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Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject; A new level or benchmark
T/R: Daniel A, las Vegas NV. USA.
January 4th 2018, 19:46 Z

"Yes, Daniel begin. This is Ocilliaya. My intention today is a combination of teaching and taking you into my confidence. The first area I want to cover is the subject of coming into the light. By that I mean you have turned over the decision making aspect of your life to heeding the Adjusters promptings. It is as if the forest path ahead that you are negotiating at night is now clearly visible using the new hand torch. At every turn any dark area can be instantly examined to avoid stumbling over some branch or rock.

"In a similar way, you turn to your Inner Guide for a consultation at the least juncture in your life. And the change is that there is no resistance to following Their advice. If no guidance is forthcoming, it means your own resources of wisdom are sufficient and you are left on your own at that moment to decide what you should do.

"If you feel uneasiness it means you stop long enough for a period of reflection to have the quandary become clearly discernible. This often means very frequent pauses of forward motion to get the clear gist of the best course of action. You come to have a determination and intention for a much more circumspect movement. Reason being the rushing ahead mode makes you sick to even think about it. You trade off a feeling of needing to be aggressively busy for the feeling of wanting much more rightness and particularness of behavior.

"This is what I mean by coming into the light. Now you are fiercely fixated in a mindset of: "regardless of the cost or trouble I will not barge ahead unconsciously as in the past. From here on there will be hell to pay should I veer into mediocrity." This is all inner work no one sees or knows about but soon it is obvious because the fruits of your life reflect what The Father is really needing. What The Father is really needing is a highly consistent, dependable, predictable production day after day after day.

"This comes through more single mindedness. Single mindedness is the choice to say no to many old pastimes and to realize the satisfaction of the focused lifestyle is sweeter by far than the pleasures you got from the distractions that kept your production erratic. There is nothing strange about all of this change that is going to happen and is happening in your life. It's like your decision upon marriage or a new job that now you must do this and this and this because you have graduated to the next level.

"Now, upon that decision you know is sanctioned from on high you request with perfect confidence the power to actually transact the new level of performance. If immediately, you fail to be consistent you simply turn again without remorse in a new mature resignation to the servitude with a joy that comes from knowing without a doubt your choice of path is incontrovertibly the one and only way you should go. This resignation is not so much like you stepping into the harness like a good horse but it is a realisation of embracing a high destiny worth any momentary discomfort or loss.

"This feeling of finally finding your true destiny comes from the capitulation to The Fathers agenda knowing that doing that in itself releases the sure receipt of all the needs wants and dreams any being could possibly have. All in good time will come: health, love and companionship, sufficient supply to generously help others, and a home place and residence for a base of operation for service. It means the opportunity and the time to pursue ANY education and it means the opportunity to travel the universe to get the much bigger picture of existential reality.

"All of this can be depended on to surely come to you, but first properly you must show by your serious demonstration that you truly do understand that nothing takes place without that initial selfless giving of generous sincere service without getting or expecting anything as the reason for you living and serving. The reason you live this life of service to others is because you see that no other lifestyle works to provide the foundation for happiness. Try them as you may, leave no stone unturned, nothing else works.

"So then this is the heart of what I felt was some musings to give understanding for this particular time, and for those being trained on the Forum. WIth joy and with love for each of you, this is Ocilliaya, goodbye for now."


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