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Margul, More Details, 15 January 2018 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: January 16, 2018, 12:53:08 AM »
Speaker: Margul
Subject; More details
Category: threads for new trans..
T/R Daniel A, L V NV. USA
15 Jan 2018, 5:36 Z

Here I am Father. If there is some communication you would like me to receive, I am very happy and joyful to receive and I Thank You for the events of the day.

" Yes, Daniel, you can begin writing. This is Margul, with several things that I think will be advantageous to cover for those reading the Serara Forum. Our primary concern at this time is to be ready as the team of  Monjoronsonan/Serara with Father and Mother, to exploit situations that we can effectively use immediately, because of the enormous scope of talent we have at our command.

"To be here and there many places on the face of the earth, all at once in a more concerted way to take advantage of openings that come about by the work of the individual Adjusters in the leaders of the citizen nations of today. Every day important meetings,  conclaves and one on one negotiations are taking place not only in government but also in corporations
and businesses. We intend to aggressively, proactively, do what we can while always respecting free will, yet accomplishing administration goals.

" We intend to more so then before be the unseen presence in the room, powerfully fostering brotherly love, attitudes of patience, empathy, win win solutions, generosity and altruism. We will encourage decisions reflecting forgiveness, goodness, freedom, and opportunities for education, minimizing nationalism, advocating easy regulations for starting a business with little red tape.

"Giving opportunities regardless of ethnicity, education, national origins, or lack of important connections in high places. Simultaneously, all of you, even though only a few thousands worldwide will do the same thing where you are planted. Catastrophic natural disasters will take place, but in the middle of it all, the rescue, recovery and rebuilding, all of us will be loving servants to our fellow citizens and will begin and maintain the slow climb to a healthy Urantian civilization.

" What I'm talking about is that because of the awareness of a new fresh mandate that Father Michael is advocating, we are going to move ahead, taking action using the over 10 million Celestial volunteers and the corp of 1500 plus incarnated Melchizedeks and the tens of thousands of Midwayers in as active a role as is fitting and proper to get this show on the road.

" At the proper time Serara will speak publicly and it won't be only once, and he won't always be alone on the dias. This is going to be a highly intelligent, appropriately vocal campaign of direct action by Celestial workers, using on the spot techniques innovating in the moment all over the world. To put it in a fresh way, we are going to do this and we are going to do it now.

"Your job is to continue your training on the Serara Forum. Continue your heartfelt prayers. And at every opportunity explain what is happening. So that your friends and neighbors have a positive take in spite of the chaos which will be their everyday lives for some decades. Project that,  in spite of the troubles, happy days are here again and at last powerful unseen forces under the banner of Jesus, who will definitely return in this age, are here NOW to partner with humanity in a glorious new beginning.

"Leave them with the hopeful expectation of seeing clearly understood progress even now in this time of great trouble. This is Margul, please post this Daniel, in threads for new transmissions. I thank you all for sticking with us in spite of so many challenges. With joy, yours in service to our Father. Domtia.


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