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General Discussion / Re: message by Chris Maurus
« on: January 18, 2019, 02:02:53 PM »
January 18, 2019, Samara, local time at 22.40.
Yes, this is Margul. Write it. I came to confirm today's message about the very disturbing state in which your planet is located. Although it is temporarily isolated, no final decision has yet been taken. Events are constantly changing and require a comprehensive assessment.
Michael of Nebadon will fight and defend his planet Urantia to the end. However, the final decision, as you know, is our Heavenly Father.
Do not panic, do not lose vigilance. Let's hope for a happy outcome. From people, specifically from you, nothing depends.
“Mother Nebadonia wants to continue ...”
Yes, my son. All of you are now in a depressed state, at a loss. Get together. Do not despair. After all, all that you lose under unfavorable circumstances is your physical shell, but your soul will be preserved, your personality will continue to ascend to God. The main thing is that you courageously overcame this first material step in your infinite life and remained faithful to the oath to the Father, "Thy will be done, not mine."
Live in peace, as they lived. Show an example of courage, patience, kindness and love. This way you can save others who are thirsty for truth.
- Thank you dear divine mentors.
18 января 2019 года, Самара, местное время 22.40.
Да это Маргул. Пиши. Я пришел, чтобы подтвердить сегодняшнее сообщение об очень тревожном состоянии, в котором находится ваша планета. Хотя она временно изолирована, окончательного решения пока не принято. События постоянно меняются и требуют всесторонней оценки.
Михаил Небадонский будет сражаться и защищать свою планету Урантию до конца. Однако окончательное решение, как вы знаете за нашим Небесным Отцом.
Не надо паниковать, не надо терять бдительность. Будем надеяться на благополучный исход. От людей, конкретно от вас ничего не зависит.
- Мать Небадония хочет продолжить…
Да, мой сын. Вы все сейчас находитесь в подавленном состоянии, в растерянности. Соберитесь. Не отчаивайтесь. Ведь все что вы потеряете при неблагоприятном стечении обстоятельств – это вашу физическую оболочку, но ваша душа сохранится, ваша личность продолжит восхождение к Богу. Главное, что эту первую материальную ступень в вашей бесконечной жизни вы мужественно преодолели и остались верны клятве Отцу «Да исполнится воля Твоя, а не моя».
Живите спокойно, как жили. Показывайте пример мужества, терпения, доброты и любви. Этим вы сможете спасти и других, жаждущих правды.
- Спасибо дорогие божественные наставники.

General Discussion / Re: Salvation of Urantia
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:48:28 AM »
January 17, 2019, Samara,
Adopted by Margul at 19.15. local time.
The direction of today's conversation in York concerns the forthcoming missions and the coming of Jesus. Everything must be prepared so that the population of the Earth will correctly perceive its appearance and believe in what it will offer for the further development of civilization and the purification of the planet.
The difficulties of the transition period will be great. This will coincide with the geophysical changes on the planet. As we have said, there will be significant casualties. But you can not do without it. You, the forum members, should be ready for this.
17 января 2019 года, Самара,
Принято от Маргула в 19.15. местного времени.
Направление сегодняшнего разговора в Йорке касается предстоящих миссий и приходу Иисуса. Все должно быть подготовлено для того, чтобы население Земли правильно восприняло его появление и поверило в то, что он предложит для дальнейшего развития цивилизации и очищения планеты.
Трудности переходного периода будут велики. Это совпадет с геофизическими изменениями на планете. Как мы уже говорили, будут значительные людские потери. Но без этого не обойтись. Вы, участники форума, к этому должны быть готовы.

General Discussion / Re: Michael and a Written Test For You
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:49:46 PM »
 1. Jesus Himself.
2. The Archangel Michael, aka Lord Michael better used than not.
3. Рон Бессер.
4. Рон Бессер.

General Discussion / Looking forward to change
« on: January 03, 2019, 01:18:38 PM »
Looking forward to change
January 3, 2019, Samara, local time 20.55.
Tuner. For the sake of fairness, I must say that the site has recently practically ceased to fulfill its function. The same authors are published. Ron "lay down." No discussion, no revelations. This will probably continue until the next stage of negotiations in York. Wait and see…
 This is Margul. The days of negotiations are approaching in York. You are tired of waiting for new messages. Indeed they are not yet. Until a final decision is made there will be no information. All calmed down. No revelations. No living ideas and thoughts. But do not despair. Live as you did, do not sin in thoughts and actions, and do not be ill. We need you in good health.
We are closely watching you. How do you behave, what do you think, what plans do you have for the future? It is right. But do not forget that everything can change overnight. We hope that you are ready for any tests whatever they may be. For each of you there is a task, each has a role in the upcoming changes.
Take care of the soul. Help near and far. Even if the human staff is not involved in the mission, your training will help you steadily overcome difficulties and help many mortals.
 3 января 2019 года, Самара, местное время 20.55.
Настройщик. Справедливости ради надо сказать, что сайт в последнее время практически перестал выполнять свою функцию. Публикуются одни и те же авторы. Рон «залег». Дискуссии нет, откровений нет. Так, наверное, будет продолжаться до следующего этапа переговоров в Йорке. Поживем, увидим…
Это Маргул. Приближаются дни переговоров в Йорке. Вы подустали в ожидании новых сообщений. Действительно их пока нет. Пока не принято окончательного решения не будет никакой информации. Все затихли. Нет откровений. Нет живых идей и мыслей. Но не надо отчаиваться. Живите, как жили, не грешите в мыслях и поступках и не болейте. Вы нам нужны в добром здравии.
Мы внимательно наблюдаем за вами. Как вы себя ведете, о чем думаете, какие планы строите на будущее. Это правильно. Но не забывайте, что все может измениться в одночасье. Надеемся, что вы готовы к любым испытаниям¸ какие бы они ни были. Для каждого из вас есть задание, каждому определена роль в предстоящих переменах.
Заботьтесь о душе. Помогайте близким и далеким. Даже если человеческий персонал не будет задействован в миссии, ваша подготовка поможет вам стойко преодолеть трудности, и помочь многим смертным.

General Discussion / President of Russia Vladimir Putin
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:17:24 PM »
President of Russia Vladimir Putin:
Citizens of Russia, friends,
A new year, year 2019, is right around the corner. Behind us is the busy month of December, when we rushed to complete all our urgent tasks, finalised our plans for the future, and of course, got ready for New Year celebrations. Filled with excitement and hope, we are now waiting for the New Year to arrive. We see the eyes of our children shining with enthusiasm. We feel the joy of our parents and grandparents, if the entire family is together at this moment. Their hearts are warmed by the tenderness and attention, and they can experience the New Year magic created by the generosity of our spirits. This generosity is essential not only when we celebrate, but also in our daily lives, when we are there to support those who need our help, those who are alone or not well. After all, we must be responsive to the misfortunes of others, and care is always repaid in kindness and gives us the joy of involvement.
While our expectations at this very moment may differ, what we all want is for our loved ones to be healthy, our home to be full of harmony, our children to bring us joy, our life to be peaceful, and our dreams, even the most sacred ones, to come true.
Just like in our childhood, on New Year’s Eve we make wishes and expect this night to bring us luck and success. May all this come true. At the same time, we all know for sure that only through our own efforts and by working together can we build a better life for ourselves, our families and our homeland.
We face many pressing tasks in the economy, research, technology, healthcare, education and culture. What matters the most is that we make steady progress in improving the wellbeing and quality of life in Russia, so that all its people, each and every one of us, feel the change for the etter as soon as next year.
We will succeed, but only if we are able to work together. We never had any help in these endeavours, and never will. For this reason, we must form a team that is united, strong and acts as a single whole. Let the friendship and good hopes that bring all of us together accompany us moving forward and help us in our work and in achieving our common goals.
The New Year is just a few seconds away. Let us wish happiness to those next to us. Let us say the warmest words to all those we treasure, thank our parents, give a tender hug to our children, and open our hearts to each other. After all, when millions of people share these wonderful feelings, the world is filled with love and trust.
From all my heart I wish joy and wellbeing to you, and success and prosperity to our homeland, to our beloved Russia.
Happy New Year 2019!
В.Путин: Уважаемые граждане России! Дорогие друзья!
Время приближает нас к Новому, 2019 году. Позади насыщенный, полный забот декабрь, когда мы торопились завершить неотложные дела, уточняли планы на будущее и, конечно, готовились к празднику. А сейчас мы с волнением и надеждой ждём наступления Нового года, видим восторженные глаза малышей, чувствуем, как рады родители, бабушки и дедушки, если вся семья в эти минуты вместе, а их сердца согреты чуткостью и вниманием и понимаем, что вот оно, новогоднее волшебство, и создаёт его наша душевная щедрость. Она востребована и в праздники, и в будни, когда мы поддерживаем тех, кто нуждается в помощи, кто одинок или болен. Ведь чужой беды действительно не бывает, а милосердие всегда откликается добром, дарит радость соучастия.
Дорогие друзья!
У каждого сейчас свои ожидания. Но по большому счёту все мы хотим, чтобы близкие были здоровы, чтобы в доме царило согласие, дети радовали, жизнь была мирной, а мечты, даже самые сокровенные, обязательно сбывались.
В новогоднюю ночь, как в детстве, мы загадываем желания, ждём везения и удачи. И пусть они будут. Но всё же мы точно знаем, что добиться лучшего для себя, для своей семьи, для родной страны можно лишь собственными усилиями, общей слаженной работой.
Нам предстоит решить немало насущных задач в экономике, науке и технологиях, в здравоохранении, образовании и культуре и, главное, шаг за шагом добиваться повышения благосостояния и качества жизни, чтобы все граждане России, каждый из нас уже в наступающем году почувствовал перемены к лучшему.
Сделать это можем мы только вместе. Помощников у нас никогда не было и не будет. И поэтому нам важно быть сплочённой, единой, сильной командой. И пусть дружба и добрые надежды, которые объединяют всех сейчас, сопровождают нас в будущем, помогают в работе, в достижении общих целей.
Дорогие друзья!
Всего несколько секунд отделяет нас от Нового, 2019 года. Давайте пожелаем счастья тем, кто рядом. Скажем всем, кто дорог, самые тёплые слова, поблагодарим родителей, нежно и крепко обнимем детей, раскроем свои сердца навстречу друг другу. Ведь когда миллионы людей испытывают такие светлые чувства, мир наполняется любовью и доверием.
Искренне желаю вам радости и благополучия, а нашей Родине, нашей любимой России – успехов и процветания.
Поздравляю вас с праздником! С Новым, 2019 годом!

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 28, 2018, 08:19:43 AM »
Each of you has internet.
Download Skype and talk to the world for free.
Payment only for the Internet. Skype allows you to organize video conferencing. It is possible to communicate without video.
Aleksandr Prozonov.
У каждого из вас есть интернет.
Загрузите Скайп и говорите со всем миром бесплатно.
Оплата только за интернет. Скайп позволяет организовывать видеоконференции. Возможно общаться и без видео.

General Discussion / Do not let your guard down
« on: December 25, 2018, 01:24:28 PM »
25 Декабря 2018, Самара
Местное время 22.00.
Не подведите свою охрану.
Мы пришли сегодня, чтобы сказать вы, что время, о котором мы говорили ранее, приближается. Как только назначенные переговоры закончатся, будет принято окончательное решение. Вы узнаете об этом в свое время. А пока не стоит расслабляться. Мы должны быть бдительность и осторожность. Враг не спит. В эти беззаботные дни, вы можете соблазн потерять бдительность и чувство меры.
Мы знаем, что большинство из вас в вакууме. Никто не верит тебе и даже откровенно издевается. Не обижайтесь, не беспокоиться. У всего есть свое время. Они поймут свою неправоту после всего, что происходит. Мир будет очищен. Но под "раздачу" может получить один из вас. Именно поэтому не стоит теряйте силу духа, чтобы постоянно молиться и изучать книгу. Она будет дайте Вам новые силы и новое знание о земном и божественном.
- You can question the intermediate creatures. Today I read about them in the Book with great interest and attention. Will they help us?
Of course. They already help by completing the Melchizedek assignments. But it's too early for you to know about this. The main thing is that they are close. And not only they. Many celestial beings are watching you. They believe in you. They wish you successfully cope with future challenges.
This message you can put on the site.
- Thank!
25 декабря 2018 года, Самара
Местное время 22.00.
Не теряйте бдительность
Мы пришли сегодня сказать вам, что время о котором мы раньше говорили, приближается. Как только закончатся назначенные переговоры, будет принято окончательное решение. Вы об этом узнаете в свое время. А пока вы не должны расслабляться. Надо быть бдительным и осторожным. Враг не дремлет. В эти беззаботные дни вы можете быть подвергнуты искушениям, потерять бдительность и чувство меры.
Мы знаем, что большинство из вас находится как бы в вакууме. Вам никто не верит и даже откровенно насмехается. Не обижайтесь, не переживайте. Всему свое время. Они поймут свою неправоту после того, как все случится. Мир буде очищен. Но под «раздачу» может попасть и кто-либо из вас. Вот почему необходимо не терять силу духа, постоянно молиться и изучать Книгу. Она даст вам новые силы и новое познание земного и божественного.
- Можно вопрос о промежуточных созданиях. Я сегодня с большим интересом и вниманием в который раз прочитал о них в Книге. Они будут нам помогать?
Конечно. Они и так помогают, выполняя задания Мельхиседеков. Но вам об этом пока знать рановато. Главное, что они рядом. И не только они. За вами наблюдает много небесных существ. Они верят в вас. Они желают вам успешно справиться с будущими испытаниями.
Это сообщение ты можешь выложить на сайт.
- Спасибо!

General Discussion / What is a holiday?
« on: December 24, 2018, 01:43:00 PM »
December 24, 2018, Samara
Moscow time 21.30.
Topic: What is a holiday?
Teacher: Nebadonia.
Took: Prozonov.
- Is this mother Nebadonia? I felt…
Yes, dear son. I always call you that, for you are all on Urantia my children.
But today I want to talk about something else. About what a person is a holiday.
A holiday in your concept is a joyful, fun and carefree pastime with good food and drinks, in good company or in an unusual place. All your thoughts in preparation for such holidays are connected with material problems. Even if it is religious holidays in the first place, again, food and drink. Earthly. About the divine - only in passing, as if by the way, for order. And when you relax, sometimes you forget about everything.
Of course this does not apply to all. Those who have in the first place not the stomach, but the soul act differently. They praise the creator, our Heavenly Father, who gave them this bread and wine. They try to do good deeds, help their neighbors and distant ones, practice God's love. And love, as you know, is the need to do good.
The holiday must first of all be in the soul. It is like a person’s record of the length of time lived. His confession to God, his gratitude for everything lived. After all, everything that surrounds you is from God. And the more you thank God, the more often you consult with him and follow his advice, the happier your soul becomes, the closer you are to the creator, the stronger the conviction of the need to do His will.
And the best gift to God for any holiday and on any day will be the worship of him, gratitude to him for each passing day.
These are my wishes on this day.
- Thank you dear mother for the instructions.
24 декабря 2018 года, Самара
Московское время 21.30.
Тема: Что такое праздник?
Учитель: Небадония.
Принял: Прозонов.
- Это мама Небадония? Я почувствовал…
Да, дорогой сын. Я всегда тебя так называю, ибо вы все на Урантии мои дети.
Но сегодня я хочу сказать о другом. О том, чем для человека является праздник.
Праздник в вашем понятии – это радостное, веселое и беззаботное времяпровождение с хорошей едой и напитками, в хорошей компании или в необычном месте. Все ваши мысли в ходе подготовки к таким праздникам связаны с материальными проблемами. Даже если это религиозные праздники на первом месте опять же еда и питье. Земное. О божественном – только вскользь, как бы между прочим, для порядка. А когда расслабитесь, то порой, обо всем забываете.
Конечно это относится не ко всем. Те, у кого на первом месте не желудок, а душа поступают по другому. Они славят создателя, Отца нашего небесного, который и дал им этот хлеб и вино. Они стараются делать добрые дела, помогать ближним и далеким, практикуют божью любовь. А любовь, как вы знаете – это потребность делать добро.
Праздник прежде всего должен быть в душе. Это как бы отчет человека о прожитом отрезке времени. Его исповедь Богу, его благодарность за все прожитое. Ведь все что вас окружает – от Бога. И чем больше вы благодарите Бога, чем чаще советуетесь с ним и следуете его советам, чем счастливее становиться ваша душа, тем ближе вы к создателю, тем сильнее убеждение в необходимости выполнять Его волю.
А лучшим подарком Богу на любой праздник и в любой день будет поклонение ему, благодарность ему за каждый прожитый день.
Такие мои пожелания в этот день.
- Спасибо дорогая мама за наставления.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Set aside the time.
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:33:58 PM »
Friends! After reading today's first post by Michael of Nebadon, I tried not to wait for a signal to transmit, and asked the Adjuster to get in touch. And he gave me some useful advice about the same things as the creator of Nebadon says.
At one time, we were recommended to be ready to receive at 22 o'clock local time. I think this is the best option.
Listen to thoughts in silence. Drop yours and know the divine.
Sincerely, Alexander Prozonov.

December 22, 2018 Samara, local time is 23.00.
Write it. This came Margul.
I want to remind you of the need to practice daily reception of our programs, even if there is no direct invitation as a signal. Learn to get in touch at a certain time. Ron has long spoken about this. Get used to order. Be vigilant, attentive and kind to all with whom you communicate. Be patient, do not be rude. Think only good, and everything will be fine.
As for the upcoming events, they will surely happen. No need to wait. You are all morally and physically ready. Live your ordinary life. But do not sin. Think only of good things, but let your guard down and do not be careless. And although you have protection, there are still a few ill-wishers in the physical and spiritual world. I wish you happiness in the New Year.
22 декабря 2018 года¸ Самара, местное время 23.00.
Пиши. Это пришел Маргул.
Хочу напомнить о необходимости ежедневно практиковать прием наших передач, даже если нет прямого приглашения в виде сигнала. Учитесь сами в определенное время выходить на связь. Об этом уже давно говорил Рон. Приучайтесь к порядку. Будьте бдительными, внимательными и добрыми ко всем, с кем общаетесь. Терпите, не грубите. Думайте только о хорошем, и все будет хорошо.
Что касается предстоящих событий, то они обязательно случатся. Не надо ждать. Вы все давно морально и физически готовы. Живите вашей обычной жизнью. Но не грешите. Думайте только о хорошем, но теряйте бдительность и не будьте беспечными. И хотя у вас есть защита, недоброжелателей и в физическом и духовном мире еще не мало. Счастья вам в Новом году.

General Discussion / New Era Transition 52
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:45:29 AM »
New Era Transition 52 – Curiosity questions; Human Potential; Cataclysms; Belief Systems
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
What are curiosity questions?
The broad brush of the Correcting Time
Are we ready for contact with other civilizations?
The protection of quarantined planets
The seven dimensions of human potential
How the Correcting Time affects the “swamp”
Are the seven dimensions of human potential related to the seven Psychic Circles?
Charity versus enablement
Protection from cataclysms until now
Internet communications prepare us for cataclysms now
Adding human caused cataclysms
Internal refugees
Changing belief systems
Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael, PhD
 Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge, Stéphane Labonteé, Michael McCray and Sherille Raphael
Invocation: Michael
December 3, 2018
1. What are curiosity questions?
MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. This morning I would like to answer a longstanding question that you had in your minds. You may not have asked it, but you have asked for the answers to these questions for a long time, and that is “what is a curiosity question?” The curiosity questions come in two forms that we can address or not address. The first type of curiosity question is one that dovetails with our work; one that satisfies our need to share with you the information of the Correcting Time, this Transition Era and so on, a question that compliments in some way our work with you and our work ahead.
The other type of question is one that is a curiosity question that if we answered would satisfy your need for a personal answer to a personal question concerning something that is not relevant to our joint co-creative work together. It may be peripheral; it may be of interest to someone, but it does not necessarily complement our work. Yes, you may want to know what it is like to be a spiritual person on one of the training worlds around Uversa, but that is not directly related to what we are doing. Ours is much more immediate; it is much more focused; much more tangible and related to what you can do with us for your future and for the future of your children and great-great-grandchildren, and so on. It is not that you are not worthy and deserving of these answers to your curiosity questions, but it sets the stage to take us aside from our work together. It is important that we during this shortening time have much more focus on what we are doing together.
2. The broad brush of the Correcting Time
If you are well acquainted with the Bay of Fundy, you may recall that it has a very wide opening, ending in a very narrow bay. The water can raise 5 feet, but it takes maybe 3 miles or more for it to reach that point. So when the tide raises, it raises very rapidly and if you are even on a horse you could not outrun it. We are at the tightening point of the Bay of Fundy where the tide is rising and the time is perfect for us to begin the work around you and in the world and on a global basis to carry our Christ Michael’s mandate for the Correcting Time for this world and all other worlds that were in quarantine. Where we began at the wide opening of the Bay that was at the entrance of the Teaching Mission, and then we had the Magisterial Mission and now we are full bore into the work of the Correcting Time concerning the correcting of the problems of the past in many of your belief systems around the world, and in your social institutions.
We have taken a very broad brush to the problems of this world, much as we have been striving to train you as a planetary manager, that you may incorporate many diverse views, but with a single focus of effective accomplishment to bring about the Days of Light and Life. In effect a broad stroke in our work, many of you have not been able to see the broader picture of our work, and you have been looking to the finer points of yes and no answers of what are we doing now, “Is it this, or is it that?” Therefore we have had difficulty answering your questions and it is such now that our work is so diverse and so broad that we are striving to seek questions for you that helps to unlock this pattern of management and development so that our readership can appreciate and gain wisdom and knowledge.
I am open for questions if you have them.
Stéphane: How are you?
MACHIVENTA: Very good, thank you, I am in good health. (Laughter from the group.)
3. Are we ready for contact with other civilizations?
Stéphane: So am I as this is Monday morning. I have a question that is both curiosity but also has relevance with Planetary Management. I’ve asked you before about when we will be ready for Monjoronson’s material showing on Urantia and you’ve answered that accordingly, but our instruments are now finding evidence for worlds/planets around other suns and we have evidence of other civilizations visiting us. My question is: Are we ready now, or is there a time in the near future when Urantia civilizations will be ready to accept and communicate with other civilizations? My thinking is that since these beings are material, it is easier for us to accept their existence and enhance our understanding of Universe realities through these revelations.
MACHIVENTA: You are correct, the time is approaching, but it is not close when Monjoronson would appear. Your discussion of the other planets being discovered, the exoplanets even in some constellations and stars that are very close to Urantia, which may give you some indication that there are worlds mentioned in the Urantia Book that are close to your solar system, but which you will probably never see or become acquainted with until your technologies can approach faster than light capability. What we are looking for—and this means the larger management team in the Correcting Time for Urantia—is the openness to accept other intelligences. There is on Urantia, particularly in the more developed nations, a sense of self-assuredness that they “know everything” and that “what can anybody else teach us?”
One of the startling facts about the Universe is that all the nations and all of the civilizations that have visited [Urantia] currently, not historically, but currently are such that they are far more evolved than your most evolved technological systems, belief systems and cultures. There has been historically, throughout all the last 30,000 years of “civilization” the tendency to think that this is the only planet on which life has developed and that this is the center of the universe and not too many centuries ago it was believed that the entire universe rotated around earth. Now you know better; now the technologies have revealed that there are other planets and the question is whether they are inhabited or not.
When you realize that your species has had the epigenesis of self-encultured belief that it is the only inhabited world in the universe, then it will be a shocking, startling fact that will be so adamantly opposed by some, embraced by a few, and others will be simply dumbfounded that you are not alone in the universe, and that these people could perhaps have a benevolent attitude toward earthlings/Urantians. That will take some time to be ingested into the present generations and enculturated into coming generations, the fact that there are other beings that are here with you and have technologies that they are capable of cloaking their presence so that they are invisible to your radar and even to thermal signatures and so on. The first reactions will be of enormous fear on a personal basis and a global basis. There will be a wildly unimaginable fear of individuals who will immediately arm themselves to act against this presence, not knowing whether that presence is benevolent or hostile.
4. The protection of quarantined planets
As you know, your planet has been protected for some time and continues to be protected and will be protected from those forces outside your planet which are not benevolent, but malevolent. It is important that this world, one of the quarantine planets be able to produce individuals who will become Finaliters with immense, tremendous Agondonter experience to be a part of the Universe in that future era. So, when you take those things into consideration, how would Monjoronson be received? He would not be received well; even those who are of traditional conservative God centered belief systems will be up in arms that another being is here. A benevolent being of Monjoronson’s stature and capability would be much feared by most people of Urantia, including almost the majority of all those who are of the God believing faiths.
So when you take those things into account, it is much like introducing in a much more humble basis and similar to if you have an apartment and you have a cat—a cat that you have loved for many, many years—and you have finally decided to have a young dog come into your presence. How would you introduce that new dog to your apartment and your cat without there being violence occurring when the dog is brought in? There is a sneaky way of doing that for those who are cat owners who want a dog, and that is to know when your cat is sleeping, bring in the dog, leave it in another room and then by happenstance the cat will eventually introduce itself to the dog, thus avoiding the alienation of the friendship between the cat and yourself when the dog is introduced. Now, had you brought in the dog in your arms and presented it to the cat, you would have big problems! In that story, it is much as Monjoronson will arrive here. There must be the introductory phase of other beings, of other planets, of other civilizations that are benevolent to your world and to you personally, and to your civilization. Therefore, Monjoronson will be some time in coming.
Stéphane: Machiventa, would the analogy of you incarnating in Abraham’s time, where you appeared as a grown man of the races and introduced yourself as a priest from a distant land, and as such there was not that assumption that you had come from the heavens. Could Monjoronson appear in the same way?
MACHIVENTA: Most certainly.
Stéphane: As far as the sequence for the acceptance of these realities, would the sequence involve having contacts with civilizations from other planets before we make contact with Monjoronson?
MACHIVENTA: I will leave that to your imagination.
Stéphane: Very good; thank you.
Roxie: I thank you for that explanation, Machiventa; it has answered a lot of my questions and suspicions! I appreciate the information.
5. The seven dimensions of human potential
Liz: Last time we gathered, you mentioned the seven dimensions of human potential. Would you care to expound upon that?
MACHIVENTA: Yes, I would be glad to. If you compare a person who is marginally literate and educated from the hinterlands, let us say, to a person who is about the same age, well read, who has traveled afar, who has read and explored and striven to explore the potential within themselves, there would be a vast difference. The work of the Correcting Time is to develop the full potential that lies within each individual and that potential is far greater than those seven spheres of human potential that were mentioned. It includes many aspects of your being which are pre-morontial, but it is not necessary for us to discuss those today.
You have an awareness of what is physical, what is mental, emotional, intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual, so that in these seven spheres you tangibly know what I am talking about. You know the full breadth of potential within you; that is the breadth of the seven potentials within you that you can act upon to prepare yourself to become a more spiritually evolved individual. If you were lacking in awareness of one of those spheres of potential, then you are shorting yourself in the capacity to prepare yourself for a morontial existence. If you are missing, let us say, of four of the seven, then you would be very much handicapped about your capacity to develop yourself. Even as a mortal on this planet you would have a difficult time integrating yourself into the larger seven spheres that are being explored and have been explored in your civilization and in your cultures. When you have explored those seven spheres within yourself as an individual, then you have prepared yourself to be very broad-minded; and when you have developed those seven spheres, your biases, prejudices, bigotries and even opinions have begun to wane and disappear. You become more accepting of yourself in your intrapersonal relationship with who you are, what you are and with the potential of what you can become.
It is important that these spheres be explored in breadth and in depth. It means that you begin to know about your emotions, where they come from—and that includes fear, and are those fears real? And we have told you and shown you many times, as Rayson has told you in the past, what fear is and what fear is not; what fear is rational and what fears are irrational. It helps to know yourself to be able to determine when you are confronted by new situations whether you are nervous about it, or scared and afraid and fearful. It is important again, to work that word called “discernment” to grow into each of these seven realms. When you have the capacity of discernment, that means that you have the capacity to be an inquiring member of your human race, that you are open to listen to new ideas, that you are able to reflect on those ideas and then form a series of questions of inquiry to discern more about what it is that is being discussed. You then reflect on that further and you would see perhaps there would be a lesson to be learned here.
And when you take the full breadth of all the lessons concerning that topic, then you would want to come away with the wisdom that would guide you in all similar situations, and also vicariously project that onto other similar safe situations that are unrelated to that topic or to the genre of that topic. Now you have begun the process of becoming a planetary member as a citizen of your planet. It will eventually lead you to become a citizen of the universe in your morontial career, and this provides you with the very large perspective of being a morontial being and to be accepting of the new lessons and planets and classrooms that you will attend in the future. That is what those seven spheres of human potential are all about.
Liz: Thank you very much for that answer.
6. How the Correcting Time affects the “swamp”
Craig: It seems as though there is a lot happening behind the scenes that is intended to correct the corruption and tendency to form an oligarchy in the United States right now, and that is going to be seen soon, but my thought is that if that happens and they get rid of a lot of corrupt people it is still a “swamp” and will tend to refill again in the future unless we change the way we are doing things. I am thinking that dovetails into the Correcting Time, that we will be changing the way that nations are being run and this’ll give us a better opportunity to be able to do that without having to contend with a lot of self-serving people in all the high places. Does that strike any sort of bell as being part of the plan?
MACHIVENTA: Most certainly. You are seeing the trees in the forest; we in the background of it all are working on the forest. And the forest is this: When you come down to all human activity, it comes down to making decisions. Decisions are made by the thousands by you every day, only some of which are you aware of, and that you have the capacity to change the direction of your life. We too, have the capacity to influence all of humanity in the decision-making process by introducing values that underlie all human decision-making. This has been discussed with you numerous times in the past, so we will not go into detail about that, but for our program, which as a Planetary Management Team is concerned about, is all people, in all places, in all cultures, all races, ethnicities, nationalities and genders.
Everyone does one thing every day, and that is make many decisions. If we can begin the process of influencing and substituting the value systems that people use to make those decisions, then we will be on a course to change all human civilizations now and into the future. You see there are many erroneous value systems that are in operation on your world; you are looking at the political and the financial. Those are very narrow platforms, very narrow venues for making decisions either for or against the welfare of your planet. We, however, are taking the far broader view and the far broader program of correction by beginning at its source, and that is in its values that are being enculturated and socialized into the minds and psyches and personalities of each new generation. If we can begin to change that, then we will be able to begin to change the course of all cultures, all nations, all races, all ethnic groups and so on. It is important for us that we begin everywhere simultaneously. At least the approach is the same for everyone. This applies to all people, though as you know we know, that there are many nations and cultures and groups of people who will not be amenable to this, and not even approachable to share this information.
We are much like the fog that comes into a valley—we will be present with everyone, we will be surrounding everyone, and in fact when you go outside and breathe the foggy air, it will become a part of you, and that is our plan for the political problem that you see, or the cultural problems that we see, and for the oligarchy. Soon they will be surrounded and they will have no choice but to either hideaway in their houses and their mansions, or to accept what is occurring around them with the new value systems. Yes, this is not a fast process; it is not something that occurs overnight, even in 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, but within 2, 3 or 4 generations. In 4 generations we will have wrapped these values around your world and for many people in the 1st and 2nd generation, they will accept these values wholeheartedly and begin living by these values and making appropriate decisions. Thank you for your question, though my answers may have gone far astray from what you had thought.
Craig: That’s alright, it’s really interesting and just the way it should proceed; sounds great.
7. Ambassadors
Doug: My question is, in the Ordination of the Twelve, Jesus talks about being ambassadors from another world. Is that a good analogy for us today to try to see ourselves as ambassadors, or is there a better analogy for cosmic citizenship?
MACHIVENTA: Let us leave out the part about citizenship; let us focus more upon ambassadors, and I like what you have said about from another world, because in many ways, your belief systems and how you make decisions now, and how you approach other individuals, you are truly acting as though you are visitors from another world, because you think differently; you have begun to develop a far different culture than the one that was stated in the previous question.
You are of a new culture; you are bringing a new exoplanetary culture on this world in your very presence here. You are truly ambassadors of Christ Michael on this world. He, as Jesus, did bring forward a new culture, a new way of thinking, a new decision-making process. It is our chore now to plant them firmly in place with very specific processes of socialization and enculturation to create a far broader culture of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is a family without the dysfunctions of most Urantian families; it is a family of kinship, of oneness, of culture and an affinity for that which is good, that which is right, and that which works for all concerned. It is a culture of confidence that this is the right way to go, that produces right results, correct results, results that work for everyone. When you have fully ingested this and become a part of this, then you will come to the point where you can more fully develop those seven spheres of human potentials that prepare you then for becoming a cosmic citizen.
Doug: Thank you.
Jeff: I have a question in a different vein. Roxie sent me a copy of conversations that you had with Michel Levasseur. In that conversation, in the introduction it says that “we inform you that a web site will be set up and this web site will be accessible in several languages.” Has that web site been set up yet, and if so, is there an address where I can write down to access it?
MACHIVENTA: Your question would be more appropriately directed to the Transmitter/Receiver of that session.
8. Are the seven dimensions of human potential related to the seven Psychic Circles?
Stéphane: About the seven dimensions of human development, are they directly related to the seven Psychic Circles, or our ability to ascend the seven Psychic Circles?
MACHIVENTA: They are somewhat related. The exploration in the breadth and depth of these seven spheres of human potential will assist you to become much more morontial at an earlier time in your life, so that you will begin to act and relate, make decisions more in accord of a morontial being while you are still mortal. It is a process where you become more capable of ascending inward in those circles. You want yourself to become more capable, and in the process of exploring those seven areas of potential, you will be whittling away at the negative indoctrination that you have received as an individual child and as an adult, and so on. It will be a process by which you become much more forgiving and forgetting of those negative experiences in your life. You can measure your progress by your opinions of those people who have oppressed you in the past. If you still have negative thoughts about them, then you still have work to do. If you can accept the persona of Jesus and forgive them totally, then you are moving in the right direction. These negative influences in the thinking structures of yourself are what hinder individuals from becoming much more like Jesus was as a mortal here. You want to erode/dissolve those negative influences that prevent you from becoming all that you can become in all seven spheres, and as an ascending mortal through the seven Psychic Circles, as you call them. Do you have further questions regarding that?
Stéphane: (Pause while thinking.)
MACHIVENTA: To fill in the blank here, when you do become much more experienced in each of those seven areas, and become acquainted with all of them and each one in some depth, then you have more capability of ascending through the Circles more easily and to progress in your spiritual dimensions, even in the pre-morontial dimensions of your mortal lifetime.
Stéphane: Thank you. To recap, to be able to express ourselves truly in the seven dimensions of human development, one will better learn to be an empathetic, compassionate, loving person. Thank you.
MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome.
9. Charity versus enablement
Liz: Machiventa, when you spoke last time of these seven dimensions of human potential, I though perhaps you were talking about the seven Psychic Circles, so I went to the Urantia text, and what I gleaned from that was decisions, decisions, decisions, and every decision of those thousands of decisions that we make daily that you just spoke of, is how we ascend these seven Circles. These decisions get more and more difficult, the more I try to embrace the values. The challenges become finer and finer on the points—it’s easy in the beginning to take a broad decision based on broad values but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, like for example the difference between enabling someone and charity, sometimes that decision is very, very narrow. I’m not sure where I should look for guidelines for that.
MACHIVENTA: I can appreciate your struggle with that, that it is part and parcel of your own ascension through those circles. It is again, a matter of discernment. For one, you have a limited mind; yes, it is infinite in its capacity for you to explore, and its capacity to aid you to grow, but you must be the initiator of that growth. Now let us use your example between charity and enablement. The discernment is this, you will gain as you grow through the Circles and in your exploration of the seven dimensions of your potential, you will truly grow in the fine points that you are seeking. You have a disability built into your culture and your language, because it is not finely developed. If you have for example, of the Eskimos’ words for the various forms of snow and ice, then apply that to personal relationships, you will see that the gap between enablement and charity is huge.
The first concern, of course for yourself and for others with whom you are working with or care about—even strangers you care about—is to empower them. Is your gift truly charity? Or is it enablement? Does your gift empower them to become more whole in their being? For you to say, “Well I was really talking about Christmas Dinner for a number of people that I could give $100 to and perhaps feed 75.” That is wonderful charity; that is an action that is needed in your culture at this time and is called generosity. It is an act of compassion generated by your empathy and your action to share that $100. You see, there are many fine points that you do not see, and it is most unfortunate. Part of the discernment is not analyzing, but looking within your own heart: Is there an ulterior reason for doing this? Is there some motive there? Is there some agenda there? Is this done with a pure and clean heart without any attachments? That is essential in the beginning whether it is charity or whether it is empowerment.
If you have an empowerment gift, then you must not give that gift with any attachments. It is much like giving a gift that is very dear to you to a friend and you hope that they would cherish it as much as you do, but later you find out that they had given it away to Goodwill or another group, and your heart is broken. Well, you must recognize that development for what the message gives you—you had an attachment to it; you had an expectation for the gift and for the relationship, which is unhealthy. When you give a gift, you release it. The other person may use it to go out and buy a bottle of wine, or they may go out to share with other friends who are destitute and living in little tents on the street. You do not know where your money goes, or your gifts go. It is good to approach all of this with a good heart, without any attachments, with sincere generosity and we would advise also that you project the highest good for this gift that you give and for how this person interprets it. Your gifts of prayers then have the potential to become far more meaningful for you as a giver and for them as a receiver, who can then share the gift with others.
Liz: Thank you very much.
Stéphane: Machiventa, along those lines, giving to charities and knowing that the money given to a noble cause will not be managed appropriately, I have a problem with giving to those charities, as there have been multiple evidences that those moneys are not managed in the way that they are being portrayed.
MACHIVENTA: That echoes our own concerns as well. It is one of those situations and problems that we are addressing behind the scenes, so to speak, in the fog of benevolence to help people make right and correct decisions. When people are consciously aware of the values upon which they are making their decisions, and then hold those values up against the decisions of others, and that these values are tried and true, universal and timeless, and that they lead to an ethic and morality that are consistent with the highest good of being a human and of being a morontial being, then you will have the capacity to bring those people into question and into eventual civil courts for the judgment and adjudication that they are deserving of.
10. Suicide
Roxie: If there are no more questions from our group, I have one from one of our readers. Rick Brunson has 3 short questions on the subject of suicides. His first one is:
“Are the Fentanyl, opiate and suicide crisis’s allowing natural selection to work its course?”
MACHIVENTA: One moment. No, the opiates actually sideline the development of the individual. When these end in the death of that individual without anyone else’s assistance, we would not term that as suicide. If opiates, as you say, are used in excess and are intentionally used to end the life of the user, then that is suicide. When you see opiate addiction and addictions of other sorts, those sideline or set that person aside out of the stream of their life and that they are in fact “neutralized” to become an ascending individual. Some of those non-ascending individuals, who end their lives in death will have their own difficulties to attend to in the morontial realm, and I will not disclose those or get into those aspects at this point to answer your question.
Roxie: His next question is a little on what you were just discussing, but perhaps more specific:
“Are people at some level of consciousness, volunteering to remove themselves from society?”
MACHIVENTA: That is both a yes and no answer to that question. Yes, it is on some level—I am struggling with the words to embrace the concepts that you can also embrace—at some “level of consciousness” that would deal with a pre-life state of existence in the soul realms that that individual has gone through. There are those in the soul state who are immature, who are too full of their own selves, even at that level, to accept the fact that there will be circumstances in their mortal life that they cannot overcome. You have seen this many times in your life where you see someone who is definitely an “old soul” or definitely at a soul level of maturity where they have bitten off more than they can chew in this lifetime, that they have empowered an agenda for their mortal life’s development that encompasses far more than they will be capable of dealing with as a mortal growing into their greater self during their short lifetime. Rather than taking on one chore in their lifetime to learn thoroughly and to overcome and to work through, whether that is a positive accomplishment or a negative aspect of growth, they usually can work through that one problem, but when a soul has taken on 2, 3 or 4 items for their growth to jumpstart their soul growth, they are almost always unsuccessful. It is not the quantity of numbers of challenges one must overcome in a lifetime, but the quality of the effort and the striving and the success of overcoming that and thoroughly knowing on the morontial level of who you are and what you are, and what you have become by overcoming that one problem.
As an aside, you would want to know too, that if you have accomplished overcoming one of these challenges successfully that you are open to receive another one. This is usually at somewhat at the conscious level as a mortal, knowing that you have accomplished this and that there is something ahead if you want to embrace it and to overcome it as well. Those who become more capable and competent in overcoming the challenges of the mortal lifetime usually do take on a second and even a third challenge to enhance their growth and their maturity. And even if they are successful on their 3rd or 4th challenge in their lifetime, they have still learned enough about that challenge to gain the capacity to engage the problem with others in the afterlife, the morontial life, to discuss this with others who have overcome it and learned from that situation vicariously from their morontial brothers and sisters.
Roxie: His last question, I’m not sure if it is directly related to what you’ve already said, but I think it refers to his preliminary statement to me that he’s talking about suicide deaths becoming an all time high in the past year.
    “Is this somehow related to the closing of the dark circuits?”
MACHIVENTA: I will answer you emphatically “no.”
Roxie: Thank you. That’s what I figured from your past statements.
11. Protection from cataclysms until now
Stéphane: We’ve been told that the Power Directors have upheld energies to prevent major geophysical activities from happening on the planet. Can you tell us the reasons why this has happened over the last centuries or millennia? Why have we been protected from these cataclysms up to now?
MACHIVENTA: Most certainly and thank you for your question. The answer has been answered before that the energy vectors have been directed to stave off these cataclysms until a time when the planet had been fully populated and fully developed in many ways. Doing so gives this world a greater benefit of [civilization] learning from its experiences and of overcoming the difficulties. It is a part of the change—you might call it a paradigm change of belief systems and culture of your civilization. It is timely that the manmade minded way of thinking about the world be changed to the other way of thinking, the intuitive, conscientious, cogent way of viewing the world as a whole. The separatism that has been endemic throughout the world must come to an end. It is essential that the entire world see the oneness of everyone who lives and shares in the planet. The cataclysms will present your world, and are presenting your world, with the necessity of thinking outside the old concrete hard, reinforced box of masculine thinking of “My way or the highway” “What I think is the only way to do things,” and “What I think is right and correct.” That simply does not work.
It is essential that the mindset of the world culture now be changed to a holism of oneness. That the true best aspects of feminism be incorporated into that mindset and that the children are not seen as “others” until they are grown up enough to become adult and become a part of the adultism that causes so much grief to children who are growing up. This is the most opportune time in your world to release those energies to express themselves on your world. It will bring about yes, a decimation of many billions of peoples’ lives and they will have their life experience here to use in the morontial life to grow from. Those who remain will see that everything historic has not worked, except those philosophies, those belief systems, those values which include inclusion, oneness, holism and the oneness of all genders, that there is no separation due to gender differences.
The succinct answer through all of that is that this is the most productive time to bring those cataclysms to your world’s doorstep, both for the changing of the guard, so to speak of your civilization, and also to bring about the cleansing of the dark circuits, eliminate those and now to let humanity bring about the best aspects of its gentleness, of its humaneness, of its ennobling qualities without being in danger from those who are hostile and those who were bullies in your world. I know that by saying “this is the most opportune time” that indirectly answers your questions, but it is a time also when the grand and great changes from the world of darkness to a world of light that will support it being the “World of the Cross,” that Christ Michael as Jesus, is the best time to occur.
Stéphane: So, Machiventa, we are better prepared today to be able to show behaviors along the diversity of inclusion and everything that you’ve mentioned than we were 200 years ago, for instance?
MACHIVENTA: Yes, exactly. It is important that these cataclysms be global in nature, so that they affect everyone equally. Two hundred years ago, or 400 years ago, had these cataclysms occurred, they would wipe out only segments of population in specific areas, whereas now it will affect everyone. And everyone, as I said in my earlier statement as a Planetary Manager, we are in the business of addressing the growth of everyone individually and collectively around the world in that we want to prepare the whole world for rebuilding your world after the cataclysms. It is essential that this occur now with the technologies that are at your disposal and our disposal. We can now inform greater numbers of people, many of whom will remain in the world to rebuild your world in the form that will self-support it becoming a world in the Days of Light and Life.
12. Internet communications prepare us for cataclysms now
Stéphane: So I would think that not all of civilizations, for instance Asian, European, Middle Eastern, North American, South Americans are equally prepared to deal with these behaviors, but I would think that the global communications that are available now would enable learning across these civilizations. Is that correct?
MACHIVENTA: That is correct. What we are literally banking on are the banks of Internet memory capacity of all recorded ongoing history and sources of knowledge and wisdom that will still remain after the decimation, which will be a source to guide those who want to rebuild their world.
Stéphane: Thank you.
13. Adding human caused cataclysms
Craig: I see sort of a holism here where we have these pent-up natural disasters occurring and we have a whole bunch of human caused disasters/cataclysms that are going to occur at the same time—the economic cataclysms and the global warming that is causing the sea level to rise, and all that.
MACHIVENTA: You are exactly right. If you are going to do a smash-up, you ought to do it quickly and in grand style. It affects everyone equally; there are no chosen people anymore. You are chosen—you people who have decided to be chosen, you are chosen. You have chosen to be a part of this and you are choosing to become a part of rebuilding your world, and what better people can we have at our use than those people who have chosen to be one with us.
14. Internal refugees
Jeff: I have a question that is not a curiosity question; it has to do with uninvited immigration. I’m thinking about what would be somewhat invited immigration, but if there is a natural disaster like half of California falling into the ocean, I presume from the San Andreas Fault moving, it seems that there would be a tremendous amount of migration both on the West Coast and on the East Coast to safer areas. Is it your opinion that it would be fruitful for us to put an essay or a number of essays on our web site about how small towns or smaller towns can embrace American refugees through a lens of seven core values? Is that an appropriate thought to pursue?
MACHIVENTA: Yes, you must base it on the seven core values and the ethics and morality that emanate from those values. It is a matter of balance; it is a manner of thoughtful use of values. Those values can be used against people, too; it depends upon your ethics, and if you have a morality and ethic that is in concert, agreement, alignment and complemental to those values, then your article would want to include [those] on your site and would be very useful.
Let us bring this to a close today.
Liz: Wonderful session, Machiventa! Thank you so much.
15. Changing belief systems
MACHIVENTA: You, personally, individually and as a team, and as citizens in your nation, you are seeing a world in transition. Many thick big blocks of influence are moving much like great, giant glaciers that break up into icebergs and jostle around to make room for themselves and have a space around them. You are seeing the breakup of the glacier of traditional cultures and belief systems. It is important in this process that something take its place; that something replace those old blocks of thought that are so hard and so resistant to change. They are in many ways crystallized as those icebergs and when they bump into each other, they break apart much as a glass goblet will break apart when you drop it. It is beautiful to see and it works when it is used, but when it is challenged it breaks apart—so too with the old traditional belief systems. You will be seeing this occurring around you more and more rapidly.
It is important that you as individuals have something to suggest to others, have something that you can suggest to the younger generations. You have the Millennials who are floating like so many small icebergs, floating around not knowing where they belong; they do not know their values and they do not know their kinship or their group. They have not asked the questions yet of where they belong, and you will see this more and more as time happens. You in some ways have seen this with the elderly of past generations—they grew up with the horse and buggy, they grew up with walking to school, they grew up in many ways which were consistent and reliable, and then their world changed around them and the values changed and then they are in their deep retirement and saying, “I cannot relate to this world anymore! It is so different.” But they did not ask, “Now what? Now what can I replace my old beliefs with new beliefs that are useful and comfortable to me now?”
And we, in the Correcting Time are presenting you with new belief systems, new values, new ethics, new morality and then your cultures will use those to adapt and to adapt them to the cultures. The change will become slow so that old belief systems that no longer work will morph into new belief systems that do work, and accept the values for decision-making that supports that new culture, one that will be more friendly, more kind, more amenable to the pleasantries of being a child again. Your world has not known itself as a child again; it has only known itself with survival of the fittest and of being challenged by those who would challenge their own lives to live in life peacefully. And so, you have been raised and grown into a brutish world that is very difficult for the kindhearted to live and exist in peacefulness.

This is the change that is occurring in your world. Soon minds that think alike, value alike, believe alike and make decisions alike will find each other more friendly and more caring, and those who are of the old brutish way of life will find themselves on the outside, just as you of this new culture have oftentimes found yourself on the outside of your cultural belief systems today. We are here with you on this journey; we do not leave you alone; we do not leave you without guidance, without support, without the inner glow and fire within your hearts—we are there! Christ Michael is there, Nebadonia is there, and your Thought Adjuster is there. We are your family! Good day.

General Discussion / Re: A good choice: The consecration of Russia to God
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:44:05 PM »
Friends! Let's not talk in our forum about what we do not know.
We are all very different. We were taught by different textbooks and different ideologies. We watch different news that meet certain political interests. We treat different historical events differently.
We live in a world ruled by the dollar, dominated by hatred and violence, where man is a wolf.
Russia does not want to live like this, therefore it is hated, it is slandered and humiliated.
To understand my country, our faith in God, goodness and justice, you have to come to Russia or talk with Russians in your countries or with those, for example, who were our guests. And you will understand a lot.
I think this topic has been exhausted. We hope very much for the imminent second coming and the cleansing of Urantia from evil. We are also soldiers of Christ.
Alexander Prozonov.
Друзья! Давайте не будем рассуждать на нашем форуме о том, что мы не знаем.
Мы все очень разные. Нас учили по разным учебникам и разной идеологии. Мы смотрим разные новости, которые отвечают определенным политическим интересам. Мы по-разному относимся к определенным историческим событиям.
Мы живем в мире, которым правит доллар, господствует ненависть и насилие, где человек человеку волк.
Россия так жить не хочет, поэтому ее ненавидят, на нее клевещут и унижают.
Чтобы понять мою страну, нашу веру в Бога, в добро и справедливость, надо приехать в Россию или пообщаться с русскими в ваших странах или с теми, например, кто был у нас в гостях. И вы многое поймете.
Думаю, эта тема исчерпана. Очень надеемся на скорое второе пришествие и очищение Урантии от зла. Мы тоже воины Христовы.
С уважением
Александр Прозонов.

General Discussion / Last Days
« on: December 02, 2018, 06:55:40 AM »
December 2, 2018, Samara, local time 15.10.
Teacher: Margul.
Subject: Last days
The last common days for Urantia continue. Soon you will all end up in unusual living conditions. After tilting the axis of the earth and stopping the movement, half of the planet will have light, on the other half - darkness. As you know, the northern hemisphere will be in the dark. People living there will have to learn to survive in the harsh cold conditions. This will be especially difficult if the electricity and gas supply is interrupted. From cold can freeze and fail various communications. That is why you should rely only on your own strength. The state will hardly be able to help you; rely only on your own strength.
In the remaining days, you should take care of the possibility of maintaining heat in your accommodation. Your survival depends on it. No heat - no life. Think about it. Baz heat, even if you have prepared a supply of water and food, all this can freeze and become impossible to use.
In the harsh conditions of darkness, collective rallying is very important. When there are many of you, when you are concerned with one goal of survival, it will be easier for you to arrange cooking for the team, guarding the place of residence, and taking care of the children. Loneliness in this situation can be equated to death. The larger the group of like-minded people, the easier it is to survive.
It would be right if all the relatives ate together in one big group. And not only relatives, but also those you trust. Without trust, and without electoral unity of command, there will be no success. You will be in conditions like in a war, like at the front. And if you are discussing a question and making a collective decision, its implementation is mandatory for all. Who does not obey - must be removed from the team. The life of a collective is more important than the life of a single dissenter.
Losing a body is not a loss of life. Every deceased mortal will pass the judgment of God. Only he will decide whether a person can continue to ascend to Heavenly Father. But if he himself refuses to continue the morontia life, that is his choice.
Most importantly - do not be afraid, do not panic, keep your mind-mind in sobriety, always act according to the laws of God. If in doubt, ask the Adjuster of Consciousness Michael of Nebadon, I have a Paradise teacher, Margul. If the request is sincere, if it is not selfish, you will be answered immediately. And it will have to strictly implement.
- Thank you wise teacher and mentor for such instructive recommendations.
2 декабря 2018 года, Самара, местное время 15.10.
Учитель: Маргул.
Тема: Последние дни
Продолжаются последние обычные дни для Урантии. Скоро вы все окажитесь в необычных условиях проживания. После наклона оси земли и остановки движения на половине планеты окажется свет, на другой половине – темнота. Как вы знаете, северное полушарие окажется в темноте. Проживающим там людям придется учиться выживать в суровых условия холода. Особенно это будет сложно, если прервется электро и газоснабжение. От холода могут замерзнуть и выйти из строя различные коммуникации. Вот почему вы должны надеяться только на свои силы. Государство вам практически не сможет помочью, рассчитывайте только на свои силы.
В оставшиеся дни вы должны позаботиться о возможности сохранения тепла в местах вашего проживания. От этого зависит ваше выживание. Нет тепла – нет и жизни. Подумайте об этом. Баз тепла, даже если вы заготовили запас воды и продовольствия, все это может замерзнуть и стать невозможным к употреблению.
В суровых условиях темноты очень важно коллективное сплочение. Когда вас много, когда вы обеспокоены одной целью выживания¸ вам будет проще наладить приготовление пищи для коллектива, охрану места проживания, заботу о детях. Одиночество в данной ситуации может быть приравнено к летальному исходу. Чем больше коллектив единомышленников, тем проще выживание.
Будет правильным, ели все родственники объединятся в одну большую группу. И не только родственники, но и те, кому вы доверяете. Без доверия, и без выборного единоначалия успеха не будет. Вы будете находиться в условиях как на войне, как на фронте. И если вы обсуждаете какой-то вопрос и принимаете коллективное решение – его выполнение обязательно для всех. Кто не подчиняется - должен быть удален из коллектива. Жизнь коллектива важнее жизни одного несогласного.
Потеря тела не есть потеря жизни. Каждый усопший смертный пройдет божий суд. Только он решит, сможет ли личность продолжить восхождение к Небесному отцу. Но если он сам откажется продолжать моронтийную жизнь – это его выбор.
Самое главное – не бойтесь, не паникуйте, держите ум-разум в трезвости, всегда поступайте по законам Бога. Если в чем сомневаетесь – спросите Настройщика сознания¸ Михаила Небадонского, у меня - райского учителя Маргула. Если просьба искренняя, если она не эгоистичная, вам тут же будет дан ответ. И его надо будет неукоснительно выполнять.
- Спасибо мудрый учитель и наставник за столь поучительные рекомендации.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Asking for Your Prayer
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:44:33 PM »
December 1, 2018, Samara, local time 22.25.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Theme: Your prayer.
It is necessary to recall the importance of constant prayer for the success of the mission, for those new apostles whom God chose from the human composition for very responsible work. Pray for loved ones, friends, for all those who inhabit this beautiful planet, which after geophysical changes will become even more beautiful. It's like the birth of a new man, his birth in the light of God. So your planet, your civilization will undergo the torments of the birth of a new, more equitable world, cleansed from the vices of the uprising.
Prayer is a conversation with God. It should not be interrupted for a minute. After all, you know that a sincerely praying person is visible in our world as a firefly in the dark. These numerous beacons - fireflies, merged into a single light, will disperse the darkness, will help the creator establish his kingdom in the souls of people. Unless of course they want it themselves. Pray with your heart, not with words. Invite the help of the Divine Minister. It is her children who protect and protect you, mortals, on this sinful earth.
1 декабря 2018 года, Самара, местное время 22.25.
Учитель: Настройщик сознания.
Тема: Ваша молитва.
Необходимо напомнить о важности постоянной молитвы за успех миссии, за тех новых апостолов, которых избрал Бог из человеческого состава для очень ответственной работы. Молитесь, за близких, друзей, за всех, кто населяет эту прекрасную планету, которая после геофизических изменений станет еще прекраснее. Это как рождение нового человека, его появления на свет божий. Так ваша планета, ваша цивилизация будет проходить муки рождения нового, более справедливого мира, очищенного от пороков восстания.
Молитва, это разговор с Богом. Она не должна прерываться ни на минуту. Ведь вы знаете, что искренне молящийся человек виден в нашем мире как светлячок в темноте. Эти многочисленные маячки – светлячки, слившись в единый свет, разгонят тьму, будут помогать создателю установить свое царство в душах людей. Если конечно они этого сами захотят. Молитесь сердцем, а не словами. Приглашайте на помощь Божественную Попечительницу. Это ее дети опекают и оберегают вас, смертных, на этой грешной земле.

General Discussion / Dear forum users
« on: November 30, 2018, 06:33:28 AM »
Dear forum users! In the last days of November, I received a lot of different messages. Not all of them are published. But I would like to present the most interesting and useful dictations to your attention:
November 27th.
Heavenly teachers and helpers are counting on your active participation in the upcoming work of the mission. We hope that you will brilliantly carry out all our errands and advice.
November 28.
Today's post will be about overcoming difficulties in your next life after days of darkness or light.
This period will bring chaos and uncertainty to your world. Much will depend on your state structures, their ability to quickly organize the supply of the population with all the most necessary, the ability to mobilize the population to solve specific problems. Restoration of electricity and heat supply is one of the most important in the dark and subsequent periods. The accumulated experience will help the survivors to better organize themselves and in subsequent times of active changes in the earth's surface.
Get ready for what is planned, then surely it will happen. Your master of the universe knows when to make a decision.
29th of November.
Today's meeting in York will change the lives of all people on the planet. You will soon learn about the decisions made.
No need to relax, be vigilant, things can change overnight. Everything that happens on Urantia is observed not only in Nebadon and Orvonton, but in the whole Great Universe. Your experience is unique and, possibly, after studying, will be applied on other inhabited planets. You are the pioneers. You, the forum participants, have a great responsibility to stand up to the end, not to change the principles and loyalty to the divine missions, to firmly believe and serve Christ Michael.
The intention of most people in life is reduced to making money, making their destiny in joy and prosperity. But in all these desires, intentions and actions of people there is no sincere faith in God. Their faith is only in words in her heart.
The forthcoming publications of the Urantia Book will become a kind of textbook of life, a textbook of the knowledge of God, of his search in his own heart. But then again - the will of man first. You do not want to know God, live like a dead man.
November 30th.
We have always told you that the Earth changes can occur at any minute. They will be sudden for you. We hope that you are all prepared for them and understand what awaits you and everyone. Be strong, a huge human tragedy will be played out on your gases, but this must be endured with firmness and come out of troubles with dignity.
God loves you all the same. He is not unacceptable. And how do you feel about him? Do you love him the way he loves you. Of course, nothing can compare with divine love. But striving for it should be the meaning of your life. Your desire and ability to do good is your love for the creator, your attitude to what is happening.
There is almost no time left. Do not lose it for nothing. Continue to study the fifth epochal revelation, learn to love people as Jesus loved his disciples. After all, you are also his students. The example of Christ, as a guiding star, should lead you through difficulties and hardships to divine perfection.
- Can I find out who gave me these messages?
Yes, this is Margul. Stay Connected.
Дорогие форумчане! В последние дни ноября я получил много разных сообщений. Не все они полежат публикации. Но наиболее интересные и полезные диктовки я бы хотел представить вашему вниманию:
27 ноября.
Небесные учителя и помощники рассчитывают на ваше активное участие в предстоящей работе миссии. Надеемся, что вы блестяще будете выполнять все наши поручения и советы.
28 ноября.
Сегодняшнее сообщение будет посвящено преодолению трудностей в вашей последующей жизни после дней темноты или света.
Этот период принесет в ваш мир разруху, хаос и неопределенность. Многое будет зависеть от ваших государственных структур, их умения быстро наладить снабжение населения всем самым необходимым, способностью мобилизовать население на решение конкретных задач. Восстановление электро- и теплоснабжения – одно из главных и в темный и последующий периоды. Накопленный опыт поможет выжившим лучше самоорганизоваться и в последующие времена активных изменений земной поверхности.
Готовьтесь, что запланировано, то обязательно случится. Ваш владыка вселенной знает, когда принять решение.
29 ноября.
Сегодняшняя встреча в Йорке изменит жизнь всех людей на планете. Вы скоро узнаете о принятых решениях.
Не надо расслабляться, будьте бдительными, все может измениться в одночасье. За всем, что происходит на Урантии, наблюдают не только в Небадоне и Орвонтоне, но во всей Большой вселенной. Ваш опыт уникален и, возможно будет после изучения, применятся и на других обитаемых планетах. Вы первопроходцы. На вас, участников форума, лежит большая ответственность стоять до конца, не изменять принципам и верности божественным миссиям, свято верить и служить Христу Михаилу.
Намерение большинства людей в жизни сводятся к зарабатыванию денег, устройства своей судьбы в радости и благополучии. Но во всех этих желаниях, намерениях и поступках людей нет искренней веры в Бога. Их вера только на словах в сердце ее нет.
Предстоящие публикации книги Урантии станут своеобразным учебником жизни , учебником познания Бога, его поиска в собственном сердце. Но опять же – воля человека прежде всего. Не хочешь знать Бога, живи как мертвец.
30 ноября.
Мы всегда вам говорили, что земные изменения могут произойти в любую минуту. Они будут внезапными для вас. Надеемся, что вы все к ним подготовились и понимаете, что вас и всех ожидает. Будьте стойки, на ваших газах будет разыгрываться огромная человеческая трагедия, но это надо стойко пережить и выйти из бед достойно.
Бог любит всех вас одинаково. Он не лицеприятен. А как вы относитесь к нему? Любите ли вы его так, как он любит вас. Конечно, с божественной любовью ничего не может сравниться. Но стремление к этому должно быть смыслом вашей жизни. Ваше желание и способность делать добро – это и есть ваша любовь к создателю, ваше отношение к происходящему.
Времени почти не осталось. Не теряйте его даром. Продолжайте изучать пятое эпохальное откровение, учитесь любить людей, как Иисус любил своих учеников. Ведь вы тоже его ученики. Пример Христа должен как путеводная звезда вести вас через трудности и лишения к божественному совершенству.
- Могу ли я узнать, кто предоставил мне эти послания?
Да, это Маргул. Оставайся на связи.

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