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I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but every time I watch a video by this Artist, I haver to ask myself, 'Is this the kind of reality we will all experience when we get to the mansion worlds?'  Such vivid colors, such graceful movements, and choreographed to beautiful music, to inspire my imagination.  I hope you like them too.

Dear brother Antonio,
Sometimes I go weeks at a time and never get a transmission.  So take a deep breath.  One thing I have learned is that for me, I almost never get a transmission when I am in stillness.  I wait for the prompt and sometimes it comes at the most inconvenient times.  We ALL have dry spells.  I get the impression that you are trying too hard.  Just relax, let things flow naturally, and if nothing comes through, its not the end of the world.  All transmitters experience what you describe, and all we can do is make ourselves available, and take a transmission when one is given to us.
It troubles me that you get angry.  Maybe this anger has something to do with you not being able to get a transmission.  I don't know if it does, but it is something to think about.
We are a very long, long way from understanding the UNIVERSAL CENSORS.  Even the Divine Counselor who wrote about them in Paper 19 reveals that he has a great deal of difficulty understanding them.  Let's take the long view and understand that we are but universal infants with so much to learn.  
I hope this helps.

That was so beautiful.  It gave me goose bumps.  I just loved it.  I'm going to watch it again!

Ron-I have never heard of Pachelbel before and that was beautiful too!  It has only been in the last two or three years that I have really started to truly enjoy this kind of music.   Before I didn't care for it at all, but lately it seems to reach deep into my soul.  Could this be a sign that my soul is growing? I don't know, but my tastes are changing.
Thanks to both of you.

Topic: Over Population as the Real Cause of Environmental distress.
Teacher:  Planetary Supreme:  Urantia
T/R:  Amethyst
Date, May 03,2019


“I greet you all and remind you that I am to be called Urantia as my name now instead of Gaia.  
I come to you today to tell you all that it is not just the humans that are suffering so much during these last days before my shifting and cleansing.  I am hurting a great deal along with all of you.  Humanity has harmed me greatly by uncontrolled population growth that has all but decimated the place that was supposed to nurture and help humans evolve.  My “body” cannot take it anymore.  How is it that your scientists are brilliant in many fields, but never take seriously what the great numbers of people on this planet are doing to me and therefore themselves?

“People speak as if climate change is the result of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by humans and they are partly right.  Seven plus billion people need to do a lot of travel, eating, producing waste including biological and garbage, all which contribute to the problem.  But the solution is not to put humanity in shackles in order to reduce these emissions.  This problem could have been easily prevented if family sizes had been kept smaller, not by government intervention, but by sheer common sense.  Back in the 1960s many writers and thinkers warned of what a population explosion would do to the planet.  They were listened  to, but no action was taken, and now you are beginning to see the results of this inaction.

“But this too shall pass.  You, for the most part, are all aware of the earth changes that are to be upon you soon, and while I hate too see so many of my children here leave in great numbers and with the suddenness in which these things will occur, I tell you that these things must come to pass.  My planet herself is groaning in pain—great pain—simply because the last few generations did not have the foresight to understand that there is a limit to what the planet can sustain, and that limit has been exceeded.  

“I hurt as if I had to stand on my feet all day in a pair of shoes that was two sizes too small. There is too much feet and too little shoe. I hurt as if I had ingested toxins that are causing internal illness.  I hurt as if garbage is clogging all of my pores and my skin can no longer breathe.  I hurt to the point I am having difficulty doing my job as protecting and nourishing this place that was designed to be a showcase for human, as well as animal and plant evolution.  

“My rainforests were to supply  oxygen; they are disappearing.  My polar ice caps were designed to hold the planetary axis at a stable angle. They are melting and losing their ability to do so.  My land mass was designed to hold solid structures for you to live and work in.  This land is now riddled with sinkholes and tunnels from excessive mining, drilling, fracking, and underground tunnels to transport fuel and some for military use.  If seven billion people can cause me this much suffering, can you imagine what eight billion would do?

“Your forefathers did not have the foresight to understand what would happen if people were not educated in family size and how future generations would suffer greatly if they were not responsible in their family planning.  To be fair, it has only been in modern time when reliable birth control has been available, but they still should had some understanding how this would affect future generations.
Had Adam and Eve succeeded, this would have never developed into the problem that it has become.

“I share this mostly so that when you begin to see the tragedies begin, you will be reminded that there is a solid purpose behind these activities.  Healing is never possible unless the crumbling and decaying elements are removed.  I expect the changes in my body to begin very soon.  I am reaching the point when the ‘last straw’ is about to be placed.  Be strong my little ones; things will get much better in time.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Cell Memory
« on: April 28, 2019, 01:44:06 PM »
I understand Clency exactly what you mean.  As a culture, our evolution is out of balance with the spiritual side diminished, and the technological side too  far ahead to be handled by spiritual infants.  Its like giving a loaded gun to a four year old.  We cannot do much about the culture at large, but on an individual level we can with INTENTION, and where we direct our ATTENTION,  help our minds work better with the Indwelling Spirit and contribute to the growth of our souls in a healthy evolutionary direction. We can actually take part in our self directed evolution, which in turn influences our DNA, and the re-programining of our cell memory.  At least this is the understanding I got from the transmission.

Threads for New Transmissions / Cell Memory
« on: April 25, 2019, 11:50:27 PM »
This transmission was a little tricky for me.  Usually I am prompted to go to the computer and begin writing.  Often I do not even know who is sending it until I am one or two paragraphs into it.  Then once I know the topic and author, everything seems to just flow.  In this case however, Ron asked me to do a transmission on cell memory, and I just didn’t know how to start.  I began by asking Mother Spirit and others to provide me with a being who would be able to tell me what we needed to know on the topic.
So I studied all I could find in the UB about life, evolution, who guided it, and what it entailed.  I found that the Life Carriers, Melchizedeks, and the adjutant mind-spirits all played a part, and I’m sure there is much more than I don’t know.  The words ‘cell memory’ do not appear in the book, and I have not seen any transmissions from Life Carries except one in the old teaching mission material that was totally unrelated to this.  Also, I have difficulty getting transmissions from the Melchizdeks,  I don’t know why.  I am much more likely to get them from personalities from the INFINITE SPIRIT.  At any rate I requested the help of a Melchizdek and what follows is what I received.  I hope it gives us all a better understanding of what cell memory is and how it works.  

Topic: Cell Memory
T/R: Amethyst
Date: April 25, 2019


“I am happy to help you with this.  Connecting with personalities of various orders of sonship have been challenging for Amethyst, yet she does well with personalities under the guidance of the INFINITE SPIRIT.  

“As many of you are aware, we Melchizedeks work very closely with the Life Carries in their capacity of formulating  life patterns designed by the Creator Sons of the local universes.  Life carriers are the master creators of the forms that the Creator Sons envision to be the models of their Local Universes.  These patterns are not only for human and animal life, but for plant life as well.  If a pattern of any kind is set  by the Creator Son, it is the Life Carriers that go to their laboratories and begin building, using the pre-set plans.

“We, Melchizideks, work hand and glove with them as we too are deeply invested with the outcomes of the evolutionary plans.  Most of you are very familiar with the concepts of evolution and how one generation contributes to the changes that are needed to enhance further generations, so I will not go into that.

“One of the very necessary elements of evolution is the transferring of information via DNA to the cells of future generations.  This is the role of and purpose of what you call CELL MEMORY.  Without the DNA in the cells that have the ability to ‘remember’ the environmental and internal aspects of its life, it could not pass down to the next generation the changes needed to promote evolution.  Without cell memory, each generation would forever remain the same and therefore evolution would never occur.  In the early phases of planetary life creation, it can take millions of years for any given species for their cells to ‘learn’ what needs to be done differently to increase its chances of survival and growth into a viable lifeforms to have merit to one day develop a real mind and even begin to make choices with this mind.

“Even before lifeforms reach a level at which they can choose, the adjutant mind spirits endowed by the Mother Spirit of each local universe,  begin to influence survival outcomes.   Slowly, each adjutant mind-spirits begin to influence life in very primitive qualities such as intuition, then to understanding and courage.  At some point the organism must begin to ‘learn’ from past experiences and apply them to current survival situations.  They must at some point have cells that can remember incidences from the past and apply them to new outcomes.  Even very small one celled bacteria, have through the process of cell memory,  changed their reactions to antibiotics so that they can promulgate future generations to recognize and sidestep the damage caused to preceding generations that have decimated infections.  It is getting very difficult now for your medical professionals to keep a step ahead of this bacteria.  

“This drama plays out over billions of years in all living plants, animals and humans.  Cell memory is particularly in heavy duty use on decimal planets such as Urantia.  With the continued ministry of the mind-spirits, organisms find that courage and knowledge help them avoid pitfalls, that without cell memory would not be a concern.  

“In short, cell memory is the fuel needed to propel evolution; without this memory there could be no evolution at all. Each generation would have to start anew and in that situation the species would forever remain in a static state.

“Now on a normal planet that has experienced no rebellion or default, the adjutant mind-spirits would eventually lead to real knowledge and work greatly with free will creatures to gain wisdom and think things through even to wisdom.  This would create a situation in which the cell memory would prove to be a very beneficial tool to guide evolution on its desired course.  

“But on Urantia, cell memory has been a double edged sword.  On the one hand, it has done a very good job of bequeathing to the next generations many wonderful qualities such as joy, love, gratitude, truth, goodness and appreciation for what is truly beautiful.  But on the other hand, because of all of the difficulties Urantia has experienced, this cell memory has also been very detrimental to successful evolution.  For millennia, torture, wars, hatred, greed, fear, and lust for power just to name a few, have provided very detrimental consequences because as these qualities have been passed down through cell memory, it has stifled and even caused de-evolution.  

“I will not at this time give you more information on this topic.  With the coming Missions on your doorstep, I do not want to add to your information overload at this time.  MOTHER SPIRIT wants to address you now.”

“Think of this as a pyramid in which early life forms are at the top.  Early humans had many  qualities, both good and bad, but with each succeeding generation, a little more is contained in their DNA from the cell memory of the parents.  Now look at this from a multi-century point of view and you can see how it is that so many people today have so much of this stuff stored in their DNA that does not benefit them or evolution, that they can barely function, let alone be a viable candidate for ascension.   It is our deep hope that when many of these truly suffering souls reach the mansion worlds and are removed from the cloud of the rebellion mindset that so saturates your world, they can begin to heal.  It is so unfortunate that so many of you were deprived of receiving the benefits of the violet infusion from your Material Son and Daughter.  This alone could have greatly counteracted much of the negative cell memory that remains rampant to this day.  

“But it is not all bad news, as many humans have wonderful qualities in their cell memory and it is of great value to all of you that you understand the way cell memory works.  Being aware of it, and how it is passed down, is essential.  This should inspire each of you to first recognize how your civilizations got into the mess they are in today, and take steps to neutralize these effects by exposing yourself to truth, beauty, and goodness.  These are not just words that you read in your text so often, but real tools to put you in a state where your cells will ‘learn’ to respond to these qualities and influence those around you and help those of you still young enough to bear children, understand that your cell memory will be in the DNA of your offspring.  But do not underestimate your power to intend to self evolve.  You have the means to control the your own cell memory by feeding yourself with Light and Love.  You can re-program the memory in your cells.”

Mantutia Melchizedek wishes to say a few more words.

Mantutia Melchizedek
“With so much of our time and efforts being put into the upcoming missions, we have not been giving you as many, what should I call the, routine transmissions.  This transmission however has value as a routine transmission as well as a “mission” transmission and here is why.  To those of you who are able to re-program your cell memory and to let this information go forward to all interested parties, it will help the missions with their success.  More of you will have more clearly designed souls without the muck of the debris that has been passed down to you.  So I say to all of you, get your cell memory cleaned and re-programed as best you can because it has great value to all we are trying to accomplish now.  

“We both know that Amethyst is going through a tremendous upheaval in her personal life at this time, of which Ron and the Commission are aware.  She is doing very well and is actively preparing herself to be free to attend to any duties assigned in the future.  But this is going to take several months, if not a year before she is free of all entanglements currently holding her down.  We have her back and look forward to the day soon when she is fully on the team.

I thank you for your attention, and MOTHER SPIRIT and I bid you a very good day,”

General Discussion / Re: CONTACT MISSION MTG ON 25APRIL2019 TAPE 1
« on: April 25, 2019, 11:01:30 PM »
Thanks for these recordings guys.  It is great to hear you and get to know each of you a little better.  Ron, it was good to hear your voice sound so clear and crisp.  Good stuff!

Thanks Ron-- I really like these, especially the 2nd one.  The feedback will be really helpful to me.

Thank you Newstarsaphire for this.  It is wonderful and says a lot.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The Power of Sound
« on: April 14, 2019, 12:37:51 PM »
Stanley--If you go to youtube, in the music category and search for 'healing music frequencies' you will find a lot of different frequencies for different kinds of healing and even sleep.
Occertpa--Thanks for introducing me to Wingmakers.  I especially liked their "Ancient Arrow Project" .

One of my favorite musicians is Keven Wood.  His music makes me feel both joy and gratitude.

there is a lot of great music going on under the popular culture radar.
Ron--I will look into cell memory ask ask for some input for our helpers on high.
Thanks for all the comments guys. :)

Threads for New Transmissions / The Power of Sound
« on: April 13, 2019, 10:45:14 PM »
Topic:  The Power of Sound
Teachers:  Adam and Eve
T/R: Amethyst
Date:  April 13, 2019

ADAM AND EVE in a joint statement:

“What we expect to teach when we finally arrive on Urantia will far exceed your expectations. After the initial flurry of the establishment of the Magisterial Mission, we intend to begin working in our schools.  There is so much information and knowledge that needs to be assimilated by humanity that we hardly know where to begin.  
One thing we want to talk to you about today is the power and nature of sound.  Eve will start.

“There is a direct relationship between your human DNA and sound frequencies.  Your scientists tell you that most of you DNA is ‘junk’ DNA and serves no real purpose.  This is not true. The small amount of DNA that they are aware of that is functioning is doing so because it is resonating at a frequency that allows you to function.  If a small portion of this DNA is not responding well to any given frequency, it can cause what you call a defective gene and it causes the body to malfunction in some area.  The frequencies that most humans are bombarded with on a daily basis from tv, radio, environmental issues, and even electricity have not only interfered with, but damaged the lining up of DNA into its proper place to be able to help the body function at its peak level.  Even in history, your ancestors were  unable to make use of natural sounds to establish a more robust and spiritual human.  Our default and the rebellion have prevented your DNA from properly aligning with the incoming frequencies from the universe and therefore not functioning as originally designed, and your scientists don’t understand the original intent and the circumstances that created this, so naturally they can only see it as ‘junk’.  Even the communication quarantine imposed on Urantia after the outbreak of the rebellion had some impact on this.  Your diet can also impact your DNA, but we will discuss that at another time.

“This cannot change until first you become aware of it.  When you consciously listen to healing sounds such as in some of your better music, and block out the static that rains down on you from all directions, you can do a great deal to get the best results, given your very limited abilities at this time, to heal and strengthen your DNA and reduce problems associated with it.  Gradually over time of many generations, there will be less ‘junk’ DNA and more DNA that functions as it was originally designed.  

“This is what generally happens when a planet gradually evolves to Light and Life.  These mortals, with the guidance of their Material Sons and Daughters, have discovered how to use what in primitive man is called junk, to align themselves to the sounds and frequencies that naturally come to a normal planet. One of the things they learn on normal planets is the effects of various sound frequencies have on DNA.  These people can see farther, hear better, and live much longer.  Most modern humans here are clueless at this time about this relationship, although some more enlightened ones are beginning to see some connections.  If you look into it on your internet, you can find some music that is produced at a specific hertz to create a specific result in the body and spirit.

“Adam wishes to continue.”

“Eve has given you a very basic description between the relationship of your DNA, sound, and your overall health.  But sound is much more than that.  Did you know that thousands of years ago, when the Prince and his staff were on this planet, before the rebellion that they were teaching the humans of that time how to build and construct  with sound.  Today many of your scientists still think that all of those multi-ton boulders used around the world in old civilizations were done with human labor, ropes and pulleys etc.  Not so.  Some of the later civilization did do that because the knowledge that had been taught to their ancestors had been lost.  But many thousands of years ago, in civilizations that your scientists have no record of, sound frequencies were used to move and place multi-ton blocks into place.  

“All levels of creation has it own unique sound frequency.  Your space scientists have come to recognize that there is a ‘space sound’ that they can hear resonate on some of their interments. Even your prophets of old tell you that “In the beginning God ’said’, ‘Let there be Light.’, and there was Light.  You all know that God does not have a human voice, and does not ’say’ things in the audible way that you do.  But He does control the frequency, the vibration, of creation, and it is His use of that frequency that creates.  It is a ’sound’ that no human could hear, but it is His creation frequency. Sound, as you understand it, is a very powerful aspect  of creation.”

Amethyst:  I am asked  here to add some info from Paper 44.  On  the many courtesy colonies you will encounter as you ascend, you will learn from the Celestial Artisans about sound. The Designers and Embellishers will astound you with their sound designers.  There are celestial musicians that will amaze you.  You will actually hear spiritual sound that will reflect to you higher spiritual souls, and experience many other forms of energies that create much beauty.  

ADAM continues:
“As you ascend, more and more will sound show you higher spiritual souls and provide you with experiences for all of your senses, which will far transcend the very, very primitive ones you have now.  

“Eve and I are really eager to begin our teaching of so much that has to be learned by humanity.  We will be starting out with much more basic topics on living and sustaining the environment, but there is so much beyond the basics that we are very excited to share with our human cousins.  We are so looking forward to the day when we get the green light to begin our work with you.

“Until then, fasten your seat belts as it might be a very bumpy road in the near term, but do look for our appearance to be forthcoming in due season.

“We both wish you a very blessed day.”


Thank you for taking the time to show us these pictures.  Really appreciate it!

What is left to be said except HALLELUJAH! (not sure about spelling).  Let us see the manifestation of this, our dear and very beloved Joshua Ben Joseph.

Topic:       Beginning Formations of Prototypes for the First Outer Space Level
Teachers:  UNIVERSAL CENSOR in  liaison with the DEITY ABSOLUTE
                MICHAEL OF NEBADON
                MASTER SPIRIT SEVEN:  AYA
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       March 28, 2019


“Those of you who are following the unfathomable situations occurring in this sector of creation must find much of what you are learning to be so different from what you previously learned and now struggle to understand just why all this is happening here now.  The reasons are numerous and complex.  But there is an aspect of this that you need to take into consideration.

“Orvonton is the seventh and final Superuniverse in the Grand Universe to be created, and to eventually be settled in Light and Life.  This Superuniverse is also the only one to include unification of all three Deities of the Trinity.  The preceding Superuniverses have, or are in the process of developing, complete amalgamation  and synthesis of only two aspects of the Trinity.  Orvonton, however is the only one to include the PARADISE FATHER, ETERNAL SON, and the INFINITE SPIRIT into its completion.  Synthesizing two parts of the Trinity is quite a challenge in itself, but combining all three increases the difficulty and challenges faced by all who serve for the benefit of the Seventh Superuniverse.  This is part of the reason, we believe, that parts of Orvonton are struggling so much.

“Evolutionary patterns are beginning to shift.  For one example, you  see this in the fact that humans are now able to fuse with their Adjusters without forfeiting their physical forms.  Another very unusual thing occurred when one family, the Sangik family, produced children in which six different races appeared in their 19 children.  These races generally occur separately over periods of time. There are other examples as well.  This is all part of the new patterning taking place.  This is challenging for all of us to work through, hence the apparent chaos that you find so difficult to wrap your minds around.  
“This has been particularly involved for God the Supreme.  While He has assimilated and absorbed a myriad of different experiences of beings, all of the preceding superuniverse have for the most part, been based on a pattern that to some degree was predictable.  This is one reason why Ron and the Supreme have had their difficult moments.  When Orvonton finally one day becomes settled in Light and Life, it will contain many adjustments to the patterns the the other superuniverses have completed.  

“Now, what does this have to do with the Outer Space Levels?  This is to be a very different creation than the current Grand Universe is at the present.  They will need to be populated with more expansive and far-reaching beings that can transcend their understanding of reality in order to find eventual inclusion  with their parent Grand Universe.  A team of several different classifications of Grand Universe beings are now formulating different possible patterns for the eventual inhabitants of the OSLs.  The Finaliters, which many of you may become, will also need to understand how the OSLs differ from the creation in which you originated.  All of this planning requires some trial and error, and experimentation to finalize the kind of beings that will be populating these areas, and what their ultimate goals will be.  What is happening to you and several other local universes now is just a small portion of what is being contemplated.  

“By virtue of the fact that Orvonton is the only superuniverse to incorporate all three parts of the Trinity, is is inevitable that the final result of its complete evolution will be more complex and contain certain qualities that, while each of the others may contain in part, include the fullness of the Trinity.  And it is from Orvonton that we seek to find many of the basic patterns of creation and the beings that will eventually evolve in these OSLs.
“Urantia has given us much fodder for the prototype patterns we will consider.  We are looking to examine the final outcomes of how all of Orvonton finally settles with respect to the different qualities now emerging as not only Nebadon, but the many other local universes that are, or will be included in the new federation now being organized.


“All negative experiences we now face, will ultimately be applied to the future formulation of the emergence of an even greater creation.  Our challenges are great, but I say to you that all this difficulty we now experience will not be in vain, and that includes even the rebellion.  If it were not for the horrible history in some parts of my local universe, we may never have known how we can change the mortal design into a more resilient, capable and beneficial being.  We would would never had known because we would have never needed to do so.  In the much longer term, the rebellion will prove to be the catalyst that propelled us forward with the determination to create mortals who are more rebellion resistant.  You, ladies and gentlemen, are the pioneers that will show us all that the tree of evolution has several branches, and you are learning to grow a very strong branch indeed.  Not only is this very beneficial to your own person ascension and career, it is also a big component of how future generations of mortals throughout creation will be able to serve, and this will also be a significant contribution to GOD THE SUPREME.

“We will overcome.  Urantia will be one day settled in Light and Life.  Humans will be able to be fused, if they earn it, and life extension will be made when it is deemed necessary, even though  it is truly a difficult path on which you find yourselves.  It may turn out that many native Urantians will be lost, but the surviving sons and daughters of God will inspire all who have gone before them, and all who come after you.  
“Now that you know your value and worth, go to your keyboards and transmit!  I am a proud papa and I know all your capabilities.”


“I take great pride in serving as the Master Spirit of Orvonton.  Even I learned more than I expected from the UNIVERSAL CENSOR and DEITY ABSOLUTE in that I didn’t recognize beings here who will one day come to understand fully the nature of the Trinity as the Father, Son, and Infinite Spirit, have the potential to have some of their qualities incorporated in future designs of beings that will originate and grow in the OSLs.
Even those of us in the high realms of Spirit can be surprised by the paths evolution can take us.  Evolution is not always predictable.”

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« on: March 26, 2019, 06:49:43 PM »
Thank you for sharing this with us!!  It is most encouraging to see their love for us in action.

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