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Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Fortune favours The Brave

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled : ‘Fortune favours The Brave’. I am sure you all know this saying – fortune favours the brave – and there are many instances, many moments in one’s life where one is called upon to be brave. The classic examples of course are those soldiers on the battle field who perform the bravest of deeds and rightfully, justfully, awarded for these deeds, but what I want to talk this morning is not just the deed itself, the most important is what imposes the deed.

There are many very well documented cases of extreme bravery and courage in the face of the enemy where soldiers have saved their lives of many of their comrades and later when a soldier realises what has happened. In many cases, there have no memory of whatsoever, there is a before and an after of the actual act of bravery and in many cases, the hero – these soldiers do become heros – find it very difficult to live with it. In fact, they need psychological help. The problem being that in the moment of the act of bravery, something else is acting within that soldier.

It is obviously not ego, if ego has to do something brave, it does not, you may well think about it, but it is too late to do something about it, if you have to think about it, no there is something else that takes place. In fact, what happens is your Beloved Thought Adjuster and your Guides – yes, you have a Team of Guides with you always – they jump into operation and they impulse you to do and you do it, but later on you have no memory of it.

In a similar way, there are many cases where mothers have to remove large objects in order to save the child or even to lift the car. They cannot do it physically really on their own, something else must take place and again it is their Guides and their Thought Adjuster step in to do these things. It only happens in an extreme emergency of course and their Guides have the permission from their Beloved Thought Adjuster.

The point also that I am trying to make is, in an act of bravery where in fact you are facing possible death yourselves, it is your Beloved Thought Adjuster that decides whether it is the moment of your death or whether it is the moment for extreme bravery and so the same goes for fortune favours the brave and of course it does in a sense, because to be brave, you must overcome your fear. The soldier being a professional man overcomes the fear with the training that they have received.

That is understandable, but for the rest of you who are soldiers, when you are called upon to do an act of bravery, if you think about it, it is too late. If you find that you have done it, it is because your Beloved Thought Adjuster has given permission for your Guides and Guardian Angels to step in and do it for you and at the same time, to save your life.

It is a wonderful thing really when you come to think about it. We all want to do the best in our lives, we would all like to be superman or superwoman, don’t we ? There are a varied and different role models that we look up to, many look to footballers or film stars or other famous people. On the other hand, we would like to be batman or superman, because we identify with the good over the bad or the light over the dark and we would like to be like that.

We would like to save lives of people, to put wrong to right and so once again : fortune favours the brave. If you are so inclined to do those things, you will do those things, you will be brave, but in a life and death situation, something else takes over, as I previously mentioned and it is such a wonderful thing that your Beloved Guides and your Thought Adjuster, under the right circumstances, step in to save your life and also to save the lives of others.

For those of you who are new here to the Serara forum, new readers or new listeners, perhaps you are not familiar with the Urantia Book and so may be you have not learned of Thought Adjuster, what it is and what it does, but I’ll leave that for another talk, because in fact, we have spoken about it before, but to-day’s talk is only about being brave and about fortune favouring the brave.

So, dear brothers and sisters, this morning just a short talk about bravery and doing courageous things and eventhough we may never be superman or superwoman or batman, nevertheless if you hold fast to that which is always good and right then you will have enough desire to be brave, to be courageous in front of danger, if and when those moments appear in one’s life. Generally speaking, they do from time to time and then one is called upon to be brave, to be courageous and to do the right thing.

So, there we are at the beginning of another week, it is Monday and a full week in front of us of opportunity and so we can be brave facing another week and all the problems that it may bring to us, obstacles that we are called upon to overcome. I just hope that none of them will call upon your bravery, but if they do, I am confident that you will be brave because honor favours the brave and I am sure that you are all brave and courageous, always wanting to do the right thing.

I thank you very much for listening, this is Lemuel signing-off for this morning and hope to talk to you again very soon. I bid you a very good day, bye-bye for now.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Action and Reaction

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled : ‘Action and Reaction’. We have talked about this before but it has been sometime and we think now it is a good time again to talk about action and reaction. What is it in each and everyone of us that it is able to get so angry so quickly because of what someone does or of what someone says. Well, we know it is the ego.

There are so many examples, everyday occurrences, that affect us all in such a negative way and of course we realize after what has happened, but then it is too late, we have reacted, perhaps in an angry way, where the ego is jumping up and down in an anger and throw in a tantrum, just like a five years old child in a supermarket. It is extremely difficult to control us, because it happens so very quickly.

A classic example, everyone of us has that many times, I am sure, you are driving along in your car and someone cuts you off, they cut inside of you or they drive up behind you or whatever it is and you instantly on a rage and you want to kill that person. In America, I think they refer to it as roadrage and there have been instances where people just wind down the window and they shoot at that person, because it’s such a reaction of passion and anger.

Well, as I mentioned, we all have these experiences at some degree or another, may be with not the feeling of killing somebody else but you know what I am talking about and I know you understand. Why is this really, why does the ego react in this way ? It is only because the ego judges always, it judges behaviour to its own criteria. It’s judging all the time, how people look, how they dress, how they behave, how they speak.

It’s an habit that everyone develops from the earliest of age and it’s something that hopefully you will learn as you get older. First of all to recognize that you are in fact constantly judging other people and try to do something about it. Remember, it is better to not react to someone’s action or to someone’s words. How important is it really ? You have the expression, it’s water over the duck’s back, meaning that it does not matter what someone says. It is like water on a duck’s back, it will just roll off, just flow away, it will not hurt you.

Well, I can tell you, it is wonderful to reach that stage, when you understand really, it does not matter what people say, it does not matter what people do, it is only you, your ego that allows it to affect you and you can stop it. It is not big deal whatever will they do or say, it is not big deal and remember the most important thing of all, your soul does never get angry, it is only and always your ego.

Ego has been referred to as the false personality and you know I have made the analogy many times about the ego being the driver of your car, the chauffeur of your car and your car being your physical body. Now, you all know this to be true. You can see people behave every moment of everyday, as you are walking down the street, you look into their face and you can see the ego or if you really look and see, you can see what is inside and this is the secret, is not it ?

Instead of looking at the shape of a bottle of wine, if you can see and identify of the quality of the wine inside, that makes all the difference. Dear brothers and sisters, you know this to bet rue, try not to allow your ego to react to everything someone says or does to you, which you interpret to be negative or even hostile, it does not matter, it’s not going to kill you. You have another saying, don’t you : sticks on bones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.

So, try to remember this, it’s true, it is no big deal, try not to allow your ego to judge everything by way of reacting to an action from someone else. As I mentioned before, it is extremely difficult because it is an instantaneous thing, it is such an habit, it is almost instinctive that if someone says something negative towards you, it immediately enters you and so you react. What you need to learn to do is to close the door, so to speak.

Try to imagine that there is this invisible fortress around, you are a fortress and it is your choice whether you open the castle’s door or not. Try to imagine that you are invulnerable, it does not about what people say, of what people think or of what people do about you. You know who you are, so who cares what other people say or what they think or what they do, do not judge them.

Jesus on the cross, in His final moments, said : ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. Well, if Jesus can say that under those circumstances, surely you can say the same thing in a way – forgive these people because they don’t know what they do, but you know and you can recognize and you can stop being hurt or offended or insulted or whatever it is.

When you become this fortress, you have your own inbuilt protection and at the end of the day, as they say, your ego, the driver of your car, will become much more peaceful and content just to do the job that it is intended to do, that is to drive you safely through this life, taking you where you are supposed to go, not where he wants to take you, we mentioned this before, I want to repeat it now.

So, dear friends, first of all recognize what the problem is, your ego reacts immediately and this is something that must stop. The first step is recognizing it and then put into pratice imagining that you are protected, you are a fortress and you allow nothing to penetrate into your sensitivity. Everyday if you can do this or every moment, every time you can do this, when someone says something or does something, you have won a little battle and eventually you will win the war, because in fact it is a war.

Remember the saying – your worst enemy lives under your own roof – which means you, your ego. Now ego should not be the enemy number one, it should become your true trusted and faithful servant, as a real professional chauffeur. So, action and reaction, better said action and non-reaction, so think about this this morning, because it is so very important, because always after the event, you feel terrible, you all know this to be true. When you have been so angry, so upset, it’s a terrible feeling and you wonder why you are so stupid to react in that way. It is such a negative feeling and deep in it that it takes away your energy.

So, to-day is Sunday, so to resolve these problems from this moment on, imagine you are a fortress, you are totally protected and you will not allow what people say or what people do to affect you in any way or shape or form. I repeat the saying – it will be water off a duck’s back. That’s enough for this morning, thank you so much for listening, I bid you a very good Sunday, bye-bye for now.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: France on fire
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:34:16 AM »
The 1789 French Revolution is deep-rooted in the mind of the frenchies here in France. Place de la Bastille in Paris has always been the symbol of the downfall of the monarchy and each time, all along the years, when the french people want to express their disillusions, it is at this very place that the gathering is organized as to remind that the power is for the people alone. I was not yet in France when the great crisis of May 1968 occured, but a long-time friend of mine, french-borned and a nostalgic of that period, often relates to me in our conversation, during our regular meeting, his active participation in that turmoil. I have the feeling that, now, the situation will be worst, that there will be no ending, unless Our Lord shows Himself up on the screen. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

How do you say ‘Goodbye’ ?

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled : ‘How do you say goodbye ?’ It is always a very so bearing thought when you know that comes the moment when you must say goodbye to someone you love, knowing that you may never see them again. As Sakespeare said that parting is such sweet sorrow, well I disagree entirely, I see nothing sweet about saying goodbye.

The circumstances are many and varied – how do you say goodbye to a child who is dying of cancer ? We would love to live to an old age and die in our beds at home surrounded by our family. That does not happen very often, most of the time death comes in different circumstances.There are many reasons why families become estrange as they go through the years, petty jealousies between siblings, disagreement over the last will and testament, when money is talked about, it is so easy to disagree and then become separation where you don’t see your families for years.

It is a very sad affair in many instances, but I know personally of three families where a brother and sister were enemies for years because of an inheritance from their parents and so the cousins, their children, were not allow to see one another and then the day came when one of these people, in fact it was the brother, he was terminally ill with cancer and he was on his bed, reminiscing about his life when he came to realize how foolish he has been, how petty to be jealous over material things and so he finally called the family together and in fact they came to say goodbye to him and at that moment an healing took place. For the cousins, it was the first meeting ever and immediately they got on with each other like a house on fire, as they say.

This is just one example of how families can be disintigrated because of petty jealousies, especially over material things, how foolish some people can be and yet it is part of the human condition and it is understandable, but nevertheless those who fall victims to jealousies suffer terribly, it is a terrible thing to feel jealous. Saying goodbye just for someone going on a journey is one thing, saying goodbye forever is something else and at that moment when you stand in front of this person, you kiss him, you embrace him and you say goodbye and you have a lump in the throat and the pain in your chest and off they go.

Have you had a thought as that person is leaving you, they are taking a part of you with them and that is what you miss as well as their physical presence. What does that mean really ? It means that the love you have for that person goes with them, it does not reside with you anymore, it is not the same as a loving memory of that person or loving that person who is still in front of you. So, that longing, when you are experiencing brievement is a two folds thing. Obviously, you miss the physical presence of a dearly departing one, but also you miss the love that you had for that person.

We want to tell you now, that love is never lost, love can never be  lost, love is eternal, because love is spiritual and all these spiritual nuggets, treasures if you prefer, are everlasting and they add to the beauty of your soul and the beauty of the soul that you loved. Just think about that for a moment, is it not a wonderful thought ? The love you express for a person is eternal and they carry that with them throughout their lives to eternity and you have the love for them eternally.

So, dear friends, how do you say goodbye, could be a very sobering subject, but perhaps it is time now to look at it in a different way. Yes, it hurts, especially when you are saying goodbye forever, if someone is dying of a terminal illness and many of you have had this experience, I had it myself. In that moment of separation, as I mentioned previously, remember it is two folds, the love you have for that person leaves you, because it is placed in that person, because you grief for the physical lost of that person, but try to remember love is eternal, it is never lost and with the passing of time you feel no grief, that is just a memory, a beautiful memory of wonderful times that you shared with that person and so you are able to give thanks for the life of that person.

Do not think about the death of that person, death do not exist, it is just a change of state, we have talked about this many times before. So, it is good to celebrate the life of that person, remembering all the wonderful times that you had together. Just think about it, wherever you are and whatever the circumstances you find yourself, everybody from time to time must say goodbye to someone who they love and it is a sorrowful experience, but try to remember our words this morning, try to look at it in a different way. Remember the love you have is eternal, love does never, ever die.

So, how do you say goodbye, how do you say goodbye to someone that you have not seen for many years, but it suddenly comes into your mind. Obviously, you cannot say goodbye face to face, but you can hold that person’s image in your mind and you can see that person surrounded by the most beautiful golden-white light like a candle flame and see that person inside that candle flame, so beautiful and send from your heart center love toward that person. It does not matter if you have not seen that person for fifty years.

If that person comes to your memory, it is for a reason and your Thought Adjuster would have put that memory into you, so think about that for a moment. You may ask yourself : where do that thoughts come from, how is it possible I was thinking of that person I have not seen for fifty years and suddenly he is here in my mind ? There is always a reason for that. So, hold that person in a mental image as in a flame of a candle, so beautifully golden-white and send love to that person. That is how you say goodbye to someone that you cannot say goodbye face to face.

So, dear brothers and sisters here on the forum, I thank you all for listening, it is always such a pleasure to talk to you and I wish you a very good day and I hope that you do not have to say goodbye to someone anytime soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / France on fire
« on: December 07, 2018, 04:45:49 AM »
France on fire

France is already inaugurating the dark period ; what is happening here right now gives us an idea of what to expect soon when the population expresses its frustration, its deception of the way of governing, by having recourse to violence and barbarism. For sometime now, a civil war was foreseeable and almost all sectors of activities are concerned by this situation like a wildfire. In a democratic regime the martial law is looked at as a tool to ban the freedom of the peole. It makes me wonder whether it is the right time for our Lord Jesus to make His Presence known to the world, but at the same time, how much It is ever needed. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Turn Inward
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:11:20 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Turn Inward

Lemuel : Good morning everyone

Sylvia : I am Sylvia of the Circle of Seven. I come again this morning through this one as a follow one from yesterday’s message to advise you when you are facing danger as almost all of you most certainly will in the near future, try to remember to turn inward. Whatever you do, do not panic, turn inward and call upon myself or for anyone in Spirit.

Please, remember, you are never and will never be alone, not only do you have your Thought Adjuster, you also have the Spirit of Truth and the all Spirits that you may call upon at any moment, any time during the day or night, whenever or wherever you are. Try to take on board what this really mean, you have an Invisible Family, always around you, waiting you to turn to them and ask them for help or advice and it will be forthcoming immediately.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are literally millions of Beings from all the SuperUniverse who are here surrounding Urantia at the moment, waiting for what is about to happen. You have all been advised so many times to stockup with food and drink and other essentials for as long as you possibly can, probably for more than a month. These things that you need have been listed before and I will not list them now, you know what they are, you know what you need.

Also, remember, those who do not make provisions and when the problems occur they will be looking elsewhere for what they have forgotten to store and that means a danger that you will be facing. Thieves, robbers and even worst, if they know you have what they do not have and so obviously, keep a low profile, stay indoors as much as you can. You are familiar with your neighbourhoods, your neighbours, your friends and your family and when you see a stranger at hand suspiciously, you know to remain indoors and lock your doors. This is common sense, is it not ?

The most important thing – do not panic, please do not panic, turn inwards. Those of you who are accustomed already to enter stillness, to be with your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments, you already know that this is a very simple thing to do. Obviously, it will not be quite the same if you are facing a dangerous situation, but nevertheless try to be ever mindful of your Invisible Family. It is so important, it can save your life and the life of your friends and family, so please be aware of this.

Now, this sounds all very serious and dark, I suppose, but nevertheless as you well know, it is better to be prepared for something and if it never happens, well that’s fine. As you say yourselves : always expect the best, but please be prepared for the worst and that is the only thing and the best thing you can do.

On a much lighter note, your Beloved Jesus is about to return and this beautiful blue planet will never be the same again. Jesus will bring what this planet needs, it needs cleaning and the people here need joy in their hearts and Jesus will bring them that joy. Unfortunately, there are those who will not accept Jesus, He will be accused of all sorts of things, no matter the people who will accuse Him, they will soon be gone. Jesus has come to gather unto Himself His owns and like a good shepherd He knows His sheep, He knows those who has held Him always in their hearts, He knows them very well.

So, dear friends, although there are clouds to come, there are also bright and brilliant sunshines in the form of your Lord Jesus Christ. After two thousands years, He comes again as promised and the world needs Him so badly and He is appreciated throughout the cosmos for what He has done, not just for mankind, but for the whole Universe of Universes. Jesus is an inspiration, an example for all humankind and you may all look to Him, now and in the future, and He will be here to help you as He has always helped you, eventhough He was away, but now He returns.

I am Sylvia of the Circle of Seven and I thank this one for allowing me to come through again this morning and I bid you all a very good day and a very happy and a peaceful weekend. Thank you.

Lemuel : Well, I am very happy, but quite surprise that Sylvia has come through again this morning, with a very pleasant message, especially about Jesus. Well I thank you for listening as always and also I would like to wish you a very happy weekend. Here we are another Friday, it seems that everyday is a new Friday. There we are another weekend in front of us and so I hope you are able to enjoy it, at least to some degree and hold Jesus in your heart and I know you are all looking for it to see Him. So have a nice weekend, I’ll talk to you again soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« on: December 07, 2018, 01:30:57 AM »
Thank you Ron for getting Jesus’eupheumism clearer, I feel myself releived of the idea of another rescinding, I am reassured.

For non-english speaking audience
Eupheumism : a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

« on: December 06, 2018, 11:17:58 PM »
Sorry for asking : what is the catch ? I read….and re-read……and re-read……and re-read that short message, I must confess I have a hard time to grasp the meaning, even while reading between the lines. Can someone help ? Thanks

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / You have no idea.
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:50:22 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

You have no idea

Lemuel : Good morning everyone

Sylvia : I am Sylvia of the Circle of Seven, I have come through to this one this morning, picking up on his invitation as I was passing by through the neighbourhood, so to speak, but I am here with the greatest of pleasure and I would like to inform you all that you can have no idea whatsoever as to the importance of what is happening on your planet Urantia at the very moment.

There are literally millions of beings, not just from your own Universe of Nebadon, but throughout the SuperUniverse, who are flocking here to observe what is to take place and this is not only the unique situation, but you all know that your planet of Urantia has been and still remains for the moment a unique situation.

You are all familiar with the Lucifer rebellion and its aftermath and now more than 200,000 yrs, things are about to change for ever on this beautiful blue planet and it will cause ripples throughout the whole SuperUniverse because of its uniqueness. Let it be firmly understood, this beautiful blue orb, Urantia, will really be the jewel in the crown of the SuperUniverse Orvonton. It truly is the most wonderful thing and I am here with many others to witness what is about to happen.

Another important thing I would want to convey to you, but I know you have been told many times before, you human-beings here are so admired throughout the whole SuperUniverse, we know what you have experienced, we know what you have to support for many eons of time, we know the suffering that is taking place, we know the souls that are prisoners, upon many thousands of years.

We know all these things and we know now that you know, that all those souls have been saved and this is only part of the process, of the beginning process of the Magisterial Mission. You have also been informed of the meetings that have been recently taking place in York and you have just been informed of more meetings to come and they are so very important.

Everything is being to happen now on full swing, so to speak, and things are going ahead very quickly. You are also being informed of the appearance of Jesus on Sunday the 16th on this very month of December and what a wonderful news is that. This will obviously be a Christmas time for the whole Universe to remember : the reappearance of Jesus on His beloved planet of bestowal more than 2000 yrs ago.

So, dear friends, I am Sylvia of the Circle of Seven and it is a great pleasure to convey these few words to you this morning and ask you to take heart and enjoy the significance of what is about to take place. Things you have been waiting for many years and you have suffered more than enough, after this planet and thirty-six other planets were put into quarantine for so many years.

All that has now ended and there is a tremendous brilliant light at the end of the tunnel, as you say. This light is here and now it is here. This is my brief message to you this morning, I am Sylvia and I thank this one for invitation to come through this morning. I bid you a good day to you all.

Lemuel : I would like to thank Sylvia indeed for such a message and I want to thank you all for listening and I also wish you a very good day and hope to speak to you again very soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« …… there will to be a new picture channel you call television for all to see Him as He addresses on that day of December 16th in all that we do. »

This is indeed a very good news, but allow me to take it with a pint of salt, so as not to have ‘eggs on face’ again. If ever this announcement comes to pass, it will create, in my own view, a pandemonium among christian churches, particularly in that period of the year where Christmas is celebrated all over the world. There are many who will cry for trickery out loud and adding to that, this event cannot occur during the dark period formerly announced for the 10th of december, just six days before. Anyway, I pray that the long-awaited presence of Jesus comes to be a reality soon in whatever ways the Father choses it to be. Please, forgive my scepticism, it is not a lack of faith from me. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Your Thought Adjuster

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is entitled :’Your Thought Adjuster’. My Beloved has prompted me with this subject this morning, especially for the benefit of our new readers and guests here on the forum who may not be very familiar yet with the Urantia Book. So, we will start at the beginning by informing all of you, as a child at the age of five or six years of age when you make your first moral decision, eventhough it was probably unconscious at that time.

When you make a moral decision for the good or if you prefer for the light or if you prefer not to do something bad. At that instant, a Fragment of God descends from Paradise and indwells you in your higher mind. It is referred to as the Thought Adjuster because its objective is to adjust your thoughts from normal human thoughts to more higher and spiritual thoughts. As I just mentioned, this decision is taken totally unconsciously, as the child is so young, but nevertheless, he takes a momentarily decision. If it is for the light or if it is for the good and the Thought Adjuster comes and indwells the higher mind of that child.

So, all of you here, readers and guests alike, you have your Thought Adjuster which is really a Fragment of Universal Father, He is Spirit and as such He is the same substance exactly as God, if you prefer just a tiny Spark of God, but nevertheless like a drop in the ocean, although it is only a drop, it is exactly of the same substance as the vast ocean and so is your Thought Adjuster. We have talked many times in the past, explaining what your body is and I used the analogy of a car and that the passengers in the back, in fact, are the Thought Adjuster with the Soul. We talked about it many times before, but this morning we would like to concentrate on the Thought Adjuster, this Spark, this Fragment of God that is with you constantly and has been since your infancy.

All beings have feelings, even animals have feelings, of course they do, and it is with your feelings that the Thought Adjuster can influence you from your feelings to change your thoughts. Have you ever thought about this ? Your feelings are expressions of sentiments in your heart-center. The heart is such an important organ and in all cultures, there are music, song, poetry and art with the reference to the heart. Why is that, you suppose ? Because the heart is the most important organ in your body. It dominates your feelings, it can be feelings of love or anger and even hate. If you are experiencing the feelings of anger, these are not instigated by your Thought Adjuster, they come from your ego. Your Beloved Thought Adjuster always seeks your co-operation, but obviously you cannot co-operate with something which you are not consciously aware of and this is the biggest problem facing humanity for thousands of years.

The total ignorance of people not knowing that they have inside them God, literally a Fragment of God, that only seeks to change your thoughts, from human thoughts to spiritual thoughts, so that when you die and leave your physical body behind, it will be your mature soul that will continue to live and become one eventually with your Beloved Thought Adjuster. Now, perhaps you can understand, there is nothing more important than your ability to co-operate with your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment. As I have just said, this is only possible when you become consciously aware that in fact you do have a Thought Adjuster living in you since your infancy. This Beloved Father Fragment is sent to you, It already knows who you are, how you are, why you are, etc, and so It experiences what you experience, It feels what you feel, It suffers what you suffer, It rejoices of what you rejoice, not in the same way as a human being, of course not, spirit is spirit and your Father Fragment is Spirit, but nevertheless, I repeat, It experiences everything that you experience – the good, the bad or the indifferent, it is the same.

But all the time, your Beloved Indwelling seeks your co-operation. If It never has your co-operation, it is almost impossible for your Thought Adjuster to spiritualize your thoughts and so when the time comes where you leave your body behind, the soul will still be a very young soul, may be still in embryonic form and that is a tragedy for the soul. How can it continue in the afterlife as an embryon. So, dear brothers and sisters here on the forum, especially to new readers and guests, what we are talking about this morning may be new material for you and I would like to say, in a sense it does not matter whether you believe or disbelieve what we are talking about this morning, because what is…

Obviously, it does help your Thought Adjuster, even if you are only able to accept it as a concept and look at it as a concept, your ego will not be able to say : this is right or this is wrong or this is true or this is false. That is what the ego tries to do all the time and it is not qualified to do that and it is not necessary to do that. If one can honestly and sincerely accept something just as a concept and say just : well I don’t know, I do not know if this is true, I do not know if this is false, we just have to wait and see, I will keep an open-mind and this my dear friends is the best thing that you can do, and the only thing that you can do, until you have experienced for yourselves something that you can hang your hat on, that indeed you do have something within you that has managed to adjust your thoughts from normal human thoughts to a more higher and spiritual thoughts. These are things that one can experience for oneself.

When you look back over several years, you may discover in fact that you are quite different now, you do not think the same, that your thoughts just ten years ago or even less, you change all the time and so it is you began to recognize more and more, that your thoughts are more elevated now than they were before, that you are interested in different things now than you were before, you begin to appreciate art more and good music more and you appreciate more the beauty and the variety of nature. All these things indicate to you that your Beloved Indwelling Thought Adjuster is having a degree of success by spiritualizing your thoughts.

So, now you begin to understand the vital importance of co-operating with your Beloved Indwelling God Fragment. There is a lot more that can be said about Thought Adjusters, but for the moment this morning we feel this is sufficient. For those of you who are able to accept it as a concept and keep an open mind about its truthfullness or not that is sufficient, your Beloved Indwelling can work with that and influence you through your heart, through your feelings to spiritualize your thoughts.

This is Lemuel and my Beloved signing off for this morning. We wish you all a very good day and thank you so much for listening, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« Today we announce that the Brotherhood will once again flourish in the New Foundation that shall operate first in York, and then in Lyon, France, as a duplicate and then in London at Westminster…… »

Ron, is there a particular reason for chosing Lyon, and not Paris which is the capital town of France, as a secondary agency to the Magisterial Foundation ? If I am asking this question, it is not because I am actually residing in the suburd of Paris, I would be pleased to move to Lyon, if I am ever asked to, and to be of help in establishing a french version of the ‘PRC’ or whatever it may be for the Mission in France. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Light and Dark
« on: December 04, 2018, 04:43:02 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Light and Dark

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is entitled :’Light and Dark’. I read many years ago in some place, I cannot remember where, that darkness simply does not exist, it is just an absence of light, simple as that. Darkness does not exist in and of itself, it is a none thing, it really is nothing, it is just an absence of light.

In fact, when you think about it, it is obviously true. If you are in a total darkness and you light a candle, immediately the darkness disappears. There will be shodows of course, that only because the light of one candle does not lightup the whole room uniformly. As one goes through life one encounters examples of what is light and what is dark, or put in another way, what appears to be darkness. If one can always bare in mind the simple truth that darkness is only and always an absence of light.

Throughout our lives, we come across many different types of people and we learn to adapt, some we can receive with open arms and we become good friends or good neighbors, even members of family are not always the best friends, so to speak. Nevertheless, we gain a tremendous amount of experience by coming into contact with so many people throughout our lives and we become quite expert in sorting out those we want to be with and those we prefer not be with.

I often wondered, do we have a kind of inherent instinct that warns us emotionally when we come into contact with a person who is not of the same light as we are, that is to say, in modern vernacular, they do not have good vibes and we feel uncomfortable in their company and of course, the reverse is true, there are people that we immediately feel extremely comfortable in their company and hope that the relationship can develop to become good friends or good lovers even.

So, what is taking place here, it is a difference between the light and the absence of light, or if you prefer, the presence of a great deal of light and the presence of just a small amount of light. I am sure you understand what I am trying to say. Those of you here on the forum, you are aware that you all have an Indwelling Father Fragment, your Beloved Thought Adjuster, who has been with each and everyone of you since your infancy. If you are able to recognize or at least admit that everyone has a Fragment of God, whether they are able to display that in the form of light or not, nevertheless everyone has a Thought Adjuster.

It is always very pleasant to come across a person who is described by others as having an outgoing and bubbling personality, they are always so positive and full of joy and it is so contagious that everyone feels so content to be just in their company. Yes, there are people like that and it’s wonderful and is identifable immediately that this person is a person of light and love, because at that moment this person is expressing how he is and what he is – a person filled with light.

Of course the reverse is true, there are those people who are always seen to be down and negative with a drown face, hardly ever smiles and those people who do not like direct eye contact, they look away immediately. You all know these people, I am sure, you have met before, so why is it that some people’s light can really shine through and others it is almost invisible. Well, we have to talk again about fear, it is the biggest problem, the greatest enemy that everyone has to come to terms with and face directly in their lives, we all know this to be true.

The only difference between light and dark is the fact that what we call or refer to these dark people, are in fact afraid of the light, they are not prepared for the light, they need schooling, they need educating. This lack of spiritual education has been the greatest disadvantage for humanity ever since the Lucifer rebellion more than 200,000 yrs ago. This is recognize now and most people are aware of this. Yes, we have had religions in all its forms and varities, but we have not had spiritual education which is universal for everyone.

Light and dark are supposed to be opposites, but in fact it is only one thing, there is only light, because as I said in the beginning darkness does not exist by and of itself, there is only light and we all know that Light is Love. All lights come from the One Light, you all know this and it is the Light that lights-up everything that comes into the world. This is the first words in the Bible, in the Gospel. So, dear brothers and sisters, think to-day of light and the absence of light, which is what we call dark and darkness.

Remember, it does simply not exist, only light exists and Light is Love and there is only Love. Most people throughout the world are drawn to light, insects are drawn to light. How many of you going through period of troubles long to see light at the end of a tunnel, as we say. Light is Love and Light is Life, and so do not think of darkness as being an entity in itself, it is not, it is nothing, it is only the absence of light.

Well, dear friends, this is enough for this morning, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day, I wish you a very good day and thank you all for listening, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Since the meeting between humans and Celestials started, two weeks ago, at Ron Besser’s place in York, Pennsylvania, I often imagine what the ambience could be in the dining room, the three participants around the table – old but solid furniture.

At first, I thought the Celestials, Jesus in particular, would have made themselves visible, but I come to realize, with the different post-reports on the gatherings, that there was not such things, but only a sensation of invisible presence.

Many of us here would have been delighted to eye-witness, perhaps not the entire session, for reasons of state, but at least a part of it, from far away through a social media video, like Skype, as it is well done by business companies, where it is necessary to reach key personalities around the world, without them to be physically present.

As per Larry Gossett’s detailed description, I am wondering whether these summit meetings can be compared with a MERKABA, where more than one are gathering during a prayer session for healing purposes. Just thinking aloud.

Thank you Larry for bringing your testimony, very highly appreciated. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
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Amethyst, if I remember well, it was said in a post from Ron – it’s a pity I can’t put a finger on it, perhaps someone else can – that transmissions from regular transmitters have been brought to normal and so I think you can go ahead. However, check it up with others to be really sure. Domtia

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