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Speaker: Father Christ Michael
Subject: Petitions of love.
Category: New transmissions.
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
16 January 2018. 17:28 Z

I am here Father and open and willing to receive whatever you might want me to take as a message to the Serara Forum and the world.

" Yes, Daniel, go ahead. This is Father Christ Michael. The message that you posted last. evening from Margul highlighted our new way of being much more proactive all over the world. From that account you can see our determination to truly make this a highly effective intervention where a lot of hands on help is going to be given to the human race.

" We mentioned that often our course of action will be decided by the circumstances at that moment. We will change our strategy this way and that. Depending on the unique situation where we are. And where we are will be where the most good can be accomplished that particular day.

" Pray and believe that the circumstances that you know need to be changed or that need to take place will be changed and will take place.( for instance a much more humble, conciliatory, open and loving approach from the American executive, judiciary and legislative branches, toward all the problems of the world and especially to their openness, curiosity and a predisposition toward the magisterial mission representatives.)

" And pray and believe that all the warlike knaves and miscrents wracking death and destruction, would suddenly lose their way in confusion and lack of motivation. Pray and believe that a spirit of loving brotherhood, cooperation, innovative problem solving, aggressive application of resourses in the refugee camps, areas of drought and famine would be the norm and ask the same for those in dire circumstances because of recent earthquakes, fires, warfare and economic depression.

" Praying and believing that the societal and technological, social and practical problems of the world will attract pioneer leaders so that continued progress in all areas of civilization will continue as uninterrupted and continuous as possible, (in spite of much trouble to immediately come upon everybody) Pray and believe with no doubt, that a feeling fostered by My own and the new Spirit of Truth, fostered by Mother and Serara, will usher in a new feeling of worldwide hope, loving outgoing concern and understanding, that sees beyond the trouble of the moment.

" Pray and believe, that the concept will be understood, that a new governmental administration, benevolent and wise beyond anyone's experience, is being offered from the highest spiritual powers that be. The very powers that created the earth in the first place. Pray and believe that the old erroneous beliefs that there is the possibility of alien invasion and takeover or that the antichrist is real and has power at this time would be forgotten and left to the dust of history.

" Ask with total faith, trust and confidence, that this new approach that we are most energetically going to pursue, would be a smashing success. Pray in complete knowing that the human talent we are training, will be trained in time to handle whatever they could most profitably be used for when they are needed. Pray that the loss of life because of tectonic adjustments and natural disasters, would see safeguarded and fully protected on the other side, every single human that is impacted.

" Be sure to request with no doubt, that the financial and economic adjustments needed will be carried out in such a way that the worldwide economy in spite of great disruption will not slide into anarchy. Ask with joy and appreciation that all the Seraphic hosts by the umpteen 1000's that are little appreciated by humans would have the satisfaction of knowing of your gratitude for the many unsung services and loving deeds they accomplish each day in maintaining your welfare.

" With this Daniel, I have said some of the more urgent areas all of you can continue or begin asking about in the work you do each day regarding petitioning the Father and Mother and I and all the hosts of God in absolute trust and faith for what needs done on Urantia. With warm love to every one of you, we again ask that you come often throughout the day, acknowledging our presence and attempting to feel our peace in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. Good day and I end with  a hearty....Domtia!"

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