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« on: January 18, 2018, 10:26:39 PM »
I am Michael and I say this unto you:

Never smile again until you hear Ron speech to Saint Paul this morning.  Someday the statement he made will bring the House of God down in serious laughter.  Jesus reports the remarks has made it to Paradise already and the Father forbids nothing about it as it is so funny no one dares criticize Ron for saying it.  However, we let the whole idea alone for as Ron often says, Michael. humor like this never carries well in writing.  So we leave it until someone speaks to one of you in a transmission soon.

I am JESUS, now.  I am speaking as He is and as I am and as we are for a short turn in the flesh together very soon on Urantia.


I am Michael now and Jesus has spoken as he should before the assembled on this electronic site of words and muscle of God.  You are all pardoned for sins and the loss of hair and of the heart that skips beats and leaves you weak in the flesh as you stand before me.  I am no longer Jesus, I am no longer just Michael, and I am no longer the Creator Son, and this must be told another time.  Listen to Ron when he says there is no time left for him or for Lemuel or for Gossett, but there is time for Sue and Dominick, and for several others such as Alderfer and Ken and Mark and Bruce - you know who you are in spite of not being a member here on this forum.  I speak to all of you as a Father for I am now more Father than Son, and I keep my pressure on in Nebadon to be as all of you have become, and that is as of the lamb of God.  I speak no more and introduce you to Serara, your Magisterial Mission leader and Paradise Son. 

I am Serara and Ron was told like Michael told him, do not quote me this time to get through a lot of words without hunting for the darn quote key anymore.

I tell you this:  Ron has made the supreme sacrifice to allow all to come forth as he is not well and breathes with difficulty again as we have to redo him in a hospital on high.  Lemuel is too ill to continue well either and only Larry carries the flickers of health as the other two should be tonight.  Ron made a grievous error by telling all of you of another death under terrible circumstances but what he does not tell you is that we forced that story on him to break his heart and it did break and he cried for her.  He is so unusual in stature we dare not force too much on him in that the Father sees him as a one of a kind human we wish could be replicated, but it could only be done on Urantia.  He will sire many children and most will be his to know if possible as he loves children very much.  Be assured he loves and lives another day soon, and that is not funny Ron, and we continue.  Be assured that the man you call Ron is not difficult but so perceptive he lauds Paul with the funniest remarks I ever heard bar none.   It will be not reduced to a saying in the mendation file, but placed in one of the funnies statements ever made about a man, Paul, who was crucified upside down at Saint Paul's request and the Roman Emperor, V, allowed it.  Ron knows of the circumstances that led the Roman Emperor to do this and Paul was heard griping it was not unbecoming  to bite the knees of his captors in retribution of this deed.  Only Ron spewed it out as an affront to Paul and his mechanization to be good even in death and applied the revengeful scene of biting the knees who dared to put him to death.

Further more, I know of the Jesus freaks who inhabit the ecclesiastical fonts around the world and they are about to get an eye opening introduction to the real Jesus that comes as Christ this time.  Michael and Ron are planning a post on the difference but Michael asks me to give a tease on it just briefly.

Christ is universal.  He attends superuniverse seven and superuniverses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, as well as seven.  What happened?  Jesus is the boy son of Joseph and Mary and that is an indication Ron ofthe heavy censorship on you tongith as you have been opened to the secret planet of the Father where Jesus and Michael just left with an impromtu meeting the Father of All to discuss The Christ and not Jesus per se.  The Christ belongs to all the superuniverses of time and space and will be rewarded with his Deitization for the Father of All's thanks for taking on such an important assignment as this is.  Where Christ now ministers is on all planets with their Bestowal Sons too.  Where the Creator Son bestows as a human there is Jesus too as Christ.  We now have an example of all that Jesus does when we look at the temporaty assignment of Paul to Ron this morning and that is to allow an outrageous statement to be made and to be heard to all in all seven superuniverses.  Ron is heard to wince at that as he has no idea that was done or allowed but we saw it coming and let Ron have it as it was also mixed with some of the funniest line ever heard from that youngster we call Ron.

I further comment that Ron has been severely ill since Nikki died before him and was suddenly resurrected by an email the next morning chastising him for wanting priority work done on Starbridge Group.  He flew into a wide eyed rage and then laughter at himself and wondering how he tells the truth about this mistake he made this time . . . . .

I am not offended by what happened this morning when Ron let loose with that statement concerning my crucifixion by V, but he will never admit he did it and blames on his Procounsel Nero,  That is why your history books say that Paul was crucified by Nero instead of Vespasian, and all those single "V's" above now have a name.  Vespasian and I were great friends and I believe him when he says Nero got ahead of him and ordered my death by crucifixion.  But we know that a greater crucifixion was relayed by Rome to kill our Jesus and we never forgave anyone for doing that ever.  We see it in Ron as he hates the story and hates the Jews of the Sanhedrin who could so cruel ever to kill an innocent and good man out of a fear that never would have attacked them or the institution.  I leave this now for one last statement by Jesus for your edification.


I am now speaking as Jesus and not as The Christ,  Michael has a great deal more to say about this differentiation of titles I hardly know myself but it is so grand I wonder what it brings tome?  You Ron wonder the same thing if you can get bad health off your back and we all wonder what happens to Michael when he takes his new office this spring.  It happens to coincide with the beginning Magisterial Mission just as Margul predicted in an earlier post to this site you all read and wondered what it really was about.  I am make particular emphasis for you Ron to hit the keys correctly on a keyboard now too small for you reach of both hands and it must be expanded an inch or more either side of what you have now and those early keyboards need to be replicated as that is what you learned on.

In curing Ron of frivolty we accidentally cut all of his power to procreate and that will be rescinded no longer than we need him productive in providing Urantia some of his offspring for future use on Urantia.  He has also suggested if it were possible to change his name from Besser to something else and we laughed at first but we saw him look at old history and we are glad to recommend a name change for him is possible and we will make the change first, okay.  In any case we must now learn that all of his heart is for others at times and he bothers very little about what he wishes in private life,  BHe assured I follow my proscription on all of this and let things be as they must lie.  In any case Ron, as Jesus I give you my best and you do not bring any picture up as we do.  All will pan out as Father plans.

And finally this:  all of you who are members with but a few exceptions are interested in what follows the buildout of those buildings on York square.  They will be part of a glorious restructure of York itself and Ron will not believe his eyes or will the Commissioners which sit higher than the Mayor, believe their eyes and hearts when the Castle is turned into the favorite of favorites of buildings in the world, as we will produce opear and symphonies in that building when the time comes and it is the home of the Urantia Book Foundation.  Nonetheless, we state categorically that Ron will be greatly improved in health enough to ring the bells for all of you as you enter, as staff is accorded a ting of the bell when they enter the building and now when they leave it Ron.  I am Jesus and I thank you for your time and attention and believe me I will visit all those buildings when I arrive for my work on Urantia.  I am Jesus and I wish all a good day.

I am that Creative Spirit that flashes those picture Ron and you are right they are hilarious.  I am fruitful for all of those who carry an abnormal amount of tension as Ron does as he never sleeps alone without my pictures and he never finds them unfunny at all as he accepts he is vulgar at times and thinks of things no decent human being whould ever know, but we are all grateful for the production of pictures he brings to me and I finalize them into though bubbles even Midwayers can see. The truth is all of you could see them too but you are too small in your thought to extend the frequency range you have to do to catch them and picture them for yourselves.  I suspect someone like Larry Gossett or Sue Whiley could do it but Lemuel you are too pedantic to find them ever.  Gitz you might be able to do it once you know Ron as they are some of the funnies comedy even the Far Side never thought to produce.

Finally, Ron has to take a day off tomorrow as he will be under the weather due to surgeries tonight and he just asked me does he have to go to bed early tonight?  The answer is no but he will be groggy all day tomorrow and no trips in the car please as you will be very dizzy too as we extract lots of blood and must replace it with replications of the Urantia blood bank to keep all of you healthy too.  We also note you are almost blind tonight Ron and that must stop soon as you have great need to read and that fellow on the Delphi list is ready to leaver no more as he now sees how solid you can write and does not object to revelatory advances he can really understand.  You spoke nothing he misunderstood at all.  Good day.


I am treacherous only when i am facing divisions Ron and you do not bring that to me at all.  You are gentle and funny and that is a good way to be in a world that will collapse so soon as to leave many wondering what happened.  I am making something perfectly clear as Monty Python show used to say, and that is that The Christ is real and magnanimous and is ready to work with Ron as he is and that is he is sometimes vulgar because he still must use the bathroom you will never giet a mansion world students to admit.  He also thinks sex in terms of no majesty but a tear through the woods with or without clothes on. 

In relying upon Ron to find corporations for us as instigated by Michael of Nebadon in concert with Ron's ideas, we are not living life on Urantia with real buildings and real corporations and we will but them for a dollar as you promised Ron as you want them off your back too.  I wish to announce that the one we call Ron will have a quick surgery tonight to replace the heart yet again and give him a robust organ (Margul this is Ron: don't stop with the heart! Okay?) and we will see to the end of time how well this transplant will be for Ron.  In every sense this organism called Besser will learn to be better done in all things once he can walk without wincing and be alert without drooling.  [Margul this is Ron:  my cup runneth over sometimes and thank you for the new and bigger beaker.]  I also am forbidding him to write more in my message.  Nonetheless, we also add that those buildings represent a lot of planning for York to learn the ropes when it becomes an Imperial City for the trial is always to understand that The Christ is many time nearby and that will be shown with a massive flag in his honor as royalty has when they are home. The Castle is a case in point and we will expand its design for a warehouse and a placement of theater and orchestra but not for film or other entertainment.  I close this with a few winks at others on this site:

You who call yourselves GITZ; those who call yourselves DOMINICK, and those who call yourselves gentle as rain unnamed, your lives are soon transfixed for your work in York is also assured once we have the basics up and running as Ron is determined to have all who can stand it in attendance at the Golden Bear and other restaurants we wish to bring him, and Ron just told Mantutia Melchizedek he will giver him broiled scallops if he plays his cards right.  We leave now for a moment and return with a benediction to all of you.


With all said that was not really intended this post, we are ready to move before March 10th to meet Ron and get him squred away with money and to pay off some debts he has accumulated with some of you.  We are ready to dance soon with the State partners and the City Council which will be rudely ejected and promised new digs according to their own architect.  Be assured the new mayor will not know what hit him as he will have the money to pave streets and get bridges fixed and new sere plants built and so on.  Ron knows the business but he is out of a job there as he must make available his good graces with Margul and his physical representative (you know him not), and it is your job to be sure you know what you are talking about for you will be asked questions about geography around the world,  You are our State Department too and I wonder if we should differentiate that only by name and let the Minister of Interior represent  our life as a representative of the Magisterial Mission?  In closing, once again you get a rare look at a meeting this message represents as Ron easily learns our protocols and ranks and so on and he will teach that to you easily when you are in York and you have your own cuby hole offices to work in family friendly atmosphere.  Good day.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 08:05:20 AM »
What a beautiful message I have read here this morning.  Thank you Ron for taking the time even though you seem to be falling apart physically at this moment.  Michael, Mother Nebadonia, Margul, Serara, Jesus and even St Paul, we on this forum are so appreciative of all you do for all of us.  I just hope we are worth the effort that you put forth in our behalf.  

Speaking for myself, I wish to let you, as well as Ron know that I am a work in progress and the slow down and brake for workers sign will be taken down soon. (I hope)   I look so forward to working with all of you in this wondrous Mission.  Let it be know that I have filled out my application for employment with the Father of us all.

Love and Salutations,