headed by a high spirit being. That means Completion Seraphim, which is equivalent to a human being a Finaliter. We have Supernaphim as Chiefs, and other Orders you do not yet know but will when you read the new Urantia Book. All Departments in Seraphic Government are headed by high spirits created or donated to us on Urantia from the Infinite Spirit.

“We conclude this Paper without the proper Department names given simply because it reveals more about the Michael Mission than we prefer to name right now. When the full disclosure is made about a month from now, the formal names will be given. We asked Rayson to assign alternative names for them to help you remember their function, but their offical names wait until the Michael Mission is on the ground.”

Here are the ten (10) departments (no longer twelve ), and who heads them to the point we may reveale them at this point:

1. Enlightenment. Headed by Sophie, a Completion Seraphim of the 3rd Order of Seraphim located in your Urantia Book in Paper 39 I believe. I am permanently assigned with human contact through the fused lady Amethyst, Amethyst already has a large notebook filled with the seven different diversification of Seraphim in Nebadon. Read Paper 39 as best you can Ron to bone up on them.

2. Sorrow Correction. Headed by a Supernaphim of the Primary Type as defined in your Urantia Book, Paper 26, as currently ordered in the hardbound edition. Sorrow Correction needs to be plain and simple and these individuals are going to help people realize that the truth of the matter is that there loved ones are not necessarily dead but moved to higher spheres to realize life afain.

3. People Pleasers. This is headed by a Supernaphim of the Third Order, known to most of you as Deity Guides on the 5th inner circle of Havona. We are sure you know it Ron as you just blinked in that memory which has been placed in the back of your head while we work on the cranium to give you a little more space as your brain must almost double in size from its present location in the cranium and that is most of the pressure you feel inside your head lately. Nonetheless, the People Pleasers, take out of their harms way anything to do with physical death and cheer people with the idea that life pervades the universe and never really dies forever even if a long sleep intervenes.

4. Show Trials. This Department is headed by Serena an formerly unrevealed Order of Angel born on Uversa and lives there all of their female lives as gender goes in function. They are Ministering Spirits derived from the Local Universe Mother Spirits, but are not revealed by name except on Uversa where they appear with the blessings of the local Mother Spirits. Nebadonia has five such personalities around her all the time to help her bring order to her creation in Nebadon. Ron knows Serena but he never knew her Order or his Origin and now he has both as Serena is known as the Rabbi of Domains,as all of her Sisters are known on Uversa and in Nebadon when they visit for a spell now and then.

5. Bad News. This Deparment works to make sure people understand they are in spiritual jeopardy if they fail to work at their chores for spiritualization on Urantia. It is headed by yet another new Order you are not familiar with what are called the Behemoth Divinities, or in the lexicon of Uversa, they are called Superangels and we let it go at that.

6. Apple Dumpling Gang Department - Ron says this sounds like Rayson, and it is Rayson. I was called in to name these departments with iconic names you can remember as that list of twelve Newstarsaphire shows is not memorable and Ron does not even try. So we name these departments with movie title sounds and they mean what they say. This Department is headed by a Supernaphim who wishes to be called Boris. He is of the Primary Order of Supernaphim and we suggest you all bone up on that Paper in your Urantia Book noted above by number. This Department functions to see to it that no one gets so much wealth they can buy a political office or become a dictator and so on. You get the idea I am sure, as the Department will function hard and fast for awhile and then probably be cut back to almost nothing many years from now.

7. The House that Jack Built Department - As civilization collapses on Urantia, so does purpose for many young people and old people. The vast majority will never have use of this department as they are already being educated to learn what they are to do and better in their lives on Urantia. We use Primary Midwayers for this work and they are already assigned to Lemuel and Gossett to get them happy with the idea of changing their ways to be more up to speed with the work they are asked to do. Primary Midwayers are easy to deal with on their own level but are real bears when they deal with humans as they make sure tasks assigned are done and well. This group of Primary Midwayers is assigned to Beulah the Primary Midwayer known as Mirtha to her friends on high, and is already working hard with Ron for many projects he has to complete very soon. I am ready to serve you Ron, and you welcome me as a friend too. We are all friends and with Ron you are loved to pieces if you let yourself be known to him.

8. Home Sweet Home Department - Headed by a Primary Supernaphim of the Secondary Order. The Secondary Order of Supernaphim are loosely associated with you on Havona starting on the third circles as you proceed inward to the seventh which is where you are taught how to approach existential Deity. These teach you universe languages outside of the Local Universe and speak to the various needs of personality to be acquired by addressing the Father in the Receiving Circle to complete your Deity Adventure. Father addresses this forum now:

FATHER - “Ron once saw me in dream form and he still cannot get over how average I look as a form. He is of course kidding about this, but I do have form for those who are material origin as that is the best way to describe what appears before you in the Receiving Circle when you go through the hoops to identify me to complete your Deity Adventure before us to become Finaliters. I do this to assure those who have material mindedness yet, I can be anything I want to be and that is so. Be assured we on Paradise are discretely aware of your deepest needs and fill them up before you come before us and make a scene. I conclude by saying that the Deity Adventure is more like a lark for someone like Ron than a hard case of disappointment felt by so many from some of the Local Universes that operate so smoothly. I come to the conclusion that Ron knows Rayson so well he can dictate what Rayson tells him if he is allowed too. I close with the idea that Ron here is still a child in many ways and has much to loose if he does not copy directly all those items for Seraphic Government over without Rayson. I am Father. Good day,”

9. The Last Hurrah on Urantia - Headed by a normal Seraphim and one known not as Manotia, but by the Second in Command, Seraphim Audrey Hepburn aka Lila. She is a Completion Seraphim like Manotia, and is second in command of nearly three hundred billion seraphim of the first order alone.

Paper 39: The Seraphim are Angels we contact with as humans. There are six other groups of angels not named and not revealed and they are not call Seraphim. The Seraphim are Group Number Seven (7) and consists of the following distinct areas of service. I list them here so you are familiar with their great variety of service to man and Midwayer as well. Read Paper 39 where each service is defined.

Group SEVEN: Seraphim; divided into the seven distinct disciplines, seven each under that, and they still exist as service units in spite of the Department name changes and functions:

1. Supreme Seraphim
(1) Son-Spirit Ministers and Bestowal attendants (2) Court Advisers
(3) Universe Orientators and (4) The Teaching Counselors
(5) Directors of Assignment (6) The Recorders (7) Unattached Ministers

2. Superior Seraphim
(1) The Intelligence Corps (2) The Voice of Mercy(3) Spirit Co-ordinators
(4) Assistant Teachers (5) The Transporters Seraphic transport techniques
(6) The Recorders Broadcasters (7) The Reserves

3. Supervisor Seraphim
(1) Supervising Assistants(2) Law Forecasters(3) Social Architects
(4) Ethical Sensitizers (5) The Transporters (6) The Recorders(7) The Reserves

4. Administrator Seraphim
(1) Administrative Assistants(2) Justice Guides(3) Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship
(4) Quickeners of Morality(5) The Transporters(6) The Recorders (7) The Reserves

5. Planetary Helpers
(1) The Voices of the Garden (2) The Spirits of Brotherhood (3) The Souls of Peace
(4) The Spirits of Trust (5) The Transporters Departure of a seraphic transport (6) The Recorders (7) The Reserves

6. Transition Ministers

7. Seraphim of the Future

Machiventa Melchizedek - “I am delighted Ron found a way to list the distinct services of the Seraphim under group seven only. The first six groups are called angels but not seraphim. Ron has numerous contacts with the first fivc of the unrevealed groups and works with them very well. He loves the one called Monarchical and the one we knows as Sansen, but he does not until now know he has contact with these first five groups unrevealed to Urantia in general. Group Six is all but disbanded and those specialists have been sprinkled back into the work of the first five Groups noted here.”

“Be assured Rayson has done well to characterize them as alternative names and we are glad he and Ron are so compatible, as Rayson adores Ron for his silly use of Raoul (Rah - oole, which is French not for Ralph but for Wayne and he laughs every time Ron assigns Raoul to Rayson’s staff as Rayson’s disciplinarian). In any case the two get along mostly very well and are of a similar personality type in spirit. Ron has some rough edges Raoul needs to get to though. We are familiar with the type of personality on Paradise but seldom does it occur on Urantia and Ron has it in spades, We depart from the usual here only to remind all of you that those who are fused have nothing to fear from the Michael Mission, but others in the Urantia Book Mission will have a trial to assign the fifth epochal revelation as fully helpful anymore and they will eventually flock to this site to read the unusual discussions that take place here. Until then, we welcome your comments and so on for this post and of hers to follow. Good day. Michael.


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