Author Topic: Machiventa M, Peace and Safety 8 January 2018 Daniel, L V NV. USA  (Read 174 times)

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Speaker: Machiventa M.
Subject: Peace and Safety
Category: general discussion
T/R: Daniel A,  L V NV USA
Jan 8, 2018, 23:09 Z

"Yes, Daniel, you can begin writing. My message today is one of peace and safety. By that, I mean that each person alive on Urantia at this moment has no cause to worry that there is ever any danger whatsoever about their eventual survival after their passing in death, as is the fate of everyone.

" (Unless) they should be in the grip of an approach of hostility and rebellious unresponsiveness to the path of family education and ascension policy. That is the whole story.

" The policy of family, education and ascension procedures are benevolent and reasonable to the extreme. Any obstreperous attitude of opposition and resistance to the suggested familiar way of advancement and maturation is none other than either misunderstanding or egregious misinformation resulting in such an unenlightened viewpoint. This viewpoint can only be described as grossly missing large chunks of understanding of the nature of reality and this is the heart of the challenge.

" This is why upon encountering just such a world or universe viewpoint in someone, as much time is given to see the full picture, as is necessary. If there is so much as a faint glimmer of hope for the reaching of a repentant balanced understanding, no effort or expense is spared.

" Within the family of God when there is rejection and tension between parties the test of progressiveness is whether the feeling and attitude exists that there is full acknowledgment of the complete value and worthiness of the adversary regardless of how wide the difference of opinion is. 

"In other words even if the opponent is light years apart in how they think something should be done, still, there exists a feeling of affectionate family acceptance. No matter the differences. It must not be any other way. Always there would be inclusion and warm openness to closer friendship, even though there are still differences or even offenses.

" Now at the effective introduction and beginning of the magisterial mission there are tens of thousands of sincere and even very accomplished Urantia Book students who give no credence to any of the mission training groups because they reject the possibility of revelation coming through T/R persons anymore, even though the revelation they adore and revere came exactly that way.

" Here is your opportunity to show true acceptance and family love by your embracing them fully when you are able to interact with them, knowing it is only a matter of time and their being exposed by their thought adjusters to all of the Tmarchive material and most of all the 6th Epical Revelation soon to be in their hands.

" This is the message I wanted to cover today. A task giving me deep satisfaction, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, looking forward to much additional teaching through all of you T/R persons and of course, the many new and beginning Transmitters. Good afternoon to all..

Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.


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Re: Machiventa M, Peace and Safety 8 January 2018 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 06:49:07 PM »
Thank you Machiventa and Daniel.....just what I needed.
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Re: Machiventa M, Peace and Safety 8 January 2018 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 10:56:35 PM »
Me too - I love Machiventa and all our Celestial teachers from Monjoronson to Ocilliaya! And its true for me as well that reading and re-reading many past and present transmissions from the Teaching Mission, whether from the archives here or the Nordan Daynal group on to the new transmission posts of new T/Rs and Ron's ultra high-spirit ones of course (don't know what to call them), are what we as individuals need to know - they are hard copies of enlightenment sources for one who is trying to catch up with 30+ years of spirit information - info that is so important in anyone's life,  added info to make one better understand the 60+ y/o UB, without which one would be lost.   Now I know a bit about why we need to make good decisions, all-important decisions that will change our lives for the better, for ourselves and others:

"Your decisions are best made when they are made consciously, in the moment, with intention, with consideration for the consequences, with full knowledge of why you are making them, and how you are making the decision. This may sound rather demanding, but for those who have practiced this way of life, it becomes an every day chore, one of those expectations of excitement for meeting the day with new challenges. The point of this illustration is also to let you know that all this huge effort to heal your planet completely is all related, from global politics, down to the level of your community, the individual and how children are raised. The ends come around to meet the beginnings, and the beginnings eventually become the ends, with many intersections along the way." Monjoronson

It's all good to me...
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