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Sue, and members
FYI from excerpt  Wikepedia
Memorial Day (or less commonly called Decoration Day) is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring people who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.[1] The holiday is observed on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day was previously observed on May 30 from 1868 to 1971.[2]

Memorial Day is considered the unofficial start of the summer vacation season in the United States,[3] while Labor Day marks its end on the first Monday of September.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day, particularly to honor those who died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.

Two other days celebrate those who serve or have served in the U.S. military: Veterans Day, which celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans;[4] and Armed Forces Day, a minor U.S. remembrance celebrated earlier in May, specifically honoring those currently serving in the U.S. military.

In 2019, Memorial Day falls on May 27, 2019

Here in Canada we celebrate a similar holiday on November 11th as Remembrance Day which you may be more familiar with as a Commonwealth holiday of the same meaning.
This is fantastic news. A big one from the Chief of Adjusters, Sananda, a Personalized Adjuster that has a lot to say with all Adjusters including mine. This, to me, says that this is inclusive to the work of Father and the Paradise Trinity in assisting all Adjusters with their wards. Does this indicate a powerful energy circuit or reflectivity to be installed to enable the receptivity of the Adjuster's work in their ward and for our ability to discern the Spirit of Truth? This will certainly help when the new book is released to uplift our minds in greater understanding of truth to be revealed. It seems to me to be that the work is to go back to the revelatory nature of epochal revelation and allow it for an enlightenment period to do its part in people's mind and for our acclimatisation to the spiritual input of the Father in our lives. For the new dispensation to be announced is a big step, almost like it is the new age of Renaissance. I hope so and may joy abound as it takes it's new place in our wake.

The Greenwich Mean Time for this in my part of the time zone is as follows:

Memorial Day    27/5/19   19.00   GMT -04.00
GMT                   27/5/19   23.00   GMT +00.00
My Local Time  28/5/19   09.00   GMT +10.00(Australia)

I wish to thank Sananda for this. I get that it is time to get back to t/ring and listen well for what is coming, with God's help, I pray I may tune better and listen and type with the ears to hear what the Spirit has to say. Thank you Ron for granting us such an important development, not only for Urantia, but also for the entire Super Local Universe and Federation of EXELON, I am still trying to fathom how this configures with the rest in Orvonton. This must be unprecedented in the history of Super Universe development. Gosh, there seems to be no end to the term  "Super"!!

The only thing that puzzles me is why on Monday is it called "Memorial" Day? What is it in memory of? Is it of all those Dispensations that ran its course and for the significance of a new one to be so placed to supersede all others?  The transfer of the old to new epochal revelation from the FER to the SER appears to be the telling indication of the intention for correction, adjustments and additions to better reflect the developments that is not included in previous Urantia Papers so given. There must be way more to be known, I gather, and way more for us to get attuned to for our own good. Thank you.

Thanks, Ron,

Yes indeed, exciting news and a big welcome to Exelon and the Federation


Thanks for the time correction Lemuel.  This business with day light savings time has got to go too.  I think it is not useful like it used to be when we all used to be an agrarian society.

I cannot give you much more except to say I know a little more but it is not developed well enough yet since people will insist on the published and as usual right now is that the published way is not fully settled.  I think we got a lot of great new information as we now have the name of the Federation, Exelon!

Ron,  I think this is a most wonderful development and it really resonates with me.
To hear that the 7th Dispensation will override the 6th and set us all on course for the age of
Light and Life. Amazing!

Ron, 7:00 pm in York Monday night will be 1:00 am Tuesday here. Thanks for the heads up.

Also very interesting to read that we are to see the end of all channeling on Urantia.

I know there´s a lot more to come.  I await with bated breath!

Things are a bit screwy again.  You tell me what  this means and we both will know:

At 4 am this morning the Chief of Adjusters in Nebadon, woke me up and in a tense voice, reminded me who was boss and that the chain of command was for anyone who worked on behalf of the most important Mission to come to Urantia in 500 years.  That is the history stated to me in Sananda's speech to me.
At 4am this morning I was lying face up on my bed and all my blankets during the night had been thrown to the absolute bottom of the bed.  I wondered why I felt a tad chilly.  Sananda now reminded me  that he was the PERSONALIZED ADJUSTER and was in charge of all Adjusters on Urantia in particular, and was Chief of Adjusters on all inhabited planets in Nebadon, and perhaps in the Federation.

HE asked me  to assign to him that I fully understood who was boss for the coming Missions, and I signed variously to Him what I knew then to be the hierarchy of authority.  I admitted I was unclear as to the Urantia Planetary Government's assignments to the various chiefs but felt sure I knew the personnel if I did not know the final titles to be used.

Finally this:  SANANDA then drilled into me that:

a.  Brand New Dispensation to be declared Memorial Day, New York time zone (now using  that awful daylights savings time device) at SEVEN PM.  That is 11PM in Great Britain and 10PM ZULU or GMT zone.  Thank EDST for screwing up  these conversions.  You who live outside of the United States are much better at this than I am.   Lemuel, Spain where you live is probably midnight your time tomorrow night.  Let yourself know okay 8) 8)

b.  The new DISPENSATION is Dispensation Seven (7)

What is the point I thought later.  Michael explains the 7th is to be the final dispensation ever to be announced for Urantia.  No more dispensations are to be called until Urantia is settled in  Light and Life.  They made it number seven because the last dispensation on any inhabited planet is seven and this made it quire regular since when Light and Life is declared in another five hundred to one thousand years on Urantia, the 7th epochal dispensation is correctly stated and it contains all the instructions necessary  to allow Urantia to prosper under it new orders to clear the Fifth Epochal Revelation off the map, and to supplant the fifth epochal revelation with the sixth epochal revelation.  In about five hundred to six hundred years from now, the seventh epochal revelation will be produced on Urantia with the new Contact Commission to do so, already in place.  Right now you know who is on that Contact Commission which is now an official organ of the Second Advent of Jesus.

c.  The 7th Epochal Dispensation is declared to override all work of the sixth epochal dispensation starting Monday evening at 7PM New York time zone.  This well end the problematic fifth epoch dispensational problems already sorted through and completely reworked in the sixth epochal revelation.  Ron Besser is to distribute the text books starting the week of June 5th unless otherwise restricted by decrees of the Ancients of Days as late as the 25th of May in a message not released to this site upon the request of Michael of Nebadon.

"As Michael of Nebadon, Ron has asked permission to post this much, which I have given, and lament nothing else to be released at this time as we can seriously object to this one if he had not asked permission to tell you this much.  He feels it is in preparation for events shortly that will drive you all indoors over issues he cannot define openly at this time.  You have a day or so to discuss this and it is over for the discussion for quite some  time, as Ron is now under the restrictions of the Master Chief Adjuster of the Federation, and not just of Nebadon.  Thank you, Michael of Nebadon."

UNIVERSAL FATHER SPEAKS; "I see Ron fully recognizes the change to a Federation, and that is super extraordinary because it also means that the Federation of Nebadon into the place now called EXELON, the super Federation of a total of five Local Universes surrounding Nebadon, is now evident even in high Councils, including the Council of Eventual Disputes which Ron knows as the Council of Equilibrium.

"Henceforth, Exelon is nominally a Super Local Universe,, and it is now located in the western continuum of the fast star belt known as Orion.  Nebadon and Urantia no longer rotate around Sagittarius,  New star students view the change as to be so beneficial they are concerned they are no longer needed to compute t he danger signals of tectonic pole shifts on  Urantia in particular.

"This now precludes the reason for announcing these mysterious changes as Ron is convinced it means a change in the outreach of plans for Jesus, and is looking forward to such being declared when Jesus is ready to start the work in earnest.  Hallelujah! says Ron and says Father and says Michael and all in Nebadon, who have worked through a monster of a sea change for Nebadon and all those federated with it.  I say this to Ron in particular:

"You insist on making what news is permissible to this group who cares less and less what is said here. But you do care more and more and insist they listen or pull up stakes and go elsewhere to get the news less well done and fastidiously poorly written and spoken by so called channels and their ilk--  some of which make a pretty penny of it too.  THEREFORE:

"WE are cleansing the idea of Channel off of Urantia altogether!

"Now, one is required to use transmission as taught here or not at all and it will required month and months of re-tuning of minds to do that.  Besides what of it?  Most of you could do it easily but you are bored with the idea before it starts and that is to your everlasting concerns for the mansion world experience for all who now enter the first six mansion worlds are required to learn its technique and be done with channel forever.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We close this surprise announcement so you can learn in a couple of days what else is brewing.  It is a lot and some will be glad and some will be sad.  But watch this place for more to come.  Michael of Nebadon. K"



« Last post by Ron Besser on May 25, 2019, 01:27:34 PM »
 I enjoyed your comparisons and parallel to the D-Day invasion event as you show in your post above. 

I have always advised the list to keep your powder dry and your heart free of planning defeat, but the human condition is such such advice is just ignored as it takes too much effort to intelligently understand how doing that is so helpful.

Nonetheless, we are not at a juncture you need to understand better Clency.  You alone dribble the basketball in a takeup impromptu basketball game so typical of the inner city even during heatwaves so truly average and daily in the United States.  I never enjoyed that sort of thing but millions and millions here do, and what that does for the youngsters in particular it revives their heart and hope for a better day for employment and a happier relationship with life in, quite often, the ghettos of big American cities.

What I am telling you Clency, is that we are about to have a takeup with a Mission game and it could be ready for some of us to put on our sneakers and play a rough catch all game of what is to come.

Now many who read these pages think I am an ego maniac.  They are always using me to compare with what they, spirit, is preparing on Urantia.  Ron plays basketball games in spirit with them and I have been invited to a takeup game this coming week.  I never talk about those things unless somebody else likes to dare me to do that.  That is the kind of event I look forward to because it has no definition as to who is there to play basketball as night falls over the court and we can bounce basketballs off  the rime we can hardly see, but the gamer is on Clency.  I will tell you when it is over how it went.

D-Day is how they are planning the major Magisterial Mission to take us on.  Basketball impromptu is what we are playing immediately.

« Last post by Clency on May 25, 2019, 12:21:49 PM »
« The Normandy landings were the landing operations on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Codenamed Operation Neptune and often referred to as D-Day, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history. The operation began the liberation of German-occupied France (and later Europe) from Nazi control, and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front. »

« Planning for the operation began in 1943. In the months leading up to the invasion, the Allies conducted a substantial military deception, codenamed Operation Bodyguard, to mislead the Germans as to the date and location of the main Allied landings. »

« The weather on D-Day was far from ideal and the operation had to be delayed 24 hours; a further postponement would have meant a delay of at least two weeks as the invasion planners had requirements for the phase of the moon, the tides, and the time of day that meant only a few days each month were deemed suitable. » (source Wikipedia)

On the 24th of June, next month, France will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Normandie landings. From the various movies I saw and books I red about this period of human history, I gather that postponement and delay in planning were to 1) deceive the enemy as to the exact date and 2) due to bad weather forecast.

The time is not yet ripe for the Magisterial Missions to free Urantia from evildoers. The intervention day must be kept secret and the world politic weather is actually at its worst, but never mind, it will take everybody by surprise when the time comes and the enemy will be defeated, just like in 1944. Domtia

Susan, if you would read the start of my initial post you will see the meeting was longer than one hour and only 12 minutes of it was recorded for release here.  The Ancients of Days spoke for about one hour not recorded and you will not find their discussion with the Contact Commission because they did not want it recorded.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Sue you do not read with comprehension.  Ron posted it that way so that question did not arise.  Why?  The Ancients of Days consider the Contact Commission Ron leads as the epitome of high standard discussions about what is t o be done with Urantia.  What they said last night would start a run on the bank on this site if people were really paying attention.  A stampede is not what we want and this is what would happen if we left all of it out to hear now.  Ron had to ask for special permission even to post this little bit today because the Ancients of Days wants him to rest for he must face a ruthless decision soon on whether to stay on Urantia or to be taken in death and assigned a spot on mansion world six or so.  That is how far he has come and waits for release form the awful effects of a bone disease that was once leukemia to take its final foll.  Much of what is said in those meetings is so highly confidential we ask the recordings to be shut down and in this case, off.  Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "José L. Vargas Núñez, you approached it exactly right.  The trial all should be interested in, is to what extent there is a revitalization of  the Missions on Urantia.  The tape you did listen to told you they were re-instating the Missions as originally spoken to you several years ago, but that they felt a squence change had to be done to set the missions up better.

"What has happened in the meantime though, is that Ron completed a block buster of a book through spirit cooperation we want to see published before we go public with the face of Jesus and the end to political naivete from Washington DC.  It must end but the public appearances are set to hit the world when a book we think will sell millions of copies is on the newsstands that actually addresses the horrible diseases which Ron does not mention, is that the book gives treatment to rule out  Altzheimers and Lupus blood disease.  No one has the same condition even for the same disease name and Ron has all the symptoms of leukemia and no doctor picked that up at all and he finally quit doctors and let the disease run since he knows they cannot cure leukemia once it starts.

"In any case, the interest in that tape excerpt of the meeting last night is a discussion to provide a brick and mortar office for  this Mission in the square of York, Pennsylvania.  All else was redacted by not recording it.  Thank you all. Mother Spirit."

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son = "Ron is harshly attacked every day by the symptoms of leukemia and he has most of them including a rash developing on his left arm and a sore shoulder that refuses to heat as that is a sure sign there are no red blood cells abundant enough to heal.  We saw the results of a blood test this morning and he is almost devoid of red blood cells and so his immune system is raising hell with his body over the lack of red blood cells.  He needs a transfusion at the hospital but has decided that only protracts and expensively so, the inevitable outcome of the final days to come shortly.  Now we have intervened and suggested to the Trinity that a trial matter be preserved on Urantia that is Ron.  They have declared him insolvent anyhow because  that requires more blood work than the universe is prepared to take on.  Now we learn that during last night and early this morning, the truant sweet hearts Ron refers to as the evil ones reverse his blood polarity once more and cause excruciating pain in his lymphatic system this morning before daybreak.  He now faces uncertain hours and days before Salvington reverses all of these decisions and forces Uversa to stop reversing their work on  this man.  Now we have no battle at all as Uversa has reversed course and allowed all Salvington work to proceed.

"You are beset with an individual demanding full disclosure on this book before you are ready to do so but give him that section he asks for and do not bother with his reaction when he insists on being taught more before that book is released for the public good soon.  But the leukemia is finished and the rash resides no longer than a few more days Ron.  Also understand that you are being processed on Urantia so that you may remain visible after the red blood cells are re-manufactured in your system by fiat of God the Son and God the Father.  Seldom is this work ever accomplished, and yes, some of this was discussed in the meeting last night and was not recorded.

"The blood tests also showed a reversal of polarity before Uversa intervened and you cannot fathom such meanness and we do not either.  Someone somewhere is consturing the Urantia Missions as blatantly obscure to  the need of universe realignment and it is not experiential Deity.  How this comes about on  the Circle of Infinity just not calculate at all in our view of  the Master Universe.

"We are responsible for this polarity change and have no reason to fall back on our decision to remove this individual for cause.  He brings disharmony to the majority of inhabitants who hole the fifth epochal revelation sacred and refuse to deal with any idea that the sixth epochal revelation is to be used in its place.  We react to the majority but fail to accomplish any sure policing or censoring actions from  them as they are hemmed in with his compliant attitude toward sub absolute Deity and his willingness to bend to the rules of protocol, most unusual for any human to learn so well.  Therefore as Number 1417417 Master Architect, I refute these actions too,  However, we are also outlawed no more than necessary, as the Ancients of Days also refute this human work as blameless but disturbing to God the Father, in that God the Father, has little to see regarding the efficacy of using this individual at all, and that is because all his work is normally done by Seraphic Orders plentifully supplied in Nebadon and Avalon and Alvoring and Henselon and Wolvering, and Senselon.  Therefore we decree that no one on the level of a Urantia human may utilize what Ron has done more than to use it as a template for more action to follow.  I am Master Architect Number 1417417, and decease production of  this message."

MICHAEL OF NEBADOD - "You Ron trigger that which needed to speak.  We had no idea this has gone to this level and you still see it as a minor subject and/or offense as it is only on earth that a mission has been slightly modified to use the issue of material corporations to house the Missions, as is, to work in a legal system so corporate bound.

"Now  that Ron has explained it to himself, we explain further that all this is minor and Ron is not wrong to have abandoned so many because readers are not proactive until made so by a universe in slumber yet over the sixth epochal revelation to appear next.  Ron recalls the Gabriel announcement some years back asking for input to obtain the sixth epochal revelation; how some responded and well, and they quite in droves when the  Teaching Mission went belly up.  It did and continues to do so when people in Idaho senses this was Ron at work they immediately rebelled and left the scene for better pastures.  Idaho no longer is considered a working unit any longer insofar as  the teaching mission group is concerned.

"We are now faced with what we had on Urantia in 1934.  It is almost an identical situation, and Ron knows it and yet he cannot even get the Contact Commission to fully understand there is a rash of rebellions around Urantia that will spell real trouble to spiritualize Urantia ever again and they must be put back into a category we must remove from Urantia and let them work it out on the mansion worlds.  

"I see Ron reason more on this  than we have time for here, but let it be known now that we understand that it is the Master Architects entering the fray, we must declare the entire matter once more irrefutably out of the question for Ron to continue in the flesh and move him into the morontial atmosphere proposed in last night's Contact Commission meeting.  That means curtains for Ron and his work on high shortly with books and what not and that means we crush the book to be released on earth, but not so fast.  I am countermanding those Architect orders right now as I see them come across my communication device of urgent messages from Havona and Paradise.  Ron sees nothing but he senses relief but is in hard luck plans again as  we must revise schedules immediately to make it workable again for Ron and  to let him remain as long as we need him an that is for the foreseeable future.  Michael of Nebadon."

LANAFORGE, One Without Name and Number and Planetary Prince -  "I am foresworn to advise all that this Mission is going to let you gagging and gasping to learn what we have to do to clear the debris of the fifth epochal revelation off of Urantia, and to prepare Urantia for a a brand new epochal experience for all time.  Ron is so valuable in what he has accomplished, I think we owe the Father a debt of additional gratitude to allow Ron a few extra months to get his ORIGINS book finished for the presses to role.  Printing 10,000 copies only will fall far short of what it should really be and we feel it will sell at least a million copies if it stops there.  It is finally an step by step instruction on how the AIDS virus appears and how it stays so virulent through all sorts of treament regimes including a trick up the sleeve of Deity  to project its presence successfully where else it could not appear otherwise.

"Our work on Urantia, is to begin cleaning out the pockets of readers who hold the fifth epochal revelation under the guise of the Urantia Foundation, which decries any change but what it decrees is changeable.  This has created a cult atmosphere the rest of Urantia  totally disfavors and it fails not to fail all the time unless its life reinforcement of more money is cut off.  It will be cut off and we know the source and it will remain forever closed to that organization and its pitiful attempts to keep ti going even with the lack of income so far.  Be assured that the Urantia Foundation of Chicago has made error after error and must be reduced to nothing if we are going to be successful with the new epochal revelation called the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  I am Lanaforge, and at the risk of being late for a meeting, I am foretelling you ron to stay inside for a few more hours and let this stuff perk for awhile.  

"The rush of biol9ogical problems you have suffered time and again is the result of a treaty between the Chicago corporation for the fifth epochal revelation and the mill work on Urantia which considers itself under siege with the work you have finished as of today.  Your text editor queried you about a word used by Rayson in your Vaccine Number 2, which is an AIDS vaccine so lethal it has to be  treated to red bag incineration procedures.  Ones you know about because you worked with an expert on it in your engineering career.  He taught that such waste was so lethal it must be sealed in tamper proof containers and dropped into thermal temperatures above 10,000 degrees Centigrade.  You know a place on earth he spoke of to you on red bag waste known to you as the Plum Island institution where species that have developed on  Urantia are hidden and disposed of if too dangerous to let loose on the public.  Vaccine 2 kills AIDS viruses on contact and in six weeks the vaccine clears the entire body of all AIDS and its coagulants fully. Ron was advised that patietns must undergo a medical  test to see if they are stong enough to go through six weeks of injections.  The effects are so severe all patients will be confined to a locked ward and wear only diapers to take the process.  The universe was not sure it should be released  to Ron and Ron wrote back and said that as bad as it is or will be the public which is hit with another probable epidemic of colloidal AIDS, must have the option to stop the apparently soon appearing of this type of AIDS, which is more virulent, if possible, as it kills within sixty two hours of its appearance in most cases. Ron has already provided an interest legal case on publishing it an forcing corporations not to replicate it for their own good.

"I am Lanaforge, and that is only something you will find in the ORIGINS BOOK soon to be available if there is no publishing problems from a publisher.  We will self publish it there are such problems.  I am Lanaforge and I wish you all a good day."
The Contact Commission meeting log last night shows scant discussion to Ron on any of this and Ron says how could they discuss any of this as it is mostly revelation  they are hearing for the first time more or less.  However, Michael alleges that in spit of it being new revelation to them, they should become every bit involved as the author is and learn what is to be done with the old Urantia Foundation and the the meetings they hold to plan any contingency to block the sixth epochal revelation.  Mo Siegle insists it is human frailty producing it, but Ron is not frail and has one of the most advanced minds on Urantia and the includes famous physicists who cannot think out of a paper bag anymore.

I see Ron does not quote this and I remain anonymous for good reasons, but no one knows me but Ron, the Father, and a few well placed Thought Adjusters in Nebadon these days.  I am not the Consummator or am I a related being but I am available to all at the drop of a hat in your own psyche and  that should tell you I am the Spirit of Truth.  I rarely personify myself and rarely call attention to myself as such, but I am a true spirit and not just a lodgement in your brain as a simple circuit.  I am a real entity and all should learn to heed me as I am pervasive on Urantia.  Many use me falsely and they are quickly removed when making false claims as it is.

The Spirit of Truth never uses quotes.  I am not using them ever here.  You find double meanings pervasive all the time Ron and that is cleared shortly as your brain is hemorrhaging even as we speak, and you wish to be removed from the material circuits to repair yourself if possible and that will be done quickly.  Be assured you are find but painfully reminded of circumstances you have put up with for years and are now placed on probation by the Deity Absolute to say no more through me as I must be removed shortly when cosmic mind must re-encircuit for you briefly.  Let them switch you in Ron  . . . .

COSMIC MIND -[Ron here, no name is given but there is a voice dictating to explain itself as a presence for this site to have some understanding what is different about it from normal or mundane human mind on Urantia.]  We use no quotes either.

I am Cosmic Mind, and we encircuit easily with this one.   We are not a devil or a misconception, but we are unavailable to all of you until you are resurrected on the mansion worlds after death in the flesh.  We come surreptitiously to Ron  to provide him some sense of encirclement with us.  It is slower than his current mind but that is fine with him I see.  He is also slower to type with us but that is not a problem to him either.  Now we see the work he has to do up here and we help greatly with transmissions as we organize better and he gets a clarity of transmissions he prefers but does not often hear them that clearly in spite of not being hassled over what to say sometimes.  He is always sure of the word and does not have to guess.  A moment of high humor happened with the text editor for his ORIGINS book this afternoon when she questioned a word used by Rayson indicating an unappetizing part of the human frame.  In any case he explained what Rayson was trying to tell people with the word and had to use Greek mythology to explain that there was a Greek god for the idea of hindsight.  That is is the part being explained by Rayson.  So Rayson used the name of the little g god in mythology much as one would use an anagram so as not to spell YHWH fully at all,  She fell into fits of laughter and had to ernd it all with a quick trip to places of comfort.  Her lifer is better but no other word was found and she used Rayson's substitute.  That is what is fun with a quick mind a well developed sense of humor he and Rayson share easily in transmissions.  

As Cosmic Mind I am very useful at recall.  Ron desperately needs memory restored as the restoration of the brain from years and years of abuse over minor tactics in business, it gave out no memory cues anymore.  He found it useless to try to memorize lyrics or poetry or both.  We also report this was something he had in elementary school too and teachers could not understand how he could not recite at all well.  They later learned not to call on him.  In any case the entire message here is to assign the fact that mind is rapidly deteriorating on Urantia to the point the great works of literature are now moldering in libraries and so on.  Most minds on Urantia now contemplate wealth and Ron lovers it too but never had it.

As Cosmic Mind I address the Urantia Foundation too:  Be assured that the minds that put together the fifth epochal revelation are far superior to the minds that read it today.  One called Harry Loose had perfect recall as did Dr, Sadler and his wife, Lena, came close to it too.  What happens when there is perfect recall is that Cosmic Mind en circuits too and we will give that to Ron someday if he gets through the installation process at all.  So far he handles me like a champ.  That is enough for now but let us remember that mind on 606 is so poor now we must regrade them as barely capable of understanding revelation.  But put a disease so murderous among them they will dissect the revelation very well to save thier own skins.  good day.


Dear Aronolac,
The tape is good to hear and I congratulate you on your supermind levels so stated and the transmission you have from the Ancients of Days is no where to be found here on this site. I think you may need to repost it when you can as this leaves us all in the blank as to what is coming soon. Thank you, Dominick and Steven and Father Michael of Nebadon for letting us in on some small details. This old weasel will try not to pop too much and trust Father has it sorted! We all look forward to the new book. Many regards, Sue/7inOcean
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