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Dear brother Ron:

On January 15, 2018 , Margul announces, in part, that the Magisterial Mission officially starts on March 10, 2018 on Urantia.

“He is the Father in personal form visiting Michael of Nebadon to discuss the Magisterial Mission about to erupt on Urantia in a few short weeks.  We have assigned March 10, 2018 as the official start of the Magisterial Mission and that it remains, but Serara has already assigned to Ron his view of what will be done immediately even before March 10th noted above....”

In today’s post,  Michael of Nebadon, says that “Christ returns to Urantia in about six weeks, mid February.”

Does this mean that Jesus will appear on Urantia before the official start of the Magisterial Mission?

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

Thank you brother Ron for your revealing response.  Always blessed to have these revelations that spark more interest in seeking the truths of our Heavenly Father.
Looking forward for Seth’s and Ratta’s lessons.


Dear brother Ron:

I have a doubt concerning Seth’s earthly mother’s name. According to the Urantia Book, Paper 77.5, Adamson’s wife was “Ratta”. Yet in your post her name is “Satatia”.  Could you please clearify this difference?

Blessings to all,

José L. Vargas Núñez

Dear brother Ron:

In Michael’s  definition of sin, He states in item number 3, in part:

“The Father, in particular, sees the use of body decorations of beads and pins and rings as torture to the eye to all of us, and while it is no sin to think of such things, to actually wear them affronts divinity.”  

Yet in your post of November 25, 2015, in question 12 (INCARNATIONS EXPECTED 2015 and Later), item 6, you stated, and I quote,

“6) All humans on the Magisterial Son’s staff will wear bronze pins of service after one glorious years on staff and they will be embellished with the Stars of Andromeda in a swirl of diamonds showing the constellation as seen from Urantia.”

Dear brother Ron, in Michael’s quote above, the Father sees the use of  pins as an affront to divinity  
yet in your post cited above the Magisterial Son’s staff will wear bronze pins. Could you please clarify this apparent contradiction?

José L. Vargas Núñez


General Discussion / Re: I am ok
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:57:21 PM »
Thank you brothers and sisters who prayed for our safety during hurricane Irma.

 It was a  terrible, frightening and horrible experience. I thought I wouldn't make it through the 8 hour overnight ordeal.

Thank God I survived. No structural damage to my home and never lost power.

Once again, thank you and God bless you all.

José L. Vargas Núñez

To all our brothers and sisters here on the forum:

Please remember all of us who live in Florida during hurricane Irma. Larrry G. was yelled at by Michael to evacuate Winter Park and go to York. I live in Orlando also and if Larry stays here, please remember him and me in your prayers.
Please remember Keila also.
Blessings to all.

José L. Vargas Núñez

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Thank you!
« on: August 30, 2017, 07:24:47 PM »
Welcome sister KSant.
I seldom post here on the forum, unless I have something of interest or importance to our forum members. Welcoming you to our forum is heartwarming to me because I too am from Puerto Rico and live in Florida since 2007.

I have been a member here since 2010, and an avid reader of the Urantia Book since the 1970's.
Trust me, you will be spiritually enriched by our brothers and sisters here who transmit our heavenly family. I have grown in faith, trust and hope in the Magisterial Mission, soon to be public on Urantia, through reading these transmissions on a daily/hourly  basis.

KSant, welcome and God bless you abundantly.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Dear brother Ron:

In this post Califax says that Lanaforge is a Creator Son number 611,121.  But in Paper 33.1 of the Urantia Book it states that Michael of Nebadon, our Creator Son, is the "only-begotten Son" personalizing this 611,121st universe concept of divinity and infinity.

Does Lanaforge and Michael of Nebadon have the same number of creation 611,121 both as Creator Sons?

José L. Vargas Núñez

Jose, you are correct. That was dictated to me yet I did not notice it was the same number for Michael.  Michael is not Lanaforge, but since I get not correction to write back to you, I do not know what the truth is.  Now we have to wait for clarification.

Michael of Nebadon - "Ron was asleep at the switch; Lanaforge is Creator Son # 611,123 - he is so close to my own creation we are truly brothers in most that we do. I am sorry to have caused the error as Ron heard correctly but also knew my number but did not note it when he wrote it down.  Lanaforge is Creator Son Number 611,123.  Thank you."  -RON

Dear brother Larry:
I haven't been able to listen to Brother Daniel's recording on my iPhone or iPad so I use my lab tops or desktop computer. No problem using them.

My appreciation to Brother Daniel and to you Brother Larry for your transmissions.

Blessings to all.

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Lanaforge
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:27:08 PM »
Thank you brother Lemuel for this transmission. It was a direct answer to my prayers and concerns and reflects exactly how I feel during these days of the approaching Magisterial Mission. Lanaforge's message is much appreciated. Thank you!

I have a concern regarding my family and loved ones who are not at all conscious of the upcoming Mission, and maybe through you, brother Lemuel, Lanaforge or any other spiritual personality, can shed some light upon this concern, that I'm sure many of us on this forum have.

Once again, brother Lemuel, thanks again and may God bless you abundantly.

José L. Vargas Núñez

« on: March 29, 2017, 06:35:55 AM »
My dear brothers and sisters:

It was revealed on the 24th of March:

"Tomorrow will be the 25th of March; we shall see what we shall see."

Indeed spirit time is different from material time. The manifestation of Brinotia on Urantia on the 28th of March could have been the realization of what "we shall see what we shall see".

Welcome Brinotia and thank you sister Phyllis for your transmission.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A Christmas message from Jesus
« on: December 09, 2016, 03:30:08 PM »
Thank you Brother Ron for Jesus' Christmas message.

 I have been feeling so strange lately, that I sense that Christmas this year will be very different from past years. Just got back from the mall and it seemed like June!! Not December!! There was no Christmas music in the background and hardly any Christmas decorations as in past years. Santa Claus was there sitting all alone, sad, no children, everything so bland and sober. The public seemed so turned off to the Christmas spirit, rushing along, totally indeferent to the Holliday season. Christmas certainly will be deferent this year, making room for the Magisterial Mission's triumphant entrance and the return of Jesus!

May the real Christmas spirit be with you all!

José L. Vargas Núñez

Thank you Brother Ron for your response. I welcome our brother Atrahasis  to this forum and will be looking forward to his posts.

Blessings to you brother Atrahasis.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Dear Brother Ron Besser:

I would appreciate your validation or reaction to Atrahasis' post.
Posts of this nature need  clarification to avoid misunderstandings or misleadings.

Blessings to all our brothers and sisters on this glorious forum.

José L. Vargas Núñez

Dear brother Dorian:

If you're referring to brother René's message, I also read it but it didn't make any sense to me what so ever.  I'm fully bilingual in Spanish but didn't understand it. Maybe he should clarify it for us.

José L. Vargas Núñez

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