Author Topic: Term limits, or what?  (Read 134 times)

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Term limits, or what?
« on: August 19, 2017, 09:56:50 PM »
I have never believed that politics should be a lifetime career, unless one is superbly qualified.  My thoughts about it being a civic duty depend on there being enough civic minded people around to make it work.  In the days of Light and Life this would most likely work.  Sadly, it would hardly work now.  It is most difficult to lead when the followers hardly care about the issue.  You can lead mindless morons to the water but you cannot make them drink.

I believe anybody should be able to run for public office, but if defeated three times in a row, then be disqualified for such service.

If elected, a person may aspire to be reelected to the same position or to a higher position.  If defeated, such person must withdraw from politics for one term.  (This time is best used for education.)

Term limits would only apply to governmental positions with lawmaking ability.  The application of the law must keep track with changing conditions.  I would long keep a position if I could not handle the challenge.  If a person has long proven himself, and has survived many re-elections, then he is probably quite qualified for the job, as long as he takes it to heart.  

I would suggest limiting congressmen and senators to no more than three terms without special reccomendation.  They are always elegible to run for President, but that term limit is eight years.

Also, any public servant who is convicted of a crime while in public office should forever be barred from service in public office and should forfiet all pensions derived from that public office.

Just some of my thoughts...
Domtia, Roger
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