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I think that on the eve of the Second Coming the forum should clearly define its attitude to the Bible.
The fifth epochal revelation gives us the full right to say: "How the New Testament abolished the Old Testament, just as the Urantia book canceled the New Testament. Moreover, we will soon get acquainted with the Sixth epochal revelation. The truths of the Revelations will be easier to perceive by people who are poorly acquainted with the Bible. But some clerics and the most fanatical Christians can not immediately accept the Revelation.
In these last days, we need to go deeper into those parts of the Urantia book that would have helped us better in polemics. And with the release of the Sixth epochal revelation, I would like to receive the book in electronic form in order to begin to translate and study it.
Я думаю, что накануне Второго пришествия на форуме надо четко определить свое отношение к библии.
Пятое эпохальное откровение дает нам полное право говорить: «Как Новый Завет отменил Ветхий Завет, как и книга Урантии отменила Новый завет. Тем более мы скоро познакомимся с Шестым эпохальным откровением. Истины Откровений будут легче восприниматься людьми, слабо знакомыми с библией. А вот некоторые священнослужители и наиболее фанатичные христиане сразу могут не принять Откровение.
В эти последние дни нам надо глубже повторить те разделы книги Урантии, которые лучше помогли бы нам в полемике. А с выходом Шестого эпохального откровения хотелось бы получить книгу в электронном виде, чтобы начать ее переводить и изучать.
С увжением,

« Last post by Michael S Queen on Today at 12:04:27 PM »
Beloved Mantutia, and Ron--
Ellen and I would like to be able to supply funds for at least one or two copies of the Sixth Epochal Revelation to be able to be supplied to those who might not be able to afford a copy on their own.
When such a venue is set up and identified, we trust you'll let us know how to donate.
Thanks in advance,
Mike and Ellen Queen
Brother Larry,
The messages come across in fine order... it's all good!
I, for one, am happy that the nature of Jesus' advent upon Urantia will be far different than his life here before. Pro or con, folks are going to sit up and pay attention! 
Truly, Ellen and I look eagerly forward for Jesus' commanding return. It has been the warp and weft of our mutual and personal prayers for many, many years. 
I'll be emailing Ron directly about this, but I would like to ask Mantutia, through you, if we might be able to send funds to some appropriate person to the end that one or two who cannot otherwise afford a copy of the new edition might be able to have one.
Blessings to all,
Mike and Ellen
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Saying, "I Love You"
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 10:52:29 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel.
                             Hello everyone!    I have been prompted to add a few words, as a follow-up to my Audio
Transmission this morning.

There are some older members on the forum, ie, in your 70´s, like me, 78, who were teenagers back in the
 50´s and the movies were one of the most popular forms of entertainment.  The Musicals, of Rodgers and
Hammerstein was simply wonderful and I would just like to mention one song from "Carousel".

Give yourself a treat and enter in your search engine, Richard Rodgers "If I Loved You".  A beautiful pink
rose will appear, click on that and listen to a most beautiful rendering´of this lovely song, sung by Janene Lovullo.

Sometimes it is what we didn´t say when we had the chance that leaves the most painful memories.

So, if you love someone, tell them!

Threads for New Transmissions / Thoughts For Your Consideration
« Last post by LarryG on Today at 07:27:29 AM »

I had so many interuptions while taking this reception and apologize if it does not read and flow well....LarryG

Mantutia / Andromadeus -  Thoughts  for Your   Consideration – Larry Gossett -  17 December  2017 – Florida

Speakers :  Mantutia/ Andromadeus
Subject: Thoughts for Your  Consideration
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 17 December 2017 – 10:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

Mantutia, this is Larry G,   might I request a reception and transmission from you this morning?   Do you have a message for us.?

“Indeed Larry , I do have a message to bring and share and know that you  are excited to finally learn  the name of the new Uranita Book  to be entitled   "The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth,".  This is Mantutia and I am here to briefly speak with you.   You and I  have not spoken except for a couple of times,   but believe me when I tell you that in that I am “adjoined at the hip” of Ron, as the saying goes, as are so many other Spirit Personalities that will work with Ron and a few others as these Missions grow and evolve and  get down to the brass tacks of the many programs that will soon be implemented on Urantia by way of the long awaited Announcement from Jesus.

“In that  you will be working directly and closely with  Ron, so too, are you  destined to work with me .  Not only when you and the others are brought to York but even before then.   Not only am I  a significant and prominent player and producer of the work but also are the rest of my Order that was so affectionately addressed by Lemuel and his thought Adjuster.

 “Once the Missions are visible on the ground, as soon they will be, time will seem to move quite quickly for all of you will be aggressively, with concentrated effort, as never before, learning and growing in your experiences as to just what it means for human mortal of the realm to be working with these Divine Missions.  Many times you have been informed that this is quite rare for a Mission to any world.

“ My work, as you already know, is well associated with both the first Urantia Book and now the coming of   "The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth," and I know that you  all, who read and study, are in great anticipation of its release. .. So dear workers and students, and eventual leaders and teachers, rest assured in the knowing that you will be among the first, after Ron, to lay your eyes, and employ your minds and strengthen your resolve and commitment on what has been put together for this world to initiate the new revelations to and for all of you.

“The detailed outworking  of the Missions will evolve as they will .   Know and trust in that, all of you, for therein lies your faith and strength to see you through these perils of the initial days and weeks.  

‘In the transmission and update given to all of you in Ron’s  reception  on   December 15 is a very important point I would like for all who reread concerning transmission is that about the upcoming  work of Jesus.”

(Me, Larry) Mantutia, may I look it up?

  ‘Yes ,by  all means, it is okay, for you to check it and insert it now.   I am here with you and await… go ahead.  

“ And it is this:   “Do not be too prideful about your knowledge of Jesus as His appearance this time means business and not a Rabbi of God to speak in gentle tones the sounds of learning God well and fully”.

“This is a very important point for all of you to be aware of.  Jesus , since his last time on Urantia 2000 years ago, has grown and has been promoted and been raised in Spirit Stature and Status by the Father  much beyond what he was back then.  The past and even modern visions  and interpretations
of Jesus as he was then, compared to His stature now is quite beyond human understanding for most on Urantia.   It has been said and is quite true that He will present Himself for all of this world to see in the greatest of power and strength to such an extent that it will soon be made plain, without question, without doubt  to all on Urantia and the same can be said for those that will  be incarnated and representing the Father Will on Urantia.

“ This should be the very best of news for certainly all of you here and  Jesus is set to uplift this world and bring  His transforming light and message  to this world.   This is more than just a message.   This is a Commanding Presence that can not be  in any way or  in any measure, delayed, dismissed, ignored evaded, or rejected.   This time on Urantia is for some a celebration for the birth and coming of the baby Jesus, but I tell you and give you absolute assurance that, while appreciated, this  is not what is coming in this day and in this time and  for this age.

  The Transformation that Jesus has accomplished and achieved is truly beyond your understanding     That early and incomplete   view of the meek  and mild Jesus that so many have pictured in their minds, that portrayal that abides within them and with the cultures and religions of Urantia, is far far from  as He now is, for He  comes to present His Enlighted Self in His own right as well as  to re-represent  the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, the very Trinity itself  to every man, woman and child in every corner of Urantia.   None will be passed over, none will miss His Divine Presence as He and all involved with these Missions come to gather and establish the Fathers Kingdom on Earth.  

“This is Mantutia and I welcome your invitation at any time.   For a certainty we shall speak many times in the coming times as you all experience your work with Us in these Missions.   We will all see and greet you soon.   Good Day.

Here is Andromadeus  to make a comments .”


“I too watch and observe with great interest so many of you and I want to offer this day a few encouragements that will help you ease some feeling that are harbored deep within  you.  

“First let me say and acknowledge how often and deeply some of you hold Me in your thoughts.   It is encouraging and serves you well now and into  your future experiences with the Missions and in your future journeys on your individual paths
“Many of you have had a difficult, disheartening and saddened time in this past 2 years especially those in the United States as you have watched in near horror at the desolation of the honor and credibility of your beloved Country.   The noble, righteous and virtuous men that worked to establish the goodness that made America  a remarkable bastion of Freedom and a guiding light that beckoned all and has been an  inspiration  for this world has been painfully aggrieved to watch.   But this dear ones, is the very crumbling of the House that Jack Built.   And even though you have to observe these things, and feel so without power to stop it, We know that it is sometimes a real challenge to remain neutral and to keep your spirits and hearts high and focused on the great tasks at hand.   I caution all of you not to let these situations bring you down for you all must be able to let these situation not distract and depress you .  For you  all know that what is happening on Urantia  is at it’s end as the House that Jack Built will be replaced with the House that God and His Sons  now come to rebuild and establish to the ways and plans of the Father Himself.

 “The love of Country is, of course, honorable and even admirable and to be forced to watch it take this continued downward spirit into the pit of sin and rebellion does take it’s toll.  But, what is to be done and accomplished on Urantia, as you here, knowing of these Missions, will, if you let it, bring you peace and encouragement, renewed commitment to know that these Plans of the Father will bring ALL of this world to a new day and a new dawn and a new destiny and will finally and forever elevate this world to it’s original and rightful place within Nebadon, within Orvonton  and within the true Family of the Father.    Michael has cemented this planet into it’s  journey   and evolution.

 “ Let the acceptance of this knowledge uplift you heart when you feel dispirited.  We do recognize with you that love and light will come to Urantia and dispel the darkness that has overtaken Urantia.  These noble, righteous ideals that are filled with virtue are here now and your respective Countries and Nations will unite and be healed and be made new and in love and service to the Father and His Divine Sons and Daughters.

“You have now enjoined in this Divine and Sacred Enterprise.    Let these thoughts ease your pain and lead you forward.  I leave it there for now and I thank you for welcoming Me into your thoughts and life.  This is Andromadeus, the Most High.  Good day.”


To all,

The surgery on my nose has been postponed and will be held, possibly, in early January. It is already marked in the hospital, and everything is right with the doctor and her team who will perform the surgery. However, I know there may be setbacks, or unforeseen events that may cause the surgery to be postponed again.

Lately I have many appointments and this is making it difficult to get the time to read the Serara Forum news. Commitments to work, to health (doctor), to family. Yesterday, for example, came two visits that will be here at home for the holidays, Christmas and the end of the year, an aunt of my wife and my brother-in-law. As I like to be hospitable, the tendency is to reserve, also, a time for the visits.

On the other hand, I sold a house (I have two houses for sale, the second house is also under negotiation) and I am finishing (finishing) the purchase of an apartment near the place where I work. Only details are missing. I intend to move, God willing, by the end of January 2018 to the new residence near the place of my work.

Changing the subject, in my view, in the evolutionary worlds of time and space, as is our planet, the crystallization of concepts is a great problem that prevents (disrupts or inhibits or prevents) people from evolving. This is also true for religions.

In my view, true religion is a living and evolutionary religion, for in the daily challenges there is a continual renewal in faith and service to God, the Universal Father, and the like.

Crystallization is a way of speaking when a person believes that a concept is totally right and can not be changed. However, in the evolutionary worlds of time and space what exists is a limited view, a relative view of reality, a partial view of reality.

Since there is a partial view of reality arising from the very limitations of evolutionary human beings, there is a need for continual evolution towards the improvement and improvement of personal personality characteristics. Evolving, step by step, from imperfection to perfection in the light of God.

Finally, I leave this public record. I pray for Ron Besser, Larry, Lemuel, Sue and all who will serve in some way the Magisterial Mission and the return of Jesus.

With much love to all,



A todos,

A cirurgia de meu nariz foi adiada e será realizada, possivelmente, no início de janeiro. Já está com data marcada no hospital, e tudo está certo com a médica e sua equipe que irá realizar a cirurgia. No entanto,  eu sei que pode existir contratempos, ou imprevistos que podem fazer com que a cirurgia seja novamente adiada.

Ultimamente estou com muitos compromissos e isto está dificultando conseguir tempo para ler as notícias do Fórum Serara. Compromissos com o trabalho, com a saúde (médico), com a família. Ontem, por exemplo, chegou duas visitas que irão ficar aqui em casa para as festas do final de ano, natal e final de ano, uma tia de minha esposa e meu cunhado. Como eu gosto de ser hospitaleiro, a tendência é reservar, também, um tempo para as visitas.

Por outro lado, eu vendi uma casa (eu tenho duas casas à venda, sendo que a segunda casa também está em negociação)  e estou finalizando (terminando) a compra de um apartamento perto do local em que eu trabalho. Faltam apenas detalhes. Pretendo me mudar, se Deus quiser, até o final de janeiro de 2018 para a nova residência perto do local de meu trabalho.

Mudando de assunto, em minha visão, nos mundos evolucionários do tempo e do espaço, como é o nosso planeta, a cristalização dos conceitos é um grande problema que impede (atrapalha ou inibe ou inviabiliza) as pessoas de evoluírem. Isto serve também para as religiões. 

Na minha visão, a verdadeira religião é uma religião viva e evolutiva, pois nos desafios diários existe uma renovação continua na fé e no serviço a Deus, Pai Universal e aos semelhantes.

A cristalização é uma forma de falar quando uma pessoa acredita que um conceito é totalmente certo e não pode ser mudado. No entanto, nos mundos evolucionários do tempo e do espaço o que existe é uma visão limitada, uma visão relativa da realidade, uma visão parcial da realidade.

Como existe uma visão parcial da realidade decorrente das próprias limitações dos seres humanos evolucionários, é necessário a continua evolução para o aperfeiçoamento e melhoria das características de personalidade pessoais. Evoluindo, passo a passo, da imperfeição para a perfeição na luz de Deus.

Por fim, eu deixo este registro público. Eu rezo por Ron Besser, Larry, Lemuel, Sue e a todos que irão servir de alguma forma a Missão Magisterial e o retorno de Jesus.

Com muito amor a todos,

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Is There Someone?
« Last post by Clency on Today at 02:09:50 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Is there someone ?

Thought Adjuster/Lemuel : Good morning everyone. My topic of conversation this morning is to ask you all a question : Is there someone ? that is the question. Is there someone alive or dead, near or far, who needs your forgiveness. Christmas once more is upon you all. The Christmas message is always peace on earth, goodwill to all men and now is an appropriate time to sit down and think.

You may even prefer to take a piece of paper and a pen and think about your life and everyone that has crossed your path that you can remember and ask yourself this question : Is there someone who needs your forgiveness, is there someone who needs your Light, is there someone who needs your blessings, your compassion, is there someone who needs your love, is there someone who is waiting to hear you say : « I love you ».

There are many times when you have the opportunity to say those three words and many times you left that opportunity slip away, and perhaps one day you will regret very much for not having taking back the opportunity to simply say : « I love you ». Obviously, these words need to be sincere and come from the heart. Is there someone who needs to hear those words, is there someone who needs your forgiveness ?

Think about this. Now is the time, Christmas is here and it is the time of love and peace and goodwill to all. Many of you are in long term relationship, husbands and wifes and children of course and many things and many people are taking so much for granted, but there always comes a moment when something happens and tthat person whom you love and have shared many years your life with them, suddenly they are no longer there.

You all know that death comes to every household sooner or later. It is part of life to experience death, you all know this. So my message this morning is simply to you to ask yourself : Is there someone that you could say : « I love you, I forgive you, I bless you, I send you Light, I understand you, I have compassion for you, I need you, you are so loved ».

Take this opportunity now to reflect on your life and all those who have crossed your path that you can remember, and mentally forgive each and everyone and send your sincere love unconditionally to all of them without exception. Is there someone who needs your forgiveness ? I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ Is There Someone?
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 01:18:41 AM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Is There Someone?
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  17th Dec. 2017   07:00 Local  06:00 Z
Ya.. seems clear to me that bible thumpers and even Urantia Book thumpers too,  have cristalized their beliefs and rejected either evolution of the soul or of social structures and also spiritual progress.

I say UB thumpers from experience; I was on BlogTalkRadio which airs live every saturday at noon and have numerous guests speaking on and about the UB.. and in the comments section I had another 'fight' with someone who would swear by the UB and the UB only and that outside of it there was no more revelation.. Ha..!! How will these stagnant minds all hit a wall some day..!!

When you post about different christian sects I cannot but wonder about the Mormon church. Some time ago there was something said about the Mormons but I never followed on it.
Many years ago I was part of the Mormons but by my own beliefs I was soon excommunicated; nevertheless the document that was given to me was not signed and was left blank. I have fond memories of the elders and the time spent there.

As I imagine you know, one of the pillars in the beliefs of the Mormons is revelation given by the Spirit to their president and to those who feel the Inner Voice come. They may not be far from what we do with you here on the forum, meaning T-R'ing and such.

While I was in the Mormon church my soul was light and things started to look up. But the too many forms and rules and so on was not for me.

But on another note I occasionally wonder if these Latter Day Saints would be more receptive to something like the UB or even this forum..

I´m in your Peace..
Threads for New Transmissions / Prepare Materially, Mentally And Spiritually
« Last post by Lundco on December 16, 2017, 08:21:58 PM »
Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
Subject: Prepare Materially, Mentally And Spiritually
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Roger Lund
Location: Wichita, KS
16 Dec 2017, 12:00 PM, CST
Jack 0802AB B*-
   Jack here as the time draws near when Jesus will return and the Magisterial Mission will be on everyone's mind as well. This will be a lot for most people to comprehend and deal with in a calm and collected way. Your own reactions will not be like anything you have conjured up in your minds! You too will have the years of waiting in the back of your mind, wondering if it would truly happen? Then Bam, here it is, the greatest event on Urantia and are you ready?
    Materially, you have prepared with food stocks, gas, water and other emergency items to hopefully tide you over. Mentally you have a plan, staying home and waiting for what happens in your area and the numbers of people who will grace your door for information and guidance. Spiritually you have prepared with much study and prayer. You are set, ready and somewhat reluctant to totally commit to the announcement of Jesus and the Magisterial Mission, because of past announcements not materializing. We understand, so do your best to keep the faith after so many disappointments, which did help in your growth spiritually and soul growth in a matter of being patient and persistent in your faith as an Agondonters. You will someday look back at these times and wonder why you were so impatient and not prepared. Your faith is not like anyone else's faith, so cherish it and grow it as the time is soon. Later, Jack
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