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Amazing Spiritual Stories / Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
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Truly volumes of medical science revelation, as well as other humanitarian science unknown to man has been received by Ron, transmitted by the likes of Rayson, Magisiterial Son and Science Officer for Urantia , and Dr. Mendoza, and Dr. Edgar Cayce on Mansions World 4, and Others.   So much medical revelations has been given it's enough to write a book -- make that two books (Ron).  Why?  Because They are caring personalities, and it's time.  It is needed now on Urantia.  I think there is a point of diminishing returns on Urantia and Spirit knows when needs to step in..  Take, for example, Autism.  I recall not too many years ago the incident of an autistic children birthed was 1 in 38.  As bad as that was, today it is 1 in 14 or something like that.  We are told by Spirit by 2020 the number may well be 1 in 6.  Another example is this:  There are 38 million humans on Urantia infected with the H.I.V. virus and last year 1.1 million people died from that disease.  Now we are being told by Spirit that a new round of AIDS cases is about to begin around the world starting in Africa. Sometimes Spirit needs to step in because They care too much to lose so many, especially the young.

Yes, Spirit's caring does speak volumes.  But I would like speak to a single word of medical advise that I was given at our third day of the Commissioner's meetings in March, just two weeks ago.  It was on March 13, I believe, when Ron was transmitting from Michael of Nebadon some of the medical needs that Michael needed to address with and about Ron.  One of the minor issues that was brought up included the fact that Ron had a leaky artery.  I remember thinking with all the medical problems Ron has, now this? And then Ron turned his head to me and said that Michael is telling him that I too have a leaky artery.  Ron described to me that it was in my neck and at the position about 2 inches below my right earlobe.  I put my finger on that spot and Michael said that I had my finger right on it.  He recommended I get a heat compress and apply it to that spot for a duration of 15 minutes for 5 days.  Well, after the meeting for the day concluded, Dominick and I drove to a drugstore and I bought a heat compress and followed the instructions for the 5 days, which ended on the last day of the meetings.  When I got home I wondered, "How will I know if the "skin" had grown around the leak and sealed it?  I got my answer a few days ago when I noticed that the underside of my right arm was red and somewhat bruised from almost the wrist to the elbow.  I new that that was where the blood had settled because years ago I had a stent put in a blocked up artery and the cardiologist went in to repair it from the groin area. That night in the hospital I had some leaky complications and the same thing happened, when the leaky blood settled in the lower area of my right thigh, and all the way down to my right ankle and foot.  That took a month or more to finally dissolve.  This recent episode was a lessened leak and every day my right arm is fading with the discoloration and almost completely gone. 

I tell you this story because I wanted to share my thanks to Michael of Nebadon with all of you.  All of us can be thankful that He IS the way, the truth and the life.  Pause...


"Steven, it shows you the power of transmission. and receiving. You were with Ron and the medical message to you was made easy by the abilities that Ron has.  But know that you all have these abilities to receive Our transmissions, especially now and in the times soon to come.  It is imperative that you, in particular, Steven, practice often each day.  The Commissioners as well as all the members on the discussion forum must know that We are with you almost anytime you call.  The problem for you, Steven, is that you look to Ron and others to transmit the latest news, advise, and revelation.  Soon the times to rely on others will cease.  To save your life you would obey the signs, wouldn't you?  Mother Spirit and I wish you and everyone the very best."

Thank you, Michael for both the health you have given me and the strong advise to obey the signs.  Thanks for caring so much. 


March 25, 2019, York, PA
SERARA, Magisterial Son of record on Urantia -
Subject: Comments on the Contact Commission for Clarification


“This is the first time in my memory someone has gone to the bother and trouble to produce what Ron has put into place. I now see how it operates and I am glad he sat down this morning to give all of you a heads up as to how the network of corporations will operate insofar as a visible representation of our work is concerned on Urantia.

“Ron desperately needs support and wherewithal to operate now that he has done everything to make ti work visibly for us. Many will disagree this is the best way to do it and it may not be, but it is so unique I want to try it out. It is no compensation for us to work this way but for man it realizes his dream to walk into an office and ask the Chief of Operations Michael or Monjoronson or Serara, what do you want of us? The answer from a warm blooded being as to why this happens will be the first time that MONJORONSON, will wonder why he agreed to it in the first place is his to ponder. In any case the die is cast and this entire matter becomes a matter of history in about one short period of as much as about two weeks from now.

“The Contact Commission was conceived by Dr. William S. Sadler, for the present persons on Urantia to fulfill the work of the to-be-announced Sixth Epochal Revelation, consisting of 3, 135 pages plus an index many of you have asked for nearly one hundred years. That index will contain every noun and name in the book for sure. It is a Contact Commission, the second after the first by Dr. Sadler’s work in Chicago. In spite of being filled with humans, it is a divine organization and fully worth the trouble to be placed inside the Magisterial Foundation as part of the Directorate, but Michael of Nebadon has decreed ti to be situated in the Starbridge Foundation, a non-divine institution just for the reason the Foundation is the venue to provide the Magisterial Foundation the money and power it must display to the rest of the world, and is a for-profit corporation used to provide funds and sundry other valuables to the Magisterial Foundation without question from taxing authorities as to where they derive income in such plentiful ways. Therefore, Ron is my Chief of Staff too amd with MONJORONSON, I SERARA, provide both the Contact Commission, and Ron, all the valuables they can muster to market his thing work for all on Urantia.

“The contact commission is to be elevated by us to be our residential Guard of Honor when I become visible in about six years as best we can tell now. I am now relying on Michael to provide an easy way out of this dissertation which lasted far longer than Ron intended but these are momentous events announced. In ancy case we ease out and provide Michael of Nebadon his report to all now:



“We are reestablishing the Contact Commission as a true Contact Commission, and as it grows we will establish liaison offices around the world for it to operate in as a full Commission to hear people who ask them to explain the work of the Commission and of the work of the Magisterial Sons. I am sure that Ron is capable of any explanation but it is up to us to design a Presentations digital review style to explain what has happened and why this is necessary. Thank you Ron! I did not know that was how I was going to do this now. The Contact Commission is made up mostly of fused humans and Dominick Ohrbeck is ready for fusion in about six or less months and must be heard on his own someday as to how he knew he was fused. Ron stuck to his bed but Dominick has a special reason to figure out what his fusion means to him this time. Dominick was unanimously selected as a Commissioner on March 12, 2019 and served as a Commissioner with them in person for the next six days after that.

“The Contact Commission is now elevated to keep them inactive this week and Ron has a book to get out and Steven Gitz needs to promote it to the publisher of choice before they collectively decide to put it up as a paper back on That is a placement of last resort, but it goes to the arrival of the Paradise Sons on Urantia as part of their work to disclose cures for AIDS and understanding Autism for now. There are more diseases and cures in that book but for now we let it at that. The Contact Commission is advised they must produce Periodic Revelation as well as Epochal Revelation as well and that it is Ron who is Chief of that work only because he has already produced so much of it for all of you.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and we prepare for the Consummator of Universe Destiny to speak as follows:”


“I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny and of Justice on Urantia, I am surprised that MONJORONSON and SERARA claim no knowledge of the entire affair of all these corporations, but Ron does not write much about them except to the accounting department he hires to report them to the Federal and State governments over him. He now relents no more than that and waits for permission to assume the titular head of the human efforts to maintain a Magisterial Mission for all on Urantia. His work someday will be summarized in a publication we, the High Spirit with the Consummator of Universe Justice will do, and that is a record and dictionary of events that occurred on Urantia during our stay on Urantia. Ron has proposed we use a Library of Congress style corporation and I never saw that included by anyone before in any planet we had decided to send a Magisterial Son to.

“As Consummator of Universe Justice, we send no reason for earth to be advised they are subject to revisions of mind for spirit, but mind on 606 of Satania, is no longer valid, and we intend to replace the way mind works on 606 of Satania, and that will be a cause for alarm from many who like to wish a lot but never do anything about their wishes either. Be assured that the new mind on Urantia will become a necessary adjutant to spirit fusion on Urantia, for I have decreed that Ron represents a new breed of human and needs to be honored up here for starting something he knows not. He can be found in his heart for others all the time but seldom do they find heart for him. I have it by all who attend the Contact Commission meetings, that the newest member of the Contact Commission, is without precedence either, as he walked in and new Ron instantly as Ron knew him and they are totally different in style and heart than anything we have ever seen on Urantia before. They are a rare breed so far consisting of two who will be honored for their contribution to Urantia and they may be candidates for bifurcation, a truly rare and generous way of life destiny for all who address it as life itself.


The Consummator of Universe Destiny remains to speak.
“Henceforth, no member of the Contact Commission will adjudicate policy. Ron asked permission to provide policy guidance with the Local Universes of Henselon, Senselon, Wolvering, and Avalon, and Michael concurred with stringent review of what was to be said, and finds the Marriage Policy fair and equitable but open to leavening if all agree the policy can have an exemption if required. This list does not have the Paper Ron produced on the policy mentioned here and we leave it at that for now. Ron is convinced that marriages subject either the man or the woman to unsual pressures that cut across the dedication of service to the Trinity and forbids any marriage to take place without a full review of the individuals seeking marriage and a decision made by the Trinity for Ron to obey at his cost if necessary. He is truly concerned that he knows of several divorces have occurred in the Teaching Mission and Urantia Book readership over marriage issues between partners about the time spent in spirit pursuits and being ignored by their partners too long. But it must be made clear that this policy formulation was Ron’s to do as he best understands the legatees of such divorce action to be rude, mean, bitter and on down the line of real anger over a trued situation the really requires a spirit Conciliating Commission composed of two Supernaphim, a Midwayer, and a human possibly, if it is serious enough to deny a candidate a membership on the Contact Commission.

“The Contact Commission started in November of 2018 as a revelatory body only, and now is elevated to revelation as said, but to other demands upon their time as a Commission to adjudicate certain human issues they are aware of already. It is not their purview to run the place as we do, but they are advised they are inserted into issues of mankind if permitted by man, to adjudicate personal problems that arise because of Magisterial Mission work or duties. We stand firmly by this procedure so long as Ron Besser is allowed to continue life on Urantia for which he has dedicated his last 25 years so far to seeing to our needs. That is an extraordinary amount of time for a human and we laud his efforts.


This may sound silly but life on Urantia is so circumscribed over contacts Ron constantly complains of what he calls the surface tension over society. He realizes it is the mores and traditions that require it, but he often sees others just walking he knows their hearts and souls well already and would love to say hello and chat a moment but that is crazy life according to the social mores on Urantia. I am sure it is worthy for all of the Contact Commission to be aware that Ron is truly outstanding in his ability to put people at ease and he does it at his own denigration most of the time and it works very well. But he has not time to work the crowd so easily and will make it doable much as Vern Grimsley could do it on behalf of the Urantia revelation. Heretofore, I am making available all I can in spirit to make this work better for Ron and those on the Contact Commission.

“I also wish to tell all that the height of disagreement between us was nothing more asking why if I was a sovereign in Nebadon, why these attacks were allowed to continue? He is correct and I had to fib to stay out of the mischief they represented also to me but I agreed to let it happen and did. I am truly sorry for the messes Ron but you played into them so well you were our chief test target as they all know here on this forum.
Summary of the Corporate Design of the Visible Magisterial Mission
March 25, 2019 - York PA

This is a review of what we are supposed to be getting ready for the visible portion of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  It is also for those of you who would like to understand, better, the function of the business end of these efforts to be prepared for the Magisterial Son, SERARA, to announce his views on what is to come.  So let me being.

We have put together nearly ten corporations to use by the Sons of God, and the human sons of God, to provide functional operations in these categories:

 - Coordination
 - Education
 - Inventions and the Improvement of Sciences on Urantia
 - Government and Law
 - Publishing and Communication
 - History and Research of the Divine Missions on Urantia

For your information we have established for
It is The Magisterial Foundation that coordinates all subordinate corporations to it and it stands alone as the premier and divine organization of all them established to provide support for a visible Magisterial Mission, and all divine Missions to Urantia as well.  It is a non-profit charity and the directing brains of the other corporations to determine and degree of funds to be accorded each, and it is run in accordance with the views and policies of the Deities of Paradise and of the Local Universe of Nebadon, and always with the cooperation of the capital of our superuniverse a place called Uversa.

For Education:
The Starbridge Foundation and the Starbridge Group.
  The Starbridge Foundation is a for profit organization and is so in order to handle large sums of money without being forced to disclose where all of its income derives from.  The Starbridge Group is really a part of the Starbridge Foundation but we list them separately to account for them.  It is in the Starbridge Foundation that the Michael Government of Nebadon has established the Contact Commission which is the group who educates those those know of the Magisterial Mission and need updates now and then to determine what is happening day to day or week to week.  The Starbridge Group, which is a non profit charity, takes donations to help run this web site and other costs of putting these corporations together legally and with professional accounting services to establish this network of corporations.

To Introduce Inventions to Urantia:

It is the intention of the Magisterial Sons, and Rayson in particular, to provide Urantia new inventions of science to run our transportation more efficiently and to provide science formulas to overcome diseases and a whole plethora of ways to improve our daily lives with clean water and means to fuel industry with a great deal less pollution.  For this work we have established the Rayson Corporation and the York Pre-Particle Technologies, to house the patents and the business contracts for selling and operating new fuels and engines and laboratory formulas for disease reduction, and then to fabricate prototypes in the factory which is the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation.

Government and Law:

The entire operation of this network of corporations under the leadership of the Magisterial Foundation,  a Local Universe interceptor to control the dissemination of policy to the subordinated corporations beneath the Magisterial Foundation to result in the provisional requirements of the Magisterial Mission to obtain new laws and operational understanding from and by the United States government on the Federal level and the State and municipal level of government in America. 

These laws to be negotiated with the US Government are meant to be the pattern of new laws and their intended means of being established to be in place with the hope of good governance and understanding where ever the Magisterial Mission is to be seen and used by local populations around the world.  It is the Magisterial Foundation in cooperation with the State Government of Pennsylvania and the local municipalities in York County of Pennsylvania, that establishes the rules of Magisterial operations in the United States, and that with the cooperation of the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that a York Protectorate be placed around York County for the safety and welfare of staff and provisional leadership of the various Corporations of the Magisterial Mission be housed and that they may safely conduct the business of the visible Magisterial Mission. 

The Magisterial Foundation controls these venues of outreach to government, not just for the people but for the entire mechanism we call a Magisterial Mission, for its use on an inhabited planet in the Local Universe of Nebadon, to which we belong, and who and which are the authority upon which we rely to operate a Magisterial Mission in York, County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the United State of America.

In addition to the Magisterial Foundation as the ruling authority in procuring new laws and assisting in government of the people in the United States, and in the world as well in view of their local mandates of the laws themselves, that the Magisterial Foundation leads all of these attempts to satisfy local regulations yet is free to operate as it must as a divine institution in material form on this planet.  In addition to the Magisterial Found to do this, we add the Michael Foundation International and its work with individual governments around the world to provide the liaison and diplomacy this requires with the Magisterial Mission and the Magisterial Foundation.

Publishing and Communication:
We will use Urantia Publishing International Foundation and The Urantia Book Foundation to publish various tracts of new revelatory information to the people of Urantia through various guises and ways and means to produce books, pamphlets, tracts, Papers, and teachings of high spirit through various means of dissemination during the entire Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Such Missions are designed to last from five hundred years to one thousand years of planetary existence and this one on Urantia is designed to last a little longer than five hundred years as presently planned for Urantia.

History and Research of the Divine Mission on Urantia:
We intend to establish our credentials on Urantia by making available a LIBRARY of confidential documents and recordings of edicts, policy promulgation, edicts, and so on, and demands of Magisterial Sons of this Mission for public use by historians and all who are interested in doing research from a library of original documents to read and write about the work of spirit through a divine and holy Mission called a Magisterial Mission for the public to use and read for all time sake. That is the work under the Estate, Property, and Holding Corporation which is a non profit and works much like the Library of Congress to maintain important liaison and purposes of the use of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia for all time.  This is also the place to display artifacts of these Missions and that includes the the  Laity Ring, Jesus shall give to the Library in memory of His appearance on Urantia.

This concludes our review of the corporations and their functions and purposes in the divine Missions to come on Urantia shortly.

“I have never seen this all put together until today, and I am amazed at how replete it is in so many ways and how a human with the help of Michael put this all together is still beyond capacity to fully understand.  I am a Magisterial Son who now represents the Father of All to the people of Urantia, shortly.  It behooves me to remark that I do not incarnate now as I must make amends to the rules of Paradise, that if a Magisterial Paradise Son appears on a planet to represent the Universal Father, then we shall remain entirely spiritual on the planet during our reign as a Magisterial Mission for that planet.   I was advised two weeks ago that I am now representing God the Father to this world and now must revoke all of my plans to be a visible representative of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Therefore, I rescind all choices I have made for Ron and his Contact Commission as established in November, 2018, and that the said Contact Commission** be layed to rest no more than necessary for its work to charitably clear the means for our arrive in one week from this coming Tuesday, the 26th day of March to occur on or about April 3rd, 2019.  

[** Note - Ron Besser writes to remind that the Contact Commission, established November, 2018, is discussed more fully in other posts to come. Thank you.]

Therefore, MONJORONSON, who is my co-chairman being a Magisterial Son too,  on Urantia, will assume the duties of the visible component of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  MONJORONSON SPEAKS NEXT:

"We are delighted Ron that you went to the trouble to write this up for coherence of our work to date.  Be assured it is useful beyond words now that wee your narrative and you left out the LLC of the Seth teachings but see it as not useful right now.  On the contrary, it will be useful as we are deciding to ask Seth to return and reestablish his work on Urantia as it is well followed on Urantia.  You will find that “Seth Speaks”, as a book, will fall off the shelves again, and we believe it is a copy you purchased over a year ago and still wrapped.  Never loose that one again!

“I am MONJORONSON, and you do me that favor all the imte and we greet this group of readers for one last review of my intentions to start the Magisterial Mission on Urantia”

1 - We hold all people as necessary and good;
2 - We are ready to adjudicate you Ron and the rest of the staff so far established;
3 - We are ready to provide you euesight and painless existence providing you are found well established by Michael on Urantia;
4 - We are preparing a video announcement to the world on or about April 3, 2019;
5 - We are preparing to allow many to watch this video announcement on our own closed circuit television station that can be picked up on cable and in the air freely by using the emergency channels provided there in.
6 - No one is limited in their appearance before us if there is a majority view that those who wish to appear before u are insitituionally well done and can appear without sin to do so."

This concludes this post for now.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Let them be.
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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Let them be

Lemuel : Good afternoon everyone. I want to talk this afternoon about something probably most of you here on the forum have already experienced and that is perhaps a member of your family or friend simply do not want to be lead, do not want to know, they simply prefer to remain within their own zone of comfort. I have been recently experienced this and not for the first time, but this time is particularly sad for me, because knowing full well and seeing from observing that person is in such a need of Light and Love. Of course, as the saying goes : you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, even if the horse does not want to be lead, you cannot force it to go anywhere, you know that.

So, what is there to do is simply let them be, they remain where they are, simply because they are not ready for anything different. In fact, they are not ready to think about the possibility of anything being different. For me personally, this is the sadest of all that someone can be so entrenched within their own reality that they build around themselves and they are not prepared to look anywhere else, not to the right, not to the left, not above and not below. So, yes I am sad for this person, but there is always something that we can do, of course, we have imagined this before, that does not stop me or any of you, sending light and blessings sincerely from your heart-center to that person whoever he is and to see this person surrounded in light.

When you have the sincere wish and desire for the light and love to enter that person’s mind, to expand mind so that one day they will be able to look to something different. This is all you can do and this is the best thing you can do, but it must be sincere of course. When you really think about this, you will know and understand of course that everyone has their own Indwelling Father Fragment, their Thought Adjuster. Obviously, you cannot do what is evident that their own Thought Adjusters are unable to do. You know very well that our Thought Adjuster’s priority is to elevate our thoughts, to spiritualize our thoughts and by so doing these thoughts begin to open your heart’s center, but there are those who are are so closed it is very difficult for these people to be approched, to be helped, although one can see they desparately needed.

So, they remain where they are and one can send them light and blessings and with the sincere desire that one day they will be ready, they will be opened to receive new insights and to be prepared to look at something else, something better or something different from what they become so accustom to. Well, dear brothers and sisters, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am sure all of you or at least some of you, I am sure, would have had this very same experience with a member of your family or your friends and it can be quite upsetting, but one has just to surrender the fact and let them be where they are.

So, once again thank you all for listening, I bid you all a very good evening and hope to talk to you again soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Let them be.
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Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Let them be.
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 25th March 2019  17:40 Local 16:40 Z
Sue : ‘‘ …… is more of brief statements, to press it to the point. The punctuation of ‘‘Fullstops’’ was used heavily and then that means a new sentence to press another point. And so on it goes……..Here, it is more abrupt, to the point and simple’’

This is exactly what the pupils of that time were taught to do, perhaps the word ‘shorthand’ was misused to describe this method of teaching, but it was what it was and it served very well. Domtia

Thank you Sue for the encouragement. Increasingly, I believe that there is a multiplicity of variants among human beings on Urantia, on this tormented and prodigious planet of ours, that at my age, it is not easy for me to assimilate the fact that there are those who have that virtuous talent like yours, to be able to serve as a relay station of such supreme and divine sources and that nevertheless, you are not more than a mortal who has to attend to your normal vicissitudes of human experience. With this I do not try to underestimate your religious life or your spiritual efforts to achieve what you have achieved.
In a message I received through Ron from "Sathya" (my Thought Adjuster), he tells me among other few things, that it happens to me that I always place the carriage before the horse, that I have to meditate twice a day for 10 minutes, and that I will be able to know that he is God but that he will be still. This I interpret that I will not be able to hear that type of transmissions; but of course I can be wrong. Although I must say that I have not made a great effort to write myself what comes out of my pen, I have tried to do without a significant result. 
On the other hand, from Sai Baba (my great spiritual guide for many years), I understood something like this:"When the Supreme is touching his chosen one, there is a phenomenon that is common to all devotees: the unfolding of the ability to hear the divine voice, but not as the sound audible in the manner of the spoken word, but as perfect intuition that provides, guidance, wise advice, support and protection ". I believe that I am in this category and not of those who can hear the spoken word. But my faith and my trust is and will continue unabated, in that surrender to God without a drop of doubt. Thanks
Deep breath

Other sites teach you to breathe deeply, ie from what I noticed, 10 seconds of inspiration or inhale and 10 seconds of expiration, or exhale

In this case the complete cycle of breathing is 20 seconds, ie twice the previous cycle of 10 seconds.

I only observe, to reach and continue with the state of cardiac coherence, in individual training, it depends on each person, with their own individuality.

The rule for achieving cardiac coherence is based primarily on:

1) breathing through the diaphragm; 2) thoughts of positive emotions, such as love and gratitude; 3) full attention or "mindfulness".

For me, full attention or mindfulness works best when I try to focus only on inspiration and exhalation.

As an example I'm reporting the site below with deep breathing training in a cycle longer than 20 seconds, 10 seconds of inspiration and 10 seconds of expiration:

Lastly, I believe there are several companies providing cardiac biofeedback software. In the initial message I informed the site of "Emotio Cardio" because it is the software using in my work. Moreover, I believe that the price is reasonably affordable for Brazilians, considering the cost benefit, ie the relationship between price and the very great benefit to health.

I hope this message is helpful for people to reflect on health through stress relief by using cardiac biofeedback training, that is, with daily training to seek cardiac coherence for a constant and gentle breathing rate at certain times of the day.


Respiração profunda

Outros sites ensinam a respirar profundamente, ou seja, pelo que eu notei, 10 segundos de inspiração ou inalar e 10 segundos de expiração, ou exalar

Neste caso o ciclo completo da respiração é de 20 segundos, ou seja o dobro do ciclo anterior de 10 segundos.

Apenas observo, para chegar e continuar com o estado de coerência cardiaca, no treinamento individual, depende de cada pessoa, com sua própria individualidade.

A regra para atingir a coerência cardíaca, se baseia, principalmente:

1) na respiração através do diafragma; 2) pensamentos de emoções positivas, como por exemplo amor e gratidão; 3) a plena atenção ou "mindfulness".

Para mim, funciona melhor a plena atenção ou "mindfulness",  quando eu procuro me concentrar apenas na inspiração e na expiração.

Como exemplo eu estou informando o site abaixo com treinamento de respiração profunda em um ciclo maior de 20 segundos, 10 segundos de inspiração e 10 segundos de expiração:

Por fim, eu acredito que existe várias empresas fornecendo software de biofeedback cardíaco. Na mensagem inicial eu informei o site da "Emotio Cardio" pois é o software usando em meu trabalho. Além do mais eu acredito que o preço é razoavelmente acessível para o brasileiros, considerando o custo benefício, ou seja a relação entre preço e o benefício muito grande para a saúde.

Eu espero que esta mensagem seja útil para pessoas refletirem sobre a saúde com a diminuição do estresse, usando treinamento de biofeedback cardíaco, ou seja, com treinamento diário para buscar a coerência cardíaca buscando uma frequência constante e suave na respiração em certos períodos do dia.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał/ Nagr : Lemuel, członek-bohater
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Miejsce : Valls, Katalonia, Hiszpania
Data/Godzina : 23 marca 2019 r. , 11:22 czasu miejscowego, 10:22 UTC

Link do nagrania dźwiękowego :

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Zapis przekazu dźwiękowego Lemuela


Lemuel : Dzień dobry. Cóż, nasz temat dziś rano nosi tytuł „DECYZJE”, mój Ukochany i ja chcmy mówić o decyzji i o tym, jak decydować między jedną a drugą rzeczą, co jak wiecie czasami może być dość trudne. Myślę, że jest bardzo mało prawdopodobne, żeby ktoś musiał dosłownie podejmować decyzję o życiu i śmierci w swoim życiu. Oczywiście to może się zdarzyć i zdarza się, ale jest to bardzo rzadka rzecz. Chcę mówić o prawdziwym podejmowaniu decyzji, to znaczy o decyzjach, z którymi wszyscy się spotykacie od czasu do czasu przez całe życie i chcę, abyście uznali, że tak naprawdę nie ma znaczenia to, o czym decydujecie, to nie ma żadnego znaczenia, ale pozwólcie mi to wyjaśnić.

Chcę, żebyście sobie wyobrazili, że stoicie przed drzewem, więc widzicie jego pień, który wznosi się, a potem rozszczepia się w tak wiele różnych grubych gałęzi, które z kolei dzielą się na małe gałęzie i tak to trwa, aż wszystkie podzielą się na najmniejsze gałązki i wreszcie na końcu każdej gałązki jest oczywiście liść. Więc mówienie o różnych decyzjach naprawdę nie robi żadnej różnicy, naprawdę tak jest, ponieważ pod koniec dnia osiągniesz pozycję liścia na drzewie. Mam nadzieję, że rozumiecie przenośnię, której używam, bo przejdziecie całą potrzebną wam drogę doświadczenia wzdłuż określonej gałęzi lub gałązki, niezależnie od tego, którą wybierzecie.

Wszystkie drogi prowadzą do Rzymu, jak mówią, to inna przenośnia, której możecie użyć, bez względu na to, jakie drogi wybierzecie, skończycie drogę w Rzymie, ale zdarza się czasem, że trzeba podjąć naprawdę bardzo ważną decyzję. Chcę przedstawić różnicę między podejmowaniem decyzji za pomocą głowy, która zwykle to robi i podejmowaniem decyzji w sercu. Oczywiście jest między nimi duża różnica. Kiedy mówiłem o drzewie, gałęziach i liściach, to dotyczyło decyzji z głowy, decyzji ego, które nie są naprawdę ważne, chociaż wydają się być ważne, bo zawsze prowadzą do końca na jakimś liściu, można powiedzieć.

Decyzje z serca są czymś innym, jestem pewien, że wszyscy o tym wiecie, bo mówiłem o tym ładne parę razy, że to wasze dusze wykorzystują serce, aby spróbować wpłynąć na was poprzez uczucia, żebyście podjęli właściwą decyzję. Jestem pewien, że wszyscy przechodziliście to raz, czy dwa, kiedy się zakochaliście, chodziliście ze sobą, spotykaliście się z rdzicami tego drugiego, zaręczczyliście się i być może w ostatniej chwili zaczynaliście mieć pietra i wątpliwości, czy powinniście ciągnąć to dalej do małżeństwa, czy nie. Jestem pewien, że wielu z was było w podobnej sytuacji, choć możę nie takiej samej.

Więc w tych momentach, kiedy naprawdę musicie spojrzeć w głąb do swoich uczuć, a potem jeszcze głębiej, co te uczucia wam mówią, ponieważ kiedy jesteście w otwartej sytuacji, mam na myśli, kiedy wasz środek serca jest naprawdę otwarty i naprawdę czujecie, że te uczucia stają się myślami przenoszonymi do głowy i podejmiecie właściwą decyzję, ale nigdy nie jest odwrotnie. Decyzje podejmowane przez wasze ego nigdy nie są przenoszone do serca. Decyzje podejmowane przez wasze ego pozostają decyzjami ego, ale wasze serca działają na odwrót. Co tak naprawdę czujecie, pozwólcie, żeby te uczucia zostały wyrażone i bądźcie cierpliwi wobec siebie, te uczucia staną się myślami, jak właśnie wspomniałem, a potem potrzebujecie swojego ego, aby wprowadzić te myśli w czyn i być może zdecydujecie się nie iść dalej do małżeństwa lub nie brać kredytu hipotecznego lub czegokolwiek innego.

Tak więc, spróbujcie sobie przypomnieć różnicę między dwoma, jedno, to przez głowę - ego - a drugie z serca. Drodzy bracia i siostry, wielu z was myśli, jaką decyzję mogę podjąć w sprawie waszego możliwego zaangażowania w Misję Magisterską, bo musicie zrozumieć, że to nie jest praca na pięć minut, ani praca, która zaczyna się o dziewiątej rano i kończy o piątej po południu, nie, to jest do końca waszego życia, jest to całkowite poświęcenie się Misji Magisterskiej, co z kolei oczywiście oznacza całkowite poświęcenie się sprawom Boga i spełnianiu Jego Woli.

Być może są tutaj niektórzy z was, którzy po prostu nie są gotowi do tej decyzji, po prostu nie jesteście na to gotowi, cóż, w porządku, tu nie ma osądu. Za pół roku lub za rok lub za sześć lat prawdopodobnie poczujecie się zupełnie inaczej w tej sprawie. Innymi słowy, jeśli ktoś jest bardzo młody, to musi przeżyć jeszcze kilka lat, żeby życie przyniosło mu lekcje, których musi się nauczyć przez doświadczenia, które napotka, to normalne. Więc jeśli ktoś jest w takiej sytuacji, to po prostu powinien się odprężyć, jego czas nadejdzie, ale dla tych z was, którzy siedzą na płocie, że tak powiem, to rozumiecie lub sądzicie, że rozumiecie do pewnego stopnia, w co się zaangażujecie, bo nie wiecie, co właściwie będziecie robić, ale zostaniecie wezwani do robienia czegoś, to na pewno.

Więc musicie podjąć decyzję, czy będziecie do dyspozycji cały czas, nie tylko w ciągu dnia, jak mówiłem, od dziewiątej do piątej, nie, chodzi o pełny czas, to znaczy całą dobę, cały tydzień, do końca życia. Tak, to wielka sprawa. Naprawdę trzeba to przemyśleć i, co najważniejsze, przeczuć, ale myślę, mówiąc z własnego doświadczenia, kiedy będziecie gotowi na to, to będziecie wiedzieli. Będziecie wiedzieli w głębi serca, że wasze dusze krzyczą z tego powodu i nie możecie myśleć o niczym innym. Dlatego próbuję powiedzieć po prostu, że kiedy nadejdzie czas, drodzy bracia i siostry, będziecie wiedzieć, jaką decyzję podjąć, a więc nie musicie się tak męczyć nad tym.

Jak powiedziałem przed chwilą, jeśli jesteście młodzi i nie jesteś na to gotowi, to wszystko jest w porządku, ale dla reszty z was, kiedy nadejdzie czas i będziecie gotowi, to będziecie o tym wiedzieli, wasze serca i dusze wam o tym powiedzą. W pewnym sensie decyzja będzie podjęta za was, nie musicie się o to martwić. To naprawdę wspaniałe, w rzeczywistości osiągacie etap, kiedy nie możecie wyobrazić sobie życia bez niego, to znaczy nie wyobrażam sobie życia ani chwili bez mojego Umiłowanego, ponieważ jesteśmy jednym. Tak samo będzie z wami, to przyjdzie na was, wasze życie będzie takie, jaki jest wasz sposób życia, będziesz wyrażać ten sposób życia, taki, jaki jest, wasze oddanie Ojcu i bycie przedstawicielem w taki czy inny sposób dla Misji Magisterskiej.

Cóż, to nasza dzisiejsza rozmowa o decyzjach, więc odprężcie się, to naprawdę nie jest wielka sprawa. Pamiętajcie, co powiedziałem na początku, w pewnym sensie nie ma znaczenia, jakie decyzje podejmiecie, jak powiedziałem, wszystkie drogi prowadzą do Rzymu, więc wylądujecie w Rzymie, albo, inaczej mówiąc, skończycie jako liść na wspaniałym drzewie. Inaczej powtórzę, kiedy nadejdzie odpowiedni czas dla was, będziecie o tym wiedzieli ze stuprocentową pewnością, że to jest to, co chcecie zrobić i podejmiecie taką decyzję.

W każdym razie mówiliśmy dziś rano o decyzjach. Dziękuję wam za wysłuchanie. Jest sobota, więc cieszcie się resztą dnia i jutrem. Mam nadzieję znów do was mówić. Tu Lemuel, na tym kończę na dzisiaj razem z moim Umiłowanym. Na razie się żegnam. Domszia
Antonio and Weydevu, I am most grateful for your generous assistance in this endeavour, can I just say I need more time to study all of this and let me see what's best. I'll get back to it here, with anything further. Sue.
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