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Lemuel, that was quite beautiful. I love the background birds. I, too, often wonder about George (died 1997) and Elizabeth (died 2012) and their current activities on mansonia. I see them in dreams occasionally, and lately have had intense early memories surfacing, including one of my mother teaching me the bedtime prayer ("Now I lay me down to sleep . . ." etc.) when I was four.

They were both quite spiritually-inclined, in their own idiosyncratic ways, not in a hidebound church sense. I will be eternally grateful that I was raised by such unusual people who allowed me to develop spiritually and intellectually without too big a thumbprint.

I look forward to seeing them again. Thanks again, Lemuel, and take good care of yourself. Hamish

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ THE OBSERVERS
« on: June 06, 2018, 01:49:41 PM »
Lemuel, all of your transmissions are gems of enlightenment and clear writing, but I found this one particularly moving in that it reminded me to appreciate our evolving souls as entities in their own right.
I call mine "Hamish" but I often forget to acknowledge him as an individual entity; someone else to commune with. And I agree that there's no point in trying to ascertain whether a specific insight or impulse comes from Casper (TA) or Hamish. Our TAs coordinate everything anyway.

Thanks, sir, and be well. Jim

Speaker: Gaia
Subject: Faith in the face of sadness
Category: The Planetary Supreme, in Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
9 Oct 17  1652 hrs Zulu

Would anyone like to speak through me this morning?

Lady Gaia, Your name fills my head. I accept this as You, and I am honored.

"Yes, you have been thinking of Me lately, as you always do when out amongst the butterflies and vegetables, and as you harvest before the frosts. You see Me in the transitioning fall grasses and leaves, in the squawk of a blue jay, in the snow that falls gently in Greeley this morning."

All very true, My Lady.

"Sadness has infused you lately. You learn more about the suffering of your brothers and sisters around the planet. Tibetans struggling for independence from the brutal oppression of China, North Korean citizens living under impossible conditions of cold and starvation, children disappearing to unknown fates--the list seems endless. Trust Me, it often seems endless to Me too. And you succumb to despair at times because there appears to be no remedy.

"As you know, even the most civilized societies have great suffering through the natural processes of disease and aging and accidents. Couple that with the pervasive tentacles of corruption and exploitation that choke every member of society. None are untouched.

"Where, then, do we (by we I mean all of us, human and Celestial), where do we find the faith to struggle on? It may seem that the little efforts you all make each day to show your love for your human families and others; the love and prayers you ceaselessly send Our way, to Me, to the Father, to Michael and Nebadonia, et Al., are merely words, merely feelings that carry little weight in the vastness of space and the vastness of the troubles that plague Urantia.

"Again, this is just another example of the fact that faith and love are self-generating. At times, something you hear or see or read throws you off and you think "What is the point?" But for you and your fellow agondonters, those who see without seeing, who know without knowing, whose faith has wavered many times and come back stronger than ever: you know that your prayers and love are not pointless, that they add your light to the sum of light, and that ultimately peace will reign upon Urantia, through the efforts of all of us, Celestial and human.

"Our planet will re-stabilize after natural adjustments. Schools will begin to really teach, after the way of Adam and Eve and the Melchizadeks. Governments will serve the people rather than stymieing and exploiting them. Those who follow the Caligastian way will change heart or will be exposed and thwarted. This will occur! Your prayers and daily love are indeed an integral part of this grand project.

"I conclude for now. You know where to find Me. Be at peace. I am Gaia."

Thank You so much, My Lady. I needed to hear this. I suspect many of us do. My love and support forever.

Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Nuclear Matters
T/R: Jim Livengood, Greeley, CO
23 Sep 17 1605 hrs. Zulu

Does anyone wish to speak through me this morning? I welcome You.


Greetings, My Lord.

"Start typing now. Your concerns over nuclear waste, weapons, and nuclear power itself are well-founded. Given purely human methods, as exist today, the problems are intractable. Nuclear waste and radiation, as well as the potential for nuclear terrorism, is a matter of dire consequence for the people of Urantia.

"Rest assured that We on High are excruciatingly aware of these dangers. It is not the Father's plan to have your planet damaged even further by this horrific form of pollution which goes beyond the already serious forms of pollution from chemical misuse.

"There are ways of dealing with nuclear pollution that are not yet available to man. At present, the only known methods are so costly and difficult that it borders on the impossible, considering the amount of waste existent in the world. Soon, much cheaper and safer energy alternatives will become known, and in fact some of your large solar facilities are already profitable and viable, particularly in the vast dry areas that are of little use otherwise.

"You have also read here about ultimatonic small decentralized power sources. These will become widely available at some future time. Many of the nuclear facilities are in areas that will be affected by tectonic shifts, but be advised that We are capable of ameliorating the ill effects of damaged nuclear plants, as well as preventing the further use of nuclear weaponry. This is enough for now, but thank you for being here for a message this morning."

Thank you, My Lord. I am honored beyond words.

Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Background Activities
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R; Jim Livengood   Greeley, CO
5 Sep 17   1543 hrs. Zulu

Lanaforge comes to mind.

"We meet again. It's been some time. Vast enterprises require vast amounts of groundwork. We note that you and your wife are closely monitoring the situation in Korea. You have many loved ones in that country. Of course, what you can see is only that which is filtered through the media, Korean or otherwise, so as you well know, there are background activities which are not visible to the normal news-watcher. They are not visible to you or your forum-mates either, but you know that they are going on.

"It is good to stay informed and take an interest in the world and its goings-on, but do not succumb to despair. Each day that you live is a separate entity, and is lived in your local area. The big picture is made up of millions of smaller pictures, like pixels, but they all contribute to the outworking of the Supreme. And, consequently, to the Planetary Supreme, and thus to the Father's will in all creation.

"As your group is continually informed, there are myriad volunteers and expert Beings involved in the refurbishment of our planet so that it will fulfill its ultimate destiny of being a University world of renown. All will be well, despite how it looks on the surface. This is Lanaforge. Good day."

Thank you, Lord Lanaforge. My prayers are with You.

Hi, Geoff, good discussion--I think if we insert the word "plans" into the sentence: " . . . it is the full right and prerogative of the Father to change plans at any time" it makes more sense.

True, the Trinity and maybe a few Others don't change, or need to, but everyone else does. Although, I wonder if you could say that even those don't change, inasmuch as they certainly gain experience slogging along with the rest of us. I think what the U Book is saying is that in terms of integrity, perfection of character, and just general Thingness, they are constant and unchanging.

One more quick point: these messages from Whomever are being passed through several layers of human, e. g., mind, language pattern, and fingers. So it's important to let the various Spirits help us to decode the message and not let minor typing or syntactical bits worry us. Otherwise, you could spend all day at it.
Just a few thoughts, mate. Be of good cheer. Jim

Speaker: Nebadonia
Subject: Gratitude
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
28 Aug 17  1547 Zulu

Good morning. Would anyone like to speak?

"Good morning to you, too. Nebadonia this end. It's good to see you back at the keyboard. Yesterday you attempted a transmission and nothing came, as sometimes happens. You are not nonplussed by this, it's like getting a busy signal and trying again later."

That's true. I know I'm erratic in my timing, but You all have my prayers and gratitude.

"We're noticing lately, speaking of gratitude, that you have been working on consciously enumerating the things you are grateful for, rather than whinging on about aging and the times you don't feel well. That's something you share with everyone, except of course those who die young. It's all part of experiencing the full spectrum of life. It may seem at times onerous and pointless, but the aging process is a generator of compassion, or it should be.

"You give thanks for the companionship of your wife of many years, even thanking her TA whom you call Merrilee, and her Guardians, whom she has named Ruth and Naomi because she likes that Bible story. It is perfectly permissible to address and thank the Spirit Guides of others, whether consciously or unconsciously. In a sense, that's what you are doing when you feel a happy spirit light from someone you meet, even briefly. It may be a customer who comes into the store you work at, or someone in a store you shop at. When you feel that jolt of light and love, you are acknowledging the Spirit influences within them. Your light and theirs commingle like the notes of a complex chord of rich harmony. These moments will continue to increase as the Spirits of Truth, my Holy Spirit, the TAs of individuals, and all the myriad spirit influences wash over the people of our beautiful but troubled Urantia.

"Be faithful, be happy, continue to be thankful for everything that represents truth, beauty and goodness. It is not so much that We need to be continually thanked for Our own gratification; it is more that the attitude of gratitude is a powerful soul-growing process. The more things you are grateful for, the more Light enters your soul you call Hamish. For example, you were resting and listening to Erik Satie the other day, and you took the time to be grateful that there was (and is) such a man and that he wrote the music you were enjoying. Such simple moments of appreciation are a balm to the soul. Hold fast to those moments regardless of what is going on in the outside world.
"This is Nebadonia, and I wish you a peaceful happy day."

Thank you. I appreciate Your words and the time you spent with me this morning. My eternal love to You. Jim

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: The Hymn of Joy
« on: August 23, 2017, 12:31:04 PM »
Dear Allie, you've come up with another gem. Based on jolly old Ludwig, no less.
Lately I've been listening (on Youtube) to a series of programs put on by CBS back in the 70s. They were called Young Peoples' Concerts by Leonard Bernstein. One was all about Beethoven, but the main reason I'm putting this all down is that Bernstein, in addition to being a brilliant conductor and composer, was also an excellent, entertaining teacher. (And undoubtedly still is, wherever he is now.)

The audience comprised mostly nicely dressed young folks, and Bernstein never talked down to them. He treated them like intelligent, cultured people who might benefit from more information presented with a light touch. Anyone who teaches or lectures could learn much from his approach. And, of course, they played a concert.

Great stuff. There were a number of these programs, but just look up Young Peoples' Concerts Leonard Bernstein and of course there they are.

Nice one, Sis. Jim

George, this was one of the most interesting posts I've read in a long time, which is saying a lot considering the subject matter we embrace on this forum. The Magic Circle of Love, incorporating Serara, Nebadonia, et Al., in a circle with you and another person, I would imagine could include anyone regardless of which side of the Urantia/Mansion World veil they were on. This veil seems to be thinning, since we are hearing more and more from former Urantians and other ex-mortals.

We've had recent visits from Mother Teresa, Catherine the Great, Princess Diana, including a couple of intriguing interactions I've had.
Take care, George. I pray that your eye surgery went well. Bless you. Jim

Transcription One:
This is a transcript of an audio recording I did this morning. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it into e-mail or whatever in order to get it to Box despite repeated tries. Just haven’t got the knack, I guess. I’ll keep trying to post the audio.

Speaker: Machiventa
Subject: Be With Us
Category: New Audio
T/R: Jim Livengood  Greeley, CO
20 Aug 17  approx. 1500 hrs. Zulu

I’m sitting in the shade of a mulberry tree. There’s some ambient noise from traffic on the street behind me, but I thought I would give this a try. So if anybody would like to speak through me now, I’m going to pause this thing and take it from there. Thank you.

I’m seeing the name Machiventa, repeatedly, in my mind. I haven’t talked to You before . . . well, I have, but not as a transmission.  So I’m going to wait and see if there’s a message.
“Yes, this is Machiventa. I see that it’s a busy Sunday morning where you are, in Colorado. You’ve been told that there is a new version—or iteration—of  the Spirit of Truth that’s going to be poured out upon Urantia today. I can see that you are not altogether understanding it or buying it, but that’s all right. You will. These little doubts or quandaries are a natural function of the human condition. And you have all been conditioned to doubt and that’s not been an accident.

“It has served the apostate leaders well as well as the politicians and the corporations, the major ones, to have you doubt and disbelieve . . . and have . . . puzzlements? . . . about spiritual issues. Fortunately, you have been a spiritual seeker your entire life which is why you have been led to this forum with your brothers and sisters here, whom you have grown to so highly esteem. We commend your efforts and appreciate them, and We will continue to contact you, all of you, and help you in every way that We can. You need only take the step to accept Us and ask for Us and take the time to approach Us in stillness, and all will ultimately be well.

“We are your friends. We are all embarking on an unprecedented project. Something that may never have been seen in Our Universe. We appreciate your readings of the Urantia book and all of you that have sought spiritual meaning in life, all of you who love—all of you who hunger—who appreciate goodness, truth, and beauty.

“Truth is not always pleasant, but at least goodness and beauty are. But truth is the underpinning of your philosophy, the underpinning of your psychology. If you always seek the truth, you will find it. ‘Ask and it shall be given’ you have been told and you have always believed that.

“I just want you all to hold fast to your beliefs, continue to study, continue to approach Us. Know in your hearts that We are here. You know that the reality of Us is more vibrant and more vivid than the reality you see in your external world—the carping, the violence, the division that you see—these are all shadows. They are empty shadows. The true glory of Spirit shall ultimately illuminate everyone who accepts it. You need only be here; be with Us; be part of Us. We care about you, We love you. We know that you love Us.

“So this has been Machiventa;  I appreciate your coming to Me this morning. I know it’s a busy day for you. But this is important to you and it bothers you when you are out of contact. Remember that you are never out of contact. Your Guardians and your TA are always with you, and We are always with you. So I will sign off for now, and we will talk again. Thank you.”

Thank You too, Machiventa. You’ve always been a hero of mine. It’s most agreeable to speak with You and listen to You.  
This is Jim out. Bye bye.


Teacher: Nebadonia
Subject: The Phases of Life
T/R: Jim Livengood   Greeley, CO
8 Aug 17  1447 hrs Zulu

 I lost this while I was typing. It just went away. I don't know why, but that seems to happen now and then when I type on this tablet. It was a lovely message from Nebadonia (I think) so I will try to recreate it.

Following my usual salutations to the Trinity, and to Michael and Nebadonia, and to Casper and Abigail and Gabriela and their associates:
Nebadonia, I don't know what happened, but if You would still like to address the folks through me, I will try again. If it disappears again, I will take it as a sign to drop it for now. I just don't want to give up based on one anomaly.

"This is Nebadonia. We were likening the passage through human life with the Asian story you've heard of how a rice stalk is a symbol for the mortal life. In youth, the stalk stands strong and proud and stretches toward the sun. As it ages, it bends toward the earth. It humbly bows in the fullness of its maturity and awaits the harvest of its grain.

"So, too, do your human lives go through these phases. When you are young, you rejoice in the strength of your bodies. You love, you work, you rest and are refreshed. When you age, you become more compassionate and understanding of those who are afflicted in some way: physically, psychologically, mentally. Your souls are the grain that is ready for harvest.

"Remember that whatever is happening around you, the individual soul is paramount. It is Our harvest. None will be lost who choose the path to God. Do not fear for the lives of the youths who may be lost in the changes to come. All will have a chance to make a clear, informed choice to continue in the Paradise path. This is the essence of what we wrote earlier. A shorter version, perhaps. But it will do for now. Be happy, be grateful for the many joys that surround you. Continue to pray each morning and throughout the day for the Spirits to shine through you onto whomever you encounter. A small beam of Light can illuminate many dark corners. You may not know the good you do with small acts of kindness and friendliness, but they spread like ripples on a pond. This is my message to all of you."

Thanks a lot for going through this again with me, Nebadonia. I am perhaps an unworthy son, but my love for You grows each day. You illuminate my dark corners, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Pre'Mtor on The Mash Potato Allegory
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:47:26 PM »
Well, Sue, I had to respond to this because I like mashed potatoes too. Last night I made some for my wife who had a bothersome tooth pulled and is supposed to eat soft foods. Routine domestic tasks like cooking, washing dishes, mowing the yard, etc., can be very pleasant and meditative interludes in our busy lives. Good times to commune with our TAs, angels or whomever. Bless you. Jim

Well stated, Ron and Michael. Sometimes even a word or phrase we might not normally use can be like the tip of a knife inserted into a clam shell. It is apropos and descriptive, and out pops the truth. Anything loses meaning if overused, and we all hear people whose vocabulary is severely limited to approximately one adjective.

However, for the thoughtful and erudite among us, a little leeway might be granted. Language is an art medium, and sometimes art needs a big splotch of blood-red paint on it. Heigh-ho, Jim.

Hi, everyone. There are a lot of points brought up in this string so far. Thought I'd chime in between customers.  First, jolly good job as always by Sentenact and Daniel.

Also, Antonio, I understand pretty well, I think, what you are talking about. I don't really get stressed much but I do have a penchant for depression. Especially on those days when I feel like one of those barrels that rodeo clowns jump into when they are chased by bulls. And I watch someone I love suffer through physical pain, and I see her shining spirit in spite of the pain, and I think, "Okay, this is about enough. Just take us out and let us start over with new bodies." I'm sure millions of others have similar thoughts.

But, as Ok Sun tells me, "Don't try to do God's job. He will take us when He's ready."

Well, enough about that. On the UFO front, I fully agree that it's time to start some authentic disclosure. Governments aren't going to do it. They will just lie and misinform and obfuscate like they always do. So if there are any plans to rescue people, or just shift them about, by means of our off-planet siblings, we had better start setting up some introductions ahead of time.

Because why? As stated, Big Church will say they're from Satan. Big Military/Industrial will say they are enemies so we can keep the war cow giving milk. The media will titter and laugh and discount the whole idea, because who are they working for? Those just mentioned.

Ergo, whenever a public presence is deemed advisable by the Celestial Forces, off-planet disclosure should be an integral part of it.

Done for now--just wanted to get a few thoughts on this thread, since a bunch of my favorite blokes are on it. God bless you all. Find happy moments wherever you can. That's all we can do. One day at a time, sweet Jesus, ay? Jim

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings serara forum
« on: August 05, 2017, 10:19:27 AM »
Greetings, Pliktarious. Jim here from Greeley, Colorado, USA. I'm getting ready for work but I wanted to dash off a quick note of welcome. We're looking forward to getting to know you. There is an amazing variety of people in this group, all under the aegis of Ron B., who is definitely one of the sweeties of the world, and not the worst of them.

I'd better get going, but welcome again. Jim

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