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To the Members of the Contact Commission:
I wish to volunteer my services to work on behalf of this great Mission to Urantia. I have read the Urantia book at least 5 times and studied it for years since 1979. Below is my amended resume. Where I am circle-wise, I do not know but I know I have grown quickly upward and will continue to do so. I can learn to transmit if taught the right way. I am an expert in show business and marketing as it has been my career for 32 years. The shows I worked in were owned by others so the content was not my preference. I was hired for my musical ability and my ability to handle the ongoing technical aspects of staging a large show on numerous stages.

Michael Edging earned a Bachelor of Applied Music with Honors and a Minor in English from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1974. He went on to work in the Atlanta music community recording and writing with many Artists such as William Bell, The Pointer Sisters, The Staple Singers, Trini Lopez, Buddy Greco, Roy Clark, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jerry Lee Lewis, Boots Randolph, Chet Atkins, and many others. He also appeared at many Atlanta music venues and clubs over the 12 years he lived there.

In 1986, Mr. Edging was invited to move to Las Vegas NV to head up a music operation for Mr. Charles Hansen of Hansen House Music Company NYC. In 1988 he became Musical Director (MD) of the “Playboy Girls Of Rock & Roll” at the Maxim Hotel. After that, he became MD of “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in 1990. In 1994 Mr. Edging was appointed as Assistant Producer for the “American Superstars” four up and running shows in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Reno and Biloxi MS for 10 years.

Mr. Edging handled all advertising for these companies in Las Vegas so he is conversant in English on the professional level of worldwide advertising and copywriting.

Currently (2004-2018) he is working as Vice President of Marketing for Voyage Entertainment Records.
Antonio Distéphano
Internet address:

Ronald L. Besser
Contact Commission Chair

Stanstead, December 18, 2018

Mr. Ronald L. Besser,
I offer my candidacy to work as a Contact Commissioner and I would like to express my deep interest in being part of this team.

I do not want to miss this opportunity to become probably an historical figure in the spiritual development of Urantia and to align myself with High Spirit, and to help them help me as a Commissioner, to produce a material copy of either epochal revelation or periodic revelation.

For your information, I have read twice the 'Urantia Book' in the French version. I even made a copy on paper format 8 1/2 "x 11" (print only on one page and not double-sided), giving me a total of 4 big full ring binders and to increase my understanding of the material in each 'paper', I used color coding and other methods that could make it easier to read later and make it easier to 'search' faster.

As you may have noticed for some time now, I'm getting better and better be able to transmit the Voice of God willing to be taught and I only ask to have other tools to become an excellent TR.

Unfortunately right now, I do not know if I'm at my 'third psychic circle', however, rest assured that I have no objection to studying how to rapidly provide the Father a reason to promote me quickly withing those psychic circles remaining to do.

You know, my first language is French, and I think I'm doing very well in my second language, which is English, this is a golden opportunity for me to perfect my ability to speak and write in English.

I believe that I possess all the qualifications required to assume the function of a Contact Commissioner and I desire it extremely hard to work for 'The Eternal Father' and this would be for me a rewarding experience for 'my ascent to Paradise' after my death.

I am a dynamic person, rigorous and with a taste for work well done, I wish to put my skills at the service of the 'Second Contact Commission' and, thus, participate in the realization of your future projects. Sociable and attentive, I know how to adapt to a situation in place and could integrate without any problem to your team. Available , a preliminary interview would give me the opportunity to explain in detail my motivations and experiences.

What contains as much information in the 'Urantia Book' is very difficult to possess all of it in my head but in no way undermines my willingness to occupy this position and pushes me, on the contrary, to prove myself. The proposed challenge is up to my expectations.

I remain at your disposal for any additional information, or to meet you during an interview.

Please accept, the expression of my sincere greating.

Antonio Distéphano
York, December 18, 2018
As Chairman of the Second Contact Commission, I am authorized by the Salvington Government to open to all of you to Apply to become a Contact Commissioner with we three already who are sworn Contact Commissioners.  The work of a Contact Commissioner is to align yourself with High Spirit, and to help them help you as a Commissioner, to produce a material copy of either epochal revelation or periodic revelation.  That is all you really need to know to be interest.

You who wish to apply must have the full reading of the Urantia Book under your belt.

You must be able to transmit the Voice of God now or willing to be taught, quickly, how to do that.

You must be in at least your third psychic circel and have no objection to studying how to rapidly provide the Father a reason to promote you quickly withing those psychic circles remaining to do

You need to know how to work a Team of dedicated people and not take criticisms and being balled out for what you did or did not do in your service to the Father before the entire population of Urantia.

You may respond to this thread and state your case as well as write me directly and privately to ask questions. be provided the correct assignment to your questions by Michael of Nebadon, and Lanaforge, now One Without Name and Number, temporarily stationed on Paradise, but will return as our Planetary Prince in about four months.

This is a calling.

Do not miss this opportunity to become probably an historical figure in the spiritual development of Urantia, not unlike the Dr. Sadler First Contact Commission in 1934 and 1935 when those first Papers for what is now the Fifth Epochal Revelation was indicted into English for all of Urantia to grow powerful in spirit to serve our Father in heaven.

We, upon reaching the date of January 31, 2019, we be sequestered around the meeting table in York, Pennsylvania, and begin the reception of epochal and periodic revelation for new publications to supplant the current fifth epochal revelation either with expounding of portions of the fifth epochal revelation, or to produce further epochal revelation by the further revelation of God the Supreme.

Write me with you considered wishes and your view of this undertaking and if plausible in your application, will be asked to come to York for an interview before the Melchizedeks and the existing Contact Commission.  Use my address aronolac@comcast, net to write me privately and you may respond here to for our consideration for your placement as one of five Contact Commission individuals to bring new revelation to Urantia.

Thank you
Ronald L. Besser
Contact Commission Chair
Machiventa Melchizedek speaks:  "I am delighted to see this thrown open to all of you.  Be advised Ron has been directed by all of us to seek two more Contact Commissioners.  He opens it all to you as a deal to see how you stack up for this historical work.

"Further, in 1928, I advised the then Dr. Sadlers, they were to become Contact Commissioners.  Then it was hush hush.  Today it is not.  We are ready to open the gates to provide Urantia a brand new start to produce epochal and periodic revelation immediately.  Ron has properly assigned the date we start, and so the process with be fast and compact to find two other people to join them.

"I require for my approval of their selected candidates, that candidates know the true history of how the Urantia Book came to be and that all who attend must attend York, PA Commission Meetings to become oriented.  Hopefully some guest readers will apply and perhaps a trustee or two from the what is now the outdated Urantia Foundation.  It will be disbanded, we hope with their help, and they will be invited to help us issue the new sixth epochal revelation when the time comes.  Learn your history because that must be part of our consideration for accepting you as a Contact Commissioner.  Thank you.  Machiventa Melchizedek.  One Without Name and Number as well and we accept your Hosannas as well.  Good Day."   MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK

"I speak eloquently:  Ron Besser and the other two Commissioners must relay to the rest of the world this is a momentous event.  We are glad Ron is in charge and happy to do as the Michael Sovereignty bids him to do to produce this next epochal revelation, and to consider in the far future years to produce another one after that we will call the Seventh Epochal Revelation in about two hundred years as we now see it.  For all:  This is an open bid for the best and the brightest.  Be assured your application will be considered well and forthrightly by, not only the existing  Contact Commission, but by the Deities aligned from the Ancients of Days on down to Ron Besser himself whom we have placed our utmost trust in to produce these documents so portended and explained to become here as the final major revelations to Urantia before the declaration of Light and Life in about one thousand years from now.  I am Michael and I seek your application forthwith.  Be aware those proscriptions to Dr, Sadler as given in 1928, still stand as the way we will work with the Second Contact Commission for the Epochal Revelations to come to Urantia.  Michael of Nebadon."

In the last 45 days or so, through these three groupings  remarkable and  oft times overwhelming meetings that we have attended and participated in  and have been titled as Commissioners of the Second Contact Commissions.  At one point in these proceedings we have three times taken that Oath of Service to varioius Spirit Beings  and were asked if we realized the real significance of such an assignment and  the unprescedented meanings of what we are doing.   The real  and  lasting impact of what is occurring gradually evolves for each of us and each meeting offers more insight and deeper and  more exacting clearer meaning and we learn more about one another, how well we work and compliment one another' developing abilities and Spiritual gifts and realize each day more of what this means to not only us but all of you as well and certainly to Urantia and all of humanity for all time and I can tell you we approach this with every fiber of our being as this opportunity to be named and titiled a Commissioner in this, the Second and final Contact Commission for Periodic and Epochol Revelation for not only in Urantia but in Nebadon as well and the exciting mention of a Seventh  Revelation that is being planned.
Our transmissions and receptions have ranged and include many many Spirit Beings, ranging from the Universal Father, the Eternal Son,, Infinite Spirit, the First and Original Creator Son and His Consort and MInistering Spirit from Havona, The Consummator of Divine Destiny and Justice, the Deity Absolute, God the Supreme, of course Michael and Nebadonia, Jesus, Machiventa Melchizedek, Serara, Manatutia, Malvantra, Andromadeus, Lanaforge  Luminera,  and a very rare visit from a Solitary Messanger who mysteriously  spiritually appeared to attend Ron and later communicated with us.  There are others I have no doubt not mentioned for which I apologize.   We have been so blessed with all that has occurred in these three sets of meetings and I briefly tell you  of these things so that you can be included in these experiences with us,that they become yours as well, as this exemplifies that "Oneness" in Spirit that ever unites and unifies the Family of God of which each one of us are a intricate part.
We also had a wonderful, touchingly emotional experience with  Mark,the young lad who served the wine at the last supper.and who witnessed the late arival of Judas  and his interaction with Jesus just before  the  betrayal that resulted in the arrest and murder of  Jesus.   This young lad also was, I believe, a witness to the later execution of Peter.   I will write about it to all of you when I get home after these historic meetings come to a close and are adjourned later this evening.

Ron has posted a very official and accurate report and accounting about our meetings and Michael has given some important revelations and annoucements  here.  As you can imagiane, these meetings have been full, direct, down to the Business of the Father and Michael, as we work together to establish this sacred work on Urantia, but please also know that there were  many momments and times of joy, laughter, "mirth" , moments and experiences that filled all of us with emotion and even times when we all got a bit teary and choked up at these  astoundingly personal experiences which we share with each of you so that they become a part of you too.

Ron is so very good at what he does and perfected in the way he goes about it and yet he also can make us laugh  heartily when this serious buisiness of doing  the Fathers Will and the  bidding of MIchael and all who come to serve.   I tell you something... being around Ron instills a desire and ease in transmitting that has taught me so much as many of you  will no doubt come to experience for yourselves when that opportunity soon  comes.    Reading Ron's work and even  the other tramitters here and elswhere across Urantia who have the courage to give it  their best, serve the Father and will hold and secrure a rightful and well deserved place in the Annals of the Spiritual History of  History of Urantia.
I encourage all of you be more involved with this great opportunity to transmitt and recevei the Voice  and Teachings of the Father and all of Spirit who loves you so purely.

I will wrtie again when I get  to Florida.   Be in Michael Peace and Love......LarryG.

I would likle to add a few more  lines of communications about the Spirtual  Energies and Light that  at times permeates the room and  the color that often times that seems to  come and flow in and out to our human eyes.   Were we more truly spiritutal attuned and advanced, I am certain the the Spiriit Beings present would be aptly visvible.... even  so, we still could "feel" these very High Spirit Beings at times. 

So many of our experiences during these three sets of meetings are difficult to adequately share and describe.  AS  quite a few of the Spirit Beings were transmitting to us each in our own turns at transmitting we recevied, it became easier to mentally visualize what was being discussed especially about past and even future was almost like actually being there.....Ron is quite good at detetailed discriptions of Urantia's History.    Ron and others intimated to us that through this experiece of  consistant T/R work, you can evwentually experience information, revelations and a a view of our hiatoricl past and furture not available through  any other method.... reason enough to really concentrate and focus of developing  the skills to be  in immediate and instaneous contact with Spirit and quite frankly with kl all that exsists in the Universes of Time and Space.      Again, I share all of this with you so that you can embraces these experiences as part of you own experiecne and journey towards living a God Cenered Life....that common goal and destiny we here on this forum  all share toagether.    I will write     LarryGmore when I get home.    
What a gigantic work that has been handled in York this weekend and in a relative short time ! It is like breaking-up a marathon record, this is really a great performance. I take off my hat and bow down before the three Commissioners for their tenacity. Very good job done. Domtia
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

The Devoted Servant

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is entitled : ‘The Devoted Servant’. Many people have the wrong idea about being in service or being of service to something or someone. We have seen many times on televisions and films where young people, men and women, are in service to their families and the amount of work they have to do and how they are appreciated or not depending on the master of the house and the housekeeper.

Most of us have an image of what it is like to be in or of service to someone or to something. Well, this is one image, this is one idea, but there are others. I want to use the word ‘vocation’. There are many people who spend their lives working in jobs that they do not like, that is not satisfied them, but because of circumstances, it is the only jobs that is available to them because of lack of education or whatever reasons and so they continue in that work because there is nothing else to them, so to speak. It is a great, terrible shame, because they never experience total job satisfaction.

There are others who are much more fortunate, who have a vocation, their job is a vocation and they love it and they would not dream of doing anything else. I’m thinking at the moment of the nursing profession and how I have personally been on the receiving end earlyon this year of some nurses where I was hospitalized for nearly two months. They were dear to me, it is their vocation, they love their work and they were like ministrel Angels, for them it was not a job, it was their way of life, it was their vocation and they put their whole heart and soul into their work.

These are devoted servants. There are many other instances of course, so it is not just having the vocation to become and to take holy orders or to enter the priesthood. Any work can be a vocation when one feels really called to do that work, no matter what it is. Some people regard ladies who clean offices as the lowest type of employment, nothing can be further from the truth. What will we do without those who clean-up after other people, whether it is roads-sweepers, rubbish collectors, office cleaners, those who clean toilets. All these people, whether they are really devoted servants or not, they are supplying a service to the public, that the public needs and cannot do without.

At the same time, some of these cleaners can regard their work as a vocation when they look at it in the right way. I am sure there are many who have the vocation to be a cleaner, some of you may find this strange, but it is not strange at all. Some people can feel a vocation for any type of occupation, it does not matter, but that person receives a 100% job satisfaction and they love doing it and that is just wonderful.

To be a devoted servant can be and should be a vocation, there is no better satisfaction than knowing that you have pleased your master and your master appreciates your service and that makes you feel great, everyone needs to be appreciated. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be appreciated for a job well-done, it is a dignified thing that gets nothing to do with ego. When you perform your duties to your highest capabilities and you are appreciated so much for that, then you are justified in being pleased with yourself and thankful with the fact that you were able to give such satisfaction.

Those of you, dear brothers and sisters, here on the forum, you are devoted servants to Father in your own way, whether you are really aware of it or not, whether you accept it or not, whether you regard it as a vocation or not. The very fact that you have been lead here to this website, to this very unic serara forum by your Beloved Indwelling Thought Adjusters, means that at some degree or another you are devoted for certain to the Truth, otherwise you would not be here. So, you are in a way becoming, if you are not already, a devoted servant for God.

Some of you may come to realize that in fact it is and has become your vocation in life to be a devoted servant of God. There can be no greater satisfaction in the full knowledge that your work is so appreciated and that you, yourself, is so loved by Father and that keeps your total contentment in that knowledge that you are so loved, so cherished and so appreciated by Father for your love, your devotion and service to Him.

So, our talk this morning is about ‘The Devoted Servant’ and I am sure that there are some of you who are listening who would like very much to become a devoted servant and in fact if that is the case, I can tell you that you will, because you are already co-operating with your Beloved Father Fragment who has brought you here to this point in your life and it will continue and you will become another devoted servant of God.

This is all for this morning, this is Lemuel signing-off for to-day, I bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now.
                      Dear Ron Besser, Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett and everyone.
                   Thank you for updating the four-day meeting in York.
                    I still have a few days of stress with work accumulated, possibly, until this Wednesday, December 19, 2018, when the recess of the Brazilian Judiciary begins.
                    I'm going to start taking an intensive English course, possibly this Thursday.
                    Last week I already went through the procedures for issuing a passport for family members who did not yet have this important document for international travel.
                    Last Saturday I stayed the whole afternoon and went until about midnight studying a conversation course in English, with practical classes on the internet.
                   I paid for two different English speaking courses with different teachers, one for my son who is studying law university, and one for me personally.
                   Personally, I thank all three of you for your efforts this weekend.
                  With much love to all,


                   Caro Ron Besser, Steven Gitz e Larry Gossett e a todos.
                   Obrigado pela atualização dos quatro dias de reunião em York.
                   Eu ainda tenho alguns dias de estresse com trabalho acumulado, possivelmente, até esta quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2018, quando começa o recesso do Poder Judiciário do Brasil.
                   Vou começar a fazer o curso intensivo de inglês, possivelmente, nesta quinta-feira.
                   Na semana passada eu já entrei com os procedimentos para emissão de passaporte para os integrantes da família que ainda não tinham este importante documento para viagens internacionais.
                    No último sábado eu fiquei a tarde inteira e fui até aproximadamente meia-noite estudando curso de conversação em inglês, com aulas práticas na internet.
                    Eu paguei  dois cursos de conversação em inglês diferentes, com professores diferentes, sendo um para o meu filho que faz a Universidade de Direito, e outro, pessoalmente, para mim.
                    Pessoalmente, eu agradeço a todos vocês três pelos esforços que fizeram neste final-de-semana.
                    Com muito amor a todos,
Dear List.

                 Now that we have just received a full report on the work that has been carried out during

the past four days at York, we can give thanks and show our appreciation for the successful

outcome of such remarkable work.

Thank you Ron for providing us with this report so soon after the ending of the meetings.

A big thank you to our brothers Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz for their stamina during so many




AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / The Devoted Servant
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Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: The Devoted Servant
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 18th Dec. 2018  07:48 Local  06: 48 Z
 From York, PA
Report on the Meetings Held in York, Pa
As to their Decisions and Proposals as of Now:

York, PA from Ron Besser, Chairman and Director
of The Second Contact Commission for Periodic
and Epochal Revelation

00:50 Local Time
December 18, 2018

Tuesday, December 18, 2018, which is today as I write this, is the last day of our four day meeting at York.  I advise all that the first three days of meetings ended in what I consider, not a failure, but great steps forward.  Those steps included understanding what I feel are these items to relate to all you:

1)  We three act as a Contact Commission for the sixth epochal revelation in order to commence bringing to earth those facts and precisions of fact from spirit that we, as Urantia-born citizens, are to received at least one more epochal revelation after the sixth epochal revelation is received and distributed;

2)  Urantia is nearly over as a human planet in terms of cosmological history.  We received a full review and resolve of Deity from Paradise on down to the Planetary Prince, now Lanaforge, but he is destined to be replaced by the Chief Most High, Andromadeus, and Andromadeus, is to be honored to Paradise, and received the Commission of One Without Name and Number, and then He is to restore order on Urantia per that Commission with Paul of Tarsus, also now commissioned to serve as One Without Name and Number, to the end of the days of Urantia being only a material planet raising the material children of God, the species known in general, as humans.

3)  I with my colleagues, Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett, have withstood, so far, three full days of meetings with as many of the leaders of spirit to Urantia, and have learned the following we may tell you now:

     i.  We were given to understand under a secrecy agreement just how the new Urantia Book will be distributed.  As follows, that it become available through us and those we are to work with as part of a Contact Commission, the second of its kind on Urantia, and the last of its kind on Urantia.

     ii. Not only is this Contact Commission is the last of its kind on Urantia, it is the very last of its kind in the entire Local Universe of Nebadon.  This type of reception of revelation on a material planet has proven to create more problems than helps to solve and because we have the tradition of a Contact Commission working so well on Urantia, this last one was allowed to be formed as the end of any and all Contact Commissions throughout the Local Universe.

     iii.  No further announcements were made concerning the sixth epochal revelation, but aside of the sixth epochal revelation, is t he announcement that before the actual book containing the sixth epochal revelation is released for sale, a periodic book of revelation will be provided to those on Urantia, who finally get an exposition as to the meanings and intentions of the fifth epochal revelation.

4)  The York Contact Commission will not be disbanded until there is further evidence of the invincibility of human greed and sacrifice on behalf of the present Commissioners is over and taht they find no problem working for nothing.  I decreed that years ago with the Sadlers, but the Sadlers had a doctor's practice for income.  These Commissioners are much older than either of the Sadlers were when they commenced operation as a Contact Commission in 1934 and 1935.  Hence the present set of Commissioners will work with salaries paid by the Machiventa Melchizedek Contact Commission organization with its own bank account and will be installed within the confines of the Magisterial Foundation corporation.

5)  We concluded the third full day of meetings at York with the following decisions to include those persons living yet on Urantia, who qualify also to be Contact Commissioners, so long as they also qualify as persons who have dedicated their lives to the work of the fifth epochal revelation, and that they harbor no ill will to the decision of the Salvington Contact Commission, established on Mansion World Five, and that both Commissions, learn that the work of God proceeds along the path to the invincibility of Michael of Nebadon and his assigns.

6)  Machiventa Melchizedek has proven once again to have been correct, and now is assigned as the Contact Committee Chairman to oversee the development of the York Contact Commission, and the He alone will command what is, or what is not, to be done at York, and then when is to be done on Salvington, to sponsor the final appearance of epochal revelation as an incident of revelation on the planet of Urantia.

7)  As Machiventa Melchizedek proposed to Dr. William S. and Lena M. Sadler in 1928, the York Contact Commission is now considered a secret body of deliberation and will contain, in its final organization, five (5) Contact Commissioners.  They will be assigned variously and as such will become part of the history book promulgation on revelation on Urantia, both epochal and periodic.

8-  We must adjure the fact that all Contact Commissioners, however they are to be assigned in the next few to six months, will have their lives extended including the Chairman of the Contact Commission, Ron Besser, and the others,  to at least three hundred years.  This extension of life is prohibited to Commissioners only.

9) [I, Ron Besser, now dictate the Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon:)
“I Michael of Nebadon, now fully admit that all of the above is was designed to become effective as of two months ago (October an November 2018).  I had to rescind those plans as announced above, until the Father insisted that we remind t he present Contact Commissioners, that we were dead serious, and that THEY had to learn and receive Spirit as We are, and not imagined by their own minds as to who We are.  That has been accomplished on Urantia on the third full feay of meetings at York, Pennsylvania at the address of 2709 Sunset Lane, at the conference table at the address.  We have concluded the following as of near midnigth of the thired day of meetings as follows:

     i.   We have no objection to any of the three, so far, awarded Contact Commissioners, as Ronald L. Besser, Steven L. Gitz, and Larry D. Gossett, and fully assign them as the first three Contact Commissioners for the provision of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and to provide Urantia with a preceding Periodic Revelation, by the end of 2019.  The Periodic Revelation shall bear a title commensurate with the Fifth Epochal Revelation, as an elucidation of the meanings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation and its intentions to further explain, anew, the fuller revelation of God the Supreme.

     ii.  I further elucidate, that the present members named above of the Second Contact Commission, stand down from their efforts and work, until we locate, interview, and appoint, TWO MORE CONTACT COMMISSIONERS.

     iii. We must further elucidate that Ronald L. Besser, is to be assigned to the Contact Commission Chairman of the Board for these purposes, and that Ronald L. Besser, shall be the sole heir of all Contact work until we have located two more commissioners and then procede to publish the proposed Periodic Revelation by the end of 2019.

    iv.  We must further indicate just who the future two more Commissioners may be by private communications to them either through email or correspondent as a  Letter of Intent (LoI).  Persons receiving such LoI will be asked to come to York and we will convene a Board Meeting of the Melochizedek Commission of oversight of the Second Contact Commission ever established on Urantia.

     v.   We further stipulate that the Magisterial Foundation, now become the headquarters of the Michael Mission only, and that is for the duration of the Michael Mission only until the Magisterial Missions are declared operational.  The Magisterial Missions are still valid but are not yet operational today contrary to previous announcements there were so a few weeks ago.  They are not operation at all for now.

     vi.  All allocation of funds for the operation of the Second Contact Commission on Urantia, are hereby secured through Machiventa Melchizedek, for all future time on behalf of the Michael Mission on Urantia starting several weeks ago and finalized upon the closing of the third full day of meetings at York, Pennsylvania.

I Michael of Nebadon, now authorize the following information to be made available to this forum and the general public for what it is worth:

“We must now assign all letters of revocation to the present Chicago-based Urantia Foundation, as final and irregardless of their protestations.  This declaration will be finalized today, the 19th of December, that being a Wednesday of the current western Urantia calendar.  All proceeds must be distributed once again to those corporations that maintain the operation of the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, and that all assets and debts will be seized by the Salvington Government, and that the Declaration of Trust be reassigned to the Second Contact Commission, now being fully established in York, Pennsylvania. 

“I also am establishing a third Contact Commission not, for the far future Seventh Epochal Revelation on Urantia with this current Contact Commission, now employed in York, Pennsylvania with persons already named and two more Commissioners not identified or named as yet.

“Fourth, we need to establish that the York Contact Commission; that being the Second Contact Commission established on Urantia these recent days now fully authorized to proceed, shall have full rights and privileges to represent and operate as the right and fully sealed as that body that will and shall provide Urantia its final days of epochal revelation.  No revocation will further occur since the Magisterial Foundation now operates with Michael of Nebadon, as it Chairman and Director, and that each Member of that aforesaid Foundation, will be operated through divine Directors, and that the Second Contact Commission, is subsidiary to the Director and Chairman of the Magisterial Foundation, one Michael of Nebadon, in perpetuity, or as to the need for the Magisterial Foundation, may end.

“Fifth: I am so well please with these three presently named Commissioners, that they shall now proceed to name two mor Contact Commissioners.  I have authorized the Commission to start making those contacts, and to name two more Contact Commissioners, post haste, and by the end of January of 2019, to fully begin operations with Periodic Revelation by the end of that period to start anew in February, 2019 on the Periodic Revelation explaining to all above.”

This is Ron Besser, and I now asked to provide the readers on this forum, a report concerning the work that is coming up in about ten hours or so later today.  I am now transmitting the Lord of All, our Father on Paradise, for your understanding of what is to happen this fourth day of meetings at York, Pennsylvania.


“I am the Universal Father, and I proceed to announce the following decisions I wish to be completed later this day on the 18th of December, 2018 at York, Pennsylvania.

1)   We no longer have just three Contact Commissioners.  We are to have five Contact Commissioners.  The Second Contact Commission is now about putting names to these two more members for this aforesaid commission;

2)   Ron Besser is Chairman and CEO and all leadership and will directly interface with Michael of Nebadon located on Salvington, that being the capital sphere of the Local Universe of Nebadon;

3)   The Salvington Government, as headed by Michael of Nebadon, will commence operation of the Second Contact Commission, today from York, Pennsylvania, that being the physical location of the Second Contact Commission, at this time on Urantia;

4)   Ronald L. Besser, is hereby granted a life extension from Me for one thousand years, but I place that trust in the hands of Michael of Nebadon as to His wishes as to how little or how much of that life extension period is to be fully used on Urantia;

5)   The present and Second Contact Commission, on Urantia, is now operational as quorum is fully present at York, to conduct the business of the Second Contact Commission, and that is shall determine the names of two more Contact Commissioners through deliberations on this the last and fourth day of meetings concluding as the final meetings of this Body in 2018;

6)   The Second Contact Commission, will hereby be recognized by Paradise and Uversa and Edentia, as the prevailing representation for the Local Universe of Nebadon, and will be heir to the Declaration of Trust, once resident in the Chicago-based Urantia Foundation only.

7)   I further decree that the present Urantia Foundation will become null and void on the 30th of January, 2019, for that is when the other two members of the Contact Commission, shal begin their work on the aforesaid Periodic Revelation to Urantia.  No further discussion of this matter will come from Paradise on this matter as of now.

8 - We further elucidate, that all members of this present discussion forum, and who are in good standing by whatever means is judged for that at this time, are candidates to work in York, Pa, fully salaried and protected under the guidance of the Magisterial Foundation, so located in that City as present time.  I am the Father and wish all well.

Ron Besser - I have now provided all the readers on this forum the fullest report I intend to make on these four days of meetings.  We begin our work in less thanten hours from now.  I thank all of you for your interest and patience while we slowly work our way toward the arrangements the Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, and even the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice seeks compensation for the lack of good work of the present Urantia Foundation, to fully fund the exercise and the success of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Thank you. 

Ron Besser:
On behalf of Michael of Nebadon, the Creative Spirit of Nebadon, and all supporting Deity and divinity pertaining to the resurrection of Jesus for the work on Urantia, shortly.


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