Author Topic: A Small Window into The Battles of The Urantia Book  (Read 929 times)

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A Small Window into The Battles of The Urantia Book
« on: December 03, 2016, 01:45:23 PM »
To All:

Firstly I've no real eye for legal writings but fell neck deep with curiosity into the overall history of copyrights, trademarks, ownership pertaining to revisions and such involving The Urantia Book.  Sleuthing around online I discovered much new material that is simply... captivating while also confounding.  One future day, I feel the absolute truth of The Urantia Book and the history of it should definitely be revealed and become required reading.  

This is a War with real casualties laid wayside and I couldn't sense the depth of the battles being waged until I put on my gumshoe attire.  I'm really left speechless by the stratagem and turns of events by the Urantia Foundation & Trustees.  Boy is it ever a complicated and gripping Real Life narrative that our Michael of Nebadon, Nebadonia, Celestial Legal Team, Ron and all of us involves with the Magisterial Sons Mission about to transpire should at least be aquainted with.  

I found more than I bargained for or have time to devote to in one sitting.  I'm posting one aspect I found and some probably have read it.  I present to you, "The History of The Urantia Papers, Chapter Nine, by by Larry Mullins with Dr. Meredith Justin Sprunger".  I highlight some of the text that caught my eyes but this paper itself is so absorbing and tangled for me that I stopped.  I realize that I need to read and understand more of this history but must take my time with this material.  I get so emotional invested and protective towards our coming Magisterial Sons Mission.  I need to remain unbiased and clear.    Ron if you or any Celestial in the Heavens feel this is posted in the wrong section or plainly shouldn't be posted at all please delete without pause nor apology.  


*Addendum - Upon Ron's request I've only cited the beginning of Chapter Nine (9).  Seems obvious now to save on bandwidth and just include the link but I got caught up in the excitement of this discovery.  For me this is rich material and YES Ron I'll be careful in discerning about what I absorb but boy this is interesting stuff.

Here's the link to the full Chapter Nine (9) paper =>

A History of The Urantia Papers

by Larry Mullins
with Dr. Meredith Justin Sprunger

Chapter Nine

WE NOW COME TO A DISTINCT line of demarcation in the history of the Urantia Revelation. A remarkable achievement had been accomplished by the small group of Urantians who had somehow interfaced with unseen Revelators. By means of an arduous process that spanned five decades, they had cooperated with the efforts of celestial beings who authored and materialized a manuscript unlike any that had ever existed on the planet before.

The six Contact Commissioners had, to the best of their human abilities, kept their sacred oaths to preserve the text exactly as it was received. Dr. Lena Sadler was gone by the time their work reached fruition. The five remaining Contact Commissioners could take great pride in their human contribution to preserve the original text of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. No deliberate human intrusion had corrupted the Urantia Papers, and now the imperfect -- but sincere and valiant -- effort to duplicate the original text was safely plated, and 10,000 copies were printed (three copies of which were to be preserved "in perpetuity").

Important sacrifices had been made over the years. The greater portion of the lives of the Contact Commission had revolved around a corps of Midwayers who had provided strength and guidance at every turn. And now, after almost fifty years, the mortals were on their own.

For a time the thrilling reality of printed copies of The Urantia Book would provoke and sustain a tremendous euphoria. Urantia Books were mailed to prominent people, to friends, to family. Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood were launched. A School of the Urantia Brotherhood was formed in 1956. On June 17, 1956 the First Urantia Society was established in Chicago:

" . . . and the Forum, after 33 years, passed into history and most of its members became the 156 initial members of the new society. The intrepid Forum members now prepared to share The Urantia Book with the world."1

The School of Urantia Brotherhood had its first session in September of 1956 with 71 students. Dr. Sadler had purchased a property at Pine Lodge in Beverly Shores, Indiana. The idea was that students could live in cottages on the property as they prepared themselves to go out as teachers and leaders of the new Revelation. By 1960, 14 students had graduated and received Certified Leader Diplomas.2 Ordained Teacher Diplomas were also awarded.
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Re: A Small Window into The Battles of The Urantia Book
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 03:12:18 PM »
Andy, I appreciate your interest in all of this, but let me tell all of you what I think will be the final chapter of all this history that is mostly an editorial about the history writer thinks and with little true facts to back their conclusions up.

First, Andy instead of dumping all this text into one of our little post windows, copy a small section of it and then give the URL to read the  most and tell people exactly what you spoke to in your introduction to Chapter 9.  That will save bandwidth and give readers the option to read the longer version or not.

Second, you are not to take from my comment above to stop digging.  You must keep digging and report your findings here.  It is vitally important that most who read this site are totally unaware of the huge historical investment the present Urantia Foundation has with the universe and with the planet here, Urantia.  I wish you to continue and offer no criticism against you for doing this.  I am one of the few that knows most of the history already, but I am always learning how much I forget until someone like you brings it back fresh as you have done here.

Third, the present Urantia Foundation is a compendium of truth and falseness that no other institution in America would dare foster.  Mullins wrote this book sometime before the year 2000 and has religiously revised it from time to time, and I suggest you get a copy of the book for your own library as a way to remain involved with this history.  I also feel that Mr. Mullins has overstepped his prerogatives as a historian by constantly quoting defamation of the character of Christy, and other in the text over copyright, text corrections, and so on.  What must be done is that the universe and its history teachers, primarily the Secondary Midwayers who have all the history at their fingertips, should bring a small book out concerning the early history of the Urantia Book; Dr. Sadler's attention to detail, and how all of this transformed an epochal revelation into a text book no body wants to read anymore.  I am one of the few the celebrates Christy and the Sadlers for their amazing contribution to the bringing of the text to publication, but in all good feelings nonetheless, they forgot to close the backdoor to dogma and the priceless commodity of distrust.

Fourth, Andy if you persist in reading these histories, watch out!  They are inconsistent and they fail what is truly history as none of the messaging they purport to report is true.  That is because Christy did what we today would call "Transmitting."  In the 1970's and the early 1980's we were still battling Caligastia.  Christy knew that Caligastia was even in the mansion sometimes foraging for information as Caligastia was truly ready to kill to keep his position available on Urantia eternally.  He considered Urantia his, and failing that, he would destroy the planet without hesitation so long as Michael was looking the other way.  Caligastia was shrewd and carried a large stick that looked like a battalion swagger stick, and he would shoot liaison force energy out to people he wanted out of the way.  Stainton Moses was pushed beneath the wheels of the bus he feel from and had his legs crushed.  Christy narrowly escaped a similar disaster when she fell against a moving car near her.  What was this about?  It was about Caligastia getting his own way in spite of being deposed.  None of the history writing knows anything about this because they do not have, and never will have, definitive statements, in print, what Christy experienced in those horrible days from 1963 to her death in 1982.

Fifth, you will see references to Hoite Caston in the Mullins history you printed out, and he in turn was supported by none other than Richard Keeler, a past President of the Foundation, and now one who interferes daily in the lives of Trustees he does not believe understand the situation as he sees it.  Hoite Caston is a braggart and not just a little strained in trying to understand what actually happened ot Vern Grimsley and the resulting disaster for the Urantia Foundation, and eventually for the killing of the old Teaching Mission through innuendo and outright disrespect for a Mission he failed to see at all.  These people, including Carolyn Kendall herself, know the material side of the production of the Urantia Papers, but they totally fail to understand what the spiritual guidance was during this period and to Christy alone.   I wish to state something publically now, and I hope it does not deter any of you from what you wish to be, but this is very important to know:

I have repeatedly told the Urantia Foundation-- directly and indirectly-- they must achieve a better way of learning how to dismiss criticism of their work before the public here and around the world.  At one time they were so thin skinned to actually forbid some bookstores to carry the Urantia Book for sale.  The witchcraft of the Salem, Mass., variety is nothing compared to what they did to several people to ensure they never write another thing again.  In this belief, I assure you they have their knives sharpened for me to fall on my own sword, but they forget that the spiritual aspects of what they do now have failed into default, and that they must understand nothing will save them ever again as they have protection up until recently and even that has been removed so they have to take the charges as they come against them and their rude behavior down through the past half century.

In my view, the Urantia Foundation shot itself in the foot over and over again based on what seemed to be unlimited funds from one of the Trustees and then got into the problem of legal representation that did not help them but hurt them.  If this is true, then they have asked for the cataclysm that is coming against their present interests to continue ad infinitum.  I am positive that Christy knew the score, she knew what to do, and she did not hesitate to keep everyone informed although Carolyn Kendall seems to know nothing of this side of things.  Her meetings with Hoite Caston and Myers and a few others was as a naive woman under the hammer of loss and of total disregard for the inelegant proffers of college boys who did not know their place before God.

No one is going to get me into trouble, and the reason that will not happen is that I can honestly say I never accused anyone of anything and that what I have remonstrated to the present Urantia Foundation is what the sovereign of the Universe of Nebadon has instructed me to relate to them, both for reform and for their own presence of mind.  I see this as the climax of what they  sow as seeds of discontent and the rivalry among groups associated with the fifth epochal revelation.  In most terms, the Chicago Urantia Foundation should have been put out of its misery when it dismissed the Brotherhood, which it did in a fit of jealous rage by one Mr. Myers, then President of the Urantia Foundation Trustees.  No other remark made by anyone else at that time stands taller than to hear that man speak to the Brotherhood President, now deceased, as a man who failed to understand the revelation and who must be punished for his ineptitude.

Finally, let it be known that I will stand tall with the new spirit regime however it sports itself on Urantia in the coming millennia.  I have been granted an extended life for hundreds and hundreds of extra years on Urantia in the flesh to help shepherd the new Urantia Book Foundation, and emeritus President of all the Trustees at our initial meeting with Jesus himself gaveling the first new Urantia Book Foundation meeting.  Nothing speaks more when the highest official in the land takes time to make sure this meeting is noticed and that those who will not attend are not welcomed anyway.

I close with the admonition that should we fail in any of this, it will be MY fault and no one else, as I have stepped forward for decades now quietly producing new revelation and testing the waters for its efficacy.  I dislike much of the official history of the Urantia Foundation and about the Urantia Book in particular, as these treatises are worked by, not historians, but editorial writers, as they cannot seem to separate themselves from conspiracy theories that swirl around the present Urantia Foundation or do they even know what it is to be impartial.  Some of done considerable work but let us be honest, tbe best history writer so far is our printer from Hanover, Pennsylvania,  who was given so little to work with, he found the truth in most cases and printed it on a web site now to old to keep going.  Those who pontificate about the Urantia Foundation and the Book need to take a lesson in humility when they approach the history of what happened to bring the book into sight for readers around the world to study from.  I leave all this for now, but remember I will not let circumstances deteriorate to the point the present Urantia Foundation stays in power any longer.   Good day.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania