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General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 12:41:48 PM »
Hmmm.  That is my reaction Sue.  The way you describe these views puts me in mind of the Atlantic Ridge work being done by an Order of persons I have forgotten at this point.  That work was done at the behest of Michael to repair a seam in the Atlantic Ridge splitting open due to oceanigraphic gravity pressure on the mountain peaks in certain places.  Now I learn those ridges have toppled wome what and the slides they produced have actually muddied the sea floor near the Spanish islands off western Africa.  But this thing you see and saw now in your memory is really far beyond my capacity to intervene to ask what you saw and maybe why for our own edification.  Here is our champ and expert on things like this:  Michael of Nebadon:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is part right.  There are a group of beings I asked to work on the undersea ridges on Urantia in the Atlantic Ocean.  The style they use is underwater craft and those craft are actually diving flying saucers as you would call them, and their work is to strengthen the undersea cliffs as Ron saw them about six years ago.  He saw them clearly enough to know they were really working in a dangerous situation and that danger is what you saw as the black hole Sue.

"Those high mountain ridges rise to 30,000 feet and are still so overcome by ocean water, they never will breach the surface as that is about 50,000 feet MORE than what they have achieved in height so far.  This work has stopped as the entire mid Atlantic Ridge is crumbling due to the immense pressure placed on them by a hydrageologic substrata that refuses to bend under the mighty pressure of the ocean on top of them.  Consequently, the mid Atlantic Ridge is crumbling into sand traps of immendse width and depth, and we are nor sure what that means at all.  Ron is right, is is far above his pay grade to fathom what you were presented with.  I leave it to others to speak if they wish to. Michael."

[Ron here:  The Deity Absolute was to speak but the entire post was cut and I though I lost the above as happens when the universe does not want some material to be discusses from their side of things.  I provide that for your information as I truly do not know what the cut was all about or why it happened the way it did. . . . .]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - "Ron got cut because he smiled at the idea of the Deity Absolute being there, but for some reason it got cut from any of us to remind us that the Deity Absolute is the future.  He can explain the present from a future perspective but has no reason much to go into this one because Sue, you asked in prayer what this was about, and you got a blurred answer and that is because the North Atlantic Ridge is disappearing for reasons of State and not because of anything else.  What apparently is happening in the middle of the Mid Atlantic Ridge are consequential destruction of peaks so high they would be considered almost heroic by human standards on dry lane.  I leave it there for now. Michael."

"Ron is playing hard ball this morning and letting us answer everything as he is truly caught red handed using his power to correct with the ninth fusion candidate whom we adore but hate for his slight of hand all the time to steal information and claim it as his own.  The Millennium III text is an abrogation of trust and it shall not go unpunished and be aware all of you Ron has such distaste for it he considers it a rebellion against our explicit order to represent God to the public religions on Urantia.  I hold him far from seeing it clearly, but clearly enough to hold them as rebels too!

"With regard to the Mid Atlantic Ridge, we are sure there are problems now on Urantia we are unsure how to fix easily.  This ridge is far too complicated to just say they are montains.  They are, but they also hold stability issues on Urantia which we are sure must be corrected by the Power Directors.  Why Sue got that image is not clear to any of us, but be assured it was the Deity Absolute being busy with Sue as he is with Ron, and both Ron and Sue are psychic wonders bordering on the abstract as they can do things with words and numbers and pictures no one else will be able to do at my distinct orders to do so.  Ron is particular can tell the difference between a drop of heart and a drop of vinegar as he was handed by candidate number nine yesterday and properly let him have it good.  He will wonder a long time what happened.  He also is not a part of my contract anylonger as he has never properly learned how to deal truth without making it his peculiar episode of his own copyright which is not what Ron does ever.  They are two different people with immense differences of opinion and that is how it must stay for now.  The Mid Atlantic Ridge which Ron spells as three words for some reason, is off its mark as a stabilizing factor of gravity on Urantia.

"For this reason we must be absolutely clear that we are reconditioning Urantia without some of it in order to boil off some of the Atlantic man-made pollutants introduced in particular by New York City dumping mountains of gabage in the Atlantic in the 1930's and 1940's and it has caused a ban of sallow water that must be refreshed with tons of ice and cold and so on to kill the bacterial accumulating in it to feed.  It is never a dull moment on Urantia when these things occur and to kill unnumber numbers of bacteria forming in the Atlantic to feed on debris placed there by the garbage scows owned by the City of New York, it must be iced over for a century or more to kill them off.  I am Father and I assure you this is no pleasure to me and/or others, and I am quite certain it is a horror to Ron, but we need an ice shield to cover parts of the Atlantic again to provide all of that cold to kill such a swarm of pollutants now forming off the east coast of the United States in particular.   Ron rightly asks that the Mid Atlantic Ridge is central Atlantic and thousands of miles away from the US East Coast. and how do those bacteria threaten that area near Jersey and New York and so on?

"The answer lies in the American theology of power and destruction of political systems the USA does not like.  In World War II so many oil tankers hit the floor of the Atlantic, great amounts of oil still lie trapped in their rotting hulls and that is our gift Ron, and we see to it that the oil is distributed into the water as nutrients for Krill to feast on.  Now the bacteria are getting invilved and they will transfer some of their eating frenzy to the coast line as feeding grounds, and some of that bacteria is deadly to man just to touch it.  Good day.  Father."

MOTHER SPIRIT  - "We are all surprised Father chose to answer this at all, and as a result we see a new composing to be done on high in order to grapple with this kind of bacteria bloom.  I am aware of it since bacteria are life forms.  But I was unaware of the problem developing in the Mid Atlantic Ridge over bacterial infections taking place there and the actions the Father prepares to be taken by persons in the Local Universe of Nebadon alone to counter the results of infections now spreading around the world due to bacterial interlocutors versions of collusion on Urantia life.  We leave this for now to announced the following:

"The true we have with the URANTIA FOUNDATION is over.  Ron properly sees the results of what they do in the name of their own and persistent self existence.  Michael is lowering the boom today and they will hear a sentene or two in their own souls that the Millennium III text must be withdrawn from sale at once upon cons4equene to their own natures by the Judges.  Be assured this is true Ron as you worry they perpetuate anything they want unless legally countered and they will be legally countered by our own forces.  Thank you.  Mother Spirit."

Ron Besser here - We get these intertwined posts with different subjects because they are important for you to know; however, the Foundation announcement above really needs to be in a different category but I leave it here simply because I do not have the time to reassign information unless it begs to be done.  It does here but I do not have the time now.  I know this is a shock to some and unrelieved by others but wait until the final showdown arrives, not on my say so, but on that which Michael of Nebadon insists must be now as they have crossed the line with what is truly sedition and the resulting rebellion.  They apparently have no idea what they have done by condoning the publication known as Millennium III and made ready for purchase on Amazon dot Com.  I have no real fight in this discussion but only to call a spade a spade and I am appalled this text has its retribution against all of us and is centered in the very Foundation given so much trust to them under Dr. Sadler.  Ron


The new way of receiving a transmission by typing it directly on a white sheet of word pad through a computer key board is similar in some ways to what I do when I transcribe an audio transmission. The only difference is that I have the possibility to use the start-stop button to make a pause and to rewind the tape when I miss a word. On the opposite, in a direct reception-transmission, the transmitter is the one who has a control over the situation.

I have been doing this job typing for more than 20 yrs before I retired 10 yrs ago, and I have always kept practicing ; I must say that I am still good at it. I sincerely think that direct-reception-transmission typing on a computer key board is the best way to go for now. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is not impossible, in the future, to have all in one pack, without having to type. Who knows !  ;) Domtia
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Be careful what you say

Beloved/Lemuel : Well, as you may hear, we are in the countryside again and it is more enjoyable now because the temperature is in a limit of 25, just a week ago it was 35 and more, so this is much more comfortable. I have no idea what to talk about this morning, but suddenly it has come to me as we go along here.

If you remember recently we talked about a new empowerment and increased responsibility and yes everyday can be a lovely day, but the title of this little talk this morning is simply ‘Be careful what you say’ and more importantly how you say it. This is a message for all of you, my dear brothers and sisters here on the forum and also the other fused members, especially to the new ones, I say many congratulations. As I am sure you understand, fusion is a process and it can be long, very long process and just take one day at a time and that will be sufficient, don’t look into the future.

So yes, the talk this morning is ‘Be careful what you say’, because now that you all have, whether you are aware of it or not, probably not, it does not matter, you must be mindful of it of this new empowerment which means literally that what you say and especially how you say it can have an immediate effect on the person to whom you are talking or even the person you are talking about if the person is not present and this is probably the most important thing you need to bear in mind at all, because if you were talking about someone else and may be critizing them, be very very careful of what you say, because it does have and will have an effect. If it is of a negative nature you will also receive the benefits of it, in other words it will come back and kick you on the estomac, so be very careful what you say and how you say it.

This is also an increased responsibility that this empowerment brings and just use the common sense about it and obviously if you are in a position in your workplace for example and you have a normal responsibility over other people in your work, I am sure there comes a time when the circumstances, you wish to take somebody aside and give them up a ticking off so to speak. Be very careful more than ever now because of the effect that it has on them and the rebounding effect that it will have on you. As they say what goes round, comes around, yes like a boomrang, so this is where your increased responsability lies.

Everyday can be a lovely day, we just talked about this a couple days ago I think. You have been told many times, if we can have the attitude of a child that has complete trust and faith in your parents and you don’t have a care of the world because you know you are loved and you love your parents (a pause). Yes, a child likes attitude that one can have. Some people may think that this is a very simplistic and childish thing to be talking about, let me assure you it is not.

If you can still have the attitude of a child who is still opened and innocent before the world has made him different, just like the child I saw this morning, in fact I saw many, but one in particular and it was a little girl and she was I suppose about four years of age and her face was so sweet, so adorable, and she smiled to everyone and it reminded me of the fact that even before a child is indwelt by a Thought Adjuster that child is being brought up in a correct way by parents, because if not that child would have a different expression on her face and it would not be so opened and smiling, because as the other children I see of the very young age they do not smile, they do not have light in their eyes and jump up and down and cannot have what they want and looking at the parents’faces one can see the result.

As they say what in the trees comes out in the branches and it is a sad affair when parents are not as opened and loving and responsible as they should be, bringing up young children. Well this is a big subject and I know I digress to mention this. But coming back again as a child with our Heavenly Parents, you can have a happy day everyday and I do it soon as I wake up, spend a few words to my Beloved, then I just sit up on the edge of the bed and I stay there for some minutes and I have a little chat with my Beloved and I feel OK. This is my message, you can be happy everyday, just spend a few moments with your Beloved everyday and I am sure you will see the difference if you get into the habit of doing this. It only takes a moment to do this and you start enjoying the day in a perfect way.

Well, so just a recap before we finish, be very careful because the new empowerment that we have received and the increased responsibility that goes with this, is very important and then try to be mindful of spending a few moments as a child, just a little child with your Heavenly Parents every morning before you start your normal daily routine. That’s enough for this morning and as always I thank you so much for listening, it is so nice to have the privilege to be able talk to you like this and so I wish you a good day and be happy, bye-bye for now. Domtia
General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 06:16:10 AM »

As I sought in prayer to request some explanation to the above vision that I was presented with, Mother Spirit came in to speak along with Michael and Lanaforge who have some more additional things to say; here I share under this thread to keep it all together:

Mother Spirit:

“These are images like pieces to a puzzle. What it is, is censored for now. What you see is what you get, in time it will come to you and you will recognise it, get a deja-vu and know what it is when it is presented to you in a later time. For now, you see images and its meaning is censored for reason of State. You will understand it later on. Let time be the teacher for you. It is enough for us to see you have the gift of visual insight on levels of the morontial ability. This is due to our work in your brain-stem to move you in areas of sensory abilities that you are very good at receiving. I work in this to get it done better. You are a seer, my dear, your Adjuster and I work closely to getting this attuning more in you to do this function.

“Let it go, let the passage of time unveil this for you and you will see it better than you do now. “

[Sue: o.k. Thank you Mother Spirit, is there anymore things you would like to add to here?]

“Stay as you are, remain in your calm composure and keep up with Ankara as that is a newly assigned teacher with you. You will be working closely together in relation to your morontial bonding of your Adjuster attunement. This is so there is the ability to attune to the hub-type of communication we may have going in the near future so as to enable better flow of transaction of information where Michael sees the need for it to occur. Michael has some things to say.”

Michael of Nebadon:

“There is coming a long transmission I would like you to sit down to take Sue, if you can, and it is Lanaforge who is eager to speak on this matter of financial woes that you recently heard of the other day. It is now time to get on with work and I need this to be known by all of you as it has repercussions everywhere when it affects the very life you live. I leave this with Lanaforge to speak to this subject. Suffice it to say, those images you get Sue are only part of the work on your brain stem as Mother Spirit points out in order to improve your ability to fine-tune the morontial visionary acuity you have going well in you. This is to enable better insights to reckon the work you have got going already. Lanaforge is ready here to speak.”

[Yes, Lanaforge, go ahead and speak.]


“I have a long transmission, but it is not going to be as long when you are good to get the gist of what is really necessary to state.

“I cannot overemphasize the trouble the global markets are facing when the currency of many nations are struggling to maintain its worth under the weight of huge unpayable debts these nations cannot meet. It is soon to crumble under its own making and the value of any currency will have no strength to meet its intended purchasing power.

“For this reason, there will be a necessity to make a parity of the currencies and to have the gold standard issue in place to stabilise the fluidity of transaction to keep commerce floating at all. Otherwise, there would be no buyers or sellers and things grind down to a halt in stagnation, we find very dire in the coming emergency of the dark transition, that will erupt all over the place and food, water, shelter and transportation will come in high demand. Without which people will simply not survive the harsh cold that will spill over in various parts and many may even see loss of life in various regions due to the severity as they may suffer the most damage.

“I make this transmission for one reason alone. To bring awareness to the need for all of you to prepare yourself for the worst and to also be prepared to be calm in the midst of what is to be chaos in all likelihood. Take what you can and eat well if you can help it. Go where it is safe to do so, otherwise, stay low, keep warm and help one another in your households to sustain ourselves as long as you can. Just know it will pass quickly when the earth settles itself and then we can get to task to do the work of reclamation and rehabilitation.

“There is more to be said but it is rather premature to say it just yet. The plans ahead are in place, and we settle in for a rough start along with some nasty hurdles to cross over before we can be recognised to be a force for good in the world that has so abruptly moved from one era to a new set of challenges.

“I am Lanaforge to present for now the rough outline of what is to be expected and as your Planetary Prince, we ask that you all get ready to apply yourselves as best as you can and get to work in assisting wherever you are in doing good to others. This is all for now as I make updates along the way as this one is at this stage. I bid you all well and good day.”

End. (3.10pm)

Hello to my large spiritual siblings in this forum of mind: - *
All my delicious sisters who received the Grace of the merger with the respective fragment, and all my brothers in services and actions on this primitive planet, despite the mistakes and egotistic adventures "certain, know everyone that the number of merged service is increasingly active, the evidence, the chaos of our present Urantia nearing total eradication is UNDER SINGLE DIVINE CONTROL

Dear Beloved, no souls of the plan n échapppe the Heart of God, our benevolent Master and cosmic educators are our valuable guides and L d in homo sapiens evolution path is being among the billions of men and
Women on all continents, from this global chaos, WE All and all as agreed MEMBERS OF RESERVE CORPS intended to Urantia 2018 are services and actions, our order of numbers are already privileged and glorified in this destructive Humanity Corps for this sextra-ordinary moment Fusion in the ordinary of our lives in this work "spiritual" exquisite and courageous, we, myself included that of the continent Europeen associated Yours in Service
d united to the will of those who lead us, my friends, my brothers in this "evil-odorant- Garden under the smoldering ashes of the opponent in all its forms even to genetic nonexistent spiritual DNA 'or adulterated as the example of our brother Larry, can you understand, CHOICE of individuals, human sapiens hijacked by personal charter of a lanonendek son,

My brothers and sisters, by the eternal presence of the moment, in the space / time that Urantia "Garden
became dark colored and subtly cancérisé by corruption, fraud-meurtrière- the violence called necessary evil to bring up the bright and dazzling LAZER current DIVINE, you, we party quality of your humanity / divinity experien "sky" = tHE merger with respective fragment of each service on every continent, as all our generous soyions GUIDES COSMIC
and our brothers intelligent and aware of this réuinitialisation of "homo sapiens in homospiritus" 2018
Thus in the time space that characterizes us, of c HEFS, monitors, teachers, assistants, Median, hybrid like us REMAIN worthy and Resplandissants Lazers of LIGHT service and actions of the present moment of primitive Urantia by way of "light and Life"
G Loire GOD UNDER CONTROL ... in this eternal love which cancels all evils ..P "otchamé

BERNADETTE  DE FRANCE    Ajusteur  P'Otchamé Famille spirituelle  N°5  dans la Fratrie avec N° ordre
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Be careful what you say.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 18th Aug. 2018  11:57 Local  09:57 Z
Bonjours à ma nombreuse fratrie spirituelle de ce forum de l esprit, : - *
Toutes mes soeurs délicieuses ayant reçu la Grace de la fusion avec leur fragment respectif,  et tous mes fréres en services et actions sur cette primitive planète, malgré les erreurs et les aventures égotique" decertains, sachez tous et toutes que le nombre de fusionnés en service est de plus en plus actif, la preuve, le chaos de notre urantia actuel en voie d éradica
Wendy Winter DOF 16.7.18 10 AM Australian Local Time Zone.
FUSION TALK / Re: Brain Washing Not!!!!
« Last post by 7inOcean on Today at 02:30:44 AM »
I did read the post yesterday regarding Larry, the rebellion of the Urantia Foundation and the rescinding of the SER, I  fell silent in sadness to be honest and couldn't bring myself to comment. It is just sad that another rebellion erupts and no one in that Foundation seems to get what revelation is. As in regards to the Millenium 3 book,  I admit getting it, I started in  reading the first page and gave up as it got very suspicious as to the author as anonymous and the language in it. I don't like it  when I know TUB AND SER are in volumes of enlightening reading as opposed to a miniscule thumb that actually plagiarises from other sources e.g. Ron's work in the ABC Summaries. I agree with Ron and Michael on their views stated so strongly.

I understand how Ron feels of our lazy response to his strongly voiced post,  but to be fair it hit us, well me, in much sadness and realisation the battle is now very real. Thank you for allowing us to see the ugly part and then how is Michael going to face the Vatican with sweetness when it too is plagued with pedophilia issues and so on?

Hi Ron and thank you,

This is when my notebook comes in handy for dates and I have two.

  • I present to you two different dates: one from Michael and Mother Spirit, Nebadonia to inform me at 6pm 31/12/2017  the following entry/message in my notebook at that time:

“Wait this out, the message is due. The morning is better for you to receive at your freshest after the sleep. Sleep it off (as I was fatigued with much going on) now, you are too tired. “
(I got the gist - fusion for me was to be on 5th January, 2018 - letting me know in advance to get rest at that time (following words sings out in my sensory) ‘Diapetra Sonsonnortia Clayotia Hitienotia’. My fusion is the first in the SER and will be closely grouped with your mind family of origin(?). Ron and I as Barmtorsha Adjutants Spirit.”

     2. About 06/03/2018 Ron sent me a private email regarding my fusion status and reports it have occurred on January 14, 2018 at 11.30am. At the time Ron you have said in your email that is was supposed to have happened earlier in January, as it was said in No.1 above, but it was delayed until I got home from my holiday in Queensland and it was then confirmed on 14/01/2018 as in No.2.  Bear in mind I knew well before in December from Michael and Mother Spirit even my spiritual name as is spelled out above at the time.

Thank you and Congratulations to Steve and Joylin!

Sue Whiley/7inOcean
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