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I want to share with all of you an experience I had about 10 days ago.  I was sleeping and I dreamed there was a human looking entity trying to wrap itself around my left shoulder and neck.  It was about 4 ft. tall, very thin, and reminded me of a science geek with very thick glasses.  In my dream, I looked at it and told it to go away.  It did not.  Then my Adjuster took over and with a very authoritative tone said that it was not supposed to be there and it was to leave IMMEDIATELY, which it did.  
The next morning I woke up early because my tongue was sore on my left side.  When I looked at it, there was a gouge or red abrasion right down the left side where this creature had been in my dream.  His face had been right up to my left cheek.
I never worry about nightmares because I know I have all the protection I need and besides most nightmares are just bad dreams anyway and have nothing to do with our waking reality.  But when I saw this wound, I knew that this particular dream had more to it.  Our heavenly helpers do indeed protect us, but I think Mother was trying to tell us that if we can collect some extra white Light as extra energy, it will make their jobs a little easier.

3rd of three transmissions from Mother Nebadonia
With Michael

Topic: The Habit of Drawing Additional Protection to Yourselves
Learning to Read Between the Lines
Teachers:Mother Nebadonia and Michael
T/R: Amethyst
Date: January 17,2019
Location:  Upstate NY


“Your Father and I watch you wait and wonder what is to be in the coming weeks and months.  We feel your uncertainty, your apprehension, your sense of a lack of direction and guidance during these difficult days of waiting.  We understand your confusion and puzzlement.  Would it surprise you to learn that many of us here also feel very similar feelings.  We do.  

“During these times it is most helpful and advantageous to you to add an extra layer of protection around you. Upon wakening and before going to sleep each day, ask my angelic daughters to provide you with a solid cone of white Light to completely enfold you to help protect you from the slings and arrows being thrown about by forces that are targeting the Light carriers such as yourselves.  Visualize this white wall as almost solid.  

“These arrows can come from any direction at any time , and are looking for a weak spot into which they can infiltrate.  Amethyst experienced this first-hand a few days ago when she was blindsigthed by an invisible brick wall.  

“This is a time to keep your ears to the ground, a silencing of too much speech, and especially increasing your inner perception that can indeed warn you of impending obstacles.  You are truly watched and protected by your angel, but this added layer is another tool for them to use with their job.  

“There is much going on now that is being missed by most of you.  Look to your life circumstances and try to decipher what you are being shown.  Look to the events you see all around you and try to discern subtle ways in which you see correction being made.  These subtle signs will become more and more obvious with the movement of time, and it is important you hone your perception skills.

“Your Mother is asking you to stretch yourselves to perceive both the hidden difficulties and quiet changes taking place as the missions launch more fully.  There is a great deal of activity both good and bad swirling within some of you as well as around you, and it is important to stay grounded, and that you keep your faith and turn to us.  

“Meditating upon, and asking for the cone of protection your Mother referred to, should become a daily habit for you. This is co-creation with God, and the farther you ascend, the more you will become  aware of  your co-creation responsibilities.  

“This cone will give many of the mischief makers pause before they attempt to trip the worthy sons and daughters of God.  They will give a second thought to causing harm, knowing their Father Fragments are on duty ready with the LIGHT and LIFE of God.  These problem makers will then try to approach a target that has less self awareness and do not have a deep connection with their Creator.  But it is the Light bearers that they covet the most. So be prepared to let your Adjusters and angels do their jobs, as they do so well.

“We both close now with this transmission, and hope you study it well. 
God day from both of us.”


One of the reasons that I did not post a reply to the late December announcements on the missions is because I sensed the ending before the beginning.  If you are familiar with the movie “Ground Hog’s Day”, you know what I mean.  You go to bed each evening only to awaken the next day to live the same day as yesterday all over again.  The pattern of stops and starts is so established into our experience that I have come to expect it as the norm.

Having said that, I am quite unsettled by the fact that there appears to be so much chaos in the universe itself over Urantia.  On Urantia, humans are used to this chaos, but we try to have faith that at least heaven knows what it is doing.  The Eternal Son is the WORD of God, while the Infinite Spirit is the ACTION of God.  The Supreme Being, as I have always understood it, is the evolving collector and assimilator of the EXPERIENENCES of the universe.  I have never read anything in the Urantia Book that made me think that the Supreme became involved in directing the experiences.  So I am puzzled by the Supreme becoming involved with the actions of the Infinite Spirit. This is new to me.  The angels are the creation of personalities of the Infinite Spirit (or action aspect) of God.  Being a mere mortal, I know that I really understand little about how these thing work.  Whether or not we will have any assignments in any of the missions is secondary to me.  My issue is with the (apparent ) instability and confusion taking place with those universe personalities that are in charge of helping Urantia get back on the right path.  

I know we have  all been disappointed in these developments, but we must not lose our faith.  Let us all pray that January 15 will bring some permanent solutions to these problems so we can all find some peace.  

These are just the musings of a simple human who seeks truth and desperately wants to see Urantia be healed.  It is said that time heals all wounds, and perhaps that is true.  But even healed wounds can leave permanent scars.  I wonder if the scars on Urantia are permanent.

General Discussion / Re: Pray for me,..., my dear friends !!!
« on: January 03, 2019, 11:16:03 PM »
 My prayer for you has already been said.  Keep the faith our dear and beloved brother!

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 29, 2018, 01:02:38 AM »
I really like Clency's idea of SPIRIT LINE.  I also like Steve's tele illuminate.  Both are good.  How about Nebadon News Stream, or perhaps Nebadon Newsfeed?

« on: December 14, 2018, 10:27:24 PM »
Thank you so much for sharing these dreams.  I hope you are writing them down and ask your Adjuster to help you understand their meaning.  They are quite profound.  Dreams have often helped me understand things.  Keep it going!

Teacher:    Mother Nebadonia
Topic:        Understanding Self-Mastery
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         December 11,2018

"My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia again to talk with you about the second in a series that I have asked Amethyst to do for me.

"I want to discuss SELF MASTERY.   Many people think that self mastery and self discipline and self control are the same thing.  They are not.  Controlling yourself from doing or even thinking things you do not want to do is not self mastery.  Discipling yourself into doing things you think you should, but do not really want to do is not self mastery.  Self mastery is the result of allowing your Father Fragment to determine how you will think and behave.  Your Thought Adjuster slowly, over time becomes you as you become Him more each day.  There is no need for discipline and control at this point because you Father Within is directing all you desires and you find gradually you no longer carry any energy that requires a need for you to control.  Your oneness with God takes over and your inner struggles begin to wind down.

"Self mastery is also an important quality you will need for your circle attainment.  The more self mastery God has with you, the higher your circle attainment.  Conversely the higher your attainment, the more self mastery you develop.  One compliments and strengthens the other.

"Even Jesus, as he walked on your planet had to learn the difference and the significance of what this meant.  The quickest and best way to have greater self mastery is to be one with your Thought Adjuster.  We have observed that while they do not yet have perfect self mastery, those who are fused, or about to be, are displaying a greater self mastery than those still working on the lower circles.  

"Self control will prevent a man from punching someone who has just spit on him in contempt.  The person with self mastery feels no need at all to punch him, as he is not angered and can walk away from the situation without anger in his heart.  His ego is quite indifferent to the event.

"Self mastery carries God-like qualities with grace and dignity.  Sustained self mastery will lead you ever forward to self realization and self attainment.

"This lesson will be kept to a minimum in length, as it is important that it be read carefully, and not just receive a cursory scan.

"Be of good cheer my children.  Heaven is watching and waiting just as you are doing.  
I leave you to ponder this lesson on self mastery as well as the first one I provided on seeing the Spirit Within your fellow ascenders.  Good day"

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: France on fire
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:22:05 PM »
Well put Clency.  Perhaps a little prophetic of things to come.  Did you notice that this is your post number 1111?

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / You have no idea.
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:18:40 PM »
Thank you so much for this Sylvia and Lemuel.  In these hours of darkness before the dawn, I find this a great comfort.

Amethyst:  During the quiet time that we have just experienced, Mother Nebadonia asked me to begin a series of three skill building lessons that you will all need as we work together on the missions and as we progress on the moronita level.  She did not tell me what the lessons would be, or when she would give them to me.  On November 9th - 10th  she provided me with the first in this three part series, giving me small snippets at a time.  The first came at 4:00 AM on the 9th.  Please make note of the fact that they came during the time our communication shutdown was in effect, so I am not sure why I got them at that time.

Topic:  A Skill to Work on to Prepare for the Missions
   Part one:  Looking Deeper Into Others; Seeing with the Eyes of Spirit

Teacher:  Mother Nebadonia

T/R:  Amethyst

Dates received;  November 9th-10th, 2018

Location:  New York

“Greeting my precious children.  This is your Mother Nebadonia and I wish to help you prepare better for your upcoming tasks, and help you hone in on skills that you will need to have well developed in the coming times.    
In today’s world, as you hustle and bustle through your routine,  too often you see the surface and outer persona of others and fail to recognize that you see in others what you expect to see, and do not see all of what is really there.  The Spirit within others is not always obvious to you.  

“Sometimes this is by design as a teaching tool to help you grow in spiritual perception and understanding.  While Jesus walked on Urantia and met and talked with people, there were few that he avoided. He fraternized with the masses and  knew them to be God’s children and could see beyond the exterior to their Father Fragment within them.  This is exemplified by his talking with the prostitute, and those around him could just not abide that, and were appalled by the fact that he would associate with her.  He knew she was much more than they could see and invited any of them who had never sinned to cast the first stone.

“The exterior public face that is presented to the world can obscure a much deeper and substantial person.  False assumptions are made because the exterior of others appear to be brash, loud, or rough around the edges.  But it takes time and awareness on your part to understand motives.  Sometimes deep passion is mistaken for anger or disrespect.  Flashy and obtrusive behavior can be mistaken for a lust for power.  Every personality is different and expresses itself in different ways.  Things are not always what they seem to human perception.  Unnecessary conflict often arises because motives are misunderstood, and camps are divided into tribes of all kinds, be they religious, political, racial, economical and many other classifications, each insisting they are right and the other is wrong.  As a loving Mother I want to correct my children by saying to all of your siblings, STOP!  Behave as the children of God that you are.”

Amethyst—I sense that this last sentence is directed to the population as a whole and not the the members of this forum.  Mother continues,

“The opinions of others that validate these erroneous conclusions reinforce the assumptions and it become  a “fact” that these observations are unquestionably true, and this just amplifies the tribalism.

“Your Father and I know well what is in the hearts of each and everyone on Urantia, and yes there are some bad dudes that are wrecking havoc with a clear intention to thwart the will of God, and they will be dealt with.  But very often what humans see as someone who is obnoxious and appalling, does not recognize how the Father Fragment of that person is working.

“Learning to develop this spiritual skill of seeing the Inner Spirit before noticing the outer expressions and flaws takes time to develop.  But it a worthy skill to have and will become even more necessary as you progress in your career because you will always be meeting ascenders who are very different from the humans you have come to know on Urantia.  This becomes an especially important skill as you traverse the Constellation of Norlatiadek, where you will encounter a great deal of diverse and unique personalities that you cannot even imagine now.  So it is important that even in your early training on Urantia,  you be exposed to personalities that you are not entirely comfortable with.  Let your Adjuster lead you to the divine conclusions about all you encounter so that you will get a head start on learning to recognize what you are truly seeing and learn to expand your love to embrace all those souls that your Father Fragment and the Spirit of Truth show you to be precious children of God.

“This concludes the first in this series of skill building lessons that I want to provide to you.  My plan is to wait and let you digest well this first one, and put it into practice before the second lesson will be forthcoming.  I bid you all a good day as your Father and I send our love to each of you.”


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:55:35 PM »
Oh Dear Sweet Sue,
Please just take a deep breath.  I have been having some experiences that are very similar to yours,  but not quite as intense.  You are such a beautiful soul.  I do believe that all of us are going through an intense period of testing, and yes it is very very painful at times.

But the problems that Urantia are facing right now are probably the worst that has ever been seen, perhaps in all of creation.  I don't know for sure, but possibly.  Now what kind of humans are needed for such a task? It is those who have been through their dark night of the soul and fiery tests.  Like you, I'm more of a Jill of all trades and not suitable for involvement in corporation stuff.  That is ok.  God has one plan and each of us has a place in it. You and I will both find our place when the time is right, I suspect after the dark period.

In the meantime, make sure you read Larry's post on their sessions and learn of his experience.  Ron has to be very serious as he is more aware of the complications and possibilities we are dealing with.  My sweet sister in Spirit, let us both take this one day at a time.  Let us put one foot in front of the other as we move diligently and perhaps slowly on our path.  I truly feel your pain, because in many ways it is my pain too.  But this too shall pass.


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 03, 2018, 01:33:12 AM »
As of today the 21st day of October, 2018, I declared a moratorium on transmissions of fact except for what I announce through this transmitter.

Ron ran into serious trouble yesterday with a transmission from Uversa and was dropped from the Infinite Spirit’s communication circuits.

That affects all communication between Mother Spirit and the angels and hosts in the Local Universe and may extend to Uversa as well.  In any case we have decided rather than fight an error like this from Uversa, we will simply disallow a lot of factual information to transpire on Urantia for a few bits of time.  I do not know when the ban will be lifted but I am aware this particularly affects the fused individuals who work on this site.
I have been having trouble accessing the website lately and have not found any news on the rescinding of this ban on transmissions.  Is it still in effect or can we begin again.  I received one from Mother Spirit a while back but have held it waiting for the go ahead again.  I do not want to post one that would be affected by this ban.

ur606--I just checked this out.  Fascinating!  It seems like so many things are beginning to happen at an  accelerated  pace.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you so very much Ron for all of this!  I just made a copy to study tonight as I know it will take a lot of 'digesting'.  I have, over the past week been experiencing many tests and problems.  Last night my Adjuster pointed out to me where some of them are originating and it is going to take work on my part to get some issues resolved.  At any rate, I will pray for all of us.  I expect that I am not the only one dealing with things right now.  Ron, I pray to for your physical health.  I do hope you are beginning to get some relief.

General Discussion / Re: Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 10:29:38 PM »
I think Sue's instinct to become proficient at public speaking is spot on.  After we have studied the new Urantia Book, and combine that with our experiences and knowledge we have gained here, speaking will be a very valuable asset to have.  Very good topic Sue!  Thanks.

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