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Finaliter Revelation to Urantia Previewed
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:16:13 PM »


•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Paul of Tarsus
•          The Deity Absolute
•          Finaliter Influential Speakers Unnamed
•          Mantutia Melchizedek

•          Finaliter Guardians of Destiny - Their Status and Promotion on Urantia
•          Urantia Sexuality and how it Ties Into Finaliter Work now and the future

T/R: Ron Besser
York, Pa 1515 hours local time
March 07, 2018


“WE have here a mishmash of a transmission that started out well but got knocked out of its direction by a sudden emergency for the Finaliters to take care. Since Paul of Tarsus an the Apostle Andrew serve together in the Urantia Finaliter Corp today, they speak candidly about their work on Urantia and the fact that the Deity Absolute directs them fully without the help of the Paradise Trinity. It is the only Finaliter Corp in time space that is directed by the Deity Absolute, and Ron finds that fascinating, but wait until all of you find out, that the Urantia Finaliter Corp is being expanded six hundred percent more to over six thousand individuals. The point that has to be made before this transmission starts, is that the individuals speaking, Paul of Tarsus and the Deity Absolute, are inter-twined with our sister Local Universe of Avalon and that makes this story so complicated, I warn you to let things just flow and worry not trying to get all of it.

“We also see that Ron split this out in answer to Sue Whiley in another Category, and saw it developed into such length he cut it out, and that left that post to Sue and Dorian suddenly lost for a proper ending, but time is fleeing and the decision made to cut this one out and post separately for you sense of readability we are also deleting sever paragraphs in this one that stretch the imagination too. I am Michael and we start now with the Deity Absolute cut in mid stream to start this pos. Good day. Michael”


Urantia Finaliter Corp Is Reconstituted - WHY?

"The DEITY ABSOLUTE carries the Finaliter Corp on Urantia exclusively. The Paradise Trinity is no where to be seen on Urantia, and that is because Margul has decreed that the Deity Absolute must rearrange the Urantia Finaliter Corp to exclude anyone who is not from Urantia, but all from Urantia must predominate on that Corp from now on. Why? No reason other than that Urantia is so unique and so stubborn about its development, we must rearrange the Finaliter Corp there so it is bestowal proof in the future. What does that mean? Jesus returns shortly and that will end the tension between the Father and Jesus and Michael of Nebadon over this issue being so difficult to work out that they disagree among themselves all the time. Ron Besser comes along and states strongly that Jesus must make an entrance strong and favoring change immediately, as those who hold power will continue to do so unless dislodged forcefully. I, the Deity Absolute see it as a pure spiritual matter and see no reason to be so strongly powered to force the conversion quickly.

"I see Ron invokes the "green man," and I the Deity Absolute have no idea what that is and leave it to Paul to explain it later. As the Deity Absolute Ron I am more than pure I can be fanatical and stop interrupting me with good will! We have on Urantia a situation where we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, and that is an excellent statement to allow Saint Paul into the picture:"



"I am Paul and Ron is full of it this morning for lots of reasons, but let me assure all of you, we do have some direction for action by our Finaliter Corp these days thanks to Michael of Nebadon, as we have a Council Meeting with him about every two weeks. In six weeks time we, the Finaliter Corp of Urantia, will expand from a one thousand seven (1,007) numbered group to a six thousand numbered group (+/- 6,000), and that is so extraordinary that even Ron exclaims that is extraordinary! He of course does not know the variations of group memberships in Finaliter Corps, but this one on Urantia is the biggest ever assembled!


Local Universe of Avalon Joins Nebadon AS a Good Ally to Right Rebellion

"Ron now says this is so big he has to split this post into two and I agree but let this part stay here and double post the other elsewhere. Why is it to be expanded so radically? The answer really lies with Ron! He has so disorganized the Finaliters on Urantia, because he has turned upside down anything that is to be normally pursued that we asked for help on all levels to attempt to fit the new ideas into this behavior so atrocious to we Finaliters, we all threatened to leave Urantia for good and take what follows as where the chips fall in some philosophy elsewhere. Finally, Michael of Nebadon brought in the Creator Son of Avalon, and between the five or six hundred of us who must weight consequences of such a liaison, we decided to follow a plan those two set up for their own concerns for their own and mutually difficult Local Universes to run.


"What you do not know is that Avalon had a small rebellion too that got out of hand and while no Lucifer appeared there, the same issues were at heart of both rebellions, and that was mostly about sovereignty issues never discussed with mortals as they would hardly understand what was involved. However, Avalon has no special counsel to work with on their rebellion(s) and both consume huge amounts of Creator Son time to figure out how they happened in the first place.


"Therefore, Avalon easily allies itself with Nebadon, and lets things develop to establish mutual alliances between our Melchizedeks and their Melchizedeks, to the point we have a mixed Corp of Melchizedeks at work on Urantia alone where the worst of the rebellion has taken place. On Avalon the worst of the rebellion took place on a small planet that Urantia is, and while we may not name it, it is the same size as Urantia and is not an experimental planet, but a Midsonite planet overseen in reproductive prerogatives by the Melchizedek Corp in Avalon and the same is trued for Nebadon, but Nebadon never had a rebellion among the Midsonite population.


"This is why Ron was allowed to chat with the Creator Son of Avalon which both enjoyed immensely. Both are friends on a level of comprehension quite low but Ron now knows that Creator Son has the welcome mat out to him anytime he gets to visit Avalon as a guest of that Creator Son. In any case, Avalon may someday join Urantia as a super Local Universe in that they share most of the same problems of development in their mutual space placements. Now this:


"Avalon has suggested that Ron be allowed to work between the two realms in the morontial spheres of development. Ron happened upon the revelatory scene by becoming enraptured with people he trusted to bring some order to the revelation, and soon learned they had feet of clay, and were a group that actually back-tracked development to the point they are no better than the evolutionary churches today. This is of course the Urantia Foundation. That is a sad tale for Mantutia and he speaks now of what I (Paul) am to tell but have a small emergency and wait it out with them for now."



"It falls to me to tell all of you that Urantia has now a greatly expanded Finaliter Corp in excess of six thousand Finaliter individuals. We also invite all to discover that the Urantia Finaliter Corp is now ready to move quickly into correcting many things they could not do as a Corp of a mere one thousand individuals. It now takes six thousand Finaliters to prepare Urantia for Light and Life and other changes Finaliter seldom encounter at all. We here Paul of Tarsus approach once more:”

"I am Tarsus again, may I continue? . . . . ."



"I now tender my resignation again in order to be the Prelate** of Urantia [Ron: **it means a bishop or other high ecclesiastical dignitary but here in the sense Paul being a converter to control of true morality on behalf of the Missions and the Second Advent of Jesus], and that is the moral equivalent of being Dr Albert Tenesa,, who teaches sexuality is a misnomer, rather, that sexuality is a condition of genetic disposition for gender preferences.

"In our planning in our normal Finaliter Corp, we decided to brand heretics on either side of the abnormal styles of thought and action on Urantia itself. That means we would take measures to change extreme uses of homosexuality or heterosexuality, and ban all deviants that fell in between such as transgender people who fail on all counts to be sane over their gender issues. All of this is to say that gender issues are important in planetary development, and Finaliters on Urantia have their work cut out for them as these issues stack up and are never well resolved yet on Urantia.


Finaliter Development as Guardians of Universe Destiny on Urantia

"The Finaliters who are placed in the Guardian class are elite Finaliters, and it was Jesus who coined the term Guardian of Universe Destiny, much to the pleasure of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, then lurking over these developments on Urantia and Paradise as Jesus was leaning to be a good Finaliter. In all cases, Finaliters are prepped to be excellent joiners and fighters with the local area spirit agencies, as Urantia Finaliters are with Avalon and the then Council of 24 so well reported in the old Urantia Book. In any case we are now mandated to leave sexuality alone for now and concentrate on spiritualizing the planet first and then get into those areas of development that need cleaned up.


Jesus to Teach Fusion Before Transcendence Is Now Possible on Urantia

"As Paul of Tarsus, I remind all of you that I am a Finaliter allowed to speak to this level of creation once more an to inform you that all who are fused so far will be accorded Finaliter training to deal with life on Urantia as you must and to stay out of bars and hot topics everywhere as you are not looked at as normal people for awhile. That ends when Jesus declares the population in general as open to spirit fusion by their Indwelling Father Spirits, and that is a whole new ball game when He does that. Meanwhile all who fused on this list as members on this list, will be accorded a special ceremony some day as the first to ever do it on Urantia since about five thousand years ago when Ezekiel picked an especially bad time to leave in the bathroom.


“We conclude this unusual post to say this: Sexuality as well as War or Peace, or Government or no Government, and so on, is not settled on Urantia well. This is mostly thanks due to Lucifer and miscreation of Justice as it should be. Guardians of Universe Destiny is what these six thousand plus Finaliters have become on Urantia. I dare say that I (Paul) and Ron, and the other four fused humans to date, are indeed Guardians of Universe Justice and Destiny and I amend the use of the above term to call all six thousand plus Finaliters on Urantia as Guardians of Universe Justice and Destiny as well. You five fused ones are the cream of the crop on Urantia, and we need to respell Ron briefly as he has gotten to laughing unceremoniously as I struggle for words to get out of this and finish the damn post. Her hears me you cannot. Good day.”


“We have both Paul and Ron laughing at the inability to fully explain what is happening on Urantia and when that happens Ron falls apart into giddy laughter as the situation perpetuates. I will save the day and repeat this for you who forget what is truly happening here recently.

“Our Urantia is not outclassed by Wall Street, but it is outclassed by Spirit, and Ron knows that very well, but he remits that Wall Street is so powerful they think themselves invincible. Well, not so, as they are going to learn the hard way that the life of Job is theirs until they are on the morontial worlds. In most cases, the trial to leave Urantia alone is not understood, but poking sticks into it like Ron does is not helpful, and he fully understands the grave dangers attendant upon doing so, but WE are going to poke sticks into by making sure they lose so much accumulated wealth, no one can afford a cup of coffee easily in the next few years without the wherewithal of some charity from the people who do have something left and are the God-centered ones as on this list for sure. . . . . “


“I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE - and I abjure the difference between when Ron gets silly trying to keep up with meanings and you getting silly over things you do not understand at all. He can be quite serious when typing me which I appreciate and I now speak the truth to all of you:


“In about six weeks from today Urantia will be crying the blues over spilt milk and that is a wonderful spelling to allow my further analogy that all must be in place by then and you Ron roll your eyes and see the lash of time constraint on all you do. You will have what you need and then let the rest go for now. Rayson site will be accomplished with some help from Mark, and the S corporation completed well and running. You see them as essential to complete and will refrain from other work until so directed. By your own light Ron you admit you cannot do it even if you wanted to because we throw so many obstacles up we see you see it useless and fruitless to try.

“Urantia will fight the blues for centuries if it has to, and the changes in earth structure fight our ways to keeping them at bay, but we will let them pop open, and the magma flow as you have never seen it before and the population instead of swelling goes way down and I mean way down as no one is left to worry in those areas of population that exist no more and suddenly and without mercy.

“In placing this at the end of this post on the Guardians of Destiny Finaliter Corp, I ask all to pray for the help to those who need to be part of our Mission and that is of all races and you fully admit to yourselves you believe that well and thank you. Leave all to God soon and trust that the URANTIA FINALITER CORP OF 6,000 VOICES is around for YOU and that must be all you can assign to it now.”

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Re: Finaliter Revelation to Urantia Previewed
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2018, 04:30:03 AM »
Well Ron, you and I certainly dream revelations! Just as you with "origins" and I with "destiny" and, as I paused to get the term,  the term "Universe Guardians of Destiny" just stuck there and and I used it for some unknown reason. Lo and behold, you have received walloping revelations on this and more on the Urantian Finaliters. I thank you for sitting down to take such long dictation as you have placed it not only here,  but in a dedicated section to really make the point of where we are heading. However, this hasn't delved into "origins" much for you, but I can't help it to see the fact that the Deity Absolute's involvement is quite extraordinary. Does this not tell us a Circle of Infinity is in machination here as we come from humble origins(Life Carriers) to our esteemed destiny with Father who is our Source and Centre as the "origin" itself?  Although as you see it as the inventor with its invention, it still bespeaks of the original thought from the inventor itself. I may be going around in circles in thinking here and I leave it there to think and ponder more on it as our post-Finaliter career is now made wide open for much work with God the Absolute who is still waiting to play ball. I guess we are still in that ball!

Anyhow, I wish to thank all those who came through Ron to speak on this subject and on so much that cannot be placed in one piece as I understand such lengthy dictation requires breaking up in reasonable sections for study. I especially enjoy seeing Paul of Tarsus and the Apostle Andrew join the ranks in this corp of Urantian Finaliter. It's so good to have folks who know what living on this earth has been like and so on and to come back to face the music again as we all do on a daily basis here in the flesh. My prayers be with you all in this work!

What got me thinking on UGofD and properly termed as Guardians of Universe Justice and Destiny by Paul of Tarsus in Ron's post above, is that somehow  in all this turmoil we go through we humans who are so inclined with God know there must be a superb purpose for us to defend the Ascension plans for all evolving creatures who have this right by choice and not be sabotaged by others (e.g. Lucifer and Caligastia) who thought otherwise for us, hence by our own experience and exposure to Urantia's troubles has given so many of us here on Urantia so much reason to fight for the destiny for others and so on in all space that God the Absolute has to have in its trust when the Deities of the Supreme, the Ultimate tie in to the Deity Absolute. There is much to ponder here. There is the trial universes, then the newly formed creations of folded work with experiential and eventuation in the outer regions, then on to more and more work of ultra perfection. Truly divine and extraordinary to even know our "destiny" work is superbly designed from Infinity conception, it simply IS endless! Just how big is a "ticking clock" is the invention?!! We grow, we mature, we perfect and go on to being a finished product of the environment of the I Am. The only thing to think, is why? Why all the fuss? And that goes into the very characteristics and divine nature of the Universal Father Himself. He is one giant magnet in all that is. It is one giant and perfect combination that draws "all men".
In much appreciation,


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Re: Finaliter Revelation to Urantia Previewed
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2018, 12:32:23 AM »
Thank you to all speakers and Ron. Wow!  I know there is a lot to understand here and I will need to study this very carefully, probably reading it several times.  Sue your understanding of the various levels of Deity is quite impressive.  These various levels have always been the weak link in my chain of understanding, but I am discovering that I am actually beginning to get it a little better each day.  I sense this is big news and can't wait to get it through my thick skull.

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