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Subject: Basic administration policy
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV, USA
Jan 4th 2018, Z" 

Yes you can begin. This is Ocilliaya in the mode of truth giver and myth buster, heading out onto the world stage, with statements and observances to tell the truth in a way that is so concise and understandable that each listener is riveted to the spot while I teach.

" My message is as basic as the premise that not only do you have access from this moment on to the most high God, Who is able to sit or stand or walk in communion with full acceptance by you, but it is also a free giving of family status to such an extent that you from now on will come to understand your next step.

" That next step is the the free will giving of your own intent and will to join in the family enterprise as the most advantageous path for complete satisfaction concerning virtually any pursuit, or passion you may want to fulfill.  Far from controlling or coercing your behavior, it is a mutual admiration society of outgoing solicitousness benefiting to the best of the ability of both parties as partners to do something together to truly make a difference.

" Make a difference in the lives and interests of all other family members we may encounter traveling by our side. All family members who thus over a period of time, demonstrate by their actions a mastery of this lifestyle, and who are given more and more ability and power to serve even more family members.

" Eventually, each is released to a life of self-activated cooperative benefit which multiplies the goodness proliferated endlessly concerning the family holdings of our father.

" To ensure expansion and sustainability of lifestyle, each is afforded virtually endless opportunity for advancement in whatever area of interest they would like advanced education for; this being a purely personal decision on your part. The personal preference and highest pleasure always dictate the provision given to aid in career progression concerning the area of life focus most desirable to each individual being.

" These truths, if communicated as early as possible in the consciousness of the awakening mortal, go most of the distance in releasing a highly motivated stance that helps their personal life head skyward toward the heavens.

" This information about the utterly primal principle of the necessity of satisfying personal wants and desires, is uppermost as the way the Father operates. Satisfying the dreams of each person is the bedrock of family glue that cohesively welds us all together.

" God and man attunement is a personal enhancement to society, first and foremost. To ever deviate from this way of your uppermost concern being, after doing the work at hand, is to satisfy the wants, the needs,  and desires of your coworkers in furthering their careers. You would never ever wish to deviate from this policy.

" The human co-worker with God, is the honorable servant who would often go over and above the call of duty but aside from your own example Daniel, you would never demand such service for yourself. There, you have the essence of all the Father does in every far flung corner of his vast domain. If we can communicate this one foundational principle, it will immeasurably lubricate and abet the full enthusiastic embracing of The Father.

" With this teaching today, we have covered perhaps the most far reaching catalyst in the human domain for the real reason for living. To put it again in a different way: the reason for living is to garner along the way every most exciting circumstance you can imagine with the expressed purpose being to serve others by using those circumstances that give you so much joy to accomplish.

" I want to end this with heartfelt expression of my appreciation for the conjoint response in those we are very happily training here on Thank you, one and all, and my upper most wish is for our continued association with me,  Ocilliaya, Good Day?."


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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.

Don Crownover

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Giving of oneself!

Yes, to be the best we can be. We must have a personal start that will help spread to others the joint recognition to also join into the rolling together of a general balance among all of genuine happiness.

When all persons start giving of their abundances, giving freely to those in need, then the coming together of sustainable actions is on the horizon for our communities, countries and world.

Each person has an abundance!

An abundance in the attributes of physical, mental or spiritual; material, psychological, intellect, creativity, time, energies, compassion, empathy and knowing, etcetera, etcetera. As in this group on the Serara forum as we freely give of the abundance of our spiritual awakening, truth and understanding to our communities.  

Any of these "abundances" can be shared and when groups of people start "Giving of themselves" from their abundances to their communities then we will start seeing a balancing, a free rolling together of sharing into a balanced neighborhood. The start, or actual blending into a New Religion, not based on a name or article, place or prophecy but a religion based on a concept of the human family under one creator Father.

I do hope to see these changes increase by the sheer love from God within before dire global calamities come upon the world.

Thank you Daniel for posting Ocilliaya's policy to learn and share. Giving of oneself is the most rewarding of any pursuit. "Ask and it will be given you"... DonKC
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