Author Topic: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece  (Read 579 times)

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The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« on: August 21, 2017, 01:28:40 PM »
August 21, 2017

The Three Estates:

In Medieval social organization the First Estate was the Church; the Second Estate was the nobility, and the Third Estate was the commoners, the people.  I am not going to get into philosophy about how they worked in the Medieval mind but I will say that today we have a similar set up.  It goes like this.

In the American Constitution as it is written today, the founding fathers thought that We The People was the First Estate as they held the natural goodness for a beneficial government of the People.  In many cases the Second Estate in their view was the Government itself, and the Third Estate was the religions of man that held him to higher standards to participate in a representative government.

Today, however, the Fist Estate is the sovereignty of nation states.  The Second Estate today is the use of firearms to promote the security of the nation state, and their principle that seems to evaluate it all is not religion but various kinds of Supreme Courts who rule with an iron fist when they declare things to be, or not to be, Constitutional.

I have this to say: the press considers itself the Fourth Estate.  After the French Revolution of 1789, the Fourth Estate was the bourgeois - which means the greedy little commercial pigs Robespierre declared as the softest underbellies in the world who cannot swim or think or do anything to help civilization to progress.  Does this sound familiar to some of us today?  That is why I consider the self naming of the press as the Fourth Estate, fist never appeared in any political philosophy until the 1880's or so when they, second,  could sway an entire nation through something called yellow journalism.  That is all we have today for the most part with some important exceptions such as the Washington Post and the New York Times and a few others around the world.

Where does the new Constitution fit in this philosophy of Estates?

It fits where it can as the press and yello journalism will be defeated in the new Magisterial Mission, and certain cable stations and certain newspapers and blogs will be shut down permanently.  They, like cell phones and Facebook and Twitter are spreading rumors, not fact, and are social purveyors of revolution or, lets face it, help terrorists plan their day and get away with it as these devices can be encrypted and even NSA probably has a hard time decryption to find the terrorist footprints.

I had written a long number of pagers on this problem, But after letting it sit for two days I see little need to make you go through that again.  I have established a process where I now listen to Michael tell me what and then I say that the what is newsy but I doubt that most reading this site would find it so.  Now let me turn to the new Spirit of Truth as an example of what I mean.

The Church will be preeminent again in the beginning, for it is there that the people of the United States will likely vote their confidence of what is to be about the nation and the Estates I spoke to above.  Looking again at the Church, it may become the First Estate again (briefly) as it was in pre-revolutionary France.  I am making the case that the United States will have a problem with religionists again, and they will become a nuisance as they were to the French Republic after the nobility was thrown out by the Revolutionaries of that day.  I propose nothing but I do insist to Michael and others, that we muct never have a pogrom or disaster where religionists become the First Estate and the Nation Station the Second Estate.  Revolutions can be coups too, and I am suggesting that the so called press be removed from its own sense of grandeur and the nations state become a haven for good governance and let the Church and the bourgeois simmer in the background for now. 

How Serara and Monjoronson and Michael and the Planetary Prince are to handle this is anybody's guess.  From my own perspective, I clear the idea that writing a new Constitution will go easy.  The Constitution is the battleground and we must be circumspect in saying that as so many interest converge upon it in these days as business as usual.  Thank you. 

Ron -
for Michael and Mother Spirit and the entire cast of characters who oversee my writing to keep it in bounds with the possible. 

Now Mother Spirit speaks:

Mother Spirit - “We are losing no time in reasoning some of these things through as the chaning of a Constitution, unlike Venezuela today, is a huge job of political management, and Ron is one of those who knows the truth of this kind of undertaking, because civil wars break out sometimes because the so-called inalienable rights of the People cannot agree among themselves how to rule themselves mostly in the United States and the Arab States of the Middle East.  In the case of the United States we see it as lost to the world of money and greed, and in the case of the Arab States we see them lost to the heat of religious peril in all directions.  In any case we remind the readership there is no easy way to a new Constitution until all are so tired of the gridlock they will accept change to get moving again.  Here in America there is no real ceremony to install the President, but there should be as the English install a monarch with great hoopla everywhere.  The Magisterial Mission will install a regency and then a three man board to run the country as the First Executives, but will refrain from tinkering with the Congress until the Congress itself has to reorganize itself due to the loss of some western states due to topographic changes.

“As the Creative Spirit in Nebadon, I must agree with Ron tht the press is out of bounds and must be beaten back and the idea they represent any estate is ludicrous.  Be prepared for lots of arguments about this when we do appear as incarnated Melchizedeks and as Jesus who fears nothing in the regard.  Good day.”


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Re: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2017, 07:47:15 PM »
Yes I see what you are placing here. I agree that the Constitution is the main battleground and not the other way around.  Yesterday, I sat down to read through Papers 104, 105 and 106 and am truly impressed by the authors well nigh intelligent reasoning in the mix.  The Papers themselves are truly brilliant in dealing with very difficult and complex Reality levels and Deity manifestations and so on.  With what Mother Spirit says above in your post Ron,  having the Melchizedek brothers here with the sort of reasoning I just read in these papers and with Jesus's experience with the Transcendentalists, I am confident that the powerful language, reasoning and propositions these Sons of God will most likely use will have most Urantians spellbound.  Let's bear in mind most of us here on this Forum site who have read the Urantia Book are very used to this high prose and it will come as no surprise to us, but for the majority of people to hear and see a very sensible, well thought out and highly reasoned dialogue or disclosure with the people will have made some incredible impact on the human psyche.  Jesus, of course, will surely make some impressionable impact due to his already famous personality. I welcome Christ Michael/Jesus here as it is so much needed for these Missions to be recognisable and accepted by the People. I understand the inherent dangers that this may present for these divine personalities to present something so different to the masses that are not familiar with the knowledge that we have been presented to us by the Universe Administration via the Urantia Book revelations and through the many spiritual transmissions since.

When I read those words of a new preamble (the long version one) stated by Serara through Newstarsaphire in those exact paragraphs as was posted, and if it were just those ones used instead of the short condensed one, I think it will make the impression as it did to me to aspire to those ideals.  This is what is needed. To uplift the ideals of what "We the people" wish to uphold and cherish as true and fair for all as it is for themselves. 

I agree it used to be in the historical past, those three Estates, that is: the Church, the State and the People and if it goes that way then it will be Holy ground we all walk on. The time sequence is therefore brought back to those days where we can all start over on newer more meaningful terms of endearment. The press needs to be culled to the barest minimum, I detest gossip, but I love a good true story or fact that endears the heart.

Indeed it is true of the saying, God will not be mocked and I pray we are sensible people to see that. Thank you for sharing your opinions and insight here with all of us.



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Re: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2017, 10:35:07 PM »
It is a very good job.


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Re: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2017, 12:21:08 AM »
I recently read from the ongoing revelations called New Era Transitions and particularly those that deal with the vision of the Magisterial Mission that the old concepts that we used regarding terms such as 'church' and 'organizations' will be subject to major changes as these old concepts that basically ruled in the House of Jack were not effective and did not sustain and serve our species .
So Machiventa Melchizedek went on to say that the concept of  'church' will be renewed with a fresh outlook and will be known as clinics because they are going to be 'healing and learning centers'.  Here's a link of one of those transmissions (and there are several others):

If the Church or 'clinics' will be the First Estate it's quite logical as families will always be the first and foremost place where everything starts.
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Re: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2017, 01:44:06 AM »
Yogomonoya, I bid you welcome!

You have been led to this forum for a reason.

It would be appreciated if you would be courteous enough to introduce yourself in a more appropriate manner.

Tell us something about yourself. Why are you here?  What do you hope to find here?

Thank you.   


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Re: The fourth Estate Is No Longer Valid - Opinion Piece
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2017, 05:19:01 AM »
Dear Yogomonoya. Welcome to the Serara Forum. A strong brotherly embrace. Julio.


Caro Yogomonoya. Seja muito bem-vindo neste Fórum Serara. Um forte abraço fraternal. Julio.
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