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To:  Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, Nebadonia, Serara & MSM Part I Staff and Ron,

I've really struggled with an attempt to grasp even a slight handhold of Part I of The MSM and below is my personal reach into such void but I know what cometh upon Urantia will be Divine intervention.  Here we go.

1)     If our new gold standard imposes exchange rates, in essence fixed, won't this require a BIG amount of MSM imposed discipline within each countries government economics system and will this be addressed by the Part I (Serara) of the MSM or a blend of Part I & II?  

2)     The new gold standard & fixed USD rate will impose less leeway to stimulate surplus economies, but could reduce volatility in the overall exchange rates at the beginning of all the MSM and I wonder if that imposement of inflexiblity of prices will cause an uproar of unfairness?  If so how will that be addressed if the mandate of Part I MSM is a equilibrium of reduce accumulated  deficits and surpluses thus the total debt in the new Urantian Economy yet instills a GDP purchasing power parity that would be offset with a fixed USD rate backed with a new Gold Standard?  Again I say, however, when any countries deficit is the total outlays verse revenue it becomes obsolete within the mandates of the MSM Part I. Yes?   Christ Michael & Serara I think I lost myself in this one after reading it but I'm on to someting here and hope you could explain a bit.  Moving on.

3)     Since it has been mentioned that The Magisterial Bank & Magisterial Foundation will not hesitate to provide, in essence, a QE (Quantitative Easing) of both Gold & USD's won't this cause or create non-confidence in the fixed USD rate of exchange you mentioned at $1.08?  I guess what I'm asking is, will the NEW Federal Reserve dump newly printed monies backed by the gold standard unto certain countries in an attempt to offset the ratios of current GDPs?  I don't believe that MSM Part I is looking for any sort of deleveraging attempt by dumping more gold or USD into a country but within the country itself a more pragmatic & equanimous mindset willing to offset such deficits internally by adjusting/ e.g., overheads, labor costs, wage labor standards verse capital, in essence a new balancing of the accounting books.  Or is Part I, in an attempt to buy time as the spiritual ministry mindsets elevate (hopefully they will grow in Light & Life)?  

4)     How to keep symmetrical global adjustments if surplus countries supposedly become less competitive with overall price increases, lessening demand and then the deficit countries become more competitive by decreasing prices but increasing demand?  What will be in place for new redistribution or development of new channels of not only harvesting/producing said raw materials but the manufacturing costs involved to produce said raw materials?  For Urantias current system involves direct materials with labor costs and overhead expenses that lead to costs of conversion of any product from direct materials.  What I'm curious is how the MSM Part I will level the cost of finished goods manufactured in a given year globally for all countries?  Ahhh.  Gets exhausting I know but somewhere in the Heavens lies the answer.  

5)     Will the Magisterial Bank intervene if countries with a surplus balance of payments want to try and hoard gold without monetizing in an attempt to erode competitiveness from the lesser GDP countries?  

I will state that I see one aspect of Part I MSM being fiscal sustainability via new fiscal policy for the world economy.  

The End.

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Ron Besser

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Andy, I am reacting without looking deeply into your statements.  So if I slide over something important you will have to remind me to address it.

Please remember this:  Most of your problems mentioned above (or at least potential problems) are all offset by the Magisterial Son, Serara, holding no one's feet to the fire to issue their own brand of capitalism, and then taking responsibility for what they have done.  BUT the Magisterial Mission has at its command unlimited amounts of gold, and it can equalize any threat by resupplying that country or agency around the world with enough new reserves to prevent imbalances.

Look at Nicaragua, a Central American country that has no risk in its economy except it keeps winding down because of the lack of income.  The Magisterial Mission sees at least fifty countries like this around the world including Bangladesh.  What has to be done with countries like this is to blend them back into larger countries as either a new state or a new province and then let self governing in the state or province take place almost 100 percent while under the aegis of the country they are blended into.  Bangladesh should be part of India and not Pakistan, but for political and religious reasons it will not accept that solution.  We will not impose a solution, but it must be stated we can force one by manipulating gold reserves to get the desired result.  Further, making rice patties is one thing, but producing electrical generators for power plants is another, and there must be a recombination of certain areas of the world to place ethnic regions in particular (Pakistan for example) into more formal associations, such as prevailing upon Pakistan to try to reason its way into India or a region composed of Afghanistan, and other Moslem countries that are already close neighbors.  The gold reserves are essentially carrots waived at countries slow to recognize they cannot operate this way forever, and that during the next one hundred years, the number of countries will shrink from about 165 to about 40, a 400 percent decrease in independent countries on Urantia.

Assume if you will that Pakistan refuses to join India or the region consortium of other Moslem countries.  What does the Magisterial Mission then do?  There is no strict regime or answer to take care of recalcitrant ethnic groups, but we can force unions through the Most Highs who have the power to produce movements to do that.  A good example of that is the short-lived union of Egypt with Libya in the 1970's.   While it did not work well, it worked well enough until the dictator Qaddafi spoiled everything by seizing power and breaking the union.   There will be frequent incidences like this during the Magisterial Mission too, but the trend will reduce independent nation states and thereby reduce poor countries running up bills they cannot pay back.

Let me shift gears now:

Andy, I restate to you that the Magisterial Mission will fail on some level to convert the American economy to a based economy using gold backed securities.


The answer lies in the fooling around by leaders in power who do not understand that the money they generate in trade is useless if they have no way to use the goods.

In your understanding of what is to become of the global economy using the gold standard again, you have to take into consideration that population reduction is already beginning.  New Zealand has four or five million (Google: 4, 544, 355) inhabitants today and grows usually less than at 3/4 percent annually, yet he island nation is doomed to vast reduction in its population due to the changes underneath its feet.   The United States has 322 million people and its population is growing only at 4 percent annually, and neither population can sustain losses more than 10 percent to keep the economy in a growth mode.  If Trump removes 3 or 4 million illegal aliens from the United States, he also sets into motion the disaster that has already begun for the United States, as that number removed from our economic growth will stall all recovery for years until other groups make up the population drain he created.

On top of this we have severe population reduction coming when the entire west coast could be consumed by changes in gravity that support the piles of rubble sitting on tectonic plates on the Pacific coast.  It takes only a minor change in gravitational forces on those stone piles to bring them into full collapse.  Our central core in the earth is wobbling around like a gob of dough in a Mix Master on its beaters, and at some point the core will relax and the danger is past, or the dough will stick to the beaters and cause the planet to lurch in its orbit due to unrecognizable forces put it back the way it should act.  In the coming year of 2025, we estimate that Urantia will lose about 1/2 of its population and that is mainly China and Japan, Alaska and the American West Coast for reasons cited above.  No global economy has a chance to survive this regardless how well we have balanced the trade surpluses and minuses and the debt that is wiped off the books because of how the Magisterial Mission handles the debt crisis originating in European centers and the terrible way Belgium handles the Euro these days.

I hope you realize that you have to sit down and look at what you are dealing with in the world to determine what the Magisterial Mission must deal with.  Here is a short list which you must base your concerns on and forget Keynesian models or other capitalistic models as they cannot work in an economy that does no longer look for profits but for survival. 

1)  Collapse of global economy estimated to occur from 2017 to 2020
2) Collapse of the world population numbers already begun in 2012
3) Collapse of currencies starting in South Asia or governments in the EU or both, in all probabilities.  And that is imminent.
4) The failure of the United States to take responsibility to maintain alliances once America starts to fail economically.

Put these things down on paper and now compute what the Magisterial Mission has to do with its gold, and its governance to countries forced out of existence, and diplomatic tact it has to undertake to prevent wars where one country seizes the other so it can feed its people and maintain its previous economic demands for itself.

I leave it at the for now.  Thank you for your questions and narrative.

Ron/ with Serara and Machiventa Melchizedek at my side to keep my flagrant and abusive.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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There seems to be a problem with the implication of a gold standard, by the infusion of an over supplement of gold into that system? In that the more gold there is in the system, its value will be reduced.  In the same manor, like the diamond market, if all of the diamonds that are in existence, or being held back by the controllers of this market, are made available for use, diamonds would become worthless, or like grains of sand.  Therefore, having more of something, makes its value less.  The only thing that is constant is the need for labor, and even then, if after all things required have been produced, either through automation, then it is maintenance that prevails, even when this maintenance is producing food from the land, or other unexplored areas, like the sea. People have no need for gold to survive, but a need for a method to sustaining their lives or life, like food, water, shelter and alike.  Even if gold is made to represent these things, it will be subject to who controls the gold, and if over-controlled to a point of dictatorship, will cause the need for a black markets that cannot be controlled.            
The Reality of knowing what Wisdom is, is in the Experiencing of the Philosophy of using Knowledge.


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Andy, Andy,
Keep your mind at rest
For a while
Just keep abreast
Keep your head up and watch the skies
Those coming from Heavens
Are coming to give us a hand
Pragmatic they are
Realistic is their way of doings things
Paradise does not enjoy bombastic miracles
The US is the most powerful
Because there is progress and dynamics
When there are many of you in a team
So small, so weak
So many, so strong
Let the poor get mixed into the stronger
So far as there will be enough food for all
And enough clothes for the many
We will go ahead to herald the good news
About Father's Business through the Missions
I once said, I was with Jesus
Ahead of time, in the year 2034
And there was peace in the Ivory Coast
Then I went further into the year 3000
And the day was bright,
The era of Light and Life was drawing near!
O Father, o Michael, o Serara,
I was out tonight with my plasma screen
To explain the rational of your arrival
The Golden Children of Father
Are coming for assistance
What is money?
We just need transparent regulation
Of world potentials, wealths and resources
Jerusem Adam is coming
People will be trained in all services of life
Feel happy
Life is good
And we're lucky to be born
Lucky to be alive
Lucky to be of service
It's your time.

Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.


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My brother Andy, you are truly blessed!


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There's really enough food tonight (my local time).
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.