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Audio Transmission/ Verbal Abuse
« on: May 27, 2018, 01:35:15 AM »
Speaker: The Apostle Paul
Subject: Verbal Abuse
T/R Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time :  27th May 2018  07:33 Local  06:33 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Verbal Abuse
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2018, 02:47:02 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Verbal abuse

Apostle Peter : I am Peter, one time Apostle of Jesus. I take the opportunity this morning to come through this one to talk about « verbal abuse ». You have been told and advised many times here on the forum to keep a low profile until things keep quiet and settle down after the announcement of the Missions.This is extremely important, not only for your own personal safety, but it is wise to stay low until you can be of use and you will be used as you have been told many times.

When I and the others were with Jesus and when He sent us out, two by two, to spread the teaching of Jesus, it was so very different from the religion of that time and most people, not only rejected it out of hand, but all of us from time to time were verbally abused. They swored at us, they screamed at us and we had to flee many villages because of these verbal abuse and aggression against us.

Dear members here on the forum, I want to advise you about this verbal abuse, because you also will receive this. It is the most difficult thing to come to term with, specially when there is the danger of your own egos reacting in a negative way to the verbal abuse that you will receive. It demands great control of yourself and your ego’s desire to give verbal abuse back to those who abuse you.

It is your strengh of character, your patience and your forebearing and recognizing that the best thing you can do is just to be quiet, do not react, just smile and bless them and send them Light inwardly and simply turn away.

Already, we have seen cases with some of you members here on the forum where other members of your family have turned against you when they knew what you were about, and by that I mean, when they found out that this was your intention in the future to dedicate your lives to the Missions.

It is after all perfectly understandable that they react in this way because they are not ready for the same dedication themselves and so you become different and they don’t like to see the difference and in fact as you were told before it is based on fear, fear of the unknown.

It is not easy, it is specially difficult when this verbal abuse comes from members of your own family, your own flesh-blood and friends that you have been friendly for many years that can possibly turn against you.

Over the past several years you have been subject to disappointment and disillusion many times because of the changes in plan of the Missions to come and so to a great extent you have become accustomed to disappointment where you are hurted, you are doubted and perhaps you have lost a better faith.

But we can see that the vast majority of you have remained strong and faithful with patience and faith, above all faith and trust in your Beloved Thought Adjusters, and so I am Peter, the apostle of Jesus, has come this morning just to advise you to be prepared to be the subject of verbal abuse.

When you are asked, when you are given your work to carry out for the Mission, keep a low profile, don’t take an unnecessary chances and remember you are never alone, at all times you will be accompanied, but there will be moments of extreme danger and this is where your faith and trust is so beneficial for you to try to remain centered and not allow your ego to respond.

This is all I have to say on this subject. I have just come to advise you about the verbal abuse that you will receive. I am Peter, the one-time apostle of Jesus. Thank you for listening and I thank this one for receiving me and I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
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