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Mantutia Melchizedek on Progress Being Made
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:39:28 PM »
Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Progress Being Made
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Time/Date: 02/01/2018 10.00am(AEDT)


“Steady as we go, we are making some moves, not enough to make any notice to you. It is the mainstay word, “stead-as-we-go”. Maintain your composure, stay the course and keep with us in prayer.”

[Yes Mantutia, thank you and what is happening that matters to us to know about?]

“Only that there is progress being made behind-the-scenes, not that you see it, but it is work in progress for us to make.”

[Is there any announcements to be made?]

“For Jesus, not yet, as it is far too cold for Jesus to even dip his toe in the pond of indifference.”

[What about Serara?]

“Yes, Serara will step up on the podium with others well known to you to say some stern words as it is befitting for all to know some changes have been made.”

[I see, that is good and what can we do for now?]

“Standby and wait in due course and allow what happens unfold.”

[And what about the storage solution of the new books, have you made some progress in this avenue?]

“Yes, we have gotten ahead of ourselves and that is well attended to and these books will be instrumental in assisting you all in better understanding in with the new dispensation.”

[Thank you Mantutia, is there anything else you would like to add here?]

“Stay tuned to the frequencies in you as the universe broadcasting opens for relaying messages for you to receive. Keep with us, know that we are with you and that you have your ear to the piece to know as your life may depend on it.”

[Thank you Mantutia and will do.]

“Thank you Sue and may you have a good day.”


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Re: Mantutia Melchizedek on Progress Being Made
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 11:49:52 AM »
Sue, and others -
Mantutia in my ear now:

"I am Mantutia Melchizedek and we have a split decision on a couple of items this morning just started here in York with lots a brilliant sunshine and an over night low of nearly zero degrees Fahrenheit.  It is bitter cold enough to temporarily freeze a hot water pipe at 2709 yesterday morning when it got down to minus 10 degrees in the area and the water flowed again by turning it slightly on and letter the pressure from the tank press hot water into the pipe from below.  It has to stay that way for the next couple of days as well as the worst is yet to come when the entire earth goes dark for about six or seven days and we have no idea if that is over York or over Australia.

"I bring this bit of news since York is under fire from Siberia as it empties out its coldest air over Fairbanks Alaska, and then drops down over the Great Lakes and into York in the southern central land mass just north by 50 miles to Baltimore.  The harbor at Baltimore is open but will freeze with much more of this.  I tell all of you this as the temperature regime over that part of the country will change to much cooler in less than a year as the earth leans a tad more to its west and the tilt will go from about the present 23 and 1/2 degree apogee to about 24 degrees and that is only half a degree more but it is going to change summer over the central Atlantic States in the United States by about six degrees Fahrenheit lower.  Why?   The tilt is not the only factor but we must add in the fact of your sun, Monmatia, is being turned down by a factor of six times less than what it is currently putting out.  I thought you would like to know that.  Maine will be quite coolish during its summer and the growing season may be reduced as much as six weeks depending on how all of this comes down.

"Sue you have made me feel rushed with your persistent push to get me off the transmission mode with you and that is because you are pressed by your schedule for working as you do now.  Ron called it the bum';s rush and laughed when he read your transcript.  He is in a foul mood this morning too because his printer broke down and he had to replace it at once and went for a color laser and it is so complicated he wonders why it prints anything without a special invitation to run it for a copy of this or that.  Actually it is a highly efficinet machine and much more concise in how it produces a copy; nevertheless, it is an expensive addition and he hates spending money for something that runs on electricity and may never have the machine work well when the current goes on and off in York due to the bitter cold enveloping it soon enough.  There is a light snow fall on the ground too and the full moon this morning made it look like twilight in the surrounding countryside.

"I claim no expertise in handling humans today as Ron really gave us hell late last night when we blocked him from printing a message to receive a new UB - that is all he wanted to do but fell ill when we blocked the printer from operating at all.  This morning the printer came on when the computer was turned on and he got his print outs.  All of this to remind some of you that since you are closely aligned with the Magisterial Mission, you too will find difficulties in doing some things because we thrust ourselves into your faces to test your willingness to be good with a difficult command, and Ron failed every test except one, and that was to relay his anger to us without diplomacy at all.  Good.  Now this:

"Our work for all of you has commenced.  Ron notes what he considers an uneven approach to these changes on the discussion forum and is wonder if the list will ever become the place it once was for genuine discussion.  Right now it contains mostly transmissions from beginners and that is fine, but the true language of the day to be spoken is NOT spoken as it should be as we come close to starting a Mission without the announcement you all have been led to expect and hear.  Let me address that for you:

"Our work on high is full of trash bins when working with Urantia.  Ron has been slammed over and over for merely replying to a clergyman that his view of the Paradise Trinity is so akward it cannot stand before the truth of the Trinity.  Nonetheless this morning he was trounced by another man on that list who holds himself so well educated he dare not say more other than to hold Ron in complete contemp of the properties of matter.  He looked at Ultimatons on line and discussed them with his colleagues who said they are useless information unless they could prove their existence in the lab and that is where we all differ because Ultimatons are pre matter and not subject to the physical laws of the universe whatsoever.  Therefore we let Ron know to stay away from the list for now as he thought he was banned yesterday but the man who controls the list told the clergyman to get real and stop hectoring the poor guy as he is really working hard to make sense out of their poor perception of reality or words to that effect.  Consequently the clergyman has stepped back and is pouting over the whole affair and wonders if Ron is God or Jesus or a dumbkoff or something else entirely.  What the point of this speech is that Ron is the only one who practices what he preaches here and goes out for practice in dealing with a world that thinks so well of itself it need never listen to the trials of revelation coming to Urantia even more blatantly in the coming days.

"Finally, Sue, you made it to work fine but you forgot something this morning:  Good Cheer.  You and Ron are in a pickle because you both feel there is not ground under your feet anymore and you haver to face the consequences of your choices concerning joining us for a Magisterial Mission that is missing everywhere and the problems keep surfacing because of the insistence that you and Ron are right and so on.  Truth is you can't prove right and wrong that way but you can become more churlish over attacks by people who have no idea why they are fighting everything you say sometimes.  Ron is a good point as he has squandered a small fortune on getting things ready only to discover the professionals who are supposed to know what they are doing failed miserably and he has a cup of broth that is not all that palatable at the moment.  We appreciate the effort but do nothing about it now or possibly never.  That is the sad refrain from all of us as we come to realize that Paradise has little taste for Missions that haver a human component such as this one does and will but it is a trial to all to look at Ron with bushy hair yet and studying how to stay clear of the tax man and the cost of escalating costs just to heat and run the house.  Good and this -

"I as your immediate Supervisor to Ron and Sue and Larry and Lemuel, and anyone else so close to or abiding fusion already, must see to your eternal careers too and Ron has been warned to clear himself of being angry over forays we make to confuse what little work he can get done anyhow.   His life is full of mischief and angst as is Lemuel's and to a certain extent Larry Gossett and even Sue has a battle on her hands at times to avoid getting tangled up in our verbiage.  In any case this is the last sentence from me at the moment and I let it sit just a little off balance since we know that the cold in York will not abate any time soon and we have to allow that the house may go dark and cold shortly due to astronomical changes in the earth itself.   Good day. Mantutia."

"I seldom take issue with anything Ron does but I warned him that the clergyman on the Trinity list he attends was not open or available to anyone but himself.  The funny thing is that the clergyman is a real rough and tumble character and will face Ron one day in a debate concerning the reality of a universe he does not comprehend at all.  Ron has a pretty good handle on its basics but never presses arguments with astronomers or others who have details at their finger tips that can ride over him very well.  The good news is that Ron and others like him will have a charged atmosphere to make amends to no one when the fan is hit by you know what.  In so many words we are having a snit in ourselves too over what has to be endured by the human contingent of the Magisterial Mission, as they did not set the rules to participate at all and neither have the Magisterial Sons who saw it simple and easy to handle to use humans in the light work of the coming revelatory atmosphere.  In any case the trial for many of you is to abide in the Father as is and the rest of you to take your lumps as the Father has no intention of letting Ron or any of you run anything without his say so.  Ron fully understood that from the beginning but is so harshly treated it makes no sense to him to be hit so harshly at times over what he does not comprehend.   Good and now this:  We leave the entire matter to Michael  and then leave this for Sue to explain to herself just what she does to fix herself so hard over issues that do not make sense to her either.  But that is another transmission for Sue to take when the time comes for her to take her fusion status for granted and out the door to serve under a modified Magisterial Mission yet to be explained to us soon enough.  I am Mantutia speaking for Mother Spirit as she got disrupted by Ron's Adjuster to let the matter lie for another forty-eight hours and then let Mother Spirit discuss Sue again.  Good day.  Mantutia."

"I see a disruption of the transmission from Mother Spirit to Ron this morning and that is not his fault as his Thought Adjuster sees the situation developing where Ron is bad mouthing no one but is so disgusted with unfair treatment physically, mentally,, emotionally, he sees nothing but the bad site of disciplinary actions he knows no reason for.  Adjuster speaks:

ADJUSTER - (Ron's)
"We have breached a protocol never to do and that is to interrupt Mother Spirit or Michael when speaking but there is trouble in River City, not for Ron, but for several of you who are listening and not responding to these plainly inance messages that have little support for anyone but to speak to the status quo with all of you.

"Ron has been bleeding internally for the past seven days and that is to revise his body functions and his heartless versions dispelled, but last night in the turmoil of reestablishing a new printer and getting the new year prepared for financially for Starbridge Group. we came in and messed him up good and only this morning is he getting the idea he yelled too harshly at the Salvington group that does this work to discover who is what on Urantia.  Ron rightly says for God sake I am a finite being!  You have all you could possibly want to know and that is more than I know.  Anyhow they reported back that Ron is not a good candidate for much right now and they recommended he should be dropped for further consideration for Jesus work until he cools down.  I countermanded the report and reminded them you place humans under this kind of pressure for years at a time you are bound to get flak and Ron gave plenty of it this time.  Unfortunately, the Father hears it all too and asked me, his Adjuster, for a full report on what gives with Ron emotionally and I told the Father we see eye to eye on everything in spite of the hassle we face with the rest of the universe on several issues Ron will not compromise on at least verbally.  I figured that the report to Father was sufficient, but this morning the Father issued an edict explaining that the pressure placed on humans for the work on the Magisterial Mission had to be reduced at least by half or more until the humans themselves can get comfortable working under a regime change that would daunt most celestial personnel as well.

"Consequently, we now have a new brouhaha over what the heck Ron is doing writing people about the Trinity for when that clergyman is still in his prime (40 something) and that the clergyman is a thinker but terribly misguided by what revelation they do have under the fourth dispensation.  Ron mentioned this to him and he blew a fuse and refuses to consult with his Thought Adjuster momentarily and has been reprimanded by the list administrators for bring Ron to the brink of expulsion for calling a latent Lucifer carrier an ignoramus.  Ron chose the word well as that individual alos works for a CERN corporation that uses CERN to determine material protocols and found Ron so wanting he blasted him with all guns going off.  Ron responded politely but let him know he knew nothing and that he need only Google the word "ultimaton" tp see it written.  He did and was ashamed to admit he never heard of them and today sits there pondering the entire issue of discussion lists not discussing subjects but how people proposed how they are wanting in explaining anything.  Male dominance of any list is badly done and Ron goes to great lengths to keep the worst off for what ever infraction yet allows them back if they have talent and are well received otherwise. Now here is the problem the Father has moved to shake free of Himself and this is not against anyone especially Ron who sees the world as a haughty mistress who kills what they find displeasurable.

"The Father just decreed that Ron is a permissible ally of Michael and the Salvington work for the Urantia Magisterial Mission.  That he and Larry and Lemuel and Sue and perhaps one or two of you yet to be announced for fusion, will all learn that the Mission is not their's to boss, but to learn from.  Ron honestly sees it that way an the others have not really thought about it in any terms they can use to help adjust them to their new roles very soon.  Ron is not excused for yelling at his mistreatment but reprimanded by the powers to be for yelling at the people sent to help and not harm but Ron does not see it that way and considers their work an attack on his integrity.  That said, Lemuel is disgusted with the entire matter and Ron knows it and lets it lie for him to hassle himself too as he is totally sure Lemuel has taken it on the chin for mischief he was planning no longer is a viable option now and so on.  This sounds strange to Ron's ear but he knows nothing really about the disposition of Larry or Sue or Lemuel or even himself sometimes.  That makes it very difficult for Adjusters to remain pure and reasoning, and we get up to our own mischief in the lives of our wards we are truly proud of for overcoming human inertia and actually finding the Father in waiting for them to convey enough confidence in their best wishes to even fuse under a new practice that will spill over into other superuniverses themselves when they get a hold of these reports going out from Salvington now and then to Paradise and Uversa.

"What the reader hardly recognizes is  that the persons who have fused on Urantia,, have set a new precedence even I as an Adjuster of some standing in the universe itself has no real clear idea what the Father has in mind in fusing children of God so young.  Yet Ron in particular has proved there is great potential in a human who knows God and is willing to compromise toward getting to know the Father intimately and well,  Sue and Ron in particular have so much in common except for gender exercises Ron never wants to contemplate giving birth about.  However. and otherwise, the trial Sue faces is what ron must continuously face down and that is exerburance over what was found in spirit and staying quite before high authority on Urantia which kills to keep people like them down and out of the way.

"Years ago as Ron was learning the revelation, a lady asked him why he did not preach and Ron replied, because I do not preach ever as I dislike the affront it represents to normal ears.  She went about her business but Ron kept preaching to them that the best way around problems is to face them squarely and see if one can actually get rid of them.  Ron sees the same in this clergyman who insists he is truant and other things and refuses to listen to anything he says except he now admits that when Ron transmitted Saint Paul to him in the original Latin it shook his to the core of his being.  In any case both in Ron and in Sue, we have humans who know their stuff and dislike the liars out there pontificating nonsense as far as the eye can see.

"We conclude this statement from an ADJUSTER to let everyone know the limited changes that go into effect immediately are small and affect Ron moistly in that he knows he got into hot water briefly over the use of the word "ignoramus," on a list full of them, but he made a counter offer the clergyman refuses to see to yet the list owner told the clergyman you have not right to do this unless you are prepared to deal honestly with the contention your theory is wrong.  That is all Ron pointed out and meandered into Ultimatons too on the quantum theory they hold regarding God and matter, and too tempting to stay quiet on the subject at all.

"I am that Adjuster many of you hear at night when you pray too, as I am the one who delivered Ron from a punk existence to something more grand we think,  and for that reason we stay well back as he fights the good fight to keep real ignoramuses from taking over the few good places left on Urantia to speak to these spiritual and material problems we share on the dais of truth.  Good day."

"I laughed heartily over this broadcast from a Thought Adjuster that indwels Ron happily most always but sees the truancy of useless actions on our part to ascertain where Ron stands as a triumph of misunderstanding about you humans entirely.  I thought I learned my lessons with Jesus and find that Jesus has some more for all of us as he learns to deal with a recalcitrant humanity on Urantia who will not heed unkindness without a fight to the finish and that is why Ron is looked at so harshly as he sees certain human prerogatives as wholly his to determined and with help to improve upon them.  We are taught as Creator Sons nothing stands in our way if we make sure we are fair; however, in this case we are fair and it does not go beyond Ron's tenper for taking advantage of him while he trying to finish his work for the day and leaving his efforts in a shambles.  None of you have experienced this yet but you will as we seek to determine just how you are put together.  Ron does not like disagreements on this scale and neither do we; however, we have our protocols too.  We end this by saying nothing is forgotten or forgiven due to the seriousness of the breach Ron creates when he gets lose on people who are not prepared for incisive work on themselves,  We leave that for now.  Michael."


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Re: Mantutia Melchizedek on Progress Being Made
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2018, 09:24:19 PM »
Ron and Mantutia and of course Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia.

After reading this long message full of all kinds of information and some actual innuendos of sorts, I am quite a bit baffled by some of the comments about not enough "discussions" taking place on the forum.  I for one, try not to say too much anymore since I am not proficient enough to bring my mind to raise pertinent questions with regard to when and how we are to be organized into a workable group of people to work with Celestials on this Mission.

Speaking for myself and perhaps more than quite a few on this forum, everyday I find myself talking to my TA absolutely ever day and asking how can I be of service?  What am I supposed to do.  Where do I go from here.  I get no viable answer that I can truly say comes from anyone other than my own consciousness.  I recently met with Daniel while in Vegas over the holiday and voiced my concern over my constantly asking for guidance but never getting any kind of answer.  Daniel, in his cool way told me to just keep trying as most of the time we are tested to see if we have the ability to keep going no matter what.  I told him that I have basically given up on the idea of being a transmitter but am sticking with the studying regiment so as to at least be ready to answer some of the questions that others, who know me and of my studies, may ask when the appropriate time ensues.  

Anyway Ron,  I just felt compelled to discuss something so as not to give our Celestial family the illusion that I am not trying or am not involved.  Thank you for letting me get this off of my mind.  Such as it is.


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Re: Mantutia Melchizedek on Progress Being Made
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2018, 10:23:05 PM »
Hi Dorian,
What they are talking about when they say there is not sufficient discussions here is the lack of imagination to break out of the same groove so many people get into.  They and you are not quiet because you want to be quiet or non combative for what comes across sometimes on the site, but you have no real idea why things stay the same!

Let me tell you something, I spent forty years in the same complaint.  Regardless of my deep interest in spirit and in revelation and in people learning it with me and me not sensing anything I could a put a finger on as different about be, I discovered prayer.

Now I know you and most others on this site are devout talkers and prayers to God, but what do I mean by discovery?  It is likely you use it daily and many times daily as you are full of wonder but not much leadership to break the mold and make actual progress.  Well that leads me right to a subject that should be defined better before I speak to more.

Progress:  I am not talking about material progress or getting more money or new paint or new rooms or a car or a boat.  The progress YOU need as does everybody else to be honest, is to slam the life you lead in the gut and rip the plastic off your way of doing things and leave your mind open to actually have to COPE with a huge change in heart you are quite sure you did something mad and let the bed bugs bite your spiritual sense of satisfaction go.  When I say progress, I mean refreshment first.  Then when you find you have something to covet during your waking hours (and Dorian I do not mean women!  8) ) then set a marathon day of devotion in the midst of being free of all that plastic you coat yourself with as a life you constructed over the past 70 years.

Let me make something up as a scenario and that is dangerous in that I really do not mean for you to do as I make this story up, but the story does illustrate what I mean.

Here goes: (its a fiction about you but says how I mean this to do and go)

Dorian felt bad one day.  Nothing I do results in me really discovering what I am and I am sick to death about me he says.  Where can I forget myself?  Where can I surprise myself so that I do not have my feet really under me to stand and walk all the places I am used to and not unhappy with?  Golly nedz, can I change my name and be Samuel or Nestor or Bob the Lobber who sinks thousands into gather lobsters for a quick buck in Massachusetts?  Dorian could not really answer himself as nothing occurred to him to say what would work at all.

Then a spook of the past sides up to him one day as he blinks watching television on a set he used to enjoy watching but nothing is really ont hat much any more Dorian finds truly entertainaing enough to lose the sense of time.  The spook is from many centuries past when the plastic wrap was not placed on the lives of people who have enough to have free time and get truly bored because they do not know how to handle modern lives of schedules and routines that offer nothing but getting done today and feed nothing back to the mind.

Enter the spook who lived in the 1750's and walks around places like Dorian's den to test their own sense of reality.  The spook calls himself Dorian Fourteen, as he is Dorian's unknown ancestor, a progenitor so old the family tree remembers him not.  Certainly Dorian as Mr. Bored Withhimsel and changeless living does not remember to think he had ancestors like this.  Dorian Fourteen has been trained by the mansion worlds and then released on Urantia to go to finishing school about human psychology 501, the graduate course he turns in when he goes back "up there" to get fused.

The spook discovers that his fleshy boy living in the 21st century is just about dead on his feet.  He has all this time left over and not a darn thing to do very much anymore.  Kids are grown, siblings of the old family are there but not all that interested in saving Dorian from himelf that much. and his Dorian drifts with no motor running and no acting rudder.  The Dorian spook recalls his lesson in human psychology 101:  Humans love lots of love but never really ask for it,  Humans love lots of asking but they do it without activating too much trouble to work it.  Humans take little responsibility to learn what a door is for and reinvent the outside.  And so on.  End of story at this point too as I see it.

You Dorian have like most people accepted the linear history of your life as self perpetuating.  It kind of takes care of itself and follow the established path without being curious about Y's in your path or the strange plants that sometimes grow along your routines.  Well then how might you pay attention to self perpetuation and let it alone and create a change in your steering pattern, so you make changes that result in progress especially in the spiritual ideals you know but do not seem to live that well for you?

Early on I suggested you insult your schedule and retry prayer on a way that results in pattern change.  One does not have to know the new pattern exactly, but the change you do have to think about as to how you might relive for the time you have left with purpose.  Family gatherings are deadly while comfortable.  They are deadly because the emphasize past achievements without personalizing how you got them done.  Present job is an activiation of the past principle I must keep busy and profitable but that never feeds more than a few yards of the miles you havet to go to break out of the mold you are in at present.  Finally, your life partner departed and is asleep on mansion world two and waiting for resurection should appear shortly.  Yeah that is true and they hold he asleep for recovery too, but mostly she prefers to be with you on that new adventure and waits on orders for resurrection when "the time is right."

Dorian you and others have to understand that life habits are just that.  They are so comfortable you do not really notice them and their effect on you.  Alaska has often crossed your mind for a new start, but you decided you are really out of course with those ideas that allow it to happen in a way you could really enjoy it.  Finally you caught fire briefly with the revelatory work of this web site and then fell ill with me over issues that had noithing to do with your adventure but with your schedule.  I have nothing to do with any of it but I speak loud enough you hear my voice frequently with regard to spiritual transformation.  What you do realize but do not act on is you are in a rut of past transformations and are not currently in any rut for changes you need to refresh yourself.

How you break the mold that holds you back is to realize that you start and end with prayer to obtain a new lease on life.  How God sees that for you is well established in His mind but you draw a blank all the time because you are so embedded in what you have done.  So: when the spirit moves you. take the phone off the hook and no visitors this time as the spook is no longer allowed to be near you for diagnosis and for its own edification about life on Urantia, and you ALONE face God with this question:  Where do I go now?  Help me please to find refreshment!  Walk around your rooms, or lay down on your bed or sofa, or walk to the cellar to clear some shelves, but keep asking all day if necessary, Where do I go now and how do I refgesh a stale life that answers nothing but to redo what I have already done which no longer feeds me that well.

I have asked the Father of us all to find a voice for you.  It will activate with a day of hard thinking and asking.  Since it requires faith to do this and a choice to put it into effect, half hearted attempts gets you nothing, but a headache or two trying to force this issue to be answered by spirit will work.  Be prepared to sleep well that night,  Be prepared to hear that voice sit you down and speak sternly to you for what you really have to look at to persuade the Father you mean business.  The rest that happens is yours to act on or not. 

Your spook ancestor is Samuel of Panoptia who spoke to me on this exercist for me to tell for you to listen to.  It is your fault Dorian if this just slides through your mind without consequence.

My best to you for success with this prayerful day to come.  No formal prayer is required but asking allowed the germane questions over and over until you feel something arises within you that brings you the satisfaction of direction for a change to come.  Good day from Samuel of Panoptia and from me, Ron.


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Re: Mantutia Melchizedek on Progress Being Made
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2018, 03:28:17 AM »
Hello Ron, 
It is 2:20 AM in the morning of Jan 3rd and I couldn't sleep thinking of everything instead of one thing.  I decided to check out the forum and lo and behold there you were with an answer that I have been looking for.  "GUIDANCE." 
As always, you seem to hit the nail right on the head with the first swing of your verbal hammer.  I read what you wrote and believe it or not the depth of your advice sunk very, very deep.  I understood at once.  I am going to print up this piece of advice and do my d-----dest to follow through.  From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for never giving up on me.  The plastic has a visual tear in it already and since it isn't a hefty bag it should continue to tear and leak this new guy all over the place.

Love you my friend, thank you, thank you, thank you.