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Prolotheos - Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom - 19-Jun-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Prolotheos
Subject:  Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom
19-Jun-18 3:25 PM  EST   19:35 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is the dawning of a new era on your world called Urantia/Nystoria and it is with the mindset of doing the Fathers will, in his ways and timing that will see you and your brethren through to the days of Light and Life for which you long and your planet cries out in despair.  I am of the Seraphim order which has longevity on this planet through the ministries of high spirit counselors who draw near to those who draw near to the pure higher energies of spirit in their thoughts will and intentions.  

"It is of a certainty that there will be personal and social upheaval but such are the ways of change on such a planet so torn with strife and expectant of corruption and violence at every turn.  We see and hear and sit back in wonder how a people and planet can be so resilient time and again in their strange evolutionary journey into the concepts of love and brotherhood for all.

“Is there a time so ripe as to pick the fruit in its most perfected state of maturity or will the winds of corruption once again cause the fruit to spoil on the vine or be plucked in anticipation of darker days to come?  Such is the quandary of the farmer with his crops and the situation at hand before us.  

“Can the fruit be preserved if harvested too soon?  Should that which is over-ripe be given over to continue its evolutionary path in its natural environment?  At the behest of Our Father in Heaven we must await the counsel of He who knows all things from the beginning to the end.  

“It is a scenario best viewed from the all-inclusive panoramic view of Paradise wherein dwells the Source of wisdom, the essence of virtue and the foundation of all that can and must exist  to play out in the vicissitudes of life from before their embryonic state on the worlds of time.  The pressures and pain and struggles and gain are ever kept in perfect balance through the heart of the one who pours out His life energies into every form and facet of existence.

“I bid you now, today, to look into the face of Life itself and comprehend the similitude of His gathering and giving, as you await in peace the dawn of each new moment of opportunity you are given to be mentored in wisdom by giving Him your ear to hear and heeding His wisdom freely given to each of his children for the asking.

“I am a way bringing to your conscious mind the Fathers desire to fellowship with each of His children near and far.

My name is Prolotheos and this one questions her worth as she lays this before her brethren in service.”

[Transmitter note:  I note here for the reader that Ron’s post states Prolotheus is a Secondary Seconophim and I stand open to correction]  

[Thank you Prolotheos, I have sensed an overwhelming presence of the Heart of God this day, of His love and acceptance so freely given.  I thank you for so gently coming through me as I sat to receive the voice of Father’s ambassadors in spirit.]

June 18, 2018 in York Pa at 2PM Local Time
Ron Besser Receiver

DISASTER in 2015 and 2016 Ends Magisterial Mission on Nystoria Finally
Speaking: Prolotheos and Ophelius with Nestor, a Finaliter now attached to Paradise only for reasons of State.

"I will use the first person from Ophelius, as it was He who promoted the Mentori idea back in the mind 1990's when the Michael endeavor called the Teaching Mission began.  It was his to promote as an outside group firmly attached to the Teaching Mission but not part of it at that time.  

"We Mentori see Ron as luckless in so many things he aspires to, but the odd thing is he wins the big things and stays on top in spite of many who want to drown him like a new kitten on the block.  You write well and we do too but we are being watched carefully by Michael of Nebadon to clear this well and get to the point.  You Ron are necessary and full of compassion for all who try and refuse to give up too and you have a few on this discussion forum who can be trusted and allowed into your work for us in a near term solution to a disaster no body saw coming.

"On December 23rd, 2015, just as we were beginning to count the minutes to the countdown to start these Missions as planned.  Jesus got sick and tire of the fight over Ron and quit.  He was thoroughly trusted and knew Jesus well enough to joke with him and still does on Paradise as Jesus has once again returned to teach his class about human beings at least as the exist on then called Urantia now Nystoria.  Jesus told Michael of Nebadon that Ron stood as fine an Apostle as the twelve were excluding Judas.  Michael knew the case well and let it simmer but Ron has things about his quirky personality that needs never be seen by the light of day by society as large as it has no explanation but it makes him brilliant in perception every moment he uses his own designs to understand people and how they react.  Jesus told Michael this was a deal breaker, and yes he made his promise to return, but he was being pressed from all sides to drop the idea of an Apostleship for anyone and just go back and make it work as he did before. 

"I am sure I come out the heavy in this but I am not but Ron is not either.  You Ron shut up!  You make me laugh and yes now is my chance to throw it all over you and escape like a white lilly at Easter.  I am not truly upset with all of this but did create quite a stir with the Magisterial Sons of Paradise and they yet have to recall why they ever tried to talk to Ron without Jesus present.   We see Serara stir and so does Monjoronson over this issue all the time and Ron knows perfectly well what has everything all dust up in the air over it, and Ron himself sets the record straight, by saying, "Urantia made us what we are and why sudden hide the genetic qualities that make us all work this time?"   The trouble is the mores on Urantia are antique as any I have ever encountered with a planet than drive to the moon and back on a tank full of dynamite.

"Now I am Jesus and I take off the varnish as the son of man and use my new nature the Son of God in a special category everybody keeps forgetting:   I AM DEITY NOW!!!

"As a result of that change of status from being a divine Son of God, Father promoted my ideals to the point He never forgave Urantia/Nystoria for one moment, and here comes the man I want to use as my Apostle to represent all mankind to man and God forever, and he is unacceptable because he has quirks we put there not by accident but on purpose so he could serve without being reduced to just a tax paying citizen.  I am used to that Ron and thank you always showing deep gratitude for my opinion and take on humans I run into while in high service. 

"I continue speaking as Jesus now -   I am fully aware Ron is in great pain and eye difficulty due to errors we made but he stays with it in spite of being sour every monet over this fate when he cannot enjoy the day anymore without trying to figure out how to appear normal when he needs an ambulance just to get to a certain destination point.  I am also sure Ron you will have those poles repaired shortly even today as far as we are concerned.  I cover one more serious aspect that drove the Magisterial Missions out of the way for now and that is the habit of Ron to watch TV until he cannot stand it anymore and quit and goes to the computer for all sorts of news he covets to know and is usually disappointed there too.  I decided that a TV announcement was ludicrous just watching Ron being so thoroughly disgusted with what is presented there supposedly in entertaining taste but so crude it fails the smell test even by the most liberal somethere in this vast unvierse of universes.

"Today is the 18th of June in the year of 2018 on Nystoria, and that is well done and good but realize your world by your corrected calendar is really 2025!!!

"That means I should have already arrived there, but now I carry to many responsibilities on Paradise and must aver to tell Michael I do not return soon but prefer to return not at all and forgive all who pleased you Ron that such a new date as 2030 but I see it not!

"That comes back to the disaster that happened to Nebadon in 2015-2016, Michael never speaks to because it is not settled at all.  I let Nestor the Finaliter as a Supernaphim by Ron's side this day tell you the rest.  I return to my class now.  JESUS"

"I am Nestor and I appreciate how Ron can deliver text without emotion, but you can feel it in how the letters appear and how hard this is for Ron to realize he never will know Jesus in the flesh now.  Jesus avers that Ron is his Apostle in choice but no longer does it matter to Jesus but the fact he must face reality someday and joining the human race as himself and let alone the naysayers that bedraggle every thing he does because he refuses to show falseness ever.  I am Nestor and that is a fine young man but an old one now and life is leaving him quickly until the historic preservation society in spirit took a look at him and said that it was too important to preserve him if possible.  That has caused such a stir on Paradise the Father and Eternal Son had to step in and they allow Master Spirit Four to portray the Deity Absolute to him on Nystoria.  It has been done only a few times and always it had to do with a Bestowl Son status that had to be rectified to finish properly.   The Father attempted to introduce a morontial setting into Ron but his body rejected it severely and he nearly lost his life twice over issues he is still confused about but leaves alone because he cannot fathom the reasons for them to appear to him.

"I am Nestor and you all benefit by the dedication Ron has to we Spirits who must tell the truth and never waver but Michael of Nebadon is now beset with a new problem he has not figured out yet and that is to tell Ron to go pound sand while he settles an old score he never thought would happen.

"Christ Michael sent to Uversa a fifth Bestowal who you all know as Eventod.   in token to the Will of the Spirit (Infinite Spirit).  It worked beautifully, but Eventod was let to stay on Uversa providing he would lead a group of humans who arrived there to better understanding of the Infinite Spirit.  That is quite natural to do because Eventod is the portray of the Infinite Spirit by the Creator Son of Nebadon.   In any case, one day in the year 2015 by your current calendar, Eventod decided to end his life on Uversa and partook of the ceremony of Transcendental Revival to a proposed different Order than as a Spirit Bestowal Son.  When he entered into its State, the machine imploded on his frame of spirit and captured him not but sent him free wheeling into deep outer space regions where no life support systems evolve just yet.  Instead of working to promote peace and harmony now, the form left to Eventod is evil no more than Deity can be, but is non communicative on levels of language and teaching.  I am telling this in human terminology and you must understand the force field required to provide this information is very slim.  [Ron: Understood Nestor and I comprehend just enough to be greatly concerned]

"We on high see nothing wrong with Eventod at all and that blink Ron was to keep you out mischief as Eventod hears your concern and wishes you not to worry for him . . . .  
"In any case this must end persuasion that all of you have that all is well in Nebadon.  Ron asks the right questions by asking Michael indirectly, 'How does this affect you Michael, and then any divine mission to start in Nebadon these days?'

"Michael responds petulantly that it is none of his business ever but sees the genuine appreciation this disaster must confirm to Michael as he sees his Bestowals being checked by forces he does not control and that is, as Ron immediately suggests, is free will from those who work these Missions for the Creator Son. . . . [Michael now requests to speak and Nestor steps back . . . ]


"I am Michael and thank all of you for listening to this woe that has happened to Me personally in Nebadon.  I am the Creator Son who created all of this to be run with my will intact as much as possible for all of you and that is a flash not Ron but of Me to keep out of her way as she is livid you see nothing left of a teaching mission she crushed all by herself almost and that drives her nuts but keep it under your hat as best you can as you show no remorse over her but over a mission you loved an a wonderful ideal of me and my brood. 

"In any case all Magisterial Missions had to be aborted on June 7th of 2018 just as I was ready to give Ron the go ahead to lead the Temple idea into fruition and so on.  Now it is doubtful we can do any of that until things are cleared with Mantutia Melchizedek and his view on the situation and Ron's views are held sacredly too t hat we must establish heremony on Nystoria or face yet another disaster soon enough over issues he does not discern at all and yet I see clearly:  he is no pariah but he will be counted as son before the religious organizations known as the Urantia Foundation shold he step over the line and call it the Urantia Book Foundation and that is why he is changing the name immediately to the Nystoria Foundation and  to drop the word Urantia everywhere.  Good and this:  I trail this quote with one other concern:  Ron you must stop using your full middle initial in time as it stands for something else to us and we quite this only to advise you that Eventod is being repaired and I am being repaired from the shock it caused and we will be normal shortly both of us and never again shall we aver to provide one Order a chance to be another Order without making sure the Father understands it.  END"

** NOTE - Ron here, Ophelia is not Ophelius but I did a double take anyhow and explain with His help that Ophelius is not only a Primary Midwayer taking origin in time and space, but on Paradise is a wise one chosen to monitor our communications to stay out of trouble with Paradise and particularly the Father on issues of State that are so personal as this one is. **

" I return with myself and guided by what you may see as a Censor but not so as we have to talk through a situation not yet condemned to history.  Ophelius  is standing by, and I Ophelia and working directly with Prolotheos.  I continue with this slight diatribe to Ron to listen carefully now as your fate is hanging by a thread today as you may have gathered this morning.  Michael chooses to leave the entire matter of the sixth epochal revelation item alone and your thread is the discussion forum where you are absolutely essential to have a large number of followers learn the protocols you have to learn to but a little ahead of them. 

"We now understand that the Proctor of Assembly is not Ron but a divine being and that Ron may serve at his pleasure as an Acolyte with others of that same title.

"Leaving aside the person who is the Proctor of Assembly in the Temple, please realize that the day is coming that Ron leaves Nystoria in human form and is likely to be reinstated in morontial form with the Michael government on Nystoria for his own rewarding stay with the Melchizedeks.  He is rewarded with several honors already but Michael insists he must take the Iron Cross off his heart and bare his soul to those who love him and rewards his stay at a bivouac near him for the restoration of faith of mankind.  Be so assigned Ron and listen to this:  Good day from God and her is Malacontra our specialist in love affairs on high.   I am Nestor, the Finaliter or reproof no more as I learned the truth now as these things get all coiled up over themselves the further out into space they go.  Good day. Nestor."



" I am Michael and I forgot i spoke to Ron about the Temple and the Proctor of Assembly which is a hasty name thought up to provide Ron with the idea of a supervising divine entity to run the Temple concisely as the Father would have it.  Ron is in full agreement with that idea always and prefers not to have administrative duties concerning the Temple as he feels it is above his pay grade. 

"I am very churlish with Ron these days over his incessant complaint of not being able to walk or see, and I do not feel pressed to apologize but I do when I am thinking well.  He has fallen off his horse of rectitude only to wind up on the floor because he does not have the strength to stand straight yet.  I am Michael and he enjoys the Creator Son as he does a person of unusual qualities and I am proud of having a human who does not fawn all over the title and to let me live my life as usual and that is often with a scow on my face.  I am also making Ron easy to deal with shortly as he must make repairs to the house and his bank as soon as they can figure out what a gang of thieves have done to a certain banking system fraught with ease but not too well protected and so on.  You are not famous any where Ron but you are likely to be so if you do not foul up too soon with Trump who threw you out with a paper knife and reminded all he was crazy to think this guy had something for us.  Truth is Trump wants to meet you and see how you hold up under his scowl and you would do fine as he is truly a pussy cat when he really understands the situation.  Now you say, Ron, you do not understand the situation yet although the plain talk from Prolotheos was worth it to see again and he is a regular for you now.  He protects his turf by telling CM to take a walk if he cannot do a regular time with the Mentori anymore.

"Good day, and thank God you have this transmitter working for you as he makes sunshine out of hay everywhere. Michael."

June 118, 2018 / Receiver Ron Besser with the amazing members of the Mentori gathering around us.
Where Are We Today? Fm Host of Paradise called Prolotheos with Ophelius the Host of Hosts on Paradise
 "I am Prolotheos, I am with Ophelius, we are both favorite teachers Ron loves to doodle with, and he asked us to say a few words about just where you guys are today on Nystoria (a new name that is hard for us to remember after using Urantia for decades to teach . . . ) and here goes:

 "I am a Heavenly Host, so that means I work on Paradise alone and with groups of students coming over to receive their degrees in Finaliter convergence when they finish their Deity Adventures.  You are never quite sure Ron whether that is a Supernaphim or a Paradise Teacher of some sort not revealed to you.  My Order is not revealed on Nystoria, but I do so now:  I am a Secondary Midwayer who loves to Teach God on Nystoria and now I am on Paradise permanently as a Secondary Seconaphim of Distinguished Cross awards.  Michael of Nebadon gave it to me before I left over ten thousand years ago for I was rewarded the distinguished cross as you are to receive Ron, and I have great pride to address you directly.  You are wondering how these words may sound to others who read this, but be assured we revive you as you revive us this day.  Thank you for taking the time to look for our name and our work with Chris Maurus and others who have long given up this work to do what they want to do now:  NOTHING!

" I am a Chris Maurus lover too as he did great work so long as he had you in sight and he wonders now where you went for him but he gave you hell for something you did not intend and you let it lay so you did not upset him further.  Good.  And this.  As a Secondary Seconophim, I have duties I never imagined before and being a Secondary Midwayer, not from Nystoria, but another planet that must always be sealed our of your mind too as it was nefarious beyond belief and died an ignoble death when it blew up with all souls on board and few ever survived.   I now remain alone with but a few who remember our days on that planet, not in Nebadon, but in a galaxy far, far, away as your Starwars movies alwasy show at the beginning.

"Ophelius has this to say:"

OPHELIUS HERE - "I never was a Secondary Midwayer, but I was also a Midwayer of the first class as you call them on Nystoria, a Primary Midwayer and spirit most of the time for that matter.  I carry two promotions I cherish, and one is to you for your making us heard again with gracious good humor and second, to promote our wares as unusually truthful in spite of what the gloss to be added may be.  I am truly working hard Ron to keep you out of silly.  [new voice speaking:  'I am a Primary Supernaphim soon to be and I worked with the Mentori on Urantia now Nystoria.  I never met one like you on many trips to Nystoria was Urantia, and now I live my life in seclusion in one ivory castle after another and cannot wait to maintain our selves with you.  I hope you are ready for a wild ride and that is to cheer you up too.  Thank you.  I used the name Nestor and have spoken as a Finaliter Corp member now departed from Nystoria.]"

Here then is Prolotheos with today's Lesson:

"I am Prolotheos and Ron reminds us of the time he could not wait to sit down and takes notes from Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael and Mother Spirit and others he has now forgotten due to memory loss of those sterling days of tranquility and hope.  Now we face a truant on Nystoria called Trump and he is ruining all progress made in the last fifty years of proposed civilization.  I am sure this lesson strikes home to some of you as lame and horrible but let me tell you how it happened he got into the Presidency in the first place.  I am working with Andromadeus not Ron.  I am not working with Michael of Nebadon not Ron.  Just keep your P's and Q's out of worry there . . .

"In so many words we do not stop at this point and let you gather fleas as you so foten do and that is not anger but worry you do not hold well as you submit to their wills easily and wish them to be presented as they really see things which they cannot and still hold honorary degrees with Father.  But I can do this for all of you and make it perfectly clear what is to be done soon.  

"This is indeed Prolotheos and I make this statement categorically to all of you.  The Magisterial Mission as originally conceived for Nystoria is not over.  It will be played out in about sixteen to twenty years from now and that bypasses many of you who are on this site right now to join as a human being.  Ron will not leave but he must be reminded he has no favors to expect once he is part of the group that regulates the new sixth epochal revelation he is so proud of just to talk about and he should be as he name does appear once in there as a helper of extraordinary use and will be offered up to the Father with higher expectations more once we can figure out what this means to a Magisterial Mission gone dead in the water right now.

"I also see Ron wanting to share stuff he holds sacred to himself but never can because of politics and because the world will never recommend a man of this stature to be among the few that recognizes so much about so many of us we hold him dear not yet but soon.  

"I am sure he is not in the new book but he was and it got cut because he must not be shown in it yet.  I am sure Mantutia laughs over this now but it hurt him to make that cut so Ron was not recognized at all. In any case I as Prolotheos am well advised to curry favor no more with Michael and spell out the disaster we now all recognize hit Ron and Michael of Nebadon and even the Father as these things were being prepared for life on what is not called Nystoria, but then called Urantia.  I continue with the help of Ophelius:

"Ophelius and I, Prolotheos, are well designed to take history calmly.  But in the middle of the planning of these Missions, Ron stumbled onto the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  To most people who read the Urantia Book that is a totally unknown entity but to Ron it was quite real and he had a chance to ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny about Infinity. That is a verboten subject anywhere you travel these days and we helpd our breath for reasons of State we may not tell you, and that is because Ron is quite innocent as to why that subject is held back even in graudate courses on Paradise.  The simple reason is that Ron wanted to understand that if he was correct to see Infinity as a system of reality rather than everything the One who Conceived is?   I am sure that hit the Father rather unusually as he saw it not a challenge to his impeccable credentials but to his regard for understanding the mechanism that runs the grand universe.  He also saw it as a way to remind all that not to challenge precepts is to not challenge life hard enough to get rewards of an unusual nature.  I saw the Father determind that Ron should be answered to the extent the question allowed, and Father showed Ron that the Conusmmator of Universe Destiny was truly outside of the mechanism of Infinite Space and Time but not outside the mechansim that trials Infinity to do better with the unification of time with Infinity.  He now sees that helping trillions of beings as that ideal was shared with everyone as Father usually does and we today now hear the Father chuckle that it was one in a trillion billion hits that Ron would ask the question that way.  Now we proceed with another disaster and we shall post this next in yet another thread called:  THE DISASTER THAT HIT NEBADON JUST AS THE MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS WERE TO START IN 2015-2016

"We now close this thread to start a new one under the Jesus Category next."

"We are Ophelius and Prolotheos with Nestor the Finaliter at our side to see you again shortly.  Good day."

Ron here - this from the Mentori, a groups of super angels and high spirit who ban together in a lose Federation to teach without having to speak to any particular mission.  The Mentori work to upstep the thoughts of man without having a large agenda to push with it.  Prolotheos and Ophelius are collarborators that speak to people in the Untied States and Europe mostly and stay around to see if anybody remembers them these days.  The Mentori work on Nustoria no more because all itnerest has dropped in this kind of lesson so easily given, mostly to beginniers, for today. 

"Thank you Ron, this is Prolotheos and I am with Ophelius, as we are teachers from on high who need your support in these coming days of important change on Nystoria, and you are among our friends by sitting here and looking at our work go to waste.  You are not alone in bringing this forward as we must revise interest in God and man and the work they represent together.  You recognize mind firing as we speak and tell me to ignore it as you do not want to bother me or us with those concerns with Christ Maust who used to do us all the time.  But he quit and does not revise much except to now and then reference this site to see how you are doing and how he could be doing if he could find interest once more for us and you and the sites he regularly visits.  He should be here but hates the idea of bothering you after all that happened when he got angry with you over a mistake he made and still regrets firing off that nasty post to you one day in 2013 or so.  You love the Mentori and wish to see more of them but we have discontinued use on Nystoria because of so little help from man and woman on what was once a thriving evolutionary change for the better not so long ago.  We now state this for you and the group who reads anything sometimes:

"I am Prolotheos and Ophelius and I want to revive with you the idea of the Mentori which you cherish and found so exciting as an additional voice about change you get no where else.  We assign ourselves to you Ron for a brief period of time and remove the stigma of pain and hurt in your eyes and legs to remind you that you are not good as a receiver without purpose and that purpose has temporarily been removed.  So you go about trying to find rays of hope where none can be found and I wish this to end briefly so I can get myself together to give you another lesson on another thread immediately from Ophelius the proof reader.  I understand you work hard to remove errors but your proliferate them with posts that look for silver linings but find them not.  I am about to provide you a big look at these probabilities in truth and you greatly appreciate that. [Ron - I sure do and kiss your truth loving feet!]

"But now this lesson evolutionary religion as it is lived on Nystoria today.  Thank you!"

Prolotheos - Evolutionary Religion - Feb 25, 2015 - Illawarra District, AU

Chicago, US of A, February 25, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Evolutionary Religion”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Religion, defined in terms of evolution, came into existence together with the primates’ attainment of personality will. Will came to human beings concomitantly with the function of the last two Adjutant Mind Spirits, wisdom and worship. And being the last, they opened way for the appearance of religion in human life. Religion is the capacity to believe in the transcendental, even if the object of this belief is not accurate. Exercising this new faculty, which may be called faith, makes man a religious being. Today we are going to study the manifestation of religion in human life. Here are its major aspects:

“Institutional Religion: Here, religion becomes an organization, reaching social and political arenas. It not only regulates religion, but also social life and politics, becoming even a state religion, as was the Imperial Roman religion and its successor, the Roman Catholic Church of today — the Vatican State. Religion, then, is a means to control and it has little to do with real faith and devotion. It occupies itself with creeds, written confessions, dogmas, encyclicals, and more. Institutional religion is a scaffolding necessity in human development, but the day will come when ‘you won’t worship God neither in Jerusalem nor Gerasim, but in Spirit and Truth.’

“Ceremonial Religion: Ritual in religion serves to compensate for lack of spirituality, to uniform and control people — usually by a priestly hierarchy. Evolutionary religion inherited its rituals from the ghost cults. The living feared the dead, molding their lifestyle by copying their lives and ritualizing them. Ceremonial religion tends to become meaningless when the ritual is performed for its own sake, without spiritual power. Ceremonial religion sometimes becomes a misguided religious duty the religionist believes to be owing to Deity as an offering, usually in trying not incur its wrath. Little or no spirituality can be manifested through stylized religious rituals.

“Personal Religion. Worship is the highest form of personal religion, but petitions, gratitude, intercessory prayers also can express real spirituality, if they are not mere repetitions. Personal religion is by nature an enlightening religion; it promotes spiritual growth and spiritual sensitivity. However, personal religion can also become meaningless when the individual ‘overloads’ it with mysticism, fantasizing or fanatizing the faith, sometimes to the degree of delusion, paranoia. Religion then becomes a personal drug. Personal and authentic religion is what really counts in acquiring a spiritual status before God. Personal devotion is the only religion that the Spirit Within fosters in the human mind.

“So, my pupil, religion is so relevant to human beings that it requires the exercise of all human faculties — especially worship. Certainly it is the most important dimension in human beings because on it depends their eternal survival. Exercising religion with devotion, actual faith, but balancing it with all other fields of life prevents a life sterile of spirituality or a spirituality exacerbated by fanaticism. Religion is not a divinely manipulated function; rather, it is sponsored by the Spirit Within with revelations for man’s spiritual growth. I am Prolotheos, your Teacher on the morontia spheres of Nebadon. Peace be with all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.


Chicago, EEUU, 25 de febrero de 2015.
Maestro Proloteo.
Tema: “Religión evolutiva”.

Recibido por: Valdir Soares.

Proloteo: “La religión, definida en términos de evolución, comenzó a existir junto con el logro de la voluntad de la personalidad en los primates. La voluntad llegó a los seres humanos de forma concomitante con la función de los últimos dos Espíritus Ayudantes de la Mente, la sabiduría y la adoración. Y siendo los últimos, abrieron el camino para la aparición de la religión en la vida humana. La religión es la capacidad de creer en lo trascendental, incluso si el objeto de esta creencia no es exacta. El ejercicio de esta nueva facultad, que puede llamarse fe, hace del hombre un ser religioso. Hoy vamos a estudiar la manifestación de la religión en la vida humana. A continuación están sus aspectos principales:

“Religión institucional. Aquí, la religión se convierte en una organización, alcanzando los ámbitos sociales y políticos. No solo regula la religión, sino también la vida social y política, convirtiéndose incluso en una religión de Estado, tal como fue la religión Romana Imperial y su sucesora, la Iglesia Católica Romana de hoy –el Estado Vaticano. La religión, entonces, es un medio para controlar y tiene poco que ver con la verdadera fe y devoción. Se ocupa con credos, confesiones escritas, dogmas, encíclicas y mucho más. La religión institucional es una necesidad de estructura en el desarrollo humano, pero llegará el día en que ‘no adorarán a Dios ni en Jerusalén ni en Gerasim, sino en Espíritu y Verdad.’

“Religión ceremonial. El ritual en la religión sirve para compensar la falta de espiritualidad, para uniformizar y controlar a las personas –generalmente por una jerarquía sacerdotal. La religión evolutiva heredó sus rituales de los cultos a los fantasmas. Los vivos temían a los muertos, y moldeaban su estilo de vida copiando sus vidas y haciendo un rito de ellas. La religión ceremonial tiende a perder sentido cuando el ritual se hace por hacerlo, sin poder espiritual. La religión ceremonial a veces se convierte en un deber religioso malentendido que los practicantes creen estar ofreciendo a la Deidad, por lo general para tratar de no ocasionar su ira. Puede manifestarse poca o ninguna espiritualidad a través de los estilizados rituales religiosos.

“Religión personal. La adoración es la forma más alta de la religión personal, pero las peticiones, la gratitud y las oraciones de intercesión también pueden expresar una verdadera espiritualidad, si es que no son meras repeticiones. La religión personal es, por naturaleza, una religión iluminante; promueve el crecimiento espiritual y la sensibilidad espiritual. Sin embargo, la religión personal también puede perder su sentido cuando el individuo la ‘sobrecarga’ con misticismo, con fantasear o fanatizar la fe, a veces hasta el grado del delirio y la paranoia. La religión se convierte entonces en una droga personal. La religión personal y auténtica es lo que realmente cuenta en la adquisición de un estado espiritual ante Dios. La devoción personal es la única religión que el Espíritu Interior alimenta en la mente humana.

“Así que, estudiante mío, la religión es tan relevante para los seres humanos que requiere del ejercicio de todas las facultades humanas –especialmente de la adoración. Ciertamente es la dimensión más importante en los seres humanos, porque de ello depende su supervivencia eterna. Ejercitar la religión con devoción, la fe realmente, pero equilibrarla con todos los otros campos de la vida, evitará una vida estéril de espiritualidad o una espiritualidad exacerbada por el fanatismo. La religión no es una función divinamente manipulada, sino más bien, es auspiciada por el Espíritu Interior con revelaciones para el crecimiento espiritual del hombre. Soy Proloteo, vuestro Maestro en las esferas morontiales de Nebadon. La paz sea con todos ustedes.”

Traducido por Perla Téllez Garza.
FINALITERS & REVELATION / Re: Upending The Past and No Future To Tell for Now
« Last post by LarryG on June 18, 2018, 12:29:11 PM »
I am sure that we all feel very similar feelings and indeed waiting is the hardest part since our human imaginings can get so side tracked and out of sorts when left so oft when not knowing turns into incorrect thinking for truly knowing something, even if that knowing is not what we want to  occur or what is expected, is far better that not knowing and to be left hanging out on the tip of the branch, blowing in the wind.   Sometimes I feel like I am "snipe hunting" and I say that in all humor and affection.   So my thanks to you Ron and to Margul and Michael for the update.

Magrul stated: 
" Many of you who were our workers in the field for decades are being pushed out for new people not, but you are being pushed harshly to stop waiting and to get busy on issues that matter a great deal to us to change as we perceive we are ready to move when the dog stops barking at us.... 
and I ask specifically: What are those  "issues that matter to us to change"?

I was planning to respond to the "federation" thread since I have been thinking about it now for several days, but now that it has been temporarily put on the back burner, hopefully after the Mission hits the ground and Incarnated Spirit Beings are visible and working with humanity, then perhaps we can revisit this idea with a  federation, or pool or clearing house of interested and committed workers.   Nystoria can certainly benefit from such a global alliance.   I was thinking and reading, and researching about the 7  Ecumenical Councils  and other Inner Faith Gatherings attempts to co-ordinate global cooperation in trying to find some way st unification of thought, service and worship  to God  which has been very interesting. Unfortunately it is a massive undertaking and will take time, even generations, in order to achieve any degree of success.

This from Prolotheos, a companion teacher with Ophelius of the Mentori, which we do not hear from in our transmitters.  I included this transcription so well done and stated for your to lunch with as you promote your own ideas of what THIS life experience has taught you or not taught you yet.  Happy reading.   Ron

 - - - - - - - -

Prolotheos - Life-s Lessons - Jan 22, 2011 - Progress Group, AU
Chicago, U.S. of A, January 22, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Life’s Lessons.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “I would like to talk to you about life’s lessons.

“You will have many of life’s lessons in your journey.  Life lessons are experiences that help mortals in their journey.  They are turning-point experiences in human lives -- experiences which enable you to do better in the future, by having these experiences as reminders in your daily living, or on occasions when you find yourselves in situations that need an assessment from experience, rather than from theory only.

“However, to make the most of these lessons in your lives you must be aware of their importance as turning-point experiences.  In other words, you cannot forget them.  These experiences are not routine occurrences.  They are paramount experiences, designed to influence you for long periods of time.  They will be recalled many times during your journey -- even beyond physical death -- like road signs showing you what is ahead, or how to get to certain places.

“Life-changing experiences are powerful events that change your life in profound ways.  Sometimes they are dramatic situations in which you find yourself having to make moral decisions of great import.  At other times they may be the result of a slow realization of certain values that need to be adopted.  When such realizations are finally understood and accepted, new patterns start to become a part of your decisions, ‘swinging your whole life into’ an entirely new direction.

“All human beings have these turning-point life experiences, but many, instead of making good use of them, want to forget them, because they prompt them to consider advanced moral behavior in their lives.  So, you should pay attention to these regular ‘road signs’ and make sure that you follow the advice they convey, for you to safely direct your life to the goal of the ages -- your eventual perfection.

“These special experiences will be part of your entire ascension journey, not only of your mortal life.  They will multiply during your entire universe career and, one day, when you enter Paradise, you will look back on your long, long path, and recall all those road signs that showed you the way that brought you there.  Can you see how powerful and important these turning-point experiences are to your personal evolution?  So, do not fear them or try to forget them.  Instead, assess them from the right perspective as life lessons that can teach you much; sometimes much more than a human teacher can.

“This is Prolotheos, feeling honored with this opportunity to share with you, from experience, something that certainly will help you on your journey to Paradise.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

FINALITERS & REVELATION / Upending The Past and No Future To Tell for Now
« Last post by Ron Besser on June 18, 2018, 11:03:59 AM »
Upending The Past and No Future To Tell for Now

Before you say, 'well that is sure a negative way of starting things, let me just say we are not happy with the present way things are going, but hanging in there to appear at least alive in some ways.

Being tactful yet, most of you who read this site are surely aware we keep getting signals of a "go," and then recant and then "go" and then more recant.  I personally cannot follow why or for what reason there is so much foot shifting, and I blame it all on my decided view that spirit is too far more complicated to understand than I can manage to understand.

Recently I spoke to what I was calling the FEDERATION on another thread.  It is a good idea gone wonky and nothing I can ever do will really bring the idea forth without a large contingency of faith workers to upstage the idea of a cult and just let it run to keep them together through the gale of changes we are promised must come to our planet soon enough.   I do not rescind the idea but it is a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach and I will just back off the idea until something or someone decides it has merit and could put some heft into it to make it feasible.

Finally, this post is mostly to acknowledge I am at a standstill on expectations of most of what has survived to this point to inspire the discussion forum at all.  As it is summer time almost here in the States, the heat is gathering in York and the usual attendant humidity I detest blankets everything too.  I see little improvement in heatlh and mostly hearless versions to get over daily to avoid being called "dead."  Yet I take dictation daily and share precious little of it because it is mostly personal information and long gone situations I care never to resurrect ever again and good riddance.  However, this for you who find the doldrums so static you wonder if God fell asleep for us or not:

I am quite sure that the powers to be on our planet are quite well informed how to treat the change they accept easily to determine what is best for Nystoria.  I do not doubt that.  But those above us as spirit and morontial shapes, seem also to have forgiven us for starting something we cannot fulfill, and that is to accept a Magisterial Mission without hesitation, and then only to find, the big idea, like my idea of Federation, is too big to stomach and must be cut into smaller portions to get into us to feed us.

I do not know details as I am kept at arms length too and wonder why they bother to even do that.  You who have fused are also without a guiding light even as my guiding light now seems to be a weak battery flashlight (torch) that is more a pain to carry around than just feeling the walls to reliably find a chair to wait this thing out if possible.  Problems swirl around me as they must do for you too in various guises to tell yourselves that we wait for a good reason.  I hope that is the case, but my goodness, we have been at this for years, and since 2014 when fusion took place for me, it has been downhill mostly all the time for lots of reasons besides a Magisterial Mission that hardly exists on the bulletin board anymore.

Let me update you on a couple of things thought I keep hearing in my private discussions with the Chief of Apples and Cherries--  that his the Angelic realm of hopefuls that do positive things -

We are in a period of wait and see.  I see nothing but maybe you see more than that and I hope you are right.  In my case the lessons of life are hard upon me and I shrivel before the idea of a new life for Nystoria and I am postponed for good it seems over ever reliving what I had hoped was the best for all of us.  I carry great love and hope for all of you who put your hand with other hands on top of each other in the circle of affirmation to be one and one for all.  I believe that most strongly but fail to find much to do with those hands until we give up the ghost or learn to restate that high purpose for Him and for each other of us to work for Him.

The angels indicate that we are running a slow boat to no where today and I am literal in that that means the 18th of June today.  I spent a lot of time in the past few days looking at things to overcome and not doing well at all, but the angels indicate we have a lot to look forward to if we can ever get over moving a chair here and a sofa there to get the room to work in precisely furnished with the highest spirit possible, wants.   I asked the angels who attend me daily, what is the point of rephrasing all of this when nothing shows for each who populate a list with so much hope and detail, to have it fall silent and in some cases painfully so.  Their answer is usually mute but I do hear a recurring frame of reference:  You are not dead yet!   So it is but the boredom will do that for you girls while I hang on with my fingernails to end what has been a highly exciting ride back to the ticket booth! 

Second:  now this takes the cake!  I am sure they are going to do something; I am just not sure if we will be involved to the point we can see that we do go to work for them every day.  The new book is waiting for distribution but not in our eyesight.  The Magisterial Mission is still funded but moribund, and the House that Jack built died out a few months back and no good is shown except a smoking mound of debris where once we had our hopes invested as a civilization of worth--  at least we thought so at one time.  But now I hear the angels sing the song of retribution not, but their idea of a Federation is better than mine alone and we must understand - - -  so they tell me!  I must wait in line with the rest of Nystoria's population to see the grass grown green once again between my toes if I dare ever go barefooted again.  Fully done is the idea of a Magisterial Mission without problems and so much power it can bulldoze its way through recalcitrant governments on Nystoria, and with that really goes my ideal of just doing the work and taking significant bites out of fear and horror of vanishing lands under water and governments who want war all the time somehow.  In any case the angels pout not while I do it for them lots and lots of times.

Third, I see nothing in peculiar circumstances any more with the heart of God which is in abeyance for awhile these days as we sift out versions of heart and soul into some ideal that must be better than just waiting!

Like you, I hate waiting and then getting just a cupon in the mail that if I spend a million dollars for spirit allegiances I will get a pin to wear seeing nothing but a label that says, "Me Too!"  That is not the outcome we hoped for and started with hoping for but seems to be about it in this WAITING period today.

I also seek retribution not against anyone for all this to accrue to where we are June 18th of 2018 as it is today and the future of what happened when we dreamed in June of 2010 all was well and the sky is to light up with angels folding clouds of hosannas and on down to we receptive ones to clean this place up.  I am now sure the angels expect that to happen but they live long enough to see it; I doubt most of us can wait it out that long for now anyhow.

In conclusion, I have given you what I believe to be the present state of affairs and it does not detract from what the Finaliters are teaching or does it detract from long term plans by their own making that this too shall pass and something most positive is offered in hours if not days from now.  You are all encouraged to take transmissions as much as you may hate too, because you cannot gauge the temperature of art or souls but you sure can take the mulch of joy Michael shares to all of us when He has the time to do so lately.

I wish you all a good day and I expect very little response to this wordy state of affairs post.  But that is where it stands at this moment without getting into all those little details I so love doing sometimes.  Best wishes for the times we are in now!


"My, my. my aren't we wordy today!  I see much what Ron does even from a very high perspective and wish that this were not true for a bunch of loony people have made it so difficult to do a Mission on Nystoria, we sight and sit down to wait out a possible trade war coming and a North Korean decision to scrap its nuclear weapons maybe or not.  We are also aware Ron is in dire straits over health issues, and yesterday he wrote out six pages of dictation he deleted this morning as pointless if true anyhow.  Many of you who were our workers in the field for decades are being pushed out for new people not, but you are being pushed harshly to stop waiting and to get busy on issues that matter a great deal to us to change as we perceive we are ready to move when the dog stops barking at us.
"I also hear Ron laugh at my take on his analysis above which is dead on for now, so do not dismiss it' however, as soon as a week or two, we will be providing a new way to apporach spirit and its can do attitude toward the new book and ways to skint he cat for Ron so he does not gurgle and die in front of us.  He noted this morning in the local obits column of the town newspaper The York Dispatch, that his age group are now dropping like flies and going on to their expected happy rewards.  But little does he realize they die without knowing what Ron and you all know, and they are happy to go on quite ignorant of what is waiting for them.

"I am Margul and I carry great humor with this transmitter as he and I think alike when he is part of the Trinity NOT but part of our plans to re-wrap Nystoria around our little finger and put it right!  Now however it is a slow game of wait and see and wait out people like the President of the Untied States with so many woes he does not know which way to turn today or tomorrow and trouble looms in the EU with so many problems to fix when Britain says good bye permanently from a union that is not even a Federation but a collection of mini states attempting to deal with global problems that even the United States does not want to touch and remain sane after doing so.  In any case let me say this to you who wait with solid grumps to speak of:

"Ron has declared himself so morbund he dare not take on anything new because he can hardly keep his own life together with revolting problems of age and the dysentery of scandal he was briefly part of in the banking system since it has been so largely corrupted by people in some of the working banks of capitalization.  someone stole $5,000 out of account three weeks ago.  Today his credit card for Walmart stopped working as suddenly the capitalization bank for Walmart is dealing with an internal nest of thieves who perpetrated the whole thing on York and the rest of the country to the tune of sixty million dollars and that is just the tip of the ice berg.  They will be routed out but without some fierce debates going on in Ron's bank as to how it could happen and how it did happen and they are watching Ron do nothing but sit and wait it out.  Another wait!  In any case I am Margul and wish you all a happy day!"

"I am truthfully out of touch with Ron lately as he is so difficult to manage when he insists on being truthful and I love a swoony soft lie to paste things over for now.  He catches me in them all the time and has exhausted his little self because of it. 

"Now the bank problem is huge and Ron caught one of them red handed and gave the back their biggest clue on how to stop it.  He saw they processed the theft from his account by hiding under a code that means a check written to Walmart or the utilities in York gets processed as a priority by the local banks who stamp the check as an auto payment without question.  The theives saw that and rubbed their hands good and took what they wanted by slipping in that code to process checks for instance Ron wrote to Walmart and directed those proceeds into their own personal accounts and then say the checks did not get paid to the demands of Walmart and Walmart thinks Ron is delinquet in paying them when in fact those checks are being hijacked along with thousands of other people who always pay their accounts in full to Walmart and others.

"Nonetheless, Ron has taken that attitude, 'so Walmart, you owe me, and not the other way around, and go jump in the lake with holding back on processing charges on your charge card. I have a zillion otherones that doe even better because of the high status they bring to the check out counter of Walmart.  Now this and take this easy everybody:  the trial we face today is not Trump and his banana republic ideas, but the fact Trump was scared out of his wits with what Ron had to say in that now very famous letter circulating among governments around the world with a little help from us.  No letter could ever do what that one did as it opened the door to our waiting to server Nystoria, but has been banned from the Trump White House as useless propaganda by Ron over issues they see and Ron never saw:  mainly his recounting of debts to Trump he does not owe if Trump attempts to exorcise anyone over a letter he now regrets looking at fully.  He now wishes Ron good day and never speak again of it unless Ron makes it a point to reach out to the House and let them know the truth.  However that is just fantasy to Ron and more to me too today than a few days ago when I was sure this would all pan out in our favor.  Father seems to think the entire matter is bankrupt from the beginning as Ron did as he only wanted non profit status for the future Mission Library he rightly sees is the best idea yet to come from him.  That Federation thing Ron thinks about is excellent but far too ideal for Nystoria right now to take shape at all.  The federation of worshipers can be safely and fully taken care of by the Father's Temple coming for sure by 2025 or earlier.  Now this:

"I close this with a warning to all.  Thieves are everywhere now in our society and they make life so difficult Ron has decided to wrap up all he has and let it sit in cash in the bank and hope to God they do not fall victim again to what happend in the past few weeks to him and a few others they are coping with not very well. And second, the Missions are not dead in the water - they just feel that way - and soon we have enough gathered to make that book sing a brand new day on Nystoria again.  Be of good cheer and I wish you all a good day. Michael of Nebadon,"


Well, everyone, we are really stopped in our tracks and are too scared to say anything!  I just spent this morning going over this thread to gather the key words and points of the "federation" idea that Ron postulates and while I think it is brilliant, it is still an "idea" that tells me he has thought of it well in advanced before we all come to realise the necessity of such a thing to latch on for what it means to have a "life raft" in a sea of change that is to unfold before long. This afternoon, however, I spent time to read through some numerous pages of my work related paperwork to keep abreast of new developments to do with enterprise agreements in my workplace and then dinner time with my darling grown up children to really adore with all my heart. My, how time goes so quick!

Now, as for what Ron presents, I can say that having such a "pool" of dedicated workers,  I can very much relate to as I was in a pool for aged care domestic work when I was on the Gold Coast, Queensland, some several years ago, where I can be called on to do random shifts in various locations where it is required. That also required me to be ready, prepared to go when asked and get to the task to be doing the job that can be done as effectively and efficiently as I can to the satisfaction of the employer. I see it that way and am ready, on standby and prepped for the business if need be. That is how it is done and I found out too, by the Pool Manager at the time, that so few if not at all, did what I did as there were so many they could not rely on to even drop and go. That takes determination, dedication, sacrifice and will-power to perform.  Here, I see it all over again with Ron's idea, it's one thing to be said, it is another to see people really put in the effort and be trusted to do it. I've been there, and can see myself do this again if I have too. In this "pool" though it is a real meaningful one to be in. I also see too, it is very much an "agondonter" path of what Ron is opening up to for us to see.

There is also something that crossed my path a couple of days ago and it caught my eye and attention so sharply. While driving from work to my usual trek back home, tired and exhausted, Lo and behold,  there was a bird we have in Australia called a Plover bird, (scientific name:Vanellus miles or a masked lapwing that inhabits marshes, mudflats, beaches and grasslands and are highly defensive near nest sites and make a very loud "kekekekekek" sound that cannot be missed.). Anyway, what got my attention is how defiant this bird was that waddled quickly across the road, pointedly determined to go about its direction, undeterred by my car approaching and was quickly on the other side on grass where ever it wishes to be doing, I was so riveted to notice it avoided danger so well that I drove on without any worry. Why did that jump out at me, I have no idea, but it was a tiny creature that went on regardless to the threats all around it and I happen to notice such a courageous bird jump out in front me! It quickly alerted my senses and I am amazed of how animal senses do kick in to notice every aspect when prompted. Wowsee! Point noted and appreciated for reflex reaction for even the smallest of things.

Ron, I hope you are o.k, you sound very ill and near death door, but hang in there mate,  I am sure Father needs someone like you too to be here and I do too!! You are loved beyond measure and I am very much in high hopes that the "horses" will get to see the "water" (SER) before they can drink it with merry delight!  I thought about what to expect to see the front page of the book and I chance in my mind's eye a very similar outline to the FER but more volume on the Lucifer Rebellion and on Jesus' time on earth.  That said, it remains to be seen how we are to react and respond to the contents of the new book and I am with Margul who seeks a favourable response.

I feel there is more coming, and hang on what can be shared to me soon as I pause to listen to take it when this quiet curtain can drop.  All I can figure is, that time will tell eventually as to what is to be. May the Father have His way in so many of us. Shalom.

« …..when I try to teach I no not never quote scripture »

Hi Roger, we are both on the same line in regards to this one. In a far past period of my life, when I was an active member of a religious group, I was taught by my peers to quote scriptures in a discussion with others and I know well what it is to make people flying away with disgust. Often times, I even met with violent verbal reactions, it was not the main cause of my quitting the group some years later, but it was really stressful. Domtia
I would like to add a few things to my previous posting...
It is my thought that the branch offices I mentioned be purely for educational services, mainly to teach the basics of the 6th ER and to promote sustainability practices.  I had thought of printing the Master Universe posters to adorn the walls of the facility, along with some Hubble images.  I know very little about non-profit organizations, but that is how this would have to be run.  I have my retirement income and I would never consider the possibility of profiting off such an endeavor.  The spiritual rewards are more than enough profit for me.
As for this federation idea, I do recommend that all legitimate groups come together and iron out their differences.  We are all on a sacred mission to save our world and our fellow man.  This must not become a cult, and I condemn anyone who would form a cult based on our beliefs.  We need to teach the world the basic truths we have all learned through the 5th ER.  Personally, when I try to teach I do not ever quote scripture.  That will instantly turn many people off on the spot.  Rather, I try to determine where the person is in his or her thinking then give the truth behind the scripture without the chapter and verse.  I have had some success with this technique.  
I must apologize that I do not post my thoughts very often.  I could beg off and claim a hectic living situation, which would be no lie, but I really have no one to blame but myself.  I read this forum every day if I can and I have learned a great deal I would not suspected otherwise.  I knew the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, but to see this in action...  It is overwhelming.  Keep the peace and goodwill going.  It would be a crying shame to see this beautiful planet become a forlorn wasteland.  I suspect that we wouldn't be the first.  I pray that my fellow man comes to see the light.
Domtia, roger k
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