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Jesus and Spirit Communication
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:17:35 AM »
I have always been able to hear and see spirit.   In the beginning, it was mostly Angels.    I asked why they didn't have wings like I saw in the pictures in church.   They smiled and said they didn't need wings to travel but could produce them if someone believed in wings.  

In time, Teachers appeared when I was ready to hear them.   I did not know that one of the voices I could hear so clearly was my Adjuster.   I just knew that He was a friend and many times my protector.    The  messages I receive are conversations and are not to be shared with others.   I am told I am a student and working toward a future goal.   I take issue with the statement in that posting that I have been in my third psychic circle for the past ten years.   If you could see all the work I have done and the improvements I have made with the guidance and love of my Adjuster.   It simply is not true.  If by some chance it is, then I am just going to drop everything and go fishing in the Jordan with some friends!
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Re: Jesus and Spirit Communication
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2018, 11:06:16 AM »
Hi ! Allie, you are unveiling a part of yourself which is of great interest, my dear. I am amazed – I think I am not the only one – to learn that you have such an ability to be in contact with Spirits. IMO, you have been given the gift to be a good transmitter, unlike others like me who are struggling to get where you are. You are very close, you don’t have a long way to go, just take the plunge and you will be fully at it in a record time. You ought to develop more your god-given talent to receive impersonal messages for the benefit of all. Domtia
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Re: Jesus and Spirit Communication
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 11:36:36 AM »
I am able to share one message that I received.   I cannot tell you the identity of that spirit.   I was told that the day and hour of the return of Jesus will NOT be revealed to anyone.   This is for security reasons.    Personally,  I think that Easter Sunday morning would be perfect!


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Re: Jesus and Spirit Communication
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2018, 01:13:04 PM »
18/03/2018 2.11 am(AEDT)

Jesus speaks,

“Allie, this is Jesus [or is it Michael?], no Sue,  it is I Jesus and I speak in my own right here [o.k. I got what you mean, thank you!].

“I wish to speak on what you shared as it is important for you and others to know. What you need to recognise, there are five Adjutant Mind Spirits that actively work in with your mind. They are: Perception, Intuition, Understanding, Wisdom and Worship.

“What you have going is your perceptive abilities in relation to your ability to perceiving those that are present. Intuition comes in when you are able to know deeply in yourself and recognise the signature of the one who makes contact in your awareness. Understanding is where you are seeing and knowing yourself with the other. Wisdom is another step in mastering those areas of perception, intuition and understanding and it comes with experience and with much of your faith without seeing such with material eyes. It is that inner knowing and conviction of what is truly good and rings so well in yourself as a person of willing faithfulness. Trusting in what is, is the deepest one of worship and profound insight.

“Of course, there are those spiritual beings that are around you to assist you in your life’s journey and in all that is presented deeply in you, recognise it is your Thought Adjuster that is your guiding pilot light in all circumstances that you find yourself in.

“There are always moments when I walked the earth, I always connected with the Father within and sought his counsel in my sojourns. Often in my studies with the Jewish scriptures, I would take the gems of truth and congeal it in my memory as it formed to uphold the true characteristics of God our Father. Often the Psalms and the Prophets would tell me much of true worship in the sense of the times I was in, and even that was not all of it, as I knew when I went to contemplate in a quiet place to pray and found how God reaches us in those moments of prayer.

“Prayer is such an important part of your living faith and walking in it is always a beautiful commune as you will find as I did that we are one with Him who is deeply interested in our walk with Him.

“As it is, always is prayer the lifeblood of your connection with the Father and as you grow in this way you will attune more and more into His Spirit as He is well within you.

“I am Jesus, and I allow this to be explained in this way for you to know in yourself the Christ-likeness of the Adjuster who is very much attending to you. Recognise this and you will know yourself better.” End.

18/03/2018 2.59 am(AEDT)

[Father Michael, I sense you are nearby, is that so?]

“Yes, I am Michael here Sue.”

[Is there anything you would like to say?]

“Only this, I intend to keep this brief and short. Long transmissions are soon to be growing, but I am not going to make one here at this moment as we are busy getting going with what Father has bid us do as soon as I can get everyone ready and understanding their positions.

“What I have to go with is your faith and trust in me as your Local Universe Father and also with your Mother Spirit.

“I ask that you stand back and allow what has to happen, happen before you. Be quiet in the times of upheaval. Do not attempt to explain anything to anyone. Stay indoors and away from people who are beside themselves and do not know what is occurring. There will be a time of mayhem as Jesus presents himself as truly divine and his words will cut through to the bone and marrow of discernment you all will know exactly what he is referring to when speaking truth as it needs to be heard. I leave it there as I have to go to attend to much ado that concerns me. I have Mother Spirit here who wishes to speak.

Mother Spirit:

“Yes, this presents to you an alarm, to watch out and keep to yourself and remain calm. You have all been given the drill for months now that this is an event that causes a stir and you know to keep your powder dry for a season until it is settled. This is also a difficult time you will endure as it goes to the heart of patience, forbearance and discernment in knowing to keep the peace within yourself. As Jesus has spoken just earlier, prayer is the mainstay of your occupation in these times and know and trust that we the Team are right behind you, with Jesus and his Team and all that it purports to be about in your world.

“I am Mother Spirit and I care much that you keep yourselves in composure as befitting faithful agondonters, the last of the ones who uphold the Father no matter what. Keep the faith, dear ones and be in His peace.” End.

[Pre’Mtor is that you?] “Yes dear, get up and go type this and present this in one post in what Allie placed as appropriate to discuss here, thank you.”

T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
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